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In a time span of over half a century Colruyt Group has grown from a family company into a family of companies with almost 30.000 employees. For a long time, we were known mainly for the Colruyt discount store, but in recent decades we have greatly diversified our activities. DATS 24, OKay, Bio-Planet, Dreambaby, Spar, Eoly, Cru ... After an often modest start, these brands have now grown into fully-fledged companies with their own identity. No matter how different, with every new initiative we want to provide meaningful added value. In line with the

changing spirit of the times and the needs of consumers, at all stages of their lives. All Colruyt Group businesses share a common identity and culture. This is summed up in our mission and inspired by our nine historic values: respect, togetherness, simplicity, readiness to serve, faith, hope, space, courage and strength. We aim for sustainable economic growth along with a strong commitment to human and social development. In the long term too.

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Colruyt Group Annual Report 2018/19  

Colruyt Group Annual Report 2018/19