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香 港 旅 遊 指 南 OC TOBE R 2019 年10月


Magazine of the Hong Kong Hotels Association






Pubs and Clubs to Hit for Your Nighttime Adventures 夜探酒吧 暢飲消閒

HO N G KO N G ’ S PRE MI E R D E S TI NAT ION M AGA Z INE 香港優 質 旅 遊 指 南

OUTWARD BOUND | 內地探索 GBA and Beyond: Grand Lisboa Hotel 粵港澳大灣區及周邊: 新葡京酒店



Art Galleries, Exhibitions, Antique Dealers, and Fascinating Museums 畫廊展覽資訊、古董店尋寶、博物館探知



The Best of Hong Kong 觀光探勝




This Month's Events and the City's Biggest Occasions 本月精彩節目及城中盛事



Kai Tak – Arrival and Departure 建造啟德傳奇



Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival 香港美酒佳餚巡禮

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Hong Kong Treasure Hunt 尋寶之旅



Autumn – Winter Make Up and Fashion 秋冬護膚新品 & 時尚新款



Sophisticated Fine Dining with Stunning Harbour Views 精緻美食,驚嘆海景



Your First Stop for the City's Best Restaurants 來港必打卡餐廳的第一站




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Tips for Travellers 出入須知



My Pick of the Month: Discover the colourful street markets of Kowloon 本月推薦:探索多姿多彩的九龍街市

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e welcome you to Hong Kong and to CityLife, the monthly magazine for visitors to Asia’s World City. October is always a busy time in Hong Kong as the city’s event calendar brims with mega-festivals, major trade shows and marquee performances. The weather for the most part is agreeable as mild temperatures throughout the month allow visitors to explore the city in relative comfort, making it ideal to head out to the countryside or just walk the streets of Hong Kong. The highlight event this month is the Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival, now in its 11th edition. Tens of thousands of food and wine lovers plus hundreds of food and wine exhibitors from all over the world gather for a four-day extravaganza of excellent wines, other alcoholic beverages and superb cuisines. If you happen to be in town, it’s an event not to be missed. Check out our cover story on page 10 for more details. As a fun way to explore the city and learn about its history, how about playing CityLife’s own Treasure Hunt game? Take up the interesting historical facts as clues to lead you to visit places and areas that you might otherwise miss. We promise that each is well worth the visit, and will leave you with a new appreciation for the heritage of our varied city. Please go to page 14 to take up the treasure trail. The large trade shows are in full swing this month, spearheaded by the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Fall Edition), Global Sources trade fairs and others. How best to entertain thousands of attendees? Why not take in a day at the horse races? Hong Kong’s favourite pastime, normally held on Wednesday nights at Happy Valley or on Sundays at the Sha Tin Racecourse. We won’t guarantee you bountiful winnings, but we can promise exciting racing action and a wonderful slice of Hong Kong life. October also means it’s time for Halloween, which Hong Kong has long embraced in some style. Expect crowds in ghastly garb or just bizarre costumes to come out in droves. The big theme parks offer Halloween extravaganzas throughout the month, including Ocean Park’s ever popular evening activities; all well worth checking out. Finally, why not catch a Cantonese opera performance for a sense of the city’s vibrant Cantonese culture? Take in a show or two at the Xiqu Centre, the city’s latest performance showcase and the new home of Cantonese opera. You’ve come to the city at just the right time. Along with all the festivals and trade shows, we encourage you to take time exploring the city’s treasured spots and take in some local cultural and sporting activities. Enjoy, and we wish you a memorable visit to Hong Kong.

歡迎大家蒞臨香港,《東方之珠》月刊向您介紹香港 這個亞洲國際大都會。 十月一直是香港最繁忙的月份之一。本月有大型節 日活動,貿易展覽和精彩表演。香港的天氣大部分時間 是宜人的,這個月氣溫適中,遊客可以舒適地遊覽這座 城市,是戶外探索或漫步香港街道的理想月份。 本月活動的重頭戲當然是第 11 屆香港美酒佳餚巡 禮。數以萬計來自世界各地的美食和美酒愛好者以及數 百個美食美酒參展商齊聚一堂,為大家帶來為期四天的 盛宴,屆時會有優質葡萄酒,其他酒類和一流美食。如 果您恰好在香港,不容錯過。詳情請查看我們在第 10 頁的封面故事。 跟著《東方之珠》的腳步,以一種有趣的方式探索 香港和了解這裡的歷史。這次出行我們以有趣的歷史事 實為線索,讓你去參觀一些可能錯過的地方。我們向您 保證,這些地方都值得參觀,最終會對香港的文化遺產 有新的認識。請查看第14頁了解所有寶藏景點。 大型展覽活動本月正全面展開,其中以香港秋季電 子產品展、環球資源展等展會為特色。香港是怎樣“招 待”數以千計的遊客呢?何不體驗一次賽馬比賽?賽馬 是香港人最喜愛的娛樂活動,通常於星期三晚上在跑馬 地舉行,或於星期日在沙田馬場舉行。我們不能保證您 可以贏大錢,但可以保證您欣賞緊張刺激的比賽,度過 的美好時光。 萬聖節也在 10 月。香港擁有豐富萬聖節活動。屆 時穿著恐怖服裝或怪異服裝的人群蜂擁而出,大型主題 公園也在整個月提供鬧鬼屋之夜,包括海洋公園的主題 萬聖節活動,來看看吧。 最後,去看一場粵劇表演吧,感受一下這個城市充 滿活力的粵劇文化,推薦您去戲曲中心,這裡擁有最新 的表演展示廳,也是粵劇的新家。 本月是來港的好季節,推薦您您慶祝各種節日和參 觀貿易展,花時間探索城市的珍貴景點,並參加一些當 地的文化和體育活動。祝您玩得愉快,並祝您有一個難 忘的香港之行。

Rebecca Kwan 關淑華

Chairman, Hong Kong Hotels Association 香港酒店業協會主席






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Where is Peter Rabbit ?

Handed down from generation to generation, these stories hold a special place in our hearts, so whether a warm hug of fluffy nostalgia, or the perfect introduction to Beatrix Potter’s Tales, this is a truly charming production for the whole family to cherish and enjoy together. 代代相傳故事再次登上熒幕,在我們心中佔據著特殊的位置,無論是一個懷舊的 溫暖擁抱,還是對 Beatrix Potter's Tales 故事的完美演繹,都讓人懷念有心動, 帶著全家人一起來享受回憶滿滿的舞台。

Drama Theatre, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts 香港演藝學院戲劇院; HK$215-$475; Various times; 3128 8288;

1-2 & 4-6 & 8-12 OCT

Chinese Opera – Farewell My Concubine (New Adaptation)

The Xiqu Centre's first ever commissioned work, Farewell My Concubine (New Adaptation), premiered in 2017 and has received overwhelming reviews for performances in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and mainland China. The production was also recognised as the Best Experimental Xiqu Award at the China (Beijing) Performing Arts Expo 2018. The Hong Kong re-run will be staged at the new Xiqu Centre venue.


小劇場粵劇《霸王別姬》(新編)是西九文化區戲曲中心首部委約作品, 於「2016上海小劇場戲曲節」首演,隨後受邀至北京、泉州、新加坡、台 北等城市演出,廣獲好評,榮獲「北京2017年度最佳小劇場戲曲」獎項。 繼2017年後,今年再度回歸香港舞台。

Studio, Xiqu Centre 戲曲中心排演室; $220; 7:45pm; 2200 0022;

4-7 OCT

Fine Art Asia 2019

Fine Art Asia is recognised by the international art world as Asia’s leading fine art fair. On display are museum-quality art works spanning over 5,000 years of cultural history, from ancient Chinese bronzes through to contemporary art.

典亞藝博 2019

典亞藝博是國際藝壇公認為亞洲最頂尖的藝術品博覽會。場內展出的都是 經過嚴格籂選、質素達博物館級的藝術珍稀。從古典中國青銅器到當代藝 術,大會將跨越五千年人類文明的藝術結晶共冶一爐,呈現觀眾眼前。

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre 香港會展中心; Adults : HK$200 (Admits two), HK$120 (Admits one) 成人: 港幣200元 (可供二人進場),港幣120元 (可供一人進場); (Friday to Sunday )11 am – 7:30 pm/ (Monday) 11 am – 6 pm (星期五至日) 上午11時至下午7時30分/ (星期一) 上午11時至下午6時; 3107 0681

4 | OCTOBER 2019

13-16 OCT

Hong Kong Electronic Fair (Autumn Edition)

The annual HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) and electronicAsia are being held concurrently. The two fairs bring together more than 4,100 exhibitors from across the globe in the world's largest electronics marketplace, showcasing a wide variety of intelligent products, innovative technology and electronic components.


全球矚目的世界級電子盛會「香港貿發局香港秋季電子產品展」和「國際 電子組件及生產技術展」即將同期舉行。兩項展會將雲集逾4,100家環球 參展商,組成全球最大的電子產品商貿平台,向來自世界各地的買家展示 各類智能產品、創意科技、尖端電子組件及技術。

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, 1 Expo Drive, Wan Chai 灣仔博覽道1號香港會議展覽中心; Various times 不同時間; HK$100; 1830 668;

17-27 OCT

Marco Polo German Bierfest

Mark your calendars and then head to the Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui for a fun-filled evening of authentic German food, a head-spinning selection of beers, and late-night dancing. The Bierfest will once again bring you famous tunes by a band from Germany. So, don your lederhosen and remember to look your drinking partners in the eye as you say Prost!

2019 德國啤酒節

一年一度矚目盛事 —這個大型的戶外啤酒節,帶來地道的德國美食、美酒, 遊戲及音樂表演,讓您在維港璀璨的夜空下,盡情吃喝玩樂!

Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel (Viewing Platform, Level 6) 尖沙咀海港城馬哥孛羅香港酒店 6 樓海景露天廣場; 6pm-11pm; Various price 不同票價; 2113 3217;

18-21 OCT

Global Sources Mobile Electronics

The world’s only mobile electronics sourcing show, with 3,800 booths of devices, AR/VR, wearables & accessories, plus Startup Launchpad and Tech Gifts


全球唯一主打移動電子的採購展覽會!匯聚逾 3,800 個展位的移動電子裝置、AR/VR 、可穿戴 產品及配件,另設 Startup Launchpad 及「科技禮品展」

Asia World-Expo, Hong Kong 亞洲國際博覽館; Various times 不同時間; 8121 2000;

20-23 OCT

Asian Gifts and Premium Show

For over 25 years, every October, the Asian Gifts & Premium Show – one of the five Mega Show Series – has been the most important sourcing showcase, presenting the broadest range of Asian gifts and premiums in Hong Kong. The 2019 edition is as strong as ever with a comprehensive line-up of more than 1,450 exhibitors at 1,900+ booths.


亞洲禮品及贈品展是本月五場大型展覽之一。在過去的25年裡,亞洲禮品及 贈品展一直是香港最重要的採購展,每年 10 月展出最全面的禮品及贈品。 2019年將會有1900多個展位,超過1450家參展商的強大陣容。

27-30 OCT

Global Sources Lifestyle (Gifts & Home) This dedicated show for design-led lifestyle products features today’s rising and in-demand product categories – sports & outdoor, travel goods and health & beauty.

環球資源 Lifestyle 展(禮品及家居)

主打品質生活用品的採購展覽會,聚焦行業新興熱門產品類別,涵蓋「運 動及戶外產品」、「旅行用品」、「個人護理及美容產品」等產品。

Asia World-Expo, Hong Kong 亞洲國際博覽館; Various times 不同時間; 8121 2000;

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre 香港會議展覽中心; 2700 6726;






31 OCT 3 NOV

4,11, 18-20, 24-27, 31 OCT

Ocean Park Halloween Fest

The thrills and excitement of Halloween at Ocean Park are hard to beat, as every Hongkonger knows. This year, the eagerly anticipated Halloween Fest turns Ocean Park into Hong Kong’s largest sphere of spookiness with six haunted zones. Two of the zones – “Hong Kong Hauntgrounds” and “The Old Street of Hungry Ghosts” – are inspired by Hong Kong urban legends. Another haunting ground “Phantom Estate 2.0 presented by WeChat Pay” incorporates design elements by a creative local university student. Clever use of smartphone and AR technology serves up an enhanced interactive experience for visitors. Book early.

海洋公園哈囉喂全園祭 今年哈囉餵,愈夜愈猛鬼!沒有比海洋公園更適合感受刺激萬聖節的場所, 今年整個海洋公園驚變香港史上最大鬼域,整場分為六個鬼域。 “香港靈 異結界 和“盂蘭老大街”源自香港都市傳說。另一精彩項目是「微信支付 呈獻厲鬼邨.異點靈」,融合了當地大學生的設計元素。智能手機和 AR 技 術將增強遊客的體驗感。歡迎來港體驗,記得提前預定!

Various times and price 不同時間及票價 ; 3923 2323 ;

3 Nov

Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival

Hong Kong’s mega culinary event luxuriates in its 11th year with sophistication and class. The event is expected to attract tens of thousands of food and drink lovers from all over the world and hundreds of local and international exhibitors featuring a dizzying array of wines and superb food. This year, the festival is offering more new wines and other alcohol, and exotic regional foods, as well as launching several green initiatives including reusable cutlery, self-service water stations, food donation collections and waste recycling. The festival also features live music in the evenings, an interactive festival map to navigate the zones, plus workshops and auctions to enhance the visitor experience.

香港美酒佳餚巡禮 第11屆香港美酒佳餚巡禮如約而至,定會熱鬧非凡。此次活動將有數以萬計 來自世界各地的美食愛好者和過百個美酒和美食攤位,這些攤位由本地和國 際參展商設立,包括各式葡萄酒和一流美食。 今年,香港美酒佳餚巡禮會推出更多新款葡萄酒和其他酒品,以及地方特色 美食。此外還將實行多項環保舉措,包括可重複使用的餐具、自助飲水區、 食物捐贈收集和垃圾回收等。該活動還設有音樂表演,AR 活動地圖,以及 佳釀拍賣會,讓遊客盡情享受節日氣氛。

Please visit our cover story on page 10 for more details. 詳情參見第十頁“封面故事”

The Hong Kong Jockey Club: Horse Racing For a genuine Hong Kong cultural experience, try your luck at the horse races, the city’s favourite sporting pastime, featuring passionate crowds, trackside entertainment and thrilling races. There are usually two meetings per week: Wednesday night at Happy Valley Racecourse, and the weekend at Sha Tin Racecourse.

In the highlight of coming race meetings, all eyes will be on the Sa Sa Ladies’ Purse Day race meeting on 3 November featuring exciting races accompanied by a glittering programme of fashion activities. The Tourist Zone (2/F, Grandstand II) at Sha Tin Racecourse offers a spacious and comfortable environment with its balcony a prime site for expansive views of the giant Diamond Vision screen and the racetrack where visitors can experience all the thrills of the races. There’s live Putonghua commentary and numerous LCD TVs broadcast real-time racing updates. It’s an experience not to be missed.

香港賽馬會: 賽馬日

要想體驗真正的香港文化,不妨試試賽馬,這是香港最受歡迎的體育活動,熱情洋溢的觀眾、著名的賽馬儀式和驚險刺 激的比賽。通常每周有兩場賽事:星期三晚上在跑馬地馬場舉行,週末則是在沙田馬場舉行。 為迎接即將到來的精彩賽事,沙田馬場將於11月3日舉辦莎莎婦女銀袋日比賽,激動人心的比賽和精彩的時尚活動定會讓 您流連忘返。 專為旅客而設的沙田馬場「遊客專區」(2樓2號看台),設計時尚簡約,環境寬敞舒適,客人可於觀馬露台遠眺戶外大 屏幕和馬場跑道的壯麗景緻,馬匹競賽實況一覽無遺。場內提供普通話現場評述及多部高清電視,沙圈動態和賽馬資訊 盡在你掌握之中。

Sha Tin Racecourse 沙田馬場; 11:00am-6:00pm 上午11時至下午6時; Racecourse entrants must be aged 18 or above 入場人士須年滿十八歲;

6 | OCTOBER 2019






Arthur Hacker lays down the founding facts of Hong Kong’s first international airport. 亞瑟 · 克赫為你解說香港第一 個國際機場 1




ai Tak aerodrome was opened with much ceremony by Hong Kong's governor, Sir Reginald Stubbs, during Chinese New Year in 1925. In its early years, the Hong Kong Flying Club and the Royal Air Force shared the airstrip's primitive facilities. Then in 1936, with a new control tower and facilities, regular services were established to America (Pan-American Airways) and London (Imperial Airways), as well as to other Asian centres. When the Japanese invaded Hong Kong during World War Two, they built two concrete runways using prisoners-of-war (POWs) as forced labour. Some British POWs deliberately fabricated concealed traps in these runways that wrecked a few Japanese planes. Shortly afterwards American air raids put the airport out of action. After the war, Kai Tak International Airport came of age with the opening of the runway extension in 1958. This involved a landing strip built on reclaimed land that stuck out several unprotected kilometres into Hong Kong Harbour. It took just three years to build. Kai Tak's name is derived from its two founders, of The Kaitak Land Investment Company, Dr Ho Kai and a relative, the photographer Au Tak. When, in 1898, it became known that the British were to acquire the New

8 | OCTOBER 2019

Territories, a Chinese land syndicate spread a rumour that the crown would confiscate the land when it assumed sovereignty. The inhabitants of the New Territories panicked and sold their property cheaply to the syndicate. Ho Kai was rumoured to be involved but it was never proved. However his company did buy some paddy fields on the north shore of Kowloon Bay. The plan was to build a "garden city" on the waterfront. Ho Kai has sometimes been described as Hong Kong's first Westernised Chinese. He sported a gunfighter moustache, had a shortback-and-sides haircut, wore Western clothes and was a Christian. He had trained as a doctor at Aberdeen University in Scotland and married an English girl, Alice Walkden, who insisted that he then studied law at Lincoln's Inn. The China Mall explained why: "He found, unfortunately, that his compatriots were unwilling to receive Western medical treatment unless it was gratis." He was called to the bar in 1881. Ho brought his wife to Hong Kong and within a few months was made a Justice of the Peace. In 1909 he was appointed to the Legislative Council – following his trailblazing brother-in-law Ng Choi, who was also the city’s first Chinese barrister. Fortunately, Ho was the more astute businessman – Ng had speculated badly in the property market and almost gone bankrupt.

啟 德機場於一九二五年農曆新年由香港總 督司徒拔爵士主持揭幕。啟用初期,香

港飛行學校及英國皇家空軍共用機場的基本設 施。直至一九三六年,隨著新塔樓及設施的建 設,機場開始提供來往香港與美國的航班 ( 汎亞 航空公司 ) ,與倫敦間的航班 ( 帝國航空公司 ) , 乃至及來往其他亞洲地區的航班,乃至其他亞洲 地區的航班。 第二次世界大戰日本佔領香港期間,強迫戰 俘用勞力興建了兩條混凝土跑道。而英國的戰俘 於興建跑道時埋下了陷阱,導致日本幾次的飛機 失事。不久,美軍在此空襲日軍,令機場損毀處 處,嚴重癱瘓。大戰過後,跑道於一九五八年進 行擴建計劃,那時,啟德國際機場才真正「起 飛」。此項擴建計劃是在填海用地上興建降落用 的跑道,於是在香港的海港上便多填了幾公里用 地,這工程花了僅三年的時間完成。 啟德機場是以啟德投資公司的創辦人何啟爵 士及其任攝影師的表兄弟區德先生的名字命名。 在一八九八年,英國人佔領新界土地,有中國財 團散播謠言,指英國人認為新界乃其殖民地,將 會充公所有土地己據為己有。當時的新界居民頓 時陷入一片恐慌之中,紛紛以非常便宜的價格把 物業售予財團。外間一直盛傳何啟參與其中,但 這謠言從未證實。但其公司的確曾買下九龍灣北 岸的稻田 , 打算在海濱興建一個「花園城市」。 何啟(1859-1914)被稱為首位洋化的中國 人,時常誇耀其八字須,前額及兩側留有短頭 髮,喜歡穿著洋服,是一名基督徒。他曾在阿伯

丁大學習醫,並與一名英國女子雅麗氏結婚,及後,在雅麗氏的影響 下,入讀林肯法律學院習法律。 The china MaiI 為此解釋了他轉行 的原因 : 「何啟的同鄉都 T` 肯接受西醫治療,除非是贈醫施藥」。於 一八八一年,何啟當上了律師。

Ho was made a member of the Sanitary Board but in 1888 when the public body pushed to pass the Public Health Ordinance, Ho opposed it, successfully, conveniently forgetting his Hippocratic oath. He claimed that "Chinese opinion" was against the measure but in fact, was protecting his and his friends’ interests as major property owners. Hong Kong paid a grim price for this decision when the bubonic plague raged through the colony at the end of the century. ln 1912, Ho was knighted as a reward for his services to the community.

他帶著妻子來到香港。在短短的數月裡,獲頒授為太平紳士,在 一九零九年,更被委任立法局議員。至於他的妹夫伍才 ( 亦即是伍廷 芳。本名敘,字文爵,號秩庸,生於 1842 年 ) 卒於 1923 年 6 月 23 日 9 祖籍廣東新會 ) 更是香港的首位華人大律師及立法局非宮忘議員。雖 然伍才後來因地產投資失利而面臨破產,但卻沒有影響何啟的官運。

Sir Kai Ho Kai, as he was known, died in 1914. After his death the Kaitak Land Investment Company went bust, leaving a lot of unused flat land, which made a splendid airfield that would carve its name in history as one of the world’s most dramatic – and for modern jet pilots, trickiest – airport approaches.

當公共衛生委員會嘗試在港推行《公眾衛生條例》時,身為委員 的何啟卻忘記了曾立下的醫德誓言 , 對條例大唱反調。他聲稱大多中 國人反對。其實,這本身就像一場物業業主與醫生間的對抗。在十九 世紀末,鼠疫肄虐,香港終光這未實施的條例付上沉重的代價。在 一九一二年,何啟因在社會上所作出的種種貢獻,而被封為爵士。

ln 1998, the much-loved Kai Tak airport handled its final flight with the opening of the new Hong Kong International Airport at Chek Lap Kok. Concept plans and blueprints for the development of the old Kai Tak site were first published back in 1993. More plans appeared in 1998 and 2001. In 2007, the government approved an overall zoning plan for Kai Tak which went through several amendments over the years but will include two MTR stations on the new Shatin to Central Link. In the meantime, the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal was built near the end of the runway and opened in 2013; a few residential projects were completed shortly after, and the much-touted Kai Tak Sports Park complex has just started construction. The redevelopment of the old Kai Tak airport is expected to be finally completed in 2025.■

何啟爵士於一九一四年逝世。在他離世後,啟德投資公司亦告破 產,留下大量未開發的平地,最後成就了香港璀璨的啟德機場。 一九九八年,赤鱧角香港國際機場正式啟用,為啟德機場畫上了 完美的句號。一九九三年港英政府首次頒布有關啟德舊址的概念規劃 及藍圖,隨後的一九九八及二零零一年出現更多的計劃。二零零七年 六月,政府批准了公佈了「啟德規劃發展計劃」,該計劃經數年修正 落實,此外啟德郵輪碼頭工程在二零一三年年底開始動工,不久之後 很多住宅項目開始建設。備受矚目的啟德體育園正在建設中。預計舊 啟德機場的重建工作將於二零二五年完成。■

This article appeared in the September 2006 issue of CityLife Magazine, written by the late Arthur Hacker, author of CityLife’s History Man series. 這篇文章在 2006 年 9 月的《東方之珠》雜誌發表過,作者是已故的 Arthur Hacker, 曾是《東方之珠》歷史故事系列的作者。



歷史上的香港十月 1 October 1910 KCR The British section of the Kowloon-Canton Railway connecting Kowloon to Lo Wu in the New Territories began operations; the Chinese section connecting to Canton was completed in 1911.


17 October 1983 Hong Kong Dollar Peg The Hong Kong Government pegged the Hong Kong Dollar to the US Dollar at a rate of HK$7.8 to US$1 via a linked exchange rate system. The peg has held firm ever since, despite periodic attacks by international currency speculators. 1910年10月1日 九廣鐵路 九廣鐵路 (英段) (現時為港鐵東鐵線) 通車。 連接廣州 (華段) 線路於1911年竣工



1. An architect’s drawing of the proposed “Runway Extension”, a landing strip which was built on reclaimed land in 1958 一九五八年擴建在填海用地之上,降落專用跑道的圖則。

1983年10月17日 香港匯率制度 香港政府推出聯繫匯率制度,將港元兌美元的匯率 固定在 7.8 的水平。儘管國際貨幣投機者周期性攻 擊港幣,香港貨幣的聯繫匯率掛鉤仍穩固至今。

2. A newspaper advertisement promoting Au Tak's photographic shop. He was Sir Kai Ho Kai's cousin and partner in the building project. 有關區德照相館的報紙推廣。他是何啟爵士的表兄弟及建築項目的合作夥伴。

3. Sir Kai Ho Kai, a doctor whose Kaitak Land Investment Co. started building a "garden city" on the north shore of Hong Kong Harbour 何啟爵士的啟德投資公司在香港海港北岸祟建「花園城市」。

4. Unloading mail at Kai Tak International Airport in the early 1950s. 於五零年代的早期,工人正在啟德國際機場卸下郵件。 OCTOBER 2019





irmly established as Asia’s largest and most glamorous culinary event, the Wine & Dine Festival offers an unparalleled combination of fine wines, local and international gastronomic treats and festive ambience for wine lovers and foodies alike.


019年度盛事「香港美酒佳肴巡礼」场面 盛大、体验丰富,为美酒美食爱好者提供 优质葡萄酒、国际和本地美食,带来最欢快的节 日享受!

31 October, 7:30-11:30pm 1-2 November, noon to 11:30pm 3 November, noon to 10pm

10月31日 晚上7:30至11:30 11月1至2日 中午12:00至晚上11:30 11月3日 中午12:00至晚上10:00

Visit for details . 活動詳情,請瀏覽:。

10 | OCTOBER 2019

型美食美酒活動香港美酒佳餚巡禮,將於10月31日至11月 3日舉行。屆時將有數以萬計來自世界各地的美酒佳餚愛好 者參加為期四天的活動。本地和國際參展商設立的過百個美酒和美食攤 位,將為遊客提供一系列精彩紛呈的酒品以及一流的當地和國際美食。 今年,香港美酒佳餚巡禮會推出更多新款葡萄酒和其他酒品,以及 地方特色美食。此外還將實行多項環保舉措,包括可重複使用的餐具、 自助飲水區、食物捐贈收集和垃圾回收等。該活動還設有音樂表演, AR 活動地圖和佳釀拍賣會,讓遊客盡情享受節日氣氛。


ike a well-aged fine wine, Hong Kong’s mega culinary event, taking place from 31 October to 3 November, luxuriates in its 11th year with sophistication and class. Tens of thousands of food and wine lovers from all over the world are expected to descend onto the four-day festival. Hundreds of local and international exhibitors will treat visitors to a dizzying array of prominent and promising wines as well as superb local, regional and international food.

香港是亞洲美食之都,除了香港美酒佳餚巡禮,「香港盛宴11月」 同樣不容錯過。整個11月,推出特色菜單的高級餐廳、世界級的葡萄酒 博覽會、美食嘉年華和相關主題的導覽團都在等待你的到來,記得把有 興趣的活動,加入行程單。 來香港享受美酒和美食是必不可少的體驗。建議您一定要參與其 中,這絕對是一次難忘的驚喜體驗。

This year, the festival is offering more new wines and other alcohol, and exotic regional foods, as well as launching several green initiatives including reusable cutlery, self-service water stations, food donation collections and waste recycling. The festival also features live music in the evenings, an interactive festival map to navigate the zones, plus numerous workshops and auctions to enhance the visitor experience. In case there was any doubt that Hong Kong deserves its moniker of Asia’s culinary capital, the Wine & Dine Festival helps kick off the Hong Kong Great November Feast. For the entire month of November, the city will indulge in special tasting menus by Hong Kong’s best restaurants, world-class wine and spirit expos, gourmet carnivals and gastronomy tours. Be sure to mark your calendar for a return visit. For an unforgettable gastronomic and oenological experience amidst a stunning setting and festive ambience, the Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival is a must. Make it the highlight of your visit to Hong Kong.

Classic Pass Lite 入门品酒证




Ticketing 票务

• 5 Wine Tokens* l 5 張品酒券* • 1 plastic wine glass l 塑料酒杯一隻 * Not applicable to the Grand Wine Pavilion 不適用於「尊尚名酒區」

Classic Pass 标准品酒证




• 9 Wine Tokens* l 9 張品酒券* • 4 Food Tokens* l 4 張美食券* • 1 tasting wine glass l 紀念酒杯一隻 • 1 portable cutlery set l 便攜式餐具套裝 * Not applicable to the Grand Wine Pavilion 不適用於「尊尚名酒區」

Grand Pass 尊尚品酒证




• 14 Wine Tokens* l 14 張品酒券* • 4 Food Tokens* l 4 張美食券* • 1 red wine glass l 尊尚紅酒杯一隻 • 1 3-in-1 organic cutlery set l 三合一有機餐具套裝 * For use at the Grand Wine Pavilion only 只適用於「尊尚名酒區」 #

Food and Wine Tokens are stored on a smart card that can be topped up. 所有品酒證均為智能卡形式。用完後可再充值品酒劵或美食劵。

Admission 入场券 HK$30 per person l 每位港幣 $30

(Half price for seniors aged 65 or above, children aged three to 12, full-time students and people with disabilities. Free for children under three.) (65歲或以上長者、3至12歲兒童、全日制學生及合資格 殘疾人士可享門票半價優惠,3歲以下兒童可免費入場。)

Buy 2 or more Classic Passes or Grand Passes and save 20%! 購買兩張或以上標準品酒證或尊尚品酒證可享 八折優惠。

Food and Wine Tokens are sold separately. l 品酒劵、美食劵充值 • HK$20 per token l 港幣 $20 一張 OCTOBER 2019




Wine and Dine Festival Highlights -


Come for the Best Wine


1 Grand Wine Pavilion 尊尚名酒區

Sit back, relax and taste bottles that come highly recommended by internationally acclaimed wine critics. Also sample delicious bite-size delights from renowned wineries and charcuteries for you to pair with your tipple of choice. Purchase a Grand Pass for unlimited entry to the Grand Wine Pavilion on the same day. 「尊尚品酒證」持有人,可於當天無限次進 入「尊尚名酒區」!區內環境優雅,氣氛輕鬆, 且備有多款屢獲好評的佳釀、限量款醇酒及來自 著名酒莊的名貴酒品,配上特選佐酒美食, 昇華 你的味蕾享受!

3 Lighter Alcohol

2 Hipster Picks



4 Country Pavilions 國家及地區酒區

Want to make sure you’re on top of the latest trends? Get your taste buds tingling with our distinctive gins from around the world and discover the most extraordinary cocktails to order at the bar right now.

Find low-alcohol drinks for your next holiday party! Relax with a locally inspired craft beer, cider or sparkling wine at every festive occasion. Here you can also taste great new rosé wines.

A wide selection of wine from different countries and regions, from Bordeaux and Burgundy in France to Italy, Georgia and Japan as well as the famous region of Ningxia in China, paired with an array of exotic foods.

網羅各地獨特的金酒,與別不同的雞尾酒及 近期最受歡迎新品。喜歡探索時下品酒潮流新趨 勢的你,萬勿錯過。

小酌一杯具本地特色的精釀啤酒,蘋果汽酒 或起泡酒等輕酒精酒品,沉醉微醺時光。還試到 種類繁多美味香甜的玫瑰酒。

參展商來自世界各地,亮點包括法國波爾多 和勃艮第產區的紅酒攤位、以及來自意大利、 格魯吉亞、日本及中國寧夏等地的精選醇酒、 特色美食。

Come for the Best Experiences

享‧缤纷体验 1 Wine Auction 佳釀拍賣會

Uncover a superb wine collection of spectacular vintage from 1918 and celebrate the first festival auction! 首次登場的佳釀拍賣會,讓你一睹罕見名貴醇酒的同時, 更能參與競投,感受拍賣現場的熱烈氣氛!

2 The Stage 音樂表演

Your ears and eyes, as well as your taste buds, are in for a sensory treat with live music and entertainment on the grand main stage. 舞台上的悠揚樂韻,伴隨美酒,更添愜意。

12 | OCTOBER 2019

3 AR Festival Map AR 活動地圖

Try out the playful new AR interactive map! Choose the zones you want to visit and the ideal route will be created, with the ability to switch between AR and 2D maps. Just scan the QR code at the venue and allow access to your phone’s camera. 不用下載 app ,只要掃描二維碼並連接網 站,便可即時透過相機畫面的實景及彈出式路標 指示,移動相機以查看附近方向提示,更可隨時 切換為 AR 和 2D 地圖模式,助你快速抵達美酒 美食主題區!

Come for the Best Food

尝‧佳肴美馔 1 International Street Eats 環球街頭小吃

Experience popular street food from Singapore, Taiwan and other regions, all in one place. Mouth-watering dishes include nostalgic cotton candy, Peng Hu’s native cactus drink, Singapore’s traditional wok hei, juicy pan-fried buns, fluffy egg waffle and modern dim sum. 琳瑯滿目的環球街頭小吃,來自新加坡,台 灣等地,定能滿足不同喜好!光聽到就口水流的 推薦有注入藝術元素的立體棉花糖、 澎湖仙人掌 飲品、新加坡地道煮炒、皮薄多汁的生煎包、 香脆蓬鬆的雞蛋仔及時尚的原創手工點心。

2 An Aesthetic Feast With Master Chefs

名廚佳餚美酒饗宴 Savour seasonal ingredients carefully selected by renowned local and international chefs in the Tasting Room and enhanced with sommelier-selected fine wines, all finished off with creative flair to delight the camera as well as the taste buds. 五位來自本地及海外的名廚大展熱忱與廚 藝,為品味館帶來充滿藝術感的美饌,加上別具 創意的擺盤,請你先欣賞佳餚精細的賣相,再品 嚐美食與美酒碰撞出的味蕾饗宴。

3 Afternoon Tea in Wonderland 絢麗秋日下午茶

Bringing their elegant afternoon tea buffet experience, the chefs from The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong will prepare a delectable selection of both innovative savory dishes and sweet items to awaken your senses. 香港麗思卡爾頓酒店充滿創意且不失優雅 的自助餐下午茶自助餐,廚師團隊為本次活動 設計出別出心裁的甜、咸點,並為客人現場烹 調。

Tips to enjoy the festival/recommendations 享受节日小贴士 • Time: Give yourself plenty of time to explore: there is so much to see and sample. Take your time, or better yet, make it a two- or three-day affair. 時間安排:留出足夠的時間,有很多美食美酒值得探索。最好是空出兩三天的時間好好享受。

• Wine tasting: Try both the regular wine booths and the Grand Wine Pavilion to sample a wide range of wines. 品酒建議:在各個美酒展區品嚐各種葡萄酒之余,也別錯過金酒、清酒等其他風格的醇酒。

• Food tasting/wine pairing: Along with the wine, don’t miss out on all the delicious food on offer at the festival. It’s a gastronomic experience waiting to be explored. 美食搭配葡萄酒:不要錯過美食盛宴提供的美味。

Organiser 主辦機構

Supporting Organisation 支持機構

Co-organiser 協辦機構

Airline Sponsor 航空贊助機構

Major Sponsors 主要贊助機構







Explore Hong Kong’s heritage and rich culture in CityLife’s treasure hunt adventure. 本月“東方之珠”帶您探索香港豐富的文化和歷史遺產, 享受一場尋寶之旅。



ho would miss out on a fun-filled treasure hunt in Hong Kong with pleasant surprises waiting at every turn, and as an enjoyable way to explore the city’s splendid heritage and culture? Welcome to CityLife’s Treasure Hunt Adventure, a journey perfect for the mild October weather in Hong Kong. We note upfront that the rewards of our treasure hunt are not monetary, but are rather intangible memories and, of course, cool pictures that an intrepid visitor can share on social media. Our version of Hong Kong Treasure Hunt is simple – each treasure is a destination; a clue that we introduce as a question. We ask that you take a picture of each destination and, if you wish, tag your picture with HKCityLife. So, without further ado, put on some comfortable shoes and get ready for the CityLife Hong Kong Treasure Hunt!

想 像一下,在香港感受一場充滿樂趣的尋寶活動,肯定 十分精彩。你會發現,這里處處都是驚喜。以愉快方

式探索這座城市燦爛的文化遺產,在十月溫和的香港,跟我 們一起踏上冒險的尋寶之旅,將會令您念念難忘! 聲明一下,這趟尋寶之旅的目的不是金錢寶藏,而是深刻又 難忘的回憶和體驗。當然,留下的還有社交媒體上的精彩照 片。 香港尋寶之旅很簡單——每個值得去的寶藏都是目的地;我 們會以問題形式來介紹。記得拍照打卡,如果您願意,可以 給照片加上“東方之珠”的標籤。 話不多說,穿上舒適的鞋子,和我們一起來一場香港尋寶之 旅吧!

2 A:

Hong Kong

Treasure H尋u寶n之t旅

1 A:

Q: Where is only working gas

streetlamp left in Hong Kong?


Tucked away atop the 19th-century staircase connecting Duddell Street to Ice House Street in Centr al is the only working gas streetlamp left in the city, a treasu red vestige of the colonial era. The street lamp is under repair currently; you can still take a nice picture of it though. 全香港唯一一處正在使用的煤氣路燈隱藏在都爹 利街和雪廠街 的交匯處梯級上,這是殖民時代留下的珍貴寶藏 。現階段路燈 處於維修階段,但您仍可以拍到值得留念的照片 。

dary Q: Can you find a Boun ed the limits of Stone that defin the City of Victoria?


Around 1900, Hong Kong’s main district was the City of Victoria, occupying the western part of Hong Kong Island’s northern shore. Even today, many of the boundary stones that marked the city’s bounds remain in place, easily overlooked while in plain view. You can find one on either Wong Nai Chung Road in Happy Valley along the tram tracks or near the waterfront on Kennedy Town on Sai Ning Street.

大約在1900年,香港的主要行政區是維多利亞市,位於香港島 北岸,區域範圍由石頭劃定,大多數石頭被保留下來。你可以在 跑馬地內黃泥湧道的電車軌道旁或西寧街堅尼地城海旁找到。

14 | OCTOBER 2019

3 A:

est Tin Ha Q: Where is the old ng Kong? temple in Ho




in Clearwater Bay is the Joss House Bay Tin Hau Temple le to one of its favourite temp st olde and st territory’s large rers. The original temple deities, Tin Hau, protector of seafa ury during the Song cent 13th the in built was purportedly Dynasty is located Song Dynasty. A stone carving from the Lam Station; get Po from 16 bus Mini n nearby. Take Gree and walk down Club try off at the Clearwater Golf and Coun the stairs. 大及最古老的天后廟。據 位於西貢區清水灣的天后廟是全港最 附近有一尊宋代石雕。由 稱 最初的寺廟建於13世紀的宋代, 水灣高爾夫鄉村俱樂部下 港清 在香 寶琳站乘坐16號專線小巴, 車,步行下樓梯。


Q: Where

can you find a full-size replica of a Biblical ark?

聖經裡方舟的全尺寸復刻品 在哪裡?

Noah’s Ark. One of Hong Kong’s real hidden gems, this educational and entertaining them e park tucked away underneath Tsing Ma Bridge on Ma Wan Island features a full-size replica of Noah ’s Ark and lifelike animals, plus the city’s only sola r planetarium to boot. 諾亞方舟,位於馬灣島青馬大橋下的 主題公園,是香港 真正的寶藏之一,集教育和娛樂於一 體,以諾亞方舟的 全尺寸復刻品和栩栩如生的動物模型 為特色,這裡還有 香港唯一的太陽天文館。

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Where can you find the city’s largest fleet of shiny Rolls Royces? 全港最大的炫酷勞斯萊斯 車隊在哪裡?

The Peninsula Hotel. Hong Kong’s grand dame of hotels owns a fleet of over a dozen emeraldgreen Rolls Royce Phantoms, offering guests the ultimate riding comfort. Salisbury Road, Kowloon. 半島酒店 ,這家知 名香港酒 店的車隊 擁有十幾 輛綠 寶石色的 勞斯萊斯 幻影,為 客人提供 高級舒適 的乘 坐體驗。九龍梳士巴利道

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Q: Where can you find the city’s largest flamingo pond?

這個城市最大的火烈鳥聚 集區在哪裡?

Kowloon Park. This large urban park located in Tsim Sha Tsui provid es a quiet respit e for the weary visito r and is home to the c i t y ’s l a rg e s t f l o c k (stand , colon y, flurry, flamboyance ..) of flamingos. 九龍公 園,這 個位於 尖 沙咀的 大型城 市公園 為 遊客提 供了一 個安靜 的 休息場所,也是香港最 大的火烈鳥群所在地。











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Kong’s largest g n o H is re e Q: Wh TV screen? LED 哪裡? D電視屏幕在


in Hong Kong by the sea?


Waterfa ll Bay in Pok Fu Lam. This hidden- away cascade right below the Wah Fu Estate near Cyberport is the only waterfall in Hong Kong adjacent to the coast. It was supposedly a main freshwater source for merchant ships plying their trade in southern China in the 18th century. Take bus 4 or 4X from Central to Wah Fu to Waterfall Bay Park and walk down. Check out the several Kwun Yam statues along the way. 薄扶林的 瀑布灣, 隱蔽在數 碼港附近 華富邨正 下方的瀑 布,是香港唯一一處臨海瀑布。據說, 18世紀時它是在 中國南方貿易商人船隊的主要淡水來源。從中環乘坐4路 或4X路巴士前往華富瀑布灣公園,然後步行下山。順便 看看沿途散落的觀音雕像。

-large Bay. This ultra e in Causeway vers or co St d t an en s re rtm et Sogo Depa etres by 19 m m 72 ape s sc re su et mea elming the stre LED billboard courts, overwh is nn te e fiv the area of ay Bay. art of Causew 於五個網球場 below in the he 米,面積相當 牌長72米, 19 告 廣 色嘅街道,更 D 十 LE 光 的 五 大 這裏超 的中心,相比那 灣 鑼 銅 的 華 繁 的大小,位於 引人注目!

Q: Where can you find a gun

that is ceremonially fired every day? 香港每天發射一次的火砲在 哪裡?

The Noonday Gun. On the waterfront of Causeway Bay’s Typhoon Shelter, you can observe the firing of the gun (a small artillery piece) at 12 noon each day. The gun is owned and operated by historic Hong Kong company Jardines. The ceremony has been performed almost continuously since 1861, the result of a penalty imposed in perpetuity by a British Naval Officer.

怡和午炮,位於銅鑼灣避風塘的海濱,每天中午都可以聽到 炮聲。這把槍由 Jardines 所有和操作,自1861年以來,這 一儀式幾乎未曾間斷,這是英國海軍軍官判處的永久性懲罰


Q: Where is the only waterfall | OCTOBER 2019

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tel inspired the Q: Which ho for the legendary film setting The World of Suzie Wong?

傳奇電影《蘇絲黃的世界》佈景 靈感來自哪家酒店?

novel about Suzie Wong and Luk Kwok Hotel. Richard Mason’s y Kwan and William Holden Nanc the subsequent movie starring a lively entertainment area. now and then chai, were set in Wan l and used it as inspiration Hote k Mason stayed at the Luk Kwo The hotel has been rebuilt l. nove the in l Hote k Kwo for the Nam more than a little of the and e though carries the same nam llent Chinese restaurants. exce its at lunch sum dim aura. Try the 72 Gloucester Road, Wanchai. 以及後來由關穎珊和威廉·霍 六國酒店。理查德·梅森的著名小說, 都 》, 世界 黃的 爾登 主演 的電 影《 蘇絲 鬧 是熱 裡都 在這 和現 那時 仔, 在灣 發生 , 的娛 樂區 。彼 時的 梅森 住在 六國 賓館 重 此。 自於 就來 靈感 酒店 南國 中的 小說 可 建後 的酒 店仍 保留 原來 的名 字。 遊客 仔 。灣 午餐 點心 品嚐 餐館 的中 酒店 以在 告士打道72號

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Q: Where can you find a

large fireboat onshore? 陸地上的大型消防船在哪裡?

The Alexander Grantham in Quarry Bay Park. Hong Kong’s flagship fireboat – 39 metres long – was retired in 2006 and converted into an exhibition gallery. Be sure to walk along the promenade and admire the panoramic views of the harbour. Quarry Bay Park, Hong Kong. 鰂魚湧公園的葛量洪號,這艘香港旗艦消防船長39米,於 2006年年退役,並被改建為展覽館。遊客可以沿著長廊散 步,欣賞海港的全景。香港鰂魚湧公園

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Q: Which is the oldest school in Hong Kong?


St Paul’s College. Established in 1851, St. Paul’s college is a boys school established by the Anglican Church. The current location is adjacent to University of Hong Kong, also well worth visiting. 69 Bonham Road, Hong Kong. 聖保羅書院,成立於1851年,是英國聖公會設立的一所男校。 現時位置在香港大學旁邊,非常值得參觀。香港般咸道69號

Q: Where is Kong Kong’s oldest Western-style building?

香港最古老的西式建築在 哪裡?

Victoria Prison, Central. Constructed in 1841 and probably Hong Kong’s first western-built structure, the prison is now part of the Tai Kwun complex, Hong Kong’s latest heritage and cultural hub. Old Bailey Street, Hong Kong. 域多利監獄,建於 1841 年,據稱是香港第一個西式 建築,現在是香港最新的文化遺產和大館綜合體的一 部分。香港奧卑利街

14 A:

Q: Where is Hong Kong’s oldest church?



St. John’s Cathedral. Completed in 1849, this Anglican Church located in the heart of Central is the territory’s oldest religious structure, and famously its only freehold property. The historic church still serves a faithful flock and is open for visitors. 4-8 Garden Road, Central Hong Kong 聖約翰座堂。這座位於中環中 心的聖公會教堂建於1849年, 是全港最古老的教堂。歷史悠 久的教堂仍然為忠實的信徒服 務,並對遊客開放 。香港中環 花園道4-8號


Q: Where are the

city’s largest stone wall trees? 這座城市最大的石牆在 哪裡?

Forbes Street, Kennedy Town. The striking sight of banyan trees with their roots intertwined with historic masonry is uniquely Hong Kong. Forbes Street in Kennedy Town is where you’ll find the largest collection of century-old banyan trees towering outrageously from the street’s retaining walls. It makes for a compelling sight. 堅尼地城科士街,這裡有獨特榕樹的景觀,根部 覆蓋磚石牆,是獨一無二的藝術,矗立在那裡格 外引人注目。







Fashion Walk

Covering several blocks in Causeway Bay, Fashion Walk offers a blend of indoor and streetlevel shopping of the latest must-have items from top international brands.Paterson Street, Cleveland Street, Kingston Street, Gloucester Road . 2890 3016.


Pacific Place 太古廣場

Pacific Place 太古廣場

Classy and spacious four-level shopping centre with natural lighting. Perched on top of the MTR station, surrounded by three five-star hotels and the greenery of Hong Kong Park. 88 Queensway . 2844 8900. 高尚寬敞的四層購物中心位於港鐵金鐘站上蓋, 吸引大量海外遊客。金鐘道 88 號 。2844 8900 。

Hysan Place 希慎廣場

置地廣場是中環最高端的購物天堂。四座由落地 玻璃行人天橋相連的著名商場,當中集合了 208 家 頂級商舖和食肆,從名牌時裝到國際美食等應有盡 有,定能為您帶來前所未有的購物體驗與生活享 受。中環德輔道中12-16號 。2500 0555 。

Island Beverly 金百利商場

ifc Mall 國際金融中心商場

A big, trendy shopping centre for the young and hip. Shops carry the latest styles from local designers including clothes, bags and accessories. 1 Great George Street . 2890 6823 . 金佰利商場是港島的潮流特區,標誌著時髦年輕人 對流行服飾的品味。可看到本地年輕設計師的個人 系列,在服裝、手袋、珠寶首飾上發揮個人風格。 記利佐治街1號 。2890 6823 。

Lee Gardens One and Lee Gardens Two 利園一、二期

頂級時尚品牌薈萃之地,多家極具特色的主題餐 廳食肆林立。利園二期更特設兒童用品區。希慎道 33號,恩平道28號 。2907 5227 。

Soundwill Plaza 金朝陽中心

Hysan Place 希慎廣場

Located in the heart of Causeway Bay, Hysan Place showcases an enviable selection of nearly 120 of the most sought-after international brand boutiques spanning over 17 floors. It’s a place to hang out, have fun, and share unforgettable shopping experiences with your friends. 500 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay. 2886 7222

希慎廣場位處銅鑼灣心臟地帶,樓高17層,雲集近 120 個國際最潮時裝及著名品牌,是你跟好友享受 難忘的購物體驗的潮聖地。銅鑼灣軒尼斯道500號。 2886 7222。

Landmark is the brand that represents the most luxurious shopping haven in Central. More than 200 first-class shopping and dining outlets linked by gleaming glass-walled pedestrian bridges. 12-16 Des Voeux Road Central . 2500 0555 .

要搜購潮流必備服飾,不妨前往Fashion Walk;其 室內購物商場及臨街店舖巧妙融合,吸引國際時尚 品牌開設雙層特色商店及旗艦店。百德新街/加寧街 /京士頓街/告士打道 。2890 3016 。

Home to high-end fashion brands as well as sophisticated food outlets. Lee Gardens Two has a special children’s shopping area. 33 Hysan Avenue; 28 Yun Ping Road . 2907 5227 .

Causeway Bay 銅鑼灣

Landmark 置地廣場

A health and beauty centre with over more than 50 outlets ranging from renowned beauty centres and spas to salons and yoga studios. 38 Russell Street . 2970 2698 . 金朝陽中心是美容纖體集中地,集合超過 50 家商 戶提供优質服務,包括美容護膚、纖體排毒、香薰 水療、瑜珈保健。港鐵銅鑼灣站A出口。羅素街38 號 。2970 2698 。

Times Square 時代廣場

A great place to satisfy all your shopping needs under one roof with stores strategically grouped on different levels. Connected directly to the MTR. 1 Matheson Street . 2118 8900 . 這個商場應有盡有,每層售賣不同類別的商品, 方便顧客選購。可乘搭港鐵直達。 勿地臣街1號 。 2118 8900 。

Central 中環

Shop at one of the most photogenic skyscrapers in Hong Kong; top brand-name shops, restaurants and a cinema. Links to the MTR station, Central ferry piers, and the Airport Express. 8 Finance Street. 2295 3308 . 購物商場內有不少名牌商店及餐廳,並設電影院, 可 乘 搭 港 鐵 及 機 場 快 線 直 達 。金 融 街 8 號 。 2295 3308 。

The Peak 山頂 Peak Tower 凌霄閣

With its striking inverted design, this shopping complex, home to the Peak Tram Station, is one of the city’s renowned architectural icons. It houses a slate of restaurants, shops and entertainment venues and boasts the highest 360-degree viewing platform in Hong Kong – Sky Terrace 428, giving spectacular panoramic views of the city. 128 Peak Road, Mid-Levels, Hong Kong Island . 2849 0668 . 這座倒立形狀的特色購物中心是是山頂纜車的終點 站,香港地標性建築物之壹。 淩霄閣集娛樂設施、 商店及餐廳於壹身,遊客可在最高的觀景臺 ( 海拔 428米),360度飽覽能俯覽維多利亞港兩岸景致。 香港島半山山頂道128號 。2849 0668 。

Kowloon 九龍

Tsim Sha Tsui 尖沙咀 China Hong Kong City 中港城

A real gem offering trendy and branded products including jewellery, sportswear, fashions, electronics, and more. Part of the China Hong Kong Ferry terminal complex and located on the famed Canton Road shopping district. 33 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. 3119 0288. 商場吸引眾多潮流品牌進駐,包括珠寶、體育用 品、時尚服飾、電子產品等。中港城位於著名的購 物熱點廣東道上,中國客運碼頭提供方便快捷的客 輪服務。九龍尖沙咀廣東道33號。3119 0288。 China Hong Kong City 中港城

Landmark 置地廣場 Fashion Walk

18 | OCTOBER 2019

CityLife's top offerings for all your dining and shopping needs.




SPECIALITY STORE 專門店 Chinese Arts and Crafts 中藝 This renowned brand has been the gold standard for collectible Chinese arts, handicrafts and fashion garments since the 1950s. Chinese Arts and Crafts is known for its Natural Fei Cui (Jadeite), jade jewellery, arts and craft carvings and high-end Chinese fashion apparel, among much else. Its knowledgeable staff offer impeccable service which includes shipping your purchases safely and smoothly home.

Wanchai store: 2/F, Causeway Centre, 28 Harbour Road, Wanchai; tel 2827 6667 Admiralty store: Shop 320 3/F, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty; tel 2523 3933 Central: G/F, Hip Shing Hong Centre, 55 Des Voeux Road Central, Central; tel 2901 0338 自20世紀50年代以來,中藝一直擔任中國藝術收藏品、手工藝品、時裝的黃金標準。以 其天然翡翠、玉器珠寶、工藝品、高端中式服飾而聞名。知識淵博的員工提供無可挑剔的 服務,將您購買的商品安全運輸回家。

灣仔旗艦店:灣仔港灣道28號灣景中心2字樓 2827 6667 金鐘店:金鐘道88號太古廣場320號鋪 2523 3933 中環店:中環德輔道中55號協成行中心地下 2901 0338;



E-Max WearHouse 九展名店倉

E-Max WearHouse is the first premium city outlet in East Kowloon. Located in Kowloon Bay Inter national Trade and Exhibition Centre (KITEC), E-Max WearHouse encompasses more than 100,000 square feet. Home to a starry line up of top international brands, and with up to 70% discounts, E-Max WearHouse is the ultimate value retail mecca downtown. 1 Trademart Drive, Kowloon Bay. 2620 3388. 九展名店倉是香港首個位於東九龍的大型名牌折扣購物商場。座落於九龍灣國際展貿 中心,佔地逾十萬平方呎,匯聚多個潮流時尚品牌,優惠低至三折,是市區購物消閒 的不二之選。 九龍灣展貿徑 1 號。 2620 3388。





2019 F/W As Autumn arrives and the winter looms, the weather turns cooler and it’s time for a new look; check out CityLife’s picks for the latest autumn and winter cosmetic and fashion wear. 轉眼10月已至,秋天來了,冬天還會遠麼? 各位遊客準備好秋冬必備護膚產品和當季 時尚新品服飾了麼?本月我們將為您精心 推薦來港必買哦!

- Winter


make up新品 & 時尚新款 &


Nail Color Topper (a) 經典復古三色眼影 (a)


Lip Color (a) 經典復古幻蝶唇蜜 (a)

Eye Color Trio (a) 經典復古三色眼影 (a)



GG canvas mid-heel boot (d) GG 帆布中跟靴 (d)


Online Exclusive Preview Gucci 1955 Horsebit bag (d) 官網專享預覽 Gucci 1955 馬銜扣手袋 (d)

Grip watch, 35mm (d) Grip 系列腕錶,35 毫米 (d)




ANNA SUI 安娜苏 (a)


3/F, Sogo Department Store, Causeway Bay 銅鑼灣崇光百貨 3 樓 2831 8508

Shop 103, Level 1, Mira Place One, Tsim Sha Tsui 尖沙咀美麗華廣場一期1樓103鋪 2752 9700

London View Tie Waist Dress (b) London View 連身裙 (b)


Ribbon Rose Lightweight Backpack (b) Ribbon Rose 輕巧背包 (b)


Puzzle Small Bag Khaki Green/Soft White (e) 女仕系列手袋 Puzzle 系列 (e)


Dog Portraits Dog Keyring (b) Dog Portraits 小狗鑰匙扣 (b)


Mimosa Flower 15" Laptop Sleeve (b) Mimosa Flower 15 吋電腦保護套 (b)


L’Ombre dans l’Eau EDP 75ml (c) 影中之水淡香精 75 毫升 (c)


Portrait Turtleneck Sweater Ecru/Black (e) 男仕系列 男裝針織衫 (e)


34 Boulevard Saint Germain Solid Perfume 3.6g (c) 聖日爾曼大道 34 號香膏 3.6 克 (c)



GUCCI 古馳 (d)

LOEWE 罗意威 (e)

Shop 1083, Podium Level 1, ifc Mall, 1 Harbour View Street, Central, Hong Kong 香港中環港景街1號 國際金融中心商場 L1樓層1083店 2521 6799

Shop G23-30, B35-46, The Landmark, 15 Queen's Road, Central, Hong Kong 香港中環皇后大道中15號置地廣場 B35-46, G23-30 店 2524 4492

Shop G03, G/F, K11 MUSEA, Victoria Dockside, 18 Salisbury, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon 尖沙咀梳士巴利道18號 維港文化匯 K11 人文藝術購物館地下3號鋪 2776 6881





Abalone, Sea Urchin and Salmon Slices on Sushi Rice 薄切鮑魚、海膽、三文魚飯定食


Sophisticated fine dining with stunning harbour views 精緻美食,驚嘆海景 Aqua 29 + 30F, One Peking Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon 尖沙咀北京道一號 29 及 30 樓

3427 2288

Charcoal grilled black cod marinated with Saikyo miso 炭燒西京麵豉銀鱈魚

Our culinary adventure this month took us to two of the city’s most ‘in’ restaurants, sitting high on opposite sides of Victoria Harbour 我們本月的美食之旅去到了這座城市最時尚的兩家餐廳,這兩家餐廳都坐落在維多利亞港對 面的摩天大樓裡。


ocated atop the iconic One Peking Road building is Aqua, one of the city’s best-known and most talked-about restaurants, on account of its excellent food and glitzy bar. So, a visit to Aqua is always an occasion to look forward to – for the contemporary Italian and Japanese cuisine that is ever chock-full of surprising delights, the stunning panoramic views of the harbour and skyline, and the glamorous ambience of the ubercool Aqua Spirits bar and club in its penthouse lounge, all in one ultra-stylish setting. Aqua was founded by famed restaurateur David Yeo, a Singaporean former high-flying London lawyer who took the plunge into the F&B business in 2000, founding Aqua Restaurant Group. It has since successfully expanded here and internationally, with over 15 outlets in Hong Kong, Beijing, London and New York. Through the growth Aqua has stood among the group’s flagship outlets. Aqua delivers an eclectic mix of modern Italian and Japanese dishes, using seasonal and fresh ingredients from both countries, with an emphasis on creating innovative fare in which the lighter Japanese seafood is nicely balanced by the more savoury Italian cuisine, plus its fabulous desserts. Our meal started with Burrata with Tomato Twoway, Pistachios, Pine Nuts and Basil Oil ($258) which is light and zesty. This was followed with Charcoal Grilled Black Cod Marinated with Saikyo Miso ($318), Abalone, Sea Urchin and Salmon Slices on Sushi Rice ($388) and Black Truffle Tagliolini, Egg Yolk,

22 | OCTOBER 2019

Toasted Hazelnuts and Crutin Fondue ($358). We rather enjoyed the contrast of the rich urchin flavour on rice with the infused truffle taste of the pasta. The cod is tender and bites meltingly. We also ordered a Deluxe Bento Box ($448) – as sumptuous a bento box as you will ever find. It includes prawns and vegetable tempura, pan-fried foie gras and beef tenderloin, together with miso soup and rice. For dessert, we had the Aqua Signature Tiramisu ($168) and Mixed Berries, Blood Orange Curd, Lemon Sorbet ($138). We tried out Aqua’s famous cocktails too – Japanese Garden ($158), an Earl Grey–infused Tanqueray gin, lemon, yuzu, peach and egg white, and Sakura ($158), made from Ketel One vodka, ginger, lemongrass, passion fruit, honey and lemon. Aqua is also offering a series of special “Homegrown” dishes which include special herbs grown in its own “home garden” in the kitchen, using state-of-the-art technology. The herbs include oxalis, mitsuba, sorrel, and pakuchi. The six dishes created include Lotus Wood, Avocado & Fig Sushi with Homegrown Mitsuba ($298), Pan-fried Hokkaido Scallops with Homegrown Sorrel Pesto & Crème Fraiche ($278) and Grilled Wagyu Sirloin & Sea Urchin Hoba Misoyaki with Homegrown Pakuchi ($628). It was a real treat! So, if you are looking for a memorable dining experience of fine food, exquisite drinks, lively music and unforgettable views of the city, Aqua should be near the top of your list. Be sure to book early.■

Black truffle tagliolini, egg yolk, toasted Hazelnuts and crutin fondue 自家製意大利幼麵 伴芝士濃汁配黑松露, 暖心雞蛋黃和焗榛子果仁

Grilled wagyu sirloin & sea urchin hoba misoyaki with homegrown pakuchi 燒和牛西冷、海膽配樸葉味噌及 自家種植日本香菜

Lotus wood, avocado & fig sushi with homegrown mitsuba 蓮藕、牛油果、無花果漬卷伴自家 種植三葉芹


qua 位於北京道一號大樓的頂部,是香港最知名,最時尚的餐廳 之一,以精美的食物和酷炫的酒吧而聞名。我們對於參觀 Aqua 一行期待已久,——在這裡,您可以品嚐到當代意大利和日本料理,可 以看到壯麗維港和天際線的全景,以及迷人的用餐氛圍,頂層設有 Aqua Spirits 酒吧和俱樂部,環境舒適且時尚。 Aqua 是由著名的餐館老闆新加坡人 David Yeo 創立的,原本在倫敦 做律師的他在2000年投身餐飲行業,成立了 Aqua 餐飲集團。自那以來, 該集團成功拓展國際市場,已在香港、北京、倫敦和紐約建立15家門店。 不過多年來,Aqua 一直是該集團的旗艦店之一。 Aqua 提供揉合意日美饌精髓的創新餐單,使用來自兩個國家的時令 新鮮食材,強調創新,清淡的日本海鮮很好地平衡了偏鹹的意大利美食, 以及精美甜點。 我們的餐點是意大利布袋芝士配番茄兩食,配開心果、松子和羅勒油 ($258),口味清淡。接下來是炭燒西京麵豉銀鱈魚($318),以及薄 切鮑魚、海膽、三文魚飯定食($388),自家製意大利幼麵伴芝士濃汁 配黑松露,暖心雞蛋黃和焗榛子果仁($358)。我們很喜歡米飯中濃郁 的海膽味和意大利面中松露的味,同樣值得一提的是鱈魚肉質很嫩,口感 完美。 我們還點了一個史上最豪華的特上便當($448),裡面有大蝦和蔬菜 天婦羅,煎鵝肝和牛柳,以及味噌湯和米飯。 對於甜點,我們有自家製意大利芝士蛋糕($168)和時令草莓配血橙 醬及檸檬雪芭 ($138)。我們還嘗試了 Aqua 著名的雞尾酒-Japanese Garden($158),在 Tanqueray 杜松子酒中加入伯爵茶、檸檬、柚子、 桃子和蛋清,以及 Sakura($158),其中包括 Ketel One 伏特加、生 薑、檸檬草、百香果、蜂蜜、檸檬等。

Aqua 還提供一系列特殊的“自家種植”菜餚,其中包括使用最先 進的技術從其自家的 home garden 中種植的特殊草藥,包括草漿,三 葉,酢漿草和日本香菜。創作的六道菜包括蓮藕、牛油果、無花果漬卷 伴自家種植三葉芹($298),煎北海道帶子配自家種植酸模香蒜醬及法 式奶油($278)以及燒和牛西冷、海膽配樸葉味噌及自家種植日本香菜 ($628),絕對是味蕾的極致享受! 因此,如果您正在尋找美食美酒,動聽的背景音樂和震撼的城市美景 和難忘用餐體驗, Aqua 應該是您的首選,記得提前預訂。■





Hokkaido scallops, ponzu beurre blanc, sea grapes, retati melon 北海道帶子,柑橘醬油牛油汁, 海葡萄,哈蜜瓜

Café Gray Deluxe Level 49, Upper House, Pacific Place, Admiralty, Hong Kong 香港金鐘太古廣場弈居49層

3968 1106


pper House, located atop glitzy Pacific Place mall, is one of the city’s most exclusive luxury hotels, its mystique and prestige enhanced by the sophisticated and eye-catching interior by Andre Fu, one of Asia’s hottest hotel and F&B designers. The creative highlight is surely the Sky Bridge on the 49th floor, framed by a 40-metre high atrium and leading to the Sky Lounge and Upper House’s signature restaurant-and-bar, Café Gray Deluxe, our culinary destination on this occasion. The brainchild of celebrity Swiss chef Gray Kunz, Café Gray Deluxe, which overlooks Victoria Harbour amidst the city’s skyscrapers, offers a relaxed, enlightened dining experience of “everyday dishes” that emphasise the use of quality local organic produce. The restaurant is tastefully and vibrantly laid out, with the 14-metre open kitchen matched for length by the bar. The 100-seat restaurant includes a private dining area for 12, plus the bar and lounge area that seat 88, all with excellent views of the harbour. Café Gray’s dishes draw on a variety of cuisines, its menu informed by chef Gray’s own experience learning French and Chinese cooking methods, plus other Asian regional cooking styles such as from India and Southeast Asia, acquired during his days living and working in Singapore and Hong Kong. The result is an eclectic selection of healthy dishes that also carry an environmental consciousness. For our lunch, we had Hokkaido Scallops, Ponzu Beurre Blanc, Sea Grapes, Retati Melon ($285). The succulent scallops are meaty and tender, and nicely accented with a citrus flavour. The entrée was Loire Organic Chicken, Madeira Jus, Porcini and Chanterelles, Corn Stew ($465). The chicken from the heart of France’s Loire Valley

24 | OCTOBER 2019

works well with the mushrooms, with the corn stew providing a robust flavour. Our meal concluded with a light and refreshing Peach Melba, Raspberry and Vanilla Parfait ($120) and chunks of delicious chocolate, From this summer, Café Gray Deluxe is offering the Revitalised Menu for discerning health conscious guests. The menu features vegan dishes, gluten-free, along with other menu offerings that are already organic, non-GMO and sustainably sourced. Dishes on this menu include Organic Tomato Crudo and Candied Kelp, Kasundi and Fresh Seasonal Herbs; Whole-roasted Cauliflower with Spiced Dukkah, Lemon Coulis and Buckwheat, as well as dessert featuring Organic Bitter Chocolate, Coconut and Seasonal Berries. The Revitalised Menu changes on a regular basis to take advantage of seasonal availability of ingredients. The two-course menu is priced at $415 for lunch, $395 during Early Supper which is from 6pm to 7:30pm, and $580 for dinner. The threecourse version comes in at $485, $475 and $680 respectively. Whether you just want a great meal in a comfortable setting with a stunning view of the city below or you seek quality, healthy dishes, you should seriously consider Café Gary Deluxe.■

Peach Melba, raspberries, vanilla parfait 燴香桃,紅桑子, 雲呢拿芭菲

Loire organic chicken, Madeira jus, porcini and chanterelles, corn stew 法國有機嫩雞,馬爹利酒汁, 牛肝菌及黃菌,燴粟米



飲設計師之一——傅厚民之手,增強了酒店的神秘感和聲望。設計的亮 點當然是49層的天空橋,由一個40米高的中庭構成,通向49 樓的 Sky Lounge和標誌性餐,Cafe Gray Deluxe,也是我們此次的目的地。

Café Gray Deluxe是瑞士知名主廚Gray Kunz的創意,客人可以從這 座城市的摩天大樓俯瞰維多利亞港,感受輕鬆愉悅的就餐體驗,主廚倡 導輕食平衡的生活方式,品嚐日常菜餚,強調優質的當地有機農產品。 這家餐廳設計高雅而生機勃勃,特色在於14米長的開放式廚房和同 樣長度的酒吧。裡面有100個座位,可容納12人的私人用餐區以及可容納 88人的酒吧和休息區,所有用餐區都可以欣賞海港的美景。

Café Gray的菜餚擁有多種風格。主廚在新加坡和香港生活和工作期 間,學習了法國和中國烹飪方法,以及其他亞洲地區的烹飪風格,比如 印度和東南亞菜系。主廚推出一系列全新健康的菜餚,同時也向環保致 敬。 午餐時刻,我們吃了北海道帶子,柑橘醬油牛油汁,海葡萄,哈蜜瓜 ($285)扇貝肉質柔嫩,並帶有柑橘味。主菜是法國有機嫩雞,馬爹利 酒汁,牛肝菌及黃菌,燴粟米($465)法國盧瓦爾河谷中心地帶的雞肉 與蘑菇搭配得完美,玉米味道濃郁。我們的餐點以清爽爽口的燴香桃, 紅桑子,雲呢拿芭菲($120)和大塊美味的巧克力作為結束。 夏天開始, Cafe Gray Deluxe 為有健康意識的客人提供了豐富菜 品。有素食和無麩質菜餚,以及有機、非轉基因和可持續菜餚。菜單裡 包括意式鮮茄沙律配蜜餞海藻;烤椰菜花配特式香料 ,以及有機香濃 朱古力配椰子及當季鮮莓等健康菜式。 餐廳的菜單會定期更改,確保所用都是時令食材。兩道菜的午餐價格 為$415港幣,早晚餐時間為6點至晚上7:30,價格為$395港幣,晚餐價 格為$580港幣。三道菜的菜單價格分別為$485、$475和$680港幣。 無論您是想在舒適的環境中享用美餐,欣賞香港的壯麗景色,還是想 品嚐優質健康的菜餚,都推薦您來 Café Gary Deluxe。■







$ $$ $$$ $$$$ $$$$$

Welcome to CityLife’s Dining Guide – visitors’ first stop for restaurants in Hong Kong. Updated every month, our concise and candid comments help you choose the perfect restaurant.

<$150 $150 - $300 $300 - $500 $500 - $700 >$700

Average price of dinner per person, not including drinks. 以每位晚餐平均價錢計算, 飲料不包括在內。

歡迎來到《東方之珠》的飲食指南,我們定期為你送上新鮮時尚的飲食速遞。 我們坦誠而精明的推介希望能助你覓到真正的香江滋味。

L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon ($$$$$)

Hong Kong 香港島

The Peak 山頂 Lú Feng 爐峰 ($$)

Taking its cue from the old Hong Kong teahouse concept, the latest restaurant atop the peak, Lú Feng, ushers visitors on a journey through time by flawlessly showcasing the evolution of Hong Kong’s culinary culture. Shop 3A-B, Level 2 &3, The Peak Tower, Central. 2886 8680 以香港舊式茶居為藍本,爐峰酒家於已正式落戶山頂凌宵閣。酒家承傳了古老 香江風格,揉合現代新穎元素,巧妙地將香港飲食文化以嶄新方式呈現出來。 山頂凌霄閣 2&3樓3A-B號舖, 2886 8680

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. 阿甘蝦餐廳 ($$$) Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. 阿甘蝦餐廳

Open since 2006, this threeL'Atelier de Joël Michelin-starred restaurant operated Robuchon by celebrity chef Joel Robuchon sets the standard for contemporary French fine-dining with creatively presented, innovative dishes and chic décor. It’s the perfect venue for a special dining experience. Shop 401, 4/F, The Landmark, 15 Queen's Road Central, Central; 2166 9000 這家三星級米其林餐廳於2006年開 業,由名廚 Joel Robuchon 經營, 因其創新菜餚、創意佈局和別緻裝 潢,成為當代法國美食之標杆。絕對是享受完美用餐體驗的理想場所。 中環皇后大道中15號置地廣場4樓401號舖,2166 9000

Braza Churrascaria Brazilian Steakhouse ($$$) Braza Churrascaria Brazilian Steakhouse

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. is the first and only casual restaurant chain based on a motion picture. It is an all-embracing family dining experience themed on Forrest Gump’s life, philosophy and love of shrimp. The restaurant has been an instant success, just like the movie. Shop 304-305, 3/F, The Peak Tower, 128 Peak Road, The Peak. 2849 2867 阿甘蝦餐廳有限公司是首間且唯一一間以電影為主題概念的休閒連鎖式餐廳 集團,餐廳以阿甘的生命、哲理及對鮮蝦的熱愛為主題,成立後迅即如電影 般好評如潮。山頂山頂道128號凌霄閣3層304-305號舖,2849 2867

Braza features an all-you-can-eat continuous tableside service with a wide variety of different cuts of meat, chicken and seafood in succession. Enjoy a trip to Brazil without leaving Hong Kong! 3rd Floor, Grand Progress Building, 15-16 Lan Kwai Fong, Central. 2890 9268 Braza主打巴西風味的半自助餐,各種美味肉類和海鮮隨叫隨切,讓您在香港也 能盡享巴西風情!中環蘭桂坊15-16號協興大廈3樓,2890 9268

Central 中環

Admiralty 金鐘

Chinese Library ($$$$)

Ruth's Chris Steak House 茹絲葵牛排餐廳 ($$$$)

Chinese Library

Five cuts of beef served up sizzling on a garlic-buttered platter presented with friendly, American-style service. G/F, Lippo Centre, 89 Queensway, Admiralty. 2522 9090; 108-110, Level 1, Tsim Sha Tsui Centre, 66 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon. 2366 6000. 提供各式牛扒,在熱騰騰的碟子裡嘶嘶作響,美國式的友善服務令人感覺賓至 如歸。金鐘金鐘道89號力寶中心地下, 2522 9090;九龍尖沙咀東部麼地道66 號尖沙咀中心1樓108-110號鋪,2366 6000

Yè Shanghai 夜上海 ($$$)

Chinese Library is a fine-dining Chinese restaurant located in Tai Kwun, the city’s latest heritage and arts hub in Central. The elegant outlet occupies the first floor of the old Police Headquarters and serves classic dishes from the gamut of regional Chinese cuisines, including Cantonese, Chiu Chow, Sichuan, North China and Shanghainese. Among its signature dishes are Laksa Xiao Long Bao and Apple-Roasted 45-day Imperial Peking Duck – the perfect opportunity to appreciate China’s fine food and rich heritage. 1/F, Tai Kwun, 10 Hollywood Road, Central. 2848 3088 Chinese Library 是一家精緻的中餐廳,位於中環文化中心 — 大館。這家餐廳裝修 精緻,在舊中區警署一樓,供應粵菜、潮州菜、川菜、華北菜和上海菜等中國美 食。招牌菜有喇沙小籠包和北京烤鴨,除享用美食外,這裡還可以欣賞到豐富的 歷史和藝術文化。中環荷里活道10號大館1座1樓,2848 3088

26 | OCTOBER 2019

Savour high-end Shanghainese cuisine in a chic environment inspired by the elegance of old Shanghai. 3/F, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty. 2918 9833; 6/F, The Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel, 3 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. 2376 3322. 在時髦別緻的環境下,品嚐高級的上海佳餚;餐廳的設計靈感來自昔日 的 上 海 , 別 有 一 番 韻 味 。金 鐘 金 鐘 道 88 號 太 古 廣 場 3 樓 , 2918 9833 ; 尖沙咀廣東道3號馬哥孛羅香港酒店6樓,2376 3322

Yè Shanghai 夜上海


Passionate chef, excellent food, and illustrious pedigree underlie Cova’s success 熱情的廚師,精美的食物,高貴的血統是 Cova 成功 的基礎

Cova Hong Kong “O

pened in 1993, Cova Hong Kong is one of the city’s bestknown dining brands. Its lineage goes back to 1817 in Milan, Italy, when the first Cova outlet was set up. After WWII, Cova moved its flagship store to Via Montenapoleone, and quickly attracted a loyal following. Subsequent acquisition by LVMH has only strengthened its reputation. Cova Hong Kong operates a combination of ristorantes/caffes and pasticceria-confetterias serving authentic Italian dishes, cakes and desserts. In 2016, Hong Kong and Macau Cova became part of the Maxim’s Group, one of the city’s largest and most reputable restaurant operators. Today, Cova has 12 retail outlets and seven ristorante/caffe, with the majority located in the city’s top-tier shopping malls.

年開業以來,香港 Cova 是最著名的餐飲品牌之一。它的根 “自 1993 源可以追溯到1817年意大利米蘭建立的第一家 Cova 店鋪。第二 次世界大戰後, Cova 將旗艦店遷至 Via Montenapoleone,迅速吸引了 一批忠實粉絲。隨後 LVMH 的收購更讓其名聲大振。

The key to Cova’s success remains its excellent food. The responsibility of delivering authentic Italian cooking falls on Sergio Landi, Cova Hong Kong’s Executive Chef. Landi, who has been with Cova Hong Kong since 2009, hails from Naples by way of Milan, Spain, France, the US and Russia where he gradually developed his own style of modern European cooking.

Cova 提供各式各樣正宗的咖啡和意大利菜、蛋糕和甜點。 2016年, 香港和澳門 Cova 成為美心集團 (Maxim’s Group) 的一部分,美心集 團是香港最大、最具聲譽的餐飲集團之一。如今,Cova 經營著12家 零售店和7家 ristorante/caffe 咖啡店,其中大部分位於香港頂級購物 中心。

Cova 成功的關鍵在高質素食物。 Cova 的行政總廚 Sergio Landi 身兼 重任,保證 Cova 提供正宗的意大利美食。 Landi 自2009年以來一直在 香港 Cova 工作,一路從意大利那不勒斯到米蘭,西班牙,法國,美國 和俄羅斯學習,逐漸發展了自己的現代歐洲烹飪風格。 總廚 Landi 表示:“我想為客人提供簡單、地道的意大利菜餚,讓他們在 輕鬆舒適的環境中享用美食。如今,Cova 秉承著豪華咖啡館的理念, 以休閒口味菜單為特色,旨在吸引更年輕的顧戶。” 儘管如此,Cova 仍將繼續提供經典美味。“是的,我們的忠實顧客仍 然可以享用喜愛的食物,如意大利面、紅蝦或上等香草烤製的羊排。此 外還推出了一些更簡單的菜品,比如慢燉和牛肋排,配上半切通心粉、 蕃茄醬、新鮮的意大利乳清乾酪,十分美味。” 多年來,Cova 在香港餐飲市場上開闢了廣闊市場,它擁有強大的合作 夥伴,熱情的廚師和出色的意大利烹飪技術,未來的 Cova 將繼續引領 香港餐飲業。

Cova Ristorante Shop 101-3, Lee Gardens, 33 Hysan Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong 香港銅鑼灣希慎道33號利園1期101-103號鋪 2907 3399

“I want to deliver to our guests simple, genuine Italian home cooking dishes and serving them in a more relaxed and comfortable setting” said Chef Landis. “Today, Cova operates more as a deluxe café concept, featuring a more casual menu that aims to attract a younger clientele.” Count on Cova to continue serving its classic favourites though. “Yes, our loyal customers can still enjoy favourites such as Spaghetti, Red Prawn or Roasted Rack of Lamb in Fine Herbs. We are also introducing simpler, down home food like Wagyu Paccheri, a yummy slow-cooked wagyu ribs dish served with half-paccheri pasta in tomato sauce and fresh ricotta.” Over the years, Cova Hong Kong has carved out an indelible niche in Hong Kong’s dining scene. With a combination of strong partners, a passionate chef, and excellent Italian cooking, Cova will surely remain a force to be reckoned with. OCTOBER 2019 | OCTOBER 2019 |

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The Optimist

Located in Wanchai, the Optimist offers Northern Spanish Asadorinspired grilled dishes and chic drinks, Barcelona style. The Optimist is operated by Pirata Group, a fast-expanding restaurant concern that recently celebrated its fifth anniversary. Founded by Manuel Palacio and Christian Talpo, Pirata serves invigorating and appetising international cuisines in restaurants that offer lively ambience and friendly service. Palacio, a Madrid native and a key driving force behind Pirata’s meteoritic rise, has a deep-rooted passion for delivering quality food and service. His culinary experience in Spain, England, the US and Hong Kong served him well in setting up his own venture. Today, Pirata operates 15 restaurants featuring 10 different dining concepts in the city. The Optimist is a case in point. Our visit there was to indulge in the Optimist’s Brunch Menu. Which is served on weekends and public holidays at $348 per person, the Brunch features a semi-buffet of cold dishes, a selection of starters, a main course and desserts. The starters include Gambas “A La Plancha” and Blue prawns grilled on sea salt, kimuchi sauce, Mushroom Croquettes and a delicious Broken Eggs “Huevos Rotos” made with Iberian ham, chorizo and eggs. The list of main courses, from which one is chosen, include Grilled Pork Ribs, Charcoal Roasted Chicken and Mediterranean Whole Seabass “A La Espalda”, among others. We chose Grilled Boston Lobster and Chateaubriand (for 2 people). The Free-flow till 3pm, at a very reasonable $180 per person, includes Prosecco, Domaine du Tariquet (white wine), Paco Seis (red wine), Sangria and Estrella Damm (Spanish lager). Between excellent comfort foods and the non-stop flow of refreshing drinks, time passed quickly for our enjoyable meal. We should laud Pirata for not levying a service charge. Instead, all tips go towards the staff. The Optimist is perfect for a hearty, lively meal with friends or associates. Highly recommended.

The Optimist 位於灣仔,提供巴塞羅那風格也就是北西班牙風味 的燒烤美食和別緻飲品。 The Optimist 由 Pirata 集團經營,Pirata 集 團發展快速,剛剛慶祝成立 5 週年。由 Manuel Palacio 和 Christian Talpo 創立的 Pirata 餐廳用餐氛圍舒適,服務友善熱情,還有多種國際 美食。來自馬德里的 Palacio 是 Pirata 崛起的主要推動力,他對優質 食品和服務有著根深蒂固的執念,在西班牙,英國,美國和香港的烹飪 經驗對他建立自己的企業很有幫助。如今,Pirata 在香港經營著15家餐 廳,擁有10種不同的餐飲理念。 The Optimist 就是一個很好的例子。我們來這裡是為了享受 The Optimist 的早午餐菜單,每人 $348 港幣,限於星期六、日及公眾假 期供應,提供半自助餐冷盤,精選開胃菜,主菜和甜點。開胃菜包括 Gambas “A La plancha”、海鹽烤藍蝦、泡菜醬、蘑菇丸子和美味的碎雞蛋 “Huevos Rotos”,搭配伊比利亞火腿、西班牙香腸和雞蛋。 可供選擇的主菜包括 烤排骨、 炭火烤雞和 地中海鱸魚“A La Espalda” 等。我們選擇了烤波士頓龍蝦和夏多布里昂牛排 (供2人用)。 客人亦可以另加“無限暢飲”至下午 3 時,可供應的葡萄酒包括 Prosecco、Domaine Du Tariquet (白葡萄酒)、Paco Seis (紅葡萄酒)、 Sangria 和 Estrella Damm (西班牙啤酒),每人$180港幣。

美味可口的食物和源源不斷的清涼飲料,讓我們享受美食的時間過 得飛快。 在此,不得不讚這 Pirata 集團,它們並沒有收取服務費,相 反所有的小費都歸員工所有。

The Optimist 非常適合和朋友或同事一起享用一頓豐盛的聚餐。一 定要試一試!

G/F, 239 Hennessey Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong 灣仔軒尼詩道239號地下;2433 3324

28 | OCTOBER 2019






Tiger Room

Recently opened Tiger Room is a stylish Japanese Izayaka restaurant serving tasty cuisine from the Osaka area. The restaurant is operated by Tiger Group, an up-and-coming dining operator that aims to bring the latest in Kyushu cooking to Hong Kong. The first Tiger Room, which opened in Causeway Bay five years ago, specialises in house-made curry flown straight from Osaka. For its new branch in Central – and under the direction of new Head Chef Yu Hasegawa, with two decades of culinary experience in Osaka and New York – Tiger Room serves stone-grilled Kagoshima Wagyu, fusion food items and yakitori skewers. For our visit, we sampled some of Tiger Room’s signature dishes, beginning with its Aigake Osaka Spice Curry and Donburi Lunch which offers two special curry sauces with its entree – signature and coconut, miso soup and rice. We chose the Breaded Shrimp Curry Rice Set ($108) and the Japanese Grilled Wild Eel Dom with Dashi Scrambled Egg ($158). The Stone Grilled Kagoshima Wagyu A4 with Hasegawa Sauce ($288) is a must, as is the Skewer Platter for Two ($268), which offers you a choice of five skewers at two pieces each; the choices include Chicken Meatball with Onsen Egg, Chicken Thigh, Ox Tongue, Angus Beef Cubes, Sweet Potato and Sweet Corn. Tiger Room also offers a good collection of reasonably priced sakes and beers. It promotes a fantastic deal for Happy Hour (from 5pm to 7.30pm) during which you can have all the fried chicken (Karaage) you can eat along with either two beers or a bottle of selected sake, all for $99 per person. Tiger Room hits the sweet spot of offering tasty food and drinks at reasonable prices. It’s perfect if you are in search of an enjoyable lunch option, or dinner after a busy day of sightseeing.

Tiger Room 是我們最新發現的時尚日式居酒屋,提供大阪地區 的美味佳餚。這家餐廳是 Tiger Group 最近成立的,這個新興的餐 飲集團旨在將九州美食帶到香港。 Tiger Group 約在五年前在銅鑼灣設首家分店,專門供應大阪直 送的自製咖哩。 Tiger Room 是在中環新開設的分店,在新總廚長谷 川的指導下,供應火山石烤的鹿兒島和牛,融合食品和烤雞肉串。 長谷川在大阪和紐約共有大約20年的烹飪經驗。 我們選擇了炸蝦雙色咖喱飯定食($108)和原條蒲燒鰻魚飯定食配高 湯炒蛋 ($158) 。 火山石燒鹿兒島A4和牛配長谷川自家製醬 ($288) 是必 不可少的,兩人串燒拼盤($268)也要試一試,任選5款串燒,每款兩 根;可追加的食物包括:溫泉蛋、雞肉丸、雞腿、牛舌、安格斯牛 肉丁、紅薯和甜玉米。

Tiger Room 還提供了一系列價格合理的日本清酒和啤酒。在 歡樂時光 ( 下午 5 時到晚上 7 時半 ) ,你可以吃到炸雞配兩瓶啤酒或一

瓶精選清酒,每人只需 $ 99 港幣。

Tiger Room 以合理的價格、美味的食物和飲料,吸引粉絲無 數。在一天的忙碌觀光之後,享用一頓完美的午餐或晚餐,這裡是 您的最佳選擇。

G/F, 24 Gough Street, Central, Hong Kong 香港中環歌賦街 24 號地鋪;2110 1163

30 | OCTOBER 2019

Causeway Bay 銅鑼灣

Wan Chai 灣仔

FireBird ($$)

Tsukiji • Yamataka Seafood Market 築地 • 山貴水產市場 ($$$)


Grilled Japanese-style skewered chicken is the signature dish at FireBird. For a change of pace, FireBird also serves well-balanced cocktails using Japanese spirits and ingredients, alongside carefully selected Japanese craft beers, shochu, sake, chuhai, hoppy etc. for food and wine pairing. G/F, Coin Organize Centre, 13 Pennington Street, Causeway Bay. 2386 5218. FireBird 串燒酒吧除主打雞肉串燒之外,還有多款日本酒 及特色雞尾酒,鼓勵食客在享受食物之余,多以不同酒類 配襯美食,為港人的餐飲文化重新定位。銅鑼灣邊寧頓街 13號集貴中心地下,2386 5218

The Grand Buffet 自助山 ($$$)

This impressive seafood market serves fresh seafood and sashimi from Tsukiji and it also imports seasonal ingredients from around the world to provide a unique offering of dishes and merchandise. Signature dishes include various sushi sets (from $98), the Whole Lobster Roll ($168) and Seafood Platter ($398) with fresh oysters, jade whelk and abalone. 2/F, Wan Chai Ferry Pier, Wan Chai; 3974 5609; 築地 • 山貴水產市場除了提供每日由築地直送的刺身和海產 外,亦會從世界各地引入最時令的新鮮食材,務求為顧客 帶來最獨特的菜式和商品。必試菜式包括多款壽司盛($98 起),全隻龍蝦包($168)和海鮮拼盤,其中包括新鮮生蚝、 翡翠螺和鮑鱼等 。灣仔灣仔碼頭2樓,3974 5609

Since its opening in 2015, Grand Buffet has attracted locals and visitors alike for its dishes - many of which are prepared in front of guests, its extensive wine collection and its novel wine vending machines that allow for impromptu wine tasting, and its unparalleled 360-degree vista. 62/F Hopewell Centre, 183 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai. 2506 0888, 2506 0666. 自助山於2015年開業,餐廳的許多食物均屬即叫 即煮。除了豐盛的美食,餐廳更設有自助式餐酒 機,讓食客品嚐到多款世界各地的美酒,加上360 度迷人景緻,吸引了眾多本地食客和遊客前來一 探究竟。灣仔皇后大道東 183 號合和中心 62 樓; 2506 0888,2506 0666

Tsukiji • Yamataka Seafood Market 築地 • 山貴水產市場

The Grand Buffet 自助山






Western District 西區

Playa de Papagayo ($$)

Café Malacca 馬來一菜館 ($$)

It is arguably the best Malaysian restaurant in Café Malacca 馬來一菜館 Hong Kong, featuring popular dishes from Kuala L u m p u r, P e n a n g a n d Singapore. Check out its afternoon tea set ($288 for 2) serving authentic savoury treats such as curry puffs, kaya toast with a cup of Malaysian Kopi-o (coffee) (from 3-5 pm, daily) Level 2, Hotel Jen Hong Kong, 5 0 8 Q u e e n ' s R o a d We s t , We s t e r n D i s t r i c t , H o n g K o n g (HKU MTR Station Exit B); 2213 6613. 馬來一菜館向來被不少饕客認為是香港最好的馬來西亞菜餐廳,餐廳主打一系 列來自吉隆坡、檳城和新加坡的特色美食。不妨試試餐廳新推出的下午茶套餐 ($288兩位),包括咖喱酥、咖央多士等一系列星馬小食,配以檳城咖啡,享 受悠閒午後時光。(每天下午3-5時)西環皇后大道西508號香港今旅酒店2樓 (港鐵香港大學站B2出口),2213 6613

Kowloon 九龍

Situated in the heart of the bar district in Tsim Sha Tsui, Papagayo offers a distinctive and hearty Spanish-inspired menu. Don’t miss grabbing some of their specially mixed sangrias along the way. Enjoy a 30 percent discount on all à la carte items at weekend brunch from 12 noon to 5pm. Open daily 12 noon-2am, G/F, Shop No.2, 8 Observatory Road, Tsim Sha Tsui; 2323 1379 位於尖沙咀酒吧街中心地帶的Papagayo提供獨特而豐富的西班牙菜餚,特調 雞尾酒及桑格利亞汽酒也是好選擇。逢周六日中午 12時至下午5時,正價餐 牌菜式可享七折優惠。中午 12 時至凌晨 2 時;九龍尖沙咀河內道 5 號普基商 業中心地下N3號鋪,2739 1808

London House ($$$)

The two-storey London House in Alfresco Lane by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay creates a strong English publike ambiance. Its signature Shepherd’s Pie is a must-try and its traditional dessert Bread and Butter Pudding is also fantastic. G5, Tsim Sha Tsui Centre, 66 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. 3650 3333 位於尖東美食里的兩層餐廳 London House London House 由名廚 Gordon Ramsay 主理,走英式酒吧 路線,英倫味甚重。菜式首推羊肉批,傳 統甜點奶油麵包布丁味道一流。尖沙咀麼地道 66 號尖沙咀中心 G5 號舖, 3650 3333

Towada Sushi 十和田総本店 ($$)

Tsim Sha Tsui 尖沙咀 Aqua ($$$$)

A penthouse with Aqua breathtaking views of Victoria Harbour, this ubercool restaurant presents two distinct culinary styles – Aqua Roma (Italian) and Aqua Tokyo (Japanese). 29-30/F, One Peking Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. 3427 2288. 位於高層閣樓,維港風光盡 收眼底。這家別具風格的前 衛餐廳,提供 Aqua Roma (意大利菜)和 Aqua Tokyo (日本菜)兩種迥然而異的風味選擇。尖沙咀北京道 1號29及30樓,3427 2288

Towada Sushi is a stylish addition to Hong Kong's burgeoning array of sushi outlets. Towada serves quality sushi at reasonable prices, with fresh seafood flown in daily from Japan. Signature dishes include Crab Paste Salad, Live Octopus with Ponza and Live Abalone. G/F, China Cameron Centre, 42 Cameron Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. 2668 8791. Shop G27, G/F, Mikiki, 638 Prince Edward Road East, San Po Kong. 2808 0468. 十和田壽司已於尖沙咀隆重開幕, 每天由日本空運高級食材到港,以 極具吸引力的價格為顧客帶來最 地道的日本風味。招牌菜式包括蟹 膏沙律、活八爪魚酢和活鮑魚。 尖沙咀金馬倫道42號華懋金馬倫 中心地下,2668 8791 。新蒲崗太子道東 638號 Mikiki 地下G27號铺,2808 0468

Towada Sushi 十和田総本店

Alfresco Lane Located close to East Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station, Alfresco Lane offers a unique alfresco dining experience with superb harbour view, where patrons tuck in to high-quality dishes and delicacies from different countries. For the autumn, Alfresco Lane is offering October Exclusive Dining privileges in which all diners enjoy a free welcome drink or one dessert upon a-la-carte dining* in participating restaurants from now until 31 October. Restaurants offering “ A Free Welcome Drink” privilege 提供迎賓飲品優惠的餐廳: Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant (G6, Tsim Sha Tsui Centre 尖沙咀中心) London House (G5, Tsim Sha Tsui Centre 尖沙咀中心) Namo (G18 Empire Centre 帝國中心) Spasso (G5-8, 12-17, Empire Centre 帝國中心)

Alfresco Lane 位於尖東地鐵站附近,在這 裡可以欣賞海港美景,感受獨特的露天場所體 驗,食客可在此品嚐來自不同國家的高質素美味 佳餚。即日至10月31日於指定尖東美食里餐廳惠 顧主餐牌堂食單點菜式*,可獲贈指定 Welcome Drink 一杯或指定甜品一客。

Restaurants offering “ A Free Dessert” privilege 提供甜品優惠的餐廳: Outback Steakhouse (UG23-28, 30 & 61-63, Tsim Sha Tsui 尖沙咀中心) *只限晚市堂食 Only valid for dinner dine-in

PizzaExpress (G31-33, 49-51, Empire Centre 帝國中心)

*Terms & conditions apply, minimum spending is required at participating restaurants. For more details, please contact the restaurant staffs. 優惠受條款及細則約束,個別餐廳設最低消費要求。詳情請向參與餐廳查詢。

32 | OCTOBER 2019

BAR TAB 酒吧指南

Hong Kong has an ever-morphing slew of drinking spots that cater to everyone, from after-work tipplers to a crew on a session. If you're after a drink, you're likely to find yourself drawn to one of four areas: Causeway Bay, Central, Wan Chai or Tsim Sha Tsui. 香港有無數多姿多采的消閒酒吧,適合喜好喝酒或偶然才喝酒的你。喝過幾杯後,想轉換一下新環境繼續耍樂? 請留意以下四處好介紹:蘭桂坊、荷裏活道及荷南美食區一帶,灣仔及尖沙咀的諾士佛台。

The Iron Fairies

The Iron Fairies is an enchanting and lively bar and entertainment venue in Central and a favourite gathering place for fashionable millennials. Operated by Dining Concepts, one of the city’s most innovative F&B groups, the Iron Fairies showcases a design that is, well, magical. Created by Australian designer Ashley Sutton and drawing on his own experience in iron ore mines in Australia and his childhood story of miners trapped in the mine and tasked to forge iron fairies from the ore, Sutton’s design helped transform the building space into a magical ironsmith workshop and a cool gathering place for the urban hip. The venue includes individually designed furnaces and casting rooms and a main working space featuring low slung ceilings with a hanging garden of 10,000 crafted butterflies. Hundreds of cast-iron fairies are placed on each table – the are twelve different designs, each with its own character and flair. You can purchase your own iron fairy for $200, complete with a pouch and even magic dust. The Iron Fairies offers a menu of refreshing cocktails, craft beers and wines and liquors. For cocktails, we had Midnight Butterfly ($130), a citrus passionfruit rum drink, Smoke in a Bottle ($120), a blueberry vodka mix, and Naughty Girl Bellini ($129), a lychee-flavoured prosecco concoction. Several excellent craft beers are available. They include Hong Kong Whistle Jo Sun Hazy IPA ($80), North Coast Scrimshaw Pilsner, a German beer made in California ($80), and Brooklyn Lager ($80) on tap. The Iron Fairies also offers a good selection of comfort food; we especially enjoyed the Chicken Satay ($118), the Charcuterie Board ($158) and Binzy’s Australian Burger ($148). The venue has both live jazz and blues acts nightly, making it one of the hottest party spots in town. If you are looking to spend a relaxed evening of drinks, music and food, be sure to try The Iron Fairies.

Iron Fairies 是中環迷人又時尚的酒吧和娛樂場所,也是年輕千禧 一代最喜歡的聚會場所。 Iron Fairies 由該市最具創新性的餐飲集團之一 Dining Concepts 所創立。由澳大利亞設計師 Ashley Sutton 操刀設計,他借鑒了自己 在澳大利亞鐵礦中的經歷以及被困在礦山中的礦工整日做鐵仙子的故 事, Sutton 的設計讓這裡轉變為一個神奇的車間,還是一個時尚的 都市聚會場所。 場地包括獨立設計的熔爐和鑄造室,以及一個以低矮吊頂為特色 的工作間,還有一個由10,000隻手工製作的蝴蝶組成的空中花園。每 張桌子上都擺著數百個鐵鑄仙子,共有12種鐵鑄仙子,各有特色,每 個精靈都有自己獨特的外表。你可以花 200 港幣購買一個精靈,配有 一個袋子,甚至還有魔塵。

Iron Fairies 供應清涼的雞尾酒,精釀啤酒以及葡萄酒和烈酒。 雞尾酒包括 Midnight Butterfly ($130) 百香果冧酒飲料,Smoke in a Bottle ($120) 藍莓伏特加酒和 Naughty Girl Bellini ($120) 荔枝利可 混意大利氣泡酒。 餐廳有幾種很好的精釀啤酒。其中包括 吹吹啤 —— 早晨果香淡愛 爾啤酒($80) 、 北岸貝雕—— 皮爾森啤酒($80) 、加州產的德國啤酒,以 及 布魯克林—— 拉格啤酒($80) 。 Iron Fairies 也提供精緻美食;我們 特別喜歡 沙嗲雞肉串($118) 、 精選風乾火腿拼盤($158) 和 招牌澳洲漢堡


這裡每晚都提供現場爵士樂和藍調音樂表演,目前已經是香港最 熱門的派對場所之一。如果你想度過一個輕鬆的夜晚,享受美酒、音 樂和美食,一定要試試 The Iron Fairies。

LG/F, Chinachem Hollywood Centre, 1-13 Hollywood Road, Central 中環荷李活道1-13號華懋荷里活中心LG樓;3912 3939 OCTOBER 2019




酒吧指南 酒吧指南

Hong Kong 香港島



Club @28


This chic rooftop indoor/outdoor bar is adjacent to the hotel’s infinity pool, which overlooks the city. Open daily 5pm-1am (2am on weekends). Rooftop, Crowne Plaza Hotel Hong Kong, 8 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay. 3980 3300. 位於酒店頂層與露天泳池相連,適合小酌或暢飲,更可俯瞰都市景色。營業時 間︰下午5時至凌晨1時(週末至凌晨2時)。銅鑼灣禮頓道8號銅鑼灣皇冠假 日酒店頂層,3980 3300。

Inn Side Out/East End Brewery

A secluded gem, perfect for a casual drink and good American-style food. Open daily 11:30am-2am (1:30am on Fri & Sat) 2nd Floor, South China Athletic Association, 88 Caroline Hill Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. 2895 2900. 靜中帶旺的戶外美式餐廳,食物和飲品均水準一流,是暢飲閒聊的好去處。營 業時間:中午11:30至凌晨2時(星期五、六至凌晨1:30)。銅鑼灣加路連山 道88號南華會2樓,2895 2900。

ADMIRALTY 金鐘 Fish Bar 魚吧

A stylish alfresco venue against a backdrop of lush greenery of scenic mountain views and overlooking the luxurious outdoor pool. Enjoy speciallycrafted cocktails, daily fresh catch and seafood prepared in enticing ways. Mon - Sun 12 noon - 10:30 pm; 7/F, JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Hong Kong; 2810 8366. 位於酒店戶外泳池旁,擁有翠綠優美的水巒景色,讓客人於輕松悠閑的環境 中,享受特選雞尾酒、是日精選魚類及合時海鮮。營業時間:星期一至日下午 12時至10時半;香港金鐘道88號太古廣場香港JW萬豪酒店7樓; 2810 8366。

CENTRAL 中環 The Dispensary

The Dispensary

The city's latest eclectic lounge bar at Tai Kwun defines opulent drinking and dining, serving an extensive collection of wines and spirits plus East-meetsWest cocktail concoctions that pay homage to the city's heritage. Police Headquarters, Tai Kwun, 10 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong. 2848 3000 香港最新開設的獨特酒吧 The Dispensary 豐富了大館的美食,還提供葡萄酒 和烈酒以及東西風味混合雞尾酒,以紀念這座城市的傳統。香港中環荷裏活道 10號大館警署總部,2848 3000。

LEVELS The 8,000-square-foot space now features the latest Logic Systems Pro Audio from one of the UK's heritage audio brands, over 25 metres of LED screens, and state-of-the-art laser lightshows, resulting in a brand new immersive clubbing experience tailored to each visiting DJ or performing artist's style. Mon–Sat 6:30pm-5am. 2/F On Hing Terrace, 1 On Hing Terrace, Central. 2850 6826. 佔地8,000呎的LEVELS擁有英國傳統音響品牌Logic Systems Pro Audio最新 音響系統,長達25米的LED屏幕,以及最先進的雷射燈光設備,結集成全新 迷人的娛樂體驗。星期一至六夜晚6:30至早上5時。中環安慶臺安慶大廈 2 樓。 2850 6826.

34 36 | OCTOBER 2019 | SEPTEMBER 2019

Seat yourself on the infamous reclining dentist's chair at this Mexican bar and restaurant and get Triple Sec and tequila poured down your throat direct from the bartender's bottles. Open daily Coyote noon-2am. 114-120 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai. 2861 2221. 這是一家富有特色的墨西哥酒吧和餐廳,你可以躺在彷如牙醫診所那款傾斜 的靠椅上,侍應會把你的雞尾酒直接從調酒師處送到你跟前。營業時間: 中午12時至凌晨2時;灣仔駱克道114-120號,2861 2221。

Ophelia 鳥語花香

Hong Kong’s newest nightlife destination at The Avenue in Wan Chai brings sophistication, intriguing cocktails and tantalising entertainment to Hong Kong in a one-of-a-kind space. Tue-Thu 6pm to 2am, Fri-Sat 6pm to 4am, Sun-Mon closed. Shop 41A, 1/F The Avenue, Lee Tung Avenue, 200 Queen's Road East, Wan Chai. 2520 1117. 香港全新飲食娛樂熱點已於灣仔利東街正式開業,絕對會為客人帶來驚豔的 體驗,當中精緻迷人的雞尾酒和誘人的娛樂表演,必定能刺激客人的各個感 官,讓人樂而忘返。營業時間:星期二至四下午6時至深夜2時,星期五、六 下午6時至深夜4時,星期日及星期一暫不營業。灣仔皇后大道東200號利東 街囍匯1樓39A至41A店鋪,2520 1117。

Kowloon 九龍


EyeBar A place for guests to look out over the spectacular Victoria Harbour, with exotic drink in hand and seafood from the South China Sea. Open 11:30am till late. 30/F, iSQUARE, 63 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. 2487 3988. Eyebar 讓賓客親身體會維多利亞港 的懾人魅力,在欣賞美景的同時輕嚐 醇釀美酒,品味南中國海的海鮮美 食。營業時間:中午 11:30 至深夜。 尖沙咀彌敦道63號iSQUARE國際廣場30樓,2487 3988。

Hari’s at Golden Mile

Live entertainment and nightly happy hour from 5pm-9pm. Open Daily 5pm-2am. Mezzanine, Holiday Inn Golden Mile, 50 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. 2369 3111. 提供現場表演,另外每晚更設歡樂時光。營業時間:下午5時至凌晨2時;歡 樂時光︰下午5 時至晚上 9 時。尖沙咀彌敦道50 號香港金域假日酒店閣樓, 2369 3111。


The Southeast Asian-style bar is the perfect place to relax after a busy shopping day. It offers a delectable selection of Asian dishes and drinks for guests to indulge in some regional flavours. Open daily 3pm-2am; Shop 2, Podium Plaza, 5 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui; 2312 0468. Shop 5&6, G/ F, 3 Granville Circuit, Tsim Sha Tsui; 2369 3803. Lulu 忙碌的血拼之後不妨前往東南亞 風格酒吧 Lulu 小酌一番,放鬆心情。美味的亞洲佳餚及各類飲品都令人沉 醉。下午 3 時至凌晨 2 時;九龍尖沙咀河內道 5 號普基商業中心地下 2 號鋪; 2312 0468。尖沙咀嘉蘭圍3號地下5-6號舖;2369 3803。

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OUTWARD BOUND – GBA & BEYOND 內地探索——粵港澳大灣區及周邊

GRAND LISBOA HOTEL 新 葡 京 酒 店 The Ultimate Destination for Connoisseurs of Gourmet Food and Wine. 美食家和美酒鑑賞家的終極目的地。


he Grand Lisboa stands tall among Macau’s hotelcasino complexes, literally as well as figuratively – it is the city’s highest building (261 metres or 856 feet) as well as the most striking architecturally. It may surprise then, that past the glittering façade and glitzy prized displays – including the famous “The Star of Stanley Ho” a 218.08 carat (43.62g) diamond, purportedly the largest cushion-shaped diamond in the world with internally flawless D-colour – lies a thoughtful hotel offering consistently luxurious service. Best yet, Grand Lisboa is a veritable gourmet paradise. Remarkably, the hotel is the only complex in the world that is home to four Michelin-star restaurants, with an envious wine collection to boot. A stay at the Grand Lisboa is therefore an indulgence in luxury, comfort and culinary treats.

新 葡京酒店是澳門最著名的酒店賭場綜合體之一,以其 最高聳(261米或856英尺)且獨特的建築而聞名。穿

過華麗的門面,就可以到達炫目的珍貴展品區,包括著名的“何 鴻燊之星”一顆218.08克拉(43.62克)的鑽石,據稱是世界上 最大的墊形鑽石,內部無瑕呈D色, 此外酒店服務周到,且舒適 豪華。 新葡京是美食和美酒愛好者的天堂。值得一提的是,這家酒 店是世界上唯一一家擁有四家米其林星級餐廳的綜合酒店,並擁 有大量讓人驚豔的葡萄酒收藏。 因此,入住新葡京是既奢侈又舒適,還可以享受美食。


LUXURY 豪 华 酒 店

At 47 storeys tall, Grand Lisboa dominates the landscape of Macau’s central business district. The hotel offers a commanding view of Macau and Taipa across the water. Each of its over 400 spacious rooms is thoughtfully and luxuriously fitted out for comfort. We were especially impressed with the bathroom, each of which is equipped with a 60cm diameter rainforest shower, a Turkish steam bath, Jacuzzi and builtin-mirror TV. Some of the corner rooms and suits also include a sauna; other selected rooms come with outdoor sky garden terraces as well.

36 | OCTOBER 2019

47層高的葡京大酒店俯瞰 澳門中央商務區。酒店可以俯瞰 澳門和氹仔壯麗美景。酒店擁有 400 多間寬敞的客房,每一間都 裝飾華麗、佈置舒適。我們對浴 室印象特別深刻,每個浴室都配 有一個直徑 60 厘米的淋浴器、一 個土耳其蒸汽浴、按摩浴缸和嵌 入式電視。一些角落的房間還包 括桑拿房;有些房間還設有室外 的空中花園露台。

ULTIMATE DINING PARADISE 美 食 天 堂 What impresses even the most discerning foodie is Grand Lisboa’s splendid dining options. The hotel operates eight F&B outlets, including the three-Michelin-starred Robuchon au Dôme and Cantonese restaurant The Eight, also with three Michelin stars, as well as The Kitchen steakhouse, and Casa Don Alfonso, specialising in the cuisine of Southern Italy, both of which have their own Michelin star. The hotel also offers an extensive wine collection of more than 17,000 labels, most of which are rated over 91 by Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate

即使是最挑剔的美食家,也 會對新葡京的美食贊不絕口。酒 店擁有8家餐飲門店,包括米其 林三星 Robuchon au Dome、 供應粵菜的 The Eight 、米其 林一星級牛排餐廳大廚和意大 利南部風味的餐廳 Casa Don Alfonso。酒店還提供超過 17,000 的葡萄酒收藏,其中大 多數被 Robert Parker 的Wine Advocate 評為91級以上。

THE KITCHEN 大 厨 Our dinner choice was The Kitchen, an elegant restaurant featuring a sleek, contemporary design and a real meat lover’s delight. It stocks the best steak from around the world – wagyu from the US, Australia and Kagoshima; it also offers a wide selection of non-meat dishes including live fish and lobsters. The dishes are prepared and flamed in ovens in its showcase kitchen. The Kitchen also offers a premium selection of sashimi and an extensive salad buffet. We tried The Kitchen’s acclaimed 5-course Tasting Menu ($980 per person, or $1,580 with 4-glass wine pairing). The meal starts with a choice of starters, which include a well-appointed Salad Bar. We chose the French Oysters on Ice, Chef’s Selection of Assorted Sashimi, and the succulent Grilled Tiger Prawn with Caprese Salad, accompanied by a very nice Arlaux, Brut N.V, Champagne. 我們的晚餐選擇是大廚,一家優雅的餐廳,有著時尚現代的設計以及豐富高 質素的肉類。這裡有世界上最好的牛排——來自美國,澳大利亞和鹿兒島的和 牛;還提供多種非肉類菜餚,包括活魚和龍蝦。這些菜是提前準備好的,並在其 展示廚房的烤箱中燃燒。廚房還提供優質的生魚片選擇和廣泛的沙拉自助。 我們嘗試了大廚廣受好評的5道菜品菜單(每人 $980 ,搭配 4 杯葡萄酒 每人 $1,580 )。這裡有設備齊全的沙拉區,我們的開胃菜選擇了精選法國生 蠔、精選刺身,以及多汁的扒虎蝦配意式蕃茄水牛芝士沙拉,並配以法國的 Arlaux, Brut N.V 香檳。

The soup options were Cappuccino of Wild Mushroom and Lobster Bisque, both of which are rich and creamy. For the next course we chose US Black Cod Fillet with Tomato Salsa and Yuzu Soy Butter Sauce and Seared Scallops with Maitake Mushroom and Crustacean Sauce. A refreshing Domaine William Fèvre Chablis Grand Cru is paired. Among the excellent selection of main courses are Australian Lamb Chops and British Pork Chop. We chose the beef cuts, though, in Kagoshima Wagyu Beef Sirloin and USDA Prime Beef Tenderloin. Both are excellent, albeit each with a different texture and flavour. We strongly recommend that you try one of the steak cuts – it’s top notch. The meats pair well with a Cabernet Sauvignon from Janzen Estate in Napa Valley. We wrapped up our sumptuous meal with Coffee Jelly with Caramel Mousse and Vanilla Ice Cream and Vanilla Crème Brûlée, paired with an excellent Chateau de Myrat Sauternes from France. Over the last decade, Macau has established itself as a culinary destination to be reckoned with; The Kitchen surely has been a big part of the enclave’s achievement. Mark it high on your bucket list. 可以選擇兩款湯品,野菌湯和龍蝦湯,這兩種口味都豐富且香濃。我 們下一道菜選擇了美國鱈魚柳配番茄及日本柚子豉味牛油汁,以及香煎 帶子配舞茸菌及鮮龍蝦汁,搭配 Burgundy’s Domaine William Fevre, Chablis Grand Cru。 主菜包括澳大利亞羊排和英國豚排。不過,我們選擇了A3級鹿兒島 和牛西冷和美國特級牛柳,它們的質地和味道不同,但都十分美味。我 們強烈建議您選擇一款牛排嚐嚐,絕對是頂級口感。主菜於與 Cabernet Sauvignon from Janzen Estate in Napa Valley 非常搭配。

The Kitchen 大廚 3/F, Grand Lisboa Hotel, Avenida de Lisboa, Macau 澳門葡京路新葡京酒店三樓 +853 8803 7777

我們品嚐了咖啡啫喱配焦糖慕絲及香草雪糕和法式焦糖燉蛋,再配上 法國頂級的 Château de Myrat Sauternes,點綴一頓完美的晚餐。 在過去的十年,澳門迅速成為了一個不容錯過的美食目的地。大廚無疑 是澳門取得成功的重要原因之一, 記得來品嚐。 OCTOBER 2019





ANTIQUES The premier places to find genuine articles 古董店尋珍覓寶

Oi Ling Antiques 燕譽堂

From furniture and stone pieces to terracotta, bronzes and rare books, Oi Ling Antiques has a deserved reputation for excellence that draws collectors from far and wide. The family-run business offers certificates of authenticity, including Oxford TL Test certificates for all terracotta pieces. 燕譽堂位於中環荷李活道,是一家家族經營的古玩店,經營範圍包括中國古董家具、石雕、陶器、高 古青銅器和古籍。公司所售的陶器都已經做了市場認可的牛津科學檢測。除了中環的門市外,尚有鴨 脷洲倉庫,陳列了各式各樣古董家具。

Censers were popular in the Han dynasty. This goose-shaped censer is life-like. The back of the goose body is latticed, allowing smoke to rise from it. The censer is similar in function to the more well-known boshanlu-style censers from the Han period, but its form is very different. Incense was burned not just for the aroma, but also for practical reasons, such as acting as an insect repellent, and to purify the air. Combining aesthetics, practicality, and philosophy, censers are of high artistic and historical value. Mon-Sat, 10am - 7pm, Sun 1pm - 6.30pm. 72 Hollywood Road, Central. 2815 9422. 熏爐是我國古代香具之一,漢代相當盛行。這雁形熏爐形態逼真,寫實性強,雁身背部鏤刻出 煙孔,其下有承盤。其功用與當時盛行的博山式爐如出一轍,惟形態迥異。滿足當時燃燒香料的需 要,驅蟲避害和淨化空氣等實用性需求。結合美觀、實用與五行思想,具有極高的藝術和學術價 值。營業時間︰星期一至六,早上 10:00 至下午 7:00 ;星期日,下午 1:00 至 6:30 。中環荷李活道 72 號地下; 2815 9422; A range of bronze censors from Han dynasty, 206BC-220AD to Northern and Southern dynasties, 386-582AD. A red lacquered stand, Ming dynasty 1368-1644AD. 三件漢代至南北朝的銅熏爐 明朝硃砂漆矮几

Orientique 吉慶堂

Orientique is a Hong Kong-based antique and fine art dealer, established for nearly three decades. It is now located in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, in the heart of Central. Orientique specializes in fine quality Chinese imperial ceramics and other important and rare works of Chinese art, ranging from pottery of the Neolithic, Tang and Han dynasties, to Ming and Qing imperial porcelain. Shop M4, Mezzanine Floor Mandarin Oriental, 5 Connaught Road Central. Mon-Sat 10:30am-7:00pm; 2526 5889. 位於香港中環文華東方酒店的吉慶堂已紮根香港將近 30年,專門經營極具收藏價值的中國古 董瓷器及其他中國文玩,是城中著名古董店之一。貨品包括唐朝及漢朝之陶器、宋朝、明朝及清 三代的官窑瓷器等。中環干諾道中5號文華東方酒店M4鋪;星期一至六上午 10:30至晚上7:00;

2526 5889;

A rare pair of blue glazed bowls Qing Dynasty, Daoguang mark and of the period 1821-1850. Diameter: 18cm 清道光霽藍釉碗一對 清道光 1821-1850 ,「大清道光年製」款 直徑﹕18厘米

38 | OCTOBER 2019

An extremely rare famille rose ‘Shoushan fuhai’ vase Qing Dynasty, Daoguang mark and of the period 1821-1850. Height: 28.5cm 清道光粉彩「壽山福海」瓶 清道光 1821-1850 ,「大清道光年製」款 高﹕28.5厘米

Altfield Gallery

One of Hong Kong’s premium dealers in Chinese furniture as well as in maps, prints, and Buddhist sculptures from China and Southeast Asia, Altfield has garnered itself a quality reputation in the Hong Kong market. Mon-Sat, 10am-7pm; Sun, 11am-5pm. 248-9 Prince’s Building, Central. By appointment; 9/F, Warehouse at Gee Change Hong Kong Centre, 65 Wong Chuk Hang Road. 2537 6370.

Altfield 是香港其中一間著名的古董商店,出售來自中國及東南亞優質古董傢具、地圖、圖畫 及佛像雕塑,其名聲在香港可謂數一數二。中環太子大廈 248-249 號鋪,星期一至六上午 10 時 至晚上 7 時,星期日上午 11 時至下午 5 時。香港仔黃竹坑道 65 號志昌行中心 9 樓,請提早預約; 2537 6370 ;

A Doucai 'Floral' Bowl at Altfield Gallery 道光款鬥彩 纏枝蓮紋碗

Arch Angel Antiques

This respected, large and reliable European-run antiques gallery has a huge authentic stock, built up over 25 years. The museum-quality collections of thermo-luminescence-tested ancient artefacts specialise in sculptural pieces as well as early celadon wares. It also houses one of the largest Qing dynasty blue-and-white porcelain collections in Hong Kong. The gallery has a reputation for fair dealing and excellent service – all items come with access to expert packing and shipping services and photograph certificates. Open daily, 9.30am-6.30pm. 70 Hollywood Road, Central. 2851 6828. 這家聲譽可靠的著名古董店在業界立足已超過25年,收藏大量古董珍品,有經熱釋法年代測證的博物 館水準珍藏,尤以漢朝、六朝和唐朝的雕塑為主,更有一系列新石器時代至漢朝的古董容器和早期的 青瓷;並擁有香港最龐大的清朝青花瓷系列之一。店舖特別鐘情於早期的中式傢具,多件16至18世紀 的古傢俱均經過精心挑選和恰當修復。來自中國及東南亞區的罕見石刻、銅雕塑及佛像亦可見於其圖 鑑,當然還少不了赤陶雕塑。此外,店中有超過200幅祖傳卷畫,所有珍品都附帶照片證書,由專家包 裝,並可託付船運,無條件保證其真偽。營業時間︰上午9時30分至晚上6時30分,假期照常營業。中 環荷李活道70號;2851 6828。

Six Dynasties Northern Wei period (386 A.D. to 534 A.D.) Pottery soldiers at Arch Angel Antiques 六朝北魏時期 (386 A.D. to 534 A.D.) 彩陶武士俑







See and learn something new at the city's fascinating museums 博物館探知及展覽資訊

Liang Yi Museum

The Beauty of Ladies’ Ornaments from Asia and Europe 17 Sept 2019 – 27 Feb 2020 Liang Yi Museum is delighted to present Crowning Glory: The Beauty of Ladies’ Ornaments from Asia and Europe, a landmark exhibition exploring the role women’s clothing and accessories played in the social construction of gender and identity from the late imperial era in China and Japan to the early modern period. The heart of the exhibition sees a display of selected artefacts including wooden objects, textiles and hair ornaments, used and worn by traditional Chinese and Japanese women from the 17th to the 19th century. The last section of Crowning Glory features a selection of European vanities from the Museum’s permanent collection, with a particular focus on objects influenced by Chinoiserie and Japonism from the 1920s to 1930s.

Liang Yi Museum 181 - 199 Hollywood Rd, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong; Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 6pm (by appointment only); 9608 9530;


《風華絕冠.東西匯流》 2019年9月17日 – 2020年2月27日 展兩依藏博物館榮幸呈獻重量級展覽《風華絕冠.東西匯流》, 探索從明末清 初至近代中國及同期日本的女性服飾於性別和身份 社會建構的作用。 展覽的核心部分呈獻一系列精選的展品,包括十七至十九世紀中 國和日本女性曾經使用或穿著的木製 品、紡織品和髮飾等。《風 華絕冠.東西匯流》最後的部分將展出博物館永久收藏中的一系 列精緻歐洲珠寶粉盒,尤其是 1920 和 1930 年代具有中國和 日本風格的珍品。香港上環荷李活道 181 至 199 號兩依藏博物館; 每週二至週六;上午 10 時至下午 6 時 (需預約);9608 9530;

Hong Kong 香港島 Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum 孫中山紀念館

The museum focuses on Sun’s life in Hong Kong and his contributions to China. Featuring two permanent exhibitions supplemented by rotating special exhibitions in co-operation with the many Dr Sun Yat-sen museums on the mainland. Weekdays (closed on Thursdays) 10am-6pm, weekends & Public Holidays 10am-7pm. Free. 7 Castle Road, Central. 2367 6373. 孫中山紀念館為你介紹孫中山先生的生平事蹟,及其革 命事業對中國的影響。紀念館內不單設有兩個長期展 覽,由大陸主辦的孫中山特別展亦會定期來港參展。除 展覽場館以外,還有視聽、活室等設施。開放時間:平 日上午 10 時至下午 6 時(逢星期四休館);星期六、日 及公眾假期至晚上 7 時。免費入場。中環衛城道 7 號, 2367 6373 。

Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware 茶具文物館

Originally the home of the commander-in-chief of the British forces, the museum houses a huge collection of tea ware in Hong Kong's oldest surviving colonial building. It contains the KS Lo Gallery with its permanent exhibition of rare ceramics and seals from the Song and Ming dynasties. Weekdays (closed on Tuesdays except public holidays) 10am-6pm, Free. Admiralty MTR, Exit F. Hong Kong Park, 10 Cotton Tree Drive, Central. 2869 0690. 這座古老殖民地時期的建築物,本是英軍司令官的住宅, 現在收藏了各類茶具,包括特色茶壺、水壺、茶杯、茶 碗、茶葉罐和酒瓶等。另外還有羅桂祥茶藝館,長期展出 宋明朝陶器和印章。開放時間: 平日上午10時至下午6時 (逢星期二休館,公眾假期除外)。免費入場。港鐵金 鐘站F出口。中環紅棉路10號香港公園, 2869 0690。

40 | OCTOBER 2019

Hong Kong Maritime Museum 香港海事博物館

A fascinating history of seafaring with models of ships and early travel paraphernalia (including Louis Vuitton luggage). Interactive games include a ship simulator – built with 1950s equipment – that allows you to dock in Victoria Harbour. Mon-Fri, 9.30am5.30pm; Sat & Sun, 10am-7pm. HK$30. Central Ferry Pier 8, Central, Hong Kong. 3713 2500. 人類精彩的航海歷史將於香港海事博物館展出。展品包括 船隻模型、早年的航行工具,如路易威登的行李箱等等; 設有船模型電子遊戲,參觀者可使用1950年代的航海設施 模擬把船隻停泊於維多利亞港。開放時間:星期一至五上 午9時30分至下午5時30分;星期六及日上午10時至下午7 時。入場費HK$30。香港中環八號碼頭, 3713 2500。

Kowloon & New Territories 九龍及新界 Hong Kong Museum of History 香港歷史博物館

At the heart of this museum is the “Hong Kong Story”, a showcase of the territory's complete history. Weekdays (closed on Tuesdays) 10am-6pm, weekends & Public Holidays 10am-7pm. Free. Tsim Sha Tsui MTR, Exit B2. 100 Chatham Road South, Tsim Sha Tsui. 2724 9042. “香港故事”主題展覽是這棟博物館的心臟部份, 細 說 香 港 歷 史 發 展 點 滴 。開 放 時 間 : 平 日 上 午 1 0 時 至下午 6 時(逢星期二休館);星期六、日及公眾假 期至晚上7時。免費入場。尖沙咀漆咸道南100號, 2724 9042。交通:港鐵尖沙咀站B2出口。

Hong Kong Science Museum 香港科學館

The museum combines education with fun. It houses Hong Kong's first airliner as well as hundreds of interactive exhibits suitable for all ages. Weekdays (closed on Thursdays) 10am-7pm; weekends & Public Holidays 10am-9pm. Admission: HK$20 adults (Wednesdays free). Tsim Sha Tsui MTR, Exit B2. 2 Science Museum Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East. 2732 3232. 展覽寓學習於娛樂,展出香港首架飛機,並有多個豐 富互動的展品,適合男女老幼,定能樂在其中。開放 時間:平日上午10時至下午7時(逢星期四休息);星期 六丶日及公 假期至晚上 9 時。成人入場費 HK$20 , 逢星期三免費入場。尖沙咀東科學館道2號, 2732 3232。交通:港鐵尖沙咀站B2出口。

Hong Kong Railway Museum 香港鐵路博物館

Train enthusiasts can imagine arriving into Hong Kong by rail in the golden age of train travel at this charming little museum located in Tai Po Market. The permanent exhibition of Hong Kong's rail history includes photographs, old coaches, samples of tracks, and a fullsize model of an electric train compartment. Feel free to climb aboard! Monday, Wednesday to Sunday10 am-6 pm (closed on Tuesdays) Christmas Eve and Chinese New Year's Eve10 am-5 pm, Closed on the first two days of the Chinese New Year. 13 Shung Tak Street, Tai Po Market, Tai Po, New Territories. 2653 3455. 在這個金字頂中國傳統建築內,鐵路迷可以找到香港鐵 路交通發展的點滴:舊火車站的古蹟和訊號室、窄軌蒸 汽火車頭、古董車廂、與實物大小相同的電氣化火車車 廂模型及歷史圖片等。快跟著這些舊文物,去追尋昔 日鐵路的軌跡吧!週一,三至日上午10時至下午6時(逢 週二休館)聖誕前夕及農曆新年除夕上午10時至下午5時 農曆年初一及二休館。免費入場。新界大埔大埔墟崇德街 13號。 2653 3455。

Tai Kwun

Centre for Heritage and Arts The revitalised Central Police Station compound, the largest heritage project in Hong Kong, has opened its doors to the public as Tai Kwun – Centre for Heritage and Arts. The CPS compound comprises 16 historic buildings, including three declared monuments (Central Police Station, Central Magistracy and Victoria Prison), on a 13,600-square-metre site in the heart of Central. An international-grade art gallery and an auditorium have been added to contribute to the adaptive reuse of the site. The heritage site includes new art galleries and the Parade Ground and Prison Yard. Entry is free of charge, however places are limited, especially during peak times, and visitors are encouraged to get a Tai Kwun Pass, which guarantees access. 10 Hollywood Road, Central. 11am – 11pm.


古蹟及藝術館 古蹟及藝術館全港最大型古蹟保育項目,中區警署建築群完成活化,將以「大館」:古蹟及藝術 館的名稱,向公眾開放。中區警署建築群包括前中區警署、中央裁判司署和域多利監獄三項法定 古蹟,共16幢歷史建築及數個戶外空間,佔地13,600平方米,位處中環核心地帶,加上新建的 國際級美術館與綜藝館,配合場地的活化再用。大館首階段開放包括11座歷史建築、新建的美術 館和綜藝館、檢閱廣場和監獄操場。公眾可透過大館網站預訂「大館證」,持有「大館證」將可 保證入場。中環荷李活道10號。預約詳情請參閱官方網站

Hong Kong Space Museum

Reopening of Permanent Exhibition Halls

"Man in Space" showcases the history of human space exploration 「人類在太空」介紹人類勇闖太空的歷史

Covering a total area of 1,600 square metres, the "Hall of the Cosmos" and "Hall of Space Exploration" house a hundred new exhibits, of which about 70 percent are interactive. With the aid of interesting hands-on exhibits and advanced equipment coupled with lighting effects and environmental decorations, the exhibition vividly introduces astronomy and space science. The "Hall of the Cosmos" showcases the Universe from near to far, travelling from the solar system that we are living in, to the stars, Milky Way and galaxies further away and exploring the science and evolution of the universe all along the way. The "Hall of Space Exploration" depicts the development of space exploration and space technology. Closed on Tuesdays (except Public Holidays). Standard ticket HK$10. 10 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. 2721 0226.


"Shenzhou Re-entry Capsule" provides a 3D photo effect for visitors inside a re-entry capsule 「神州號太空船返回艙」讓觀眾躺臥在返回艙內, 拍攝極富立體感的照片

展覽廳重新開放 香港太空館設有兩個展覽廳,分別為「宇 宙展覽廳」和「太空探索展覽廳」,合 共面積 1,600 平方米,當中設置約一百件 新展品,其中約有七成屬互動展品。展 覽透過有趣的互動展品和先進儀材,配 合燈光效果和環境布置,介紹天文及太 空科技新知。「宇宙展覽廳」展示探索宇 宙由近至遠的概念,從我們身處的太陽系 開始,再推展至恆星,銀河系及更遙遠的 星系,以至探索宇宙的演化及相關的科 學。「太空探索展覽廳」主題則環 繞 太 空 探 索 和 太 空 科 技 的 發 展 。逢 星 期 二 休館(公眾假期除外);標準票HK$10; 尖沙咀梳士巴利道 10 號; 2721 0226 ;

"Icy Bodies" creates comets with dry ice to simulate their jets and movements 「冰封天體」利用乾冰製成彗星, 模擬彗星的噴流及運動






GALLERIES The scoop on some of the best art showrooms and their current exhibitions

‘Symphony 2019’ at Oi Ling Antiques 26 Sept - 26 Oct A collection by Fan Hongbin that represents the hard work and experimentation of a lifelong search for an artistic language that transcends the barrier between tradition and innovation in the genre of Chinese water-and-ink painting. Inspired by the colourful paintings in China’s Buddhist grottoes, which he has studied over many years, the collection employs the traditional media of shuimo painting, but is unabashedly modern in its colourful palette. The philosophical underpinnings of his paintings are the tradition of spiritual messages of tranquillity and peace of old landscape paintings, but with an idiosyncratic approach. 72 Hollywood Road, Central. Mon-Sat: 10am-7pm; Sun: 1pm-6:30pm; 2815 9422;

‘Simulacra – Lv Shanchuan Forth Solo Exhibition’ at Contemporary by Angela Li 19 Sept - 26 Oct The word simulacra carries a meaning of things that replace reality through representation. Plato speaks of imitation in his later dialogue Sophist, stating that “representative” is not real: it is necessarily the intention of a creator to distort and obscure the real being. These ancient thoughts are a prescient echo of the creative thinking of Lv. The artist’s ongoing series is inspired by news media images; Lv throws multiple layers of thick oil paint directly onto the canvas, creating highly textured work that gives life to the philosopher’s idea of representation. G/F, 248 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan; Mon-Sat: 10am-6.30pm; 3571 8200;

‘Jennifer Steinkamp: Still-Life’ at Lehmann Maupin 19 Sept - 26 Oct Lehmann Maupin is pleased to announce Still-Life, an exhibition featuring three recent video installations by Los Angeles–based artist Jennifer Steinkamp. A pioneer in the field of 3D animation, Steinkamp works exclusively in digital media, using computer technology to render organic and abstract forms in motion. These immersive installations are projected at a large scale in response to the architectural interiors in which they appear. Each work alters the viewer’s typical experience of an object within a gallery and invites a more comprehensive understanding of space and time. 407 Pedder Building, 12 Pedder Street, Central; Tue-Fri: 10am-7pm; Sat: 11am-7pm; 2530 0025;

42 | OCTOBER 2019

‘Louise Nevelson & Yin Xiuzhen’ at Pace Gallery - H Queen's 20 Sept - 14 Nov Hong Kong Pace is delighted to present Louise Nevelson & Yin Xiuzhen, a two-person exhibition that joins in dialogue one of the premier sculptors of the twentieth century in Nevelson and a renowned Chinese contemporary artist in Yin. Coming from different eras and cultural backgrounds, this exhibition places the work of each artist into juxtaposition for the first time. Nevelson’s large-scale wood ’walls,’ with their heavy dark tones, and Yin’s colourful sculptures made of light materials draw unique associations and contrasts that retain their bohemian style and create a conceptual resonance that invites exploration of the relation between the two artists’ works from a new perspective. 12/F H Queen's, 80 Queen's Road Central, Central; Tue-Sat: 11am7pm; 2608 5065;



round-up of Hong Kong’s quality spas, rooms and massage centres. OurAmost up-to-date recommended spas andbeauty news on Hong Kong’s healthy and beauty offerings. 每月精選一系列豐富的美容護膚、健康養生資訊,撰寫您的美麗日記。 齊集全港優質美容中心、按摩中心和水療中心。

The Spa at Four Seasons 四季酒店

Hong Kong 香港島

CAUSEWAY BAY 銅鑼灣 Life of Life Healing Spa

The spa features a state-of-the-art biopulsar machine that they say checks the physical and mental status of clients in order to tailor-make treatments. 10/F & 11/F Continental Diamond Plaza, 525 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay. 2838 1661. 水療中心設有先進的健康測試儀器,只需把手放在 感應器上便可檢查客人的健康狀況,計算出合適的 療程。銅鑼灣軒尼詩道525號恆和鑽石大廈10樓及11 樓, 2838 1661 。


Contemporary and chic, this brand uses customised flower and plant extracts in its treatments. 16/F, Soundwill Plaza, 38 Russell Street, Causeway Bay. 2923 7888 . 這裡時髦又現代化,採用的鮮花和植物精華全為顧 客量身訂造。銅鑼灣羅素街 38號金朝陽中心 16樓, 2923 7888 。

This spa has it all: views across the harbour, the very latest relaxation methods, and 22,000 sq ft of luxurious space comprising treatment rooms and state-of-the art hydrotherapy facilities. Four Seasons Hotel, 8 Finance Street, Central. 3196 8888. 位於港島臨海,備有先進的美容和休閒設備。面積達 22,000平方呎,裝潢豪華,具有多個水療室,設備優 良。中環金融街8號四季酒店,3196 8888 。 Iyara day spa, a favourite among Central’s young female professionals, has three locations offering facials, manicures, pedicures, massages, waxing, body scrubs, and wraps in a relaxing Thai-inspired atmosphere. Central 2545 8638, Mid-Levels 2530 1666, Wan Chai 2545 8637. 體驗優質的美容水療呵護以及享受洗滌心靈的泰式水 療,你可以選擇各項皮膚護理、美甲、按摩,或者是 蜜蠟脫毛護理、身體磨砂及體膜護理等,以及數小時 的半天 SPA組合。中環: 2545 8638 ,半山: 2530 1666,灣仔:2545 8637,

BIO Beauty Spa 純一堂

Step into the safe haven of Bio Beauty Spa and refresh yourself with a relaxing body massage or facial. The spa offers a range of treatments to suit your needs, from basic nourishing facials to state-of-the-art laser and TriLipo treatments

Bio Beauty Spa 純一堂

Elemis Day Spa

One of the city's first independent luxury spas; the facility spreads out over 4,000 sq ft and offers an extensive range of body treatments. 9/F, Century Square, 1 D’Aguilar Street, Lan Kwai Fong. 2521 6660 . 這是香港一流的水療中心,佔地超過4,000平方呎, 洋溢一片「禪」風,設備豐富多種療程可供選擇。蘭 桂坊德己立街1號世紀廣場9樓, 2521 6660。


造私密憩靜的私人空間。專業美容師為客人提供各項 獲獎及效果顯著的護理。灣仔港灣道1號香港君悅酒 店11樓,2588 1234 。



personalized experiences with private rooms and highly trained professionals. Room 201, 2/F, 29 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central. 2489 0222.; www.biobeautyspa. com 這所半醫學美容水療中心環境優雅,美容師及治療師 都具備高度職業水準;一系列高質激光護理和三極射 頻膠原自生養護療程,能有效緊緻肌膚,恢復細胞活 力;更有按摩及改善體形等療程,令你的身體和容 顏皆保持最好狀態,重新尋回青春。中環擺花街 29 號2樓201室;2489 0222.;

private rooms with en-suite bathrooms. 11/F, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, 1 Harbour Road, Wan Chai. 2588 1234 . 靜水沁園水療中心位於香港君悅酒店11樓,為客人打


The Day Spa at Seasons to relaxation at The Day Spa, offering a great range of treatments for members and nonmembers alike. Featuring a new male spa, professionally trained therapists, and treatment rooms overlooking Hong Kong Park. 3/F, ICBC Tower, No.3 Garden Road, Central. 2878 6211 . The Day Spa at Seasons Fitness是脫離城市生活忙碌和 熙來攘往的理想地方,提供一系列的治療和一個豪華、 輕鬆和無壓力的環境。我們的治療房間是一個平靜的避 風港,舒適的氣氛,讓您的頭腦、身體和靈魂放鬆。中 環花園道中國工商銀行大廈3字樓,2878 6211 。

The Oriental Spa at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental 置地文華東方酒店的東方水療中心

Located in the heart of Central, this centre offers the ultimate spa experience with a comprehensive range of wellness facilities and signature spa treatments created exclusively for the Mandarin Oriental. 5/F, 15 Queen's Road, Central. 2132 0011. 位於中環黃金地段的置地文華東方酒店之內,專為賓 客提供各款尊貴的美容、按摩及獨家精選的水療療 法。中環皇后大道中15號5樓, 2132 0011 。

WAN CHAI 灣仔 Plateau Spa 靜水沁園水療中心

Plateau Spa, on the 11th floor of the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, offers privacy and an escape from the world. Award-winning, resultoriented treatments are conducted in luxurious

Plateau Spa 靜水沁園水療中心

Sunny Paradise 新瀛閣

Established almost 20 years ago, this spa is a popular, cheap and cheerful option where the wear and tear is part of the charm. The most popular treatment is the traditional Chinese body massage. 341 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai. 2831 0123 . 擁有約20年歷史,收費合理相宜,歲月的痕跡為中心 增添魅力。傳統中式全身按摩廣受歡迎,由專業水療 師親自主理。灣仔駱克道341號,2831 0123 。

Kowloon 九龍


I-Spa incorporates the 4,000-year-old Chinese philosophy of feng shui. Beauty treatments include Ancient Rituals of the Orient – a fusion of different Asian therapies designed to balance the body's yin and yang. 3/F, InterContinental Hong Kong, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. 2721 1211 . 水療中心融入中國4,000年歷史的風水元素,提供糅 合東方古法療程的美容服務,融會亞洲各式療法,以 平衡身體的陰陽。尖沙咀梳士巴利道18號香港洲際酒 店3樓,2721 1211 。

Mu Lan Spa 沐蘭水療中心

This oasis of tranquillity combines contemporary Oriental design with commodious treatment rooms and an array of men's and ladies' services to melt away stress. Shop 411-3, Ocean Centre, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui. 3107 2028; 2/F, Club Lusitano, Duddell Street, Central. 3102 0208 . 繁囂都市中的一片綠洲,充滿現代東方韻味的設計, 舒適寬敞的房間,提供優質水療服務。尖沙咀海港城 海洋中心411-3號鋪,3107 2028;中環都爹利街西 洋會大廈2樓,3102 0208 。

The Peninsula Spa by ESPA

The spa offers a personalised experience in a setting sculpted to perfection. Private rooms, large massage beds and top-of-the-line treatments and products. The Peninsula Hotel, Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. 2696 6682 . 與眾不同的格調,打造奢華完美的水療體驗,中心 設有私人護理室、舒適寬敞的按摩床及優質完善的 護理療程和產品。尖沙咀梳士巴利道半島酒店, 2696 6682 。 | AUGUST 2018 OCTOBER 2019




Star Ferry

Big Bus Tours

Hong Kong Observation Wheel

The ultimate Hong Kong experience. These much-loved vessels have over 100 years' history and are still one of the cheapest forms of local transport. 登上天星小輪是蒞臨香港不可錯過的體驗之一。這 種交通工具運載乘客已超過一世紀,至今仍是全港 最便宜的交通工具之一。

Big Bus Tours take visitors to all the city’s popular attractions, including Victoria Peak, Ladies’ Market, Man Mo Temple, Aberdeen and more. Tours offer personal recorded commentary available in 10 languages. 在香港,Big Bus Tours觀光遊會帶遊客走遍城中 著名旅遊景點,包括太平山頂、「女人街」、文 武廟及香港仔等。作為全球觀光導賞的精英,大 巴士觀光遊更有多達十種語言的錄音介紹,既細 心又詳盡。

You can get stunning day- and night-time views of the spectacular Victoria Harbour on the 60-metre-high Hong Kong Observation Wheel. The area nearby the wheel includes a square for events as well as drinks and snacks. 您可以從一個高60公尺的香港摩天輪上欣賞維港的 日與夜,獨特角度,令人震撼。摩天輪附近有一個 活動廣場,可享用美食和飲品。


Ferries leave from Central Pier 7 to Tsim Sha Tsui; and from Wan Chai to Tsim Sha Tsui. 小輪於中環 7 號碼頭前往尖沙咀,亦設灣仔至 尖沙咀航線。 $2.7-$3.7

Classic Ticket 精選套票 HK$480 (Adult 成人) HK$430 (Child aged 5 - 15 ; 5 歲至 15 歲小童) 2723 2108

HK$20 Adults 成人 HK$10 (Aged 3-11 years Child & Senior & Visitors with Disabilities 3-11歲小童和長者 和殘疾人士) 33 Man Kwong Street, Central, Hong Kong Island 香港島中環民光街33號 2339 0777

Hong Kong Disneyland

Ocean Park

Nan Lian Garden and Chi Lin Nunnery

From Disney Parks’ first Marvel-themed ride, the all-new ‘Iron Man Experience’ to ‘Star Wars: Tomorrowland Takeover’, and now the world's first ‘Ant-Man and The Wasp’ attraction, Hong Kong Disneyland offers immersive and unforgettable experiences that cannot be missed. 迪士尼樂園首個漫威主題遊樂設施「鐵甲奇俠飛行之 旅」已開幕!從全新的鋼鐵人(港譯:鐵甲奇俠)到 星戰主題區,再到全球首個以蟻俠與黃蜂女為主題的 遊樂設施,樂園帶來多元獨特的體驗,讓您的奇妙旅 程更豐富。

Ocean Park Hong Kong is a marine-life theme park featuring animals, thrill rides and shows. The two major attractions areas, the Waterfront and the Summit, are connected by the Cable Car and Ocean Express funicular train. In Aqua City, you can watch Symbio, a multi-sensory show featuring the world’s first 360-degree water screen. 海洋公園是一個世界級海洋動物主題樂園,分 「海濱樂園」及「高峰樂園」兩個景區,由架空纜 車及海洋列車連接。夢幻水都主題區有全球首創的 360度水幕表演「雙龍奇緣」,為您帶來連場聲光 交匯的視聽震撼。

Located in the foothills of Lion Rock, Kowloon’s most distinctive mountain, the Nan Lian Garden and Chi Lin Nunnery stand out as a tranquil oasis. Visitors find respite in the elegant Tang Dynasty style architecture and the immaculately landscaped gardens and water ponds. 南蓮園池及志蓮淨苑位於九龍獅子山山腳,就如同一 片城市綠洲。遊客可欣賞到唐朝風格的建築和風景優 美的庭院及水池,感受寧靜平和的氣息。


1-Day Ticket: Standard Day 普通日子樂園1日門票 General Admission 標準 (Aged 12-64,12至64歲)HK$639 Child 小童(Aged 3-11,3至11歲)HK$475 Senior 長者(Aged 65+,65歲或以上)HK$100 MTR Disneyland Resort Station 港鐵迪士尼站 3550 3388


香港摩天輪 | OCTOBER 2019


$498 (Adult 成人), $249 (Child 小童). MTR Ocean Park Station Exit B 港鐵海洋公園站B出口 3923 2323


MTR Diamond Hill Exit C2, follow the signs and walk for 5 minutes. 由港鐵鑽石山站 C2 出口依路牌指示, 步行約 5 分鐘。 2354 1888 / 3658 9366

sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck

Noah's Ark Hong Kong

Located on 100th floor of ICC, the tallest building in Hong Kong, sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck is the only indoor observation deck in Hong Kong offering 360-degree views of the territory and its famous Victoria Harbour. 天際100香港觀景台位於全港最高的環球貿易廣場 100樓,是全港唯一能360度鳥瞰全港四方八面不 同的景觀及維港景色的室內觀景台。連接主要交 通網絡及國際級購物商場,是旅客訪港必到的第 一站。

It really is like gazing upon the ark itself, which is why the world's only full-size replica of Noah's Ark is popular with both international and local visitors. Noah’s Ark Hong Kong is a wonderful place for parents and children to bond in a comfortable, natural environment, where entertainment and education are combined in diverse activities that promote life, family, the earth and harmonious values. 全球唯一根據遠古所載,以一比一的比例大小建造 的香港挪亞方舟。這個主題景點適合一家大小同 遊,您可以在方舟內參加益智好玩的活動,更可到 古樸的馬灣村,緬懷昔日漁村風。

天際 100 香港觀景台

$188 (Adult 成人) $128 (Child & Senior 小童和長者). Kowloon MTR Exit C, from 2/F, Metal Zone at Elements shopping mall, access a direct walkway leading into sky100 港鐵九龍站C出口,連接圓方商場金區2樓 2613 3888

Ngong Ping 360 昂坪360


MTR Tung Chung Station, Exit B. Walk for approximately five minutes to the Tung Chung Cable Car Terminal. 從港鐵東涌站B出口,步行約5分鐘至東涌纜 車站。 3666 0606

Where to find out more 更多資訊

580 1,550 Remarks: Extra tolls HK$100 for Hotels on HK side.

$168 (Adult 成人) $138 (Child & Senior 小童和長者) Ferry from Central Pier 2 (access via MTR Hong Kong Station Exit E pass through ifc mall) to Park Island (the journey takes about 20 minutes). Walk to the Pak Lai Road then turn left to Pak Lam Road. 從中環出發:從港鐵香港站E1出口,穿過國際 金融中心商場,於中環2號碼頭搭乘渡輪前往珀 麗灣碼頭,船程約20分鐘。下船後一直走到珀 麗路,然後再左轉至珀林路。 3411 8888 The 25-minute cable car ride shows visitors breathtaking views of Lantau Island and the South China Sea. At the top of the ride is Ngong Ping themed village which features a variety of dining, shopping and entertainment outlets. It sits right next to Lantau’s cultural heritage such as Po Lin Monastery and The Big Buddha, making it the perfect start for your Lantau journey. 昂坪纜車讓旅客享受大嶼山及南中國海風光明媚的 景色,纜車全程約 25 分鐘。登山後,更可到結合 飲食、購物及娛樂於一身的昂坪市集遊覽。此處連 接大嶼山的文化遺產,如寶蓮寺和天壇大佛,可作 為你開展大嶼山之旅的起點。


( Optional sampan ride can be made on spot on own account )

540 Child小童 (3-11yr) HK$450

• Lichi Park • Shenzhen Meridian View Centre (entrance ticket included) • Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horse Museum • Lo Wu Shopping Mall (approx. 2 hours)


Price inclusive: Pick-up transfer, Group China Visa, Transportation, Chinese lunch and guide service

950 Child 小童 (1-9yr) HK$870 Weekend - Adult HK$980 / Child (1-9yr) HK$900

Hotel concierges are mines of information about sights and tours, as well as being able to talk guests through the various options and offer seasoned advice. Visit for tourist information, suggested itineraries and much more. 酒店的禮賓服務台備有許多觀光及旅行團資料,能為旅客提供各種選擇和中肯意 見。此外,請瀏覽 查看更多遊客必備資訊和建議行程等。 | 45



Airport Express 機場快線

MTR 港鐵 Useful Numbers 常用電話號碼 Emergency Services 緊急求救服務

The fastest way to get to the airport from Central. Trains depart Hong Kong Station (Central) every 12 minutes for the 24-minute trip to Hong Kong International Airport. One-way or same-day return from Central: HK$115 (child: HK$57.5). Round-trip: HK$205. 從中環往機場最快捷的方法是乘坐機場快線,列車從 中環的香港站出發,每隔12分鐘一班,到達機場需時 約24分鐘。香港站至機場站之單程或即日來回票價成 人每位收費$115(3至11歲小童每位收費$57.5),雙 程車票$205(有效期為一個月)。

2881 8888

The Mass Transit Rail system, MTR, covers all major districts and leading tourist attractions in the territory and borders mainland China. MTR also operates the Light Rail that runs between Yuen Long and Tuen Mun as well as inter-city trains into mainland China. MTR Mobile app (for Apple and Android products) is available for free download. 港鐵是香港方便快捷的交通工具,行走各個主要地 區,更連接中國內地邊境。港鐵同時經營輕鐵網 絡,行走元朗至屯門一帶,以及往來中國內地的城 際客運服務。現在你可以免費下載香港地鐵手機應 用程式(蘋果和安卓用戶)。

2881 8888

Octopus Card 八達通卡 Stored-value cards for travel on the MTR, buses, minibuses, trams, and ferries. Available at service counters at the Airport Express and MTR stations. Each card comes with a refundable HK$50 deposit which covers the card cost. Simply place the card on the Octopus pad and the fare is automatically deducted. 八達通是一款電子儲值卡,適用於港鐵、巴士、小巴、電 車及渡輪等公共交通工具,在機場快線和港鐵各站的客服 中心有售。每卡收取HK$50可獲退還的按金,當中包括了 卡成本。只要將八達通置於收費器上,應繳款額便會自動 從卡內的儲值額中扣除。

Please refer to 詳情請登入 for details. 2266 2222

Hong Kong High Speed Rail 香港高鐵

香港終於加入了中國的高鐵網絡。從西九龍高 鐵站出發,乘客可以直接前往深圳、廣州、武 漢、上海、北京等主要城市。到深圳福田和廣 州的票價分別為港幣 $78 和港幣 $247。

Tram 電車

下旗起計首 2 公里收費 $19-$24 ,其后每 200 米跳 表收費$1.2-$1.7,詳細收費資料張貼于車廂內之 「出租車收費表」上。乘客需按計價器繳付基本 車費,并以港幣支付車資,附加費包括隧道費、 橋樑費、司機回程費和行李載運費,可要求車費 收據。香港法例規定,如出租車內裝有安全帶, 乘客必須佩帶。

2804 2600

46 | OCTOBER 2019

To contact Hong Kong International Airport, call 2181 8888 要聯絡香港國際機場,請撥2181 8888。

Directory & Operator Assistance 電話查詢服務

To find business or residential phone numbers, dial 1081 for assistance in English, 1083 for Cantonese, or 1088 for Putonghua. 若要查詢電話,英語熱線請撥 1081 ,廣東話請撥 1083,普通話請撥1088。

Lost or Stolen Passports 有關證件遺失或被盜

•Australia 澳洲 •Malaysia 馬來西亞 •Canada 加拿大 •New Zealand 新西蘭 •China 中國 •Singapore 新加坡 •France 法國 •Taiwan 台灣 •Germany 德國 •Thailand 泰國 •Japan 日本 •UK 英國 •Korea 韓國 •USA 美國

Reporting Lost Cards 信用卡報失熱線

International Calls 長途電話

For over a century, trams on Hong Kong Island have been an inexpensive mode of transportation. You can ride the full length at $2.60 per adult, $1.30 per child and $1.20 for a senior. Get on at the back of the tram and pay at the front as you alight. 電車擁有超過一個世紀的歷史,是港島區的廉價交 通工具。全程收費成人每位$2.6,小童每位$1.3, 長者每位$1.2。乘客於車尾上車,車首下車,車費 於下車時繳付,可使用八達通卡。

2548 7102

2827 8881 2821 0800 3719 4700 2525 5044 2106 6303 2527 2212 3752 9900 2525 8315 2105 8788 2521 6481 2522 1184 2901 3000 2529 4141 2523 9011

To report lost or stolen credit cards, contact your credit card company. American Express: 2811 6122; Diners Club: 2860 1888; MasterCard: 800 966 677; Visa: 800 900 782 要報失信用卡,可聯絡你的信用卡中心; 美國運通:2811 6122,Diners Club:2860 1888, 萬事達卡:800 966 677及 Visa信用卡:800 900 782。

Taxi 出租車

Flagfall charges for the first 2km are from HK$19-24, with incremental charges of HK$1.21.7 for every subsequent 200m. Detailed taxi fare information is listed inside the taxi. Extra charges for tunnel and bridge tolls, driver’s return toll, and luggage handling. Refer to the taxi meter for exact charge and pay in HK dollars. Receipts given on request. Passengers are required by law to wear seatbelts.

Airport Connection 聯絡機場

For lost or stolen passports, first report the situation to the police, then contact your consulate or foreign affairs office to replace your passport. 若不幸遺失或被盜取證件,應先通知警察,再向你 所屬的大使館或領事館辦事處報告。

Hong Kong has finally joined China's High Speed Rail network. From the West Kowloon High Speed Rail Station, passengers can travel directly to major cities including Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Shanghai, and Beijing. Fares to Shenzhen Futian and Guangzhou are HK$78 and HK$247 respectively.

2881 8888

Dial 999 for emergency ambulance, fire or police assistance, 24 hours a day. For police enquiries, call 2527 7177. 有關召喚救護車、火警或報警,請撥999,全日24 小時服務。警署查詢,請電2527 7177。

To call direct, dial 001 + the international country code: 直接撥號,應先撥001+ 各地域號碼,如下: •Australia 澳洲 61 •Malaysia 馬來西亞 60 •Canada 加拿大 1 •New Zealand 新西蘭 64 •China 中國 86 •Singapore 新加坡 65 •France 法國 33 •Taiwan 台灣 886 •Germany 德國 49 •Thailand 泰國 66 •Japan 日本 81 •UK 英國 44 •Korea 韓國 82 •USA 美國 1






Best pick from CityLife’s Concierge of the month 《東方之珠》為您介紹本月禮賓司推介

Discover the colourful street markets of Kowloon 探索多姿多彩的九龍街市

Kowloon’s street markets are local, colourful and fun to visit whether you buy anything or not.

九龍的街市十分傳統,當地色彩明顯, 無論您是否打算購物,都很有趣。

Thomas Leung

Goldfish Market: Dozens of shops line the street showcasing a large variety of tropical fish. It’s a splendid sight and an amazing experience for dedicated aquarists, casual fish keepers, or curious onlookers alike.

金魚街:幾十家商店沿街排列,展示各 種各樣的熱帶魚 - 聽起來就很精彩對於專業 的水族愛好者,喜歡養魚的人或僅僅是對此 感興趣的人,這裡都不容錯過。

Chief Concierge, InterContinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong

Flower Market: This famous market in Mong Kok is also a must-see destination. Whether it’s cut flowers, potted plants, seeds and bulbs or orchids, they are all available at the Flower Market. The shops sell both wholesale and retail, so go and pick out your favourite blooms and brighten up your day.

鮮花市場:旺角這個著名的市場也是一 定要打卡目的地。無論是切花,盆栽,種 子,鱗莖還是蘭花,都可以在花卉市場買 到。這一天充滿花香和陽光。

海景嘉福酒店 總禮賓司

Years in Hotel Industry 從業時間薦:

21 years / 年 Favourite Hobby :

Travelling abroad and seeing lots of new things to enhance my own knowledge. Outdoor activities: I like to visit the outlying islands such as Cheung Chau, or Sai Kung in the New Territories, for their relaxing vibe, very different from the busy city.

Bonus tips 小貼士: Take MTR to Prince Edward Station to visit the markets. 乘搭港鐵至太子站參觀街市。 Try the local dim sum restaurant there – One Dim Sum (G/F 209A Tung Choi Street, Prince Edward, Kowloon) 試試當地的點心餐廳 —— 一點心(九龍太子通菜街209A號地鋪)

個人愛好薦: 出國旅遊,看到很多新的東 西,擴大自己的知識面。 戶外活動:喜歡遊覽新界小島, 比如長洲和西貢等,遠離繁忙 市區,令人放鬆。

Check out a Hong Kong–style restaurant (Cha Chaan Teng) – Kam Wah Café (G/F, 47 Bute Street, Prince Edward, Kowloon) 試試港式餐廳(茶餐廳)—— 金華冰室(九龍太子弼街47號地鋪) Extra Tips: Explore Sai Kung and the outlying islands 額外提示:探索西貢等小島

Favourite Hong Kong : Yum Cha – enjoy delicious dim sum dishes served with my favourite Chinese tea – it’s a quintessentially Hong Kong experience.

Last Advice: My motto is “You never try, you never know”. So, be adventurous and check out as much as of the city as you can.


貼心建議: 我的座右銘是“不會嘗試就永遠不會知道”。 敢於冒險,盡可能多地探索香港!

喜歡香港獨特體驗,比如享受美 味的點心和我最喜歡的中國茶。

Sponsored by The Society of The Golden Keys of Hong Kong


Affiliated to the U.I.C.H Les Clefs d'Or service through friendship 48 | OCTOBER 2019





Maro Itoje

Maro& Itoje (Saracens England (Saracens & England Rugby Player) Rugby Player)

If you see something, say somet

DIAL DIAL (+852) 64652224 2224 (+852) 6465 TO REPORT EXPLOITATION

Francois Pienaar Francois Pienaar (SA Rugby Legend)



Usain UsainBolt Bolt


(Olympic Champion) (Olympic Champion)





Gary Lineker Gary Lineker

(Former Footballer (Former Footballer&& TV Presenter)



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