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Chaminade College Preparatory offers a unique, seven-year learning experience through a rigorous academic curriculum and diverse offerings of extra-curricular activities. We prepare students for success in college and beyond while fostering in them deep moral values and a commitment to service that is grounded in the Catholic faith.

With Mary, the mother of Jesus, as our model, our mission is to inspire young people to love, learn and lead through our Catholic and Marianist traditions of a living faith, academic excellence and moral responsibility.


Chaminade College Preparatory is a Catholic school in the Marianist tradition. We work towards deepening the faith of students from all religious traditions. Students are encouraged to grow as people of faith.

Spiritual retreats are offered at each grade level to foster relationship building with God, self and others.

“I came here in search of a school, but I found a home and family... I have witnessed the power of God’s love through this community, and it is a powerful thing.” – Gia Frank Class of 2023

Characteristics of Marianist Education The Marianist charism (To be formed by Mary for the mission of Christ) is expressed and lived-out through the Characteristics of Marianist Education. All Marianist sponsored schools aim to transform their communities through the Characteristics. To this end, Chaminade College Preparatory strives to: » Educate for Formation in Faith » Educate in Family Spirit » Educate for Service, Justice, and Peace » Educate for Adaptation and Change » Provide an Integral, Quality Education

Campus Ministry Campus Ministry sets a foundation for students to learn how to grow in the Catholic Marianist Tradition. Students receive guidance in their faith-formation experience through the collaborative work of the Religion Department and the Office of Campus Ministry. Drawing upon the Five Pillars of the Marianist Charism, campus ministry strives to help form students to become: • • • • •

People of Faith Leaders in Mission Followers of Mary People of Community People of Inclusivity

Our goal is to provide opportunities that will help students gain a deeper sense of self, to experience a love for God, and embrace the Marianist mission by offering Eucharistic Liturgies, the sacrament of reconciliation, prayer services, retreats, RCIA, Apostolic Works, and spiritual formation.

“Religion is instilled more deeply in the spirits and hearts of the students through the atmosphere that permeates the school...” – Blessed William Joseph Chaminade, Founder of the Society of Mary

Learn Students at Chaminade are actively engaged in their learning through a curriculum that emphasizes a student-centered approach. Collaboration among students is facilitated though project-based learning and the use of one-to-one tablet-based technology. Our dedicated teachers motivate students to be confident and capable learners.

Academics & Technology Chaminade sets the standard for college preparatory academic excellence with rigorous, relevant and innovative programs to educate the whole person. Chaminade actively integrates technology into the learning environment and continues to seek new ways for it to enhance the learning process. Because Chaminade is committed to preparing our students for an information driven, technologyrich world, tablet PCs are issued to all students.

STEM STEM offerings at Chaminade are integrated into the student experience and promote lifelong learning, problem-solving and collaborative skills that are highly desirable in the workplace. Chaminade offers comprehensive math and science curricula for grades 6-12 that integrate technology to enhance students’ thinking, reasoning and problemsolving skills. Students are able to participate in various curricular and extracurricular activities that allow them to explore their interests and talents in science, math and engineering. Offerings include: Middle School: •

Computer Science Exploratory Courses

Robotics Exploratory Course

Digital Storytelling Exploratory Course

Competitive Robotics Teams (VEX VR and VEX IQ)

Competitive Science Bowl Team

Girls Who Code Club

Robotics Club

High School: •

Curriculum that includes: - AP Biology - AP Calculus AB & AP Calculus BC - AP Chemistry - AP Computer Science - AP Environmental Science - AP Physics I & AP Physics C - AP Statistics - Advanced Robotics - Autonomous Robotics - Computer Programming

The Amgen Biotech Experience (labs that introduce students to biotechnology practices and pharmaceutical applications)

Nationally Competitive Robotics Teams (FIRST and Vex)

Internship opportunities at UCLA, Cal Lutheran, and CSUN where students are able to do college-level science research


Competitive Science Bowl team

International Chemistry/Biology Olympiad

The Arts Cultivating creativity is essential to learning in the 21st century. That is why Chaminade is committed to supporting and enhancing our arts program. In February 2012 we opened the Tutor Family Center for the Performing Arts to provide our school community with additional opportunities to explore their creativity and imagination. Whether it’s through studio art, film, dance, digital design, theater, instrumental or choral music, our faculty inspire students to pursue their talents and interests across many dimensions.

C-Notes Choir has performed four times as the featured choir for the National Youth Choral Festival at Carnegie Hall.

The Chaminade Players have received Jerry Herman Awards for Beauty and the Beast, Guys and Dolls, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Into the Woods, and National Youth Arts Awards for Macbeth and Guys and Dolls.


Chaminade inspires its students to be leaders. Throughout the seven-year Chaminade experience, students find multiple opportunities to explore their innate desire to lead. Whether it’s through Campus Ministry (L.I.F.E. Team, S.H.I.N.E., and retreat leadership) or other major leadership programs on our campuses such as Student Activities, Diversity Team, Link, Ambassadors, or Web Leaders, our students learn to lead.

“Chaminade prepared me not only for college, but also for life. It taught me how to prepare, to learn, to lead, to teach, to be confident in my decisions, to pursue my passions, and to achieve my goals. Chaminade is the family and the foundation upon which I will build my future.” – Kim Alli, Class of 2013

Clubs and Activities At Chaminade, learning isn’t just limited to the classroom. Students are encouraged to explore their individual interests, discover new talents, and foster greater ties with their community in an engaging, nurturing environment. Chaminade strives to build family spirit and get every student involved in campus activities through a variety of clubs, organizations, events, and service opportunities. Our extensive extra- and co-curricular offerings include Live Stream Crew, Eagle Business, Eagle Engineering (Robotics), Speech and Debate, Mock Trial, Band, Chaminade Players (Drama), C-Notes Choir and Concert Choir, and many more.

40 70

middle school Clubs & Organizations

High School Clubs & Organizations

Athletics Chaminade believes that athletics is a vital component to the holistic education of the student. Our program encompasses the areas of spiritual, social, emotional, intellectual, creative, and physical growth for the student-athlete, and emphasizes the principles of positive sporting behavior. Students learn teamwork, sacrifice, sportsmanship, responsibility and skill building. Our athletes and teams have earned accolades at the state and national levels.

SPORTS OFFERED Fall Sports Cross Country - MS, JV, Varsity Girls’ Field Hockey - JV, Varsity Flag Football - MS Tackle Football - MS, Freshmen, JV, Varsity Girls’ Golf – Varsity Swimming - MS Girls’ Tennis - MS, JV, Varsity Girls’ Volleyball - MS, Freshmen, JV, Varsity Winter Sports Boys’ Basketball - MS, Freshmen, JV, Varsity Girls’ Basketball - MS, Freshmen, JV, Varsity Boys’ Soccer - MS, JV, Varsity Girls’ Soccer - MS , JV, Varsity Wrestling - MS, JV, Varsity Spring Sports Baseball - MS, Freshmen, JV, Varsity Boys’ Golf - JV, Varsity Boys’ Lacrosse - MS, JV, Varsity Girls’ Field Hockey - MS Girls’ Lacrosse - MS, Varsity Golf - MS Softball - MS, JV, Varsity Boys’ Tennis - MS, JV, Varsity Track and Field - MS, JV, Varsity Swimming - JV, Varsity Boys’ Volleyball - MS, Freshmen, JV, Varsity Multi Season Cheerleading - MS, Freshmen, JV, Varsity Equestrian - MS, Varsity Fencing - MS, Varsity Middle school = MS High school = Freshman, JV, Varsity

HS athletic achievements 2000-2018

4 21 18 7 50

State Titles State Championships CIF Championships CIF Runner Ups Mission League Championships

MS athletics Offers:

18 sports*

51 teams*



of students participate in sports*



14:1 80% Student to teacher ratio.

Average of 28 students per class

700 8 students

*2018-2019 school year

of middle school students go on to matriculate to the 9th grade on the west hills campus



Each student will be a part of a mixed-grade house working towards a common goal throughout the school year, to win the house cup!

service hours Performed*


of students in grades 6-12 receive financial aid

Founded in 1952, Chaminade College Preparatory operates on two campuses. The middle school, for grades 6-8, is located in Chatsworth, and the high school, for grades 9-12, is located in West Hills. Both campuses have been described by students as “a home away from home.�

70% 28 1,310 18 22,000 + students

AP Classes

Honor Classes


Service hours Performed*

student to teacher ratio. average of 27 students per class

*2018-2019 school year


of chaminade graduates are accepted to their first and second choices of universities and colleges

In March 2018, Chaminade acquired the shopping center adjacent to the West Hills campus, allowing Chaminade to think boldly and creatively about future facilities and the programmatic needs of our students. A master plan process is underway to determine how this nearly five-acre parcel will be utilized.


We know choosing the right school for your child is an important decision. We are here to help you with any questions you may have. Please feel free to call us any time. MIDDLE SCHOOL Mary Guerra 818. 363. 8127

HIGH SCHOOL Esther Bonino-Bennett 818.347. 8300

Admissions Brochure 2018-19  

Chaminade College Preparatory offers a unique, seven-year learning experience through a rigorous academic curriculum and diverse offerings o...

Admissions Brochure 2018-19  

Chaminade College Preparatory offers a unique, seven-year learning experience through a rigorous academic curriculum and diverse offerings o...