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MAY | JUNE NEWSLETTER 2021 Read online at commonmarket.coop/engage/newsletter

Hello Spoonful readers! Hello Spoonful readers! Hard to believe it’s been over a year since the world was turned upside down with the Covid-19 virus. I want to start by thanking our employees, Owners, and customers for helping us get through the past year - it has been anything but easy – however, with your support, we have been able to keep our spirits up. We were able to adapt, grow and find better ways to support and strengthen our community and customers. Together, we are rounding the corner, seeing the light at the end of tunnel, celebrating our accomplishments, and looking forward for great things to come once we get through the pandemic.

we will keep you posted in the Spoonful, on our website and social media! • Local season starts end of May, and this year we are putting a bigger emphasis than ever before on supporting local. Since Spring of 2020, we have grown our local offerings by over 25% and our goal is to get to at least 50% over 2020 by the end of 2021. To help in this effort and continue our emphasis on buying local, we will be hosting an event – Loco for Local - on July 17th at both locations. We will be showcasing some of our local vendors and their wonderful products and featuring live music!

Speaking of great things to come, I’d like to highlight a few events and programs for all of us to look forward to: • Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are coming up so be on the lookout for special offerings during these days. We hope you let us be a part of your special celebrations for past, present, and upcoming Mothers and Fathers. • We are implementing new programs at our Café in preparation for when pandemic restrictions are eventually lifted, like our new Make Your Own Bowl program. • We are planning on hosting a Farmers Market in both the 7th St. & Rt. 85 parking lots. These dates are still TBD and fully dependent on pandemic restrictions, but we’re aiming for the first one to take place in June. As always,

With our group of employees dedicated to improving sustainability, the Green Team, have started working with the North Frederick Elementary School to sponsor and revive their garden beds in an effort of creating a teaching garden for the students. • Finally, we are continuously improving our recycling program by increasing our composting at both locations and adding plastic bags and eyeglasses to our recycling efforts. In closing, things are looking good even though we are still operating in a pandemic, and we are so grateful for your continued support and for making us THE local grocery store in Frederick.

Thank you for your support,

Román Diaz, General Manager

Editor & Ad Sales - Susan Schulman | Design & Layout - Kayleigh Montgomery-Morris, Lauren Wolff Classes & Education & Owner Services - Libby Nuss Contributors - Annie Gunnell, Jen Young Contact marketing@commonmarket.coop with contributions. Contact sschulman@commonmarket.coop for advertising rates. The opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the Board, management, Staff, or consumer-Owners of the Common Market. Nutrition and health information are given for informational purposes only and are not meant as a substitute for a consultation with a licensed health or dietary practitioner.


DIRECTORS Megan Schneebaum President

Annie Marshall Vice President

Stephanie Walker Treasurer

John Clarke Secretary

John Beutler Zoë Brittain Alecks Moss Evan Rosenberg Robert Wolpert Directors





The Common Market Board of Directors meets monthly via Zoom. All are welcome to attend. To receive Zoom link, RSVP on our events page by 12PM on the day of the meeting.

Hiya Co-op Owners! And just like that, we are nearly halfway through the year. Though for me, it feels like we are just getting started. From the lasting changes onset by the pandemic, it feels we are just beginning to reach a turning point and re-emerge, just as the flowers blossoming this Spring. It sometimes felt as though these days would never come. But alas, here we are, moving forward, with many exciting opportunities coming ahead for the Common Market and the community at large. In May, we honor the mothers. Those of who raised us and those who take the time to support and nurture us regardless of the title. I have been a mother to my stepson for over 9 years now, but this year, the feeling hits a little different as my body becomes a vessel for birth for the very first time. I am reminded of the small and precious moments that a fresh, young mind can bring. Even the most daunting of tasks become a story or a game. For this, I am truly thankful.

Heading into Summer, in June, we will be celebrating our existing and new Co-op Owners through a variety of giveaways during our Owner Appreciation Days. Drop in to either store to receive 10% off one of your shopping trips this month! For those that are not yet Owners, we can’t wait to share all the fantastic benefits to yourself and your community when you become a Co-op Owner. Just ask one of our helpful customer service Staff to learn more! For anyone seeking even more involvement in your local food coop, our annual Board Elections are coming up soon! Each year the Coop Ownership votes to elect three individuals to our Board of Directors. If you would like to help support the cooperative and work with a dedicated group of people who are passionate about food and community, you may find a Board position very rewarding (just like I do!).

Yours in cooperation,

Alecks Moss, Board Director, The Common Market Board of Directors

Route 85

7th Street

Felix D.

Tairi M.

Grocery Lead How has working at the Co-op affected your life?

It has brought me stability and confidence. What do you like best about your job?

The friendly work environment! What brought you to the Co-op?

I moved back from Hawaii, where I also worked in a health food store, and it just felt right to reapply! I love the Staff and community here. What are some of your favorite products at the Co-op?

Rotisserie chicken and smoothies from the Co-op café. What is your favorite food to make?

Ceviche, which is a traditional dish from my country, Peru. When you have 30 minutes of free time, how do you pass the time?

I like to listen to music.

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

I would love to learn how to cook!

What would you name the autobiography of your life?

A Noble Soul

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Enjoying a healthy life, owning my own home, and professionally as a store manager or owning my own business.

Perishable Receiver How has working at the Co-op affected your life?

Working at the co-op has turned me into a morning person. My shifts start at 5am, so I am now early to rise and early to bed, even on my days off! I used to be able to stay up until midnight now I can barely stay up past 10pm! My night-owl days are over. What do you like best about your job?

I enjoy being part of a team so it is very satisfying to work with awesome people everyday, who are focused on achieving our daily goals. I also like using the stamp we use for making daily invoices. What are some of your favorite products at the Co-op?

One of my saving graces this winter has been the Indian Meadow Herbals Skin Healer Salve. I use it everyday and it keeps my hands hydrated , soft and helps to health the small cuts I get from handling boxes all day long. What is your favorite food to make?

I enjoy making bread-pudding with homemade bread for next-level goodness. That, or anything I can heat in the microwave. When you have 30 minutes of free time, how do you pass the time?

I find it relaxing to keep my hands busy and mind occupied so I usually have an art or craft project I am working on. Currently, I use my free time to crochet. If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

I think it would be neat to learn how to metalwork, like a blacksmith. It would be cool to have a sword or suit of armor that I made myself, even if its impractical.


What would you name the autobiography of your life?

What's for Dessert?


Board C A ND I DAT ES Run for a seat on The Common Market's Board of Directors and make a Cooperative Difference!

Learn more about the Board of Directors and how you can be involved. INFO SESSIONS: Thursday, June 10, 6:30 PM-7:30 PM MONDAY, June 21, 6:30 PM-7:30 PM Info sessions will be conducted virtually. Watch your email, check social media, or call the store for info about how to tune in.

We encourage you to download an application from www.commonmarket.coop, or you may pick one up at the Customer Service Desk starting May 21.

Submit a completed application with a photo by close-of-business July 9.



• Help direct the future of your Co-op in the short and long term.

• Attend monthly Board meetings, typically the fourth Thursday of the month, 6-9 PM via Zoom meeting. October through December, meetings usually occur the second Thursday.

• Cooperate with a great group of committed Co-op Owners. • Gain a greater understanding and appreciation of what it takes to keep the Common Market a successful store. • Gain the opportunity to help the Co-op and the cooperative movement to grow and thrive, which in turn helps your community to be stronger and healthier. • Become an active participant in an extensive network of more than 29,000 cooperatives in the United States today.

• Prepare for monthly meetings by studying financial reports, completing monitoring surveys, reviewing information from the general manager, and other tasks as assigned. • Serve in the Board capacity by participating in committees, events, and attending regional co-op meetings and other meetings/events as appropriate and as needed. • Work toward achieving the goals of our Multi-Year Strategic plan, which seeks to expand our Co-op’s success and develop partnerships with local vendors and other co-ops.


If you want to serve your Co-op on the Board of Directors please check out our list of required actions below. Your completion of these actions is required to be considered a candidate. If you're not able to complete these requirements, the application cannot be accepted, and we ask that you consider running for the Board another year. • Attend a BOD meeting in May, June, or July: Fourth Thursday of each month, 6-9 PM. Depending on circumstances, Board meetings may be held virtually. Watch your email, check social media, or call the store for info about how to tune in. • Attend one of the BOD information sessions (dates & times listed above). • Commit to attending OwnerFest (date TBA) and the BOD retreat (11/6/21 9 AM - 4 PM & 11/7/21 9 AM - 12 PM).

In Our Community

One of the reasons the Common Market Co-op exists is to offer an equitable, prosperous, and vibrant local food economy that connects local consumers with local food sources. We strive to support a community of individuals who are educated about food, health, and wellness choices as well as social and environmental issues. Common Market leadership feels strongly that everyone should have access to healthy food. To that end, we are privileged to work with organizations in our community who help us, and our patrons – both Owners & non-Owners - work toward these goals and allow everyone to feel that they do have a seat at the table.

Farmer for a Day with House in the Woods Farm

While navigating the difficult circumstances of 2020, we’re proud to have maintained & established community partnerships this year, including:

With sustainability education in mind, the Common Market partners with the Frederick County Office of Recycling to offer free online classes on recycling responsibly. This month's class - Recycling: The Basics and Beyond - had over 100 participants! The Office of Recycling will also be teaching us about composting with their Compost Happens! class on Tuesday, May 11 (details on page 19).

North Frederick Elementary School Through sleet and sun, Common Market Staff and members of the Board continue their work on the North Frederick Elementary garden beds! So far, the beds have been cleared, soil has been amended, some plants like a stray asparagus crown have been moved, and potatoes, garlic, beets, peas, and herbs have been planted! Photo top left, pictured left to right: Alecks Moss, Román Diaz, John Clarke, John Beutler, Jen Young, and Libby Nuss. In addition, the Co-op donated a Crepe Myrtle tree to the school that was planted on Earth Day, April 22nd (photo above, middle). The tree honors community partnerships and the resilience of the students, faculty, staff, and parents of NFES.

Community members gathered at House in the Woods Farm for a hands-on learning experience with local, organic farmers. Collectively, we planted a whole row of cabbages, set up tomato support cages for over 300 tomato plants, made soil mix and filled pots with the mix, and more! We also toured the grounds and had the pleasure of feeding the goats some greens that had gone to flower.

Frederick County Office of Recycling

Moving Us Forward, Inc. MUF is dedicated to empowering individuals within disadvantaged minority communities with tangible resources to eliminate education, economic, health and social injustice disparities. Together with the Common Market, they are offering Wellness Wednesday virtual events through December 2021. Visit movingusforwardinc.com for details.


June 2021


Local Farms SPOTLIGHT Common Market began 40 years ago as an organization that connected local farmers to local consumers and we are excited to introduce 4 regional farms new to the Common Market family. As we bring new farms on board, customers can expect to see shelf-level signage by their products; as well as introductions on social media and in the Spoonful newsletter.

Shippensburg, PA Toigo Orchards has over 21,000 trees and is devoted to fresh market production of apples, stone fruits, melons, berries and more. Look for a their delicious jarred pasta sauce in our grocery department too! Toigo Orchards takes pride in growing beautiful fruit using the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system. This allows them to maintain the health of the crop without leaving a chemical residue on the surface of the fruit. What necessary sprays they do use – for instance, when an entire crop is threatened – are no-residue types that ensure clean, edible fruit right from the trees.

Clarksburg, MD At Hidden Ridge Farm they are dedicated to the health of their clients, their team, and the world. They cherish the birds, bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. That’s why they use organic practices, investing in part-time, local jobs to pull weeds and remove pests by hand rather than spraying expensive, toxic chemicals that endanger beneficial insects and pollute our waterways. They also follow best practices in composting, as well as water and soil conservation. Why pay more for chemically-treated flowers shipped from distant lands, when you can buy local – the way nature intended.


Frederick, MD District Farms sets the stage for industry leading efficiency in growing the freshest and cleanest greens for the consumer. Their greens are grown in a high-tech controlled environment indoor greenhouse year-round. District Farms sits just miles from the Virginia border in Frederick, Maryland. They seed, grow, and harvest with hydroponics that drastically reduces water and energy consumption, focusing on a goal of minimizing their impact on the environment. Their system constantly monitors the growing environment to maintain optimal conditions and maximize growth, thus allowing them to offer the best quality greens on the market today.

Bird in Hand, PA Kauffman’s Fruit Farm was established in 1915, four years after A.L. Kauffman and his wife Susan planted their first apple trees. Now, Kauffman’s Fruit Farm is owned and operated by 3rd, 4th, and 5th generation Kauffmans who carry the same values and traditions that have been present in the business for the past 100 years. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is the backbone of Kauffman’s approach to dealing with a wide array of pests in the orchard. While most field-crop farmers deal with a handful of pests for a given crop, there are well over fifty pests Kauffman’s pays attention to in the orchard.

Are you a local farmer? We're always on the lookout for new local farms! If you would like to partner with us, visit www. commonmarket.coop/connect/newvendor-form/ and fill out the form.

Sustainability at the co+op

Our team has been hard at work expanding our sustainability efforts! Here are a few of the initiatives we've been working on:

• e-End Electronics Recycling

Our Community Partner, e-End Electronics Recycling set up at our Rt. 85 store on April 20th and received retired electronics from our customers. Together, we recycled 1,479 pounds of computer monitors and TVs and 5,972 pounds of other electronics for a total of 7,451 POUNDS! Impressive!

• Recycle for Sight

Common Market continues to expand the line up of recycling bins offered. In addition to adding plastic gloves and plastic bag recycling stations, we now accept gently used eyeglasses through a partnership with our local chapter of Lions Clubs

International. Bring the eyeglasses into one of the boxes at either store location, and know that you are helping to give the gift of sight while keeping one more item out of the landfill!

• Tree Planting with StreamLink Education

Tree Planting with StreamLink: In an effort to fortify our stream and river beds against erosion over 60 volunteers helped plant over 400 trees in Walkersville!

• Plastic Bag Recycling

Since the Common Market started recycling plastic bags in February 2021, we have taken in 174 lbs of plastic bags! While the goal is always to reduce and reuse FIRST, we are proud to offer this option to our community.


June 2021 11

While the sporadic sunny day in March or April reminds us that winter is coming to a close, May is that tipping point into more warm days than cool and the kick off to the summer season…think celebrations like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Bike Month, and the official start to grilling season! The celebration of mother and father figures can come in all shapes and sizes. No matter who it is that has nurtured and supported you over the years, take a moment to show your appreciation and say thank you with local, natural gifts from the Common Market! Looking to create an at home spa ambiance? These ideas that are natural and non-toxic are sure to please!

Show Mom how much you care Help her unwind and relax with:

• Pacha Bath Brew is filled with soothing herbs to help her relax and unwind.

• Big Dipper candles and soothing essential oils such as Pranarom zen and uplift blends to create a relaxing atmosphere.

• Andalou face masks to hydrate and

soothe, leaving her skin soft and radiant.

Non-toxic essentials for Dad Facial and beard care:

• Beard oils can help keep the skin under his beard soothed and hydrated.

• Clean shave with non toxic shaving creams/ soaps and after shave balms.

Fathers also need time to unwind and relax:

• Soothing bath with Epsom salts and

scented bath salts such as ginger and mint, and balsam fir mineral bath salts.

• Diffuse soothing essential oils like Pranarom peace or meditation blends.


Local Wellness The Wellness Department is proud to work with close to 20 local companies which in turn helps support our local economy by keeping profits in the community and by supporting small producers. Give them a try with a 10% off coupon during the months of May and June. Local companies include: Elsen Oils, Candelles Candles, Cedar Ridge Soaps, Cindy Steagle Photography, Imagilin Probiotics, Millhouse Candles, Mount Royal Soaps, Nfuse Lotion, Overcome Masks, Roark Photography, Shea Radiance, Washington Homeopathics, and Unwined Candles

Mama Bear's Elderberries

10% OFF

Local Wellness Products Coupon valid 5/1/2021 - 6/30/2021 Coupon must be present to receive discount. Not to be combined with any other offer or discount.

Mount Royal Soaps

Candelles Candles

Shea Radiance


available at 7th Street and Route 85

Get $2 off your first order! purchase must be $10 or more offer valid 5/1/21-6/30/21 START YOUR ORDER AT: commonmarket.coop or scan here:


June 2021 13

What's New at the Market?

Chip's Naturals Doggie Chicken Chips

Cajou Creamery PlantBased Frozen Dessert new flavors!

Dizzy Pig Seasonings

Nora Seaweed Snacks

Cava Hummus and Sauces

Navy Hill Mixers

Have a Suggestion? We're always on the lookout for new items! If you have suggestion for us, visit www.commonmarket. coop/connect/new-itemsuggestion/ and fill out the form. Tofurky Plant-Based Pockets


Get Moving


Please visit our Partners & show your Common Market Owner card to receive the following special benefits. For the most up-to-date listing of our Partners and the benefits they offer, please visit our website at commonmarket.coop/community/community-partners/

MAD Fitness

Fitness www.madfitnessgym.com

Owner PERK:

Owners receive 10% off all memberships & services. Use promo code CMOwner10% at checkout.

Why we stand by MAD Fitness:

MAD=Making A Difference. MAD Fitness is committed to meeting the fitness needs of the athlete and non-athlete through a variety of group training classes grounded in the core values of movement science, functional fitness, fundamentals of strength training, proper cardiovascular training, and performance training.

Club Pilates South Frederick Fitness and Wellness www.clubpilates.com

Why we stand by Club Pilates: Owner PERK:

Owners receive 10% off standard membership rates and $0 enrollment fee (normally $59).

Club Pilates is proud to bring a unique and effective fitness option to the Frederick community. A consistent Pilates practice can offer benefits to everybody, from experienced athletes aiming to step up their training to those simply looking to start a new fitness routine. Club Pilates members get individual attention in a fun group setting that promotes mutual support and community.

Bowerhouse MMA Mixed Martial Arts & Fitness

www.bowerhouseacademy.com Owner PERK: Owners enjoy the perk of no initiation fees.

Why we stand by Bowerhouse MMA:

Bowerhouse is a locally owned and operated business that offers a full range of mixed martial arts classes for youth, and adults in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, boxing, kickboxing, judo, wrestling, MMA, and group functional fitness. Bowerhouse is committed to improving your health and quality of life through Mixed Martial Arts and functional physical fitness training. They welcome people from any and all backgrounds and their motto is “My House is Your House!”

Learn more about our Community Partners Program at www.commonmarket.coop/community/community-partners


June 2021 15

ON SALE MAY 5 - 18, 2021

$3.99 Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

1 pint, selected varieties



5.25-6 oz., selected varieties

4 oz., selected varieties

Annie's Homegrown Mac & Cheese

Alba Botanica Sunscreen



1.4 oz., selected varieties

10 oz., selected varieties

Justin's Organic Peanut Butter Cups


Tony's Chocoloney Chocolate Bar 6.35 oz., selected varieties


Serenity Kids Organic Baby Food 3.5 oz., selected varieties

$3.99 Udi's Hamburger Buns

10.4 oz., selected varieties

Cascadian Farm Organic Frozen Vegetables

2/$6 Hope Foods Organic Hummus


Ripple Plant-based Milk 48 oz., selected varieties

8 oz., selected varieties

Visit www.commonmarket.coop/shop/savings to view full sales flyers.

ON SALE MAY 19 - JUNE 1, 2021



Applegate Naturals Hot Dogs

Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps




32 oz., selected varieties

10-14 oz., selected varieties

8-8.3 oz., selected varieties

10 oz., selected varieties

Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade

$3.99 Organic Valley Sliced Cheese 6 oz., selected varieties

2/$5 Seventh Generation Dish Soap

19 oz., selected varieties

Nature's Path Organic Cereal

7.2 oz., selected varieties

Beyond Meat Beyond Burger


Stahlbush Island Farms Frozen Fruit

10 oz., selected varieties


Westbrae Organic Beans

15 oz., selected varieties


Talenti Gelato or Sorbetto

16 oz., selected varieties

Visit www.commonmarket.coop/shop/savings to view full sales flyers.

CLASSES & EVENTS COOKING Learn more about cooking techniques and experiment with fresh, new ingredients.

ENVIRONMENT Cultivate awareness and engage in the topics of local and global preservation.

BACKYARD AGRICULTURE For the first-time gardener or avid green thumb to explore the potential in one's own backyard.

HEALTH & WELLNESS Obtain the knowledge that can help restore balance to your body & mind.

KIDS Fun, interactive experiences for kids to learn about food and its source.

EVENT Exciting happenings at the co-op and around town.

Cooperative Conversations Virtual Discussion Group Wednesday, May 19 6-8PM

Book: Disability Visibility edited by Alice Wong

Board Meetings Virtual Board Meeting and Food for Thought Presentation Thursday, May 27

Food for Thought | 6 - 6:30PM, Speaker: Elizabeth Chung, Executive Director of the Asian American Center of Frederick Board Meeting | 6:30-8:30PM

Virtual Board Meeting and Food for Thought Presentation Thursday, June 24

Virtual Discussion Group Wednesday, June 16 6-8PM

Book: The Gay Agenda by Ashley Molesso and Chessie Needham

Cooperative Conversations is a monthly discussion group that offers a chance to explore important, nuanced, and complex concepts related to DEI work. Each month’s discussion material will be posted on the DEI page of the Common Market website. The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee is sponsored by the Board of Directors. This committee is dedicated to the exploration of topics related to social and racial justice and highlights the cooperative principles of education and concern for community. We believe that our lives are enriched when we value, honor, and affirm the diverse experiences of our community. Learn more about the DEI committee on our website under the 'community' tab.

coming soon! 18

Food for Thought | 6 - 6:30PM, Nina Carr & Clare Madrigal, Co-chairs of the Community Services Committee of The Frederick Center Board Meeting | 6:30-8:30PM

Food For Thought is a speaker series that invites representatives from various local groups/organizations that can share stories and experiences with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in order to raise awareness, invoke change, and tolerance within our communities. The format is designed to be a TED Talk type event that allows the speaker an uninterrupted stage to present. The timeframe is a 20 minute presentation during the beginning of The Common Market Co-op’s monthly Board meeting. As a Coop we know, we are “stronger together!” Speakers are scheduled from 6-6:30 for each Board Meeting. Visit our website to RSVP and receive the virtual meeting link. Visit our website for speaker bios.

POP UP MARKET WITH SOUL STREET Date: tentative Location: Common Market on 7th Street

Soul Street is a community for Black-owned businesses/nonprofits. They provide guidance and support to businesses by offering resources and showcase events such as our pop up markets, fundraisers, art shows and more!

Classes Homeopathy for Pain Management and Relief [Online] Tuesday, May 4 | 6 - 7PM $5

Join us as we learn about homeopathy for pain management and relief with Jamin Busnick. Together we’ll learn about what pain is, different types of pain, causes, and locations, what homeopathy is, traditional medicines, popular natural ingredients for different types of pain, combining plants for pain relief without side effects.

Compost Happens! [Online]

Tuesday, May 11 | 6:30 - 8PM FREE Did you know that the average American household wastes about a third of the food it purchases every year? We’ll be offering a twopart series that examines ways to put your trash can on a diet: in May we’ll learn about the benefits of composting and in June we’ll look at how to prevent food waste altogether. Composting is an easy DIY activity that makes a big impact on resource conservation in your local community, AND helps reduce methane and carbon emissions that contribute to global climate change. We’ll show you how simple it is to compost at home, whether you live on a tiny urban lot or in the rural wide open. We’ll answer all your questions, offer tips for success, and ensure you can compost with confidence!

Edible Landscaping & Straw Bale Home Tour [Offsite]

Sunday, May 16 | 2 - 3:30PM $35 Join us for a fruitful tour of edible and ecological landscapes while learning how to successfully create abundant landscapes with little to no maintenance. Food forests, mushrooms, swale gardens, living willow structures, hügelkultur beds, herb spirals, kiwi arbors, pawpaw groves… and a circular strawbale home. Tastings included. Lead by author and edible landscape designer Michael Judd at Long Creek Homestead.

Wild Soda Making [Offsite]

Thursday, May 20 | 6 - 7:30PM $20 Each season brings unique flavors that we can harness and bottle for enjoying as a healthful, fermented soda. Join us as Lacey teaches us the basics of the fermentation process and how to turn infused waters and teas into bubbly beverages for any occasion. Flavor examples include: Parsley and Lemon, Cardamom and Fennel Leaf, Peach and Lemongrass, Cranberry and Orange Peel. You will leave class with a bubbling brew as well as recipe ideas for future creations!

Eat More & Reduce Your Waste-line [Online] Tuesday, June 8 | 6:30 - 8PM FREE

According to research conducted by Penn State, the average household disposes 31.9% of its food. With an annual cost of around $1,866 per family, that’s $240 billion thrown away in America each year. Plus, landfilling food costs a community money, wastes an immense amount of natural resources, and releases emissions that contribute to climate change. Annmarie Creamer from the Frederick County Division of Solid Waste and Recycling will lead an online conversation about ways you can reduce your household’s impact. From hip apps, to simple meal plans, there are tools to help you use, not lose, your food. We’ll discuss kitchen tricks and shopping tips that are good for the environment – and your budget.

Herb Garden Tour and Tea Tasting at Fox Haven Farm [Offsite] Wednesday, June 30 | 6 - 8PM $20

Enjoy a tour of Fox Haven’s herb garden and learn about the plants that are ripe for a tea tasting. We’ll explore the stories and senses that fill the garden, then harvest a few herbs to brew for a cup or two. As we enjoy the different flavors and aromas, we will discuss the energetics of the harvested plants so you can build an understanding of how the herbs are working in your body. This experience is perfect for anyone with an interest in gardening or herbalism, seeking to engage on a sensory level.

Register for our classes from the comfort of your own home! See the full list with descriptions at


"CHANGING THE MEAT WE EAT"® Find these items with everyday low prices at both Common Market locations!



ADVERTISE WITH US! Please contact Susan Schulman at 301-663-3416 ext. 105 or email sschulman@commonmarket.coop

Fill out an advertising request form here

or visit www.commonmarket.coop/ connect/advertising-request-form

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Call today

Specializing in Yoga Therapy Join us!

Now online Professional yoga teachers & yoga therapists Innovative classes & workshops Accessible yoga Yoga Therapy groups & private sessions

for a complimentary consultation! M-W-Th: 9-12:30, 3-6:30 Tues: 4-6 • Sat: by appt.

WWW.DR-MIMI.COM | 301.898.8005

14 West Main Street, Middletown, MD www.mountainspirityoga.com

927 W 7th Street Frederick, MD 21701 (301) 663-3416 Address Service Requested






The Common Market is now hiring for several positions at both store locations! If you love natural, healthy food and helping your community with a smile, visit www.commonmarket.coop/connect/jobs to apply today! Common Market Owners, refer a friend and receive a $25 gift card!

best tasting available in 2 bold, creamy flavors at Common Market

probiotics & antioxidants for gut health

plant-based just simple, real food ingredients

save water saves water & air vs cashew/almond/dairy

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