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in Lexington, Kentucky? Yes, you can. And Latin American civilization, Chinese, engineering, neuroscience, international affairs, and music technology. Just ask Annie Wright ’14. She dives into the ocean to uncover Byzantine mosques and shipwrecks from the Spanish Civil War. By the summer after her first year, she was working as a research assistant in the Balearic Islands. “People hear what I do and say, ‘That’s so cool. I wish I could do that.’ I love telling them that they can.”

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Transylvan i a U n i v e r s i ty FOUNDED IN 1780 / LEXINGTON, KY. / WWW.TRANSY.EDU


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Little Did You Know Cincinnati schools have carved out some creative educational niches, making names for themselves across the country—and around the world.



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School of Giving Thousands of students learn as they give during charitable programs in local classrooms and communities.

Gridiron Glory In Cincinnati, high school football is a vital part of the Queen City experience, defined best by the city’s long-standing rivalries.


Your one-stop resource for information about public and private schools in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

Planning for college grade by grade, and a compilation of stats on colleges and universities across the region and in neighboring states.


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When the School for Creative and Performing Arts (SCPA) opened its new $72 million campus in August 2010, it also expanded its grade offerings to become the first K–12 public arts school in the nation. Rigorous training programs include technical theater, creative writing, and drama, plus a ballet program that is the only complete 4th–12th grade public school ballet training program in the United States. Of the 1,460 students enrolled at SCPA, about 900 are in kindergarten through 8th grades. SCPA student groups have performed in China, Italy, and Poland, with two ensembles garnering top honors at the World Choir Games Open Competition in July 2012. As proven by Sarah Jessica Parker and Carmen Electra, SCPA students are often destined for bigger spotlights after their time in school.

Nation’s First K–12 Public Arts School

GLOBAL LEADER IN EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATION In 1996, Cincinnati Country Day School became the first school in the nation to integrate a one-toone computing program. Today, the school is still on the global stage for its ever-progressing integration of Tablet PC technology. In the 2012– 2013 school year, CCDS was one of just 30 schools worldwide to earn a World Tour School designation, a distinction given to schools whose technology programs are deemed


worthy of emulation. “The goal is for them to be showcase schools for the rest of the world, to offer insight and share what we’ve learned,” says

Thanks to FOX’s Glee, most people no longer have

Rob Baker, director of technology.

to ask, “What exactly is a show choir?” But if you

Hosting multiple tablet conferences

still don’t know, look no further than Fairfield High

each year for the past 11 years, CCDS

School’s Choraliers. Consisting of 46 singer/dancers, 14 instrumentalists,

welcomes upwards of 90 educators

and 12 tech members, the coed Choraliers ensemble snagged one of just 24

annually, having hailed from Europe,

championship trophies at the 2012 World Choir Games with a performance

Asia, Africa, Australia, and all corners

of Jules Verne’s “Around the World in Eighty Days” at the Aronoff Center.

of the U.S. “We are indeed a lab for

“We wanted to make sure [our theme] was something that brought in a

the world,” Baker says. What’s next

lot of other cultures,” says Jeff Clark, director of choral activities. “It was an

for this forward-marching technol-

awesome moment for us.” When it comes to selecting themes, the ambi-

ogy program? Baker hints that 3D

tious crew likes to keep audiences guessing. Performances vacillate from the

printing has entered the school’s

ultra-dramatic (“Swing Kids” in 2013) to the super-fun (“Back to the Future”

conversation. “It’s a big deal in gen-

for 2014). “We always try to top ourselves each year,” Clark says. “Our success

eral in technology right now,” he

has been about evolving, not resting on our laurels. We’re always pushing the

says. “3D printing is sort of the next

limits as far as what we can do.”

big thing.” SCHO O LS GUIDE |



National Pioneer in Public Montessori Education

On November 28, 2013, the 274-member Lakota West High School Marching Band performed in front of 3

In 1994, Cincinnati

Day Parade. One of just seven high school bands chosen from across the

Pu b l i c Sc h o o l s

country, the students’ parade march was topped off with a one-minute,

opened the coun-

15-second rendition of “Appala-

try’s first public

chian Spring” and “Fanfare for the Common Man” by Aaron Copland in front of the NBC national broadcasting cameras. “The reason we chose Copland was because he wrote ‘Fanfare’ for the Cincinnati Symphony,” says Greg Snyder, director of bands. “It felt pretty cool to play it in a national spotlight since we’re from Cincinnati.” The band is already booked for the 2015 Rose Bowl Parade, “one of the few bands to ever go back-to-back between Macy’s and Rose,” Snyder says.


million people on the streets of New York City for the Macy’s Thanksgiving

Montessori high school—and to this day, Clark Montessori High School remains one of the elite Montessoris of its kind in the nation. In 2010, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan presented the school’s commencement speech— a consolation prize for coming in second in a contest to have President Obama speak instead. Dubbed one of America’s Most Amazing Schools by Ladies’ Home Journal in 2010, Clark Montessori is currently home to 661 students in grades 7–12. Its new, $18 million LEED-certified building opened in August 2011.

America’s Largest Offering of Advanced Placement Courses With a whopping 32 courses in its AP curriculum menu, Walnut Hills High School shines brightly as a countrywide AP superstar. During the 2012–2013 school year, students at Walnut Hills took 1,788 AP exams, and 81 percent of those exams were passed. Among the school’s most unique offerings are Physics: Electricity and Magnetism, Comparative Government and Politics, and Studio Art 3-D Design. Of the 99 percent of students who have taken AP courses at Walnut Hills, 89 percent have


Honored by The Center for Holocaust and Humanity Education as a Voice for Humanity in August 2013, The Summit Country Day School is the area’s distinguished school for Holocaust education. Specially recognized

as regional Holocaust education pioneers are Upper School history

earned college credit. “At Walnut Hills High

teacher Jeff Stayton—son of a concentration camp liberator—and

School, we expect all students to participate

Middle School language arts teacher Rosie Sansalone Alway, who was

in the AP program,” wrote principal Jeffrey Bro-

selected by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Wash-

kamp in an email interview. “This is inherent in

ington D.C. to be a Museum Teacher Fellow for 2013–2014. Stayton has

the long-range plan. Walnut offers the high

been leading Holocaust lunch forums for students since the early 1990s

number of AP courses so that every student

and currently teaches the in-depth course Honors World War II/The

will find courses to their liking.”

Holocaust and Human Behavior at The Summit Country Day School.


Sycamore High School was the first orchestra in the region


to put some serious amperage into their strings, keyboards, and drums. Formed in 2003, the SEE 1 rock orchestra regularly welcomes globally recognized visiting artists (including Trans-Siberian Orchestra rockers) to perform with the 10–12-member ensemble and also host workshops on improvisational and compositional techniques. For the past four years, pro-


Nick and Drew Lachey

singers and entertainers, School for Creative and Performing Arts, Class of ’92 and ’94

fessional jazz and rock violinist Christian Howes has jammed with the electric crew during an annual performance. In 2013, the concert included Foo Fighters, 311, Skillet, Guns N’ Roses, and The Beatles pieces. Rob Schaefer

Semifinalist in Jeopardy! Teachers Tournament 2013

NBC Sochi Olympics correspondent and security analyst, Covington Latin School, Class of ’81

The only teacher from Ohio and one of only 15 contestants nationwide to appear on the 2013 Jeopardy! Teachers Tournament? Who is Katie Moriarty of Wyoming City Schools? That is correct! Selected from 100,000-plus applicants, Moriarty—a fifth grade math teacher at Wyoming Middle School—underwent a challenging 50-question online test, an in-person 50-question test and interview, and even a mock game before making the cut. She answered her way correctly to the semifinals during the

John Boehner

Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Moeller High School, Class of ’68

FOX-aired tournament running November 11–21, 2013, taking home $10,000 in personal prize money and a Classroom Jeopardy! unit for her students.

Matt Berninger

frontman of The National, St. Xavier High School, Class of ’89

Bill Cunningham

radio and television talk show host, Deer Park High School, Class of ’66

Bill Hemmer

television news anchor, Elder High School, Class of ’83 SCHO O LS GUIDE |


Thousands of students learn as they give during charitable programs in local classrooms and communities. BY CA I T BA R N ETT 10 | SCH O O LS GU ID E



According to a 2013 Charity Navigator study, Cincinnati is the fourth

most charitable city in the United States. Given this reputation for philanthropy, it follows that our children should be generous too. And they are. Quietly and consistently, students at schools in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky—public, private, high school, elementary school—are giving back in big ways. There’s also a service learning pedagogy that’s taken hold across the region, and it’s blazing the trail for youth philanthropy across the country. Here, a small sampling of schools and youth programs living up to our city’s charitable reputation.

M AYERSO N SERV I CEL E A RNING P ROG RAMS In the late 80s and early 90s, high schools nationwide started requiring community service hours. Mayerson Family Foundations sought to make this service meaningful and established the Mayerson High School Service Learning Program in 1994, explains director Clare Blankemeyer. The program has supported the quality integration of service learning within 120 regional high schools. Blankemeyer’s Northern Kentucky counterpart, Mary Kay Connolly, director of the Mayerson Children, Inc. Service Learning Initiative, has supported more than 200 regional elementary and high schools with its service-learning initiative. These are not to be confused with community service projects. “Service learning goes beyond community service,” Blankemeyer says. “Service learners become strong community participants throughout their lives. If you start young and give all children the opportunity to give back, you see strengths not evident on a paper-pencil test come out of them.” Students want something real in their educational experience, she says. “When you sit in a lecture for an entire day and don’t see math, science, social studies, English, and community in action, it’s eight steps removed from

you. When you make it curriculum-based and meet a need, and someone’s thanking and praising you for what did, that’s education that comes to life.” R EA D ING HIG H SC HOOL Two years ago, math teacher Kari Blaeser decided to take her lessons beyond the classroom with math-based service-learning projects. She also started teaching an elective course, Community Outreach. This past school year, her geometry students designed and built handicappedaccessible picnic tables for Stepping Stones Ohio, which helps children and adults with disabilities find pathways to independence, while outreach pupils volunteered somewhere the entire semester. Blaeser is a passionate advocate for service learning, and rightfully so—she’s seen how powerful it can be for a teenager. “I had one student who completely changed what she wants to do in college because of her experience working with kids at St. Rita School for the Deaf,” she says. “When she’s there, she’s glowing.” M ILFOR D HIG H SC HOOL In addition to having a 20-hour service requirement for its students, Milford High School works with New Voices,



Cincinnati Christian Schools


Mayerson ServiceLearning Programs


a Cincinnati-based organization that connects local high school students with community members through the lens of a camera. One-on-one teams spend 12 weeks snapping photos and—more importantly—getting to know each other. The ultimate goal is to break down barriers. This year, nine girls in art teacher Janelle Schunk’s photography class collaborated with women residents at the Drop Inn Center, the largest homeless shelter in Cincinnati, and then turned their photos into larger-than-life silhouettes to be permanently installed at the center’s new West End location. Last year, her students worked with City Gospel Mission. Schunk says she brought the program to the school to both challenge her students and give their photography purpose. She’s done both. “This program is life changing,” she says.“Students tell me they thought a shelter was where people sleep on the floor. They didn’t realize there are resources. They’re growing in their experiences, and it has given meaning to their work.” 12 | SC H O O LS GU ID E

This all-girls Catholic High School in Park Hills, Kentucky aims to educate young women to make a difference in the world. “And how better to do that than go out and serve other people?” asks Bridget Price, campus minister and 2000 alumna. “It allows us to come out of the self centeredness we sometimes fall into and realize we’re just one part of a much bigger picture. That broadens our education and takes us to places we never thought imaginable.” Freshmen volunteer at a random agency for a day, sophomores work 15 hours at a nonprofit, juniors serve a local agency once a week for an entire quarter, and seniors take part in a philanthropy program. The 600 students here also undertake class-specific projects, like working with Yo Puedo, a selfempowerment program for young girls in Honduras. GA M BLE M ON T ESSOR I HIG H SC HOOL There’s a mantra in Montessori education: follow the child. And that’s exactly how Jack Jose describes the school’s approach to service learning. “People characterize teenagers as very self-centered,” he says. “My experience in 20 years is the exact opposite. They’re very compassionate, but can’t always find an outlet for that.” During the school’s required intersessions, a model borrowed from Clark Montessori High School, instruction stops for two weeks as students partake in service-learning experiences, from studying ecology in the Smoky Mountains to studying social issues such as hunger and homelessness right here in Cincinnati. “The idea is to give the students experiences,” Jose says. “That’s what adolescents want. We see higher risk-taking behavior among adolescents because they want new experiences. They’re yearning for a deeper connection, a different way to understand the world they’re trying to figure out.”


Beechgrove Elementary

C INCINNATI CHRI ST I AN SCHOOL S One year after Donna Hempelmann became principal at the Cincinnati Christian Elementary School in Fairfield, she took some sixth graders with her to drop off food drive bounty at a local pantry. They brought enough to fill the entire facility, and then some. “They saw how much we had and they just stood and wept,” Hempelmann says. “It was impactful for our kids to see the difference they were able to make.” That impact wasn’t always so obvious. When Hempelmann started teaching there 17 years ago, community service was certainly important, but students didn’t quite grasp the meaning of it. She and other staff members set out to change that. Now, some 300 students regularly take part in food, coin, and book drives in addition to grade-specific projects. For instance, first and second graders buddy up with local firefighters and police, and third graders volunteer with the SPCA. ST. TH O MAS E LEMENTARY SCHOOL Around 200 students attend this small Catholic primary school in Ft. Thomas, Kentucky, where service is part of their schooling from kindergarten through eighth grade. Third graders created healthy cookbooks and sold them to benefit St. Vincent de Paul, while seventh graders reading Oliver Twist created welcome kits for children entering foster homes. In another project, eighth graders taught preschoolers about homelessness and assembled toiletry kits for Parish Kitchen visitors. As a mother of young kids herself, junior high religion and science teacher Laura Dennemann sees real value in integrating service into the curriculum. “It’s so exciting as a parent to think how alive schools have become with this,” Dennemann says. “Students have such a connection to their curriculum. It’s not always sitting and memorizing stuff. We can balance out the learning with the application.”

The 150 students at this private Jewish day school in Kenwood— one of only two in Cincinnati—are never too young to give back. “Tikkun Olam is Hebrew for repairing the world,” explains Etti Scheier, coordinator of Jewish programming and outreach, who’s taught here for two decades.“We teach from a very early age that giving doesn’t just make someone happy, it makes you feel good and it makes God happy.” From preschool to eighth grade, students take part in countless service projects, including making puppets to send to Haiti and advocating for recycling. More recently, fifth, seventh, and eighth-graders decorated rain barrels for Save Local Water’s annual Rain Barrel Art Benefit. M OUNT NOT R E DA M E Todd Forman is a teacher at this private all-girls Catholic high school in Reading, but it’s service coordination that keeps him busiest. Projects vary, from four annual service trips to Liberty, Kentucky to work on organic farms, serve at a children’s home, and help the elderly to a sophisticated philanthropy program Forman oversees. In fact, he heads youth philanthropy for the entire region as the program director of Magnified Giving, a nonprofit currently working with 50 schools to educate, inspire, and engage students in philanthropy. Each school receives $1,000 plus $250 in matching grants for students to award area nonprofits after reviewing proposals. K ENTON COUN T Y SC HOOL D IST R ICT When Tim Hanner was superintendent here, he brought together high schoolers from around the county and asked them two questions: What would it take for all students to be successful? And what can you do to impact that success? “They came up with the goal: We need to do more in the elementary schools, beginning with literacy skills and continuing with engaging students in meaningful activities,” he says. “You can’t wait until high school. Out of that came Hanner’s Heroes.” Hanner’s Heroes continues today, with 322 elementary and high school students participating in the one-on-one reading and mentoring programs. Hanner has since retired (these days he is president of NaviGo College and Career Prep Services and heads up the Northern Kentucky Youth Advisory Board for Children Inc.), but the program he created continues to flourish alongside a slew of other projects. For example, fifth graders at Kenton Elementary campaigned to save a local Civil War battleground, and a seventh grade class at Summit View Middle School is raising and releasing trout while studying population in Kentucky streams. SCHO O LS GUIDE |


GRIDIRON GRIDIRO In Cincinnati, high school football is more than just an autumn extracurricular activity. The sport has long been a vital part of the Queen City experience, defined best by the city’s long-standing rivalries. Whether east side or west side, public or parochial, Bomber blue or Cardinal red—come Friday night, everyone goes back to school.







Location: Finneytown

Location: Anderson

Location: Florence

Enrollment: 1,600

Enrollment: 1,200

Enrollment: 1,350

League: GCL (Greater Catholic League)

League: ECC (Eastern Cincinnati Conference)

Division: 6A, District 6

Mascot: Bombers

Mascot: Spartans

2013 record: 5-6

2013 Record: 4-6

2013 Record: 0-11

Mascot: Rebels




Location: Price Hill

Location: Anderson

Location: Union

Enrollment: 950

Enrollment: 1,200

Enrollment: 1,700

League: GCL

League: ECC

Division: 6A, District 6

Mascot: Panthers

Mascot: Redskins

Mascot: Raiders

2013 Record: 9-3

2013 Record: 3-7

2013 Record: 2-9


Elder won 23-10

Elder leads 49-38,


Turpin won 6-0



with 5 ties The two sides first faced off in the early 1920s, playing against each other every year since except for 1929, when the game was cancelled due to inclement weather. FUN FACT:


FUN FACT: The rivalry between the two schools—separated by less than three miles—paused in the early 2000s when Anderson football moved up to Division I. It was rekindled in a 2007 playoff matchup in the regional finals. Anderson won on a controversial last-second touchdown before going on to win the state title.


Ryle won 14-7

FIRST YEAR OF RIVALRY: 1992, when Ryle opened as a sister high school in the Boone County School District. FUN FACT: 2005 NFL MVP Shaun Alexander is a 1995 graduate of Boone County High School.







Location: Colerain

Location: Ft. Thomas

Location: Indian Hill

Enrollment: 1,950

Enrollment: 950

Enrollment: 700

League: GMC (Greater Miami Conference)

Division: 4A, District 7

League: CHL (Cincinnati Hills League)

Mascot: Cardinals

2013 Record: 13-2

2013 Record: 12-1

Mascot: Bluebirds

Mascot: Braves 2013 Record: 4-6




Location: Bridgetown

Location: Covington (Park Hills)

Location: Mariemont

Enrollment: 2,600

Enrollment: 550

Enrollment: 450

League: GMC

Division: 4A, District 7

League: CHL

Mascot: Highlanders

Mascot: Colonels

Mascot: Warriors

2013 Record: 5-5

2013 Record: 10-3

2013 Record: 7-4


Colerain won 29-17

ALL-TIME RECORD: Colerain leads 35-18. Oak Hills last won the matchup in 1992.

LAST YEAR: Highlands won 42-6 (regular season), and again 2813 (playoffs) ALL-TIME RECORD:


leads 45-17 FUN FACT: Last season’s matchup was part of the 2013 Great American Rivalry Series, presented by the U.S. Marine Corps and Hibbett Sports.

FUN FACT: The two teams are very familiar playoff foes, often facing off twice a year. In the 45year history of the rivalry (started in 1968), they’ve played a total of 62 contests.


Indian Hill won 7-0



FUN FACT: Of the 58 games played against each other, Mariemont leads the all-time series 32-26. Indian Hill, however, has dominated of late on the gridiron, going 13-2 in the eastside rivalry over the last 15 years.



Dynamically engaged At Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy, our collegeprep curriculum sparks creativity and fuels mastery. CHCA’s culture of vigorous inquiry, persistent effort and thoughtful attention to individual gifts develops agile, innovative thinkers, fully prepared for the next step in their academic lives. By wrestling with timeless, essential questions, students

strengthen their minds and their faith.


X Your one-stop resource for education

options in the Cincinnati USA region




18 40 46






Because the Cincinnati USA region spans three states, the Schools Guide is organized by state, and listings contain state-specific data for each school and district. Additionally, the Guide lists some national data, such as ACT and SAT scores. For public schools, we include the district and the high schools within that district. All private schools, including elementary and middle schools, are listed. The public school data was collected from both the district and the Department of Education databases for Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. Private schools are not required to divulge data to the state, however, many have voluntarily reported theirs to the Guide. In Ohio, the Department of Education is in the process of changing the way public school performance is measured. Some new data points are available on this year’s report (all listed as percentages), however, full reports won’t be released until next year.

For more information, please visit the Department of Education websites for Ohio, Kentucky, or Indiana.



Cincinnati Magazine’s most comprehensive guide to nearly 400 schools in Cincinnati USA. Designed as a resource for both new and established families, the Schools Guide offers relevant and up-to-date information on schools throughout the Cincinnati USA region. Whether you’re on the hunt for a new school for your kids or you’re just checking up on your old alma mater, the Schools Guide is a onestop shop for essential school information. WELCOME TO THE 2014 SCHOOLS GUIDE,


OHIO PUBLIC KEY OF ABBREVIATIONS GS=Grades served E=Enrollment PM=Percent minority AR=Attendance rate STR=Student/ teacher ratio PPS=Operating spending per pupil READ=Percent in 11th grade proficient in reading on the Ohio Graduation Test (OGT) MATH= Percent in 11th grade proficient in math on the OGT ACT=Average ACT score SAT=Average SAT score GR=Graduation rate AMO=Annual Measurable Objectives, percentage score IM=Indicators Met, percentage score PI=Performance Index, percentage score BATAVIA LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT

2400 Clermont Center Dr., Batavia, OH 45103, (513) 732-2343, » The mission of Batavia Local Schools is to inspire, educate, and prepare its students to achieve excellence and to become productive citizens in a global society. GS=Pre-K–12, E=2,131, PM=12.6%, AR=94.4%, PPS=$6,672, READ=96.9%, MATH=91.3%, ACT=22.6, GR=93.4%, AMO=69.5%, IM=91.7%, PI=82.2% =Central




BATAVIA HIGH SCHOOL 1 Bulldog Place, Batavia, OH 45103, (513) 7322341, » The mission of Batavia High School is to inspire, educate, and prepare its students to achieve excellence and to become productive citizens in a global society. GS=9–12, E=588, PM=8.1%, AR=93.8%, PPS=$6,672, READ=96.9%, MATH=91.3%, AC T = 2 2 . 6 , G R = 9 3 .4% , A M O = 8 5 . 3 % , IM=100%, PI=81.9% BETHEL-TATE LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT

675 W. Plane St., Bethel, OH 45106, (513) 734-2271, » GS=K–12, E=1,740, PM=2.4%, PPS=$6,740, READ=99.1%, MATH=97.4%, GR=92.5%, AMO=83.3%, IM=100%, PI=85.1%

Hillsdale Campus Cincinnati,Ohio 45227 513.728.2400

BETHEL-TATE HIGH SCHOOL 3420 St. Rt. 125, Bethel, OH 45106, (513) 734-2271, » GS=9–12, E=503, PM=3.1%, PPS=$6,740, READ=99.1%, MATH=97.4%, G R = 9 2 . 5 % , A M O = 8 9.9 % , I M = 1 0 0 % , PI=85.6% CARLISLE LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT

724 Fairview Dr., Carlisle, OH 45005, (937) 746-0710, » Carlisle Local Schools’s mission is to prepare all students for a successful future by providing quality educational experiences in a positive and innovative learning environment. GS=Pre-K–12, E=1,647, PM=5.6%, AR=95.3%, STR=20/1, PPS=$8,247, READ=96.1%, MATH=95.3%, AC T = 2 1 .7, G R = 9 5 . 2 % , A M O = 8 3 . 3 % , IM=95.8%, PI=83.8%

CARLISLE HIGH SCHOOL 250 Jamaica Rd., Carlisle, OH 45005, (937) 746-4481, » In partnership with the community, Carlisle High School strives to be the benchmark of academic excellence in education through superior teaching of a rigorous curriculum. GS=9–12, E=494, PM=2.2%, AR=94.7%, STR=19/1, PPS=$8,247, READ=96.1%, MATH=95.3%, ACT=21.7, GR=95.2%, AMO=100%, IM=100%, PI=84.7% CINCINNATI PUBLIC SCHOOLS

2651 Burnet Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45219, (513) 3630000, » Cincinnati Public Schools serves about 33,700 students in preschool through 12th grade, preparing students for life with rigorous academics and enrichment opportunities. CPS is Ohio’s top-performing urban district. GS=Pre-K–12, E=29,959, PM=74.3%, STR=18/1 K–grade 3; 20/1 grades 4–6; varies grades 7–12, PPS=$10,781, READ=91.4%, MATH=85.5%, ACT=18.8, SAT=1670, GR=66%, AMO=25%, IM=45.8%, PI=72.9%

AIKEN COLLEGE & CAREER HIGH SCHOOL 5641 Belmont Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45224, (513) 363-6700, » Aiken offers the innovative and nationally recognized program called New Tech, which allows students to engage in project-based learning using technology and critical-thinking skills. GS=7–12, E=325, PM=96.4%, STR=18/1 K– grade 3; 20/1 grades 4–6; varies grades 7–12, PPS=$10,781, READ=96.9%, MATH=87.5%, ACT=15.8, GR=59.6%, AMO=42.5%, IM=30%, PI=67.4%



[SCHOOLS GUIDE ] CINCINNATI DIGITAL ACADEMY School for Creative and Performing Arts

425 Ezzard Charles Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45203, (513) 363-2040, » This program offers students rigorous college-preparatory curriculum delivered online, with 24-hour access to courses and interaction with teachers via phone, e-mail, and in person. GS=K–12, STR=18/1 K– grade 3; 20/1 grades 4–6; varies grades 7–12, PPS=$10,781

CLARK MONTESSORI HIGH SCHOOL 3030 Erie Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45208, (513) 3637100, » The nation’s first public Montessori high school, Clark’s students work with teachers in communities, learning to manage long-term projects and developing leadership and decision-making skills. GS=7–12, E=627, PM=58%, STR=18/1 K–grade 3; 20/1 grades 4–6; varies grades 7–12, PPS=$10,781, READ=98.8%, MATH=95.3%, ACT=21.8, SAT=1014, GR=88%, AMO=54.5%, IM=80%, PI=82%

GILBERT A. DATER HIGH SCHOOL 2146 Ferguson Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45238, (513) 363-7200, » Dater offers a standard college-preparatory program and the challenging Special College Preparatory Program, which requires an entrance exam. A culinary arts program is also offered. GS=7–12, E=738, PM=63.2%, STR=18/1 K–grade 3; 20/1 grades 4–6; varies grades 7–12, PPS=$10,781, READ=95.9%, MATH=91.8%, ACT=17.7, GR=75%, AMO=16.7%, IM=60%, PI=72.6%

• Catholic Montessori School • Montessori Pre-Primary to Grade 8 (Ages 3-14) • Half-day for 3 and 4 year olds; Kindergarten full day • Family atmosphere • Montessori Teachers AMS Certified • Small class size (15-18 students per class) • Student diversity – Ethnic, Religious, Financial, Educations 625 Pike St., Covington, KY 41011 20 | SC H O O LS GU ID E

• Families of all faiths welcome • Breakfast and hot lunch program • Active Parent Association • Extended care until 6:00 • Specialized classes in Art, Music, P.E., Spanish and Library • Convenient location to Northern KY & downtown Cincinnati • Lowest Montessori tuition in the greater Cincinnati area

Tel: 859-431-5153 =Central




JAMES N. GAMBLE MONTESSORI HIGH SCHOOL 2700 Felicity Place, Cincinnati, OH 45211, (513) 363-2600, » Gamble offers renowned Montessori education, with students and teachers working in communities and students managing long-term projects and growing in decision-making skills. GS=7–12, E=275, PM=70.9%, STR=18/1 K–grade 3; 20/1 grades 4–6; varies grades 7–12, PPS=$10,781, READ=100%, MATH=90%, ACT=17.1, GR=71.8%, AMO=50.6%, IM=80%, PI=77.8%

HUGHES STEM HIGH SCHOOL 2515 Clifton Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45219, (513) 363-7400, » Focusing on STEM areas—science, technology, engineering, and math—Hughes provides a curriculum grounded in project-based learning in areas such as digital education and health sciences. GS=7–12, E=995, PM=95.6%, STR=18/1 K–grade 3; 20/1 grades 4–6; varies grades 7–12, PPS=$10,781, READ=88.8%, MATH=84.4%, ACT=15.5, AMO=1.9%, IM=20%, PI=62.3%

OYLER SCHOOL 2121 Hatmaker St., Cincinnati, OH 45204, (513) 363-4100, » Designed as a Community Learning Center to nurture students from preschool to graduation, Oyler provides a well-rounded, college-preparatory education while serving student and neighborhood needs. GS=Pre-K–12, E=636, PM=38.4%, STR=18/1 K–grade 3; 20/1 grades 4–6; varies grades 7–12, PPS=$10,781, READ=92.9%, MATH=74.1%,

ACT=16.3, GR=27.4%, AMO=1%, IM=12.5%, PI=66.3%

RIVERVIEW EAST ACADEMY 3555 Kellogg Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45226, (513) 363-3400, » Designed as a Community Learning Center to nurture students from preschool to graduation, Riverview provides a well-rounded, college-preparatory education. Advanced training in healthcare careers is offered. GS=Pre-K–12, E=429, PM=51.1%, STR=18/1 K– grade 3; 20/1 grades 4–6; varies grades 7–12, PPS=$10,781, READ=82.6%, MATH=68.1%, ACT=17.3, GR=58.3%, AMO=45%, IM=8.3%, PI=66.5%

SCHOOL FOR CREATIVE & PERFORMING ARTS 108 W. Central Pkwy., Cincinnati, OH 45202, (513) 363-8000, » The nation’s only public K–12 arts school, SCPA is internationally recognized for pre-professional arts training and strong academics: creative writing, dance, drama, music, technical theater, and visual arts. Auditions for grades 7–12. GS=K–12, E=1,378, PM=64.6%, STR=18/1 K–grade 3; 20/1 grades 4–6; varies grades 7–12, PPS=$10,781, READ=98.1%, MATH=96.3%, ACT=20.2, SAT=1035, GR=86%, AMO=72.2%, IM=79.2%, PI=82%

SHRODER HIGH SCHOOL 5030 Duck Creek Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45227, (513) 363-6900, » Shroder provides a rigorous liberal-arts education following the Paideia teaching method, which builds students’

critical-thinking skills and develops lifelong learners. Community service is emphasized. GS=7–12, E=615, PM=96%, STR=18/1 K–grade 3; 20/1 grades 4–6; varies grades 7–12, PPS=$10,781, READ=94.5%, MATH=90.3%, ACT=16.8, GR=77.3%, AMO=25.9%, IM=40%, PI=72.4%

ROBERT A. TAFT INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY HIGH SCHOOL 420 Ezzard Charles Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45214, (513) 363-8200, » Taft focuses on information-technology skills: programming, maintenance, and network administration with cutting-edge technology and college-preparatory curriculum. A GRAD Cincinnati school. GS=7–12, E=577, PM=97.6%, STR=18/1 K–grade 3; 20/1 grades 4–6; varies grades 7–12, PPS=$10,781, READ=94.6%, MATH=90.3%, ACT=14.4, GR=80.8%, AMO=33.3%, IM=40%, PI=63.6%

VIRTUAL HIGH SCHOOL 425 Ezzard Charles Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45203, (513) 363-2060, » Virtual offers an alternative learning environment outside the traditional classroom, using individualized, computer-assisted, standards-based curriculum. It allows students to recover missing credits and take Advanced Placement courses. GS=9–12, E=380, PM=79.4%, STR=18/1 K–grade 3; 20/1 grades 4–6; varies grades 7–12, PPS=$10,781, READ=68%, MATH=40%, ACT=17.5, GR=8.1%, AMO=3.1%, IM=7.7%, PI=62.1%

WALNUT HILLS HIGH SCHOOL 3250 Victory Pkwy., Cincinnati, OH 45207, (513)



[SCHOOLS GUIDE ] 363-8400, » Nationally recognized as one of America’s best public high schools, Walnut Hills offers rigorous, accelerated, classic college-preparatory curriculum and the nation’s largest array of Advanced Placement courses. Entrance exam required. GS=7–12, E=2,286, PM=43.4%, STR=18/1 K–grade 3; 20/1 grades 4–6; varies grades 7–12, PPS=$10,781, READ=100%, MATH=100%, ACT=26, SAT=1202, GR=97.8%, AMO=100%, IM=100%, PI=93.9%

WESTERN HILLS UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL 2144 Ferguson Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45238, (513) 363-8900, » Western Hills provides an intensive college-preparatory program tied to national school-reform model GRAD Cincinnati, with teacher teams working with students to improve achievement. Projectbased engineering program offered. GS=7–12, E=1,040, PM=85.4%, STR=18/1 K–grade 3; 20/1 grades 4–6; varies grades 7–12, PPS=$10,781, READ=83.2%, MATH=76.4%, ACT=15.8, GR=66.2%, AMO=2.2%, IM=0%, PI=64.7%

WITHROW UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL 2488 Madison Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45208, (513) 363-9200, » Withrow offers intensive preparation and guidance for getting into college and succeeding academically. Dual credit and Advanced Placement courses offered. GS=7–12, E=957, PM=98.1%, STR=18/1 K–grade 3; 20/1 grades 4–6; varies grades 7–12, PPS=$10,781, READ=85.1%, MATH=74.9%,

ACT=15.9, GR=89.5%, AMO=81.3%, IM=50%, PI=75.4%

WOODWARD CAREER TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL 7005 Reading Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45237, (513) 3639300, » Three programs offer hands-on experience to expand students’ interests in engineering, manufacturing, bioscience, health, construction, and electrical: Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, Building Technologies, and Health and Biotechnology. GS=7–12, E=728, PM=98.4%, STR=18/1 K–grade 3; 20/1 grades 4–6; varies grades 7–12, PPS=$10,781, READ=84.4%, MATH=74.8%, ACT=15, GR=51.4%, AMO=0%, IM=0%, PI=62.1% END OF CINCINNATI PUBLIC SCHOOLS CLERMONT NORTHEASTERN LOCAL SCHOOLS

2792 U.S. Hwy. 50, Batavia, OH 45103, (513) 6251211, » GS=Pre-K–12, E=1,613, P M = 3 .6 % , P PS = $ 7,9 7 2 , R E A D = 9 5 . 5 % , MATH=93.3%, GR=91.1%, AMO=58.6%, IM=95.8%, PI=82.4%

0222, » GS=Pre-K–12, E=1,264, PM=19.3%, PPS=$9,232, READ=95%, MATH=94.1%, GR=94.4%, AMO=85.8%, IM=100%, PI=84.6%

DEER PARK JR./SR. HIGH SCHOOL 8351 Plainfield Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45236, (513) 891-0010, » GS=7–12, E=609, PM=17.5%, PPS=$9,232, READ=95%, MATH=94.1%, GR=94.4%, AMO=87.6%, IM=100%, PI=83.9% EASTERN LOCAL SCHOOLS

11479 U.S. 62, P.O. Box 500, Winchester, OH 45171, (937) 378-3981, » GS=K–12, E=1,316, PM=3.4%, PPS=$8,011, READ=90.5%, M AT H = 9 2 .9 % , G R = 9 2 . 2 % , A M O = 7 5 % , IM=100%, PI=83.2%

EASTERN HIGH SCHOOL 11557 U.S. 62, Winchester, OH 45171, (937) 3786016, » GS=9–12, E=373, PM=3.5%, PPS=$8,011, READ=91.6%, MATH=94%, GR=92.2%, AMO=89.9%, IM=100%, PI=85.8% EDGEWOOD CITY SCHOOLS

CLERMONT NORTHEASTERN HIGH SCHOOL 5327 Hutchinson Rd., Batavia, OH 45103, (513) 6251211, » GS=9–12, E=548, PM=3.3%, PPS=$7,972, READ=95.5%, MATH=93.3%, GR=91.1%, AMO=59.4%, IM=100%, PI=84%

3440 Busenbark Rd., Trenton, OH 45067, (513) 8634692, » GS=Pre-K–12, E=3,525, PM=4.3%, PPS=$7,380, READ=96.1%, M AT H = 9 5 .7 % , G R = 9 2 % , A M O = 5 9. 2 % , IM=79.2%, PI=81.1%


4131 Matson Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45236, (513) 891-

3045 Busenbark Rd., Trenton, OH 45067, (513) 867-6300, » GS=9–12,

Hospital-Based Learning • Magnet Recognized Hospital • Excellent Reputation • Innovative • Advanced Technology–Simulation Lab • Hands-on Learning • Honors Program Available for Those Who Qualify

Apply at 375 Dixmyth Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45220 | 513 862 1678

RN in two years, BSN while you work.

22 | SCH O O LS GU I D E





E=1,085, PM=2.8%, PPS=$7,380, READ=96.1%, M AT H = 9 5 .7 % , G R = 9 2 % , A M O = 7 3 . 3 % , IM=100%, PI=85.7% FAIRFIELD CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT

4641 Bach Ln., Fairfield, OH 45014, (513) 8296300, » Fairfield encourages all students in learning opportunities—academic and extracurricular—that prepare them to have successful futures. GS=Pre-K–12, E=9,902, PM=29.9%, AR=96%, STR=Varies, PPS=$6,745, READ=96.8%, MATH=95.3%, ACT=21.5, SAT=Reading 515; Math 530; Writing 480, GR=93.2%, AMO=65.9%, IM=91.7%, PI=82.8%

FAIRFIELD SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL 8800 Holden Blvd., Fairfield, OH 45014, (513) 942-2999, » Fairfield Senior High School encourages educational, extracurricular, and community service opportunities that spark creativity, achievement, and positive experiences for all students. GS=10–12, E=2,041, PM=25.7%, STR=Varies, PPS=$6,745, READ=96.8%, MATH=95.3%, ACT=21.5, SAT=Reading 515; Math 530; Writing 480, GR=93.3%, AMO=80.2%, IM=100%, PI=84.7%

FAYETTEVILLE-PERRY HIGH SCHOOL 501 S. Apple St., Fayetteville, OH 45118, (513) 8753520, » GS=9–12, E=299, PM=2%, PPS=$7,634, READ=96.2%, MATH=96.2%, GR=95.2%, AMO=66.7%, IM=100%, PI=82.7% FELICITY-FRANKLIN LOCAL SCHOOLS

415 Washington St., P.O. Box 619, Felicity, OH 45120, (513) 876-2113, » GS=Pre-K–12, E=977, PM=4.9%, PPS=$7,531, READ=86.6%, MATH=83.6%, GR=79.2%, AMO=60.7%, IM=62.5%, PI=78%

FELICITY-FRANKLIN LOCAL HIGH SCHOOL 415 Washington St., P.O. Box 619, Felicity, OH 45120, (513) 876-2113, » GS=9–12, E=307, PM=6.6%, PPS=$7,531, READ=86.6%, MATH=83.6%, GR=79.2%, AMO=78.6%, IM=60%, PI=77.6% FINNEYTOWN LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT

8916 Fontainebleau Terrace, Cincinnati, OH 45231, (513) 728-3700, » GS=K–12, E=1,426, PM=52.2%, PPS=$9,557, READ=99%, MATH=93.3%, GR=86.5%, AMO=55.6%, IM=87.5%, PI=82.1%


551 S. Apple St., Fayetteville, OH 45118, (513) 8752423, » GS=K–12, E=891, PM=3.2%, PPS=$7,634, READ=96.2%, MATH=96.2%, GR=95.2%, AMO=74.5%, IM=87.5%, PI=81.9%

8916 Fontainebleau Terrace, Cincinnati, OH 45231, (513) 931-0712, » GS=7–12, E=684, PM=49.8%, PPS=$9,557, READ=99%, MATH=93.3%, GR=86.5%, AMO=33.3%, IM=80%, PI=80.5%


7550 Forest Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45255, (513) 231-3600, » One of the Forest Hills School District’s central themes—Success for All Students—drives a commitment to the quality of education provided to all students. GS=Pre-K–12, E=7,533, PM=9.1%, AR=96.4%, STR=23/1 K–4; 24/1 grades 5–6; varies grades 7–12, PPS=$8,783, READ=99.3%, MATH=98.4%, ACT=24.2, SAT=Critical Thinking 541; Math 564; Writing 526, GR=94.9%, AMO=77.8%, IM=100%, PI=89.6%

ANDERSON HIGH SCHOOL 7560 Forest Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45255, (513) 232-2772, » Everything Anderson does contributes to student learning, achievement, and personal development. GS=9–12, E=1,206, PM=8.6%, STR=Varies, PPS=$8,783, READ=99.7%, MATH=98%, ACT=23.8, SAT=Critical Thinking 535; Math 563; Writing 512, GR=94.6%, AMO=100%, IM=100%, PI=90.4%

TURPIN HIGH SCHOOL 2650 Bartels Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45244, (513) 232-7770, » The mission of Turpin High School is to foster growth of responsible citizens by encouraging and providing all students with opportunities to explore and develop their potentials in a safe, positive, and academically challenging environment. GS=9–12, E=1,199, PM=6.9%, STR=Varies, PPS=$8,783, READ=98.9%, MATH=98.9%, ACT=24.6, SAT=Critical Thinking 547; Math 565;

BELIEVE. At Cincinnati Christian Schools, faith and learning go hand-in- hand. For more than 40 years, we’ve developed a unique and proven educational model which infuses outstanding academic preparation with a Christ-centered, biblical outlook and approach.

BELONG. We understand that each student is uniquely and wonderfully made, from the precocious preschooler to the discerning high school senior. With Christ as the common bond, our differences— the unique God-given passions and talents—find room to grow and develop. Our small size and attentive personal approach opens doors to opportunities not available in other schools or programs.

BECOME. Cincinnati Christian Schools create lifelong learners, creative thinkers, passionate disciples, and visionary leaders. Our graduates are welcomed at a variety of universities and other institutes of higher learning because they’ve become the natural learners and inquisitive students of life God created them to be. SCHO O LS GUI DE |



Hughes STEM High School

533 Dayton St., Hamilton, OH 45011, (513) 8875000, » GS=Pre-K–12, E=9,694, PM=26.4%, PPS=$7,631, READ=95.6%, M AT H = 9 3 . 3 % , G R = 8 2 . 5 % , A M O = 3 8 % , IM=58.3%, PI=76.3%

HAMILTON HIGH SCHOOL 1165 Eaton Ave., Hamilton, OH 45013, (513) 8687700, » GS=10–12, E=1,856, PM=22.3%, PPS=$7,631, READ=95.6%, MATH=93.3%, GR=83.3%, AMO=66.1%, IM=90%, PI=80.6% INDIAN HILL EXEMPTED VILLAGE SCHOOL DISTRICT

6855 Drake Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45243, (513) 272-4500, » The Indian Hill Exempted Village School District provides exceptional educational services to ensure the intellectual development, personal growth, and social responsibility of each student. GS=K–12, E=1,896, PM=17.5%, AR=96.1%, STR=18/1, PPS=$14,735, READ=98.4%, MATH=98.9%, ACT=26, SAT=1763, GR=95.4%, AMO=95.2%, IM=100%, PI=92.9%


Wr i t i n g 5 4 0, G R = 9 5 . 3 % , A M O = 8 8.9 % , IM=100%, PI=93.5%

E=782, PM=4.8%, PPS=$7,607, READ=93.8%, MATH=94.3%, GR=95.3%, AMO=100%, IM=100%, PI=88.5%


150 E. Sixth St., Franklin, OH 45005, (937) 7461699, » GS=Pre-K–12, E=2,944, PM=5.1%, PPS=$7,910, READ=96.1%, MATH=92.7 %, GR=91.9%, AMO=74.6%, IM=87.5%, PI=81.6%

FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL 750 E. Fourth St., Franklin, OH 45005, (937) 743-8610, » GS=9–12, E=886, PM=5.8%, PPS=$7,910, READ=96.1%, MATH=92.7%, GR=91.9%, AMO=89.9%, IM=100%, PI=84.7% GEORGETOWN EXEMPTED VILLAGE SCHOOL DISTRICT

1043 Mt. Orab Pike, Georgetown, OH 45121, (937) 378-3730, » GS=K–12, E=1,000, PM=4.4%, PPS=$7,217, READ=94.9%, MATH=92.3%, GR=85.2%, AMO=46.3%, IM=87.5%, PI=80.6%

GEORGETOWN JR./SR. HIGH SCHOOL 987 Mt. Orab Pike, Georgetown, OH 45121, (937) 378-6730, » GS=7–12, E=448, PM=4.1%, PPS=$7,217, READ=94.9%, MATH=92.3%, GR=85.2%, AMO=45.6%, IM=93.3%, PI=80% GOSHEN LOCAL SCHOOLS

6694 Goshen Rd., Goshen, OH 45122, (513) 7222222, » GS=Pre-K–12, E=2,705, PM=5.9%, PPS=$7,607, READ=93.8%, MATH=94.3%, GR=95.3%, AMO=88.7%, IM=100%, PI=86.8%

GOSHEN HIGH SCHOOL 6707 Goshen Rd., Goshen, OH 45122, (513) 722-2227, » GS=9–12,

24 | SCH O O LS GU I D E


3254 E. Kemper Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45241, (513) 771-8840, » A recognized leader and innovator, Great Oaks Career Campuses serves 36 school districts in southwest Ohio with greater training and college preparation for high school students and industry certification programs for adults. GS=11–12 (and adults), E=2,422, PM=20.4%, AR=91.1%, READ=96.8%, MATH=95.8%, GR=95.1%

DIAMOND OAKS CAREER CAMPUS 6375 Harrison Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45247, (513) 574-1300, » Diamond Oaks offers career and college preparation for high school students in southwest Ohio. GS=11–12 (and adults), E=575, AR=91.5%

LAUREL OAKS CAREER CAMPUS 300 Oak Dr., Wilmington, OH 45177, (937) 382-1411, » Laurel Oaks offers career and college preparation for high school students in southwest Ohio. GS=11–12 (and adults), E=453, AR=92.1%

LIVE OAKS CAREER CAMPUS 5956 Buckwheat Rd., Milford, OH 45150, (513) 5751900, » Live Oaks offers career and college preparation for high school students in southwest Ohio. GS=11–12 (and adults), E=626, AR=91.2%

SCARLET OAKS CAREER CAMPUS 3254 E. Kemper Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45241, (513) 771-8810, » Scarlet Oaks offers career and college preparation for high school students in southwest Ohio. GS=11–12 (and adults), E=768, AR=89.7%

6865 Drake Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45243, (513) 2724550, » Indian Hill High School’s mission is to create and advance a positive, engaging learning community. GS=9–12, E=663, PM=15.7%, AR=95.8%, STR=15/ 1, PPS=$14,735, READ=98.4%, MATH=98.9%, ACT=26, SAT=1763, GR=95.4%, AMO=89.9%, IM=100%, PI=94.8% KINGS LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT

1797 King Ave., P.O. Box 910, Kings Mills, OH 45034, (513) 398-8050, » GS=K–12, E=3,981, PM=12.8%, PPS=$8,750, READ=99%, MATH=96.9%, GR=97.2%, AMO=81.7 %, IM=100%, PI=88.6%

KINGS HIGH SCHOOL 5500 Columbia Rd., P.O. Box 913, Kings Mills, OH 45034, (513) 398-8050, » GS=9–12, E=1,204, PM=10.8%, PPS=$8,750, READ=99%, MATH=96.9%, GR=97.2%, AMO=83.3%, IM=100%, PI=90.7% LAKOTA LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT

5572 Princeton Rd., Liberty Township, OH 45011, (513) 874-5505, » Lakota Local School District’s goal is to provide a learning environment where success is measured by achievement of each student in light of individual skills, abilities, and potential. GS=Pre-K–12, E=17,064, PM=25.6%, AR=95%, PPS=$7,927, READ=98.7%, MATH=97.8%, GR=93.8%, AMO=76.7%, IM=100%, PI=88.2%

LAKOTA EAST HIGH SCHOOL 6840 Lakota Ln., Liberty Township, OH 45044, (513) 755-7211, » Lakota East High School works cooperatively with its community to prepare students to be responsible and accountable citizens within the school, the community, and the world. GS=9–12, E=2,655, PM=20.7%, PPS=$7,927, READ=98.5%, MATH=97.7%, ACT=23.9, SAT=Reading 552; Math 563; Writing 533, GR=93.1%, AMO=82.3%, IM=100%, PI=91.3%





LAKOTA WEST HIGH SCHOOL 8940 Union Centre Blvd., West Chester, OH 45069, (513) 874-5699, » Lakota West High School is committed to providing rigorous structured learning opportunities that will promote active and lifelong learning. Education empowers all students to successfully realize individual talents. GS=9–12, E=2,506, PM=25.2%, PPS=$7,927, READ=98.8%, MATH=97.9%, ACT=23.7, SAT=Reading 558; Math 578; Writing 541, GR=95%, AMO=85.7%, IM=100%, PI=90% LEBANON CITY SCHOOLS

700 Holbrook Ave., Lebanon, OH 45036, (513) 934-5770, » Lebanon City Schools strives to provide a diverse set of programs taught by an innovative staff who reflect community values. It also maintains a safe, clean, and caring learning environment and offers opportunities for family involvement. GS=K–12, E=5,447, PM=11.3%, AR=95.9%, STR=24/1–35/1, PPS=$6,814, READ=97.1%, MATH=96.2%, ACT=23.4, SAT=1658, GR=97%, AMO=69.1%, IM=100%, PI=86.2%

YOU make the difference

LEBANON HIGH SCHOOL 1916 Drake Rd., Lebanon, OH 45036, (513) 9345100, » Through high expectations for students and staff, Lebanon Schools will provide a standard for excellence. GS=9–12, E=1,700, PM=9.8%, AR=95.8%, STR=Varies, PPS=$6,814, READ=97.1%, MATH=96.2%, ACT=23.4, SAT=1658, GR=97%, AMO=89.9%, IM=100%, PI=88.7% Purcell Marian High School


7247 Zoar Rd., Maineville, OH 45039, (513) 8992264, » Little Miami believes its responsibility is to ensure that each graduate is college and career ready. To these ends, an environment of high expectations and opportunity is created that fosters scholarship and citizenship and develops within each student the ability to become a productive and responsible member of society. GS=PreK–1 2 , E = 4 ,1 0 0 , P M = 7.9 % , A R = 9 6 % , STR=25/1 K–6; 35/1 grades 7–12, PPS=$7,758, READ=97.6%, MATH=98%, ACT=22.3, SAT=1755, GR=97.8%, AMO=80.7%, IM=100%, PI=84.4%

LITTLE MIAMI HIGH SCHOOL 3001 E. U.S. 22-3, Morrow, OH 45152, (513) 8993781, » GS=9–12, E=980, PM=7.9%, AR=96%, STR=35/1, PPS=$7,758, READ=97.6%, MATH=98%, ACT=22.3, SAT=1755, GR=97.8%, AMO=78.9%, IM=100%, PI=86.4% LOCKLAND LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT

210 N. Cooper Ave., Lockland, OH 45215, (513) 563-5000, » GS=PreK–12, E=608, PM=52.4%, PPS=$10,362, READ=91.8%, MATH=87.8%, GR=94%, AMO=37.7%, IM=45.8%, PI=70.8%

Each week is a different production and cast. Children may participate in as many weeks as they wish to enroll. Each production has a top notch, professional, music director, acting director and choreographer on staff. All sessions run 9a – 3p Monday – Friday, with rehearsals and performances on Saturday and Sunday from 12 – 4p. Ages 5 – 16. Cost per session is $285. Summer 2014 Shows: Hansel & Gretel, Just So Stories, The Adventures of Alice & The Looking Glass, The Wizard of Oz, The Jungle Book, Peter Pan, Tales of Br’er Rabbit, Robin Hood

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS ACADEMY 607 Carthage Ave., Arlington Heights, OH 45215, (513) 563-5000, » GS=3–12, E=54, PM=59.1%, PPS=$10,362, IM=100%, PI=58.5%

Visit for our fall and winter children’s and adult ensemble productions. SCHO O LS GUI DE |



7465 Loannes Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45243, (513) 985-6070, » Madeira City Schools provides a positive learning environment that challenges learners to achieve full academic potential and be responsible, educated, and caring individuals. GS=Pre-K–12, E=1,372, PM=10.2%, AR=96.2%, STR=13/1, PPS=$10,141, READ=99.1%, MATH=99.1%, ACT=25.1, SAT=578.7, GR=96.6%, AMO=100%, IM=100%, PI=93.4%

MADEIRA HIGH SCHOOL 7465 Loannes Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45243, (513) 891-8222, » Madeira High School is a traditional college-preparatory school with an emphasis on preparing students for post-secondary opportunities, with 94 percent of graduates going on to attend college. GS=9– 12, E=464, PM=3.3%, AR=95.9%, STR=13/1, PPS=$10,141, READ=99.1%, MATH=99.1%, ACT=25.1, SAT=578.7, GR=96.6%, AMO=100%, IM=100%, PI=95.9%

William Mason High School


LOCKLAND HIGH SCHOOL 249 W. Forrer Ave., Lockland, OH 45215, (513) 5635000, » GS=9–12, E=167, PM=48.7%, PPS=$10,362, READ=90.5%, MATH=88.1%, GR=92.3%, AMO=100%, IM=80%, PI=81.3% LOVELAND CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT

757 S. Lebanon Rd., Loveland, OH 45140, (513) 683-5600, » GS=Pre-K–12,

E=4,505, PM=7.6%, PPS=$8,466, READ=98.8%, MATH=96.5%, GR=93.7%, AMO=87.4%, IM=100%, PI=87.5%

LOVELAND HIGH SCHOOL One Tiger Trail, Loveland, OH 45140, (513) 6831920, » GS=9–12, E=1,416, PM=6.7 %, PPS=$8,466, READ=98.8%, MATH=96.5%, GR=93.7%, AMO=73.3%, IM=100%, PI=89.6%

1324 Middletown Eaton Rd., Middletown, OH 45042, (513) 420-4750, » GS=Pre-K–12, E=1,496, PM=3.5%, PPS=$7,948, READ=98.9%, MATH=97.8%, GR=93.3%, AMO=56.9%, IM=83.3%, PI=81.6%

MADISON JR. SR. HIGH SCHOOL 5797 W. Alexandria Rd., Middletown, OH 45042, (513) 420-4760, » GS=7–12, E=489, PM=4%, PPS=$7,948, READ=98.9%,

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MATH=97.8%, GR=93.3%, AMO=89.9%, IM=100%, PI=84.9% MARIEMONT CITY SCHOOLS

2 Warrior Way, Cincinnati, OH 45227, (513) 2727500, » The district’s mission is to provide the utmost in quality education for its “Scholars of Today” by offering enriching opportunities for individual achievement to inspire its “Leaders of Tomorrow.” GS=K–12, E=1,679, PM=7.8%, AR=95%, PPS=$10,771, READ=98.9%, MATH=96.8%, ACT=25.8, SAT=Critical Reading 575; Math 568; Writing 553, GR=96%, AMO=83.3%, IM=100%, PI=90.5%

MARIEMONT HIGH SCHOOL 1 Warrior Way, Cincinnati, OH 45227, (513) 272-7600, » GS=9–12, E=445, PM=6.3%, PPS=$10,771, READ=98.9%, MATH=96.8%, ACT=25.8, SAT=Critical Reading 575; Math 568; Writing 553, GR=96%, AMO=89.9%, IM=100%, PI=93.4% MASON CITY SCHOOLS

211 N. East St., Mason, OH 45040, (513) 398-0474, » GS=Pre-K–12, E=10,428, PM=27.6%, PPS=$9,060, READ=99.6%, MATH=98.7%, GR=96.6%, AMO=82.6%, IM=100%, PI=92%

WILLIAM MASON HIGH SCHOOL 6100 S. Mason-Montgomery Rd., Mason, OH 45040, (513) 398-5025, » GS=9–12, E=3,351, PM=22.9%, PPS=$9,060,

READ=99.6%, MATH=98.7%, GR=96.6%, AMO=100%, IM=100%, PI=93.4% MIDDLETOWN CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT

1515 Girard Ave., Middletown, OH 45044, (513) 42 3 - 07 81 , m i d d letow n c i tys c h o o ls .co m » GS=K–12, E=6,275, PM=34.2%, PPS=$8,733, READ=90.4%, MATH=85.1%, GR=78.6%, AMO=37.9%, IM=33.3%, PI=73.7%

MIDDLETOWN HIGH SCHOOL 601 N. Breiel Blvd., Middletown, OH 45042, (513) 420-4500, » GS=9–12, E=1,721, PM=34.3%, PPS=$8,733, READ=90.4%, MATH=85%, GR=78.6%, AMO=49.1%, IM=60%, PI=76.5% MILFORD EXEMPTED VILLAGE SCHOOL DISTRICT

777 Garfield Ave., Milford, OH 45150, (513) 831-1314, » GS=Pre-K–12, E=6,136, PM=8.1%, PPS=$8,057, READ=96.4%, MATH=96.4%, GR=95.3%, AMO=81.7%, IM=100%, PI=87.5%

MATH=95.9%, GR=95.6%, AMO=82.7%, IM=100%, PI=85.7%

MONROE HIGH SCHOOL 220 Yankee Rd., Monroe, OH 45050, (513) 5398471, » GS=9–12, E=1,047, PM=12.5%, PPS=$6,528, READ=98.2%, MATH=95.9%, GR=95.6%, AMO=67.4%, IM=100%, PI=86.3% MT. HEALTHY CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT

7615 Harrison Ave., Mt. Healthy, OH 45231, (513) 729-0077, » GS=Pre-K–12, E=3,186, P M = 8 1 . 8 % , P PS = $ 8 ,1 17, R E A D = 9 1 . 8 % , MATH=87.1%, GR=86.7 %, AMO=39.2%, IM=20.8%, PI=69.4%

MT. HEALTHY JR./SR. HIGH SCHOOL 8101 Hamilton Ave., Mt. Healthy, OH 45231, (513) 7290130, » GS=7–12, E=878, PM=82.1%, PPS=$8,117, READ=91.8%, MATH=87.1%, GR=86.7%, AMO=41.3%, IM=50%, PI=73.5% NEW MIAMI LOCAL SCHOOLS

MILFORD SR. HIGH SCHOOL One Eagles Way, Milford, OH 45150, (513) 831-2990, » GS=9–12, E=1,845, PM=6.5%, PPS=$8,057, READ=96.4%, MATH=96.4%, GR=95.3%, AMO=81.4%, IM=100%, PI=87.6% MONROE LOCAL SCHOOLS

500 Yankee Rd., Monroe, OH 45050, (513) 5392536, » GS=Pre-K–12, E=2,370, PM=13.3%, PPS=$6,528, READ=98.2%,

600 Seven Mile Ave., Hamilton, OH 45011, (513) 863-0833, » GS=K–12, E=732, PM=8.9%, PPS=$7,951, READ=96.1%, MATH=92.2%, GR=85.1%, AMO=35.1%, IM=45.8%, PI=74.5%

NEW MIAMI HIGH SCHOOL 600 Seven Mile Ave., Hamilton, OH 45011, (513) 863-4917, » GS=6–12, E=226, PM=2.8%, PPS=$7,951, READ=96.1%,



[SCHOOLS GUIDE ] MATH=92.2%, GR=85.1%, AMO=89.9%, IM=80%, PI=81%

PM=80%, AR=93%, STR=22/1, PPS=$6,418, READ=94.6%, MATH=93.5%, ACT=17.4, GR=78.1%, AMO=12.2%, IM=70%, PI=75.9%

PM=49%, AR=93%, PPS=$7,900, READ=94.8%, MATH=95.2%, ACT=19.5, SAT=1061, GR=84.7%, AMO=83.2%, IM=100%, PI=83.4%


212 Market St., New Richmond, OH 45157, (513) 553-2616, » GS=K–12, E=2,525, PM=5.6%, AR=95%, STR=24/1, PPS=$8,931, READ=94.3%, MATH=93.7 %, GR=88%, AMO=88%, IM=95.8%, PI=85.6%

NEW RICHMOND HIGH SCHOOL 1131 Bethel-New Richmond Rd., New Richmond, OH 45157, (513) 553-3191, » GS=9– 12, E=733, PM=5.4%, AR=94.8%, STR=25/1, PPS=$8,931, READ=94.3%, MATH=93.7%, GR=88%, AMO=86.7%, IM=100%, PI=85% NORTH COLLEGE HILL CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT

1731 Goodman Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45239, (513) 931-8181, » In partnership with families and the community, the North College Hill City School District will empower students to achieve their highest potential in a safe, caring, respectful environment. GS=K–12, E=1,620, PM=80%, AR=94%, STR=24/1, PPS=$6,418, READ=94.6%, MATH=93.5%, ACT=17.4, GR=78.1%, AMO=17.8%, IM=33.3%, PI=70.3%

NORTH COLLEGE HILL HIGH SCHOOL 1620 W. Galbraith Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45239, (513) 728-4783, » In partnership with parents and the community, North College Hill High School will ensure that all learners achieve at high levels and feel valued as part of its school community. GS=9–12, E=450,


3240 Banning Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45239, (513) 923-1000, » Northwest Local School District is compromised of 13 schools with 9,200 students. It champions lifelong learning, affording all students the knowledge and skills necessary to realize their full potential in life. GS=Pre-K–12, E=9,200, PM=40%, AR=93%, PPS=$7,900, READ=95.9%, MATH=93.9%, GR=84.5%, AMO=44.4%, IM=75%, PI=80.1%

COLERAIN HIGH SCHOOL 8801 Cheviot Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45251, (513) 385-6424, » Colerain High School is a well-rounded school offering students a vast array of courses including AP, honors, Career Ed programs through Butler Tech on our campus and at the BT campuses, athletics, and fine arts. GS=9–12, E=1,950, PM=30.2%, AR=93%, PPS=$7,900, READ=96.4%, MATH=93.3%, ACT=20.7, SAT=1060, GR=84.4%, AMO=65.6%, IM=100%, PI=87.5%

NORTHWEST HIGH SCHOOL 10761 Pippin Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45231, (513) 8517300, » Northwest High School offers a vast array of courses for its students including AP, honors, Career Ed programs through Butler Tech on our campus and at the BT campuses, athletics, and fine arts. The Northwest Knights will be celebrating their 40th anniversary this year. GS=9–12, E=960,


2132 Williams Ave., Norwood, OH 45212, (513) 924-2500, » GS=Pre-K–12, E=2,100, PM=25.1%, PPS=$9,797, READ=96.3%, M AT H = 9 4 . 8 % , G R = 8 0. 3 % , A M O = 3 1 % , IM=87.5%, PI=80.9%

NORWOOD HIGH SCHOOL 2020 Sherman Ave., Norwood, OH 45212, (513) 924-2800, » GS=9–12, E=601, PM=19.9%, PPS=$9,797, READ=96.3%, MATH=94.8%, GR=80.3%, AMO=73.3%, IM=100%, PI=84.6% OAK HILLS LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT

6325 Rapid Run Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45233, (513) 574-3200, » All students attending Oak Hills Local School District achieve success by graduating with individual skills for career and college readiness and global competence. GS=PreK–12, E=7,692, PM=7.9%, AR=94.8%, STR=22/1, PPS=$7,638, READ=97.4%, MATH=96.3%, ACT=21.7, SAT=509, GR=91.9%, AMO=78%, IM=100%, PI=84.6%

OAK HILLS HIGH SCHOOL 3200 Ebenezer Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45248, (513) 922-2300, » All students attending Oak Hills Local School District achieve success by graduating with individual skills for career and college readiness and global competence. GS=9–

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Mercy Montessori uses the Montessori Method to personalize learning for girls and boys from preschool through eighth grade. Discover why so many parents are passionate about their child’s education at Mercy Montessori. Learn more about the school’s exceptional educational benefits and opportunities by taking a student-led tour of our East Walnut Hills school. For more information or to arrange a tour, contact Amanda Grimm at 513.475.6700 ext. 210 or visit Catholic, Montessori, Pre K - 8th grade 28 | SCH O O LS GU ID E





12, E=2,593, PM=7.1%, AR=94.2%, STR=22/1, PPS=$7,638, READ=97.4%, MATH=96.3%, ACT=21.7, SAT=509, GR=91.9%, AMO=57.3%, IM=100%, PI=83.5% PRINCETON CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT

3900 Cottingham Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45241, (513) 864-1000, » Princeton is the public school of choice. Princeton is a diverse community where all learners are inspired to dream and challenged to achieve. GS=Pre-K–12, E=5,245, PM=69.9%, AR=94.7%, PPS=$11,007, READ=95.5%, MATH=92.9%, ACT=19.4, GR=86%, AMO=57.2%, IM=79.2%, PI=79.2%

PRINCETON HIGH SCHOOL 11080 Chester Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45246, (513) 864-2500, » Princeton is the public school of choice. Princeton is a diverse community where all learners are inspired to dream and challenged to achieve. GS=9–12, E=1,574, PM=68.4%, AR=93.2%, PPS=$11,007, READ=95.5%, MATH=92.9%, ACT=19.4, GR=86.4%, AMO=55.4%, IM=90%, PI=80.7% READING COMMUNITY CITY SCHOOLS

1301 Bonnell Ave., Reading, OH 45215, (513) 5541800, » Reading Community City schools aims to develop all students to be successful, lifelong learners who become contributing citizens after graduation. It provides a challenging, comprehensive curriculum, valuable practice instruction, and quality extracurricular activities supported by a talented staff in stateof-the-art facilities in partnership with parents and

the community. GS=Pre-K–12, E=1,691, PM=13.8%, AR=94.5%, STR=20/1, PPS=$7,763, READ=100%, MATH=97.9%, ACT=21.6, SAT=492, GR=88.2%, AMO=88.9%, IM=95.8%, PI=83.6%

READING HIGH SCHOOL 810 E. Columbia Ave., Reading, OH 45215, (513) 733-4422, » Reading High School is within a suburban school district in southwest Ohio. The goal of Reading High School is to provide all students with the opportunity to achieve success by graduating with critical skills to be college and career ready. GS=9–12, E=458, PM=11.6%, AR=92.8%, STR=20/1, PPS=$7,763, READ=100%, MATH=97.9%, ACT=21.6, SAT=492, GR=88.2%, AMO=78.9%, IM=90%, PI=80.9% RIPLEY UNION LEWIS HUNTINGTON SCHOOLS

120 Main St., P.O. Box 85, Ripley, OH 45167, (937) 392-4396, » GS=K–12, E=1,047, PM=8%, PPS=$8,102, READ=92.6%, MATH=85.3%, GR=89.9%, AMO=88.1%, IM=75%, PI=80.2%

RIPLEY UNION LEWIS HUNTINGTON HIGH SCHOOL 1317 S. Second St., Ripley, OH 45167, (937) 392-4384, » GS=9–12, E=330, PM=5.8%, PPS=$8,102, READ=92.6%, MATH=85.3%, GR=89.9%, AMO=89.9%, IM=90%, PI=86.5%

founded upon a belief in a rigorous and relevant curriculum for every student. Strong support from parents and the community is a key element in the ongoing success of the district. GS=PreK–12, E=2,793, PM=2.9%, AR=95.9%, STR=25/1, PPS=$7,736, READ=97.9%, MATH=98.8%, ACT=22.4, SAT=1135, GR=97.9%, AMO=89.5%, IM=100%, PI=88.4%

ROSS HIGH SCHOOL 3601 Hamilton Cleves Rd., Hamilton, OH 45013, (513) 863-1252, » The staff of Ross High School is committed to ensuring academic success, social responsibility, and career development for all students through strong partnerships with parents and the Ross community. GS=9– 12, E=907, PM=3.4%, AR=95%, STR=25/1, PPS=$7,736, READ=97.9%, MATH=98.8%, ACT=22.4, SAT=1135, GR=97.9%, AMO=89.9%, IM=100%, PI=88.2% SOUTHWEST LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT

230 S. Elm St., Harrison, OH 45030, (513) 3674139, » The Southwest Local School District strives to provide academic and social growth for its students, instilling the core values of trust, respect, ownership, and leadership. GS=Pre-K–12, E=3,400, PM=4%, AR=97%, STR=25/1, PPS=$7,697, READ=96.4%, MATH=92%, ACT=22, GR=86.5%, AMO=58.2%, IM=100%, PI=84%


3371 Hamilton Cleves Rd., Hamilton, OH 45013, (513) 863-1253, » The Ross Local School District has a tradition of academic excellence

WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON HIGH SCHOOL 9860 West Rd., Harrison, OH 45030, (513) 367-



[SCHOOLS GUIDE ] 4139, » The goal of Harrison High School is to ensure that all students can develop as responsible, independent, and contributing citizens and become lifelong learners. This process is the shared responsibility of students, parents, teachers, and community members. GS=9–12, E=1,050, PM=4%, AR=94.5%, ST R = 24 / 1 , P PS = $ 7,697, R E A D = 9 6.4% , MATH=92%, ACT=22, GR=86.5%, AMO=54.6%, IM=100%, PI=82.8% SPRINGBORO COMMUNITY CITY SCHOOLS

1685 S. Main St., Springboro, OH 45066, (937) 748-3960, » GS=K–12, E=5,598, P M = 8 .6 % , P PS = $ 6,9 57, R E A D = 9 9.7 % , MATH=98.4%, GR=97.3%, AMO=83.7%, IM=100%, PI=89.1%

SPRINGBORO HIGH SCHOOL 1675 S. Main St., Springboro, OH 45066, (937) 7483950, » Springboro High School is a comprehensive school consisting of grades 9–12. It is fully accredited through the state of Ohio and the North Central Association of Schools and Colleges. GS=9–12, E=1,671, PM=8%, AR=97.3%, STR=28/1, PPS=$6,957, READ=99.7%, MATH=98.4%, ACT=24.7, SAT=Math 592; Critical Reading 579, GR=97.3%, AMO=77.8%, IM=100%, PI=91.5% ST. BERNARD-ELMWOOD PLACE CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT

105 Washington Ave., St. Bernard, OH 45217, (513) 482-7121, » GS=Pre-K–12, E=1,054, PM=41.7%, PPS=$9,727, READ=96.3%, M AT H = 9 2 .7 % , G R = 8 4% , A M O = 4 8 .4% , IM=66.7%, PI=76.7%

ST. BERNARD-ELMWOOD PLACE HIGH SCHOOL 4615 Tower Ave., St. Bernard, OH 45217, (513) 482-7100, » GS=7–12, E=472, PM=43.4%, PPS=$9,727, READ=96.3%, MATH=92.7%, GR=84%, AMO=51%, IM=80%, PI=78.5% SYCAMORE COMMUNITY SCHOOLS

5959 Hagewa Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45242, (513) 686-1700, » Sycamore Community Schools will provide challenging and engaging educational experiences to equip students with critical skills that promote intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth. GS=Pre-K–12, E=5,149, PM=31.2%, PPS=$12,234, READ=99.4%, MATH=98.3%, ACT=24.9, SAT=1700 (on the 2400 scale), GR=95.6%, AMO=85.2%, IM=100%, PI=90.6%

SYCAMORE HIGH SCHOOL 7400 Cornell Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45242, (513) 6861770, » Set in a vibrant learning environment, Sycamore High School is a comprehensive four-year college-preparatory public high school providing more than 220 course offerings and more than 60 extracurricular activities in the arts, athletics, and academic areas. One of the most diverse schools in Ohio, it welcomes students from 54 countries. GS=9–12, E=1,747, PM=27.4%, PPS=$12,234, READ=99.4%, MATH=98.3%, ACT=24.9, SAT=1700 (on the 2400 scale), GR=95.6%, AMO=80.2%, IM=100%, PI=92.9% TALAWANDA SCHOOL DISTRICT

131 W. Chestnut St., Oxford, OH 45056, (513) 273-

3100, » The Talawanda School District is in southwest Ohio. The district encompasses 144 square miles, a mostly rural area surrounding the city of Oxford, and it serves just over 3,000 students. Miami University is within the Talawanda School District. GS=Pre-K–12, E=3,085, PM=9%, AR=96%, STR=25/1 primary; 14/1 secondary, PPS=$9,573, READ=97.5%, MATH=95.8%, ACT=22.8, SAT=Reading 568; Math 574; Writing 554, GR=96.5%, AMO=85.4%, IM=95.8%, PI=85.3%

TALAWANDA HIGH SCHOOL 5301 University Park Blvd., Oxford, OH 45056, (513) 273-3200, » Talawanda High School provides an excellent education, giving students access to honors courses, a premier partnership with Miami University, and post-secondary and career technology opportunities. It also offers an award-winning vocational agriculture program, many varsity athletic opportunities, and a wide variety of school clubs and programs. GS=9–12, E=999, PM=7.6%, PPS=$9,573, READ=97.5%, MATH=95.8%, GR=96.5%, AMO=89.9%, IM=100%, PI=85.6% THREE RIVERS LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT

401 N. Miami Ave., Cleves, OH 45002, (513) 9416400, » GS=Pre-K–12, E=1,857, PM=6.4%, PPS=$8,970, READ=100%, MATH=95.9%, GR=94.5%, AMO=78.6%, IM=95.8%, PI=85.3%

TAYLOR HIGH SCHOOL 56 Cooper Rd., Cleves, OH 45002, (513) 467-

INSPIRING YOUNG MINDS Our holistic approach nourishes young minds and allows children the opportunity to learn, explore, play & grow in a unique environment.

18 Months - 5 years Art • Music • Yoga Spanish • Science Monthly visits from the Cincinnati Zoo!

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3200, » GS=9–12, E=574, PM=6.3%, PPS=$8,970, READ=100%, MATH=95.9%, GR=94.5%, AMO=89.9%, IM=100%, PI=87.7%

AMELIA HIGH SCHOOL 1351 Clough Pike, Batavia, OH 45103, (513) 947-7400, » GS=9–12, E=1,136, PM=5.2%, PPS=$7,064, READ=98.5%, MATH=98.5%, GR=94.2%, AMO=75.4%, IM=100%, PI=86.1%

724-2211, » GS=9–12, E=332, PM=3.9%, AR=94%, STR=21/1, PPS=$6,216, READ=100%, MATH=94.7%, ACT=21.1, SAT=1107, GR=95%, AMO=75.3%, IM=100%, PI=84.7% WINTON WOODS CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT


3525 N. St. Rt. 48, Lebanon, OH 45036, (513) 9325677, » Warren County Career Center serves high school and adult students with highquality career technical education. Students earn industry certifications and college credit and are prepared for career and college. GS=11–12 (and adults), E=2,000 WAYNE LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT

659 Dayton Rd., Waynesville, OH 45068, (513) 897-6971, » GS=K–12, E=1,497, PM=5.2%, PPS=$7,474, READ=98.1%, MATH=95.3%, GR=100%, AMO=83.5%, IM=100%, PI=88.4%

WAYNESVILLE HIGH SCHOOL 735 Dayton Rd., Waynesville, OH 45068, (513) 8 97-27 76, way n e - lo ca l .co m » GS = 9 –1 2 , E=497, PM=3.4%, PPS=$7,474, READ=98.1%, M AT H = 9 5 . 3 % , G R =1 0 0 % , A M O =1 0 0 % , IM=100%, PI=91.7% WEST CLERMONT LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT

4350 Aicholtz Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45245, (513) 943-5000, » GS=K–12, E=7,994, PM=7.5%, PPS=$7,064, READ=98.2%, MATH=96.5%, GR=93.4%, AMO=61.9%, IM=95.8%, PI=81.9%

GLEN ESTE HIGH SCHOOL 4342 Glen Este Withamsville Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45245, (513) 947-7600, » GS=9–12, E=1,230, PM=5.5%, PPS=$7,064, READ=98.5%, MATH=95.5%, GR=93.1%, AMO=73.3%, IM=100%, PI=84.3%

1215 W. Kemper Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45240, (513) 619-2300, » Winton Woods City Schools actively engages and challenges all learners to reach their maximum potential. GS=PreK–12, E=3,600, PM=85.9%, PPS=$9,581, READ=93.2%, MATH=88.4%, GR=80.2%, AMO=30.4%, IM=45.8%, PI=74.1%


524 W. Main St., Mt. Orab, OH 45154, (937) 4442044, » GS=K–12, E=3,253, PM=1.6%, PPS=$6,627, READ=95.7%, MATH=93.8%, GR=86.8%, AMO=67.9%, IM=87.5%, PI=80.3%

WESTERN BROWN HIGH SCHOOL 476 W. Main St., Mt. Orab, OH 45154, (937) 4442544, » GS=9–12, E=930, PM= 1.3%, PPS=$6,627, READ=95.7%, MATH= 93.8%, GR=86.8%, AMO=88.9%, IM=100%, PI=83.1% WILLIAMSBURG LOCAL SCHOOLS

549A W. Main St., Williamsburg, OH 45176, (513) 724-3077, » GS=K–12, E=1,013, PM=4.2%, AR=94.2%, STR=18/1, PPS=$6,216, READ=100%, MATH=94.7%, ACT=21.1, SAT=1107, GR=95%, AMO=84.3%, IM=95.8%, PI=83.5%


Students from the Sycamore High School Class of 2013 were accepted to: Case Western Reserve University Cornell University Duke University Harvard University The Juilliard School Miami University The Ohio State University United States Air Force Academy University of Cincinnati University of Dayton University of Michigan Washington University in Saint Louis Wellesley College Xavier University and many more!

1231 W. Kemper Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45240, (513) 619-2420, » GS=9–12, E=1,150, PM=85.5%, PPS=$9,581, READ=93.2%, MATH=88.4%, GR=80.2%, AMO=66.1%, IM=80%, PI=79.7% WYOMING CITY SCHOOLS

420 Springfield Pike, Wyoming, OH 45215, (513) 206-7000, » Wyoming City Schools is a high-achieving school district serving students in kindergarten through 12th grade. The district has been ranked in Ohio and nationally for more than 13 years. GS=K–12, E=1,925, PM=20%, AR=100%, STR=20/1, PPS=$10,763, READ=99.4%, MATH=98.2%, ACT=25.5, SAT=Reading 569; Math 572; Writing 552, GR=99.4%, AMO=100%, IM=100%, PI=93.1%


500 S. Fifth St., Williamsburg, OH 45176, (513)

Our graduates are going places!


106 Pendery Ave., Wyoming, OH 45215, (513)

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With an emphasis on academic excellence, spiritual growth and community service - Mother Teresa Catholic Elementary School helps K-8 students build a solid foundation for life in the 21st century. We have modeled the teachings of Mother Teresa while preparing students to be strong academic leaders and faith-based community servants empowered to change the world. •Full Day Kindergarten

5959 Hagewa Drive | Cincinnati, Ohio 45242 | 513-686-1700 Superintendent Adrienne C. James, Ed.D.

•Spanish & Technology programs •Smartboards in every classroom

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Mother Teresa Catholic Elementary School 513.779.6585 SCHO O LS GUI DE |


[SCHOOLS GUIDE ] 206-7060, » Wyoming High School fosters a whole child with an academically enriching experience. WHS has been recognized by Newsweek, U.S. News & World Report, The Washington Post, and GreatSchools. org. GS=9–12, E=620, PM=20%, STR=18/1, PPS=$10,763, READ=99.4%, MATH=98.2%, ACT=25.5, SAT=Reading 569; Math 572; Writing 552, GR=99.4%, AMO=100%, IM=100%, PI=93.6%

Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy

O H I O CO M M U N I T Y CINCINNATI COLLEGE PREPARATORY ACADEMY 1425 Linn St., Cincinnati, OH 45214, (513) 684-0777, » GS=K–12, E=889, PM=99.4%, GR=79.2%, AMO=29.7%, IM=54.2%, PI=71.5%

CSR ACADEMY 1812 Central Pkwy., Cincinnati, OH 45214, (513) 651-9624, » GS=K–8, E=240, PM=98.2%, PI=59.1%

DOHN COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL 608 E. McMillan St., Cincinnati, OH 45206, (513) 281-6100, » GS=9–12, GR=38.4%, AMO=33.4%

EAST END COMMUNITY HERITAGE SCHOOL 2001 Baltimore Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45225, (513) 281-3900, » GS=K–12, E=84, PM=92.9%, GR=54.5%, PI=42.9%

We care about the little things. Just Ask a Mom or Dad. “My little girl loves going to school at Primrose. The staff is so genuine and cares about every aspect of her education which as a parent gives me great satisfaction. Primrose is an excellent school that rates far above any other.” Adam, Primrose Dad

Primrose School of Symmes 513.697.6970 |

Primrose School of Mason 513.336.6756 |

Primrose School of West Chester 513.870.0630 |

Each Primrose School is a privately owned and operated franchise. Primrose Schools and The Leader in Educational Child Care are trademarks of Primrose School Franchising Company. ©2014 Primrose School Franchising Company. All rights reserved.

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GREATER OHIO VIRTUAL SCHOOL 1879 Deerfield Rd., Lebanon, OH 45036, (513) 695-2924, » GS=7–12, GR=43.5%, AMO=36.2%

HAMILTON COUNTY MATHEMATICS AND SCIENCE ACADEMY 2675 Civic Center Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45231, (513) 728-8620, » GS=K–8, E=501, PM=97.2%, IM=78.6%, PI=83.4%

KING ACADEMY COMMUNITY SCHOOL 933 Bank St., Cincinnati, OH 45214, (513) 4217519, » GS=K–8, E=109, PM=100%, IM=77.8%, PI=83.1%

LIFE SKILLS CENTER OF CINCINNATI 2612 Gilbert Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45206, (513) 4750222, » GS=9–12, GR=2.4%

LIFE SKILLS CENTER OF HAMILTON COUNTY 7710 Reading Rd., 3rd Floor, Cincinnati, OH 45237, (513) 821-6695, » GS=9–12, GR=7.6%

LIFE SKILLS CENTER OF MIDDLETOWN 631 S. Breiel Blvd., Middletown, OH 45044, (513) 423-1800, » GS=9–12, GR=16.5%, AMO=50.4%

LIGHTHOUSE COMMUNITY SCHOOL 6100 Desmond St., Cincinnati, OH 45227, (513) 5617888, » GS=6–12, GR=35.5%



244 Southern Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45219, (513) 241-5500, » GS=K–12, E=503, PM=97.7%, GR=66.7%, AMO=11.9%, IM=33.3%, PI=69.3%

ORION ACADEMY 1798 Queen City Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45214, (513) 251-6000, » GS=K– 8, E=622, PM=95.1%, AMO=5%, IM=14.3%, PI=69.8%

5800 Salvia Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45224, (513) 5414000, » GS=9–12, E=79, PM=32.5%, GR=82.4%, IM=30%, PI=69.5%

T.C.P. WORLD ACADEMY 6000 Ridge Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45213, (513) 5319500, » GS=K–6, E=454, PM=97.6%, AMO=87.5%, IM=88.9%, PI=85.5%


P.A.C.E. HIGH SCHOOL 1601 California Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45237, (513) 751-7223, » GS=9–12, GR=8.7%

PHOENIX COMMUNITY LEARNING CENTER 3595 Washington Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45229, (513) 351-5801 » GS=K–8, E=353, PM=99.7%, AMO=37%, IM=42.9%, PI=71.8%

OHIO PRIVATE KEY OF ABBREVIATIONS GS=Grades served E=Enrollment PM=Percent minority AR=Attendance rate STR=Student/teacher ratio GR=Graduation rate PPS=Per pupil spending ACT=Average ACT score SAT=Average SAT score U=Uniforms, yes or no T=Tuition SD=School designation or accreditation

ALDERSGATE CHRISTIAN ACADEMY RIVERSIDE ACADEMY 3280 River Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45204, (513) 9217777, » GS=K–8, E=287, PM=42.6%, AMO=6.6%, IM=14.3%, PI=64.1%

1810 Young St., Cincinnati, OH 45202, (513) 7636655, » GS=K–12 ARCHDIOCESE OF CINCINNATI SCHOOLS

SUMMIT ACADEMY COMMUNITY SCHOOL CINCINNATI 1660 Sternblock Ln., Cincinnati, OH 45237, (513) 321-0561, » GS=K–8, E=133, PM=39.8%, AMO=30.4%, IM=8.3%, PI=57.6%

100 E. 8th St., Cincinnati, OH 45202, (513) 4213131, » Vital to the evangelizing and educational mission of the Catholic Church, the Archdiocese of Cincinnati schools are Christ-centered communities dedicated to the faith formation, academic excellence,










NECKLACE Blake ’18


JOYFUL environment.

Students who find SUCCESS in any world.

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6905 Given Road, Cincinnati, OH 45243 • (513) 979-0220 • Y0u





[SCHOOLS GUIDE ] character, and Christian values taught by Jesus Christ. GS=Pre-K–8, E=220, PM=65%, AR=95%, STR=14/1, PPS=$5,500, U=Yes, T=$5,500; sliding scale, need-based; EdChoice scholarships accepted, SD=Student results exceed anticipated scores on standardized tests

Mother of Mercy High School

CARDINAL PACELLI SCHOOL 927 Ellison Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45226, (513) 3211048, » GS=Pre-K–8, U=Yes, SD=National Blue Ribbon School

ST. CATHARINE OF SIENA SCHOOL 3324 Wunder Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45211, (513) 4817683, » GS=K–8

ST. CECILIA SCHOOL 4115 Taylor Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45209, (513) 5336060, » St. Cecilia School educates and meets the needs of the whole child, offering a faith-based, rigorous academic curriculum in a nurturing environment. GS=Pre-K–8, E=240, PM=60%, STR=17/1, PPS=$5,850, U=Yes, T=$4,800

ST. CLEMENT SCHOOL 4534 Vine St., Cincinnati, OH 45217, (513) 641-2137, » GS=Pre-K–8

ST. COLUMBAN SCHOOL 896 Oakland Rd., Loveland, OH 45140, (513) 6837903, » GS=K–8

CORRYVILLE CATHOLIC ELEMENTARY SCHOOL and individual growth of students rooted in the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. GS=Pre-K–12, E=44,282, GR=99%, ACT=24.6, U=Yes, T=Varies by school

ALL SAINTS SCHOOL 8939 Montgomery Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45236, (513) 792-4732, » GS=K–8

ST. ALOYSIUS GONZAGA SCHOOL 4390 Bridgetown Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45211, (513) 574-4035, » St. Al’s students discover the joy of learning in a safe, structured, and caring atmosphere focused on academic success and faith-based character development. EdChoice Provider. GS=K–8, E=137, PM=4%, AR=94%, STR=11/ 1, PPS=$5,800, U=Yes, T=$3,075

ST. ALOYSIUS ON THE OHIO SCHOOL 6207 Portage St., Cincinnati, OH 45233, (513) 941-7831, » GS=Pre-K–8, E=95, PM=3%, AR=97–98%, STR=11/1, U=Yes, T=$3,297, SD=2012 NFL Play 60 School

ST. ANDREW/ST. ELIZABETH ANN SETON SCHOOL 555 Main St./5900 Buckwheat Rd., Milford, OH 45150, (513) 831-5277, (513) 575-0093, » GS=K–8

ST. ANN CATHOLIC SCHOOL 3064 Pleasant Ave., Hamilton, OH 45015, (513) 863-0604, » St. Ann strives for academic excellence in an environment interwoven with the Gospel values of the Catholic faith. Each student is prepared to meet future challenges and


to practice Christian service to the church and the community. GS=Pre-K–8, E=150, STR=16/1, U=Yes, T=$2,985 in parish, SD=Received grant for an innovative, 21st-century way to teach science, technology, engineering, and math; students grades K–8 use the STEM Lab to promote 21stcentury skills

ANNUNCIATION CATHOLIC SCHOOL 3545 Clifton Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45220, (513) 2211230, » GS=Pre-K–8

ST. ANTONINUS SCHOOL 5425 Julmar Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45238, (513) 9222500, » GS=K–8

STEPHEN T. BADIN HIGH SCHOOL 571 New London Rd., Hamilton, OH 45013, (513) 863-3993, » Badin is an innovative, rewarding coed Catholic high school experience that inspires students to achieve their personal best, live their faith, and lead the future. GS=9–12, E=520, PM=5%, AR=97%, STR=15/1, GR=99.9%, PPS=$9,500, ACT=22.8, U=Yes, T=$8,500

ST. BERNADETTE SCHOOL 1453 Locust Lake Rd., Amelia, OH 45102, (513) 753-5566, » GS=Pre-K–8

ST. BERNARD CATHOLIC SCHOOL 7115 Springdale Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45247, (513) 3534224, » GS=K–8, E=189, PM=1%, STR=17/1, U=Yes

ST. BONIFACE SCHOOL 4305 Pitts Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45223, (513) 5415122, » St. Boniface focuses on faith development, the promotion of moral

108 Calhoun St., Cincinnati, OH 45219, (513) 2814856, » Corryville Catholic is an urban Catholic elementary school that provides a religious education based on the doctrine teachings of the Catholic church. GS=Pre-K–8, E=180, T=Income-based, scholarships available; Catholic Inner City Education School

ST. DOMINIC SCHOOL 371 Pedretti Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45238, (513) 2511276, » GS=Pre-K–8

ELDER HIGH SCHOOL 3900 Vincent Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45205, (513) 9213744, » Elder aims to lead young men to serve God, others, and to pursue Altiora according to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. GS=9–12, E=925, PM=6%, STR=13/1, ACT=23.4, SAT=1550, U=Yes, T=$9,800 (includes laptop)

BISHOP FENWICK HIGH SCHOOL 4855 St. Rt. 122, Franklin, OH 45005, (513) 4230723, » Bishop Fenwick High School is a Catholic educational community that promotes lifelong learning and Christian formation through spiritual, academic, service, and extracurricular opportunities. GS=9–12, E=565, STR=14/1, GR=100%, ACT=24.5, SAT=Reading 605; Math 586; Writing 584, U=Yes, T=$8,600 in parish; $9,100 nonparish

ST. FRANCIS DE SALES ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 1602 Madison Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45206, (513) 9611953, » GS=Pre-K–8

ST. FRANCIS DE SALES SCHOOL 20 DeSales Ave., Lebanon, OH 45036, (513) 932-





6501, » St. Francis de Sales is committed to the spiritual, intellectual, physical, and social growth of each student. The faculty strives to build character while achieving excellence. GS=K–8, E=185, PM=7%, AR=98%, STR=16/1, PPS=$4,250, U=Yes, T=$3,150– $4,250, SD=Recognition at the regional and state level for the Science Fair, Stock Market Game, President’s Award for Educational Excellence, and Excellence in Physical Education award program; offers a robotics program and spelling and geography bees

ST. FRANCIS SERAPH SCHOOL 14 E. Liberty St., Cincinnati, OH 45202, (513) 721-7778, » GS=K–8

ST. GABRIEL CONSOLIDATED SCHOOL 18 W. Sharon Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45246, (513) 7715220, » St. Gabriel Consolidated School, a Catholic Christian elementary school, serves a diverse educational community dedicated to nurturing the faith, academic, and service lives of students with an emphasis on enriching the whole child. It shares a partnership with parents and parishes to create a Catholic environment which empowers each individual to become a valuable member of church, school, and community. GS=K–8, E=441, PM=27%, AR=98%, STR=25/1, U=Yes, T=$3,600 kindergarten, $3,500 grades 1–8, in parish; $4,060 kindergarten, $3,960 grades 1–8, nonparish, SD=National Blue Ribbon School

ST. GERTRUDE SCHOOL 6543 Miami Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45243, (513) 5618020, » Saint Gertrude School offers academic excellence in the Dominican tradition, preaching truth, practicing virtue, and loving one another in Christ. GS=K–8, E=350, PM=6%, AR=98%, STR=19/1, PPS=$3,700, U=Yes, T=$3,800

THE GOOD SHEPHERD CATHOLIC MONTESSORI 4460 Berwick St., Cincinnati, OH 45227, (513) 2714171, » GS=Pre-K–8

GUARDIAN ANGELS SCHOOL 6539 Beechmont Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45230, (513) 624-3141, » GS=K–8

HOLY FAMILY SCHOOL 3001 Price Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45205, (513) 9218483, » GS=K–8

ST. IGNATIUS LOYOLA SCHOOL 5222 North Bend Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45247, (513) 389-3242, » GS=K–8

IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY SCHOOL 7800 Beechmont Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45255, (513) 388-4086, » The Immaculate Heart of Mary School community provides a caring and challenging educational environment for children. IHM provides excellence through an integrated curriculum based on the Gospel values of Jesus Christ and current educational practices that include activities suited to a variety of learning styles. GS=Pre-K–8, E=820, STR=22/1, U=Yes, T=$3,996, SD=National Blue Ribbon School;

Catholic Schools for Tomorrow Award: 2010 Innovation in Curriculum and Instruction, 2013 Stewardship and Social Justice

ST. JAMES SCHOOL (WHITE OAK) 6111 Cheviot Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45247, (513) 7415333, » By honoring God through words and actions, the Saint James School community provides a Catholic environment that nurtures academic and personal excellence. GS=K–8, E=620, PM=4%, STR=20/1, U=Yes, T=$3,430, SD=Four-time National Blue Ribbon School

ST. JAMES OF THE VALLEY SCHOOL 411 Springfield Pike, Wyoming, OH 45215, (513) 821-9054, » St. James of the Valley School nurtures students in Catholic faith traditions and faith experiences. Students develop their intellect and embrace their faith. GS=K–8, E=145, PM=36%, STR=8/1, U=Yes, T=$3,450 in parish; $4,350 nonparish

JOHN PAUL II CATHOLIC SCHOOL 9375 Winton Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45231, (513) 5210860, » John Paul II Catholic School provides a quality, Christ-centered Catholic education where all students grow and excel academically and spiritually. GS=K–8, E=405, STR=20–25/1, U=Yes, T=In-parish tuition determined by parishes; $4,335 nonparish

ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST SCHOOL 5375 Dry Ridge Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45252, (513) 385-7970, » St. John the Baptist Catholic School, in partnership with parents and the community, instills the values and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church by fostering the development of the whole child: spiritually, academically, physically, emotionally, and socially. GS=Age 3– grade 8, E=492, PM=7%, AR=99%, STR=16/1, PPS=$5,000, U=Yes, T=$3,230 in parish

ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST SCHOOL 508 Park Ave., Harrison, OH 45030, (513) 367-6826, » GS=K–8

ST. JOSEPH CONSOLIDATED 925 S. Second St., Hamilton, OH 45011, (513) 8638758, » GS=K–8

ST. JOSEPH SCHOOL 745 Ezzard Charles Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45203, (513) 381-2126, » GS=Pre-K–8

ST. JUDE SCHOOL 5924 Bridgetown Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45248, (513) 574-1230, » GS=K–8

LA SALLE HIGH SCHOOL 3091 North Bend Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45239, (513) 741-3000, » GS=9–12

ST. LAWRENCE SCHOOL 1020 Carson Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45205, (513) 921-4996, » GS=Pre-K–8

ST. LOUIS SCHOOL 250 N. Broadway, Owensville, OH 45160, (513) 7320636, » GS=K–8

ST. MARGARET OF YORK SCHOOL 9495 Columbia Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45140, (513)

697-3100, » Christ-centered community dedicated to the faith formation, academic excellence, and individual growth of students, all rooted in the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. GS=K–8, E=710, STR=27/1, U=Yes, T=$3,100–$4,150 in parish; $4,600–$5,900 nonparish, SD=2013 National Blue Ribbon School

ST. MARTIN OF TOURS SCHOOL 3729 Harding Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45211, (513) 6617609, » GS=K–8

ST. MARY SCHOOL 2845 Erie Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45208, (513) 3210703, » St. Mary School aims to educate, inspire, and energize children with an emphasis on Catholic faith, academic excellence, and a commitment to service. GS=K–8, E=490, STR=17/1, U=Yes, T=$3,400 in parish; $6,100 nonparish, SD=Three-time National Blue Ribbon School; Principal Marianne Rosemond recipient of the NCEA 2014 Distinguished Principal Award

ST. MARY CATHOLIC SCHOOL 119 E. Walnut St., Hillsboro, OH 45133, (937) 8409932, » St. Mary Catholic School nurtures the growth of every student spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and physically and treats all individuals with respect and dignity. The focus is on academic excellence and a commitment to serve while instilling the formal teachings of the Catholic faith and building values that will last a lifetime. GS=Pre-K–5, E=54, PM=1%, AR=98%, STR=9/1, U=Yes, T=$2,295

McAULEY HIGH SCHOOL 6000 Oakwood Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45224, (513) 681-1800, » McAuley is a centrally located, all-girls Catholic high school with unique Women In Medicine, Law, and Engineering programs, a progressive schedule, and stateof-the-art Tablet PC program to provide superior academic preparedness. GS=9–12, E=550, PM=14%, AR=98%, STR=14/ 1, GR=100%, PPS=$12,150, U=Yes, T=$10,300 plus $600 tablet fee, SD=National Blue Ribbon School

McNICHOLAS HIGH SCHOOL 6536 Beechmont Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45230, (513) 231-3500, » Since 1951, Archbishop McNicholas High School has been engaging the mind, heart, and spirit of generations to attain full stature in Christ. Founded on the principles of the Sisters of St. Joseph, McNicholas is a Archdiocesan coed, Catholic high school on Cincinnati’s east side for academics, the arts, service, and athletics. GS=9–12, E=630, AR=100%, STR=18/1, GR=99.9%, U=Yes, T=$9,600, SD=Science department has won the Governor’s Award for Excellence 25 consecutive years for its STEM initiatives; 20 consecutive appearances at the State Thespian Conference earning a coveted spot for a full performance of their fall show the past two years; launched a global learning initiative for 2014–2015

MERCY MONTESSORI CENTER 2335 Grandview Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45206, (513) 475-6700, » Mercy Montessori provides a world-class education and a strong foundation for learning and discovery as Greater Cincinnati’s first and oldest Montessori school. GS=Pre-K–8, E=292, PM=21%, STR=15/1, U=No,



[SCHOOLS GUIDE ] T=Sliding scale based on household income; financial assistance available, SD=Catholic school

ST. MICHAEL SCHOOL 300 Market St., Ripley, OH 45167, (937) 392-4202, » GS=Pre-K–8

ST. MICHAEL SCHOOL 11136 Oak St., Sharonville, OH 45241, (513) 5543555, » GS=K–8

ARCHBISHOP MOELLER HIGH SCHOOL 9001 Montgomery Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45242, (513) 791-1680, » GS=9–12

MOTHER OF MERCY HIGH SCHOOL 3036 Werk Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45211, (513) 6612740, » GS=9–12

MOTHER TERESA CATHOLIC ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 7197 Mother Teresa Ln., Liberty Township, OH 45044, (513) 779-6585, » MTCES is a private and independent school established in the spirit of blessed Mother Teresa to nurture the growth of every student spiritually, emotionally, and physically. GS=K–8, E=463, STR=17/1 kindergarten; 26/1 grades 1–8, PPS=$5,200, U=Yes, T=$4,050, SD=Governor’s Thomas Edison Award for Excellence in STEM Education; 2012 Harold C. Shaw Outstanding School Award, State Science Day, The Ohio Academy of Science

MOUNT NOTRE DAME HIGH SCHOOL 711 E. Columbia Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45215, (513)

821-3044, » A Catholic, college-preparatory high school recognized for graduating young women who are empowered to transform the world. GS=9–12, E=688, STR=15/1, GR=100%, U=Yes, T=$10,000, SD=Offers 19 AP and 34 honors courses; 65 AP Scholars in 2013; five faculty members serving as AP Readers for the College Board; participated in the prestigious model UN conference, LEMUN, in Leiden, Netherlands in November 2013

NATIVITY SCHOOL 5936 Ridge Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45213, (513) 4586767, » GS=K–8

ST. NICHOLAS ACADEMY 170 Siebenthaler Ave., Reading, OH 45215, (513) 686-2727, » GS=K–8

OUR LADY OF GRACE CATHOLIC SCHOOL 2940 W. Galbraith Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45239, (513) 931-3070, » GS=K–8

OUR LADY OF LOURDES SCHOOL 5835 Glenway Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45238, (513) 347-2660, » GS=K–8

OUR LADY OF VICTORY SCHOOL 808 Neeb Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45233, (513) 347-2072, » GS=K–8

OUR LADY OF THE VISITATION SCHOOL 3180 South Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45248, (513) 3472222, » Through academics, prayer, and worship, the staff and families of OLV work to

impart children the Catholic traditions and faith to live the Gospel message of Jesus Christ by serving the church and the broader community. GS=1–8, E=855, PM=1%, AR=96%, STR=23/1, PPS=$4,500, U=Yes, T=$3,330, SD=National Blue Ribbon School

ST. PETER IN CHAINS SCHOOL 451 Ridgelawn Ave., Hamilton, OH 45013, (513) 863-0685, » The mission of St. Peter in Chains is to instill values of the Catholic faith in the students so that they hear, embody, and practice the mission of Jesus Christ and spread his message. GS=K–8, E=208, PM=7%, AR=98%, STR=16/1, U=Yes, T=$3,280 in parish; $5,250 nonparish, SD=Two teachers named Hamilton County Schools Educator of the Year in 2012 and 2013

PURCELL MARIAN HIGH SCHOOL 2935 Hackberry St., Cincinnati, OH 45206, (513) 751-1230, » Purcell Marian is a coed Catholic secondary school in the tradition of the Marianists and the Sisters of Charity. GS=9–12, STR=14/1, U=Yes, T=$8,795

QUEEN OF PEACE SCHOOL 2550 Millville Ave., Hamilton, OH 45013, (513) 8638705, » Queen of Peace nurtures the dignity and self-esteem of each student by striving to meet individual learning needs and aiming for academic excellence. Catholic values are emphasized to develop spiritual, intellectual, physical, and social growth. GS=Pre-K–8, E=230, PM=3%, AR=98%, STR=17/1, U=Yes,

Developing Leaders for Christ since 1984

PRESCHOOL THROUGH EIGHTH GRADE LBA is a place where . . . students are Loved and Believe they can Achieve.


CALL 754 - 1234

Values and Character are taught everyday. Extra-Curriculars are offered in all grades. students feel Safe and Enjoy learning. YOU CAN AFFORD!

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T=$2,894, SD=Accredited by the Ohio Catholic School Accrediting Association

RESURRECTION SCHOOL 1740 Iliff Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45205, (513) 471-6600, » GS=K–8

ST. RITA SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF 1720 Glendale-Milford Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45215, (513) 771-7600, » A Catholic school whose purpose is to educate infants and students who need special methods of communication in a safe, value-oriented environment. GS=Pre-K–12, E=176, PM=24%, STR=5/1, U=Yes

ROGER BACON HIGH SCHOOL 4320 Vine St., Cincinnati, OH 45217, (513) 641-1300, » GS=9–12

SACRED HEART OF JESUS SCHOOL 400 Nilles Rd., Fairfield, OH 45014, (513) 858-4215, » GS=1–8

SETON HIGH SCHOOL 3901 Glenway Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45205, (513) 471-2600, » GS=9–12

THE SUMMIT COUNTRY DAY SCHOOL 2161 Grandin Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45208, (513) 8714700, » The Summit combines academic excellence and one-on-one guidance of a top-tier independent school with the servant leadership and character building environment that are hallmarks of a Catholic education. GS=Age 2–grade 12, E=1,030, PM=24%, STR=9/1,

GR=100%, U=Yes, grades 1–12, T=$4,025– $20,350

ST. SUSANNA SCHOOL 500 Reading Rd., Mason, OH 45040, (513) 398-3821, » In partnership with parish and families, Saint Susanna School is committed to building lives in the image of Christ through prayer, worship, service, and academics. GS=K–8, E=725, PM=14%, AR=97.9%, STR=22/1, PPS=$4,560, U=Yes, T=$3,510 in parish; $4,560 nonparish; discounts for multiple children, SD=National Blue Ribbon School

ST. TERESA OF AVILA SCHOOL 1194 Rulison Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45238, (513) 4714530, » GS=K–8

ST. THOMAS MORE SCHOOL 788 Ohio Pike, Cincinnati, OH 45245, (513) 7532540, » The student body of St. Thomas More is challenged and enriched by the high standards of qualified teachers who affirm the students’ dignity and talents. The St. Thomas More School curriculum and practices demonstrate Christian principles in all endeavors. GS=Pre-K–8, E=300, PM=6%, AR=99%, STR=23/1, GR=100%, PPS=$5,100, U=Yes, T=$3,950 kindergarten; $3,645 in parish; $5,145 nonparish

ST. URSULA ACADEMY 1339 E. McMillan St., Cincinnati, OH 45206, (513) 961-3410, » St. Ursula Academy is a nurturing Catholic educational community

founded in the Ursuline tradition. It encourages academic excellence and empowers each student to be a woman of faith, integrity, and courage committed to building a better world. GS=9–12, E=656, PM=7%, STR=13/1, GR=100%, ACT=27, SAT=1791, U=Yes, T=$11,890, SD=National Blue Ribbon School; 87% of the class of 2013 earned college scholarships totaling more than $20 million for academics, athletics, service, and fine arts

ST. URSULA VILLA 3660 Vineyard Place, Cincinnati, OH 45226, (513) 871-7218, » Villa students achieve their potential with individualized attention, providing challenge and enrichment as well as academic support in small classes in a nurturing, family-centered environment. GS=Age 3– grade 8, E=465, PM=10%, AR=97%, STR=12/1, PPS=$10,795, U=Yes, T=$2,486 preschool; $10,439 K–8, SD=98% of graduates matriculate to their first-choice high school

URSULINE ACADEMY 5535 Pfeiffer Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45242, (513) 7915791, » In the Catholic tradition of Ursuline education, the mission of Ursuline Academy is to prepare the young woman for college and beyond by nurturing her soul, intellect, heart, and imagination. GS=9–12, E=714, PM=12.5%, STR=14/1, PPS=$14,029, GR=100%, ACT=29, SAT=Critical Reading 609; Math 593; Writing 610, U=Yes, T=$11,850, SD=Accredited by Ohio Department of Education, North Central Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges, and Ohio Catholic School Accrediting Association

We are dedicated to educating young women of Faith, Integrity and Courage committed to building a better world. Experience the Saint Ursula Difference

To schedule a tour or to learn more, contact:

• Welcoming, Family Atmosphere

Michelle Dellecave, St. Ursula Academy Admissions Office (513) 961-3410 ext 183 1339 East McMillan Street, Cincinnati, OH 45206 Follow us on facebook: SUA Bulldogs

• Collegiate Model Block Schedule and One to One Tablet PC Technology • College Readiness Resulting in 87% of the Class of 2013 Earning Over $20 Million in Scholarship Offers



[SCHOOLS GUIDE ] ST. VERONICA SCHOOL 4475 Mt. Carmel-Tobasco Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45244, (513) 528-0442, » GS=K–8

ST. VINCENT FERRER SCHOOL 7754 Montgomery Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45236, (513) 791-6320, » GS=K–8

ST. VIVIAN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 885 Denier Place, Cincinnati, OH 45224, (513) 5226858, » St. Vivian School and Parish, in partnership with school families, provides an education that nurtures students to become lifelong learners and models of Christianity. St. Vivian strives to engage each student academically and spiritually in a Catholic environment. GS=PreK–8, E=275, PM=20%, AR=98%, STR=20/1, PPS=$4,500, U=Yes, T=$3,200 in parish; $4,675 nonparish

ST. WILLIAM SCHOOL 4125 St. William Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45205, (513) 471-2989, » GS=K–8

ST. XAVIER HIGH SCHOOL 600 W. North Bend Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45224, (513) 761-7600, » GS=9–12

CHRIST-CENTERED PRESCHOOL 220 Sunset Ave., Harrison, OH 45030, (513) 3674564, » GS=Pre-K CINCINNATI CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS » Cincinnati Christian Schools, partnering with Christian families, provides a Bible-centered, quality educational program to equip, train, and disciple students to follow Christ and impact culture. GS=Pre-K–12, E=664, PM=25%, AR=99%, STR=16/ 1, GR=100%, PPS=$7,200, ACT=22.6, SAT=1051 without reading; 1560 with reading, U=Dress code, T=$6,840 K–6; $8,100 grades 7–12, SD=Accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International

CINCINNATI CHRISTIAN ELEMENTARY CAMPUS 7350 Dixie Hwy., Fairfield, OH 45014, (513) 8748500, » GS=Pre-K–6, STR=18/1, T=$6,588

CINCINNATI CHRISTIAN JUNIOR/SENIOR HIGH CAMPUS 7474 Morris Rd., Fairfield, OH 45011, (513) 8928500, » GS=7–12, STR=26/1, ACT=24, SAT=1623, T=$7,788





11981 Pippin Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45231, (513) 8252290, » GS=Pre-K–8

BETHANY SCHOOL 555 Albion Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45246, (513) 7717462, » Bethany’s mission statement is the reflection of its clear and continued commitment to these core values: Christian education, academic excellence, diversity, character education, and family commitment. GS=K–8, E=240, PM=60%, AR=97%, STR=15/1, U=Yes, T=$9,150

CENTRAL BAPTIST ACADEMY 7645 Winton Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45224, (513) 5215481, » GS=K–8

CENTRAL MONTESSORI ACADEMY 1904 Springdale Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45231, (513) 742-5800, » Authentic Montessori environment, serving preschool through sixth grade. Small class sizes allow each student to progress at an individual pace. Part-time preschool and extended day. GS=Pre-K–6, E=100, PM=15%, STR=15/ 1, T=$4,705–$9,530, SD=American Montessori Society member school

CHILDREN’S MEETING HOUSE MONTESSORI SCHOOL 927 O’Bannonville Rd., Loveland, OH 45140, (513) 683-4757, » Celebrating more than 40 years of authentic Montessori education for students 3–12 years old. Offering half- and full-day programs, before- and after-school care, as well as after-school enrichment options that provide a natural complement to the instructional day. GS=Pre-K–6, E=140, PM=5%, AR=95%, STR=12/1 ages 3–9; 14/1 ages 9–12, U=No, T=$9,560 full day; $6,460 half day, SD=American Montessori Society affiliate

38 | SC H O O LS GU I D E

6905 Given Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45243, (513) 9790220, » CCDS is a coeducational, college-preparatory school. Since 1926, CCDS has been focused on providing innovative preparation to students so they are ready to achieve success in college and life. Rigorous preparation, joyful environment, and students who find success in any world. GS=Early childhood–grade 12, E=850, PM=24%, AR=100%, STR=9/ 1, GR=100%, ACT=27, SAT=1900, U=Dress code, T=$6,150–$23,600, SD=Microsoft Center of Excellence; NAIS Curriculum Innovation Award; National Blue Ribbon School; nation’s first 1:1 Laptop Computer Program; Advanced Placement scholars; National Merit recipients, scholars, and scholarship winners; National Scholastics Award winners (arts); Cum Laude Society

CINCINNATI HEBREW DAY SCHOOL 2222 Losantiville Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45237, (513) 351-7777, » Cincinnati Hebrew Day School is a private school that offers the Jewish child an integrated program designed to develop students with high scholastic standards, strong moral character, and a firm commitment to Jewish identity and religious practice. The day school is a chartered school that is accredited by the Ohio Department of Education. GS=Age 2–grade 12, E=260, AR=98%, STR=18/1, T=$8,500 CINCINNATI HILLS CHRISTIAN ACADEMY

11525 Snider Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45249, (513) 2470900,, » GS=Age 3–grade 12, E=1,455, PM=26%, STR=12/ 1, GR=100%, U=Yes age 3–grade 8, T=$6,495– $14,125, SD=Three-time Blue Ribbon School; 18 Advanced Placement courses with 90% exam pass rate; AP Scholars; National Merit Scholars; Northwestern University Midwest Academic Talent Search recognition; multidenominational, representing 160 area churches; 250–300 service hours per graduate

CINCINNATI HILLS CHRISTIAN ACADEMY—MARTHA S. LINDNER HIGH SCHOOL CAMPUS 11525 Snider Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45249, (513) 2470900, » GS=9–12

CINCINNATI HILLS CHRISTIAN ACADEMY—MIDDLE SCHOOL 11300 Snider Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45249, (513) 2470900, » GS=5–8



CINCINNATI WALDORF SCHOOL Main Campus: 6743 Chestnut St., Cincinnati, OH 45227; Meshewa Farm Campus: 7550 Given Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45243; (513) 541-0220, » Learning at CWS is a dynamic process engaging both imagination and intellect. Art, music, foreign language, and daily outdoor play are part of the hands-on academic curriculum. GS=Pre-K–8, E=210, PM=25%, STR=6/1 preschool; 9/1 kindergarten; 15/1 grade school, U=No, T=$3,841–$10,989, SD=Full accredited member of the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America

COLONIAL SCHOOLS The Preparatory School on the Square: 70 Berkeley Dr.; The Westover Preparatory School: 855 Stahlheber Rd.; Hamilton, OH 45013, (513) 867-4006, » A unique early-childhood education program is built on the experience of the teachers and the care and attention they bring to their classrooms. GS=Preschool–K, E=200, STR=10/1 preschool; 12/1 pre-K; 15/1 kindergarten, U=No, T=Varies, SD=Preschool is a 3-star-rated Step Up to Quality school and kindergarten is 4-star-rated

THE COMPASS SCHOOL 9370 Waterstone Blvd., Cincinnati, OH 45249, (513)683-8833, » Offering outstanding Reggio Emilia-inspired infant, toddler, two’s, and preschool programs, as well as kindergarten, after school, and summer camp programs for school-aged children in Cincinnati. GS=6 weeks–age 12, E=170, PM=30%, STR=4/1 infants; 7/1 toddlers; 10/1 preschool; 15/1 kindergarten, U=No, T=$1,305/month infants; $1,130/ month toddlers; $1,035/month preschool; $995/ month kindergarten; $520/month before- and after-school care, SD=Reggio-inspired school

CREATIVE TOTS—MADEIRA 7803 Laurel Ave., Madeira, OH 45013, (513) 2722223, » GS=18 months–Pre-K

CREATIVE TOTS—MASON 6408 Thornberry Ct., Mason, OH 45040, (513) 770-6776, » Creative Tots’





holistic approach allows children the opportunity to learn, explore, play, and grow while engaging in the fine arts and Montessori activities. Its modernized curriculum is rich in opportunities to use creativity, solve problems, use language, and develop new vocabulary and reading skills while engaging in intellectual activities. GS=18 months–Pre-K, E=120–130, PM=35%, AR=100%, STR=6/1 toddler; 7/1 young 3-yearolds; 8/1 preschool; 10/1 pre-K, U=No, T=$2,100– $11,000

DEPAUL CRISTO REY HIGH SCHOOL 1133 Clifton Hills Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45220, (513) 861-0600, » DePaul Cristo Rey, an affordable Catholic college-preparatory high school serving families with economic need, offers the region’s only high school corporate work study program. GS=9–12, E=171, PM=77%, AR=95%, STR=12/1, PPS=$11,601, U=Yes, T=Sliding scale, SD=One of 26 schools in the National Cristo Rey Network; Network named a World Innovation Education by the World Innovation Summit for Education and received a national CLASSY Award in the Educational Advancement category

EDEN GROVE ACADEMY 6277 Collegevue Place, Cincinnati, OH 45224, (513) 542-0643, » GS=Pre-K–8

EL-SEWEDY INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF CINCINNATI 8094 Plantation Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45069, (513) 755-0169, » GS=Pre-K–8

GARDEN MONTESSORI SCHOOL 1318 Nagel Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45255, (513) 4744933, » Garden Montessori School encourages education, independence, confidence, and social and emotional skills, as well as working/getting along together in a child-oriented, small and loving environment with teachers who have more than 70 years combined experience. GS=3–6 year olds, E=35–40, PM=25–30%, AR=95–100%, STR=8/1, U=No, T=Varies, SD=Member of Cincinnati Montessori Society; all teachers have bachelor or master’s degrees in Montessori education

HARRISON CHRISTIAN SCHOOL 949 Harrison Ave., Harrison, OH 45030, (513) 3676100, » GS=Pre-K–8

KIDDIE ACADEMY OF MASON 6202 Snider Rd., Mason, OH 45040, (513) 2340699, » The mission is to provide a community that shapes and inspires children for the future through awakening the possibilities through nurturing, learning, and fun. GS=6 weeks–age 12

KINDER GARDEN SCHOOL—BLUE ASH 10969 Reed Hartman Hwy., Cincinnati, OH 45242, (513) 791-4300, » The Kinder Garden School is devoted to growing a child’s wish to flourish and learn by cultivating curiosity and problem-solving proficiency in a full supportive, fertile, and fun setting. GS=Infants– grade 3, E=110, PM=20%, STR=3/1 infant; 5/1 toddler; 8/1 preschool; 10/1 kindergarten, U=No, T=Contact school, SD=One Step Up to Quality star

KINDER GARDEN SCHOOL— WEST CHESTER 5900 West Chester Rd., Ste. C, West Chester, OH 45069, (513) 874-3100, » The Kinder Garden School is devoted to growing a child’s wish to flourish and learn by cultivating curiosity and problem-solving proficiency in a full supportive, fertile, and fun setting. GS=Infants– grade 3, PM=20%, STR=3/1 infant; 5/1 toddler; 8/1 preschool; 10/1 kindergarten; 12/1 grades 1–2, U=No, T=Contact school, SD=One Step Up to Quality star

LAKOTA CHRISTIAN SCHOOL 7000 Summerhill Dr., West Chester, OH 45069, (513) 779-4316, » GS=K–12

LIBERTY BIBLE ACADEMY 4900 Old Irwin Simpson Rd., Mason, OH 45040, (513) 754-1234, » GS=Preschool–grade 8, E=175, PM=72%, AR=97.3%, STR=12/1, U=Yes, T=$7,000 K–8; preschool varies, SD=Recognized for excellence in education and recognized for excellent academic preschool

LINDEN GROVE SCHOOL 4122 Myrtle Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45236, (513) 9842215, » LGS provides a specialized, progressive educational program for K–8 students with autism and other related learning needs. LGS is an approved provider for both the Ohio Autism and John Peterson Scholarships. GS=K–8, E=60, PM=10%, AR=99%, STR=7/1, PPS=$24,772, U=No, T=$22,750

MARS HILL ACADEMY 4230 Aero Dr., Mason, OH 45040, (513) 770-3223, » Cincinnati’s only classical and Christian K–12 school graduates Godly men and women who love to learn, think clearly, listen carefully, reason persuasively, and speak precisely. GS=K–12, E=350, PM=21%, STR=10/1, GR=100%, ACT=30, SAT=1330, U=Yes, T=$5,737–$11,249, SD=On average, 25 percent of Mars Hill Academy graduates are National Merit semifinalists or finalists; accredited by the Association of Classical and Christian Schools

MIAMI VALLEY CHRISTIAN ACADEMY 6830 School St., Cincinnati, OH 45244, (513) 2726822, » GS=Pre-K–12

MONTESSORI ACADEMY OF CINCINNATI 8293 Duke Blvd., Mason, OH 45040, (513) 398-7773, » GS=Pre-K–8

MONTESSORI CENTER ROOM 2505 Riverside Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45202, (513) 321-3282, » GS=PreK–K, E=50, AR=99%, STR=10/1 or less, U=No, T=$4,765 pre-K; $6,925 K, SD=American Montessori Society full member school

THE NEW SCHOOL MONTESSORI 3 Burton Woods Ln., Cincinnati, OH 45229, (513) 281-7999, » Where academics are individualized, not standardized, since 1970. Wooded playgrounds, chef-prepared lunches, and the only American Montessori Society and Independent Schools Association of the

Central States accredited school in Cincinnati. Half and full days available. GS=Age 3–grade 6, E=150, PM=33%, AR=98%, STR=9/1 preprimary; 12/1 elementary, PPS=$12,000, U=No, T=$6,750–$11,950 (includes lunch)

PRIMROSE SCHOOL OF SYMMES 9175 Governors Way, Cincinnati, OH 45249, (513) 697-6970, » Providing the best in early childhood education by creating a loving and learning environment with talented teachers and strong family involvement. GS=Infants–K; before/after school care, E=160, PM=24%, STR=4/1–18/1 dependent on age, U=Yes, pre-K–K, T=Varies, SD=AdvancedEd (CITA/CASI) accredited

ROCKWERN ACADEMY 8401 Montgomery Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45236, (513) 984-3770, » Rockwern Academy is a premiere Jewish day school focused on academic excellence since 1952. Rockwern has created a culture of excellence, reflected by the teachers, programs, curriculum, and a commitment to fostering a love of Jewish life and learning. GS=18 months–grade 8, E=180, STR=8/1, U=No, T=$6,000–$12,000

THE SCHILLING SCHOOL FOR GIFTED CHILDREN 8100 Cornell Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45249, (513) 4898940, » GS=K–12

THE SEVEN HILLS SCHOOL 5400 Red Bank Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45227, (513) 728-2400, » Seven Hills prepares students for 21st-century opportunities. Students graduate as future-ready learners with the skills and habits of mind needed to excel in college and beyond—to live honorably, lead effectively, and learn continuously. Ninety-two percent of the class of 2014 has earned at least one perfect score on a section of the SAT or ACT, and 92 percent of AP test takers scored three or higher. GS=Pre-K–12, E=1,030, PM=29%, AR=100%, STR=9/1, GR=100%, ACT=28.4, SAT=1650–2140, T=$6,174–$22,190, SD=Gerber Analytics Academic Champion; Advanced Placement scholars; National Merit recipients, scholars, and scholarship winners

SPRINGER SCHOOL AND CENTER 2121 Madison Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45208, (513) 8716080, » GS=1–8

SPRINGS EAST MONTESSORI SCHOOL 9429 Loveland Madeira Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45242, (513) 509-7671, » GS=Pre-K–3

TERRY’S MONTESSORI SCHOOL 419 Poplar Ave., Wyoming, OH 45215, (513) 7613836, » GS=Pre-K–K

XAVIER UNIVERSITY MONTESSORI LAB SCHOOL 3800 Victory Pkwy., Cincinnati, OH 45207, (513) 745-3424, » GS=Pre-K–3

ZION TEMPLE CHRISTIAN ACADEMY 3771 Reading Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45229, (513) 8615551, » GS=Age 3–grade 4



[SCHOOLS GUIDE ] K E N T U C KY PU B L I C KENTUCKY PUBLIC KEY OF ABBREVIATIONS GS=Grades served E=Enrollment PM=Percent minority AR=Attendance rate STR=Student/ teacher ratio GR=Graduation rate PPS=Per pupil spending ACT=Average ACT score SAT=Average SAT score READ=Percentage proficient or distinguished in reading on the Kentucky Performance Rating for Educational Progress (K-PREP) exam, elementary and middle schools MATH=Percentage proficient or distinguished in math on the K-PREP exam, elementary and middle schools EOC English II=Percentage proficient or distinguished in English II on the K-PREP End-of-Course exam EOC Algebra II=Percentage proficient or distinguished in Algebra II on the K-PREP End-ofCourse exam OS=Overall score PR=Percentile rank CL=Classification AUGUSTA INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS

307 Bracken St., Augusta, KY 41002, (606) 7562545, » GS=Pre-K–12, E=284, PM=3.6%, AR=94.8%, STR=14/1, GR=100%, PPS=$8,501, ACT=17.3, READ=39% elementary/30.8% middle, MATH=37.3% elementary/30.8% middle, OS=52.5, PR=33, CL=Needs Improvement/Progressing


207 Bracken St., Augusta, KY 41002, (606) 756-2105, » GS=9–12, E=284, PM=3.6%, AR=94.8%, STR=14/1, GR=100%, PPS=$8,501,

Career success.

Be ready for a new career in just a few months.

For more information, go to or call 513.771.8925 40 | SCH O O LS GU ID E

ACT=17.3, EOC English II=60.9%, EOC Algebra II=19.4%, OS=53.5, PR=43, CL=Needs Improvement BEECHWOOD INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS

50 Beechwood Rd., Ft. Mitchell, KY 41017, (859) 3313250, » GS=K–12, E=1,241, PM=6.6%, AR=97.1%, STR=16/1, GR=98.8%, PPS=$8,774, ACT=25.4, SAT=1913, READ=70.1% elementary/74.2% middle, MATH=66.5% elementary/63.4% middle, OS=76.4, PR=99, CL=Distinguished

BEECHWOOD HIGH SCHOOL 54 Beechwood Rd., Ft. Mitchell, KY 41017, (859) 3311220, » GS=7–12, E=587, PM=6.7%, AR=96.5%, STR=17/1, GR=98.8%, PPS=$7,500, ACT=25.4, SAT=1913, EOC English II=81.6%, EOC Algebra II=58.8%, OS=83.1, PR=99, CL=Distinguished

focused on high academic, behavior, and attendance expectations for all students, support of teaching staff, consistency in discipline, and building a strong parental support and involvement system. GS=7–12, E=319, PM=6.9%, AR=94.7%, STR=14/1, GR=94.1%, PPS=$7,589, ACT=18.7, EOC English II=44.3%, EOC Algebra II=8.2%, OS=54.2, PR=47, CL=Needs Improvement BOONE COUNTY SCHOOLS

8330 U.S. Rt. 42, Florence, KY 41042, (859) 2831003, » The Boone County School District recognizes that all children can learn and dedicates itself to providing a challenging educational environment that allows each student to achieve to his or her highest potential as a learner and citizen. GS=Pre-K–12, E=19,574, PM=14.4%, AR=96.2%, STR=16/1, GR=92.3%, PPS=$9,275, ACT=21, READ=56.5% elementary/61% middle, MATH=52.7% elementary/51.5% middle, OS=63.4, PR=90, CL=Distinguished


219 Center St., Bellevue, KY 41073, (859) 261-2108, » Bellevue Independent Schools will do whatever it takes for children. Its mission is to nurture and empower lifelong learners. GS=Pre-K–12, E=766, PM=10.7%, AR=95.6%, STR=15/1, GR=94.1%, PPS=$10,235, ACT=18.7, READ=43.6% elementary/43.4% middle, MATH=36.2% elementary/24.9% middle, OS=50.7, PR=22, CL=Needs Improvement

BELLEVUE HIGH SCHOOL 201 Center St., Bellevue, KY 41073, (859) 261-2980, » Bellevue High School is

BOONE COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL 7056 Burlington Pike, Florence, KY 41042, (859) 282-5655, » The mission of Boone County High School is to provide an environment in which all members of the school community attain high achievement as they master academic and social expectations. All staff commit to support activities that will assure this outcome. GS=9–12, E=1,323, PM=17.4%, AR=94.9%, STR=16/1, GR=89.3%, PPS=$8,000, ACT=19.7, EOC English II=56.1%, EOC Algebra II=30.6%, OS=64.7, PR=90, CL=Distinguished/ Progressing

Located on the scenic Ohio River, MCR has been enriching the lives of 3-6 year old children since 1966. The program is child-centered and includes a dedicated and highly-trained staff, committed and involved parents, and a warm and inviting environment. Before and After Care available. Healthy, nutritious snacks, Musikgarten, ˆ˜`œœÀޓ°č->vwˆ>Ìi`° 2505 Riverside Drive Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 (513) 321-3282

ALTERNATIVE CENTER FOR EDUCATION 99 Center St., Florence, KY 41042, (859) 282-2163, » GS=6–12

CONNER HIGH SCHOOL 3310 Cougar Path, Hebron, KY 41048, (859) 3344400, » The mission of Conner High School is to assist students in the transition from adolescence to adult life. Providing a rigorous program of study will prepare all students for postsecondary options. GS=9–12, E=1,278, PM=8.4%, AR=95%, STR=16/1, GR=93.2%, PPS=$7,875, ACT=20.8, EOC English II=69.8%, EOC Algebra II=47.9%, OS=67.9, PR=95, CL=Distinguished

RANDALL K. COOPER HIGH SCHOOL 2855 Longbranch Rd., Union, KY 41091, (859) 3845040, » Randall K. Cooper High School, in collaboration with the community, is committed to cultivating a tradition of excellence by empowering its students to become independent, lifelong learners in a global society. GS=9–12, E=1,144, PM=10.1%, AR=95.5%, STR=16/1, GR=94.5%, PPS=$7,738, ACT=21.2, EOC English II=69.9%, EOC Algebra II=46.4%, OS=68.7, PR=96, CL=Distinguished/Progressing

RYLE HIGH SCHOOL 10379 U.S. Rt. 42, Union, KY 41091, (859) 3845300, » Ryle is committed to focusing the energy, talent, experience, and knowledge of the entire Ryle High School and surrounding community toward its greatest asset, our youth. GS=9–12, E=1,692, PM=10.7%, AR=95.5%, STR=17/1, GR=92.8%, PPS=$7,279, ACT=22.2,

A good investment in your daughter’s future • Catholic education for young women for 117 years • Of the 183 members of the Class of 2013, 91%

earned college scholarships in excess of $24.7 million • Five seniors were recognized as 2014 National Merit

Semi-Finalists, and 17 seniors received 2014 National Merit recognition www.ursul i neacademy.or g SCHO O LS GUI DE |


[SCHOOLS GUIDE ] EOC English II=69%, EOC Algebra II=39.1%, OS=71.4, PR=97, CL=Distinguished/Progressing CAMPBELL COUNTY SCHOOLS

101 Orchard Ln., Alexandria, KY 41001, (859) 6352173, » The mission of the Campbell County School District, in partnership with students, staff, parents, and community, is to do “whatever it takes” to ensure its students’ success in college, career, and life. GS=K–12, E=4,819, PM=6.2%, AR=96.1%, STR=16/ 1, GR=93.7%, PPS=$11,056, ACT=20.5, READ=57.1% elementary/56.5% middle, MATH=54.6% elementary/57.5% middle, OS=64.4, PR=93, CL=Distinguished/Progressing

CAMPBELL COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL 909 Camel Crossing, Alexandria, KY 41001, (859) 635-4161, » It is the mission of Campbell County High School to provide a safe environment in which students are provided an opportunity to excel in learning, leadership, citizenship, and character. GS=9–12, E=1,520, PM=4.1%, AR=95.3%, STR=18/1, GR=95.9%, PPS=$7,163, ACT=20.7, SAT=1735, EOC English II=64.8%, EOC Algebra II=42.4%, OS=67.5, PR=94, CL=Distinguished/Progressing

CAMPBELL COUNTY DAY TREATMENT CENTER 51 Orchard Ln., Alexandria, KY 41001, (859) 635-9113, » GS=6–12, E=34 COVINGTON INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS

25 E. Seventh St., Covington, KY 41011, (859) 392-1000, » GS=K–12, E=3,775, PM=47%, AR=94.5%, STR=13/1, GR=80.7%, PPS=$12,195, ACT=16.9, READ=30.9% elementary/30.7% middle, MATH=27.7% elementary/19.3% middle, OS=44.4, PR=5, CL=Needs Improvement/ Progressing

HOLMES HIGH SCHOOL 2500 Madison Ave., Covington, KY 41011, (859) 655-9545, » GS=9–12, E=753, PM=43.4%, AR=91.3%, STR=12/1, GR=88.2%, PPS=$12,724, ACT=17.1, EOC English II=29.5%, EOC Algebra II=12%, OS=43.6, PR=9, CL=Needs Improvement/Progressing

TRANSFORMATIONAL LEARNING CENTER 1030 Old State Rd., Park Hills, KY 41011, (859) 5817512, » GS=Pre-K–12, E=81 DAYTON INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS

200 Clay St., Dayton, KY 41074, (859) 491-6565, » GS=Pre-K–12, E=947, PM=7.8%, AR=95.1%, STR=14/1, GR=81%, PPS=$12,060, ACT=18.3, READ=41.9% elementary/45.6% middle, MATH=38.7% elementary/43.6% middle, OS=56, PR=56, CL=Needs Improvement

DAYTON HIGH SCHOOL 200 Greendevil Ln., Dayton, KY 41074, (859) 2927486, » GS=7–12, E=337, PM=4.9%, AR=93.5%, STR=12/1, GR=81%, PPS=$11,116, ACT=18.3, EOC English II=36.4%, EOC Algebra II=17.9%, OS=56.3, PR=61, CL=Needs Improvement

caring approach all students need to thrive and excel. The school provides its students with unlimited opportunities for growth, acceleration, and exploration. GS=Pre-K–12, E=2,200, PM=27.8%, AR=95.3%, STR=14/1, GR=83.6%, PPS=$14,599, ACT=19.2, READ=41.3% elementary/41.1% middle, MATH=36.9% elementary/24.2% middle, OS=55, PR=50, CL=Needs Improvement/Progressing

LLOYD MEMORIAL HIGH SCHOOL 450 Bartlett Ave., Erlanger, KY 41018, (859) 727-1555, » LHS is deeply committed to the success of every student. An individualized approach to learning and college and career readiness puts that care into action. GS=9–12, E=520, PM=26%, AR=94.1%, STR=13/1, GR=85.8%, PPS=$8,560, ACT=19.2, EOC English II=59.7%, EOC Algebra II=28.3%, OS=64.9, PR=90, CL=Distinguished FT. THOMAS INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS

28 N. Ft. Thomas Ave., Ft. Thomas, KY 41075, (859) 781-3333, » Rich in tradition and focused on the future, Fort Thomas Independent Schools provide engaging and challenging learning experiences which foster creativity, curiosity, and innovation. GS=K–12, E=2,971, PM=6.9%, AR=97.3%, STR=17/1, GR=94.7%, PPS=$10,470, ACT=23.4, SAT=Reading 639; Math 648; Writing 631, READ=74.8% elementary/71.6% middle, MATH=70.9% elementary/65.5% middle, OS=74.3, PR=98, CL=Distinguished

HIGHLANDS HIGH SCHOOL 2400 Memorial Pkwy., Ft. Thomas, KY 41075, (859) 781-5900, » A U.S. Department of Education Blue Ribbon School, Highlands ranks in the 99th percentile of all public high schools in the state of Kentucky. Its vision is to provide a world-class education for every student. GS=9–12, E=936, PM=6.5%, AR=96.8%, STR=17/1, GR=94.7%, PPS=$8,316, ACT=23.4, SAT=Reading 639; Math 648; Writing 631, EOC English II=77.8%, EOC Algebra II=55.9%, OS=79.5, PR=99, CL=Distinguished

500 Graves Ave., Erlanger, KY 41018, (859) 727-2009, » EES provides the individualized,

42 | SC H O O LS GU ID E

EAGLE CREEK ACADEMY 1505 N. Main St., Williamstown, KY 41097, (859) 824-7706, » GS=6–12, E=37

GRANT COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL 715 Warsaw Rd., Williamstown, KY 41035, (859) 824-9739, » Grant County High School will create positive relationships that actively engage all with rigorous, student-centered instruction that results in success. GS=9– 12, E=1,071, PM=5.2%, AR=93.5%, STR=16/1, GR=92.5%, PPS=$7,420, ACT=18.3, EOC English II=46%, EOC Algebra II=17.7%, OS=61.1, PR=80, CL=Proficient KENTON COUNTY SCHOOLS

1055 Eaton Dr., Fort Wright, KY 41017, (859) 3448888, » The mission in the Kenton County School District is to ensure that every student is prepared for the global work market. GS=K–12, E=14,253, PM=10.9%, AR=96%, STR=17/1, GR=90.2%, PPS=$8,457, ACT=19.8, READ=55.6% elementary/57.4% middle, MATH=53.5% elementary/47.7% middle, OS=61.1, PR=84, CL=Proficient/Progressing

DIXIE HEIGHTS HIGH SCHOOL 3010 Dixie Hwy., Edgewood, KY 41017, (859) 3417650, » The goal of Dixie Heights is to provide active learning experiences that will prepare its students to be productive members of society. GS=9–12, E=1,385, PM=13.7%, AR=94.8%, STR=18/1, GR=91.8%, PPS=$6,474, ACT=20.5, EOC English II=60.5%, EOC Algebra II=46.2%, OS=63.1, PR=87, CL=Proficient/ Progressing


75 Boardwalk, Warsaw, KY 41095, (859) 567-1820, » Gallatin’s mission, “Maximizing Student Learning and Achievement,” exemplifies its eagerness to create and sustain opportunities for students to be successful. GS=Pre-K–12, E=1,679, PM=12.4%, AR=94.9%, STR=15/1, GR=90.8%, PPS=$10,070, ACT=18, READ=33.4% elementary/33.8% middle, MATH=26.2% elementary/30.9% middle, OS=50.1, PR=20, CL=Needs Improvement

GALLATIN COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL 70 Wildcat Circle, Warsaw, KY 41095, (859) 5677640, » “Maximizing Student Learning and Achievement” defines Gallatin’s goal to build an atmosphere of a team where all members work for each student’s individual achievement. GS=9–12, E=449, PM=8.7%, AR=93.7%, STR=14/1, GR=90.8%, PPS=$7,482, ACT=18, EOC English II=42.5%, EOC Algebra II=21.1%, OS=53.5, PR=43, CL=Needs Improvement/Progressing GRANT COUNTY SCHOOLS


by establishing high expectations and providing high-quality instruction through excellent teachers, support staff, and leadership embraced by supportive parents and engaged community. GS=Pre-K–12, E=3,826, PM=6%, AR=95.2%, STR=17/1, GR=89.8%, PPS=$10,150, ACT=18.3, READ=43.4% elementary/48.5% middle, MATH=39.2% elementary/37.7% middle, OS=57.7, PR=65, CL=Needs Improvement

820 Arnie Risen Blvd., Williamstown, KY 41097, (859) 824-3323, » Grant Schools aim to ensure success for all students

SCOTT HIGH SCHOOL 5400 Old Taylor Mill Rd., Taylor Mill, KY 41015, (859) 356-3146, » The mission at Scott High School is to inspire students to achieve at their highest potential. GS=9–12, E=919, PM=8.6%, AR=93.9%, STR=18/1, GR=88%, PPS=$6,944, ACT=18.7, EOC English II=52.5%, EOC Algebra II=20%, OS=52.9, PR=41, CL=Needs Improvement

SIMON KENTON HIGH SCHOOL 11132 Madison Pike, Independence, KY 41051, (859) 960-0100, » The goal of Simon Kenton is for all students to graduate college and career ready. GS=9–12, E=1,657, PM=4.8%, AR=95.1%, STR=20/1, GR=90.1%, PPS=$5,903, ACT=19.9, EOC English II=60.4%, EOC Algebra II=33%, OS=63.2, PR=87, CL=Proficient/Progressing LUDLOW INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS

525 Elm St., Ludlow, KY 41016, (859) 261-8210, » The Ludlow Independent School District is committed to fostering a culture of rigor, excellence, and personal accountability by developing meaningful relationships with students,

families, and community members to support and empower students to graduate with college- and career-readiness skills. GS=Pre-K–12, E=850, PM=4.2%, AR=95.3%, STR=14/1, GR=93.4%, PPS=$9,540, ACT=18.8, READ=42.9% elementary/50% middle, MATH=34.5% elementary/32.5% middle, OS=59.3, PR=79, CL=Proficient

LUDLOW HIGH SCHOOL 515 Elm St., Ludlow, KY 41016, (859) 261-8211, ludlow. » The Ludlow Independent School District is committed to fostering a culture of rigor, excellence, and personal accountability by developing meaningful relationships with students, families, and community members to support and empower students to graduate with college- and careerreadiness skills. GS=7–12, E=400, PM=4.6%, AR=94.9%, STR=13/1, GR=93.4%, PPS=$7,828, ACT=18.8, EOC English II=60.7%, EOC Algebra II=24.2%, OS=61.8, PR=83, CL=Proficient NEWPORT INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS

301 E. Eighth St., Newport, KY 41071, (859) 2923001, » Newport aims to nurture, guide, instruct, and challenge its students; to equip them with the intellectual and social skills needed to function successfully and wisely as adults in a complex, diverse world. GS=K– 12, E=2,053, PM=35.1%, AR=94%, STR=13/1, GR=84%, PPS=$14,834, ACT=17.2, READ=14.6% elementary/24.8% middle, MATH=13.7% elementary/25.6% middle, OS=41.6, PR=3, CL=Needs Improvement

NEWPORT HIGH SCHOOL 900 E. Sixth St., Newport, KY 41071, (859) 2923023, » Newport High School aims to prepare students for the future, making them college or career ready when they graduate. GS=9–12, E=417, PM=26.1%, AR=91.1%, STR=12/1, GR=84%, PPS=$11,540, ACT=17.2, EOC English II=39.1%, EOC Algebra II=23.9%, OS=51.8, PR=35, CL=Needs Improvement/Progressing PENDLETON COUNTY SCHOOLS

2525 Hwy. 27 N., Falmouth, KY 41040, (859) 6546911, » Pendleton’s mission is to meet the unique needs of its students through a culture of expectation, engagement, and continuous growth so every student is prepared for the 21st century. GS=Pre-K–12, E=2,515, PM=3.9%, AR=95.2%, STR=17/1, GR=91.1%, PPS=$17,920, ACT=18.5, READ=40.5% elementary/46% middle, MATH=39.2% elementary/39.5% middle, OS=55, PR=50, CL=Needs Improvement

PENDLETON COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL 2359 Hwy. 27 N., Falmouth, KY 41040, (859) 6543355, » Pendleton County High School is a gateway that inspires, challenges, and empowers students in their individual quests for growth and greatness in a diverse and changing world. GS=9–12, E=745, PM=2.3%, AR=94.1%, STR=18/1, GR=91.1%, PPS=$10,067, ACT=18.5, EOC English II=45.2%, EOC Algebra II=31.1%, OS=60.8, PR=79, CL=Proficient SILVER GROVE INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS

101 W. Third St., Silver Grove, KY 41085, (859) 441-3873, » Silver Grove works together to ensure all students reach their highest potential. GS=Pre-K–12, E=212, PM=3.7%, AR=93.7%, STR=9/1, GR=89.5%, PPS=$16,017,

ACT=17.1, READ=36.4% elementary/20% middle, MATH=9.1% elementary/11.4% middle, OS=43.7, PR=4, CL=Needs Improvement

SILVER GROVE SCHOOL 101 W. Third St., Silver Grove, KY 41085, (859) 4413873, » Silver Grove works together to ensure all students reach their highest potential. GS=9–12, E=57, PM=3.7%, AR=93.7%, STR=9/1, GR=89.5%, PPS=$16,017, ACT=17.1, EOC English II=28.6%, OS=52, PR=36, CL=Needs Improvement WALTON-VERONA INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS

16 School Rd., Walton, KY 41094, (859) 485-4181, » Walton-Verona aims for student achievement generated through academics, extracurriculars, and community involvement. GS=K– 12, E=1,530, PM=6.1%, AR=96.3%, STR=16/1, GR=100%, PPS=$9,951, ACT=21.6, READ=53.2% elementary/65.6% middle, MATH=41.7% elementary/45.6% middle, OS=67.1, PR=98, CL=Distinguished/Progressing

WALTON-VERONA HIGH SCHOOL 30 School Rd., Walton, KY 41094, (859) 485-7721, » Passion, pride, and performance; everyday, everywhere, everyone. GS=9–12, E=488, PM=6.1%, AR=95.7%, STR=16/1, GR=100%, PPS=$8,412, ACT=21.6, EOC English II=70%, EOC Algebra II=46.2%, OS=78.9, PR=99, CL=Distinguished/Progressing

K E N T U C KY P R I VAT E / R E L I G I O US KENTUCKY PRIVATE KEY OF ABBREVIATIONS GS=Grades served E=Enrollment PM=Percent minority AR=Attendance rate STR=Student/teacher ratio GR=Graduation rate PPS=Per pupil spending ACT=Average ACT score SAT=Average SAT score U=Uniforms, yes or no T=Tuition SD=School designation or accreditation

CALVARY CHRISTIAN SCHOOL 5955 Taylor Mill Rd., Covington, KY 41015, (859) 3569201, » Equipping the next generation to impact the world for Christ. GS=Age 3–grade 12, E=353, PM=4%, AR=98%, STR=24/1, GR=100%, ACT=23.5, SAT=1639, U=Yes, T=$5,770 elementary; $6,220 middle school; $6,750 high school, SD=Accreditation by Association of Christian Schools International, AdvancED, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission in International and Trans-Regional Accreditation, and the Kentucky Non-Public School Commission

COMMUNITY CHRISTIAN ACADEMY 11875 Taylor Mill Rd., Independence, KY 41051, (859) 356-7990, » Community Christian Academy prepares students spiritually, academically, socially, and physically to fulfill their divine purpose to create a better world. GS=Preschool–grade 12, E=255, PM=5%, AR=100%, STR=15/1, GR=100%, PPS=$3,700, ACT=21, U=Yes, T=$2,800 elementary; $3,000 middle school; $3,300 high school

CORNERSTONE MONTESSORI SCHOOL 2048 Alexandria Pike, Highland Heights, KY 41076, (859) 491-9960, » Cornerstone Montessori School is committed to

educate every student in its care by providing the skills, knowledge, and values necessary for individuals to be capable and concerned participants in society. GS=Age 3–grade 8, E=52, PM=8%, AR=94%, STR=12/1, U=No, T=$4,900 half day; $7,450 full day DIOCESE OF COVINGTON SCHOOLS

1125 Madison Ave., Covington, KY 41011, (859) 3921500,

ST. AGNES SCHOOL 1322 Sleepy Hollow Rd., Fort Wright, KY 41011, (859) 261-0543, » A journey of faith, learning, and service. GS=K–8, E=365, STR=22/1, U=Yes, T=Contact school, SD=National Blue Ribbon School

ST. ANTHONY SCHOOL 485 Grand Ave., Taylor Mill, KY 41015, (859) 4315987, » GS=K–8, E=47, AR=97%, STR=12/1, U=Yes, T=$4,195

ST. AUGUSTINE SCHOOL 1840 Jefferson Ave., Covington, KY 41014, (859) 261-5564, » It is the mission of St. Augustine Catholic Elementary School to inspire and enable students to embrace the Gospel message of Jesus Christ, to be aware of their abilities, goodness, dignity, talents, and spirituality, and to become lifelong learners. GS=K–8, E=149, PM=32%, STR=15/1, PPS=$4,500, U=Yes, T=$2,660 in parish; $3,035 nonparish

BISHOP BROSSART HIGH SCHOOL 4 Grove St., Alexandria, KY 41001, (859) 6352108, » Bishop Brossart is a Catholic high school that teaches students to embrace the Gospel message of Jesus Christ while growing spiritually and academically and developing character in the spirit of charity first. GS=9–12, E=330, PM=2–3%, AR=98%, STR=13/1, GR=99%, PPS=$6,400, ACT=23.5, U=Dress code, T=$5,825 in district; $6,450 out of district; family discount available, SD=Five Governor Scholars selected in each of the past three years

BLESSED SACRAMENT 2407 Dixie Hwy., Fort Mitchell, KY 41017, (859) 3313062, » GS=K–8

ST. CATHERINE OF SIENA SCHOOL 23 Rossford Ave., Fort Thomas, KY 41075, (859) 5722680, » GS=K–8, E=169, PM=0%, AR=95%, STR=16/1, U=Yes

ST. CECILIA CATHOLIC SCHOOL 5313 Madison Pike, Independence, KY 41051, (859) 363-4314, » St. Cecilia Catholic School prepares students for life by providing an engaging, high-quality education guided by the teachings of the Catholic faith. GS=Pre-K–8, E=259, PM=4%, STR=17/1, U=Yes, T=$3,977, SD=Jefferson Award in recognition for outstanding community service; B.E.S.T. Gold Standard Partnership with the Bank of Kentucky

COVINGTON CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL 1600 Dixie Hwy., Park Hills, KY 41011, (859) 491-2247, » The primary purpose of Covington Catholic High School is to embrace the Gospel message of Jesus Christ in order to educate young men spiritually, academically, physically,



[SCHOOLS GUIDE ] and socially. GS=9–12, E=570, AR=99%, STR=18/1, GR=100%, ACT=25, U=Yes, T=$7,470, SD=National Blue Ribbon School

COVINGTON LATIN SCHOOL 21 E. 11th St., Covington, KY 41011, (859) 291-7044, » Covington Latin fosters an atmosphere of academic and spiritual leadership through its accelerated curriculum, allowing talented fifth, sixth, and seventh graders to advance to a challenging and rewarding curriculum. GS=8–12, E=275, PM=11%, AR=100%, STR=10/1, GR=100%, PPS=$8,995, ACT=27.5, SAT=1804.5, U=Formal dress code, T=$9,510 ($7,865 for families belonging to a diocesan parish), SD=Ranked by Cincinnati Magazine as one of the best private schools in the region; National Blue Ribbon School

ST. HENRY DISTRICT HIGH SCHOOL 3755 Scheben Dr., Erlanger, KY 41018, (859) 5250255, » GS=9–12

ST. HENRY SCHOOL 3825 Dixie Hwy., Erlanger, KY 41018, (859) 342-2551, » GS=Pre-K–8

HOLY CROSS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 3615 Church St., Latonia, KY 41015, (859) 581-6599, » GS=K–8

HOLY CROSS HIGH SCHOOL 3617 Church St., Covington, KY 41015, (859) 431-1335, » Holy Cross’s philosophy is that all students, despite varying ability, are capable of satisfying high expectations given personal-

ized education, small class sizes, and a layered curriculum that meets needs at all academic levels. GS=9–12, E=400, PM=22%, STR=11.5/1, GR=100%, ACT=22.3, U=Yes, T=Contact school, SD=Accredited by AdvancED and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

ST. JOSEPH SCHOOL 4011 Alexandria Pike, Cold Spring, KY 41076, (859) 441-2025, » GS=K–8

ST. JOSEPH SCHOOL 2474 Lorraine Ave., Crescent Springs, KY 41017, (859) 578-2742, » GS=Pre-K–8, E=355, PM=15%, AR=99%, STR=15/1, U=Yes, T=Contact school, SD=National Blue Ribbon School

HOLY FAMILY SCHOOL 338 E. 16th St., Covington, KY 41014, (859) 581-0290, » GS=K–8

HOLY TRINITY SCHOOL 235 Division St., Bellevue, KY 41073, (859) 291-6937; 840 Washington Ave., Newport, KY 41071, (859) 2920487, » Holy Trinity School’s primary mission is threefold: educate students in the Catholic faith and instill Christian values; develop the natural potential of each student; and encourage students to embrace the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. GS=K–8, E=141, AR=95%, U=Yes, SD=Member of the Alliance for Catholic Urban Education Consortium

MARY QUEEN OF HEAVEN SCHOOL 1130 Donaldson Rd., Erlanger, KY 41018, (859) 3718100, » GS=K–8

ST. MARY SCHOOL 9 S. Jefferson St., Alexandria, KY 41001, (859) 6359539, » GS=Pre-K–8

NEWPORT CENTRAL CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL 13 Carothers Rd., Newport, KY 41071, (859) 2920001, » A Roman Catholic secondary school operated by the Diocese of Covington. Its mission is received from the Gospel message of Jesus Christ: to form men and women for service, leadership, and evangelization in the church and community. GS=9–12, E=353, PM=4%, AR=nearly 100%, STR=11/1, GR=100%, ACT=22.7, U=Dress code, T=$5,850 in parish; $6,630 nonparish; $550 general fees, SD=Accredited by the Southern Association of College and Schools

IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY SCHOOL 5876 Veterans Way, Burlington, KY 41005, (859) 689-4303, » GS=Pre-K–8

ST. JOSEPH ACADEMY 48 Needmore St., Walton, KY 41094, (859) 4856444, » GS=Pre-K–8

ST. JOSEPH SCHOOL 6829 Four Mile Rd., Melbourne, KY 41059, (859) 635-5652, stjosephcampspringsschool.catholicweb. com » GS=K–8

NOTRE DAME ACADEMY 1699 Hilton Dr., Park Hills, KY 41011, (859) 261-4300, » GS=9–12

Garden Montessori School 1318 Nagel Road - Cincinnati, Ohio 45255 (513) 474-4933 Preschool, Kindergarten and Full Day Care Ages 3-6 - Open 7 a.m. – 6 p.m. Exam Prep

Now enrolling for fall 2014!


MONTGOMERY 11309 Montgomery Road Cincinnati, OH 45249

Garden Montessori is Where Young Minds Grow! Celebrating over 40 yrs in Anderson Twp 44 | SCH O O LS GU ID E

513-677-1400 ANDERSON TOWNSHIP 454 Ohio Pike Cincinnati, OH 45255

WEST CHESTER 8179 Princeton Glendale Road West Chester, OH 45069




ST. PAUL CATHOLIC SCHOOL 7303 Dixie Hwy., Florence, KY 41042, (859) 6474070, » St. Paul aims to provide the appropriate educational environment to enable students to grow spiritually, educationally, socially, physically, and emotionally by embracing the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. GS=K–8, E=365, PM=10%, AR=98%, STR=22/1, PPS=$5,000, U=Yes, T=$4,980

STS. PETER & PAUL SCHOOL 2160 California Crossroads, California, KY 41007, (859) 635-4382, » GS=Pre-K–8

ST. PHILIP SCHOOL 1400 Mary Ingles Hwy., Melbourne, KY 41059, (859) 441-3423, » GS=K–8

ST. PIUS X ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 348 Dudley Rd., Edgewood, KY 41017, (859) 3414900, » GS=K–8

PRINCE OF PEACE SCHOOL 625 Pike St., Covington, KY 41011, (859) 431-5153, » Prince of Peace Catholic School exists to teach children to follow the Gospel of Christ while achieving academically and serving, leading, and forming a faith-filled future. GS=Age 3–grade 8, E=120, PM=15%, AR=99%, STR=15/1, PPS=$4,853, U=Yes, T=$5,275, SD=Full member of American Montessori Society; accredited by Kentucky Non-Public Schools Commission; high school scholarships; diocesan essay finalists and winners; diocesan art competition winners

ST. THERESE SCHOOL 2516 Alexandria Pike, Southgate, KY 41071, (859) 441-0449, » GS=K–8

ST. THOMAS SCHOOL 428 S. Ft. Thomas Ave., Ft. Thomas, KY 41075, (859) 572-4641, » GS=Pre-K–8

STR=10/1, U=Yes, T=$7,375 kindergarten; $8,725 grades 1–6, SD=National Blue Ribbon School; accredited through AdvancED and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools since 1921; Children’s Inc. School of Contribution; standardized tests are consistently above national, state, and local averages END OF DIOCESE OF COVINGTON SCHOOLS

VILLA MADONNA ACADEMY (HIGH SCHOOL) 2500 Amsterdam Rd., Villa Hills, KY 41017, (859) 331-6333, » Villa Madonna is a private, Catholic, coed school that offers an unsurpassed spiritual and academic education. GS=7–12, E=200, PM=5%, AR=98%, STR=10/1, GR=100%, ACT=27.6, SAT=1242, U=Yes, T=$8,725 grades 7–8; $10,450 grades 9–12, SD=Two National Blue Ribbon School awards; accredited by AdvancED and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools since 1921; the class of 2013 graduates (50 students) earned more than $6.5 million in college scholarship offers

VILLA MADONNA ACADEMY (ELEMENTARY) Elementary: 2500 Amsterdam Rd.; Montessori: 2402 Amsterdam Rd.; Villa Hills, KY 41017, (859) 331-6333, (859) 341-5145,, villamadonna » A private, Catholic, coed school that offers an unsurpassed spiritual and academic education. At Villa Madonna Montessori, the staff cultivates a learning environment for children to develop awareness of self, respect for the community, and honor for their spirituality. GS=PreK–6, E=225, 50 Montessori, PM=5%, AR=98%,

HERITAGE ACADEMY 7216 U.S. Rt. 42, Florence, KY 41042, (859) 525-0213, » GS=Pre-K–8

TRENT MONTESSORI 305 Park Ave., Newport, KY 41071, (859) 491-3223, » Goals at Trent Montessori are to actively aid each child in achieving: independence, self-control, self-discipline, initiative, self-reliance, self-respect, the ability to concentrate, sharing with and caring for others, courteousness, a high degree of large and small muscle coordination, the foundations for intelligent thinking, and a lasting love of learning. GS=Pre-K–K, E=57, STR=10/1, U=No, T=$3,900; $5,900 with extended care

ZION CHRISTIAN ACADEMY 10310 Dixie Hwy., Florence, KY 41042, (859) 371-9008, » GS=Preschool– grade 5, E=90, PM=10%, STR=15/1, U=Yes, T=$215–$325 per month

OPEN HOUSE Admissions services: • Essay coaching and editing • Application review & recommendations • School selection • Admission fee waivers Editorial Services Resume & Vitae Test Prep Individual Assessment Scholarship Assistance

Oct. 19, 2014 Jan. 25, 2015 2-4 PM

• AMS affiliated and State of Ohio accredited • 2 highly qualified teachers per classroom • Sprawling 8 acre campus

• State-of-the-art classrooms and hands-on learning materials • All day preschool and kindergarten • Enrichment classes include: Spanish, music, fitness, yoga, library and nature programs • Early bird and after school care available

Heard on Star 93.3 radio station, Cincinnati and presented at Indiana Wesleyan University. CALL FOR A COMPLIMENTARY 1-HOUR CONSULTATION; PRICE MAY VARY DEPENDING ON YOUR SPECIFIC ADMISSIONS NEEDS. SAM@SCHOLARCOMPASS.COM • 513.549.4859

927 O’Bannonville Road (1 mile east of downtown Loveland)

Seeing is believing! Schedule a tour by calling (513) 683-4757 SCHO O LS GUI DE |


[SCHOOLS GUIDE ] I N D I A N A PU B L I C INDIANA PUBLIC KEY OF ABBREVIATIONS GS=Grades served E=Enrollment PM=Percent minority AR=Attendance rate STR=Student/ teacher ratio GR=Graduation rate PPS=Per pupil spending ACT=Average ACT score SAT=Average SAT score ISTEP=Percent proficient on ISTEP exam ECA=Percent who passed end-of-course assessments LG=Letter grade


626 N. Huntersville Rd., P.O. Box 121, Batesville, IN 47006, (812) 934-2194, » BCSC’s mission is to educate all students in a tradition of academic excellence, preparing them for productive and responsible citizenship in a global community. GS=Pre-K–12, E=2,170, PM=7.4%, AR=97.1%, STR=17.3/1, GR=95.1%, PPS=$5,909, ACT=24, SAT=1066, ISTEP=89.4%, LG=A

Oldenburg Academy

BATESVILLE HIGH SCHOOL One Bulldog Blvd., Batesville, IN 47006, (812) 9344384, » BHS is committed to providing a safe environment in which each learner attains full potential in the realization that learning is a lifelong process. GS=9–12, E=716, PM=6.4%, AR=96.7%, STR=18.8/1, GR=95.1%, PPS=$5,909, ACT=24, SAT=1066, ISTEP=82.8%, ECA=87.7%, LG=A FRANKLIN COUNTY COMMUNITY SCHOOL CORPORATION

225 E. 10th St., Brookville, IN 47012, (765) 647-4128, » GS=Pre-K–12, E=2,865, PM=1.3%, AR=95.3%, STR=18.4/1, GR=83.1%, ACT=22, SAT=984, ISTEP=70.1%, LG=B

FRANKLIN COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL One Wildcat Ln., Brookville, IN 47012, (765) 647-4101, » GS=9–12, E=916, PM=1.3%, AR=94.3%, STR=17.6/1, GR=83.1%, ACT=22, SAT=984, ISTEP=57.9%, ECA=69.7%, LG=B LAWRENCEBURG COMMUNITY SCHOOL CORPORATION

300 Tiger Blvd., Lawrenceburg, IN 47025, (812) 5377201, » Lawrenceburg Community School Corporation’s mission is to provide academic excellence to all students, preparing them for post-secondary opportunities. Staff members are focused on the whole child. GS=K–12, E=1,993, PM=10%, AR=96%, STR=18/1, GR=92.4%, PPS=$6,675, ACT=21, SAT=950, ISTEP=70.7%, LG=C

LAWRENCEBURG HIGH SCHOOL 100 Tiger Blvd., Lawrenceburg, IN 47025, (812) 5377219, » GS=9–12, E=562, PM=10%, AR=96.2%, STR=15/1, GR=92.4%, PPS=$6,675, ACT=21, SAT=950, ISTEP=63.8%, ECA=75.4%, LG=B RISING SUN-OHIO COUNTY COMMUNITY SCHOOLS

110 Henrietta St., Rising Sun, IN 47040, (812) 4382655, » Rising Sun works to empower students and staff within a safe learning environment. GS=K–12, E=850, PM=3.9%, AR=96.9%, STR=16.7/1, GR=82.6%, ACT=22, SAT=996, ISTEP=70.8%, LG=C

RISING SUN HIGH SCHOOL 120 S. Henrietta St., Rising Sun, IN 47040, (812) 438-2652, » GS=9–12, E=237,

46 | SCH O O LS GU I D E

PM=2.1%, AR=95.9%, STR=11.9/1, GR=82.6%, ACT=22, SAT=996, ISTEP=65.6%, ECA=58.1%, LG=C SOUTH DEARBORN COMMUNITY SCHOOL CORPORATION

6109 Squire Place, Aurora, IN 47001, (812) 926-2090, » South Dearborn’s mission statement: Grow, Excel, and Achieve. GS=K–12, E=2,818, PM=3.5%, AR=95.9%, STR=16.9/1, GR=85.9%, ACT=21, SAT=967, ISTEP=76.8%, LG=B

SOUTH DEARBORN HIGH SCHOOL 5770 Highlander Dr., Aurora, IN 47001, (812) 9263772, » GS=9–12, E=913, PM=2.8%, AR=95%, STR=18.3/1, GR=85.9%, ACT=21, SAT=967, ISTEP=67.5%, ECA=72%, LG=A SUNMAN-DEARBORN COMMUNITY SCHOOL CORPORATION

One Trojan Place, Ste. B, St. Leon, IN 47012, (812) 623-2291, » GS=PreK–12, E=4,133, PM=2.9%, AR=95.5%, STR=20.4/1, GR=91%, ACT=22, SAT=977, ISTEP=80%, LG=B

EAST CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL One Trojan Place, Ste. A, St. Leon, IN 47012, (812) 623-2291, » GS=9– 12, E=1,355, PM=1.9%, AR=95%, STR=21.2/1, GR=91%, ACT=22, SAT=977, ISTEP=67.9%, ECA=75.5%, LG=A

INDIA NA PRIVATE / RELIG IOUS INDIANA PRIVATE KEY OF ABBREVIATIONS GS=Grades served E=Enrollment PM=Percent minority AR=Attendance rate STR=Student/ teacher ratio PPS=Per pupil spending ACT=Average ACT score SAT=Average SAT score U=Uniforms, yes or no T=Tuition SD=School designation or accreditation

ST. LAWRENCE SCHOOL 524 Walnut St., Lawrenceburg, IN 47025, (812) 5373690, » St. Lawrence is a community of families that values high academic standards and individualized development. Children build a strong sense of self and a deep commitment to morals, values, respect, and civility. GS=K–8,

E=220, PM=less than 1%, AR=95%, STR=18/1, U=Yes, T=$3,225; discounts for multiple children, SD=National Blue Ribbon School

ST. LOUIS CATHOLIC SCHOOL 17 St. Louis Place, Batesville, IN 47006, (812) 934-3310, » Dedicated to the teachings of Jesus Christ, St. Louis combines excellence in academics with a strong Roman Catholic background, providing the foundation to develop the whole person and to challenge students to reach their potential. GS=K–8, E=356, PM=2%, AR=98%, STR=14/1, U=Yes, T=$3,080 in parish; $4,530 nonparish; discounts for multiple children, SD=National Blue Ribbon School; accredited by North Central Association of College and Schools

ST. MARY SCHOOL 211 4th St., Aurora, IN 47001, (812) 926-1558, » GS=K–8

ST. MICHAEL SCHOOL 275 High St., Brookville, IN 47012, (765) 647-4961, » GS=Pre-K–8

ST. NICHOLAS CATHOLIC SCHOOL 6459 E. St. Nicholas Dr., Sunman, IN 47041, (812) 623-2348, » GS=K–8

OLDENBURG ACADEMY 1 Twister Circle, Oldenburg, IN 47036, (812) 934-4440, » Oldenburg Academy is a Catholic, coeducational college-preparatory high school committed to academic excellence, social responsibility, leadership, and personal growth for all students. GS=9–12, E=195, PM=6%, AR=100%, STR=12/1, PPS=$7,500, ACT=25, SAT=1640, U=Yes, T=$7,500, SD=4-Star School (highest rating by the Indiana Department of Education)

ST. PAUL SCHOOL 9788 N. Dearborn Rd., New Alsace, IN 47022, (812) 623-2631, » GS=Pre-K–8




GUIDE X The entrance exams are scheduled and the college search is on.

We tell you what to consider and give you some important stats on colleges and universities around our region and in nearby states.



ready, set BY C A I T L I N L A M B

48 | SC H O O LS GU I D E

PREP So you think college is a long way off and you don’t need to plan just yet? Think again. “The old idea that when you

are a junior in high school you start thinking about college definitely doesn’t work anymore,” says Ann Larson, director of admissions at Miami University. These days, college planning can begin as early as the eighth grade. As competition to get into top colleges increases, so too does the need for early preparation. According to Samuel Schottenstein, who co-founded Scholar Compass, a company that helps students get accepted to the school of their choice and score scholarship opportunities, it’s never too early. “We offer programs for any age, middle school and up, but we have a team of tutors that can help prepare younger students as well.” Whether you enlist a company like Scholar Compass or navigate the college-prep journey on your own, there are plenty of steps you should take along the way, starting in the eighth grade. This isn’t a complete list, of course, but plenty to keep in mind.

8 th GRADE L E A R N H OW T O L E A R N. Developing good study habits now will make your life a lot easier down the road. “Universities are very interested in transcript; by starting in middle school you can better prepare,” Larson says. B R E A K O U T O F YO U R C O M F O RT Z O N E . Try out for the tennis team. Take classes to learn a new language. Join the science club. Now is a great time to try something new. AT T E N D A S U M M E R I M M E R S I O N P RO G R A M O R V I S I T A C O L L E G E . “There are so many programs out there to attract middle school students that expose them to everything from Ivy League schools to scholarship opportunities,” Schottenstein says. Contact a local college or university to learn more about its programs. S E E S O M E P O T E N T I A L . “Some students pick a college in elementary school; some might not even think about college before high school,”Larson says. If you haven’t been dreaming of the perfect school since the second grade, now is a great time to start looking around. TA L K T O YO U R PA R E N T S. “We believe in educating all of those who are involved in the decisionmaking process, especially because the college planning process has changed so much over the years,” says Chris Candelaresi, who with his father founded the Plan the Way Foundation, which provides resources to help Cincinnati-area families in the areas of college planning, career preparation, and financial literacy. By having a conversation about college early, families can better begin to prepare.



9 th GRADE

10 th GRADE

J O T I T D OW N. Remember those hours that you spent cleaning up a local park a few months ago, or the date that you joined the soccer team? You probably won’t when it comes time to apply to college, so start a log of all of your extracurricular activities, including everything from volunteer work to sports to any awards that you earn.

“Don’t be afraid to ask your teachers about their college experiences,” Larson says. Parents, friends, and relatives also make great resources.

C H A R T A C O U R S E . Know the basics of high school

scheduling, and which courses colleges will expect you to take. “You need to consider whether you are going to take those AP or honors courses, which will be harder, but may put you on a better track to college,” Larson says. M E E T W I T H A GU I DA N C E C O U N S E L O R . Schools of-

ten require that students begin meeting with a guidance counselor in the ninth grade to begin choosing classes for later years. “Find out how to make the most out of high school,” Candelaresi says. Don’t forget that these counselors work with older students as well, and will be able to answer questions you have about preparing for college. R E S E A R C H G R A N T S A N D S C H O L A R S H I P S . Know

which grants and scholarships you want to go after, and begin to estimate what college is going to cost you.


K NOW W H AT YOU N E E D T O G E T I N. Most colleges and universities require you to take the SAT, ACT, or both. Visit their websites to find out, and take a look at resources to help you prepare and study for the exams. SAT: collegeboard. org; ACT: S TA RT A N AC A D E M I C R E S U M E . Remember that activities log you started in the ninth grade? Now you need one that includes classes you’ve taken, as well as any academic awards that you receive (think honor roll or perfect attendance). Having it written down ahead of time will make those endless college and scholarship applications a little easier. P I C K S O M E P R I O R I T I E S. Are you hoping to get away from your home town? Dream of a school with tiny class sizes? Long for an urban campus? Make a list of your top priorities in choosing a school. This will help you narrow down the search.

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Call 1.800.846.4333 or visit 50 | SC H O O LS GU ID E

11 th GRADE

12 th GRADE

T A L K T O Y O U R F A M I LY A B O U T P AY I N G F O R C O L L E G E . Although scholarship opportunites are avail-

A S K F O R P E R S O NA L R E F E R E N C E S. Teachers, coaches, employers, church leaders; anyone who has seen you perform, volunteer, or work can give you a personal reference. Just make sure you give them a couple of weeks notice before the date that it’s due.

able to every student, few will cover all expenses. Decide who will be paying for what isn’t covered to avoid any lastminute surprises. S TA RT S C H O L A R S H I P S H O P P I N G. “Use the U.S. Department of Labor’s scholarship search to find scholarships for which you might want to apply,” Candelaresi says. S TA RT C O M PA R I NG. By now you’ve done some research, so start making a list of schools that you are interested in. Compare them, rank them, or list what you like or don’t like about each one; pick the method that works best for you. M A K E A V I S I T. Plan to visit at least a few of the colleges and universities that are at the top of your list. Many colleges offer special visit days, but you can always call and schedule your own visit at a different time. P O S E A Q U E S T I O N. What are the meal plans like? Are the dorm rooms air-conditioned? Does the school have a rowing team or debate club? Once you decide what colleges you plan to visit, think about what you’d like to know about that school, and make a list of questions to ask while you visit.

S E T T H E R E C O R D S T R A I G H T. You worked hard for those grades and test scores. Now it’s time to send them out to potential colleges and universities. The ACT and SAT let you choose several schools to send your scores to for free; additional scores for other schools will cost you a fee. C O M P L E T E YO U R FA F SA . Even if you don’t think you will qualify for financial assistance, most colleges still require you to complete your FAFSA. It won’t cost a dime, and it can be completed after taxes are filed during the end of a student’s senior year. D O N ’ T M I S S T H E D E A D L I N E . Pay close attention to deadlines. Scholarships, college applications, FAFSA, letters of recommendation—everything comes with a strict due date. N O T I F Y T H E W I N N E R . The hard work is over. Now you need to notify the school that you have decided to attend, as well as the ones that you are turning down. Then, sit back and enjoy summertime before your college journey begins.

St. Louis School 250 North Broadway, Owensville, OH 45160 (513) 732-0636 •

Celebrating Over 50 Years of Superior Academics

Serving the eastern side of Greater Cincinnati, Clermont & Brown County.

Catch the Spirit at St. Louis School Mission Statement Our mission at St. Louis School is to provide a quality religious and challenging academic education in a positive, safe environment in partnership with parents. Our school instills Catholic beliefs, focuses on the needs of the whole child, nurtures our students and promotes community involvement and service. • Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 8 • 168 Students - 122 Families • Extended Day and Summer Care is available • 16:1 Student to Teacher Average Ratio • Busing is available from most school districts





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college? We’ll help you get started with College Guide 2014, a compilation of some of the stats for colleges and universities around the region and in nearby states.

ANTONELLI COLLEGE 124 E. 7th St., Cincinnati, OH 45202, (855) 240-4842, » Year Founded: 1947, Total Enrollment: 266, Undergraduate Degrees: 16, Tuition: Varies by program

ART ACADEMY OF CINCINNATI 1212 Jackson St., Cincinnati, OH 45202, (513) 562-6262, » Year Founded: 1869, Total Enrollment: 220, Undergraduate Degrees: 1 (various degree focuses available), Graduate Degrees: 1 (various degree focuses available), Student/Faculty Ratio: 9/1, Tuition: $23,950 plus fees, Room and Board: $6,000

ART INSTITUTE OF OHIO-CINCINNATI 8845 Governors Hill Dr., Ste. 200, Cincinnati, OH 45249, (513) 833-2400, » Year Founded: 2004, Total Enrollment: 702, Undergraduate



8845 Governors Hill Drive, Suite 100 • Cincinnati, OH 45249-3317

The Art Institute of Ohio — Cincinnati is one of The Art Institutes, a system of over 50 schools throughout North America. Programs, credential levels, technology, and scheduling options are subject to change. Several institutions included in The Art Institutes system are campuses of South University or Argosy University. (c) 2014 The Art Institutes International LLC. The Art Institute of Ohio — Cincinnati is licensed by the Ohio State Board of Career Colleges & Schools, 30 East Broad Street, 24th Floor, Suite 2481, Columbus, OH 43215-3138, 614.466.2752. OH Reg # 04-01-1698B. 14799/0414

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One month. One course. No reason to wait. You can fit education into your life with our ONE COURSE A MONTH® schedule. Focus on one subject a month, complete the course and then move on to the next. Now’s the time to get started!


ÀœÜ˜Ê>VŽˆiÊ œi}iÊqÊ ˆ˜Vˆ˜˜>̈ÊUʣ䣣ʏi˜`>iʈvœÀ`Ê,`°ÊUÊ ˆ˜Vˆ˜˜>̈]Ê"Ê{xÓ£xÊUÊ"Ê,i}ˆÃÌÀ>̈œ˜Ê›ä·䙇£ÈnÈ/ ÀœÜ˜Ê>VŽˆiÊ œi}iÊqÊ œÀ̅iÀ˜Êi˜ÌÕVŽÞÊUÊÎä™Ê ÕÌÌiÀ“ˆŽÊ*ˆŽiÊUÊœÀÌʈÌV…i]Ê9Ê{£ä£ÇÊUÊ"Ê,i}ˆÃÌÀ>̈œ˜Ê›äȇä·£Çn£/ Brown Mackie Colleges is a system of over 25 schools. See for program duration, tuition, fees and other costs, median debt, federal salary data, alumni success, and other important info. © 2014 Brown Mackie College 3363 Accredited Members, ACICS AC 0150 Cincinnati – AC 0045 Northern Kentucky – Licensed by the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education, 1024 Capital Center Drive, Suite 320, Frankfort, KY 40601. Brown Mackie College – Cincinnati and Brown Mackie College – Northern Kentucky are authorized by the Indiana Board for Proprietary Education, 101 West Ohio Street, Suite 670, Indianapolis, IN 46204-1984, 317.464.4400 Ext. 138, 317-464.4400 Ext. 141. Licensed by the Ohio State Board of Career Colleges & Schools, 30 East Broad Street, 24th Floor, Suite 2481, Columbus, OH 43215-3138, 614.466.2752. Programs vary by location. NP0514

[college guide ] of-state Tuition: $23,948 plus fees, Room and Board: $8,340

BELLARMINE UNIVERSITY 2001 Newburg Rd., Louisville, KY 40205, (502) 2727100, » Year Founded: 1950, Total Enrollment: 3,422, Undergraduate Degrees: 62, Graduate Degrees: 11, Doctoral Degrees: 3, Student/Faculty Ratio: 12/1, Tuition: $36,290 plus one-time $400 matriculation fee, Room and Board: $10,700

BOWLING GREEN STATE UNIVERSITY 110 McFall Center, Bowling Green, OH 43403, (419) 372-2531, » Year Founded: 1910, Total Enrollment: 19,000, Undergraduate Degrees: More than 200, Graduate Degrees: 51, Doctoral Degrees: 16, Student/Faculty Ratio: 20/1, Instate Tuition: $10,606, Out-of-state Tuition: $17,914, Room and Board: $8,244

BROWN MACKIE COLLEGE 1011 Glendale Milford Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45215, (419) 771-2424, » Year Founded: 2003, Total Enrollment: 951, Undergraduate Degrees: 6, Student/Faculty Ratio: 20/1, Tuition: Varies by program

University of Cincinnati

CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY Degrees: 14, Tuition: Varies by program, Room and Board: $1,825 per term

BALL STATE UNIVERSITY 2000 W. University Ave., Muncie, IN 47306, (765)

289-1241, » Year Founded: 1918, Total Enrollment: More than 21,000, Undergraduate Degrees: 175, Graduate Degrees: 70, Doctoral Degrees: 17, Student/Faculty Ratio: 16/1, In-state Tuition: $8,682 plus fees, Out-

For more than a century, Sinclair Community College has offered world-class education with real-world value. Sinclair’s Courseview Campus Center is helping to build the future of Greater Cincinnati, with a variety of degree and certificate programs, university transfer options and fully online classes.

in Mason

54 | SC H O O LS GU ID E

10900 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, OH 44106, (216) 368-2000, » Year Founded: 1826, Total Enrollment: More than 10,000, Undergraduate Degrees: 75, Graduate Degrees: 56, Doctoral Degrees: 51, Student/Faculty Ratio: 9/1, Tuition: $41,420, Room and Board: $12,866

CINCINNATI STATE TECHNICAL AND COMMUNITY COLLEGE 3520 Central Pkwy., Cincinnati, OH 45223, (513) 569-1500, » Year Founded: 1969, Total Enrollment: 11,167, Undergraduate Degrees: More than 100, Student/Faculty Ratio: 25/1, In-state Tuition: $145.30/credit hour, Out-of-state Tuition: $290.60/credit hour for non-residents

students from contiguous counties; $504/credit hour for all other out-of-state students

GOOD SAMARITAN COLLEGE OF NURSING AND HEALTH SCIENCE 375 Dixmyth Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45220, (513) 862-2743, » Year Founded: 1896, Total Enrollment: 355 plus, Undergraduate Degrees: 3, Student/Faculty Ratio: 8:1, Tuition: $499/credit hour (2014-15)

COLLEGE OF MOUNT ST. JOSEPH 5701 Delhi Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45223, (513) 2444200, » Year Founded: 1920, Total Enrollment: More than 2,000, Undergraduate Degrees: 44, Graduate Degrees: 7, Doctoral Degrees: 2, Student/Faculty Ratio: 11/1, Tuition: $25,850, Room and Board: $7,880–$10,840

EASTERN KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY 521 Lancaster Ave., Richmond, KY 40475, (859) 622-1000, » Year Founded: 1906, Total Enrollment: More than 16,000, Undergraduate Degrees: 114, Graduate Degrees: 37, Student/Faculty Ratio: 16/1, In-state Tuition: $7,536, Out-ofstate Tuition: $16,608, Room and Board: $7,724


Ratio: 18/1, In-state Tuition: $8,258, Out-of-state Tuition: $27,734, Room and Board: $8,534

INDIANA WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY 4201 S. Washington St., Marion, IN 46953, (765) 674-6901, » Year Founded: 1920, Total Enrollment: 3,000, Undergraduate Degrees: More than 75, Student/Faculty Ratio: 15/1, Tuition: $23,628, Room and Board: $7,560

INDIANA WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY GREAT OAKS CAREER CAMPUSES 3254 E. Kemper Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45241, (513) 771-8925, » Year Founded: 1971, Total Enrollment: More than 500, Certificates: 12, Student/Faculty Ratio: 24/1, Tuition: Varies by program

INDIANA UNIVERSITY–BLOOMINGTON 107 S. Indiana Ave., Bloomington, IN 47405, (812) 855-4848, » Year Founded: 1820, Total Enrollment: 42,081, Undergraduate Degrees: More than 180, Graduate Degrees: More than 50, Doctoral Degrees: More than 50, Student/ Faculty Ratio: 19/1, In-state Tuition: $10,208, Out-of-state Tuition: $32,350, Room and Board: $9,162

9286 Schulze Dr., West Chester, OH 45069, (513) 881-3600, » Year Founded: 1985, Total Enrollment: More than 10,000, Undergraduate Degrees: 6, Graduate Degrees: 3, Student/Faculty Ratio: 11/1, Tuition: Varies by program

KENT STATE UNIVERSITY 800 E. Summit St., Kent, OH 44240, (330) 6723000, » Year Founded: 1910, Total Enrollment: More than 27,500, Undergraduate Degrees: 118, Graduate Degrees: 107, Doctoral Degrees: 48, Student/Faculty Ratio: 16.6/1, In-state Tuition: $9,816, Out-of-state Tuition: $17,776, Room and Board: $9,536


500 Technology Way, Florence, KY 41042, (859) 441-4500, » Year Founded: 1997, Total Enrollment: More than 4,800, Undergraduate Degrees: 32, Student/ Faculty Ratio: 17/1, In-state Tuition: $144/credit hour; applies to tri-state area residents, Out-ofstate Tuition: $288/credit hour for out-of-state

INDIANA UNIVERSITY– PURDUE UNIVERSITY INDIANAPOLIS 420 University Blvd., Indianapolis, IN 46202, (317) 274-5555, » Year Founded: 1969, Total Enrollment: More than 30,000, Undergraduate Degrees: More than 100, Graduate Degrees: More than 100, Doctoral Degrees: 36, Student/Faculty

3200 Cold Spring Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46222, (317) 955-6000, » Year Founded: 1936, Total Enrollment: 2,711 (2013–14), Undergraduate Degrees: 2,200, Graduate Degrees: 349, Doctoral Degrees: 162, Student/ Faculty Ratio: 15/1, In State Tuition: $28,400 (2013–14), Out of State Tuition: $28,400 (2013–14), Room & Board: $8,658

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for qualifying out-of-s

tate students.

For more information, call (800) 585-6781 or visit MSU is an affirmative action, equal opportunity, educational institution.



[college guide ] MIAMI UNIVERSITY HAMILTON Miami University Oxford

1601 University Blvd., Hamilton, OH 45011, (513) 785-3000, » Year Founded: 1968, Total Enrollment: More than 3,000, Undergraduate Degrees: 12, Student/Faculty Ratio: 21/1, In-state Tuition: $2,536/semester, Outof-state Tuition: $7,082/semester

MIAMI UNIVERSITY OXFORD 501 E. High St., Oxford, OH 45056, (513) 529-1809, » Year Founded: 1809, Total Enrollment: 17,720, Undergraduate Degrees: More than 100, Graduate Degrees: More than 60, Doctoral Degrees: 14, Student/Faculty Ratio: 18/1, Instate Tuition: $13,266, Out-of-state Tuition: $29,056, Room and Board: $10,900

MOREHEAD STATE UNIVERSITY 150 University Blvd., Morehead, KY 40351, (606) 783-2221, » Year Founded: 1887, Total Enrollment: More than 11,000, Undergraduate Degrees: 141, Graduate Degrees: 71, Doctoral Degrees: 1, Student/Faculty Ratio: 17/1, In-state Tuition: $7,498, Out-of-state Tuition: $18,746, Room and Board: $7,580

MOUNT VERNON NAZARENE UNIVERSITY 800 Martinsburg Rd., Mount Vernon, OH 43050, (740) 392-6868, » Year Founded: 1968, Total Enrollment: 2,229, Undergraduate Degrees: More than 100, Graduate Degrees: More than 15, Student/Faculty Ratio: 13/1, Tuition: $24,400, Room and Board: $7,260

Some time ago, Northern Kentucky University created something completely different; a college built around the art, science, technology, and business of information - with communication at the center. It was an experiment. We worked with philosophers, biologists, and historians; put software engineers alongside journalists and paired app developers with health informaticists. Our bachelor’s in data science was among the first in the country. We have a strong cyber defense team. Students in our unique virtual co-op program have written mobile apps for Fortune 100 companies and two-person startups. Above all, we are transdisciplinary and experiential.

56 | SCH O O LS GU I D E

The excitement is growing. The experiment is working.

[college guide ] NORTHERN KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY 1 Louie B Nunn Dr., Highland Heights, KY 41099, (859) 572-5220, » Year Founded: 1968, Total Enrollment: More than 15,000, Undergraduate Degrees: 74, Graduate Degrees: 23, Doctoral Degrees: 5, Student/Faculty Ratio: 18/1, Instate Tuition: $4,044/semester, Kentucky and Indiana residents and Ohio reciprocity; $6,276/ semester, Cincinnati metro area residents, Outof-state Tuition: $8,088/semester, Room and Board: $6,900–$10,080

OHIO NORTHERN UNIVERSITY 525 S. Main St., Ada, OH 45810, (419) 772-2000, » Year Founded: 1871, Total Enrollment: 3,619, Undergraduate Degrees: More than 70, Doctoral Degrees: 2, Student/Faculty Ratio: 12/1, Tuition: $36,720 average, Room and Board: $10,520

PURDUE UNIVERSITY 610 Purdue Mall, West Lafayette, IN 47907, (765) 494-4600, » Year Founded: 1869, Total Enrollment: 38,788, Undergraduate Degrees: More than 200, Graduate Degrees: More than 100, Doctoral Degrees: 2, Student/Faculty Ratio: 14/1, In-state Tuition: $9,992, Out-of-state Tuition: $28,794, Room and Board: $10,300

SINCLAIR COMMUNITY COLLEGE COURSEVIEW CAMPUS CENTER—MASON 5386 Courseview Dr., Mason, OH 45040, (513) 339-1212, » Year Founded: 2007, Total Enrollment: More than 1,000, Undergraduate Degrees and Certificates: 46, Student/Faculty Ratio: 19/1, In-state Tuition: $143/semester hour, Out-of-state Tuition: $275/ semester hour


OHIO UNIVERSITY 1 Ohio University, Athens, OH 45701, (740) 593-1000, » Year Founded: 1804, Total Enrollment: 22,685, Undergraduate Degrees: More than 250, Graduate Degrees: 50, Doctoral Degrees: 25, Student/Faculty Ratio: 19/1, In-state Tuition: $5,190/semester, Out-of-state Tuition: $9,672/ semester, Room and Board: $10,722–$13,700

OTTERBEIN COLLEGE 1 S. Grove St., Westerville, OH 43081, (614) 8903000, » Year Founded: 1847, Total Enrollment: 2,997, Undergraduate Degrees: 73, Graduate Degrees: 8, Student/Faculty Ratio: 11/1, Tuition: $31,424, Room and Board: $9,038

444 W. Third St., Dayton, OH 45402, (800) 3153000, » Year Founded: 1887, Total Enrollment: 24,000, Undergraduate Degrees and Certificates: More than 170, Student/Faculty Ratio: 19/1, In-state Tuition: $96/semester hour, Out-of-state Tuition: $275/semester hour

SOUTHERN STATE COMMUNITY COLLEGE 100 Hobart Dr., Hillsboro, OH 45133, (937) 3933431, » Year Founded: 1975, Total Enrollment: More than 2,500, Undergraduate Degrees: More than 30; Partnership degree programs also available, Tuition: Varies by program

g It’s everyctohlilnege. I want in a / 1-800-896-8941 58 | SCH O O LS GU ID E

SPALDING UNIVERSITY 845 S. Third St., Louisville, KY 40203, (502) 5859911, » Year Founded: 1814, Total Enrollment: More than 1,300, Student/Faculty Ratio: 11/1, Undergraduate Degrees: 15, Graduate Degrees: 9, Doctorate Degrees: 2, Tuition: $740/ credit hour (except courses in Athletic Training, Health Sciences, Nursing, and Occupational Therapy), Room And Board: $4,000–$4,450/ semester

THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY– COLUMBUS 281 W. Lane Ave., Columbus, OH 43210, (614) 292-6446, » Year Founded: 1870, Total Enrollment: 57,466, Undergraduate Degrees: More than 175, Graduate Degrees: 115, Doctoral Degrees: 93, Student/Faculty Ratio: 19/1, Instate Tuition: $10,010, Out-of-state Tuition: $25,726, Room and Board: $10,800

THOMAS MORE COLLEGE 333 Thomas More Pkwy., Crestview Hills, KY 41017, (859) 341-5800, » Year Founded: 1921, Total Enrollment: More than 1,600, Undergraduate Degrees: 36, Graduate Degrees: 2, Student/Faculty Ratio: 14/1, Tuition: $27,268 plus fees, Room and Board: $7,500

TRANSYLVANIA UNIVERSITY 300 N. Broadway, Lexington, KY 40508, (859) 233-8300, » Year Founded: 1780, Total Enrollment: 1,100, Undergraduate Degrees: 39, Student/Faculty Ratio: 11/1, Tuition: $33,360, Room and Board: $9,300

UNION INSTITUTE & UNIVERSITY 440 E. McMillan St., Cincinnati, OH 45206, (513) 861-6400, » Year Founded: 1964, Total Enrollment: 2,000, Undergraduate Degrees: 20, Graduate Degrees: 7, Doctoral Degrees: 3, Tuition: $490/credit hour plus fees

UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI 2600 Clifton Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45220, (513) 556-1100, » Year Founded: 1819, Total Enrollment: 42,656, Undergraduate Degrees: More than 200, Graduate Degrees: More than 100, Doctoral Degrees: 77, Student/Faculty Ratio: 15/1, In-state Tuition: $10,784 plus fees, Out-of-state Tuition: $25,816 plus fees, Room and Board: $10,290

UNIVERSITY OF DAYTON 300 College Park, Dayton, OH 45469, (937) 229-1000, » Year Founded: 1850, Total Enrollment: 11,045 , Undergraduate Degrees: More than 70, Graduate Degrees: More than 50, Doctoral Degrees: 9, Student/ Faculty Ratio: 15/1, Tuition: $35,800, Room and Board: $11,490

UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY 410 Administration Dr., Lexington, KY 40506, (859) 257-9000, » Year Founded: 1865, Total Enrollment: 29,410, Undergraduate Degrees: More than 100, Graduate Degrees: 120, Doctoral Degrees: 61, Student/Faculty Ratio: 18/1, In-state Tuition: $9,966, Out-of-state Tuition: $21,052, Room and Board: $10,200

UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE 500 S. Preston St., Louisville, KY 40202, (502) 8525555, » Year Founded: 1798, Total Enrollment: More than 22,000, Undergraduate Degrees: More than 80, Graduate Degrees: 80, Doctoral Degrees: 36, Student/Faculty Ratio: 18/1, In-state Tuition: $9,750, Out-ofstate Tuition: $23,638, Room and Board: $4,790

UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME 112 N. Notre Dame Ave., Notre Dame, IN 46556, (574) 631-5000, » Year Founded: 1842, Total Enrollment: More than 12,000, Undergraduate Degrees: 74, Graduate Degrees: More than 50, Doctoral Degrees: 24, Student/Faculty Ratio: 12/1, Tuition: $44,605, Room and Board: $12,512

WESTERN KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY 1906 College Heights Blvd., Bowling Green, KY 42101, (270) 745-0111, » Year Founded: 1906, Total Enrollment: More than 21,000, Undergraduate Degrees: More than 170, Graduate Degrees: More than 80, Doctoral Degrees: 5, Student/Faculty Ratio: 19/1, In-state Tuition: $8,722, Out-of-state Tuition: $22,248, Room and Board: $6,176–$7,564

WILMINGTON COLLEGE BLUE ASH Ste. 100, 9987 Carver Rd., Blue Ash, OH 45242, (513) 793-1337, » Year Founded: 1986, Total Enrollment: 162, Undergraduate Degrees: 8, Student/Faculty Ratio: 15/1, Tuition: $450/credit hour

WRIGHT STATE UNIVERSITY 3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy., Dayton, OH 45435, (937) 775-3333, » Year Founded: 1967, Total Enrollment: 17,595, Undergraduate Degrees: 91, Graduate Degrees: 80, Doctoral Degrees: 8, Student/Faculty Ratio: 17/1, In-state Tuition: $8,542, Out-of-state Tuition: $16,546, Room and Board: $8,796

XAVIER UNIVERSITY 3800 Victory Pkwy., Cincinnati, OH 45207, (513) 745-3000, » Year Founded: 1831, Total Enrollment: 6,945, Undergraduate Degrees: 87, Graduate Degrees: 35, Doctoral Degrees: 1, Student/Faculty Ratio: 12/1, Tuition: $16,515; $17,015 for business majors, Room and Board: $10,300

WILMINGTON COLLEGE 1870 Quaker Way, Wilmington, OH 45177, (800) 341-9318, » Year Founded: 1870, Total Enrollment: 1,200, Undergraduate Degrees: 25, Graduate Degrees: 1, Student/ Faculty Ratio: 14/1, Tuition: $27,890 plus fees, Room and Board: $9,392


a Better education for a Better world that’s the power of X




Never Change These local notables didn’t really listen to the age-old yearbook advice to “never change.” After those innocent grins were captured in high school portraits, this group went on to become famous figures, from industry pioneers to Hollywood stars. See if you can identify them. — SARAH MULLINS

1 X Zits had a different impact on Mr. Borgman.

4 X Classmates knew you were going places with that ’fro.

2 X Once a geeky sophomore, now an AM radio legend.

5 X Made fun of his last name, did ya? Look who’s laughing now.

8 X Smashing hits fill her resume.

3 X In a New York State of Mind. Write, edit, repeat!

6 X Politician and germ fighter.

9 X Little did she know, a flight attendant role was in sight.

7 X Mr. Overachiever grew up to be a doctor and a president.

10 X Your friendly neighborhood tour guide.

ANSWER KEY: 1. Jim Borgman, the Cincinnati Enquirer’s long-time political cartoonist (Elder ’72) 2. Bill Cunningham, radio and TV talk show host (Deer Park ’66, seen here as a sophomore in 1964) 3. Gail Gleason Collins, columnist and former New York Times editorial page editor (Seton ’63) 4. Jeffrey Immelt, General Electric chairman and CEO (Finneytown ’74) 5. John Boehner, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives (Moeller ’68) 6. Kathleen Gilligan Sebelius, former Secretary, U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services (The Summit Country Day School ’66) 7. Dr. O’dell Owens, former fertility specialist, former Hamilton County Coroner, current President at Cincinnati State Technical and Community College (Woodward ’66) 8. Theresa Rebeck, playwright, screenwriter, novelist, the pen behind your favorite police procedurals, the creator of the TV series Smash (Ursuline ’76) 9. Julie Hagerty, Airplane! star (Indian Hill ’72, seen here as an underclassman) 10. Kathy Y. Wilson, journalist, essayist, and author of Your Negro Tour Guide (Greenhills ’83)

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Cincinnati Magazine Schools Guide 2014  
Cincinnati Magazine Schools Guide 2014