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Nov 2019

Coffee & Tea Culture since 1862….. A Brand of long-lived Tradition Julius Meinl is proud to be THE ambassador of Viennese coffeehouse culture since 1862. As the first professional roaster in Europe and throughout constant innovation, Julius Meinl has built a unique and highly successful coffee culture based on Viennese tradition. Since 1862, Julius Meinl stands for experience, tradition and products of premium quality.

Julius Meinl Tea, Poetry read by your senses. Since its foundation in 1862, Julius Meinl has always taken pride in its premium tea offers. Nurtured from its rich heritage, Julius Meinl Tea continues its pursuit of perfection in quality and service, and innovates with audacious tea blends and solutions, aiming to bring a unique sensorial poetry with every cup of tea we served.

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Production process The production process is a complex activity composed of 7 steps, which all require great care to ensure premium quality.

Origin Tea is grown in many regions throughout the world. There are however special tea gardens in single origins, which provide the ideal climate and conditions to grow high quality teas. Julius Meinl naturally sources its teas from the world’s famous tea gardens to be able to offer high ranking quality to customers as well as consumers. Some examples of our tea’s origin: Idalgashinna The world’s first organic tea garden situated in the Uva region of Sri Lanka at approximately 1200 meters.

Happy Valley A very traditional tea garden founded in 1854 and located close to the town of Darjeeling at the foot of the Himalaya Mountains. This garden is typically known for the second flush Darjeeling teas plucked from June to July. Jamguri Located in the Golagath district, this tea garden was named after the Jamun fruit.

Plucking Tea picking is still conducted in the traditional manner, where tea leaves are handpicked and gathered into wide baskets of the teapickers. Hand picking ensures that only the best leaves of the tea plant are collected and used for tea production. The best leaves are the so called “two leaves and a bud” – the leaf bud itself and two proximate young leaves. Believe it or not, a picker plucks up to 25kg of green leaves a day, which corresponds to approximately 4-6kg of ready tea. The picked leaves are directly processed at the plantation to avoid the loss of aroma and thereby also quality.

Withering For approximately 10 – 12 hours, the freshly picked leaves are spread out over mats where warm currents of air are blow over them. This results in a 30% liquid loss of the tea leaf and ensures its smoothness.

Steaming/Fermentation According to the tea type, the tea leaves are either steamed or fermented. The steaming process applies to green teas only. Here, the leaves are heated at a high temperature thus stopping the fermentation process, which would otherwise occur. With this method, the leaves retain their delicate flavour as well as their green colour. The fermentation process is used for black teas only. Humid air is streamed over the leaves resulting in enzymes combining with oxygen.

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Rolling Before the drying process takes place, leaves are ripped by metal plates in order to release the essential oils from the leaf.

Drying Tea leaves are dried on so called treadmills for approximately 20 minutes. After the drying process a stable product called raw tea is produced.



Proper tea packaging as well as storage is imperative to shelf life, quality and flavour of tea. Four important factors have to be considered when storing tea: Odour Tea absorbs all sorts of odours very easily. Do not store tea close to spices, trash cans and any other sources of odour. Light Tea should be stored in a tin or dark cabinet to avoid flavour loss. Moisture Tea absorbs moisture from the air easily. Store it away from dishwashers, boiling water and refrigerators. Heat Avoid placing tea nearby ovens, stoves and other sources of heat. Our teas are carefully sealed and packed in odour-free materials to ensure the finest quality.

In this stage leaves are sorted according to their size. There are five main types of grades for classifying tea; namely dust, fanning, broken and whole leaves.

Blending At the production plant, leaves are blended according to traditional and modern recipes to achieve the final tea blend. Tea Tasting This final step, one of the most crucial points, ensures that consistently high quality standards are maintained. Tea tasters conduct a sensory test according to taste, smell, physical feel and appearance of the leaves. A sample of each new lot of tea is inspected at the Julius Meinl quality control centre before it is purchased.

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Summer Idyll A refreshing blend of carefully selected fruits. The mix of sunkissed lemon and sweet lemon myrtle gives a distinctive juicy taste and a cooling sensation, like a breeze on a midsummer evening. - 18 individually packed tea bags of 3g - Fruit tea with herbs and natural flavoring.

Rooibos Orange Cream

Leaf Bag 18 bags / box

A delicious treat with the nutty sweetness of rooibos mingled with creamy vanilla scent and savory orange taste. It soothes and calms. Rooibos is harvested in the Cederberg Mountains, South Africa. - 18 individually packed tea bags of 2,5g - Rooibos tea with fruit pieces, spices and natural flavoring.

Pure Detox Ginger & Lemongrass A detoxing tea brimming with natural goodness and delicate mellowness, thanks to a well-balanced mix: green tea renowned as an anti-oxidant, dandelion root for detoxifying and yarrow herb for its soothing effect. - Flavoring free - 18 individually packed tea bags of 2.25g - Herbal tea with green tea and spices.

Organic Fruit Symphony

Š Hong Kong ď˝œColour Brown

This composition of carefully selected organic fruits guarantees a fresh and pleasant aroma. The taste of apples, hibiscus and elder flower is blended with orange and berries to achieve a rich yet balanced sensation. - 18 individually packed tea bags of 3g - Organic hibiscus, organic apple pamace, organic liquorice root, organic elderberries, organic cinnamon, organic elderflowers, organic raspberry pieces, organic blueberry, organic strawberry pieces

Earl Grey blossom This UTZ certified tea is carefully picked from the renowned South India Thiashola garden. Blended with bergamot oil and rose petals, the tea looks stunning and has a delicate taste with a fresh citrus touch. - UTZ certified. - 18 individually packed tea bags of 2,25g - Black tea with natural flavoring.

Leaf Bag 18 bags / box

Organic Darjeeling Happy Valley This organic second flush Darjeeling is of remarkable quality. Handpicked from the Happy Valley garden at the foot of the famous Himalayas, the tea captivates with its delicate fine floral aroma. - From Darjeeling Happy Valley Garden , Grade : FTGFOP1 - 100% Organic - 18 individually packed tea leaf tea bags of 2,3g - Organic black tea. Ingredients: organic black tea.

Organic Assam South India blend This organic black tea is handpicked in the renowned tea gardens of Assam Jamguri and South India Thiashola. It is characterized by a full-bodied taste with a pleasant malty aroma, and a chestnut colour in the cup. - From Assam region and South India region. - Grade : FOB* for South India. GFBOP* for Assam - 100% Organic - 18 individually packed tea bags of 2,5g

Beauté de Rose The celebration of beauty. This colourful blend combines rose petals, lavender and figs to offer a unique fruity taste with soothing floral notes. The ultimate indulgence for your taste buds and body. - 18 individually packed tea bags of 3g - Fruit tea with flower petals and natural flavoring. © Hong Kong |Colour Brown

Garden Strawberry Rhubarb

Tea Bag 25 bags / box

Sun-ripened garden strawberries mingled with savory rhubarb give this fruit tea a fresh and pleasant aroma. Enjoy this tea at any time of the day.

Apple Black Currant Enjoy this rich and fresh composition of apples and berries from Julius Meinl. The mild fruity taste of apples perfectly harmonizes with the sweet aroma of juicy berries.

White Tea Peach This white tea is composed of leaf buds and young tea leaves resulting in a mild and gently taste of sun-kissed peaches. It gives a light yellow color once infused.

Earl Grey Traditional Blend This exceptional black tea from Julius Meinl is enriched with Bergamot aroma. It gives the Earl Grey Ist typical taste with a touch of citrus.

Green Fresh Lemon Mint This Chinese green tea from Julius Meinl is harvested and prepared with utmost care. In this composition with fresh mint and the fruity scent of lemon, the green tea yields a fresh and intensive aroma. Š Hong Kong ď˝œColour Brown

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Julius Meinl Tea Culture