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August 2013

The wicked flee though no one pursues, but the righteous are as bold as a lion. Proverbs 28:1

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How to Heal the Sick

Around The City Then this city will bring me renown, joy, praise and honor before all nations on earth that hear of all the good things I do for it; and they will be in awe and will tremble at the abundant prosperity and peace I provide for it. Jeremiah 33:9

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Dear City of Praise Family,

2011 We write to you this month with a bit of the emptier nestJANUARY syndrome. Three of our children are still home. However, as most of you know, our oldest, Joel Junior is now in college at Hampton University.

We always imaged that it would be difficult. But the reality of Joel Junior reaching this pivotal point in life is far more challenging than the imagining of it. We take heart because for 18 years, he has not only been under our training, he has also been under the watchful, protective and loving eyes of thousands of amazing father figures and thousands of outstanding mother figures. Our church rears excellent men. And Joel Junior has grown into an excellent young man because of you in his life. We wanted to take this opportunity to simply say, “Thank you!” We know that The City of Praise Family Ministries will continue to grow outstanding young leaders because of an outstanding body of Christ that places a high value on children’s and teen church. In the Around The City section, you will read about some of the great children’s church activities. You bless the work of the Lord every day by loving our children and teens. We love you!



Pastor Joel and Co-Pastor Ylawnda Peebles




How to Heal the Sick


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How to Heal the Sick Article August 2013title

...And these signs shall follow them that believe

By Joshua Rogers

At the beginning of the year, I said to myself, “I want to see the power of God move in my life. I want to see the same miracles that Jesus performed and not just see them but perform the same works that Jesus did. After all, John 14:12 says, He who believes on me the works that I do shall he do also and greater works shall he do.” Because I am a believer, ready to see these greater works, I began a quest to pray for the sick and get them healed. As I went out praying for the sick at the beginning, I noticed something, I did not see many if any results. I would pray, “Lord you said if we ask anything in your name you would do it. I’m filled with the Baptism of the Holy Spirit God and I believe your Word.” But as I continued praying for the sick, nothing seemed to happen. Talk about a testing of your faith. Now I knew the problem wasn’t with God. It had to be me. I asked Jesus why healings were not manifesting when I prayed for them? His response was, “I never told you to pray for the sick, I told you to heal the sick, son.” That is a mighty big difference. (Matt 10:7-8). As shocked and surprised as you are reading that quote that was my very response to the Lord as well. So Jesus showed me in his Word (Mark 16:17-18) “And these signs shall follow them that believe, they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.” From this scripture Jesus showed me a way in healing the sick, which can be called Point of Contact. When we come in contact with a person who is in need of healing and we lay hands on them, we do not pray but we command the sickness or pain to leave in Jesus name, and the power of the Holy Spirit that is working through us is released into the person

who is in need of healing. Jesus used this method of healing the sick often. Actually He used this far more than He did in all His ways of healing the sick. An example of this can be found in Matthew 8:14-15. Jesus healed Peter’s mother-in-law. After seeing Jesus heal this way, Peter committed this to memory and he healed the sick in the same manner. In Acts 3:1-8, he told the paralyzed man “Silver and Gold have I not but such as I have (which is the healing power of God) I give you. In the name of Jesus get up and walk.” He touched the man and commanded him In Jesus’ name to get up and walk. Can you guess what happened? The man walked.

And proclaim as you go, saying, ‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ 8 Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, cast out demons. You received without paying; give without pay. Matthew 10:7-8

When I began to use this method in a way of healing the sick the results exploded. People at my job were healed. I began evangelizing weekly on the street and complete strangers were healed, which has been a great witnessing tool because some will not believe unless they see signs and wonders. Co-workers actually come to me for healing when they are sick or in pain. Now I am not the healer, and you are not the healer but the Healer lives in you. He has given you the power of the Holy Spirit and His name to perform the works that He did. Let’s follow His direction and allow His wonders, goodness and grace to be seen in the earth. There are many other ways to heal the sick, which I will share with you in future issues.


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Share The Good News & Wear Jesus Out! by Pastor Joel Peebles

Every day people are being saved Most of us can relate to receiving exciting news and being unable to keep it to ourselves. Whether it is a birth announcement, a wedding announcement or even a career promotion announcement, your joy was so overwhelming that you could do little to remain silent. You had good news and wanted the world, or at least every single person that crossed your path, to know about it. You wanted to share the good news not only because it brought you joy, but also you knew that it would bring

joy to the people who loved you. As Bible believing followers of Jesus the Christ, you and I know the ultimate Good News story. We know The Gospel, which actually means good news. In “plain speak,” that good news is that Jesus came to seek and save the lost. Jesus lived a perfect, sinless life, and He died on the cross as payment for our sins. Because of His death and resurrection, you and I can have a relationship with God.

The good news is that whoever accepts Christ gets to escape eternity in hell. That’s right, I said it. In this modern, touchy feely, I’m ok, you’re ok world, some people get uncomfortable by the assertion that hell is real. Hell is literally burning in eternal flames and eventually it will be dumped into the Lake of Fire [Luke 16:19-31 & Revelations 20:14] Hell is an eternity separated from the love of Christ. It is something that you would not wish on your worst enemy. If you really believe that hell is real, you should be

sharing the good news every day of your life. If you have experienced God’s love through Jesus, you should share that love which is what will lead people to Christ. Sometimes it may be intimidating to share the good news with perfect strangers. And it may even be intimidating to share the good news with your family and friends. But the result of a Body of Christ that is silent is far worse than the discomfort of speaking out about the truth. The result of you not sharing the good news could very well mean that the people you love most on this side of heaven will not celebrate with you in eternity. People are coming into relationship with Christ because of a ministry determined to share the Gospel not only on Sunday morning, but also all week long. Our Wear Jesus Out Evangelism Ministry is reaching out to share the good news that God loves people and has a wonderful plan for their lives. People are healed instantly and delivered from alcohol, cigarettes and bondage because of God’s love. To learn how you can carry love and life to a lost world join them. Contact Rod Chavez at 301.267.7760 or

How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching? And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, "How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!" Romans 10:11-15

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One of the new City of Praise Family Ministries vans that will be used by our ministry teams to help spread the good news throughout the city.

August 2013 Article title

Earn A Service Award from The President of the United States The City of Praise Family Ministries is now a certifying organization that can award the President’s Volunteer Service Award which is known as the premier volunteer awards program, encouraging United States citizens or lawfully admitted permanent residents of the United States through presidential recognition to live a life of service. We want to encourage the youth and adults to volunteer and earn a medal from the President. This is a great opportunity for the high school students as well as our younger students.

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Fellowship of

the Believers

August 2013title Article

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Around The City August 2013

Soles for Jesus

The City of Praise Children’s Church shipped off 100 shoes that were collected over the year to Wisconsin based Christian nonprofit, Soles for Jesus. They will ship them on to Ethiopia and other African destinations. Each pair of shoes had a handwritten note from a COPFM child as well as cards. Excitement was in the air, as the children experienced the joy of blessing others by packing the shoes they had cleaned and repaired in boxes during a recent Children’s Church service. They are pictured here with the elders over the Children’s Church, Elder Preston and Minister Janice Johnson. The shoe drive will resume for gently used and new tennis and flat shoes in October and November.

Mega Back To School Baskets Donation Drive For Victims of Domestic Violence

Please support the Children’s Church by donating items that the children can use to create Mega Back To School Baskets for boys and girls who are living in shelters due to domestic abuse. Items needed include: puzzle and coloring books, pencils, pens, crayons, backpacks, rulers, paper, other school supplies, blankets, wash cloths, body wash, lotion, toothpaste, white socks and lunch boxes. The target age groups are children in preschool to eighth grade. Collection Dates: Sundays -August 11th, 18th and 25th & September 8th during Children’s Church

Scan the QR Code or visit the church website to view the full August 2013 calendar.

Stay connected to happenings at The City. Text “praisehim” to 71441. Men of Ntegrity - Praise Report

I have been blessed by the Men of Ntegrity since they started working for the

church members by helping them do everything from landscaping to differ-

Church Office Number 301.267.7760

ent things around the home. It has been awesome. They all show up at your house and will do exactly what you ask them to do. May God continue to allow them to bless us and may God bless each and every one of them. - Minister Poindexter To learn how you can join the Men of Ntegrity Ministry and bless members of The City of Praise Family Ministries call the church office 301.267.7760.

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