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et there be no mistake, in the 2020s the business of collision repair will change beyond recognition. While automobiles today, with their myriad of computerized sensors and aluminum bodies, look very different to the vehicles of 20 years ago, that is but a taste of the total transformation that will be seen in vehicle design over the next few decades. By 2029, the repair industry will need to be able to perform economical repairs on fully autonomous, electric-powered cars. But it won’t take a decade for the vehicles in repair bays to look very different from today’s standard. OEM-built vehicles with solar panels for roofs may be towed into your business as early as next year. Will your business be able to remain profitable in this strange new world? After all, the number of collision businesses in operation in Canada has halved and halved again over the last two decades.

This book is not, however, a step-bystep guide to lasting success—if there was such a formula we would be the first to share it with you. We all know different shops face different problems—ones that only its leaders are equipped to tackle head-on. This is where the Buyer’s Guide comes in handy, it serves to guide shop owners through the maze of new products and possibilities. By giving you as much information as possible, you are given the best tool to make the right purchasing decision for your business. This information, along with what can be gleaned from informed conversations with jobbers, trade shows and of course regular issues of Collision Repair, our daily eZine and website will provide a solid groundwork of information to help you select the products right for you and your business. The 2020 Buyer’s Guide cuts through the noise. It gives collision industry leaders the ability to look at an assortment of cutting-edge prodASK THE ONE QUESTION THAT REALLY ucts and time-tested tools and ask the one question that really MATTERS: “WOULD INVESTING IN THIS matters: “Would investing in this PRODUCT BENEFIT MY BUSINESS?” product benefit my business?” Showcased in this magazine is an overview of the resources of the collision repair industry as a If you are reading this business improve- whole, not just with pages of products, but ment-oriented publication, your answer with the most complete directory of collishould be an emphatic “You’re darn right, sion equipment compiled specifically for it will!” Canadian repair businesses. Our directoIn your hands, you hold the very rea- ry is the solution. son to be optimistic. With information With the 2020 Buyer’s Guide, you have drawn from the resources of Collision Re- the key for your business’s future profitpair magazine’s many years of publica- ability in the ignition switch. Make sure tion, the 2020 Buyer’s Guide offers the most you turn it on. All the best!! comprehensive overview of the products being used in the most forward-thinking collision repair centres. With this guide, you can set about preparing your business to run as efficiently as possible over the next year and beyond, and to get everything in place for the inevitable challenges that are coming to the industry at an unprecedented pace










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INDULGE. Our customers experience the highest quality coatings and services, the foundation for best-inclass collision centers. At BASF, customers are at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we developed tailored offerings — to provide our customers with Vision+ customized solutions paired with world-renowned products, industry-leading training and global OEM support.




PRODUCT SECTIONS 18 ABRASIVES A rough ride for repairers with true grit. 24 ADHESIVES Get stuck into the latest sticky solutions. 27 ALIGNMENT & MEASURING Is your business aligned to align? 32 GLASS REPAIR A pane in the ADAS. 36 HEALTH & SAFETY Live long and prosper. 40 PAINT Colour yourself clarified. 44 PAINT HARDWARE It’s time for a brush-up. 54 PAINTLESS DENT REPAIR Pull yourself together. 58 RECYCLING Reduce, reuse and receive. 62 SCANNING Analyzing the analyzers. 68 SOFTWARE Tip top tech. 73 TOOLS & ACCESSORIES Hammering home the options. 78 WELDING What’s new, hot and red hot?

SPECIAL FEATURES 07 KEEPING PACE IN A TIME OF CHANGE Recognize the importance of training 10 TOTAL TRANSPARENCY Why isn’t glass repair ubiquitous in the repair sector? 12 ULTRA VIOLET ADVANTAGE UV tech has grown up 14 SCANNING TOOLS. FIVE THINGS REPAIRERS SHOULD CONSIDER Read the diagnosis regarding today’s scanning tools and techniques 17 UNBREAKABLE BONDS: One visionary’s quest to find the ultimate adhesion BUYER’S GUIDE 2020 5




or the past seven years, Dave Flockhart has served as the chief operating officer of BETAG Innovation. During his tenure, Flockhart has played a key role in BETAG’s push to enshrine the importance of training to the business’s collision facility’s customers and to the industry at large. Recently, Collision Repair caught up with Flockhart to discuss the importance of training in the industry.

Buyer’s Guide: Why is training so vital to the collision repair industry? Dave Flockhart: After a collision, it is critical that the vehicles involved are repaired in the correct manner [and] in accordance with the procedures that the OEM specifies. Training is so important because of the rate at which the new technologies and materials used in car production continue to evolve. Change is happening at a rapid pace, so it is vital that the knowledge and skills of estimators and technicians keep pace. The only way to do that is through continuous development and training.

BG: What has been the impact of training on collision repair? DF: The top priority is safe and proper repairs. But there are also customer satisfaction, productivity and efficiency benefits. The new technologies and materials used

to build cars have created a need to develop and learn new repair techniques. This has taken the collision repair industry time to embrace, but we are now seeing the industry as a whole recognizing the importance of developing the knowledge and skills of their estimators and technicians to do that. To support this, it’s important to continue to implement skills-based training rather than rely solely on theoretical training. By way of example, we’ve developed a series of hands-on estimator training programs with a couple of OEMs over the past few years. [These programs] have focused on vehicle structure, damage analysis and identifying the most appropriate methods for repair. This has resulted in more accurate estimates, better repair plans and fewer supplements within their networks.

BG: What are some of the biggest challenges the industry faces regarding training?

DF: There is recognition by repairers that estimators and technicians need to continue to develop their knowledge and skills to be able to repair modern vehicles properly. The problem is the time that is required to do that and the associated cost of lost productivity. We need to innovate to address this. Online learning is part of the answer, but it will never be a substitute for hands-on, practical, skills-based training.

BG: What advice would you give a bodyshop owner looking to maximize the training of their employees? DF: There is no question about the need for specific technical training as part of the OEM certification process. But alongside this, there is a huge opportunity for bodyshop owners to increase the productivity of their estimators and technicians through training.





ith so many things happening within a business’ daily operations, it can be hard to keep focused on maintaining the right attitude— the one that inspires people to follow you. In order to maintain this focus I recommend that everyone develops a mantra to remind themselves why they set out to be a leader in the first place. This will be quite unique and personal to each of us and it may take a little reflection to get the right balance in yours. To help you get started I have created this basic approach and put it into question form so that it prompts you to get re-centered on what matters to you, your company and, most importantly, your people. Ask yourself, “What can I do to make your job and your life here at work better?” It is an outlook that creates opportunity for continuous improvement and an infectious attitude throughout the organization. This concept


embraces servant leadership and moves the leader to a place of balance between the identified needs of the staff and the constant search for the right resources. This highlights the viewpoint developed by the best leaders, that of vigilantly looking for unexpected connections. These connections could be people or items. The people could be anything from teachers to teammates,

while the items could be tools for the present or for the future so staff is better prepared to handle change as the need is presented. It doesn’t necessarily have to be as tangible as items either. It could be more of an awareness to simply say ‘thank you’ when you see someone doing a good job. What we want to avoid is becoming habituated toward the important small things that make life more pleasant. When the position of the leader is caring genuinely that things are being improved for their people, so many more of the nuances of leadership become easier to handle. You are spending most of your day with these people, which is why it makes sense to create an atmosphere that everyone can enjoy being in. This kind of focus leads to even more benefits. Inspirational leadership follows and people understand better when help is flowing their way. They want to follow that leader. The opposite attitude is disheartening, deflating and creates the negative environment that people flee. You will have day-to-day distractions. That is unavoidable as a leader. Regardless, you must stay focused on what makes life better for your people, because that is what ultimately makes life better for all. That’s what will keep you the one who’s driving.

Jay Perry is co-author of the book Success Manifesto with Brian Tracy, and the founder of Ally Business Coaching, a process improvement and leadership development firm. He can be reached at





uto glass repair and replacement is no walk in the park. New vehicle technology is making all procedures a lot more complicated, and auto glass repairs are one of them. Shop owners nationwide have expressed concerns about the difficulty of performing these repairs on vehicles that incorporate ADAS systems and sensors. Approximately 12 percent of Canada’s vehicle fleet is estimated to be equipped with ADAS features, with that number expected to reach 15 percent (3.7 million OFFERS AUTO GLASS 57% cars) by the end of 2020. REPAIR SERVICES Only a small percentage of Canadian drivers are aware of the importance of ADAS calibrations, and the technology 29% doesn’t make for an easy job for collision repairers. Collision Repair reached out to the community of repairers, who told tales of obstacles when performing 8% 6% auto glass repairs. Yes, but “The technology they are putting in No, but performed No looking Yes windshields, sensors and cameras is one by a third into it party of the biggest obstacles our shop faces when performing auto glass repairs,” an anonymous shop owner and survey respondent commented. While that was just one of the IN-HOUSE TRAINED obstacles mentioned, many in the TECHNICIANS industry commented about the lower 32% rates that are offered by insurers and the lack of training to have a qualified 25% technician in-house on offer. “Specialized service with little 18% training available,” one survey participant stated. Of the shop owners who participated in the survey, 40 percent said they have one Yes, more Yes, only No trained technician capable of than one one performing auto glass repair and replacements, while 38 percent said they have none at all. A few survey participants also BIGGEST expressed concerns regarding 39% OBSTACLES the shortages existing in the first place, with repairers pointing to the fact that it not the most 20% popular trade. 18% “Rates are too low,” one 14% anonymous repairer stated. 9% “No one out there wants to do this work,” another Low rates commented. Low rates Equipment


offered by insurers


Finding techicians

through third-party competitors




sk an automotive collision repair shop owner about how to increase productivity and chances are you will hear about the need to reduce prepaint wait times. After using body filler on a repair, a technician might apply a glaze, followed by a urethane-based primer that must dry fully before painting. Each step can add hours of drying time, limiting how many vehicles the shop can repair. Now, however, advanced UV technology is taking the waiting out of the process and delivering near-instant curing of all three prepaint steps: body filler, glazing and priming. By doing so, collision repair shops can process one to two more vehicles each week. Unlike the less efficient UV-curing lighting stands of the past decade, the new technology involves powerful handheld UV devices that cover larger areas and cure within seconds. Historically shops have managed pre-paint steps in one of two ways–either simply wait for the pre-paint steps to dry completely or push the process by moving ahead with painting before a complete dry in order to repair more cars. When an operator decides to shortcut the pre-paint process, they risk incurring shrinkage which is when blemishes such as pin holes appear on a paint’s surface. The decision to wait out or push the prepaint process stems from the limitations of the UV curing systems previously available to collision repair shops. UV light stands


must be physically moved around the repair area as the drying scope of a light stand is quite small–about the size of a man’s hand. SOLVING THE WAIT TIME Advancements in UV curing systems have recently resulted in a new mobile solution for collision repair shops that delivers near-instant curing to enable operators to complete their pre-paint steps without costly delays. The UV light field is designed to be larger than the normal spray path so that nonUV light does not dilute the impact. This enables greater texture and consistency in application and avoids delamination and failure issues downstream because of a lack of absolute uniformity. For added confidence there are two methods to indicate to the user when the substrate is fully cured. For primer, there are visualizer strips that can be put directly on the masking tape defining the perimeter of the area to be painted. When the primer is fully cured, the strips will turn from yellow to green. For filler, the UV body filler will actually change colors from green to gray when fully cured. This takes the guesswork in application and the risk of shrinkage occurring later. The benefits of instant UV

curing actually start with the application of UV primer. No mixing is required and what is not used on a day’s operations can be used later. This compares to a usable life of only about 45 minutes for a urethane-based primer. This means unless a shop mixes the absolute right amount, a lot of traditional primer gets wasted with additional time required cleaning spray guns, cleaning cups and mixing more primer. And when an UV primer is applied there is less waste as it uses 40 percent less material enabling it to be applied in a thinner coat. A lot of urethane primer can end up in the air because it is not made of 100 percent solids. ADDITIONAL OPERATIONAL IMPACT While increasing the number of vehicles that can be repaired without adding bays is the biggest win for collision repair shops Automotive collision repair shops can put the era of UV light stands, guesswork in making and applying the right amount of primer, and pre-paint downtimes in their rear-view mirror. Stephen Armstrong is a California-based writer who has researched and written about industrial technologies, healthcare, automotive and international trade for the past 15 years. This piece was written with the support of UV Fast Lane.





or decades, scanning tools have been on the market, but many bodyshops are only now beginning to realize why they have become so vital to the world of collision repair. An increasing number of collision repairers are beginning to recognize the importance of pre- and post-scanning every vehicle to ensure all systems are working properly and calibrations are completed. “Until you’ve run a diagnostic tool on a vehicle, the damage that may or may not be there is often unseen,” said Jake Rodenroth, director of industry relations for asTech, which focuses on providing OEM diagnostics to collision repairers. “You can get the vehicle fully assembled and then have an electronics issue that keeps the car from going home on time.” “When a job comes in, you must gather as much information about the vehicle that you possibly can prior to working on it,” said Chuck Olsen, executive director of operations for AirPro Diagnostics, which offers remote OEM-compliant dealer-level scanning and calibration services. “Otherwise, if you find trouble later on, you won’t know if the problem was already there or if you induced it during the repair process.” Whether you are replacing a diagnostic scan tool at your bodyshop or looking




to purchase one for the first time, there is a range of debates occurring in the repair industry right now regarding the best method to use for scanning. In an effort to break down the best method for you, I will outline the three primary options available: purchasing OEM scan tools, aftermarket scan tools, or utilizing a diagnostic service provider. In addition, I will break down five key steps to consider when contemplating scanning tools. Each OEM has its own proprietary scan tool. Although they may offer more indepth coverage than aftermarket tools, they are specific to that manufacturer’s vehicle. There is a wide range of aftermarket scan tools available, ranging from simple code readers to fully-functional scan tools. Although they allow your shop to work on a wider range of makes and models, most may not be as comprehensive as an OEM tool. A third option is using a mobile or remote diagnostic service provider. Mobile service providers come on site to perform the work necessary at the shop. Remote service providers help repairers identify and correct existing issues by remotely operating a scan tool at the vehicle or by using an Internet connection through a proprietary interface connected to a scan tool at another location.


FIVE THINGS REPAIRERS SHOULD CONSIDER: 1. PERSONNEL For many shops, Rodenroth said the first step is to determine whether or not you have a person in-house who possesses the mechanical skills necessary to operate a scan tool. Like any other equipment in your business, it comes down to how the store is staffed.

2. TYPE OF COVERAGE Not all scan tools are created equally. Depending on the focus of the shop and its size, there are different coverage options. Olsen says it is important to look closely at your business and determine if you are working on European, Asian, or domestic models and plan accordingly.

3. FUNCTIONALITY Using a scan tool is not like picking up a screwdriver where you can only turn it left or right, said Rodenroth. Every tool has different capabilities, and some are easier to navigate than others, said Olsen. Features can vary widely from tool to tool including the display, whether you can store live data, the various modules it can read, special functions, programming/calibration capabilities, and report capabilities.

4. COST Price is another important consideration before making a purchase. It can be a heavy financial investment for those purchasing OEM tools. On the other hand, Olsen said if the cost sounds too good to be true, it probably is. In addition, there are typically software update fees each year, which can range in price from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand.

5. TRAINING Some companies offer basic training modules on how their tool operates. However, in many cases Rodenroth says shops are on their own. Performing electrical diagnostics on a car is not something you can learn overnight, he said. As a result, it can often be a challenge for a shop to learn that skill set.





s many repairers will know, marriages between car plastics— particularly between different polymers—suffer from exceedingly high divorce rates. The solution has been known for years: instead of trying to use glue as a sticky intermediary, those who seek to join different plastics together indefinitely should bond them on the atomic level. Problem solved? Not quite. The solution to the challenge of finding an economically viable method for making effective bonds has been elusive. Within the adhesives industry such a process was considered a Holy Grail. For Ohioan Don Meyers, founder of glue firm Tech-Bond Solutions, the unsolvable problem was something of an obsession—one that he struggled with for more than a decade. Though the ex-tech executive had started his own glue distribution firm after the tech bubble collapse of the late 1990s, he was not, by training, a chemical engineer. In fact, the product that had been his company’s mainstay during its early days was not of his design. “I was always unimpressed with the instant glues in the marketplace, and so when I found a product that was better than the others out there, I leaped on it,” says Meyers. For the next ten years, Meyers would devote his efforts to figuring out a way to bond polymers together. When he was not attending tradeshows or demonstrating any number of gluing procedures directly to repairers, he was experimenting with the adhesives he sold. Many of these experiments ended in outright failure, while others brought him closer to his goal.

“I realized that the key lay is saturating the adhesive with an adhesion accelerator, which intensifies chemical reactions,” says Meyers. “And I had already worked out that adding heat would be an important part of the final procedure.” In November 2016, when the world’s attention was lasered in on the dramatic presidential election taking place in the U.S., Don Meyers had his eureka moment. “It suddenly came together. I would need a hairdryer, and an accelerator,” he says, proceeding to give the new procedure a trial run. Now called the Bonding Poly Process, Meyers has also turned to the internet to

demonstrate his new, patent-pending technique. In a slick video on Tech-Bond Solutions’ YouTube channel, the process has been demonstrated for thousands of viewers. But seeing, Meyers notes, is not always believing, and in order to ensure that repairers have confidence in his claims, he provides his customers with a lifetime guarantee on all the bonds made with his product. Like one well-known fictional archaeologist, Meyers is not content with having found just one Holy Grail. In the next few months, his team will be looking to find many new ways to help repairers make even more unlikely repairs.


Prime both sides of the plastic with the adhesion promoter Poly Prep, and allow it to dry.


Once the Poly Prep has dried, spray the activator accelerator on one side of the bond—not both. The activator will help encourage the bonding process.


Using a hairdryer on its hottest setting, warm the side with the activator for 30 seconds. Heat acts as a catalyst to the chemical reaction, helping to kick-start it and increase its effects.


Apply the SI Adhesive to the opposite side of the bond. Align the pieces together and hold them in place for 15 seconds.


Use the hairdryer to heat the bond for another 30 seconds. While the bond will take up to a month to finish curing, it should have enough strength to be used immediately.






aterials and their requirements in the collision repair industry are subject to constant, ongoing technological change that know no bounds. The entire industry is constantly facing new challenges, and that includes abrasive products. Improvements to abrasive materials may seem undetectable to the naked eye, but, in recent years, even products as seemingly simple as a sheet of sandpaper have undergone dramatic changes. Manufacturers have created new materials and processes which enable them to make these changes on a nano-scale. The very grit itself is different—when viewed under a microscope, modern abrasives look very different from traditionally offered products. There is a variety of sanding methods

“The technical complexity of vehicles has significantly changed in recent years, meaning the paint shop has to meet certain requirements in regards to efficiency, process reliability and investment in order to be well-prepared for the future. This means clearly defined products and grit increments that are matched to the paint material used, all with the aim of making the painter’s jobs easier and achieving a top finish faster.” -- Peter Eggenberger, industrial consultant at sia Abrasives.


available to collision repairs, including coarse sanding, repair sanding and lacquer sanding. Abrasives also come in several different mediums, including discs, sheets and file sheets, sponges and scuff pads and wet sanding materials. Coarse sanding products can offer technical support for process-oriented cutting, sanding off and flatting, sanding any hard-to-reach areas, smooth sanding of stone guards and removal of old varnish. Coarse sanding provides comprehensive solutions for the cutting of automotive body parts and sanding weld seams, burrs, compact areas, old varnish, rust, stone guards, beading and edges. The basic process can also remove plastic film and any adhesive residues. Repair sanding involves rebuilding various layer thicknesses by using proper filling and sanding methods. It can be completed with a machine or manually for paint removal and sanding out scratches, as well as for

fine sanding of edges, curves and surfaces. The process is typically applied to primer filler, which is finely sanded using either manual or machine-driven methods. It is also used in dust removal and refining and offers effective sanding solutions for electro-deposit primer-coated new parts and ultra-hard factory primers. Professional treatment of clear lacquers calls for specially co-ordinated sanding and polishing systems. Lacquer sanding is applied to conventional and reflow lacquers as well as scratch-resistant, hard clear lacquers through wet sanding. It can also be applied for flatting surfaces, dry sanding, scuffing, fine sanding and moist sanding for a desired orange-peel effect. When it comes down to the nitty-gritty, picking an abrasive that is right for you, your business and its operations can be a tough choice. A glance through the following pages should help to smooth out any worries.


Spies Hecker Premahyd Sanding Paste 1120 AXALTA

Sure-Solve Universal Solvent Cleaner DOMINION SURE SEAL

Axalta’s ready-to-use Permahyd sanding paste is easy to use, especially when trying to get those hard-to-reach areas not quite reachable by a sheet of sandpaper. The paste can be thinned out with water to create a sanding solution suitable for prepping blending areas. The paste contains thousands of tiny microcrystals designed to create a homogeneous, flat surface when applied. The paste comes in cases of six, with each bottle containing about 650ml (22 oz.) of product.

This solvent blend by Dominion Sure Seal is designed to safely and effectively remove sealants, adhesives, waxes and most other contaminants from painted and non-painted surfaces. It is said to be ideal for cleaning up uncured urethanes with minimal mess. Rapid-acting and scent-free, this solvent blend can also be used to remove stains, grease spots and other related messes from interior fabrics and upholstery. It is available in four sizes: one quart, 454 grams, four litres, or 20-litre cans or canettes.

G360 Super Fast System FARECLA

81132 Professional Rubbing Compound MOTHERS

P-16-Q Double Cut Correcting Compound

According to Farecla the G360 System is a revolutionary new polishing system, widely acclaimed by bodyshop professionals, and being hailed by some as a ‘game changer’. The G360 is an easy-to-use new polishing system that removes the need for expensive P3000 abrasive discs. The system provides fast polishing times and no use of P3000 discs which means the operator can apply a lot less pressure to the surface.

This silicone-free compound is said to quickly remove 1,500 grade and finer scratches from all types of original and refinish paints. The 81132 Professional Rubbing Compound can also be used to remove light oxidation and car wash scratches among other paint defects. Mothers has been producing refinishing polishes since ‘95, starting with their Mag & Aluminum Polish before expanding to an entire catalog of products including their ‘California Gold’ series.

Double Cut is an aggressive, low swirl correcting compound designed to remove heavy surface imperfections. This compound is said to have a long work cycle with the ability to remove up to 1000-1200 grit sand scratches, severe swirls, holograms and heavy oxidation while delivering a high-gloss finish. The Double Cut is formulated using high-purity aluminum oxide and micro diminishing abrasive—which ensures an even, swirl-free finish.




Trizact 8000 3M CANADA

SharpWhite FINIXA

For the first time ever, an 8000 grade abrasive disc has graced the market. According to 3M, the Trizact 8000 is so fine, it can remove even the most niggling of micro scratches when prepping paint surfaces. Developed as a part of 3M’s 1-Step Paint Finishing System, these abrasives seek to eliminate compounding from the paint finishing process altogether, improving both efficiency and quality.

This new premium abrasive disc system from Finixa offers a high initial cutting power while promising a longer disc life. SharpWhite discs are made of self-sharpening ceramic aluminum oxide grains that comes with a white, anti-clogging coating to help keep each disc from loading up during the sanding process. The multi-hole pattern is designed to help create a cleaner and safer working environment.



Dust Free Sanding Combi-Workstation PRO SPOT

S Performance Sanding Discs SIA ABRASIVES

Pro Spot’s Dust-Free Sanding Combi-Workstation is designed to keep any repairer’s work-environment clean and safe. To save money and time, the Combi-Workstation does not require electricity as it runs off of a low-air flow, keeping distracting noises to a minimum while saving on air compressor needs. The sanding system comes with a Dual Action Sander, a Sanding Block and a complete selection of ProSpot’s Sanding Discs, disposable Anti-Static Vacuum Bags and more.

The high level of efficiency of the S Performance sanding discs from Sia Abrasives is the result of an optimised hole pattern. Sia claims this reduces the risk of blockage for the disc, which is said to significantly increases the disc’s lifetime and removal rate and reduce life-cycle costs as well. In response to a frequent request from users, the centre hole on the new sanding discs facilitates the positioning of the disc on the machine, and makes it possible to mount it without any issues.




Full resin-bonded, the TRI-PRO Super-Tack Discs from Eagle Abrasives offer a clog-free dry sanding experience and uniform finish. Designed for mid-range sanding, these discs come in 15.24cm (six-inch) size in both 15 hole and non-hole formats for optional vacuum assist. The extra cushion effect is said to provide cooler sanding for a better finish.

These mini flap discs from Extreme Abrasives are said to be an effective solution when it comes to the grinding and finishing of aluminum and soft metals. Extreme Abrasives maintains its discs will enable clog-free grinding without generating excessive heat. The discs are designed for longevity, resulting in fewer discs required to complete a job.

Capable of stripping paint and metal along with shaping and sanding plastic filler, these long-lasting abrasive disks from 3M are specially designed to save on labour costs and improve quality. Do not let the purple fool you, the STKT 36Es are built on tough-weight backing materials. These disks are available in Hookit and Stikit attachments. BUYER’S GUIDE 2020 21


3D AAT 505 Correction Glaze 3D CANADA

Heavy Duty Equipment Wash KROWN RUST CONTROL

The 3D AAT 505 Correction Glaze is an adaptable and UV-protected finish that can restore the gloss and shine in any paint. With Adaptive Abrasive Technology (AAT), the 505 Correction Glaze can be used on older classic cars to newer ones or even gel coat surfaces to provide a deep and shiny finish. Recommended to be used after the 500 X-TRA CUT COMPOUND, the 3D AAT 505 Correction Glaze is a great finishing polish that can create a protective shield over the paint. According to 3D Canada, the product works best when applied indoors or in a shaded area, but it is also sun friendly.

Designed specifically for touchless washes, this heavy-duty equipment wash is said to be effective in washing cars and trucks. Krown Rust Control maintains that its wash is able to remove tough soils, including road film, and works well in either hard or soft water. One of the product’s highlighted features is its apparent easy-rinsing quality. It can be used under a variety of pressures, from a high-pressure wash to a low-pressure presoak.





n the collision repair industry, it isn’t always easy to see where things are going, but one idea that seems to be sticking in the minds of industry analysts is that structural adhesives are going to start playing a much bigger role in repairs—they could soon replace some riveting work and perhaps even some welds. For a long time, structural glues were best suited to binding thin and light materials. Until recently, mechanical fasteners had the edge over chemical adhesives in bonding together dissimilar materials. This is no longer the case, and the strength of acrylic adhesives can even be greater than rivets in this regard. In fact, some modern structural adhesives are capable of feats once unimaginable—such as bonding together dif-

“A stronger chemical reaction generates a stronger bond. Every time. Regardless of the material. Whether the substrate is to itself or to another type of material.” —Don Meyers, an adhesive process pioneer and inventor of the first polymer bonding process to bond dissimilar materials at a molecular level.


ferent plastics at a molecular level and maintaining strong and longer-lasting adhesion than welds or rivets. The reason for this change? A revolutionary discovery that changed the approach taken by industrial adhesive researchers around the world. “I call it my ‘Eureka!’ moment. I realized that the key lay is saturating the adhesive with an adhesion accelerator, which intensifies chemical reactions,” says discoverer Don Meyers. “The process is quick, easy and, after curing, the structural integrity is there. A stronger chemical reaction generates a stronger bond. Every time. Regardless of the material. Whether the substrate is to itself or to another type of material.” It isn’t just adhesives’ enthusiasts who are actively promoting an increased role for their chemical compounds in the repair of automobiles—OEMs are too. With its use of steel and aluminum, the F-150 turned to an epoxy-based structural adhesive to support the binding of the two metals. General Motors also made use of them in the body of the Cadillac CT6. Its 2020 model, composed of a number of different steels and aluminum parts, will also be bound together with structural adhesives.

Adhesives have other advantages over mechanical fasteners as well, being both faster to use and less dependent on equipment. It’s still unsure if advances in chemistry will ever allow adhesives to completely replace welds. However one thing is certain, their rapid usage is sure to be a continuing and welcomed trend. We’re sure your eyes will be glued to the next few pages, where you will see sets of game-changing adhesives. Get stuck in it!

Don Meyers, founder of Tech Bond Solutions.


Super Fast Plastic Repair 3M CANADA

Professional Gold Body Filler 3M CANADA

The designers of this high-performance, two-part semi-rigid urethane adhesive are rightfully proud about everything their product can do. According to 3M Canada, it will not run or snag, and is even good at filling wide gaps. Consisting of a base and accelerator, the two parts are always mixed together curing quickly after it gels. It is designed to be dispensed with the 3M Automix Dispenser.

Ah, Bondo—the iconic body filler. While famous for its easy application, sandability and smoothness, today’s Professional Gold Body Filler formulation, designed by 3M for use by industry professionals, is said to fully cure in 21 minutes. Formulated with specially-designed polyester resin, this body filler is claimed to adhere securely to galvanized and e-coated surfaces, fibreglass, wood and steel.

Instant Adhesive Gel FINIXA

Sprayable Seam Sealer Series WURTH CANADA

With its ability to rapidly bond a wide range of materials, you might just find yourself stuck on Finixa’s Instant Adhesive Gel. The formulation, designed for OEM assembly has a medium viscosity and cures at normal room temperature. Able to be used on all surfaces, the adhesive gel comes in a handy applicator and is able to bond porous materials such as woods, paper, leathers and fabrics.

Wurth Canada’s Sprayable Seam Sealer Series is a waterproof MS polymerbased sealant range best used with a caulking or spray gun. Free of isocyanate, it is said to effectively bond to steel, aluminum, galvanized metal, fiberglass, urethane, epoxy, polyester, water-based primers, glass, and many plastics. According to Wurth Canada, the sealer is fully cured in a matter of 24 hours and does not require a primer. BUYER’S GUIDE 2020 25



Dolphin 1K Combination Putty U-POL


U-Seal 500 by NPT Adhesives and Sealants is a high-performance, dual-purpose adhesive and sealing compound with permanent elasticity. The manufacturer claims the permanent elastic sealing with high adhesive strength between the most common metals, painted surfaces, GRP, PVC and other rigid plastics. The product comes in three different colours—white, grey and black, and has a curing rate of 33 mm per 24 hours.

The Dophin 1K Combination Putty from U-POL comes ready to use, with no hardener required. According to U-POL, the Dolphin 1K is perfect for surface imperfections and pinholes, especially in last minute situations. U-POL says it is quick-drying and offers excellent adhesion to a wide variety of subtrates, including direct-to-metal, prepared OEM paint surfaces, aluminum, galvanized steel, SMC, fiberglass, lightly abraded e-coats and most plastics.

The Wurth REPLAST structural adhesives range consists of a full line of urethrane structural adhesives designed to bond and repair all plastics, fibreglass, SMC, metal and glass. Most of the products in the REPLAST line are delivered via a dual-mix cartridge system. Wurth says the product is OEM approved and can be used in most automotive and heavy truck applications. The system also includes primers, cleaners, contour film and reinforcement tape.





hen it comes to electronic measuring, the industry has come a long way from the time when the term “rule of thumb” could be taken literally. Just a few years ago, most smaller collision facilities tended to outsource their alignment and measuring work, but the mystique behind the procedures is starting to disappear. It isn’t brain surgery, and it doesn’t even require a dedicated lift to get top-quality work done. The change, however, has been fast. Even as recently as 2016, manual systems were the first choice of six-in-ten Canadian facilities. Before that, the majority of collision facilities were outsourcing alignment procedures. A big part of this revolution has been the arrival of multi-functional electronic measuring systems. The arrival of more

“When alignments are outsourced, shops are effectively outsourcing their reputation as well. If an alignment partner does a poor job, who does the customer blame?”

portable electronic solutions has quickly changed the status quo. As electronic measuring systems have become cheaper, they have also begun to offer new advantages. Recent models have been specifically designed to allow for outdoor operations. Many of the premier systems work in conjunction with top-tier repair databases, allowing for on-the-spot comparisons with digitally-rendered images of the OEM design. It isn’t just that these systems allow collision facilities to work faster and more accurately, they also simplify the claims process. Some top-quality systems now document damage and automatically share it with insurers, and even blueprint jobs. Another reason more and more collision facilities are bringing alignment and measuring work back into the shops is that manufacturers have become far more focused on providing systems able to work within smaller businesses. Where once all of the equipment—including scanners, radius gauges, targets and plates— once required a huge amount of storage space, this is no longer the case. Of course, as the number of ADASequipped vehicles has increased, repairing

some vehicles is simply impossible without a precision measuring system. Vehicles equipped with ADAS, especially lane-keeping assist and front collision avoidance braking, need to be properly aligned with how the vehicle is travelling down the road. To accomplish this, cameras and sensors use different inputs from the vehicle, such as inputs from the steering angle sensor. If the steering angle sensor is adjusted during a wheel alignment, the forward-facing camera, which controls the lane departure warning, may think the steering wheel is turned. This can signal the vehicle to correct the steering to stay on the road, even though the vehicle is travelling between the lines. ADAS sensors rely on correct rear thrust angles. That means that accurate four-wheel alignments are now an even more important factor in road safety, as even the slightest misalignment can result in ADAS errors that could compromise safety. After all, without precision, it is easy for lane-assist technology and automatic braking systems to go from saving lives to squandering them. To take the measure of the latest alignment and measuring solutions available, read on!

—Mike Croker, global repair and training product manager, collision, at Chief Automotive




The Spanesi 106EXT Frame Straightening Bench SPANESI,

Arslan Automotive’s AccuVision-3D Measuring System has a dual use of estimating and repairing. It allows the user to simply point and measure the upper and lower body in one report. With its new generation UV camera and pointer LEDs, it can measure in any light condition irrespective of brightness or darkness of the environment—indoors, outdoors, no levelling needed, no calibrations, no lasers, no arms, no extensions, no magnets, no adaptors, no Wi-Fi, no Bluetooth and no moving parts. According to the company, the user can place the car on a lift bench or floor unevenly and the software will have no problem completing the job in good time. The AccuVision-3D Measuring system only works with Mitchell Data.

The Spanesi 106EXT Frame Straightening Bench is designed as an excellent piece of equipment for structural repairs to light duty, medium duty and commercial vehicles. This bench touts a lifting capacity of up to 11,000 pounds, a lifting height of over one metre and a long six-metre platform designed specifically for vehicles with longer wheelbases. Spanesi’s Universal Jig system comes included with the 106EXT and provides fixturing capacity for up to 14 fixturing locations placed along the 106EXT’s seven crossmembers. According to Spanesi, the Universal Jig system allows upward jig thrusting and downward pulling movements at each fixture location.

CRS4600T-DO Bench R.S.F.

EZE TIE DOWN System Chainless Anchoring System Full-Frame Anchoring System WEDGE CLAMP

The UnoLiner CRS4600T-DO Bench is a drive-on chassis straightening bench with a lifting capacity of 3600 kg and a bench frame length of 4.6 meters. This chassis straightening and collision repair frame machine is suitable for cars of all sizes, crossovers, MPVs, SUVs, pickup trucks, all-terrain vehicles, and light commercial vehicles. Because of its unique two-way locking system, accessories such as bench adapters outfitted with chassis clamps can be mounted on top of the frame as well as on its sides, further expanding the bench’s already noteworthy versatility.

Small, medium or large, Wedge Clamp Systems has three ways to anchor vehicles, all designed for use with embedded or floor surface-mounted rails. The EZE Tie-Down System is for light pulls and panel pulls–such as quick pulls on radiator supports, sheet metal alignments or door posts. For medium-size jobs, Wedge Clamp’s Chainless Anchoring System uses four lightweight aluminum anchor stands to lock the vehicle for pulling or straightening. And finally for SUVs and full-size trucks, Wedge Clamp’s Full Frame Anchoring System features a unique, patented universal two-axis swivel clamp the company says adapts to virtually all vehicle frame configurations for faster setup using fewer adapters and parts.






The Autolift 3000 is drill operated and is said to lift a vehicle in 30 seconds making it a perfect fit in estimating bays, bodyshops and detail bays. It features a fully mechanical gearbox system, having a 6,600 lb lift capacity. The lift is also able to tilt a vehicle back and forth on a car’s center of gravity. Autolift is represented by Speciality Product Sales.

The VLA03 from Herkules can lift up to 10,000 lbs yet keep a modest stature with its 40.6 x 16x50 inch platform. The VLA03 provides a low closed height of just over 10.1 cm (4 inches), and a raised height up to 37 cm (14.6 inches). This lift also features ramps to simplify the loading process, along with crossbars, height extenders and rubber blocks for a more dependable product.

Mosaic ADT (Advanced Diagnostic Technology) from Chief Collision Technology is an automated ADAS calibration system that takes advantage of the same end-of-line technology that OEMs use. Using automatic target verification and positioning, Mosaic ADT assures the target and vehicle are centered and squared. According to Chief, The Mosaic ADT reduces human error.



The Spanesi Touch Electronic Measuring System SPANESI

Eclipse Plus Electronic Measuring System WEDGE CLAMP

The Spanesi Touch electronic measuring system is the measuring system for the modern collision repair facility. The Touch system provides the ability to measure a vehicle on any lift, frame rack, bench or on the ground. Technicians can expertly diagnose structural, suspension and cosmetic damage within minutes. Measurement data includes under-hood, underbody and body-side openings for expert vehicle analysis. The unit provides live pulling information, showing the technician straightening operations results in real time. Documentation is made simple, user can generate graphical and tabular pre- and post-repair documentation to verify the vehicle’s dimensions have been restored to OEM specifications.

The Eclipse Plus Electronic Measuring System combines a polar laser scanner with portable Live Targets and Intelligent Stems positioned by the body technician at strategically-marked frame or body points. Each sweep of the laser precisely locates each of the targets, says the company. The Live Targets then transmit the measurements to the computer and the integrated database of manufacturer specifications. As the pulling progresses, the Live Targets’ verification lights change to indicate severity of damage at each point on the vehicle–red, yellow or green depending on nearness to manufacturer specifications. Once all the lights are green, the frame is claimed to be restored to its proper dimensions.




Accelerate your alignment capabilities with Hunter’s Quick Check Drive system. This unmanned alignment inspection system uses autonomous operations and is designed to scan vehicles in just three to five seconds with absolutely no manpower, instead, using eight cameras and 32 lasers. Further, Quick Check Drive is said to feature a space-efficient design.

The Matrix Wand is a handheld 3D measuring device giving accurate measurements in a straightforward and user-friendly process. Using infinite 3D measurements and structural diagnostics, estimators and repair technicians can use the images to correct sway, sag and mash. According to Matrix, calculations are accurate within +/- 1mm.

The TreadSpec 2.0 from Tire Profiles is said to provide tire diagnostics using the least amount of labour possible. In one step, customers drive over the unit while its software does the rest—capturing tire, alignment and rotation diagnostics. The TreadSpec 2.0 features a new, lower profile design, coupled with next-generation Licence Plate Recognition.





repare to have your mind shattered: did you know that close to six-in-ten progressive collision facilities now offer glass repair services that are performed in-house? One-in-four facilities even employ multiple glass replacement specialists! A further eight percent of repair businesses are looking to enter the industry. One thing should be very clear: bringing auto glass repair and replacement services into a collision business is no easy task. First of all, the rates charged by specialized glass repair facilities are surprisingly low, meaning only those facilities that can be exceptionally efficient at glass repair procedures would make money from performing them. It is easy to overstate this, however. While offering glass repair through third-party sources was the norm for decades, fewer

“The technology that OEMs are putting in-and-around windshields, like sensors and cameras, is one of the biggest obstacles our shop faces when performing auto glass repairs. It is also the reason we feel very strongly that we should be the ones providing the replacement service,” – Anonymous, progressive collision repair business owner


than three-in-ten offer glass services through third-party service providers. To put it another way, there are, in reality, twice as many businesses offering in-house glass work as through third parties. Though it should be noted, many of the businesses that do offer glass and repair services under the same roof treat glass repairs as side service designed to entice would-be collision customers. Beyond the obvious difficulty of making glass replacement services economically efficient in a business tuned to more serious bodywork, the service now requires a level of precision greater than ever before. Why? Many shop owners have expressed concerns about the difficulty of performing these repairs on vehicles that incorporate ADAS systems and sensors. Approximately 15 percent of Canada’s vehicle fleet is estimated to be equipped with ADAS features, and this number is expected to rise to 23 percent (5.5 million) cars by the end of the year. As new ADAS technology becomes more common, the importance of ensuring glass replacements have not had an impact on sensors means the job had

better be done right. These risks are not lost on the members of the collision community who have chosen to bring glass repairs into their businesses. They simply see the risks in a different way than those more averse to glass repair. These repairers recognize that the collision repair business has an advantage over on-note service providers—long-term experience ensuring repair procedures are followed to the letter. As one Collision Repair reader put it, “the technology that OEMs are putting in-andaround windshields, like sensors and cameras, is one of the biggest obstacles our shop faces when performing auto glass repairs. It is also the reason we feel very strongly that we should be the ones providing the replacement service.” While only a small percentage of Canadian drivers are aware of the importance of the calibrations repairers must make, that number is growing quickly. In the past two years, several stories have highlighted the dangers of non-OEM procedure glass replacements pose to drivers. As more lane assist technology arrives on roads, more stories are likely to appear.


Fast Cure Primerless Urethane Auto Glass Adhesive Sealant DOMINION SURE SEAL

Raptor F22 Deluxe Kit EQUALIZER

Dominion Sure Seal’s CUSF Fast Cure Primerless Urethane Auto Glass Adhesive Sealant is designed to live up to its impressive name. This fastcuring, primerless auto-glass adhesive sealant gives repairers the ability to make lasting glass-metal bonds. According to Dominion Sure Seal, the product can also be used as a high-strength, single-component adhesive for reapplying mouldings and ground effects.

The Raptor F22 Deluxe Kit from Equalizer aims to provide a powerful cord-based glass removal system usable on all types of auto glass. The technique used to allow the cord and wire auto glass removal device to operate on different sizes of glass is simple to learn, though Equalizer also provides online video tutorials for technicians looking for any clarifications. The device integrates Equalizer’s AirForce Constant Vacuum Cups, which allow for the quick placement and a constant vacuum to keep the glass firmly in place. The Deluxe Kit includes a Raptor tool with 1/2” Drive Ratchet, a Pistol Grip Centerstart, a mini-anchor, a Venom Wire Dispensing Unit, 164’ roll of squire2 wire, a 100’ roll of RipCord HD, wire grabber, a plier, a cutter, a guide pin package, safety glasses and moulding tape.

Terminator Windshield Repair System EQUALIZER

Windshield Repair Kit (PRO-WRK) PRO SPOT

The Terminator Windshield Repair System features an automatic pressure/ vacuum process for windshield repair. First, the operator will select a program on the unit and the Terminator machine will alternate pressure/ vacuum cycles based on the selection chosen. This repair system kit also comes with a UV curing light as well as a UV curable resin among a slew of small tools.

Pro Spot Pro’s Windshield Repair Kit (PRO-WRK) is a new, easy to use four-in-one automated glass chip repair system. The precision-machined tool is made of aluminum alloy, making it lightweight but durable. According to Pro Spot, the tool sets up quickly over the chip and each repair step is just a quick turn of the tool for simple, fast and complete jobs. The kit also comes with a mirror to suction to the bottom, resin, pit fill, polish, syringe, crack resin, razor blades, vacuum puller, and a resin fill tube. BUYER’S GUIDE 2020 33



Esprit LED Compact Elite Windscreen Repair Kit BTB AUTO GLASS AND AUTO BODY

Extractor Lightning CAN AM AUTO GLASS

The Esprit LED Compact Elite Windscreen Repair Kit from BTB Tools is said to repair all types of windshield damage: stars, bullseyes, and long cracks. It incorporates the Elite Repair Bridge which has a self-levelling head to provide accurate set-up . A 12V drill and LED UV lamp are also included in this compact kit for a complete solution to quality UV resin repairs.

Extractor Lightning is a wide blade cut-out tool designed primarily for the removal of auto glass. Fronted by Can Am Auto Glass, the Extractor is offered in three variations—pneumatic, electric and cordless. According to Can Am, the entire line of auto glass removal tools has consistently proven invaluable to the auto glass and auto body industries. The company says the Extractor tools can also be used to remove both commercial and residential glazing.

The BTB battery-powered E-Tool is a specialized reciprocal-stroke power tool designed to safely remove all automotive glass and components installed with urethane adhesive. The BTB system is also designed to prevent damage to glass or the vehicle. The BTB system is said to incorporate a unique internal and external cutout method, reaching adhesive below dashboards, and when making external cuts, powered cold knife blades replace the manual method. According to BTB, the tool complies with HSE and CE standards with very low levels of noise and vibration.





isk is everywhere. Unfortunately, hazard awareness is less ubiquitous. Hazards exist in every workplace, though few sectors pack in as much danger-persquare-metre as the collision repair industry. “If you own, run or work in a collision repair facility, to control all hazardous conditions means you must ensure that everyone in the shop has the proper equipment to protect all employees,” says Mohammad Abdoli, associate professor at Ryerson University’s School of Occupational and Public Health. When it comes to industrial health and safety, there are five main categories of hazards—each posing life-altering consequences for employees facing long-term exposure. If a hazard has an impact on an individual in the long term, the hazard is considered a

“The most important factor is that collision repair facility owners ensure employees are operating in a facility designed for auto repair. A good shop is equipped with ventilation systems where chemicals are captured and controlled on the spot.” — Mohammad Abdoli, associate professor for Ryerson University’s School of Occupational and Public Health.


health hazard. If they impact an individual instantly, they are a safety hazard. These broad categories are physical, chemical, biological, ergonomic and psycho-social. Depending on the circumstances, these hazards can fall into either the health or safety categories. In most repair facilities, employees most readily recognize chemical risks. They are faced when repairing and cleaning parts, as well as during painting and welding processes. Though well understood, hazardous chemicals do still damage the health and risk the safety of even the most well-informed repairers—though these risks are dramatically reduced through education. Physical hazards are also better understood, at least when it comes to physical safety hazards. What is less recognized, however, are the physical health hazards that have become problematic with increased exposure. Any type of loud noise, such as the sound of sanding the body of a car, or the high-

pitched whine of some grinders, can cause long-term effects. Equally, heat and cold stress can have significant deleterious effects on the heath of auto repairers. Even the vibration of power tools, the glare of headlamps and inhalation of petroleum fumes can deliver long-term health consequences. Ergonomic hazards are generally recognized, and often addressed by progressive collision repair facilities. Studies show that collision repair business owners and managers are quite happy to invest in ergonomic equipment, recognizing that a comfortable employee is an efficient one. This is important as it is not unusual for repariers to be in awkward positions for a period of time. New advancements in technology are ensuring the new generation of repairers have a healthy and safe workplace environment. From complete air-system paintsuits to top-of-the-line welding helmets, health and safety are getting the awareness that is needed.



Eurovac II Pneumatic Portable EUROVAC

As its parent name suggests, the AirGo 2.0 spans a whopping eightfoot diameter. With its Easy-Lock system, this unit features a full 360 degrees of movement utilizing high volume/low speed technology to keep workers cool. Despite the fan’s size, the AirGo 2.0 is said to produce virtually no sound–little enough to carry out a conversation directly in front of, with an OSHA-compliant cage surrounding the blades to dissuade any curious fingers.

Eurovac’s newest product, the Eurovac II Pneumatic Portable is designed to collect explosive dusts, fine powders, and debris from any automotive work environment. A portable unit, powered by compressed air, this vacuum can handle two techs sanding simultaneously and the use of the compressed air eliminates any chance of explosion by removing the element of a sparking motor. According to Eurovac, the system is grounded with static vacuum hoses which allows it to meet the National Fire Association Protection codes and create a safer work environment.

Quality Air Breathing Systems MARTECH SERVICES COMPANY

Martech Services’ Quality Air Breathing Systems are designed to provide quality breathable air from an existing compressed air source. It is said systems remove moisture, oil vapours, gaseous hydrocarbons, dirt, rust, scale and other potentially dangerous contaminants, to provide clean, safe compressed breathing quality air. Then, the on-board carbon monoxide monitor continuously samples the supplied air for compliance with current CSA and OSHA standards. Systems are available from 50 SCFM to 150 SCFM panels, to fit the end user’s particular needs and facilities and can service from 1 to 14 people at the same time. BUYER’S GUIDE 2020 37


Speedglas Welding Helmet 9100 MP 3M CANADA

ADTH Welding Helmet PRO SPOT

With the Speedglas Welding Helmet 9100 MP, 3M has combined five levels of welder protection, combining head, eye, face, respiratory and hearing into one system. According to 3M, this unit features an integrated hard hat in welding protection with no accessories needed. As well, the 9100 MP offers increased peripheral vision and is designed with an adjustable head suspension for increased user comfort.

Pro Spot’s new ADTH welding helmet meets all of today’s welding and grinding applications. Its large viewing area (100 mm x 54 mm) gives great visibility before and during welding. Providing shade settings from 8 to 12 for all types of welding , the ADTH works on high efficiency dual solar cells. The helmet, complete with headgear, weighs less than 500 grams and works on all types of welding arcs. Replaceable cover plates are included.

9955E Silicone Full Face Mask GERSON

Digital Elite Auto Darkening Welding Helmet MILLER ELECTRIC

Fixed Shade Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet POWERFIST



This one-size-fits-all mask is a full-face respirator equipped with a polycarbonate panoramic lens and an anti-fog coated face-shield. An inner orinasal cup and protective valve cover increase the safety experience. The 9955e is also said to feature a dynamic face seal flange for added security along with a five-point head harness and clasps for a full NIOSH-approved experience at TPE prices. Gerson has been producing a variety of products–from air-purifying respirators to tack cloths since 1956.

The Digital Elite features four operating modes within the unit: weld, cut, grind and X-Mode—a setting that eliminates sunlight interference—to deliver a wide scope of user versatility. With all new digital controls, users can adjust modes and settings within the helmet using large push buttons. The Digital Elite also has a quick-release cover lens to allow for easy replacement. The product comes with the helmet itself, five outside cover lenses, two inside cover lenses and a helmet bag.


` Don your shades with the Fixed Shade AutoDarkening Welding Helmet from Powerfist. It features shades DIN 4 when off and DIN 11 when on with automatic delay control. An external knob on the Fixed Shade allows for easy shade control for its large 3.54x1.34 inch viewing area. With split-second shade switching, you will spend less time flipping your helmet up to inspect welds and more time getting through tough jobs.


Self-Stick Liquid Protection Fabric 3M CANADA

Compressed Air-fed Respiration Systems SATA

Said to be ideal for mixing rooms, prep bays and mechanical shops, the 3M Self-Stick Liquid Protection Fabric is a surface protector that is designed for working surfaces, keeping them safe from water, oil, solvents, and other fluid damage, all while trapping dirt. The 3M Self-Stick Liquid Protection fabric has a one-step application process and can be easily removed from surfaces. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

With SATA’s compressed air-fed respiration systems painters get the personal protective equipment to work longer and healthier. Since 1931 SATA has been producing air filtration systems and continues today with some of the highest standards in air quality. SATA offers two different filtration series, the SATA 200 and 400 Series Filter Unit. In conjunction with filtration, SATA offers CSA/NIOSH approved fresh-air breathing systems, the Air Star C, SATA Vision 2000 and the latest SATA Air Vision 5000.





hen customers bring their damaged vehicles to a collision repair facility, they want them to not only run the way they did prior to a crash, but to look brand new too. A quality paint job is much more than simple curb appeal—modern finishes are a synthesis of protective and aesthetic elements, the subtle product of the artist’s eye and the chemist’s science. Automotive paint is made of three components: a pigment, which gives the paint its colour; a thinner, which levels out the consistency of the paint; and a binder to bind the pigment and thinner. It may seem straightforward, but shopping for automotive paint can sometimes be a daunting task.

“Some of the sophisticated paint technology being offered today allows you to create that match, one that meets the variation of that vehicle. In the old days, you had a standard and you would have maybe one to three variation formulas. Now with the spectrophotometer and the sophisticated software out there, you can basically create unlimited combinations of colour to flawlessly match.” -- Phil Matisak, Global Colour marketing director for Sherwin Williams


What are the advantages and challenges of waterborne? How about single vs two-stage paint systems? Should you use a primer for car painting? Getting a paint job right is everything—and it takes more than just good colour sense and a skillful touch with a spray gun to achieve. Dusty surroundings in the shop or failure to control curing temperatures can turn a pristine mirror finish into a murky, mismatched mess. Many tried-and-true approaches remain effective, however, with each year comes new innovations. Sometimes subtle and other times bold, 2020 is certainly no exception. This year has seen the introduction of new innovations, particularly those in exact colour matching and the development of new OEM shades and shifts. New colour-matching technologies and software are constantly being developed to assure the utmost colour-matching potential, while coatings companies all over the world are on a mission to capture the current en-

deavours in social culture through new hue and pigment developments. Complex shifts inspired by environmental sustainability are being developed for OEM use, while other shades inspired by technological advancement are set to hit the scene in the coming years. With an even wider spectrum of colours and shifts on the market, the opportunity for perfect colour matching is more reachable than ever before. Like other years, the industry has seen further updates to automotive shades, mixing technology and much more. It is exceedingly important to keep up-to-date with the latest painting trends, tips and products to assure your facility is practicing safe, efficient and quality paint repairs. Flip through the following pages to brush up on your paint product knowledge and learn how to achieve more accurate colour matching, swifter painting speeds and the utmost safety on the shop floor.


Primer Surfacer EP II Aerosol AKZONOBEL

Dominion Sure Seal 3 in 1 Primer DOMINION SURE SEAL LTD.

AkzoNobel’s Primer Surfacer EP II Aerosol is a chromate-free epoxy primer surfacer offering an optimum balance between adhesion and corrosion protection. This primer can be used on new parts and a variety of substrates, including steel, zinc-coated steel, aluminum, existing finishes and more. According to AkzoNobel, the surfacer helps produce a high-quality repair while administering excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance. It can also be used on automotive-grade aluminum when it’s pre-coated with AkzoNobel AutoPrep Pre-Treatment Wipes which also enhances the properties and the strength of Primer Surfacer EP II Aerosol.

Dominion Sure Seal’s 3 in 1 Primer is designed to provide collision repairers with faster cycle times and higher returns. Available in three colours, the 3 in 1 Primer can be used over fibreglass, plastics, metals, aluminums, and SMC. The Dominion Sure Seal primer doesn’t just offer a great film build, but also flexibility. Using a fast-drying formula, the primer is ready to be sanded in just 15 minutes, and is paintable in just 30 minutes. A convenient aerosol with a paint-gun style pattern, Dominion Sure Seal’s 3 in 1 primer is easy to use and perfect for repairers who are interested in saving cycle times and money.

Spray Max 3 in 1 Primer PETER KWASNY INC.

Bumper and Cladding Adhesion Primer POLYVANCE

Peter Kwasny Inc.’s Spray Max 3 in 1 Primer is said to be high-build, fastdrying and easy to sand. A good adhesion to steel, aluminum, metal and plastic, this primer eliminates the need to apply an adhesion primer on plastics, according to Spray Max. Available in white, grey, and black, the Spray Max primer uses the paint manufacturer’s original products. Used in auto repair shops, dealerships and industrial customers worldwide, Spraymax is a 1k and 2K professional aerosol paint system that can be used both inside the prep area and outside the traditional paint booth.

Since 2003, Polyvance’s Bumper and Cladding Adhesion Primer has helped repairers resolve paint peeling problems. Designed to make it simple to refinish raw TPO-replacement bumpers, the primer ensures there is no scuffing or sanding required with its 1K formulation. According to Polyvance, repairers just need to clean the plastic with Polyvance’s EcoPrep Zero VOC cleaner and apply one coat of the Bumper and Cladding Coat. After the adhesion is applied, repairers can spray the approved colour system directly on top. BUYER’S GUIDE 2020 41


5180 Original Klearkote 5STAR XTREME

Spies Hecker Permacron MS Express Clear Coat AXALTA

The 5Star Xtreme 5180 is a medium solids two-component polyurethane clear coat formulated for easy application with a premium finish. The 5180 clear is said to flow extremely well with a choice of three speed hardeners. To round out the 5Star liquid refinish product-offering, the line also includes versatile primer surfacers and true European clear coats, as well as an innovative single-stage intermix systems.

Clear your mind and imagine a VOC compliant, two-component highgloss clear coat that sets quickly. Now imagine that it is versatile enough for almost any automotive application and that it can accomplish any job in one application of two coats. That is exactly what Axalta’s Spies Hecker Permacron MS Express Clear Coat is designed to accomplish.


Matte Urethane Clearcoat TRANSTAR

This VOC-compliant waterborne cleaning solution from BASF as part of its LIMCO product line, which aims to provide easy-to-use products at reasonable prices. Well-suited to removing light contamination from existing paint films, clean-sanded OEM finishes and most unpainted plastic parts and gel-coated fibreglasses, the cleaner made to clean any water-soluble contaminants. Designed with ease-of-use in mind, the 151 Cleaner is applied like most other cleaners, and can be wiped off with a clean towel. Not unlike the best tropical juices, the 151 cleaner is not from concentrate—meaning technicians do not need to spend time adding water to the formula. 42 BUYERSGUIDE.COLLISIONREPAIRMAG.COM

The Matte Urethane Clearcoat is designed to produce a matte gloss look, while also doubling as a duplicate to low gloss OEM finishes. The product offers the UV protection and durability of a standard clear coat finish. With a shelf-life of one year and a pot life of four hours, the Urethane Clearcoat can be purchased in a translucent colour with a 4:1 mix ratio. Quart size cans and cases of six are available.


Rapid System U-POL

Envirobase High Performance Basecoat PPG

The U-POL Rapid System is said to increase productivity by reducing cycle times and lowering energy costs. Based on an average spray booth running cost for topcoat jobs, U-POL says its Rapid System increases productivity by as much as 40 percent. Force drying with Rapid System Clearcoat reduces the time to buff by an average of 80 minutes per job according to the company.

PPG’s Envirobase High Performance System is a premium waterborne paint system that uses true latex and micro gel technology to create tighter and easier blends. This basecoat system features up-to-date translucent pigments for matching advanced vehicle finishes, without any added binders or additives. The Envirobase also has high-quality metallic control and minimal flash time between coats. Designed with ease of use in mind, the system’s ‘Shake ‘n Pour’ toners do not require mechanical mixing, and the opacity of finely dispersed pigments allow hiding in thinner films.


DeBeer Refinish WaterBase 900+ Series VALSPAR AUTOMOTIVE

The Ultra 9K Waterborne Basecoat System is a non-stir system featuring 68 toners (33 chomatics, 10 metallics, 18 pearls, five special-effect toners, one effective additive and one base additive) and a single reducer. With a wet-on-wet application process, the system is designed to produce consistent results regardless of the climate in which it is used. According to SherwinWilliams, the system is easy to use and comes with a colour-retrieval system that includes a spectrophotometer and global colour box.

More than a decade ago, Valspar Automotive released the DeBeer Refinish WaterBase 900+ Series. Being the first VOC compliant refinish system on the market, the 900+ Series is now recognized as a market-leading, lost cost, and high-quality refinisher. The 900+ Series is able to improve coverage with high-opacity hues for all solid, pearl, metallic and xirallic colours. The series is incredibly easy to use and comes with a complete system of must-have primers, clearcoats, and ancillaries.





o matter where you start with a repair, one thing is for certain -- when it comes to customer satisfaction, it’s all about the finish. With a myriad of new technologies, materials and products, it’s easier than ever to keep your customers smiling. For 2020 and beyond we are seing updates to colour matching technology, spray booths, spray guns and other accessories. A great paint job is nothing without a great cure. Ultraviolet drying technology has made significant improvements recently. As UV drying technology comes of age, devices promising to provide light-speed paint drying times and far more efficient painting procedures have started to hit the collision repair scene. Over the past few years we have seen dramatic shifts from traditional protocols like spray-out cards and colour decks to sophisticated spectrophotometers designed to provide the perfect colour match.

“Over the past few years we have seen dramatic shifts from traditional protocols like sprayout cards and colour decks to sophisticated spectrophotometers designed to provide the perfect colour match.”


The hand-held wonders are becoming more sophisticated, with several models now feature lighting technology that aims to provide true colour matches while simultaneously replicating natural sunlight and the various colour shifts that occur in different lighting situations. Key to productivity, and hence profitability, is ensuring an excellent job done once and done quickly. Check out the new guns and you’re sure to find the one that will bring a smile to your painter, and provide an essential component of your prodction. Perhaps a new spray booth is on your shopping list. On the next few pages you’ll

find several that are designed to fit the bill. We’ve also covered some the latest products to provide your painters with the clean dry air and / nitrogen needed for a perfect finish. The following pages of products are sure to help your business reach the finish line with the utmost efficiency!


Greentech Dryer FLAT LINE SSI

3000 Spray Booths

The Greentech Dryer’s patented gas catalytic infrared technology was designed specifically for the collision repair industry. With ease of use in mind, Greentech developed a system that ensures there is no overheating of panels, solvent popping on clear coats or damage to plastic mouldings. Greentech is an industry leader in gas catalytic drying worldwide. Coupled with the Blowtherm Paint Booth products, Flat Line SSI is able to customize a production line process for any shop configuration, or retrofit into an existing spraybooth.

The 3000 Series Spray Booth is Garmat’s top downdraft spraybooth incorporating superior airflow and very effective lighting. Featuring dual inlet reverse incline fans with air foil blades, the supply and exhaust filter layout is designed for even velocity throughout the working area of the booth providing the consistent air flow required for a quality paint job. Superior lighting is a hallmark of the Garmat brand and is horizontally placed for virtually shadow-free illumination. The Garmat touchscreen controls provides a user-friendly interface with real-time status.


Primer Duo Spray Booth Oven JUNAIR

Global Finishing Solution’s Ultra XD Paint Booth is designed to provide the versatility needed by high-performance auto repair facilities. Known in the industry for its high-efficient heat system, the Ultra XD Paint Booth includes easy-to-use intuitive control panels, downdraft airflow and controlled airflow ceiling. The booth also works to control contamination and maintain superior lighting while maximizing the effectiveness of downdraft airflow. Specially designed to eliminate dead air zones the booth allows painters to cover more parts in each booth cycle.

Developed to meet the increasing demand for additional priming facilities and fast-tracking, Junair’s Duo Spraybooth Oven offers an optional LEVAC Ex floor, pit or rear extraction. The twin cabin’s shared central air handling plant makes the unit more cost-effective, according to the company. Two vehicles can be processed at the same time, sharing a common bake cycle and also reducing energy cost per unit. Small topcoat repairs can also be completed using the spraybooth, adding to the product’s versatility.




Spray Booth Services MAX FLOW INC.

The Spanesi Spray Booth SPANESI

Max Flow’s specialists are trained to install, maintain and optimize the performance of a shop’s spray booths. Among their services are a complete mechanical check of system operations, cleaning out all air flow tubes, compressed air piping shop setup, as well as their burner service offered by G1-licensed gas technicians. According to the company, these services can increase a booth’s life span and advance its cycle time to maximize productivity.

With a diverse and wide range of spray booth, preparation area, aluminum bay and mixing room options, Spanesi is said to provide facility layout services that allow customers to visualize their installations long before work begins. Spanesi spray booths are said to be capable of recycling up to 90 percent of heated air during the bake mode. Utilizing high-quality double-wall insulated panels, Spanesi is a leader in the reduction of energy costs associated with your paint department operations, according to the company. Spanesi spray booths are waterborne ready without the need to invest in costly future upgrades.



ADAM 5 Spectrophotometer AUTOMOTIVE ART


The ADAM 5 Spectrophotometer from Automotive Art features an allnew formula correction technology, giving it competitive accuracy when measuring metallics, pearls and xirallics. It is said to use a five-camera system to colour search three times faster than traditional methods according to the company. With Wi-Fi functionality, the ADAM 5 is said to boost efficiency by sending formulas straight from the field to the mixing room. Even in a shop without Wi-Fi, this spectrophotometer holds up to 30 readings within its internal memory.

Axalta Coating Systems’ new fifth-generation spectrophotometer— the Acquire Quantum EFX—is compact, quick, and easy to use. Able to read metallic pearl, effect colours and more, the Acquire Quantum EFX integrates Axalta’s Acquire Color System and is re-engineered to fit comfortably in one hand. The Acquire Quantum EFX includes a topmounted touchscreen, designed for high visibility as well as a “smart cradle,” designed for charging and making connecting with a PC more simple. Painters can access hard-to-reach places will greatly benefit from this compact and easy to use, Wi-Fi enabled tool.





With its 98% pure heated nitrogen delivery, NitroHeat dramatically reduces overspray and flash times, allowing you to cycle more cars through your shop and boost your profits. And because it uses 98% pure nitrogen gas instead of a mishmash of molecules, NitroHeat is claimed to produce a smooth, sleek finish. Even converting is a snap, because NitroHeat plugs right into your existing setup – nothing to replace or throw away!

The SATA Clean RCS is a pneumatically-operated cleaning system designed to allow for quick and effective spray gun cleaning to be performed between jobs when using a disposable cup system, such as SATA RPS. Engineered to clean all material passages in a spray gun, the SATA Clean RCS is said to allow for consecutive colour changes with extremely short cleaning interruptions. Mounting in the spray booth or in the preparation room, the product is suitable for waterborne and solvent-based paint systems. It also boasts low solvent consumption rates, using just 0.1 litre of cleaning solvent per gun.





The IR-B06 and IR-B06-T infrared curing systems from B-Tec Systems feature low base heights and two stage drying with the option of either half or full power bake cycles available. Each cassette on the units feature separate switching and gas-filled struts make it easy to position. The units include a 10m power cable, digital memory function that can store up to four drying programs, a visible ultrasonic distance indicator and a two-year warranty. The IR-B06-T also allows for temperature control and a drying area of 1,000x1,500m.

The UVALEDTronic-M1 from Symach is the result of research from the company’s R&D team to find the exact wavelength for the next generation of UV coatings. According to Symach, the wavelengths found in the UVALEDTronic-M1 are unique in the UV-A segment and are designed to achieve ultra-fast drying time. Meant for use even between first and second coat, this product strives for greater speed of execution during the paint process with an estimated drying time of 20 seconds after the first coat and 40 seconds after the second coat.

Spectratek Instacure AMH

IRT Rail Systems HEDSON

UVM34160 Ultraviolet Curing System UNI-RAM

The Spectratek InstaCure UVLED is a cordless hand-held curing lamp, usable on all current ultraviolet light curable putties, fillers, base coats, top coats and clear coats. It is said to offer an almost instant full cure with no heat, along with a two hour battery life. This product has been tested on UV paint products from most major paint manufacturers.

The IRT Rail Systems from Hedson strive to produce a high-versatility drying system. These infrared dryers are suspended in permanently installed rails, allowing for easy glides through the working area. Able to move laterally and vertically in all directions, this self-stabilizing ray dispenser trails its electric power supply through the rails it is mounted to.

The UVM34160 Ultraviolet Curing System from Uni-ram offers an almost instant full cure with no heat according to the company. This four-headed model provides a quick cure over a wide area. According to Uni-ram, these lightweight, manoeuvrable lamp stands have a fast and easy setup, while also featuring userfriendly controls for streamlined operation. BUYER’S GUIDE 2020 49



Compact Mini Touch-Up Spray Gun DEVILBISS

Designed with the input of auto painting professionals, the DV1 was created to overcome the challenges of applying the latest coatings. It features new technical features to improve its atomization technology, and is optimized to spray the latest basecoats. According to DeVilbiss the DV1 spray gun is field-proven to be the best-in-class when spraying low VOC waterborne coatings.

With its miniature size, this compact touch-up gun provides precise control for a variety of delicate spray finishing operations. It said to work effectively with fine shading, retouching, stencilling, spot repair and rework jobs. The device comes in two models, using either high-volume, low pressure (HLVP) or trans-tech technology. It features brass air caps and stainless steel fluid nozzles and needles. DeVilBiss’ Compact Mini Touch-Up spray gun is suitable for use with solvent and water-based paints, stains and varnishes, inks and dyes, and lacquers.

SATAjet 100 B F Primer Gun SATA CANADA


The SATAjet 100 B F was designed to be the perfect dedicated primer gun. Introduced to the market in 2008, the 100 series has earned a reputation for being easy to use, durable, and affordable for any repairer. Available in RP and HVLP technology, the SATAjet 100 B F comes in a large variety of nozzle sizes. The SATAjet 100 B F RP with a 1.1 UV nozzle is the recommended choice for the application of UV primer. With a smooth material delivery and minimal overspray, the SATAjet 100 B F is a primer gun that will save time and money in the shop!

SATA’s X-nozzle system is now also available for its top model PHASER, with nozzle sizes ranging from 1.2 to 1.4 for HVLP and 1.2 / 1.3 for RP, both with “I” as well as “O” fan pattern options.The elegant SATAjet X 5500 PHASER combines a unique design with the suitability for daily use in the paint shop.






Anest Iwata’s LS400-HVLP Spray Gun (Supernova) was designed with the help of design firm Pininfarina probably most famous as Ferrari’s go-to designer. According to a statement by Anest Iwata the Supernova LS400-HVLP Spray Gun combines superior atomization control with production speed and ergonomics. Anest Iwata produces two distinct versions of the Supernova the LS400 is for clear coat and the LS400 is for basecoat.

The LPH 300 has found a niche with UV primers, providing high value to customers who use UV technology. With minimal defects when cured and DTM properties of some UV products streamline the paint process. The LPH 300 1.2LV also has the benefit of being a smooth spraying minimal overspray gun by producing a fan pattern of 17.78-22.86cm while spraying UV best at an inlet pressure of 18 PSI.

Auto spraying issues feel like a breeze with the Pro Pump and Spray 50300 from FBS distribution. The hand pumping pressurization method also serves as an exercise outlet for fitness focussed auto painters. With a heavy-duty metal pump plunger rod and an adjustable nozzle, the polypropylene sprayer allows for car painters to touch up their work with precision and ease. The kit includes seals, o-rings and a spray jet nozzle.


Clearcoat Spray Gun TEKNA

Sprayable Seam Sealer Gun TRANSTAR

The MPX-30 is part of Fuji Spray’s line of mid or reduced pressure spray guns. It is designed to be versatile in terms of application and performance, and to handle all types of coatings, including solvent-based basecoats, low-VOC colours and clear coat. The MPX-30 uses the same controls as any high-pressure spray gun while still offering the many benefits of HVLP. Fuji Spray says its MPX technology ensures transfer efficiency above 65 percent as required by VOC legislation.

What TEKNA is calling “the new standard for clearcoat application,” the Clearcoat Spray Gun features a new and improved spray pattern for more even material distribution along with uniform atomization for easier application. The TEKNA Clearcoat Spray Gun also comes with multiple fluid tips, TE25 and HV30 air caps, and a digital gauge with an air adjusting valve. According to TEKNA, this gun is suitable for all typed of clearcoats.

Weighing just 1.17 kg, the Sprayable Seam Sealer Gun is built with ease-of-use in mind, without compromising ruggedness with its tough metal components. This sealer gun is meant for use with Transtar’s Ultra Flex Sprayable Seam Sealer—an iso-free, multi-purpose sealant designed to bond steel, aluminum, galvanized metal, fibreglass, urethane, epoxy, polyester, water-based primers, glass, Styrofoam, and most plastics. BUYER’S GUIDE 2020 51


Duo Masking Tape JTAPE

Paint Protection Film SCOTCHGARD

Elite Paint Strainer System GERSON

DUO Masking Tape is two tapes in one, designed by the JTAPE team to solve problems encountered when spraying around roof rails and rubber seals. The adhesive on both sides improves the efficiency of the roof rail painting process without leaving hard paint edges. Made from high-quality materials, the rigid edge allows masking of individual panels as well as enabling easy removal after use. This tape works best with roof/cant rails, door rubber seals, hoods, trunks and wings/fenders.

Designed to preserve the look and integrity of automotive finishes, 3M™ Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film is best used on high wear-and-tear areas. Virtually invisible -- this polyurethane film protects areas from stone chipping, abrasions, and most types of environmental damage while being resistant to yellowing and staining. Please note there are several different variations in the product line-up, and that the film can only be applied by certified professionals.

This paint straining system’s contamination-free storage allows for businesses to be confident that its strainers are free of paint corrupting compounds. Dispensing pre-packed pods of filters, the system is not too dissimilar to modern coffee pod beverage machines. The filters are colour coded to allow for on-the-fly identification by micron size.



UnoLiner Systems is proud to annouce the appointment of R.S.F. as the NEW Canadian importer and distributor UnoLiner: Swedish origin, Dutch innovation:

Sophisticated Construction: Home of the patented UnoLiner car chassis straightening system, designed to straighten cars, MPVs, pickup trucks, vans, SUVs and other utility vehicles efficiently, fast, and accurately. Our main strengths are user-friendliness and quality. In more than 25 countries, satisfied customers work with UnoLiner auto body panel, chassis straightening, and measuring systems.

In-Ground Bench

Swedish in origin, UnoLiner has been based in the Netherlands since a new generation of entrepreneurs took the reins in 2013. Starting from the existing UnoLiner chassis straightening systems, they respond to new trends and developments in the car body and chassis repair market. Major improvements have been carried out and the delivery program has been extended to encompass the globe.

In-Ground Bench - level with the ground in it’s lowest position.

Products: The heavy-duty UnoLiner chassis straightening bench frame serves as a basis for all UnoLiner auto chassis straightening benches. Machined profiles on the bench frame ensure the comprehensive UnoLiner range of equipment such as Draw Aligners, Bench Adapters, Down Pull Adapters, and Chain Guides can easily be attached and used. For flexible and efficient vehicle body and chassis repair work, every UnoLiner chassis straightening bench is equipped with UnoLiner’s “Quick Lock” Chassis Clamps and Bench Adapters.

About UnoLiner: UnoLiner Systems B.V. has its headquarters in Opmeer, 40 kilometers north of Amsterdam. An enthusiastic team of craftsmen and engineers work on the latest generation of auto chassis straightening and body panel repair systems. Utilizing the solid professional history of the UnoLiner vehicle collision repair and straightening systems, we are always developing and implementing improvements on our continually expanding product range.

TRAINING CENTRE IS LOCATED IN AURORA, ONTARIO Company name: R.S.F. Phone number: 647-575-7768 Email address:




t a business level, collision repair facility owners often view the services of PDR businesses as being in direct competition to their own services. This is not the attitude seen within the businesses that focus on providing PDR services. In those organizations, the consensus view is that the two sectors are fundamentally different and that both could benefit from an increase in co-operation. In a series of interviews with representatives of Canadian Hail Repair, Hail Specialists, DCC Hail and PDR Canada, Collision Repair magazine has allowed the PDR sector to pitch for the importance of bringing PDR and classic repairing into alignment.

“I’d encourage collision industry representatives to view PDR companies as partners. Partnering with an established PDR company and potentially incorporating some of the collision repair PDR methods available can really help a shop increase its bottom line,”

-Devon Fenton, DCC Hail


“PDR is a game real game-changer. Working with PDR firms can bring in business to collision facilities, improve cycle times, and improve a businesses relationship with customers and auto insurers,” says Domenic Serra of PDR Canada. “It is a win-win-win.” While some businesses do maintain dedicated PDR-trained technicians on staff, many others do not. When hail strikes, it can be difficult for these repair facilities to offer competitively priced hail repair solutions. “Collision repair facilities can promote PDR on dents that are not related to collision repair to increase sales,” says Ricky Chin of Hail Specialists. “They can offer discounts on dent repair while having collision repair done. Most vehicles have door dents on them, it is more convenient for clients to have the dents fixed while their vehicles are in the bodyshop than to bring their vehicles in just to get some small dents fixed.” Like Chin, Devon Fenton of DCC Hail believes that the business case for working with a subcontracted PDR firm is one that many firms would be wise to consider. “I’d encourage collision industry representatives to view PDR companies as partners. Partnering with an established PDR company and potentially incorporating some of the

collision repair PDR methods available can really help a shop increase its bottom line,” says Fenton. Bing Wong of Canadian Hail Repair also makes the case for subcontracting PDR work, and says that subcontracted services have significant advantages over hiring in-house PDR technicians full-time. “Your best option is to partner with a reputable PDR company who has a strong mix of work and a large team of technicians,” says Wong. “If you train your own staff they will leave as soon as your work dries up or as soon as there is a major hail storm.” Fenton also points out that this relationship between collision facility and PDR service provider can be a two-way street. Just like good bodyshops, established and reputable PDR vendors don’t massively discount their work, but will provide better repairs leading to repeat clients,” says Fenton. “PDR companies with DRP relationships may also have the ability to drive work to bodyshop partners.” “In fact, I have started to see some of our collision partners advertising the fact that they offer PDR services for hail damage,” says Serra. “They know it is what drivers are looking for.”


Glue Tab Dent Repair Kit PRO SPOT


The new Glue Tab Dent Repair Kit from Pro Spot is designed to repair dents in advanced metal panels without damaging undercoats. Using glue and a variety of tabs, the repairer can pull dents from panels without having to grind and remove paint. According to Pro Spot, a dent can be pulled in four steps, which take about 10 minutes to complete. Because the system does not require heat input, it is able to work on temperature-sensitive materials like HSS and UHSS steels and aluminum. The Pro Spot Glue Tab Dent Repair Kit offers a variety of types and sizes of anchoring points tabs: from small precise rounds to bridges for large creases.


GRP-7570 Uni-Glue PDR Deluxe Glue Pulling Kit H&S AUTOSHOT


Level 2 Glue Pull Collision Manager Kit KECO BODY REPAIR PRODUCTS

The GRP-7570 Uni-Glue PDR Deluxe Glue Pulling Kit from H&S Autoshot may just be the one-stop answer to a PDR tech’s equipment needs. It includes a glue gun, puller, plastic suctions, glues and a scraper.

The Robo Mini Lifter from KECO is a PDR solution with adjustable and rotating feet as well as a precision pulling plate. This provides a versatile, lightweight lifter that can support repairs from small hail dents to large body creases, all without having to remove paint. The Robo Mini Lifter’s Dead Center Finishing tabs are also able to transfer lifting power to the centre of the tab because of its neck diameters, allowing clean, fast, and precise results.

Called by Keco “the most comprehensive glue pull repair kit available to bodyshop technicians today,” the Level 2 Glue Pull Collision Manager Kit does not shy away from offering an overwhelming amount of products within. This kit includes both the Portable Shop Light as well as the Keco Tool Bag, making this a powerhouse of a mobile setup. Designed to tackle small to large damage, this versatile kit could be a great partner to any PDR technician. BUYER’S GUIDE 2020 55




Designed to be used alone or in concert with BETAG’s glue pulling and Alu Slimliner systems, the Alu T-hotbox is an induction tool engineered to efficiently reduce or remove small, medium and large-sized shallow dents in aluminum outer panels. BETAG Innovation holds regular estimator and technician training courses across Canada and the Alu T-hotbox system is available to purchase from local authorized resellers in each province. With aluminum being used increasingly for outer panels, the Alu T-Hotbox together with BETAG Innovation’s effective training offers to create a competitive advantage for bodyshops.

DCC Hail’s Power PDR Box is the perfect product for paintless dent repairers who want to work smarter, not harder. The PDR Box allows repairers to save damaged panels by using a high-frequency pulse, moving and stabilizing compromised metal back to its original state. According to DCC Hail, this Power Box is technologically advanced and was created by PDR Techs. It is a travel-friendly product. Not only does the Power PDR Box repair major dents on vehicles, it also can be used on soft dents on chrome bumpers and can work with steel and aluminum.


Inductor Pro-Max Flameless Heat System SALVAGE SUPPLY & TECHNOLOGY

The Mini-Ductor Venom HP with its “Invisible Heat” technology, releases metals from corrosion and thread lock compounds without the need for an open flame. According to the company, the Venom HP works up to 90 percent faster than conventional methods. It can be used on struts, calipers, bolts, lugnuts and exhaust manifolds. This kit comes with a carrying case, a ⅞-inch pre-formed coil, a U-form coil and a bearing-buddy coil.

Using high-frequency magnetic fields--the same type used by induction elements-- the Pro-Max Flameless Heat System energizes electrons on ferrous surfaces, removing all adhesives bonded to metals. It can also be used to release seized hardware rendered inoperable by corrosion or thread lock compounds. Attachments are available to allow the heating of ferrous surfaces without collateral damage being caused to nearby plastics.



Flatliner Panel Repair System BETAG INNOVATION


The BETAG Innovation Flatliner System is an OEM-approved steel panel repair system. Recommended by BMW, Rolls Royce and MINI, the Flatliner System enables techs to work quickly and accurately on most repairs. According to BETAG Innovation, utilization rates and return on investment from the Flatliner system “are compelling.” Available for purchase from local authorized resellers in each Canadian province, the BETAG Flatliner System is easily accessible. BETAG Innovation also holds regular panel repair training courses, across Canada, for technicians of all experience levels.

Spanesi is introducing an innovative cold repair process to repair damaged steel or aluminum panels. The PULL UP! system uses various size suction cups and glue to restore the shape of metal panels. Repairs are performed with slide hammers or optional electro-puller system in combination with a pulling column. The PULL UP! comes in two packages, standard and full. Additional accessories ensure repair facilities have the proper tools to complete repairs with minimal impact to underlying substrates.

Retainer Clip Release STECK

HAUL YOUR MESSAGE HOME! Advertise with Canadian Towing Professional TODAY! Our commitment is to channel our passion and integrity into each service we offer so your continued success starts today. The Steck Retainer Clip Release tool is engineered to easily remove fender flares and rocker moldings without breakage. Allowing repairers to do this from the outside, the Steck Retainer Clip Release works by sliding in between the molding and panel of the vehicle, allowing access to release the clip. Made from spring steel with a reinforced nylon handle, the Steck Retainer Clip Release Tool is flexible and easy to slip into tight areas.





he end of life for a vehicle does not need to be tragic. Whether it be finding a new home for used rims or selling the precious metals from a catalytic converter, the auto recycling sector is good for the environment and also for the broader automotive aftermarket. Progressive automotive recyclers and associated service providers take pride in the many ways they repurpose salvage vehicles. This has resulted in many benefits for repairers, from ever-improving part availability and reduced shipping times to additional services, such as exact paint matching, extended warrantees and easily understood parts grading practices. It is no surprise that more than a million vehicles are recycled in the country every

“Several recyclers have reached out to me to find out more about how to deal with EVs. Given the response, expansive training for all vehicle recyclers is essential as more high-voltage cars arrive in recycling yards.” -Steve Fletcher, executive director of Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association


year. We are even seeing guaranteed ADAS calibrations with certain companies--demonstrating that secondhand does not need to mean second choice. Of course, at the end of the day, auto recycling has been a hallowed tradition in the automotive aftermarket as long as it has existed. With the arrival of high-voltage electric cars, however, turning an end-of-life vehicle into a source of profit can be challenging. “There are a number of risks in terms of the EVs, which include electrocution, the risk of a fire and chemical risks,” says British auto recycler and managing director of Salvage Wire Andy Latham, who has been studying EV recycling for the past six years. This year, the Canadian auto recycling community invested a significant amount into increasing awareness of the dangers of dismantling electric vehicles. While EVs tout their lack of a carbon footprint, it would be amiss to forgo mentioning just how impactful auto recyclers are themselves on the

environment. Fluids that would otherwise pose a threat to surrounding groundwater if disposed of irresponsibly are instead handled commendably by auto recyclers. Worldwide, the industry recovers eight million gallons of gasoline and engine coolant, as well as 24 million gallons of motor oil. In total, recycled parts save about 80 million barrels of oil annually that would be used to produce new replacement parts. These next few pages provide insight and background into some of the leading and progressive brands in auto recycling. Thanks to recycling, collision repair costs are reduced while many forms of pollution and the carbon footprint are lowered.



Integrated Car Part Pro CAR-PART.COM

Established in 1981 Buffalo Engine Components buys and supplies used automotive parts/cores for the remanufacturing industry. It began as a warehouse distributor of used engines and transmissions. Over the years, buying and selling automotive scrap metal has added to Buffalo Engine Components’ diversity. In February 2016, Buffalo Engine completed the installation of two 6mm BTU/HR MAX4000SP Aluminum Sweat Furnaces. Each single pour RSI sow that is produced weight approximately 2,000 pounds. Since only scrap aluminum engine and transmissions from its core business are used in its re-melt process, this results in a product with consistent chemistry.

Car Part Pro, by, is an online auto parts marketplace designed for the professional repair industry. Car Part Pro gives collision repairers access to the largest alternative parts marketplace. It offers enhanced part availability, with 4300 suppliers plus their supply chains. Car Part Pro features real time inventory and delivery information, plus warranty and other service level information. Car Part Pro search results include vehicle and part images. Integrated Car Part Pro (iPro) integrates with all three major estimating systems.



Carcone’s has been in the automotive wheel refinishing industry for more than 20 years and is dedicated to providing its high standard of finishing on recycled rims and wheels. With exact paint matching, powder coating finishing and free pickup, Carcone’s guarantees customer satisfaction and a one-year, 100 percent warranty. Carcone’s also offers competitive rates for standard ground service shipping and provides 24-48 hour shipping to all customers. “Using our state of the art equipment we are able to provide you with a like-new finish on all OEM and aftermarket wheels” promises Carcone’s.

ELV Select’s SEDA DrainTower was designed for Canadian auto recyclers who value a safe, clean, and effective workspace. Designed to fit in almost any configuration, the SEDA DrainTower can evacuate some of the toughest fluids and is widely used by end-of-life vehicle processors across Canada. Despite having a small footprint, the SEDA DrainTower offers quality service and a peace of mind when it comes to handling hazardous materials. The SEDA DrainTower is ATEX certified (a standard for all SEDA drainage equipment) with user-friendliness and safety at the forefront of its operation. BUYER’S GUIDE 2020 59




Power Metal Recycling Inc. provides catalytic converter and scrap metal recycling services in Canada. As a trusted catalytic converter recycler to clients across the country, Power Metal Recycling Inc. is dedicated to establishing long-lasting business relationships through its customer service. Using the latest technology in the industry, its grading experts calculate the most accurate yield of platinum group metals (PGM) from ecycled catalytic converters. This results in greater valuation of materials, and thus, better prices, according to the company.

The Kobelco SK210D and SK140SRD multi-dismantling machines are engineered to efficiently and precisely dismantle up to 70 vehicles per day. Built from the ground up, the multi-directional hydraulic hold-down clamp arms allow for dismantling professionals to pick apart vehicles and remove high-value metals in minutes.



As one of North America’s oldest and largest catalytic converter recyclers, PGM of Texas is known for specializing in precious metals and its transparency with all of its customers. PGM Texas is able to recover metals such as platinum, palladium and rhodium from automotive ceramic and catalytic converters. It can also recover these metals from DPFs, industrial stationary elements as well as petroleum catalysts and oxygen sensors. PGM Texas staff members are professional, trusted specialists in metal management.

PMR is a full-service catalytic converter processor, committed to innovation. Having been in the scrap converter business since 1996, its business has grown to include an online database of more than 22,000 converters. The company claims to offer assay results and full settlement in 10 business days through a streamlined process. Its exclusive Supplier Services Platform (SSP) offers suppliers the ability to accurately evaluate, profitably purchase, and effectively manage all catalyst materials.





Operating for more than 40 years, Rebuilders Automotive Supply is automotive cores, catalytic converters, and recalls. RAS sources cores, catalytic converters and recalled air bags from the auto recycling industry. It sells cores to the world’s largest automotive parts re-manufacturers while processing large quantities of catalytic converters and selling the material to the largest smelters. RAS is the US contractor for the recovery of defective Takata airbags from End-of-Life Vehicles. RAS is: customer focused, people-powered, innovation-minded, and market driven.

Iris-Mec offers simple, safe, and economical depollution systems that meet Canadian ELV regulations. Standard systems remove gasoline, diesel, engine oil, transmission and differential fluids, power steering and brake fluids, coolant and washer fluid. The ISQ is ideal for auto dismantlers and features a compact size and narrow footprint. It fits between two lifts so one operator can work on two vehicles at once. Iris-Mec’s unique hands-free fuel extractor drill is fully self-supporting like all its undervehicle tools, with nothing to wheel around on the shop floor. The new visual option allows you to view extracted fuel before diverting to good or bad fuel tanks.



United Recyclers Group’s mission is to lead the industry in providing superior products and services tailored to the operational needs of automotive recyclers. URG is focused on enhancing the ability of its members to improve business efficiencies, increase profit margins, improve parts data integrity and security and achieve long-term growth through technology and education. With more than 700 automotive recycling locations in Canada and the US, the group has been providing effective business solutions for automotive recyclers since its inception.

For 27 years United Catalyst Corporation has been offering processing and refining services for recyclers. From processing to refining and selling metal, United Catalyst works to maximize each recycler’s load no matter the size. The corporation has also been an active associate member of many industry groups including Ontario Auto Recyclers (OARA), Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA), United Recyclers Group (URG), Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), and the International Precious Metals Institute (IPMI). BUYER’S GUIDE 2020 61




he importance of pre- and post-scanning every vehicle to ensure all systems are working properly and calibrations are completed is no longer debatable. Vehicles today can utilize over 50 individual modules containing large amounts of generic and manufacturer-specific data. A vehicle’s system could have 100 million lines of code programmed to operate all of its functions, which equates to nearly twice the data processing requirements of your home PC, or 10 times the data processing requirements of your smartphone. Most manufacturers have created position statements regarding pre-scanning, post-scanning and calibrations when performing collision repairs, with some backdating to vehicles manufactured more than a

“When a job comes in, you must gather as much information about the vehicle that you possibly can prior to working on it. Otherwise, if you find trouble later on, you won’t know if the problem was already there or if you induced it during the repair process.” — Chuck Olsen, executive director of operations for AirPro Diagnostics


decade ago. A repaired vehicle must have all of these modules scanned and functioning normally to ensure the vehicle is safe to be returned to the road. While performing pre- and post- scans is no longer up for debate, the matter of how these should be performed remains an open question. What the best scanning method to use for your shop is a decision you will have to make for yourself. OEM scan tools that are available through dealerships are not necessarily a sensible option for unaffiliated repairers. Using them can have a deleterious effect on shop KPIs. After towing a vehicle to a dealer and waiting for a post-scan and calibrations, the discovery of lingering trouble codes can be downright devastating. Generic third-party scan tools provide an inexpensive way for collision facilities to access this information but do not necessarily have the ability to read all of the vehicle’s control modules, and do not contain the software to retrieve all the manufacturer specific data from these modules. Another concern is that many errors from these modules will not illuminate a light on the dash or give any other indication of a problem. Then, there are the remote diagnostic scanning options. Performed and analyzed by trained automotive service technician utilizing OEM licensed software offsite, these services cut the guesswork and research time down by producing a full report with recommended repair procedures. A common concern about these options for shops is the added cost and downtime. There is no right answer

to the question of what is right for your shop. A quick scan of the options included in this section should, however, help. It should give you a solid sense of what to expect, and what to consider.



Remote Diagnostics Scanner AIRPRO DIAGNOSTICS

AllData Diagnostics Built-In ALLDATA

AirPro Diagnostic’s scanner provides remote diagnostics analysis and produces reports based on OEM-validated repair procedures. Trusted by Canada’s top-rated auto repair college program at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, the tool’s database is claimed to include procedures on 98 percent of repair reports.

AllData Diagnostics Built-In can turn any tablet into a professional scanning tool. Saving time for technicians and saving money for your business, AllData Diagnostics is able to retrieve and clear P, B, C, and U codes with a free hardware connection device and software updates. Repairers also get access to unlimited pre- and post-scans to ensure all repaired vehicles are OEM approved as well as access graphically displays PIDs live sensor data from PCM, TCM, SRS, and more. The AllData Diagnostics Built-In provides easy access to OEM repair information and according to AllData,“since codes link directly to relevant AllData articles and color wiring diagrams, there’s no punching out to a separate browser.”

asTech Diagnostic ASTECH

Vehicle Health Check (VHC) Scanning Suite SOLERA | AUDATEX

The asTech diagnostic device is able to connect to a vehicle’s computer and provide information to an off-site master auto technician. The technician will diagnose and resolve electronic and computer-related trouble codes as a result from collision, providing auto repair facilities with a detailed report featuring repair procedures recommended by OEMs. Perfect for auto repair facilities who want to save time, guarantee completion dates, improve shop efficiency, the asTech remote diagnostic device uses OEM factory scans to detect and resolve interior issues. According to asTech the “need for immediate attention after a collision has never been more important.” The asTech diagnostic device makes the process incredibly simple.

Audatex - a Solera Company - is pleased to present the Vehicle Health Check (VHC) Scanning Suite. Designed to make scanning portable, affordable and simple, the pocket-sized OB2D dongle has the ability to easily pair with the smartphone app which is free to download on any Android and iOS phone. The VHC suite was designed to easily check a vehicle’s health in three easy steps. First, it performs a full automotive scan using the dongle and the app. Secondly, the VHC diagnoses the vehicle, with more than 80,000 Identifix technicians’ knowledge behind the most common diagnosis. Thirdly, the suite performs post scans to verify that the vehicle is operable before being put back on the road. BUYER’S GUIDE 2020 63



MaxiSys MSElite AUTEL

The MS906TS is a combination wireless, diagnostic scan tablet and TPMS tool. The eight-inch touchscreen tablet comes equipped with an Android 4.4.2 operating system, a 1.3GHz + 1.7GHz hexa-core processor and 32G hard drive. It features complete TPMS functionality and generates shopbranded, Pre-SCAN and Post-SCAN diagnostic reports for insurance carrier submission. The MS906TS has bi-directional control, can perform all system AutoSCAN and AutoVIN from 2006 onward. The MS906TS is updatable via Wi-Fi, and includes a wireless MaxiSYS-VCI100 and complete OBDII connector kit. A one-year tool warranty and one year of free software updates are available with purchase.

The MSElite is an advanced, wireless, diagnostic scan tool. The 10-inch touchscreen tablet comes equipped with an Android 4.4.4 operating system, a 1.8GHz quad-core processor, 64G hard drive, and the Autel MaxiSYS system suite software. The MSElite has bi-directional control and can perform all system AutoSCAN and AutoVIN from 2006 onward. The MSElite is updatable via Wi-Fi, and includes a J2534 MaxiFlash Elite pass-thru programming device, MaxiSYS-VCI100 unit, combo docking/ charging station, and complete OBDII connector kit. A two-year tool warranty and two years of free software updates are available with purchase.



MaxiSys MA600 AUTEL

OBD2 Bluetooth Professional OBDII BLUEDRIVER

The MA600 from Autel is a portable ADAS calibration solution, offering precise, millimetre-level accuracy while still being flexible and easy to store. It provides LDW calibration for camera-based systems. Within two minutes, a single technician can perform accurate frame placement according to Autel. This unit is compatible with Autel’s MS906BT, MS906TS, MS908, MS908P, MS908S, MS908SP, MSELITE and MSADAS tablets. The MA600’s modular frame allows for a multitude of accessory tools for further calibration functionality.

This easy-to-use scanner is excellent at reading codes and has all the capabilities of an expensive handheld tool. The cool part about this tool is that it works with your smartphone or tablet. It is certified for Apple and Android devices. With that being said, it is portable and has interactive graphing of live data. The BlueDriver App and BlueDriver Sensor work exclusively with each other to ensure quality.



G-Scan 3 G-SCAN


The G-Scan 3 allows users to create PDFs of pre- and post-scan reports through an easy-to-use Android-based system, which can be easily delivered to estimation approval officers. Unlike other scanners, the G-Scan 3 requires no model or engine codes be selected. The G-Scan 3 provides auto search functionality that tries to communicate with all systems in the can automatically. The complete OEM software package from Hyundai and Kia is included (except ECU reprogramming).

Powered by Drew Technologies, the MD-OEM is designed to boost repair capabilities, while being able to complete OEM proprietary scans and recalibrations. Combining the power of either the MD-200 or MD-350 with the MD-OEM gives you the coverage you need to scan in-house on a wide variety of makes and models. With the MD-OEM, collision repair facilities gain access to comprehensive remote services, PDF scan reports, and enhanced OEM vehicle coverage. Additionally, the MD-OEM is approved for the GM Collision Repair Network.Â


AssistPlus Advanced & AssistPlus Pro OPUS IVS

Connect. Diagnose. Repair. Simple. The first comprehensive car diagnostic system designed specifically for the collision repair and automotive claims process. Completing proper collision repair scanning can help expedite the repair process, enhance productivity and build business. When you incorporate the Mitchell Diagnostics car diagnostic system into your repair and claims infrastructure, you can quickly access data needed to ensure a proper and safe repair.

Autologic Diagnostics offers its diagnostics platform AssistPlus in two forms: AssistPlus Advanced and AssistPlus Pro. Advanced is preferred for facilities and technicians working with European vehicle manufacturers while Plus is recommended for shops servicing BMW, MINI, Land Rover, and Jaguar. The system offers comprehensive diagnostics, vehicle data, fault codes, live technical data, pictures and video. Built around module replacement, programming and configuration, AssistPlus provides fault finding and analysis, enabling shops to provide service for premium brands. The AssistPlus also includes a web browser, high-resolution stills and video camera, live connection to Assist technicians, cloud-based vehicle reporting and file syncing.



The Virtual Automotive Appraisal Company Focus the staff appraisers in your shop on repairable files and outsource your total loss files to E-Sheets.

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aking care of business in the repair sector can be a challenge but thankfully, there is technology designed to help you manage your collision repair facility and streamline your operations, making life easier for all. For the most part, management software will provide efficient solutions to collision

“In a recent experiment, Mitchell International determined the time it took users to complete bill review tasks in a billing environment that had information scattered across multiple pages versus tasks conducted in an optimized environment that had all of the information located on one page. Users completed multiple actions, including changing payment and entry settings. Users who worked from a single page saved an average of 88 percent of total time spent to complete the task, when compared to users who had to switch between multiple page locations.” -- Shahin Hatamian, author of Mitchell’s The Power of Technology: Six Ways to Improve Casualty Claim Outcomes.


repair facilities to speed up workflow without sacrificing quality. It also helps provide the optimal repair experience for the customer. User-friendly management software streamlines shop operations by tracking inventory, ordering parts, tracking repair orders, providing faster and more accurate estimates while making overall life in the shop easier. Furthermore, certain software’s ability to access procedures with just one click is incredibly valuable and ensures quality repairs. It is important that, as the industry updates, your employees are aware of incoming changes and updates to proper procedures--and management software will never let you forget about them. Certain software goes above and beyond, getting specific to offer automatic reports on everything from KPIs to customer feedback. Customer research and service is an important element to consider for any shop, and certain software allows you to track customer research and satisfaction levels, giving your facility access to customer service tips and tricks that could improve overall customer relations. In another nod to customer service improvements, programs can streamline appointment scheduling, allowing your shop to manage multiple bays, run daily service reports and giving your customers the freedom and ease to book online. Some companies offer onsite kiosks specifically designed for the colli-

sion repair industry, which allows customers to check-in for appointments, witness real-time repair updates, pay their bills and checkout, providing an easy and efficient repair experience. The province of Ontario is calling for more technological improvements in the automotive sector. In an effort to push widespread modernization in Canada’s repair industry, the provincial government is offering a new program, the Ontario Automotive Modernization Program (O-AMP). Through O-AMP, Ontario plans to hand out a series of grants totalling more than $10 million to small and medium-sized automotive suppliers across the province. The grants do not need to be repaid, but there is a catch--the money must go toward improving technological elements within a facility. Management can be chaotic, but you are not in it alone. A browse through the following pages of management software products will have you at ease--maybe you’ll even find your very own computerized helping hand!


Integrated Car Part Pro CAR-PART.COM

Color Compass KUBE

Car Part Pro, by, is an online auto parts marketplace designed for the professional repair industry. Car Part Pro gives collision repairers access to the largest alternative parts marketplace. It offers enhanced part availability, with 4300 suppliers plus their supply chains. Car Part Pro features real time inventory and delivery information, plus warranty and other service level information. Car Part Pro search results include vehicle and part images. Integrated Car Part Pro (iPro) integrates with all three major estimating systems.

With the Color Compass KUBE system, automatic purchase orders are placed based on consumption and min/max inventory quantities. KUBE auto-replenishment is said to reduce stock-outs and ensure orders are placed on time. KUBE customizes the specifics at each stage of the consumption and re-order process, by analyzing inventory, determining appropriate min/max levels and calculating delivery frequency to ensure facilities always have the right products to stay productive. With KUBE ColorPASS, the system fully interfaces with colour software and mixing scales. The ColorPASS system automatically tracks liquid inventory to the gram, and place orders as technicians are mixing liquids over the scale.



Join collision industry leadership & operations expert, Dave Luehr, live every month to learn the techniques, tips and tricks used by some of the world’s best collision repair businesses. All available on your computer or mobile device. In addition to learning world-class operational skills, users can interact with other bodyshop leaders and get questions answered in real time. As a new subscriber, you will be given immediate access to hours of operational and leadership content for you and your team to digest in between the monthly live events, with opportunities to learn productivity, damage analysis, influence and implementation, quality control systems and lean processes.

Hollander’s eLink software is designed to seamlessly integrate with Powerlink and EDEN, allowing for pricing, part grades and images to flow between the three programs. When an item is sold on eBay, the sale is updated on all platforms. In addition to the eLink product, Hollander and eBay have created an exclusive program for eLink users. This program includes access to account management and merchant support teams reserved for high-volume sellers.



Direct-Hit, Repair Hotline and Direct Shop Management Systems IDENTIFIX


Identifix’s Direct-Hit, Repair Hotline and Direct-Shop management systems offer databases of continually updated, experience-based information for effectively managing a collision repair facility. Direct-Hit is an online repair database that offers OEM service and repair information and remote specialists on stand-by if assistance is required. The programs are trusted by more than 100,000 North American business owners.Key features of these million fixes within the Direct-Hit system include OEM removing and replacement procedures, component locations, and even specs and capabilities of all components involved in each repair.

BodyshopConnect is a multi-language, cloud-based management system for both single or multi-store collision repair facilities. According to Micazen, this easy-to-use software puts the shop owner back in the driver’s seat. BodyshopConnect acts as a central hub for the entire shop and helps manage scheduling, production, job costing, KPI’s, communications and more. This system also includes a myriad of visual display boards, interfaces, and modules that can be run on all platforms and accessed anywhere which allows for real-time information and communication from your desk or while on the road.



Mitchell International’s subscription-based GlassMate 7.0 aims to be the ultimate glass-repair management tool for collision repair facilities. The software is designed to simplify the glass repair procedure by letting users prepare quotes, create work orders and deliver invoices to vendors. The software also provides instant access to the industry standard NAGS parts numbers and pricing. GlassMate 7.0 offers a refined look that is meant to make it easy to use. It also features enhancements to the parts ordering capabilities of the software, allowing users to look up prices and availability of parts from all major suppliers in real time. In addition, users can import price files from local suppliers into GlassMate. Users also will receive automatic notifications of shop assignments requiring attention.

Progi’s aim is to bring profit and success to collision repair facilities, which is why they offer many solutions to enhance planning and customer experience. With Progi’s solutions, collision shop managers and staff can manage appointments and broad­cast their availabilities to insurers and customers. ProgiPlanning, the latest solution, helps collision shop managers set production goals, plan the shop’s capacity and monitor repairs. ProgiParts’ One-Stop-Shop is an online parts procurement solution for the recycled, aftermarket and OEM auto parts supply chain.





E-Sheets is a new automotive virtual appraisal company that employs a remote-workflow with a focus on bodyshop efficiency. While they currently handle some regional insurance claims their focus is as a remote-appraiser for best-in-class collision repair facilities. E-Sheets creates the appraisals inside your estimating systems under a separate ID that you assign. Your team then sends the picture-sets through CosmosSync. Based in Ottawa E-Sheets is led by Steve Wade with 40+ years of insurance and collision experience and supported operationally and corporately by Doug Best and Bing Wong from Canadian Hail Repair.

The AutoHouse Generis is a performance management software system designed specifically for the collision repair industry. The Generis, unlike purely reactive software, provides a combination of historical and predictive reporting in order to make corrections to potential underachieving performance, before it is written into your history. The results are maximized profits through constant pressure to reduce both severity and cycle times. The Generis will help companies measure Key Performance Indicators and engage insurance partners through better information and analytics.

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ince the dawn of time tools have been undergoing constant improvements. Neanderthals used sticks and stones, our ancestors used tools skillfully created through blacksmiths and, since the first automobiles were developed, the tools we use to repair them have faced ongoing updates and improvements. Today, we use whizzing and whirring power tools, durable wrenches so polished you can practically see your reflection in them, and larger-than-life machinery designed to keep shop environments as clean, efficient and safe as possible. But some changes to the state of tools and accessories in the repair industry may seem insignificant. Adding quick-change capability to an existing air hammer, for example, may

“A big part of remaining an industry-leading business is investing in the highest quality tools and equipment. It allows the shop to complete better repairs in less time, which is something that benefits clients, insurance partners and our businesses at the same time. It is how you remain ahead.”

look like a small, unimportant difference. However, these seemingly trivial changes can actually equate to faster, more efficient repair procedures. If your shop were to use an updated version of a tool every day for a year, you could save an average of five minutes per day. At the end of the year, the total time saved could equal more than 25 hours. Small savings in time can add up quickly—if you think about it, there is a lot a tech can get done in 25 hours. In the past year, industry developers of tools and accessories have been focused on providing collision repairers with compact power tools designed to easily reach tight corners and hard-to-reach areas. These devices, once equally as effective but far bulkier, now come in convenient handheld sizes. More and more companies are developing health and safety tools designed to boost productivity while simultaneously eradicating hazards on the shop floor. Another focus? Advancing technology.

Equally animatronic tools and accessories are hitting the scene as solutions to the complex technology present in modern vehicles. Today’s workstations are often mobile and secured to rugged frames, featuring estimation technology, impressive battery power, blueprinting abilities and more. This allow them to work with the complex technology of modern vehicles, sometimes as technologically advanced as the tools themselves. The constant developments that even the most basic of collision repair equipment undergo are crucial to a business’ productivity. If, today, you are saving five minutes daily and up to 25 hours each year simply by utilizing topof-the-line tools, just imagine what impressive capabilities the tools of tomorrow will bring. Stay on top of the industry’s advancements and, in turn, your facility’s productivity and overall operations could benefit. Read on to browse the industry’s latest tools and accessories designed to increase your shop’s productivity!

-- Rob Barker, owner of Barker Collision in Renfrew, Ontario



Magnetic COB LED Wand Lamp DENT FIX

110/220 Volt Hydraulic Catalytic Converter Cutter SUPERSHEAR

The Magnetic COB LED Wand Lamp is an ultra-bright and compact work light. Operating at a max Lux of 935, this lamp can last up to 2.5 hours at its brightest setting and up to 12 hours at its lowest. It can be hung from the swivel hook at the top or by the rotating magnetic base for convenient setup. This product includes a 5V USB charging cable with a charge time of four hours according to Dent Fix.

The 110/220 Volt Supershear is a hydraulic catalytic converter cutter. Designed for processing in a single location, this powerful device is powered by a 2HP motor and is very mobile. Mounted on a two-wheel cart, the hydraulic unit comes with 23 feet of braided hydraulic hose that is connected to the Supershear’s cutting head. Long enough to likely reach three processing stations, the Supershear comes with a two-button switch handle that easily controls the cutting motion.


Guniwheel Universal Tire and Wheel Mounting System LKQ

The Thread Detective is a portable, precise and easy-to-use thread identifier for both nuts and bolts. According to Innovative Components this tool is well-suited for distinguishing between similar inch and metric threads as well as coarse versus fine threads. Sizes include inch and metric in both coarse and fine starting at 1-62 and go up to 1� in diameter as well as metric equivalents starting at M1.2 and go up to M24. The strains contain extra-long wire rope for those hard to reach places and loops on each end for convenient hanging.

The Guniwheel Universal Tire and Wheel Mounting System is the first, universal, vehicle and trailer mounting system that is described as working like a spare tire. Weighing just 30 pounds and able to fit into most four and five hole lug patterns, the Guniwheel can be easily transported and used anywhere. This product was designed to make moving vehicles off of lifts faster and safer. According to LKQ, the tire replacement can hold loads of up to 1290 pounds and can be safely driven up to 8 kilometresper-hour (5 mph).




6076 Bumper Stabilizer POLYVANCE

According to Norton the VAC RACK system is a complete, customizable solution for portable dust extraction and tool organization, built to fit into your workspace. Light in weight and mobile, the VAC RACK is ideal for cleaning and creating better finishing results.

The new 6076 Bumper Stabilizer from Polyvance is designed to support large, complex, multi-piece bumpers. It attaches to an existing scissor stand to provide six adjustable anchor points with bungee chords to precisely support fragile bumper components. This product is particularly useful for work on front bumpers with large grille openings because they do not have much structural strength when the grilles are removed. By supporting a bumper on the stabilizer it can be easier for technicians to install the grille, or paint the bumper with the grille removed.





Premium Solvent Cleaner 4320 by Rexall is an automotive lacquer thinner which is formulated specially for cleaning spray guns and tools with lower odor and higher strength. Rexall have added the scent of almond to make to cleaning job more pleasant. This is a professional strength tool and equipment cleaner, effective for cleaning brushes, rollers and spray equipment. It can also function as a parts cleaner and degreaser.

Feast your eyes on the newest paint stand from Innovative Tools. The IDFS Fender securely holds fenders or doors, allowing for complete paint coverage inside and out. This stand is easily adjustable to suit whatever working height necessary and any parts mounted can be held in the same positions as on the vehicle for better colour and texture matching. With protective rubber boots, the IDFS Fender keeps critical areas free from overspray.

15pc Ratcheting Combination Wrench Set MILWAUKEE ELECTRIC

Gaylord Boxes HELLUVA


This 15-piece wrench set from Milwaukee Electric features 2.5 degrees of arc swing for efficient use in tight spaces. Double-stacked pawls in the ratcheting mechanism are said to offer long ratchet life and improved access with 144 different positions. The specialized open-end improves grip on nuts and bolts, and is said to offer up to 25 percent more torque than smooth-faced wrenches. Each wrench is equipped with ergonomic I-Beam handles.

Helluva Container is one of the largest providers of new and used Gaylord boxes. Its boxes serve a variety of industries including recycling, thrift, plastics, and manufacturing. The company ships LTLs and truckloads to Canada weekly, so it can service both you and your U.S. clients. It also processes used Gaylord boxes, making them appear as close to new as possible. Helluva processes thin, light-duty double walls, all the way up to the heavy-duty liquid totes.

The Xpress800 is a modular, air-over-hydraulic riveting system made in Germany by Wielander Schill. The quick-change mechanism allows you to switch heads quickly without additional tools eliminating the need for multiple devices. Xpress is designed to meet riveting needs from installing blind rivets, rivet nuts, SPR, flow form, calibrating and hole punching. With die kits available for many brands is approved for Ford, GM, JLR, Mercedes Benz and Tesla.





he introduction of new materials such as ultra-high-strength steels, aluminum and carbon fibre into modern vehicle designs means that welding has become far more complicated. There are OEM-approved approaches to performing repairs on vehicles with these complicated materials. These methods include squeeze type resistance spot welders (STRSW), MIG/MAG Pulse Welders, rivet bonding and panel bonding. In some instances, all four methods can be used when repairing. The use of resistance spot welders has been adapted by OEMs due to the introduction of ultra high strength steels. This allows the technician to bond ultra-high-strength-steel with minimal damage to the molecular structure. In cases where the STRSW cannot be used, the OEM repair procedure will indicate to the technician what method of bonding is required, such as MIG/MAG pulse brazing. When it comes to aluminum repairs, MIG/ MAG pulse welders must be used, as the high-frequency arc used by TIG welders can disturb the sensors in a vehicle. Regardless if the battery is connected or not, any part on a vehicle being repaired with a TIG welder can potentially lead to problems with the automobile’s on-board computers. When it comes to ultra-high-strength


steels, MIG/MAG pulse brazing is rapidly becoming the accepted repair procedure as

KNOW YOUR WELDING TERMS: Metal inert gas (MIG) is an arc welding process in which a continuous solid wire electrode is fed through a welding gun and into the weld pool, joining the two base materials together. Shielding gases are sent through the welding gun, protecting the weld pool from contamination.

it reduces the total heat the steels are subjected to, protecting the materials’ molecular structure. The technique is able to maintain the structural integrity of the vehicle, which will ultimately better protect the vehicle’s occupants in the event of a collision. Take a good look through the following pages for insight into the leading welding tools offered for the collision repair industry.

Tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode to channel the welding arc. The welding pool is protected from impurities with inert gas, typically argon. While MIG welders use continuous feeding wire, TIG requires the use of welding rods that are slowly fed into the weld puddle.

Resistance spot welding is a process in which contacting metal surface points are joined by the heat obtained from resistance to electric current. It is a subset of electric resistance welding. The process uses two copper alloy electrodes to concentrate welding current into a small point, clamping together the bond, and sending a current through it to bond it. An immense amount of power can be delivered to the spot in as little as 1/100,000 of a second.


3680 Smart-Plus Resistance Spot Welder ARSLAN AUTOMOTIVE

CTR 9 Fully Automatic Welder CAR-O-LINER

The TECNA Smart-Plus Resistance Spot Welder is Wi-Fi enabled and able to carry out remote diagnostics direct from the factory. User friendly and fully water-cooled, the 3680 uses smart-technology controlled by a microprocessor and is fully automatic without needing any operator input. This welder also has less autonomous options, by selecting either Quick Mode or Full Mode for more control. Using top-of-the-line technology, it also has a USB port that downloads and stores all weld records and is approved for weld bonding. Meeting OEM standards and having an output power 14, 000 amps at cap, the 3680 Smart-Plus Resistance Spot Welder comes with many accessories and is easy to use.

Car-O-Liner’s CTR 9 fully-automatic welder comes equipped with a new, revolutionized lightweight transformer gun. The gun is supported by a telescopic arm in a durable and lightweight extruded aluminum that can be easily adjusted both vertically and horizontally. With its 355-degree swivel handle and ergo grip, it is claimed to provide comfortable working positions for anyone and any job. Its compact power unit with a low centre of gravity is designed to give the welder mobility and stability. According to Car-O-Liner, the 16,000-amp transformer and CANBUS communication are especially designed to assist welders and autobody technicians with the best weld possible every time.

i4s Smart Spot Welder PRO SPOT


Using continuous feedback information, Pro Spot’s i4s Smart Spot Welder quickly gathers and adjusts to the weld as its occurring, providing accurate & proper welds. The Smart Gun saves time by clearing alerts or changing parameters directly with the on-gun display screen and fingertip controls. 360 degree Arm Rotation provides more maneuverability where access is limited. Staying connected is easy with built-in Wifi to connect directly and quickly to access training videos, materials, and OEM procedures.

Pro Spot’s most popular pulse mig welder, the SP 5, now comes with “Double Pulse Technology” which makes welding aluminum even easier than ever. All new ‘state of the arc’ welding software is specifically designed for the latest automotive aluminum alloys, from thin to thick. The three-in-one pulse mig welder can easily weld steel, silicon bronze and aluminum with three separate torches and drive systems. Just pick up the mig gun you need, and start welding. BUYER’S GUIDE 2020 79



MultiMig 621 CHIEF

Gyspot PTI Evolution GYS WELDING USA

Featuring the high-frequency pulsed technology that is required by OEMs for certified collision repair programs, AMH presents its all-new UltraMIG 1250. The UltraMIG 1250 is specifically designed for a wide variety of applications including welding and brazing of aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless and high-strength steel. The unit is also fully compatible with the aluminium alloies 5554 & 4043.

Chief’s three-phase MultiMig 621 can be used to weld and braze aluminum, galvanized sheet metal, stainless steel and high-strength steel. Like all Chief MIG/MAG welders, it features the synergic-pulsed technologies required by most OEMs for aluminum welding. The unit has a double pulse feature that allows the weld to cool slightly during the low frequency operation. This is an important characteristic when welding vertically or overhead.

The Gyspot PTI Evolution meets the needs of high-strength steels (UHSS/boron), with a clamping force of 550daN with 8bars air pressure, and a welding current that can reach 14 500Amps. Its C clamp integrates a high-tech transformer and the machine also operates with 32 Amps to 40 Amps fuses only. Its operation is extremely easy thanks to the automatic welding parameters setting in automatic mode.




The POWER MIG® 260 welding machine from Lincon Electric is specifically designed for MIG and Flux-Cored welding in light industrial shop fabrication, maintenance and, of course, collision repair work. The seven-inch colour display with automatic controls makes setup and operation intuitive and simple, while offering optimum welding performance and a multitude of professional features.

Auto-Line power management technology on Miller Electric’s Invision 352 MPa allows for any input voltage hookup (208-575 VAC, single- or three phase) with no manual linking. The built-in MIG and pulsed MIG programs automatically set the optimal parameters for a wide variety of wires. As wire speed increases/ decreases, pulse parameters match the right amount of power needed.

The model HSM200 MultiMig features full Synergic welding capability setting on large LCD display. It’s completely versatile with dual 110-240 volt input capability, MIG and TIG, switch-back operation with both torches connected at all times and no requirement to remove MIG wire. With a single connector for multiple applications, heat and feed are perfectly synchronized in the synergic mode.



Plastic Fusion Pro Station BETAG

60-31878 Nitrogen Gas Plastic Welder ARSLAN AUTOMOTIVE

Priding itself as a complete plastic repair system, Betag’s Plastic Fusion Pro Station consists of two main parts, the unit and the trolley. The unit comes with an integrated tacker with three power levels that can be adjusted to suit different plastics, as well as three available fusion modes for different jobs—internal compression, external air connection and a nitrogen add on. The trolley segment of the Fusion Pro Station comes with three drawers for storage and a tool holder on the left side. Additionally, a nitrogen bottle holder can be added to the back of the trolley.

This trolley-mounted 60-31878 Nitro 110v plastic welding tool from Arslan Automotive is designed to be an all-in-one plastic repair tool. With an included hot stapler, smoothing tip and a plastic parts cleaning cutter, the device also comes equipped with a metal roller engineered to make precise plastic surface leveling swift and simple. Pre-cut inside corner staples and two sizes of wave staples are available for the hot staple. Arslan Automotive is headquartered in Pointe Clare, Quebec. The company holds training clinics frequently and the sales team are well trained to train and demonstrate all related equipment.




Nitroweld NW-650 NITRO HEAT

The DF-EZN1G EZ Nitro Plastic Welder Generator eliminates the need for refilling nitrogen tanks and takes up less space in the shop thanks to its onboard nitrogen generator. The proprietary Flow Adjust Switch Technology (FAST) system makes the DF-EZN1G one of the easiest nitrogen welders to learn and use. It simplifies nitrogen welding and eliminates flow adjustments by the user. According to Dent Fix, this significantly reduces the time needed to set up the welder. A high-pressure N2 Outlet gives you the ability to attach air-powered tools to the side of the unit.

The Nitroweld NW-650 is a complete plastic welding station with builtin temperature controllers, including nitrogen (N2) and compressed air selection. This unit can be used with an external nitrogen tank or a nitrogen generator. If used with a cylinder, the built-in selector allows the user to pre-heat and cool down with compressed air and only use the N2 supply for direct welding. NitroWeld’s super-heated nitrogen gas melts and bonds broken bumper skins, headlight tabs or plastic radiators with a repair that cools and dries in seconds. The unit allows you to repair original materials with the same material, to increase your success rate.



8000 Series POLYVANCE


Polyvance has just released its 8000 series -- the latest line of plastic nitrogen welders. With patent-pending technology, the 8000 series welders are easy to use and maintain while allowing users to adjust to thin or thick plastic. The analog gauge makes it easy to set the flow of hot nitrogen gas. Suitable for all shops, the series comes with a removable hose and wiring assembly, making the replacement process easy and inexpensive. Polyvance was the first company to commercialize nitrogen plastic welding in 1981 and has been providing their customers with high-quality products ever since.

Why mess with glue? Plastic welders are neater, faster and stronger than glues, while also saving time and money. But unlike other systems, the Fusion Plus requires no nitrogen or compressed air supply. Just plug it into any 110V outlet and begin. The welding wand is temperaturemonitored directly at the tip for flawless bonding. Constant feedback prevents overheating andburning, and the wand auto-shuts off when returned to its cradle. Includes 580-lb capacity four-drawer, powder-coated cart/bench, intuitive LCD touchscreen display, precision-controlled heat and flow settings and smoothing iron.









LATEST GENERATION 3680 SMART-PLUS RESISTANCE SPOT WELDER BY TECNA Wi-Fi Upgrades andTechnical Support / Easily Welds Boron and all other Ultra High Strength Steels / Fully water-cooled to the welding caps on both gun and welding arm / In Smart plus mode, automatically identifies type and layers of metal and automatically sets all welding parameters / Output Power: Max. 14,000 Amps at the caps / Max electrode force: Transgun 8679TS = 450 daN / Optional Transgun 8679TS7 = 700 daN / USB Port for easy upgrade of programs and software / USB port to download and store all weld record / Approved for weld bonding. 208-240V, 3Ph, 50 Amp


Toll free: 1-800-465-8575





n 2018, Arslan Automotive saw an increase in its product sales. This trend continued through 2019, which was seen as Arslan’s most successful year ever. This is, in no small measure, due to the professional quality and reliability of its welding and 3D measuring equipment brands, which have become well recognized in Canada among collision repair professionals. The FIMER Inverter MIG-MAG Pulse welders, TECNA Smart/Smart Plus Inverter Spot welders have both captured a respectable slice of the Canadian market. The Accuvision-3D, a 3D measuring system developed by Arslan Automotive Canada and assembled in Montreal is also a success—and a Canadian-made one at that. Since its introduction to market in late July 2017, it has received tremendous positive reaction from bodyshops across Canada. Its ease of use, simplicity, accuracy and moderate price has attracted many users even among some shop owners that had already purchased other systems from competitors. This year, two new additional features were added to the Accuvision-3D measuring system at no cost. The first is a wheel alignment diagnostics feature to its software. All past users can now download the additional feature from the website at no additional charge.

Another new feature is the new infrared camera and pointer system using IR LEDs. This new system allows users to operate the system camera under direct sunlight without affecting the camera’s reception of the LED IR signals from the handheld pointer. As the Accuvision-3D needs no calibrations nor a flat level surface for the vehicle to be measured on, this new feature allows for vehicles to be measured outdoors. As to shop certifications, Honda ProFirst, Certified Collision Care, (GM, Ford, Chrysler/Fiat, Nissan and Kia) and CCIAP certification program of AIA all recognize Accuvision-3D for shop certifications. Arslan has stated that its challenge for 2019 was to develop its sales and marketing in the U.S. throughout the year. The company is happy to confirm that, to date, it has been able to appoint and train sales agents and distributors covering 80 percent of the U.S. market. During the rest of the year, Arslan worked to appoint select agents/distributors for that remaining 20 percent. Arslan’s mission is to listen to feedback and keep on improving what it does and how it does it. It is already working on implementing some suggestions, which were detailed during a presentation at SEMA. Thank you to all our valued partners in making our brands a success.

ARSLAN AUTOMOTIVE 84 Avenue Leacock, Pointe-Claire, QC H9R 1H1 (514) 694-1113 BUYER’S GUIDE 2020 85




hen it comes to fixing cars, automotive apprentice able to navigate through challenges he has not seen before and learn tricks of the trade which are not taught in class. Jeffrey Furtado has never lacked motivation. “When I was in elementary school I would go Furtado understands that to reach the skill level of his peers, to my cousin’s body shop to help take apart cars,” said Fur- on-going training and effort is required on his part, and Astado. “People used to be shocked by the speed I would work sured is supporting him in his skills development–as Derek at—I would attack anything in my sight. For me it wasn’t Florczyk and Adrian Szalai work with him, as his skills development coaches. work, I was just out there having fun!” Personally, Furtado is the proud owner of a 1991 BMW After graduating high school, Furtado’s first experience in 318is–which both he and his girlfriend enjoy. When he first a facility was as a detailer, before enrolling in a three-year got it, his girlfriend asked if it would be “ready for the road” auto body program at Mohawk College. With both practical shop experience and an automotive education behind him, for her graduation, she did not think it was going to happen, Furtado was ready to take on the next chapter in his young but Jeffery worked on it and surprised her, when he went to pick her up in the car. This car is one of the many ways automotive career. This chapter would lead Furtado to Assured Automotive which they incorporate their personal passions and career in Meadowvale, a shop he is more than proud to be a part of. into their lives together, and Jeffery is grateful he has some“It’s been a great pleasure to work with such an amazing team,” one who appreciates his work, passion and pushes him to said Furtado. “I’ve learned so much from the staff here, as they’ve given me the opportunity to work through problems and figure things out on my own. When they see that I’m struggling, that’s when my colleagues step-in and show me a better way of approaching a problem.” Not only has Assured provided Furtado with the opportunity to learn in a staff-friendly environment, but also the chance to diversify his skills. “To be a good body technician you need to be well-rounded,” said Furtado. “No collision is the same and you must be able to adapt to Assured Automotive Mississauga North’s General Manger, the needs of each specific vehicle. Bruno Silvestri with star Apprentice Jeffery Furtado. Assured has given me the opportunity to learn the different facets of this industry in order to properly understand all the elements pursue his goals. With so much still to learn, Furtado knows that the jourinvolved in a repair.” ney to becoming a certified Body Technician will not be an Jeffery is posed to write this final exam, once he does; easy one, but one he is more than happy to be a part of. “The he has aspirations to expand his knowledge and skill base. feeling I get seeing a customer happy with the final product His eyes are currently set on attaining Jaguar/Land Rover is what motivates me to get better every day,” said Furtado. Certification, (JLR). He currently works on mainstream vehicles and is exposed to various high end vehicles. With “I’m grateful for Assured and how they helped me turn my guidance from one of his mentors Walter Rostkowski, he is hobby into a career.”

ASSURED AUTOMOTIVE 2360 Southfield Road, Mississauga, ON L5N 2W8 Canada 905-363-0125 BUYER’S GUIDE 2020 87

Driving the conversation of the Digital Age.

User-friendly mobile estimating applications.




or more than 30 years, Solera | Audatex has delivered intelligent technology solutions to Canadian repair facilities from coast to coast. Its solutions help shops run profitable and productive businesses while completing high-quality repairs. The company also streamline the claims process and exceed your customer expectations—helping you get them back on the road in record time. Audatex Repair Facility solutions cover the following key stages of the collision repair workflow: • Estimate Writing and Vehicle Scanning • Repair Tracking • Repair Facility Management • Business Analytics Its key repair solutions include: • Audatex estimating improves productivity, reduces supplements and drives faster, more accurate estimating. Features include: - APU, an integrated real-time alternative parts-ordering system - one-click labour report - 3D intelligent graphics with substrate materials colour coding - vehicle-specific option-driven database - fully integrated airbag matrix and frame dimensions - and much more... • GoTime Repair, a smartphone-based imaging app, makes it easy to document a vehicle’s state at check-in and check-out,

ensuring no confusion with the customer after the fact. It also provides a convenient way of managing vehicle updates. Repairers can view and manage repair orders, upload and post photos, and update status, whether on the shop floor or at the beach! • Vehicle Health Check is a fast, portable and cost-effective scanner and diagnostic tool specifically designed for the appraisal customer delivery process, ensuring that consistent pre- and post-scans are conducted every time. VHC reports identify hidden mechanical, electrical issues and potential diagnoses, based on millions of confirmed Identifix fixes. VHC provides unparalleled insight into the full vehicle damage—both seen and unseen. • Shop Recoverables. Stop leaving money on the table! Recoverables alerts estimators about overlooked items (operations and/or consumables) before the estimate is given to the customer or insurer. Audatex Estimating, Recoverables clearly identifies revenue opportunities, which can then be added to the estimate prior to upload or printing. At Solera | Audatex, there is a continuous strive to develop user-friendly applications, research vehicle connectivity and safety opportunitiesand execute a comprehensive strategy for Canadian repairers in the digital age. As the company says: "We’re not just in the conversation—we’re driving it."

SOLERA | AUDATEX 1210 Sheppard Ave E, North York, ON M2K 1E3 1-877-693-1299 BUYER’S GUIDE 2020 89




he Car-Part Pro marketplace now has more recycled the 70,000 professional repairers who use Car-Part Pro. For part choices and better integration with the collision example, if you're writing an estimate for a 2015 Mitsubishi repair industry as a result of Car-Part Interchange ver- that was in a front end collision, our search now has intersion 84.2 and Car-Part Interchange Plus. The announcement change for more of those key parts like the front bumper was made by Jeff Schroder, CEO, at the Cana- cover, headlamps, fenders, hood, grille, fender flare, radiator, dian Collision Industry Forum in Toronto in January. This and radiator support. This enhances the assembly optimized version of interchange includes coverage for over 100 part workflow for that estimate. types that is not available in the recycling industry’s standard When we were deciding which parts to write into our interchange. This includes engine parts, interior parts, and interchange above and beyond the recycling industry stanbody parts, and it also includes new interchange coverage dard interchange data, we based those decisions in large part for Mitsubishi (2009 and later) and Mazda (2015 and later). based on the search data from our Car-Part Pro users. We Car-Part Interchange is an extensive database, maintained looked at the most popular parts that still needed interchange, by, that maps which parts are interchangeable and we focused on those to make the biggest impact for our between several years and/or models. It also maps individ- users. We look forward to seeing this improvement reflected in ual component parts to complete assemblies. This database our users' bottom lines and the data in their analytics reports." bridges the gap between estimates and the more cost-effective recycled assemblies available on Car-Part Pro. Car-Part Pro's assembly-optimized workflow guides appraisers to select these cost-effective recycled assemblies, resulting in increased savings that are reflected in detailed analytics reports provided by Car-Part Pro. With the increased part coverage and assembly to component A glimpse into one of Car-Part Pro's data centres. mappings in Car-Part Interchange version 84.2, the Car-Part Pro marketplace offers searches that are more specific, and results that are more robust. Jeff Schroder, CEO of Car-Part. com, said: "We're thrilled to have improved Car-Part Pro with the latest release of Car-Part Interchange. A database enhancement like this is a 'behind-thescenes' sort of improvement that's not immediately obvious, but it's the kind of quality enhancement that makes a real From left to right: Jeff, Janice, Urban and Roger Schroder. difference in the daily lives of

CAR-PART.COM 1980 Highland Pike Ft. Wright, KY 41017 859-344-1925 BUYER’S GUIDE 2020 91




ometimes you have to look in the rear-view mirror just to realize how far you have come,” says Sandy Liguori, President of CCS (Consolidated Collision Services) and Woodchester Collision Centre in Mississauga. Liguori has the unique vantage point of being both a new car dealer and someone who first began his career in the collision repair industry. Consequently, Liguori witnessed firsthand the numerous struggles and challenges among fellow dealership collision centres in the market. “For years the challenge for dealer collision centres has been how to improve customer retention and profitability in an increasingly competitive marketplace, while delivering an OE Dealership level of customer experience,” says Liguori. Who would better understand what dealers want and need? Thus, the CCS network was born in 2013 to develop and deliver collision repair solutions and support services exclusively for new car dealers who want to grow their collision centres and compete on a national level. With a distinct focus on enhancing customer retention, increasing shop performance, and cars to the door from insurance partners, CCS has been helping dealerships grow their collision business from the ground up. “The key to success is having your collision centre be top of mind with your customers before they are involved in a collision,” says Mike Beier, CCS General Manager, “bringing the collision centre to the show room, and being the one-stop automotive destination for all of your customers”. Our members tell our story best—Chris Laking, owner and president of Laking Toyota, Northern Nissan and Imperial Collision in Sudbury, Ontario noted that “CCS has been a vital partner in the growth of our business. From providing management tools, to hosting meetings with like-minded repair shops, CCS is a key partner in the growth and evolution of our successful collision repair business. The ability to share ideas on how to run our business and not be directed, makes CCS a unique partnership”. Steve Billings, Director of Body Shop Operations for the Kaizen Group of Dealers in the Alberta market cited “As an

original Alberta member joining CCS in 2015, the three Kaizen collision centres have experienced a steady increase in our insurance referrals. The CCS team with their industry knowledge are a great resource for my collision centre managers and front office staff, they share best practices that help my teams to be more productive.” Corrado Olindo, Collision Centre manager at Highland Chevrolet Cadillac in Aurora, Ontario says “In the past, we felt that as a dealer we had to chase business for our body shop. Today, by implementing key CCS initiatives, Highland GM has elevated their game to compete not only at the dealership level but with the largest players in the industry while achieving record levels of customer retention, personnel development, and profitable growth.“ CCS presently has over 70 collision centres representing over 180 new car dealers throughout Ontario, Manitoba and Alberta with a combined annual collision revenue of more than $175 million. The networks members include some of the largest and most successful dealer collision centre operations in Canada. CCS will be hosting its 2020 National Conference on April 7-8 in Niagara Falls. The two-day event will be held in conjunction with ACE (Automotive Conference and Exposition) the Consolidated Dealers and Trillium Auto Dealers Associations (TADA) annual convention. Additional Conference information can be found at

CCS Executives stand proud. (From left to right) Craig Kirby, Sandy Liguori, Chris Chinn, Mike Beier, Curtis Bennett, Tom Langton.

CONSOLIDATED COLLISION SERVICES 441 Hanlan Rd. Woodbridge, ON L4L 3T1 859-344-1925 or BUYER’S GUIDE 2020 93






he Color Compass Corporation is the largest independent automotive refinishes and related auto body supplies distributor in Canada. The growth of the company is a celebration of innovation, opportunity, and acquisition. In 1984, Color Compass was founded with the acquisition of both White & Peters and Mutual Warehouse in British Columbia. With an eye on expansion and growth in Western Canada, Color Compass moved into Alberta with the acquisition of Carlson Body Shop Supply and PBE Distributors in 1987. Over the next ten years the group would consolidate Mutual Warehouse within PBE Distributors and further strengthen the already strong Carlson’s brand in Edmonton and Calgary. In 1997 the growth continued with the group’s largest acquisition to date with the purchase of Chase Auto Body Supplies in Winnipeg, Manitoba. As in the past, Color Compass further expanded its distribution network by opening a PBE Distributors warehouse location in Winnipeg at that time as well. With an eye on further strengthening its position in British Columbia and Alberta, 2006 and 2007 saw the acquisitions of Valley Car Colour in Langley BC, and Rocky Mountain Sales in Edmonton. In 2011 the Color Compass Corporation finalized what would become a pivotal moment in the group’s strong history in Western Canada, with the acquisition of the corporate Akzo Nobel jobber stores in Alberta and British Columbia. With the acquisition, Chase Auto Body Supplies moved west, growing

both in terms of size and talent, keeping a sharp focus on expanding its new markets within Alberta and British Columbia. October of 2018 saw another key moment in the organization’s progression, with The Color Compass Corporation joining the Wesco Group Family of companies. Wesco, with its 70+ locations throughout the western United States, is headquartered in Lynnwood, Washington, and has many parallels to Color Compass and its divisions, not the least of which, they are the preeminent distributor of paint and body shop supplies to the collision repair and industrial markets that they serve. In early March of 2019, the Color Compass Corporation expanded yet again, with the acquisition of WD Co- Auto’s Paint, Body, and Equipment sales division. WD Co-Auto’s PB&E Division—based in Edmonton, Alberta—served independent and member-dealer collision centres throughout British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Shortly after, in May of 2019, PBE Distributors acquired LJ Peters Warehousing. The group always has a keen eye on innovation and exceptional service, now heavily investing in industry leading customer training, the latest repair equipment, and the evolution of supply-chain management with the Color Compass developed KUBE Inventory Management solution. Throughout the years, the Color Compass Corporation has grown to a team of over 270 dedicated staff operating throughout Canada.

COLOR COMPASS CORPORATION 5308 – 97 Street Edmonton, AB T6E 5W5 1368 United Blvd. Coquitlam, BC V3K 6Y2 (780)438-0838 / (604)540-7200 BUYER’S GUIDE 2020 95




ent Fix Equipment is proud to announce and welcome a new partnership with Speciality Product Sales (SPS), an experienced company based in Canada, as part of its initiative to provide the best customer experience possible. For over 30 years, SPS has been supporting all aspects of the Automotive Aftermarket in Canada; Atlantic Canada, Quebec, Ontario, Western Canada, and British Columbia. Larry Bergmann, the president and owner, had this to say about the announcement: “We are excited to take on this excellent line of equipment, tools and accessories. Dent Fix is a perfect fit to our agency and we are excited about educating our customers in everything that Dent Fix has to offer to this industry.”

tasks more efficiently. Dent Fix Equipment enables the technician to finish the job faster with less risk of making errors. Its equipment lightens your workload as well as the stress put on you by the end of the day. Quality tools are worth their weight in gold. They work when they a supposed to and help when help is needed, speeding the user through their day. From drilling through boron steel to fixing aluminum panels to measuring vehicle dimensions to punching plug holes to popping plastic rivets to removing undercoating to paintless dent repair to self-piercing riveters—Dent Fix brings you the latest tools and equipment from around the world. SPS Company History Speciality Product Sales International Inc. was established by Jack Bergmann in 1986, and it has been helping and supporting manufacturers and Canadian distribution ever since. With more than 100 years worth of sales rep experience based across Canada, SPS provides a very effective means for manufacturers to support their products in markets that they would not normally be able to reach. The reps of SPS help Canadian distributors and their customers stay informed and supported on the latest product offerings, and open doors to new customer opportunities.

Providing Solutions for 40 Years Since 1979, Dent Fix Equipment and Spitznagel Specialty Tools’ mission has been to provide technicians with innovative tools and equipment of the highest quality. That year, Max Spitznagel, Dent Fix’s founder, introduced the SPITZNAGEL stud welder to the United States. This high-quality German-built stud welder, the DF-1, set its standards high and the company knew that it would need to keep them just as high for anything it would make. Dent Fix Equipment loves hearing its happy customers’ stories about when they bought their first piece of Dent Fix equipment and how long they have had their tool. “I have one of the first ones you sold” is something it often hears. Its products are designed to help you complete your job more efficiently with a higher quality result. Forty years into it and it is still growing, still excited and just as proud to be a part of this industry. Dent Fix Equipment and Spitznagel Specialty Tools have been proudly providing the technician with the highest quality in innovative equipment. Every year Dent Fix has brought many new products to its customers’ shops and A look intro Dent Fix’s range of innovative tools around a shop. tool boxes that help complete their

DENT FIX EQUIPMENT 1611 W. 135th St. Gardena, CA 90249-2505 1-310-349-1940 BUYER’S GUIDE 2020 97




lat Line SSI was founded in 2002 to fill a void in the market timator training; this class help estimators to identify the for serving paint spray booths. It started as two men in two full scope of damage and prepare a complete estimate to trucks and has grown to be an industry leader with more reduce or eliminate supplements with insurance. There is a than 30 employees. It distributes Blowtherm, Car-O-Liner, Green- full four-day course that provides the attending technicians Tech, Betag, Euro-Vac, Colmet Spray Booths, Cartar Mobile Lifts, with steel and aluminum repair techniques that are used to Canvas Mart, Top Ring, Camfil Filtration and Viledon Filteration. reduce time spent on these repairs and create more profit. Flat Line has aligned itself with leading edge manufactur- There is training on the Betag Hot Box for paintless dent ers in order to provide its customers with the best products repairs, and finally is the plastic welder training. on the market. It sends its team to specific product training All these courses are offered in Flat Line’s training cenclasses, jobsite safety courses, and customer service semi- tre and are taught by qualified and trained instructors. As nars. a company, it believes that providing training courses to its Flat Line SSI can assist you from the smallest part re- customers is as important as any piece of equipment you quired for your equipment all the way through to a com- purchase. plete shop design to meet your specific requirements. Every Flat Line’s newest line is Green Tech—a gas catalytic drying shop is different therefore every shop requires something a system that expediates paint curing exponentially. This syslittle bit different. Flat Line prides itself on finding and pro- tem can be retro-fitted into your current equipment or it can viding the best solution for your business—it doesnt just sell provide a complete shop design scenario and install it into equipment. The equipment has to be right for your business. a full production line system. The Green Tech System couThe company has invested time and money to attend trade pled with Blowtherm provide its clients with the highest proshows, seminars, and industry classes so it can be knowledge- duction equipment available on the market. In addition, the able on what affects and transforms the industry. Currently, equipment quality far exceeds anything in market place today the leading conversation is OEM approvals. It is excited that and meets all installation codes. its Car-O-Liner and Blowtherm equipment meets or exceeds Flat Line are very proud of how far it has come in the last OEM certifications. Its team is knowledgeable in both how to 10 years and is so excited to be in this industry with some discuss these options and how its equipment could help meet amazing customers who continually advance their busimultiple OEM certifications. nesses and keep us on our toes. At its offices in Richmond Hill, Flat Line has a full training centre where it runs classes for the Car-O-Liner and Betag products. For Car-O-Liner, it can offer training classes on 3D Measuring, how to properly clamp vehicles and welding. These classes can be for experience technicians looking for a refresher or for your new employees to get them fully trained on the equipment in your shop. That way they are ready to go day one while working completely efficiently. For Betag, it offer classes that provide efChad Baltzer, Matt Gibson, Jamie Commerford. ficiencies in your business. It provides es-

FLAT LINE SPRAY BOOTH SPECIALISTS 45 Mural Street, Unit 6 Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1J4 905-475-5600 BUYER’S GUIDE 2020 99




s most automotive dealer groups stories tend to begin; it all started with one dealership. At Drive Autogroup that dealership was Pickering Honda, and it all began way back in 1989. One store eventually turned into two, and before it knew it (faster than the Acura NSX around Nürburgring!) Drive Autogroup is now one of Canada’s premier automotive dealer groups with 10 dealerships located across the Greater Toronto Area and the Durham Region. Its manufacturers are at the forefront of innovation, engineering, cutting-edge design, and advanced technology. This is why you can be sure that when you buy from a Drive Autogroup dealership, you’ll receive superior quality, outstanding performance and long-term reliability. In addition to its Sales, Service, Body Shop and Parts departments in its dealerships, Drive Autogroup has invested in a professionally trained Business Development Centre and an industry-leading Parts Wholesale department. ItsBusiness Development Centre helps its Sales and Service departments more efficiently communicate and connect with current and potential customers. Gone are the days of emails going un-responded or phone calls ringing to voicemail every call. Drive Autogroup’s Parts Wholesale Department is a onestop-shop for auto parts and tires from all of the company’s manufacturers including Honda, Hyundai, Genesis, Acura, Toyota, Infiniti, and Nissan. Collectively, the Parts Wholesale team has more than 80 years of combined experience and are dedicated to solely selling parts in bulk, ensuring that your parts-buying process is seamless. One of the amazing benefits of doing business with Drive Autogroup is that it is able to leverage its collective strengths to offer its customers special perks when they decide to buy or service their vehicle with them (at no extra cost to them). The best example of ‘Why Buy From Drive Autogroup’ is its Drive Shield Certified Used Vehicle Program, available at no additional cost with the purchase of any

one of its certified used vehicles. The Shield program offers an industry exclusive 2.9 percent interest rate OAC, a one-year warranty on most wearable parts, a fifteen-day exchange window, a lifetime engine warranty, a 120-point inspection to ensure the vehicle’s reliability, and more. It created this one-ofa-kind Shield program because, at Drive Autogroup, it wants its customers to feel confident, safe and protected when they buy a used vehicle. Its committed and passionate team of more than 700 employees at Pickering Honda, Morningside Nissan, Acura Pickering, Genesis Ajax, Agincourt Nissan, Markham Infiniti, Midway Nissan, Formula Honda, Ajax Nissan, Ajax Hyundai, Brimell Toyota, and its Drive Autogroup corporate head office work together seamlessly to ensure that its customers get the absolute best service possible during every interaction they have within its group. It believes that it is important to be attentive to its customers’ needs; that is why it offers a flexible and easy-to-understand buying experience. Its team works based on our customers’ wants and needs as well as their schedules, meaning you can spend as much or as little time in its dealerships as you want and it can still help you find the vehicle that best suits you. Because it has thousands of new and used vehicles in stock, it is bound to have the perfect vehicle that fits your needs.

DRIVE AUTOGROUP 1305 Pickering Pkwy Pickering, ON L1V3P2 BUYER’S GUIDE 2020 101




fter more than 25 years in the PBE paint distribution business, one of the key lessons learned is that it is the journey as the destination keeps changing. Regardless of wins and successes or losses and disappointments—so long as the journey remains a blast, you rock on. For Eric Chan, the owner of Gard-X Automotive Refinish Inc., the key to enjoying the journey is having a fantastic crew and staff and a close human relationship with clients and vendor suppliers. It is an understatement to say there has been dramatic change in the collision repair industry in the last 10 or so years. Despite many challenges and consolidation of both collision repair facilities and distributor/suppliers, Gard-X Automotive has remained independently owned and operated and continues to enjoy steady growth. With two locations, one in Scarborough and the other in Mississauga, Gard-X Automotive services the key southern Ontario corridor from Hamilton to the GTA and east to Port Hope. Being authorized distributors of the PPG and Akzo Nobel refinish paint brands, Gard-X Automotive has premium products to service and supply automotive collision repair, fleet and commercial and industrial finishing. Carrying both PPG and Akzo Nobel has allowed Gard-X Automotive to not only offer two of the most premium high quality refinish paint lines but also the best services support programs that include both product technical training and business development programs. Strong vendor/supplier relationships have always been a key strategy for Gard-X Automotive. In 2019 Gard-X can still offer the promise “Satisfaction Guaranteed or a Credit Note will be issued”. Being loyal and having a good relationship with our vendors means having our clients backs as we know our vendors have ours. With technology and “smart” being the buzz word these days, Gard-X Automotive has been at the forefront of the info revolution. Gard-X Automotive offers multiple technology pathways to streamline the collision shop materials inventory requirements. It has very successful

implementations of both the Lean-Tec and Saint Gobain TIM inventory management systems. Both are cloud based software utilizing bar code scanning of material with automatic reordering based on minimum inventory levels while also being fully customizable. Vehicles have become increasingly sophisticated in every regard from multi-layer colour special effects to multi material construction for weight-saving occupation crash protection and that is not to mention a sensor for just about anything you can think of. Modern vehicles pose a particular challenge to today’s collision repair shops as they need to modernize with new equipment and tooling in order to perform a proper repair and meet certification requirements whether from their banner franchise or OEM dealership. Being regular attendee at international trade shows, Gard-X Automotive has a core staff well versed in the latest collision repair equipment and industry trends and has built up solid relationships with international vendors to get preferential service for its clients. Gard-X Automotive has been a Uni Select member for over 30 years, an Across Canada member for over 15 years and works closely with CSN, Fix Auto and CARSTAR collision shops. The core client base of Gard-X Automotive however, has always been the independent owner operator many of whom Gard-X Automotive has had the pleasure of servicing for more than 25 years. The journey has truly been a memorable adventure with all of them. As long as you can still enjoy the relationships, the journey continues.

GARD-X 9 Golden Gate Ct. Scarborough, ON M1P 3A4, 7050 Bramalea Rd. Unit 20 Mississauga, ON L5S 1T1 416-656-0663 BUYER’S GUIDE 2020 103


Photo: LKQ’s facility in Ste Sophie, QC.

LKQ has locations across North America and has even expanded into the European market.



KQ Corporation, a S&P 500 company, was formed in 1998 through the acquisitions of wholesale recycler businesses and expanded into the aftermarket business in 2007 with the acquisition of Keystone Automotive Industries. In addition to recycled and aftermarket parts, LKQ distributes a full line of paint, body and equipment supplies, specialty parts, glass, high-performance engines and much more. LKQ is a leading provider of alternative and specialty parts to repair and accessorize automobiles and other vehicles. Its extensive nationwide inventory includes: recycled OEM, reconditioned, remanufactured, refurbished and aftermarket automotive and truck parts. LKQ is committed to providing the highest quality standards in the business. It stands behind the integrity of its products with the LKQ Parts Replacement Promise which provides cov-

erage for its products beyond the purchase date. Its commitment to quality allows it to back its recycled and aftermarket collision products with industry leading lifetime warranties. LKQ also stands behind its customers, offering a groundbreaking Promise of Protection program, which indemnifies licensed auto repair shops that purchase and install any LKQ recycled OEM, aftermarket or remanufactured product from claims, liabilities, actions and costs that might result in injury or death due to any defect in that product. LKQ’s mission is to be the leading global value-added distributor of vehicle parts and accessories. With more than 500 locations throughout Canada and the U.S., it offers its customers the most comprehensive, available and cost-effective selection of part solutions. For more information about LKQ Corporation, please visit

LKQ CORPORATION 500 West Madison Street Suite 2800 Chicago, IL 60661 1-866-LKQ-CORP BUYER’S GUIDE 2020 105




ounded in 1946, Mitchell was born out of a desire to meet the practical demands of the automotive industry, delivering the industry’s first accurate, functioning car parts replacement resource for collision-damaged vehicles. The company’s focus on simplification, efficiency and access to accurate information drove its entry first into the collision repair market, and then into auto physical damage claims. Since then, Mitchell has extended its solution offering beyond collision repair and auto physical damage claims to include auto casualty, workers’ compensation, and pharmacy claims handling. Today, the company empowers clients across the property and casualty industry by providing them with smart technology, deep industry expertise, and seamless connections to the broadest range of solutions, networks, and partners. Mitchell provides the broadest range of technology and information enabled solutions to its clients. The company’s customer-driven design principles result in smart software and services that integrate seamlessly with the systems Mitchell clients already use–and its solutions simplify and automate each step in the claims handling and collision repair process, increasing productivity, accuracy, and efficiency. Decision-making information and expertise is driven deep into the design of Mitchell’s solutions to help its clients make smart decisions around claims, and to keep them in compliance with financial, medical, and other industry regulations. When companies use Mitchell’s software and services, claims are paid more accurately and efficiently, so clients see improvements in their business performance and their customers see better personal outcomes. A culture of innovation and passion: Mitchell’s employees rally around a set of shared beliefs and behaviors, which drive the company’s culture of innovation and the ongoing advancement of its technology. The company works closely with its customers to discover, design, and evaluate solutions through Customer Advisory Councils, on-site observation, field and onside customer observations and prototype and iterative testing.

Driving better business outcomes through the power of information: With the most current industry outlook and deep industry expertise, Mitchell helps its clients understand and respond to trends. The company’s unparalleled breadth and depth of software and services connects its clients to actionable insights and information for better decision-making. Bringing together the broadest range of solutions, networks and partners, the heart of Mitchell’s business is about connecting customers to an unparalleled breadth of smart solutions that help them process and make better decisions. Mitchell connects its clients to many networks and value chain partners to simplify and accelerate their businesses, and to help them find opportunities that extend their reach into new markets. By partnering with its clients, Mitchell develops an understanding of their challenges to better design solutions that truly meet customers’ needs. Mitchell’s comprehensive solution portfolio and robust SaaS infrastructure enables tens of millions of electronic transactions to be processed each month for more than 300 insurance companies, including much of the top 25 insurance payers, and more than 30,000 collision repair facilities. With an expanding global footprint, Mitchell products are currently in use across the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Mitchell International Headquarters in San Diego, CA.

MITCHELL 6220 Greenwich Dr., San Diego, CA 92122 800-238-9111 BUYER’S GUIDE 2020 107




al Polletta founded Monidex Distribution International back in 1983, with his goal being to provide customers with the best quality and selection of aftermarket parts. A lot has changed over the last 35 years in the replacement parts industry, but Sal’s vision has remained the same. With demands increasing and more and more manufacturers entering the industry, aftermarket parts have become a staple in the collision repair market and it is companies like Monidex that are driving that change. “The quality of the aftermarket part has come a long way since I first started,” said Polletta. “The replacement parts we have today are as high quality and as good as the original part.” Monidex maintains the superior standard of their parts through strict inspection programs. Many company parts are passed through both CAPA and NFS testing to be recognized as certified replacement parts. The result, more customers being provided with quality and reliable parts at an affordable price. As Monidex continues to grow, so too does its selection of parts. Not only does Monidex provide quality parts, but also a wide array of products for whatever the collision repair may be. “In most cases when a car is in an accident it suffers damages that require a variety of different repairs and parts, which can lead a bodyshop running around to different suppliers,’ said Polletta. “Monidex prides itself on having parts for both body and mechanical replacements. We are really a one-stop-shop for whatever part you may need.”

Monidex’s operation in Quebec.

Getting your hands on a Monidex part will now also be easier than ever, with the company expanding its delivery services. “We currently have 22 delivery vehicles leaving our Montreal location every day and servicing most of the province of Quebec and the Ottawa region,” said Polletta. “We have also recently added another delivery vehicle to our Dartmouth fleet bring our total to four delivery vehicles in Atlantic Canada. Being able to deliver our own products was very important to us, as it ensures that a high level of care is being accompanied with each delivery.” Currently operating three locations in Montreal, Monidex plans on combining its facilities and creating a 200,000 square foot location, to keep up with the growing demand for company parts. Monidex also operates a 45,000 square foot facility in Dartmouth. Monidex will continue to offer an extensive inventory, competitive prices and first class service every step of the way.

Patrick De Carvalho and Sal Polletta from Monidex.

MONIDEX DISTRIBUTION INTERNATIONAL 10700 Colbert Ville d’Anjou, QC H1J 2H8 800-463-4131 BUYER’S GUIDE 2020 109




orton understands that when you need the right sandpaper for your paint-stripping needs or the right grinding wheel to streamline production in your plant, it can deliver the choices that matter to your workforce, the environment, and your bottom line. The company is constantly looking for ways to improve your working conditions and simplify the job by eliminating dust or noise, reducing total costs by increasing the number of parts you can finish in an abrasive application, and considering the ergonomics of the application to improve worker comfort. “Right” means different things for every customer. And, if Norton does not have the solution you are looking for today, you can count on it to be developing that solution tomorrow. As a brand of Saint-Gobain, a world leader in sustainable habitat, Norton offers the widest portfolio of grinding, cutting, blending, finishing and polishing solutions for all markets, materials and applications with the most advanced and affordable technology. So, as your needs evolve, its access to the global expertise of Saint-Gobain becomes even more valuable to making a difference in your day-to-day needs. The company has excellent expertise at its largest research center located in Northboro, MA. Norton is proud of its strong presence in your communities across Canada and the U.S. Its 2,200 employees work in one of eight facilities. Norton is a global brand that delivers locally—its employees are imagining, making, delivering, and selling products you use

just around the corner. It brings deep experience and shares common values focused on delivering powerful, precise, and user-friendly solutions to any finishing/refinishing application. Saint-Gobain Abrasives aquires Farécla, a nice addition to the Refinish Solutions Group Norton has extended its umbrella brand to a polishing compound company, the U.K.-based Farécla. The name Farécla comes from the combination of the french words “shining” and “bright” which is a perfect description of what its product provides for collision repairers. Founded in 1952, Farécla has become one of the leading automotive surface polishing products on the market, and Norton is excited to invite them into its association. According to RSG, Farécla will fit well, as RSG provides “great access to a one-stop, comprehensive refinishing-solutions system to

increase productivity, reduce cycle time and improve quality.” “Saint-Gobain acquired Farécla in late 2018,” Ron Cuccia of Saint-Gobain Abrasives stated. “We are excited by the increased focus on collision repair and the technical expertise Farécla brings to engineer new solutions for the automotive market.” Norton encourages you to explore its site to learn more about its products, markets, applications and partnerships as well as how it can customize made-to-order solutions that work specifically for you.

Tom Kinisky, the CEO of Saint Gobain, outside the company’s North American headquarters.

NORTON ABRASIVES One New Bond St., Worcester, MA 01606 254-918-2313 BUYER’S GUIDE 2020 111




ast spring, Progi officially launched ProgiPlanning, its that best suits their needs in order to reap nearly immediate capacity manager, all across Canada. benefits. Finally, organization is key. Progi’s approach is to help collision shops meet their This capacity planning solution is an automated software, current and future challenges by providing digital solutions but it still needs a little attention. When kept updated, it simply that help improve their business processes. performs capacity management and profitability miracles. It is Diane Chaîné, president at Progi: “Several software solutions a winning investment. If because of ProgiPlanning, a collision feature a combination of tools to help with the shop’s capacity shop plans even just one more billable hour per week, it’s planning, but none of them are specialized. ProgiPlanning profitable. One of my clients, Ian Boissonneault of ProColor meets this market demand with extreme efficiency.” Val-Bélair, told us that a well-thought use of ProgiPlanning Many users, all collision networks combined, have test- simply made his profitability explode.” ed ProgiPlanning and are giving positive testimonials on the products and how it positively impacts their shop. Nothing is trivial about how easily ProgiPlanning finds its place in collision shops. Laurent Tri, Progi’s collision shops business systems analyst explains: “We have spent a long time studying the market and testing a Beta version of the solution. ProgiPlanning is finally ready. Last April, we introduced the product on a pilot scale. For collision shops questioning the usefulness of ProgiPlanning, I would first say that the solution lets you select the best moment to plan a repair. I would then add that its purpose is also to seize production opportunities, literally increasing profitability and optimizing the repair flow.” Charles Aubry, who gives support directly at collision shops, highlights ProgiPlanning’s success factors: “Communication comes first. The entire team must be on the same page with a desire to move forward. Then we look for the right recipe. ProgiPlanning is a simple and powerful tool. In the first week of implementation, Diane Chaîné, Progi’s CEO. the shop must figure the configuration

PROGI 500 rue Saint-Georges, Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada G9A 2K8 1-855-310-6343 BUYER’S GUIDE 2020 113




rom its early work with Ford on the all-aluminum Ford F-150 to the futuristic i4s Spot welder with a myriad of features not seen before, Pro Spot leads the industry in providing new and timely products and services to the collision industry. Based in Carlsbad, CA, Pro Spot celebrated its 30-year anniversary in 2018. Starting as a small, 1,500 sq ft manufacturing facility in neighbouring Escondido, Pro Spot has continually expanded Factory Technicians put the new i4S Spot Welder and now boasts a 70,000 sq ft location housing through its testing paces before shipment. manufacturing, R & D, engineering, education center, materials testing lab and head office sales, marketing and customer service. Led by founder, Ron Olsson, Pro Spot services the collision industry worldwide with additional offices, warehouse and education facilities in Nashville, Italy, Germany and Sweden. With its extensive distriIn 2018, Pro Spot opened its new Education and Training Center bution network, Pro Spot has the in Carlsbad with classroom and full demonstration areas. ability to provide on-site training and maintenance service to all of its customers with factory-trained representatives to serve Applications Engineering Laboratory shops needs. Earlier this year Pro Spot opened a brand new Materials “We believe that our purpose as a manufacturer is to provide Testing Lab at its Carlsbad location. This state-of-the-art lab the right products to the collision repair industry at the right features some of the latest and most advanced testing equiptime to help our customers repair vehicles with products that ment. Pro Spot now has the ability to work with all of the work with the latest OEM materials and processes. We can’t be latest materials being brought out by OEM’s to ensure that a manufacturer only these days. We believe it is our job also to Pro Spot equipment stays current with the latest materials provide the industry with beyond today training,” says Olsson. developments. Training and Education Center In 2018, Pro Spot opened its new education and training center in Carlsbad with classroom and full demonstration areas. Pro Spot Director of Training Ryan Swanson provides hands-on technical and sales training to distributors, customers and I-CAR training to industry technicians. Many OEM’s have used the facility to test out products for their collision repair programs.

Pro Spot Goes Green In 2017, Pro Spot decided to use the massive amounts of sunshine in southern California to good use. The entire roof of the Carlsbad headquarters became one giant solar panel. At more than 18,000 sq ft, it now provides clean renewable solar power directly to the manufacturing operations saving the manufacturing centre countless dollars.

PRO SPOT 5932 Sea Otter Place, Carlsbad, CA 92010 1-760-407-1414 BUYER’S GUIDE 2020 115




exall Laboratories and Chemicals is a proud, Canadian-owned corporation with more than a decade of experience in chemicals manufacturing and contract packaging. The products manufactured and packaged by Rexall Labs are centered around a variety of chemicals that were developed through many years building industry knowledge. One of the things that sets Rexall apart is its application knowledge and ability to customize and innovate products and packaging to meet each individual customer’s needs. The company has served clients in Western Canada and the U.S. in past 15 years in custom blending, packaging, and private labeling solvents, salts, acids, and solutions. In past few years, Rexall Labs expanded its territory to Eastern Canada through the acquisition of a few companies in Ontario to better serve its clients. Its commitment to providing high-performance products coupled with quick turnaround and excellent services at the right cost, makes the selection of Rexall Labs the right choice. Working together in an inclusive, performance-driven environment, it earns its customers’ business every day and its actions are driven by customer insights and helping them create value. LOW VOC Reducers: For years, Rexall’s R&D department have developed a general Basecoat reducer. This product has been tested with brands like PPG, Sherwin Williams, Valspar, Automotive Art Paint and more. They all come in Fast, Medium and Slow. Urethane Basecoat Reducer: Rexall’s Urethane Basecoat Reducers (UBR) are economical, compliance reducers which

offer low cost and phenomenal finish. It has been tested with all major brands. Pre – Cleaners: Wax and Grease Removers for the first step of your cleaning and Final Wash for your cleaning before applying paint. General Cleaner: Gunwash is one of the most popular economical all-purpose cleaners. Rexall Gunwash a virgin solvent which made from its line flush. Premium Solvent Cleaner 4320 is known as Lacquer thinner which is specially formulated for cleaning Gunwash and tools with the scent of Almond to make the cleaning job more pleasant. Premium Solvent Cleaner 7030 is a common thinner and cleaner with low odor and high strength.

REXALL LABORATORIES & CHEMICALS 445 Eastchester Ave. E St. Catherines, Ontario L2M 6S2 Canada 1-844-500-2436 BUYER’S GUIDE 2020 117


BUYER’S GUIDE 2020 118




ATA Canada opened for business on Jan 1, 2017, dating back to 1907. Its original focus was on medical inthe first full subsidiary of SATA GmbH & Co. KG. struments but began production of spray guns in 1925. The SATA paint spray equipment has been available following year saw the first spray gun patent and by 1931 the in Canada since the 1980s. The opening of SATA Canada company had its own line of commercially available SATA began a new era in how the company markets and services branded guns. its products for Canadian customers. In 1990 SATA introduced its High Volume Low Pressure The headquarters of SATA Canada is in Vaughan, Ontar- (HVLP) and Reduced Pressure (RP) technologies, which io. The facility, close to Toronto, occupies a total of 15,000 gave painters more options for atomization, while addresssq. ft., including offices, warehouse and training centre. The ing growing environmental concerns. headquarters also includes a service facility right in the In 2005 SATA pioneered a disposable cup system, SATA building, with the goal of turning any product around with- RPS (Rapid Preparation System) for the efficient mixing, in a 24-hour period. painting, refilling and storing of paint. SATA continues a traWhether high-end vehicles, exclusive yachts or designer dition of quality and technological leadership with the introfurniture, when glossy surfaces are of utmost importance, duction of the SATA air vision 5000 system for painter health painters swear by SATA. SATA products are designed and protection and the SATA trueSun LED colour check lamp. manufactured in Germany allowing demanding customers Introduced to North America at SEMA 2018, the new worldwide to obtain the perfect tools, to create perfect finishes. SATAjet X 5500 with the revolutionary SATA X-nozzle SATA sets the standard for paint spray guns, cup systems, system dramatically changes the landscape of the refinish breathing protection, filter technology and accessories. Our industry. SATA is the first spray gun manufacturer to ofclose cooperation with painters from various trades and indus- fer a nozzle system based on two distinct spray fan shapes tries as well as our research and development departments with for each nozzle size. Parallel and oval-shaped. The SATAjet application technicians from the leading paint manufacturers X 5500 provides an incredible wealth of perfect solutions. allow us to produce superior products of the highest quality. For all kinds of painters. For all kinds of paint systems and “SATA Quality” is a firm conviction for any painter: the climatic conditions. For all kinds of objects to be painted. reliability, durability and ergonomics of their SATA prod- Using only one spray gun. ucts are not something to be questioned. At SATA our success is an obligation to us. Our employSATA Canada is a proud supporter of Skills Canada, ees and distribution network will always do our best to enproviding equipment and access to our new training centre sure painting will remain plain fun. to prepare for World Skills in Kazan, Russia. SATA Canada is committed to training painters and encouraging new entrants to the refinish industry. Autism research and community support is the focus of SATA Canada fund raising. Over the last two years at CCIF Toronto, SATA Canada has auctioned special edition and celebrity signed spray guns for charity. SATA is a leading spray gun manufacturer with 276 employees, active in over 100 markets worldwide with 2,436 customers. John Turner, the general manager of SATA Canada The company has a long history of produc(left) standing proud with SATA-equipped painters. ing superior products of the highest quality

SATA CANADA INC. 125 Buttermill Ave. Vaughan, ON, L4K 3X5 1-905-660-1101 BUYER’S GUIDE 2020 119




he week before Orazio Spanesi’s 14th birthday, he was approached by a friend with exciting news. There was a job available. Orazio was enthusiastic because his family was very poor. So, he rushed over to meet with the business owner. During their conversation, he offered Orazio a job in a collision repair business and gave him a bicycle to use to get to work. “In those years, when we spoke about cars, it was something very special. “I loved straightening cars,” states Orazio Spanesi. The bicycle was too tall. But that didn’t stop Orazio. He learned how to ride the bicycle by putting one of his legs under the crossbar. He rode that bicycle to work over 11 miles each way to work for more than two years. Orazio Opens His Own Facility In the summertime of 1969, Orazio Spanesi opened his own collision repair facility in the village of Padova, Italy. Orazio used tools he created to repair his customer’s vehicles. “I knew immediately that I had the ability to create equipment,” explained Orazio. “I never did it just for me, but I made it with the idea of selling it.” While Orazio designed and tested his tools in his own business, he was also curious about what the rest of the world had to offer. He began travelling and visiting the national and international tradeshows, looking for just the right answer to his efficiency needs. Along the way, Orazio came to the realization that those tools didn’t exist, and the market was too slow to adapt to his business’s needs. Spanesi Is Born Orazio took his passion, intuition and experience to the collision equipment manufacturing industry in 1989 which was when he founded his namesake business, Spanesi. The very first frame-straightening bench was manufactured in 1989, along with the Spanesi Universal Jig System. To this date, the original Universal Jig System is still sold and has only had to be updated to accommodate aluminum vehicles. In 1992, Orazio’s recognized there had to be a better way of measuring vehicles. So, he set out to show the world how to measure, repair and document damaged vehicles. Designed

from the ground up, Spanesi produced their first Touch electronic measuring system—today being one of the most intuitive and accurate measurement systems available for the collision repair industry. One Brand, Complete Focus The OEMs, MSOs, franchise facilities and independents have all spoken and Spanesi is the choice for vehicle repair equipment around the globe. Spanesi’s vast and deep array of equipment offerings are accepted by the majority of OEM repair programs today. Spanesi is the only company to offer a complete Spanesi 360° Concept for the collision repair industry. From structural repair benches, three-dimensional electronic measuring systems, vacuum systems, prep stations, spray booths, MIG / MAG welders (aluminum, steel and silicon-bronze), squeezetype resistant spot welders, office furnishings, paintless dent repair systems and facility design services, no other company comes close to the product offerings being delivered to collision repair businesses globally. Even today, all of Spanesi’s products are used in Orazio’s collision repair facility, which is now surrounded by his legacy. Circa 1960

Orazio Spanesi, age 16, posing for the camera in the early years of his career as a “panel beater”.

SPANESI 123 Ambassador Dr. STE 107, Naperville, IL 60140 USA 224-772-6374 BUYER’S GUIDE 2020 121




peciality Product Sales International Inc. (SPS) was direct connection with equipment and products that cannot established by Jack Bergmann in 1986 and has been be achieved through on-line shopping. SPS further backs the supporting manufacturers and Canadian distribution products they represent with traditional in-person setup and ever since. Over the years, SPS has expanded across Canada service calls and personal telephone assistance. They also use with five dedicated sales representatives strategically located technology such live chats, YouTube and FaceTime as troublein Atlantic Canada, Quebec, Ontario, the Prairie Region and shooting tools to ensure customers are given fast and efficient British Columbia. product support. In the early years, SPS quickly gained a reputation as a quality representative for equipment manufacturers beginning with Uni-ram. Focusing on paint and body equipment the company expanded with additional product lines including Innovative Tools, Shop-Pro, Karajen, Autolift and most recently Dent Fix. Today, SPS also represents a strong line-up of paint related products and consumables in partnership with Dominion Sure Seal, EZ Mix, Presta Products, Shoot Suit, SM Arnold and Viledon. SPS is dedicated to providing products that will help businesses be as effective and efficient as possible. SPS only represents manufacturers that they believe in and promotes products that they trust. Speciality Product Sales takes pride in ensuring the members Team SPS at Dent Fix Training – California 2019. of the sales team have proper training on all product lines. SPS provides very effective means for manufacturers to support their products in markets that would otherwise be a challenge to reach. The SPS team attributes personal service as the key to their success. Participation in trade shows and product clinics across the country provides a platform for SPS to display products and provide live demonstrations and training. Customers have an opportunity to see firsthand the quality of products SPS represents and gain a working Larry Bergmann (SPS President) , Marc Bouchard (SPS Quebec), Jay Farquharson (Uniram), Josh Stoesz (SPS B.C.), Doug Dunning (SPS Ontario) – SEMA, Las Vegas 2018. knowledge of various product lines. This strategy provides a

SPECIALITY PRODUCT SALES INC 420 Deermont Court SE Calgary, AB T2J 5W7 403-271-9270 BUYER’S GUIDE 2020 123




ot everyone was a fan of the bulky, costly bench repair hind them, Wedge Clamp has stepped into a much brighter systems that started appearing in bodyshops back in global spotlight. the early days. Master collision repair technician Raine Additionally, since the Craftsman Group purchase, Wedge Ruitta longed for a much simpler and more affordable way to Clamp has taken on the distribution rights to a number of pull and straighten vehicle frames and components. new products. They include the ultra-efficient NitroHeat niSo he picked up a pencil and paper and started sketch- trogen spraypainting system, a sophisticated static-eliminating. The result, supported by his employer at a large and ing, hand-held, paint-prep device, the Eclipse Plus Electronic successful Vancouver operation, was a new way to anchor, Measuring System, and two plastic welding systems, Nitro measure and straighten damaged vehicles – a lightweight Weld and Fusion Plus. but incredibly strong system of wedges and clamps that Anchoring Wedge Clamp’s presence in the important used the shop’s concrete floor as an anchor base, adaptable U.S. market is the company’s base in Los Angeles, while in to any unibody vehicle. China, Asian business continues to expand from regional It was the first Wedge Clamp System. headquarters in Suzhou (near Shanghai). Since that time in the late 1980s, the amazing Wedge Clamp And in 2019, autobody business veteran Mark Greenberg System has slowly but surely been changing the car repair took the helm at Wedge Clamp, bringing years of valuable process in enlightened bodyshops all over the world–a pro- experience as an autobody repair technician (for which he cess that accelerated in 2014, when the company was wholly still holds his Red Seal Certification), realtor, bodyshop manacquired by the Craftsman Group of Companies, owner of ager, Alberta Regional Manager and General Manager of the well-known Craftsman Collision autobody chain. Business Development with Craftsman Collision. Today with more than 27,000 installations in North Wedge Clamp is excited to be championing technologies America and in countries as far away as Germany and Ja- geared to driving the autobody repair industry towards greatpan, autobody technicians are delighting in the many ben- er efficiency, environmental sustainability and profitability. efits of the Wedge Clamp’s ingenious simplicity. No more heavy lifting, no more unwieldy pieces of equipment, no more wasted space, and no more having to move vehicles around the shop every time you perform a different task. Instead, you can tie virtually any full-frame or unibody car or light truck to floor-mounted rails in under 10 minutes–saving time, effort and money in anchoring, measuring and pulling. Repairs are faster, easier and more profitable for the business owner. And clean-up is a breeze, with many of the components hanging in convenient space-saving racks on the wall, leaving a clear floor for the next job. The Wedge Clamp System’s light weight, portability and modest space requirements make it ideal for the many small and medium-size jobs comprising so many of today’s collision repair claims. And with the significant resources and Mark Greenberg, the vice-president of Wedge Clamp. marketing expertise of the Craftsman Group be-

WEDGE CLAMP SYSTEMS #170 – 21320 Gordon Way Richmond, BC V6W 1J8 Canada 604-207-9595 BUYER’S GUIDE 2020 125






3D Products ..................................... 22 3M Automotive .................................... 6 AkzoNobel .......................................... 8 Arslan Automotive ........................... 84 Assured Automotive ......................... 86 Audatex | Solera ................................ 88 Autel ............................................. 65,75 BASF................................................... 4 Betag................................................. 13 Cardinal Couriers .............................. 17 Car-O-Liner ....................................... 16 .................................... 90 CARSTAR Canada .......................... 127 Color Compass ................................. 94 Consolidated Collision Services ...... 92 DentFix .............................................. 96 Devilbiss ............................................ 52 Dominion Sure Seal .....................23,26 Elite Bodyshop .................................... 9 Equalizer ............................................ 34 E-Sheets ........................................... 67 Eurovac.............................................. 37 Finixa ................................................. 11 Flatline ............................................... 98 Formula Honda ............................... 100 Garmat .............................................. 15 Gard-X ............................................. 102 Global Finishing Solutions ............... 46


he start of another decade calls for new hopes and aspirations. What better way to celebrate than shopping for some exciting new equipment to increase your facility’s profitability. Welcome to Collision Repair magazine’s third annual Buyer’s Guide. Your positive response to our first two issues challenged our team to come up with something even bigger and better than ever. As the country’s leading multi-media outlet serving Canada’s collision repair industry, Collision Repair Magazine is once again delivering on its promise to produce the most informative content you depend on to keep ahead of the curve with maximum profitability. For each of the more than 160 products listed, you’ll find a quick overview, photo and an address that will bring directly to a website for more information. Putting together this Buyers Guide was a labour of love. It provided the opportunity for myself and our dedicated editorial and sales teams to meet so many people from all sectors of the industry as we scoured trade shows, local events and the world wide web to

your businesses succeed and to provide that content via whatever platform(s) you prefer. Updated daily, our website at includes much more information than we have room to print, so be sure to check it out on a regular basis. Our daily eZine delivers industry news, market trends, new product details, and more directly to you six days a week. Our reader preference studies show that the majority of you still prefer to receive the print edition of the magazine, and why not? It’s portable, and without the need for Wi-Fi! If your preference is digital, though, don’t worry; our digital editions include the same great content, and sometimes even more. Please keep in mind that our Guide is a constantly evolving work-in-progress and your feedback is always welcome. We try our very best to fit everything in neat and tidy categories but are always open to your suggestions. It is my solemn hope that this book helps provide your procurement decisions with a clear overview of what equipment providers

Innovative Components Inc ............. 81 Impact ............................................... 77 Krown .................................................. 7 LKQ ............................................. 72,104


Martech ............................................. 10 Max Flow Maintenance Inc. ............. 47 Mitchell............................................. 106 Monidex........................................... 108 Nitroheat ........................................... 82 Norton ............................................. 110 PBE .................................................... 94 Polyvance .......................................... 83 PPG Canada ....................................... 2 Progi ............................................... 112 ProSpot ........................................... 114 Rexall ............................................... 116 R.S.F.................................................. 53 SATA Canada .................................. 118 Sherwin-Williams .............................. 31 SIA ..................................................... 20 Spanesi .......................................... 120 Speciality Product Sales ............... 122 Symach ............................................ 48 UniParts ........................................... 39 URG .................................................. 29 Valspar............................................. BC Wedge Clamp................................. 124 Wurth................................................. 35

find the best and brightest products to make your purchasing decisions easier. Time is money and in your hands is the largest compendium of products ever to be printed. This year, along with the brand-new merchandise manufacturers have introduced, we also see some wonderful returning classics. Every product is available in Canada so go ahead and search the listing, pick the items that grab your attention and get on the phone with your local jobber, supplier or manufacturer directly. This Buyer’s Guide is also available online at Our goal is to bring you the content that helps you and


have on offer at the dawn of 2020. This is the first issue of our Buyer’s Guide publication to release post-SEMA—a deliberate move on our end to squeeze in every last bit of industry prediction into its pages. Please make sure to use it as much as possible.

Sam Houpt is an associate editor at Media Matters and the guest editor of the 2020 Buyer’s Guide. He can be reached at (905) 370-0101 or by email at