2009 Chicago United Year in Review

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2009 Chicago United Year in Review


In challenging times what is most valued becomes obvious. “Diverse perspectives generate innovation and effective problem solving and enable organizations to identify and pursue opportunities quickly. The benefits of diversity and inclusion and the value of Chicago United are more important and more relevant than ever before.” – Jim Skogsbergh The economic challenges presented this past year provided

2. The level and seriousness of discussions during our Five

Chicago United with an opportunity. Businesses, forced

Forward Manager’s Program and the Diversity Officer

to cut costs and at the same time improve performance,

Roundtables showed a passion for diversity that I doubt

needed to employ balanced decision making. Chicago

would be found anywhere else in this nation. These ses-

United accepted the charge to educate those decision

sions were focused and action-based. If you want to learn


exactly how to close the gap between race and business,

The organization produced all scheduled programs and

I encourage you to attend one of these sessions in 2010.

products including The Changing Color of Leadership

If it were any other year during the past decade, the accom-

Conference and Bridge Awards Dinner, The Race and Business

plishments of our organization and the people we are proud

Speaker Series, Five Forward, MBe-Source, BoardLink and

to call our members would have been impressive. Being able

more in steadfast pursuit of building multiracial leadership

to move so far forward in the face of an economic downturn,

in governance, executive level management and business

however, is nothing short of inspiring.

partnerships. What you will also read about in the following pages are several programs that were added above and beyond those originally planned to provide added understanding and leadership around diversity and inclusion at an exceptional time. There were two moments-in-time during 2009 that defined the organization for me:

If you are member, I hope you will continue to help us shape the future of race and business in Chicago. And I thank you for your support. If you are not yet a member, then I hope you join us. As you will read, your investment of time and money will provide many times its return.

1. Selecting forty-six accomplished individuals for the 2009 Business Leaders of Color publication from the wealth of nominated talent. The individuals included in the publication are impressive, but equally as awe-inspiring are the large number of rising leaders of color - revealing the sheer breadth of Chicago’s diverse leadership pipeline.


Jim Skogsbergh Chairman, Chicago United President and CEO, Advocate Health Care


Delivering Above and Beyond Despite the Recession “At the Chicago United Board level, the commitment to diversity and inclusion was unwavering. We decided that we would walk the walk and not pull back in 2009. We enhanced our programs in ways that provided additional value to our members.” – Gloria Castillo The leadership of Chicago United recognized in 2008 that the

An additional and critical benefit to our pressing forward

downturn in the economy provided increased need for advo-

in 2009 is the increased “share of voice” we were able

cacy supporting the value of diversity and inclusion as a busi-

to obtain for Chicago United’s mission. We are finding

ness strategy. Though we, too, were affected by the reality of

that our message of delivering value to the busi-

tighter corporate budgets, we were privileged to serve a mem-

ness community via diversity and inclusion is being

bership that appreciated the timely value of Chicago United’s

reported and discussed increasingly as part of a business

mission and efforts. Despite the economy, we were able to add

media and corporate context, as opposed to being relegated

increased robustness to our programs and initiatives.

to media focused solely on diversity.

You can find more details about these added programs and

The impact of our Business Leaders of Color is a clear example

products in a special “...Above and Beyond..” section on the

of our ability to provide meaningful content and our unique

following pages.

point-of-view to a broad Chicago business environment. Through careful stewardship by the board and staff, the

“The tough economy doesn’t alter the reality that the

world is changing. When we emerge from this economic

downturn, stronger and smarter as consumers and companies, that changing world will be ready to

embrace and reward those enterprises that are ever-

faithful to their to diversity and inclusion commitments.”

– Gloria Castillo, Chicago United 2008 Annual Review

organization delivers great value on modest budget of $1.3 million. In 2009, we produced twenty-six meetings and public forums. This is unparalleled for Chicago United. Five Forward alone, delivers an incredible return on this investment. And, as you will read, it’s only a portion of what we accomplished in 2009. Providing ROI at this level takes a historical perspective, an unwavering focus, and commitment from an engaged membership.

As you read about these efforts, as well as the initiatives that we had slated for 2009 and delivered as promised, you will see a common thread: our membership, though also affected by the recession, did not use tighter budgets as an

We deliver value in every program we produce and strive to provide you, our members, an extraordinary return on your investment.

excuse to slow down their own efforts. They kept focused on the fact that diversity and inclusion is an investment they could not afford to let diminish – not simply despite the recession, but because the recession provided an opportunity to show that diversity provides a significant and measurable benefit to the business environment as a whole, as well as to their own organizations.

Gloria Castillo

President, Chicago United


Four Above and Beyond Programs and Products Chicago United added four key programs – in order to increase the overall robustness of our ongoing programs and to assure that the recession did not slow the forward progress of our mission. Below are these value-added efforts.

“Diversity in an Era of Economic Uncertainty” Summit Co-sponsored with the Institute of Government and Public

Speakers and panelists during the day sessions, included:

Affairs, the Economic Summit brought together leading

• G loria Castillo, President, Chicago United

academics, government officials and practitioners from the senior level ranks of Chicago United member firms to discuss diversity and inclusion. Together, they explored the tactical strategies that address the need for organizations to focus on diversity, especially during periods of economic uncertainty. Panels and presentations during the day covered critical topics such as the impact of economic volatility on diversity initiatives, sustaining diversity as a business imperative and best practices for advancing inclusion in corporate, government and academic institutions. Dr. Katherine Phillips, associate professor of Management and Organizations in the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, and co-chair of the Center on the Science of Diversity, was the luncheon keynote speaker. A noted researcher, Dr. Phillips spoke directly to the value of acquiring and empowering diverse talent in an economic

• D avid Gerinimo Embrick, Ph.D., Loyola University • C edric Herring, Ph.D., Acting Department Head, Department of Sociology, University of Illinois Institute of Government and Public Affairs • L aShana Jackson, Director, Diversity & Inclusion, Aon Corporation • W alter Bern Michaels, Ph.D., University of Illinois Institute of Government and Public Affairs • R obert Rich, Ph.D., Director, University of Illinois Institute of Government and Public Affairs
 • P hillip W. Styles, Manager, Supplier Diversity, Aon Corporation • A ndrés T. Tapia, Chief Diversity Officer/Emerging Workforce Solutions Leader, Hewitt Associates • T erri Johnson, Vice President of Public Policy and Advocacy, Jane Addams Hull House Association The all-day forum took place on May 21st.


Five Forward Supplier Diversity Managers Forum In 2009, a strong focus was placed on our Five Forward program.

Far more than an informational session, the Supplier Diversity

This strategic initiative enlists the commitment of CEOs of

Managers Forum delivered an update of Chicago United’s

mid- to large-sized corporations in the Chicago metropolitan

Five Forward initiative, presented best practices from two of

area to establish or expand business relationships with five

the Five Forward committed companies, and served to enlist

current and/or new local minority firms.

on-site support and referrals from those in attendance.

You can read more about the Five Forward program later

Supplier diversity managers from across the city were shown

in this Year In Review; however, it is important to cover the

ways they could gain advantage from the Five Forward

Supplier Diversity Managers Forum in the “...Above and

program in their day to day operation as well as strengthen

Beyond...” section of this Year In Review since it was a program

and measure their own supplier diversity efforts.

we added to our calendar in light of the economic downturn. Jim Tyree, CEO of Chicago United member firm Mesirow Financial, chaired the forum and provided critical insights from a CEOs perspective on the objectives, value and


strategies for supplier diversity.

The Supplier Diversity Managers Forum was hosted by Exelon and took place on May 8th.

Corporate Diversity Officer Roundtables Here, again, the rationale was to help offset the economic

April 24 – Recruitment and Retention of Diverse Talent

downturn’s potential affects on diversity and inclusion. Since

• Facilitated by LaShana Jackson, Director, Diversity &

corporate budgets made it harder for diversity managers to attend national events, we believed that it was imperative to maintain momentum on the local level. The Corporate Diversity Officer Roundtables provided an opportunity for peer-to-peer learning and a chance for attendees to tap into the knowledge of Chicago’s diversity leaders. The events showed, without a doubt, that a large portion of the nation’s leading diversity professionals are based right here in Chicago. Chicago United produced five Corporate Diversity Officer

Inclusion, Aon Corporation
 • Hosted by Baxter June 19 – Inclusive Leadership • Facilitated by Warren Smith, People Leader, Ernst & Young • Hosted by: Ernst & Young August 12 – Crafting and Framing an Inclusive Diversity Strategy • Facilitated by Anise D. Wiley-Little, Chief Diversity Officer, The Allstate Corporation

Roundtables in 2009:

• Hosted by: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois

March 20 – The New Political and Economic Climate and Its

September 18 – Accountability: Managing Expectations &

Impact on Corporate Diversity • F acilitated by Andrés Tapia, Chief Diversity Officer/ Emerging Workforce Solutions Leader, Hewitt Associates • H osted by Northern Trust

Driving Results • Facilitated by Damayanti Vasudevan, V.P. Diversity & Inclusion, R.R. Donnelley & Sons Co. • Hosted by: Illinois Tool Works

Chicago United’s YouTube WebTV Channel If a picture paints a thousands words, what’s the value of a

Please take time to visit the site, watch a few of these

video? How about a whole WebTV channel?

insightful clips and recommend them to your colleagues and

Chicago United launched its first YouTube Channel at:


http://www.youtube.com/ChicagoUnitedWebTV On this site you will find educational and motivating videos by a selection of Chicago United’s thought leaders. The construction of this site was donated by Pam Wedgeworth, President of member company Wedgeworth Business Communications.


Products & Programs 2009 Business Leaders of Color Publication The Chicago United’s Business Leaders of Color publication has built value and visibility since its beginning in 2003. The excitement around the fourth edition showed, tangibly, that

extraordinary contribution of the distribution of this publication. It’s not too early to submit nominations for the 2011 Business Leaders of Color publication! Business Leaders of Color Survey

be considered as corporate board members and possibly

Retired Senior Vice President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and 2007 Business Leader of Color Angie Robinson chaired an effort to survey prior Business Leaders of Color winners to better understand the impact of our publication, its increasing value and visibility over time, and the impact inclusion had on the careers of those featured..

influence decision making in the larger business community

Findings include…

Business Leaders of Color has become part of the Chicago landscape. The individuals included appreciate the opportunity to

and the companies that employ these individuals believe that Business Leaders of Color nominations and selections are proof that they embrace diversity and inclusion. There is no doubt that the forty-six Business Leaders of Color selected in 2009 are now part of an elite group and have increased visibility to board search firms and selection committees. Here are some reasons we believe this to be true: • We received 43% more nominations and there was a 14% increase in the nominee response rate, which resulted in 61% more nominees being considered for the 2009 publication over the 2007 publication.. • F our Business Leaders of Color can point directly to inclusion as being the reason they were considered and ultimately accepted on boards. Six others believe their appointments might have been impacted by inclusion. • C EOs of the larger corporations were more engaged in the nominations and references processes than in prior years. The nominees’ organizations promoted the selections more widely than ever before. • O ur Business Leaders of Color publication was included in the November 2 mailing of Crain’s Chicago Business, generating visibility to a wide business audience, not solely a diversity audience. We’d like to acknowledge the incredible contribution of Committee Chair, Martin R. Castro and the Committee CoChairs Jaclene Robinson-Ivy, Lisa A. Rowe, Darryl Tom and


We’d also like to thank Crain’s Chicago Business for their

Mark A. Urquhart.

• M ore than 70% report that their careers were at least somewhat or greatly impacted by inclusion • M ore than 40% can point to business contacts that came as a direct result of their being included • F our leaders report that inclusion assisted their selection to boards In addition, those interviewed provided strategies for increasing the impact of the Business Leaders of Color publication and related efforts. The Business Leaders of Color publication provided the focal point at two events. The Business Leaders of Color Reception This reception provided an opportunity for the current Business Leaders of Color honorees, past Business Leaders of Color honorees, and Chicago United members to meet one another in an private setting. The event was elegantly hosted by Northern Trust. The Business Leaders of Color Panel Discussion Sponsored by the African American Association for Personal and Professional Growth (APPG), a Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Diversity Network Group, the event was part of the Federal Reserve Bank’s October Diversity Month and took place on October 27. Four 2009 Business Leaders of Color honorees shared their personal insights, advice, and career success strategies to attendees. Continued on next page-

The Chicago United 2009 Business Leaders of Color gathered for a group photo during the Business Leaders of Color reception hosted by Northern Trust.

Pictured left to right: Mike Lewis, Executive Vice President, Harris Bank; Rick Waddell, President and Chief Operating Officer, Northern Trust Corporation; and John W. Rogers, Jr., Chairman and CEO, Ariel Investments, LLC attended the Business Leaders of Color reception.

Five Forward Initiative Let’s get right to the numbers: 80 minority-owned enterprises (MBEs) have been selected as Five Forward supplier

companies. It is estimated that these companies employ more than 8,000 people. Why is this important? Supporting these local firms helps to ensure retention of these jobs and job growth in the future.

The goal of Five Forward is to have large- and mid-sized corporations select five minority suppliers and commit to a five-year program that measures spend. This provides

the majority companies with tangible proof of their

commitment to supplier diversity and provides the suppliers with a powerful local partner – especially critical in a down

2009 was a banner year for Five Forward: • We completed the web development portion of the

reporting system and twelve majority companies will reach gold reporting status (providing 3 quarters of spending data) by early 2010

• These twelve companies, alone, have partnered with more

than 50 MBE companies, which employ more than 5,000 individuals

• The University of Illinois has been engaged to use the aggregate data to measure the impact of the program


The Five Forward initiative, a valuable, innovative program

If this sounds unique, it’s because it is. This model is not

is another example of our commitment to supporting

produced anywhere else in the country.

focused on job creation and retention right here in Chicago, the regional economy by increasing capacity of minority businesses.

MBe-Source Designed to function as a key resource component to Five

Abbreviated versions of the executive summaries of MBE

an online database of minority-owned firms that provides

corporations looking to do business with leading Chicago-

Forward, as well as provide value on its own, MBe-Source is

a wealth of business-to-business products and services and can be tapped by corporate supplier diversity programs.

In 2009, we completed and populated the MBe-Source online database with 125+ well established MBEs.

MBe-Source is available to members of our Five Forward

program and provides detail on MBE firms in an executive summary format that includes: revenue, number of employees,



successes, and services provided.



firms are available to the public and can be used by national based minority-owned firms.

Chicago United has created a tactical resource for the general business world, both locally and nationally, that

also provides a powerful complementary tool for our other programs and initiatives.

This site was developed with the support of member firm Synch-Solutions.


Products & Programs James W. Compton Research Competition Winning paper:

time a business is in operation affects whether Richard

Principles in Action–A Pilot Study of Richard Florida’s

Florida’s principles remain relevant.

Creative Compact operating within Chicago’s Southside business models Submitted by: Yesenia Ana Arreola, Aurea de Guzman, Gladys de Guzman, David Lopez and Patricia Perez, from Richard J. Daley College Launched in 2007, the Chicago United James W. Compton Research Competition is a national program supporting our ongoing research and advocacy work. Honoring the work of James W. Compton, retired chief executive officer of the Chicago Urban League and founding member of Chicago United, the competition helps encourage students and academic organizations to research the effects of diversity on business, while expanding the pool of diversity research. The five winning students organized a survey and contacted South Side business owners to determine if the length of

Crain’s Advocacy Inserts Chicago United produced two full-color, four-page inserts that were included in Crain’s Chicago Business in 2009. These inserts help us reach a wide and general business audience with our products and programs, point out the commitment of our member organizations to Chicago’s future, and show the positive impact that diversity and inclusion has on the Chicago economy. This was especially important in a time of economic uncertainty. We’d like to again thank Crain’s Chicago Business for their support which by example illustrates their commitment to diversity and inclusion as an essential investment.

E-Newsletters Chicago United produced and distributed four Chicago United Quarterly - Business Leaders Driving Inclusion e-newsletters containing original content further demonstrating the


commitment of our member organizations.

The team members each received a $1,000 award at our Changing Color of Leadership Conference on November 6, 2009. This marked the first time a community college has taken the top award. “I have learned a lot from this experience,” said Patricia Perez, a second-year student at Richard J. Daley College. Perez will be pursing a degree in Medicine at UIC in the fall of 2010. To view the paper, please visit www.chicago-united.org. The Compton Award Award is funded in part by The Chicago Community Trust.

BoardLink BoardLink is an electronic referral source that provides

Chicago United and BoardLink helped to make connections

their careers by enhancing their skills and building business

were presented with with numerous board candidates,

opportunities for emerging leaders of color to advance networks. It also helps leading non-profit organizations

identify leaders of color who can impact their organization’s mission.

for organizations like the Chicago Children’s Museum. They including Nuria Fernandez who was voted onto the board of trustees and Jorge Cazares who has joined a board committee and is on track to be voted on in 2010.

2009 was a significant year for BoardLink for many reasons.

During the six-month grant period, these efforts resulted in:

The grant we received from the Chicago Community Trust

• Presentations to six employee network groups, with six

allowed us to deliver on numerous benefits that BoardLink held in promise.

Chicago United enlisted the services of Doris Salomón, consultant to Chicago United, who was instrumental in

coordinating direct outreach efforts to human resource, community relations, and diversity professionals and

employee network groups at key corporations. Chicago

United’s own Leaders Council, diverse trade organizations, affiliate organizations and even Chicago United’s Business Leaders of Color were contacted to increase the pool candidates in BoardLink in 2009.

more scheduled for 2010

• Collaboration agreements with organizations that serve nonprofits

• Eleven new nonprofit postings and thirty new individuals profiles, with twenty more willing to participate once

they attended the Nonprofit Governance and Cultural Competency Program

• Thirty plus (30+) connections made through the BoardLink database, with at least four (4) being placed in board positions as a result

Recent BoardLink User Comments Board Representatives Comments “I am very excited about using BoardLink to help us diversify and build our organization’s Board of Directors.”

Brad Joutras, Director of Development, Reading In Motion

“It’s an important and necessary service.” Robert Kornecki, Champion for Inner-City Kids, Midtown Educational Foundation

“I was really excited to learn about BoardLink. We’ve wanted to diversify our board and fill the voids in our skill

set. This is the perfect tool to help us.”

Anne Chipman, Board President, The Enterprising Kitchen

“I will be meeting a BoardLink candidate next week to

discuss the Shriver Center’s Associate Board. Thanks for this wonderful service!”

Molly Bartlett, Vice President of External Affairs, Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law

“We’re in the process of exploring board expansion and I’m excited to use BoardLink to get to know potential

Board Candidate Comments “I have made contact with a non-profit board as a result of BoardLink and find this process very helpful. Thanks.”

Mark E. Green, Assistant Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

“I’ve accepted a position on one non-profit board and am

in discussions with another, both of which made contact with me through Boardlink.”

Gerald Cadoree, President, cadoree & company


Justine Nagan, Executive Director, Kartemquin Films

Our grant renewal request to the Chicago Community Trust

includes funding for the training component, which would be

developed in collaboration with the Kellogg School for Non Profit Management at Northwestern University.

The Sara Lee Foundation awarded Chicago United a $15,000

grant in 2009 for implementation in 2010 to increase participation of diverse women in BoardLink.

In this economic time, there has never been a greater need for tactical tools that make direct and timely connections.

We are seeking continued funding because we believe that

BoardLink is a high impact product that will provide direct

value to member firms and the business community in years to come.


Events & Forums The 6th Annual Changing Color of Leadership Conference and Bridge Awards Dinner 1,000 people in a ballroom during a down economy, as well

national award honoring a CEO who is an advocate for

as overwhelming support of Chicago United member firms.

multiracial diversity in corporate governance and executive

This could very well be Chicago United’s defining moment

level management.

of 2009.

• This year’s National Bridge Award was presented to Michael

Not only is it tangible proof that Chicago United’s Changing

E. Szymanczyk, chairman and chief executive officer, Altria

Color of Leadership Conference is a “must attend” event for

Group, Inc. for exemplary practices of a Fortune 500

corporations with a focus on diversity and inclusion, but it also


shows that our member organizations


the value they receive from their investment in our mission. The Changing Color of Leadership


and Bridge Awards Dinner took place on November 10th at the Hilton Chicago. Under the theme, Leadership in a Transforming Economy, the Conference provided an opportunity for attendees to engage in open dialogue regarding the challenges and triumphs of growing and sustaining the multiracial leadership pipeline.

• The Chicago Bridge Award was presented to Gregory C. Case, president and chief executive officer, Aon Corporation for supporting the development of a vibrant and richly diverse business community in the Chicago region. • The Bridge Advocate Award was presented to James Tyree, chairman and chief executive officer, Mesirow Financial for promoting successful strategies for stimulating and elevating the discussion of inclusion in governance, workforce development and business partnerships. Please take a moment to mark your calendars for the 2010 Changing Color of Leadership Conference and Bridge Awards Dinner on November 18, 2010. It’s an ideal opportunity to learn strategies to increase the impact of your organization’s

Morning workshops covered a wide range of tactical topics,

inclusion efforts, as well as to network with the most diverse

such as “Maintaining a Fair and Legal Racial Workforce

assembly of dynamic executives from Chicago’s leading

Balance during Downsizing”, “The Importance of Diversity


in Good and Bad Times”, “Keeping MBEs in the ‘Supplier Diversity’ Game”, “Ramping Up the Rate of Leadership Engagement”, “Preserving Your Talent Investments”, and “Developing Recession Resistant Business Models for MBEs”. The Diversity Leadership Luncheon featured five of Chicago United’s 2009 Business Leaders of Color sharing the experiences, strategies and successes that led to their current positioning in executive leadership. The event was hosted by ABC7’s Hosea Sanders and also included the presentation of the 2009 James W. Compton Research Competition grant award. (See earlier in this booklet.) That evening, we hosted The Bridge Awards Dinner, enabling networking with executives from Chicago’s leading businesses, we introduced the 2009 Business Leaders of Color, and we presented the The Bridge Awards, the first


Pictured left to right: Michael W. Lewis, Executive Vice President, Harris Bank and Immediate Past Chairman, Chicago United Board of Directors; Gloria Castillo, President, Chicago United; Marty Barrington, Executive Vice President and Chief Compliance and Administrative Officer of Altria Group, Inc. who accepted the National Bridge Award on behalf of Michael E. Szymanczyk, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Altria Group, Inc;, Chicago Bridge Award recipient Gregory C. Case, President and Chief Executive Officer, Aon Corporation; and James H. Skogsbergh, President and Chief Executive Officer, Advocate Health Care and Chairman, Chicago United Board of Directors.

CEO Council Breakfasts, Leaders Council Luncheons, and our Annual Meeting Chicago United hosted and organized an impressive 26 events during the 2009 year. That’s one every two weeks! Included are a number of member-only sessions. These events are designed to engage all levels of our membership in the diversity and inclusion conversation, develop tactical strategies for general outreach, enhance our programs and products, as well as help identify future community leaders and role models.

Chicago United ’s 2009 Annual Meeting

This year, especially, we were encouraged by the active participation by our members and the leadership of our member organizations. A highlight from 2009 was The Chicago United Annual Meeting on March 11th, hosted by Blue Cross Blue Shield. The Annual Meeting featured an excellent keynote address by Tony Anderson, 2009 Business Leader of Color recipient and vice chair and midwest managing partner of Ernst & Young. Portions of his speech can be found on at our YouTube site, ChicagoUnitedWebTV. A selection of other member-only events are listed below:

Anthony Anderson, Vice Chair and Midwest Managing Partner, Ernst & Young LLP, speaks at the 2009 Chicago United Annual Meeting.

• Board of Directors Meetings Four Quarterly all hosted by Advocate Health Care • 2009 Leaders Council Luncheons January 22

hosted by Harris Bank

April 16

hosted by A. Pomerantz & Co.

July 16

hosted by Aetna

• 2009 CEO Strategy Breakfasts February 4

hosted by Federal Reserve Bank

May 6

hosted by Sanchez, Daniels & Hoffman

September 11 hosted by Ernst & Young We would like to thank the member firms that hosted these

Pictured left to right: Kevin Connelly, Chairman Spencer Stuart; Pat Hemingway Hall, President and CEO, Health Care Service Corporation/BCBS IL; and Jim Skogsbergh, President and CEO, Advocate Health Care attended the 2009 Annual Meeting.

events for their support in time and kind to our 2009 efforts. The extra effort of our members and their organizations was a key reason we were able to do so much with a modest budget.


Events & Forums 2009 Business Leaders Forum Speaker Series Our Race and Business Forums provide a venue for local corporate leaders to discuss how diversity affects Chicago’s business climate. Each forum features a dynamic speaker or panel of speakers and is focused on providing tactical conversations combining diversity efforts and current events.

“For me, it was a matter of ‘how can I penetrate that network and get exposure to people inside that network?’ and not a matter of waiting for network to open up for me.”

March 25, 2009 – Hosted by Columbia College Chicago A panel of business leaders discussed the trend of corporate boards to select retired CEOs over people of color when directorships become available. They assessed the survey of majority corporate directors published by USC’s Marshall School of Business which identified two contrary findings: 1) 55% of directors at publicly traded companies do NOT want to see their boards become more diverse and yet 2) 82% recognized that a diverse board could be beneficial to the company.

April 9, 2009 – Hosted by Chicago State University Don Thompson, president of McDonald’s USA, spoke to an audience of Chicago United members and Chicago State University students and faculty. Thompson shared insights and perspectives on talent development, the education imperative, and competing as a leader in the global marketplace.

“If you’re a member of a board of directors, you should challenge yourself… to broaden the candidate pool.”

Todd Brown, former vice chairman, ShoreBank Corporation and director, JohnsonDiversey, Inc.

Chicago United President Gloria Castillo interviewed Thompson about his personal experiences and successful strategies to increase diversity in corporate leadership.

Luis P. Nieto, Jr., president, Consumer Foods, ConAgra Foods, Inc. and director, Ryder System, Inc. and AutoZone Inc.

“People need to look past their short term crisis mentality to embrace diversity and accept the fact that inclusive decision making can help solve the problem.” C. Peter Bynoe, managing director, Loop Capital, senior counsel, DLA, Piper LLP and director, Frontier Communications Corporation and Covanta Holding Corporation

Dr. Frank G. Pogue, Interim President, Chicago State University (right) welcomed Thompson to the South Side campus.

U.S. Department of Commerce MBDA Minority Investment Manager’s Forum The Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) of the U.S. Department of Commerce and Chicago United co-hosted the 6th Annual Minority Investment Manager’s Forum (MIMF) on September 17, at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. Themed “Managing Investments During Complex Economic Times,” the forum continued its mission to introduce minority asset managers to pension fund executives. This year’s event included an expanded focus on minority brokers, MBE accounting, auditing and legal firms. “We are are confident that some of the introductions made during this forum will lead to significant business partnerships.” stated Eric Dobyne, Chicago regional director, Minority Business Development Agency.


MIMF is a collaborative effort between the MDBA, Chicago United, The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and Northern Trust.

Pictured from left to right: Eric Dobyne, Chicago Regional Director, Minority Business Development Agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce; Salvador Bayron, Manager of Economic Development Programs, Chicago United; Jeremiah Boyle, Community Affairs Director, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago; Gloria Castillo, President, Chicago United; Senator James F. Clayborne, Jr., 57th District, Assistant Majority Leader, Illinois General Assembly; and Deidra Jenkins, Vice President and Director of Supplier Diversity, Northern Trust.

The Chicago United Employee Network Group Summits 2009 marked the fifth year Chicago United produced the

March 12, 2009 – Sponsored by AON

ENG Summits

inclusion, Aon Corporation

Employee Network Group (ENG) Summit Series. This year’s were themed: “Career Management: The

Professional Development Toolbox.”

The ENG forums were facilitated by Guy Summers, president, Farrell Group, LLC.

Gloria Castillo, president of Chicago United, provided the opening remarks at both forums.

Utilizing the Personal Insights Profile™, each participant

was able to assess his/her competency in communicating, adapting behavioral styles, and managing internal and external conflict in the work environment.

Host remarks by LaShana Jackson, director, diversity &

June 18, 2009 – Sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois

Host remarks by Rita Taylor-Nash, vice president - corporate diversity, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois

Chicago United’s Employee Network Group Forums are free half-day working seminars where leaders of employee network group, human resource professionals, and members of senior management share information and strategies.

The ENG Summits help build winning workforces, create more culturally competent work environments, and are important resources in building the next generation of leaders.

Sinfonietta Arts & Diversity Reception Music, diversity and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. were all

renditions of Mahler’s Symphony No. 5, Saint-Saëns’ Cello


narrated to music composed by Stefan Smith, and Gospel

celebrated at the 2009 Sinfonietta Arts & Diversity

Chicago United co-presented this annual event with the

Sinfonietta, which included a reception followed by a

musical celebration of the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

2009’s keynote speaker was Jumaane N’Namdi, director of G. R. N’Namdi Gallery.

Following Mr. N’Namdi’s powerful presentation, the

Concerto No. 1, portions of Dr. King’s 1965 Selma speech Music performed by the Chicago Sinfonietta and the Apostolic Church of God Sanctuary Choir.

The event provides a large number of Chicago’s leading

diversity professionals and music lovers with an opportunity

to share their mutual interests and ideas while networking. This annual gathering has become a popular, enlightening and entertaining event for diversity professionals.

attendees were treated to the Sinfonietta orchestra’s

DiversityInc Rankings Several Chicago United Members were included in the

(3) Ernst & Young

DiversityInc 2009 Top 50 companies for Diversity®.

(5) PricewaterhouseCoopers

Each year, DiversityInc magazine ranks the country’s

(14) Bank of America

leading corporations based on a detailed assessment

(16) Abbott







communications and supplier diversity. We are proud to announce that six Chicago United members were named

(22) Health Care Service Corporation (48) Aetna

among DiversityInc’s 2009 Top 50 Companies for Diversity®:


Leaders Awards 2009 Most Valuable Partner Jaclene Robinson-Ivy, Vice President, Public Affairs and Government Relations, Northern Trust 2009 Business Leaders Program Champion Jeremiah Boyle, Community Affairs Program Director, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago 2009 Organizational Visionary Kevin B. Brookins, Vice President, Distribution System Operations, ComEd, An Exelon Company 2009 Chicago United Ambassador Albert Grace, President, Loop Capital 2009 Chicago United Benefactor Bradford L. Ballast, Managing Director - Community Affairs, Harris Bank 2009 Business Leaders Program Champion Honorable Recognition Miguel Alba, Public Affairs Director, Jewel-Osco Adrienne Banks-Pitts, Partner, Litigation Commercial, Sidley Austin LLP Jason Bonaparte, President, Bonaparte Corporation Michael J. Cabrera, Director of Sales, United Building Maintenance, Inc. Pedro J. Cevallos, Executive Vice President, Primera Engineers, Ltd. Claudia Colalillo, Senior Vice President Human Resources & Corp. Communications, Nicor Gas Lawrena Colombo, Partner, Advisory, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Glenn Eden, Vice President, Weber Shandwick WorldWide Lancert A. Foster, Vice President, RGMA Inc. Dana Gleeson, Account Director, Beaman Incorported Ben Grigaliunas, Senior Vice President, Human Resources & Administration, Advocate Health Care Linzey D. Jones, Jr., Shareholder, Pugh, Jones, Johnson & Quandt, P.C. Valerie King, Director of Marketing, Holland Capital Management Kelli Lester-Brown, Director, Diversity & Inclusion, Sara Lee Corporation Fawn Lopez, Vice President & Publisher, Crain’s Communication Modern Healthcare Jeanne K. Mason, Corporate Vice President of Human Resources, Baxter International Inc. Dennis Montgomery, Vice President, COR Consulting Group KC Mosley, Vice President, Enterprise Supplier Diversity Procurements & Strategic Sourcing, U.S., Harris Bank Melissa O’Neill, Director, Management Selection & Planning, Advocate Health Care Marjorie Paddock, Director of Diversity & Workplace Equity, Harris Bank John P. Pascente, Managing Director, Cabrera Capital Markets, LLC Hilda S. Renteria, Partner, Prado & Renteria CPAs Professional Corporation Belinda Rosenberger, Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch


2009 Business Leaders Program Champion Honorable Recognition continued: Chris Rosenthal, Director, Talent Management & Diversity, USG Corporation Lisa A. Rowe, Senior Vice President, Strategic Procurement, Aon Corporation David Rudd, Vice President, Weber Shandwick WorldWide Andrea Schwartz, External and Public Relations Manager, Macy’s Inc. Stanley Stallworth, Partner, Sidley Austin LLP Phillip W. Styles, Manager, Supplier Diversity, Aon Corporation Andrés T. Tapia, Chief Diversity Officer, Emerging Workforce Solutions Leader, Hewitt Associates, LLC Deborah D. Thomas, Vice President, Strategic Marketing, NJW Companies Charles W. Thurman, Vice President, Employee Trusts, Baxter International Inc. Darryl Tom, Partner, Gonzalez, Saggio & Harlan LLC Valerie Van Meter, Senior Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Donald J. Wilson, Vice President-Global Inclusion & Diversity, Baxter Healthcare 2009 Chicago United Ambassador Honorable Recognition Lester N. Coney, Executive Vice President, Mesirow Financial Beverly Huckman, Associate Vice President for Equal Opportunity, Rush University Medical Center Stefanie Ann Lenway, Dean Professor of Management Studies, University of Illinois at Chicago Juan J. Mir, Managing Director, Global Treasury Management, National City, Now a part of PNC Fred H. Siegman, President, Siegman Consulting Services, Ltd. Kevin Slaughter, Partner, Quarles & Bradley LLP Rahsaan W. Thompson, Of Counsel, Quarles & Bradley LLP Mark A. Urquhart, Vice President Facilities, Design & Construction, The University of Chicago Medical Center Leslie A. Williams, Vice President Business Development, Environmental Design International, Inc. James S. Williams Jr., Business Diversity Officer, The University of Chicago Medical Center 2009 Chicago United Benefactor Honorable Recognition Katéy Assem, Executive Director, Chicago State University Julian Brown, Director, Community Relations, Nicor Gas Julie Chavez, Chicago Community Relations Manager, Bank of America Valerie Corr, Director, Government & Public Affairs, BP America, Inc. Kathy Ford, Partner, Ernst & Young LLP Patricia Harris, Global Chief Diversity Officer, McDonald’s Corporation William Sharp, Vice President, Corporate Community Affairs, Blue Cross / Blue Shield of Illinois Tyronne Stoudemire, Global Director of Diversity & Inclusion, Hewitt Associates, LLC Sharon Verbos, Vice President of Sales, A. Pomerantz & Co. Eric Winston, V.P. Institutional Advancement, Columbia College Chicago



Board Members

James H. Skogsbergh, Chairman President and CEO Advocate Health Care

William Bonaparte Chief Executive Officer Bonaparte Corporation

Ralph V. Hughes Regional Vice President Macy’s, Inc.

Douglas Goare, Vice Chairman Senior Vice President Worldwide Supply Chain, McDonald’s Corporation USA LLC

Lester N. Coney Executive Vice President Mesirow Financial

John D. Sterling Chief Executive Officer Synch-Solutions

Michael F. DeSantiago President Primera Engineers, Ltd.

Mark Urquhart Vice President of Facilities Design & Construction University of Chicago Medical Center

Maria de J. Prado, Treasurer President & Partner Prado & Renteria CPAs, Prof. Corp.

Kathy Ford Partner Ernst & Young

Kevin B. Brookins, Secretary Vice President Distribution System Operations ComEd, An Exelon Company

Albert Grace President Loop Capital

Chairman’s Council

Joseph Gregoire President & CEO, Illinois Banking National City , Now a part of PNC

Michael W. Lewis, Immediate Past Chair Executive Vice President Harris Bank

Ex-Officio Raymond F. McCaskey


Columbia College Chicago


Sanchez Daniels & Hoffman LLP

Access Community Health Network

ComEd, An Exelon Company

Loop Capital

Sara Lee Corporation

Advocate Health Care

Crain’s Chicago Business

Macy’s Inc.

Creative Printing Services

McDonald’s Corporation USA LLC

SD∙I (System Development. Integration, LLC)

Endow, Inc.

Merrill Lynch

A. Pomerantz & Co.

Environmental Design International, Inc.

Mesirow Financial

Ariel Investments, LLC

Ernst & Young LLP

Azteca Foods, Inc.

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

National City, Now a part of PNC

Bank of America

Gonzalez, Saggio & Harlan, LLP

Baxter International Inc.

Harris Bank

Beaman Incorporated

Hewitt Associates, LLC

Blackwell Consulting Services

Hispanic Housing Development Corporation

Aetna, Inc. Aon Corporation

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois

Holland Capital Management

Bonaparte Corporation

The Hollins Group

BP America Inc.

Infrastructure Engineering

Cabrera Capital Markets, LLC

Johnson, Blumberg & Associates, LLC

Champion Realty Advisors, LLC The Chicago Community Trust Chicago State University Chicago Urban League City Colleges of Chicago

Keene Advisory Group Laner, Muchin, Dombrow, Becker, Levin and Tominberg, Ltd. LifeSource Chicagoland’s Blood

Mitchell & Titus LLP Neal & Leroy, LLC Nicor NJW Companies Northern Trust Northwestern Memorial Hospital Odell Hicks & Company Prado & Renteria CPAs Prof. Corp. PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Primera Engineers, Ltd. Pugh, Jones, Johnson & Quandt, P.C. Quarles & Brady Ralph G. Moore & Associates (RGMA)

Sidley Austin LLP Smith Whiley & Company Spencer Stuart Synch-Solutions Inc. UBS Financial Services, Inc. United Building Maintenance, Inc. University of Chicago / University of Chicago Medical Center University of Illinois at Chicago USG Corporation Valdes Engineering Company Washington, Pittman & McKeever, LLC Weber Shandwick WorldWide Wedgeworth Business Communications Wynndalco Enterprises, LLC

Rush University Medical Center

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