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Hello Spoonful readers! With March and April upon us, Spring planting season is almost here. It is now the perfect time to reflect on the seed that was planted in 1974 to form the first Common Market, to opening our second store and working on supporting local in 2020, to announcing what is coming starting in Spring 2021. Our vision of connecting local consumers with local food sources has come a long way. We have been a venue where small local businesses have been able to widen their reach within our community. Today we have the largest local representation in Frederick; supporting 48 local farms and 113 local businesses, an increase of more than 25% from the previous year. The support from our local community, customers, and vendors has made that possible. In support of this vision, we plan on hosting events and continuing to implement initiatives throughout 2021 with the intent of increasing awareness of local products and educating our community. We are planning to host a farmer’s market starting around end of May / beginning of June. We are evaluating both the 7th Street and Route 85 stores as venues for this outdoor shopping experience. We will also host an event we are dubbing “Loco for Local” at both stores in June. By the end of July, we are planning to increase the number of local farms we are supporting to over 55 and local

business to over 130. Our vision to educate our local community about food, health, and wellness has kept up even through COVID-19 times. Working with North Frederick Elementary School to sponsor and revive their garden beds in order to create a teaching garden for the students has been an especially exciting project. I’d like to point out some of the new great local farms and business that have joined us: District Farms, Potomac Valley Organics, Smith's Organic Farms, Twin Oaks Community Foods, Glory Donuts, Soupergirl, Stage Line Coffee Roasters, Wild Kombucha, Savannah Grace, Clark Cubes, Humii, Icaro, Mama Faith’s, Mas Panadas, Natural Alternative, Rothrock, Scratch Pasta, Simpli, Stone’s Throw Hash, Veggie Confetti, Crest Hill Bakery, A Friendly Bread, Mastiha Bakery, Sticky Fingers Bakery, JBGCH, Mama Bear’s Elderberries, Bay Pottery, Meat Me, K9 Granola Factory, Be Blends, Candelles, Unwined, and Wagging Tail Portraits. I’ve said it before and will continue to do so, supporting local is the best way to improve our economy. This Spring, together we will plant the seed to help us come out of this pandemic with a hopeful vision for a better future for our community.

Thank you for your support,

Román Diaz, General Manager

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Your Board of Directors reflect on the Co-op's roots as we grow our Ownership, physical location, and into the spring season Megan Schneebaum President

Annie Marshall Vice President

Stephanie Walker Treasurer

John Clarke Secretary

John Beutler Sibylle Mangum Alecks Moss Evan Rosenberg Robert Wolpert Directors





The Common Market Board of Directors meets monthly via Zoom. All are welcome to attend. To receive Zoom link, RSVP on our events page by 12PM on the day of the meeting.

Hello fellow Co-op Owners! How far the Common Market has come! It was founded as a food buying club in 1974 in Francy and Randy Williams’ home in Lime Kiln, and incorporated in 1981, before opening a storefront on Commerce Street. Next, we moved to Rt 85 in 1990, and then across the street in 2006. And now we have a gorgeous second store on 7th St! Browsing through old Co-op records recently, I discovered documents from the Commerce Street era, when I was first a Board member. Meeting minutes from December 1987 reported the election of Doug Moulden as President, John Younkins as Vice President, Eileen Dunnell as Secretary, and Charles Dunnell as Treasurer. The Dunnells were a constant presence in those days, with Charles serving in many roles. Other Board members from those days included Merlin Porter-Borden,

Ted Cmarada, Willie Lafferman, Linda Linkins, Carla McAdams, and Barry Kissin. On Commerce Street, the Co-op was mostly run with volunteer labor, but by 1989, Robyn O’Brien had become a paid co-manager with Lisa Anders. (Robyn recently retired from Putney Food Co-op in VT as general manager). A manager’s report for January 1990 reported 678 paid employee hours, and 256 volunteer hours. The finances were worlds apart from current levels: what we sell in a year then is what we sell in a week in each store today. Plans were developing in 1989 for a move from Commerce Street, which was leased from the city, to a storefront. This culminated in the move to the Route 85 space late in 1990. Each move has made the Co-op stronger and provided more benefit to the Frederick community.

Yours in cooperation,

John Beutler, Board Director, The Common Market Board of Directors

January Route 85

7th Street

Navit M.

Lyric M.

Wellness Buyer How has working at the Co-op affected your life?

It has brought me stability during very uncertain times. What do you like best about your job?

Wellness Buyer How has working at the Co-op affected your life?

I’ve started to eat healthier and the Co-op’s positive atmosphere has really helped me keep positive in all aspects of my life.

There is never a shortage of things to do. I love having a list and crossing things off! There is also so much to learn about health, wellness, and supplements. I learn something new every day!

What do you like best about your job?

What brought you to the Co-op?

I was in need of a job after COVID-19 hit and a few of my friends told me about the Common Market and its atmosphere fit my personality.

I moved back from Hawaii, where I also worked in a health food store, and it just felt right to reapply! I love the staff and community here.

I absolutely love being able to learn more about all of the supplements and their benefits. What brought you to the Co-op?

What are some of your favorite products at the Co-op?

Maggie’s socks, Epic Meat bars, OLIPOP strawberry vanilla sparkling tonic.

I absolutely love Amazing Grass’s greens tabs and I also love pretty much all of the jewelry we bring in, especially the earrings.

What is your favorite food to make?

What is your favorite food to make?

What are some of your favorite products at the Co-op?

Eggs and Bacon

When you have 30 minutes of free time, how do you pass the time?

Quality time with my family. I also keep a journal and write daily. If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

It’d be nice to be handier! I’d like to learn how to fix things in my car or how to change the oil myself. What would you name the autobiography of your life?

Remembering What Matters

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Hopefully living in a cute little coastal town somewhere with my sweetheart, a massive garden, and a couple of dogs.


I love grilling chicken and also love making tofu fajitas. When you have 30 minutes of free time, how do you pass the time?

I don’t often have free time as I am a Pre-PA student but when I’m not studying, you can find me hanging out with my boyfriend, reading, or listening to podcasts. If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

I absolutely love the beach and have always wanted to learn how to surf.

What would you name the autobiography of your life?

Bloom Where You're Planted

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Hopefully working as a holistic physician Assistant, specializing in either Pediatrics or sports medicine.

To register for any of our Earth Month Events, visit: www.commonmarket.coop/events



Recycling: The Basics & Beyond with the Frederick County Recycling Outreach Program

Tuesday, April 6 | 6:30 - 8PM FREE This crash course, led by staff of the County Office of Recycling, will cover how to recycle effectively, what can be recycled at the Common Market and in Frederick County, and describe the impact that “wish-cycling” of non-recyclable materials has on the program.




Farmer for a Day! with House in the Woods Farm

Saturday, April 17 | 10AM - 1PM FREE Join us for a hands-on learning opportunity on an organic farm! Here we will learn while helping the farmers during the busy spring planting season. Please wear close-toed shoes and clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Masks are required. We will be outside with plenty of room to spread out! Please RSVP on our events page.

Saturday, April 10 | 9 - 11:00AM Get the family out of the house and into the dirt for this fun, educational experience! Participants will be provided with tools and trees to plant, in an effort to fortify our stream and river beds against erosion! Please dress for the weather and wear close toed shoes! Gardening gloves are recommended.

This is a FREE event and will be held online, please RSVP below. You will receive your Zoom link the day before class.


Tree Planting with StreamLink Education

Location is TBD. Please check back or RSVP to receive more information.



Electronics Recycling Drop off with e-End Recycling Tuesday, April 20 | 3 - 6PM FREE

Have some old electronics you want to dispose of, but aren't sure how? Bring them to the Co-op for FREE recycling. Some exclusions apply (CRT and LCD/ Plasma monitors and TVs require a payment to dispose of). See the full list of accepted items on our events page. e-End provides electronics recycling of end-of-life equipment and performs 100% data destruction on media stored on your recycled electronics.


April 2021


Spring Wellness Spring Cleaning Inside And Out! The days are getting longer, the daffodils are poking their heads out of the snowy ground, and if you try really hard you can feel spring in the air! The urge to open windows, bring in fresh air, and release toxins that have built up over the winter is happening both internally and externally! If you think about it, when the seasons change, our bodies mirror these changes too. In the Spring season of regrowth and rebirth, it is natural to crave a rebalance in the form of detox…releasing the toxins that have built up in our bodies and homes over the hibernation of winter.

Personal Detox

There are many ways to cleanse your system, from just eliminating certain foods that aren’t serving you, to using cleansing kits. Detox Suggestions: • Slow & gentle is less stressful to your body than harsh & quick • Get plenty of rest • Eat simple nourishing foods and limit or omit sugar • Drink lots of water and avoid alcohol PRO TIPS: • If you are new to cleansing, try one of the targeted Renew Life 15- or 30-day cleanses at half strength, to ease your body into the cleansing process. Split the morning and evening doses in half to conduct your cleanse over 1 or 2 months instead of 15 or 30 days. • Prefer a drink over a pill? Ready to drink options like Sol-ti Master Cleanse Superade, Teaonics Love My Liver herbal tea tonic, Goldthread Green Minerals tonic, and Flora Ginger and Lemon Apple Cider Vinegar+Floressence shots are an easy way to gently cleanse your body without needing to swallow any pills or prepare any teas. • 3- day kits from Renewlife can be good if you don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to a cleanse or you want to kick start a longer cleansing regimen. • Teas such as FlorEssence Tea from Flora provide gentle daily cleanses and boosts.

save on detox products!

Essential Oils For Your Natural Spring-Cleaning Regimen Lemon: Lemon is known to be an antiviral, helps cut grease, and is a natural disinfectant. Add it to your unscented all-purpose cleaner (such as Dr. Bronner’s Unscented Baby Soap) or diffuse it for a brightening and uplifting scent. It also blends nicely with basil, any other citrus fruit, vanilla, bergamot, ylang-ylang, rosemary, and peppermint. Tea tree: Also known as Melaleuca, Tea Tree is a known antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral. It can be mixed with other scents such as bergamot, clary sage, clove bud, eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint, geranium, and rosemary to help temper the potency. Add it to your kitchen or bath spray to prevent mildew and bacterial growth. Lavender: Most people think of sleep and serenity when they think of Lavender. But it is also a great laundry additive. Add a few drops to your detergent or a dryer ball and enjoy less musty odors in your washer and dryer, as well as a calming scent on your clothes. Lavender also makes a great linen spray for your sheets! Or diffuse it with bergamot, peppermint, cedarwood, lemongrass, grapefruit, lime, orange, peppermint, rosemary, ylang-ylang, or clary sage for a clean and peaceful smelling home. Thyme: Thyme is known to be an antibacterial and is used in a lot of natural cleaners. It is great for kitchens and bathrooms and should be used in a higher concentration. (Unlike the others, you will need more than just a few drops.) It blends well with bergamot, grapefruit, lemon, lavender, and rosemary.

10% OFF detox products

Coupon valid 3/1/2021 - 3/31/2021 Coupon must be present to receive discount. Not to be combined with any other offer or discount.

...Shop Detox!

Solaray Capryl

Purify Liver Detox

Source Naturals Cilantro Metal Detox with Chlorella

Great Plains Bentonite Detox

Herb Pharm Fungus Fighter

Gaia Herbs Microbiome Cleanse

Renew Life PARA Smart Microbial Cleanse

Garden of Life Fungal Defense

Flora Flor Essence


April 2021


GROWER Spotlight White House Nursery was started in 1974 as a continuation of the fourth generational family farm and incorporated in 1978. By renting greenhouse space at a local greenhouse Mrs. Sparks and son, Ted Sparks, started growing houseplants, selling, and delivering to florists and other stores. The success they met growing and selling their plants gave them the incentive to form a business and construct greenhouses on the farm in northern Baltimore County, MD. Today White House Nursery still grows on the family land and has grown from 1 greenhouse to 21. The ability to grow unique and traditional plants of both beauty and purpose, the traditional and unique, annuals,

perennials, natives, vines, and seasonal flowers has helped them reach individuals, businesses, schools, and places of worship. White House Nursery has been enriching lives with sensory inputs such as beauty, taste, or fragrance from plants grown using environmentally sensitive practices. White House Nursery is involved in the community and works with the local elementary school encouraging agricultural interests and local youth. They are involved with 4H and the Hereford Jr Farm Fair, develop agricultural interests and educate youth. Their good reputation and quality plants have brought returning customers through several generations of customers.


White House Nursery is a central Maryland business that grows unique and traditional seasonal plants of beauty and purpose enriching lives with color, fragrance and flavor.


To support the community by providing the highest quality plants at reasonable prices. To add beauty to individual homes, organizations, businesses, fundraising efforts, and places of worship. To create an environment sensitive to the needs of customers and employees by actively listening and caring.

Core Value

Doing the right thing even when no one is looking.


As we slowly emerge from our Covid and winter cocoons, Common Market recently caught up with Community Partner Sam Wong Salon to talk about a healthy and fresh new look for the Spring!

How does Sam Wong Salon support a holistic approach to beauty? Our genuine first priority is the health of our clients’ hair and scalp. A salon can offer their clients the latest trends in cut/ color, but without healthy hair it doesn’t make sense to us, healthy hair is holistic beauty! The highly functioning and safe products we work with support our philosophy of being as organic and pure as possible. Today’s clients are self-educated, they know the difference between synthetic and naturally derived, toxic and clean chemistry. Tell us a little about your salon philosophy. We joined the clean beauty movement in 2006 when we launched Sam Wong Salon in Frederick. It just so happened that we started doing research on new products to work with, and realized the FDA were greatly lacking in regulating personal care products from simply reading ingredients lists. Today there is a wide variety of Haircare developers producing cleaner products that are replacing cheaper synthetic products with a plant-based equivalents. As far as our salon atmosphere, we like to create a relaxing space, somewhere our clients can escape the ‘hustle and bustle’ of everyday life, even if it’s just for while! Since we are an ammonia free salon, the air we breathe is free from harsh chemicals. We use ECOHEADS at the shampoo bed – these faucet heads reduce water & energy usage by up to 65%, while increasing water pressure & removing sediment, sand, and other unwanted minerals. We work with Matter of Trust, a not-for- profit organization that has various eco-friendly programs; one of them is making mats from hair clippings and other unwanted material to soak up oil spills all over the world.

situations, extreme temperatures, or abuse from employers. Eco-Friendly: We strive to work with companies that promote minimal packaging, the use of recycled materials, and other eco-friendly shipping procedures. Why do you love your space at 10 E. 4th Street? The foundation of our salon design aesthetic is a combination of bespoke style and simplicity. Being as Eco-friendly with our choices as possible was a priority in renovating this 100-yearold original grain warehouse. Our walls are lined with windows, saturating our space with natural light and fresh air. Tell us about the Sam Wong stylist. The team at Sam Wong Salon is a select group of like-minded people that make it a priority to provide their clients with services that suit their personal lifestyle. Their approach to haircare is from a holistic view point, meaning their starting place is health. They have educated themselves on the dangers lurking in the industry they love. In this way their clients’ health, hair, and scalp are not compromised; not to mention their own! Our inspiration is our clients! What are their hair goals? We try to be as honest as possible and refuse to do services that we ascertain will damage their hair and scalp. We love natural live-in hair color and cuts that look great while growing out! Why Common Market stands by Sam Wong Salon: Sam Wong Salon is Frederick’s first organic hair salon offering clients a more holistic approach to hair care.

We are committed to using companies that supply our products who follow these guidelines which we feel are important to our mission statement. Fair Trade: Helps farming families improve the quality of life in their communities. Workers' Rights: A sweatshop is a working environment with very difficult and/or dangerous conditions, including exposure to harmful materials, hazardous Common Market Owners receive 10% off every visit! | www.samwongsalon.com | (301) 663 - 5900 | 10 E 4th St Frederick MD 21701

What does the Green Team want Owners and customers to know about recycling? First, Common Market Green Team Members wear buttons that say “Ask Me About Our Recycling Program" this way customers know where to direct their recycling questions. Secondly, recycling isn’t free. Common Market buys recycling boxes from Terracycle – a private recycling business that sells various categories of Zero Waste Boxes. It is important for customers to avoid contaminating the boxes…putting the the right items in the right boxes is paramount, as is making sure the items are clean and completely empty. Unfortunately, contaminated boxes go straight to the landfill. Common Market partners with the Frederick County Recycling Outreach Program to host classes throughout the year. The instructor is one of the most dynamic women you’ll meet. We have moved these class online and would like to increase the frequency and expand the series to include education on how to shop wisely, maximizing the food you buy in order to reduce food waste. What initiatives have you started? Owners should keep an eye open for a new initiative & a paperless raffle that will accompany it! Front End staffers Karen & Kate at 7th street came up with the idea to encourage paperless cashiering. Owners who tell their cashier that they want to opt out of paper receipts will automatically be entered into a raffle! Our current receipt tape is BPA free, but ultimately, paperless is best! And another benefit of ownership: Owners have their receipts automatically attached to their accounts in case they ever need to review a purchase…so no need for a paper receipt. During this time of Covid 19, but always in the world of food service, single-use plastic gloves are prevalent.


Common Market would like to get plastic glove recycling going in every dept. Our recycling partner Terracycle can help us get this project going with the Disposable Gloves Zero Waste Box for any gloves that are not medical waste! Carlos from the Rt. 85 Café is implementing a better system of re-using and composting in the kitchen. What are you most excited about? Grace from 7th Street is so excited to be rolling out plastic bag recycling! She said this has been a consistent wish from customers and Owners and she’s glad to be able to make it happen with support from our General Manager and Board. Large boxes from Terracycle have been labeled and stationed at each store. The Green Team will monitor and assess if the boxes are filling too quickly for Common Market to accommodate, either logistically or financially. The Green Team is researching bailing the plastic bags for pick up…the company who collects our cardboard bails also picks up plastic bag bales. Again, recycling isn’t free, so the Green Team needs to stay on top of what is most economically sustainable. We support customers and Owners bringing in their own re-usable bags in order to avoid single use plastic bags. One of the Common Market’s community partners is North Frederick Elementary School. We are excited to be the sponsor of the school’s community garden which the Green Team will be planting for the 2021 growing season at the end of March/beginning of April with direction from Jen in the Wellness Department and Assistant Store Manager Nick. Educational opportunities for students including seed sprouting, facts about the plants being grown; samples of certain plants being offered to the kids so that they understand what they’re growing and how to eat & cook with those plants are a key component to this project.

What is the Green Team's most important eco-friendly tip? Reduce, reuse, recycle also pertains to food waste…the Green Team is researching ways to reduce food waste in store, but Common Market also partners with Key City Compost to turn food scraps into usable byproduct. Sophia from the 7th Street Café suggested separating coffee grounds to use as a compost for North Frederick Elementary’s gardens. Will also mentioned that there tends to be a bit of an overflow on the compost in between Key City pickups, he suggested adding a bin so that leftover compost could be donated to the garden as well. Our Green Team members are:

Carlos – Café Rt. 85 Erin – Store Operations 7th St. Grace B. - Assistant Customer Service Manager 7th St. Grace S. - Assistant Customer Service Manager Rt. 85 Harrison – Front End Lead Rt. 85 John C. – Board Member Josh – Grocery 7th St. Román – General Manager Sophia – Café 7th St. Will – Produce 7th St.

Community Garden beds at North Frederick Elementary, sponsored by the Common Market

What's New at the Market?

Mama Bear's Elderberry Syrup

Soom Tahini

MaryRuth's Organics

Mama Bear's Elderberries is a female-led, local company from Saint Leonard, MD! Their syrup is made with organic elderberries and local raw honey. Start with one tablespoon for adults and one teaspoon for children age one and over (due to the raw honey). You can also enjoy it in tea, over ice cream, on pancakes or waffles, and more!.

Soom's mission is to inspire people across the US to use food as a connector, bringing family, friends, and neighbors together around a community table. Their Tahini is dairy-free, nut-free, gluten-free, vegan, keto, paleo-friendly, and kosher.

MaryRuth’s Organics believes that making the best supplements for your health means creating products with non-GMO and vegan ingredients, and by using the fewest number of allergens as possible. Look for their liquid multivitamins and multiminerals, probiotic postnatal capsules, K2+D3 calcium gummies, vitamin C liposomal, and toddler vitamin D3+K2 in our Wellness Department.

Levain Bakery Cookies Beyond Meatballs Joining our other Beyond Meat products, these preformed and ready to cook plant-based meatballs are convenient, nutritious, and satisfying to any meal.


Levain Bakery got their start in New York City, and they now have a location in Washington D.C.! Their frozen cookies use their same bakery recipe, but are available in a smaller, more everydayindulgence 2 ounce size. Look for their cookies in our frozen section!

Oregon Chai Tea Latte Mix We love Oregon Chai, because they source natural ingredients from farms and plantations where organic agriculturists foster recyclable resources and promote ecological balance. Enjoy a convenient blend of signature spices, black tea and milk. All you need to do is add water!

Banner Road Granola

Liberty View Creamery Goat Milk

Banner Road is commited to their customers with products that support positive health through nutrition while never sacrificing flavor. Their granola is certified organic/non-GMO verified, gluten-free, vegan, plant-based, and low in natural sweetener.

Located in the beautiful countryside of the Littlestown/Gettysburg area of southern Pennsylvania, Liberty View Creamery produces and processes Grade A whole pasteurized creamline goat milk. Look for their goat milk in our refrigerated section!

Maya Kaimal Everyday Chana “Chana” is the Indian word for chickpea, the protein-rich bean that comes in tan and black varieties. Maya Kaimal brings you their favorite chana curries, slow-simmered and seasoned with carefully crafted spice blends.

Solaray Immufight From raw ingredients to finished formula, every Solaray product is thoughtfully selected, rigorously tested, and lab verified. We now carry their Immufight in Daily Defense, Maximum Daily Defense, Respiratory Support, and Immune Response.

Have a Suggestion? Conscious Cultures Creamery Blooming Rind Conscious Cultures Creamery is all about plantbased cheese that is crafted with love and care. Their blooming rind cheese is cave-aged for 3 weeks in a style comparable to Camembert and Brie.

We're always on the lookout for new items! If you have suggestion for us, visit www.commonmarket. coop/connect/new-itemsuggestion/ and fill out the form.


April 2021 13

All Honey Gardens products on sale now through 3/30/21! Benefits of Elderberries Elderberries are known for their antioxidants and vitamins that can help boost the immune system. Also, elderberries are said to help with constipation, pain relief, and disease prevention!

Preserving the healing powers of authentic bee products since 1965. As a Vermont beekeeper in the 1960s, Todd Hardy knew his premium, raw, unfiltered honeys were a great natural alternative to the honeys that lined supermarket shelves. His products were not only delicious, but they also retained the full health benefits of traditional honey. Today, Honey Gardens has grown to offer a host of apitherapy products, from propolis and royal jelly to flavorful honeys and syrups with the immunity-supporting power of elderberries and herbs. All delicious ways to promote genuine, good health through genuine, clean foods.



Quick & Easy Recipes Elderberry Pie

submitted by Lewis and Nancy Hill, Greensboro, Vermont Ingredients: * 1 cup sour cream * 2/3 cup honey * 2 tablespoons flour * 2 cups elderberries, all stems removed Directions: Mix together honey, sour cream and flour then add elderberries to mixture. Place filling in 9" pie crust, add top crust, and bake at 400 degrees for 30 - 40 minutes.

Soothing Facial Scrub Ingredients:

* 1/2 cup raw honey * 1/3 cup coarse cut oatmeal * 1 teaspoon olive oil Directions: Mix honey, oatmeal and olive oil together. Gently rub with a circular motion on face. Leave on for a few minutes and then rinse. Resource: www.honeygardens.com/blogs/recipes/all-recipes


April 2021 15

ON SALE MARCH 3 - 16, 2021



Siggi's Icelandic Style Yogurt

Dr. Bronner's Castile Bar Soap 5 oz., selected varieties

4.4-5.3 oz., selected varieties


Chameleon Cold Brew Organic Coffee Concentrate 32 oz., selected varieties

10/$10 Muir Glen Organic Tomatoes

Health Ade Organic Kombucha

14.5 oz., selected varieties



2.8 oz., selected varieties

10 oz., selected varieties

Lotus Foods Rice Ramen

2/$5 16 oz., selected varieties

Woodstock Petite Brussels Sprouts




16 oz., selected varieties

8-12 oz., selected varieties

7.5 oz., selected varieties

Beyond Meat Beyond Beef

Purely Elizabeth Organic Granola

Annie's Homegrown Frozen Mac & Cheese

Visit www.commonmarket.coop/shop/savings to view full sales flyers.

ON SALE MARCH 17 - 30, 2021



Blue Diamond Almondmilk

Clif Energy Bar 2.4 oz., selected varieties

64 oz., selected varieties




16.3 oz., selected varieties

32 oz.

5.3 oz., selected varieties

Kashi Organic Cereal


Organic India Tulsi Tea

18 tea bags, selected varieties


Quorn Meatless Nuggets 10.6 oz.

R.W. Knudsen Organic Just Tart Cherry Juice

Chobani Greek Yogurt


Stahlbush Island Farms Frozen Vegetables 8-10 oz., selected varieties

$6.99 Caulipower Cauliflower Pizza Crust 11 oz.


Lundberg Rice Chips 6 oz., selected varieties

Visit www.commonmarket.coop/shop/savings to view full sales flyers.

CLASSES & EVENTS COOKING Learn more about cooking techniques and experiment with fresh, new ingredients.

ENVIRONMENT Cultivate awareness and engage in the topics of local and global preservation.

BACKYARD AGRICULTURE For the first-time gardener or avid green thumb to explore the potential in one's own backyard.

HEALTH & WELLNESS Obtain the knowledge that can help restore balance to your body & mind.

KIDS Fun, interactive experiences for kids to learn about food and its source.

EVENT Exciting happenings at the co-op and around town.

Cooperative Conversations Virtual Discussion Group Wednesday, March 17 6-8PM

Board Meetings Virtual Board Meeting and Food for Thought Presentation Thursday, March 25

Food for Thought | 6 - 6:30PM, Speaker: TBA Board Meeting | 6:30-8:30PM

Movie: Just Mercy (2019)

Virtual Board Meeting and Food for Thought Presentation Thursday, April 22


Virtual Discussion Group Wednesday, April 21 6-8PM

Book: TBA Send us your suggestions!

Cooperative Conversations is a monthly discussion group that offers a chance to explore important, nuanced, and complex concepts related to DEI work. Each month’s discussion material will be posted on the DEI page of the Common Market website. The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee is sponsored by the Board of Directors. This committee is dedicated to the exploration of topics related to social and racial justice and highlights the cooperative principles of education and concern for community. We believe that our lives are enriched when we value, honor, and affirm the diverse experiences of our community. Learn more about the DEI committee on our website under the 'community' tab.

Food for Thought | 6 - 6:30PM, Speaker: TBA Board Meeting | 6:30-8:30PM

Food For Thought is a speaker series that invites representatives from various local groups/organizations that can share stories and experiences with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in order to raise awareness, invoke change, and tolerance within our communities. The format is designed to be a TED Talk type event that allows the speaker an uninterrupted stage to present. The timeframe is a 20 minute presentation during the beginning of The Common Market Co-op’s monthly Board meeting. As a coop we know, we are “stronger together!” Speakers are scheduled from 6-6:30 for each Board Meeting. Visit our website to RSVP and receive the virtual meeting link. Visit our website for speaker bios.

Volunteer Bring A Broom Downtown Frederick Clean Up! Volunteer Opportunity Saturday, April 24 | 8:30AM - 11:30AM

Volunteer and join in the tenth annual Bring a Broom Saturday on Saturday, April 24, 2021! Volunteer a few hours of your time with friends and neighbors to help make downtown shine! Volunteers will sweep sidewalks, mulch tree wells, pick up trash and plant flowers. Volunteers of all ages are welcome.





Maintaining Mental Health with Emerald Labs [Online] Tuesday, March 16 | 6 - 7PM $10

Maintaining your mental health during a global pandemic can feel like a full time job! Join us as we learn about holistic approaches to mental health that focus on nutrition, supplements, and self care.

Key City Compost Commercial and Residential Composting Service

Green Burials and Home Funerals in Maryland [Online] Tuesday, March 23 | 6:30 - 8PM $10

Join Michael Judd as he invites you to consider choices for end-of-life care, home funeral, home burial, and green burial practices. Michael will share information, resources, and personal experiences as he honors the wise traditions of past home funeral care and the relevance of these choices for us today.

Recycling: The Basics & Beyond [Online] Tuesday, April 6 | 6:30 - 8PM FREE

This crash course, led by staff of the County Office of Recycling, will cover how to recycle effectively, what can be recycled at the Common Market and in Frederick County, and describe the impact that “wish-cycling” of nonrecyclable materials has on the program.

Growing Gourmet Mushrooms! [Offsite]

Common Market Owners receive 15% off weekly pickup service!

Sunday, April 11 | 1PM - 3PM $65

Grow your own mushrooms! In the workshop we will cover how to inoculate stumps, logs, wood chips, and burlap sacks while improving your garden ecology. In this interactive class you will learn the types of outdoor mushrooms that we can easily grow in our area, the conditions required and the tools you will need. The class will also cover the basics of mushroom science, how fungi functions in nature and how to work with fungi to help restore our local ecologies. The best part is the hands-on experience of inoculating a mushroom log that you get to take home!

Fruit Tree Grafting [Offsite]

Sunday, April 18 | 1PM - 2:30PM $75 Almost all the fruits and nuts we eat these days come from grafted trees. Join us in learning the magic of grafting and basic fruit tree care. During the workshop you will create your own grafted apple tree through hands-on grafting and take your new union home. Also, we will cover re-grafting older trees, and grafting tricks that allow grafting ornamental and wild trees to bear tasty fruits. We will also inadvertently talk about fruit trees in the food forest model. Pruning and general tree health care covered in this workshop.

Why we stand by Key City Compost: Key City Compost believes that thriving communities rely on high quality food and stewardship for our planet. By diverting food waste from landfills through composting, we reduce total atmospheric carbon, increase soil carbon, create jobs, and strengthen our local food system with high quality soil products. Key City's clean, easy, and accessible services provide a local solution to a global problem that sits at the intersection of recycling, waste management, and agriculture.

https://www.keycompost.com Our Community Partners Program continues to grow, offering our owners many options to save and support local business! Visit our website to see all our Community Partners.


April 2021 19


Specializing in Yoga Therapy Join us!

Now online Professional yoga teachers & yoga therapists Innovative classes & workshops Accessible yoga Yoga Therapy groups & private sessions

14 West Main Street, Middletown, MD www.mountainspirityoga.com

Introductory Special

At Unit 8 Infrared Sauna Pod.

First time session only $20 40 minute private sauna session in a Sunlighten™ Sauna Suite


Infrared Sauna Studio

Limit one per customer

Experience the Many Benefits of Full Spectrum (Near, Mid & Far) Infrared Saunas: Detoxification •Weight Loss •Relief for Lyme •Lower Blood Pressure Pain Relief •Improved Circulation •Skin Rejuvenation •AND Total Relaxation


Sauna Session Gift Certificates & Packages Available

One Wormans Mill Ct #8 Frederick, MD 21701 www.unit8wellness.com info@unit8wellness.com

A Place for Body & Mind

Available at Unit 8: Make an appointment today ay by phone or online!

CERAGEM Master V3 Automatic Thermal Massage Customized to YOUR Body

ADVERTISE WITH US! Please contact Susan Schulman at 301-663-3416 ext. 105 or email sschulman@commonmarket.coop Fill out an advertising request form here or visit www.commonmarket.coop/ connect/advertising-request-form

Empowering Lives... One Spine at a Time! 8701 Antietam Dr Walkersville MD 21793 Dr. Mimi and her staff are fantastic! I am happy to report that my migraines/ headaches have decreased in both severity and intensity -Bethany Stockdale Kirby

Call today for a complimentary consultation! M-W-Th: 9-12:30, 3-6:30 Tues: 4-6 • Sat: by appt.

WWW.DR-MIMI.COM | 301.898.8005

927 W 7th Street Frederick, MD 21701 (301) 663-3416 Address Service Requested

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