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LIFE CONNECTED. CONNECTED TO OUR PAST BOBCAT FIELD FOREVER The history of Bobcat Field and how the City plans to preserve this Celina Landmark. SchoolsKeepingSafe The “Hidden Heroes” in our community September-October 2022 THE OFFICIAL MAGAZINE OF THE CITY OF CELINA Sergeant Jonathan Harris (bottom), Officer Brantley Miller (middle), and Officer Dan Thomas (top)

Contents Connected to our Past: Bobcat Field Forever11 Keeping Schools Safe: A Common Goal 23 Celina EDC 15 Public Safety 21 ISD Updates 28 Celina LibraryPublic 29 01 A Note from the Mayor 03 City HighlightsCouncil 07 ResourcesResident 09 Connected.Life 10 ConnectionVolunteer Around Celina: Things to Do 31 Parks & Recreation 33 November InformationElection 35 AcademyGovernmentCitizens 36 CONTRIBUTORS Joe Monaco, Director of Marketing & Communications Hailey Gomez, Graphic Design Manager Marc Rylander, Senior VP of Communications for Texas (Strategies360) Cassie McKnight, Cassie Lee Photography A special thank you to all of the City of Celina and Celina Economic Development Corporation staff for their contributions to the magazine. Capital ProjectsImprovement 17

Thank you for reading Life Connected. and thank you for living Life Connected. We are so blessed to live in the greatest community with the greatest people in Texas. Perhaps I am biased; but if you stay awhile, I think you will agree. Sean Celina Fall from all of us at the City of Celina!

Jay Pierce Mayor Pro Tem, Place 2 Wendie Wigginton Deputy Mayor Pro Tem, Place 4 Philip Ferguson Place 1 Andy Hopkins Place 3 Mindy Koehne Place 5 Tony Griggs Place 6 City Council Members Sean Terry Mayor 1 Life Connected. Magazine | September-October 2022

A NOTE from the Mayor

Life Connected is more than just our City motto; it’s our way of life here in Celina. We are connected to our historical past, to our exciting present, and to our bold future. We are connected to the people who paved the way to this day and to those who are pioneering towards tomorrow. And now we are connected through this Life Connected. Magazine — the official publication of the City of Celina.


Mayor,TerryCity of

All the best,

We have shared a memorable summer together in Celina, from our 10th Annual Cajun Fest in May with country singer John Michael Montgomery, to our Friday Night Markets, Movies and Music on the Square, and a Splash & Blast celebration that we will all forever remember. We talk a lot about Life Connected. all around town. I know you see it and hear about it, but I also hope you are experiencing it.

Our City leadership team looks for every way possible to communicate transparently and to celebrate all of the exciting happenings in Celina. As we continue to grow, a publication like this, along with all our online services and platforms, will be a valuable tool and resource for residents and for people who simply stop by for a visit. We will strategically place these around town every other month when we publish, so please make sure you always get your hands on a Incopy.thisnewly redesigned edition of the Life Connected. Magazine, you will read the educational and inspiring responses from the two superintendents of schools who serve in our City along with two of the police chiefs who support our schools as they discuss the drastic measures and programs in place to protect our schools. You will find construction and development updates and news, and be able to check out our calendar of events for the upcoming few months. I’m also excited about a story you will read regarding the history of the old Bobcat Field downtown and a historic agreement to preserve that beloved place.

JULYCouncil Highlights

MEETING INFORMATION C ity Council Meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month. Regular meetings begin at 5:00


Grant Williams Proclamation Mayor Sean Terry presented a City Proclamation to Grant Williams, 2022 Celina High School graduate. Grant won both the 2021 and 2022 4A State Championships for the 300-meter hurdles. He has also set Celina High School Records in the 300-meter hurdles with a time of 36.68 seconds and the 110-meter hurdles with a time of 13.08 seconds. Grant is a two-time recipient of the Celina High School Men’s Track Award. Most recently, Grant represented Team USA at the World u20 Championships in August where he ran a personalbest time of 50.82 seconds in the semifinals of the men’s 400-meter hurdles. Overall, Grant finished ninth at the World U20 Championships in Cali, Colombia.

Grant Williams at the 2022 World u20PhotoChampionshipsCredit:KermitTaylor PM N. Colorado Street,

at 112

Celina, Texas Each75009.meeting is livestreamed and recorded for those that cannot attend. Streaming information and agenda packets can be found online 3 Life Connected. Magazine | September-October 2022

Andy Hopkins, Council member, presented an American Flag to veteran Phillip Shortino for his dedication and service.

Kim Brawner, Assistant City Manager, presented Denton County Bond Election information for county roadway funds to City Council. 2022 Bond Elections

4Life Connected. Magazine | September-October 2022

Cody Webb, Director of Parks, holds an ex ample of a bike repair station being installed throughout the City.

City Bike Repair Stations

Corbett Howard

Lance Vanzant retired as the City Attorney after 20 years of service. Lance Vanzant Retires


Dusty McAfee, Executive Director of Development Services, presented the Annual Downtown Update to the City Council. Downtown Plan Update Council appointed Lauren Field (formerly the Deputy City Secretary) as Celina’s newest City Secretary New City Secretary Howard was honored at the July City Council Meeting for his many years of service to the City of Celina.

American Flag Presentation

fter 24 years of combined City service, Corbett Howard has retired from the City of Celina. Howard served on the City Council from 1999 - 2002. In 2002, he was elected mayor and served in the role for three terms. During his time as Mayor, Howard was at the forefront of Celina’s forward thinking growth plans, creating the City’s first Comprehensive Land Use Plan and Capital Improvement Project Plans. Following his mayoral career, Howard served his community as the Director of Economic Development and Director of Business and Government Affairs. In these roles, Howard continued to ensure Celina remained at the forefront of smart City growth. We want to thank Howard for his many years of faithful service, and wish him much enjoyment in his retirement.

Movie Night on the Square: Luca Movie Night on the Square: Luca Texas Therapy Dogs at the Library Storytime with Celina PD at the Library 5 Life Connected. Magazine | September-October 2022

Friday Night Market Music Night on the Square Milkshakes with the Mayor 6Life Connected. Magazine | September-October 2022

RESIDENT RESOURCES Scan the QR code to enter your address and confirm your trash pick-up day. BRUSH AND BULKY TRASH is available as a twice-a-month service through Waste Connections. There are three ways to schedule a pickup: Phone: (469) 452-8000 Online: Wasteconnectwww.wasteconnections.comAppavailableonGoogle Play or Apple App Store 213 WASTE MANAGEMENTUTILITY SERVICE BILLOPTIONSPAYMENT Phone: (877) 216-4105 ($1.25 processing fee) Online: celinatx ($1.25 processing fee) Auto Draft: Fill out the auto draft form and submit to the Utility Billing Department. Visit to download the form. In-Person/Mail: Mail or pay in-person at 142 N. Ohio Street, Celina, TX 75009 4321 MYCELINAH20 Monitor your water usage and set up alerts online! Set up your account today at 7 Life Connected. Magazine | September-October 2022

The Celina Business Directory is a growing list of local businesses to help you find professional services, retail and restaurants in Celina. This directory is a free resource from the Celina EDC in collaboration with Bludot. #CelinaSupportsCelina CELINA BUSINESS DIRECTORY CUSTOMIZABLE Celina business directory listings are updated directly by business owners. Find current business information, photos, specials, and more within each business profile. SEARCH Discover Celina businesses quickly using the search bar feature. Utilize the filter, area, and category sections of the directory to narrow your search. SCAN TO VIEW CELINA BUSINESSES OR ADD YOUR OWN! RESIDENT DASHBOARD This interactive dashboard allows citizens to learn more about City of Celina services for their specific address! 1. Click on the search box in the upper right corner and type in an address. 2. Once an address is entered, please select from the drop down options to identify which address you would like to select. 3. Once an address is selected, the map will automatically zoom to the searched address and display different information for that property such as: HOA contact information, ISD information, Code & Health Officer information, whether the property is in City Limits or not, and Waste Collection pickup day. LOCAL Businesses listed in the Celina Business Directory are exclusive to Celina, TX. The directory is the best way to keep up with all new businesses moving in. MAP VIEW Easily find business locations through the map view. SCAN TO DASHBOARDVIEW 8Life Connected. Magazine | September-October 2022


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The app has integrated image recognition technology to enable users that ability to report issues to the City by snapping a picture with their smartphone and submitting it for review. Each request can be tracked for follow-up and feedback from the City.

More Ways

The City of Celina has partnered with CityFront Innovations, the industry leader in smart city technology, to create an integrated mobile app that allows residents and visitors the opportunity to access City resources at their fingertips. Celina Life Connected. app users have the ability to bill pay, report issues, find local restaurants, follow our social media platforms, and so much more!

9 Life Connected. Magazine | September-October 2022

The app serves as the mobile service request system for the City of Celina.


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The City of Celina has a variety of volunteer opportunities for individuals age 16 years or older. Volunteering offers a great way to get connected and give back to the community. Our volunteers are a valuable and much-appreciated resource for our fast-growing City and the myriad of activities in the community. It only takes a few minutes to sign up: simply complete the online form to be added to our volunteer database. We will share volunteer opportunities with you as they arise.Scan for City volunteer opportunities

10Life Connected. Magazine | September-October 2022



Founded by Elizabeth Huse, Jill Rutland, and Jennifer Cawlfield, Helping Hands of Celina is a volunteer driven organization that serves those in need. The majority of those they serve are low-income, children, families, and at-risk youth. Visit their website www.helpingshandsofcelina.comat or follow them on social media to learn more!

Bobcat Field Forever

In a booming city like Celina, growth is inevitable, and change is something that long-time residents and pioneer families have faced with grit and grace. However, just a few years back when residents passed a bond issue that would include a new high school football stadium, a measure of sadness veiled the community’s excitement. After all, the downtown stadium was not only a place where hard-fought high school football games had been won and lost, it was a sacred place. Little league championship trophies were lifted high over a victorious huddle; homecoming queens were adorned with their crowns. Country singer Kenny Chesney filmed his Boys of Fall music video there. The field hosted games across seasons that would end with eight state championships, and it hosted a memorial service that celebrated the life of one who had won those rings. The grandstands were small. The parking was terrible. The bathrooms were even worse. But the complex was—and still is—hallowed ground to many, and it all began with the generosity of one family.

“Maxine Ousley, who was born here in 1915 and called Celina home for most of her life, wanted the people of Celina to have a public place to gather and celebrate life and the culture that makes our community so special,” the Ousley family said in a recent statement to the City. “Maxine originally donated property around 1950 for a park, but it quickly became Bobcat Field for Celina ISD.”


In the middle of the last century, Celina was a farming community, not yet known for Special contribution by Marc Rylander

As the crash of shoulder pads and the crack of helmets signal the coming of another fall for the Celina community, a rich piece of the heritage of this City also emerges yet again. High school football, for decades, has been a beacon of light that has drawn the eyes of all of Texas to this place, and it has been one of the most important elements of life here that has bonded generations of Bobcats while shaping the lives of those who played for and supported the teams. Faith and football have long been inextricably linked to the heart and spirit of this community. For fans of the game and for others who just loved the town, football season has always been a ritual. And at the heart of that ritual was a shrine—the old Bobcat Field downtown.

11 Life Connected. Magazine | September-October 2022

recalls that no athletic budgets or bond packages were available for the structure. Instead, a local John Deere tractor dealer, Mr. Finley, donated a tractor to raffle and helped pay for the facility.

Ott Rucker

Celina football co-captain and quarterback, 1953 12Life Connected. Magazine | September-October 2022


Bobcat Field hosted its first season that would end with a state title. Seven others state championships would later follow. Many of the state records that stand, including the 68-straight wins, were from seasons played there, and most importantly, lives of generations of athletes, band members, cheerleaders, drill team members, and other students were shaped and polished on that Thegridiron.legendary G.A. Moore served as Celina head football coach during two stints between 1972 and 2002 where he led so many of the teams to victory. Moore has countless photos and even more memories from that stadium. He taught the game there, and from the game, he taught so much more. Coach Moore recently recalled, “Most importantly, that stadium is a place where young men and women learned to develop real life lessons and leadership through hard-fought wins, heartbreaking losses, championships, and state records that followed.”

In the early years, there were no locker rooms or concession stands of any kind. “We had to dress for practice and games under the bleachers at the school that’s now the administration building,” laughed Ott Rucker. “The coaches would make us run in our uniforms from the school over to the new stadium, which, as you know, is a good jog away.”

Local farmers cleared and prepared the land for the playing surface, planting springs of grass and seed in a hot, arid summer. “My buddy and I drove a borrowed water truck up to the sewage plant, and we would fill that giant thing and haul it back to the field to water it. We did that all summer long, and that is how we got that grass to grow in that awfully hot and dry year.”

A local blacksmith, who worked in the presentday downtown winery, took his equipment to the field and welded the bleachers with men from the community who loved the town and their team, and wanted to help. To the rest of the world the structure may have been unimpressive, but to the people of Celina, it was finally a home for the Bobcats, cheerleaders, drill teams, bands, and fans.

The six-man teams struggled in those early years, with fans oftentimes cheering for a first down rather than a touchdown. But as football fate would have it, Celina’s field of dreams would soon become just Justthat.over two decades after play began there,

“It’s important for the many people moving to Celina today to understand why so many of us who grew up here view that small stadium as sort of a sacred place,” said Celina native Jordan Martin, who played on four state championship teams at Bobcat Field from 1998-2001. “Other than our churches, that was the gathering place for everyone in town, every time we played. It may have been a game that brought us together, but the heart of the town was shaped there and shared there. And win or lose, everyone left there believing that Celina, Texas was the greatest place to live on Earth.”

football. But to those first boys of fall who played there, it was this town’s palace. Celina native and current resident Ott Rucker co-captained the team on that field in its earliest days. Rucker, now 86 years old and full of a lifetime of memories from his hometown, shared how the park, that originally included the baseball field, became the iconic stadium, “Prior to opening Bobcat Field, we played our games in a gentleman’s pasture on the north end of town. So, when the community decided to build this field—and men and boys from the community literally built it all—it really was a special Ruckerplace.”

In April 2022, the City of Celina and Celina Independent School District announced an agreement to preserve much of the complex at the historic Bobcat Field, thanks to the bold leadership and partnership between City Hall and the school administration. Members of the Ousley family, who generously donated the land, provided overwhelming support for the plan which will repurpose the stadium into an amphitheater as a part of a large linear park to be developed along Doe Branch Creek. Of the existing buildings that stand behind the old home bleachers, one is already being redeveloped as a community center for Celina’s senior citizens. Perhaps no one celebrated the announcement with the excitement of Coach Moore. Reflecting on the news, he said, “I am thrilled that parts of those hallowed grounds will be preserved, and I hope people not only see it as a place where games were played, but they also see it as a place where the values and traditions of this community were celebrated and cemented.”

“Few stadiums embody so much of a community’s roots as our beloved historic Bobcat Field,” said Celina ISD Superintendent Dr. Tom Maglisceau. “I am overjoyed with the vision and partnership of our City leaders and their willingness to work with the district and the Ousley family to memorialize the moments and memories made in that sacred stadium.”

“The City wanted that stadium to stand as a living monument to Celina’s past, while allowing Celina’s present and our future residents to memorialize some of our earliest and greatest days we shared as a City,” said Celina City Manager Jason Laumer. “I am forever grateful that Dr. Maglisceau’s team and the Ousley family allowed us to enshrine a good portion of the entire complex as the crown of the new linear park that is being developed in the beautiful surrounding area.”

13 Life Connected. Magazine | September-October 2022

Ott Rucker never quit going to games there. Of all the magical memories in that stadium, one stands out the most. Fighting back emotions, Rucker talked about that night, “We beat Valley View at their place to surpass Abilene High’s win streak record. Before the team could get back to Celina, everyone who had been at the game and everyone in Celina who hadn’t gone to the game came out to that field. It was packed—so crowded that the team buses could hardly get there for the celebration. People were everywhere and they were celebrating this town and our team taking over the record for the longest win streak in Texas high school football history. It was unbelievable.”

Thus, in 2019 when Celina ISD opened a beautiful new football stadium on the sprawling hilltop campus of Celina High School, it made sense that the excitement was weighed with a measure of sadness for some.

At that first game, many wore t-shirts with the likeness of downtown’s old stadium adorning them. The new stadium was spectacular, but it would have to earn the place of the sanctuary-like feel of its predecessor. And, though the t-shirts have now faded, the memories of the old Bobcat Field never will, thanks to a historic partnership shared earlier this summer.

“I was so excited to learn that the place where generations have gathered, celebrated, and made memories—the place where my dad played and where I was blessed to play among so many others-- would now be a place for the community to ‘huddle’ for generations to come,” said Martin. “When people drive by or attend an event at the old Bobcat Field, I hope that, much more than a place where games were played, they see where the heart and soul of this community were strengthened and celebrated. No matter how big our town becomes, hopefully that small shrine will encourage them to carry on the values that it represents and remind them of the broad shoulders upon which this community stands today.”

Senior Night vs. Argyle November 11, 2018 Photo Credit: 4C Media Group/OurCelina 14Life Connected. Magazine | September-October 2022

For the family of Maxine Ousley, who originally donated land for a park, her dream will become a perpetual reality as the old ball field becomes the new park. Her descendants are thrilled. They stated, “The Ousley family, working in conjunction with the City of Celina and Celina ISD, recognize the importance of this land and how it has impacted Celina. We are grateful for the opportunity to memorialize Maxine Ousley’s dream of a City park with special appreciation to Celina football, the Ousley family, and the other families who are an important part of Celina’s history.”

Retention & Expansion Specialist), Alexis

left to right:

The Celina EDC mission is to expand the local tax base, creating a diversified, vibrant and sustainable economy enhancing the quality of life for residents and the business community. Our primary focus is on business attraction, business retention, and marketing/tourism for the City of Celina. We love to help businesses achieve their goals. To learn more about how we serve the community, drop by our office or schedule an introductory meeting. Please contact for more information or schedule a meeting with one of our staff members.

Manager) CELINA DEVELOPMENTECONOMICCORPORATION Shades of Green Starbucks Grand Opening Terramania Grand Opening Honeysuckle Rose Boutique 15 Life Connected. Magazine | September-October 2022

From Lalaina Alvarez (Business Jackson (Executive Director), Thomas (Marketing




This is the second location for this Frisco-based piercing studio. The Greater Celina Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting for the new location Friday, August 26 at 695 N Preston Rd, Suite 120.

One of the most recognized franchises in the country, Starbucks opened its first store in Celina following a ribbon cutting ceremony in July. Starbucks is located at 1255 S Preston Rd.

JOIN THE CELINA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. The Chamber provides opportunities to connect with the community, including ribbon cutting, networking events, etc. Email

APPOINTMENT WITH EDC STAFF. Starting a business is an exciting endeavor! Let us help you navigate the requirements. Email Starbucks

Honeysuckle Rose Boutique

NEW Businesses

DETERMINE YOUR BUSINESS TYPE. New building, new tenant finish out, tenant remodel, existing location, or home business. City staff can help navigate the permit process. Email

Have you engaged with a commercial real estate agent? Do you have a LOI or contract in place for your business’s new location?

Terramania is a home décor store inspired by nature and features some great items to make any house feel like a home. Terramania is located in Downtown Celina at 219 W Pecan St.

More Ways to Stay Connected!


16Life Connected. Magazine Terramania


PROCESS FOR BUSINESS INCENTIVES Celina EDC staff qualifies the project. Business submits incentives form in order for staff to determine economic and fiscal impacts to the City. Celina EDC staff will present the project to the Board of Directors for consideration. Once approved, an Incentive Agreement is drafted and signed.


The Pin Cushion - Celina

Shades of Green

This new addition to Downtown Celina has high end women’s apparel, accessories, and more. Find it on the first floor of the Huddleston Building at 322 W Walnut St.


This is the second location for this family-owned business! It is located off of Preston Road at 1213 E Sunset Blvd. Shades of Green has all of your gardening needs.



Improvement Project Updates The City of Celina is committed to being smart and strategic in how we grow. One of the ways that we show our commitment is through Capital Improvement Projects, which are partnerships between the City and local contractors for roadways, waterlines, sanitary sewers, stormwater, and drainage improvements. Under Construction • Downtown Parking Improvements on S Ohio Dr and N Louisiana Dr • Senior Center at Bobcat Stadium Complex • Fire Station 3 (Sutton Fields) • Public Works Administration Building Improvements Under Design • Future Law Enforcement Center Phase 1 FACILITIES Under Construction • Construction of the Downtown Alley Patio Project Under Study • Beginning Phase 1 of Feasibility Study for Ousley ParkPARKSUnderDesign • New playground at Old Celina Park • Preston Rd Green Ribbon from FM 455 to Legacy Rd 17 Life Connected. Magazine | September-October 2022

Under Construction • Coit Rd 24” Waterline Phase 1Sunset Blvd to Settlers Ridge Rd • Coit Rd 24” Waterline Phase 2Settlers Ridge Rd to CR 100 • Louisiana 18” Waterline Phase 1B - CR 95 to CR 99 • Construction of a new six-million gallon water ground storage tank along Celina Rd and FM 428 • Celina Rd Pump Station Phase 3 Under Design • Dallas Pkwy 54”, 42”, and 36” Waterline from Celina Rd Pump Station to J. Fred Smith Pkwy • N Preston Rd 24” and 18” Waterline from Marble St to Public Works Administration Building • 12” waterline on Frontier Pkwy from Preston Hill Cir to Coit Rd WATER Under Construction • Installing Sewer Line from E Ash St to Preston Rd along S Oklahoma Dr • Installing Sewer Line along S Oklahoma Dr to Sunset Force Lift Station • Installing Sewer Line in Downtown Square as part of Downtown Patio Project SEWERUnderDesign • Downtown Wastewater Reclamation Plant Expansion to 3 MGD • Legacy Hills Wastewater Reclamation Plant Expansion to 0.95 MGD Phase 1 18Life Connected. Magazine | September-October 2022

Capital Improvement Project Under Construction • Preston Rd Street Lighting Phase 2 - Glendenning Rd to Lynn Stambaugh Pkwy • Dallas Pkwy Frontage Rd from FM 428 to Grayson County • Downtown Inner Loop Phase 1 - Improvements to storm drain system, roadway, water, sewer, lighting, and landscaping on Colorado Dr, Beech St, Ohio St, and Pecan St. • Maryland St and Lakeview Way - Improvements to drainage system and roadway panel replacements • S Utah Dr and W Cedar St - Improvements to storm drain system, roadway, water, and sewer • Installation of all-way stop signs at S Dallas Pkwy and Outer Loop • Outer Loop Eastbound Frontage Rd from Preston Rd to Custer Rd • Frontier Pkwy from Preston Rd to Dallas Pkwy • Doe Branch Creek bank stabilization along S Arkansas Dr between E Oak St and E Ash St Under Design • FM 428 (Glendenning Pkwy) Expansion to a six lane divided from Dallas Pkwy to Preston Rd • Preston Rd Lighting Phase 4 - N Legacy Dr to Marilee Rd • CR 53 Improvements - Doe Branch to Glen Crossing • Parvin Rd Asphalt Improvements - Asphalt Reconstruction from Bothwell Blvd to N Legacy Dr • Parvin Rd Schematic Phase 1 - Expansion to four lanes from FM 1385 to Dallas Pkwy • S Arizona Dr and S Colorado Dr Improvements from W Ash St to W Cedar St –storm drain, water, sewer, and roadway improvements • Dallas Pkwy and Collin County Outer Loop Eastbound Frontage Rd Temporary Traffic Signal • Ownsby Pkwy - Expansion to four lanes from Preston Rd to Coit Rd • Coit Rd - Construction of two lanes of concrete from west lane to north of Punk Carter Blvd. • Celina Pkwy Schematic Design - CR 52 to FM 428 • Preston Rd Lighting Phase 3 - Lynn Stambaugh Pwky to Legacy Dr • Frontier Pkwy from Preston Rd to Custer Rd • Choate Pkwy from Kinship Pkwy to Custer Rd UpdatesROADS continued 19 Life Connected. Magazine | September-October 2022

20Life Connected. Magazine | September-October 2022

National Night Out

October 4, 6:00 PM, Downtown Square

School Resource Officer Program LAW ENFORCEMENT CENTER • Main Headquarters • Community Room • Training Room • Office Space • Kitchen • Courtyard Space 21 Life Connected. Magazine | September-October 2022


The future Celina Law Enforcement Center, which will be located at the corner of Punk Carter Pkwy and Coit Rd, is scheduled to break ground in September. Designed by Brinkley Sargent Wiginton Architects and constructed by Lee Lewis Construction, Inc. the 75,000 square foot Law Enforcement Center will be constructed in multiple phases. The first phase will be 32,000 square feet and is scheduled to be completed in Spring 2024.

Each year, neighborhoods across Celina gather on the first Tuesday in October to celebrate National Night Out. The Celina Police Department hosts a free event on the Downtown Square to promote policecommunity partnerships and neighborhood camaraderie. While this event occurs in various neighborhoods, join our Celina Police Department on the Downtown Square for a big block party!

This September marks the second anniversary of the School Resource Officer Program, which is a partnership between the City of Celina and Celina ISD. The Celina School Resources Officers (SROs) are committed to providing a safe campus and environment for teachers and students. Along with providing enhanced security, SROs are also dedicated to making a positive impact on students by investing in their lives in a variety of ways. SROs work in partnership with the Celina ISD to provide students with important messages about bullying, cyber-bullying, alcohol and drug abuse, internet and chat room safety, bicycle helmet safety, and much more. They also serve as positive role models to students through coaching and mentoring to help them make good choices and learn about the consequences of negative behavior.

Phase 1 of the future Law Enforcement Center will include:


Tips Fire Station Open House October 29 | 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM Fire Station 2 - 1805 Light Farms Way Come & Go! Junior Firefighter Challenge | Station Tours YOU’RE INVITED! 22Life Connected. Magazine | September-October 2022

• Change your batteries in your smoke detectors: Home smoke detectors are an extremely important safety feature in your home. Make sure that they have fresh batteries and are working properly.

This summer, the Celina Fire Department battled multiple house fires due to lightning strikes from dry thunderstorms. With the hot and dry conditions in Texas this past summer, dry thunderstorms became more frequent and caused severe damage to houses and fields. Lightning strikes are not the only cause for house fires so it’s important to know what to do if a fire does occur so you can protect your family. Here are a few home safety tips:

• Emergency Escape Plan: One of the most important things to teach your family is how to get out of your home in a fire situation. Each home should develop an emergency escape plan. Once this plan is developed, it is important to practice your emergency escape at least twice a year.

The City of Celina will break ground in September 2022 on the future Fire Station 3, which will be located at the southeast corner of FM 1385 and Ballenger Road serving Sutton Fields and the surrounding areas. The future Fire Station 3 will include: • Five apparatus bays • Community room • Living, dining, and sleeping quarters • Gym • Locker rooms • Training room FIRE STATION 3

• Preventing kitchen fires: The kitchen is one of the most versatile rooms in your home. It is the hub where families congregate and spend time together. It can also be the most dangerous rooms in the house with over half of all house fires starting in the kitchen. Safety


23 Life Connected. Magazine | September-October 2022

Keeping Schools Safe


As Celina continues to experience the unparalleled development of neighborhoods across its vast footprint, residents now have students in grades K—12 attending class on five campuses in Celina ISD and multiple campuses in Prosper ISD. While a majority of families with school children in the City attend Celina ISD schools, nearly 3,000 students in Celina live within the district boundaries of Prosper ISD and attend schools in that neighboring district. Both districts are acclaimed for their beautiful campuses, excellent academic credentials, phenomenal fine arts programs, awardwinning faculty, and athletic prowess. In addition to excellence in the classroom and on the playing fields, there is another area in which these school districts excel—safe and secure schools. They are continuing their tireless work setting the standards for school safety with the best equipment, training, and programming that can be found.

On a Sunday afternoon in early August, scores of Celina residents walked the halls of numerous school campuses around the City, as has been the tradition for years. As they walked, they prayed aloud. They prayed for the children. They prayed for the teachers and administrators. They prayed for the memories that would be made in those hallways and classrooms for the joys that would be celebrated through the arts and on fields of athletic play. But this year, prayers could be heard that, perhaps, in the past went unspoken. People prayed for safety - safety in those same hallways, classrooms, cafeterias, and arenas. Where at one time the back-to-school focus was on new outfits, class schedules, school supplies, and Friday night lights, events over the past recent years have parents, educators, and law enforcement officials thinking, planning, and prioritizing as they never thought they would for things they never thought could happen.

Dr. Maglisceau, now in your 30th year in education, you arrived in Celina two and a half years ago. Do you believe the district’s campuses and facilities foster an environment of safety?

Fostering an environment of safety, care and love for learning is the foundation for academic success. In Celina ISD, our primary objective is to ensure we have a multifaceted approach that includes social-emotional and academic learning. As part of our overall strategic safety plan, our board and team collaboratively work with our police departments and surrounding emergency management agencies along with neighboring school districts, including Dr. Ferguson in Prosper ISD. Our district seeks leading experts in school safety from around the country to make sure we can meet any potential disturbance with a swift response. We work proactively throughout the year to train and conduct drills, and just last 24Life Connected. | September-October 2022

Life Connected. Magazine recently asked these four local leaders a series of questions that, when answered, would give residents who work in or send children to our schools and district facilities an overwhelming level of confidence as a new school year begins. The questions and their responses follow: Dr. Ferguson, you have served in the education field for over 20 years and have led Prosper ISD for the past three years. In all those years of working on district campuses, do you feel that our schools are safer today than ever before?


In Prosper ISD, our Board of Trustees has a long-standing commitment to ensuring that our campuses and facilities are well-equipped with layers of strategic security measures. First and foremost, our classrooms are equipped with educators who love their students and value their safety and well-being as much as anything they do. Out of that love and their calling to this profession, our district staff and administrators have spent countless hours in safety trainings, seminars, and exercises. We have our own Prosper ISD Police Department and at least one certified peace officer on every campus. We utilize the Standard Response Protocol, which is nationally recognized as best practice for scenarios that could interrupt a school day. I can say with confidence that any student attending Prosper ISD is in an environment where they can thrive and excel in the classroom and experience the thrill of participating in sports, academic competition, or the arts, all the while being confident that they are safe.

Leading each of these districts in safety programming for every school campus and district facility are two superintendents and two chiefs of police. Dr. Tom Maglisceau leads Celina ISD, and Dr. Holly Ferguson oversees Prosper ISD. Chief Chad Vessels leads the Prosper ISD Police Department, and Chief John Cullison is the Chief of Police in Celina. Along with officers from the Prosper Police Department and the Celina ISD Police Department, and in partnership with both fire departments and other local and state public safety partners, they have made the safety and well-being of each student, teacher, coach, staff member and administrator their highest priority, while still preparing for excellence in the normal school activities. Their work to make every place safe, including recent live training exercises in both districts, should not only exceed safety expectations, but it should make every resident and parent in both districts proud.

Dr. Maglisceau, do you believe that the teachers and school staff feel adequately trained and equipped to work alongside school resource officers to protect our schools and students? In Celina ISD, we have student resource officers from both CISD and the City of Celina working together to ensure a multi-departmental approach to campus safety. Our Celina ISD Police Chief Michael Proffer continuously collaborates with our Celina PD school resource

year CISD and PISD worked together with local emergency agencies and our district police departments to conduct an extensive reunification drill so our districts would be prepared for any event that necessitates a campus evacuation. Parents of students who live anywhere in Celina and send their students to either of these great school districts should do so with a sense of security that is secondto-none.

Chief Vessels, you have served in law enforcement for 20 years and in the Prosper ISD for the past 10 years. What do you believe that the people of our community expect from your officers that serve across the district’s campuses? I can answer that question because I have asked that question numerous times and have heard the responses of teachers, students, and residents in the community. Unequivocally, the top expectation for every officer working on any campus is, of course, to keep that campus safe and tightly secure and to protect the lives of those in a school facility. That is our top priority, and that will always be our top priority. Second to that, is our commitment to relationships. We have a commitment that every student who attends Prosper ISD from Kindergarten through 12th grade should have at least 500 positive interactions with Prosper ISD police officers. The trust we build through daily interactions with our students and family is crucial to our success. As we do so, we act as a bridge between the school community and law enforcement community creating respect that will positively impact the culture of our entire community. Thirdly, I believe there is an overall expectation for vigilance. Our officers are some of the best at this, and I have challenged them to model that for the students and staff they serve, so that, with all of us being watchful and aware, our schools and our community are the best and safest anywhere.

Chief Cullison, with over a quarter of a century in law enforcement service, do you believe that the role of the school resource officer is more important today than ever?

25 Life Connected. Magazine | September-October 2022

I believe that school resource officers are some of the finest and bravest law enforcement officers in the nation. Rarely in any spotlight, and yet never too far from an unexpected situation, they truly are the hidden heroes in the two districts that serve our City. The officers on our campuses are on the frontline every day, and they not only keep our school facilities safe, but they build a sense of confidence and security for the faculty and staff that work there, the students attending there, and the parents entrusting their children to us every day. All the while, they are working in our schools to foster relationships with students and staff—visiting in the lunchroom, stopping by the faculty lounge, watching the students’ extracurricular activities, and simply earning the respect of the people they protect. I am very proud of the collaborative work with our City and school police officers and with the departments in Prosper, and I believe this collaboration yields the safest possible environment for all of our school facilities.


I echo the words of Chief Vessels in abhorring the fact that we are forced to have these discussions; nevertheless, we must. The 26Life Connected. | 2022


“ I am very proud of the collaborative work with our City and school police officers.” officers along with our staff. Additionally, we utilize the school marshal program that positions highly-trained school marshals on every campus and throughout our facilities. All of these safety officers train extensively throughout the year and lead safety meetings and drills to help ensure that our staff understand district safety procedures and protocols. Our district utilizes the Standard Response Protocol endorsed by the Texas School Safety Center, and it is through this training that our campus and district staff members come to understand how our safety officers and staff support one another under each of these protocols.

I wish our schools and communities were void of evil, but incidents around the country have demonstrated that isn’t our reality. This means that exercises like the three-day active shooter training that we hosted at Prosper High School that included state and local law enforcement agencies, including first responders from both Prosper and Celina served to provide a very educational and highly intense training experience. Through multiple different scenarios, the attendees gained knowledge and experience that could ultimately save countless lives in such a horrific situation. Most importantly, these scenarios uncover the dire necessity for the prevention of such occurrences, so that we never come close to needing to use this training.

Dr. Ferguson, everyone in the community can’t attend exercises like the one the district recently hosted; but what can people in the community do to partner with our districts in school safety?

As the Chief mentioned, vigilance is something in which we can all participate whether someone is on a campus, attending a concert, or watching a game. The phrase, “If you see something, say something” is as important today as ever before. Being watchful and mindful at any school activity or event is the most important way the community can partner with us on safety. Secondly, expect a delay and have patience when entering schools or athletics facilities. Come a little early. Expect to spend some time going through security measures. Leave bags and purses in vehicles when possible. And remember that these small steps are keys to our staff and law enforcement officers being able to do their job and provide the safest and friendliest environments in North Texas. I would also encourage parents to talk to their students about school safety and the need to maintain an awareness of their surroundings. Students and parents can confidentially share their concerns with teachers and our campus police officers who are always available to visit with them should any issues ever arise.

Let me first say that I am deeply saddened by the fact that training exercises such as these are necessary.

Chief Vessels, Prosper High School recently hosted several days of exercises that gave officers and school leaders real-life experience in dealing with situations like those experienced around the country in recent years. Do you believe such trainings could make a life-or-death impact in such a situation?

Chief Cullison, in the event that a safety issue on a school campus or at a school event ever does arise, what steps should parents prepare to take while law enforcement officials lock-down a campus?


Dr. Ferguson, the early chapter of your life was spent in Celina and your illustrious current chapter has been spent in Prosper. You know this area as well as any. Do you think that, despite all the changes in our communities, this is still a great place for families to live and raise their children?

most important thing parents can do in the event of any instance involving law enforcement on a campus is to follow the directions of law enforcement officers on the scene and on our social media platforms. When schools are locked down, law enforcement agencies will often build and lock-down a large perimeter around the campus or facility. For their safety and the safety of those inside the building, parents will not be able to enter that area under any circumstances. Parents will be thoroughly communicated with and redirected to a reunification area where, at the appropriate time and following all district protocols, students will be returned to their parents. Last year, Celina ISD hosted a reunification drill where officers and school officials from Celina, Prosper, and other nearby communities practiced this very process.

27 Life Connected. Magazine | September-October 2022

Dr. Maglisceau, we hear stories on the news far too often about unconscionable events involving schools. Do you believe that better and brighter days are ahead for our education system, especially in these districts serving Celina families?

I will forever remain optimistic that our better days as a country are ahead of us, and we are fortunate to live in a great community where we believe in taking care of one another. Anything impacting our society— our culture as a country—is going to be felt in the schools. In CISD, we work hard to provide the physical and mental safety essentials that ensure each child and staff member feels their school helps them achieve their most ambitious goals and dreams. It will take all of us—wearing our Celina orange or Prosper green— to carry out the legacy of those who’ve come before us as we welcome into our growing cities those we do not yet know. Our best days are before us, and we should be forever thankful to live them out in the greatest community and in the greatest schools anywhere.

I cannot think of a better place for people to live and raise their children than in our community. We are growing and the landscape is changing, but the heart of our community and of our schools is not changing.

This is a place that revolves around schools and school activities. We value education and educators. We celebrate together, and we lean on each other when times are tough. When I was growing up, the children of the community were always the pride of the community. The people here have always been focused on a vision for our schools and community, strong in values, and grounded in love. We can grow to the farthest ends of our boundaries and still never give up those things that have made us who we are.

Parents should know that the primary concern of any officer or school official in such an event is the safety of their student and our ability to quickly reunify them.

Dr. Tom Maglisceau CISD Superintendent Dr. Holly Ferguson PISD Superintendent Chief John Cullison Chief of Police, Celina PD Chief Chad Vessels Chief of Police, Prosper ISD TO Marc Rylander, Author | Karen Fitzgerald, Celina ISD Director of Communications | Rachel Trotter, Prosper ISD Chief Communications Officer

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CELINA LIBRARYPUBLIC What’s New: SELF CHECKOUT If you’ve visited the Library recently, you may have seen the new self checkout machine near the counter! Once the software process is complete, patrons can use the machine to review items on reserve, items they have at home, and of course, checking out new items right then and there! The self checkout will help at times when the counter gets a little hectic, so have your card ready, watch the directions on the screen, and get in and out in lightning speed! Need a Library Card? Scan here to apply for one today! Local Artist, Brinley Ash, drawing 3D chalk art at the Library’s Summer Reading Program Party 29 Life Connected. Magazine | September-October 2022

Toddler Tuesdays Get those toddlers moving! We’ll dance, sing, and play with lots of manipulatives: egg shakers, scarves - and our11:30Everyparachute!Tuesday-12:30PM Baby Storytime Join us for a special storytime geared towards infants. Build your baby’s brainpower with gentle stories, bouncy rhymes, and cozy 10:30Everyfun!Wednesday-11:30AM Friday Story & Craft Time Join us for a story and craft! Every Friday | 10:30 - 11:30 AM SEE FULL LIBRARY CALENDAR Fall is the perfect time to take a stroll around Old Celina Park’s paved trails. Along the way, enjoy our Storybook Trail! STORYBOOK TRAIL September’s Featured Book October’s Featured Book Weekly Library Programming 30Life Connected. Magazine | September-October 2022


Protecting kids online starts with knowing how to talk to your kids about being online, and how to help them make good decisions and stay safe. Learn practical tips and ideas for getting the conversation started about social networking, privacy, mobile devices, computer security, and dealing with cyberbullying with Celina Police Det. Josh Armstrong. (In person only)

On the first Tuesday of October, the Celina Police Department hosts its National Night Out, a free event on the Downtown Square, to promote policecommunity relationships. While this event occurs in various neighborhoods around the community, join our Celina Police Department on the Downtown Square for Celina’s biggest block party!

31 Life Connected. Magazine | September-October 2022

Touch-A-Truck 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM | Downtown Square 9/17

Friday Night Market is a great way to get outside, shop local, eat delicious food, and listen to live music – all held in Celina’s historic Downtown Square. Friday Night Market features a fantastic variety of vendors with something for everyone. Make sure to #ShopLocal and support our homemade, handmade, and homegrown vendors.

Resident Workshop: Welcome to Celina 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM | City Council Chambers 9/26

September’s musical guest will be Chris Baggett. Friday Night Market 6:00 – 9:00 PM | Downtown Square 9/9

THINGS TO DO Around Celina

National Night Out 6:00 - 9:00 PM | Downtown Square 10/4 Saddle up your whole family and come out as the historic Downtown Square is transformed into the Wild, Wild West. Celina Heritage Festival celebrates Celina’s history and cowboy culture by hosting a Cowboy Poetry Contest. There will be fun activities for the whole family, including free western carnival games, calf roping lessons, and a community art project, and more! Celina Heritage Festival 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM | Downtown Square 9/24

Join other newcomers to Celina as you learn all about City services in addition to learning how you can engage in your own neighborhood and community. This event presented by Life Connected. is a one-hour workshop and will provide residents with all the facts and resources necessary to be a successful and engaged resident in our incredible town. (In person only)

Touch-a-Truck is a “wheelie” exciting, family-fun event that gives attendees an opportunity to explore the ins and outs of the City equipment and tools that staff use to keep the City running. This free Downtown event offers kids of all ages an interactive and fun-learning experience. Representatives from various City departments will be onsite with their vehicles to answer questions and hand out goodies.

Celina Oktoberfest 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM | Downtown Square 10/1

Celina City Council Meetings occur on the second Tuesday of each month at 5:00 PM in the City Council Chambers located at 112 N. Colorado St. City Council Meetings are livestreamed and recorded. Visit City Council Meeting 5:00 PM | City Council Chambers 9/13

The Fourth Annual Celina Oktoberfest celebrates German culture, but with a true Texas twist. Oktoberfest, which is presented by the Celina Chamber of Commerce, allows attendees to enjoy authentic food, a bountiful selection of imported and locally-brewed craft beers, live music, dancing, contests, and other special www.celinaoktoberfest.comevents.

The Debrief: Online Child Safety 6:00 – 7:00 PM | City Council Chambers 9/12

The Celina EDC is hosting a special Young Entrepreneur event at October’s Friday Night Market. They have partnered with 10 school-age entrepreneurs to showcase their handmade or homemade products. Please mark your calendars and come out to support our creative, hometown kiddos. 32Life Connected. Magazine | September-October 2022

Beware! Of the Square draws thousands of zombies, superheroes, princesses, and anime characters to the Downtown Square for one spooky and sweet event. Come find out why Celina is recognized as the Halloween Capital of North Texas with our abundance of free activities, including a haunted house, trick-or-treating, kids zone, escape rooms, and even a Thriller Flash Mob!

Troubadour Festival 10:00 AM – 12:00 AM | Old Celina Park 10/15

The City’s Public Works Department puts together three Clean Sweep events during the calendar year. On October 8, the City will host its fall Clean Sweep event where residents are invited to bring their bulk trash, household hazardous waste items, and more for disposal. This event is open to all Celina residents with proof of residency. Celina Clean Sweep 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM | 10165 CR 106, Celina 10/8

Troubadour Festival is a multi-location Texas BBQ and music festival that pays homage to the traveling songwriter and the State’s BBQ scene. This year, Troubadour will bring 40-plus of the best and most celebrated BBQ joints from across the State of Texas.

Friday Night Market is a great way to get outside, shop local, eat delicious food, and listen to live music – all held in Celina’s historic Downtown Square. Friday Night Market features a fantastic variety of vendors with something for everyone. Make sure to #shoplocal and support our homemade, handmade, and homegrown vendors. October’s musical guest will be CJ Briscoe. Friday Night Market 6:00 – 9:00 PM | Downtown Square 10/14

Beware! Of the Square 4:00 – 9:00 PM | Downtown Square 10/22

Celina City Council Meetings occur on the second Tuesday of each month at 5:00 PM in the City Council Chambers located at 112 N. Colorado St. City Council Meetings are livestreamed and recorded. Visit City Council Meeting 5:00 PM | City Council Chambers 10/11

Parks & Recreation

The new Senior Center will expand from 1,500-square feet to nearly 5,000-square feet and will include additional space for an exercise room, craft room, full kitchen, open meeting area, and a new parking lot. The plan, which has been two years in the making, provides more opportunities to provide programming for Celina’s senior Theresidents.planfor the historic Bobcat Stadium complex will be to repurpose the stadium into an amphitheater for future entertainment events. The City of Celina announced a cooperation with the Celina ISD and Ousley Family for the land acquisition in April 2022. New Senior Center Renderings on the entrance to the future Celina Senior Center in Ousley Park 33 Life Connected. 2022

Magazine | September-October

The City of Celina Senior Center will be finding a new home in Summer 2023. The current Senior Center, which is located next to City Hall, will be moving to the historic Bobcat Field on E Pecan St as part of the long-term plans to repurpose the old football stadium complex.

WEEKLY SENIOR CENTER PROGRAMMING Mondays10:30AMExercise11:15AMLunch WoodTuesdays1:00PMCarvingGamesBridge Wednesdays10:30AMExercise11:15AMLunch KnittingbyThursdays10:30AMVolleyballSher-Den12:00PM&Sewing 11:1510:30FridaysAMExerciseAMLunch If you are interested in providing a program, sponsoring a lunch, or making a donation, please contact the Celina Senior Center at (972) 382-7730 or contact Jeff Davis, Assistant Parks Director, at (972) 382-2682 (x6002). Registration for Winter Basketball is open from October 3 - 30. Sign up at 34Life Connected. Magazine | September-October 2022

On Tuesday, November 8, Celina residents will have an opportunity to vote on Ordinance No. 2022-100, which would legalize “the legal sale of all alcoholic beverages including mixed beverages in the City of Celina. Below is a summary of the Ordinance:

“An ordinance of the City Council of the City of Celina, Texas, ordering a special local option election to be held on November 8, 2022, for the purpose of submitting to the qualified voters of the City of Celina the following issue: legalizing the legal sale of all alcoholic beverages including mixed beverages in the City of Celina; designating locations and hours of polling; ordering notices of election to be given as prescribed by law in connection with such election; authorizing the Mayor and City Secretary to take all actions necessary to comply with applicable election laws; providing a severability clause and providing an effective date.”


The deadline to register and be eligible to vote in the November 8, 2022 election is October 11, 2022. This can be either the postmark date or the date the application is received in the office of the voter registrar. You may, of course, register at any time before that date to ensure that your registration is effective for voting. You can obtain a voter registration application from your voter registrar’s office, libraries, most post offices, and high schools. You can also fill out a voter registration application online or request a postagepaid application to be mailed to you.

35 Life Connected. Magazine | September-October 2022

Phone: (972) 547-1990 or (972) 424-1460 by Mail voterregistration@collincountytx.govVoterabsenteemailballoting@collincountytx.govEmail:RegistrationEmail: Collin County Elections Department


Special Election - November 8

701 Kimberly Dr, Suite A101 Denton, TX 76208 Office Hours: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Monday –Friday) Website: Phone: (940) 349-3200 Email:

2010 Redbud Blvd, Suite 102 McKinney, TX 75069 Office Hours: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Monday –Website:Friday)


Denton County Elections Department Deadline to Register

The Citizens Government Academy is a great way to learn more about the responsibilities of City staff and the role of Celina City Council.

Fall 2022 CGA Class

Back Row (L-R): Greg Boyer, Jeremy Page, John Hastings, Ryan Tubbs, Kelly Thompson, and Jack Ousley


Front Row (L-R): Joy Martinez, Peggy Lee, Jill Hastins, Pam Denson, David Hogue, Clyde Hudson, Jr., and Victoria Lovinggood

The Celina Citizens Government Academy program provides an educational opportunity for residents and business owners to learn more about local government at the operational level. The four-month program highlights a variety of departments, programs, and services and hears directly from a number of City departments. Participants will learn the basic roles and functions of municipal government through inperson simulations, presentations, and activities.

The Citizen Government Academy is open to residents and business owners in Celina who are 18 years or older. All participants must verify they will not miss more than two meetings.

Middle Row (L-R): Marc Vandereviere and Tony Stone

36Life Connected. Magazine | September-October 2022

142 North Ohio Street, Celina, TX 75009 Email: Website:

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