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JUNE 2024 J unkco+ Joins belfor f ranchise g roup selling conversion franchising pad your portfolio by investing in a home service franchise whats new! latest news in the home services sector
www.franchisingmagazineusa.com don’t miss an issue geT The aPP When an existing franchisee is considering expanding or a new franchisee is planning to open their first franchise business, various financing options are considered to select the most appropriate financing product(s). Many franchise businesses require unique equipment to operate their franchise. For example, a Signarama franchise requires sign making equipment to operate. In addition, most franchise businesses require outdoor and indoor signage, furniture, computer hardware & software, and POS systems to operate the business. This equipment can be financed using an equipment lease. The SBA recently changed the rules for SBA 7(a) loans up to $500,000 so the borrower’s real estate collateral is not required. One of our key SBA lending partners does NOT require real estate for collateral for SBA 7(a) loans under $500,000 AND they allow the borrower to combine an SBA loan with an equipment lease to finance their equipment which presents a rare opportunity that these two (2) debts financing products are compatible! Capital Leases – Lease to Own The main purpose of a capital lease is to finance the equipment purchase to preserve the owner’s working capital. Franchise owners can finance the purchase of their equipment needed to operate their business listed above. The down payment ranges up to 20% of the amount financed & documentation fees may range from $95 to $495. Repayment terms typically range from 36 months up to 60 months with $1.00 or $100 end of term purchase option. All lease payments are tax deductible, so leases lower the business’s taxable income and, in turn, the business’s tax liability. All partners with more than 20% ownership are required to personally guarantee the equipment lease. The collateral for equipment leases is just the equipment being financed. The Perfec T financing combinaTion cover STorY: Business Finace Depot SBA 7(a) Loans Our key SBA lender will accept loan requests ranging from $250,000 up to $500,000 for start-ups and existing lender makes progress payments directly to the construction and will also pay the equipment invoices directly to the manufacturer or dealer. The working Marisol Cruz, COO Business Finance Depot Toll Free (800) 788-3884 Direct # (954) 613-6390 marisol@businessfinancedepot.com www.businessfinancedepot.com VOL 12, ISSUE 6, JUNE 2024 The magazine for franchisees WWW.franchisingmagazineUsa com how to go from surviving to thriving, responsibly time management: 5 strategies for franchise owners and staff franchising feature home services franchising announcements from the industry whats new! the perfect financing combination COVER stORy

ho ME s E r V ic E s F ranchising

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38 Junk Co Plus – Belfor: JUnKco+ Joins bELFor Franchise group What’s New

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56 Better Homes and Gardens: real Estate announces renewal of 45-Year- old atlanta brokerage

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40 Chris Conner: the home services Franchise Market segment: growth, opportunity, and some of the Leading brands

44 Evan Hackel: selling conversion Franchising

50 Doug Smith: pad Your portfolio by investing in a home service Franchise

54 Andrew Mengason: Franchising can boost the recession-resilient benefits of home-service businesses

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48 Budget Blinds: combats rising Energy prices and Environmental concerns

52 Concrete Craft: provides innovative solutions for sustainable and stylistic remodeling Franchisee In Action

42 Joshua Tree Experts: Expands in East philadelphia Metro

Franchising M aga Z in E Usa 35
38 42 52
50 48

Entrepreneur Names Blingle! 30th on 2024’s top Emerging franchises list

Blingle!, the premier outdoor lighting franchise, was honored with award recognition for its franchise opportunity, having announced this morning that the brand was ranked 30th by Entrepreneur magazine as being one of 2024’s Top New & Emerging Franchises; one of the industry’s most coveted rankings.

a s the Entrepreneur team shares, the companies on this list are ranked based on the scores they received in the outlet’s Franchise 500 evaluation, which analyzes more than 150 data points in the areas of costs and fees, size and growth, franchisee support, brand strength, and financial strength and stability. to view the full ranking, visit entrepreneur.com.

“ to receive such an honor, and be ranked as high as we our, it’s an exciting time for the entire b lingle! team,” said Josh skolnick, co-Founder of b lingle!. “ b eing named to this prestigious list is credit to

our committed team that we are doing the right things.”

a s outdoor lighting continues to grow at an exponential rate, the need for premier services and products continues to rise. Entrepreneurs of all experience levels are looking for scalable business opportunities, that has sparked the growth of blingle! to 48 units since the brand began franchising in 2021.

“We are constantly striving to be a leader in the lighting industry, and being named a top emerging franchise showcases those efforts as we continue to grow,” added skolnick. “ b lingle! is always looking for the best franchisees to help them achieve entrepreneurial success.”

To learn more about Blingle! please visit: blingle.com. For more information about franchising opportunities, please visit: blingle.com/franchising and horsepowerbrands.com

BuyFin Payment Processing and Consumer financing Now available to Help Business owners unlock growth

BuyMax, an industry-leading group purchasing organization that empowers the success of home service contractors, has launched BuyFin, a platform that offers both payment processing solutions and consumer financing options to home service businesses.

buyFin payment processing, which is offered in conjunction with third-party

partners, helps you get paid faster from your customers with competitive processing rates and a best-in-class technology platform.

buyFin consumer Financing, which is offered in conjunction with technology partners and financial institutions, helps contractors close more jobs while increasing average ticket size. built-in

ai decision-making allows for both contractors and customers to have a streamlined experience.

“With buyFin, we are excited to provide businesses with a seamless technologydriven approach to payment processing and consumer financing that provides quality products and services with speedy business approvals, white-glove support, informed decision making, and increased customer approvals,” said clare perry, president of buyMax. “ buyFin’s objective is to maximize competitive options for the customer and drive business growth for the business owner - creating a win-win satisfying experience for all.”

buyFin helps home service contractors get customers to say yes to needed services and repairs and collect payment for those jobs.

To learn more about consumer financing options and payment processing solutions from BuyFin, visit buyfin.com

36 Franchising M aga Z in E Usa
pR e M ie R e l ighting FRA nchi S e pR ove S i n FlU enti A l in l ighting i n DUS t Ry

B elFor Franc H ise g rou P enhances portfolio of brands with acquisition of junk removal service company JuNkCo+

BELFOR Franchise Group, a leading global residential and commercial services franchisor, continues to enhance its family of service brands with the acquisition of JUNKCO+, a junk removal and demolition service franchise that is poised for growth nationwide.

“We’re proud to announce that JUnKco + is bringing its reliable services to our trusted family of brands,” said d oug smith, senior vice president of franchise development for bELFor Franchise g roup. “JUnKco +’s commitment to quick and convenient junk

removal solutions makes them a great fit for our community of reputable service franchises. We’re excited to work with them to deliver incredible value to our customers.”

“Joining bELFor Franchise g roup ensures JUnKco + has the resources needed to empower franchisees to succeed along with the support structure in place to help us grow the brand nationwide,” said JUnKco + brand president blake g ordon. “ bELFor Franchise g roup has a proven track record of building and supporting the top service franchise brands, and by offering this new franchise opportunity to aspiring business owners, the partnership allows us to extend our quick and

convenient junk removal services to customers across the country.”

JUnKco + is offering a gateway to a fulfilling business opportunity in the junk removal and demolition service industry. b oth new and established JUnKco + franchisees enjoy the advantages of a proven business model, comprehensive training, and ongoing business coaching, setting the stage for an exciting entrepreneurial journey in an industry full of profit potential.

For more information about the JUNKCO+ franchise opportunity, visit https://junkcoplusfranchise.com/.

g ranite garage Floors Now serving the greater knoxville area

Granite Garage Floors, a leading home improvement provider of industrial epoxy coating systems, has opened its newest franchise location in the Greater Knoxville area.

g ranite g arage Floors of Knoxville is locally owned and operated by steve, christy and r yan troehler, a family that brings their passion for quality service and dynamic backgrounds to the Knoxville community. steve and christy are retired educators, and their son r yan is a former financial manager and contractor.

after visiting the area annually for 30 years, the troehler family is officially relocating from cincinnati, o hio to Knoxville to begin their next chapter as franchise owners.

“We are thrilled to bring g ranite g arage Floors to Knoxville,” said steve troehler.

“o ur vision is to build a profitable business while forming strong relationships with residents and area businesses. We look forward to serving the Knoxville community and providing them with the same exceptional service that has become synonymous with the g ranite garage Floors name.”

Founded in 2009, g ranite garage Floors specializes in installing industrial epoxy coating systems on residential and commercial concrete surfaces with a focus on garage floors and other related concrete surfaces. t he company’s proprietary industrial coating system, which Looks and Lasts Like g ranite™, is designed to deliver unmatched aesthetics, quality and durability.

“We’re proud to welcome the troehler family onboard to service the greater Knoxville area,” said bryan McMurray, brand Leader at g ranite g arage Floors.

“Each of them brings a unique perspective and expertise to the franchise, and we’re dedicated to supporting them as they grow their business.”

For more information, visit GraniteGarageFranchise.com

Franchising M aga Z in E Usa 37 AF te R
loc A l FAM ily i nt R o DU ce S i nnovAtive h o M e iM p R ove M ent SyS te M t o eAS t t enne SS ee

J unKco+ Joins be Lfor franchise g rou P

aims to expand its quick and convenient junk removal services nationwide

Investing in a JUNKCO+ franchise means stepping into a dynamic and thriving market with the solid backing of BELFOR Franchise Group, a global leader in residential and commercial services franchising.

“We’re thrilled for JUNKCO+ to bring its reliable service offerings to our trusted family of brands,” said Doug Smith, senior vice president of franchise development for BELFOR Franchise Group. “The brand’s dedication to quick and convenient junk removal solutions make JUNKCO+ a great fit for our community of reputable service franchises.”

The recent acquisition of JUNKCO+ by BELFOR Franchise Group not only expands the group’s portfolio but also highlights the promising potential of this junk removal and demolition service provider.

the genesis of JunKco+

Established in Louisville, KY, JUNKCO+ originates from the vision of Blake Gordon, its founder and current Brand President. Witnessing inefficiencies within the lawn care sector, Gordon saw the potential for junk removal services in his area.

Gordon recounts, “Arriving at a job site, we encountered a lawn care team of four individuals mowing grass. Despite their larger crew and array of equipment, we swiftly loaded the junk into our truck, received payment, and departed – all while they continued mowing. Despite having more resources, they earned less.”

Transitioning away from lawn care, Gordon and JUNKCO+ began the journey towards becoming a national junk removal and waste collection franchise brand, driven by a mission to share his prosperity with others.

“I felt compelled to share our success with others as the demand for our services grew,” Gordon explained. “We had successfully established ourselves, attracting new customers and maintaining

38 Franchising M aga Z in E Usa
cover ST or Y: JUNKCO+
b lake g ordon, JU n KCO+ Founder and current b rand p resident

profitability, all while upholding a professional image.” The decision to join BELFOR Franchise Group ensures JUNKCO+ has the resources needed to empower franchisees to succeed, along with the support structure in place to help the franchise operation expand across the country.

comprehensive services offered by JunKco+

What sets JUNKCO+ apart is their commitment to quick and convenient service. Unlike some waste management companies that could take days to respond, JUNKCO+ offers same-day and next-day services, ensuring clients don’t have to deal with the stress of lingering junk.

JUNKCO+ delivers a wide array of services that cater to both residential and commercial clients. These services include:

General Junk Removal: Whether it’s household clutter or business waste, JUNKCO+ provides efficient removal services.

Property Cleanouts: Perfect for estate cleanouts, foreclosures, and hoarding situations.

Furniture and Appliance Removal: Easy removal and disposal of large, unwieldy items.

Demolition Services: Including shed demolition and other minor structural teardown projects.

With a range of services and multiple revenue streams, JUNKCO+ offers a highly scalable franchise opportunity in an expanding market full of demand.

the JunKco+ Franchise opportunity

JUNKCO+ is offering a gateway to a fulfilling business opportunity in the junk removal and demolition service industry. Here’s why it stands out as a promising investment for aspiring entrepreneurs:

High Demand Market: The demand for quick and efficient junk removal services is growing. As more people seek convenient solutions to declutter their homes and businesses, the market for junk removal services continues to expand.

Scalable Business: With low overhead costs and the flexibility to expand services and territories, JUNKCO+ franchisees can strategically grow their business over time. This scalability makes it an attractive option for both new and seasoned entrepreneurs.

Proven Business Model: JUNKCO+ operates on a model that emphasizes efficiency, professionalism, and customer satisfaction. Franchisees benefit from a business structure that has been refined and proven successful.

Multiple Revenue Streams: In addition to junk removal, franchisees can offer demolition services, property cleanouts, and more. This diversification allows for multiple revenue streams, enhancing profit potential and business stability.

Comprehensive Training and Support:

Franchise owners receive extensive training and ongoing support from BELFOR Franchise Group. This includes business coaching, operational guidance, marketing assistance, and technological support to help navigate challenges and seize opportunities.

With a high demand market, scalable business model, and multiple revenue streams, JUNKCO+ presents a very

compelling investment opportunity in the junk removal and demolition service industry.

the BelFor Franchise group advantage

BELFOR Franchise Group is renowned for its robust support system and extensive resources, which are now available to JUNKCO+ franchisees. This backing includes leveraging established relationships, marketing support, and comprehensive operational training from industry experts.

“BELFOR Franchise Group fosters an incredible culture and adopts a highly supportive approach to their franchise brands,” says Gordon. “With decades of experience and a trusted reputation, our franchisees greatly benefit from their expertise.”

Partnering with JUNKCO+ opens the door to a market full of profit potential, delivering convenience, reliability, and outstanding service to customers in need of junk removal solutions. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or a first-time business owner, JUNKCO+ provides a simple-to-operate business model for you to achieve your goals and make a positive impact in your community.

To learn more about this new and exciting franchise opportunity, visit junkcoplusfranchise.com.

Franchising M aga Z in E Usa 39

The h ome s er V ices franchise m ar K e T s egmen T:

g row T h, oPP or T un ITY, A n D

Some of T he Le ADI ng Br A n DS

The home services franchise market segment encompasses a broad range of services dedicated to maintaining, improving, and managing residential properties.

This segment includes businesses that provide cleaning, repair, maintenance, landscaping, and renovation services, among others. In recent years, this market has experienced significant growth, driven by increasing demand for convenience, aging housing stock, and a growing focus on home improvement and maintenance. This overview explores the growth and opportunities within the home services franchise market segment, highlighting some of the top brands that have established themselves as leaders in this dynamic industry.

market growth and dynamics

1. Increasing Demand for Home Services:

operations efficiently. These technological advancements have streamlined service delivery and enhanced customer satisfaction.

The pandemic set this trend in motion, maybe people sitting at home too long looking at their kitchen and bathrooms is what triggered the massive investment in residential properties. The spending seems to be unhinged and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. The demand for home services has surged due to several factors. Homeowners are increasingly seeking professional assistance to maintain and improve their properties, driven by busy lifestyles and a lack of time or expertise to handle these tasks themselves. Additionally, the aging population prefers to age in place, requiring more home modification and maintenance services.

2. Aging Housing Stock:

Many residential properties in the United States are aging and require regular maintenance and repairs. As homes age, the need for services such as plumbing, electrical work, roofing, and HVAC maintenance increases. This trend has created a steady stream of business for home services franchises.

3. Home Improvement Trends:

Home improvement has become a significant trend, fueled by popular home renovation TV shows, the rise of home-based work environments, and the desire for customized living spaces. Homeowners are investing in remodeling kitchens, bathrooms, and other living spaces, driving demand for renovation services.

4. Technological Advancements:

Advances in technology have revolutionized the home services industry. Mobile apps, online booking systems, and customer relationship management (CRM) tools have made it easier for consumers to access home services and for businesses to manage

opportunities in the Home services Franchise market

1. Scalability and Low Entry Barriers:

Many home services franchises offer scalable business models with relatively low entry barriers. Franchisees can start with a single unit and expand their operations as demand grows. The initial investment is often lower compared to other franchise sectors, making it an attractive option for entrepreneurs.

2. Recurring Revenue Streams:

Home services franchises benefit from recurring revenue streams, as many services require regular maintenance and repeat business. For example, cleaning services, lawn care, and pest control are typically needed on an ongoing basis, ensuring a steady income for franchisees.

3. Diverse Service Offerings:

The home services market segment is diverse, offering a wide range of services that cater to different customer needs. This diversity allows franchisees to cross-sell and upsell additional services, increasing their revenue potential. For instance, a franchise that provides cleaning services might also offer carpet cleaning, window washing, and home organization services.

4. Growing Consumer Awareness:

Consumers are becoming more aware of the benefits of hiring professional home services. This increased awareness is partly due to effective marketing by franchisors, the influence of online reviews, and word-of-mouth referrals. As a result, more homeowners are turning to professional services to ensure quality and reliability.

40 Franchising M aga Z in E Usa e XPerT ADvIce: Chris Conner | Founder | Franchise Marketing Systems
fr A nch ISI ng fe AT ure

leading Brands in the Home services Franchise market

1. EADSCO Cleaning:

Overview: EADSCO is a newer franchise system to the cleaning services market which is one of the most wellknown franchise segments in the United States. EADSCO offers a technology driven operating system, structured marketing and a solid, proprietary operating technology which supports, quick, efficient franchise training and ramp up.

2. Handyman Connection:

Overview: Handyman Connection specializes in providing a wide range of home repair and improvement services. Established in 1990, the franchise has built a strong presence in the home services market.

Services: The company offers services such as plumbing, electrical work, carpentry, painting, and general home repairs. Their skilled craftsmen can handle various tasks, from small repairs to larger renovation projects.

Strengths: Handyman Connection is known for its reliability, quality workmanship, and customer satisfaction. The franchise provides extensive training and support, ensuring franchisees are well-equipped to meet customer needs.

3. GrassRoots Lawncare:

Overview: Grassroots Lawncare is a leading franchise in the landscaping and lawn care industry. The Grassroots franchise currently has 22 strong franchise locations operating in markets primarily in the Southeastern U.S. and more coming nationally.

Strengths: The franchise’s strong brand recognition, focus on customer service, and commitment to sustainable practices have contributed to its success. The Grassroots Lawncare Franchise offers extensive training, marketing support, and a proven business model.

4. Express Portables:

Overview: Express Portables is a leader in the portable toilet rental market. Simple, easy to scale and a model that offers services needed by any event and

chris conner has worked in the franchise development industry for almost 20 years and helped over 600 brands franchise their brand and develop franchise distribution channels. He founded Franchise Marketing Systems in 2009, which now includes a team of 27 franchise consultants based in and Canada and supports brands around the world to grow and scale through franchise expansion. v isit www.fmsfranchise.com for more information

many businesses in most markets.

Services: Express Portables offers customized programs and packages to construction firms and businesses needing additional infrastructure and toilet systems. The model is a lower investment business with a low overhead structure making the franchise extremely attractive.

5. Dumpster Today:

Overview: Dumpster Today is a dumpster delivery services franchise with a high intensity marketing and lead generation platform in place that targets commercial clients and repeat business for dumpster rental services.

Services: Dumpster Today rents dumpsters to customers for use in home renovations and contractors needing dumpster services for jobs and construction work.

challenges and considerations for Franchisees

1. Market Competition:

The home services market is competitive, with many established and emerging players vying for market share. Franchisees must differentiate their services through quality, reliability, and exceptional customer service to succeed.

2. Operational Challenges:

Managing a home services franchise involves various operational challenges, including staffing, scheduling, and maintaining quality standards. Franchisees must be prepared to handle these challenges effectively to ensure customer satisfaction and business success.

3. Regulatory Compliance:

Home services businesses must comply with local, state, and federal regulations,

including licensing, insurance, and safety standards. Franchisees need to stay informed about regulatory requirements and ensure compliance to avoid legal issues.

4. Economic Factors:

The demand for home services can be influenced by economic factors such as consumer spending and housing market trends. Franchisees should be aware of these factors and be prepared to adapt their business strategies accordingly.

The home services franchise market segment offers significant growth opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to enter a dynamic and essential industry. With increasing demand for professional home maintenance, repair, and improvement services, franchises in this segment are well-positioned for success. Leading brands like Merry Maids, Handyman Connection, The Grounds Guys, Mr. Rooter Plumbing, and Mosquito Joe have established themselves as trusted names, providing franchisees with robust support systems and proven business models.

Aspiring franchisees should conduct thorough research, assess the strengths and weaknesses of different franchise opportunities, and consider their personal and financial goals before investing. By leveraging the support and resources provided by established franchisors, franchisees can build successful businesses and contribute to the growing home services market. With the right approach and commitment, the home services franchise market offers a promising path to entrepreneurship and financial independence.

For more information on how to franchise a home services business, contact FMS Franchise, www.FMSFranchise.com

Franchising M aga Z in E Usa 41

JoShuA Tree eXPerTS

e x Pands in e as T

PhiL ade LPhia m e Tro

local family opens new tree care franchise in West Chester

fr A nch ISI ng fe AT ure fr AnchISee In Ac TIon: Joshua Tree Experts

Joshua Tree Experts, an emerging franchise specializing in tree maintenance, lawn care, and pest control, is expanding its footprint nationwide. Local entrepreneur Don Wuest began improving the local landscape in West Chester and surrounding areas on May 6.

Wuest, a Villanova University alumnus, recently closed out a more than 30-year career in the custom woodworking and manufacturing industry. He’s now excited to return to his passion for being outdoors. Wuest grew up nearby in Media, Pennsylvania, and returned to West Chester in 2011 to raise his family after spending 20 years enjoying the outdoors in the West. He sees the opening of a Joshua Tree Experts location as a full-circle moment.

“I grew up doing landscaping and tree work in the summers through college and am excited to return to my roots of working outdoors,” said Wuest. “I look forward to being a steward of the environment and improving our thriving community.”

Wuest says this is a family venture, with his wife helping in marketing. He hopes to bring his three kids into the business as well.

“I want to build not only a legacy for my family but also provide a path to greater success to everybody who comes along with me,” said Wuest.

Joshua Tree Experts of West Chester will cover West Chester, Media, Exton, Newtown Square, Malvern, Haverford, Bryn Mawr, Devon, Narberth, Berwyn, and Villanova. Services include tree pruning and trimming by ISA-certified arborists, tree removal, and plant health care to protect trees and shrubs from insects, diseases, and other challenges.

growing a Franchise

Joshua Tree Experts, headquartered in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, blossomed under the visionary leadership of Joshua Malik. He started operations in 2005,

aBout JosHua tree exPerts:

Founded in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, in 2005 by Joshua Malik, Joshua Tree Experts started as a general tree services and plant health care company. After nearly a decade of perfecting the business model, Joshua Tree Experts launched new services, including lawn care and pest control, to cater to client demand and offer prospective franchisees multiple revenue streams. In 2021, the brand began franchising. It is now seeking qualified franchise owners to bring this much-needed service to markets throughout the country.

offering plant and general tree care services from his three-car garage. From humble beginnings, Malik scaled the business over a 10-year period, relocating operations to a commercial site and adding in-demand pest control and lawn care services. In 2021, Joshua Tree Experts launched its franchise program — and has signed deals in four states with an aggressive nationwide expansion campaign currently underway. West Chester marks the fourth Pennsylvania location.

“Partnering with Joshua Tree Experts is the perfect way to combine my passion with a strong, values-driven business model. It’s a great opportunity to perform meaningful work in the place I love,” said Wuest.

Joshua Tree Experts is a rapidly growing brand in a booming industry. This franchise model offers a three-in-one revenue stream with a combination of tree and plant care, lawn care, and pest control services. The service-based business is easily scalable, and drives repeat customers by going above and beyond the industry standard.

“We’re thrilled to bring on Don and his family to expand our presence in Pennsylvania with our fourth location in the Keystone State,” said Joshua Malik, CEO of Joshua Tree. “Don is dedicated to providing quality service and giving back to his community. We can’t wait to watch his business grow.”

To learn more about the new location, visit https://www.joshuatreeexperts. com/west-chester-pa.

For franchising information, visit https://www.treecarefranchising.com/.

Franchising M aga Z in E Usa 43
Joshua Malik

s e LLing con V ersion franchising

Conversion franchising is totally different from traditional franchising, but if executed correctly, it can be an extremely effective way to grow a franchise business. This issue of Franchising Magazine USA is dedicated to home services franchising, an excellent match for conversion franchising.

Let's start out by defining conversion franchising. Unlike traditional franchising where you start a new business with a franchisee, a conversion franchise is already a going concern that agrees to become part of your franchise, and to convert from their current branding to your franchise’s branding. This happens all the time, but you're likely unaware of it unless you're currently involved in conversion

Evan Hackel, As author, speaker and entrepreneur, Evan has been instrumental in launching more than 20 businesses and has managed a portfolio of brands with systemwide sales of more than $5 billion.

He is the creator of Ingaged Leadership, is author of the book Ingaging Leadership Meets the Younger Generation and is a thought leader in the fields of leadership and success.

Evan is the CEO of Ingage Consulting, Delta Payment Systems, and an advisor to Tortal Training. Reach Evan at ehackel@ingage.net, 781-820 7609 or visit www.evanhackelspeaks.com

franchising. I have spent much of my career in conversion franchising.

a valuable option

There is much to like about conversion franchising. You're starting off with a new franchisee who already has a proven level of volume. They also have expertise in the industry you're in, and a greater likelihood of success because they are not a startup business.

Think about it. Would you rather start a fresh location with zero history or take over a business with, let's say, $1.5 million a year in volume already assured - with a proven owner who knows how to run the business?

A much lower startup cost is another positive of conversion franchising, as there's an ongoing business already in existence. Many of the things that a business needs to buy have already been

44 Franchising M aga Z in E Usa e XP er T AD v I ce: Evan Hackel | Founder and CEO of Ingage Consulting, and CEO of Tortal Training

bought. Still, there will be expenses in renovation and signage and of course, your franchise fee. As conversion franchisees have a going business, it's much easier for them to borrow or to have the capital necessary to make the conversion.

In some home services businesses, there is no physical location, which makes conversion franchising even easier.

considerations to weigh

There are areas of concern. As Tom Peters says, “It's a lot harder to unlearn than it is to learn.” The franchisee has a lot of experience, and there are going to be areas in which they feel they know better than the franchisor, making it more difficult to create brand consistency.

If the business has a physical location, it is unlikely to have the same look and feel as your brand, and it will need to be converted. But given the nature of physical buildings, it's unlikely that it will have a look and feel that matches your brand.

Another factor is location. The considerations that drove the selection of the business location when it started might be different from what you would choose today, i.e., the businesses you are converting may be in less optimal locations.

selling Businesses to convert

Imagine for a moment that you’re seeking conversion franchisees, and you encounter challenges in finding them and persuading them of the benefits of conversion. For instance, you have a 6% royalty, a 2% national advertising fund, and other fees that equal approximately 1%, so you're asking a current owner to contribute 9% of their revenue on business they already have. Using the example of a $ 1.5 million business, you're asking them to give you $135,000 a year on business they are already doing. In contrast, a new franchisee may be less concerned because your fees are all on new and fresh business. In essence, you need to convince the current business owner that joining the franchise is a worthwhile investment.

Of course, conversion franchising is not all or nothing; many systems offer both

“ AConversion franchising could be a great opportunity to grow your franchise business, but it requires a lot of thinking and a very different approach to selling franchises.”

traditional franchising and conversion franchising.

Why would a currently operating business want to consider converting to a franchise brand? As home service businesses are consolidating, it is much more difficult for independent businesses to be successful on their own. Many independent businesses would be open to joining a franchise brand for the following reasons:

• Brand names are trusted by the customer, and although they are never spoken of, consumers will pay more for a brand they trust. So, the independent business operator should be able to increase prices as the consumer trusts the brand.

• Marketing today is much more difficult than it ever was. Many independent business owners feel lost about how to market their business effectively with all the changes that are taking place. In contrast, a franchisor can invest in marketing tools that make marketing the business more efficient and effective.

• The franchise brand has the ability to bring additional business to the independent business from their national marketing efforts and/or from crossreferral programs with other businesses in their portfolio of home service brands if they have them.

• Service-oriented businesses have very high operating profit margins; if the owner can see through national advertising leads, cross-promotion leads, and more effective advertising, an increase in their business of 20% (assuming they operate on a 60% margin) offers a very good economic return. On the $1.5 million business, they're going to do $300,000 more in business, which will produce $180,000 in additional contribution dollars, which will more than cover the additional $135,000 in fees.

• The franchisor may also be able to

help the conversion franchisee how to improve margins, achieve higher average tickets and close a higher percentage of their customers.

• The value of buying services cannot be overstated. Franchise brands, such as Neighborly and Authority, really focus on maximizing buyer power for their franchisees. This presents significant savings on the purchase of products and services, as well as rebates to the franchisee.

another Factor to consider

The last factor to consider is that it's very tough to be in business by yourself, while being part of a franchise system gives you others to connect with. They are going through the same thing you are, and joining your franchise will give them access to best practices and operating ideas that they couldn’t generate on their own. It's tough being an independent business owner. Not all of them will want to become franchisees, but many will.

considerations on How to sell

Selling conversions is a very different process from selling a regular franchise. Your prospects won't be reaching out to the traditional broker systems. They're unlikely to respond to an ad. Nor will they be looking at your website. The reason is that independent business people are not necessarily aware that conversion franchising is a possibility for them. You have to have a whole new approach to selling.

When I was actively involved in selling conversion franchises, we would highlight market areas in which we did not have adequate penetration. We would then send a member of our development team into that market armed with the names and addresses of the businesses we identified that we would be interested in. We would then go and physically look at the locations and meet the owners, trying to assess whether they were a good fit and had interest.

If we knew in advance that a candidate was a prime target, we would attempt to make an appointment. We also leaned on neighboring franchisees to make

Franchising M aga Z in E Usa 45

recommendations, but you must be careful, as they may have bias. This process is most effective when you have a portfolio of brands, as the same person can evaluate more than one brand at a time.

In the ideal world, we'd find two or three interested parties in the marketplace, creating a degree of competition.

An alternative to going into a market live is a combination of direct marketing, e-mail marketing and phone calls. Although much less expensive, if the conversion franchisee has a physical building, it's very important to be able to see the facility. You learn a lot by seeing the facility. Can help you determine if they would be a good fit. Of course you can do a combination of marketing phone calling and then do live visits.

Once we created a critical mass of potential conversion franchisees, we would invite them to a discovery day at our headquarters, which were quite impressive. And we would make a presentation to them that was focused on convergence. We did not mix traditional and conversion franchisees into the same discovery day.

In terms of references we would connect our prospective conversion franchisees with successful conversion franchisees that were in similar markets.

“ Once we created a critical mass of potential conversion franchisees, we would invite them to a discovery day at our headquarters, which were quite impressive.”

Unlike in traditional franchising, where the perspective franchisee is comparing you with other opportunities, the conversion franchisee is normally comparing you to not converting at all. Occasionally they would talk to other franchise concepts, but that was pretty rare. What wasn't rare is for the decision to take longer than selling a normal franchisee. We were stimulating their desire, as opposed to them approaching franchising with the plan to become a franchisee. It was not uncommon for a prospective conversion franchisee to take several years or longer to join. But it was very common to hear a conversion franchisee say, “Hey, I waited many years. I wish I had done this earlier.”

Some independent businesses are fiercely independent, and they are not going to be interested, and that's just a reality; as someone once said, “No is the second best thing you can hear in sales.”

You need to determine whether an independent person you would like to join your franchise system is not an effective use of your time.

If a conversion franchisee is indeed interested, the biggest hurdle will be your royalty fees, as it will be difficult for the independent to overcome the concept they're paying you on royalties on business they already have. It is common in conversion franchising to create a royalty phase-in period. If you think about it, the benefits of being part of your franchise system will be phased in.

Here’s an example of how a phased-in approach could work. Let’s go back to the example of a business that is doing $1.5 million with a 6% royalty. In the year, on the $1.5 million of volume, they would pay a 2% royalty, and then 6% on all the volume over $1.5 million. In the second year, the 2% would shift to 4%; in the third year, all their business would be at the 6% level. In some ways, this mimics a normal franchisee, which can take a few years to ramp up volume.

in summary . . .

Conversion franchising could be a great opportunity to grow your franchise business, but it requires a lot of thinking and a very different approach to selling franchises. No doubt, it is something to be considered.

46 Franchising M aga Z in E Usa e XP er T AD v I ce: Evan Hackel | Founder and CEO of Ingage Consulting, and CEO of Tortal Training

budge T bLinds combaT s

r ising e nergy Prices and e n V ironmen TaL concerns

With summer just around the corner, rising energy costs are a concern for many consumers. Household budgets can become strained when temperatures climb, and residents try to remain cool throughout the season.

Additionally, with the overall increase of energy prices and heightened environmental concerns, the quest for energy efficient homes has never been more pressing. Relentless heat often leaves people searching for a solution that will not break the bank, as the struggle to conserve energy yet remain cool and comfortable is a challenge for many.

In this pursuit, one often-overlooked solution stands out: energy-saving window coverings. These innovative window treatments not only enhance interior

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fr A nch ISI ng fe AT ure fr A nch IS or I n D e PT h: Budget Blinds

aesthetics but also offer significant cost savings and environmental benefits, making them an indispensable investment in today’s climate-conscious era. According to the U.S. Energy Department, an average home loses 30% of its heating energy through windows in times of cooler weather and in the warmer climates, around 76% of sunlight on windows becomes heat within the home. The key to the efficacy of energy-saving blinds lies in their ability to maximize thermal efficiency. Energy-efficient window coverings can help with this loss of energy by providing design comfort, regulating temperatures and lowering bills. In addition to their practical functions of regulating light throughout all seasons, window coverings can change the overall look and feel of a home, making a space feel complete. With a variety of options available, it is important to choose a window treatment that fits both your personal style and effectively blocks light. In turn, these efforts to control your home’s temperature naturally benefit the environment through resource conservation.

Budget Blinds®, the largest window covering franchise in North America, offering custom blinds, shutters, shades, drapery, and more, has implemented solutions to combat these escalating energy costs. The brand offers the Inspired Shades™ Collection of carefully crafted and woven natural shades made from hemp, kenaf and flax, that are 100% organic and environmentally friendly, and completely recyclable. These shades not only help retain the heating and cooling

in the home, but reduce the waste often involved in home improvement projects through responsible and thoughtful design. Additionally, Budget Blinds has partnerships with multiple vendors to offer select shades that are eligible for a tax credit if specific requirements are met (i.e., fabrics, operating systems, etc.), giving franchisees the ability to incentivize their customers to choose more energy-efficient styles for their home. The majority of these vendors also use GREENGUARD Certified products, ensuring responsibly sourced materials. Additional sustainable options from the brand include cellular shades, with honeycomb-shape cells that act as an insulator, reducing summer heat gain by as much as 45%, and wooden blinds that are naturally made utilizing renewable resources to create efficient and stylistic decor. As a result, indoor temperatures remain more stable throughout the year, reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling and translating into substantial energy savings over time. Additionally, by minimizing the need for artificial heating and cooling, these blinds contribute to overall energy conservation, fostering a more sustainable and eco-friendly living environment.

Budget Blinds’ over 900 business owners and 1,400 locations have dressed more than 25 million windows since the brand’s founding in 1992. Budget Blinds is part of the Home Franchise Concepts family of home improvement goods and services brands. The brand’s franchisees take pride in caring for the community and the environment, delivering customized designs for individual lives. At the heart of

both Budget Blinds and parent company Home Franchise Concepts is the goal to benefit communities and beautify homes through innovative, attainable, and longlasting solutions. With more than 30 years of trusted service, Budget Blinds continues to expand and alter offerings to the needs of the consumer with sustainability in mind. These services bring peace of mind and security to customers that trust Budget Blinds franchisees as the proven industry leader. Budget Blinds’ energysaving blinds serve as a simple yet effective solution to this challenge that many consumers face, allowing homeowners to embrace a sustainable future in a practical and affordable manner. Through these efforts, the brand is filling a hole in the market and making itself a more diverse investment, attracting franchisees that have a passion for giving back to the Earth and communities.

As we navigate the challenges posed by rising energy costs and climate change, the importance of energy-saving solutions remains a large concern in the growing home improvement industry. Within Home Franchise Concepts, Budget Blinds has expanded their partnerships and reach across the nation, giving back to the community and taking proactive steps toward a more sustainable future. These eco-friendly home improvement offerings are appealing to both consumers and franchisees looking to enter the home services industry, as the installation of energy saving blinds that are thoughtfully designed is a unique approach to updating homes.

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Pad your Por Tfo Lio by in V es Ting in a h ome s er V ice franchise

Age is inevitable, and with a little luck, we’ll all be around long enough to face it. However, as our bodies age and the sun sets on our working years, we must start thinking about the back nine: retirement.

While 401(k)s and IRAs are wonderful options, they often take decades to compound. If you missed that window, here’s another opportunity ripe for the taking — one that may help you build your nest egg: owning a home services franchise.

a wise investment

The global population is growing, adding approximately 73 million people annually. This population boom alone demonstrates a stable demand for new homes, home renovations, repairs, cleanings and more – all of which fall under the home service umbrella.

Home service businesses often deliver services via contracts or subscription-based

models, providing predictable, recurring revenue flows. For example, many companies offer various tiers of service, allowing clients to select the plans that best fit their needs and budgets. Maintenance visits allow professionals to complete scheduled inspections or maintenance tasks, ensuring your techs are inside houses on a regular basis. Monthly subscribers may receive priority service, ensuring their concerns are prioritized, which may be helpful in an emergency. All of these are great examples of steady, stable, reliable income.

Additionally, franchise offerings generally come equipped with established brand recognition, proven business models and

experienced advisors, resulting in an established customer base, a strong game plan and assistance that’s just a call away. Compared to independent operators, home service franchise owners don’t always need to operate from a brickand-mortar location or store expensive inventory, resulting in lower financial risk and higher profit margins. Franchisors typically have systems in place to help manage advertising and marketing, creating awareness and helping to capture leads for your team. As a result, franchise owners have a tried-and-true strategy to implement, rather than creating marketing plans from scratch.

50 Franchising M aga Z in E Usa e XP er T AD v I ce: Doug Smith | SVP | Franchise Development
“ A home service franchise is not just a way to generate additional funds; options exist to build generational wealth as well.”

Finally, home service companies can often provide owners a level of flexibility to be very hands-on or somewhat hands-off with day-to-day operations, delegating administrative and operational tasks to managers and supervisors while maintaining control and oversight. And, when it’s time to walk away, the owner may look to sell the business, offering sellers a way to monetize their investment and further secure their financial future.

skip the startup struggles

Operating a home services company can be both transitional and transformational. If a potential owner is tired of being downsized from a corporate job, facing college tuition

Doug Smith is senior vice president of franchise development at BELFOR Franchise Group and has decades of experience in the industry. He has a strong track record working in franchise sales and development leadership roles to help franchise systems grow their footprint. for more information about BeLfor franchise group, visit https://belforfranchisegroup.com/.

bills, or simply wants to build retirement wealth, purchasing a home service franchise is worth consideration.

After all, starting a home service business independently could be daunting. The burden of researching and procuring the necessary equipment, setting up operations and developing a brand rests solely on your shoulders.

Within a franchise model, all of these business activities are already in place. From infrastructure and support mechanisms to marketing and branding, the path to success is already paved. Franchises often boast purchasing power, receiving discounts from suppliers and vendors and access to bulk discounts on products, equipment and supplies, which is another benefit worth considering.

While the foundation is in place for a franchise owner, their success often correlates to their willingness and ability to follow the systems processes that are already in place. The franchise model eliminates the trial and error that tends to delay first-time entrepreneurs’ success.

From an investment standpoint, franchise businesses are high-value assets within an entrepreneur’s portfolio. They make great investments for those with operational expertise or capital but would rather not start from scratch or reinvent the wheel. Home service businesses can also be hedges against inflation, as they’ve shown to deliver more value over time, offering long-term viability.

When you combine the expertise of a seasoned franchise corporate team, known for guiding numerous locations to success, investing in a home service franchise becomes a significant step towards building a sustainable enterprise.

generational wealth

A home service franchise is not just a way to generate additional funds; options exist to build generational wealth as well.

Reputation is key for dynasty owners.

A strong reputation begets reliability, professionalism and integrity throughout the community, leading to word-of-mouth referrals and positive reviews.

Once an owner gets acclimated to the people, processes, training and nuances of the business, the learning curve for multiunit ownership is much shorter. With that, a second location may even be granted at a discount, as parent company administrators may be more willing to expand their partnership, recognizing they’re working with a stable, profitable business leader. By forming the proper partnership and focusing on stability, growth, efficiency, customer satisfaction and succession planning, you can build a successful franchise business that provides financial security and opportunities for future generations.

long-term success

The world population is growing at a high rate, and people will continue needing roofs over their heads. When those homes start to leak, deteriorate or need maintenance, homeowners should call on a home service professional to help with repairs. If you’re looking to pad your portfolio, leading a home service franchise is certainly a viable option. Build your nest egg today so that you’re able to truly enjoy your golden years. Work smarter, not harder!

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concre Te c raf T

Prov ID e S InnovATI ve So Lu TI onS for SuSTAIn ABLe An D S TYLISTI c r emo D eLI ng

According to a 2023 study by the American Society of Interior Designers, a large trend in the home improvement industry is consumers’ focus on the types of products they bring into their homes and what impact they have on the environment.

This increase in investments for a wellbalanced, healthy home is a representation of the current cultural and economic changes occurring. This focus comes alongside the shift of schedules to work from home in years following the pandemic. As the amount of time people

are spending in their homes increases, people are tending to place more value on creating a space that is beneficial to both their physical and mental health, which continues to drive the demand for renovations. Even in a post-pandemic world, homeowners continue to invest in renovations to enhance the overall comfort, design, and wellness of their space. Social media has also been a large factor in driving these trends, with content of healthier homecare solutions constantly circulating on the media. In addition to aesthetic and organizational trends, consumers have turned their attention to the materials used in their homes and the effects these installations might have on

themselves and the environment in the long run. In this way, the importance of being conscious of environmental and physical impacts is a growing concern across the world, causing many consumers to turn to reliable and affordable solutions from businesses like Concrete Craft that lead the industry in transforming living spaces with innovative solutions.

In recent years, concrete flooring has gained popularity, as consumers and renovators recognized the potential benefits of this flooring option including affordable and simplified installation, sustainable sourcing, durability, and a plethora of polished looks. According to a Market

52 Franchising M aga Z in E Usa fr AnchISor In DePTh: Concrete Craft
fr A nch ISI ng fe AT ure

Analysis Report, the North America concrete flooring market size is expected to grow at a rate of 4.1% in the next decade due to the increased demand for strong and aesthetic surfaces. Pioneering the way for high-quality home improvement and flooring services, Concrete Craft is the first national decorative concrete franchise that values customers, durability, and design as its top priorities. The company was founded upon a mission to provide top level service, utilize high quality products, and deliver unique designs at an affordable price. Concrete Craft is also a part of the Home Franchise Concepts family of brands, which drives their efforts to effectively serve communities across the nation. Adjusting to the changing needs of the Earth and consumers, Concrete Craft is dedicated to installing unique flooring that will last for decades and reduce the

need for future renovation processes. The brand offers a variety of services, including its proprietary coloring process which beautifies and seals the material to increase durability. Specializing in concrete overlays, Concrete Craft provides flooring solutions with less mess, disruption, and concrete going back into landfills than companies that only do new concrete pours. In many cases, they are able to prevent the demolition of existing concrete by applying a topping to the existing concrete, which prevents the need for excess disposal of materials that can be harmful to the environment in the long run. Additionally, through staining, stamping, and resurfacing, Concrete Craft handcrafts each flooring design to provide the exact aesthetic that the homeowner is looking for, adding custom beauty and dimension to the vertical surfaces of homes.

As the demand for unique flooring installations has grown Concrete Craft remains dedicated to using only materials that are inherently tough and sustainable. Concrete is a substance that is naturally resistant to stains, deterioration and environmental impacts such as UV damage that may lessen the life of typical flooring. These hand-crafted floors are also easily kept clean and can improve the health of your family, as they attract less dust and allergens than typical flooring. By installing flooring that is both beautiful and strong, franchisees are also able to reduce energy bills and carbon footprint with decorative concrete floors that are “green rated” according to LEED standards. From start to finish, this process consists of reusable and recyclable materials. In addition to the environmental benefits, concrete floors transform both the look and feel of a home to a sleek and updated appearance. In this way, the benefits of concrete are endless, as the non-traditional flooring option can improve the health of families and decrease renovation costs through being hygienic, durable, ecofriendly, and stylish.

Concrete Crafts’ mission to remain committed to one-of-a-kind craftsmanship is a great example of how sustainability and renovation can blend seamlessly. With cultural concerns placing a focus on eco-friendly and wellness-oriented home improvements, Concrete Craft is proud to pave the way for innovative alternatives in the franchising space. The continuous growth seen in the franchising and home improvement industries results in a need for environmental awareness and sustainable practices to be integrated into businesses across the nation. Reducing carbon footprint, minimizing waste, and positively contributing to communities are important factors for multi-unit owners and brands to keep in mind throughout expansion. Franchisees that meet the evolving needs of today’s consumers, with services that enhance lifestyles through style, hygiene, and sustainability, will continue to drive long-term business success and foster loyalty among consumers and employees. v

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franchising can boos T The recession-resiLienT benefiT s of home-ser V ice businesses

Economic uncertainty can create opportunities for insightful entrepreneurs. No one looks forward to financial disruption, but some businesses are better designed to perform consistently regardless of economic shifts.

Business owners who are prepared for turbulence can position their recession-resilient companies to continue providing essential services for their customers, even during times of economic stress. Meeting the needs of your community not only keeps revenue coming in, it also builds trust and establishes lasting relationships that will serve as the foundation for future stability and growth.

Recession-resilient businesses deliver services and products that customers need. Homeowners may try to conserve energy during an economic crunch, but they can’t have the gas or electric service turned off. Consumers might dine out less frequently and trim their grocery budgets, but they still have to feed their families.

Companies providing services like this can survive and even thrive when other businesses falter. For customers, recession-resilient

products and services are a fixed expense, not a discretionary one. Utilities, transportation, and food are obvious examples; home maintenance, repair and improvement services have also proven to perform well during downturns, for multiple reasons:

• If people are spending less on travel and entertainment, they’re in their homes more often. Minor issues such as leaks, water damage and noisy HVAC systems that might escape their attention can become more urgent priorities if you experience them around the clock.

• Many people choose to update, upgrade or expand their current homes rather than enter an unpredictable real estate market. Kitchen and bath remodeling, home painting, design and décor and other residential services provide meaningful value as homeowners increase investment in their properties.

• Emergencies still happen. Replacing a water heater, remediating damage from a flood or fire, or fighting mold buildup requires immediate attention. Even budget-conscious homeowners feel compelled to address major situations in order to prevent further damage and higher costs down the road.

54 Franchising M aga Z in E Usa e XP er T AD v I ce: J. Andrew Mengason | Chief Growth Officer | Five Star Franchising
fr A nch ISI ng fe AT ure

J. Andrew Mengason is chief growth officer for Five Star Franchising, an innovative, growing platform of home service brands, including Five Star Bath Solutions, Gotcha Covered, Bio-One, 1-800-Packouts, Card My Yard, and Mosquito Shield. He has more than 30 years of experience in franchising and brand acquisition.

• Many home service business models are based on recurring revenue. Maintenance agreements provide plumbing, electrical and HVAC companies with a predictable stream of income. Lawn and pest control services typically provide annual service. With repeat customers, those businesses can count on a certain amount of revenue every year and plan accordingly.

• It can be relatively simple and cost-effective for a service provider to add complementary offerings. A plumbing contractor might include bath remodeling in their portfolio of services, or a pest control company could add another seasonal service, such as lawn care or snow and ice removal. The opportunities for new revenue and growth that can be unlocked by adding complementary services can dramatically outweigh the modest investment required.

Existing business owners who want to fortify the resilience of their portfolios can consider the home service franchise business model. The franchising model can amplify the built-in benefits of home service businesses, helping them perform even more consistently and competitively in their markets.

In general, the franchise model offers many advantages over independent small businesses:

• Support from the franchisor, including training, marketing, hiring and inventory support, means franchises can be quicker to open than an independent business and quicker to return their investment.

• Franchises bring built-in brand awareness to the market, helping franchise owners immediately connect with their customers.

• Proven franchise systems provide franchise owners with a blueprint for successful operations, mitigating the risk associated with opening and operating an independent business.

In particular, home service franchises tend to have lower initial investments and lower ongoing operating costs. With limited inventory and minimal staffing, they can be operated from home or a vehicle. That can reduce monthly overhead and save time and money identifying and negotiating the purchase or lease of a brickand-mortar location.

These businesses can rapidly be operational and quickly begin generating revenue. Avoiding unnecessary initial expenditures and keeping ongoing costs down means you can start seeing a return on your investment more quickly and invest more back into the success of your business or portfolio.

In franchising, the franchisor and franchise owner work together for their shared benefit, and ultimately to the benefit of consumers. The resources of the franchisor provide the foundation that can help franchise owners deliver results, regardless of the broader economic factors. Franchise owners who are committed to implementing the proven franchise tools available to them build the overall value of the franchise. And finally, consumers enjoy excellent service and products along with great value – even during economic uncertainty. v

Franchising M aga Z in E Usa 55

be TTer homes and gardens®

reaL es TaTe announces rene WaL of 45-year- o Ld aTL an Ta bro K erage

Better Homes and gardens Real Estate Metro Brokers affirms Value of Real Estate’s lifestyle Brand with 10-year Renewal

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate LLC announced today the 10-year renewal of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Metro Brokers in Atlanta, Ga.

Established in 1979, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Metro Brokers has expanded to 27 locations and more than 2,400 real estate agents.

In 2023, the company was responsible

for 4,738 units, the second highest in the brand’s national network, and $1,665,786,052 in volume. The firm’s affiliated agents are consistently among the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate network’s top-performing agents in the country.

Under the leadership of president and CEO Kevin Levent, the company is noted for its singular focus on helping agents start and sustain successful real estate careers. The company has made technology the

foundation of its agents’ success. In 2023, the firm was recognized by the brand for its laser focus on cutting-edge technology and the effective use of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate technology tools.

“Access to industry-leading technology solutions is just one of the invaluable aspects of our affiliation with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate,” said Levent. “We also benefit from being part of a network of like-minded real estate professionals who are able to provide their unique insights and expand our view and understanding of the ever-evolving industry. And, of course, we leverage our

56 Franchising M aga Z in E Usa
h Ave Your SAY: Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate LLC
fr A nch ISI ng fe AT ure
g inger Wilcox and Kevin Levent

unique differentiator as a lifestyle brand that is not only trusted and respected but relevant to consumers 365 days of the year to build lasting relationships with our clients. No other real estate brand has that advantage,” he said.

According to Levent, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Metro Brokers is also very much aligned with the brand’s core values of Passion, Authenticity, Inclusion, Growth, and Excellence. “It’s imperative to have a strong set of values to be a leader both locally and within the broader industry,” he said.

“Kevin has long been known for his innovative and forward-thinking approach to the business,” said Ginger Wilcox, President of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate. “While he is not afraid to try new things to further the growth and success of his company, he is equally committed to staying the course with the tried and

true. As one of the very first brokers to join the relaunched Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate network in 2009, Kevin’s leadership in our network has been invaluable, and we are honored that Kevin has reaffirmed his commitment to the brand for another ten years. We look forward to the company’s continued success as a Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate affiliate.”

“At the end of the day, we are in real estate to help people – all people – realize their dream of homeownership, and we firmly believe that being part of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate and Anywhere advances and enhances our ability to fulfill that important mission daily,” said Levent. “Just as we invest in our people to help them grow, we feel strongly that Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate has invested in us over the last 15 years. The brand is integral to our future and our ability to help our people flourish.”

aB out Better Homes and g ardens r eal e state llc

Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate is a dynamic real estate brand that offers a full range of services to brokers, sales associates and home buyers and sellers. Using innovative technology, sophisticated business systems and the broad appeal of a lifestyle brand, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate embodies the future of the real estate industry while remaining grounded in the tradition of home. Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate LLC is a subsidiary of Anywhere Real Estate Inc. (NYSE: HOUS), a global leader in real estate franchising and provider of real estate brokerage, relocation, and settlement services.

The growing Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate network includes more than 12,490 independent sales associates and approximately 400 offices serving home buyers and sellers across the United States, Canada, Jamaica, The Bahamas, Australia and New Zealand.

Better Homes and Gardens® is a registered trademark of Meredith Operations Corporation licensed to Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate LLC and used with permission. Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate LLC fully supports the principles of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act. Each office is independently owned and operated.

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