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to the Challenges

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Message from the Chairman We began 2020 with excitement and a focused plan, only then to be dealt one of the greatest challenges of our lifetime – a global pandemic. Facing unprecedented adversity, our team rose to the occasion. From across The Cianbro Companies, we came together to deliver excellent outcomes for our clients. The dedication, perseverance, and hard work throughout the year have reaffirmed, yet again, that we have one of the best teams in the business. The team’s commitment to one another and our clients throughout 2020 has left a lasting impression on us all. Out of respect for one another, our team quickly adapted to new health and safety protocols put in place to protect ourselves, our colleagues, and our loved ones. Together, we have helped minimize the spread of COVID-19 on our job sites and in our offices and communities. Thank you all for that significant effort. We hope this edition of the Chatter will become a keepsake to share years from now with friends and family and serve as a reminder of the accomplishments and hard work that went into this challenging year. Within these pages, you will find stories of resilience and collaboration, displays of can-do attitude that were key contributors to completing projects safely, on time, and on-budget. Stories where, when called upon, our team members went the extra mile when our clients needed it most. Stories that capture the synergies between Cianbro, Starcon, and A/Z, celebrating our clients as well as national industry recognition earned by our team members for working safely and achieving outstanding construction performance. Although no one knows for sure what 2021 will bring, we are confident our team members are prepared to tackle all challenges head-on. Amid one of the most trying times in recent history, the positive attitudes, teamwork, and genuine care for one another that the team has displayed have allowed Cianbro to continue to move forward, safely and successfully. Cianbro is stronger than ever, and there is no doubt that our future is bright. Let’s go for it!





Please note, some of the photos contained within this publication were taken prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Students Explore Career Opportunities with Cianbro Welcoming Starcon & A/Z Corporation to the ESOP Safety Excellence in Trying Times Cianbro’s Quality Control Certifications In Memory of Mac Cianchette Cianbro, Starcon, A/Z Years of Service Anniversaries 25 Year Recognitions for 2019

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A/Z CORPORATION Renovations & Labs Improve Patient Safety 10 Cement Receiving & Distribution Terminal Expansion 11 Delivering on Modern Healthcare Demands 13


Vacant Facility Now Pivotal in COVID Battle Mid-Atlantic Building Group Cianbro Helps Reshape Portland’s Waterfront Puritan & Cianbro Partnership Continues Building Projects Earn Honors

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EQUIPMENT A Creative Solution for a Concrete Problem Cianbro Equipment & Starcon Logistics Integration

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FABRICATION & COATING Redesign to the Squibb Park Bridge 16 Fabrication & Coatings Involvement with Puritan Project 43

FEATURE Rising to the Challenges: Job Well Done


INDUSTRIAL & MANUFACTURING MARKET Long Term Growth in the Southeast Building Long Term Relationships to Meet Needs Market Supports Growth in Southern New England


Meeting the Challenge for Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Delivering Infrastructure Projects Efficiently Brighton Dam Rehabilitation Project Recognized

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MODULAR Modules Project Receives Accolades


POWER & ENERGY MARKET Transmission & Distribution Team Supports Clients Meeting Substation & Transmission Line Schedule Cianbro’s First 138kV BOLD® Transmission Line AEP Award Highlights Cianbro’s Commitment to Safety


Starcon Awards Highlight Success Starcon Continues Successful Partnership with Dow 1 Million Hours Without Injury at Marathon Canton

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Modules Project Receives Accolades



n 2020, Cianbro was recognized by Engineering News Record (ENR) and Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) for the completed ECU Modules project. Cianbro constructed 60 modules for seven individual ethane cracking units (ECU Modules) for a brownfield plastic production facility in Pennsylvania. Cianbro constructed the modules at our modular manufacturing facility located in Brewer, Maine along the banks of the Penobscot River. The completed modules were then loaded onto barges with heavy haul transporters and fastened in place onto load spreaders and sea-fastening systems to endure the nearly 40-day ocean transport down the East Coast, up the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers to their final delivery point at the new plant located in Monaca, Pennsylvania. The project was awarded an Award of Merit from Engineering News Record ‘s New England 2020 Best Project Awards for the energy/industrial category. Additionally, the project received an Excellence in Safety award in the same competition. ABC of New Hampshire/Vermont also recognized the project as an Excellence in Construction award recipient in the industrial/manufacturing category and ABC of Connecticut honored the project with an Award of Merit.

Modules in tow passing under the Penobscot Narrows Bridge (also built by Cianbro)



Vacant Facility Now Pivotal in COVID Battle

129 North Main Street BUILDING MARKET n

By Pete Malikowski


n Monday, April 19, 2020, Cianbro received a call from Puritan Medical Products requesting help. The medical products manufacturer was in desperate need of expanding their current production beyond their Guilford, Maine facility, which had been operating nonstop throughout 2020. Puritan Medical Products is one of two major manufacturers in the world that produce swabs for medical diagnostic purposes on the front-line in the battle against COVID-19, as well as other infectious diseases such as the flu. Puritan had been challenged to develop a plan to double production to 20 million swabs per month at a new facility by July 1. Cianbro immediately sent a team to Guilford to discuss our willingness to help. Cianbro had recently hired team member Paul Dube, a longtime Puritan employee to be our facilities manager. His 4


129 North Main Street facility, before

129 North Main Street facility, after

relationship with Puritan started the conversation about how Cianbro could facilitate Puritan’s expansion. As discussions progressed, it became obvious Cianbro could not only help build a new facility, but also owned an old manufacturing facility at 129 North Main Street in Pittsfield, Maine that could be retrofit to meet their needs. The following day, Cianbro and its subsidiary, A/Z Corporation, reviewed the existing facilities in Guilford and Pittsfield, and developed a proposal, in partnership with Puritan to retrofit the 129 North Main Street property. Efforts quickly shifted to generating a design for the facility, identifying critical long-lead procurement items, and mobilizing to the site. Cianbro and A/Z utilized the entire depth of the organization to get the project up and running. The team met daily with Puritan via Zoom to develop and refine the design, leveraging technology to enhance communication and streamline the design process. Construction teams worked around the clock, 7 days a week to execute the delivery of the facility.

THE SCOPE OF WORK INCLUDED: 48,500 square feet overall renovation of an old

manufacturing facility to produce medical swabs for a July 1 production start date Demolition of existing production space down to its core structural frame

17 – 40-ton rooftop HVAC units 52,000 square feet of roof replacement 14,500 square feet of FRP for clean room walls 45,600 square feet of epoxy flooring 18 tipping machines

This was a major design-build project that Cianbro, A/Z, and Starcon, all part of The Cianbro Companies, worked on together. Craft team members frequently worked outside of their core trades. Cianbro Fabrication & Coatings Corporation delivered structural steel to meet immediate construction needs. Cianbro’s information technology (IT) department worked with A/Z’s telecom group to deliver network and low voltage solutions. Team members from estimating, the Cianbro Institute, and equipment group worked in the field with their tools putting the work in place. Cianbro’s human resources department also assisted Puritan with hiring efforts for the new Pittsfield facility. The project truly has been a story of teamwork and collaboration. All stakeholders came together to meet the needs of Puritan and, more importantly, the needs of our country to battle the COVID-19 pandemic. In all, more than 650 individuals including Cianbro, A/Z, Starcon, subcontractors, engineers, and architects worked on the project to meet the July 1 production startup for Puritan. Collaboration between key subcontractors throughout Maine was pivotal to the success of the renovation. Some long-time competitors worked side-by-side to complete the facility retrofit. Midway through design, Puritan Medical Products determined they would need an additional 9,000 square feet of production space for future machinery and temporary raw / finished goods storage. This resulted in the design team shifting gears to accommodate the future expansion in the midst of construction. As planned, on July 1, Puritan began working in their new Pittsfield ISO-8 cleanroom producing more than 30 million foam-tipped swabs per month. After the start of production, Puritan reached out to Cianbro for additional production space as the demand for foam-tipped swabs continued to escalate worldwide. As a result, a further 6,000-square-foot production expansion was completed in combination with customizing the previously completed 9,000-square-foot expansion. This allowed Puritan to install six multivac lines, further increasing their production capacity to 90 million foam-tipped swabs per month.

29 wrapping machines

129 North Main Street Facility, gowning / de-gowning room



Students learn to wire up a light switch

Students Explore Career Opportunities with Cianbro CIANBRO INSTITUTE n

By Dan Coffey


ianbro partnered with Junior Achievement of Maine to host 25 Jobs for Maine Grads (JMG) Mahoney Middle School students at our Ricker’s Wharf facility in Portland, Maine. The goal for the day was to help raise the students’ awareness of careers in construction. The Cianbro Institute had multiple instructors participate in the experience who engaged with students through hands-on learning opportunities. The students rotated through a variety of activities consisting of: welding demonstrations, an electrical activity, applying math skills in the construction world, and operating Cianbro’s model crane through a simulated course. “The group was really focused, asked a lot of questions, and was extremely well behaved,” said Justin Desrosiers, welding instructor. “It’s exciting to see students so eager to learn. It was a pleasure to be a part of this event and help these students gain some awareness on the multiple pathways in front of them.” At the end of the day Tony Ayotte, craft development man-



Welding demonstration

ager, closed out the event with a discussion on industry opportunities, takeaways of the day, and answered questions. “It was great to see how engaged the students were with the instructors,” said Tony. “They asked a lot of good questions about the different crafts. The end of the day discussion about what they learned was amazing. It’s a rewarding feeling when you walk away from an event like this and you know the students really got some value from it.” “You guys knocked it out of the park,” said Jeff Kozaka, JMG Specialist from Mahoney Middle School. “I can’t thank you enough. When I meet with employers who want to do job shadows in the future, I will be using this program as the template.” The Cianbro Institute was pleased for the opportunity to host this event. It’s important for us to get out there and advocate for our industry and the fruitful career opportunities construction brings. We look forward to the next!

Welcoming Starcon & A/Z Corporation to the ESOP ESOP n

By Rachel Ervin

2 020 was a historic year for our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). Team members from both Starcon and A/Z became eligible to participate in the Cianbro Team Equity Plan in 2019, and received their first contributions and stock shares in 2020, attributable to 2019’s success. Employee ownership is one of the core building blocks of our company, and we are thrilled to have team members from all of The Cianbro Companies in the ownership program. We started our team member ownership journey in 1979, when the Cianchette brothers sold a portion of their shares to the retirement plan, to be shared with other members of the team. It was their long-term vision to become 100% employee owned, which would provide team members with the opportunity to share in the company’s success by working

safely and being productive and efficient. They believed that the team members working beside them should be the future owners of the company. Today, the company is one of the largest ESOP companies in the country. One of the greatest benefits of this is that it unites us and helps everyone work toward the same ownership goals. It instills a sense of responsibility within every team member. The culture and behaviors that it creates sets us apart from our competition. With every team member looking out for the best interest of the company, clients can feel confident in the work we produce. By owning a piece of The Cianbro Companies, team members have a special responsibility to their fellow owners and the company. Whether you are a carpenter, a welder, a supervisor, a field administrator or a member of the corporate office, your behavior has a direct impact on the financial success of our company. This is a tremendous milestone for our company and we should all be proud of the behaviors exhibited that solidify that we truly are stronger together.



Puritan Medical Products expansion, Pittsfield, Maine

Safety Excellence in Trying Times SAFETY n

By Anthony Falcon & Scott Knowlen


he combination of challenges faced by The Cianbro Companies in 2020 have been daunting, and not without adverse effects on our business and daily lives. Maintaining the positivity needed for sustaining our culture of safety excellence became a high priority for all of us. It is very easy to yield to distractions without deliberate effort to maintain the safety plan the Company has laid out. The potential for distractions and preoccupation with current external events is at an all-time high. Our landscape on the job has experienced significant change. COVID-19 has taught us much about microbial hazards, how to prevent their spread, and how to make our workplace safer and healthier. Our clients have placed strict control on who enters their facilities, requesting confirmation that team members are fit for duty before entering the job site. Social distancing, monitoring our health and the health of those close to us, wearing facial coverings, and disinfecting surfaces have quickly become new habits to get used to. 8


Adapting to Change Although most of us are wary and cautious when it comes to colds, viruses, and the flu, COVID-19 quickly made us become super effective at preventing the spread of microbial diseases. Always ready for the challenge, our team members set their job sites up for hygienic success. As essential workers, they knew that “No One Gets Hurt” meant “No One Gets Infected.”

Start with a Plan Our senior management team met daily to set the direction of the organization. Following the CDC guidelines and working collaboratively, plans were put in place to support our role as an essential business while supporting our clients. The steps in their plans assured that people maintained social distance on the job, in vehicles, on breaks, and even in emergency situations. Guidance was given for times when team members could not avoid social distancing and facial coverings became a mandatory means of spread prevention. Strict attention was given to high touch surfaces. Even a seemingly harmless activity like signing a safety meeting roster became an unsafe practice. The cleaning and disinfecting of shared spaces went from something we should

do to a mandatory and frequent must do. Workstations were modified where needed, to include barriers, sneeze guards and other necessary protection. Hand washing stations were essential, as was hand sanitizer. Health screenings became a daily function for the team whether it was self-performed, checked at gates by clients, or both. Technology was leveraged to assist us wherever possible. We quickly built a CARE Audit process. Within three days of concept, a mobile app was deployed for managers to measure behaviors within our COVID protocol and determine where additional resources may be needed. We also developed a COVID screening app for team members to self-certify fit for duty. Every day, team members self-evaluate symptoms, possible exposures, and travel. The app then either clears you for work or directs you to contact our medical provider. As we learned more about this pandemic, we updated and modified our guidelines at all levels of the company. In addition, our site teams utilized this guidance and developed plans that fit the size and team member dispersion at their locations. These plans were thorough, covering all of the areas and activities that carried potential for personal contact or frequent surface sharing.

We also developed a COVID screening app for team members to self-certify fit for duty.

Taking Care of Our Team Cianbro Medical Director, Dr. Craig Curtis and his team have played a significant role in taking care of our team members. They have provided guidance on travel, contact tracing, testing, and return-to-work. Working within our framework, based on CDC guidelines, Dr. Curtis and the team have been instrumental in helping us navigate all the different scenarios that arose to protect our projects, our team members, and our families. Our teams’ efforts have proven to be highly effective with the minimal presence of COVID-19 on our job sites.

COVID screening app

Substation enhancement project, North Carolina



Sanofi new drug product fill machine

Renovations & Labs Improve Patient Safety A/Z CORPORATION n

By Kevin Chronley & Steven Biondo

s a global health care leader, Sanofi focuses on improving the lives of patients facing a range of challenges—from global diseases like malaria and influenza to orphan drug therapies for rare genetic disorders. Its 70-plus worldwide manufacturing sites include its sprawling campus in Framingham, Massachusetts, which is home to leading-edge biopharmaceutical product development and CGMP manufacturing. For more than a decade, A/Z has partnered with Sanofi to help transform its facilities to align with its evolving health care mission. A/Z’s recent engagements with Sanofi have included a series of critical renovations to one of the manufacturing facilities on the Framingham campus to accommodate two new process development spaces: a drug product (DP) lab and a downstream processing (DSP) lab. Implementing these renovations required A/Z to mitigate impacts to Sanofi’s primary ongoing manufacturing operations and sensitive Current Good Manufacutring Practice (CGMP)-regulated environments requiring clean construction execution. The DP lab component of the project required A/Z to design, plan, and convert two existing lab spaces into a single lab with an associated cold room. The new space accommodates key operations in Sanofi’s development process: raw material storage, equipment and parts 10


Sanofi new lyophilization equipment

preparation, formulation, material cart transfer, vial filling of the primary containers, stoppering the primary containers, lyophilization (freeze drying), and capping and crimping lyophilized loads. In a nearby area, A/Z converted another lab space into the DSP lab. This work integrated another layer of complexity with the requirement to validate the space as CGMP. A/Z’s team implemented architectural fit/finish and HVAC renovations to fulfill the CGMP requirements that ultimately ensure that Sanofi’s products are safe and consistent for its patients. New equipment installations for the DSP lab included single-use mixers, chromatography systems, nano-filtration, bulk storage holders, a single-use UF/DF filtration skid, and an automated bottle/bag filling skid.

Cement Receiving & Distribution Terminal Expansion A/Z CORPORATION n

By David Berardinelli & Steven Biondo

Large diameter transfer piping for cement powder


cInnis Cement produces and transports high-quality cements from its plant in Port-Daniel–Gascons, Quebec to strategically positioned terminals across the eastern seaboard of North America. Its new Port of Providence terminal accepts ship deliveries with payloads in excess of 30,000 metric tons and has a daily loading capacity of more than 100 trucks and 10 rail cars. When McInnis decided to expand its port operations, the company partnered with A/Z to leverage its local self-perform construction and pipe fabrication capabilities. Together, the team embarked on multi-phased upgrades to the terminal to boost its cement powder offloading, storage, and distribution capacity. A/Z’s team fabricated the large-diameter transfer piping responsible for moving cement from inbound ships to an on-site storage dome. Cement is transferred via a barge unloader rated at 800 metric tons per hour to this 134-foot-wide silo with a 40,000-metric ton capacity. This transfer piping initiative represents just one of the major projects that A/Z has completed for McInnis at this site. A/Z teams have also installed much of the infrastructure that drives this new transfer and storage system, including storage dome ventilation systems and hopper vents, fans, pumps, and motors. Additionally, A/Z was responsible for integrating the electrical and instrumentation systems required for powering, controlling, and monitoring the pneumatic cement conveying system at the heart of the terminal.

Storage silo for cement powder



Mid-Atlantic Building Group Powered by Deep-Rooted Local Talent BUILDING MARKET n

By Scott Tompkins


ianbro’s Building group further extended its geographic reach in 2020 by joining the Infrastructure, Industrial & Manufacturing, and Power & Energy groups in the company’s Mid-Atlantic office in Baltimore, Maryland. Coupled with our 2019 acquisition of Connecticut-based A/Z Corporation, the expanded office created a Cianbro Building group footprint that covers most of the East Coast. Whether delivering projects via construction management, design-build, general contracting, or joint venture, the Building group offers a full range of construction services including estimating, preconstruction, and project management, all supported by the company’s extensive resources. Considering Cianbro’s successful track record in the region – from bridges, wharves, solar arrays, and industrial upgrades, to building work such as Pentagon upgrades and erecting the Capital Wheel and United States Air Force Memorial – adding a Building group component to the Mid-Atlantic office is a natural progression. “Our long history of Baltimore-DC metro area projects has provided us with a strong, local presence,” said Cianbro Senior Executive Vice President Richard Brescia. “Broadening the Mid-Atlantic office’s scope of services solidifies our standing and capitalizes on the region’s vast building opportunities, particularly in the life science, health care, and government markets.” Over the past year with an eye toward establishing the Building group, identifying and securing projects, and successfully managing the work, Cianbro hired a core group of local, seasoned industry professionals, starting 12


From left, Eric Regelin, Melanie Townshend, Lamon Harris and Joe Corson

“We’ve been fortunate to build such an accomplished team in such a short time frame,” Regelin said. “With their combined talent, skills, and experience, the sky’s the limit.” with Regional Manager Eric Regelin. Eric brings a wealth of construction knowledge and experience to his role, having held a wide range of positions during his 40-year career, from subcontractor and developer to engineer and general contractor. He served as Associated Builders and Contractors’ National Chairman in 2012 and continues his decades-long ABC activity by currently serving as Chairman of the Chesapeake Chapter. Joining Eric in the Baltimore office are Operations Manager Melanie Townshend, Preconstruction Director Lamon Harris, and Business Development Manager Joe Corson. With over 40 years of experience, Melanie’s construction career comprises varied roles, including serving as both a builder and owner. She has managed well over $1 billion in projects from preconstruction to occupancy that span

several markets, with a particular focus on health care. Lamon honed his preconstruction skills working for a handful of Baltimore-based contractors prior to joining Cianbro. Among his many assets are a thorough understanding of the Mid-Atlantic area’s unique bidding practices as well as strong technical knowledge of major trades including MEP. Joe is a consummate sales professional with a proven ability to build long-term relationships and grow market share. He has been actively involved in the Baltimore-DC construction industry for 30 years. “We’ve been fortunate to build such an accomplished team in such a short time frame,” Regelin said. “With their combined talent, skills, and experience, the sky’s the limit.”

Delivering on Modern Health Care Demands A/Z CORPORATION n

By Chip McAdams & Steven Biondo


outh County Health (SCH) is founded on more than a century of history and serves more than 125,000 residents in southern Rhode Island. The system operates numerous facilities throughout Washington County, Rhode Island, including the 100-bed South County Hospital. While it is necessary for SCH to keep pace with the growing community and its evolving health care needs, it is rarely possible to shut down areas of the facility for renovation—the hospital sees more than 225,000 outpatient visits alone each year. For this reason, SCH has relied on A/Z’s substantial experience in operational medical facilities to implement many of its most critical projects. Work in active hospitals frequently requires construction personnel to implement Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) precautions and interim life safety measures (ILSM); standards set forth by the American Society for Health Care Engineering (ASHE) and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). A/Z’s team includes many professionals who have undergone ASHE training to attain their Health Care Construction (HCC) certification. During our partnership with SCH, A/Z has coordinated numerous major upgrades to the active South County Hospital

SCH central sterile supply area

while ensuring continued safety for building occupants and operational continuity. These include projects for patient care (building addition for state-of-the-art OR, endoscopy suite expansion, and wound care relocation); imaging (MRI relocation and CT scan replacement); and back-of-house services (central sterile supply, pharmacy, and infrastructure). This expertise and familiarity with SCH’s facilities positioned A/Z to respond to an urgent need at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. SCH tasked A/Z to aggressively design and implement the conversion of 10 patient rooms into negatively pressurized spaces, which help limit the spread of airborne contagions. This included the installation of new exhaust units with HEPA filtration and emergency power.

South County Hospital Wakefied, Rhode Island



Roux Institute lounge and kitchen areas

100 Fore Street parking garage

Cianbro Helps Reshape Portland’s Waterfront BUILDING MARKET n

By Scott Tompkins


or the past several years, Portland, Maine has enjoyed a vigorous economic recovery as the city buzzes with construction activity spurred by low interest rates, tax credits, and sustained consumer demand. Cianbro continued to play an integral part of that recovery in 2020, with two major projects in the booming waterfront district: 100 Fore Street and the Canopy Hotel. The 100 Fore Street project comprises 84,000 square feet of office space on the top two levels and three lower levels of structured parking or up to 543 vehicles. As with its companion project, the nearby WEX Global Corporate Headquarters completed in 2019, Cianbro has once



again partnered with Archetype Architects to design 100 Fore Street’s core and shell and SMRT to design the building’s interior. In addition to constructing the office building and pedestal parking garage, Cianbro was engaged to fit out administrative space for WEX and academic space for the Roux Institute at Northeastern University. Located in the heart of Commercial Street in Portland’s Old Port district, the six-story, 104,551-square-foot Canopy Hotel features 135 guest rooms, a restaurant and bar, and a rooftop lounge overlooking Casco Bay. The hotel is composed entirely of high-end materials and finishes including millwork, flooring, furnishings, HVAC, lighting, and brick exterior with decorative black-framed glazing. Both projects have surmounted significant challenges, including extremely tight urban sites; the logistics

of coordinating material deliveries in the heart of Maine’s largest city; and perhaps the most challenging aspect - placing work in the midst of a global pandemic. With up to 150 workers on each site daily, the teams at Canopy Hotel as well as 100 Fore Street resolved to keep the projects safe and operational by closely following Cianbro’s COVID-19 Exposure Prevention, Preparedness, and Response Plan put in place companywide at the onset of the pandemic. “We leveraged our safety professional’s expertise, installed running hot water handwashing stations, and established a point of entry check station for all team members and trade partners entering the site,” said Canopy Hotel Project Manager Todd Desmarais. “Face masks are a requirement for entering the project and must be worn at all times when six-foot distancing isn’t possible.” Other COVID-related complications arose at both sites including workforce shortfalls and compromised material supply chains. Add to that coordinating out-of-state subcontractors and tight sites with little to no laydown area, and the Portland projects faced their share of adversity.

Whenever possible, both projects instituted Lean practices such as pull planning and material storage on wheels to keep the jobs operating efficiently. Trade partner teams were brought in a month or two ahead of schedule to identify long-lead items and develop positive workflow sequences, thus creating efficiencies and reducing the prospect of rework. Just-in-time delivery, however, suffered from supply chain issues and necessitated that some materials be ordered in bulk when available and stockpiled by trade in

designated “parking spaces” on each floor throughout the buildings. “We faced these challenges head-on as a team and reassured everyone ‘We’re all in this together’ both on and off the job site,” said 100 Fore Street Project Superintendent Spencer Seiferth. “This collective sense of purpose fostered a certain camaraderie, enabling the team to pull together to complete common goals and produce a finished project we’re all proud of…including the owner.”

Collaborative space for Roux Institute students

Construction phase of Canopy Hotel



Squibb Park Bridge, Brooklyn, New York

Redesign to the Squibb Park Bridge FABRICATION & COATING n

By Rob Nickerson


he original design of the Squibb Park Bridge in Brooklyn, New York was a fairly ambitious one as far as pedestrian bridges go. Connecting the New York City Squibb Park to Brooklyn Bridge Park, the original environmentally sustainable wooden bridge opened in 2013. It was intentionally designed to give its users a slightly whimsical “bounce” from the motion of day-to-day foot traffic. Within a couple of years, however, the bridge started to develop unintended lateral movement and the light bounce devolved into more of a lurch. The once fanciful pedestrian experience had become disconcerting for the average user. After an analysis of the bridge showed a significant flaw in design, it was decided that starting again would be preferable to modifying the existing structure. A new design for a less lively bridge was drafted and the wooden superstructure was demolished in October 2019. Turner Construction was awarded the contract for the redesigned bridge and brought Cianbro Fabrication & Coating Corporation (CFCC) into the fold. The new design, which kept the original concrete piers intact to save on cost, was constructed of aluminum and steel and preserved the aesthetic of the original, while completely eliminating the once whimsical sway that had previously distressed many a 16


Cianbro’s Fabrication & Coatings Facility, Georgetown, Massachusetts

New York dog walker. At about 64 tons, the series of steel frames spanning a total distance of 450 feet was surprisingly light, partially owing to the design considerations necessary to successfully reuse the original piers that were intended to support a timber structure. The fabrication and coating facility in Pittsfield, Maine provided the bearing support brackets while the Georgetown shop in Massachusetts handled the assembly of the spans themselves. The assembly took up its fair share of real estate at Georgetown, though the fab shop would prove to be downright spacious in comparison to the tight New York streets that the completed spans would ultimately have to navigate. In the field, strict erection plans required close schedule coordination, but CFCC’s series of deliveries were carried out not only on time, but with zero reported fit-up issues in the field. As a matter of fact, the Squibb Bridge project was completed and opened ahead of schedule, in no small part due to the efforts and care of the CFCC team.

Puritan & Cianbro Partnership Continues

206 SAS Drive

206 SAS Drive facility, before


By Pete Malikowski


n October 2020, Puritan announced a second major expansion in Pittsfield, Maine in a continued partnership with Cianbro. This second facility, located at the former San Antonio Shoe manufacturing site, complements Puritan’s first manufacturing plant at 129 North Main Street and is expected to increase swab production by an additional 50 million swabs per month. Design and construction planning activities on this second facility started in late September. The plant is expected to start producing swabs at the beginning of January 2021. This project will once again employ more than 650 individuals who will retrofit the facility on an extremely aggressive schedule. The new facility includes approximately 78,840 square feet of total building space including 38,330 square feet in three separate cleanroom manufacturing spaces for the production of flocked polyester swabs. An adjacent three-story brick building has been demolished to create space for future possible expansion by Puritan. Puritan evaluated various sites in central Maine for their second expansion. After collaborative negotiation, San Antonio Shoe (SAS) of Texas, agreed to donate approximately 29 acres of land and their former buildings in Pittsfield to the Pittsfield Development Corporation. Pittsfield Development, in turn, contributed approximately 11.5 acres of land and the former manufacturing building to Puritan Medical Products. The remaining acreage has been retained by Pittsfield Development Corporation for future development opportunities. The second factory in Pittsfield would not have been possible without the generosity of Lisa Armstrong and Cheryl Remmert, the daughters of Maine native Terry Armstrong, who co-founded San Antonio Shoe. Given the historical significance of the buildings, the

“I believe this is a momentous occasion and a celebration for us all, and particularly the town of Pittsfield.” Armstrong family requested a number of items from the building including bricks, wooden beams, granite window sills and various pieces of equipment be preserved and included in a family “remembrance room” in recognition of the SAS Founder, Terry Armstrong, his family, and the SAS company. Pete Vigue, Chairman of The Cianbro Companies, shared with a small gathering the announcement of the second Puritan expansion. “I believe this is a momentous occasion and a celebration for us all, and particularly the town of Pittsfield,” Vigue said. These projects have contributed to a revitalization of the community and the town of Pittsfield, Maine. In the midst of the pandemic and economic insecurity, the projects have brought many construction teams to the town which has benefited the local businesses and the surrounding area. The project also created new jobs for Cianbro and Puritan which has provided further economic stability for the community. ✔ 69,944 Project Safe Hours

206 SAS Drive facility, after (rendering)



Concrete processing barge for project in Kittery, Maine

A Creative Solution for a Concrete Problem EQUIPMENT n

By Chris Jarvais


he Cianbro Companies has a large and diverse project portfolio. As our capabilities continue to increase, it seems the more challenging the project, the better the team performs. When the project team in Kittery, Maine was tasked with planning a massive concrete operation with little real estate, they quickly came to the conclusion that the operation needed to be waterborne. Knowing that Cianbro did not possess the necessary equipment, they contacted Cianbro’s Equipment Team. “The team had roughly six months to begin the concrete operation placing 2,000 cubic yards/shift efficiently,” said Purchasing Professional Tony Foster. “The process involved two barge mounted operations, one to provide raw materials and the other to process the concrete. The material barge operation contained space for the raw materials, two skid steer loaders, a cold feed plant and a Super Stacker conveyor. The processing barge contained six fly ash tanks, a mo18


bile batch plant, a concrete remixer, a support conveyor, a Telebelt conveyor, a water tank, and a large excavator.” Upon delivery, the project team had to make sure everything worked properly. Project Superintendent Ryan Collet was up for the challenge. “We had to modify everything designed to work on land so it would work on the water,” Collet said. The biggest challenge on the install was the ballasting of the barges to ensure everything was level and worked properly together. Operationally, the limiting factor is reloading the material barge. To process 33,000 tons of stone and 5,000 tons of sand successfully, the operation must be insync and efficient.” QA/QC Supervisor Bill Hood elaborated on the challenges. “We really had to be creative with the Telebelt,” said Hood. We had to reinstall all of the hoses properly and modify the base to achieve the proper elevation. The most critical element is having the right people. It is essential to have people who understand the work we are doing.” The project in Kittery, Maine is immense in scale and complex in execution. With the Cianbro team’s innovative approach and focus on people, it is sure to be successful!

Bangor Savings Bank Headquarters

WEX Global Corporate Headquarters

Building Projects Earn Honors BUILDING MARKET By Scott Tompkins

E n

ach year, the Maine Real Estate & Development Association (MEREDA) recognizes the most noteworthy and significant Maine commercial development projects with its Notable Project Awards. Cianbro’s construction prowess was on full display recently as the Building Group took home two of the seven awards MEREDA bestowed on projects statewide.

Both WEX’s Global Corporate Headquarters in Portland and Bangor Savings Bank’s Headquarters in Bangor were honored in part for Cianbro’s commitment to safety, innovation, Lean construction techniques, and sustainable building practices. Adding to the accolades, the Associated General Contractors (AGC) of Maine also honored the Bangor Savings Bank project, recognizing it as one of AGC’s six Build Maine Award recipients this year. In addition to meeting criteria similar to MEREDA’s, the project was lauded for meeting the challenge of a difficult job, environmental sensitivity, and responsiveness to client needs.

Interior Bangor Savings Bank Headquarters



“Certification brings a higher level of process control and oversight in following standards and specifications for critical activities.”

Hampden Bridge Bundle, Hampden, Maine

Cianbro’s Quality Control Certifications QUALITY ASSURANCE n

By Charles Hall


ianbro construction activities include virtually all aspects of building - civil, mechanical, electrical and marine activities to list a few. Certain structures pose a greater risk to society once put into service, or they are more important to owners due to their inherently higher impact in cost or operational downtime if unexpected maintenance is required after construction. Industry requirements have become more formal and regimented. For those structures or activities, industry consensus groups, require construction companies to seek and obtain authorization prior 20


to performing some activities. Owners specify stringent requirements for construction companies, including the need for industry certification in order to perform vital tasks. Some jurisdictions (state authorities) also require construction companies to hold industry certifications in order to perform select work activities. When jurisdictional authorities require certification, it is law. Cianbro holds multiple industry certifications. Each certification requires a formal Quality Control (QC) Plan, trained personnel to carry out specified activities and inspections, and robust documentation of activities and direct oversight from assigned industry representatives (inspectors or auditors). To hold any industry certification, Cianbro commits to meeting all

requirements and submitting to oversight and audits from the industry group on a regular basis. Cianbro performs all construction activities in accordance with standards and specifications regardless of whether certification is required or not. Lack of specific certification requirements for some activities does not diminish the importance of performing them correctly. Certification brings a higher level of process control and oversight in following standards and specifications for critical activities. Cianbro holds the following certifications:

Cianbro Fabrication & Coating Corporation, Pittsfield, Maine

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME): U: Authority to Design & Build Unfired Pressure Vessels

S: Authority to Design & Build High Pressure Boilers (including Power Piping)

The National Board of Boiler Inspectors (NB): R: Authority to Repair & Alter Boilers, Pressure Vessels & Power Piping NB: Authorization to Register Items with the National Board

American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC): CSE-A: Certified Steel Erector (Advanced)

The Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC): QP-1: Perform Field Application to Complex Industrial & Marine Structures QP-2: Perform Field Removal of Hazardous Coatings

Most often, requirements to comply with any of these certifications appear in project specifications. Project teams should contact Cianbro’s Quality Assurance Department to plan for activities when specified or if there is any question regarding compliance with these programs. Implementation of industry specific guidelines includes many administrative and technical details, including assignment of personnel and responsibilities and in some cases, certification of activities upon completion of work. CIANBRO CHATTER


Our focus is on complex projects using Cianbro’s experience in power generation and renewable energy.

Long Term Growth in the Southeast INDUSTRIAL & MANUFACTURING MARKET n

By Jay Walkowski & Gary Smith


ianbro’s Industrial and Manufacturing Market (IDM) expanded into the Southeast United States almost five years ago and has continued to develop relationships with key clients. Our focus is on complex projects using Cianbro’s experience in power generation and renewable energy. Cianbro is currently working with several clients that have long term energy strategies in place and share in our commitment to quality and safety. Cianbro paired with Southern Company subsidiary Georgia Power to complete the Bartletts Ferry Dam Spillway Replacement in 2019. The project entailed replacement of 19 tainter style flood gates, gate sills, and gate guide angles – a hydroelectric project of this scope, scale, and magnitude had not yet been performed in the United States. The project received the Engineering News Record’s Southeast Best Project Award in the energy/industrial category and the Associated Builders and Contractors Connecticut Excellence in Construction Award in the industrial category. As the market focus shifts from fossil fuels to renewable energy, Cianbro is focused on generating additional opportunities in solar, hydroelectric, natural gas, and other renewable sources. Cianbro has taken positive steps towards expanding into other regional avenues of industrial work by leveraging our business units including the building market team, Starcon, and A/Z Corporation. Two prominent clients in the mid-Atlantic region are Dominion Cove Point and GenOn. The Dominion Cove Point LNG facility continues to provide year round work including an outage season that has produced larger opportunities for our industrial crews. Additionally, Cianbro has been awarded multiple phases of the installation of a SFC Bottom Ash conveyor system at the GenO n Chalk Point facility in Aquasco, Maryland. Scope of work includes installing a large conveyor and associated piping into a tight area of the operating power plant.



GenOn – Chalk Point

Building Long Term Relationships to Meet our Industrial Clients’ Needs INDUSTRIAL & MANUFACTURING MARKET n

By Jon Clements & Matt Foster


ianbro is focused on building long-term client relationships that go beyond one-time projects. We take on the first project with the goal of providing value to a client on a consistent, ongoing basis. This was our objective in the fall of 2018 when managers out of Cianbro’s Ricker’s Wharf office were notified of a client in southern Maine that was seeking a contractor to perform a plant expansion to increase it’s production ability. Cianbro built the client a rough order of magnitude budget to complete this work, assisted with geotechnical borings, and introduced them to multiple engineering firms to design the work. In the spring of 2019, the client awarded Cianbro the project and construction commenced later that year. Cianbro has been on-site leading the plant expansion since December 2019. With the success of this project, Cianbro secured a deal with the client to continue working into 2021 and possibly longer if the client is awarded the next project. While the relationship with the aforementioned client was recently established, Cianbro and Portland Pipe Line Corporation (PPL) continue to work together on the Portland waterfront with a relationship spanning many decades. Cianbro began multiple small projects in March 2020 that wrapped up in early September, including the replacement of an existing pier deck and cast-in-place beams. The scope of work included the installation of a new stainless steel handrail, repairing and maintaining smart hooks and fenders used to bring oil tankers into port, and maintaining mixers used in the large tanks at the PPL tank farm. Additional projects included the replacement of electrical conduits and boxes that had been corroded by seawater and supporting a subcontractor with pressure grouting under the pier where concrete had spalled. With the completion of the 2020 projects, PPL was able to receive tankers by the end of the year, which has further strengthened the relationship between Cianbro and PPL. CIANBRO CHATTER


Cianbro’s Industrial & Manufacturing Market Supports Growth in Southern New England INDUSTRIAL & MANUFACTURING MARKET n

By Jon Murphy


elationships are as important today as when the company was founded. That’s why we strive to ensure that each client is satisfied by understanding their needs upfront and delivering on all our commitments. Because this approach is key to our growth, Cianbro continues to develop relationships with Dominion Nuclear, Eversource Energy, Covanta Energy, and Primoris. The needs of these companies continue to grow and Cianbro will be there to support them for years to come. Below is a snapshot of the work generated in 2020 and beyond.

Covanta Energy – Metso B Shredder Install Relationships are as important today as when the company was founded. That’s why we strive to ensure that each client is satisfied.



West Wareham, Massachusetts After the completion of the first shredder project in 2019, Cianbro was awarded the second shredder project in 2020 at the Covanta Semass facility in West Wareham, Massachusetts. The scope includes the demolition and removal of the existing shredder, wiring and installation of the new shredder with new power feeds, gas detection systems, area lighting, fire alarms, communication systems, and control wiring. The project started in late summer 2020 with an aggressive three-month timeline. Due to the teams’ effort and success, Covanta awarded Cianbro additional work on several capitol upgrades to be performed in 2021. Cianbro will be ready to provide the means, methods, and can-do spirit necessary to complete the upgrades.

Primoris – Eversource LNG Liquefaction Replacement – Mechanical Package Hopkinton, Massachusetts Located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, GC Primoris requested pricing to install owner provided pipe, steel, and equipment. After being awarded the project, Cianbro supported the receiving, of equipment, provided short term storage and delivered equipment for timely installation. The final pieces of equipment and fabricated piping will be delivered by the end of 2020. With a combined staff of 150, all focusing on a safe project completion date, Cianbro’s goal is to enter into the startup and commissioning phase of the plant in 2021.

Dominion Millstone – Heat Exchangers – Tube Bundle Replacement Waterford, Connecticut Cianbro strives to be an integral part of the daily activities at the Dominion Nuclear Facility in Waterford, Connecticut. In 2020, Cianbro successfully bid on several projects and is gearing up for project execution. Fall outage included a large tube bundle replacement for two heat exchangers inside the plant. This job will take precise planning from both Cianbro and the subcontractors. Cianbro plans to continue supporting the nuclear facility while building our on-site capabilities as a full service contractor.

Eversource – LNG Boil off Gas Compressor Upgrade Acushnet, Massachusetts Cianbro is the industrial and manufacturing contractor of choice for Eversource in Southern New England. Successfully bidding on the LNG boil off gas compressor upgrade in Acushnet, Massachusetts, Cianbro’s scope includes the installation of all owner supplied equipment, including compressors and monorail bridge crane and support skid, all site/civil work, structural steel/buildings work, and all associated piping and electrical. Cianbro hopes that the success of this project will lead to a large assortment of jobs for the area in the near future. CIANBRO CHATTER


Meeting the Challenge for Portsmouth Naval Shipyard INFRASTRUCTURE MARKET n

By Scott Jason


ortsmouth Naval Shipyard (PNSY), located in Kittery, Maine, is the U.S. Navy’s oldest continuously operating naval shipyard. Established during the administration of John Adams, the shipyard has a storied history; building and servicing ships, housing prisoners of war and even serving as the backdrop for an International Peace Treaty. For the last 100 years, PNSY has specialized in building and servicing submarines. Due to the Navy’s operational requirements and the limited amount of shipyards with the capability to perform PNSY’s mission, contractors on the base must meet aggressive timelines, manage complex coordination challenges, and make schedule adjustments on short notice. Cianbro has been meeting these challenges at the shipyard with high-profile projects of increasing complexity. Awarded in January 2017, the Caisson Replacement & Seat Repair was a mission-critical project to replace an existing dry dock door (caisson) and rehabilitate the dry dock seat. One of the challenges of the project was how to rehabilitate the dry dock entrance structure without taking the dock out of service. The solution would be what is called a limpet cofferdam. Limpet cofferdams are small cofferdams typically used in ship repair to effect in-water hull repairs. This innovative approach provided a dry workspace large enough to allow team members to complete concrete repairs below the surface without taking the dry dock out of service. In addition to the seat repairs, Cianbro managed the construction of the new caisson at an offsite facility by our partner Steel America, as well as replacement of a sluice gate and conduit grate at the dock entrance, concrete repairs to the interior of the dock walls and the installation of a new dock stairway system. The project was successfully delivered on time in the spring of 2020. Awarded in November 2016, Cianbro modernized over 1,200 feet of pile-supported open wharf structures in front of an active dry dock. The team installed a king pile-supported precast concrete shutter panel wall and sheet pile bulkhead. 26


The challenges were schedule and logistics. The Navy had a “must meet” aggressive timeline to accommodate a fixed submarine berthing schedule, with limited shore side space to accommodate equipment, personnel, and material. Cianbro mobilized a significant portion of marine equipment including specialized jack up barges, deck barges and sectional crane barges with specialized cranes to reduce the shore side footprint. Through a partnering relationship, appreciation for the clients and needs and the commitment of the greater team toward the accomplishment of the mission, Cianbro substantially completed the project on time in March 2020. In mid-2017, Cianbro was selected as the successful bidder for a submarine support complex. Shortly after receiving notice of award, the mission of the project was changed to meet the mission needs of the shipyard facility. For the next several months, the Cianbro team worked alongside with the PNSY Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) and engineering teams to get the new design and construction of the project under way in an unprecedented short window of time. The work was broken into packages and put into execution with amazing speed and efficiency. This project included the construction of multiple complex industrial buildings that required strict compliance and was surrounded by numerous other planned and ongoing projects. Portions of the work were subcontracted to specialty subcontractors with the experience in execution of this type of work for the Navy in the past. Structural steel, metal siding panels, electrical and controls, unique HVAC systems, etc. are just some of the critical pieces of work needed to deliver this project. Work continues on the complex as Cianbro works closely with NAVFAC, it’s engineers and shipyard customers to bring this unique project to successful completion. Awarded in December 2019, the P-310 Superflood Project is the first phase of the largest and most technically complex infrastructure project the Navy has undertaken in years. The project involves constructing the foundational basin of what will become two new multi-mission dry docks needed to service the Navy’s future fleet of submarines. The work entails construction of large concrete filled cellular cofferdams to extend the existing structures, fabrication, delivery and installation of a more than 5,000-ton precast concrete entrance

structure, construction of temporary cofferdam cutoff walls, improvements to the existing granite wall via a sheet pile and concrete fill lining, dredging and rock blasting and removal, the addition of thousands of feet of landside concrete crane and trail rail systems, and modification to and addition of significant underground utilities needed to accommodate the initial superflood capability and the follow on future dry dock plans. Cianbro continues to fully appreciate the importance of Portsmouth Naval Shipyard to the defense of our country and the freedoms that our armed forces make possible for us all to enjoy. We value the partnering relationship with NAVFAC as our customer as we focus on successful completion of the current projects and work on developing the best value option for future projects yet to come. ✔ 385,000 Project Safe Hours

Superflood basin construction, Rickers Wharf, Portland, Maine




Thank You for a Job Well Done



By Andi Vigue

s we entered 2020, we were laser-focused on fulfilling our five-year strategic business plan. Before quarter one ended, our focus was stretched to include an unexpected and unknown virus rapidly spreading across the US. As the country’s economy closed down and government-ordered restrictions were put in place, we were all faced with many new challenges brought on by the pandemic. Fortunately, the construction industry was deemed essential. As we look back, it was inspiring to see how our team members and clients adapted to all the changes around us and worked together to allow our work to carry on. We all quickly adapted to new health and safety protocols such as social distancing, daily health questionnaires, increased personal protective equipment, and environmental hygiene requirements. Even with these ever-changing expectations, our team never missed a beat. When asked “how has The Cianbro Companies managed through this crisis?” the answer is easy: “It’s all

MTA Bridge Widening, Portland, Maine



North Hero Grand Isle Bridge, Lake Champlain, Vermont

about people.” Our team members possess grit. They know how to persevere. Working together as a team, our nimble and adaptable culture is able to quickly adjust to the many changes around us. We are a team of dedicated professionals who make a living in the construction industry; up before the sun and on the project ensuring the safe execution of work.

Across the country, team members from A/Z Corporation, Starcon, and Cianbro, worked in unison, more so than ever before in our history, diligently and creatively to deliver on our commitments to our clients. Many team members traveled farther from home to support critical projects and took on various assignments outside of their normal scope of work. We are so proud of what the team has accomplished this year. For many, each day brought uncertainty for what was next. Many sacrificed time away from their loved ones. Yet, they continued to support one another and overcome each challenge that the year presented. We thank them for their commitment and cooperation throughout this pandemic. Our gratitude, however, does not stop at our team members. We would be remiss if we did not recognize the sacrifices of our team members’ families. Without the support of their loved ones, our team members could not do what they do. We also want to thank our clients who collaboratively worked with us as partners to ensure the successful execution of work. They openly communicated their expectations, were understanding of the challenges at hand, all while respecting the health and safety protocol we deployed to ensure a safe work environment. This spirit of teamwork and commitment is what makes for successful outcomes. We recognize 2020 was a long year. Our society witnessed tension growing within our political system, social injustice unfolding, and natural disasters devastating the gulf and west coasts. Our mental wellness has been taxed. Yet through it all, our team continued to press on. Despite how challenging the year was, we never lost sight of our strategic plan laid out five years ago and we remained focused on fulfilling our mission of executing it successfully. Our leveraged use of new technologies and our enhanced operating procedures through our continuous improvement efforts have made The Cianbro Companies more competitive and successful.

Starcon Corporate Office, La Porte, Texas

We are excited to see what opportunities 2021 will bring and remain confident that whatever they may be, the A/Z, Cianbro, and Starcon team is ready and poised to tackle them together. We hope you enjoy the many articles within this Chatter that reflect on how our team rose to the occasion and overcame multiple challenges. Thank you for a job well done!

When asked “how has The Cianbro Companies managed through this crisis?” the answer is easy: “It’s all about people.”



Delivering Infrastructure Projects Efficiently with CM/GC INFRASTRUCTURE MARKET n

By Scott Jason


elivering infrastructure projects efficiently, within budget and on time is critical to our customers, particularly our public agency owners. One way public agencies ensure they are delivering projects efficiently is by choosing a delivery method that allocates risk and control to the entity best able to manage it during design and construction. Historically, the two most common methods of project delivery are “Design-Bid-Build” and “Design-Build.” These delivery methods tend to be a one-size-fits all approach and the owner must accept tradeoffs when choosing between the two. Over the last decade, the Federal Highway Administration

has promoted an alternate delivery method called Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC) to overcome limitations of Design-Bid-Build and Design-Build. This method of project delivery allows the client/agency to retain control of the design through a contract with the engineer of their choosing while at the same time having the advantage of utilizing the collective experience and knowledge of the best suited contractor to provide constructability, risk and subsequent cost analysis input during the design process. This process is the best example of working together as a team for a common goal leveraging the strengths of all parties involved. Cianbro has been at the forefront of adopting this new approach from the contractor side and to date, has either completed or is in the process of executing CM/GC projects in Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, and Vermont. The following provides a more detailed look into those projects.

The Walk Bridge & CP243 Dock Yard Project Connecticut Department of Transportation Cianbro is currently working with Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) on two projects that are part of the overall Walk Bridge Program in Norwalk, Connecticut. What originally started as one project to replace the existing swing bridge evolved into two projects out of necessity. It was determined during the procurement and CM process that additional rail work was needed to avoid any significant impact to the rail service. The CTDOT was able to utilize the extensive experience of the Cianbro joint venture team to accelerate the start of the work, which may have otherwise been delayed, possibly for years. By using the CM/GC team approach, the precursor project referred to as the CP243 Dockyard Project, was designed, refined, and started while the engineering for the Walk Bridge was taking place. The Cianbro team had project execution personnel and estimating teams working on both fronts to advance the projects. Cianbro’s collaboration with the owner and designer has enabled design elements of the Walk Bridge to be



simultaneously incorporated into the CP243 Dockyard Project. A prime example of this is the early installation of the replacement submarine cable needed for the new bridge and the advanced utilities packages at two separate locations that must be completed as part of the overall program. These activities are planned to finish in advance of the bridge work allowing for less schedule pressure and risk to the owner and less congestion and overall cost during the major bridge work. Further, by performing the utility work early, the team can

focus on larger aspects of the work and minimize the schedule and cost of the overall project. Through the evolution of the CM preconstruction input, the Cianbro joint venture estimating team has been working hard to identify key staging areas, necessary equipment, barge layouts, and containment strategies needing permit approval. Early input from the Cianbro joint venture team allows the client to work with the regulatory agencies on permit conditions that have the least impact to the project and environment. Another critical design consideration is negotiating and acquiring the ‘Right of Way’ needed to construct the bridge, particularly where lift spans will be built and ultimately floated into place. After community stakeholders voiced concern about the impact of constructing the lift spans near the downtown area, the CTDOT asked Cianbro, as part of the CM/GC process, to review the possibility of constructing the lift spans off-site. After researching numerous options, Cianbro provided the owner with an outline of different

options including means and methods of fabrication, site photos, and costs associated with each option. The ability to receive this kind of feedback prior to finalizing design is one of the key elements of the CM/GC process. ✔ 144,319 Project Safe Hours

Curtis Creek Bridge Rehabilitation Maryland Transportation Authority During the pre-construction phase, Cianbro worked with the designer and project owner to identify long lead mechanical and electrical items that could be solicited in an “early procurement package.” This package ensured the project could be awarded and performed within the owner’s schedule. ✔ 62,100 Project Safe Hours

North Hero-Grand Isle Drawbridge Replacement Vermont Agency of Transportation During the pre-construction phase, Cianbro worked with the designer to perform a detailed cost analysis of phased construction vs. a temporary bridge installation. Based on the analysis, Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTRANS) was able to evaluate cost and impact for all stakeholders and proceed with the temporary bridge solution. VTRANS also realized gains in cost efficiency by incorporating best practices when utilizing Cianbro equipment, such as using the same cranes for temporary bridge erection and permanent bridge erection. This construction approach required additional fill, but with the benefits of CM/GC, the temporary environmental impacts could be incorporated into the plan for permit approval prior to award.

On complex projects with a variety of stakeholders, a myriad of regulations, and numerous unknowns, the use of CM/GC is proving to be an effective and efficient delivery method that fosters collaboration and innovation to see tough projects through to completion, on time and on budget. CIANBRO CHATTER


ENR Mid-Atlantic Recognizes Brighton Dam Rehabilitation Project INFRASTRUCTURE MARKET


ianbro was honored to receive an Award of Merit from Engineering News Record’s (ENR) 2020 Best Project Awards for the Brighton Dam Rehabilitation Project. This award was given in the category of water/environment. ENR ranked projects by their strength in four categories: Overcoming Challenges and Teamwork, Safety, Innovation and Contribution to the Industry and Community, and, Design Quality/Craftsmanship and Aesthetics. The projects were reviewed by a panel of judges located across the mid-atlantic region. The Brighton Dam Rehabilitation project was located in Brookeville, Maryland. The scope of work included resurfacing the concrete spillway of the dam, replacing all of the original intake gates and bar screens, as well as 32


rehabilitating 13 tainter gates, also referred to as radial gates. Although the project had its challenges, including a record rainfall that caused numerous flooding events on the project, the team pulled together to find solutions to keep the project moving forward. With teamwork and a can-do attitude, the project was completed in 2020. ✔ 84,412 Project Safe Hours

Transmission & Distribution Team Supports Clients from Storm Response to Maintenance POWER & ENERGY MARKET n

By Scott MacDonald


hroughout 2020 the New England Transmission & Distribution team has continued supporting our clients in multiple areas including routine maintenance work through master services agreements, storm response, and critical capital projects. Highlights to date include:

Eversource Master Service Agreement Projects The team continued to perform work under our Master Service Agreement with Eversource in New Hampshire. Scopes of work included replacing open wire conductor with spacer cable “tree” wire to help with reliability, replacing right of way distribution poles, installing automation devices and responding to multiple storm events within Eversources’ territories in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

New England Transmission & Distribution Team

Maine Turnpike / Central Maine Power Exit 45 Transmission Line Relocations The team performed three separate electrical transmission line upgrades and reroutes across Interstate 95 in Portland, Maine to accommodate future upgrades to the Exit 45 interchange. In total there were 14 structure replacements that included installing conductors, overhead shield wires, and fiber optic cables.

Central Maine Power Master Service Agreement Award for 2020 through 2023 Cianbro was awarded a three-year Master Service agreement with Avangrid for distribution maintenance work within Central Maine Power’s service territories in Maine. Work will include pole replacements, solar power integrations, automation projects, and storm response.

Central Maine Power Tower Replacement Project This project on Casco Bay in South Portland, Maine includes the installation of a work platform, single drilled pier foundation adjacent to the existing structure, the installation of a double circuit steel monopole structure, and the removal of the existing structure and foundations.

Tower Replacement Project, South Portland, Maine



Teamwork Helps Meet Substation & Transmission Line Schedule POWER & ENERGY MARKET n

By Cam Rand


n the spring of 2020, Cianbro concluded the installation of County Road Substation in Oakland, Maine, along with seven miles of new direct embedded steel monopole 115 kV transmission line which tied into the new substation. Cianbro’s Power & Energy team began this project in late summer of 2019 when we broke ground at the substation pad with our subcontract partner, Ranger Contracting Inc. With the delayed award of the project, our team acknowledged the urgency to get below-grade construction of the 115/34.5/12.47kV substation complete before winter set in. As work progressed in the yard, below grade with oversight from Project Assistant Superintendent Jeremy Moody and Design Specialist Ryan Lockhart, the team in the control house, led by Patti Brann, was executing a well-orchestrated plan to complete the fit-out of the control house. As foundations were placed and grades established, Jordan Lyford and his team continued diligently in the field with yard conduit and ground grid installations. The T-line scope of work started with the installation of seventy-four 48-inch and 60-inch culverts for the direct embedded poles. By early fall, the first steel pole for the new line, Section 241, was spotted and installed by Scott Bumps, DJ Robinson, and team. All resources and team members’ focus was then directed toward completing the Interstate 95 crossing. With this being outage-driven work, all of our Northern New England Transmission & Distribution resources came together and showed superior team work in executing this large scope of work within a tight schedule. By the turn of the year the team, led by Ryan Perkins and Matt Sullivan, were ready to install the new 126,000 feet of 1192 aluminum conductor steel reinforced, and 40,000 feet of optical ground wire.



… showed superior team work in executing this large scope of work within a tight schedule. Once above-grade construction began at the County Road Substation and structural steel arrived, it was apparent that many pieces of the steel would require modifications to meet or correct deficiencies in design. Cianbro’s highly experienced steel erection crew, led by Bill Dusty, ensured that issues were addressed immediately and provided possible solutions to the client to ensure critical path activities stayed on schedule. Progression of the above grade electrical and mechanical construction continued through the winter with Mike Dube leading the fitting and welding of the tubular bus and Matt Raven coordinating the pulling of yard protection and control cables from the field. As circuits became energized for testing and commissioning activities, Patti and the team maintained detailed and clear coordination with testing and commissioning parties to ensure she was keeping her team safe. Due to various design flaws with the 34.5kV disconnect switches, Brent Haskell and his mechanical crew focused heavily on the troubleshooting, adjustment, and replacement of various parts in highly congested aerial locations. Through a consistent six day workweek, the team was able to finally reach the targeted energization date of the substation on April 21 2020, while also working through the onset of COVID-19. Once Section 241 became energized another series of outages on three 34.5kv circuits that ran into the old Rice Rips Substation needed to be cut over to the County Road Substation. The distribution team, led by Scott Rand and Corey Blagdon, assisted with the execution of the outages. Finally 115kV line section 281 needed to be rerated, this required the installation of 44 energized sets, 22 transfers, and 160 structures to be renumbered, which required climbing each one individually. Special thanks to Shane Ennis and Bruce Chesley for supporting the team with education and safety needs during all the work and different outages. The project spanned approximately eight months from mobilization to energization. It took the commitment of the team and has reaffirmed Cianbro’s capabilities as a full-service provider across the transmission, distribution, and substation submarkets. Thank you to all involved with the project. ✔ 37,814 Project Safe Hours



Project Success on Cianbro’s First 138 kV BOLD® Transmission Line POWER & ENERGY MARKET n

By Zeb Underwood


n September 2020, Cianbro was awarded Best Project in the Specialty Construction category from Engineering News Record’s (ENR) Midwest chapter for the Sorenson-Deer Creek 138 kV BOLD® Transmission Line Rebuild Project. ENR’s annual awards program honors the best construction projects and the companies that build them. The awards are based on how a project performs in the following areas: overcoming challenges and teamwork; safety; innovation and contribution to the industry/community; construction quality and craftsmanship; and functionality of design and aesthetic quality. The Sorenson-Deer Creek 138 kV BOLD® Transmission Line Rebuild Project was the first 138 kV BOLD® (Breakthrough Overhead Line Design) double circuit transmission line that Cianbro constructed for American Electric Power (AEP). BOLD® is an AEP patented, high-capacity, high-efficiency, transmission line design with a low-profile, compact configuration.



The project covered 35 miles from Huntington to Marion, Indiana. The project included installing, maintaining, and removing over 35 miles of access roads, work pads, right-of-way (ROW), and environmental controls, installing 215 steel BOLD® transmission structures on drilled concrete foundations, installing 35 miles of double circuit single conductor including shield and optical ground wire, removing 199 steel lattice towers, and removing 35 miles of existing conductor and shield wire. From the very first day on the project, the team agreed that the path to a safe and successful project was through collaboration and effective communication between AEP, Cianbro, the Safety Management Group, and all of our subcontractors. In addition to our project safety kick-off meeting and weekly site safety meetings, our team held quarterly project safety meetings. These meetings focused on effective planning, best practices, good catches, near misses, incidents, last minute risk assessments, and how the team planned to continuously improve our safety performance. Our number one goal was to share safety information effectively with all project stakeholders and implement positive changes to our work practices. To help deliver the Sorenson-Deer Creek project safely ahead of schedule and under budget, the project team

American Electric Power Award Highlights Cianbro’s Commitment to Safety

Left to right: Pete Vigue, Josh Gale, Paul Franceschi, Andi Vigue



overcame multiple challenges with innovative solutions. One such innovative solution was a direct result of the team setting a goal to decrease labor hours and cost associated with conductor installation. As the project team was preparing the conductor installation plan with pull force calculations, the team developed a plan to utilize hard line and pull two conductors simultaneously. To control the angle of the hard line traveling off the puller/tensioner, the team worked with our internal engineering resources to design a roller-fairlead that would act as a guide for the hard line both vertically and horizontally. This approach proved effective and resulted in significantly fewer labor hours. This innovation has been implemented on current projects and incorporated into our project pursuit process. The success of this project has led to additional opportunities with AEP including the Deer Creek-Wes Del 138kV BOLD® Transmission Line Project in Indiana that started in July 2020 and includes approximately 20 miles of transmission line rebuild. Thanks to the project team for their effort, innovative ideas, positive attitude, and hard work: Josh Turner, Pat Chamberlain, James “Andy” Wolf, Darren Herschberger, John Trainer, Jeremy Harshbarger, Chad Page, Joe Schackart, Eddie Ferreira, Quinton Johnson, David Korb, Roy Bolton, Guy Berthiaume, Luke Chamberlain, Bryton York, Austin Burgoyne, Tyler Craft, Bryan King, Danielle Anthony, Tony Gunsaulis, Josh Gale, Zeb Underwood, and many other

team members.

ach year, American Electric Power (AEP) honors three of its top contractors with the Contractor Safety Award. To earn this recognition, contractors must excel in protecting their team through operational tasks and practices, backed by leadership committed to the Zero Harm approach to injury prevention. This year, AEP chose Cianbro as one of the Contractor Safety Award recipients. Some key areas of focus that have helped Cianbro’s Power & Energy team create an award-winning safe work environment include reviewing safety measures and seeing where we can improve, encouraging regular communication among team members, sharing and learning best practices, and always focusing on doing what is right. “We submitted our first safety improvement plan in 2017, and each year we continue to see the value of the process,” said Paul Franceschi, Vice President and General Manager of Power & Energy. “We continue to include a larger group of team members to help develop our safety plans, not only engaging our team on AEP projects, but leadership from across our entire business unit. Through our commitment to safety, we have implemented improvements on all projects with all customers.” In November 2020, Pete Vigue, Chairman of The Cianbro Companies, presented the AEP Contractor Safety Award to Franceschi and Josh Gale, Assistant General Manager of Power & Energy. The two accepted the honor on behalf of all the Cianbro team members and subcontractors who have worked on AEP projects. Cianbro’s first AEP project was in 2015 in Salem, Virginia. Since then, Cianbro has worked on 16 AEP projects across Indiana, Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia. “We are confident that we will see continued success, and are very appreciative of the guidance AEP has provided us,” said Franceschi. “Together, we’ll achieve Zero Harm.” CIANBRO CHATTER


Starcon Awards Highlight Success STARCON n

By Ryne Elfstrom

ABC National Safety Excellence Pinnacle Award and Excellence in Construction Eagle Award


n April 6, 2020 Starcon received the ABC National Safety Excellence Pinnacle Award for our overall safety performance. The Pinnacle Award is the highest honor given by ABC and reflects exceptional long-term safety performance and processes. Congratulations to our team and thank you for your uncompromising commitment to safety excellence! That same day, Starcon was also named winner of the ABC National Excellence in Construction Eagle Award for our Maintenance & Turnaround Program at the Marathon Canton Refinery. The Eagle Award is the highest award given and honors the nation’s most innovative and high-quality construction projects and safety programs. The award was earned for the routine maintenance work as well as the two turnarounds completed at the site. Routine maintenance included repair activities on heat exchangers,

towers, drums, and extensive pipe work throughout the refinery. Starcon also provided civil services, HVAC, and plumbing work for the plant. This work encompassed 125,606 work hours all performed with zero recordable injuries. The turnaround projects included the GHT performed during the month of March and the Major turnaround in July and August. The leadership teams for these projects included Mike Quintus, Erik Silvey, Scott Hepworth, and Steve Miller. The Starcon Team successfully completed both turnarounds working more than 110,000 work hours with no recordable events.

Chevron Phillips Chemical’s President’s Award

Left to right: Chris Scott, Brian Walker, Carlos Saldana, David Folmar



On August 28, 2020 Chevron Phillips Chemical hosted their annual Contractor Safety Forum to recognize exceptional safety performance at their process sites across the United States. At this virtual event, CPChem President & CEO Mark Lashier named Starcon winner of the annual President’s Safety Award for our performance at the Cedar Bayou site in Baytown, Texas. The President’s Award is the highest honor given at this ceremony and represents the best-of-the-best contractors across the CPChem system. Starcon’s safety performance beat out 77 eligible contractors in this category. During the observed program year, Starcon completed nearly 275,000 work hours with zero recordable injuries. Congratulations to our entire Cedar Bayou project team for this outstanding accomplishment!

Aerial views of Mosaic Project

ABC Excellence in Construction Awards for Greater Houston and Illinois Chapters This fall Starcon was the proud recipient of two excellence in construction awards for the Greater Houston Chapter and Illinois Chapter. For the Greater Houston Chapter, Starcon was recognized for our performance on the Dow Chemical / Wood Group Mosaic Project in Clute, Texas. This project was one of the first scheduled expansions to support Dow Chemical’s efforts to double their worldwide ethylene production capacity. Major scope of work for this expansion included the installation of three ethylene dryers, one CO2 absorber and the installation of over 10,300 linear feet of pipe averaging 6 inches in diameter. Starcon’s project team managed to complete the project on-time, on-budget and injury free over 139,398 exposure hours. Additionally, this project met all of Starcon’s QA/QC benchmarks and complete client satisfaction. For the Illinois Chapter, Starcon was recognized for our annual Maintenance & Turnaround performance at the BP Whiting, Indiana Refinery. The BP Maintenance and

Turnaround Program was comprised of five major activities: routine maintenance, spring & fall turnarounds, insulation support and the Loss of Primary Containment (LOPC) Program. All projects were completed on-time, on budget and injury free over 191,548 exposure hours. Each of these projects are now eligible to compete in the ABC National Excellence in Construction Competition in 2021. CIANBRO CHATTER


Starcon Continues Successful Partnership with Dow Texas Operations




By Ryne Elfstrom


n 2014, Starcon began building a relationship with Dow Texas Operations to provide turnaround services at their Freeport, Texas site - the largest integrated chemical manufacturing complex in the Western Hemisphere. Over time, Starcon’s success has led to more and more work beyond turnarounds and into capital, measure and sketch, construction, and other divisions within the Dow Chemical Complex. After the successful completion of several projects, Starcon had the opportunity to assemble and grow a core team at Dow’s Freeport facility, comprised of local professionals and Starcon team members from other sites who wished to continue their tenure at the Freeport facility and build upon the region’s success. We are proud of the Freeport team today. We believe they are poised for future success, project after project. With repeated awards of work, such as the annual Picloram Turnaround, the team has clearly demonstrated that Dow can trust Starcon to get the job done safely and efficiently, time and time again. In 2016, Starcon opened a new fabrication shop in Freeport, Texas making them even more versatile as a contractor resource; not only for Dow, but for other clients for whom our team would build. Starcon’s largest project to date at the Freeport site is taking part in the Dow Chemical Mosaic Project, located in Clute, Texas. This is part of Dow’s worldwide effort to double their ethylene production capacity. Starcon was selected as the construction contractor to work under Wood Group. Major scopes of

Clute Fabrication Shop

1 Million Work Hours Without Injury at Marathon Canton Refinery

work included the installation of three ethylene dryers and a CO2 absorber. To support the fabrication demands of this new opportunity, Starcon moved its Freeport operations to a new facility in nearby Clute, Texas. The new facility not only includes a fabrication shop with fabrication areas for both general and specialty stainless steel applications, but also a hub of office space, a shipping and receiving area, and warehousing. The year long expansion project was successfully completed in early 2020 on time, on budget, and with a total recordable injury rate (TRIR) of 0.00 over a total of 139,398 exposure hours. The team, led by Project Manager Robert Engelhardt, was recognized for their outstanding efforts by the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) Greater Houston Chapter and named winner of the Excellence in Construction ICE Award. Another project completed on time, on budget, and most importantly, with zero recordable injuries. The Mosaic Project is a great example of the partnership that Starcon has with Dow Chemical. This partnership has produced nearly six years of successful projects for Starcon with over 950,000 work hours and zero recordable injuries. The future is bright for our Freeport area team. Starcon continues to emerge as the contractor of choice for this region thanks to the uncompromising commitment of the men and women putting in the work each and every day.

Left to right: David Folmar, Steve Buford, Mike Quintus


By Ryne Elfstrom


ince 2003, Starcon has successfully maintained a nested maintenance contract at the Marathon Canton Refinery. In addition to the routine maintenance work, Starcon also provides turnkey mechanical services for many of the refinery’s scheduled outage and turnaround activity. Over the years our relationship with the Marathon Canton Refinery has continued to grow into one of our flagship maintenance locations. On Wednesday February 26, 2020 the Starcon team celebrated one of the most significant achievements in the history of our partnership with Marathon when we achieved 1 million work hours without a recordable injury. It is with great pride that we make this announcement as this is an achievement that cannot be accomplished without the commitment of the entire Starcon and Marathon team. Starcon believes in a proactive approach to all aspects of health and safety driven through a program of consistent team member engagement to ensure the best working conditions in this facility. Safety at Starcon has always been the highest value and this milestone is a testament to the effectiveness of our safety program and culture. Congratulations to the team and thank you for your commitment to safety excellence. One million safe hours down and committed to the next one million!

Mosaic Project near completion



Cianbro Equipment & Starcon Logistics Integration a Success EQUIPMENT & STARCON n

By Megan Barnes

common challenge for an organization the size of The Cianbro Companies (TCC) is how to leverage best practices across the organization without negatively impacting customer service. This is what the Cianbro Equipment LLC (CEL) team was tasked with solving when they began the CEL/Starcon Logistics integration process. CEL Manager Doug LaCroix explains, “It began with the creation of the 2018 CEL Business Plan. Some of the initial tasks identified were: document similar processes at CEL and Starcon Logistics, utilize LEAN principles to identify best practices, and document best practices for later inclusion in our standard operating procedures. Simultaneously, we had to identify what items (equipment/tools/scaffolding) Starcon routinely rents from third party suppliers.” Once the information was gathered, several questions needed to be answered. What can we do to leverage the information? How do we create synergy/efficiencies between CEL and Starcon Logistics? How do we standardize the equipment rental process? Equipment Superintendent Buddy Kershner elaborated, “We knew we needed help from subject matter experts if we were going to complete the integration process successfully without impacting customer service.” A team was created with members from CEL, Starcon Logistics, corporate IT development, corporate finance, and Starcon finance. The team held weekly meetings, creating an outline identifying the required resources: team members, infrastructure, and systems. Next, the team finalized an enterprise resource 42


Truck Mount Bundle Extractor

plan with a budget. Key components of the plan included Starcon Logistics migrating to CEL’s software platform (M3), streamlining all processes using lean principles, implementing identical processes/best practices throughout CEL/Starcon Logistics, and centralizing all Starcon 3rd party rentals through CEL/Starcon Logistics. After preparation and training were complete, the integration took place on March 2, 2020. It immediately enhanced customer service, allowing customers to have the same experience whether in Pittsfield, Maine; New Lenox, Illinois; La Porte Texas; and everywhere in between. The integration was a success due to the collaboration and efforts of everyone on the team. The success serves as proof that the saying is true, NO ONE IS SMARTER THAN ALL OF US!

No one is smarter than all of us!

Fabrication & Coatings Involvement with Puritan Project FABRICATION & COATING n

By Rob Nickerson

t the end of April 2020, when Cianbro partnered with Puritan Medical Products to renovate an old manufacturing facility, it was all hands on deck. Cianbro Fabrication & Coatings Corporation (CFCC) was involved early in the project to secure the steel that was needed first in order to meet the aggressive timeline of the project. For CFCC, the orders started coming in early May: reinforcement for the roof, framing for air units, and plenty of painted guardrail. Schedule was always the top priority, ranging from weeks to days between order and delivery. On

multiple occasions, an early morning phone call would result in a completed delivery that very afternoon. Speed and flexibility are two hallmark traits CFCC has always held and the Puritan project was their opportunity to shine. The newly added second shift in Pittsfield proved to be invaluable in hitting critical production milestones, while Georgetown worked tirelessly on maintaining commitments toward other projects. Project manager Mark Hansen closely coordinated with shop supervisor Craig Chambers to match production to site needs. After a massive team effort and more than 2,000 shop work hours, the fabrication portion of the Puritan project closed out at 1.14 productivity and no safety incidents. With this project delivered safely and on time, Cianbro Fabrication & Coatings Corporation is ready for the next project!



In Memory of

Mac Cianchette n

By Tom Stone


n order to fully appreciate Mac Cianchette and all of the blessings he brought to us as a colleague, family member, or friend, and to best appreciate his contributions in life and business, one needs to understand how he lived his life and devoted himself to others. Family, Cianbro, and fun were all priorities in Mac’s life, and in whatever order the day demanded, brought balance to Mac as he lived his life to the fullest. Not many would undertake a trek from Washington state to Maine through Canada on a new and untested snow machine – but Mac did. There are also few of us who would maneuver a motorcycle westward from Maine to Sturgis, South Dakota for an annual bike rally – or down to Daytona Beach, Florida for Bike Week. Others wouldn’t purchase a motorhome in Arizona to drive back to Maine, or go salmon fishing in Alaska with their dad and brothers. Yet Mac did. He made all these adventures come true. Outside of his once-in-a lifetime trips, Mac also enjoyed recreational time with week-long snowmobile excursions around the Gaspé Peninsula, boating and camping on Moosehead Lake, and the seemingly endless renovations and improvements at his family home on Great Moose Lake – a place where family, friends and neighbors were always welcome. As dedicated, focused, and hard-working as Mac was, he liked to have (lots of) fun and always made room to enjoy life with those he held dear. Mac’s long and distinguished biography began on May 25, 1951, in Waterville, Maine when he was born into a large, close-knit and hardworking family to Carl and Maureen (Davis) Cianchette. Mac came home to older siblings Janice, Brian, and Carleen, and was later joined by two younger siblings, Jill and Steven. In 1969, Mac graduated from the former Warsaw High School located in Pittsfield, Maine where he grew up and furthered his education by attending Maine Maritime Academy. Mac graduated in 1973 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nautical Science. Despite his education and training as a mariner, Mac gave up the high seas tradition upon graduation and made his career with Cianbro Corporation, the company started by his father Carl in post-war 1946, formerly Carl E. Cianchette, Inc. Early in his career, Mac worked on many projects up and down the East Coast. Later on, he undertook several senior management roles – all totaling 44 years of dedicated and loyal service to 44


the company. Mac also served on the Cianbro Board of Directors for 18 years until the time of his death. In addition, externally Mac volunteered his time for several other professional organizations which include the Maine Maritime Alumni Association and Board of Trustees, Associated General Contractors, the Town of Hartland Planning Board, and the Pine Tree Camp. Each of these organizations were extremely important to Mac. Mac loved working with people and the feeling was reciprocated. Mac was loyal, transparent, and always looked for the good in any situation no matter how controversial or unpleasant. To all who knew him and had the benefit of working with him, Mac was the consummate professional and was often sought out by business partners for advice, friendship, and counsel. His successful career and life are attributed to many things including a balanced and calm demeanor, always focusing on what was important, and always choosing to do what was right – not what was easy. When it came to the Cianbro family, nothing meant more to Mac than company culture. Being born into the company’s founding family, Mac learned the core values early on that became the foundation of the growing company: treat people with dignity and respect – even if delivering bad news; make the best decisions possible for the company, not yourself; and follow through and meet each commitment you make.

In the mid-1980’s, then President Chuck Cianchette (and Mac’s uncle) asked Mac to be the project manager for the construction of a 40MW wood-fired power plant in Stratton, Maine. Mac protested at first, insisting he didn’t know anything about building boilers and that most of his work involved building bridges or piers. Chuck said “Mac, the people trust you. I’m not asking you to build the boiler…I’m asking you to manage our people, manage the subcontractors, and manage the owner. Let those experienced ‘build the job’.” The project was successfully completed under Mac’s steady leadership in 1989. Over the course of his career, Mac took on many demanding and delicate roles as the company continued to grow. Sometimes a scout, sometimes a field general, Mac was a wise and competent leader and always first to be called upon when fences needed mending or when Cianbro needed a trusted advocate. With the acquisition of Curran & LaVoie, Mac was asked to merge two companies’ cultures into one and, then later, to oversee Cianbro’s expansion into North Carolina and the mid-Atlantic region. No small feat. As Mac’s career advanced, the positions he held increased in responsibility to include Northern New England Regional Manager, Vice President, and Senior VP of Operations. With his breadth of experience and ability to communicate

easily with others, Mac was often asked to develop insightful relationships with potential joint venture partners. It never took Mac long to determine if a meeting was going to lead to opportunity or if it “just wasn’t the right fit.” He had an uncanny ability to understand the true character and intent of those he interacted with in business. Based on his values and strong moral compass, Mac always made the best decisions for Cianbro. Following a courageous battle with pancreatic cancer, Mac passed away at his home on Great Moose Lake while in the comforting care of his family on November 21, 2019. Mac was predeceased by his parents. He is survived by his partner and loving wife of 36 years, Judy Cianchette, his children Aaron, Megan, and Nicole, four grandsons and three granddaughters, as well as many nieces, nephews and other family members. Mac is survived by brothers Brian and Steven Cianchette, and their spouses, as well as sisters Janice, Carleen, and Jill, and their spouses. Mac’s honesty, sincerity, and direct approach earned him the respect and trust of everyone who knew him. He was a rare person, deeply loved by many, and his tremendous presence will be missed.

Farewell Mac. You will forever remain in our hearts.





Pages 46 through 49 honor our active Cianbro team members who have one or more years of service

51 Years

Peter G. Vigue

48 Years

Vinal G. Bell

45 Years

Frank J. Susi

44 Years

Steven A. Perrault

42 Years

Charles Cianchette John L. Purinton Thomas E. Stone

41 Years

David D. Shorey

40 Years

Howard L. Briggs Jeffery A. Carr Michael L. Crider Daniel L. Duperry William Hadlock Brent F. Kirby David P. Lewis David C. Sutcliffe Gregory E. Wing

39 Years

Domenick Arena Cindy R. Clark William H. Dusty Alan R. Goepner Richard K. Moors Chet J. Muckenhirn Nathan S. Weston Jerome D. Wood

38 Years

Franklin D. Dunton Mona D. Evy Alan D. Fisher Ronald K. Oliver Daniel S. Perkins Michael A. Potter


37 Years

Scott Clements Douglas A. Dow Gary R. Gagnon Troy G. Martin David G. Saucier Ernest Selberg

36 Years

John S. Clifford James M. Haut

35 Years

Paul R. Belanger Laura H. Henry Jerome J. Humphrey Robert C. Owens Michael L. Raven

34 Years

Elbridge G. Watson Thomas Wozniak Mark J. Zagrobelny

Michael S. Stevens Cory P. Thompson Andrew L. Tower

Daniel J. Williams Kenneth P. Woodcock

31 Years

26 Years

Tina Adams Tara K. Coffin Jon G. Collins Milton A. Cruikshank Dawn Erb Paul D. Franceschi Yves P. Gagnon Kevin L. Grass Todd A. Hoffa Craig M. LePage Brent E. Luce Amy E. Webber Von L. Weese Michael S. Zemla

Michael A. Berry Andrew E. Bowden Patti-Lynn Brann Ralph S. Clukey Robert B. Costine Wayne S. Enman John E. Farnham Roy D. Fitzmaurice Timothy E. Flewelling Charles G. Hall Brent A. Haskell Keith I. Ryder Larry R. Snowman Jennifer L. Turcotte Bradley A. Vanadestine

25 Years

23 Years

Philip R. Dube Richard G. Fish Brian T. Hartness Aaron L. Wedgewood Daniel L. Wyman

30 Years

Wayne M. Denny Kellie A. Duplisea Richard J. Godin Dann L. Hayden Shawn H. Ramsay

29 Years

Dennis E. Beisaw Neal T. Dawes Craig O. Holmquist Terence Lemieux James H. Richards Kevin M. Violette

Leonard W. Brooks Thomas J. Hamel Eusebio Heredia Soto Craig R. McConaughey James M. Rossi Kimberly G. Sieber George W. Tapley

33 Years

28 Years

Anthony A. Ayotte Shawn H. Bickford Kevin H. Curry Joseph C. Friant Jean E. Gantnier Ernest J. Long Thomas B. Meunier Ronald S. Nickerson Dale D. Smith Scott S. Young

32 Years

Richard E. Beliveau O'Neil E. Boivin Trent C. Clukey Mark D. Cochrane Jack H. Dodge John P. Gamage Michael R. Hilton Howard A. Lynds Darin W. Merrifield


Duane J. Boissoneault Charles A. Brower Greg G. Ginnelly Terrance L. Hayes William J. McLeod Scott B. Mitchell Joseph R. Oliver Jonathan D. Sacks Robert Q. Seegmiller Charles E. Tapley Peter A. Vigue Max S. Wahl

27 Years

Mark S. Blanchard Thomas E. Carranza Kevin B. Crowell Eric E. George Tim E. Gorham Edward W. Grignon Rick C. Leonard

Chris G. Alexander Michael W. Bennett Michael D. Bishop Norman C. Blakely Jason A. Butler Jason A. Curry Lincoln C. Denison Thomas G. Dewey Chester B. Dolloff Todd J. Folsom Mitchell E. Hayden Joseph B. Hyde Joseph A. Kennedy John S. Keszler Scott A. Knowlen Kevin Kokotovich Michael R. Lilley Kirk R. Maenhout Thomas E. Mahar Wayne D. McNally Timothy G. Murphy Joseph G. Orlando James J. Peakes Sandra E. Perreault Patrick L. Slawek Christopher L. Stevens Raymond M. Therrien Troy T. Twitchell

24 Years

Craig G. Alexander David A. Bousquet Barry G. Brooks Joshua M. Brown Darcey T. Bubier Craig L. Chambers John P. Coon Patricia L. Dickinson Christopher K. Downs Michael G. Dube Chaderick A. French Maurice A. Gould Jeffrey L. Hetzer Douglas J. Lacroix Laurette Laverdiere Manley B. Lyons Randy M. Morin Mark M. Nelson Thomas W. Noble Scott S. Penney Juan F. Salazar Kelly G. Shank Jeremy S. Sherman Aaron W. Walsh

22 Years

Scott L. Alexander Christopher R. Bagley

Esteban Bernal Shawn M. Bickford Benjamin R. Blodgett Richard S. Brescia John G. Clark Bobbi J. Collins Kelvin R. Friend Jeffrey A. Gillespie Gary P. Guindon Novak Nedic Michele E. Toothaker Jason T. White

21 Years

David A. Bolduc Rodney W. Crocker Adele D. Diodato Jacob R. Dionne Shawn A. Doran Neil G. Dupont Michael T. Edwards Luke E. Finley Barbara Fortin-Poirier Langis D. Gagnon Ryan J. Graves Aurelius S. Hinds Mark E. Hutchins Scott A. Jackson Donna A. Jacques Eric M. Lane Jeremy W. Lane Jose A. Luna Torres James E. Lyons Jeremy B. Mace Ryan L. Marcotte Gary L. Mason Garrett R. McVaney Russell J. O'Neal Christopher R. Pond Shawn A. Reid Jason G. Rourke Francisco Salazar Paul R. Saucier Joy L. Schobel Gary W. Smith Patrick N. Steeves Kerry A. Swallow Jeremy S. Whitney Walter T. Willard

20 Years

Ernest A. Adams Hunter J. Anderson Ronald D. Ayres Jason L. Batchelder Maurice B. Batchelder Christopher L. Brann Scott K. Bumps Ulicer Castro Linwood T. Charette Joshua A. Clark Roland S. Clark John A. Daley Justin D. Desrosiers Sharon G. Ebbs Christopher M. Folsom Lavina J. Freeman Jon M. Gliniewicz Jason J. Harris Oscar A. Hernandez Lance C. Keen Cecil L. Kershner David P. Maheu Robert A. Mayhew Mark P. McLean Kevin R. Pond Terry L. Rosensteel Gary E. Simmons Glenn J. Sirois

19 Years Darryl S. Bowers Michael A. Cavaliere Kye N. Chon Kate M. Cooley Bruce A. Cummings Dana J. Cyr Destiny S. Demo Douglas W. Easter Brian R. Edwards Genaro G. Guardado Robert F. Higgins Benedict S. Jasud Timothy J. Leclerc Concepcion Majano Mark A. Malatesta Stephen Montgomery Susan L. Morrison Ronny M. O'Brien Garrett J. Plourde Matthew T. Raven Mark I. Seavey Scott D. Thies Joshua M. Turner Adam S. Violette

18 Years

Danielle R. Anthony Jesus Bernal Bruce D. Chesley Dylan R. Clay Darrell D. Clement Daniel J. Dickey Carl D. Franck Michael J. Franck Matthew M. Hebert Mathew J. Henry Wayne A. Kimball Jeremy E. Kyllonen Brian E. Labbe Richard K. Lyons Terry L. Malloy Paul A. Osborne Derek S. Perkins Aaron L. Preble Christopher P. Queen Rae F. Randlett Jeffrey D. Robinson Leigh A. Ross Dean N. Schofield Harold E. Sherwood David A. Stenzel Patrick M. Sughrue Ted J. Swenson Lesli C. Swieczkowski Domingos B. Tavares

17 Year

Jose F. Carreira Jeffery K. Crowell Timothy M. Fiske Robert M. Gallant Jeffrey D. Gilbert Roy A. Harris Russell R. Lane Brian M. LeComte Randy T. Matthew Albert J. Michaud Amy L. Page Andrea L. Pelletier Julia C. Smith Albert W. Spaulding Richard A. Toothaker David L. Walter Gregory E. Wiers Harry A. Woods

16 Years

Robert A. Bagley Jose Antonio Bernal Marc J. Caldwell Wayne G. Canwell William A. Cote

Aric Dreher Corey J. Drost Sarah C. Enos Joshua T. Gale Justin L. Goodale Mark A. Hansen Christopher M. Henry Christopher E. Jarvais Marc S. Jedlowski Robert D. Kitchin Justin L. Ladd James E. LePage Chad A. Page Daniel S. Perkins Michael S. Roderick John A. Rossignol Trinidad B. Suarez Cory W. Verrill

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Clifford S. Albert Isaac Benitez Richard J. Bryant Stephen Clendenning Adam J. Cristoforo Robert R. Deppe John W. Eckenroth Thomas M. Figura Elias J. Hershbine Young C. Hong Paul R. Labrecque Rex Lagle Jr. Gregory A. Morse Steven Peters Michael C. Rand Ruben J. Schofield Peter H. Smedberg Michael G. Varney Jose U. Vasquez Richard E. Westberry Jamie D. White

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Ronald Kief Miranda L. Kinney Dustin l. Kyser Jesus Limon Michael P. MacVane Allison McDonough Andrew C. McFarland Philip D. McKenney Bruce R. Metrick Christine M. Nadeau Stuart A. Northup Jason B. Obereiner Kevin O'Neill Shane D. Reisinger Jason T. Shinaberry Gary A. Steward Jason R. Thereau Thomas U. Viles Susan H. Weeks Richard A. White

Aaron P. O'Donnell Ralph C. Pearl Kyle D. Pellerin Juan R. Perez Mora Ryan P. Perkins Zachary E. Perrin Aaron M. Poole Will Portillo Soriano Deborah A. Rowe James K. Roy Timothy C. Sawyer William A. Sawyer Christian E. Stefens Matthew S. Sullivan Christopher Tibbetts Kenneth R. Underhill Zebediah Underwood Christopher M. Vainio Scott E. Wright

Benjamin B. Connors Glen K. Conrad Jonathan Correia James M. Flear Adam J. Hughes Craig J. Hutchins Karen J. Hyland Nicholas J. Martin Stephen D. Mitchell Scott L. Morris Russell W. Pritt John M. Sieber Ryan M. Smith Aaron M. Stevens Robert D. Stewart Michael R. Tripp Jonathan J. Wheaton James W. White

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Eve J. Parent Nilesh Patel Malcolm D. Patterson Eric J. Roberts Nicole R. Setzer Rodney N. Small Stephen M. Thomas Douglas C. Thompson James F. Underwood Christopher A. Varnell Kyle R. Wentworth Ronald E. Werner Reginald T. Young

7 Years

Andrew P. Bisol Darius Bors Lukas F. Chamberlain Charles W. Chouinard Joanna Cohen Kristofer A. Davis Brian D. Dunn George E. Feero Wallace E Ferreira Matthew D. Foster Allen D. Hart Matthew I. Haskell Peter Heartquist Joseph R. Higby John O. Horne Paul D. Howdyshell Federico T. Ilao Carman Kirkpatrick Norman G. Magner Peter M. Malikowski Sarah E. Malikowski Ryan A. Merrifield Timothy D. Nelson Cynthia M. Paugh Jason S. Paugh Randy L. Pender Gary C. Perrett Henry P. Rullo Bobbi J. Ryder Jaime A. Saavedra Edward L. Simpkins Luke P. Sirois Stephanie A. Spalding Mitchell P. Spatz Mack F. Susi David W. Thomas Edward Throgmorton Bruce E. White Michael J. Wyatt

6 Years

James R. Anderson


Keith M. Anderson Susan K. Bagley Hannah L. Bass Alex R. Berry Corinne L. Bowden Melody L. Bryant Antonio J. Canas Jessie W. Champagne Devin R. Clavette Austin M. Clemons John L. Davis George M. Dineen Bradley H. Dwinal Allen B. Edwards Mark E. Elliott Darron J. Fior Katharine M. Foster Justin J. French Amanda L. Gardner Penny N. Godsoe James A. Goodwin William F. Hadlock Paul E. Haggerty Ryan K. Hawkins Ramon Q. Hill Courtney O. Holt Michael S. Hubbard Brandon N. Hyson Damika N. Jones Salomon S. Jurado Patrick A. Kilbride Scott D. Knight David V. Korb Gage A. Lake Andrew J. Leali Joshua K. Linscott David J. Martin Jane E. Mason Mark J. Moore Riley W. Pelletier Ruel K. Poissonnier Brendan A. Quinn Elizabeth F. Redmond Adrian A. Reimann Maxwell C. Reiser Dina S. Riendeau Fernando L. Rivera Thomas G. Robinson Francisco Ruiz Rivera Jose Ruiz Rivera Charlotte A. Seiferth Patrick J. Stefens Adam J. Surface Ryan M. Tupper Kendra E. Underhill Michael T. Warman Craig M. Zuromski

5 Years

Benjamin D. Ayer Devon A. Ayotte Peter A. Aziz Allen R. Baldwin Nicholas D. Barish Daniel J. Batchelder Amber M. Beiring Jacqueline Benttinen Dylan M. Blanchet Nicholas A. Bouley Joshua M. Casey Shane M. Cater Colin F. Christiansen Deagan C. Conrad Katherine A. Crocker Anthony Cruz Thomas E. Davis Jason D. Derschan John E. Flanagan Mathew D. Foster David J. Frye Ryan C. Gamblin Ryan M. Graffam Coty J. Grant Raymond Halsey Kyle K. Holmstrom Joanann Jankovich Lucas D. Kostenbader Rex F. Lagle Mark F. Leasure Sean M. Leeman Miguel A. Lopez Angel G. Lopez Meza Jose A. Martinez Logan J. Masse Miguel Molina Valencia Claude R. Morin Patrick C. Noonan Stanley F. Novak James F. Prenier Katie L. Pushard Cameron J. Schettler Thomas J. Senior Regan B. Sereyko Stacy L. Thornton Joseph A. Turlo Dustin W. Varney Jason S. Walker Jay K. Walkowski Craig B. Washburn Craig A. Weaver Jason E. Williams Nathan L. Wrigley Bryton L. York Ryan M. Zullo

4 Years

Phillip L. Armstrong Esteban J. Bernal Zachary Jared Bersani James M. Blanchette Nick Braganca Azevedo Laura A. Breingan Jordon M. Brundige Rachel H. Carney Michael R. Clisham George M. Close Dane C. Copple Hal W. Cox Jared L. Cox Logan C. Crone Tyler P. Denbow Robert E. Dow Archie R. Engstrom Zachary G. Erving Bodrick R. Felder John M. Garland Hugh Gilman Justin S. Gray Jakob C. Hayes Nicholas C. Kendall Scott A. King Gina M. Lemire Alan D. Lucas Todd A. Marcum Jorge Martinez Caballe David F. Montanez Zoe E. Nielsen Stephen J. Page Terry J. Price Andrew C. Pritt Sabrina D. Rancourt Joshua D. Reed Robert S. Richard Jacob B. Rideout Christopher T. Rogers Nicholas A. Squillante Laurel A. Stone Jedidiah F. Thompson Derek L. Washburn Frankie L. Wayman Ronald C. Weymouth Shane T. White James A. Wolf Frank T. Xia

3 Years

Tolulope E. Adesina Armando E. Aldana Heather L. Archer Caleb J. Arnold William C. Avery Ronald C. Bagley

Joel E. Bailey Jesus Bernal Salvador Bernal Erica P. Bertolaccini Tyler P. Black Joseph P. Boland Robert J. Borkowski John D. Borrero Richard J. Boylan Parker R. Breard Michael D. Brescia Chad R. Brown Peter M. Brzostowski Austin D. Burgoyne Angeilina M. Camillo Donald R. Carter Derek W. Clark Jonathan E. Clements John P. Conlon Bryan M. Cook Ricky E. Cormier Christopher Crawley Travis J. Cropley Pascal Cyambarantama Jeffery L. Danforth Ernest W. Darby Peter E. DeMartini Evan J. Deschene Peter J. Desmond Jose M. Diaz Gonzalez Adam D. Digennaro Charles W. Dougan John F. Drago Steven M. Edgecomb Jacob A. Eldredge Alec J. Errickson Eric R. Fish Kolin K. Fraser Daniel J. French John M. Frontiero Cory Garcia-Garcia Tyler J. Gilson Avery J. Giustra Ethan D. Gross William J. Grover Mark C. Hall Bruce F. Hamilton Jeremy L. Harshbarger Scott B. Hart Levi S. Hartley Darren Herschberger Maxwell A. Hewes Holden H. Hodges Daniel H. Hopkins Scott J. Jason Colin D. Jenkins Anthony L. Johnson

Naji M. Johnson Deigo R. King Stephanie J. Labbe Kenneth V. LaBree Tyler J. Lackedy McCormick Zach S. LaFreniere Travis W. Leask Andrew J. LeClair Bianca M. Libby Cody A. Lindsey Noah L. Livingston Peter P. Logiodice Yulmin G. Lopez Robert J. MacDonald Emily A. Mailloux Michael M. Mantoni Leo W. Marley Kurt M. Massey Samuel E.C. Mayhew Dalton T. McGovern Jason M. McPeak Erik M. Mendoza Anthony M. Merrill Mason B. Merrill Casey W. Mishoe Jack W. Montgomery Michael P. Moulton Jonathan P. Murphy Adam B. Nason Chase S. Nelson Justin W. Panther Cameron T. Parkins Cade N. Penney Jason P. Pina Sergey V. Podgorodniy Jason L. Porter Andrew A. Ricketts Thomas A. Rumpf Rudy Salazar Brendan J. Scully Walker D. Shinaberry Julian A. Sirois Corey M. Skehan Andrew I. Skillings Chandler J. Sorrell Tyler M. Speed Kyle L. Steward Alexander Tompkins Raymond L. Tozier Eli M. Violette Arthur G. Watson Nathan L. Watson Bryon M. Webber Deveral A. Webley Jonathan N. Webster Jacob M. Winslow

Vladyslav Zdyr

2 Years

Cesar H. Alanis Margarito E. Aldana Sandro E. Aldana Matthew A. Aldrich Charin L. Alicea Madison L. Amezcua Cortez Robert D. Anderson Michael A. Armstrong Gary M. Atherton Steven C. Austin Parizod B. Azamova Robert S. Banks Andrew W. Bell Alex M. Benge Dawson W. Bertone Seth W. Blanchard James W. Booth Michael D. Britz Debra L. Burgess Euriah P. Campbell Isaiah S. Campbell Thomas A. Cantrell Eliodoro ChanCamacho Danny Chavez Julie L. Chicoine Loren R. Chouteau Sean R. Cipriano Michael P. Clancy Alexander B. Clark Thomas L. Coder Anthony D. Cookson Tyler C. Craft Steven R. Cross Francisco J. Cuellar Monteja Sarah D. Daggett Aaron J. Daniel James T. Daniels Todd D. Desmarais Joseph M. DiGiorgio Michael A. Dillard Samuel Dorsey-Roane Taylor J. Doyon David P. Duell Eric J. Duplessis Jonathan A. Edwards Christopher Ferguson Geoffrey E. Fotter Sonya M. Fox Joshua C. Francis Christopher A. Glover Gryphon Golembesky

Ralph E. Green Travis A. Greenleaf Anthony P. Gunsaulis Daniel F. Haggerty Alain A. Hallee Melvin A. Henderson Guadalupe Herrera Jason D. Higgins Douglas E. Hill Tammy L. Hillman Serhii V. Ilchuk Dakota L. Jackson Eric K. Kellar Zachary E. Kennell Evan J. Klein Dylan A. LaCoote Joshua R. Landry Raymond D. Lawrence Brendan S. Lease Roger R. Leclerc Iven W. Leet Josue Lemus Zacarias Sergio de Jesus Linares Riley P. Mack Jason L. Mallett Derek R. Marcotte John C. Mayo Cameron D. McIntosh Brett M. McIntyre James P. McLeod Makayla J. McNeill Trevor J. McPeak Kaelie D. Merrill Troy W. Merritt Catherine E. Mitchell Lyndsy K. Moen Jose A. Molina Michael J. Muro Nathan R. Nixon Amy L. Noble Ernest H. Norwood Benjamin S. Nunan Michael C. O'Brion Dylan A. O'Neal Gerry A. O'Neal Rodney L. Page Landon R. Pallian Dylan M. Paradise Harvey W. Patten Nicholas D. Patterson Carlos Perez Ruvalcaba Taylor M. Perry Storm D. Phillips Austin J. Phoenix Nathaniel S. Picard Hilary A. Platt Devin M. Pulkkinen

Joshua L. Putman Rosa C. Ramos Izaac L. Ramsey Dylan C. Renshaw Patrick R. Rodrigue Michael L. Roy Philip J. Sanborn Neida G. Sandoval Andrew J. Schofield Kyle J. Schwartz Regan J. Sedlar Calvert J. Senesac Lane A. Shapleigh Christian J. Sharpsteen Kyle D. Shields Sean M. Smith Ramon Soriano Ventura Adam M. Spanks Cameron W. Stanhope Joshua R. Stanhope Samuel G. Stead Brandi L. Steffen Mitchell B. Stewart Ryan J. Stokes Brock W. Tisdale Scott A. Tompkins John M. Trainer Corey J. Tranten Daniel S. Wagner Bethany E. Wallace Jeffrey D. Walls Donald R. Welch Nicholas R. Werner Christopher M. Wilbur William R. Willard Terri L. Williams Ka'chad B. Willis Scott E. Wiseman Shane R. Wooddell Justin B. Wrigley Kirk L. Wyman

1 Year

Alan C. Akin Michael K. Alley Jonathan J. Arellano Brian A. Awalt Omar E. Ayala Scott A. Baggs Katherine M. Baker Brian M. Ballanger Grant E. Benson Malcolm H. Bostic Nolan D. Bouchard David L. Brann Mark D. Brooks Dennis Bullard

Phillip W. Bullard Alan P. Burgess Michael J. Cavanaugh Jacob T. Chatfield Joshua E. Clark Ryan N. Collet Joseph A. Corson Lais F. Cruz Edwin E. Curry Ryan G. Davis Edgardo Dominguez Hugo Dominguez Mayanga William F. Donath Paul L. Dube Marcus K. Everngam Dawson J. Fogg Benjamin l. Frazee Conner J. Furnish Brandon P. Gagne Peter S. Gallant Luis A. Garcia Angel L. Garcia Agosto Christopher J. Gauvin Robert R. Gefell Benjamin K. Getchell Scott A. Gieseking Syd A. Gieseking Joshua M. Gorman Heather E. Goucher Mathew W. Graves Forrest M. Greene Cynthia R. Hall Jeffrey A. Hallett Theodore F. Hallett Clayton S. Hanlon Colton Harris Lamon C. Harris Rachael J. Harris Amelia J. Hawley Matthew T. Holbrook William O. Hood Randy O. Humphrey Rickie L. Jacobs Richard A. Jette Anthony J. Justice Mark E. Justice Bradley P. Kelleher Zachary C. Kelley Jesse J. Kimble Bryan R. King Leah B. Kruse James R. Labonville Grayson M. Lanier Spencer H. Lawn Wilford Locklear Aron A. Lopez

Michael A. Mann John P. Maroney Joseph B. Marshall Benjamin G. Martin Giovana C. Martins Chase A. McKenney Nicholas R. Micoletti Anthony M. Milano Dakota C.J. Miller Jorge Minchey Frank L. Moreno Hunter T. Morgan William F. Morin Jessica A. Munson Andrew Q. Murdock Samuel E. Neil David L. Nichols Tucker M. Nyquist Seth W. Percy John C. Picard Hayden S. Piet Eric G. Regelin Ray I. Resendez Tyler M. Ripley Michael R. Ryan Kevin E. Schackart Jesse D. Seal Buddy D. Smith Ronald W. Smith Julia A. Soucy Michael S. Svigelj Michael L. Sweat Cory E. Tasker Jesus M. Tenorio Dominguez Melanie J. Townshend Melvin D. Trefethen Paul L. Tremblay Samuel J. Tyler Kirk K. VanSickle Nicolas R. Veilleux Hunter L. Washburn Trevor S. Wellman Alexandria Winchester Selene Woolf Bruce A. Young John C. Young




Pages 50 through 52 honor our active Starcon team members who have one or more years of service

33 Years

Patricia L. Laas

17 Years

Zac N. Anthony Curtis W. Beavers Rita P. Bleifield Jeremy A. Cozart Shawn P. Horsley James C. Jenkins Abel Lara Christopher J. Padilla Jason R. Smaistrla Daniel P. Taylor Justin K. Taylor

Robert J. Golden Lori J. Hughes Martin Jara Lisa A. McPhail Charles A. Medley Marvin Medrano Jeffery A. Meyer Michael J. Penso Steve J. Procell Michael F. Quintus Ulises R. Quiroga Melvett D. Ray Anthony W. Rickett Dennis A. Russell Selvakumar Shanmugam Brady N. Stalbaum Dale E. Taylor Herbert M. Vickers Brian A. Webster Michael J. Zwick

15 Years

12 Years

Bentley P. Hatteberg

Berisford I. Burke Juan I. Corbe Ricardo Gutierrez Paul M. Hebert Saul Martinez Lawrence S. Rediess Gilbert B. Stone

28 Years

16 Years

30 Years

Brian L. Ohlendorf

29 Years

James T. Zimmerman

26 Years

Timothy D. Pushor

24 Years

Ruben Casillas Christopher M. Scott

22 Years

Shawn B. Super

21 Years

Richard J. Bonick Aron B. Ceglarek Scott E. Hepworth

20 Years

Anthony L. Falcon Salvador A. Lara Mark M. Lydick Joyce L. Przybylski Brian C. Walker Jeffrey D. Wood

19 Years

Fred W. Cormane Scott H. Hoffman Jay J. Holst Joe K. Kazda Rigoberto Rodriguez Kelly J. Sexton

18 Years

Curtis Brown Javier G. Gonzalez Manuel Pacheco Jack L. Petty Robert G. Stiegal Terry E. Stone Lisa K. Walker


Walter O. Adkins Jeffrey W. Barker Matthew D. Baum Edward L. Billings Stephen C. Buford Robert J. Cooke Joshua E. Corbin Michael R. Hager Maximino A. Llamas Regina M. Lorenzen Kelly L. McIntosh David K. Racine Ramey Salyer Stoney A. Strickland Joseph M. Vandruten

Terry L. Bagshaw Eric I. Berumen Edward V. Case Robert G. Engelhardt Gary L. Feeney John M. Leith Michel O. Martinez Primo Martinez Randy G. McGraw Michael T. Roth Carlos J. Saldana Joseph A. Senko Santos G. Sepulveda Jason K. Weister

14 Years

Darren D. Atzman Pamela L. Barnes Antonio Castellanos Osvaldo Chavez Jacob O. Delair Charles P. Dryden Patricia M. Fritz Samuel V. Guzman Christopher D. Hines Elmer L. Johnston Michael J. Kelly Corey A. King Julius L. Lester

Timothy R. Casillas Peter E. Cianchette William J. Gaul Gerardo Gonzales Greg S. Sheets Albert F. Shively James E. Silvey Chad F. Smith

13 Years

Francisco Aguilar Bruce E. Cardani


11 Years

Cristian R. Llamas Martinez Indalecio Lucatero Gumaro C. Macias Jesus Ortiz Howard D. Reynolds Steven C. Rogers Agustin Segura Peyton H. Smith Jeffery D. Wallace Pamela D. Zubiate

10 Years

Jose F. Aguilar Andrew K. Anderson Jose Coronado Ruben Coronado Ryne A. Elfstrom Andres Gonzalez Jeremy S. Hepworth Shawn A. Hoffman Carla J. Mallory Brian S. McNew Efrain Mireles Jerry J. Nettleton Mark A. Oxford Alvin L. Powell Carter J. Sherman Tomas J. Zubiate

9 Years

Eric C. Anderson Randall S. Bell Robert C. Edmundson Christopher Fay Jamie R. Grimes Rafael Gutierrez Billy J. Hines Aaron J. Johns Erica L. Kirby Kyle M. Lepore Angie E. Lovell Jose A. Martinez Raul Ortiz Michael J. Randall Manuela D. Rivera Osvaldo C. Sanchez Justin M. Scott James L. Simpson Halie R. Speaks Marcelo G. Trevino Bobby W. Urrabazo

Alexander R. Wilson

8 Years

Howard T. Alexander Gerry L. Anderson Zachary E. Bartels David C. Benge Mitchell T. Breault Valtina Brown Heriberto M. Castillo Jose L. Cazares Ana Lee Delagarza Foster D. Eberly Jeffrey K. Evans Collette M Francisco Javier Garcia Chad L. Gearheart Raul Godinez Shannon J. Hager Jose J. Hernandez Juan J. Hernandez Pamela L. Martino James A. Myler Carlos A. Ochoa Jason P. Philipp Thomas V. Phillips James R. Sasser Jill M. Stapay Clinton A. Stephen Arturo Villarreal Patrick E. Waddell

7 Years

Cayetano Alvear Jose D. Chavez Iran D. Davis Kyrsten E. Duchene Derek W. Ellis Manuel Espinosa Diaz Tina M. Faust Jaime Gonzalez Victoriano Gonzalez William G. Hlavka James H. LeMay Johnnie F. McGovern Garrett Moody David M. Morvant Noel Ocasio Angela M. Padia Antonio Palacios William M. Pulley David T. Reed

Jacob M. Ritchie Ricardo Sandoval Charles W. Smith Luis A. Torres Michael R. Tuman Nestor G. Vizcaino Justin K. Wise Osvaldo Zepeda

6 Years

Justin H. Andreason Jeremy W. Boulware Alan D. Canto Luis F. Chavez Roman Compean Jana L. Corona Nathan R. Davidson Stephen F. Davies Cory A. Dawson Alejandro Diosdado Francisco F. Fonseca Eric M. Friddle Jeffrey A. Gray Jesus Gudino Gricelda Gutierrez Jose R. Gutierrez Ricky A. Hepworth Nacor V. Heredia Gabriel Leyva Corona Dustin M. Maggard Alfredo J. Martinez Ramon D. Martinez Tracy A. McCray Joshua J. Oary Fernando J. Pinales Joseph Schoeder Glen A. Slater Shay T. Snell Harold T. Speed Derick B. Thomisee Hector Torres-Planas Luis A. Villanueva Denise West

5 Years

Ernest A. Abbott Daniel Anderson Eli J. Bartels Michael Baumeister James D. Bell Jesus A. Beltran Shawn D. Boulton

Carlos H. Caraveo Vicky Castaneda Jose M. Chavez Arturo Coronado Marco A. Covarrubias Ivonne Cruz Javier J. Delgado Andres Diaz Mayolo Diaz Brian J. Ernst Jose A. Estrada Joseph R. Folkers David D. Folmar Marco A. Garcia Roy Garcia Susana Garcia Miguel Gonzalez Herrera Christian D. Guerrero Rigoberto Guzman Aric D. Huber Wayne S. Jones Sean D. Keesee Logan L. Kesler Robert A. Kolakowski Alejandro Longoria Carlos Lopez Christopher J. Lund Charles B. McPherson Jose F. Montoya Glen A. Moody Daniel Munguia Cortney A. Murry Tiffany Ortiz Gary M. Parker Charles S. Payne Jared Perez Matthew S. Petrousek Melvin D. Ray Julian J. Reeves Juan Reyes Angel Rodriguez Jose R. Rodriguez Osvaldo Rodriguez Guillermo Sanchez Shane M. Sanner Jesus Segura Sean O. Smith Ronnie G. Strange Oliver L. Vazquez Jesse C. Villarreal George E. Walker David E. Walls Brennen Webster Clay M. Winkhart William Wunderlich Omar A. Zaldivar

4 Years

Juan M. Alvarez

Miguel A. Alvear Brian D. Anderson Oscar Ariceaga Nathan Barrera Deanna L. Black Kayla T. Breault Bernardo Carrillo Michelle D. Clark Amanda N. Coker Eladio Cosme Juan Elizondo Alan D. Faletti Michael E. Fitchie Daniel A. Garcia Eduardo Garcia Juan A. Garcia Charlie A. Gutierrez Zapata Damien L. Hansen Haven B. Harrod Geovanny R. Heredia Frank J. Hernandez Tabatha K. Herrington Sedric L. Holmes Charles R. Ingram Jill S. Kozur Brian J. Legnon Timothy S. Lester Daniel F. Lezama David P. Loock Jorge Lopez Luis A. Lopez Cecilia Lydick Ryan S. Martinez William Maxwell Crystal L. Mcinerney Janine C. Myler Milton C. Perales Timothy Polkey Ryan R. Randolph Juan N. Reyes Raul Reyes Walton D. Roberson Jackalin P. Rodriguez Uvaldo Saldana Juan Sanchez Nathan R. Schloz Eloy Sepulveda Alanis Cody W. Shirley Shane C. Smith Carl L. Thomas Michael W. Thomas Victor L. Urban Luis A. Villanueva Eusebio C. Villarreal William L. Williams Joshua C. Wise Clint A. Yott Jose A. Zapata

3 Years

Donald W. Ahrlett Jeffrey P. Alm Norberto Arredondo Nettie D. Brown Barney B. Burnett Angel Carrera Jesus A. Carrera Michael A. Cerami Luis Corona-Rodriguez Salvador Covarrubias Santiago Covarrubias Angelita Cuenca Hugo E. Davila Juan P. Dominguez Robert R. Eckert Brian A. Edwards Allan E. Evans Leslie J. Fara Javier C. Farias Jacob W. Faust Burton J. Fisch Byron A. Garcia Francisco Garcia Efrain Garza Christian Gifford Luis E. Gonzalez Silverio Gonzalez Paul R. Gregg William D. Haynes Sevea W. Hines Joseph Homolka Travis C. Horner Erik T. Kuechenberg John P. Laas Geoffrey P. Long Jose A. Lopez Derrick Manson Erice Manson Jerome D. Martin Jose Martinez-Barajas Hilda E. Mendoza Quentin A. Miller Quentin K. Miller Derrick Mitchamore Norman L. Mitchum Frank E. Moreno Robert M. Norris Ryan P. O'Leary Russell L. Owings Jose F. Pedraza Arnulfo Perales Logan C. Perlock Armando Pintor Luis Rodriguez Samuel Rodriguez Ulises Rodriguez Dakota S. Sentz Julio C. Serna Daina A. Spry

Michael A. Statom Belinda S. Swonke Hunter L. Thomas Angel G. Tinoco Jeffrey S. Tompkins William W. Vanderford Chase Williams Antoine Winslow Robert E. Young Roberto Zamarripa Cristian M. Zuazo

2 Years

Ulises Barrera Juan M. Becerra Joseph C. Benzo Joshua D. Boyte Camron J. Brown Bernice E. Burgess Jose F. Cantu Jose Carrillo Julissa D. Cassidy Igor Chernobay Gregory H. Criddle Logan S. Cyrus Tyler L. Davenport Marco A. De La Fuente Cody Decker Christina A. Degollado Miguel Delgado Hector H. Elizondo Eduardo Escobedo Domingo B. Espina Jose A. Esquivel Salvador Esquivel Joseph D. Evans Marcel Eyocko Bill Fossett Jordan Frye Steven Gabaldon Roberto G. Galvez Jackson D. Garcia Josue Garcia Lee S. Garcia Abraham Garza Ovidio Garza Julio C. Gaspar Jarrett J. Gilliam Jose N. Godinez Christopher Gonzales Ismael Gonzalez Michael Gonzalez Jesse Gudino Joshua P. Gutierrez Rusbel Gutierrez J.A. Guzman Noe Guzman Brock A. Hardison James B. Harvey Angela K. Hilton

Nicolas Hinton William G. Hlavka Kayla M. Hobbs Chelsea Hubert Williams Erick I. Ibarra Juan Ibarra Siomara I. Izaguirre Christopher A. Jernigan Margarito Jimenez Andrew C. Johnson Michael E. Johnson James Joiner Cody S. Jones Dana L. Jones Gene R. Jones Kevin P. Jones James A. Juanopulos Daxtyn K. Kier Brandon P. Lawson Ryan W. London Federico Lopez Hanna J. Maxwell Ryan J. Meisner Carmen Mendoza George L. Moore Richard Owen Jason P. Padia Thanasis Papakiriakos Ronald G. Parker James P. Paulet George Perez Gage K. Phillips Gunner R. Pilgrim Travis Pilgrim Paul D. Porter Jose R. Ramirez Carlos Ramos Gonzalez Zachary L. Rayburn Javier Rendon Carlos A. Rivera Carmen Rodriguez Harry Rodriguez Jose T. Rodriguez Lesley A. Rodriguez Charles E. Rooks Antonio Rosario Ediberto Saenz Jesus Saenz Jose G. Saenz Josue Saenz Juan Saenz Ulyses Salceda Manuel Saldana Christofher Sanchez Corey A. Santine Marco A. Santos Jacob R. Schurman Ivan Serna Rivera Allan W. Shaw

Eduardo Sibrian Thomas E. Skaggs Patryk Skoczen Tammy L. Strickland Trevor C. Sula Rogelio Trevino Huy Q. Truong Ashley Valdez-Guzman David Vasquez Cody J. Vickers Michael Walko Christopher Wampler Dexter A. Welch Robert Wheeler

1 Year

Ismael R. Acosta Silaya A. Acosta Joseph F. Ahumada Jose Aldava John Allen Daniel Alvarado Kyle Barritt Bryan J. Beavers Carlos N. Bejarano Fernando Beltran Javier E. Benitez Joanne S. Blanchard Tamerya C. Blanchard Katherine Bonomo Javier E. Botello Shawn Bradley Jack O. Bramlett Carlos R. Briones Trever Broderick Justin Brooks Leslie A. Bufkin Robert D. Byers Robert C. Calverley Gerrie Campbell Michael Cano Marco R. Cantu Francisco A. Cantu Elizondo Juan Carrera Anthony L. Carter Freedom K. Cartwright Veronica Castaneda Jorge Castellanos Gerard D. Castillo Jesus A. Chavez Brian S. Clark Daniel L. Clark Jeffrey D. Cline Frank Colbert Antolino Contreras David Contreras Marshell D. County Willie C. Crane Delbert Crooks



Bobby L. Davidson Jose J. Davila Arnulfo Diaz Jesus Diaz Ahab Emmanuel Michele Esquivel Daniel Estrada Eric Estrada Aimee M. Fischer Brock M. Fitzhugh Anthony Flores Brian Fox James R. Franklin James C. Fredieu James B. Freeman Daniel Gamboa Cecilio Gamez Amadeo Garcia Emmanuel Garcia Mario A. Garza Donnie M. Gibson Dustin Gilbertson Edelmiro Gonzalez Jorge L. Gonzalez

Jose Gonzalez Rafael Gonzales Rogelio Gonzalez Gracia Roth J. Granville Ernest Grice Antonio Grimaldo Acevedo Talia C. Grimm Jonathan A. Gutierrez Amber L. Ham William Hemmingway Juan A. Hernandez Robert V. Hight Derek D. Hollis Gage A. Jaberg Brad J. Johnston Kevin S. Johnston Kaleb King Zachary B. Kuehn Andrew E. Kugler Mark L. Kugler Lawrence L. Labban Rebecca H. Lacroix

Samantha Landry Savannah E. Latham James E. Litton Rodolfo Llamas Yobanny Lopez Josean E. Lugo Perez Miguel Macias Pankajakshan Madhavan Javier Magana Manuel Magana Lastrella E. Mago David Manzo Omar Marquez Bradley B. Marshall Sergio E. Martinez Eric C. Mata Michael Mcguire John F. McNichols Juan Medina William H. Mikesell Logan J. Milano Felipe D. Monreal Mya N. Morehouse

Benjamin Morris Vicente Munoz Guerrero Angel A. Navarro Michael Neal Eric Nelson Juan A. Ortega Victor Parra Edgar Paz Alberto G. Pena Sepulveda Carlos Perez Juan M. Perez Pedro Perez Zachary R. Perry Ryan Phillips Dugan L. Pierce Kiley Privett Juan O. Quintanilla Cristian N. Rabanales Flor Y. Ramirez Ricardo Ramirez Timothy Rhodes Felix C. Rios

Karen L. Roberts Tony D. Robinson Rufino Rocha Jaime A. Rodriguez Omar Rodriguez Raymond Rodriguez William E. Rogers Andrew W. Rusthoven Jose A. Salazar Robert Samora Adrian Sanchez Mark B. Sandifer Lee Schmalholz Juan E. Segura Timothy Sills Eloy G. Silva Henry Silva Andre Simpson Andrew G. Smith Daniel M. Smith Jake J. Smith Joshua C. Stevanus Justin C. Strader William J. Strange

Levi Taylor Ruben Tenorio Malaeolema Teo Dalton B. Thomisee Noe Toledo Huerta Cornelio Torres Miguel Torres Ramon Torres Ebony S. Traylor Darrell Turner Armando Valdez Jose Z. Valdez Abdon A. Vallejo John M. Vigna Carlos A. Villarreal Joel Villarreal Martin Villarreal Samuel G. Weaver Davy Wolfe Cory M. Zumbrun

ANNIVERSARIES Page 52 and 53 honor our active A/Z Corporation team members who have one or more years of service

40 Years

Perry K. Lorenz

39 Years

Robert J. Lynch Jr.

34 Years

William P. Annibalini

31 Years

Orren A. Weber Jr.

30 Years

Ronald W. Stazick

24 Years

David W. Hibbard Frank R. Hirst Todd Lambert Steven R. Lusi Donald A. Ross Brian D. Wheeler Todd W. Whitehead

23 Years

29 Years

Kevin A. Manzella William H. Woodward

Michael P. Brodeur Dale A. Kolashuk Leonard M. Lasecki Keith J. Mazzarese Robert W. Peters James H. Sowders Jr.

27 Years

22 Years

James R. Heist

Greg A. Frantz Jack V. Guarnaccia Charles Schroeder Jr.

25 Years

Thomas M. Cooper


Anthony K. Carr Jeffrey F. Cooper Lee J. Donahue Troy A. Dziecinny Alexander S. Ferguson Thomas Levandowski


Gary A. Stone Donald P. Swanson Steven G. Tarasevich Bret W. Thompson

21 Years

Greg R. Cox Matthew C. Gendron Eric T. Herrman Eric C. Morse

20 Years

William R. Abt Eugene E. Carini John M. Etchells Catherine Hryniewicz Steve F. Johnston Craig A. Mulonet Robert P. Rose Erik C. St. Peter

19 Years

Andrew Hryniewicz Thomas J. Izbicki Kevin M. McMahon Kevin L. Sinnett

18 Years

Sam R. Jovanovich Charles T. McAdams William A. Seibert David M. Varva Justin P. Zurowski

17 Years

David E. Berardinelli Christopher Domler Kenneth M. Faria Walter D. Gordon II William T. Kearney Mark J. Magario Mauricio L. Munoz Mary E. Nelson Kristi L. Surratt Thomas S. Tracy

16 Years

Amiel S. Alla Timothy J. Baldoni Thommas Bialowas Austin R. Dozier Kevin J. Grillo Alex D. Sawchyn

Edward P. Shortoff Jr. Adam C. Thibeault

15 Years

Jason A. Brown Catherine A. Capozza Robert J. Deary Jr. Michael P. Hebert James A. Quinn Jamie M. Smart Robert J. Webster Christopher A. Wilson

14 Years

Adrian R. Borrego Timothy J. Gardner Meredith N. Garner Mark J. Maulucci George R. Studley

13 Years

Michael D. Barry Anthony J. Bosco III Gaetan J Breton Jin Chen Deborah A. Clark

Christopher Driscoll Walter F. Factor Kathleen G. Ferrigno Benjamin T. Izbicki Brian D. King Herminegildo E. Phee Aaron M. Pillar Mitchell P. Roman Charles M. Taranto

12 Years

Bert E. Babbitt Derek P. Bergeron William D. Burgon Derek A. Cobb Michael D. Coffey III Joseph E. Jordan Jr. Edgar H. Marshall Michael J. Moore Jr. Daniel P. Richard

11 Years

Steven D. Biondo James D. Campbell Richard Gaccione Jr. Christopher G. Kane

Cris F. Kerfus Kurt M. Laflamme Patrick M. O’Donnell Philip E. Palmer Gina M. St. Jean Christopher M. Wilcox Royal S. Albright Fred J. Ballantyne James P. Baronowski Robert J. Couture Nicholas J. Dinsmoor William J. Doubleday Donald E. Gates Federico Gencarella Kurt D. Kashuba Ronald M. Liese Stephen E. Mahoney Bruce M. Mallett Jonathan McDonald Timothy R. Quinn Michael C. Shurtleff Gary J. Sicard Christopher D. Tourangeau Steven J. Walsh

Michael T. Foley Steven M. Galbo William J. Garcia Jake R. Gentes Edward J. Glynn Kimberley Hampson Seth L. Handyside James M. Healey Kevin P. Kerrigan Connor R. Laflamme Stephen J. Lee Rene B. Martinez-Cid Matthew S. McBurnie Christopher McGrath Samuel J. McGrath Michael J. Menders Ronald J. Meverden Timothy Muscarella Jr. John R. Novak IV Andrew W. Pepper Patrick J. Quinn Scarlet M. Reyes-Hernandez Nicholas R. Riley William M. Soderberg Brenda L. Teti Jared Vizthum

9 Years

6 Years

10 Years

Michael R. Beaudry Corey J. Craven Joseph W. Cutter David P. Desjardins Edward F. Farnham John E. McCann Jonathan E. McNaught John J. Palmer Jacob J. Seaman Caryn M. Turchi Dylan S. Vitali John S. Wasilewski

8 Years

Kojo Asiedu Norbert C. Cabral George T. Carpenter Aaron C. Coombs Jeffrey M. Forster Stephen M. Morgan Jeffrey Nowakowski Wojciech Olak Stephen A. Pryor Nathan R. Schofield Erin P. Wengell Jake R. Wiseman

7 Years

Robert A. Battista Spencer R. Carboni Jose E. Carrillo Kevin M. Chronley David K. Coffey

Aimee M. Berling Mark Q. Caccio Scott J. Calhoun Allen C. Cullion Darren W. Drobiak Richard D. Drury Brian A. Dubois William C. Ginter Thomas J. Hopkins Thomas E. Josephson Michael G. Lachance Robert E. Larsen Joseph C. Manfredi Jr. John J. McDermott Ryan M. Mecouch Mark S. Novic Jonathan M. Pease Christine A. Peckham Ross T. Ricciarelli Charles Rowbotham Douglas S. Stapelfeld Eduardo D. Taveras Daniel E. Toms Zachary T. Tracy Virgil D. White

5 Years

Frank Benton Jr. Kaelin D. Boone Eric Brouker Andrew J. Burkhardt Kendall Cenac Brad L. Dion

Renee M. Driscoll Adam D. Duczynski Stephen A. Fruscillo Matthew R. Gale Brandon H. Girard Joseph P. Guerin Daniel A. James Gerard K. Laflamme Luis M. Lima Jeffrey W. Mitchell Albert A. Osswald Monette Pierre Aidan J. Quinn Zachary J. Renaud Jose Rojas De La Cruz Damien A. Stallings Glenn D. Stewart Randy N. Swabby Joseph S. Thibault Charles P. Thompson David A. Vargas

4 Years

Zachary M. Benevides Kenny W. Bones Gary R. Bressani Jeffrey S. Briggs Peter M. Brinley Brittney A. Britt Cory W. Britt Cindy L. Burdick Jason M. Clark Kenneth A. Cote Jr. Richard Czaporowski Christopher M. Doan Richard C. Drake Alex G. Duczynski Gregory P. Dumas Jorge L. Ferrer Andrew T. Hart Justin D. Kramer William E. Lewis III Matthew J. Lynch James W. Maki Joseph F. Mazerolle Tashawn L. Moffett Patrick A. Mullaney Patrick D. O’Brien Jared M. Preston Jeffery M. Reaume Walter R. Rogers Derek B. Ross Brodi M. Santagata Richard D. Sapia Narshaneque Stewart Lauren P. Tower David M. Vohar James R. Walsh Jenny C. Yee Jason A. Young

3 Years

David J. Cameron Jason M. Davis Jason M. Dodson Bryan J. Donovan Brendan A. Gerew Adam G. Gregoire Kyle A. Griffin Robert W. Grzyb Justin F. Hall Justin P. Kolashuk Kenneth M. Kramich Scott A. Krawitz Gary C. Kugler Timothy Macierowski Jake R. Montminy Jason M. Nunes Todd C. Oppelt Jason D. Place Michael P. Quilty Michael W. Schmitz Jaime T. Smith Todd M. Sylvester Kristie M. Vasilchik Jason M. Weaver Kevin J. Whitehead

2 Years

Daniel Allard Gregory Aubin Walter J. Augustyn Travis J. Baker John J. Bolduc Andrew P. Bouchard Russel L. Costick Daniel R. Davis Joseph C. Dise Drew A. Divello Shawn P. Farris William H. Fedus Sean P. Flanagan Edward C. Flynn Alain J. Fontaine Joshua R. Fumo Mark A. Gagnon Thomas P. Giammattei Rosanna Guzman Timothy A. Hammond Amanda C. Hansen Donald E. Hazzard John B. Hennessy Ronald E. Jewell Nolan A. Johnson Donald E. Larose Douglas P. Letendre Matthew T. Levesque Daniel S. Loureiro John J. Lowman Joshua A. Lyon Gregory K. Maffei Matthew S. Mahoney Jeff S. Marino

Nicholas J. Masley Timothy P. McGinn Maureen J. Minton Michael D. Morris James J. Mosteller Kevin R. Newell Matthew C. Novick Adam F. Pappastratis Michael A. Peart Albert P. Pena Patrick E. Reddix Hannah B. Reinertsen James M. Richards Sage A. Rosado Michael A. Ryley William J. Savola Karl D. Schroeder Erik L. Schutter Erica A. Sloan Alexander R. Solon Simon A. Steadman Jacob J. Tatro Matthew J. Tucker Audie R. Walters Paul A. Weyde Elizabeth C. White Steven F. Witherell Mark L. Wood

1 Year

Erik T. Aarsand Allen C. Aitken David J. Baptiste Nicolas J. Beltre Jeffrey F. Besozzi David K. Bible Eric A. Boisvert Carlos A. Bonifaz Juan E. Bonilla Robert M. Bradley Craig A. Brown Joshua E. Brown Orlando Cabrera Brendon B. Cartier Brittany Chronley Scott T. Cooper Kevin A. Curry Jacob Z. Cuzzupe John P. Davis Jonathan A. Diamond George D. DiCostanzo Paul J. Diliberto Jr. Craig L. Dolcy Patrick H. Dolnick Bryce R. Doyle Tyler W. Dunn Don H. Earle Norman H. Eccleston Sean P. Foran Kyle A. Gianatasio Aaron P. Gibbons Daniel C. Goebel

Natasha T. Gomes Jaime D. Gomez Annalisa Gomez-Cucca Kyle M. Grainey Jacob T. Grills Christopher Gutierrez Gary M. Harney Jr. John F. Hartke Christopher Heaven Robert E. Hines Robert K. Hislop Nicholas J. Hooper Karl J. Jasulavic Christopher Johnson Daniel A. Laferriere Jonathan M. Lopes Brett R. Magnuson Michael E. Mallett Meghan L. McCarthy Stephen McClintock Paul S. Mikhail Brandyn Montgomery Brandon D. Morissette Brook K. Myers Jacob C. Paradis David H. Pendergrass Jesse O. Perkins Richard C. Petersen Michael R. Pfarr Matthew J. Quider Michael C. Risk Peter Rizzuto Joseph T. Rogers Richard P. Rorick Mark Santagata Joshua W. Sherron Kelsey L. Simonds Trevor E. Smart David R. Spiconardi Jennifer A. Srnka Richard G. Staple Timothy R. Steamer Kyle S. Strout Wilfredo Troche Jr. Nicholas W. Vetrano Jeffrey P. Viel Arthur P. Walczak Donald O. Wichael Nathan S. Woody Gregory A. Zwolinski





The following team member have each devoted a quarter century of service to The Cianbro Companies.

Tina Adams Tina is always willing to offer sage advice to team members. Having started as a carpenter trainee, she brings a wealth of knowledge about construction and Cianbro. If you’re lucky enough to have Tina working on your job, you’ll always know who to turn to for help. Tara Coffin Tara Coffin has been the “face” of Ricker’s Wharf for years, most often being the first person anyone working at or visiting the site meets. Tara is organized, pays close attention to detail, and loves planning parties and events. She is dedicated to helping those around her, whether in the office or the community. Jon Collins Over Jon’s 25 years of service, he has established himself as reliable and willing to travel. He’s developed into a strong supervisor who provides steady leadership and gets the job done. Milt Cruikshank Milt is a great teacher and mentor. His broad knowledge of various trades is invaluable. He always maintains a positive attitude. He is never afraid to speak up, and when he does, he is always respectful and does it because he cares. Dawn Erb Anyone who has worked with Dawn knows that if you assign her a task, she will see it through. Dawn is patient, reliable, and professional. Above all else, she is a caring team member. 54


Paul Franceschi Paul began his career at Cianbro as an intern on the Beverly-Salem Bridge project in Massachusetts. Today he serves as the Vice President and General Manager of the Power & Energy market. Paul has put a lot of work into developing and expanding the Transmission & Distribution market in new geographical regions. He has also taken a vested interest in the development of the team member’s. With Paul’s passion and leadership along with a dedicated team, the Power & Energy market continues to grow.

Yves Gagnon The first one to arrive on the job site and the last one to leave – that is the reputation Yves has among his peers. Having supported Cianbro as a carpenter, millwright, pipefitter, cable puller, and concrete worker, Yves is definitely a multi-skilled trade professional. Yves always displays a positive attitude, and helps keep the morale high every day on the job site.

Kevin Grass Kevin is a highly respected team member who is well known for his work ethic. Having a reputation for not shying away from any task, his services are often requested at many job sites. Over the years, Kevin’s can do attitude has been contagious which has contributed to Cianbro’s overall success.

Chet Guilford Many projects in Cianbro’s long history owe Chet a debt of gratitude, as he has stepped in to solve challenging welding and coating problems throughout his time with the company. Chet has become known for his ethics and sincerity at all times, treating people with dignity and respect. In 2003, the American Welding Society named Chet the Certified Welding Inspector of the Year, and upon receiving this honor, Chet replied: “I don’t feel all that special, I just try to do a good job when I can, like all of you do.” Todd Hoffa A real team player, Todd has worked his way up through the ranks. Not only has Todd spent a significant portion of his career on projects, he also did a stint in Human Resources. Todd is known as a planner and when you’re on Todd’s crew, you’d better be prepared to do just that. He takes pride in his work and cares about the people and the company, pitching in wherever needed.

Craig LePage Initially, Craig went to school to become a carpenter. After joining Cianbro, he continued learning and developed his skills to become one of our top welding and boiler professionals. Craig has never stopped learning. He has becoming adept with fitting and welding, and has acquired professional licenses in both of those disciplines in Massachusetts. Craig continues to take on new responsibilities and new roles. Brent Luce Brent has established himself as a knowledgeable electrician whose keen eye for detail has been crucial to projects throughout his years. Brent’s supervisors hold him in high regard for his experience and quality work.

Vaughn Sinclair Vaughn is a versatile team member who is an excellent millwright and has the skills to cross over into other crafts as needed. Vaughn is upbeat, personable, and well respected by all team members. He always looks on the bright side and pushes through any obstacle, getting the job done with ease.

Amy Webber A trusted resource for all team members, Amy is quiet, focused, and takes great pride in her work. In addition to being Corporate Claims Manager, Amy serves on two workers’ compensation boards in the state, and she is always willing to help team members regardless of the time or day. Von Weese Von is known around the company for his ability to operate many pieces of equipment and drive any truck Cianbro owns. Von became the lead team member on the crane rebuild crew for several years, then he moved on to inspect incoming equipment, and now he is a rack truck driver and tractor-trailer driver. Von always says “yes” when asked to work, and is always willing to help his fellow team members in need. Michael Zemla Mike began his career with Cianbro as a carpenter, transitioned into Ironwork, and today leads our team members as a General Foreman. Mike consistently hits all of the shutdowns and is respected for working projects with tight deadlines. A few years ago, Mike agreed to head south for a project and he continues to travel wherever the work takes him. Respected by his peers for his hard work and dedication, Mike has developed into a real team leader. Thomas Cooper - A/Z Corp. Tom started his career with A/Z as a mechanical apprentice and completed the apprenticeship program to obtain his journeyman license. Tom has been a valued team member to the Mechanical division. Tom holds journeyman licenses in both Connecticut and Rhode Island for plumbing and pipefitting. Timothy Pushor - Starcon Tim spent the majority of his 25 years of service with Cianbro before bringing his talents to Starcon. Tim has taken on several roles throughout his career, including general foreman, superintendent, quality manager, and project manager. Known for his honesty and integrity, he is a dedicated team member who practices true servant leadership. CIANBRO CHATTER


CIANBRO An Equal Opportunity Employer

CIANBRO CORPORATE OFFICE PO Box 1000 Pittsfield, Maine 04967 800.315.2211

MTA Bridge Widening Project, Portland, Maine

Presort Standard US Postage PAID Permit No. 112 Bangor, Maine 04401

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