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Official Intraclub Newsletter •Thursday, October 1, 2009 •


NEWSLETTER Classic AIRSTREAM Club Fall 2009 Volume 2 Issue 4

the Airstream RV Association



Kay Corder CAC President

First I want to thank you for trusting me to lead the Classic Airstream Club this year. Secondly I want to welcome all the new members that have joined us this past year and hope we can contribute to some enjoyment by having rallies and caravans of interest to you. The Cottonwood Rally this winter will be held a few days after the Hobo Rally so if you come to the Hobo Rally we can travel together to Cottonwood. Lynn Conner has organized a wonderful caravan in Louisiana in March. Information about both of these events are included in this newsletter. A caravan is being planned for 2011 in the "Land of Lincoln". Our breakfast/business meeting has been arranged in Gillette at the Clarion and will be on June 29th from 7 to 9 am.

The “Eastern Wisconsin Lighthouses” Caravan was enjoyed by Bill Call, Mary Potter, Bob and Marge Bennett, Bill and Joan Butcher, Jimmy and Bettie Jones and Ben and Kay Corder. The weather was super nice and we saw many interesting things as well as a lot of historic lighthouses.

Contents: Page 1 President’s message Page 2 Officers 2009-2010 Page 3 Madison 2009 Page 4 Lighthouse caravan Page 5 Members talk Page 6: 2010 events Page 7: Caravan/Rally coupons Page 8: Editor’s and webmaster’s Messages

A big "thank you" to Bettie Jones and her officers for doing a super job this past year. If you haven't paid your dues, please do so as we want you in our new directory. Happy Travels, Kay Corder CAC President

“If you haven't paid your dues, please do so as we want you in our new directory. “ Please send your $10.00 check to Hallie Holmes #267, CAC Treasurer 6810 Stringer Lane, Flowery Branch, GA 30542-3877 Make check payable to Classic Airstream Club.

No Password to Remember! Your CAC newsletter is now accessible on the CAC website Without a password at:

Classic Airstream Club • Marie Efira, Newsletter Editor • Page 1 •

Official Intraclub Newsletter •Thursday, October 1, 2009 •

MEET YOUR C A C O F F I C E R S 2 0 0 9 -2 0 1 0

Kay Corder President 2009-2010 Past First Lady 2006-2007 816-524-5240

Jack Glouner Vice President Membership Chairman 239-598-4325

Gloria Hissong Corresponding/Recording Secretary 254-652-8720

Ed Efira Council Member - 1 Year Webmaster 650-759-5800

Mary Potter Council Member 3 Years 251-675-1396

Susan Bruce Council Member 2 Years 417-839-7405

Rich Stevens Public Relations Chairman Past President 2005-2006 918-257-4253

John "JT" Lester Membership Directory 254-863-5109

Marie Efira Newsletter Editor 650-823-4948

Hallie Holmes Treasurer 770-967-6380 6810 Stringer Lane, Flowery Branch, GA 30542-3877

Ben Corder Caravan Coordinator Nominating Chairman Past President 2006-2007 816-524-5240

Bettie Jones Past President 2008-2009 Past President 2007-2008

This page has been updated. Some phone numbers and email addresses of our continuing officers have changed. Classic Airstream Club • Marie Efira, Newsletter Editor • Page 2 •

Official Intraclub Newsletter •Thursday, October 1, 2009 •

MAD I S O N I N T E R N ATIONAL RALLY The CAC Annual Breakfast and Ice Cream social took place this year at the Clarion Hotel, close to the location of the 52nd International rally in Madison. Those 2 events were very well attended as usual and gave us the opportunity to welcome the new members and to catch up with our friends from all over the country and Canada as well. The past year officers were thanked for their efforts and the new officers were elected. Among the announcements, a caravan and a rally in 2010 and we are all looking forward to a great year of traveling.

Classic Airstream Club Breakfast in pictures You can view a slideshow of all the pictures on this page at: or view and download them full size from our CAC website at:

“Eastern Wisconsin Lighthouses” CAC Caravan from Madison WI July 5-15 2009 Relive the trip or discover the areas on the path of our 2009 caravan thanks to Bill and Joan Bucher Caravan Journal. Note of the editor: I unfortunately had to condense, edit and adapt Bill and Joan’s journal to be able to publish it in this newsletter but I hope that you will still enjoy reading it as I did. It is so well described that I feel that I traveled with them. Thank you Bill and Joan Bucher # 1467 for your work. The photos of the caravan are courtesy of Kay Corder.

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Classic Airstream Club • Marie Efira, Newsletter Editor • Page 3 •

Official Intraclub Newsletter •Thursday, October 1, 2009 •

JOURNA L O F A C L AS S IC C A R AVA N Day 1: We drove from Madison to Milwaukee and parked at the Wisconsin State Fairgrounds. The weather was perfect for the long drive to Kenosha Old Southport Lighthouse, on Lake Michigan. They used to build Nash cars in Kenosha and, in the Museum, they had about a dozen on display. Next stop was Kenosha North Pier and its red lighthouse. From there we drove to Racine North Breakwater Lighthouse, Wind Point Lighthouse and its fog horn museum. The hungry travelers stopped on their way at Johnny V’s Classic Café for dinner. It was close to 8PM when we reached the fairgrounds. Day 2: After a delicious pancake breakfast prepared by Ben & Kay Corder and served outside their trailer, we carpooled to the Old Port Washington Light Station, Port Washington Breakwater Lighthouse and its marina, to North Point Lighthouse, and from there to downtown Milwaukee. We crossed over the Milwaukee River and boarded a boat for a cruise. We passed by Milwaukee Breakwater Lighthouse and the Milwaukee Pier head Lighthouse and the guided tour continued out into Lake Michigan. We saw mountains of coal, sand, and iron ore. The view of the city from out on Lake Michigan is spectacular. We returned home and after lunch drove to the Harley Davidson Museum. We saw some amazing displays of Navy, military, post office motorcycles, land record speed bikes, hill climbers, and a dragster with two motors in line. Day 3: Mary Potter and Bill Call cooked a great breakfast of scrambled eggs, grits and thick bacon. We all left the Fairgrounds led by Jimmy and Betty Jones. Our caravan continued north on I-43 to Sheboygan and on to Gibbsville. It was a sight to see for the residents of this village of about 50 houses! There was no parking available but an elderly man came to our rescue and we parked two rigs at the old school house yard, one back into his driveway and three along the streets. At the Gibbsville Cheese Company, a small cheese factory, we saw all the cheese processing and got to sample about 8 kinds. The folks were very friendly. A few people came out to see the Airstreams and asked if we could leave the trailers behind for them! We continued north to Kewaunee Village RV Park. We ate lunch and went on to see 2 more lighthouses. Near the Kewaunee Pier Lighthouse, the color of the water was amazing, a blue green and a deep blue with the blue sky and the clouds like snow capped mountains. Kewaunee is a sport fishing village. Next stop was Algoma, another neat fishing town with colorful buildings and everything in order and manicured. We stopped at the Algoma Pier head lighthouse before returning to the campground. Day 4: Breakfast today was a variety of cream filled donuts and sticky buns. We all carpooled to Manitowoc, the Manitowoc Breakwater Lighthouse and the Wisconsin Maritime Museum. We enjoyed a 45 minute guided tour of the USS Cobia, a submarine about the length of a football field. There were 28 submarines built in Manitowoc in 1942-43 for WWII and over 7,000 people were employed to build the submarines. After lunch, we drove to the Two Rivers North Pier Head lighthouse and to Rawley Point Lighthouse, in the Point Beach State Forest. On our way home Jimmy Jones suggested we stopped at the Point Beach Energy Center a nuclear power plant. What a museum and display! At the end of the day, we had a wonderful cookout of grilled hamburgers with all the fixins and strawberry shortcake. Day 5: Our caravan left Kewaunee Village RV Park and we stopped about half way at the Cherry De-Lite in Forestville. We ate delicious samples and bought all kinds of cherry related goodies. Views of Lake Michigan, small clean towns with marinas, beautiful waterfront properties, golf courses… at the end of a 58 miles smooth drive, we reached Beantown Campground in Baileys Harbor. Our drive took us through dairy cattle country, occasionally a sign would advertise a winery or fresh peaches. We crossed over a bridge

and could see two other bridges. Was Door County a peninsula or an island? We went to the Fish Boil held each day at the Sandpiper Restaurant just 5 minutes from the campground. We arrived at 6:00 pm to watch the kettle of fish being boiled outside over a wood fire. Day 6: We carpooled to Cana Island Lighthouse, built in 1869 on this island, connected by a causeway. In 1902 a steel cladding was added to the tower to protect it from the icy storms. In addition we got to see the original Fresnel lens. We also got to walk to Lake Michigan Mary Potter and Past President Bettie Jones from both sides of the Island. We saw a video about the history of a steam ship carrying coal and iron ore that sank 2 miles from shore as it burned. We returned to the campground for lunch and we all gathered for a fried chicken dinner. Day 7: Last night a thunderstorm passed through past midnight. After a biscuit & Sausage Gravy breakfast in the community room, we car pooled to Sturgeon Bay and the Sherwood Point Lighthouse. We visited the Door County Maritime Museum and after lunch, we went on a smooth boat ride on the Chicago Fire Boat, on the river canal, then out to the lake through Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal past two more light houses. We got to see many of the beautiful water front properties and passed under three draw bridges. On our way back we stopped at a Farmers Market for cherries, peaches and strawberries. Day 8: Free day. Some of us traveled to Egg Harbor, a busy tourist town, where they had everything you don’t need and more of it! All the towns and villages towns were clean and well landscaped. We stopped at Murphy County Park and at a very nice Farmers Market, Wood Orchard Market, a third generation business farming almost 200 acres of primarily Honey crisp apples along with strawberries, raspberries, cherries and spring vegetables. We drove to Fish Creek, Sister Bay and after lunch, all the way to the end of Door County, Gills Rock and the passenger Ferry at Garrett Bay. We turned around at the Ferryboat landing and followed the road to Northport, Ellison Bay at Door Bluff Headlands County Park through heavy woods over dirt roads to the end of the park. Our leaders and co-leaders cooked up a delicious dinner and Joan had her famous peanut butter cookies for dessert. Day 9: We started off with a blueberry pancake breakfast and sausage prepared by the Leaders and helpers. Then the day went on with repairs on the trailers and visit to the local stores, restaurant, ice cream parlor and the remarkable Door County Library. The building is all stone and was donated by Mr. McArdle who made his fortune in Chicago by establishing the Sunbeam Co. Day 10: After fixing a few mechanical problems, we left Bailey’s Harbor for a 78 miles drive to Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers. Wow we could have parked 500 Airstream and still had room for 500 more units! The size of this place is the first thing that gets your attention. We made our way into the large complex to Curly’s Pub and had a delicious lunch. The massive foyer is one half of a football field. Continued next page

Classic Airstream Club • Marie Efira, Newsletter Editor • Page 4 •

Official Intraclub Newsletter •Thursday, October 1, 2009 •

MEMBERS TA L K Continued The stadium has 7 levels on one side, 6 on the other and can

hold 72,000 persons. There are two very large statues in front of the massive building. One is of Curly Lambeau who started the Green Bay Packers in 1919. He was a star player and coach with record world wins. Our group rode the elevator to the 6th level where we were escorted to one of the 168 sky box suites. We got to go down to the field level. When we walked through the tunnel where the players come out onto the field, they played the sound of a large crowd cheering as we approached the field. We left the Green Bay Stadium and drove 15 miles to Apple Creek Campground.

From left to right: Ben Corder, Bill and Joan Butcher, Jimmy and Jones, Mary Potter.

Day 11: We drove only 45 miles to Circle R Campground in Oshkosh, WI. We all parked and carpooled to the EAA Air-Venture Museum (Experimental Aviation Association). A collection of more than 250 aircraft includes home-built sport planes, gliders, barnstorming, helicopters, tracers and aerobatic planes as well as antique, military, Solar-powered and ultra light aircraft. The museum also has a multimedia exhibit as well as models, engines, propellers, components and cutaways to show structural design. There were hundreds of Jiffy Johns in groups of 5 and 10 that stretched for over a mile. After touring the large modern building we rode a tram to the other side of the runway to see Pioneer Airport. We got a sandwich at one of the hangars but passed on the airplane and helicopter rides. Including a trip at the gift shop, we spend about 3 hours at this grand museum. The weather today was again perfect although warmer in the mid 80’s. At 5:30 we all gathered at the local Golden Corral Restaurant for the final banquet. I lost count but I believe that we saw over 20 lighthouses during this Classic Airstream Club “Eastern Wisconsin Lighthouse Caravan”. Thanks to our leaders Kay & Ben Corder and Jimmy & Betty Jones for their leadership. They were busy directing, leading, making breakfast and guiding us to enjoy the caravan for the past 11 days.

Flamingo Saga by Marie Efira Is Florida already on your mind? Let’s see if you can answer this Flamingo quiz? Why do flamingoes like to stand on one leg? My experience is limited to Airstream flamingoes and I’d be tempted to answer: “just because the other metal leg won’t get into the plastic body or got lost during our last trip!” Well, you will be happy to learn that, according to a very serious study, “unipedal resting” helps conserve body heat. “The researchers did find that flamingoes prefer to stand on one leg far more often when they are standing in water than when standing on land…”... “...The birds also likely alternate which leg they stand on to avoid one leg becoming too cold.” Don’t try this at home! Still, next time I’ll walk on the beach I might give it a try… Might not work in the frigid waters on the Pacific! Which color are baby flamingoes scared of? The answer is pink! “Two baby flamingoes being hand-reared at London Zoo are causing surprise among staff because of their aversion to the color pink”. As you might know, baby flamingoes are white and one of their keepers is quoted saying “We are hoping to get them used to it (pink!) before they turn pink themselves - else they will be in for a shock!”. Shocking pink! Sources:“Why flamingoes stand on one leg” by Matt Walker, Editor, Earth News, August 13, 2009 newsid_8197000/8197932.stm “Baby flamingoes 'scared of pink'” BBC News, Thursday, 18 June 2009.

Have you moved? Call Hallie Holmes #267, CAC Treasurer at 770-967-6380 We do not want you to miss our next newsletter

Share your best recipes Eating on the road does not have to be boring. We all have our favorite recipes that make the trailer smell good and our friends rejoice. Email your recipe to Marie at for publishing in the CAC newsletter. Ingredients: 1 x 6 oz yogurt tub (or 6 oz milk) 2 tubs of sugar 3 tubs of flour (For an healthier version, use 2 tubs of white unbleached flour + 1 tub of white whole wheat flour) 3 large eggs 1/2 tsp baking soda 1 1/2 tsp baking powder 1 tub (6oz) canola oil (or melted butter) Optional: 1 tbsp dark rum and/or 1 tsp vanilla extract

Great on the road or perfect for the young bakers, this cake is easy as 1 2 3. Your measure is the yogurt tub. Using low saturated fats like canola oil, low fat yogurt or 1% fat milk, it makes a light and delicious accompaniment to your after dinner coffee or tea.

Marie’s Favorite Cake Recipe

Preheat the oven to 350° F. In a large mixing bowl, combine yogurt, eggs, sugar and oil (and vanilla and rum if applicable). Add sifted flour, baking soda, baking powder, and blend together until smooth consistency. You can also use a hand mixer. Grease a 9” round cake pan and bake at 350° F for 30-35 minutes. Test the middle of the cake with a sharp knife. I should come out clean. Variation: Marble cake. Divide the batter in two bowls. Mix half of the batter with cocoa. Pour the contents of the two bowls at the same time in the pan to obtain a marble effect. Tip: The cake is even better if you make it ahead of time. Leave it in the pan, cover with foil and refrigerate overnight.

Classic Airstream Club • Marie Efira, Newsletter Editor • Page 5 •

Official Intraclub Newsletter •Thursday, October 1, 2009 •

CARAVANS A N D R A L L IE S “Let The Good Times Roll!” “ Classic Airstream Club Caravan

Join us for the time of your life in Cajun Country March 12-March 21, 2010 3/12 and 3/13 - Lake Arthur (Lowry), LA Rendezvous at Myers Landing RV Park, Full Hookups, 1 meal included (Jambalaya)

Arizona Adventure Rally Classic Airstream Club Rally

Feb. 9 - 12, 2010

If you are headed West this winter be sure to join us at our Big Western Rally at Cottonwood, Arizona! Weʼll camp at the Dead Horse State Park. Sights to see:  Historic Jerome, Sedona, Indian Ruins, Verde Canyon Railroad, Trail Rides, Out of Africa, Casino, Golfing, Blazin M Ranch dinner show, B-B-Q and more!  

3/14 - Kaplan, LA White House Campground, full hookups. Lunch included. 3/15 and 3/16 - Pecan Island Partial hookups. 1 meal provided. Tour Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge rockefeller.cfm

3/17 - Grand Chenier Partial hookups Fishing and/or crabbing 3/18, 19, 20 - Cameron, LA Town Campground. Hookups. 2 meals provided. Fishing, bird watching and walking on the beach. 3/21 - Lowry, LA Myers Landing RV Park Stop at Cameron Prairie National Refuge. Evening meal is rib eye steak (you cook). Baked potatoes, charcoal and BBQ pit will be furnished. Leaders Lynn and Joyce Conner, phone (337) 774-5232 Cost is $250 for 2 people per trailer, $210 for one person per trailer, $30 for each extra person. The caravan is limited to 25 units and we anticipate a waiting list. We suggest you sign up early for this caravan by sending a $50 deposit to Lynn Conner, 229 Myers Landing, Lake Arthur, LA 70549. Make check payable to Classic Airstream Club. Full payment must be received by February 1st, 2010. There will be a $20 fee for any cancellation before March 1st, 2010. Leaders discretion after.

Cost $194 for 2 people per trailer, $150 for one person per trailer, includes 4 nights parking, 1 evening show and dinner, pancake breakfast, B-B-Q at Feddern ranch. Verde Canyon Railroad optional.  Deposit $50 payable to Classic Airstream Club by December 15.  Mail to Ben Corder, 1002 SW Allendale Blvd, Lee's Summit, MO 64081 phone 816-524-5240 or 660-287-3423. Want to know more? Useful links:

The caravan and the rally are opened to the Classic Airstream Club members only. If you are interested and are not a member yet, please contact our membership chairman Jack Glouner #326 at 239-598-4325 email: or submit the application that you can download on the Welcome page of the Classic Club Website at

Classic Airstream Club • Marie Efira, Newsletter Editor • Page 6 •

Official Intraclub Newsletter •Thursday, October 1, 2009 •

Arizona Adventure Rally

February 9-12, 2010

Name (Last) ____________________________ (First) ___________________ (MI) ___ Spouse _______________________________ WBCCI # ________________ Street, P.O. Box or Private Mailbox #_______________________________________

________________________________________________________________ City ___________________________ State or Province ______ Zip _________ Phone: (_____)_____________________ E-mail _________________________________________ My Classic Airstream is a [ ] Trailer [ ] Motorhome Model _______________________Year____________ Length_____________

[ ] Airstream w/2 adults: $194.00 [ ] Airstream w/1 adult: $ 150.00 Included is my check for [ ] Deposit $50.00 [ ] My full Payment of $____________ MAKE CHECK PAYABLE TO CLASSIC AIRSTREAM CLUB

Mail coupon with your check to Ben Corder, 1002 SW Allendale Blvd, Lee's Summit, MO 64081

“Let the good Times Roll” Caravan

March 12-March 21, 2010

Name (Last) __________________________ (First) _______________ (MI) ___ Spouse_________________________________ Guest_____________________________ Street, P.O. Box or Private Mailbox #_______________________________________

________________________________________________________________ City ___________________________ State or Province ______ Zip _________ Phone: (_____)_____________________ WBCCI # __________ E-mail _________________________________________ My Classic Airstream is a [ ] Trailer [ ] Motorhome Model _______________________Year____________ Length_____________

[ ] Airstream w/2 adults: $250.00 [ ] Airstream w/1 adult: $ 210.00 [ ] Guest: $ 30.00 Included is my check for [ ] Deposit $50.00 [ ] My full Payment of $____________ MAKE CHECK PAYABLE TO CLASSIC AIRSTREAM CLUB

Mail coupon with your check to: Lynn Conner, 229 Myers Landing, Lake Arthur, LA 70549 Classic Airstream Club • Marie Efira, Newsletter Editor • Page 7 •

Official Intraclub Newsletter • Thursday, October 1, 2009 •

Dear CAC members, I hope that you all enjoyed a great summer of traveling as we did. It was great to meet a lot of you in Madison and on the road as well. There is nothing more comforting than driving in the middle of a complete unknown area and crossing the path of another Airstream with a friendly driver and passengers waving at us, especially after I pick up my directories and find out that they are fellow CAC members. Now we are back and planning for new adventures. We’ll have more informations on the areas that we’ll be visiting during our caravan and rally in our next issue of the CAC newsletter. If you want to post announcements about your club related activities please contact me at before December 1st. This newsletter is a team work and the participation of all of you is welcome and greatly appreciated. Send your pictures, articles and comments and we’ll do our best to publish them in a timely manner in the newsletter and/or on the CAC website. Happy Halloween! Message from Ed, your webmaster And since we meet next time in January... Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Don’t forget to check the CAC website for pictures, news and updates at

Marie Efira Newsletter Editor In order to allow the reception of informative emails from the Classic Airstream Club, update your email spam filters with the Club address: If you would like to receive a notice when the newsletter has been posted on the CAC website, send an email to :

Marie Efira Newsletter Editor PO BOX 2038 Los Altos, CA 94023

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