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After doing workshops and internships in Milan and another one based in Shanghai, Chiara did her Erasmus exchange term in Porto, Portugal, where she started to work after her studies in Architecture, at Politecnico of Milan, where she received her master degree in 2012. Chiara was recently project manager for some projects of tactical urbanism, to converted abandoned and vacant places in the historical centers of portuguese cities into collective places that could be used by local community members and visitors alike. Simultaneous to these personal projects, she collaborated professionally with the local architecture community of Porto. Currently she is working as a freelancer and exploring tactical urbanism and presentig her work in different countries. One of the most important future goal is countinuing actively work in artistic projects and promote cultural events within an architectural background. CHIARA SONZOGNI | SHORT CV






UN PAESAGGIO INCANTEVOLE (an enchanting landscape) Faculty of Architecture and Landscape | Politecnico di Milano, Italy Architectural and Design Course 2005

Composition project

Theme: create an enchanting landscape with some few assigned elements: to start “2 walls, 3 trees and one pond of water” to integrate at the end “one roof with pilotis and one stone”. You have to achieve the goal only trough models. By neglecting the traditional meaning of represetation tools and giving relevance to the choice of materials, those composition’s elements became the leading role of the landscape.

tasks: project, models, photos

PORTELLO MUSEUM Politecnico di Milano | Architecture Master, Italy Architecture and Landscape Workshop Arch. Cino Zucchi’s class 2007

Landscape project

Theme: project for a museum of new science and technology, in a abandoned area of the district of Portello, best known as the car-manufacturing area. 10.000 sqm were planned for the museum and its public park and 5.000 sqm reserved for residential area. The museum was supposed to be underground, anchoring to an oldest pavilion, it was accessible trought two big exhibition ramps; the space of the museum are arranged around a patio that created an interesting relation with the overlapping park area with vegetables gardens, public areas one for leisure and one for didactic activities. By this arrangement division some spaces were reserved for the museum and its research activities, experimentations and applications of new technologies in the wetpark.

tasks: project, drawings, models, photos

STUDIO O.per.A in collaboration with Davide Clementi, Andrea Mancini, Giorgia Migliarini, Davide Prioli, Pietro Sava, Chiara Sonzogni, Emanuele Strano, Guido Tesio Milano, Italy 2005-2007

Personal work | Built

We got the possibility to convert a machine shop in an habitable space. The aim was to realize a co-workhousing place; therefore the studio was completely re-organized and re-made by a “DIY” building process by ourselves. We have realize five small private rooms: three are placed on the intermediate floor and two cubic boxes are on wheels to ensure the flexibility of the space. For the same reason the stair (to go above cubes and intermediate floor) and work’s table are on wheels as well; the only not moving elements are the bathroom and kitchen. This project aim was to combine our work and living space and create an enthusiastic, young and ambicious team.

tasks: project, self-made construction

MATOSINHOS’S CITY MUSEUM Erasmus programm | FAUP, Porto, Portugal Architectural and Design Course Arch. Camilo Rebelo’s class 2008


Project area: 4000 sqm Proposal: The area was for the cargo storage of the closeby port area. There was only one single trace which remembered on its ancient function, and which divided the area in diagonal: an old line of cargo train. This element became the start point of the project. It was the guideline to organize the distribution of volumes in the area and their functions. Beside this the walking lines were important to define the volumes of the museum and its interior organization. The building was made out of perforated steel to favor the growth of moos vegetation -reacting with humidity of the see- to show the relation with the port environment and and in order to remembering the surface of the boats stored in the port.

tasks: project, watercolour drawings, models

Casa CC with atelier.aberto Escapães, Portugal 2006-2009

Built Award “Vale da Gandara” 2007/2009

The volume of the house was modeled around the two existing big trees, starting points to drawn two juxtaposed “L” -each one creating an own exterior space- and a small annex volume. Therefore the bedrooms have a garden with a big stone pine, protecting their privacy; the other patio connect the “living space” with the “summer area” of the house. The light gray brick, used for the outside walls, are made inspired on the traditional technics.

tasks: drawings

CASA with atelier.aberto San Paio de Oleiros, Portugal 2010


The design of house is compacted, synthetic and pure, remembering the stereotype form of “a house�. It is based on one main volume and a separated garage -connected with a lightweight cover. All the outside surfaces defining the volume are out of the same material and create an unified apparence of the waals and the roof. The inner space is organized by the relation between two elements: the one ramp stair and a big wardrobe.

tasks: project, drawings and models

ReTornรกveis 1/2


Horta portรกtil - Jardim Suspenso Manobras no Porto Porto, Portugal 2011-2012

Personal work | Tactical Urbanism Hard Club

After discussing the master thesis at the Politecnico of Milan in October 2010, the project was realized for two small urban voids in the center of the town of Oporto, temporarily with an high percentage of abandoned buildings. The aim of project was to test the effects of a punctual micro-intervention, its sustainability and the participating of the neighbours. Is it possible to consider this like a strategy to give new quality to the city and to contribute to an intelligent growth? Without pre-defining a certain function in the beginning, those spaces have been transformed from a invisible and forgotten space into a new, active, welcoming and recognized places.



Jardim Suspenso - Horta portátil

Torre dos Clérigos

Manobras no Porto Porto, Portugal 2011-2012

Personal work | Tactical Urbanism

More info:

tasks: project management, concept, design, production, program and supervision


European Capital Of Culture Guimarães 2012 with atelier.aberto Guimarães, Portugal 2011


In an old commercial space in the historical center of Guimarães, it was realized a temporary shop, dedicated to the ECOC (European Capital Of Culture Guimarães 2012). It designed and constructed in less than a month. After painting the old interior space with white lime and couvering the floor with a dark gray carpet, a wooden exhibition structure was constructed to, at the same time, divide and organize the space in exhibition, shop and meeting room.

tasks: concept, drawings and construction supervision

ECO’s verde - Pop Up Couros European Capital Of Culture Guimarães 2012 Guimarães, Portugal 2012

Personal work | Urban Gardening

In the area happened a specific project for renovation of the infrastructures and rehabilitation of the public space and of the “immaterial heritage” by social projects with the aim to reconstructing the social life of the neighborhood. I participated in this last phase with a temporary intervention to give new quality to the space and to enrich the community life. By envolving the community, it was decided to construct a temporary/portable common garden, composed by 4 box of 1 sqm, a sufficient area to sow good quantity and variety of plants; all the of the project phases were accompanied by the participants: the construction, the sowing the cropping and division of the work. The people of the neighborhood loved the project and their participation made it a successfull showcase for other similar interventions.

tasks: project management, concept, design, production, program and supervision

conFIAR nos Becos CCI - Cultural Centre of Ă?lhavo Ă?lhavo, Aveiro, Portugal 2012

Coordination of Artistic Residence

The centre of the small town suffered of neglection and disinterest by the inhabitants. Because of this reason the Cultural Center commissioned an artistic residence in order to work with and for the urban space. I was asked to develop the concept and to coordinate the artistic residence. The aim was to create a series of installations in the public space, that became knots of a thread which lead the visitors into the forgotten and labyrinthine urban space. The artists transformed the public space into their ateliers. They worked closer with the inhabitants and this intervention re-finds the lost love, the proud and the interest for their own city. A fusion of public and private space was achieved by the meeting of inhabitantes -knowing the town and its secrets- and the artists’ interpretations with creative instrument to express themselves.

tasks: project management, concept, coordination and production













Atmosphere model

Atmosphere model

Landscape model, scale 1:1000










2009 HIGHT DENSITY HOUSING Extraordinary Landscape course Shanghai Tongji University

2010 OPEN SOURCE BIONTE Thesis’ project of Matteo Biasiolo


Model scale 1:500

Model scale 1:500

Model scale 1:20


2005 FRee FRom 7 lessons Milan, Faculty of Architecture, Italy Politecnico di Milano, Architectural and Design Course

2013 CROSSSIGN MILAN Milan Design Week, Italy with Irena Ăœbler


2006 PERUGIA MONTELUCE International idea competition II prize with Studio Italo Rota & partners

2013 CLEAR CITY IDEAS FOR KYIV International idea competition finalist project with Alcindo Vicente Spínola

2013 TRENTO LINEA AZZURRA International idea competition finalist project with atelier.aberto

tasks: concept’s project, 2D drawings

tasks: concept’s project

tasks: concept, develop project, 2D drawings, coordination of team’s work

A R T I C L E S & p r e s e n t a t i o n s

Below are the titles of some personal writings, publisched. Each one has also been presented by oral public presentation. “Smart thinking” , SmartCityExhibition, Bologna (IT), 2013; “Pause and think on/over ruins” , Conference ECLAS, Hamburg (D), 2013; “re-GEneRAR cidade” - (re-GENERATing city) , Conference “Europa 2020”, Aveiro (PT), 2013; “ECO’s em Couro” , Seminar Cidade Campus, Guimarães (PT), 2012; “reTornáveis” , PechaKucha Night, Porto (PT), 2010.

Rua Sรก da Bandeira, 562, 4dt 4000-431 Porto (PT)


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