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V eterans in F ranchisin g S upplement P art two of T hree

Contents 34 The First Step Joel Lindenmayer, VetFran, TSS Photography

38 Franchising Seeks Veterans VetFran

Veteran Franchisor Profile 36 Maid Simple House Cleaning

40 Supporting Veterans Through Canine Assistance Dogtopia

50 FirstLight HomeCare

42 Veterans: Make Your Next Career Move a Business of Your Own Richard Ashe, Veteran Franchise Centers

Veteran Franchise Focus 46 Service Brands International

54 A Love Affair: Franchising and Veterans


Veteran Profiles 35 Tai Jeffries, Maid Simple House Cleaning 45 Dave Leonard, Bach to Rock 49 Jerry Chase, Togo’s 53 Jeff Wright, Jiffy Lube 57 Katy Bachman, CruiseOne 59 Michael Lambert, Valpak 60 Bobbi Martinez, FirstLight HomeCare Franchising USA

V etera ns i n Fra nchisi ng

The First Step “What if you could lead a team they way you wanted, and recruit the type of people you want to surround yourself with? Guess what.... YOU CAN!”

Joe Lindenmayer

Do you ever wonder if a door will open for you and if you’ll be awake enough to walk through to an opportunity of a lifetime? Well, for many Veterans, taking a job without the passion they once had can be frustrating and feel like you are just passing time. After being a reservist activated for Operation Desert Storm and being a tank crewman in Saudi and Kuwait, my future started to come together after coming home and realizing I needed to make some changes. We know that there is an adjustment phase after military life; however, it’s

Franchising USA

the camaraderie and the immense sense of accomplishment we often miss just as much as the uniform and service to this great country. For some of us, driving million dollar equipment, leading men and woman or having lives balance on our decisions is easier to manage than what career we want next. A little help and mentorship can go a long way. What if you could build the culture you wanted in your career? What if you could lead a team they way you wanted, and recruit the type of people you want to surround yourself with? Guess what.... YOU CAN! Since 1993, the VetFran program has given Veterans and their family the opportunity to build a career they can be equally proud of in their civilian lives. The International Franchise Association has more resources and muscle behind the program in recent years and has assembled over 500 concepts including landscaping, food service, automotive, security and even photography that can help you make your American Dream become a reality. Not only that, but because of the service

you’ve given to your country, and the

fact that for many of us in the Franchise industry who also once served, we will

honor those heroes among us and work

hard to provide help and a jump-start to

a Veteran’s next career. Everything from

mentoring, financing support, discounted or waived fees and ongoing operational

benefits are out there for you to explore. For some, starting as a team member

within one of these organizations is a good first step, while for others, owning the

business will be their ultimate objective. Either way, take the first step today and

go to . Your future is out there and all you need to do is take

that first step through the door to make it happen.

Joe Lindenmayer is a USMC veteran, President & COO of TSS Photography, and the IFA VetFran Chairman. For More Information: Web:

Tai Jeffries A self-proclaimed army brat, joining the military was a natural choice for Tai Jeffries.

Upon graduating Tai enlisted in the Air Force and spent 4 years of active duty as a Computer Operator. After a brief stint as a civilian IT programmer, Tai found herself ready for a new challenge. In 2006 she enlisted in the Army as a Mental Health Technician, counseling soldiers and their families. Medically retiring from the military in 2011, Tai and her husband Corey, also a service disabled veteran, moved their family to Fort Wayne, Indiana ready for a fresh start. As Tai explains it, the decision to purchase a franchise was an easy one. She didn’t want to work for anyone else and it was also important to her that she set a positive example for her daughters. Tai wanted them to know that women can successfully run their own businesses. She became interested in Maid Simple House


Cleaning because she sought a business model that allowed her to work from home and also provide a service that is greatly needed. Tai enjoys being able to bring smiles to her customers’ faces. She knows firsthand, as a wife and mother, that there is no greater feeling than walking in the door after a long day to find your home sparkling clean. “Maid Simple seemed too be good to be true, to be honest,” says Tai. “But everything that they said that they were going to do, they have done. The level of support, along with the low cost of investment, is the reason I chose this franchise and I have not regretted the decision once. The marketing and advertising program to get me initial customers was also a HUGE selling point for me.” Tai thoroughly researched various franchise models before landing on Maid Simple House Cleaning. Her biggest piece of advice to other veterans considering investing in a franchise? “Do your homework. Don’t just talk to the franchisor, talk to other franchisees.” Tai

appreciated being able to talk to other Maid Simple House Cleaning franchisees and hear firsthand about the successes, and challenges, you face in running your own business. It also gave her confidence that Maid Simple was the right franchise model for her and that she possessed the skill set needed to be an accomplished franchise owner. Jeffries doesn’t hesitate to say that her military background has been, and continues to be, a major part of the reason she is equipped to run her own business. Tai attributes her drive to succeed and her attention to detail to the years she spent as a servicewoman. “Maid Simple House Cleaning lays out the steps for success in advance. All you need to do is follow them,” says Tai. “As an airman/soldier, I am skilled at following instructions and completing tasks. If I follow the Maid Simple House Cleaning guidelines and use the tools provided, I WILL be successful.” For More Information: Web: franchise

Franchising USA

vetera ns i n fra nchisi ng

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V etera ns i n Fra nchisi ng

M aid Simple H ouse Clea ning

Maid Simple House Cleaning: L o w C o s t V e t e r a n - F r i e n d ly Franchise Opportunity Maid Simple House Cleaning is a low cost, home-based franchise opportunity with solid business training and support. Designed to enable more people to get into their own business quickly, Maid Simple House Cleaning was created in response to what its customers said they want from a residential cleaning service—an affordable, reliable, and personalized service that provides them with a clean and healthy home. Even better, the company is committed to getting new franchisees up and running in their business in just a few weeks! “Maid Simple House Cleaning offered me the training and support I needed to overcome what previously prevented me from venturing into my own business,” says Nancy Panico, owner of Maid Simple House Cleaning of West Orlando.

Low Investment, Quick Start For a $29,500 investment including the $10,000 franchise fee, Maid Simple House Cleaning offers a complete franchise package. This includes an advertising and customer acquisition program, a national sales center that handles customer scheduling, billing and payment processing, and continuous business training and marketing support. In-house financing is also available to qualified prospects. And, new franchise owners have the option to either clean themselves or to supervise a cleaning team.

Franchising USA

“At Maid Brigade, we know that military veterans make excellent franchisees. In fact, more than 10 percent of Maid Brigade owners are veterans.” “The Maid Simple House Cleaning franchise model presented a great opportunity for a hard working couple like us to make a living together instead of spending so much time apart working separate jobs,” says Perry Gilpin, owner of Maid Simple House Cleaning of Central Kentucky, who co-owns the franchise with his wife.

Proven Leadership For more than three decades, Maid Brigade – the parent company behind Maid Simple House Cleaning – has been helping people become thriving entrepreneurs. Maid Brigade is ranked a Top Global and Top 100 Franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine, a Top 50 Franchise opportunity for both Minorities and Veterans by USA Today, and a Top 25 Franchise for Hispanics by the World Franchising Network.

Committed to Veterans Maid Simple House Cleaning is dedicated to assisting retired military personnel get into franchising by offering veterans the franchising and business resources, support, training, and financial assistance they need. “At Maid Brigade, we know that military veterans make excellent franchisees. In fact, more than 10 percent of Maid Brigade owners are veterans. They know what it takes to own and run a successful business

– a combination of hard work, leadership, and sound judgment,” comments Don Hay, founder of Maid Brigade. Strong leadership skills and a team mentality are just two factors that the International Franchise Association (IFA) recognizes as the attributes of retired military personnel that make them some of the greatest success stories in the franchise industry. “I chose Maid Simple House Cleaning because of the structure they offered to help me get started in business,” says Tai Jeffries, owner of Maid Simple House Cleaning of Fort Wayne, Ind. “As a former airman/soldier, I am used to following instructions and I feel that as long as I follow the Maid Simple model I WILL definitely be successful.”

Green Cleaning is a Competitive Edge Maid Brigade is the only house cleaning company that is Green Clean Certified®. This means that as a Maid Simple House Cleaning franchise owner/operator the cleaning equipment used and the cleaning processes implemented are safer for customers and safer for the environment. And this provides a competitive edge! For more information contact Bob King: Phone: 800-722-6243 Email: Web: www.maidbrigade/franchise

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Join our Growing Family! We’re committed to getting new franchisees up and running in a few weeks!

Low Cost Veteran-Friendly Franchise Opportunity $29,500 investment including the $10,000 franchise fee In-house financing for qualified prospects

Offers a complete franchise package including:

‡Advertising and customer acquisition program ‡ National sales center responsible for customer scheduling ‡ Billing and payment processing ‡ Continuous business training and marketing support

Dedicated to assisting retired military personnel get into franchising!

Contact Us Today!

800-722-6243 Franchising USA

V etera ns i n Fra nchisi ng

Franchising Seeks Veterans

Franchising USA

On November 10, 2011 the International Franchise Association (IFA) announced “Operation Enduring Opportunity (OEO),” a franchise industry wide campaign to hire and recruit as owners 75,000 veterans and 5,000 wounded warriors by 2014. The announcement, made by First Lady Michelle Obama as part of the White House Joining Forces Initiative, represents the largest industry veteran hiring commitment to date. This effort builds on IFA’s VetFran strategic initiative, founded in 1991. VetFran includes more than 540 IFA franchisor member companies offering financial incentives, training and mentoring to veterans interested in small business ownership and/or a career path in franchising. Since 2011, nearly 65,000 veterans have entered franchising, including 4,314 owners. Veterans have a proven track record of success in franchising. With its rapid training opportunities, structure, and need for team leadership and operational excellence, franchising has proven a successful path for veterans to become leaders in our companies and in our economy. One out of every seven franchise businesses are owned and operated by veterans of the U.S. military, according to a recent study conducted for the International Franchise Association Educational Foundation based on 2007 U.S. Census data. More than 66,000 veteran-owned franchise businesses in the U.S. provide jobs directly for 815,000 Americans, and generate more than $41 billion in GDP. There are a number of reasons veterans

“Implementing systems is a key responsibility in the military, and that aspect translates to the franchise world.” thrive in franchising. • Veterans come back with strong leadership skills and a thorough understanding of teams. Military experience includes leading people, improving processes, and accomplishing the mission. Just like in the military, in franchising, the mission is accomplished by the team. • Franchises run on systems. Implementing systems is a key responsibility in the military, and that aspect translates to the franchise world. • Franchises provide training. Service members are trained and taught very specific skills to be used to carry out very specific tasks. Franchises have comprehensive training and support built into their opportunities. This means a veteran can enter into a completely new field, follow the franchisor’s proven business model, and receive the training, guidance, and support a new business owner needs to succeed. • Franchises offer support. Joining a franchise, a once “separated” veteran can feel connected again, surrounded by a support structure and part of a franchise “family” – a culture many franchisors work to cultivate among their franchisees. In franchising, you’re in business “for” yourself, but not “by” yourself. The best way to learn more about getting

a franchise through VetFran is by visiting our websites. is a great starting point to learn about the program and our veteran’s initiatives. There you will find our new toolkit for veterans interested in franchising, which includes a Franchising 101 online course, a skills and attributes assessment, a finance assessment, and partner links and access to the VetFran Mentor Network. The list of franchisors offering discounts to veterans can be found here. The Franchise Opportunities section of IFA’s main site can also be searched by investment, business category and keyword. Franchising can’t provide the entire solution to transitioning our veterans into leaders of the civilian economy, but we are committed to being part of the solution. “When I came back from Vietnam, there was nothing for veterans,” said IFA past chairman Jim Amos, now chairman and chief executive of Tasti D-Lite. “We can’t let that happen again.” We won’t. Find out more about opportunities in franchising by visiting For More Information: Web:

Franchising USA

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V etera ns i n Fra nchisi ng

Dog topia

Supporting Veterans T h r o u g h C a n i n e A s s i s ta n c e A national dog day care franchise is giving back this summer by raising money for the service dogs that support veterans. Through charity Dog Washes taking place on July 21st, Dogtopia has set out to raise $25,000 for working canines across the United States. This year’s proceeds will benefit Veterans Moving Forward, a veterans support organization. Karen Jeffries, President of Veterans

Franchising USA

Moving Forward, is excited to partner with Dogtopia. “I’m very excited that proceeds from this year’s Dogtopia’s Dog Wash fundraising activity will support Veterans Moving Forward’s efforts to support veterans through canine therapy and placing service dogs trained to the veterans’ unique needs.” Dogtopia prides itself on being a place where pets are valued as family and¬ dogs enjoy playtime, spa treatments and overnight stays in a positive environment. Dog owners have the assurance of leaving their beloved pets in the hands of trained professionals while they’re at work or away on vacation. Dogtopia associates nurture

each and every pet as if it were their own. Each location offers dog daycare, boarding, spa services, and most also have professional grooming. Dogtopia does not breed discriminate and welcomes social dogs of all ages, sizes, and abilities. The company was founded by Amy Nichols in 2002 and began franchising in 2005. Currently, there are 24 Dogtopia franchises and five company-owned locations in operation across the U.S. From California to Virginia, every single Dogtopia location – 29 in total – will participate in the company’s ninth annual charity Dog Wash. “Dogtopia knows the healing power of dogs and we are very

excited to have our charitable arm, K9 Support, raise money for an organization that is partnering the health benefits of dogs with a way to assist our returning veterans whose service makes it possible for us to do what we do on a daily basis,” said Jakob Hunt, Vice President of Operations of Dogtopia. “With all of our locations participating nationwide, we can truly make a difference in the lives of veterans, one dirty dog at a time!” During previous years of the Dogtopia Dog Wash fundraiser, funds were raised for dogs serving in the U.S. military, with donations going toward money for toys, treats and other comforts such as cooling pads and goggles to deflect the desert sand. When the first dog wash fundraiser was held in July of 2005 at a Dogtopia location in Vienna, VA, the event attracted national attention and resulted in donations of $9000, enabling the purchase and shipment of 5000 pounds of supplies to military dogs overseas. Over the years, many Dogtopia locations have also given back to their local police departments’ dogs, animals that play an

“Dogtopia knows the healing power of dogs and we are very excited to have our charitable arm, K9 Support, raise money for an organization that is partnering the health benefits of dogs with a way to assist our returning veterans whose service makes it possible for us to do what we do on a daily basis.” important role in detecting narcotics and explosives, search and rescue operations, evidence recovery and criminal apprehension in their communities. In addition, the dog is responsible for protecting their police handlers. Proceeds from the Dogtopia Dog Washes have deferred costs for equipment such as ballistic vests, safety harnesses and the outfitting of cars.

local police K-9s to deferring the costs of

The campaign’s early success led to the founding of a charitable arm, K-9 Support, Inc., to support working and service dogs of all kinds. Dogtopia locations nationwide have taken part in the effort, raising over $100,000 in donations for everything from infrared beacons for

through K-9 Support Inc, Dogtopia is a

training service dogs.

Dog owners are encouraged to bring their dogs in for a bath, as well as food and

games for everyone. A $15 per dog wash donation is requested. Please join with

Dogtopia in supporting our veterans, both human and canine alike.

In addition to supporting service dogs

member of Vetfran, and proudly provides

discounts to veterans joining the Dogtopia system.

For more information: Web:

Franchising USA

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V etera ns i n Fra nchisi ng

Richa rd Ashe, President, Vetera n Fra nchise Center s L LC


Make Your Next Career Move a Business of Your Own “Working with a broker that’s familiar with their journey from military to civilian, as well as franchising, may make all the difference in your decision and selection process.”

Transitioning from military to civilian life presents new opportunities as well as challenges for Veterans. Many veterans look forward to life after the military, and at the same time, have a lot of unanswered questions. “What am I going to do with this new phase of life? Will I be able to find a job? How can I start my own business?” Over the next 4 - 5 years more than a million troops are returning home with these questions in mind. Franchise businesses are looking to recruit veterans into small business ownership because veterans make great franchisees. Unfortunately, many veterans don’t know about the variety of industries, investment levels or understand how their skill sets are transferable to franchise business ownership. In my conversations with veterans over the last few years, most veterans are only aware of the major food franchises. Many I’ve spoken with, that are interested in entrepreneurship,

Franchising USA

were surprised that there are franchises available in their field of interest. Transition time is the perfect opportunity to explore franchise ownership and answer all the questions about your ability to own your own business. Knowledge is the key in mitigating investment risk. Working with a broker that’s familiar with their journey from military to civilian, as well as franchising, may make all the difference in your decision and selection process.

Using a Guide on Your Franchise Safari There’s an old adage that says “a lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client”. The reason behind this adage is simple: it is difficult to be objective when representing yourself in any capacity that is equal parts emotional and analytical. Unfortunately, when considering franchise ownership, many try to go it alone and don’t leverage the expertise and resources available to them. When you buy a house, you consult a real estate agent, when you go to court, you consult an attorney. Why would you try and buy a franchise without consulting a franchise broker? Buying a franchise is a major investment and an endeavor in which you should work with someone who’s familiar with the industry, someone who has specialized expertise, and who understands the process of franchise acquisition, and may also have access to resources to assist in writing your business plan or finding financing. Of course you can use the internet to find the franchise of your dreams, or can you? Today, there are more than 3,000 franchises in 75 different industries. When you Google “franchise opportunities,” you’ll find a staggering 36,800,000 results. If you were to spend one minute looking at each opportunity it would take nearly 70 years.

Finding the “Right” Business for You Even if you managed to narrow down some franchise opportunities that you think are interesting and fit your goals, how do you know which is right for you?

As I mentioned earlier, deciding to go into business is both an emotional an intellectual decision. You need to ask yourself some hard questions which are critical if you are to succeed. • Do you feel that you are a business builder? Or a business worker? • Are you seeking a business just to replace a job? • What length of commitment are you willing to make? • Do you have adequate finances and capital to invest into a business? • Does your spouse or partner approve of owning a business? • Does owning a business outside of your current skill-sets concern you? • Do you work well in team environments? • Are you comfortable selling? These are just the tip of the iceberg...oh yeah, don’t forget to ask your spouse or partner to answer these questions as well!

Franchise Brokers aka Consultants, Advisers, Coaches, etc. Franchise brokers help people who want to buy a franchise. Typically, their role is to review the amount of money you have to invest and then direct you to opportunities that match your interests and resources. A broker also may help you complete applications and the paperwork to consummate the sale. Franchise brokers generally make money only if a sale is completed. Some franchise brokers may claim to be able to match you with “the perfect opportunity” because they represent

a wide range of business sellers. That may be true—or not. In some instances, franchise brokers represent only a few franchisors, and, as a result, their suggestions may be limited. Some franchise brokers may claim that they will suggest only those franchises that meet certain standards. You may think this means that your financial risk is limited because the broker is weeding out the poor investments. In fact, some brokers represent any franchisor willing to pay them a commission for a sale. If you rely on a broker, be skeptical: you may be directed to a franchise that is failing or that doesn’t have a track record.

Finding the “Right” Broker for You What should you consider when seeking a broker to represent you? Just like in real estate, there are two sides to the market place, the “sell” side and “buy” side. The “sell” side represents the franchisors while the “buy” side represents the prospective franchise buyer and represents the best interest of the buyer. This will not always be obvious as some brokers will represent themselves as buy side even though their wallets belong to franchisor. One indicator of a “buy” side broker is that along with the typical role of the broker, they may offer additional assistance or access to resources such as help in finding financing, or resources to help the buyer write a business plan. They may offer

Franchising USA

vetera ns i n fra nchisi ng

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V etera ns i n Fra nchisi ng

Richa rd Ashe, President, Vetera n Fra nchise Center s L LC

help in strategizing your buying plan and helping to negotiate your franchise agreement. If a broker tells you that you there’s nothing to negotiate with a franchisor, then you know for sure you’re working with a sell side broker.

your goals and lifestyle!

A good buy side broker carefully selects the franchisors they represent and helps guide you to the franchise that best fits your investment ability, skills, and goals, not only the ones that pay the broker the highest commission or the franchisors with the highest close rates (if the franchisor cannot sell, of course, the broker gets no commission). Also, you must consider that since not every franchisor wishes to be represented by brokers, some good franchisors are, by necessity, excluded from even the most well meaning broker’s analysis. A good broker will disclose this information and let you know up front of the limitations of their services.

• Understanding the pros and cons of owning a franchise business.

As part of our consulting process, we will provide you with free franchise education, veteran financing resources, and expert assistance. Your Veteran Franchise Centers consultant will provide you with:

• Learning about the business of franchising. • Learning about different levels of franchises available. • “Free tools” to help you in your franchise evaluation process. • Determine the best business fit for your unique goals and skills. • Basic financing information, finance options and resources available. • Expert advice that is 100% free.

Veteran Franchise Centers was founded in 2010, and is an affiliate company of RecruitMilitary, LLC. RecruitMilitary has been assisting veterans in their transition from military to civilian careers for over 15 years and founded VFC to assist veterans who are interested in franchise business ownership as a career transition.

Veteran Franchise Centers do a lot more than point veterans in the right direction. A VFC Advisor interviews veteran candidates to assess their capability to enter in to franchise opportunities. We provide financial and skills assessment, franchise education as well as guidance on financing. We also recruit and vet franchisors, review their FDD to ascertain their suitability for veteran candidates. While VFC mainly focuses on helping veterans find a franchise to own, we also realize everyone is not in a position to make the investment required today. Once we understand what stage of life they’re at we try and provide guidance to get them to where they would like to be in the future. Guidance on education needed, business planning resources like the local Small Business Development Centers, SCORE, etc. Our goal at VFC is to help veterans succeed no matter which path they choose today and where they want to be tomorrow.

Veteran Franchise Centers’ sole mission is to provide free help and counseling to veterans, spouses and their direct family members who are seeking franchise ownership. Through our nationwide network of veteran-operated offices and our deep relationship with the franchise community, we can help find out which franchise opportunity is best suited for

Veterans, If you are considering business ownership, especially those who are considering investing in a franchise as a business opportunity, you owe it to yourself to leverage all the resources available designed to provide you with knowledge you need to make the “right” investment decision for you and your family.

As a buyer, you may also want to consider the broker’s experience, not as a just a broker, but in business as well as life in general. Does your broker have unique knowledge that would be beneficial to you in your search and selection process? Does your broker have the requisite experience to help you to understand the pros and cons of the endeavor upon which you are about to embark?

A Business by Veterans, for Veterans, about Veterans

Franchising USA

Resource Links for veterans considering franchise opportunities: VetFran ToolKit Buying a Franchise: A Consumer Guide Discover your business building personality Richard Ashe served in the Marine Corps from 1976 to 1983 in the infantry and then as part of a joint Marine, Navy, and Air Force top secret intelligence project. After serving in the Marines, he worked as an electronics technician for a communications company. Over the next 30 years, he worked his way through the civilian ranks to the position of vice president of global marketing for an international software company and received his degree in marketing. During his civilian career, Ashe has worked for and helped companies such as Xerox, Compaq, and HewlettPackard expand or start new businesses. He also participated in four software startups and started two businesses on his own – a computer training firm, ComputerTutor, and a network consulting firm, LANDesign. Ashe is a Certified Franchise Consultant and a member of the Texas Veterans Chamber of Commerce. He serves on the VetFran committee. For More Information: Phone: Email: Web:

713-849-9642 rich@

Richard Ashe

Dave Leonard


Bach to Rock

Dave Leonard participated in an ROTC program as an undergraduate before being commissioned as a second lieutenant upon graduation in 1966. From there, Leonard completed signal and supply school officer training, prior to deployment to South Korea. “I was promoted to first lieutenant and served as company commander during my final year in the country,” recalls Leonard. “Before joining Bach to Rock, I worked in the corporate world for many years and then decided to become a franchisee with a restaurant concept. A franchise provides a means of entering a new business while allowing for some autonomy in your daily work and this is what attracted me to franchising from the beginning,” explained Leonard.

The ‘right fit’ to Leonard, at this point, translates to doing something an individual cares about and can do with enthusiasm. “Both my corporate and military experience required working with many different kinds of people in many different types of situations. That experience will be very useful when our Bach to Rock location opens in Wayne, Pa., in Summer 2013. We’ll have a variety of students -- from early childhood to adults -- at all different skill levels wanting to learn a variety of instruments and musical genres,” said Leonard.

Bach to Rock, America’s music school for students of all ages, combines Leonard’s

interests in education, music, technology and business with the goal of hopefully

making a difference for younger childrens’ development. Leonard along with his

wife, Ellen, have wanted to do something together for a long time. Finally the two have found a business for them to share and enjoy.

For more information: Web:

Franchising USA

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V etera ns i n Fra nchisi ng

Ser v ice B ra nds I nter national

We Seek our Success by Seeking Your Success “That’s the motto that motivates our homeoffice professionals in supporting our Molly Maid, Mr. Handyman and ProTect Painters owners throughout North America,” says Service Brands International (SBI) CEO, Craig Donaldson. Craig, who earned an undergraduate degree in Economics and a Masters of Business Administration both from Brigham Young University, joined Service

Brands in June 2012 after 15 years as CEO of Harris Research, Inc., the franchisor of Chem-Dry Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning with 4,000 units in nearly 50 countries around the world. Prior to that, he spent 13 years with Avery Dennison advancing to Vice President/General Manager of one of its office products divisions.

An unabashed advocate for our troops and military veterans “I’m one of those guys who will walk up and thank a soldier in uniform, and on many occasions when I see soldiers in a restaurant, I have quietly paid for their meals,” says Craig. “It’s a pittance of a gesture compared to what these men and women give, but it’s one way to let them know that we appreciate their courage and sacrifice. “One of my first personnel decisions at Service Brands was to hire Mike Riegel, a US Navy veteran, as our Director of Franchise Development. Mike brings the discipline, work ethic and organizational skills he acquired in the military and ten years of sales and management experience to our development team. He’s already

Craig Donaldson

Franchising USA

implemented a ‘We’ve Got Your 6’ campaign for vets, where we discounted our franchise fees by $6,000 for each brand.”

Service Brands was a unique opportunity Craig was financially secure and had no intention of making a move, but when David McKinnon, who along with Bob Ufer and Lynn Drayton founded Service Brands, asked him to lead SBI, “the opportunity to work with the special people at Service Brands and to get involved in SBI’s fabulous businesses that were in great demand was too compelling,” he said. “In my youth, I tucked away a dream of working for a global company that made a difference in people’s lives. Across my career, I have pinched myself each time I traveled to Tokyo, Sydney, Europe and Cape Town as I experienced things I dreamed of in my youth. Now I’m pinching myself again because I’m leading a fabulous, talented team working on terrific brands Molly Maid, Mr. Handyman and ProTect Painters whose services make

“What we do is uplifting to people. That’s why I believe we are a great opportunity for executives changing careers and for military veterans transitioning to the private sector.”

such a lifting impact in homes across the country.”

What homeowner doesn’t need our services? “Home is the most cherished place to share love and to teach values. On the surface we may clean, fix and touch up, but we put a bounce in mom’s step when the bathrooms shine, a smile on dad’s face when the to-do list is done, and provide peace of mind for the whole family when the home is healthy, safe and secure,” says Craig. “What we do is uplifting to people. That’s why I believe we are a great opportunity for executives changing careers and for military veterans transitioning to the private sector.” Craig manages a team of nearly 100 dedicated franchise professionals at company headquarters in Ann Arbor, MI. “When we invite qualified candidates to our home office, I first tell them our formula for success is well defined for each brand. My advice is always in three parts: Follow the program. Aggressively follow the program. Aggressively follow the program for success. I encourage our candidates to immerse themselves in our spirit and culture. We have a genuine, caring concern for our owners and their businesses. A good example is when Hurricane Sandy slammed the East Coast last October. Molly Maid and Mr. Handyman franchisees raised money and distributed checks to hard working service techs and home-service professionals whose compensation was impacted by the storm. I remind candidates of ‘how lonely it can be in a small business,’ and assure them that they will always have connection because of 1) the great relationship between the home office and our franchisees, and 2) the family spirit that our franchisees have for each other.”

Our Molly Maid, Mr. Handyman and ProTect Painters people set us apart MOLLY MAID is a $200 million brand that’s ranked #80 on Entrepreneur

magazine’s Franchise 500®. “When I met with franchisees at our convention in Phoenix, I was taken aback by the fabulous swath of success and the incredible rewards they enjoy. The opportunity for recurring revenues and financial security from repeat customers over many years is impressive.” What’s equally impressive is that the first Molly Maid location has been successfully operating in Ann Arbor for 25 years. Even after years of growth and industry leadership, there remain 250 territories available throughout the country with wide open territories in many, many cities such as Birmingham, AL, Albany, NY, and Lincoln, NE. Customers in so many areas still seek the services of the Molly Maid brand. “Our interactive marketing experts are generating customers for our owners through a variety of digital platforms that have increased phone calls 751% and the number of visitors to our Website requesting service by 362%.” MR. HANDYMAN is a $50 million Entrepreneur Franchise 500® business with franchise owners spread across the US and Canada. Craig is bullish on the brand’s future. He expects strong yearover-year sales increases. He’s encouraged by a recent CEPro magazine article titled, “Home Remodeling Spending to Skyrocket,” that’s supported by a Harvard University Joint Center for Housing Studies LIRA report. And, he’s quick to point out that the Remodeling 550 rankings have Mr. Handyman at #10—the highest ranked handyman service franchise. “In addition to our residential services, we also have a commercial development manager, who is directing incremental work to our owners. We’re seeing results: Commercial sales in 2012 increased nearly $1.5 million with many owners increasing their sales more than 50% and several doubling their sales.” PROTECT PAINTERS is the newest brand in the SBI portfolio and is well positioned for entrepreneurs and veterans

who want a ground-floor opportunity. ProTect Painters is an Executive Model business—owners manage sub-contracted painting crews—with a wealth of lifestyle benefits. There are 40 units in the US with another 300 territories available. “With our public relations initiatives and digital marketing programs, our owners are upbeat and supporting the system. We expect to grow to 200 units in the next five years,” says Craig. “For our Molly Maid, Mr. Handyman and ProTect Painters brands, we have a topnotch group of marketing professionals who are on the leading edge of knowing and acting on reaching customers searching for our home services on their computers or mobile devices. Their entire focus is helping franchise owners to be successful in the field.” For more information: Molly Maid: Mr. Handyman: ProTect Painters:

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Take command of your future with ServiceMaster Clean


Realize your dreams Combine your knowledge and leadership experience with ServiceMaster Clean and become a part of one of the country’s largest cleaning networks. Our team is dedicated to help you succeed with sales and marketing assistance and one-on-one support from our dedicated staff. After all, we have been franchising for 60 years. Financing is available. Ask about our military discount.

800-230-2360 Financing is available through ServiceMaster Acceptance Company, a subsidiary of The ServiceMaster Company, to credit qualified individuals. © 2012 ServiceMaster Clean. All rights reserved.

Franchising USA

Jerry Chase served as a Marine Corps Officer and Pilot from 1981 to 1987. “I went to flight school in Pensacola, Florida and Corpus Christi and after receiving my wings, was stationed at Cherry Point, North Carolina where I flew KC-130’s.

Jerry Chase


At that time, the Marine Corps was committed to the defense of Northern Europe and elements of my squadron were routinely deployed to the United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, Denmark and Sweden to support training missions with NATO allies. I was also deployed to Okinawa during my service,” recounts Jerry. He left the Marine Corps in 1987 to attend Harvard Business School.

“In my last two career moves, I served as the CEO of two publicly traded technology companies, while my wife, Chrissy, focused on running our home and raising our children. Chrissy had been eager to rejoin the business world. We had always talked about how we thought we would work well together. With our youngest child now 14, a few years ago we started to have the time and confidence to explore new business options. Franchising made sense for us because it provided the opportunity to combine entrepreneurial independence with an existing, successful business model,” said Chase. Franchising has allowed Chase and his wife to quickly learn and build a business in an industry that was new to them. “If we had tried to establish a restaurant on our own, we would have surely made a

lot of mistakes and a successful outcome would have been very unlikely. Although it is clearly our business, Togo’s offers a strong team that continues to support our first restaurant and further development.” Their motto from the beginning has been, ‘do whatever it takes to be successful.’ As in the military, the people are the key to success. Chase feels leadership by example is the most powerful tool in establishing the values, expectations and characteristics of a successful team. “People in general, and young people in particular, want to be part of something they can be proud of. Doing things the right way, not cutting corners, focusing on the customers and treating everyone with respect goes a long way towards boosting individual and team

performance,” said Chase. “We did a lot of research into a number of franchise opportunities including food service, auto care, etc. and strongly believed in the Togo’s business model. In making our decision, we liked the healthy food image of Togo’s and were impressed by the entire Togo’s management team. Both Chrissy and I felt that the brand was committed to the success of its franchisees and that they would be there for us as we established our business. We have only been at this for four months, but so far we have been proved right and are happy with our decision to go into franchising with Togo’s.” For More Information: Web:

Franchising USA

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FirstLight HomeCare

A Whole

NEWand Truly

EXCEPTIONAL APPROACH to Non-Medical In-Home Care



Franchising USA





The first step to becoming a FirstLight HomeCare franchise is letting us know that you’re interested. Visit or call 1.877.570.0002, and let’s get started. 1. Source: The Department of Health and Human Services and the State Department

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Build A Business that




Franchising USA

Franchising USA

Jeff Wright Jeff Wright, a 20-year veteran in the US navy, joined in 1972, “I went on many different deployments. I was first stationed in Great Lakes for boot camp. From there I went to a submarine repair ship in Scotland and went to the west coast on many different ships. I retired as a chief officer in 1992,” said Wright. After retiring from the navy, Wright

Jeff and Cindy Wright


worked for a Jiffy Lube franchisee for 18 years. “I started out as a store manager. I moved up to district manager and ran five stores for roughly 15 years,” said Wright. With all that first hand experience, Wright was confident that Jiffy Lube was a perfect franchise to buy in to for him and his family. “The franchisee I was working for was selling a couple of stores and I purchased them from him. It’s a great company to work for. It’s a great fit for military employees,” Wright attested. “You have a lot of independence as a franchisee to do things your way, but Jiffy lube has tested and proven guidelines and it was a easy fit for me. Plus, the training programs are second to none. They’ve won many awards for the training programs they have now. I believe that for any Jiffy Lube franchisee who engulfs themselves into the company, it’s just easy.”

What Wright believes is a great feature of the Jiffy Lube system is their district managers, “They are hands on if you need something, they respond quickly and are open to new suggestions. With Jiffy Lube you are really working with them, not for them. It’s a lot of give and take. You wouldn’t think so with a company this big, but they don’t leave you all by yourself; there’s a lot of support and assistance to help you succeed and a lot of opportunity to be heard.” Jiffy Lube offers veteran incentives and discounts. Many of the managers, employees and other franchisees Wright interacts with tend to be veterans. “The military is very intertwined in this company.” For More Information: Web:

Franchising USA

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V etera ns i n Fra nchisi ng

Chr is Lou der milk, Fra nchise C onsulta nt, T he D w yer G roup

A Love Affair:

Franchising and Veterans The U.S. is slowly recovering from The Great Recession. From late 2007 until October of 2009, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates 8.4 million jobs were lost. As the largest increase in unemployment when compared to the previous five recessions in the country, “great” seems an unfortunately apt description of the recession.

“Franchising isn’t just beneficial for veteran entrepreneurs, though. From franchise employees to corporate executives, the franchising industry promotes the hiring of veterans.”

Franchising USA

According to the Economic Impact Study, more than 17 million jobs were filled because of franchised businesses, and the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of franchised business is over one trillion dollars. Essentially, franchises helped keep Americans employed in a depressed economy. Franchising is successful because entrepreneurs are purchasing a business model with proven fortuitous outcomes. Without the setbacks and potential bankruptcy of trial-and-error business development and growth, the franchised business has a higher success rate than non-franchised endeavors. This is not to say franchising doesn’t come with inherent risk factors, but franchisees purchase a systemized way of creating business

success. The franchisor has invested a substantial amount of resources into making sure the systems and procedures work. Most studies show 80 percent of small businesses fail within the first five years of opening. Alternatively, approximately ten percent of franchised operations fail within the first five years of business. It is a pretty daunting statistic, but many entrepreneurs who consider opening a small business look into franchising for the increased chance of success. In the current economy, every potential advantage could mean the difference between success and bankruptcy. From marketing and financing to legal counsel and human resources, franchisees have access to a collective pool of intelligence. That experience doesn’t merely come from an experienced corporate office. New franchisees can call and visit existing, successful peers who have faced the same difficulties.

Yet another benefit to franchising is the buying power available, since a franchising company can buy the goods at a discounted rate compared to independent contractors. In many cases, the brand recognition in the community is already established. But the U.S. is not only in a recession; it is also in a war. What about the approximately one million veterans who will separate from the military by 2015? Veterans transitioning into the civilian economy are at risk of returning to a bleak job market. Franchising can be good for veterans and veterans can be good for franchising. In late 2011, the International Franchise Association, or IFA, launched Operation Enduring Opportunity with First Lady Michelle Obama. The initiative challenged for-profit businesses to hire or train 100,000 veterans and military spouses by the end of 2013. Since that time, many IFA members have made

hiring commitments and more than 65,000 veterans have been hired into franchising. Also three financial services members have committed to extraordinary measures to help finance veteran franchisees. According to White House officials, by August 2012, the effort resulted in a 20 percent decrease in veteran unemployment compared to 2011. Even before Operation Enduring Opportunity, the franchising industry was committed to hiring veterans. Since its inception in 1991, the VetFran (Veteran Franchise Initiative) program has helped more than 6,200 veterans start their own franchises. VetFran is a voluntary effort on behalf of IFA member-companies that is designed to encourage franchise ownership by offering financial incentives to honorably discharged veterans. Don Dwyer Sr., founder of The Dwyer Group, began the program after the Gulf war in the 1990’s as a way to thank our veterans for their service to America. The Dwyer

Franchising USA

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V etera ns i n Fra nchisi ng

Chr is Lou der milk, Fra nchise C onsulta nt, T he D w yer G roup

Mary Kennedy Thompson, President, Mr. Rooter

Group, Inc. is the holding company of Aire Serv®, Glass Doctor®, The Grounds Guys®, Mr. Appliance®, Mr. Electric®, Mr. Rooter® (Drain Doctor in the UK and Portugal) and Rainbow International®. When Dwyer started the program he saw many vets coming home wanting to start a business, but they didn’t have the sufficient funds to do so. In fact, The Dwyer Group has helped more than 270 veterans start their own franchises, and many of them had no prior experience in the trades. As of April 2013, 562 franchise companies are participants in the program. VetFran membership has hit new highs, growing by more than 25 percent in the first year after Operation Enduring Opportunity was announced. Former member of the U.S. Army Presidential Escort Unit, Ray Bramble, opened an Aire Serv in Front Royal, Va., in 2009. He previously owned a heating and air conditioning business, but he said he prefers the opportunities afforded through franchising because the Aire Serv support team can help him budget and train employees. “In the military, if someone says, ‘If you do this, this is the result you’re going to

Franchising USA

Ron Madera, President, The Grounds Guys

Chris Loudermilk

get,’ I see no reason to do it any different,” Bramble said. “I was successful with my own company, but not as stable as I am now.”

franchisor Cookies by Design®, where she was president of the corporation. She began her path in the franchising industry, first as a franchise owner at Cookies by Design in 1994. She was a franchisee for the cookie company for six years before the corporate office recruited her to its home office. Cookies by Design promoted Thompson to president in 2004. In addition to her role with Mr. Rooter, she is the former Chairperson of the IFA VetFran Committee. Madera joined The Dwyer Group in 2004 as a Franchise Consultant for Mr. Appliance® and promoted to Vice President of Operations in 2006. In February 2010, Ron was appointed to President of The Grounds Guys.

Franchising isn’t just beneficial for veteran entrepreneurs, though. From franchise employees to corporate executives, the franchising industry promotes the hiring of veterans. “We actively strive to hire veterans,” Brian LaPierre, Mr. Rooter of Rhode Island franchise co-owner and Army National Guard veteran, said. “There’s definitely a bond, and for the most part, there’s a great work ethic.” The transition from the military into a franchising system makes sense, if only because of the recommendation of adhering to a specific business model. ”There’s definitely no better support, especially with Mary [Kennedy Thompson] at the helm, to understand where they’ve been and what they’ve gone through,” LaPierre said. Mr. Rooter President, Mary Kennedy Thompson is a veteran. In fact, of the seven Dwyer Group brands, two presidents are veterans: Thompson and The Grounds Guys President, Ron Madera. Thompson became president of Mr. Rooter in October 2006 joining Mr. Rooter from national

As the economy slowly rebuilds, franchising continues to grow and support communities and veterans. For more information about the symbiotic relationship of franchising and veterans, visit the IFA website at www.franchise. org. To learn more about VetFran and Operation Enduring Opportunity, visit Chris Loudermilk is a Franchise Consultant with the Dwyer Group and is a member of the VetFran Committee. For More Information: Web:

Katy Bachman was in the Army for 5 years as a finance specialist. During that time she worked in payroll, disbursement, accounts payable/receivable clerk for a military publication operation and a very short stint as an administrative assistant. Transferred to Germany, Bachman lived and worked for 3 years at the Armed Forces Recreation Center outside of Munich.

Katy Bachman The years in Europe gave her the opportunity to travel extensively to many countries in the European and Mediterranean areas that she would not have otherwise been able to afford in time or cost. The military experience also helped Bachman hone my motivation for self-driven successes. At the completion of her military experience, with her newly developed drive for success, Bachman went on to pursue further education, obtaining college degrees. The love for travel that Bachman discovered during her military years stuck with her. She eventually chose a franchise in an area that she absolutely loves and values - travel. “I found with my tenure as


an educator and my military experiences, that generally the broadened experiences with travel and other cultural experiences had greater impact on understanding the social sciences, greater respect for the world culture, and appreciation for the diversity that surrounds us all. With that in mind, owning my own travel business seemed a perfect fit.” As a single parent, a travel franchise was also a perfect fit for Bachman, given the flexibility afforded by a home-based franchise. CruiseOne offered Bachman all of this. Bachman knows she made a wise choice with CruiseOne. “I would not have gone into business for myself without the backing of a solid and well organized

franchisor. The marketing potential, technology support, and superb standing with suppliers along with the way each franchisee is treated with respect were tantamount to my decision. Whether a brand new franchisee or long-timer in the business, everyone in the CruiseOne family is encouraged, supported, and allowed to run their business as they see fit within the contractual agreement. My research into choosing which franchise opportunity was the best fit is what led me to choose CruiseOne. They met all the needs I listed and have excelled in those areas since.” For More Information: Web:

Franchising USA

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Franchising USA

Michael Lambert spent six years in the marine corps and the next fifteen years as a government contractor within the military. “I worked in the intelligence community and only left last November,” shared Lambert.

Michael Lambert A year and a half before Lambert decided to retire and move closer back to home, the idea was brewing as Lambert felt he had been away from home forever. “I wanted to work for myself. I wanted to return to Texas and have a role that would get me involved in the community,” said Lambert. Lambert resolved to find something he was good at and enjoyed. “I knew that, not ever being self employed or a business owner, I needed a structure in place to help me succeed. I was attracted to the stability, structure and support that a franchise would have. A good friend of mine, from the marines, is a Valpak franchisee. I reached out to him and that’s what got the ball rolling.” The leadership qualities Lambert acquired through his background in the military have paid off ten fold. “It all comes down to leadership by example; working hard;


and, putting your best foot forward. The lessons I learned in military through training and work, gave me the skills and attitudes that will help me succeed with Valpak. In the military you have to push through tough times and doubts. It’s human nature to experience low times. With the military I always had my sights set on a goal. This goal allows you to push through the tough times. I know that because of my past and the attitudes I have, I can accomplish any goals I set with Valpak. I believe I’m well suited for success,” Lambert explained. Lambert decided on Valpak primarily because they felt like family. “The biggest thing, when you’re in small units in the marine core, is you get to know each other. There’s instantaneous camaraderie, and I felt that way instantly with Valpak. Secondly, the support and level of

knowledge, expertise and excitement all throughout the exploration phase made me thoroughly impressed by their sincerity. They live it, breathe it, and practice what they preach. Their level of expertise was tremendous. It’s a well-rounded group who are all knowledgeable and it made me feel comfortable,” said Lambert. Now that Lambert has officially become a part of Valpak, he feels just as fantastic about his decision, “I have a couple people allocated to my franchise system and a whole team who can support me with things like demographic information or specific client questions. Valpak has a veteran friendly initiative that I took advantage of. They’re trying to bring veterans into the network and I’m glad I jumped on the opportunity!” For More Information: Web:

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V etera ns i n Fra nchisi ng

Bobbi Martinez Bobbi Martinez joined the Army in 1979. During basic training, she was chosen to be squad leader. During AIT (Advance Individual training), she received awards for leadership, sharp shooter, and Soldier of The Month and, was in the running for Solder of the year.

Also during that time Martinez was recruited by The Old Guard, serving under President Ronald Reagan. She was one of the first women to serve in this highly

Franchising USA


prestigious unit, based in Washington DC. When Martinez speaks about her time with The Old Guard, it is with a great sense of pride. “The 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard) is the face of the Army. Old Guard Soldiers represent all Soldiers in ceremonies in the National Capitol Region and throughout the nation. The Old Guard is the official Escort to the President of the United States and our nation’s Premier Memorial Affairs and Ceremonial Unit. Old Guard Soldiers are in Arlington National Cemetery daily rendering final honors to our fallen, both past and present.” At the conclusion of her military career, there were many reasons that influenced Martinez to join a franchise. “I have had a desire to be an entrepreneur, as well as wanted to directly influence all aspects of the business. Along with my Military

experience that brought me leadership, focus and discipline, I felt confident that my life experience would allow me to be successful. I have a real desire to help people in need so my customer service background helps me in my approach to people. My sales experience also helps me with closing.” After a lot of research and careful consideration, Martinez and her business partner decided to join FirstLight HomeCare. “We chose FirstLight HomeCare because of their experience and enormous amount of support they have provided. I can’t say enough about the dedication that FirstLight HomeCare has for our success. We have all that we need to be world class.” For More Information: Web:

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Part three of a three part special supplement featuring veterans in franchising. Advice from the experts helping veteran franchisees succeed. News and information specific to veterans searching for a fresh start in franchising.

Opportunities are still available in our June Veterans in Franchising special supplement. Share your story with new franchisees from the Veteran community Contact: Jenn Dean, Senior Sales Executive 250-590-7116 Franchising USA

Franchising USA - May 2013 - Veterans in Franchising Part 2  
Franchising USA - May 2013 - Veterans in Franchising Part 2  

In the second of a three part special Veterans in Franchising supplement, we hi-light key information that will be useful to Military Vetera...