2011 Chicago United Year in Review

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2011 Chicago United Year in Review


Leading by Example Toward a More Inclusive Future It’s been said that the best example of leadership, is

To set the tone for another positive year, new board leadership

leadership by example. This quality and approach

was announced to continue steering our work forward. The

continue to shape Chicago United’s accomplishments

compilation of the 2011 Business Leaders of Color was another

for its members and the greater business community.

great demonstration of our vision to maximize multiracial

The transformative times in which we live demand

talent throughout corporate boardrooms. The 8th Annual

this type of leadership.

Changing Color of Leadership Conference and Bridge Awards dinner enabled business leaders to learn from each other,

Through its advocacy work, Chicago United motivates

share proven best practices and celebrate progress. All of

CEOs to lead the way in advancing diversity and inclusion

these efforts will make multiracial leadership in business and

by encouraging them to lead the discussions and actions

parity in economic opportunity a reality.

that make progress possible. Diversity and Inclusion aren’t just buzz words thrown around by executives, but a clear

With your support, Chicago United will continue to leverage

business imperative.

current programs and resources to spur business growth and strengthen outcomes.

Chicago United board members know the work is important, so they roll up their sleeves to promote diversity and inclusion

As we look ahead to 2012, we are excited to sharpen our

within their own organizations and beyond. I commend their

vision and serve the ever-changing needs of our members

true leadership.

and our city.

Activities executed in 2011 underscore Chicago United’s commitment to driving members toward profound change.

Joseph A. Gregoire Regional President – Illinois Banking, PNC Bank Chairman, Chicago United Board of Directors



Creating a Stronger Social and Economic Fabric Through Diversity & Inclusion For more than 40 years, Chicago United has built an

Our motivation comes in many forms. Seeing tangible

impressive track record toward driving a vision and

results that result from stronger partnerships between

an agenda of economic inclusion in our region. Despite the

minority-owned businesses and large corporations,

ebb and flow of the economy, and great political and demo-

bottom line growth that results from a diverse set of

graphic changes, the one thing that remains constant is our

ideas, and an increased number of Changing Color of

organization’s mission to advance multiracial leadership to

Leadership participants seeking knowledge that will

achieve economic parity.

help them in their positions are impetus for us to continue making progress. Helping our constituents see how multi-

At every turn in 2011, we set out to strengthen our members

racial leadership and economic inclusion work together to

in the areas of corporate governance, executive management,

grow business for everyone is the way Chicago United will

and business partnerships. Whether it was connecting

continue to be differentiated.

senior leaders with nonprofit board directorships through the BoardLink program, growing the regional economy

Our desire is to continue to be the relevant resource on

through increased spending between Five Forward com-

which our members have come rely. As we align our vision

mitted corporations and MBEs, compiling the city’s most

with the issues and needs of our members today, we can

talented Business Leaders of Color to showcase viable board

better deliver effective programs and tools that will yield

candidates to Fortune 1,000 corporations, or developing a

better companies and stronger communities.

Corporate Governance Executive Development Program with Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business, we made great strides toward realizing our mission.

Gloria Castillo

President, Chicago United


2011 Year In Review – Driving the Inclusionary Vision Board of Directors Strategic Visioning Sessions The board of Chicago United is committed to ensuring that the organization remains a relevant, differentiated, and effective resource to Chicago’s business community. It seeks to create systemic change that can yield solutions to economic and social

challenges facing the entire region. In 2011, Chicago United’s Board of Directors undertook a strategic visioning review process

to better understand the needs of our members, the unique value the organization provides, and opportunities to expand our

offerings in 2012 and beyond. The results of this session will allow the organization to focus its resources more sharply on the

relevant needs of its members. This process yielded updated mission, vision, and value statements.


Chicago United promotes multiracial leadership in business to advance parity in economic opportunity. Chicago United is the premiere organization creating an environment where racially diverse CEOs and executive level management can share common experiences to promote multiracial leadership in governance, management, and business partnerships while delivering best practices for diversity practitioners and building relationships among leaders that share common values. We support the business community’s need to maximize the use of corporate and entrepreneurial talent and bring together diverse senior business leaders to break through barriers to realize the benefits of diversity and inclusion.

Proven, successful programs designed to advance multiracial

communities, as it advocates the need for parity and

the foundation for Chicago United’s work. But in the coming

workforce. The organization enhances value by creating

leadership and grow minority business enterprises have laid year, members of Chicago United will see the organization focus on driving enhanced value in three unique ways.

For chief executives, Chicago United serves as a catalyst

an environment where racially diverse CEOs and executive level management can share mutual experiences and build new relationships with those who have common values.

for conversations that allow them to share common ex-

This three-fold focus on Chicago United’s audiences will

The organization seeks to invigorate CEOs and corporate

board governance, the executive pipeline and minority-owned

periences and values surrounding diversity and inclusion. board members as they steward culture change within

their enterprises, particularly within C-suites. As always, fact-based analysis will inform these conversations.

Diversity and inclusion practitioners gain value from Chicago

enhance new impact to the organization’s work in corporate

businesses partnerships. The resulting Chicago United pro-

grams will recommend innovative, leading-edge approaches to leveraging inclusion as a true business imperative, one that benefits all stakeholders.

United as a consultant, providing research, best-practice

Since its founding, Chicago United has worked to create paths

the organization is a resource for practitioners who activate

all races in Chicago. The largest opportunity for corporations

recommendations, and expert points of view. In this role, diversity and inclusion as a business imperative.

Chicago United connects and convenes its members and supporters, along with the greater business and civic


equal opportunity to maximize human potential in the

for business leaders of color as it strives for economic parity for

to maximize resources is to ensure that historically under utilized talent is fully deployed. Chicago United will continue to strive to close the gap between race and business.

Chicago United Member Meetings Chicago United is continually producing breakthrough research and programs that take the best of many years of diversity and

inclusion best practices and combines them with innovative approaches to create systemic sustainable change. That work could

not be completed without the participation of an active membership.

Annual Members Meeting March 8, 2011

Host: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois

Douglas M. Goare, president, McDonald’s Europe and outgoing

chairman, presented the 2010 achievement overview, followed by the installation of 2011 board members including Joseph

Gregoire, regional president– Illinois, PNC Bank, as the incoming

chairman and Gordon Werkema, first vice president and COO of

the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, as the new vice chairman.

September 28, 2011

Host: Quarles & Brady, LLP

John W. Daniels, chairman, Quarles & Brady LLP, welcomed

CEO Council members for the final meeting of 2011. Dr. Ed Boswell, leader of the U.S. Advisory People and Change

practice for PwC and Lawrena Colombo, a Chicago United member who leads PwC’s M&A HR Solution Sets within the

People and Change practice, shared observations and trends from their 14th Annual Global CEO Survey.

Gloria Castillo presented the Leaders Awards followed by a keynote address from Ellen M. Costello, chief executive officer, BMO

Leaders Council Meetings

Head on creating a unified culture based on customer needs.

March 2, 2011

Financial Corp. (formerly Harris Financial Corp.) and U.S. Country

Host: Mesirow Financial

Juan Avila, senior vice-president, Mesirow Financial and Business Leader of Color Program chairman, provided a

status of the BLC selection process and project. Marjorie

Paddock, director of Diversity & Inclusion, BMO Harris

Bank, and Kevin Slaughter, partner, Quarles & Brady LLP,

also provided an update on the “Leaders Council Pipeline Project Career Mentoring Program”.

(left to right) Joseph Gregoire, regional president–Illinois, PNC Bank, Ellen M. Costello, chief executive officer, BMO Financial Corp. (formerly Harris Financial Corp.) and U.S. Country Head, and Douglas M. Goare, president, McDonald’s Europe, at the 2011 Chicago United Annual Member Meeting.

CEO Council Meetings January 26, 2011

Host: Ernst and Young LLP

Irene Davis, partner, E & Y, provided welcoming remarks followed by presentation from three Chicago United

May 5, 2011

Host: The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Valerie Van Meter, senior vice president, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago gave opening remarks and Gloria Castillo

provided an update and led a robust discussion on programs in development at Chicago United. September 8, 2011

Host: Rush University Medical Center

Beverly Huckman, associate vice president for equal op-

MBE CEO members. John Sterling of Synch-Solutions and

portunity, Rush University Medical Center, hosted a tour

their perspectives on the status of MBEs locally and nationally.

from Larry J. Goodman, president and CEO, Rush University

Monica Walker of Holland Capital Management shared

of the new Rush Tower followed by a special welcome

April 27, 2011

community, Diversity & Inclusion, Aon Hewitt, Aon

After welcoming remarks by John W. Rodgers, Jr., chairman

Inclusion” which demonstrated how our own biases tend

Castillo facilitated a discussion about the state of board

work place.

Host: Ariel Investments, LLC

and chief investment officer, Ariel Investments, LLC, Gloria

Medical Center. Tyronne Stoudemire, global director of Corporation made a presentation titled “The Path to to distort our daily interactions with other people in the

diversity in Chicago.


2011 Year In Review – Driving the Inclusionary Vision Corporate Governance Executive Development Program

Chicago United and The University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business Executive Education Chicago United launched a new partnership with the

University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business

Executive Education team in 2011 to prepare executives of color who seek to become corporate board directors. Through





Executive Development Program, Chicago United, along with the highly-regarded Executive Education team, seeks

“This partnership with the University of Notre Dame is

Latino-American and Asian-American executives are well-

help corporations meet the challenges of an increasingly

to assure that participating African-American, Hispanic-/

prepared for directorships. Additionally, the program will benefit corporations as they strive to seat boards that

will increase their marketplace competitiveness and help bring them into greater compliance with federal oversight regarding disclosure of diversity and inclusion policies.

The inaugural Corporate Governance Executive Development

Program was held in the fall on the Chicago campus of the University of Notre Dame. The program was open only to

diverse business environment and rapidly changing global

demographics,” said Gloria Castillo, president of Chicago

United. “Our Business Leaders of Color publication proves that Chicago United can identify executives of color who

are ready for the responsibilities of a director. And now, this development program helps those individuals join

boards ready to contribute at the highest levels, even as the director’s responsibilities evolve.”

Chicago United Business Leaders of Color and individuals

The program draws upon faculty who are key contributors

program is designed to:

program is led by Jim Davis, who has extensive experience

sponsored by Chicago United corporate members. The • increase participants’ awareness of desired board director competencies in order to be attractive nominees and valued board members;

• develop a working knowledge of corporate board

governance, structures, and challenges in today’s evolving marketplace;

• lead participants to develop and begin implementing an individual strategic plan to attract corporate board invitations;

• encourage integration of values-based leadership and ethical decision-making in current and future roles and responsibilities; and

• facilitate networking with peer business leaders, current

and past members of corporate boards of directors, chief

executives, and University of Notre Dame thought leaders.


an exciting expansion of Chicago United’s initiatives to

to the Mendoza College’s Executive Education program. The

in working with executives and boards. Prof. Davis is a widely recognized expert in corporate governance, strategic decision-making, trust, stewardship, and social capital. The

Academy of Management has recognized his research on trust as the best research of the decade.

“Notre Dame Executive Education is delighted to support

Chicago United in this unique effort to develop leaders

of color who seek to position themselves as attractive candidates for board of director roles,” said Joseph

O’Hannigan, senior associate director of Executive Programs

at the Mendoza College of Business. “This Corporate Governance Executive Development Program is the result

of extensive and thoughtful collaboration between Chicago United and Notre Dame Executive Education.”






After the first session the participants are given eight

of the participants in the inter-term. The first session,

strategic plans for pursuing directorships. Subsequently,

Program is delivered over two sessions, with work required covered in three consecutive days, provides the majority of the content including:

• active learning and practice with the concepts and tools that participants will implement on a corporate board;

• enhanced self-awareness through The Leadership Circle 360° Profile results;

• a one-on-one, 90-minute, executive coaching session; • introduction to individual strategic planning through

which the participants will be challenged to start to

develop and position themselves more effectively as attractive board candidates; and

• interaction with guest CEOs and board directors.

weeks to refine and start implementing their individual the second session requires the participants to present

their progress, obstacles, and insights as they have refined and implemented their individual strategic plans. They

present these updates to, and receive feedback from, their program peers and a panel of senior executives and/or members of corporate boards of directors.

A key component of the program is the involvement of

CEOs, current or past corporate board members, and

other senior executives at specific times throughout the program. These special executive guests, drawn from the Chicago United and Notre Dame networks of business leaders, will interact with the participants and share their insights.

The Inaugural Class The Corporate Governance Executive Development Program

to refine and start implementing their individual strategic

participants in the inter-term. The first session took place

first session and consisted of the participants presenting

was delivered in two parts, with work required of the over a three-day span (October 4 – 6th, 2011). The final session was held on December 6th of 2011.

Ten outstanding multiracial business leaders completed The Corporate Governance Executive Development Program.

High profile guest executives such as Sheila Penrose (Jones Lang LaSalle, McDonald’s Corporation), Dick Noteabart

(AEP, Cardinal Health, and Aon Corporation), Andy McKenna

(McDonald’s Corporation, Aon Corporation, Schwarz Supply Source, and Skyline Corp.), Lou Nieto (Auto Zone Inc. and Ryder

Inc.), and Dr. Carolyn Woo (Aon Corporation and NiSource

plans. The second session took place eight weeks after the

their progress, obstacles, and insights as they have refined

and implemented their individual strategic plans. They

presented these updates to, and received feedback from, their program peers and a panel of senior executives.

Chicago United is in the process of surveying participants to

understand the benefits derived and what improvements should be considered to strengthen results moving forward.

Chicago United plans to continue this program in the fall of 2012.

Incorporated) spent time with this exclusive cohort. After the first session the participants were given eight weeks


2011 Year In Review – Driving the Inclusionary Vision Business Leaders of Color Publication Now that corporate profits

clear that competitiveness and compliance are at stake.

are necessary

to delight

To help corporations meet these requirements, in 2011

from the competition will

Leaders of Color publication. In this publication, board

corporate boards of directors.

executive search firms can find exceptional individuals

strategic investments that customers and pull away

recapture the focus of many And, in a globally-connected

world that is seeing rapid

and massive demographic

changes each year, corporate boards will need to be more diverse and inclusive in order to compete successfully.

According to Chicago United’s most recent Corporate

Chicago United produced the fifth iteration of the Business

chairmen, nominating committees, chief executives, and who currently serve, or are ready to contribute, as board

directors of Fortune 1,000 companies.

Business Leaders of Color has become a highly-visible

publication that demonstrates the level of diverse talent

available in Chicago. The publication serves as a resource for those seeking to increase inclusion of diverse candidates

Diversity Profile, a diverse and inclusive board of directors is

in their boardrooms and business networks. Through

influenced by people of color. The Profile indicates, “In a

Chicago United aims to accelerate the rate of change of

necessary for growth in a marketplace that is increasingly

identification of these exceptionally qualified leaders,

growing body of research, there are a number of studies

diverse representation in corporate governance. We see

corporate performance. Over a 5-year period, a high ratio

reference. It also serves as inspiration, as was envisioned by

that highlight the correlation of board diversity to

of diverse corporate boards outperformed the Dow Jones

and NASDAQ indices per California Public Employees’

the Business Leaders of Color publication used often as a the Chicago United thought leaders.

Retirement System’s Investment Committee’s (CALPERS)

It takes tremendous contribution by many to create this

by CALPERS include return on equity, return on sales, and

as dedicated members of the community, rallied through

examination of key metrics. The key metrics measured

impactful publication. Chicago United membership, as well

return on invested capital. These findings would indicate

five levels of committee review from nominations, screening,

company’s ability to obtain optimal performance.”

Chicago United CEO Council approval. Once the committee

that diversity on corporate boards contributes to a

Along with this research, board governance experts know

ranking, BLC committee balancing, and finally to the final

work was completed, the highly committed production

team began producing a publication of exceptional quality.

that the Securities and Exchange Commission, in item

A listing of individuals who participated in the production

whether, and if so how, the nominating committee or board

section of the publication itself.

for directors. According to the law firm of O’Melveny and

We’d like to recognize here the incredible contribution of

of diversity in identifying director nominees, the SEC

Pedro J. Cevalllos, Valerie J. Van Meter, Rahsaan Thompson

407(c) of Regulation S-K, requires a company to disclose

of directors considers diversity in identifying nominees Meyers, if a company has a policy regarding its consideration

of this product is included in the “Acknowledgements”

Committee Chair Juan Avila and the Committee Co-Chairs

requires disclosure of the manner in which that policy is

and Kelli McMiller. We’d also like to thank Crain’s Chicago

committee or board of directors assesses the effectiveness

distribution of this publication. The individual Business

implemented and the manner in which the nominating

of the policy.


In the matter of diversity and corporate boards, it is now

are on the rebound, the

Business for their extraordinary contribution of the

Leaders of Color featured represent the kind of talent

that companies seek, and they actively recruit and groom

measure their success by the victories claimed by their

professional mission. They all speak about valuing and

to win the race for talent.

other accomplished executives as an integral part of their

developing people and relationships as top priorities.

protĂŠgĂŠs. This is more than altruistic. It is a good strategy

It is with great pride that we presented in this publication

The Chicago United Business Leaders of Color demonstrate

a sterling collection of men and women who have the

including integrity, unwavering commitment to delighting

to contribute to the global competitiveness of corporations.

similar traits that have contributed to their success customers, a drive to improve their organizations, genuine

business acumen and the breadth and depth of experience

concern for their communities, and a global perspective

and experience. Additionally, we believe that a chief executive or chair of a board nominating committee will be inspired by the successful outcomes delivered by these

men and women who embrace well-considered risks

as opportunities. In an ever-changing global economy, companies must be open to new approaches to solving

problems and expanding markets.

The Business Leaders of Color exhibit the innovation required to do that, and they lead their teams to do so

as well. The 2011 Chicago United Business Leaders of Color

The 2011 Chicago United Business Leaders of Color

The Business Leaders of Color Reception The Business Leaders of Color reception provided an

(left to right) Mabel Tung, practice executive, Corporate & Institutional Services, Northern Trust, Rick H. Waddell, chairman and CEO, Northern Trust Corp., and Deborah Liverett, senior vice president, director of Community Affairs, Northern Trust, hosted the Business Leaders of Color Reception.

opportunity for the current Business Leaders of Color honorees, past Business Leaders of Color honorees, and Chicago United members to meet one another in a private setting. The inspiring event was hosted by Northern Trust on October 13, 2011.

The Business Leaders of Color Panel Discussion The African American Association for Personal and Professional

partner, Marketing and Sales Officers Practice, Heidrick and

network group, presented a Business Leaders of Color panel

& Institutional Services, Northern Trust, shared their personal

Growth (APPG), a Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago diversity event that took place on December 1, 2011. Three 2011 Business

Leaders of Color honorees , Terrell D. Anderson, chief operations

Struggles, and Mabel C. Tung, practice executive, Corporate insights, advice, and career success strategies with attendees.

officer, Urban Partnership Bank, Carlos F. Cata, managing


2011 Year In Review – Driving the Inclusionary Vision Directors Roundtables: Practical Leadership for Corporate Directors Governance Breakfast Series

Collaborations Promote High Level Learning Chicago United is proud to collaborate with firms that are also resources for corporate boards and their nominating committees. Chicago United produces these one-of-a-kind breakfasts, titled Directors Roundtable: Critical Issues in Leadership, in partnership

with series host Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP and Shields Meneley Partners, Sard Verbinnen & Co., and Heidrick & Struggles. These sessions offer the Chicago United Business Leaders of Color an opportunity to learn about the critical responsibilities of a board director from those who know best.

What to Do in a Crisis: Assisting the Board in Prevention and

governance. She discussed the role CalSRS takes in this arena.

May 19, 2011

the California public school teachers over 80 years ago. CalSTRS


The first event in the series featured Moderator Brad Wilks, managing director, Chicago Office, Sard Verbinnen & Co. and

serves over 800,000 members, retirees, and beneficiaries.

panelists Daniel Diermeier, IBM professor of Regulation and

Stepping up to Leadership: What Nonprofits Need from Board

Center for Global Citizenship, Kellogg School of Management,

December 1, 2011

Competitive Practice and director of the Ford Motor Company

Northwestern University; Jon Harris, senior vice president, Global Communications, Sara Lee Corporation; and Neil Novich, retired chairman & CEO, Ryerson.

This session considered the board’s role in preparing a

corporation to deal with a crisis and provided recommendations on how to prevent and effectively respond to one.

Beyond Perfunctory... Creating a Robust Board Evaluation September 21, 2011

The second Governance Breakfast included M. Shan Atkins,


Some of the most respected nonprofit organizations in

Chicago presented the final session in the series to discuss the

constraints they face in this continuing economic firestorm

and what they need from their boards to sustain them. The

panel included Francesca Edwardson, chief executive officer,

American Red Cross of Greater Chicago, Ricardo Estrada, president and chief executive officer of Metropolitan Family

Services, Richard Malone, president and chief executive officer, YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago, and Moderator E. David Coolidge, III, vice chairman, William Blair and Company.

independent director, Tim Hortons, The Pep Boys, Shoppers

In addition to fundraising, recruiting other committed

lead independent director, Tractor Supply Company and

about the import mission of the organization, this group

Drug Mart Inc. and Spartan Stores; Cynthia Jamison, independent director, B&G Foods, Inc.; and was moderated

by Theodore L. Dysart, vice-chairman, Heidrick & Struggles International Inc. The panelists discussed how to move

the conversation beyond compliance to strengthening value-enhancing engagement and the importance of selfassessment, board assessment and peer evaluations.

Immediately following this session, attendees were joined by Janice Hester Amey, portfolio manager in the Corporate Governance unit at the California State Teachers’ Retirement

System (CalSTRS), one of the leading advocates for diversity in


CalSTRS is a public pension fund established for the benefit of

volunteers, leading committees, and spreading the word also discussed another real challenge in today’s operating environment which is making sure leadership is focused on the strategy which will make or break the future of their

organizations. An important criterion to for-profit nominating committees and search firms is demonstrated success as a nonprofit board member. Attendees of this session learned

what it means to succeed on a nonprofit board and how it can serve as a stepping stone to other opportunities.

Diversity Officer Roundtables Chicago United’s Diversity Officer Roundtables are invitation-only forums for diversity practitioners to discuss topics

relevant to advancing corporate diversity in Chicago’s business community. Two Roundtables were presented in 2011. A special Corporate Diversity Profile Task Force was a result of the second Roundtable which met two additional times in 2011.

Calculating Diversity Return on Investment

The advisory Task Force will

Host: McDonald’s Corporation

the survey more relevant and

March 18, 2011

recommend ways to make

This roundtable featured Dr. Edward E. Hubbard who

useful to major corporations

made a presentation titled “Calculating Diversity Return

in their quest for increasing

on Investment.”

the inclusion of people of color in the executive ranks.

Benchmarking and Best Practices: Shaping the Further of the Corporate Diversity Profile September 16, 2011






December 8 and December 19,

Host: Ernst & Young

2011, with one additional meeting to take place in January

Team, Ernst & Young, facilitated a discussion on Chicago

for their participation.

Warren Smith, Midwest people leader, Americas People

United’s Corporate Diversity Profile (CDP). The session included a review of the survey prepared for Chicago United by students participating in a Program Evaluation

Class from the Applied Social Psychology Graduate

Program at Loyola University Chicago. The roundtable

of 2012. Chicago United would like to thank the members

CDP Task Force Committee Chair:

• Warren Smith, midwest people leader (director of HR), Ernst & Young

considered the type of information diversity officers

CDP Task Force Committee:

The attendees of the Diversity Officer Roundtable

• Karen Brown, global director, Inclusion and Diversity,

Corporate Diversity Profile to make it a more effective

• Cheri Chappelle, director, Diversity and Inclusion,

task force will be to create a product that is a useful tool

• Deirdre Drake, SVP, Human Resources, Harris BMO

would find useful in the CDP.

expressed the desire to take part in developing the

tool to drive their internal discussions. The goal of the and thought provoking for our members and diversity and inclusion practitioners.

2012 Corporate Diversity Profile Task Force

• Deborah Baldwin, assistant vice president, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Baxter International

Illinois Tool Works, Inc.

• Mike Escobar, diversity and organization effectiveness, Allstate

• Anuradha Hebbar, director, Strategic Diversity, McDonald’s Corporation

In preparation for upcoming 2012 Corporate Diversity Profile

• LaShana Jackson, director - Diversity & Inclusion, Aon

Chicago United convened the Corporate Diversity Profile

• Salvador Mendoza, vice president Diversity & Inclusion,

The CDP is a biennial survey that measures racial diversity

• Jim Norman, vice president, Diversity, Kraft

(CDP) the attendees of the Diversity Officer Roundtables, Task Force to assist with the transformation of the Profile. specifically in the leadership ranks of large corporations, on corporate boards, and in executive level management. It serves as a benchmark for corporations to measure their progress in this area.

Corporation Hyatt

• Nazneen Razi, SVP and chief human resources officer, Health Care Service Corporation

• Maude Tousaint-Comeau, economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago


2011 Year In Review – Driving the Inclusionary Vision The 8th Annual Changing Color of Leadership Conference Local leaders help recognize Patricia Hemingway Hall and 45 Business Leaders of Color On November 16, 2011, the Chicago United 8th Annual

“The energy in the room that

Dinner was presented by PNC. More than 1,000 supporters

our awardees was remarkable,”

Changing Color of Leadership Conference and Bridge Awards

evening as we acknowledged

gathered to celebrate corporate diversity and inclusion

said Gloria Castillo, president of

at Chicago United’s Bridge Awards Dinner at the Hilton

Chicago United. “It was an honor

Chicago. The much-anticipated dinner culminated a day of

to celebrate with our members

enrichment and best-practice lessons for senior executives.

Emceed by Ravi Baichwal of ABC 7 Chicago, the Bridge

Awards dinner recognized the 2011 Chicago United Business Leaders of Color, 45 men and women of color identified as

strong candidates for Fortune 1,000 corporate directorships. Patricia Hemingway Hall, president and chief executive

officer of Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC), received

and supporters and build new Governor Pat Quinn, State of Illinois, addresses an audience of over 1,000 attendees at Chicago United’s Annual Bridge Awards Dinner

relationships among leaders who share common values. We look

forward to another impactful year of engaging programs that

promote multiracial leadership in business to advance parity in economic opportunity.”

the annual Bridge Award for her efforts to advance

Prior to the Bridge Awards, Chicago United presented the

management, and in business partnerships at HCSC.

Gordon, former head of the National Association for the

diversity and inclusion in board governance, executive level

annual Changing Color of Leadership Conference. Bruce

Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), retired president, Retail Markets Group, Verizon Communications Inc., lead director of Tyco International LTD, and director of CBS

Corporation and Northrop Grumman, shared his thoughts and diversity and inclusion best practices with attendees at

the Diversity Leadership Luncheon emceed by ABC 7’s Hosea Sanders.

(left to right) Joe Gregoire, regional president – Illinois, PNC Bank and chairman, Chicago United Board of Directors presents Patricia Hemingway Hall, president and chief executive officer, Health Care Service Corporation with the 2011 Chicago United Bridge Award Recipient together with Gordon Werkema, first vice president and COO, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and vice chairman, Chicago United Board of Directors

Dinner attendees included Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn and Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle who shared their remarks about the positive work Chicago United has done throughout the local business community.


Bruce S. Gordon, former president & chief executive officer, NAACP, retired president, Retail Markets Group, Verizon Communications Inc., lead director of Tyco International LTD, and director of CBS Corporation and Northrop Grumman, shared diversity and inclusion best practices with attendees of the Diversity Leadership Luncheon.

Conference highlights included two plenary sessions

The second session titled, “Stewarding a Unified Diversity

successful business leaders responsible for enhancing

senior vice president and chief diversity officer, PNC Financial

at which attendees gained thoughtful insights from

inclusive corporate cultures at their companies. Plenary session one, “Frontline Perspectives from Business Leaders of Color” featured a panel of Chicago United’s 2011 Business Leaders of Color including Nim Chinniah, vice president for Administration and chief financial officer, The University of

Chicago; Brett Hart, senior vice present and general counsel, United Continental Holdings, Inc.; and Mabel Tung, practice

and Inclusion Vision,” was moderated by Marsha Jones, Services Group. Panelists Anne Pramaggiore, president and

chief executive officer, ComEd, Albert Grace, co-founder and president of Loop Capital Markets and Terry Mazany, president

and chief executive officer of The Chicago Community Trust, discussed ways that they advance diversity as a business imperative.

executive, Corporate & Institutional Services, Northern

The 9th Annual Changing Color of Leadership Conference

management, failure, opportunity, and leadership.

at the Hilton Chicago.

Trust. They shared their personal experiences with talent

and Bridge Award Dinner will be held on November 15, 2012

Proceeds from the 2011 Changing Color of Leadership Conference and Bridge Awards Dinner fund Chicago United

programs including Five Forward, the Corporate Diversity

Profile surveys, Diversity Officer Roundtables, Business Leaders of Color publications, Corporate Governance: An

Executive Development Program, and BoardLink. We proudly thank our supporters: Presented by:

(left to right) Joe Gregoire, regional president – Illinois, PNC Bank and chairman, Chicago United Board of Directors, with the Stewarding a Unified Diversity and Inclusion Vision Plenary Session participants Anne Pramaggiore, president and chief executive officer, ComEd; Al Grace, co-founder and president, Loop Capital; Marsha Jones, senior vice president and chief diversity officer, PNC Financial Services Group; and Terry Mazany, president and chief executive officer, The Chicago Community Trust; and Gloria Castillo, president, Chicago United.

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Chairman’s Circle:

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(left to right) Frontline Perspectives from Business Leaders of Color plenary session participants Dolores A. Kunda, founder and CEO, Lapiz; Nim Chinniah, CFO, The University of Chicago; Brett J. Hart, SVP, general counsel, United Continental Holdings, Inc.; David Arenas, managing director, Reilly Partners; and Mabel C. Tung, practice executive, Corporate & Institutional Services , Northern Trust.

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2011 Year In Review – Driving the Inclusionary Vision Five Forward Initiative™ A Blue Print for Regional Economic Growth Chicago United’s Five Forward Initiative™ continues to show

Chicago United was awarded a grant from the State of

growth through minority-owned business development. In

through May 31, 2013, to underwrite a study of the economic

significant progress as a blueprint for regional economic

Illinois in the amount of $50,000 for the period of June 1, 2011,

2011, five new major corporations committed to Five Forward

impact of the Five Forward Initiative™. This study will be

(FF) including Aramark, Microsoft, Northstar Lottery, Office

performed in conjunction with the University of Illinois

Max, and University Health Systems Consortium/Novation.

Regional Economics Application Laboratory.

There 27 committed corporations in total and there are 95 minority business enterprise (MBE) firms participating in

Corporations that have committed to the Initiative are

Five Forward.

making sustained investments in their MBE partnerships.

Five Forward Certified MBEs Revenue vs. Annual Goal

$250,000 $200,000

,3 70



,4 82





29 6,

76 2 7,8 $2 4 8

, 54



,1 18 1,4


,73 27

,6 37



3 74 4,








$50,000 0




*The increase in Five Forward certified MBEs annual revenue is due in part to an increase in the number of companies reporting

The chart above illustrates Five Forward certified MBEs

goal set back in 2009 ($170,382,427) which was still early in

Forward committed firms with MBEs exceeded annual goals

achieved an impressive 132% of that goal today. The revenue

revenue versus annual goal. The total annual spend by Five

the downturn, compared to 2011 sales ($224,743,730) we still

for the past three years by 109%, 143%, and 163% respectively.

for Five Forward certified MBEs was $224,743,730 which

In part, the leap in the increase in the percent of spend over

represents an increase of 2% over 2010 annual revenue.

goal is due to modest projections in the face of the recent

economic challenges. However, if we compare the highest

Sales between the same Five Forward committed companies and their selected certified MBEs in 2010 and 2011 4





32 9, 85



$200,000 $150,000 $100,000 $50,000 0




4 55


2 2,1

The previous chart illustrates an increase in sales for 13

The Five Forward Initiative™ reviews not only the spending

companies and certified MBEs, similar to “same store sales.”

it also surveys the satisfaction levels on both sides of the

original Five Forward relationships between committed Sales between these same 13 committed companies and

certified MBEs in 2012 was $222,129,554 which represents an increase of 2.9% over the 2010 figure.

by the majority companies with their selected MBEs, but

equation – providing both quantitative and qualitative data, measured in real-time. The June 2011 satisfaction survey

results show that the Five Forward committed companies’ satisfaction levels with their MBEs continues to improve.

Five Forward Committed Companies 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Advocate Health Care Aon Corporation Aramark Healthcare Ariel Investments, LLC Baxter International, Inc. BP America Inc. City Colleges of Chicago ComEd, An Exelon Company

9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.

Ernst & Young General Electric BMO Harris Bank N.A. Health Care Service Corporation Jewel-Osco Kraft Foods Loop Capital Macy’s Inc.

17. 18. 19. 20.

McDonald’s Corporation Mesirow Financial Microsoft Northwestern Memorial HealthCare 21. Northern Trust 22. Northstar Lottery Group LLC 23. OfficeMax, Inc.

24. R ush University Medical Center 25. SDI (System Development. Integration, LLC) 26. Nielsen 27. The University of Chicago Medical Center 28. UHC (University HealthSystem Consortium)

What is The Five Forward Initiative™?

The Five Forward Initiative™ stands apart from similar

The Five Forward Initiative™ enlists the commitment of CEOs

spending with MBEs, it is issued as a commitment to spend

of mid- to large-sized corporations in the Chicago area to establish or expand business relationships with five current

programs because often when public agencies report their with diverse suppliers and there is no further reporting.

and/or new local minority-owned firms. The initiative is

BP America Inc. Five Forward Reception

of minority business.

BP America Inc. and Chicago United hosted the inaugural

designed to build a stronger regional economy and the scale

August 11, 2011

Chicago United Five Forward Caucus, where Five Forward

The Initiative’s five-step process includes:

committed companies’ CEOs and other executives had the

• The CEO meets with the chief diversity officer/supplier

diversity directors to develop a strategy to integrate the initiative into current business diversity practices;

• Senior management conducts an analysis of local

minority firms, in all spending categories, that serve the

opportunity to network with Five Forward MBEs’ CEOs. The purpose of the reception was to expose MBEs to other Five Forward committed companies, so that they can increase

the possibilities of doing business with major corporations in Five Forward. MBEs also had the opportunity to initiate and expand relationships with other MBEs.

organization and/or identifies new high-potential firms;

• A process is developed in which senior management identifies





aligns regional economic stimulation goals based on organizational objectives and MBE core competencies;

• Metrics are developed to measure the firm’s performance in the first five years; and

• Senior management annually measures and reports the performance of their implementation of the Initiative.

(left to right) Alpha M. Brady, director, Policy Administration, American Bar Association, Michael W. Lewis, EVP, regional president, Chicago Metro Region, BMO Harris Bank N.A., Karen Eng, president & CEO at CSMI, Albert R. Grace, Jr., president, Loop Capital, Gloria Castillo, president, Chicago United, and Crystal E. Ashby, executive vice president, Government and Public Affairs, BP America Inc.


2011 Year In Review – Driving the Inclusionary Vision BoardLink BoardLink is Chicago’s premier referral source that helps

connect with nonprofit boards in 2011. This surpasses the

BoardLink was developed by Chicago United to address a

total, there were 354 requests to connect in the tool in 2011.

multiracial leaders and nonprofit organizations connect. twofold challenge in the community: access to multiracial leaders for nonprofit board service and the lack of diversity on nonprofit boards. Since its inception in 2007, BoardLink has placed 21 multiracial leaders on nonprofit boards.

Candidate profiles more than doubled from previous years with 51 new profiles added in 2011 alone compared

to 24 candidate postings in 2010, while nonprofit board postings remained a steady 22 for both years.

In 2011, there were 302 requests by nonprofit organizations

to connect with candidates, which surpasses the 172 connection requests made by nonprofit organizations

25 connection requests made by candidates in 2010. In In late 2011, a collaborative effort was convened by

the Chicago Community Trust to include outreach to

candidates associated with the Asian American Institute, Chicago United, Chicago Urban League, El Valor, and

Leadership Greater Chicago. These six organizations

understand the value that diversity brings to leadership

and have made a commitment to the success of BoardLink. This unique collaboration will officially launch in early 2012.

The Chicago Community Trust awarded Chicago United a one-year grant in September, 2011, to fund this effort.

in 2010. There were 52 requests made by candidates to

BoardLink Nonprofit Board Governance Training Sessions Chicago






by Liz Livingston Howard and Ann Cohn Donnelly, D.P.H.,

Professional Development through Community Service.

Prevent Child Abuse America, Dr. Donnelly drew upon her

governance training sessions titled Board Governance: The sessions were hosted by Northwestern Memorial

Hospital and were held on March 15, May 19, and September 14, 2011.

There were 60 students in total who attended the

program. These individuals represented a combination of existing BoardLink candidates, new candidates, and

Chicago United members. There were 24 new candidate profiles added as a result of this effort. A


comprehensive session







in partnership with Kellogg Ann Cohn Donnelly, D.P.H., senior lecturer in Social Enterprise at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University


School of Management and

Northwestern University Center for



SEEK. The session was taught

both professors at SEEK. As a former executive director of

own experience to exemplify the challenges and rewards of working on behalf of a nonprofit board. This included case studies and discussions of the role of the CEO versus the role of the board, liability of a board member, board

expectations, and reinforcing the vision and mission of the organization. Ms. Howard focused on one of the most

important and difficult roles of a nonprofit board member: fundraising. Integrating her real world experience as a

professional fundraiser, Ms. Howard demonstrated the

most effective ways to not only seek contributions from your social network but also ways to engage them with the nonprofit organization long-term.

The training was valued at $500 per individual but was free for individuals who built a candidacy profile online.

Chicago United and Chicago Scholars Collaborate on Career Mentoring Initiative Chicago United and The Chicago Scholars Foundation produced a series of sessions to introduce Chicago Scholars to members of CU’s Leadership Council. The

Leaders Council members served as mentors and role models helping Scholars gain essential knowledge and

skills they will need for various industry segments and professions.

“Chicago United’s Leaders Council members will provided workforce by assisting junior- and senior-year college

Valerie J. Van Meter, senior vice president, CFO and director, Office of Minority and Women Inclusion, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago answers Scholars questions at mentoring session.


The June 23, 2011, session was hosted by The Federal

valuable counsel to the next generation of Chicago’s students to identify and prepare for career opportunities,” Chicago





“Development of these future leaders complements Chicago






opportunity for all races by promoting multiracial leadership development.”

Reserve Bank of Chicago and included the following mentors:

• Valerie J. Van Meter, senior vice president, CFO and director, Office of Minority and Women Inclusion Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

• Maribel Mata Benedict , partner, Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP

• Juan C. Avila, senior vice president, Mesirow Financial

• Darryl Tom, partner. Quintairos, Prieto, Wood & Boyer, P.A. • Lancert A. Foster, CPA , vice president, RGMA

• David Rudd, vice president, The Axis Company/Weber Shandwick

Darryl Tom, partner. Quintairos, Prieto, Wood & Boyer, P.A. speaks to Chicago Scholars about law and public finance.

The goal of the career mentoring initiative was to produce

The July 20, 2011, session was hosted by Rush University Medical Center and included the following mentors:

valuable interactions between aspiring students and

• Beverly B. Huckman, associate vice president for Equal

from college to career for students.

• Jacki Robinson-Ivy, VP- Public Affairs and Government

“To remain a world-class city, Chicago needs a diverse and

• Michelle R. McGovern, sr. vice president Human

Scholars, said. “Our Scholars are academically ambitious

• Daryl Newell, director, Consumer Banking , Urban

of leaders working in a wide range of career professions. I

• Katéy Assem, executive director, Chicago State

seasoned professionals to create a smoother transition

educated workforce,” Karen G. Foley, president at Chicago achievers who are eager to benefit from the experience know our scholars will benefit from exposure to Chicago

United’s outstanding career professionals, and I have this

Opportunity, Rush University Medical Center Relations, Northern Trust

Resources, Mesirow Financial Partnership Bank

University Foundation

hunch that the mentors will learn a lot also.”


Leaders Awards 2011 Most Valuable Partner Juan Avila, Senior Vice President, Mesirow Financial 2011 Chicago United Program Champion Tina Bova, Sr. Manager, Supplier Diversity & Sustainability, Baxter International Inc. 2011 Chicago United Ambassador Janine Landow-Esser, Partner and Chair, National Diversity Committee, Quarles & Brady LLP 2011 Chicago United Benefactor Maria Lin, Director, Human Resources, Northwestern Memorial HealthCare 2011 Organizational Visionary Patrick R. Scotto di Luzio, VP and Managing Director, US Strategy, BMO Financial Group 2011 Ambassador Honorable Recognition KatÊy Assem, Executive Director, Chicago State University Foundation Julian E. Brown, Corporate Contributions Manager, Nicor Gas Derrick E. Buckingham, Vice President, The Hollins Group Inc. Willie E. Carrington, Principal, Carrington & Carrington, Ltd. Lester Coney, Executive Vice President, Mesirow Financial Glenn B. Eden, Senior Vice President, Weber Shandwick Pat Harris, Global Chief Diversity Officer, McDonald’s Corporation. Beverly B. Huckman, Associate Vice President for Equal Opportunity, Rush University Medical Center Jeanne K. Mason, Corporate Vice President of Human Resources, Baxter International Inc. Wynona Redmond, Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility, Northstar Lottery Group, LLC David Rudd, Vice President, The Axis Company/Weber Shandwick Fred H. Siegman, President, Siegman Consulting Services Tyronne Stoudemire, Global Director of Community, Diversity and Inclusion, Aon Hewitt Aon Corporation Darryl Tom, Partner, Quintairos, Prieto, Wood & Boyer, P.A. Jackie S. Woodward, Vice President, Marketing Services, MillerCoors 2011 Benefactor Honorable Recognition Bradford L. Ballast, VP & Managing Director, Community Affairs, BMO Harris Bank N.A. Valerie Corr Hanserd, Director, Government and Public Affairs, BP America Inc. Jacki Robinson-Ivy, VP- Public Affairs and Government Relations, Northern Trust William Sharp, Vice President Corporate Community Affairs, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois 2011 Visionary Honorable Recognition Kevin B. Brookins, Vice President, Operational Strategy & Business Intelligence, ComEd Karen Brown, Global Director, Inclusion and Diversity, Baxter International Inc. Lawrena Colombo, Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Albert R. Grace, Jr., President, Loop Capital Wallace Harris, Jr., Regional President, Chicago North Region, BMO Harris Bank N.A. Kevin Slaughter, Partner, Quarles & Brady LLP Valerie J. Van Meter, Senior Vice President, CFO and Director, Office of Minority and Women Inclusion, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago


2011 Program Champion Honorable Recognition Lenny D. Asaro, Attorney at Law, Neal & Leroy, LLC Deborah Baldwin, Assistant Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Adrienne Banks Pitts, Partner/Litigation Commercial, Sidley Austin LLP Kim Barker – Lee, Vice President, Legal and Regulatory Compliance, Northstar Lottery Group, LLC Jeremiah Boyle, Managing Director - Economic Development, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Carolynn Brooks, Vice President, Chief Diversity Officer, OfficeMax, Inc. Michael J. Cabrera, President, UBM Facility Services Olga Camargo, Senior Vice President, Investment Advisory, Mesirow Financial Pedro J. Cevallos-Candau, Ph.D., P.E, CEO & President, Transportation & Infrastructure, Primera Engineers, LTD. Hugo Chaviano, Partner, Sanchez Daniels and Hofffman LLP Leana B. Flowers, Director of Community Affiars, Urban Partnership Bank Kathy Ford, Partner, Ernst & Young LLP Lancert A. Foster, CPA, Vice President, RGMA Shelly Green, Senior Director, Talent Management, Diversity & Corporate HR, USG Corporation Heather J. Haberaecker, Executive Assistant Vice President for Business & Finance, University of Illinois At Chicago Debra Jennings-Johnson, Director - Supplier Diversity, BP America Inc. Valerie King, Director of Marketing Holland Capital Management Fawn Lopez, Vice President-Publisher, Crain’s Communication/Modern Healthcare/Modern Physician Maribel, Mata Benedict, Partner, Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP Michelle R. McGovern, Sr. Vice President Human Resources, Mesirow Financial Leslie D. Minier, Chief Diversity Officer and Partner, Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP Juan J. Mir, Senior Vice President, Treasury Management, PNC Bank Dennis Montgomery, President, COR Consulting Group KC Mosley, Sr. Manager, Enterprise Supplier Diversity, Vice President U.S. Procurements & Strategic Sourcing, BMO Harris Bank N.A. Daryl Newell, Director, Consumer Banking, Urban Partnership Bank Melissa O’Neill, Director, Management Selection & Planning, Advocate Health Care Marjorie Paddock, Director of Diversity and Inclusion, BMO Harris Bank N.A. Nadia M. Quarles, Assistant Vice President for Business Diversity, University of Chicago Hilda S. Renteria, Partner, Prado & Renteria CPA’s, Prof. Corp. Lisa A. Rowe, Senior Vice President, Strategic Procurement, Aon Corporation Andrea Schwartz, VP, Media Relations & Cause Marketing for Macy’s North and Midwest Regions, Macy’s Phillip W. Styles Jr., Director - Supplier Diversity & Strategic Alliances, Aon Corporation James S. Williams Jr., Business Diversity Manager, University of Chicago Medical Center Eric V.A. Winston, Ph.D., V.P. Institutional Advancement, Columbia College Chicago



Board Members

Joseph Gregoire, Chairman Regional President - Illinois Banking PNC Bank

Olga Camargo Senior Vice President, Investment Advisory Mesirow Financial

Michael W. Lewis EVP, Regional President Chicago Metro Region BMO Harris Bank N.A.

Michael F. DeSantiago President Primera Engineers, Ltd.

James H. Skogsbergh President and CEO Advocate Health Care

Kathy Ford Partner Ernst & Young LLP

John D. Sterling Chief Executive Officer Synch-Solutions

Albert R. Grace Jr. President Loop Capital

Monica Walker CEO & Chief Investment Officer, Equity Holland Capital Management LLP

Gordon Werkema, Vice Chairman First Vice President and COO Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Maria de J. Prado, Treasurer Partner Prado & Renteria CPAs, Prof. Corp. Kevin B. Brookins, Secretary Vice President, Operational Strategy & Business Intelligence ComEd, An Exelon Company Douglas M. Goare, Immediate Past Chair President McDonald’s Europe McDonald’s Corporation

Ralph V. Hughes Vice President, External Affairs/ Corporate Communication Macy’s Kip Kelley Resident Managing Director Aon Risk Services, Inc. Aon Corporation

Chairman’s Council Raymond F. McCaskey, Ex-Officio


ComEd, An Exelon Company

McDonald’s Corporation

Sara Lee Corporation

Access Community Health Network

Crain’s Chicago Business

Mesirow Financial MillerCoors

SDI (System Development. Integration, LLC)

Advocate Health Care

Creative Printing Services Endow, Inc.

Mitchell & Titus LLP

A. Pomerantz & Co.

Environmental Design International, inc. (EDI)

MZI Group, Inc.

Ariel Investments, LLC

Ernst & Young LLP

Azteca Foods, Inc.

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago


Bank of America

Financial Executives International

NJW Consulting and NJW Companies

Battle Law Office, P.C.

Greeley and Hansen LLC

Northern Trust

Baxter International, Inc.

Hispanic Housing Development Corporation

Northstar Lottery Group, LLC

Aon Corporation

Beaman Incorporated Blackwell Global Consulting Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois / Health Care Service Corporation BMO Harris Bank N.A. BP America Inc. Cabrera Capital Markets, LLC Carrington & Carrington, Ltd. Central City Productions Inc. The Chicago Community Trust Chicago State University The Chicago Urban League Columbia College Chicago

Neal & Leroy, LLC

Holland Capital Management LLC

Northwestern Memorial HealthCare

The Hollins Group, Inc.

Odell Hicks & Company, LLC

Infrastructure Engineering Incorporated

OfficeMax, Inc.

Johnson, Blumberg & Associates, LLC

Prado & Renteria CPAs, Prof. Corp.

Katten Muchin Roseman LLP Keene Advisory Group Laner, Muchin, Dombrow, Becker, Leving & Tominberg, Ltd. LifeSource Loop Capital Macy’s Inc.

PNC Bank PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Primera Engineers, Ltd. Pugh, Jones & Johnson, P.C. Quarles & Brady LLP RGMA Rush University Medical Center Sanchez Daniels & Hoffman, LLP

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