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Much to Look Forward To As 2018 dawns, politicians and economists continue to discuss just what type of Brexit we might get (hard, soft, or crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside) and what all that might mean for all of us. Make no mistake – The UK electorate’s decision to quit the European Union and row its own canoe slowly yet deliberately away from its mainland European neighbours will likely have major repercussions; and those repercussions will be felt keenly in the UK construction industry. Yet if the tail end of 2017 taught us anything, it was that the UK construction industry is resilient, determined and bloodyminded enough to overcome even this almighty obstacle. Indeed, if you are inclined to a glass half full mentality, then 2018 holds enormous promise for UK construction and the equipment manufacturers, dealers and hirers serving it. During 2017, the housing sector contributed more than a third of all UK construction activity. With a General Election now visible (though distant) on the horizon, we can all expect the Government to back up its voter-friendly Budget promise to deliver more housing stock during 2018 and beyond. And as thoughts turn to re-election, we can all rest assured that the schools and university building purse strings will benefit from a degree of strategic loosening too. In October of last year, Transport Secretary Chris Grayling announced that he was planning to spend £48 billion on the UK rail network over the five years starting in 2019. Some of that work is expected to see the reopening of lines closed following reports by Dr Richard Beeching in the 1960s. The, of course, there is the giant, high speed elephant in the room – HS2. In August 2017, contracts valued at almost £7 billion were let. Those contract awards are set to become meaningful workload right about now. And the benefits to the UK construction equipment industry are huge. According to a report from industry experts at Off-Highway Research, HS2 will require as many as 700 articulated dumptrucks during the construction phase. Those trucks will need to be loaded by excavators and wheel loaders; haul roads will need to be maintained by dozers. In short, HS2 represents the largest potential windfall for the UK plant sector in recent memory. So yes, Brexit will continue to spread a pernicious form of uncertainty through the UK economy. Yes, it does call into question the UK construction sector’s ability to attract the overseas workers it has become so reliant upon. And sure, it must cast into doubt at least some of the inward investment that has at least partially funded the postrecessionary rise and rise of the industry. But 2018 also has the potential to be the making of some companies in the UK plant sector.


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Going Underground Tunnel construction is one of the most demanding civil engineering applications for construction equipment. Liebherr has a range of machines capable of working productively under the extreme conditions of a tunnel construction site

The XPower L 550, L 556, L 566 and L 576 wheel loaders, which are now available in an optional tunnel version. The new tunnel package includes a number of features aimed specifically at optimising the robustness of these machines. This ensures high standards of safety and machine availability for tunneling applications. The new tunnel package for Liebherr wheel loaders includes a special soundproofed cab design that boasts a windscreen



made of armoured glass. It also offers a roll over protection system (ROPS) and effectively protects machine operators from falling objects (FOPS), which is key in tunnel construction.

stone from damaging the tipping cylinder on the wheel loader’s lift arm. The light carriers for the driving headlights are made of steel and have a protective guard attached to them. The robust a/c-box is also made of metal. Tough anti-collision protection prevents damage to the engine hood and the engine compartment on confined tunnel construction sites.

In the Stage IV emission standards compliant XPower wheel loaders, exhaust gas aftertreatment is handled by the Liebherr SCR system. The tunnel package enhances this reliable system with the addition of a diesel particle filter, which minimises the emission of particles and contaminants in tunnels. A pre-cleaner is used for preliminary cleaning of the engine’s intake air, which in tunnels is typically contaminated by dust and other particles. Steel piston rod protection prevents falling pieces of

Safety is paramount when working in tunnels. With this in mind, the tunnel package includes powerful LED headlights to provide good lighting conditions all around the machine. The tunnel package also features an acoustic reversing alarm to alert individuals in the vicinity of the wheel loader when it is reversing. Liebherr customers can specify the



acoustic reversing alarm with an optical signal enhancement. A reversing camera comes as standard on all XPower wheel loaders, irrespective of whether they have the tunnel package.

driveline ensures high levels of productivity. It combines the hydrostatic driveline for maximum efficiency in short-term loading operations with a mechanical drive system that provides the most powerful and fuel-efficient option when covering long distances. The proven Liebherr Power Efficiency (LPE) system plays a key role in this process: it proactively controls all components in real time to achieve optimum efficiency. As a result, companies can benefit from moderate fuel consumption and ever-decreasing operating costs.

Liebherr customers can request the optional tunnel package for Stage IV emission standards compliant XPower L 550, L 556, L 566 and L 576 wheel loaders. Operating companies benefit from all the advantages of XPower wheel loaders when working in tunnels. The innovative XPower


DESIGNED TO GET MORE DONE • Fuel wise 6 cylinder Cummines Engine • ZF Powershift Transmission with kick-down and F&R • Load sensing hydraulic system for outstanding efficiency


• Z-Bar for high breakout force and stable payload transport • LCD Display & Rear View for all around vision • Reversible Fan & Automatic Greasing System for maximized uptime

Available at dealer:

TO U GH WO R L D . TO U GH E QU I P M E N T. Tel: 02392 123392


Kubota Invests Leading machinery manufacturer Kubota UK has invested £1.2 million to enhance operational performance and continue to set the highest health and safety standards at its UK headquarters in Thame.

The investment, part of the Kubota UK’s commitment to provide its customers with a first class service offering, includes expanding its office and meeting room space by renovating a previous storage building into state-of-the-art office facilities. The Thame site has also had groundworks resurfacing completed to enhance traffic flow around the site, as well as refurbishment works carried out to its industry leading Training Academy and Research & Development (R&D) centre.

“The investment into our operations at Thame is a great example of our commitment to future proofing our business, ensuring the right infrastructure is in place and that we are always operating efficiently and safely,” says Supply Chain Manager at Kubota UK, Solly Wilson. “By doing so, we can maintain the highest levels of service that we provide our customers.” “The new office and meeting spaces for example give us the opportunity to continue to grow and evolve as a business,” says Wilson. “In the last 12 months, staff numbers at Thame have increased, highlighting the need for additional capacity.”

The improvements also include a new cantilever racking system that will help streamline its inventory, offer more space to hold stock and help maintain its ‘first in, first out’ (FIFO) supply method. In turn, customers will experience an even better service, ensuring they receive the required machinery parts exactly when they need them and in the best condition.

“The new cantilever racking system also means we are far better equipped to allocate, monitor and transport products more effectively. FIFO is a widelyknown supply chain method where stock is rotated



quickly so that no item sits in the warehouse for too long. If this process isn’t maintained to the highest standard, stock can spend significant periods of time on the shelf, taking up valuable space and potentially becoming obsolete, causing cost issues. It’s simple in theory, but each product has its own unique characteristics that will affect the overall operation depending on how well it’s dealt with,” he says. “With this in mind, it’s vital that we’re able to operate at maximum capacity, not only from an operations point of view, but also from a customers, who need their orders delivered in a timely fashion and in first class condition,” says Wilson.



Good Moon Rising A new seventyfive tonne Volvo EC750E has been delivered to John Wainwright & Co Ltd’s Moons Hill Quarry in the Mendips following a detailed review of the market.

Looking to replace a similar sized excavator specifically to clean down exposed faces of blasted basalt in Moons Hill Quarry, Quarry Manager, Ben Dormer, started the process of finding a suitable replacement. “We carried out quite a lengthy and detailed review of the marketplace,” says Dormer. “Overall we were looking for efficiencies in terms of production and fuel consumption, a long reach specification but still with a large enough bucket to load material into our haulers with a reduced number of passes. Equally important in our decision


making process were the robust safety features specified on the machine coupled to a competitive, commercial package,” he says. Part of this process included a visit to the Volvo Live it. Dig it event back in March by Assistant Quarry Manager, Alastair Gibson, then a visit to see the machine in action at a china clay pit in Cornwall. “Our first impressions of the EC750E were extremely positive,” says Dormer. “We concluded that the machine was a solid performer and very well balanced which is important for our operations here at Moons Hill.”


THE NEW HYUNDAI 360° SAFETY FEATURE The new range of Hyundai excavators include an optional new state-of the-art Advanced Around View Monitoring (AAVM) Camera System, which offers the ultimate in safety for operators and site personnel. This unique technology allows the operator to secure a field of vision in all directions around his/her machine and informs you of nearby people or dangerous objects. It makes the new range of Hyundai excavators the safest excavators to operate on any jobsite. This system is exclusive to Hyundai. For more information, please find your nearest Hyundai dealer at

MOVING YOU FURTHER HCE UK | Unit 15 Bilton Industrial Estate | Lovelace Road | RG128YT Berkshire | +44 (0) 1344 484 034 |


Wainwrights consequently settled on the Volvo EC750E from SMT GB specifying the 7.7.m boom and 3.5m dipper arm offering a generous reach of 12 metres. The machine has been equipped with a 4.0m³ heavy-duty rock bucket and is able to dispatch the quarry’s forty-tonne haulers in one less pass than its predecessor. The machine has also been specified with an array of safety features. Most strikingly, the left hand catwalk has full height guardrails beside the boxing ring skirting the top of the superstructure. Machine operator, Mike Greenham, who has been employed by Wainwrights for the last 40-plus years, has safe ingress and egress to the cab thanks to the addition of hydraulically operated access steps. Other features include a full fire-suppression system and fast refueling point which can be accessed from ground level.

Plant & Liability Insurance From sole machine operators to national plant hirers. We are an independent specialist broker offering highly competitive premiums for all your insurance needs.

At the heart of the EC750E, a 16-litre Stage-IV V-ACT engine developing 533 nett hp operates in conjunction with an advanced-mode control system ensuring the maximum possible hydraulic horsepower available is delivered at a constant engine speed under varying load conditions. A maximum torque of 2570Nm is achieved at just 1350r/min and this, in conjunction with the machine’s advanced hydraulic system, ensures maximum fuel efficiency is achieved through every work cycle.

Tel: 01978 758226 or 07957 403684



Bobcat Extends its Reach Providing a maximum lift capacity of 3 tonne and a maximum lift height of nearly 7 metres, the new TL30.70 compact telehandler from Bobcat is designed for a wide range of applications found in the construction and rental industries. The TL30.70 provides an excellent compact and cost-effective alternative to larger 7 metre models, especially where working spaces are tight and increased manoeuvrability is required. In addition, the TL30.70 offers an outstanding maximum reach of 4 metres with a load of more than 1 tonne. At the maximum lift height, users can lift up to 2 tonnes of weight, which is sufficient to place a pallet of heavy bricks in most conditions. The compactness and stability of the TL30.70 will make this machine a perfect tool for easy pick and go or for lifting materials to height on housing and commercial property developments. Like the existing TL26.60 and TL30.60 telehandlers in the Bobcat range, the TL30.70 is available with two different overall machine heights with a cab which can be mounted in two different ways – in a low position that results in a very low 2.1 m height or a higher position to optimise visibility. As standard, the cab is also suspended to enhance ride comfort. Like all Bobcat telehandlers, it has a heavy-duty hydrostatic transmission that allows smooth and precise low speed travel, with the ability to

immediately go faster or work harder when required. The Bobcat auto-shift transmission automatically adapts the motor torque and speed to the desired level for the job. Operators have the benefit of not having to take their hands off the joystick to change gear. Last but not least, this premium transmission is equipped with an inching function that allows the operator to be even more precise in low speed applications without having to use the brakes, reducing fatigue and increasing safety. Bobcat has designed all of its telehandlers with the same robust box-welded frame for enhanced rigidity. The shielded bottom plate protects vital components and a combination of specific features maximises reliability and reduces total cost of ownership in even the most severe conditions, including high-tensile steel, U welded shapes, the integrated boom head, new generation wear pads, large bolts and large steel inserts for increased friction coefficients.


For every application Bowman has a solution... ® Heavy duty spinodal bronze bearings


Wrapped acetal lined bearings


PTFE lined wrapped bearings

Bowman Oilless Bearings




The original self-lubricating sintered bronze bearings | | +44 (0) 1235 462500 | @BowmanInt



Teeing Off Impressed with the versatility, reliability, fuel economy and the performance of their first CASE CX130D excavator, premier golf course constructors John Greasley Ltd have taken delivery of their second, fitted with a Rototilt R4 tiltrotator and supplied by CASE dealer Robert Coates Plant Sales Ltd.

The versatility of the CX130D is a key factor for John Greasley. The machines are used for general construction and for more precision work. Due the smoothness of operation from CASE’s Intelligent Hydraulic System, the Rototilt R4 works in perfect harmony with the CX130D, for reshaping bunkers and landscaping. This also helps to reduce costs on aggregates and infill, making it an extremely cost effective machine. John Greasley purchased their first CX130D, which was also fitted with a Rototilt R4, after seeing the machine at Hillhead. “We saw it in action and we liked its smoothness of operation,” says Charlie Greasley from John Greasley. “After the show we contacted our local CASE dealer Robert Coates Plant Sales in Talke, (Stoke-on-Trent) who arranged for us to take the machine, complete with the Rototilt R4 on a week’s demonstration.


tough world tough equipment

Authorised equipment only >>> Construction plant and machinConstruction plant and machinery sales ltd Tel: (0)2392 123392 Email: Web: Construction Plant Sales


“Being able to put it through its paces on one of our projects afforded us the opportunity to see how it performed on a range of tasks. It was faultless, our operators loved it, and so we agreed a deal and made the purchase. Over the past 12 months we have been impressed with every part of the machine – hydraulic performance, reliability, and importantly fuel consumption. It really does sip fuel, plus we have excellent backup from the dealer. The Rototilt R4 has dramatically improved our utilisation on site and is an excellent match with the CX130D.”

Hawk have taken delivery of a fleet of over 135 new machines including 30 x PC360 Excavators, 25 x HM300-5 Dumptrucks, 33 x Dozers including new to the fleet D37PX-24, the latest intelligent machines and hybrid excavators. The purchase of this equipment is part of Hawk’s on going renewal process. Purchasing new machines regularly, allows Hawk to offer its customer the most up to date equipment available in the industry. The business has invested heavily in machinery and equipment in recent years to support strong growth, and has built a reputation for operating a modern and well maintained fleet.

Tel: 01948 842120


This also provides Hawk customers with cutting edge technology, reducing cost and downtime, these machines also produce lower fuel consumption and emissions. Mike Hawkins, CEO said “By focusing on building and maintaining a modern fleet and offering our customers’ the latest in technology, we have created a solid customer base and opportunities to scale-up even further. This investment is part of an on-going scheme to provide our clients with the best possible equipment available and insure Hawk is one of the leading independent plant hire companies in the UK.”



The Construction Recruitment Company (CRC) specialises in the provision of construction tradesmen, general labour and management resources for contractors operating on contracts and work packages throughout the UK. •

Facades: curtain wall installing teams, supervisors, fixers and improvers

Scaffolders: advanced scaffolders and scaffolders

Civils: ground workers and machine drivers

Concrete: formworkers, finishers and steel fixers

CRC are the most flexible agency out there with some of the most innovative ideas known to the recruitment industry. Here at CRC we are able to look at a company’s recruitment struggles and evaluate how, why and where it needs changing, then apply our solution, to which we have several. Whether permanent or temporary we can either supply your construction resources or help find you a new job.

Call CRC on 0800 470 4806 or visit and register your requirements.

T 0800 470 4806 E

The Construction Recruitment Company (UK) Limited Innovation Centre, Mewburn Road, Banbury OX16 9PA

Offices at: Banbury, Birmingham, London, Manchester, Glasgow The Construction Recruitment Company (UK) Limited Registration Number|10283502 VAT number 250 8318 17


Hogging the Limelight Established in 1963, the Jack Moody Group (JMG) are a large West Midlands based landscape construction, recycling and civil engineering business. The recycling side of the business has grown considerably since 1996 and today 750,000 tonnes of waste is processed and diverted from landfill every year by JMG. For the past 22 years JMG have worked with local authorities processing and recycling organic waste to create high quality compost products. They now have six recycling sites around the West Midlands and a large logistics operation to transport all the material.

operation. The site here is a total of 55acres with a dedicated 27acre recycling facility and we employ a total of 414 people, with 55 working within the recycling business here.” “We were looking for eddy current separators to add to our operation here, and on other sites and having had a relationship with Warwick Ward for some time, they had recently taken on the UK distributorship for Ecohog, which was very interesting for us” said Rob.

Rob Moody, Managing Director of JMG said “We process around 1 million tonnes of inert waste, 200,000 tonnes of biodegradable waste, and 150,000 tonnes of wood across our entire

“After looking at the marketplace, we decided to purchase three THM ECS-2000 Ecohog Eddy Current Separators through Warwick Ward. These machines are primarily for our wood fuelled



power stations, processing A, B and C grade wood to remove all the metals. The processed wood is then sent to one of the first UK fully accredited TUROCS gasified power stations based in central Birmingham, which is operated by MWH.” Rob went on to add “The THM ECS–2000 Ecohog Eddy Current Separator processes 35 tonne per hour for us here, and I must say, it’s been fantastic. We have been extremely happy with its performance, effectiveness and gen set power configuration. Its self-contained tracked design makes it extremely portable and versatile for what we need to achieve on this site. We worked closely with Warwick Ward and Ecohog and they have delivered a solution that has many bespoke

elements tailored around our specific operation. The other important thing to point out is that it has a 2m wide eddy current, rather than the usual 1.5m wide on other machines, allowing us to process much more material, which it handles extremely well at that rate.” Ecohog are delighted with this successful collaboration with Warwick Ward and JMG, providing a tailored solution for the customer which many larger equipment manufacturers are unable to provide.

01527 893343

“first choice for landscaping supplies!” Self Drive Plant

Aggregate Washing Systems

SE Davis & Son can offer much of its extensive fleet on ‘Self Drive’ hire to its customers in the quarrying and construction industries.

Small working footprint

Quick set up time

These items include: • Loading Shovels - 1.5m to 5m capacity • Tracked Screeners - 3 way up to 20’ x 5’ screen decks • 360 Excavators - 15 tonnes to 45 tonnes • Dump Trucks - 12 tonnes to 40 tonnes capacity • Crushers - Tracked Jaw, Cone, Impactor • Bulldozers - Including LGP & PAT blades

Fully re-circulating water systems through our centrifuge

Capable of processing up to 130T per hour

Mobile & static plants available

Aggregate washing sytems to suit your requirements

Tracked washed plants now available.

Sandhills Farm, Edgioake Lane, Astwood Bank, WORCS, B96 6BG




We are looking for dealers and distributors who want to buy used machines from us as part of establishing a long-term relationship. This is an exceptional opportunity to work with a leading UK plant company that has ambitious plans to grow its business.

OUR USED EQUIPMENT BUSINESS • We are one of the largest providers of used equipment in the UK. In 2016 we sold over £30m of used equipment to dealers and distributors. Of that, over 60% of our machines were sold in international markets.

EQUIPMENT OFFERED • TELEHANDLERS Manitou and JCB – 4m to 20m • EXCAVATORS Hitachi, Kubota, Caterpillar, Kubota 9t to 35t • ROTO-TELEHANDLERS Manitou - 21m to 32m • MINI EXCAVATORS Hitachi, Kubota, Caterpillar, Volvo, Komatsu - 0.9t to 8t

• We offer an experienced account manager and a single point of contact for all equipment sales. Our sales team will ensure all logistics are run smoothly and seamlessly.

• STRAIGHT TIP AND SWIVEL DUMPERS Thwaites, Ausa, Wacker Neuson, Terex - 1t to 10t

• All our sale machines have low hours and are typically 2-3 years old.

• ROLLERS Ammann Yanmar, Bomag, Caterpillar - Rammax to 19t

• We maintain our machines thoroughly to manufacturers’ standards. • All our machines come with some of the highest specifications on the market. e: t: 0203 146 7518


The unique THM ECS-2000 is the first of its kind to the marketplace and has led to unprecedented interest and demand worldwide. The unit incorporates an Eriez Rev X-E ST22-80 ECS which assists in enhancing production by an addition 30% in comparison to standard 1500m models, therefore it suits processors with high volumes of waste material needing to separate their ferrous & non-ferrous metals. Built in compressors and airlines are also included with the units to facilitate regular cleaning down, reducing fire hazards and ensuring ease of equipment maintenance. The three integrated stockpiling conveyors and mobility features make the unit attractive to customers as it is versatile on site and can operate easily in conjunction with existing equipment in the process, in this case shredders and screens. As an additional feature Ecohog are pleased to announce the availability of HogMag models with patent pending technology that offers an integrated suction fan option to remove super light contaminants such as paper / light plastics that may be in their waste stream and often problematic and potentially damaging to furnace longevity (plastics).

The units are highly efficient in waste wood recycling as demonstrated in the JMG application, but are also suitable for other waste processing applications including Glass (MRF) clean up, incinerator ash and automotive fragment.

CPCS Red Trained Operator Card Upgrades Our assessors are available 7 days a week, nationwide and will travel to the site you are working on. Prices start at £500 for full NVQ. Additional units are charged at £150 per unit CPCS Blue Card Renewal, Online Modular Tests £50 including new CPCS card CPCS Validation £50 per application on presentation of completed Log Book

Making a Global Impact

CSCS Experienced Worker Blue Card To renew CSCS card you need to prove you have appropriate training & qualifications required to carry out your job. NVQ L2 General Construction - starting at £550 NVQ L2 Highways Maintenance - starting at £550 CSCS Test - £37 CSCS Card + Application & Postage - £35

CSCS General Operative/Green Labourers Card This card is ideally suited for applicants that require the facility to gain access to work on construction sites but do not hold a recognised Construction qualifiation.

Hydraulic Piling Hammers, Excavator/ Rig Mounted or Crane Suspended

Efficient, Economical and versatile hammer for driving steel, concrete, wooden or plastic piles. Designed for marine or inland environments. Wide range of interchangeable drop weights. “Take control”

RIC (Rapid Impact Compaction)

Use your excavator for ground compaction work. Fast, economical and dynamic ground compaction technique for low cost ground improvement of non cohesive soils. “Get more from your standard excavator”

1-day Health & Safety Course - £130 CSCS Card + Application & Postage - £35 CSCS Test - £37 NRSWA Street Works Operatives or Supervisor Course - £550 NRSWA Street Works Refresher - £280

BSP INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATIONS LTD Claydon Business Park, Gt Blakenham, Ipswich Suffolk, UK, IP6 0NL

For more information, or to book any of the above please call our office on

01709 868 181

or email to


Tel: +44 (0) 1473 830431 Fax: +44 (0) 1473 832019 email:





SARY R E A N N IV 17 0 2 1 9 97






Finance House, Unit 4, Ringwood Trading Estate, Castleman Way, Ringwood, Hampshire, BH24 3BA

Tel: 01202 855080 Fax: 01202 855487 Email: Web: Reg in England No. 3395180. Registered Office: Finance House, 45 Grange Road, St. Leonards, Ringwood, Hampshire, BH24 2QE Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. VAT Registration Number: 750 3548 40


Added Versatility Newry based attachment manufacturer Hill Engineering introduced its TEFRA Tilt In 2014. The TEFRA Tilt is designed for customers who need the full functionality of a Tilt bucket but see the versatility of having the 180-degree tilt function on all of their attachments with a standard pin grabbing system.

Most tilt rotate systems are designed with dedicated attachments, which comes with a high level of investment. “The TEFRA Tilt represents a very strong middle ground. The product itself has really taken off,” says Hill Engineering sales and marketing manager Oliver Phelan. “We are selling more and more as the months go by. We have seen a 60% growth in sales of the Tilt over the last year and it’s still growing.” Hill estimates that a Tefra Tilt in comparison to its equivalent in a tilt rotator is approximately 30% of the cost. So, it’s the ideal ‘inbetween’ product where it gives the operator the majority of the functionalities they need but at a fraction of the price. The Hill TEFRA Tilt hitch system allows operators greater flexibility in the way they use their machines and turns each and every attachment into one that can be used at up to 180 degrees.


Hill engineering have used the award winning TEFRA system as the core of the product and introduced the hugely reliable tilt motor from HKS of Germany to achieve the 180-degree tilt function. “Operators’ are now demanding more from their machines as they enter into new markets,” says Phelan. “The quality associated with the Hill and TEFRA brands, coupled with the unrivalled back up services for our clients, means the TEFRA tilt is fast becoming an essential tool in any operators’ kit bag.” “We decided on the Hill TEFRA Tilt as with competitors hitches there are too many parts and on the hydraulic tilting buckets there are too many rams which fail – whereas the TEFRA Tilt has an actuating motor arrangement and no wearing parts – so it’s practically maintenance free,” says George Burns, who recently

THE CORE OF YOUR TRAINING Your skills are the foundation of your business. It’s time for reinforcement. We provide the education. You reap the rewards. Bring your team for the world’s best education program in the concrete and masonry industries.


Leave with the core knowledge to increase profits, boost productivity


and win more jobs.




A selected participant in the International Buyer Program


specified a TEFRA Tilt for a JCB JS160W wheel loader. “It also has a heavier motor on it. We would definitely order a TEFRA tilt again if the application demanded it.” “I really am impressed with the TEFRA Tilt – it’s a cracking bit of gear,” says operator Buchanan. “I can work with better angles with this attachment and it’s a real time-saver and you can get the job done far more quickly.” The award winning TEFRA coupler and the HKS Extra Tilt Power Actuator have been united to provide users with two market leading technologies that, according to Hill Engineering, will transform the productivity of the users excavator.

e r o o M n h o J

e g d E e h t Has

s l o o T g n i g a g n Ground E e t a l P t n a t is s e R s e t iv r s a a r P b A t n e m e c a l p e R Edge - Toe Plates Cutting JOHN MOORE (TRACTOR PARTS) LTD, STEVENSON HOUSE, LADFORD COVERT, SEIGHFORD, STAFFORD, ST18 9QG

01785 282705 28

The new name for quality compact KNIKMOPS loaders in the UK • Versatile, rugged and reliable. • Tough all steel construction. • Diesel fuelled Kubota engines from 12hp-50hp. • Extensive range of attachments available for agriculture, landscaping, construction & forestry.


Introducing the Tight Tail MarubeniKomatsu announces the new PW118MR‐11, a quick and precise “tight tail” midi excavator with a powerful EU Stage IV engine, 6 percent less fuel consumption and an unrivalled compactness and lifting performance.

Sturdy and stable, the Komatsu PW118MR-11 features a class-leading compact size. A special combination of power, complete control and convenient dimensions make it an ideal choice for heavy duty lifting applications or simple excavating tasks in narrow alleys, on roadconstruction sites and for sewerconstruction work.

support, protect the machine against misuse, and guarantee maximum efficiency and uptime.

“This perfect match between size and performance was a focus for Komatsu designers” says Alex Visentin, Product Manager for Compact Wheeled Excavators. “It makes the machine exceptionally versatile, with the lowest fuel consumption level in its class.” He concludes: “On the European market today, no other manufacturer can guarantee such a unique combination”.

An advanced electronic control system manages the airflow rate, fuel injection, combustion parameters and aftertreatment functions: the Komatsu EU Stage IV engine optimises performance, reduces emissions and provides advanced diagnostic capability. Customers benefit from lower fuel consumption with no loss of performance. An integrated SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system further reduces NOx emissions using the AdBlue® additive.

The latest KOMTRAX telematics offer top fleet management and


With operating weights ranging from 12.800 kg to 13.900 kg, the PW118MR-11 is powered by a Komatsu SAA4D95LE-7 engine, EU Stage IV compliant, with a net horsepower of 72,5 kW (97,2 HP) @ 2.050 rpm.


A heavy counterweight is now integrated in the PW118MR-11 as standard, with no extension of tail protrusion. Stability is increased by 13 percent, lifting capacity is optimised and higher than for the previous model - and operations are safer.

A comfortable work environment further helps to maximise productivity. Specifically designed for hydraulic excavators, the ROPS-certified cab provides safe and quick access/egress, and gains strength from a reinforced box structure framework. It is mounted on rubber isolation dampers for low vibration levels. The radio, with pre-sets and an auxiliary USB input for connecting external devices, also has a Bluetooth connection. Two 12‐volt power ports are conveniently provided.

The PW118MR-11 operational concept puts full control of the machine at the operator’s fingertips. For outstanding versatility and manoeuvrability, new dashboard switches allow to quickly change between 2 Wheels Steering, 4 Wheels Steering, and Crab modes, and to activate/deactivate the auto axle lock. The operator can also easily select up to six working modes to match machine performance to the application. The new “Attachment Economy” mode can be used even with powered attachments and it further contributes to lower fuel consumption and emissions.

The new viscous fan clutch system reduces both power loss and engine load when maximum cooling is not required. It lowers fuel consumption and contributes to less in-cab noise. A new auto‐idle shutdown helps the machine to further decrease fuel consumption. Proportional control joysticks are standard and allow precise operation of attachments with comfort and ease. The addition of the new Neutral Detection System reduces the risk of inadvertent operation.

The all‐new cruise control function helps to eliminate operator fatigue when travelling mid‐ to‐long distances for more comfort and safety. Any operator can easily find a perfect driving position and settings. Reduced power loss in the travel system and a revised hydraulic layout improve speed and acceleration, both on flat ground and on slopes.

A high‐resolution 7” TFT-LCD widescreen colour monitor features enhanced capabilities and displays information in 25 languages for global support. It provides information on AdBlue® fluid level, Eco guidance, operational records, fuel consumption history and utilisation information.

National Plant Hire Call: 0844 2251958 Email: 31


Cat Refines Handlers The new range of Cat wheel material handlers (MH3022, MH3024, MH3026) maintains the Caterpillar purposebuilt philosophy for these machines, while reflecting engineering refinements that tailor them more precisely to specific industrial applications.

Further improvements for these 2018 models include features that support rapid return-oninvestment and enhance overall performance, versatility, and safety.

and waste-handling, yet providing application flexibility with a choice of two MH booms, three straight sticks with linkage, and two drop–nose sticks. The compact undercarriage is wide enough for excellent stability, while the centred position of the swing bearing allows equal capabilities when working over the front and rear.

The design of the new material handlers is focused on application efficiency and reduced owning costs. For example, users need not buy a machine with a wide undercarriage if materials being handled are low density, and shorter front linkages are available if the machine frequently works in confined spaces.

If space-constraints are not an issue, the MH3024 is ideal for such tasks as waste handling, recycling, and bulk-material handling. It features optimum reach with its long MH front linkage, and a choice of undercarriage configurations to meet all customer application needs. If the application is not stability-sensitive, then the new 2.75-m undercarriage might be a perfect fit for

The MH3022, for instance, is an agile solution for handling jobs with space constraints, providing the necessary reach for tasks such as indoor sorting


New PFM Pir-Form MSHA


Extend the life of your hydraulic equipment with the new Pirtek PFM Pir-Form Range of hoses...

...with 10 times higher abrasion resistance at no extra cost. You can benefit from the following... n Wear & tear reduction n Increases uptime

n Reduces downtime n Customer satisfaction

10 times higher Abrasion Resistant cover on PFM Pir-Form MSHA Anti-Abrasion hoses offers reduced cost of ownership, longer service life and higher profits, even under challenging environments. Helping you achieve higher operational efficiency, enhanced market reputation and increased revenue . . . at no extra cost.

UK 0800 38 24 38 ROI 1800 74 78 35


allowing transport without removing the stick. Sticks are designed to keep transport heights below the critical 4-m dimension for significant time/cost savings.

the MH3024 working in typical conditions, as well as good fit for the MH3026 handling low density materials. In either instance, the machine’s footprint is adequate to ensure stability in normal operation, and, again, lifting capacities over the rear are increased by the symmetric position of the swing bearing.

Another Volvo L220H loading shovel has been delivered to Collier Quarrying & Recycling, a division of the Collier Group, located at Cowdenbeath in Fife, and takes up rehandling duties at the company’s Goat Hill Quarry along with two L220H’s that were delivered at the end of 2014.

If work requires greater lifting capacities and a larger working envelope, then the MH3026 is the optimum machine, equipped with a long MH boom and providing a choice of three dropnose sticks—ranging in length from 4.9 to 5.9 m, three straight sticks— and a choice of three undercarriage sizes. The flexible design of the new material handlers also contributes to ease of transporting these machines—a sure way to better control costs. Two drop-nose sticks for the MH3022 and MH3026 are now available, having lengths of 4.5 m and 5.5 m. The new sticks can be an efficient solution when moving a machine between job sites is a frequent occurrence,


Another noticeable addition for the new models is the front push blade, now available for all undercarriage types. These blades provide an easy way to clear the working area and push materials commonly encountered in waste and mill-yard applications. Working on surfaces free of debris can further extend tire life, resulting in greater operational efficiency. Operational efficiency gets a further boost with redesigned, optimised, Cat orange-peel grapples. Designed to be an exact match between tool and machine, the new grapples can contribute to decreased fuel consumption—by as much as 15 percent in some applications. The grapples feature reduced weight for shorter cycle times and increased productivity. Additional cost savings are available through the increased durability of the grapples, which have castings in place of welded structures in high stress areas.

Made for a mission.


TRANSPORTING A TURBINE RUNNER. 7.50 METERS IN DIAMETER, 200 TONS. Robust, low-maintenance solution. 285 mm tires for extra mileage. Proven pendular axle technology . For grueling daily working and challenging off-road operations: the STZ-VP semi lowloader family. Manufactured by Goldhofer. Made for a mission. Your mission?

STZ-VP (285)



Best of Both Worlds Doosan is launching the new DL420CVT-5 Stage IV compliant wheel loader, the first model in the Doosan wheel loader range to be equipped with a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT).

A CVT transmission is composed of a hydraulic motor combined with a hydraulic pump which provides a smooth and continuous speed variation. The CVT design combines the benefits of a mechanical transmission and a hydrostatic transmission in the same machine. It allows the DL420CVT-5 to automatically transition from hydrostatic power at low speed to the


mechanical system to operate at higher speeds. By combining the two types of transmission, the new CVT technology ensures high loads can be carried at low engine speeds with high dynamics for an optimum wheel loader operating cycle. The DL420CVT-5 therefore provides an increase in machine performance for operators working in digging, loading and lifting applications.






With a maximum bucket capacity of 4.2 m3, the new Doosan DL420CVT-5 wheel loader is intended to meet a wide range of material-handling needs from loading and transporting granular material (such as sand and gravel) to industrial, construction, demolition, mining and quarrying applications. For most tasks, operators will utilise the hydrostatic part of the transmission, which offers greater fuel efficiency in low-speed applications. The combination of the two transmissions is automatic and fully transparent for the operator. The complete driving range, forwards and in reverse, is controlled by the CVT system. Low engine speeds ensure a high efficiency and the highest driving comfort irrespective of the traction speed. The power splitting continuously variable technology facilitates moving off softly and hydraulically. Furthermore, with the CVT, a fuel saving of up to 15% can be achieved. The ability to split hydrostatic and mechanical power has allowed Doosan to move to the Scania DC09 engine in the DL420CVT-5, as the CVT system maintains the machine’s efficiency even at low engine rpm. With an output of 232 kW of power at

T: 01327 261810 M: 07831 123657 W: E:

1800 rpm, the Scania DC09 engine provides generous torque at low rpm and meets Stage IV emission regulations without the need of a diesel particulate filter (DPF), through the use of cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and selective catalyst reduction (SCR) aftertreatment technologies. The engine compartment door size has been increased to provide easier maintenance of engine area. The exhaust and after-treatment system for the engine is installed on the left-hand side of the machine, whilst the components for maintenance are grouped on the right-hand side. All the daily checking of gauges can take place from ground level to ensure it is a quick and safe process. The breakout force and high traction allow the DL420CVT-5 to tackle the hardest materials, with a powerful hydraulic system that ensures that work is quick and efficient. Combined with the power provided by the Scania DC09 engine, these features gives the DL420CVT-5 excellent penetration power, ensuring an optimum bucket load in each cycle.

GRAPPLES OF ALL SIZES 18”-39” CONCRETE CRUSHER BUCKETS Manufacturers of barrel screens and recycling plant. Contact us for more details, demonstrations and prices. Visit our website for our full product range and secondhand equipment. WANT TO SELL YOUR NEW & USED PLANT & MACHINERY?



Fayat Confirms Dynapac Acquisition Fayat has acquired the Road Construction Equipment Division of Atlas Copco, which manufactures rollers for asphalt and soil applications, pavers and planers. These products are known under the Dynapac trade name. The agreement includes sales and services operations in 37 countries, production units in four countries: Sweden, Germany, Brazil and China and a production partnership in India. The business has 1,280 employees.

Dynapac will cooperate with other companies within the Fayat Group to offer our customers best solutions also for tomorrow’s challenges. Dynapac will put a strong focus on providing its customers with a strong and reliable service support, working through own organizations in major regions of the world, as well as through established sales and service partners.

Through the acquisition of Dynapac, Fayat further strengthens its strategic position in the road construction and maintenance equipment segment. Being a fully family owned business with many years of experience in the road construction and maintenance machinery business, the Fayat Group will provide Dynapac with the backing to be a stable and long-term reliable partner to its customers worldwide.

“This acquisition is a great opportunity for the Fayat Group and its customers, as Dynapac is a key player in the road construction equipment market with a highly recognized brand”, said Jean-Claude Fayat, President of the Fayat Group. Dynapac has an excellent strategic place in our Group and we plan on growing and expanding its presence and product offering. We will leverage its expertise and technologies together with our existing portfolio to continuously develop equipment that closely addresses our customers’ needs.”

Under the Fayat umbrella, Dynapac will continue to operate as an autonomous manufacturer providing its customers with state-of-the art technology under the Dynapac brand. In the development of some future technologies,





01206 272 796









JCB Powers Past Milestone A JCB business which has powered its way to international success today celebrated the production of half a million engines – enough to stretch from London to Paris. Four cylinder diesel engines first began rolling off the line at JCB Power Systems in Derbyshire in November 2004 when the company employed just 64 people and in the first year of production less than 10,000 engines were produced. The Foston-based business has grown dramatically since then and the workforce now stands at almost 400. Now employees have celebrated the production of 500,000th engine and staggeringly, if all half million engines were laid out end-to-end, they would stretch from London to Paris.

sell it very successfully to other manufacturers for a wide variety of uses.” “What is more important is that we have complete control over our engine technology and production, giving us the freedom to innovate and to offer our customers engines which are clean, fuel efficient, easy to maintain and economical,” says Lord Bamford. “Production of half a million engines is a wonderful milestone and I congratulate the whole team for achieving such a momentous landmark.” It took eight years to build the first 200,000 JCB engines and only five years to build the next 300,000 – highlighting the rapid growth in the business. The expansion also saw JCB India begin production of engines in 2010 at its headquarters near Delhi. 2017 has been a milestone year for JCB Power Systems. The company has invested £10 million at its Foston plant in new CNC machining centres and associated automated

“There have been many great achievements at JCB over the years and engine manufacturing is a truly great success story,” says JCB Chairman Lord Bamford. “In 2004 we relied entirely on external suppliers for our engines. Today the JCB engine powers more than 70% of the machines JCB makes and we


processes. This investment alone has created around new 30 new jobs and allowed the company to produce cylinder heads, engine blocks and bedplates – the major engine components – in-house for the first time, boosting efficiency and ensuring that very demanding quality targets are met. Production has also started this year of a brand-new fuel-efficient 3-litre JCB engine following the culmination of a £31 million investment programme which included support of £4.5 million from the Government’s Regional Growth Fund. It is the third engine line to be launched by JCB since production first started and joins the 4.4, 4.8 and 7.2 litre models. In 2016 the company also celebrated winning two Queen’s Awards, including one for Innovation, for the development of the JCB EcoMax engine, with its low-emission combustion system. The other award was for International Trade, recognising growth in overseas third party sales of the JCB engine family by more than 325% between 2012 and 2014.


Hero to Zero Doosan Construction Equipment will display a DX140LCR-5 15 tonne reduced tail swing crawler excavator in its booth – C5887 – in the Central Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Centre during the annual World of Concrete Exhibition from 23-26 January 2018 The machine will be configured with a quick coupler and hydraulic breaker, as well as optional rubber track pads, which minimise damage to concrete surfaces. The DX140LCR-5 excavator offers a shorter tail swing, allowing operators greater flexibility where space is a premium without sacrificing performance. The Doosan® DX140LCR-5 excavator is designed for long life with an extra-sturdy frame and reinforced superstructure. The machine comes standard with permanently sealed and lubricated track links, and the workgroup bushings and hard-wear disks are designed for reliability as well as extended service intervals to increase uptime. A standard 7-inch LCD screen allows operators to continue monitoring excavator parameters while viewing the rear view or optional side view camera image. Critical machine data appears next to the camera view. When the optional side camera is installed, a split screen allows both rear and side camera displays to be viewed at once. To help save valuable diesel fuel, auto shutdown is standard to help owners save fuel during non-working conditions. Operators can configure the idle time from 3 to 60 minutes. When enabled, the feature will shut down the excavator’s engine when the preset idle time is met. This is particularly helpful in areas where local regulations require idling for only limited periods for off-highway machines.



X-Rated Two Liebherr L 580 XPower® wheel loaders have recently joined the state-ofthe-art machinery fleet of Willy Dohmen GmbH & Co. KG.

The benefits of the XPower wheel loaders, which combine fuel efficiency, high performance, robustness and comfort, won over the traditional company. Positive experiences with machines of the previous generation also influenced the purchase decision. “We already had other Liebherr large wheel loaders in operation,” says Willy Dohmen’s management. “This included several L 576 and L 586 models from the previous series. We were very happy with these machines. Liebherr is also a reliable service partner and available whenever help is needed.” A loading cycle in the gravel plant measuring around 800,000 m²


near the town of Geilenkirchen, North Rhine-Westphalia, is between 30 and 150 metres. This is where the advantages of the power-split XPower drive train comes into play, bringing together the hydrostatic and mechanical drive which ensures full performance and high efficiency for all tasks. “The new Liebherr wheel loaders are impressive in every respect. The two L 580 XPower® units are extremely powerful and on average consume only around 13 litres of diesel per hour of operation, regardless of the

‘Service & Safety Through Partnership’

The complete mineral, aggregates and earthmoving contractor, providing sustainable, practical and safe solutions to resource extraction.



application,” says the management of Willy Dohmen GmbH & Co. KG. The near-29-tonne wheel loaders have a considerable tipping load of 19,500 kg and are used for about ten hours a day. With their powerful Z-lift arm and a 5.7 m² backfill bucket, they move up to 3,000 m³ of sand, gravel and double-crushed chips per day. They also work directly on the demolition wall, feed systems and load material in the gravel plant. Reliability is of utmost importance to ensure efficient workflows. With their powerful axles, robust XPower drive and reinforced core components, the XPower wheel loaders offer high availability.




25 years of Plant & Construction Machinery Resprays


Mob: 07977 765 980 Office: 01278 788960


11b Commerce Way, Walrow Industrial Estate, Highbridge, Somerset 2 minutes off Junction 22 on the M5 motorway

Welding/Fabrications/Carbon Fibre & Fibre Glass Repairs & Manufacture.  Shot Blasting/Machine & Company Graphics In-House  4 Bay Modern Workshops  From 08 Tonne Refurbishments to 200 Tonne. We offer on site service for larger machinery refurbishments (subject to facilities). Company vans and commercials are also refurbished within our workshops. We can supply a large national happy customer reference if needed. 30 day payment terms (subject to normal credit check conditions).


Tippers ‘R’ Us team up with RK6 and RUBBLE MASTER Ipswich based aggregate suppliers Tippers ‘R’ Us have recently taken delivery of a new RUBBLE MASTER RM 90GO! with integrated screenbox and recirculating conveyor, from Red Knight 6 Ltd, at their Kesgrave site near Ipswich. Tippers ‘R’ Us produce the highest quality aggregates tested to European and UK standards by a UKAS accredited laboratory. They offer a disposal service for construction and demolition waste, as well as a collection/delivery service for recycled aggregates. They also offer a complete Muck-Away and Site Clearance service covering Ipswich and the surrounding areas.

“We had been receiving more and more enquiries for a 10 & 20mm flint product and researched the market for the best machine to produce this. We contacted RK6 who offered us a demonstration of an RM 90GO! with a screenbox and re-feed conveyor. We were surprised by the quality and homogenous product that the RUBBLE MASTER produced and quickly placed an order. We also saw the benefit of being able to add a machine of this calibre to our extensive hire fleet. The build quality is second to none, and the hands-on knowledge from the guys at RK6 was refreshing.”

Materials available on request are: • Type 1 Granite, • Type 3G - Mix of 20-40mm & 40-60mm primary stone • 6F4 Reduced Fines - 63mm down to 10mm • Granite - 5 - 20mm

The RUBBLE MASTER RM 90GO! is a powerful, versatile and profitable impact crusher and the best in its class of machine, producing up to 200 tph of quality recycled aggregate.

Commenting on their new purchase, Guy Nicholls MD said,

For more information on the range of recycling equipment provided by RK6, please visit their website at Alternatively email or call the office on 01293 862 619. Larry O’Rourke Paul Donnelly Aaron McVeigh Dan Flack Liam Wallace

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