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June 2013


The wicked flee though no one pursues, but the righteous are as bold as a lion. Proverbs 28:1

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Congrats Grads

Dear City of Praise Family, This June 2013 issue of the Lion’s Roar is an opportunity to celebrate our graduates and salute our fathers. As we survey the beaming smiles of the graduates, our hearts are filled with joy. We know the sacrifice and hard work that was required to get you to this point in your academic life. In the coming weeks, you will all most likely hear inspiring commencement speeches. We simply want to say that as you close the chapter on one phase of your life, the days do not mark an end. It really is a commencement, a beginning. These days mark the start of new promises and blessings. Use your gifts and knowledge to bring honor to Christ. To the wonderful fathers of The City, we cannot thank you enough for the strong, positive, outstanding examples that you set every day. The City of Praise Family Ministries is growing by leaps and bounds because of your presence in the church. God Bless You,

Pastor Joel & Co-Pastor Ylawnda Peebles In My Father’s Eyes

Lessons From Childhood



A Hedge of Protection

Praying for Your Pastor


Congratulations Graduates Pomp & Circumstance





Pastor Joel Peebles & CoPastor Ylawnda Peebles gave the opening prayer at a recent meeting & ride of the Prince George’s County Motorcycle Club

In My Father’s Eyes A Love for My Mother That Provided A Strong Foundation By Pastor Joel Peebles

The filmmaker, Julie Dash once wrote, “History is not what actually happened even if it is written in a book. The history that most people will remember and believe is what they see on the silver screen.” For almost five decades, the silver screen has worked to create a history of fatherhood that is distorted and false. The mainstream media minimalizes the important role that fathers play in the family. The attacks on fatherhood are subtle, but powerful. We find the attacks in lighthearted commercials that mock dad as an inept buffoon incapable of following through on the most mundane and simple tasks. We also see blatant and overt marginalization of dad in mainstream television shows and movies. If Julie Dash is correct, then history will record modern fatherhood as silly at best and irrelevant at worst. You and I know that this is the furthest thing from the truth. In the most practical way, fathers are very relevant. There is no man or woman alive today who did not come to exist without the contributions of an earthly father. So, let’s just dispense with the idea that fathers are not necessary. Whether we love ‘em or could leave ‘em, dads are critical to our earthly journey. Now to the fathers, I want to say in every way, we must begin to aggressively and deliberately defy this notion that we are nonessential members of the family. As a child my father’s very active presence in everyday family life set a powerful example that will not only bless me, but it will also bless my children. James Peebles’ example of fatherhood will bless my children as they see me behave as my father behaved, from praying over their meals at dinner time to standing up for them in the school room and disciplining them in the living room. My everyday presence in their lives is essential. My sons and daughter are blessed as they see my relationship with my wife, their mother. I know I’m about to ruffle some feathers, but yes, I said it, “My Baby Mama is my Wife.” And in my eyes, they see a love for their mother that gives them an emotionally stable foundation. In my father’s eyes, I saw his love for my mother and as a child their unconditional love for each other gave me comfort. Fathers, I know marriage is not easy, but it is a good and stable choice for your children. And because we know that marriage takes work, Co-Pastor Ylawnda and I have committed to being your partners, counselors and old family friends. Co-Pastor Ylawnda and I have been ministering to married couples for nearly 20 years. I encourage you to visit the church website to learn about couples and marriage counseling. To me it is remarkable that after the Civil War, free Black men would walk hundreds of miles to be reunited in marriage with the mother of their children and today some men find it difficult to walk down the street to marry the woman they claim to love, with whom they have fathered multiple babies. With 70% of all Black children being born to single mothers, I encourage fathers to buy a ring, take a knee and give your sons and daughters a truly stable foundation by showing them what commitment looks like. 03

The Praise Report Patience, Grace & Mercy

by Bettyleen Smith-Jimenez

In the last month, I have received two blessings. I have been in pain for over a year. My doctor said I would need another surgery on my kidney. On Sunday April 28th, Pastor Joel encouraged us to come back to intercessory prayer on the following Monday. After Monday night service, I felt that my God had healed me. I went to the doctor’s office a few days later and the doctor looked at my test and said, “No Surgery.” Only my God could work this out. My second testimony involves an insurance company that put my husband’s policy on hold because they needed to investigate my claim because my husband has not been on the policy for two years. But my God had the last word. I went to the mailbox and saw a check from that insurance company in the full amount of that policy. I want to thank God for giving me patience, grace, and mercy while waiting for my blessing. I want to thank God for reminding me who had my back. What a mighty God I serve!

by Malika Carey

trusting God

After the special prayer service that Pastor Joel called last month, I knew in my heart something special was about to happen and God was up to something. I called all of my family and asked what they were trusting God to deliver. I asked myself the same question. I was trusting God to take care of me while I finished my degree. 1. I offered a prayer request for my cousin Leslie Clark, who is fighting cancer and had to have a tumor removed. She went through a successful surgery and is now home resting comfortably. 2. I wrote a friend’s name on the list who spent 9 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. I just wrote “RESTORATION” next to his name. That night after prayer service, he called me to say the entire case was dismissed! His name will be restored, teaching certificate restored and he will gain financial restitution for everything the devil stole. 3. Finally, the day after the prayer service, I was cleaning up and picked up an envelope that looked like junk mail. As I was getting ready to throw it in the trash, God said open the letter. So I opened it. And it was a check for $800 from my mortgage company. Be mindful that I owe my mortgage company a lot of money, but they sent me a check. I am no longer in foreclosure status and I have 60 days to modify my new loan and get the principle on my house reduced! We serve an uncommon God who has given us uncommon pastors. They did not tell us the blessing was going to come because we sowed some crazy financial offering. All they said was “Show up.” God moves by our obedience. As we obey, the blessings come. I am so privileged to sit under Pastor Joel and Co-Pastor Ylawnda.

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A Hedge of Protection by Joshua Rogers First I must say this, simply having the title of Pastor, Elder, Minister, or etc. does not make them better or more anointed than the average church attendee or new convert. However that title does bring a greater responsibility, mandate and accountability from man and especially God. James 3:1 AMP “Not many should become teachers, my brethren, for you know that we will be judged by a higher standard and with greater severity.” The vast majority of congregations around the world are ignorant about the daily warfare in the natural and spiritual that their leaders face, not including the sacrifices one makes in that position. One way to assist leaders of the ministry is prayer. The importance and power of prayer cannot be overstated. As I write this, Holy Spirit led me to Job where it mentions he prayed for his children as often as possible (Job1:5) and during the time when the devil was roaming around seeking one to devour( 1 Peter 5:8) he found one who himself had no one praying a hedge of protection over him. As a leader in training at COPFM, members ask me often, “What can I do to help more?” I always say be present for services, join a branch of ministry and pray, pray, pray for Pastor Joel and Co-Pastor Ylwanda, their family and the Ministry. Here are a few pointers on praying for your church leadership. 1. Cover the pastors and their family in the blood: As Co-Pastor tells us on a regular basis the enemy cannot pass the blood line. Exodus 12:23 “…and when he sees the blood on the lintel, the LORD will not suffer the destroyer to come in to your houses to smite you.” 2. Ask God to keep our pastors away from sin: Psalms 19:13 “Keep back your servant also from presumptuous sins;” Psalms 26:3. 3. Our pastors’ relationship with God and family remains strong: Deut 6:5; Songs of Solomon 7:10, Eph 5:25, 6:4; 1 Tim 3:2-5. 4. Pray for the Fruits and Gifts of The Spirit to be evident in their life: Gal 5:22-25, 1 Cor 12:111, 14:1. 5. Pray that Holy Spirit speaks clearly and gives direction to our Pastors: Acts 5:29 6. Pray that God reveals those with impure motives in pastors’ social circle (workers of evil): Psalms 2:2-5; 1 Kings 13:1-22. 7. Pray that God will raise up people in the ministry to assist (This prevents burnout): Exodus18:13-25; Acts 6:2-5 8. Pray that the Lord binds all demonic inspired opposition towards the ministry: Acts 4:29-30, chapter 27, Eph 6:10-18 9. Pray for the finances for the ministry: Psalms 118:25 10. Pray for church growth: Acts 2:47, 5:14

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