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First smart card invented by R. Moreno.

Mobile radio communications company Itineris launches its services on GSM.

Launch of mobile payment service Orange Money in Africa

1794 The Chappe Telegraph invented, first telegraph message sent.

2009 Submarine cable Lion completed in La Reunion.

1876 A. G. Bell patents the telephone.

1982 Launch of the videotext Minitel service in France.

1994 The Orange brand launches in the UK.

1997 First opening-up of the company’s capital.


1929 Creation of the Ministry of Postal, Telegraph and Telephone (PTT) services (Decree of 3 November 1929).


France Telecom acquires Orange.

Launch of Telecom 1A, first French telecommunications satellite.

2010 Strategic plan “Conquests 2015” and new social contract put in place.

2012 France Telecom fixed line becomes Orange.

1944 National Centre for Telecommunication Studies is created as a Franch national R1D centre of telecommunications.

2003 First 3G network and mobile internet services in France.

4G launched in 8 country.

1990 1962 Mondovision: first televised images sent via the original Telstar satellite between the USA and France.

The Direction Générale des Télécommunications becomes France Telecom.

2006 Orange becomes the single brand for mobile, TV, internet and digital services

2013 Livebox Play launched.

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Some of this dates or innovations are not attributed directly to Orange but represent the common base of the history of telecommunications.

from France Telecom to Orange On 1 July 2013, France Telecom officially becomes Orange following the vote to change its corporate name at the Annual General Meeting of shareholders on 28 May. This is the next stage in a simplification strategy begun in 2006, which aims to unite all of the Group’s activities (fixed, mobile, TV, Internet) under the Orange brand in more than 30 countries, and which has extended to the Group’s internal and corporate activities (such as the Orange Foundation, Orange CSR and the annual report). Today, Orange symbolises the history of the Group and unites 170,000 employees across the world as they work together to make digital life better and easier for more than 230 million customers.

key dates 2006: Orange becomes the single brand for mobile, television, broadband Internet, digital services and 1,200 points of sale in France 2006: Orange becomes the single brand for all B2B activities in more than 220 countries and territories across the world 2011: Orange becomes the single brand for corporate and internal activities

2012: 16 million landline customers in France become Orange customers 28th May 2013: the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders votes for the legal name change 1st July 2013: France Telecom becomes Orange, and shares quoted on the NYSE and EURONEXT also become Orange (ORA)

Orange today Orange is the story of a brand that has built a unique relationship with its customers; a relationship built on optimism, universal appeal and a focus on people rather than technology, and that allows Orange to engage customers around the world by understanding their aspirations. It’s also a brand that stands out, with a logo and identity born from our values (friendly, honest, straightforward, dynamic and refreshing) that are recognised and have meaning all over the world.

230 million



in 8 countries

43.5 billion euros in turnover over 200,000

172 million mobile customers



fibre customers

in more than 30 countries a portfolio of 7,493 170,000



more than 7 million fans across all local Orange



the leading twitter account for CAC 40 quoted groups with 30,000 followers and 600,000 followers for all Orange accounts


2,400 employees actively volunteering in 30 countries for the


7 million

Orange Money customers in 13 countries 1.4 million used mobiles collected

Orange is also‌

60th global brand 6th brand in the telecoms sector 29 countries where brand awareness exceeds 80%

Millward Brown 2013

812 million Euros invested in research and


Orange employees at the heart of the business Orange is a global community of 170,000 people from all walks of life and speaking dozens of languages, reflecting the extraordinary number of markets where we operate, and representing the Group’s greatest strength. It is thanks to the individual contribution of everyone that Orange can work towards a collective goal: to be the preferred operator in each country where the Group is present.

“This little finger will drive your car. This little finger will save the whales in the ocean. This one will carry your schoolbag, and this one will erase your wrinkles. This little finger will make friends for you all over the world. This one will order pizzas,command light, command legions. This one will paint, play soccer, and write an opera. This little finger will topple dictatorships. And this one will make the world better. But if one day you just want to listen to the sound of the wind, to turn everything off, it’s this little finger there.�

The new corporate campaign The new campaign points Orange to the future, and represents a key and dynamic moment for the Group. This campaign is the perfect complement to the Group’s name change, making the link between today and tomorrow, between France Telecom and Orange. It shines a spotlight on this link in a wider and more powerful context: between generations, between individuals and society, between technology and its uses. It is a simple reminder that Orange is a company for everyone, and is especially well-placed to support its customers in this new world thanks to the relationships it has built and the confidence it inspires. This campaign highlights the power of digital technology and the ever more central role it will play in the future, to achieve anything, anywhere at any time. And, with the phrase “The digital revolution is underway, we’ll always keep you connected with what’s essential to you”, Orange is communicating its new drive and personalised service: listening to each of its customers, to provide better support, and to connect them with what is useful in their lives. This campaign has been developed by the Marcel agency of the Publicis Group. The film was directed by Bruno Aveillan. It is designed for use by all the Orange countries, in Europe, Africa and the Middle-East, and will be broadcast on TV in France from 30 June.

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today, 1 July 2013

France Telecom becomes Orange

“And so a process that began in 2006 is complete. France Telecom becomes Orange, in response as much to the development of the Group as to new advancements in the telecoms market, in particular the convergence of fixed and mobile networks. From now on all of our products and services will be commercialised under the Orange brand, in France and more than 30 countries around the world. Similarly, all Group communication, whether marketing, internal, institutional or financial, will be published through a single brand. Our new identity recognises the Group’s heritage and culture of public service, expansion into new markets, international development and social contract. It also delivers a new momentum and collective sense of restored calm. Orange brings modernity, dynamism, innovation, confidence and a focus on the future and the customer. The sense of belonging is reinforced for all employees in France and abroad. This change, which brings an end to a transitional “France Telecom-Orange” period, simplifies and modernises the Group’s presentation and perception for all its stakeholders. It is the next chapter for a company that is proud of its roots, its triumphs and its history, and which today is a major player on the global stage. The name change is also an opportunity for us to make a new statement and reaffirm our role and mission. Bringing connectivity everywhere, to everyone, and at any time: offering the best of the digital world to our users. To be socially useful. Technologically advanced and innovative. Today and tomorrow, Orange is the gateway to a digital life of simplicity and serenity.” Stéphane Richard, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer


As of today, Monday 1 July 2013, the company name and stock symbol will change from France Telecom to Orange. The change of name signals t...