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The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati

A Sweet Season!

2013-2014 Season


2013-2014 Season

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The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati Staff Angela Powell Walker Artistic Director Kim Deaton Managing Director Kathie Brookfield Costume Designer

Family Fun Zone starts at 9:30 am!

David A. Centers Scenic Designer Jay Goodlett Associate Artistic Director for Learning the Craft Roderick Justice Associate Artistic Director for MainStage Jim Lipscomb Business Touring Manager Tina Marshall Director of Educational Sales Deondra Kamau Means Arts Integration Specialist Mike Muething Master Carpenter Chad Ousley Box Office Jennifer M. Picone Production Manager/Stage Manager Krista Katona Pille Marketing and Public Relations Director

Specially designed concerts for children ages 2-10.

Chris Stewart Associate Artistic Director for ArtReach Caitlin Wood Director of Development Pamela M. Young Bookkeeper/ School and Volunteer Coordinator

The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati Production Team ALL CONCERTS AT MUSIC HALL 10:30 am

Set Construction and Scenic Painting David A. Centers Mike Muething Jennifer Rhodus Michael Feldmann Lighting Designers Matthew Benjamin Andrew Hungerford Wardrobe Robin Picone

Kids $7 • Adults $12 Ask about our Pops Family Concert Package! Order today for the best seats! • 513.381.3300

Sound Equipment C&D Audio Sound Alternatives Lighting Equipment MAC Productions Wright State University Theatre Department

The CSO extends it sincerest appreciation to the George L. & Anne P. Heldman Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation for their tremendous support of the Family Lollipops Concerts for the 2013-14 Season

Program Design Cincinnati Magazine


Graphic Design Graff Designs, Inc. Website Design Curiosity Advertising Photographers Phillip Groshong Mikki Schaffner Volunteer Coordinators Emilie Dressler Heidi Moody School Bus Coordinators Matt Edmonson Chuck Edmonson Study Guide Coordination & Design Chris Stewart Angela Powell Walker

Š2013 P&G

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table of




Annie JR. ...................................... 18

Pinkalicious the Musical ............... 22

The Day Before Christmas ................... 20

Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka JR. .... 24



table of

contents Welcome to The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati ...........................10 The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati Pop Quiz..........................12 In the Spotlight: Bob Herzog .....................................................14 2013-2014 Productions ......................17 2013-2014 Season Cast .......................26 2013-2014 Production Team ..........48 Board of Trustees ......................................56 WorkShops......................................................58 Learning the Craft ....................................59 The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati‘s Kids Club ....................63 ArtReach ...........................................................64 The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati‘s Angels ...........................72


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to The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati 2013-14 Season! I’m so excited to start my third season

here as Artistic Director and I welcome you as we kick-off our 89th year! We have planned a season of sweets to entice all your appetites with Annie JR., The Day Before Christmas, Pinkalicious the Musical and Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka JR.—I have already planned a trip to the dentist! Watching the eyes of all the children light up as they watch our shows is what keeps each and every one of us at The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati motivated. Entertaining, enlightening, engaging and educating the future leaders of our greater Cincinnati region is our mission. It’s aweinspiring that we are many children’s first experience with live theater and we look forward to creating new productions, events and opportunities to keep them excited and wanting more. As a result, we are pleased to announce the start of our Kids Club program! All children in The Children’s Theatre community are eligible to join our Kids Club, designed to help deepen their engagement with the arts and create lasting memories for the whole family. Don’t miss out on singing with Annie, saying hello to Santa, eating yummy pink cupcakes with Pinkalicious and enjoying candy as far as the eye can see with Willy Wonka, all while getting autographs in your very own autograph book! These are just a few perks of being part of our brand new Kids Club. And don’t forget everything else we have to offer at TCTC! If you have a child interested in learning what it takes to be on the stage, gives us a call about our year-round classes. Or if you would love to have a traveling show visit your neighborhood school or venue, our ArtReach division can make it happen. All information about our classes, programs, shows and Kids Club can be found on our website, Again, welcome to our season of sweets. See you at the theater!

Angela Powell Walker Artistic Director


r E n j o y the a

ine t of f

cakes and pastrie

s at

yo ur

next party!

Voted “Best bakery and desserts” for over 20 years Voted “Excellent to perfection” by ZAGAT

Experience The BonBonerie • Custom birthday cakes • New decorating classes for children and adults • Tea parties for birthdays and showers • Pastries, scones and hand crafted cookies • Breakfast and lunch in cafe • Afternoon tea served daily

2030 Madison Road, O’Bryonville • 321-3399 •

Pop Quiz How well do you know the theater that entertains, engages and enlightens young audiences? Test your knowledge of The Children’s Theatre—and learn some other fun trivia too! 1 Last season, The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati served how many children, families and students across Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and beyond? A. 15,000 C. 1 million

B. 169,979 D. 78,387

2 How many hours are spent rehearsing one MainStage production? A. 23 C. 126

B. 48.5 D. 71.5

3 Which show this season has the biggest cast, at 32? A. Annie JR. B. The Day Before Christmas C. Pinkalicious the Musical D. Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka JR. 4 How many original MainStage productions, including this season’s The Day Before Christmas, has The Children’s Theatre produced since 1993? A. 32 C. 17

B. 65 D. 102

Photo from our 2004 production of Annie JR.

through the years



The Junior League of Cincinnati created the Junior League Players to introduce children in Cincinnati to the magic of theater.

The theater was incorporated as a non-profit organization and began its evolution into a professional theater company.


Photo from our 2008 production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

5 ArtReach, the theatrical and dramatic arts outreach division of the Theatre, brings high-quality theater productions and workshops to schools, libraries and other public venues throughout the region. What year was it founded? A. 1922 C. 2003

B. 1980 D. 1976

6 How many characters will be donning wigs on stage this season? A. 54 C. 110

B. 88 D. 164

7 Nine live animals have appeared on stage during Children’s Theatre productions. In seven instances it was a dog. In the other two, it was a ___________. A. cat C. pig

B. horse D. rabbit

8 Which of the following is NOT one of the books in the Pinkalicious series? A. Goldilicious B. Emeraldalicious C. Creamalicious D. Purplicious

9 How many schools attended MainStage productions for field trips last season? A. 128 C. 329

B. 202 D. 244

10 What famous Cincinnati native played Annie on Broadway? A. Sarah Jessica Parker B. Rosemary Clooney C. Carmen Electra D. Doris Day ANSWERS: 1. 169,979 2. 71.5 3. Annie, JR. 4. 32 5. 1976 6. 110 7. horse in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow 8. Creamalicious 9. 244 10. Sarah Jessica Parker



The Board of The Children’s Theatre hired Jack Louiso as Artistic Director, and under his leadership the Theatre increased its audience to serve nearly 200,000 children, families and schools.

After Louiso’s retirement, renowned opera singer and arts educator Angela Powell Walker took the reins as Artistic Director.


In the Spotlight:

Bob Herzog We chat with the co-anchor of Good Morning Cincinnati, who takes the stage this season as Willy Wonka. What is your day job?

iconic that it’s hard to imagine doing something radically different than what people expect. Having written that, of course, Willy has been played different ways. Mr. Wilder and Johnny Depp weren’t the same guy. For me, though, and not taking away from Mr. Depp’s performance, Mr. Wilder’s Wonka is the Wonka of my childhood. His performance will certainly shape mine. Plus, this production has much of the music from the classic film. So it’s hard not to draw on his almost mystical take on the tunes. A little of me will probably shine through too and the smile, come to think of it, is really a bit more Depp. Wow. That’s the most convoluted response ever.

I have the greatest job in the world. Some would say the hours aren’t that great, but if you just completely ignore the exhaustion, achiness and nausea that come from sleep deprivation, it cannot be beat. I’m a co-anchor on Good Morning Cincinnati at Local 12 where I get to work with some of the kindest, funniest and most professional people I’ve ever known. I also handle the traffic alerts, “The Cooler” and any and all dancing. Yes...dancing. On Fridays, I’m the guy behind the notorious tradition known as Dance Party Friday. Never in my wildest dreams (nightmares?) did I imagine I would include dancing in my job description.

How many characters have you played at TCTC? Which was your favorite and why?

What role will you play this season at The Children’s Theatre? I will play Willy Wonka in TCTC’s spring production of Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka JR.

Oh my goodness, I’ve been blessed to play a multitude of characters for TCTC over the last 15 years or so. What sticks out to me most, though, isn’t so much the roles as the casts, directors, stage managers and crews I’ve worked with in the past. So many friends. So many talented, talented people. If I had to pick one role, though, well...I don’t think I could. My big three would be Genie in Disney’s Aladdin JR., Gaston in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast JR. and Captain

What do you hope to bring to your role this season? A lot of funny. A bunch of weird. And just a touch of creepy. The creepy has to be there, though. Gene Wilder freaked me out when I was a kid and I think that element of...“that guy just ain’t right”...needs to be there. Bottom line, though, some roles are so


Hook in Disney’s Peter Pan JR. Those characters were all kind of big, kind of loud and two of them required a muscle suit. What’s not to love?

those folks. I can’t even read music. So I just let the character take control and guide the way!

What advice would you give to kids who want to pursue musical theater?

What inspires you to get on stage? The idea of transporting a family to a different world and doing it without a screen getting in the way (knowing that one of those families is my own family is a nice bonus). There’s nothing like performing for a live audience and watching people react to a story. In my heart, I’m a storyteller. That, in fact, is how I should have answered the question about what I do. In my heart, whether I’m on TV or on a stage, I’m a storyteller.

Learn your craft. Watch people who are really good at what they do. Be willing to be the nameless, faceless Oompa Loompa in the cast. And, for goodness sake, have fun!!!

What has been your most memorable moment participating in a Children’s Theatre show? Again, it’s so hard to pick just one. I will say watching my friend and TCTC stalwart, Dain Paige, perform a number called “Human Again” in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast JR. after he had gone through some serious health issues is one of the most moving things I’ve ever seen on stage.

What are the differences between being on stage and being on TV? It’s all about the audience. Connecting with people who are just beyond the fourth wall is more intimate than connecting with people on the other side of the screen. I love the challenge of both, though.

Which is more demanding: singing, dancing or acting? Why? For me, singing is the most demanding. Dancing is something I’ve accepted I’m never going to be great at doing. So I just set shame to the side and boogie like no one is watching. Acting is fun. It’s make believe. It’s becoming, for a moment in time, someone else. Singing is just...tough. In a TCTC production there are so many people who are so well-trained and have such unbelievable voices. I’m just not one of

15 15

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9/25/13 10:58 AM



OCTOBER 1826, 2013

DECEMBER 614, 2013

FEBRUARY 1422, 2014

APRIL 412, 2014



Servant, Ensemble ......................................................... Ivy Moody July...........................................................................Maddi O’Connell Sandy............................................................................Cooper O’Dell Burt Healy, Louis Howe, Servant, Warbucks Understudy............................................ Dain Alan Paige Annette, Ensemble........................................................ Hope Pauly Lily St. Regis ................................................................. Rachel Perin Audrey ............................................................................. Liz Radway Zeldy .................................................................... Sarah Ann Radway Lieutenant Ward, Servant, Ensemble, Howe and Healy Understudy .......................................Zac Raleigh Cecille, Ensemble ...................................................... Morgan Reece Louise ............................................................................. Karlee Shay Rooster Hannigan ....................................................Spenser Smith Kate, Annie Understudy .......................................Ava Rose Stansel Brownstone Man, Servant, Ensemble ...................... Neal Stansel Ms. Greer, Ensemble ...................................................Abby Wagner Pepper .................................................................... Kotomi Yokokura Servant, Ensemble ....................................................... Trace Young Tessie ....................................................................Rylee Zimmerman

Suzie ...............................................................................Chloe Amlin Jackie, Kate U.S., Orphan Swing ...............................Mazzie Croog Molly...................................................................Mia Bella D’Ascenzo Miss Hannigan ......................................................... Lisa DeRoberts Annie ........................................................................Allison Edwards Star to Be, Servant, Apple Seller and Mrs. Pugh Understudy ..................................Hannah Gregory Duffy ................................................................ Courtney Hammonds Grace Farrell ..........................................................Deborah Mae Hill Dog Catcher, Ensemble, Servant ......................... Jimmy Houlihan Sound Effects Man, Servant, Ensemble...................Sam Johnson Apple Seller, Mrs. Pugh, Ensemble, Miss Hannigan Understudy, Swing ............................. Sara Kenny Usherette, Ensemble.................................................. Alice Magoto Drake, Ensemble, Swing ......................................Andrew Maloney Bundles, Roosevelt.....................................................Dan Marshall Oliver Warbucks .......................................... Deondra Kamau Means


The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati’s production of

Annie JR. Book by Thomas Meehan Music by Charles Strouse Lyrics by Martin Charnin Presented on Broadway by Mike Nichols

Originally Produced by Irwin Meyer, Stephen R. Friedman, Lewis Allen, Alvin Nederlander Associates, Inc., The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Icarus Productions Based on “Little Orphan Annie”® By Permission of The Tribune Media Services, Inc. Directed and Choreographed by Roderick Justice Assistant Directed by Angela Powell Walker Music Direction by Jamey Strawn Set Design by David A. Centers Lighting Design by Matthew P. Benjamin Sound Design by Bill Fuss Costumes by Kathie Brookfield Dog Training by Joy O’Dell Stage Management by Jennifer M. Picone

ANNIE JR. is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI). All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI. 421 West 54th Street, New York, NY 10019 Phone: (212) 541-4684 Fax: (212) 397-4684 The videotaping or other video or audio recording of this production is strictly prohibited.





19 19


Suzie Snowflake ..........................................................Elise Hurwitz Jack Frost .......................................................................Jake Kolesar Santa Claus ............................................................Leo J. Northart III Ratchet, Swing........................................................ Dain Alan Paige Hazel, Dolly the Dolly..............................................Kayla Pecchioni Joey, Reindeer, Polar Bear ............................................... Max Poff Winnie, Reindeer, Ensemble, Swing.................... Savannah Slaby Felix, Sparky the Robot ........................................... Spenser Smith Blitzen, Ensemble .........................................................Trace Young

Myron, Tommy Tin Soldier....................................... Tyler D. Adams Sally, Penguin .............................................. Jessica Leslie Adamson Mrs. Claus ....................................................Angela Alexander Nalley Comet, Ensemble ...................................................Brandon Bentley Lucy, Squirrel, Ensemble ................................. Madeleine Burgoon Gizmo, Swing.............................................................Lisa DeRoberts Dasher, Ensemble ........................................William Charles Gibson Ollie, Bunny ............................................................. Henry M. Huber


The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati’s production of

The Day Before Christmas Story and Book by Ken Jones Music by Jamey Strawn Lyrics by Christine Jones Musical Sequencing by Jeff Smith Directed by Angela Powell Walker Assistant Directed and Choreographed by Roderick Justice Music Direction by Jamey Strawn Set Design by David A. Centers Lighting Design by Matthew P. Benjamin Sound Design by Bill Fuss Costumes by Kathie Brookfield Stage Management by Jennifer M. Picone COPYRIGHT, 2013. All rights reserved by Jones, Strawn, and Jones. In addition to the original musical score, parts of the following songs have been incorporated in the show: (“DECK THE HALLS”- UNKNOWN 1866, “HARK THE HERALD ANGELS”-WHITEFIELD AND CUMMINGS, 1840 , “I SAW THREE SHIPS”- WILLIAM SANDYS- 1833, “JINGLE BELLS”- JAMES PIERPONT- 1857, “O CHRISTMAS TREE”- UNKNOWN 1800, “TOYLAND”- HERBERT AND MACDONOUGH, “UP ON THE HOUSETOP”- BENJAMIN HANBY) The videotaping or other video or audio recording of this production is strictly prohibited.







Bee, Dr. Wink Swing ..............................................Hannah Gregory Dr. Wink, Mrs. Pink Swing ....................................... Karolyn Keeler Bird, Mr. Pinkerton Swing ...................................Andrew Maloney Butterfly, Alison Swing........................................Janie Nalbandian Mr. Pinkerton ................................................................Greg Nelson Pinkalicious ...................................................................Emma Parks Cupcake Dancer, Ensemble ....................................... Tayler Towles Peter ................................................................................. CJ Zimmer

Alison, Pinkalicious Swing ..............................Madeleine Burgoon Mrs. Pinkerton ........................................... Megan Ainsley Callahan Cupcake Dancer, Butterfly Swing ..........................Jordan Darnell Cupcake Dancer, Ensemble .............................Mia Bella D’Ascenzo Cupcake Dancer, Ensemble ..............................................Lily Deye Butterfly, Peter Swing ................................................. Logan Flum


The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati’s production of

Pinkalicious the Musical Book by Elizabeth Kann & Victoria Kann Music by John Gregor Lyrics by John Gregor, Elizabeth Kann & Victoria Kann Based on the Book Pinkalicious by Victoria Kann & Elizabeth Kann Co-Directed by Angela Powell Walker & Roderick Justice Assistant Directed by Jay Goodlett Music Direction by Jamey Strawn Set Design by David A. Centers Lighting Design by Matthew P. Benjamin Sound Design by Bill Fuss Costumes by Kathie Brookfield Stage Management by Jennifer M. Picone

Pinkalicious the Musical is presented through special arrangement with and all authorized performance materials are supplied by Theatrical Rights Worldwide (TRW), 570 Seventh Avenue, Suite 2100, New York, NY 10018, (866) 378-9758, The videotaping or other video or audio recording of this production is strictly prohibited.







Mrs. Gloop ....................................................................... Sara Kenny James, Oompa-Loompa, Swing .................................Charlie Klesa Grandma Josephine, Squirrel, Mrs. Gloop and Mrs. Beauregarde Swing ......................................Kaitlin Lory Phineous Trout, Swing.........................................Andrew Maloney Mrs. Bucket, Squirrel..........................................Danielle Muething Matilda, Oompa-Loompa ...............................Molly Isabelle Munn Grandpa George, Mr. Salt ....................................Leo J. Northart III Grandpa Joe...................................................................Rodger Pille Veruca Salt................................................................Victoria Shields Candy Man, Squirrel, Wonka Swing.......................Spenser Smith Grandma Georgina, Squirrel, Mrs. Bucket and Ms. Teavee Swing ................................................Abby Wagner Danny, Oompa-Loompa ................................................. CJ Zimmer

Mr. Bucket, Squirrel ............................................. Brandon Bentley Mrs. Beauregarde ............................................... Maggie L. Browne Billie, Oompa-Loompa, Swing ................................. Jordan Collins Sophie, Oompa-Loompa ...................................................Lily Deye Ms. Teavee ..................................................................Eileen Earnest Mike Teavee ......................................................... Peanut Edmonson Charlie Bucket ............................................................... Logan Flum Violet Beauregarde ......................................................... Taylor Fox Alphie, Oompa-Loompa................................Anthony Frederickson Augustus Gloop ..........................................................Josh Galloway Willy Wonka ...................................................................Bob Herzog


The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati’s production of

Roald Dahl’s

Willy Wonka JR. Words and Music by Leslie Bricusse & Anthony Newley Adapted for the Stage by Leslie Bricusse & Timothy A. McDonald Based on the Book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl Directed and Choreographed by Jay Goodlett Assistant Directed by Angela Powell Walker Music Direction by Jamey Strawn Set Design by David A. Centers Lighting Design by Andrew Hungerford Sound Design by Bill Fuss Costumes by Kathie Brookfield Stage Management by Jennifer M. Picone

ROALD DAHL’S WILLY WONKA JR. is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI). All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI. 421 West 54th Street, New York, NY 10019 Phone: (212) 541-4684 Fax: (212) 397-4684 The videotaping or other video or audio recording of this production is strictly prohibited.





The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati

2013-14 Season Cast Tyler D. Adams Tyler is an 11th grade honor student at Walnut Hills High School and an active member of the National Honor Society. He is proud to be returning to The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati for his fourth consecutive season. Tyler has a passion for acting and singing, which has enabled him to receive callbacks from Tyler Perry, TD Jakes Enterprise and many more. He has performed for the U.S. Open and was featured with a national recording gospel artist.

egie, the Covedale Center for Performing Arts, Showboat Majestic and New Edgecliff Theatre. Favorite roles include the Fairy Godmother in Disney’s Cinderella KIDS, Mama Morton in Chicago, Eulalie Shinn & Mrs. Paroo in The Music Man, Domina in …Forum, Lady Bracknell in The Importance of Being Earnest and Mrs. Higgins in My Fair Lady. Chloe Amlin Chloe is ecstatic to be performing on The Children’s Theatre stage for the first time ever as Suzie in Annie JR. Chloe is a 5th grader at C.O. Harrison Elementary. She loves to do gymnastics and participate in COH’s Drama Club. Her first experience with theatre was as a munchkin in Oak Hills High Schools’ production of The Wizard of Oz.

Jessica Leslie Adamson Jessica is proud to be returning to The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati for her second season. She was last seen in Seussical JR. as Gertrude Mcfuzz. Previous roles include Mimi/Gigi Understudy in Miss Saigon at Western Playhouse, Bloody Mary in South Pacific, Vivienne in Legally Blonde, Rizzo in Grease, Queenie in The Wild Party and Belle May in My Favorite Year, all at Northern Kentucky University, where she currently attends and is pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre. She is also a proud Actors’ Equity member candidate.

Brandon Bentley Brandon is excited to be in his first MainStage production with The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati. He recently moved to the area from Virginia where he studied Musical Theatre at Emory & Henry College. Regional credits include Company (Harry) with Cincinnati Music Theatre, Cincinnati: City of Immigrants (Conner) with TCTC and Carrie: The Musical (George) with Showbiz Players. Other past favorites include You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown (Schroeder), Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Asher/Baker), Into the Woods (Narrator/Mysterious Man), Antigone (Creon) and Lucky Stiff (Vinnie).

Angela Alexander Nalley Angela is delighted to return for a third season with TCTC. Trained in opera at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, Angela has performed with numerous local companies, including The Carn-



EVERY SUNDAY IS FAMILY DAY AT THE BALLPARK! CT13 Reds.indd 1 14-Childrens-Theatre-Ad_F.indd 1

Join in on the fun and take advantage of special ticket offers, kids giveaways and more! family 9/25/13 10:59 AM 9/18/2013 2:29:07 PM

2013-14 Season Cast Maggie L. Browne Maggie is thrilled to be making her debut at The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati. Maggie was a 2012 semifinalist in the Cincinnati Arts Association’s Overture Awards in musical theatre. Most recently, she attended the Kentucky Governor’s School for the Arts for drama. Maggie is also a musical theatre student at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music’s Preparatory Department. Her favorite past roles include Adelaide in Guys and Dolls and the Cat in the Hat in Seussical the Musical. Maggie is a junior at Boone County High School and hopes to pursue a career in theatre.

1 963–20 1 3

OCTOBER 2 5 - 2 7, 2 0 1 3 ARONOFF CENTER


“Anything can happen if you let it!”

J a n e s s a To u c h e t

—Mary Poppins PRESENTS

Madeleine Burgoon Madeleine is a freshman and a B.F.A. Musical Theatre major at Northern Kentucky University. She is excited to be in her eighth season with TCTC. In addition to her dance training at Revere Dance Studio, Maddie is a Vocal and Musical Theatre graduate from the School for Creative and Performing Arts and was a member of the award-winning SCPA Baby Grands a cappella ensemble and World Choir Games champions, SCPA Chorale. She is a national tap dance champion.

DECEMBER 2 0 - 2 9, 2 0 1 3 ARONOFF CENTER Sarah Hairston Cervilio Miguel Amador & J a n e s s a To u c h e t

Megan Ainsley Callahan Megan is thrilled to be debuting with TCTC. A native of Cincinnati, Megan has performed with several companies, including the Covedale Center for Performing Arts, Showboat Majestic and Kincaid Regional Theatre. Favorite past roles include Elle Woods in Legally Blonde, Narrator in Joseph, Amber von Tussle in Hairspray, Gertrude McFuzz in Seussical, Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors and Cosette in Les Misérables. Megan holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Vocal Performance and Pedagogy from Westminster Choir College, where she studied opera for six years. She serves as soprano section leader at St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church in Anderson.


Jordan Collins Jordan is thrilled to make her second appearance with TCTC. She appeared in last season’s Seussical JR. She has also performed with La Comedia in The Sound of Music (Louisa), Annie (Tessie), Glory to the King (Suzy) and Cats (Siamese Twin), and with other theaters. Jordan participated in the STAR Program in 2013 and performed “Popular” (solo performance). She won Mason Idol in 2010.

M A R C H 3 0, 2 0 1 4 ARONOFF CENTER

C B A L L E T. O R G | 513.621.5282 Patric Palkens


Louise Dieterle Nippert Musical Arts Fund

Rosemary & Mark Schlachter

This project is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.


WHERE EVERYBODY COMES TO PLAY AND GROW Good things come together at the YMCA of Greater Cincinnati. Check out a class for yourself or a sports league for the kids. Support your healthy living and fitness goals, make new friendships, and get involved in your community.

BE OUR GUEST Stop in and let us surprise you. Bring a copy of this ad into any YMCA of Greater Cincinnati to enjoy a free week for you and your family. Valid until 05/31/2014


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9/25/13 11:00 AM


2013-14 Season Cast Jordan has been featured in several web series including Corpse De Ballet (Zombie Fairy Ballerina), Wise Guys? (Ginny) and Zombie Olympics (Spelling Bee Girl). Jordan is 11 years old and attends Loveland Intermediate School.


Mazzie Croog Mazzie is in 5th grade at Seven Hills School. She has participated in TCTC’s STAR Program, appeared in a local television commercial and taken classes at the University of Cincinnati’s College-Conservatory of Music. She currently takes private acting and singing lessons. Mazzie is an awardwinning dancer and performs in jazz, tap, ballet, musical theater, acrobatics and more at Starstruck ADA. This is Mazzie’s first time performing on TCTC’s MainStage. ALICE MAGOTO’S FAVORITE QUOTE:

“The key to life is what you dream.” —Catch Me if You Can

Jordan Darnell Jordan is excited to be making her debut on TCTC’s stage. Previous performances include Cinderella (Children’s Chorus) at the Covedale Center for the Performing Arts. She has also appeared in several performances for Seton High School Theater Camps, including The Wizard of Oz (Munchkin #3), Disney’s Aladdin JR. (Soloist), Disney’s Mulan JR. (Ancestor), Disney’s The Little Mermaid JR. (Flounder) and Disney’s My Son Pinocchio JR. (Viola). Mia Bella D’Ascenzo Mia is excited to be performing in her first productions at TCTC. She previously appeared in The Trial of the Big Bad Wolf (Prudence Pig) at the College-Conservatory of Music’s Camp Bravo, and in Flat Stanley JR. (Sneak Thief) and School House Rock (Interplanet Janet) at HELP Co-Op. Mia has sung with the CCM Children’s Choir Satellite East and dances at Just Off Broadway. In her spare time, she loves to bake, paint and water-ski.

6000 Oakwood Ave.

Lisa DeRoberts Lisa is thrilled to be performing with TCTC again. Last season, you may remember her as step-sister Anastasia in Disney’s Cinderella KIDS. Lisa’s regional theater credits include: Cinderella (Plato the Toad), Snow White (Coo the Pigeon) and Melancholy Play (Frances) at Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati. Other favorite credits include Pump Boys and Dinettes (Prudie Cupp) at the Carnegie and Thoroughly Modern Millie (Mrs. Meers) at the Showboat Majestic.

Cincinnati, OH 45224 (513) 681-1800


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9/25/13 11:06 AM

Conveniently located in Hyde Park Square 3438 Edwards Road | 321.2970 | Tues.–Fri. 11-5:30 | Sat. 11-5 | Closed Sunday & Monday

Fig Le Fi Leaf • Baby Gifts • Jelly Kat • C Children’s Clothes • Art Artwalk • Fig Leaf • Baby

Leaf • Baby Gifts • Jelly Kat • Children’s Clothe Clothes • Artwalk • Fig g Leaf • Baby Gifts

2013-14 Season Cast

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Lily Deye Lily is excited about her first year with TCTC. During the summer, she participated in the STAR Program. Her other productions include Westside Musical Theatre, Disney’s Mulan JR., (Ancestor), The Grinch That Stole Christmas (Cindy Lou Who) and Annie JR. (Annie). Eileen Earnest Eileen Earnest was last seen on the TCTC stage as Lady ZaZa in Rapunzel! Rapunzel! A Very Hairy Fairy Tale. She was also Mrs. Claus in Holiday Follies 2011. Other credits include: Legally Blonde (Elle Woods), Noises Off (Brooke), Unnecessary Farce (Billie Dwyer), 39 Steps (Clown), Shout! (Red Girl) and Cinderella (Fairy Godmother) at the Covedale Center for the Performing Arts; Xanadu (Calliope) at The Carnegie; and Nunsensations: Vegas Revue (Sister Amnesia), Odd Couple (Cecily Pigeon) and George M! (Josie Cohan) at the Showboat Majestic. Peanut Edmonson Peanut is very excited to return for a third season with TCTC MainStage this year. Previous TCTC shows include Seussical JR., Disney’s Cinderella KIDS (Jaq), The Wizard of Oz (Munchkin & Winged Monkey) and Holiday Follies 2011 (Elf). Peanut is an Honor Roll student and an Orchid Award winner for Excellence in a Musical Theatre Production.

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Allison Edwards Allison is thrilled to make her fourth appearance with TCTC. She previously performed in Disney’s Cinderella KIDS, The Wizard of Oz and Disney’s The Jungle Book KIDS. She has also performed at Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park in A Christmas Carol (Fan in 2012 and 2013; Belinda Cratchit in 2010 and 2011); Showboat Majestic in The Music Man (Amarylis); Fairfield Summer Theater in The Secret Garden (Mary Lennox); La Comedia in Annie (Molly); and at the Carnegie Theatre in Oliver! and The Sandman. She participates in TCTC’s STAR Program and performed in The Legend of Pocahontas (Young Pocahontas). Allison is in the 8th grade at SCPA.


Logan Flum Logan has been in the STAR Program production of The Legend of Pocahontas (Tribe Dancer). He has appeared many times at Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy, including the shows Then I Saw Your Face (Rap Solo), Mayhem in Bethlehem (Freddie Factoid), Christmas Spectacular (Dancer) and Disney’s The Little Mermaid JR. (Seagull). Logan was also in Journey to the Tomb (Narrator), The Christmas County

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2013-14 Season Cast Spelling Bee (Announcer) and Dude, You Hear What I Hear? (Taylor). He was recently in a commercial (son) and has been in the films Alter Ego (saxophone player) and Mania: Decent and Punishment (brother).

ten) and Disney’s The Little Mermaid (Seagull) with the Children’s Theatre of Mason; and The Sound of Music (Gretl Vontrapp) with Mount Notre Dame High School and Jersey Productions.

Taylor Fox Taylor is thrilled to be making her first appearance with TCTC as Violet in Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka JR. Taylor was last seen in Seussical the Musical (JoJo) at Mount Notre Dame High School. Her other performances include The Miracle Worker (Helen Keller) with Milford Theatre Guilde; The Secret Garden (Mary Lennox) with Village Players; Peter Pan (Michael), Disney’s Aladdin JR. (Iago), Cats (Kit-

Anthony Frederickson Anthony Frederickson is happy to be making his debut at TCTC in Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka JR. Anthony enjoys being on stage and just recently appeared as Young Abel in the Mason Acting Up Theater Production of Children of Eden. He spent this past summer participating in the STAR Program with TCTC. He also enjoys playing basketball and video games and going to the beach. Anthony is a 6th grader at Cincinnati Country Day School.

No matter how many shows you have done in your lifetime, there is always magic to be found in each performance.

Josh Galloway Josh is thrilled to be appearing on stage for the first time with TCTC in Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka JR. (Augustus Gloop). Josh has previously appeared in The Grunch (Rudy Grunch) with Kids on Stage, Seussical the Musical (JoJo) and The Sound of Music (Kurt Von Trapp) with Union Community Theatre, and Disney’s Mulan JR. (Yao) at Gray Middle School in Union, Kentucky.

—Abby Wagner

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William Charles Gibson William is in the 10th grade. Past TCTC productions include The Magical Adventures of Merlin, Disney’s Cinderella KIDS, The Wizard of Oz, Disney’s My Son Pinocchio JR., Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Holiday Follies, Disney’s The Jungle Book KIDS and Tom Sawyer. He has participated in the STAR Program for seven years. In 2012, William was invited to participate in the International Cabaret Conference at Yale University. This past summer, he participated in a musical theatre workshop at the Interlochen Center for the Arts.

With You (Alice) at Northern Kentucky University; A Pioneer Tale (Sarah Lincoln) at the Lincoln Amphitheatre; and the world premiere of Furbelow (Box) at NKU’s Y.E.S Fest. Courtney Hammonds Courtney is excited to have the opportunity to debut with TCTC. She participated in the STAR Program last summer. Courtney performed with the Cincinnati Black Theatre Company in Disney’s The Little Mermaid JR. (Flounder), Disney’s Aladdin JR. (Iago), Polly Return Home (Polly), The Wiz (Toto), Sista Cinderella (Sista), Marigolds for Melanie (Adrienne), Goldilocks on Trial (fawn), Black Nativity (Ensemble), Motown JR. (Diana Ross) and Brothers of the Knight (Ensemble). Courtney is a 6th grader at TCP World Academy.


“The creative adult is the child who survived.” —Ursula K. Le Guin

Bob Herzog Bob is a proud member of the Local 12 News team, serving as a coanchor and traffic reporter on Good Morning Cincinnati. Bob produces the “The Cooler” and the occasional “So Cincinnati” story. He also hosts the notorious tradition known as Dance Party Friday. His past roles with The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati include Heat Miser in Santa’s Toy Factory, Captain Hook in Disney’s Peter Pan

Hannah Gregory Hannah Gregory is thrilled to be a part of the 2013–2014 season of TCTC. She is an alumnus of Northern Kentucky University, where she obtained her B.F.A. in musical theatre and was a member of This Side Up Comedy Improvisation team. Recent credits include: You Can’t Take It

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2013-14 Season Cast cent graduate of Northern Kentucky University with a B.F.A. in Musical Theatre. His college work includes My Favorite Year (Ensemble), Bye Bye Birdie (Randolph MacAfee) and Breaking the Code (Nikos). Regional credits include Aladdin (Aladdin) and Ragtime (Harry Houdini) at Peach State Summer Theatre.

JR., Gaston in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast JR. and Genie in Disney’s Aladdin JR. Bob graduated from Oak Hills High School, Xavier University and Chase College of Law at Northern Kentucky University. His number-one hobby is spending time with his family. Deborah Mae Hill Deborah is excited to be making her TCTC debut. Originally from Lafayette, Indiana, Debbie lives in Louisville and just completed her Masters in Voice Performance at the University of Louisville. Deborah was seen recently in UofL’s Dialogues of the Carmelites (Sister Constance). Other productions include Cosi Fan Tutte (Despina) with UofL Opera Theater, and Into the Woods (Witch) and Seussical the Musical (Gertrude McFuzz) with Boze Lyric Theater at Anderson University. Deborah also performs with the Kentucky Opera chorus.

Henry M. Huber Henry Huber is an 8th grader at St. Margaret of York School. Henry has participated in the STAR Program for the past five years and has been in performances with The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati for the past four seasons. He is looking forward to performing in The Day Before Christmas. Elise Hurwitz Elise is thrilled to be returning to the TCTC stage in her eighth production. She is a junior at St. Ursula Academy. Past credits include The Magical Adventures of Merlin (Townsperson), Disney’s My Son Pinocchio JR. (Talia), Holiday Follies 2011 (Reindeer), Disney’s Peter Pan JR. (Fawn), Holiday Follies 2 (Clogger), Disney’s Beauty and the Beast JR. (Vase) and Rudolph the RedNosed Reindeer (Elf). Other productions include West Side Story (Pauline) and A Christmas Carol (Martha Cratchit/Belle).

Jimmy Houlihan Jimmy is thrilled to return to the stage to perform with TCTC. Jimmy appeared in Seussical JR., Holiday Follies 2011, Disney’s The Jungle Book KIDS, Disney’s Mulan JR., Disney’s High School Musical 2 On Stage! and Rudolph. He is a re-


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Sam Johnson Sam is thrilled to be appearing in his third season with TCTC. Past TCTC shows include The Magical Adventures of Merlin, Disney’s My Son Pinocchio JR., Cinderella Wore Combat Boots and The Legend of Pocahontas. He has appeared in many Union Community Theatre productions, including The Sound of Music and Seussical. He most recently appeared in Oklahoma and Les Misérables with Brieabi Productions. Sam has also participated in the STAR Program for the past five summers.

Sara Kenny Sara’s previous roles with TCTC include The Magical Adventures of Merlin (Morgana La Fey) and Seussical JR. (Mayzie La Bird). She was an acting intern at Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati, where she played the title role in the world premiere musical Snow White. She also understudied countless roles, her favorite being Diana in the regional premiere of Next to Normal. Other professional credits include: Nunsense (Sister Mary Regina), The Taffetas (Kaye) and the regional premiere musical Pseudonym (Jenny), all with The Commonwealth Theatre Company. Sara is a proud alumnus of Northern Kentucky University where she graduated with her B.F.A. in Acting.

Karolyn Keeler Kari is so excited to be back for her seventh season with TCTC. Favorite TCTC MainStage credits include Disney’s Peter Pan JR. (Wendy), The Wizard of Oz (Dorothy), Disney’s Beauty and the Beast JR. (Silly Girl), Disney’s High School Musical On Stage!, Disney’s High School Musical 2 (Ensemble), and Rudolph (Blitzen). Kari also can be heard on the demo CDs of Anne of Green Gables, The Magical Adventures of Merlin, Rapunzel! Rapunzel! A Very Hairy Fairy Tale and Ebenezer! by Janet Vogt and Mark Friedman. Kari is a proud graduate of Northern Kentucky University and a counselor for TCTC’s STAR program.

Charlie Klesa Charlie is making his TCTC MainStage debut in Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka JR. He also performed in the 2013 STAR Showcase at Northern Kentucky University’s Corbett Theatre, as well as the Western & Southern Open tennis tournament and Washington Park OTR Performs series. Charlie also studies ballet with the Cincinnati Ballet Academy and performed in the 2013 spring production Primary Promenade.

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2013-14 Season Cast Jake Kolesar Jake is a junior at Walnut Hills High School, where he has been in many productions including Our Town (George), Godspell (“We Beseech Thee”), You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown (Schroeder), Once Upon a Mattress (Sir Harry), Once on This Island (Daniel) and Oliver! (Oliver). Other productions include The Legend of Pocahontas (Keokum) for TCTC’s STAR program and Grease (Danny) at CCM-Prep. Jake has also been recognized for his original songs, which he plays at many local venues. He recently won the Cincinnati Arts Association’s Billy Elliott Dream Award and the Overture Awards Next Pop Star Competition.

ite productions include Legally Blonde (Margot), Annie (Grace), Oklahoma! (Laurey) and Ragtime (Mother). Alice Magoto Alice is excited to be part of Annie JR., in her first MainStage role on stage with TCTC. Musical theater is her passion. Favorite credits include: Theresa in the world-premiere staged reading of The Sandman; Shelley in Hairspray at the Fairfield Summer Theater; Charlotte in The Legend of Pocahontas with TCTC; Peg in the original musical Last Dragon of Camelot; Sandy in Grease; and Gracie Shinn in The Music Man with Cincinnati Music Theater. Alice is in the 10th grade at Walnut Hills High School and is on the National All Stars Dance Team with Revere Dance Studio.


“Shoot for the moon, if you miss you will land among the stars.”

Andrew Maloney Andrew is thrilled to be back for a second season with TCTC. Andrew was last seen as Yertle the Turtle in Suessical JR. Andrew recently returned from Quito, Ecuador, where he appeared as Action in the Ecuadorian premiere of West Side Story at the Teatro Nacional Sucre. Other professional credits include Alice in Wonderland (Card 5), Snow White (Nuts the Squirrel), The Mistakes Madeline Made (Drake/Jake/Blake) and

—Brian Littrell

Kaitlin Lory Kaitlin is delighted to be returning to TCTC for a second season in Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka JR. A transplant from the Dallas area, she is excited to be sharing her passion for performance with Cincinnati theater lovers. Past favor-

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Deondra Kamau Means Deondra is a proud husband and father of two. He is a valuable member of the TCTC staff as the Arts Integration Specialist and is happy performing in his 18th season as Daddy Warbucks. Past productions include Charlotte’s Web (Templeton), Disney’s Mulan JR. (Mushu), Seussical JR. (Mr. Mayor), The Rockin’ Adventures of Peter Rabbit (Benjamin Bunny), The Wizard of Oz (The Lion), Little Red Riding Hood (The Big Bad Wolf), The Piano Lesson (Lymon), The Crucible (Cheever) and Man of La Mancha (Dr. Carasco), which was performed at the Sibui Festival in Sibui, Romania.

Life Could Be A Dream (Denny u/s) at Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati. Other credits include Big River (Ben Rogers/Young Fool), Bye Bye Birdie (Harvey Johnson) and Carrie the Musical (Freddy). TYLER ADAMS’S FAVORITE QUOTE:

“Good, better, best Never let it rest Until your good is better And your better is best!” —Tim Duncan

Dan Marshall Dan is appearing in his first role with TCTC. At Indian Hill High School he appeared in Gypsy (Cigar), The Boyfriend (Percival Brown), How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (JB Biggley), You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown (Snoopy), Merrily We Roll Along, and with the select touring show choir The Premieres. Dan has performed as acoustic solo artist LoopManDan for more than 15 years throughout the Tri-state and is a professional public speaker and consultant. Clients include The University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati State and Ignite Cincinnati.

Ivy Moody Ivy is happy to be performing in her seventh season with TCTC. She has appeared in the productions Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Seussical JR., Tom Sawyer, Holiday Follies 2 and Rapunzel! Rapunzel! A Very Hairy Fairy Tale. At the age of 12, Ivy toured the USA and Canada for two years, performing in the Annie Broadway National Tour as the orphan Pepper. She is a senior at Mason High School. She is an avid tap dancer and loves singing, acting, violin and playing her uke, all while maintaining straight As at school.


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2013-14 Season Cast Danielle Muething Danielle is excited to be returning to TCTC’s stage. Previous roles include Disney’s Cinderella KIDS (Drizella), Rapunzel! Rapunzel! A Very Hairy Fairy Tale (The Queen), Disney’s Aladdin JR. (Iago) and James and the Giant Peach (Aunt Sponge). Other productions include Why Do Fools Fall in Love? (Sally) and Breaking Up is Hard to Do (Esther Simowitz) at the Covedale Center for the Performing Arts, and Babes in Hollywood and Smokey Joe’s Cafe aboard the Showboat Majestic. She is also part of an a cappella duo, The Sweet and Lows.

Janie Nalbandian Janie is tickled pink to be making her debut appearance on TCTC’s stage. She has appeared with CCM Prep in Getting to Know Cinderella (Godmother), Once Upon a Mattress (Queen Aggravain) and Disney’s The Little Mermaid JR. (Flotsam), and with the Union Community Youth Theatre in Seussical the Musical (Mayzie La Bird). Other credits include Disney’s 101 Dalmatians KIDS (Cruella De Vil), once at SCPA and once at Mann Elementary. MAX POFF’S FAVORITE QUOTE:

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

Molly Isabelle Munn Molly is excited to be making her TCTC debut. Previous roles include: The Wizard of Oz (Munchkin/Lullaby League and Featured Dancer) and Annie (Molly) with Nativity Players; and Once Upon a Mattress (Featured Dancer) and The Music Man (River City Kid and Featured Dancer). She has participated in The Children’s Theatre’s STAR Program for the past two summers and is looking forward to being on the MainStage. Molly also takes ballet, jazz, tap and clogging at The Studio for Dance in Blue Ash.

—Dr. Seuss

Greg Nelson Greg is happy to perform in his second season with TCTC as Mr. Pinkerton in Pinkalicious the Musical. Last season, he played the Mayor of Whoville in Seussical JR. Outside of TCTC, Greg enjoys directing summer shows at DramatiConnections, most recently Seussical JR. (2013), School House Rock Live JR. (2012) and Disney’s Aladdin KIDS (2011).


Leo J. Northart III Leo was a voice major at Indiana University’s School of Music. With TCTC, he’s appeared as Santa in Santa’s Toy Factory, all three Holiday Follies productions and in Rudolph. He has also appeared in How I Became a Pirate (Braid Beard), Disney’s Beauty and the Beast JR. (Maurice), Disney’s Mulan JR. (Laozi) and Seussical JR. (Horton); on the Showboat Majestic in ...Forum (Psedulous), Shenandoah (Charlie Anderson), Where’s Charley (Sir Francis Chesney) and Oliver! (Fagin); and at the Covedale in Annie (Daddy Warbucks), Fiddler…(Tevye) and Peter Pan (Smee). Favorite shows include Camelot (King Arthur), where he met his wife, Mary, who played Guinevere.

room Guest) at the Covedale Center for the Performing Arts; Frisch’s Presents The Nutcracker (Baby Mouse) with Cincinnati Ballet; and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Schoolgirl) and HONK! (Frogette) with Acting Up. Maddi studies voice with Victoria Bernardini. Dain Alan Paige At the close of this season, Dain will have appeared in 30 TCTC productions. A graduate of the drama program at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, Dain has performed with many theatres in the area, including the Commonwealth Theatre Company, Showboat Majestic, Kincaid Regional Theatre, Jersey Productions, ArtReach Touring Theatre and Downtown Theatre Classics. Favorite TCTC productions include Disney’s Beauty and the Beast JR. (Lumiere), The Wizard of Oz (Scarecrow), Rapunzel (Divine Debris) and Disney’s Aladdin JR. (Jafar).

Maddi O’Connell Maddi is in the seventh grade at Mercy Montessori. This is her fourth season with TCTC. Previous roles include Disney’s Cinderella KIDS (Perla), Seussical JR. (Who), Holiday Follies 2011 (Elf/Little Doris), The Wizard of Oz (Munchkin/Winged Monkey) and Holiday Follies 2 (Elf). Other productions include: Hairspray (Tracy) at the Wyoming Arts Center; A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Puck) with Cincinnati Shakespeare Company; Cinderella (Mouse/Ball-

Emma Parks Emma is thrilled to be performing in her first production with TCTC. Regional favorites include: Annie (Annie) with West Virginia Public Theatre and Jersey Productions; The Night of the Hunter (Mary) with The New York Musical


Georges Bizet


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Cincinnati Opera’s 2014 production of Carmen. Photo: Jeff Roffman/The Atlanta Opera


2013-14 Season Cast include Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Narrator), Once on This Island (Andrea/Choreographer), Peter Pan (Indian), A Christmas Carol (Belinda Cratchit), Seussical the Musical (Who) and Children of Eden (Dove/Storyteller)

Theatre Festival; and The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (Beth Bradley) at Kincaid Regional Theatre. Other credits include Into the Woods (Little Red), Oliver! (Bet), Hairspray (LouAnn), Bye Bye Birdie (Kim MacAffee) and You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown (Sally Brown).

Kayla Pecchioni Kayla is thrilled to be making her debut on TCTC’s stage. She is currently a senior pursuing a B.F.A. in Musical Theatre degree at Northern Kentucky University. During Kayla’s time at NKU she has starred in Legally Blonde (Pilar), Grease (ChaCha DiGregorio) and Furbelow (Tench). She has also performed with the Commonwealth Theatre Company in A Christmas Survival Guide (Woman 2). She spent the summer with RWS and Associates Entertainment, Inc. at Idlewild amusement park in Pennsylvania. Kayla is pleased to perform in The Day Before Christmas for her favorite audience—children!

I am constantly inspired by those around me. My friends. This community. The talent in Cincinnati is truly inspiring. —Jimmy Houlihan

Hope Pauly Hope, a senior at Notre Dame Academy, is thrilled to be back for her fifth season with TCTC. Past roles at TCTC include Santa’s Toy Factory (Ribbons/Bunny), Seussical JR. (Bird Girl), Holiday Follies 2011 (Follyette/Reindeer)/Holiday Follies 2 (Follyette/Reindeer) and Seussical JR. (Who/ Circus Creature). She also appeared in The Legend of Pocahontas (Courtney) with the TCTC STAR Program. Other roles

Rachel Perin Rachel played Babette in TCTC’s Disney’s Beauty and the Beast JR. and is thrilled to be back as Lily St. Regis in Annie JR. Regional credits include: 42nd Street, Steel Magnolias, A Chorus Line, Anything Goes, Fiddler on the Roof,

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Max Poff Max is a sophmore at Sycamore High School. He is thrilled to be performing in his fifth season with TCTC. He has appeared in Holiday Follies (Elf/ Jack Frost), Holiday Follies 2 (Clogger/Tap Dancer), How I Became a Pirate (Jeremy Jacob), Disney’s Peter Pan JR. (Foxy), Disney’s My Son Pinocchio JR. (Pinocchio), Seussical JR. (Vlad Vladikoff ) and Santa’s Toy Factory (Follie the Elf). Max enjoys acting, singing, dancing and his newest passion—juggling! He has participated in the STAR Program for the past five summers.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, How to Succeed…, The Will Roger’s Follies, Spamalot, Meet Me In St. Louis, Home For The Holidays, I Love a Piano, Bedroom Farce, Jesus Christ Superstar, West Side Story, Jack!, Dora’s Pirate Adventure, Cabaret, Disney’s High School Musical, Snow White, Once Upon a Mattress, The Pinocchio Show and Bells Are Ringing. Rodger Pille Rodger’s TCTC appearances include Holiday Follies 2011 (Ted), How I Became a Pirate (Scully), Charlotte’s Web (Wilbur), Robin Hood (Sheriff of Nottingham), Rudolph (Elmer), Frosty (Ernesto) and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (Ichabod Crane). Rodger has appeared many times on the Showboat Majestic stage, including in Sweet Charity (Oscar) and Where’s Charley (Charley), and at the Covedale Center for the Performing Arts in Noises Off (Gary), Little Shop of Horrors (The Dentist) and Play it Again, Sam (Allan). Rodger appeared in Church Girls: Umatilla U.S.A., 1940s Radio Hour and She Loves Me at Commonwealth Theatre Company, and he directed The Nerd on the Showboat Majestic.

Liz Radway Liz is excited to make her debut on the TCTC MainStage. Liz recently performed on the Before the Bullying music video collection. She has previously appeared in Annie (Molly) with Eastside Players, in Cinderella (Stepmother) and Last Dragon of Camelot for CCM Prep, and in Alice in Wonderland for Acting Up. For three consecutive years, Liz was chosen by Indian Hill Television Network as one of the top three acts at her school district’s talent show. She has worked directly for NBC’s WLWT in several commercials and has performed at Walt Disney World as a national dance competitor.

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2013-14 Season Cast competition at Walt Disney World and placed in the top five. Over the summer, Sarah enjoyed interning at a Cincinnati radio station where she co-hosted a week-long show.

The sheer power of imagination required is inspiring. And the pact everyone makes to create it. Say what you want about teamwork in sports—it goes DOUBLE for theatre!

Zac Raleigh Zac is excited to be in his first show with TCTC. This past summer he attended The Governor’s School for the Arts in Musical Theatre. Previous roles include: 3 Angry Jurors (Foreman), Guys & Dolls (Sky Masterson), Hello Dolly! (Ambrose Kemper) and Cheaper by the Dozen (Bill Gilbreth) at Boone County High School.

—Rodger Pille

Morgan Reece Morgan is thrilled to once again be on TCTC’s stage. She was previously seen as Sue, The Rainbow Fairy, in Disney’s My Son Pinocchio JR. She is a seven-year veteran of TCTC’s STAR Program, where her roles included The Step Mother in Cinderella Wears Combat Boots and Queen Anne in The Legend of Pocahontas. Her favorite roles have been Annie with Eastside Players, Princess Jasmine with Kings Schools, Tessie in Annie with LaComedia and JennyAnyDots in Cats with Children’s Theatre of Mason. She is a member of 2Knight 2Knight accapella singing group.

Sarah Ann Radway Sarah has performed with TCTC in Holiday Follies 2 (Elf) and The Legend of Pocahontas (Eagle). She has been cast in roles for Thoroughly Modern Millie and Alice in Wonderland for Acting Up, and in Schoolhouse Rock and The Little Mermaid at Indian Hill Schools. She has worked directly for NBC’s WLWT in several commercials. Sarah performed in a week-long nationally televised global dance

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Karlee Shay Karlee is excited for her first experience with TCTC as an Orphan in Annie JR. She has previously appeared with Oak Hills High School in the productions of The Wizard of Oz (Munchkin) and Disney’s The Little Mermaid JR. (Mermaid Friend). Besides the theatre, Karlee also enjoys performing on stage as a Level 5 All-Star Cheerleader.

the 2012 Funrai$er (Ariel, Fiona, Pilar) with Acting Up; The Wedding Singer (Suit) with CYPT; Parade (Pretty Music Dancer/Pretty Girl) with CAST; and in several Fort Thomas Community Theatre and Highlands Middle School productions. Savannah also enjoys singing in her school choir, playing piano and running track. Spenser Smith Spenser Smith is excited to be returning to TCTC and the Taft Theatre after last appearing in Disney’s Mulan JR. (Chi Fu). Spenser spent last season as an acting intern at Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati where he was seen in Alice in Wonderland (Card 2). Prior to that, Spenser created the role of Teen Lincoln in A Pioneer Tale at the Lincoln Amphitheatre. Spenser graduated with a B.F.A. in Acting from Northern Kentucky University in 2011 where his favorite roles include Inspector Truscott in Loot, for which he won an Acclaim Award.

Victoria Shields Victoria is thrilled to be returning to TCTC’s MainStage. She is a sophomore at Lakota East High School. Previous productions include Disney’s Peter Pan JR. (Lyria/Atina) at TCTC, Bugsy Malone (Blousey Brown) with Acting Up and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Narrator) at Cincinnati Christian Community Theater. Savannah Slaby Savannah, a freshman at Highlands High School, is thrilled to appear in her second season with TCTC. Last year she performed in Disney’s Cinderella KIDS. Other favorite productions include The Music Man (Ensemble) aboard the Showboat Majestic; Children of Eden (Eve) and


“Write it. Shoot it. Publish it. Crochet it, sauté it, whatever. MAKE.” —Joss Whedon

The Best of Both Worlds — The Ultimate Laser Tag and lndoor Trampoline Park in both Cincinnati locations starting December 2013! Erlanger, KY 1335 Donaldson Hwy Near CVG airport 859-371-5729

Northern Cincinnati Location Thru November 2013

New Location Opening December 2013!

3187 Western Row Rd Deerfield Township, OH South end of Kings Island

7082 Columbia Rd Mason, OH 45040 1/4 From Kings Island on Columbia Rd 513-339-1030


2013-14 Season Cast Ava Rose Stansel Ava is excited to be making her debut with TCTC in Annie JR. Ava is a fifth grader at St. Joseph Crescent Springs. She studies acting, voice and dance at Moss Dance Academy, where she has performed in productions of Disney’s The Little Mermaid JR. (Flounder) and Disney’s Aladdin JR. (Narrator).

coat (Joseph), Once on This Island (Agwe) and You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown (Charlie Brown). Tayler Towles Tayler is currently a fifth grader at Loveland Middle School. She participated in the TCTC STAR Program last summer and performed the role of Cassandra in The Hysterical History of the Trojan War. Tayler is a resident of Loveland and her hobbies include reading, dancing, singing, gymnastics and acting. Tayler has participated in several school productions and recently wrote, directed, and acted in The Magic Potato for her 4th grade class. She is the proud owner of two kittens and her dream is to one day appear on Broadway.


“There’s power in looking silly and not caring that you do.” —Amy Poehler

Neal Stansel Neal is thrilled to be back for his fifth season with TCTC. Favorite productions with TCTC include Santa’s Toy Factory (Tinker), The Legend of Pocahontas (John Rolfe) and Disney’s Cinderella KIDS (Ensemble). Neal has participated in the STAR Program for five years. He is a senior at Covington Catholic and has performed in the school’s productions of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream-

Abby Wagner Abby is excited to be performing with TCTC for the first time. She is a recent graduate of Northern Kentucky University where she received a B.F.A. in Dance Performance. Her favorite credits while at NKU include You Can’t Take It With You (Essie), Legally Blonde (Margot) and Grease (Patty Simcox). She also appeared in Nunsense (Sister Mary Leo) with Commonwealth Theatre Company and Chicago

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CJ Zimmer CJ is thrilled to be making his debut with TCTC. Previous credits include Clue JR. (Colonel Mustard) with Queen City Productions, Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella (Footman I/ Children’s Ensemble) at the Covedale Center for the Performing Arts and A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Changeling Boy) at Thomas More College.

(Hunyak) at The Carnegie. She recently filmed a music video for the band Fleetwood Mac’s 2013 world tour. Kotomi Yokokura Kotomi is 11 yearsold and in the sixth grade at Beechwood Elementary School. Singing, acting and dancing are Kotomi’s passion. Her professional training includes private voice lessons with Victoria Bernardini; tap and musical theater dance with Moss Dance Academy; and the STAR Program with TCTC, where she performed in The Legend of Pocahontas, The Bully Plays and the STAR Showcase.

Rylee Zimmerman Rylee is thrilled to be cast in her debut performance with TCTC as Tessie in Annie JR. Rylee is a sixth grader at Highlands Middle School in Fort Thomas. She has been a member of TCTC’s STAR program for the past two summers. Her recent role was the Mayor of Munchkinland in The Wizard of Oz. Ensemble performances include Once Upon a Mattress, Into the Woods and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Trace Young Trace is an 18-year-old freshman at Northern Kentucky University, where he is majoring in Theatre. Trace is excited for his second season with TCTC. Trace appeared in TCTC’s productions of Santa’s Toy Factory (Stanley) and Disney’s Cinderella KIDS (Ensemble). He has also appeared in Footloose (Ren), The Boy Friend (Bobby), Seussical JR. (Wikersham Brother), How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying (Ensemble), The Music Man (Ensemble) and West Side Story (Ensemble) at various theatres and schools.


“Theater is fun. That’s why they call it a play.” —Unknown

Discover the 2013-2014 season A Family-friendly musical for the holidays!

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2012 Drama Desk awar a D for outstanDing Play

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The 2013-2014 OTTO M. Budig FaMily FOundaTiOn SeaSOn

SeaSOn SpOnSOr:



Photo from our 2008 production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati


as the witch in the Humperdinck opera, Hansel and Gretel, and in two Menotti operas: Help, Help the Globolinks and Amahl and the Night Visitors. In addition to her performing credits, Angela is a teacher. She has taught at all grade levels including master classes in voice, has an extensive list of students studying privately, and has judged many competitions and festivals. Angela is a native of Cincinnati and a 1986 graduate of the School for Creative and Performing Arts. Her undergraduate degree is from Oberlin College and her Master’s Degree is from the University of Maryland. She moved from Washington, D.C. to Blue Ash with her husband and three boys. She directed Santa’s Toy Factory and The Magical Adventures of Merlin in the 2012–13 season as well as the hit production of Rapunzel! Rapunzel! A Very Hairy Fairy Tale in the 2011–12 season.

Artistic Director / Director of The Day Before Christmas and Pinkalicious the Musical Angela is known throughout the Washington D.C. area as a respected teacher, performer and director. She has dedicated her career to the nurturing and mentoring of many young artists, teaching vocal performance to students at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts, Suitland High School Visual and Performing Arts program, Washington Bible College, Maryland University and in her own private company, As You Wish Productions. Being a highly acclaimed performer, Angela has had the opportunity to direct several community productions and work firsthand with directors from the stages of the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, Metropolitan Opera Company, Music Center at Strathmore and the University of Maryland’s Clarice Smith Center. She has been critically acclaimed throughout the United States and Europe for her “quintessential lyric soprano voice.” Angela has appeared in numerous operatic roles in Rome, Prague and Vienna. She also performed with The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati

DAVID A. CENTERS Scenic Designer David is a native of Cincinnati, a freelance designer, a member of United Scenic Artists Local #829. He also serves as resident designer for The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati, where he has designed dozens of shows, in-


Through your support, Macy’s Gives to initiatives important to you and your community – women’s health and wellness, the environment, arts, education, and HIV and AIDS research and awareness. Together, we give

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Untitled-11 1

9/25/13 11:08 AM

2013-14 Production Team Cincinnati’s College-Conservatory of Music (B.F.A. in Scenic Design) and New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts (M.F.A. in Scenic Design).

cluding last season’s Disney’s Cinderella KIDS and Seussical JR. David also served as Head of Design at Kansas State University’s Department of Theatre, where he designed numerous productions. One production, Uncle Vanya, won him an Outstanding Scenic Design award from the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival. Other work includes the Cincinnati Opera productions of Galileo Galilei, The Flowering Tree, We Rise for Freedom - The John P. Parker Story and next season’s La Calisto; designs at the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park; and more than two dozen productions at Dayton’s Human Race Theatre, including Batboy, Macbeth, Noises Off, Angels In America – Parts I and II, Jitney, Oliver! and Next To Normal. David’s designs were used for Mitch Miller’s Voices in Harmony for a national television broadcast on PBS, and he also served as assistant art director for three other PBS national broadcasts called The Cincinnati Pops – Love is Here to Stay, Thanksgiving Pops and Patriotic Broadway. His designs were featured in two editions of the textbook Scene Design and Stage Lighting, and they have also been seen at the Seattle Opera, Cincinnati Ballet, Dayton Ballet, Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati, CCM’s Hot Summer Nights, The Phoenix Theatre Company in Indianapolis, and at the Sakai Opera Company in Osaka, Japan, where he designed their production of La Traviata. David is a graduate of Cincinnati’s School for Creative and Performing Arts, the University of

MATTHEW P. BENJAMIN Lighting Designer for Annie JR. / The Day Before Christmas / Pinkalicious the Musical Matthew P. Benjamin is an associate professor of theater and the resident lighting designer for Wright State University’s Department of Theatre, Dance and Motion Pictures. He is an active freelance designer whose professional credits include seven seasons as the resident lighting designer for the Opera Theater of Lucca, Italy, along with design work for the Cincinnati Opera, Luna Negra Dance Theatre, Alley Theatre, Human Race Theatre Company, Aspen Music Festival, TriCities Opera, Muse Machine, Interlochen Center for the Arts, Opera at Florham, New Horizon Theater Company, South Jersey Regional Theater, Little Theater of the Rockies, Children’s Ballet Theater of New Jersey, Taj Mahal Casino, Dayton Contemporary Dance Company, Dayton Opera and the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, among others. He received his M.F.A. in Theatrical Design and Production from the University of Cincinnati CollegeConservatory of Music and his B.F.A. in Lighting Design from the North Carolina School of the Arts.

Eagle Realty Group, a member of Western & Southern Financial Group,

is pleased to support The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati.



working with two U.S. presidents. He is rock-and-roll tested and White House approved! While Bill is relatively new to theater productions, he enjoys working with The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati. He is looking forward to his third season with the company and many more.

Lighting Designer for Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka JR. Andrew’s designs have been seen at the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey, The Theatre @ Boston Court, The Flea Theatre, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, Performance Network, Stanford Summer Theatre, Children’s Musical Theatre San Jose and the Opera Theatre and Music Festival of Lucca, Italy. Locally, he also serves as lighting and scenic designer for Know Theatre and the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company. He received his M.F.A. in Theatre Design and Production from the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music and holds degrees in Theatre and Astrophysics from Michigan State University. This is Andrew’s ninth season with The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati.

KATHIE BROOKFIELD Costume Designer Kathie Brookfield is a professional Costume Design/Technician specializing in design, pattern making, draping, tailoring and millinery. She has a B.A. in Theatre and Drama with acting/directing emphasis from UW-Madison, a B.F.A. in Costume Technology from UW-Milwaukee, completed three years of graduate work toward an M.F.A. in Theatrical Design at the University of Texas at Austin and has an M.F.A. in Costume Technology from the University of Cincinnati. She has worked at Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, The Costume Gallery - Newport, The Milwaukee Repertory Theatre, American Players Theatre, St. Louis Opera, Utah Shakespearean Festival, Fireside Dinner Playhouse, Wilson Street East Dinner Playhouse, Capitol City Playhouse, Wright State University and University of Memphis. She was also the Costume Studio Manager and an adjunct instructor at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music for more than 23 years.

BILL FUSS Sound Designer Bill is a lifelong Cincinnati resident. His career has expanded the past 16 years. During that time, he has worked with some of the top names in the music industry, including Lionel Richie, Rod Stewart, Tony Bennett, Toby Keith, the Black Eyed Peas, Delbert McClinton and Buddy Guy, just to name a few. As an engineer, he has provided technical sound support for many corporate and government events, including

Setting The Standard In Early Care & Education

Offering outstanding Reggio - Inspired Infant, Toddler, Two’s and Preschool programs, as well as Kindergarten, Camp & After School for school-age children. Discover the difference that degreed teachers, NAEYC accreditation, excellent parent communication, & a welcoming family environment can make!


9370 Waterstone Blvd. (off of Fields Ertel Rd.) ● Cincinnati, OH ● 513-683-8833

51 51

2013-14 Production Team JENNIFER M. PICONE

Theatre Company’s production of his play, Darkside, which was chosen as Time magazine’s Critic Choice. Darkside was also awarded the Delauney Playwriting Award, the Denver Prima facie Award and the POST-Corbett Award. Jones has had more than 400 productions of his 27 produced plays, nine of them published, and 4 CDs and listings in several anthologies and monologue books. In addition to the awards mentioned, he has received a Telly Award, a Communicator’s Award, the Post-Corbett award for Best Literary Artist, the Dupont Fellowship, the Kentucky Commonwealth Theatre Award, the Kentucky Playwright’s Award, the Trailblazer Award, and an Emmy nomination. He co-created with his wife, Christine, Divine Will, a new faith-based show for television. Jones has appeared at The Children’s Theatre in the roles of Rumplestiltskin, Willy Wonka and Oz.

Production Manager / Stage Manager Jenn has been with The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati since 2003. She graduated from Miami University with a B.F.A. in Theatre Production and Design. When she’s not in production with The Children’s Theatre, Jenn can be found at Music Hall serving as stage manager for the Cincinnati Opera. Other previous stage management engagements include Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, Miami University Opera, Dayton Opera and the Village Playhouse in Oxford.

KEN JONES Story and Book The Day Before Christmas Ken Jones is a member of the Dramatist Guild of America, Inc. He received his B.F.A. in Theatre from the University of Florida, an M.F.A. in Playwriting from the University of Virginia, and continued on to graduate in Playwriting from the Institute for Advanced Theatre Training at Harvard University. Jones participated in the Warner Bros. Television Writer’s Workshop and went on to serve as the head of development of animation, television and film for Lightpoint Entertainment at Disney/MGM Studios. Jones began his playwriting career with a production of his play, A Red Eagle Falling, produced at the Writer’s Theatre in New York City by the Project III Ensemble. This was followed by the Denver Center

CHRISTINE JONES Lyrics The Day Before Christmas Christine Jones is an award-winning poet and lyricist. She received a B.F.A. in Acting Performance from Florida State University and then continued her education at the University of Virginia, where she received her M.F.A. in Acting. She wrote the lyrics for Lifelines, an original musical, which garnered three awards for a new play by the Kennedy Center/American College Theatre Festival. She was also com-

Good luck to Maddie Burgoon, Alice Magoto and Grace Wagner!

Celebrate the Arts!

Join us at our art, music and theatre events.

Beauty & the Beast Performances at the College of Mount St. Joseph November 8 and 9 at 7:30 p.m. November 10 at 7 p.m.

Christmas Concert December 13 and 14 at 7:30 p.m.

Art Show

Tap « Musical Theatre Dance « Ballet Jazz « Technique « Hip Hop « ZUMBA is Free for Parents of Enrolled students!

May 4 from 1 - 4 p.m.

Spring Concert May 16 and 17 at 7:30 p.m.

Full details at

6435 Revere Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45233 (513)655-6386


Jamey has performed regionally with the Broadway Tour Productions of Wicked, Legally Blonde, Spamalot, A Chorus Line, The Sound of Music, Jersey Boys and West Side Story in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Louisville and Indianapolis. His recent directing credits include Legally Blonde, I Love a Piano and Forever Plaid, for the Commonwealth Theatre Company. He has been the Musical Director for many award-winning productions, including A Chorus Line, Bye Bye Birdie, Titianic: The Musical, Urinetown, Jesus Christ Superstar and Man of La Mancha, which was performed at the Sibiu International Theatre Festival in Sibiu, Romania. His musical directing credits with The Children’s Theatre include Disney’s Peter Pan JR., Disney’s Beauty and the Beast JR., Disney’s Mulan JR., Rudolph, Disney’s High School Musical 2 On Stage!, Seussical JR., and the STAR Program. Jamey is currently an Associate Professor at Northern Kentucky University in the Department of Theatre and Dance and is the Resident Musical Director for both the MainStage season and the Commonwealth Theatre Company. In 2006, he received the Outstanding Junior Faculty Award from the College of Arts and Sciences. In addition to The Day Before Christmas, Jamey has composed several theatrical works with writing partners Ken and Christine Jones, including A. Lincoln: A Pioneer Tale, BurgerTown and Church Girls, Umatilla U.S.A. He also composed Holy Holy, an original song for the television show Divine Will.

missioned by the Thomas Jefferson Center for the Freedom of Expression to write the lyrics for The Land Without Liberty, a children’s musical. She also wrote the lyrics for the musicals BurgerTown and Church Girls: Umatilla, U.S.A., each of which premiered at the Commonwealth Theatre Company and then moved to Theatre Building Chicago. BurgerTown is available through Heuer Play Publishing and has been produced in the United States, New Zealand and Australia. A. Lincoln: A Pioneer Tale returned for its second year to the Lincoln Amphitheatre in Lincoln City, Indiana, and has become the signature show of the Lincoln Boyhood State Park. Christine is also a voice-over talent whose clients include Intel, Tennessee Aquarium, Kroger, Time Warner Cable, KUMA Games and many others. She is the co-creator and an executive producer of Divine Will, a new faith-based show for television. Christine has appeared in The Children’s Theatre productions of Rumplestiltskin, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Disney’s Mulan JR. Christine resides in Kentucky with her husband (and high school sweetheart!) Ken and their three best collaborations: Kyley, Haley and Will.

JAMEY STRAWN Music The Day Before Christmas / Music Director for the 2013–2014 MainStage Season

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2013-14 Production Team VICTORIA KANN


Book and Lyrics Pinkalicious the Musical

Music and Lyrics Pinkalicious the Musical

Victoria Kann is the award-winning illustrator and author of the picture book series featuring the whimsical and effervescent character, Pinkalicious. Victoria co-authored and illustrated the first two books, Pinkalicious and Purplicious, as well as Pinkalicious the Musical. She wrote and illustrated Goldilicious and is working on several more books about the adventures and antics of Pinkalicious. Her award-winning artwork has graced the covers and pages of many magazines, newspapers and books. Victoria teaches at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. She lives with her husband, who is a toy designer otherwise known as elf #1, and her two daughters, who each have a mouthful of sweet teeth.

Lyricist and composer John Gregor received a Frederick Loewe Reading for his musical With Glee, for which he wrote the book, music and lyrics. Recently, With Glee was presented in a workshop by the Skirball Center for the Performing Arts and was produced Off Broadway to sold-out houses. He is also composer and co-lyricist of Pinkalicious the Musical, based on the book by Elizabeth and Victoria Kann, now in its fifth year running Off-Broadway, as well as a national tour. His musical adaptation of Gogol’s tragicomic short story The Overcoat has been presented in London at the Bridewell Theatre, Barrington Stage Company and The New York International Fringe Festival. He has also co-written several children’s musicals for the Vital Theatre Company, including The Changeling and The Bully. John Gregor holds an M.F.A. in musical theatre writing from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and a degree in musical theatre from Emerson College.

ELIZABETH KANN Book and Lyrics Pinkalicious the Musical Elizabeth Kann is a doctor who has yet to see an actual case of Pinkititis. She co-authored the text of Pinkalicious and Purplicious with her sister, Victoria Kann. Her writing has appeared in a variety of newspaper and print publications. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, who is also a doctor, and their three children.

JAY GOODLETT Associate Artistic Director Learning the Craft / Director of Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka JR. Born at Dayton’s Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Jay Goodlett attended the School for Creative and Performing Arts in


Engaging Experiences, Unforgettable Events



Cincinnati for nine years, majoring in dance, drama and musical theatre. By the age of 18, Jay joined the Cincinnati Ballet and rose quickly to the rank of Senior Soloist by 2002. Jay enjoyed 17 seasons with Cincinnati Ballet, retiring in 2008. In 1991, Jay began his career as choreographer. He has worked with Cincinnati Ballet, Saint Louis Opera and Cincinnati Opera. He has choreographed and directed for numerous high schools and community theater groups, as well as Purdue University and Miami (Ohio) University. He is currently a guest lecturer at Northern Kentucky University, teaches for the International Cecchetti Council of America and judges for Ohio Dance Masters. Jay directed Jack and the Beanstalk (2009–10) and Disney’s Cinderella KIDS (2012–13) for The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati, and is the Associate Artistic Director of the Learning the Craft Program with TCTC. Jay and his wife Jenny (former CBC dancer) are blessed to have three wonderful children: Megan, Nathan and Amelia.

Canada and Europe as an award-winning choreographer, actor, director, costume/wig designer, adjudicator and teacher. Roderick is a graduate of Northern Kentucky University, where he obtained his B.F.A. in Musical Theatre Performance. You may spot his work around the tri-state as a guest choreographer, costume designer, actor, director, master class clinician, or you may just hear him doing voiceovers and radio spots. However, you can always catch him around The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati directing, choreographing and designing for the MainStage season as the Associate Artistic Director. When the MainStage season wraps up each year, Roderick shifts his focus to the STAR Program, where he is the Director for the month-long highly acclaimed musical theatre training camp for young performers ages 9 to 18. His students have gone on to appear as contestants on American Idol, MTV’s Taking the Stage and on Broadway. Selected credits include: The Foreigner; Legally Blonde; The Music Man; Ruthless; Santa’s Toy Factory; A. Lincoln: A Pioneer Tale; Urinetown, the Musical; Disney’s High School Musical 1 & 2; The Elephant Man; The Legend of Pocahontas; Rapunzel; Pseudonym, the Musical; A Christmas Carol-Tour; I Love A Piano; Seussical, the Musical; Forever Plaid; The Taffetas; Jesus Christ Superstar; Beauty and the Beast; Disney’s Jungle Book; Man of LaMancha-Romania; BurgerTown; A Chorus Line; The Top Job; and Peter Pan. He has also choreographed for the tour of the music group Midnight Star.

Associate Artistic Director of MainStage / Director & Choreographer for Annie JR. and Pinkalicious the Musical / Choreographer for The Day Before Christmas / Wig Design Originally hailing from the mountains of Eastern Kentucky, Roderick now proudly calls Cincinnati his home. He has trained and worked in cities all over the United States,

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Owen J. Wrassman

Carol Hilsinger Lucy Haverland Joffe Ken Jones Rajan R. Kamath Photo from our 2004 production of Annie JR.

Skip Merten


The arts bring people together.

ArtsWave supports over 100 local arts organizations that make our region an amazing place to live, including The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati.

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WorkShops expand your students’ appreciation for music, drama and theater through lessons that are aligned with your curriculum. Our WorkShops bring a professional Teaching Artist directly into YOUR classroom, letting your students be the star!



45-minute Interactive WorkShop, Grades: PreK-2 Join us on a journey through a magical winter forest as we discover enchanting creatures, exciting new lands and a pair of identical snowflakes. Using puppetry and imagination this interactive fun adventure will be one to remember!


45-minute Interactive WorkShop, Grades: K-6 This interactive WorkShop combines theater and science in one electrifying experience! Learn about electricity, how it works, and how each and every human being has the “spark of life” in them. That spark can become a blaze of ideas when we work together to create exciting new inventions to make life better for people everywhere.


45-minute Interactive WorkShop, Grades: PreK-4 Learn healthy habits with Chef Bon Appetit as he teaches rambunctious Chip the importance of eating right, and humdrum Tofutti the value of creative exercise. In this interactive WorkShop, theater meets nutrition as we encourage students to think “outside the box” and eat “inside the pyramid!”


45-minute Interactive WorkShop, Grades: 3-8 Presented with the help of the Northern Kentucky Heath Department, students will learn and practice methods to conflict resolution, self-respect, and respect for others through discussion, writing, and role-playing.


45-minute Interactive WorkShop, Grades: PreK-6 This highly-adaptable WorkShop will address social issues and expand curriculum-based concepts. Dramatic play and fun improvisation games give students a creative outlet while also building self-respect, character, and teamwork. Through the Five Tools of an Actor, students will learn to use their energy and talents to become “a class act!”

WE OFFER OUR WORKSHOPS AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE. For more information or to book a WorkShop, call 513.569.8080 ext. 20 or 1.877.233.8282 ext. 20 and be sure to visit us at More information about additional WorkShops and long-term Residencies available on our website.



From introducing children to the world of musical theater (drama, vocal music and dance) to honing the skills of accomplished student performers, The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati teaching artists instill the techniques and principles behind the art of musical theater. We offer group classes and private lessons for students ages 6 through 18 at our facility in Madisonville. LEARNING THE CRAFT is now accepting students for: Drama Workshop • Vocal Workshop • Tap Musical Theater Dance • Playwriting Group

EXPANDING THE RANGE. SESSION #2 starts January 5, 2014 SESSION #3 starts April 6, 2014 SESSION #4 starts June 8, 2014


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Tired of running between activities? Join hundreds of familes that are saving valuable hours each month by scheduling music and dance classes for different children at the same time. Call us today to see how we can help you save time in your busy schedule!

Dance classes: • Angelina Ballerina • Hip Hop • Ballet • Tap • Jazz / Lyrical • Musical Theatre • Irish Step • Bollywood • Competition teams • Latin / Salsa

Music lessons: • Piano • Voice • Guitar • Cello • Violin / Viola • Drums • Flute • Saxophone • Clarinet • Brass

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Birthday Parties Holiday Fun Ladies Night Out

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2013- 2014 ARTREACH TOURING SEASON ArtReach brings live theater, great literature, life connections, song, dance and drama right to your door. Our five productions travel to theaters, schools and libraries throughout the region.

SEPT 16, 2013 – NOV 15, 2013

JAN 27, 2014 – MAY 31, 2014

SEPT 16, 2013 – NOV 15, 2013

JAN 27, 2014 – MAY 31, 2014

DEC 1, 2013 – DEC 22, 2013

For more information contact us at 513.569.8080 ext. 20 or


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Matinée Musicale Matinée Musicale Cincinnati Cincinnati st Matinée Musicale Cincinnati 101 Matinée MusicaleSeason Cincinnati 101stst Concert Concert Season 101 Concert Season Matinée Musicale Cincinnati incinnati’s series continues st unique and vintage recital 101 unique Concert Season incinnati’s and vintage recital series continues

C 101 Concert Season C C C C 101 Concert Season

the Heritage of presenting Rising Stars and Established st unique incinnati’s and concerts vintage recital continues the Heritage of presenting Rising Stars and Established Artists. This season’s debut will beseries held at Anderson incinnati’s unique and concerts vintage recital continues the Heritage of presenting Rising Stars andJewish Established Artists. This season’s debut will beseries held at Anderson Center,the 7850 Five Mile Road; and The Mayerson Heritage of presenting Rising Stars andJewish Established incinnati’s unique and concerts vintage recital series continues Artists. This season’s debut will be held at Anderson Center, 7850 Five Mile Road; and The Mayerson Matinée Musicale Cincinnati Community Center, 8485 Ridge Road. Artists. This season’s debut concerts be held at Anderson the Heritage of8485 presenting Rising Stars andJewish Established Center, 7850 Five Mile Road; andRoad. The will Mayerson st Community Center, Ridge Center, Five Mile Road; andRoad. The will Mayerson Artists. 7850 ThisCenter, season’s debut concerts be heldJewish at Anderson Community 8485 Ridge Community Center, 8485 Ridge Road. Center, 7850incinnati’s Five Mile Road; The Mayerson Jewish unique and and vintage recital series continues Heritage of presenting Rising Stars and Established Communitythe Center, 8485 Ridge Road. Kara Shay Thomson, Soprano



Kara Shay Thomson, Kara Shay Thomson, Kara Shay Thomson, Kara Shay Thomson,

Artists. This season’s debut concerts will beSoprano held at Anderson Donna Loewy, Pianist Center, 7850 Five Mile Road; Collaborative and The Mayerson Jewish Soprano Donna Loewy, Collaborative Pianist Community Center, 8485 Ridge Road. 30, 2013 Wednesday, October Soprano Donna Loewy, Collaborative Pianist Wednesday, October 30, 2013 11 am •Loewy, Anderson Center Pianist Donna Collaborative Soprano Wednesday, October 30, 2013 11 am • Anderson Center

Wednesday, 30,Soprano 2013 Donna Collaborative Pianist 11 am •Loewy, Anderson Center Kara ShayOctober Thomson, 11 am • Anderson Center Wednesday, October 30, 2013 Donna Loewy, Collaborative Pianist Wednesday, October 30, 2013 11 am • Anderson Center


Goldstein, Peled, Fiterstein Trio 11 am • Anderson Center Goldstein, Peled, Fiterstein Trio Piano, Cello, Clarinet Piano, Cello, Clarinet Goldstein, Peled, Fiterstein Trio Thursday, January 30, 2014 Goldstein, Piano, Cello, Clarinet Peled,Community Fiterstein Trio Thursday, January 30, 2014 Center 11 am • Mayerson Piano, Cello, Clarinet Goldstein, Peled,Community Fiterstein Thursday, January 30, 2014 Trio 11 am • Mayerson Center Goldstein, Peled, Fiterstein Trio Piano, Cello, Clarinet Thursday, January 30,2014 2014 Center Piano, Cello, Clarinet 11 am • Mayerson Community Thursday, January 30, 11 am • Mayerson Community Center Thursday, JanuaryCommunity 30, 2014Center 11 am • Mayerson 11 am • Mayerson Community Center

Matthew Worth, Baritone Matthew Worth, Thursday, March 27, Baritone 2014 Matthew Worth, Baritone Matthew Worth, Baritone Thursday, March 27, 2014 11 am • Anderson Center Thursday, March 27, 2014 Matthew Worth, Baritone Thursday, March 27, 2014 11 am • Anderson Center 11 am • Anderson Center Thursday, March 27, 2014 Matthew Worth, Baritone 11 am • Anderson Center


11 am • Anderson Center Thursday, March 27, 2014 11 am • Anderson Center

Gleb Ivanov, Piano Piano Gleb Ivanov, Gleb Ivanov, Piano Tuesday, April 29, 2014 Tuesday, April 29, 2014 11 am • Mayerson Community Center Gleb Piano Tuesday, April 29, 2014 11 am Ivanov, • Mayerson Community Center Gleb Ivanov, Piano Tuesday, April 29, Community 2014 11 am • Mayerson Center Tuesday, April 29, 2014 Gleb Ivanov, Piano 11 am • Mayerson Community Center

18 months through 8th grade. Before Care & After Care available for all grades.

11 am • Mayerson Center Tuesday, April 29, Community 2014

Season Tickets $50 (5 concerts) 11 am • Mayerson Community Center Single Tickets $15, Students $3 Season Tickets $50 (5 concerts) Call 513-469-9819 or visit Season Tickets $50 (5 concerts) for more information Single Tickets $15, Students Season Tickets $50 (5 concerts)$3 Single Tickets $15, Students Season $50 (5 concerts)$3 CallTickets 513-469-9819 or visit Single Tickets $15, Students $3 CallTickets 513-469-9819 or for visit Season $50 (5 more concerts) information Single Tickets $15, Students $3 Call 513-469-9819 or for visitmore information Single Tickets $15, Students $3 Call 513-469-9819 or for visitmore information Call 513-469-9819 or for visitmore information for more information

Super fun pottery painting

ballet tech of ohio - First and Best! • Internationally Renowned Faculty • Individual Attention. Free Trial Class. • Musical Movement for 2 Yrs old. • Teen/Adult Classes; Tae Kwon Do • Performance Opportunities with Professional Guest Artists!

THE NUTCRACKER Sat., Dec. 7th, 2013, 2:00 and 7:30 p.m. ALICE IN DANCELAND Sun. May 18th, 2014, 4:30 p.m.

StarGlazersPaintPotteryAtYourLocation 513-683-6860


Excellence in Dance For over 28 years!

Watch your performer grow leaps and bounds at The Studio for Dance.

Skidaddles is an exciting place where kids can play and learn while you have free time for work or pleasure-anytime you need it! • Drop-In Hourly Care • Experienced and Degreed Teachers • Top Quality Facility • Enrichment Activities • Date Nights • Preschool • Before/ After School Programs • Great Curriculum • Lots of fun activities and themed weekend parties!

BALLET  TAP  JAZZ  CLOGGING Ages 3 to Adult The Studio for Dance 10831 Millington Court, Blue Ash, Ohio 45242

Skidaddles 8660 Bankers Street Florence, KY 41042 . 859-647-PLAY

Suite 104 Mason, OH 45040 . 513-204-3482

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Raising the curtain on family fun Visit for the latest family-friendly events and attractions. Download the app for family fun on the go!




Up, What’s

Dr. Murray Dock makes sure a

Great Performance and Kid-Comfort Take Center Stage State-of-the-Art Technology • Pain-free Computer-Assisted Injections • Nitrous Oxide to Reduce Anxiety • Digital X-Rays • Electronic Dental Records

All in a Kid-Friendly Environment OPEN SATURDAYS

Murray Dock, DDS, MSD

9505 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH (513) 891-0660



Get insider information, special offers and behind-the-scenes looks at the theater.

Official Candy Sponsor of

The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati




Motivation, Inspiration & just plain FUN! 50 years of Caring for Children Our Pediatricians are closely allied with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center to provide access to specialty care, inpatient, outpatient, diagnostic and emergency services. We work with Children’s to stay in step with medical advances and remain up to date on available community resources. We have been involved in collecting research data to improve standards of care and have collaborated with Children’s on quality care initiatives.

mason dance center

Ballet  Tap  Jazz Hip-hop  Modern Pre-Professional Ballet Pre-Dance Combos Adult Classes

Services include well-child care, immunizations, care of mild to severe illness, and behavioral and developmental testing. We also have a certified lactation consultant on staff.

600-B Reading Rd, Mason

((513) 513) (5

7502 State Road, Ste. 3350 Anderson Township

398 3 98-0 0353 353 398035


Putting our community center stage… from Top Doctors to Best Restaurants Subscribe Today



Call 1.800.846.4333 or visit


We are dedicated to educating young women of Faith, Integrity and Courage committed to building a better world. Experience the Saint Ursula Difference • Welcoming, Family Atmosphere • Collegiate Model Block Schedule and One to One Tablet PC Technology • College Readiness Resulting in 87% of the Class of 2013 Earning over $20 Million in Scholarship Offers • Four-year Fine Arts Programs in Theatre, Music, Art and Design Music, Art and Design

To schedule a tour or to learn more, contact: Michelle Dellecave, St. Ursula Academy Admissions Office (513) 961-3410 ext 183 1339 East McMillan Street, Cincinnati, OH 45206 Follow us on facebook: SUA Bulldogs

Support the one place that never stops asking “what if?” TM





live producer


i n g r e at e r C i n C i n n at i

OUR venUes

Riverbend Music Center PNC Pavilion OUR festivals Taft Theatre Tall Stacks The Ballroom at the Taft Cincy Cinco The Ohio River Throwdown

The TafT TheaTre is proud To be The home of The Children’s TheaTre of CinCinnaTi!

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SPECIAL THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING FOR MAKING THE CHILDREN’S THEATRE OF CINCINNATI SHINE: Banacom Signs Kevin Barth Ralph Centers Camp Washington Hardware Cincinnati Opera Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park Cincinnati Police Department

Cincinnati Reds Cincinnati Stage Employees Costume Gallery – Newport, llc Dick at Doppes Lumber Emilie Dressler Brian Duffy, Chris Adrien and Ella Matt and Chuck Edmonson Joy and Elizabeth Galbraith

Gary Kidney Susie and Jack Louiso The Miranda Family Heidi Moody Jim Muething Joy, Maya and Cooper O’Dell Mike and John Perkinson Mike Picone

Glenn Plott Joe Rigotti Sunshine Cleaners Jerry Wahl Bob Walker Wright State University’s Department of Theatre, Dance and Motion Pictures *denotes the donation of goods and/or services


Transforming Your Life, So You Can Transform the World

The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati believes in the power of the arts to enrich the lives of those who are touched by it. At Thomas More College we believe in the power of a values-based liberal arts education to enrich the lives of our future leaders and empower them to transform the world for the better. Located in Crestview Hills, Ky., just 10 minutes from downtown Cincinnati. | 800.825.4557

ThomasMoreCollegeKY @ThomasMoreKY #ForYourWholeLife

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Childrens Theatre 2013-2014  
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