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Thursday, Feb 27, 2020







YES. OUR RATES ARE TOO HIGH DOMINIC MOBBS We have all recently received from the Cassowary Coast Regional Council (CCRC) our rates notice accompanied by a leaflet titled, “Your Rates Dollars: How They Work For You”. It is useful that Council provides this extra information, but how much of it is slanted to excuse our high level of rates? The leaflet includes sections implying that here on the Cassowary Coast we pay higher rates because we have a smaller rate base and population density than Cairns, Townsville and Brisbane, plus higher road maintenance. The message is that the high rates we pay are not the fault of our Council and the rates are

reasonable because there are mitigating circumstances. The problem, we are told, is that councils with lower populations and lower rate bases cannot achieve the lower rate levels of larger cities. The Council leaflet states, “Our rate base is smaller compared to other Councils, which is why we pay more for services and infrastructure.” On the face of it, this seems logical. But really how relevant are comparisons with major cities like Cairns and Brisbane? Would it not be more appropriate to compare CCRC with similar sized nearby and coastal based councils in NQ? CCIN took up the challenge and the results are revealing.

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Sari Hyytinen CCIN Editor’s Column

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BIO: OWNER/EDITOR of CCIN. Sari was born and raised in Tully. After she completed a Bachelor of Social Work in Townsville she moved to Sydney for ten years. Whilst in Sydney she worked in Youth homelessness at Youth Off The Streets and completed writing courses with the Sydney Writers Centre. Sari returned to FNQ and with the assistance of her father started CCIN. Ten weeks after starting CCIN she was involved in a very serious car accident; sustaining life-threatening injuries. She unable to work for a number of months and her family helped her through this period. When she was well enough she returned to running the Newspaper while continuing to overcome her injuries; coping with a traumatic brain injury. She has been lucky to have supportive staff and a supportive community as she continues to go through a difficult time.

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It is important for businesses to support each other. We are all going

through a difficult time in the Cassowary Coast. To be able to continue offering services, local businesses and community members need to support each other. Here at CCIN we have regular clients who support us all the time, and their support is invaluable for CCIN to continue to inform our local community of local news that affects all of us. Economic development is changing all the time and because of this, one week is up and the other is down. For the continued growth of the Cassowary Coast in this time of economic downturn we all need to acknowledge that we need each other. CCIN being an independent newspaper brings many benefits to the community because we don’t have a management team based in Sydney telling us what we can and cannot report on, and who can and can not advertise or work with us. Local content is valuable. Who is willing to report on our local Lions and Lionesses? Our Rotary or our Meals on Wheels? Who would cover our local bowls, golf, darts, fishing, tennis?

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REGION RAINFALL January/February 2020

Rainfall Tully (YTD 550.9mm) S







26 44.0

27 50.0

28 10.5

29 40.0

30 16.0

31 40.4

1 5.0

2 19.0

3 26.0







10 14.0







17 5.0


19 1.4


21 0.2

22 9.0

23 56.0

24 38.0

25 6.0

26 59.0




THE Facts about De-sexing: Responsible pet ownership includes the de-sexing of pets. Most unwanted healthy puppies and kittens in Qld ended up euthanised. Puppies and kittens can routinely be de-sexed from five months of age depending on the breed

Rainfall Cardwell (YTD 685.6mm) Rainfall Innisfail (YTD 550.0mm) S














26 112.0

27 47.0

28 6.0

29 50.0

30 16.0

31 42.0


26 29.8

27 8.2

28 17.4

29 22.0

30 70.2

31 37.0

1 3.4

2 30.0

3 1.0


5 1.2




2 6.0

3 11.2







10 8.0

11 15.0






10 3.0

11 20.2







18 3.0

19 5.0






18 4.0

19 3.0


21 13.0

22 9.2

23 63.0

24 110.0

25 17.0

26 24.0




23 64.2

24 13.0

25 13.4

26 5.0




Page 2 Cassowary Coast Independent News, Thursday, February 27, 2020

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Schools Musical Production

When and where to be in 2020

28th - Mission Beach Lioness Club Biggest Morning Tea

February 2020

29th - Australias biggest morning Tea Warrina lakes innisfail

29th - Hand Heart Pocket May 2020 3rd - Feast of the Three Saints 90th Celebration 8th - Ulysses Cluster State Schools Musical Production 9th - Ulysses Cluster State

benefit to the animal. If you do not intend breeding from your pet, then the best thing you can do for your pet and for the community is to get it de-sexed at an early age. A de-sexed pet is still a very happy pet!

June 2020 27 -Debutantes Ball July 2020 4th -Tully Lioness Craft Fair Tully Country Club 18th - Mission Beach Lioness Club Cent Sale

August 2020 1st & 2nd - El Arish 100 Weekend 29 - Tully Horticultural and Garden Club Flower Show September 2020 12 -St Clare’s Fete 20th - Rotary take a kid Fishing To advertise your function please phone Ph: (07) 4068 0088


YES, OUR RATES ARE TOO HIGH CONTINUED FROM PG1 TABLE 1 contains data These numbers are calculated for a residential property in the main town in each of the regions. To make the comparisons fair, CCIN used the median unimproved land values for each region (from the Qld. Valuer General’s Reports) and applied a standard water-use of 200kl pa. The population and council area figures come from the Regional profiles compiled by the Queensland Government’s Statisticians Office. Highlighted in chart 2 are comparative net rates and charges, plus population densities.

This chart clearly shows that all mid-size NQ Councils with lower population density than CCRC have lower rates and charges, some substantially lower. Our rates and charges are the highest of all the mid-size councils in NQ. Look particularly at a ratepayer in Ingham (Hinchinbrook). This area also has high rainfall and, while Hinchinbrook is not quite as wet as Cassowary Coast, they have had more severe flooding in recent years, causing much road damage. Hinchinbrook has about a third of our population and their population density is much lower, yet its rates and charges are a whopping $829 less than ours are. You would expect that a tiny region like Cook Shire with only 4,445 residents, or only 15% of our population, would be the most expensive of this group. Yet their bill is slightly lower than ours is. So much for the Council’s theory that rates are always higher in lower population density regions. In fact, apart from Cook Shire, an extreme case with very low population, all the other NQ

councils analysed and charted have annual rates and charges that are $421 to $1168 a year lower than ours are. The Council leaflet suggests the Cassowary Coast region has more roads, and especially unsealed roads, that are far more expensive to maintain than these other regions do. Is this true? Table 3 shows that assertion is entirely untrue. The amount of roads that Mareeba has to maintain is over 94% higher than Cassowary Coast, and Tablelands is 56% higher, with substantially more unsealed roads. When we consider the KMs of roads to be maintained per thousand residents, CCRC has the least burden. Mareeba certainly has a drier climate, but has the largest road maintenance load per thousand residents – more than twice the challenge of CCRC. CCRC, by having rates and charges at $829pa more than Hinchinbrook, is obtaining over $13million pa more revenue from ratepayers compared to what it would get from charging Hinchinbrook’s level of rates. A vast amount of that extra revenue collected goes on nonroads services. If roads are the dominating factor causing the differences, then Mareeba, Hinchinbrook and Tablelands should be the ones with the high rates. Well-known regional economist, Pete Faulkner of Conus Business Consulting, told CCIN, “It is tough for the Cassowary Coast Regional Council to close the gap. It has grown to that size over decades and it is not the making of one recent council. The cyclones in our region in recent years have had an impact and caused us to renew many assets. That adds to depreciation costs

so our depreciation is high compared to some councils. In rough terms our costs are split in thirds between depreciation, labour and services. The ability of any council to alter depreciation is limited, and you cannot change labour costs quickly.” CCIN agrees, addressing this large gap in our rates versus rates in nearby regions cannot happen quickly. Council recently agreed a new Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA) with its workforce that locks in 2.5%pa increases, hence reducing labour charges would be difficult without cuts in employee numbers. So this gap will not be closed in one council term and will undoubtedly take several terms to fix. However, councils must not throw their hands in the air by peddling myths about population densities and road maintenance, nor claim rate levels cannot be changed; they can, by nibbling a little off each year. The next council will need our level of rates to be on its radar because it is economic ‘lead in our saddle bags’ for the region. People looking to move into the area are often alarmed when they see the rates bills, and for pensioners and single parents in particular it is nearly impossible to move here. And how do small businesses compete with other regions with such high rates? In this regard CCIN’s data analysis here has concentrated on residential rates and properties. A preliminary examination of commercial rates, however, also shows the gap between CCRC and other councils is even worse for these payers than for residential ratepayers. Could this Council have done more? They will point to the low average rate increases in the

last four years but nearly all councils, apart from a few exceptions (where they demerged), did the same in that period. And as CCIN will point out in a forthcoming article on this Council’s transparency record, their use of averages often covers up what is really going on. Consider Council’s media release regarding the 2017/18 budget where it boasted that the year’s rate rise of 1.65% was the “lowest since amalgamation.” What Council omitted to mention was this average hid a 5.2% increase in residential rates in the dollar, offset by a 19.2% fall for the primary production category. There are a few glaring examples where CCRC could save dollars without impacting services. The $1.5m spent suing residents and the associated waste of executive time over the past few years was/is unproductive and unnecessary; enough has been said and written about that. This Council changed its organization structure and created an executive team of eight reporting to the CEO. There were only four previously. CCRC added an ‘Executive Manager’, though most mid-sized councils do executive support work for their CEO via their governance department. That’s doubling up; CCRC now has both an Executive Manager/Deputy CEO plus Governance Co-ordinator/Manager and both are apparently on the Executive Team. An extra executive costs Council in the region of $200,000pa all up. Then look at this Council’s substantial expansion of the media/public relations department, now costing ratepayers around $400,000 pa. The previous Council functioned with just a single person in




Whitsunday Tablelands Burdekin



Mt Isa

Cooktown Mareeba

Charters Towers



Douglas Port Douglas




Mt Isa


Median UIV ($K) Gen. Rates at Median UIV ($) Charges ($)

68 1487 2437

56 1010 1862

140 1029 2122

104 1247 1942

97 1262 2081

75 1233 1713

60 1065 2376

80 1216 2140

94 953 2475

49.5 1212 1475

Total ($) Discount ($) Rates & Charges Total ($)

3924 223 3701

2872 0 2872

3151 0 3151

3189 144 3045

3343 63 3280

2947 0 2947

3441 107 3334

3356 122 3234

3428 0 3428

2687 154 2533

Rates & Charges excl State EM Levy ($)











Main Town


CCRC Excess ($) Population ('000s)


829 10.8

549 12.3

656 35.0

421 25.5

754 17.1

367 4.5

467 22.5

272 18.9

1168 11.9

Area Km2











These numbers are calculated for a residential property in the main town in each of the regions. To make the comparisons fair, CCIN used the median unimproved land values for each region (from the Qld. Valuer General’s Reports) and applied a standard water-use of 200kl pa. The population and council area figures come from the Regional profiles compiled by the Queensland Government’s Statisticians Office.

media. We, at CCIN, see a constant stream of media releases from Council informing us of important events like ‘a cat on the Target building roof being saved.’ While information distribution needs have undoubtedly increased, do ratepayers really need to be paying for this type of trivia to be distributed? We also regularly hear councillors moaning about how their achievements are unrecognised. Does it surprise ratepayers that this Council appears, at this pre-election moment, to be frantically spending ratepayers’ funds telling us how good they are. Is this why “Organisational Support” has jumped from $2.04 to $5.26 for every dollar of our general rates? These three unnecessary spends alone; legal adventures, excessive executives and a bloated media department add up to a possible $0.8m pa in savings available, without cutting any services. Given every $400,000 is 1% of general rates revenue that’s a potential 2% rate reduction. That’s only nibbling away at the rates gap, but with 15,700 rateable properties, that’s still an average saving of over $50 per annual rates notice. Not a fortune but a handy start. CCIN welcomes comments and feedback on this article via letters to the editor. If you would like the full database, feel free to contact CCIN.


TABLE 3 Region

Total KMs Roads

% Unsealed

KMs of Roads Maintained per 1000 Residents













Cassowary Coast




COUNCIL ELECTIONS UPDATE The Local Government elections will be held on 28 March 2020. Below is the current state of play. CONFIRMED MAYORAL CANDIDATES Mayor John Kremastos Bryce Macdonald Cr. Mark Nolan CONFIRMED COUNCILLOR CANDIDATES 1 Cr. Glenn Raleigh; Gabi Plumm; Kenn Parker; Neville Goggi; Barry Barnes 2 Cr. Wayne Kimberley; Teresa Millwood; Leonie Barra; Ross Sorbello; Peter Reed 3 Trudy Tschui; Hilary Watson 4 Bonny Bauer; Nicholas Pervan; Angelina Battiato; Laura Spooner; Sybbie Nucifora; Dianne Mauloni 5 Cr. Jeff Baines; Tammie Davidson; George Andy; Cheryl Scott 6 Cr. Ben Heath; Kylie Farinelli; Tony Ucchino; Harry Tenni; WHICH DIVISION ARE YOU IN? Division 1: Cardwell, Kennedy, Bilyana, Euramo, Murray Upper, Lower Tully, Tully Heads, East Feluga, Hull Heads. Division 2: Tully, Feluga, El Arish, Silkwood, Mena Creek. Division 3: South Mission Beach, Wongaling Beach, Mission Beach, Bingil Bay, Kurrimine Beach, Silkwood East. Division 4: East Palmerston, South Johnstone, Goondi, Wangan, Mundoo. Division 5: Parts of Innisfail, Vasa Views, Flying Fish Point, Coconuts, Innisfail Estate. Division 6: Cowley Beach, East Innisfail, Mourilyan, South Innisfail, Etty Bay, Moresby.


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Cassowary Coast Independent News, Thursday, February 27, 2020 Page 3


Did you know the Tully Support Centre (TSC) provides services to communities throughout the Cassowary Coast? In fact, the TSC has staff providing services five days a week in Innisfail, three days a week in Mission Beach, one day a week in Cardwell, and four days a week in Tully. In addition, the TSC conducts regular home visits to community members throughout the region. This includes safety upgrades for women and children affected by Domestic and Family Violence, food parcels for families struggling financially, parent interviews for children engaged in Domestic Violence Counselling, parenting support, budgeting assistance, and more. The TSC is constantly working to improve service delivery and service access in our community. As a result, the TSC has partnered with

Australian Personal Management to provide drop-in face-toface access to family support staff Wednesday mornings from 9:00am – 12:00pm out of their office in the Cassowary Shopping Village at Wongaling Beach. This is in addition to our weekly office-based Adult and Child Domestic and Family Violence counselling services funded by the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women; and our regular home-based service delivery in Mission Beach. You do need an appointment to see the family support worker. They are available to answer your questions, provide advice about services and referrals, and book in-home appointments. In addition to regular service delivery, the TSC also delivers groups and workshops in communities throughout the region. This year we are planning a grant workshop and child protection week activity in Mission Beach, Volunteers weeks and Mental Health week activities in Cardwell and working to turn

the entire Cassowary Coast Purple for Domestic and Family Violence month in May. The TSC is also working with other service providers to bring Certificate III studies to our region and improve awareness of services for Carers, people affected by drugs and alcohol and their families, and legal information. To keep up to date with all of the services, workshops, activities, and information sessions planned and conducted by the TSC, follow the TSC on Facebook, check out our website, and of course read your CCIN! The Tully Support Centre is funded by the Queensland Government and services communities throughout the Cassowary Coast. The Tully Support Centre is located at 54 Bryant Street in Tully, opening hours Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9am to 1pm & 2pm to 4pm and Wednesday 9am to 1pm & 2pm to 6pm. To register your interest or more info about groups and other services please call 40 681 004, check the Tully Support Centre online at or follow us on Facebook “Tully Support Centre Inc.”

MARCH ROSTER CARDWELL MEALS ONWHEELS Monday March 2 – Wende White & Fran Brady Wednesday March 4 – Colleen & Rod Tennent Friday March 6 – Caroline Dyer & Margaret Cerezo Monday March 9 – Jim Colyer & Anthony Cois Wednesday March 11 – Eric Wagemaker & Lynette Rainey Friday March 13 – John Newsome & Elaine DeBrueys Monday March 16 – Don & Lee Porter

Wednesday March 18 – Ian & Jennifer McCallan Friday March 20 – Kay Ison & Ros Oellermann Monday March 23 – Don & Lee Porter Wednesday March 25 – Gail Hutchins & Sue Hart Friday March 27 – Lee Porter & Molly Dunn Monday March 30 – Mandy McGree & Annette Goodhew

TULLY MEALS ON WHEELS ROSTER FOR MARCH 2020 Monday 2 Chrissy Argyros Pam French Carol Carstensen Terry Ryan Bruno Barra Ken Blair Judy Hood Wednesday 4 Jan Pease Marilyn Weigand Carol Carstensen Pam Sgroi Rose Battiato Dina and Lou Campagnolo Friday 6

Marilyn Weigand Carol


Marilyn Weigand Melissa Hall Roy Favier Sam Pappalardo Wednesday 18 Jan Pease Carol Carstensen Marilyn Weigand Megan Cairns Margaret Schafer Janette Evans Josie Pease Friday 20 Marilyn Weigand Carol Carstensen Trish Lardi Noelene Worsley Mary Bacic Linda Mackay Mary Mac Donald Karen Edwards

Tully Senior Citizens news CRAFT – CARDS – CHAT – CUPPA

We are having a 4 Cs morning once a month at the in Blackman Street at 9.30am starting Friday Feb 28. Morning Tea included in $5 entry. Bring along any craft or project you are currently working on. Cards and Mah-jong will be taught if needed. Transport can be arranged please ring Veronica at 0418189606 or Lyn at 0417646808. ALL WELCOME

Innisfail Breast Cancer Support Group Bra Fitting Morning Tea MARIA GIRGENTI MORE than 12 ladies from across the region recently attended a free morning tea hosted by the Innisfail Breast Cancer Support Group to assist women who have had a mastectomy with the fitting of specialised bras and prostheses. The program is made possible with the assistance of Alison Skardon from Figgers Smithfield and Terrain Innisfail (who provide the group with free use of their facilities and a venue with disability access). Many of the ladies were accompanied by partners, family and friends who came along for moral support and also enjoyed a relaxing cuppa and the chance to mingle and speak with other women. On the day, McGrath Foundation Breast Care Nurse Deirdre Duyvestyn and Queensland Health Breast Care Nurse Benedicte Houfflain from Cairns were also available for ladies to have a chat. Ladies in the Cassowary Coast have access to Duyvestyn and Houfflain, the two Breast Care Nurses who have an office and counselling room in Breast Screen building. These

nurses provide a free service of support and education for public and private patients who have been given a breast cancer diagnosis and their families. There are currently 135 McGrath Foundation Breast Care nurses in Australia and have started recruiting metastatic breast cancer nurses. More information can be found at www.mcgrathfoundation. These nurses provide advice to patients and their families, as well as coordinate patient care and look after ladies and men from Cardwell to Cape/Torres Strait Islands. At any one time, the three nurses can be looking after 300 patients per year who have been newly diagnosed in the Cairns catchment area, and monthly statistics are provided to McGrath Foundation and Queensland Health. These nurses support patients from the time to diagnosis and all the way through acute treatment stage for a period of up to two years. While breast care nurses are the centre point for patients, they can also refer patients to other services such as psychology, social workers, as well as

other multi-disciplinarian clinicians and are well supported by nursing staff in chemotherapy and radiation areas. "More ladies are realising the importance of breast screening every two years as a method of early detection, recognising that early intervention means higher survival rates. Statistics from McGrath Foundation show over 90% of people in Australia are survivors five years after diagnosis which is due to improvements in treatment, targeted therapies and research," said Duyvestyn. Any ladies with a family history of breast cancer are encouraged to start screening at the age of 40, while others will be invited from the electoral role to start screening when they turn 50. Referrals can be made by patients or family members and the three breast care nurses can be contacted by calling 4226 5000 or via email: cairns. For further information on IBCSG and its services, please contact Zoe on 0419 270 026 or visit Innisfail Breast Cancer Support Group Facebook page.

Kate Henry Pam Cridland Gordon Williams Avis Ray

Monday 23 tensen Pam French

Monday 9 Chrissy Argyros Pam French Carol Carstensen Veronica Lizzio Francis Lizzio Ray Wicks Brenda Wicks

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Wednesday 11 Jan Pease Marilyn Weigand Carol Carstensen Jill Mackay Sue Althas Debbie Pennisi Lori Smith Stan Smith Friday 13 tensen Sue Robson

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Sue Robson Carol Carstensen Tanya Fair Leslie Southen

Wednesday 25 Jan Pease Marilyn Weigand Carol Carstensen Anne Pacey Loraine Cargnello Joan Mercer Bob Wellington Friday 27 Marilyn Weigand Carol Carstensen Anita Stapley Rod Bradley Val Bradley Leslee Marker Donna Jones Monday 30 Chrissy Argyros Carol CarsMarilyn Weigand Terry Ryan Bruno Barra Silvano Zorzetto Ken Blair tensen

Monday 16 tensen Pam French

Chrissy Argyros Carol Cars-

Chrissy Argyros Carol Cars-

Page 4 Cassowary Coast Independent News, Thursday, February 27, 2020

McGrath Foundation Breast Care Nurses Deirdre Duyvestyn and Benedicte Houfflain, Alison Skardon from Figgers, Smithfield and ladies who attended the bra fitting morning with a selection of the lovely bras available for sale


Mrs Santa Vasta Celebrates her 106th Birthday SEAN DENT Santa Vasta’s son, Joe gets a grin on his face when he talks about his mum, but it’s at its widest when he recounts stories that demonstrate how tough she is. “When she was about to turn 99, we decided to have a birthday party for her because we thought she might not make it to 100, but here she is. Every year, she keeps showing us up,” he said. He reflects often on the challenges she’s faced her whole life. “In 1967, she got hit by a drunk driver and broke her back. I broke a leg in the same accident,

but she was in hospital for six months, and another three months of recovering at home. A lot of people would have given up. Not my mum.” In her late 90s, she again faced a huge challenge: this time, breast cancer. “The doctor told her the best course of action was to have them removed. She didn’t flinch. She just said, ‘Well, I’m not using them anymore.’ Then she just carried on with the battle against cancer till she won.” Santa was born on February 16, 1914 in Milo, Sicily – the second child of Alfio and Rosaria Giuffrida.

Her first tragedy was when her youngest brother went to fight in WWII. He never returned and was declared Missing in Action. “Losing her brother made a big impact on her life. She was heartbroken and talked about him for years. At one point I remember wanting to get a gun, but she said no guns,” Joe said. He believes that particular devastation was why she started a family so late in life. She married Giovanni Vasta in Italy in 1947 when she was 33 and gave birth to her first child the next year. The year after that, they came to Australia to cut cane, to

make some money, and to go back home one day. But they ended up staying in Silky Oak, although Santa did go back to Sicily twice, the last time in 2006 when she was 92 years old. Giovanni never got the chance to return to his homeland. Santa lost her second child, a daughter, at just two days old. She later had Joe and two more daughters. One of the reasons Santa gives for her longevity is her faith, her love of Italian food, and staying active. Joe told me that when they went to Italy together, even though she was 92, she insisted on walking up the stairs everywhere

because she hates escalators. It wasn’t she who got tired from the walking; it was Joe, who practically begged her: could they please take the escalator? It was during that trip that she visited the Vatican for the first time. It should be pointed out

that Santa and Giovanni never got a driving licence or drove a car. They walked everywhere their whole lives. So, of course she can outwalk Joe. In 1993, Santa lost Giovanni, the love of her life. This year Santa got another letter from Queen Eliz-

abeth and celebrated the milestone with her children, her 12 grandchildren and 17 great grandchildren. She currently lives at Mercy Place Westcourt in Cairns, which Joe says she loves. “They treat her so well there, like she’s family.”

Mrs Santa Vasta Celebrates her 106th Birthday with some of her family

Fashion Mystery Woman to Take Tully by Storm A fashion mystery is coming to visit Tully for a short-term engagement to offer the mature women of the region a new fashion experience. I met with the lady behind it this week, she is not releasing her name because it is all about the fashion. Her fashion collection will first appear to the women of Tully on March 5 at 8:30am at a pop-up shop in Banyan Plaza beside IGA. The pop-up shop will be there for a limited engagement of just five weeks, and the lady told me she is going to be recognised at that point since she’s pretty well-known in Tully. Together with friends, she is on a mission to return to our ladies a feeling of self-confidence, of style, of being a woman. “Twenty years ago in Tully, everyone dressed nicely for just walking down the street. Everyone had a new dress for the Tully Show every year. It was an exciting and glamourous time. Well, we want to bring that back.” They did give me a chance to check out the merchandise and see what makes it different—what makes it something that will draw

women to their pop-up shop. “The first thing is, these clothes are designed with the mature woman in mind, just like us. That means the cloth is cotton or linen, because at our age and in this climate, we want to feel comfortable in every way.” Practicality, though, is not the top priority. “What the ladies will find here are dresses, shirts, and pants steeped in simplicity, elegance, and style. Just as important, they’ll see clothes that are integratable, that work together and that will work with their existing accessories such as shoes, belts, and jewellery.” They showed us how one dress could look good on a 60-year-old woman, or a girl in her late teens just by what they wear with it. “Maybe the young girl wears a belt and high heels, whereas the mature woman accessorises it with subtle earrings.” They said it’s not necessary for the clients to be fashion experts. In fact, the owner most looks forward to using her and her friends’ decades of fashion experience to help teach clients new ideas. “We can walk them through


various options, different things they can do with the clothes that can turn an outfit from something they can wear to the beach that morning into something they can wear later that night to a more formal occasion.” In fact, one of the things they most enjoy doing is helping men buy clothes for their wives or girlfriends. They showed me a dress and asked me if I considered it stylish or fashionable. To my untrained male eye, it looked not too unlike a sack you might lug coconuts around in. She then showed me what she could do with it, demonstrating to me that most men might just lack the women’s fashion gene, causing me to backtrack on my initial opinion. I could see it then. The owner together with friends has been planning this venture for a couple of years, and she is clearly very excited about it. “A big part of this is to keep the money they spend in the town. But the most exciting part is showing mature women, women like us, that they can still look elegant.” The mystery is going to

be short-lived because in a couple of weeks, the owner will be demonstrating her line of fashion to the women of the Cassowary Coast, and she is confident of two things: people will recognise her and her friends, and they will love the range of clothes she has brought to the region.

Mission Beach First Aid Program 22 February 2020 - Building Confidence in the Community

This year’s hot and humid summer season has seen the increase in the risk of many of the hidden dangers familiar to North Queensland. With stingers top of the list at the beach, snakes lurking in gardens and ticks in the scrub. Extreme humidity levels also increase the risk of dehydration, heat stroke and even drowning. Any of these situations could potentially trigger a serious health incident in someone close to you or someone in your care. Unfortunately, not too many people know how to respond quickly and effectively. Did you know, that providing CPR immediately after a sudden cardiac arrest can double or even triple a person’s chances of survival? Many cardiac arrest victims don’t receive CPR from a bystander because they don’t know how to or are not confident to step in. Over 76% of cardiac arrests occur in the home and are most likely witnessed or discovered by a family member.

When a person collapses – whether it be through an injury, a bite, sting or other health episode, every second counts. These moments are critical and could mean the difference between life and death. So, the Tully/Mission Beach Local Ambulance Committee in conjunction with Mission Beach Community Support Inc. have been conducting basic CPR awareness sessions to encourage more people within our community to confidently step in and help someone if a situation arises. The first session for 2020 was held on Saturday February22, 2020 at the Mission Beach State School and was well attended by a good cross section of the community, including several children. The session focused on CPR, when and how to apply it in an emergency situation and the differences between treating an adult, child or infant. They also learnt how to use a defibrillator and where they are locat-

ed across Mission Beach. An additional component of this program addressed other potential hazards specific to FNQ, including the treatment for stingers, snake bite, seizures, dehydration and burns. The next first aid courses in Mission Beach are the Accredited Apply First Aid Course, and provide CPR on Saturday March 21, both of which will be conducted by the QAS in conjunction with MBCS Inc. The CPR session runs from 8:30 – 10:30pm and the full First Aid course from 8:30 – 1:30pm. If you are interested in attending the accredited courses next month or would be interested in attending the next CPR Awareness session, please contact Jenny Potts on 0467 719 839 or Sheila Lawler on 0429 301 946 for more details.

Saint Patrick’s Day Party 13th of March $51.99 1 Litre bottle 1 Litre bottle

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$49.99 30pk Cans 30pk Cans

Drink Green and Wear Green Best Dressed Prizes

JIM BEAM 1 LTR $51.99 • CANADIAN CLUB 1 LTR $51.99 • 4XXXX GOLD CANS 30PK $49.99

Cassowary Coast Independent News, Thursday, February 27, 2020 Page 5


that he was required to cost that Gurbindar Sininitiative in encouraging and I have to say as a mem- current councillors (except est' and 'MisCOUNCILS DILEMA CCRC finance manag- give evidence in relation gh refers to as “potential� community involvement. I ber of the community,this is himself of course). conduct' registers, er, Gurbindar Singh sat to an investigation into and could be among that have been surprised to see vital in ensuring communiAnd by his side will be there are four Councillors with Mayor Kremastos some CCRC councillors “HOST OF CCRC LEGAL that at most meetings I have ty confidence in its council. his loyal court jester Matt with seven conflicts of There also seems to be with cap’n’bells spruiking interest and misconduct at Thursday’s (Feb 13) by the OIA. Now, well ISSUES�, but not Gotts been the only candidate atcouncil meeting prior to over a week later, Kremas- personal defamation court tending. Attending these continued confusion sur- his words of wisdom and recordings indicated. The delivering his financial tos apparently endeavours case. The CCRC are gross- meetings has been important rounding the conflicts of visionary insight. Mayor has two, the Divireport. Mr Singh clearly, to brand finance manager ly misleading ratepayers to me for several reasons.  I interest and perceived conCome on Matt, with 15 sion 5 Councillor one, the and emphatically stated Gurbindar Singh as being by stating this $318,000 is have learned and been fasci- flicts of interest for coun- years of local govt experi- Division 6 Councillor two that the $318,000 from incompetent. Kremastos is part of CCRC CEO James nated by the many and varied cillors.  I look forward to ence behind him, wouldn’t and the Division 2 Councouncil insurers Jardine, now desperately attempting Gott’s private, and personal agenda items dealt with in being part of a council that everyone far and wide cillor two. Lloyd Thompson was for to turn Gurbindar’s truth $2 million-dollar legal def- this short space of time. I was has the trust and respect of already know about how The Annual Report a HOST OF CCRC LE- report into a convenient amation court case, which interested in finding out the the community, and trans- great Mark is and of his also indicates that the GAL ISSUES eg. Port lie. Finance manager Singh it is not. This is a deceptive council meeting process and parency is they key! political achievements? Or reporting period only inHilary Hinchinbrook, Stotters told the absolute truth, but play on words, and com- the decision-making process.  maybe they don’t, prob- cludes the time frame of Watson                                                                                                        I was interested to see the Hill Quarry, and Cara- all councillors, and their monly referred to as, a lie. the 1st July until the ably because he has alDivision 3 Candidate – way our current councillors van parks legal expenses. dubious spokeswoman, are Thank you, Editor. 2nd December 2018. ways chosen the pathway interact with the staff attend- Cassowary Coast RegionMayor Kremastos and his now allegedly struggling Fred James of safe politics by being Where is the reporting for ing and advising on agenda al Council Elections 2020 fellow (conflicted) coun- to blame Gurbindar Singh President. cillors heard every word, as being incompetent, and Cassowary Coast Ratepay- items and also the way the YOU HAVE TO HAND seen everywhere but doing the remaining 7 months? Are there additional little! ers and Residents Action councillors interact with each IT with two councillors ask- loose with the truth. Your use of the word conflicts of interest and other and the CEO. Most ing probing questions of fi- When asked by Cr. Heath if Group (654 members) to Matt Dyason for importantly I have learned his obstinate opinions of clytenish against myself misconducts recorded but nance manager Gurbindar this $318,000 payment from Belvedere IS about what is going on. Yes, myself and fellow coun- and other councillors not reported on, or is this Singh, who flat out refused CCRC insurers JLT was for TRANSPARENCY the minutes are available to cillors..... that is of course would be more appropriate an oversight? to say directly that this Gott’s personal defamation ON MY AGENDA Either way the rate As a committed candi- read via the council website. with the exception of his in describing this region $318,000 (part 1) was for court case Gurbindar Singh James Gott’s personal and responded, “Potentially.� date in the upcoming local However, this is just a por- almost religious reverence if your idealistic vision is payers of the Cassowary Coast Region deserve to private defamation court But remember, when CEO council elections I have in- tion of what happens at the for Councillor Mark No- achieved. know the facts, and Wayne Kimberley case. All remaining coun- Gott first instigated his per- vested my time in attending meeting. lan. be given the whole El Arish Cr Division 3 Often the agenda informacillors (in conflict of in- sonal and private defama- the fortnightly CCRC meetThree letters to the loCassowary Coast Re- picture. Will this report terest positions) VOTED tion court case against the ings since October last year.  tion provided to the public is cal papers in one week, quite different from informa- and I bet he’ll just keep on gional Counci TO ACCEPT FINANCE Toogoods, the Toogoods The meeting locations are be completed before the generally evenly split tion whichthe councillors re- churning them out trying to COUNCILS OWN RE- election on March 28? I MANAGER SINGH’S subsequently filed a defamation counter claim. The between Tully and Innis- ceive at their closed CouncilREPORT. doubt it. convince all that if elected PORTING Councillor Mark Nolan Toogoods failed in this bid, fail, however in July last lor Information Sessions, and Bryce Macdonald The annual report of as mayor, Mark will overhad excused himself from with cost awarded against year I also attended a coun- so it can be unclear how they Mayoral candidate the Cassowary Coast Resee a utopian style council the meeting, declaring he them, which they paid. But cil meeting which was held come to a decision.  I believe Cassowary Coast Regional Council for 2018/ and cast off all the horrible was in a conflict of in- the CCRC’s legal cost asso- at the Mission Beach Pro- changes to this process will 2019 shows that,under the gional Council dystopian curses inflictterest position, as he had ciated with the Toogoods’ gress Hall; which I think is be made in the next stage of 'Conflicts of Interthe new Belcarra legislation ed onto the region by the been advised by the OIA counterclaim are the legal a great The views and comments made in letters to the editor are not necessarily the views and opinions of this paper. The Cassowary Coast Independent News reserves the right to cut content deemed as inappropriate, or not publish letters. Send your letters to:

International Women’s Day Celebration Breakfast   Â?Â?Â? €‚ ƒ   Â?  NO watering gardens by triggernozzles nozzlesor or NO watering gardens by trigger nozzles or NO watering ofofof gardens by trigger NOwatering watering gardens bytrigger triggernozzles nozzlesor or sprinklers on Mondays sprinklers on Mondays NO ofofgardens by sprinklers on Mondays sprinklers on Mondays sprinklers on Mondays Sprinklers can be used between6am 6amand and7am 7am Sprinklers can be used between 6am and Sprinklers can be used between Sprinklers can be used between 6am7am and7am 7am and 6pm and 7pm on the following days: Sprinklers can be used between 6am and and 6pm and 7pm on the following days: and 6pm and 7pm on the following days: and 6pm and 7pm on the following days: Odd numbered houses on Tuesdays and 6pm and 7pm on the following days: Odd numbered houses on Tuesdays Odd numbered houses on Tuesdays Oddnumbered numbered houses onTuesdays Tuesdays and Saturdays and Saturdays Odd houses on and Saturdays and Saturdays Even numbered houses onWednesdays Wednesdays Even numbered houses on Wednesdays and Saturdays Even numbered houses on Even numbered houses on Wednesdays and Sundays and Sundays Even numbered houses on Wednesdays and Sundays and Sundays and Sundays Watering cans buckets canbe beused usedat at Watering cans buckets can be used at Watering cans ororor buckets can Watering cans or buckets can be used at any time any time any time Watering cans or buckets can be used at any time any time Hand-held hoses with nozzle can be Hand-held hoses with atrigger trigger nozzle canbe be THURSDAY, 5 MARCH TULLY MPC, TULLY STATE HIGH SCHOOL Hand-held hoses with aatrigger nozzle can Hand-held hoses with a trigger nozzle can be used at any time on any day except Monday used at any time on any day except Monday used at any time on any day except Monday Hand-held hoses with a trigger nozzle can be at the door Doors open Tickets $30 or $35 used at7PM any time on any daypre-paid except Monday used at any for time on any day except Monday Fines may apply water use not accordance Fines may apply water use not accordance Fines may apply forfor water use not inininaccordance Purchase tickets from Council Customer Service Centres Fines may apply for water use not in accordance with Council’s Schedule of Water Restrictions with Council’s Schedule of Water Restrictions with Council’s Schedule of Water Restrictions Fines may applySchedule for waterofuse not in accordance with Council’s Water Restrictions orwith or 1300 763 903 Council’s Schedule of Water Restrictions

1300 763 903

Page 6 Cassowary Coast Independent News, Thursday, February 27, 2020


    •        Â? Â?  Â? Â?Â?Â?  Â?  /Â? ­­Â?         Â? Â? Â?Â?Â? Â?Â?  Â?Â?  ­­ Â?   ­ €‚ Â? Â?­   ƒ €ƒÂ


Resolution Whitewash DOMINIC MOBBS Council Correspondent Our mayor and councillors cost ratepayers well over $600,000pa to be our watchdogs and examine on our behalf the reports by, and recommendations of, council officers. Sometimes CCIN wonders if ratepayers would be better off having lower rates and not worrying about councillors given the number of times reports and recommendations from officers are never queried, let alone rejected, or how often councillors have to be excused from meetings due to a conflict of interest. During the past 12 months CCIN cannot recall a single recommendation by staff being knocked back. You would hope that a report about the issue, “direct financial impact… would be significant” on Council would warrant at least some curiosity from councillors. “What would this significant financial impact be and why?”, you would imagine would be a reasonable opening query. But no, not a single question on the report contents by the

Mayor or any Councillor and the recommended resolution was quickly and unanimously passed. (Cr. Nolan and the CEO had absented themselves from the discussions.) No wonder CCRC has itself in a legal quagmire over defamation, criminal etc. and regulatory cases given the quality of scrutiny councillors appear to undertake and their lack of request for explanations. The background to this resolution is a report submitted in the ‘Governance & Environment’ Committee at the last Council meeting regarding two petitions tabled by a Mr Toogood plus 10 ratepayers in September and November 2019 in respect to the CEO and various court/legal matters. Agenda reports are supposed to be self-contained, so that a councillor, the public and media can read the report in its entirety and understand the rationale behind any recommendations in the report made by council officers. The report to councillors should be sufficiently detailed so that an informed decision can be made based solely

on the contents of the paper. This report failed to do this. It was so baffling, lacking in explanations, detail and transparency, it was impossible for any reader to follow. (CCIN readers are challenged to see for themselves by reading this paper on page 62 of the February 13, 2020 agenda). The report did not even list the original petitions’ requests. So, how councillors could even know what the recommendations actually referred to, given the petitions were several months ago, is puzzling. The paper claimed, “Consultation occurred with independent advisors.” However, the identity of these advisors, whether they were external or internal, exactly from whom they were independent was not revealed, and the actual advice was not even tabled. Was it even provided in writing? Who knows? No councillor enquired about it or requested a copy. The paper referred to a Council policy but did not specify what is was, and

no one asked. There were numerous perplexing items in this report including claims that Council cannot repeal resolutions that have already been acted upon, and that mediation “is most appropriately initiated by the relevant Court”. Why you cannot revoke when the action is part of an ongoing process, like funding legal action, was not explained. And even those with limited legal knowledge would know that mediation does not require the Courts to be involved at all if the two parties agree. Not a single Councillor or the Mayor queried any of the report’s claims. A complete whitewash by any standard. Inadequate examination by councillors leads to dubious outcomes. Why bother having meetings open to the public if the information to be presented is so inadequate? Why do we need a mayor and councillors if they are simply going to rubberstamp management reports?

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Townsville- Cairns- Tablelands Cassowary Coast and surrounds Phone or Message Orders to 042 461 7070 LIKE US ON FACEBOOK ADVERTORIAL: Local Tully residents Grace & Chris Parsons have now expanded their business Cassowary Coast Catering and is NOW offering prepared Gourmet International Cuisine meals for your convenience. HEAT AND EAT 32 Varieties to choose from of Indian,Aussie,Philipino,chinese,Thai and Italian meals plus 3 desserts to indulge your sweet tooth Heat & Eat can save you time and the stress of organising your dinner party or that special occasion by providing ready prepared meals for your convenience Made with all fresh Australian ingredients to pick up or delivery Great for singles,pensioners,families and shift workers or anyone who wants an easy convenient option.

Spit Contract Goes To Out Of Town BUILDER DOMINIC MOBBS




CCIN understands the $1m plus contract for upgrades to the camping and BBQ facilities on the Dunk Island Spit, plus a new cafe/bar has been awarded by the Mayfair Group to Bryant Building Contractors. This company has offices in Brisbane, Cairns and the Gold Coast. CCIN was informed that several local builders submitted tenders but were unsuccessful.


Situated on an approx. 3,034m2 allotment, this property has been converted into two units. Located on the outskirts of Tully township, this property offers space with the convenience of being close to town. Web:

Contact: Hercules Argyros LJ Hooker Tully - 4068 1100 0458 681 007 Cassowary Coast Independent News, Thursday, February 27, 2020 Page 7



This stunning large flower of the red Ixora is a stand-out in the garden.

This is a beautiful yellow Ixora!

How real-looking is this crocodile statue!!

Another life-like statue of a cassowary.

How clever are these works of art from recycled tools and parts!

Page 8 Cassowary Coast Independent News, Thursday, February 27, 2020

JENNY’S Tropical Gardening, Feb 27, 2020. I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful rain we have been very welcome it is for our gardens. This is such a good time to begin preparations for our vegetable gardens so the soil is well mulched and fertilised and weed-free, ready for the great growing season! Home-grown always tastes great and it is also a great way to exercise and very good for the mind, body and soul! I like to mix in some dolomite before planting in my patch and other fertilisers that provide a range of nutrients for producing healthy, nutritious vegetables. Seasol is always a much-needed fertiliser for our gardens also so ‘Don’t forget the Seasol!’ A nice layer of mulch of your choice will help to keep the patch weed-free and will also keep the soil cool for the plants roots. I like to start my vegetable seedlings early and I’ve already planted lots of seeds in coolite boxes, which will soon to ready to transfer to the garden. It is best to use a good seed-raising mix, especially for the smaller seeds. Many other seeds can be directly sown into the garden. Always rotate your vegetables so that you have plants such as tomatoes, corn, zucchini, squash and others that produce the vegetables above the ground where leafy vegetables were last grown. This will assist in preventing transference of pests and diseases establishing and will also prevent the soil becoming exhausted by having the same crop continually taking the same nutrients from it. Put any stakes in place before planting, so the tender roots of the plants will not be broken as they would if the plants were already in. Our shrubs and trees have really enjoyed the rains they have been receiving, which means we need to prune more often. Any pruned branches that are not being used for making new plants can be added to the compost heap, except for larger ones from trees. The showers of rain are the perfect time to add granular fertiliser to the garden and have them watered in....saves some time for the busy gardeners! The big downside to the wet season is that weeds are growing prolifically and we need to try to keep on top of their eradication to assist in preventing the spread of their seeds. I notice ixoras are really flowering well at the moment. These shrubs grow so well and produce many flowers that add beautiful colour to the garden. Ixoras do well in full sun or part-shade and they are available in a large range of colours and come in dwarf forms and taller shrubs.

Butterflies absolutely love the pollen from their flowers and these will add interest and colour to the garden also. They can be propagated by cuttings in Summer or seed in Spring, or they can be marcotted. Remove spent flowerheads to assist the plants to produce more, unless you are hoping to collect seeds. I thought I’d add some photos of a few fantastic garden statues I have seen through the years...How lifelike are they! Frangipani trees are a huge favourite of mine and I am often asked what can be sprayed on them to prevent rust forming on the leaves. This rust is always worse in our hot, wet summers and I’ve always been told to remove any infected leaves, rake up any that have fallen on the ground as well and burn them or put ito a sealed bag in the bin. I have just purchased another product from work and I am trialling it...I shall let you all know how it goes. Until next month, Happy gardening,


1 Only



Slight Damage

WAS: $499 SAVE: $100

Tully Canegrowers Mitre 10 59 Butler St, Tully Ph: 4068 4900


February 21 TWO CHARGED WITH STEALING MULTIPLE ITEMS A 55-year-old man and a 56 year-old woman both from Western Australia have each been charged with two counts of stealing and possessing tainted property, and one count each of attempted stealing. The pair was arrested on Wednesday, February 19 after they were allegedly observed attempting to leave a store on Rankin Street with a trolley of items. It will be alleged that the man and woman had previously stolen items from that store on February 17, and also stole an excess of 200 various items from a number of stores in Innisfail over the past week. They are both scheduled to appear at Innisfail Magistrates Court on March 2. EXPECTED STOLEN PROPERTY FOUND The items pictured below were located after a number of break and enters occurred within the Innisfail area between February 4 and February 17. Police would like to return these items to the rightful own-

ers. Proof of ownership will be required before the items are released.

There are a number of items being stored at the Innisfail property section that have been located after a number of break and enters. Find out more in this myPolice post: au/farnorth/2020/02/07/located-stolen-property-innisfail/ If you, or someone you know, experienced a break in over the past month check to see if any of the pictured items may belong to you. If any of these items look familiar to you, please contact police and quote the reference number QP2000262772 February 24 YOUTHS CHARGED, INNISFAIL Five Innisfail boys have been charged following multiple alleged stealing incidents over the weekend. The boys; two 13-yearolds, two 14-year-olds and one 15-year-old, allegedly entered yards on Enright Street and Middle Avenue in the South

Johnstone area between Saturday night and Sunday morning. It will be alleged that the boys stole bicycles and a scooter from the addresses. The boys have also allegedly attempted to enter a Meyer Avenue address. Five boys will be dealt with according to the provisions of the Youth Justice Act 1992. ASSAULT POLICE, INNISFAIL At about 9pm on Friday, February 21, police attended a disturbance at Anzac Park. It will be alleged that two men, who were known to each other, were involved in a physical altercation. As police have attempted to separate the men, a number of people have allegedly obstructed the officers. During this time, a boy has allegedly armed himself with a large stick and threatened to strike the officers. He was disarmed by another person and arrested by officers. While being placed into the police vehicle, he has allegedly kicked and smashed a window of the police car, he has continued to struggle with police. A 15-year-old Innisfail boy was charged with three counts of obstructing police, and one count each of serious assault police, serious assault police

whilst armed and wilful damage of police property. He will be dealt with according to the provisions of the Youth Justice Act 1992. A 36-year-old Hudson was charged with commit public nuisance. He is scheduled to appear at the Innisfail Magistrates Court on March 2. A 23-year-old Parramatta Park man was charged with commit public and obstruct police. He is scheduled to appear at the Innisfail Magistrates Court March 9. LIGHT UP AND LIVE With recent rainfall across the Cassowary Coast it is a timely reminder for motorists to be mindful of their surroundings. Police are urging drivers to turn on their lights practically during wet weather, to make themselves more visible on the road to other drivers. Never drive a vehicle with just the side or parking lights on and there is no need to drive in wet weather during the day with high beams on. Some vehicles blend in with the road surface at a distance, so if you have your lights on it makes it easier for other drivers to see you. Driving in wet weather can be very dangerous and you

should slow down and drive to the conditions. Double the distance between you and the car in front; in normal conditions it is recommended that the safe following distance is two seconds. In adverse weather you should at least double this to four seconds. You should prepare and maintain your vehicle to make sure you will always be as safe as possible when driving in wet conditions. Some of the things you can do it to check you have good tread (at least 1.5mm deep across the whole tyre width), making sure all of your vehicle’s lights are operational and effective, and ensuring your windscreen and light lenses are clean. Always avoid driving through flood waters. Don’t ignore flood road signs and remember, IF IT’S FLOODED – FORGET IT! February 26 UNLAWFUL POSSESSION OF FIREARMS, DEERAL Police have charged a local man after conducting an emergent search at a residence in Deeral on Tuesday afternoon (February 25). It will be alleged that police located the man at an address

on the Bruce Highway at about 2pm in possession of eight unsecured firearms, scattered around the house in various locations. It will also be alleged that police located two boxes of blasting cap explosives and a taser in the man’s possession. A 63-year-old Deeral man was charged with possessing unsecured firearms, possessing unregistered firearms and unlawful possession of explosives. He is expected to appear in the Cairns Magistrates Court on March 13. Police will also allege that a 16-year-old boy was located at the address in possession of cannabis and drug utensils. He will be dealt with according to the provisions of the Youth Justice Act 1992. If you have information for police, contact Policelink on 131 444 or provide information using the online form 24hrs per day. You can report information about crime anonymously to Crime Stoppers, a registered charity and community volunteer organisation, by calling 1800 333 000 or via 24hrs per day.

Is Secret ‘Unity Alliance’ Running Again in 2020 Election? Short Answer, Probably SEAN DENT IN the 2016 election, the Unity Alliance attempted a clean sweep of a Mayor and five of the six council seats. John Kremastos got elected Mayor, and Councillors Rick Taylor, Jeff Baines, and Ben Heath also got elected. They then went on to appoint a CEO, James Gott who had at least assisted the Unity Alliance during the campaign. Some people believed him to be its de facto campaign manager. After some personal troubles, Rick Taylor, who had been appointed Deputy Mayor, stepped down from that position, and Wayne Kimberley

stepped into it, leading many to see him as aligned with the Unity Alliance. One former Councillor recently said that the Unity Alliance made certain Councillors jobs easier because they never had to research issues: they were simply told how they would vote. Whether it was reality or perception, the general public came to hate the idea that one group had so much power. Mark Nolan, who was not a member of the Unity Alliance, and who often disagreed with Council decisions, appeared to have been running around with a target on his back, leading to 30

complaints lodged against him by Council during a 20-month period. “There had been no complaints or allegations about me in my previous 15 years as a councillor,” said Nolan. The wind has clearly shifted, and in 2020, being part of an alliance is no longer considered a great idea. So now, everyone who is running is claiming to be independent and denying any talk of a shadow alliance, but no one in the know believes it. There have been rumours of large gatherings featuring the usual suspects, plus a few new ones believed to be aligning together in 2020. There’s nothing inher-

ently wrong with thinking candidate X would make a great mayor. Baines came out and said he was behind Kremastos when he announced his candidacy. Heath doesn’t need to say it – it’s obvious whenever I see them together. Kimberley has already started attacking Nolan as being a “safe politician” who does very little and he’s defending this council and mayor. I haven’t heard much noise out of the Nicholas Pervan camp at all, but everyone says he will be part of the shadow alliance team and that he did quite a bit of work in 2016 to help get certain Unity Alliance members

elected. A lot of people voted for the Unity team last time when is wasn’t in the shadows because a) they believed the promises of the Unity Alliance and b) because the Unity Alliance had a lot of money behind it. Now, many voters are questioning why there was a lot of money behind it and whether the donors got anything in return. Division 3 is interesting as there are currently now only two candidates, Hilary Watson and Trudy Tschui, both of whom have said they will not be supporting any alliance. If that’s the case, I would look for a late surprise

candidate, who will also probably also claim total independence. For whatever reason, nobody is openly admitting that there is a unity alliance (lower case) this time around, but everyone I’ve spoken to says it is there. Most of them are unwilling at this point to put a target on their back by saying it out loud. Kylie Farinelli is not one of those. “If the community believes that after Unity Team Councillors voted as a team for four years, that it will just stop come March 28th, then they are kidding themselves. I have seen with my own eyes a meeting between the current Unity-led

Mayor and individuals, who advised the team prior to election and during their term, take place within the last month.” On the date of this edition of CCIN, Thursday Feb 27, everyone is welcome to attend Butler’s Bar in Hotel Tully at 6:00pm to Meet the Candidates (all three Mayoral candidates plus Division 2 candidates). Please note the change in venue if you previously heard it was going to be held at the Tigers Leagues Club. Also note that late Tuesday night, Peter Reed officially threw his hat in the ring for Councillor in Division 2, and will be there answering questions.

doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re qualified, but he claimed last week that Kimberley invited him to run for councillor, which made me curious because there simply isn’t room for another candidate in the Kremastos/Kimberley clan in Division 6. Was Kimberley was just yanking Dyason’s chain? So, I did some digging and then went out to Currajah, where Dyason lives with his wife, to see for myself. I found out that Dyason worked in finance and insurance for 44 years, including several years as manager at a Westpac branch. He’s

done retail lending, small business lending, agribusiness lending, residential insurance, commercial insurance, and farm insurance. He also holds a full real estate licence, has been a Justice of the Peace and a Commissioner for declarations for over 40 years. He attained a diploma of business, a diploma of agribusiness and a cert 4 in real estate. He also ran for council several years back and got about 23% of the vote. It wasn’t enough to win, but he did take enough votes from the incumbent to get him booted from office. In short, he’s not a

crackpot. He’s an intelligent man who has enough experience to form an opinion about the current council, and obviously Kimberley feels the same way or he wouldn’t have engaged with Dyason. I asked Dyason for a response to Kimberley’s letter to the editor. I read it to him and Dyason chuckled throughout and said, “Fair play to him. He’s defending his point of view. That’s democracy.” Although Dyason feels he is too old to run for council, he does have some ideas about what he’d like to see from the next Council, and a lot of

his ideas show a level of human compassion that we hope to see from the next group. For example, he’d like to see pet licence fees reduced to one dollar for old aged pensioners and handicapped pensioners. “Often, their pet is their main companion, and we should make it easier for them.” He’d like to see a major review of the dust strip policy, which he feels currently disadvantages farmers who may have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars through the years simply to get their rubbish picked up, and they still have dirt

roads. He’s going to ask that Council re-invigorates the Sugar Festival Parade a.k.a. the Harvest Festival to run in conjunction with the Feast of the Senses. He said this used to be a glorious event and it could be again. He would like a film theatre back in the region, and thinks it would be a great way to get people together socially, both young and old. “Babinda theatre still draws big crowds every weekend,” he said. His most ambitious idea? A walking trek from Coquette Point to

Mourilyan Harbour via

Cr Kimberley Squares off With Citizen Matt Dyason SEAN DENT

WITH the election just 30 days away as of today’s edition of CCIN, the gloves are coming off. In this week’s paper, Wayne Kimberley dives into the fray in the letter section. Kimberley is well known around these parts as Councillor, Deputy Mayor and owner of one of the most beautiful examples of a country Australian pub, the El Arish Tavern. His opponent this time around is Matt Dyason, who is less well-known, but writes a mean letter. Of course, anyone can send a letter to the editor. It

Etty Bay. “These treks are becoming big business



said. He feels this is one of the most beautiful parts of the world, and one that people would love to see, and also that the Indigenous people of our region would jump at the chance to be involved as tour guides. He sees it as a low-cost investment that will deliver a big return. Oh yes, he’s also a current member of Reconciliation Australia.

Cassowary Coast Independent News, Thursday, February 27, 2020 Page 9


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6.00 News. 9.00 ABC News Mornings. 10.00 Cook And The Chef. (R) 10.30 Back Roads. (R) 11.00 Grand Designs NZ. (PG, R) 12.00 ABC News At Noon. 1.00 Adam Hills: The Last Leg. (M, R) 2.00 Parliament. 3.00 Escape From The City. (R) 4.00 Think Tank. (PG, R) 5.00 The Repair Shop. (R) 5.30 Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery. (R) 6.00 The Drum. 7.00 ABC News. 7.30 7.30. 8.00 Doctor Who. (PG) 8.55 Would I Lie To You? (PG, R) 9.25 QI. (M, R) 9.55 Killing Eve. (MA15+, R) 10.40 ABC Late News. 11.10 Informer. (M, R) 12.15 Parliament. 1.15 Louis Theroux: Law And Disorder In Philadelphia. (M, R) 2.15 Rage. (MA15+) 3.15 Killing Eve. (MA15+, R) 4.00 Catalyst. (R) 4.30 The Drum. (R) 5.30 One Plus One. (R)

6.00 Sunrise. 9.00 The Morning Show. (PG) 11.30 Seven Morning News. 12.00 Movie: Forever 16. (2013) (M, R) 2.00 The Daily Edition. 3.00 The Chase. (R) 4.00 Seven News At 4. 5.00 The Chase Australia. 6.00 Seven Local News. 6.30 Seven News. 7.00 Home And Away. (PG) 7.30 Rebel Wilson’s Pooch Perfect. (PG) 9.00 Modern Family. (PG) 10.30 The Latest: Seven News. 11.00 Celebrity Obsessed. (MA15+) 12.00 Scandal. (M, R) 2.00 Home Shopping. (R) 4.00 NBC Today. 5.00 Seven Early News. 5.30 Sunrise.

6.00 Today. 9.00 Today Extra. (PG) 11.30 Morning News. 12.00 Ellen DeGeneres. (PG) 1.00 Mom. (M, R) 1.30 Married At First Sight. (M, R) 3.00 Tipping Point. (PG) 4.00 Afternoon News. 5.00 Hot Seat. 6.00 News. 7.00 A Current Affair. 7.30 RBT. (M) 8.30 Movie: The Equalizer. (2014) (MA15+, R) Denzel Washington, Chloë Grace Moretz, Marton Csokas. A man battles Russian gangsters. 11.10 World’s Wildest Flights. (M, R) 12.05 Armed And Deadly. (M, R) 1.00 ACA. (R) 1.30 TV Shop. (R) 2.30 Global Shop. 3.00 TV Shop. (R) 4.00 Ellen DeGeneres. (PG, R) 5.00 News. 5.30 Today.

6.00 Headline News. 7.30 WIN News. (R) 8.30 Studio 10. (PG) 12.00 Dr Phil. (PG) 1.00 Ambulance Australia. (M, R) 2.00 Ent. Tonight. 2.30 Judge Judy. (PG, R) 3.30 Three Veg And Meat. 4.00 Farm To Fork. 4.30 Bold. (PG) 5.00 News. 6.00 WIN News. 6.30 The Project. 7.30 Ambulance Australia. (M) 8.30 Gogglebox. (M) Opinionated viewers discuss TV shows. 9.30 Hughesy, We Have A Problem. (M, R) 10.30 Blue Bloods. (M) 11.30 WIN News. 12.30 The Project. (R) 1.30 Stephen Colbert. (PG) 2.30 Shopping. (R) 3.30 CBS Morning. 5.00 Headline News.

6.00 WorldWatch. 2.00 Nazi Megastructures. (PG, R) 2.55 Railway Journeys UK. (R) 3.30 Fighting For Air. (R) 4.35 Secrets Of Tutankhamun’s Treasures. (PG, R) 5.30 Letters And Numbers. (R) 6.00 Mastermind Australia. (PG) 6.30 SBS World News. 7.30 Britain’s Most Historic Towns. (PG, R) 8.30 Secrets Of Britain: Secrets Of Selfridges. (R) 9.35 The Little Drummer Girl. (MA15+) 10.30 SBS World News Late. 11.00 Deep State. (MA15+) 12.00 The Family Law. (M, R) 3.00 Croc A Dyke Dundee. (M, R) 4.05 24 Hours In Emergency. (M, R) 5.00 CGTN English News. 5.15 NHK World English News. 5.30 Deutsche Welle English News.


6.00 News. 9.00 ABC News Mornings. 10.00 Poh’s Kitchen. (R) 10.30 Back Roads. (PG, R) 11.00 Grand Designs NZ. (R) 12.00 ABC News At Noon. 1.00 Foreign Correspondent. (R) 1.30 Aust Story. (R) 2.00 Agatha Raisin. (PG, R) 3.05 Escape From The City. (R) 4.00 Think Tank. (PG, R) 5.00 The Repair Shop. (R) 5.30 Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery. (PG, R) 6.00 The Drum. 7.00 ABC News. 7.30 Gardening Australia. 8.30 Endeavour. (M) 10.00 Holden: The End Of The Road. (R) 10.35 ABC Late News. 10.50 The Business. (R) 11.05 Shaun Micallef’s MAD AS HELL. (PG, R) 11.35 Doctor Who. (PG, R) 12.35 Rage. (MA15+) 5.00 Rage. (PG)

6.00 Sunrise. 9.00 The Morning Show. (PG) 11.30 Seven Morning News. 12.00 Movie: Abducted: The Carlina White Story. (2012) (M, R) 2.00 The Daily Edition. 3.00 The Chase. (R) 4.00 Seven News At 4. 5.00 The Chase Australia. 6.00 Seven Local News. 6.30 Seven News. 7.00 Better Homes And Gardens. 8.30 Movie: Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. (2016) (M, R) 11.30 Surveillance Oz Dashcam. (PG, R) 12.00 Movie: Borderline Normal. (2001) (M, R) 2.00 Home Shopping. (R) 4.00 The Great Outdoors. (R) 5.00 NBC Today.

6.00 Today. 9.00 Today Extra. (PG) 11.30 Morning News. 12.00 Ellen DeGeneres. (PG) 1.00 Doctor Doctor. (PG, R) 2.00 New Amsterdam. (M, R) 3.00 Tipping Point. (PG) 4.00 Afternoon News. 5.00 Hot Seat. (R) 6.00 Nine News. 7.00 A Current Affair. 7.30 Escape To The Chateau. 8.30 Movie: The Magnificent Seven. (2016) (M, R) Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt. Seven mercenaries are hired by a small town to protect the townsfolk from exploitation by an evil industrialist. 11.10 Movie: Backdraft. (1991) (MA15+, R) Kurt Russell, William Baldwin. 1.30 TV Shop. (R) 4.00 Global Shop. 4.30 Avengers. (PG, R) 5.30 A Current Affair. (R)

6.00 Headline News. 7.30 WIN News. (R) 8.30 Studio 10. (PG) 12.00 Dr Phil. (PG) 1.00 Dancing With The Stars. (PG, R) 3.00 Judge Judy. (PG) 3.30 Three Veg And Meat. 4.00 Farm To Fork. 4.30 Bold. (PG) 5.00 News. 6.00 WIN News. 6.30 The Project. 7.30 The Graham Norton Show. (M) 8.30 Hughesy, We Have A Problem. (M, R) Hosted by Dave Hughes. 9.30 2018 Montreal Comedy Festival. (M, R) 10.30 2017 Montreal Comedy Festival. (M, R) 11.30 WIN News. 12.30 The Project. (R) 1.30 Stephen Colbert. (PG) 2.30 Shopping. (R)

6.00 WorldWatch. 2.00 Destination Flavour China Bitesize. (R) 2.05 Nazi Megastructures. (M, R) 3.00 NITV News: Nula. 3.30 Lucknow. (PG, R) 3.40 The Woman Who Brought Down The Crown. (PG, R) 5.30 Letters And Numbers. (R) 6.00 Mastermind Australia. (PG) 6.30 SBS World News. 7.35 Mystery Of Rome’s Sunken City. (M) 8.30 Brooklyn Nine-Nine. (M) 9.00 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown. (M, R) 10.00 SBS World News Late. 10.30 Miniseries: Butterfly. (M, R) 1.20 Being Transgender. (MA15+, R) 2.25 8 Days. (MA15+, R) 4.20 Railway Journeys UK. (R) 5.00 CGTN English News. 5.15 WorldWatch.


6.00 Rage. (PG) 10.00 Rage: Mardi Gras Special. (PG) 11.00 Classic Countdown. (PG, R) 12.00 ABC News At Noon. 12.30 Endeavour. (M, R) 2.00 Trent Parke: The Black Rose. (R) 2.30 Sperm Donors Anonymous. (PG, R) 3.30 Landline. (R) 4.00 Soccer. A-League. Round 21. Newcastle Jets v Perth Glory. 6.00 Fake Or Fortune? William Nicholson. (R) 7.00 ABC News. 7.30 Doc Martin. (PG) 8.20 Agatha Raisin. (M) Sir Charles’s friend receives a death threat. 9.10 Inspector George Gently. (M, R) 10.40 Call The Midwife. (PG, R) 11.40 Rage: Mardi Gras Special. (MA15+) 5.00 Rage. (PG)

6.00 NBC Today. 7.00 Weekend Sunrise. 10.00 The Morning Show: Weekend. (PG) 11.00 Horse Racing. Australian Guineas and Chipping Norton Stakes. 4.30 Motorbike Cops. (PG, R) 5.00 Seven News At 5. 5.30 Creek To Coast. 6.00 Seven News. 7.00 Movie: The Day After Tomorrow. (2004) (PG, R) 9.30 Movie: Taken. (2008) (MA15+, R) A former spy’s daughter is kidnapped. 11.30 Surveillance Oz Dashcam. (PG, R) 12.00 The Catch. (M, R) 2.00 Home Shopping. 4.00 My Greek Odyssey. (PG, R) 5.00 House Of Wellness. (PG, R)

6.00 Ellen DeGeneres. (PG, R) 7.00 Weekend Today. 10.00 Your Domain. 11.00 Today Extra: Saturday. (PG) 12.00 My Way. (PG, R) 12.30 It’s All Greek To Me. (PG, R) 1.00 Big Pacific. (PG) 2.00 Garden Gurus. 2.30 Rugby League. NRL Trial Match. Bushfire Appeal. Parramatta Eels v Penrith Panthers. 5.00 News. 5.30 Getaway. (PG) 6.00 News. 7.00 Taronga: Who’s Who In The Zoo: Platypus. (PG) 8.00 Movie: Wonder. (2017) (PG, R) Jacob Tremblay, Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson. 10.20 Movie: Collateral Beauty. (2016) (M) 12.10 Cold Case. (M, R) 1.05 Harry. (PG, R) 2.00 TV Shop. (R) 4.30 Global Shop. 5.00 TV Shop. (R) 5.30 Wesley Impact.

6.00 I Fish. 6.30 Ent. Tonight. 7.00 Escape Fishing. 7.30 The Offroad Adventure Show. 8.30 What’s Up Down Under. 9.00 Farm To Fork. 9.30 St10. (PG) 12.00 Pooches At Play. (R) 12.30 The Living Room. (PG, R) 1.30 Buy To Build. 2.00 Australia By Design: Interiors. (R) 2.30 Fishing Aust. (R) 3.00 What’s Up Down Under. 3.30 Farm To Fork. (R) 4.00 Taste Of Australia With Hayden Quinn. 4.30 Three Veg And Meat. (R) 5.00 News. 6.00 Bondi Rescue. (PG, R) 7.30 Ambulance Australia. (M, R) 8.30 Ambulance. (M) 9.45 999: What’s Your Emergency? (M, R) 10.45 Dancing With The Stars. (PG, R) 12.45 Blue Bloods. (M, R) 1.35 Bull. (M, R) 2.30 Shopping. (R) 4.30 The Aussie Pastor. (PG) 5.00 Hour Of Power.

6.00 WorldWatch. 11.30 Turkish News. 12.00 Arabic News F24. 12.30 ABC America: World News Tonight. 1.00 PBS News. 2.00 Figure Skating. ISU European Championships. 3.30 Railway Journeys UK. (R) 4.00 The Crystal Maze. (PG, R) 5.00 Travel Man. (R) 5.30 News. 6.30 Sydney Gay And Lesbian Mardi Gras. (PG) 9.30 Kylie Minogue’s Secret Night. (PG, R) 10.30 Movie: Milk. (2008) (R) 12.55 Movie: Dallas Buyers Club. (2013) (MA15+, R) 3.00 Great Continental Railway Journeys. (PG, R) 4.00 Travel Man. (PG, R) 4.25 Railway Journeys UK. (PG, R) 5.00 CGTN English News. 5.15 NHK World English News. 5.30 Deutsche Welle English News.


6.00 Rage. (PG) 7.00 Weekend Breakfast. 9.00 Insiders. 10.00 Offsiders. 10.30 World This Week. (R) 11.00 Compass. (R) 11.30 Praise. (R) 12.00 ABC News At Noon. 12.30 Landline. 1.30 Gardening Aust. (R) 2.30 The Mix. (R) 3.00 Soccer. W-League. Round 14. Melbourne City v Brisbane Roar. 5.00 How To Stay Young. (R) 6.00 Hard Quiz. (PG, R) 6.30 Holden: The End Of The Road. (R) 7.00 ABC News Sunday. 7.40 Grand Designs. (PG) 8.30 Stateless. (M) 9.25 Movie: Tea With The Dames. (2018) (M) 10.50 Line Of Duty. (MA15+, R) 11.50 Doc Martin. (PG, R) 12.40 Call The Midwife. (PG, R) 1.40 Rage. (MA15+) 5.00 Insiders. (R)

6.00 NBC Today. 7.00 Weekend Sunrise. 10.00 The Morning Show: Weekend. (PG) 12.00 House Of Wellness. (PG) 1.00 Helloworld. (PG, R) 1.30 My Road To Adventure. (PG) 2.00 Cycling. Santos Tour Down Under. Highlights. 3.00 To Be Advised. 4.30 Motorbike Cops. (PG, R) 5.00 Seven News At 5. 5.30 Weekender. 6.00 Seven News. 7.00 My Kitchen Rules: The Rivals. (PG) 8.30 The Good Doctor. (M) 9.30 God Friended Me. (PG) 10.30 The Resident. (M) 11.30 Autopsy USA. (M, R) 12.30 Cosmetic Surgery Show. (MA15+, R) 1.00 Tales From The Coast With Robson Green. (PG, R) 2.00 Home Shopping. (R) 3.30 RSPCA Animal Rescue. (R) 4.00 NBC Today. 5.00 Seven Early News. 5.30 Sunrise.

6.00 Harry. (PG, R) 7.00 Weekend Today. 10.00 World’s Greatest Natural Wonders. (PG, R) 11.00 Women’s Footy. (PG) 12.00 Netball. Bushfire Relief Match. Australian Diamonds v Super Netball All-Stars. 2.00 The Secret Life Of The Zoo. (PG, R) 3.00 Giving Life. (PG, R) 3.30 Outback. (R) 4.30 Explore TV Viking. 5.00 News. 5.30 My Way. 6.00 News. 7.00 Married At First Sight. (PG) 8.30 60 Minutes. 9.30 Released To Kill Again. (M) 10.30 See No Evil. (M) 11.30 Manifest. (M, R) 12.20 Cold Case. (M, R) 1.10 World’s Greatest Natural Wonders. (PG, R) 2.00 TV Shop. 2.30 Skippy. (R) 3.00 TV Shop. 4.00 The Baron. (PG, R) 5.00 News. 5.30 Today.

6.00 Mass. 6.30 Hillsong. 7.00 Leading The Way. 7.30 Fishing Aust. (R) 8.00 Three Veg And Meat. (R) 8.30 This Is Mexico. (PG, R) 9.00 Taste Of Australia With Hayden Quinn. (R) 9.30 St10. (PG) 12.00 The Living Room. (PG, R) 1.00 Everyday Gourmet. (R) 1.30 Dancing With The Stars. (PG, R) 3.30 WhichCar. (PG) 4.00 RPM. 5.00 News. 6.00 Bondi Rescue. (PG, R) 6.30 The Sunday Project. 7.30 Dancing With The Stars. (PG) 9.30 The Graham Norton Show. (M, R) 10.30 Hughesy, We Have A Problem. (M, R) 11.30 The Sunday Project. (R) 12.30 Shopping. (R) 3.30 CBS Morning. 5.00 Headline News.

6.00 WorldWatch. 1.00 Speedweek. 3.00 Cycling. Herald Sun Tour. Highlights. 4.00 Cycling. Herald Sun Tour. Women’s Road Race. Highlights. 5.00 Cycling. Revolve24 Australia. Highlights. 5.30 Nazi Megastructures. (PG) 6.30 SBS World News. 7.30 Secrets Of Our Cities: Footscray. (PG) 8.30 Michael Palin In North Korea. Part 2 of 2. 9.25 Inside North Korea’s Dynasty: Nuclear Family. (PG, R) 11.20 Agatha Christie’s Criminal Games. (M, R) 1.00 Nazi Megastructures. (PG, R) 4.45 UK Bitesize. (R) 5.00 CGTN English News. 5.15 NHK World English News. 5.30 Deutsche Welle.


6.00 News. 9.00 ABC News Mornings. 10.00 Cook And The Chef. (R) 10.30 Back Roads. (PG, R) 11.00 Griff’s Great Australian Rail Trip. (R) 12.00 ABC News At Noon. 1.00 Landline. (R) 2.00 Parliament. 3.00 Escape From The City. (R) 4.00 Think Tank. (PG, R) 5.00 The Repair Shop. (R) 5.30 Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery. (R) 6.00 The Drum. 7.00 ABC News. 7.30 7.30. 8.00 Australian Story. 8.30 Four Corners. 9.15 Media Watch. (PG) 9.35 Q+A. 10.40 ABC Late News. 11.10 Louis Theroux: America’s Most Dangerous Pets. (M, R) 12.10 Rage. (MA15+) 3.30 Compass. (PG, R) 4.00 Catalyst. (R) 4.30 The Drum. (R) 5.30 One Plus One. (R)

6.00 Sunrise. 9.00 The Morning Show. (PG) 11.30 Seven Morning News. 12.00 Movie: The Stepchild. (2015) (M, R) 2.00 The Daily Edition. 3.00 The Chase. 4.00 Seven News At 4. 5.00 The Chase Australia. 6.00 Seven Local News. 6.30 Seven News. 7.00 Home And Away. (PG) 7.30 My Kitchen Rules: The Rivals. (PG) 9.00 9-1-1. (M) 10.00 S.W.A.T. (M) 11.00 The Latest: Seven News. 11.30 Proven Innocent. (M) 12.30 Hospital. (PG, R) 2.00 Home Shopping. (R) 4.00 NBC Today. 5.00 Seven Early News. 5.30 Sunrise.

6.00 Today. 9.00 Today Extra. (PG) 11.30 Morning News. 12.00 Ellen DeGeneres. (PG) 1.00 Mom. (M, R) 1.30 Married At First Sight. (PG, R) 3.00 Tipping Point. (PG) 4.00 Afternoon News. 5.00 Hot Seat. 6.00 Nine News. 7.00 A Current Affair. 7.30 Married At First Sight. (M) 9.15 Movie: Trainwreck. (2015) (MA15+, R) Amy Schumer, Bill Hader, John Cena. A journalist finds herself falling in love. 11.40 Chicago Med. (M, R) 12.35 Harry. (PG, R) 1.30 TV Shop. (R) 2.30 Global Shop. 3.00 TV Shop. (R) 4.00 Ellen DeGeneres. (PG, R) 5.00 News. 5.30 Today.

6.00 Headline News. 7.30 WIN News. (R) 8.30 Studio 10. (PG) 12.00 Dr Phil. (PG) 1.00 Australian Survivor: All Stars. (PG, R) 2.10 Ent. Tonight. 2.30 Judge Judy. (PG, R) 3.30 Three Veg And Meat. 4.00 Farm To Fork. 4.30 Bold. (PG) 5.00 News. 6.00 WIN News. 6.30 The Project. 7.30 Australian Survivor: All Stars. (PG) 9.00 Hughesy, We Have A Problem. Hosted by Dave Hughes. 10.00 2018 Montreal Comedy Festival. (M, R) 11.00 WIN News. 12.00 The Project. (R) 1.00 Stephen Colbert. (PG) 2.00 Shopping. (R) 3.30 CBS Morning. 5.00 Headline News.

6.00 WorldWatch. 6.30 This Week. 7.30 WorldWatch. 2.00 Nazi Megastructures. (PG, R) 3.00 Railway Journeys UK. (PG, R) 3.30 Russia 1917: Countdown To Revolution. (PG, R) 4.30 The Supervet. (PG) 5.30 Letters And Numbers. (R) 6.00 Mastermind Australia. (PG) 6.30 SBS World News. 7.30 Planet Expedition: Mexico Flooded Caves. (PG) 8.30 Trust Me, I’m A Doctor. (PG) 9.30 Medical Mavericks: Anaesthesia. (M) 10.30 SBS World News Late. 11.05 The World Game. 11.40 The Last Wave. (MA15+) 12.40 Borgen. (M, R) 4.00 24 Hours In Emergency. (M, R) 5.00 CGTN English News. 5.15 NHK World English News. 5.30 Deutsche Welle.


6.00 News. 9.00 ABC News Mornings. 10.00 Poh’s Kitchen. (R) 10.30 Back Roads. (PG, R) 11.00 Grand Designs. (PG, R) 12.00 ABC News At Noon. 12.55 Four Corners. (R) 1.40 Media Watch. (PG, R) 2.00 Parliament. 3.00 Escape From The City. (PG, R) 4.00 Think Tank. (PG, R) 5.00 The Repair Shop. (R) 5.30 Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery. (PG, R) 6.00 The Drum. 7.00 ABC News. 7.30 7.30. 8.00 Foreign Correspondent. 8.30 To Be Advised. 9.20 Rick Stein’s Road To Mexico. (PG) 10.20 To Be Advised. 10.55 ABC Late News. 11.25 Q+A. (R) 12.35 Humans. (M, R) 1.20 Grand Designs NZ. (R) 2.05 Rage. (MA15+) 3.30 Compass. (R) 4.00 Catalyst. (R) 4.30 The Drum. (R) 5.30 One Plus One. (R)

6.00 Sunrise. 9.00 The Morning Show. (PG) 11.30 Seven Morning News. 12.00 Movie: Happy Face Killer. (2014) (M, R) 2.00 The Daily Edition. 3.00 The Chase. 4.00 Seven News At 4. 5.00 The Chase Australia. 6.00 Seven Local News. 6.30 Seven News. 7.00 Home And Away. (PG) 7.30 My Kitchen Rules: The Rivals. (PG) 9.00 The Good Doctor. (M) 10.00 Gold Digger. (M) 11.10 The Latest: Seven News. 11.40 Proven Innocent. (M) 12.40 American Crime. (M, R) 2.00 Home Shopping. (R) 4.00 NBC Today. 5.00 Seven Early News. 5.30 Sunrise.

6.00 Today. 9.00 Today Extra. (PG) 11.30 Morning News. 12.00 Ellen DeGeneres. (PG) 1.00 Mom. (M, R) 1.30 Married At First Sight. (M, R) 3.00 Tipping Point. (PG) 4.00 Afternoon News. 5.00 Hot Seat. 6.00 Nine News. 7.00 A Current Affair. 7.30 Married At First Sight. (M) 9.00 Paramedics. (M) Follows Australian paramedics. 10.00 Botched. (M) 11.00 Chicago Med. (M) 11.50 Cold Case. (M, R) 12.40 Harry. (PG, R) 1.30 ACA. (R) 2.00 TV Shop. (R) 2.30 Skippy. (R) 3.00 TV Shop. (R) 4.00 Ellen DeGeneres. (PG, R) 5.00 News. 5.30 Today.

6.00 Headline News. 7.30 WIN News. (R) 8.30 Studio 10. (PG) 12.00 Dr Phil. (PG) 1.00 Australian Survivor: All Stars. (PG, R) 2.40 Ent. Tonight. 3.00 Judge Judy. (PG) 3.30 Three Veg And Meat. 4.00 Farm To Fork. 4.30 Bold. (PG) 5.00 News. 6.00 WIN News. 6.30 The Project. 7.30 Australian Survivor: All Stars. (PG) 9.00 NCIS. (M, R) Torres loses 12 hours of his memory. 10.00 NCIS: Los Angeles. (M) 11.00 WIN’s All Australian News. 12.00 The Project. (R) 1.00 Stephen Colbert. (PG) 2.00 Shopping. (R) 3.30 CBS Morning. 5.00 Headline News.

6.00 WorldWatch. 2.00 Billy Connolly’s Big Send Off. (M, R) 2.50 Railway Journeys UK. (R) 3.25 Who Do You Think You Are? (R) 4.25 Italy Unpacked. (R) 5.30 Letters And Numbers. (R) 6.00 Mastermind Australia. (PG) 6.30 SBS World News. 7.30 Great Australian Railway Journeys. (PG) 8.30 Insight. 9.35 Dateline. 10.05 The Feed. 10.35 SBS World News Late. 11.05 The Twelve. (MA15+) 12.00 The Good Fight. (M, R) 2.05 Counterpart. (MA15+, R) 3.00 Counterpart. (M, R) 4.05 24 Hours In Emergency. (M, R) 5.00 CGTN English News. 5.15 NHK World English News. 5.30 Deutsche Welle.


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6.00 News. 9.00 ABC News Mornings. 10.00 Mary Berry’s Foolproof Cooking. 10.35 Back Roads. 11.05 Grand Designs NZ. 12.00 ABC News At Noon. 12.30 Press Club. 1.30 The Breakfast Couch. 2.00 Parliament. 3.00 Escape From The City. 4.00 Think Tank. 5.00 The Repair Shop. 5.30 Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery. 6.00 The Drum. 7.00 ABC News. 7.30 7.30. 8.00 Hard Quiz. (PG) 8.30 Shaun Micallef’s MAD AS HELL. (M) 9.00 Black Comedy. (M) 9.30 Adam Hills: The Last Leg. (R) 10.15 Planet America. 10.45 ABC Late News. 11.15 Four Corners. (R) 12.05 Media Watch. 12.20 Humans. 1.10 Grand Designs NZ. 1.55 Rage. 3.30 Compass. 4.00 Catalyst. 4.30 The Drum. 5.30 One Plus One.

6.00 Sunrise. 9.00 The Morning Show. (PG) 11.30 Seven Morning News. 12.00 Movie: The Secret Sex Life Of A Single Mom. (2014) (M, R) 2.00 The Daily Edition. 3.00 The Chase. 4.00 Seven News At 4. 5.00 The Chase Australia. 6.00 Seven Local News. 6.30 Seven News. 7.00 Home And Away. (PG) 7.30 My Kitchen Rules: The Rivals. (PG) 9.00 First Dates Australia. (M) 10.10 First Dates Australia. (PG, R) 11.20 The Latest: Seven News. 11.50 Temptation Island USA. (MA15+) 12.50 The Zoo. (R) 2.00 Home Shopping. (R) 4.00 NBC Today. 5.00 Seven Early News. 5.30 Sunrise.

6.00 Today. 9.00 Today Extra. (PG) 11.30 Morning News. 12.00 Ellen DeGeneres. (PG) 1.00 Mom. (M, R) 1.30 Married At First Sight. (M, R) 3.00 Tipping Point. (PG) 4.00 Afternoon News. 5.00 Hot Seat. 6.00 Nine News. 7.00 A Current Affair. 7.30 Married At First Sight. 9.00 Doctor Doctor. (M) Baby Eliza goes missing. 10.00 New Amsterdam. (M) 11.00 Lethal Weapon. (MA15+) 11.50 Westside. (MA15+, R) 12.40 Harry. (PG, R) 1.30 ACA. (R) 2.00 TV Shop. (R) 2.30 Global Shop. 3.00 TV Shop. (R) 4.00 Ellen DeGeneres. (PG, R) 5.00 News. 5.30 Today.

6.00 Headline News. 7.30 WIN News. (R) 8.30 Studio 10. (PG) 12.00 Dr Phil. (M) 1.00 Australian Survivor: All Stars. (PG, R) 2.40 Ent. Tonight. 3.00 Judge Judy. (PG) 3.30 Three Veg And Meat. 4.00 Farm To Fork. 4.30 Bold. (PG) 5.00 News. 6.00 WIN News. 6.30 The Project. 7.30 Australian Survivor: All Stars. (PG) 8.30 Bull. (M) Bull represents an insurance company. 9.30 Bull. (M, R) 10.30 The Project. (R) 11.30 WIN News. 12.30 Stephen Colbert. (PG) 1.30 Shopping. (R) 3.30 CBS Morning. 5.00 Headline News.

6.00 WorldWatch. 2.00 Billy Connolly’s Big Send Off. (M, R) 2.50 Dateline. (R) 3.25 Insight. (R) 4.25 Italy Unpacked. (R) 5.30 Letters And Numbers. (R) 6.00 Mastermind Australia. (PG) 6.30 SBS World News. 7.30 Tony Robinson’s Hidden Britain By Drone. (PG, R) 8.30 Dublin Murders. (MA15+) 9.35 Project Blue Book. (M) 10.30 SBS World News Late. 11.00 Homeland. (MA15+, R) 12.00 Movie: Homesick. (2015) (MA15+) 1.50 Movie: Anchor And Hope. (2017) (M, R) 4.00 24 Hours In Emergency. (M, R) 4.55 UK Bitesize. (R) 5.00 CGTN English News. 5.15 NHK World English News. 5.30 Deutsche Welle English News. 2702

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6.10pm Children’s Programs. 7.15 Dino Dana. (R) 7.30 Spicks And Specks. (R) 8.00 Whose Line Is It Anyway? (M) 8.25 Hard Quiz. (PG, R) 8.55 Whovians. (PG) 9.25 The Office. (PG, R) 10.15 Brassic. (MA15+, R) 11.00 Inside Amy Schumer. (MA15+, R) 11.20 30 Rock. (PG, R) 11.40 30 Rock. (M, R) 12.05am Whose Line Is It Anyway? (M, R) 12.25 The Office. (PG, R)

6.30pm Seven Local News. 7.00 Seven News. 7.30 Father Brown. (M, R) A cricket captain is framed for murder. 8.30 Judge John Deed. (M, R) After a woman is killed and a man confesses, the police are convinced they have their man. 10.30 Jonathan Creek. (M, R) Maddy is invited to see an alien skeleton. 11.30 Dog Patrol. (PG, R) 12.30am Cosmetic Surgery Show. (MA15+, R)

6pm American Pickers. (PG, R) Jackie “Hollywood” unveils his art gallery. 7.00 Pawn Stars. (PG, R) A Colt Paterson revolver is brought into the shop. 8.30 Movie: The Wolverine. (2013) (M, R) Hugh Jackman, Will Yun Lee, Brian Tee. After Wolverine is summoned to Japan by an old acquaintance, he is soon embroiled in a conflict. 11.05 Sarah Connor Chronicles. (M, R)

7pm The Big Bang Theory. (PG, R) 7.30 Survivor: Winners At War. (PG) 8.30 Movie: Crocodile Dundee II. (1988) (PG, R) Paul Hogan, Linda Kozlowski, John Meillon. Mick Dundee’s girlfriend is kidnapped. 10.45 Movie: Airplane II: The Sequel. (1982) (PG, R) Robert Hays, Julie Hagerty, Lloyd Bridges. 12.25am Survival Of The Fittest. (M, R)

6pm Cricket. ICC Women’s Twenty20 World Cup. Match 10. Australia v Bangladesh. From Manuka Oval, Canberra. 9.00 Movie: The Last Castle. (2001) (M, R) Robert Redford, James Gandolfini. A US Army general organises an uprising against injustice while serving time in a military prison. 11.35 Cold Case. (M, R) A TV reporter’s murder is reinvestigated.

6pm Celebrity Name Game. (PG, R) 6.30 Bondi Rescue. (PG, R) 7.30 NCIS. (M, R) 8.30 Hawaii Five-0. (M, R) The team searches for a “cowboy”. 9.30 Madam Secretary. (M) Henry teams up with a marine veteran to fight for legislation that helps provide better mental health care. 10.30 The Code. (M) 11.30 NCIS. (M, R) 12.30am Shopping. (R)

6pm Friends. (PG, R) 6.30 Neighbours. (PG) Harlow doesn’t like Gary’s news. 7.00 Friends. (PG, R) Rachel’s rival attends her party. 8.00 Seinfeld. (PG, R) George loses a prized keychain. 9.00 The Middle. (PG, R) Frankie and Mike plan a family road trip to Chicago for Brick’s regional spelling bee. 10.30 Will & Grace. (PG, R) 11.30 The Late Late Show With James Corden. (M) 12.30am Home Shopping. (R)


6.10pm Children’s Programs. 7.15 Dino Dana. (R) 7.30 Spicks And Specks. (PG, R) 8.00 Whose Line Is It Anyway? (M) 8.25 Shaun Micallef’s MAD AS HELL. (PG, R) 8.55 The Office. (PG, R) 9.40 Black Comedy. (M, R) 10.10 Whovians. (PG, R) 10.40 Archer. (M, R) 11.25 The Mighty Boosh. (PG, R) 11.55 30 Rock. (PG, R)

6.30pm Seven Local News. (R) 7.00 Seven News. 7.30 Pie In The Sky. (PG, R) A family’s house is robbed. 8.30 Billy Connolly: Journey To The Edge Of The World. (PG, R) Scottish comedian Billy Connolly sets off on a journey through remote Canada. 9.30 Martin Clunes: Islands Of Britain: The South. (R) Part 3 of 3. 10.30 Selling Houses Australia. (R) 12.30am Helloworld. (PG, R)

6.30pm Football. AFL State Of Origin Bushfire Relief. Victoria v All-Stars. From Marvel Stadium, Melbourne. 10.00 Movie: Push. (2009) (M, R) Camilla Belle, Dakota Fanning, Chris Evans. A girl convinces an outcast with special abilities to help her locate a suitcase containing a small fortune. 12.20am Hardcore Pawn. (M, R) A man tries to sell his girlfriend’s ring.

7.30pm Movie: A Knight’s Tale. (2001) (M, R) Heath Ledger, Rufus Sewell, Shannyn Sossamon. A squire takes the identity of his master after the knight suffers an untimely demise. 10.10 Movie: Conan The Destroyer. (1984) (M, R) Arnold Schwarzenegger, Grace Jones, Wilt Chamberlain. A warrior embarks on a quest. 12.10am Survival Of The Fittest. (M, R)

6pm Cricket. ICC Women’s Twenty20 World Cup. Match 12. England v Pakistan. From Manuka Oval, Canberra. 9.00 Movie: High Crimes. (2002) (M, R) Ashley Judd, Morgan Freeman, Jim Caviezel. A lawyer fights to clear her husband’s name after he is accused of murdering innocent civilians. 11.30 Cold Case. (M, R) 12.30am My Favorite Martian. (R)

6pm Celebrity Name Game. (PG, R) Hosted by Grant Denyer. 6.30 Bondi Rescue. (PG, R) 7.30 NCIS. (M, R) McGee kills an undercover police officer. 8.30 Walker, Texas Ranger. (M, R) Walker learns that the killer of his parents, who he had presumed was dead, is actually alive. 10.30 Hawaii Five-0. (M, R) 11.30 NCIS: New Orleans. (M, R) 12.30am Home Shopping. (R)

6pm 6.30 7.00 8.00

Friends. (PG, R) Neighbours. (PG) Friends. (PG, R) Seinfeld. (PG, R) As George builds a bed underneath his desk, Elaine gets a mattress from her back-conscious new boyfriend. 9.00 Friends. (PG, R) Joey tries to gain Ross’s forgiveness. 10.30 Supernatural. (PG) 11.30 The Late Late Show With James Corden. (M) 12.30am Shopping. (R)


6.10pm Children’s Programs. 7.30 Spicks And Specks. 8.00 Would I Lie To You? (PG) 8.30 Live At The Apollo. (M, R) 9.20 Ross Noble: Stand Up Series. (M) 9.50 Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow. 10.35 Would I Lie To You? 11.05 Penn & Teller: Fool Us. 11.45 This Time With Alan Partridge. 12.20am Live At The Apollo.

6pm Helloworld. (PG) 6.30 The Yorkshire Vet In Spring. (PG, R) 7.30 The Yorkshire Vet. (PG) Follows staff at Skeldale Veterinary Centre. 8.30 Escape To The Country. Sonali Shah is on a mission to help an eager buyer find a country home in the East Midlands. 11.30 Honey I Bought The House. (PG, R) 12.30am Escape To The Country. (R)

6pm Outback Truckers. (PG, R) 8.00 Greyhound Racing. Featuring the Group 1 TAB Australian Cup ($300,000). From The Meadows, Broadmeadows, Melbourne. 9.00 Movie: 3:10 To Yuma. (2007) (MA15+, R) Russell Crowe, Christian Bale, Ben Foster. A rancher holds a captured outlaw. 11.40 Hardcore Pawn. (M, R) 12.10am Blokesworld. (PG, R)

7.30pm Movie: The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug. (2013) (M, R) Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen, Richard Armitage. Bilbo Baggins continues his epic quest. 11.10 Movie: Underworld: Evolution. (2006) (MA15+, R) Kate Beckinsale, Scott Speedman, Tony Curran. A vampire is forced to fight her elder.

7pm Movie: The Magnificent Seven. (1960) (PG, R) Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen. A Mexican village hires seven American gunmen for protection against an army of marauding bandits. 9.40 Movie: Hot Fuzz. (2007) (MA15+, R) Simon Pegg, Nick Frost. An overly competent police officer is transferred to a remote town by his jealous colleagues. 12.05am Unforgettable. (M)

6pm Cops. (PG, R) Follows police officers on patrol. 6.30 Scorpion. (PG, R) 7.30 NCIS. (M, R) A model is killed on a marine base. 8.30 NCIS: New Orleans. (M, R) The team investigates a copycat murder mimicking an unsolved case that spawned a ghost story. 10.20 NCIS: Los Angeles. (M, R) Callen and Sam pursue a spy. 12.10am 48 Hours: Peter Chadwick – Caught. (M, R)

6pm Friends. (PG, R) Phoebe has dinner with Mike’s parents. 7.30 Kojak. (M, R) 8.30 Columbo. (M, R) A war hero shoots and kills his business partner. 10.00 Hughesy, We Have A Problem. (M, R) 11.00 Fresh Off The Boat. (PG, R) 11.30 Everybody Loves Raymond. (R) 12am Everybody Loves Raymond. (PG, R) 12.30 Raymond. (R)


6.10pm Children’s Programs. 7.30 Spicks And Specks. (R) 8.00 Would I Lie To You? (PG, R) 8.30 Penn & Teller: Fool Us. (PG) 9.10 Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow. (M, R) 10.00 Whovians. (PG, R) 10.30 Adam Hills: The Last Leg. 11.10 Would I Lie To You? 11.45 Ross Noble: Stand Up Series. 12.15am The Games.

6pm Escape To The Country. (R) 7.00 Border Security: Australia’s Front Line. (PG, R) An ex drug addict claims to be trafficking heroin. 8.30 Air Crash Investigation: Deadly Inclination. (PG, R) Examines the crash of Alitalia Flight 404, which crashed into woodlands near Weiach, Switzerland. 10.30 Hospital. (M, R) 11.45 Celebrity Botched Up Bodies. (MA15+, R)

6pm Pawn Stars. (PG, R) 6.30 Movie: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. (2010) (PG, R) Nicolas Cage, Jay Baruchel, Alfred Molina. 8.40 Movie: Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes. (2014) (M, R) Jason Clarke, Gary Oldman, Keri Russell. Human survivors fight an ape empire. 11.15 Movie: The Interview. (2014) (MA15+, R) Seth Rogen, James Franco, Randall Park.

7pm Movie: Kung Fu Panda 2. (2011) (PG, R) Jack Black, Angelina Jolie, Dustin Hoffman. 8.45 Movie: Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen. (2009) (M, R) Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel. In the wake of his previous encounter with the Decepticons and the Autobots, a teenager heads to university. 11.45 Science Of Stupid. (M) 12.15am BattleBots. (PG, R)

6pm Cricket. ICC Women’s Twenty20 World Cup. Match 16. England v West Indies. From Spotless Stadium, Sydney. 9.00 Movie: Firewall. (2006) (M, R) Harrison Ford, Paul Bettany, Virginia Madsen. The family of a security expert is kidnapped by a ruthless criminal mastermind. 11.10 The Price Of Duty: John Garcia. (M) 12.05am The Avengers. (PG, R)

6.30pm Bondi Rescue. (PG, R) Discover how a lifeguard fulfilled his dream. 7.30 NCIS. (M, R) Tony and Ziva disappear. 8.30 Law & Order: SVU. (M, R) Benson enlists the help of a former cop in apprehending a serial rapist and murderer who targets disabled women. 10.20 CSI: Miami. (MA15+, R) Two bodies are discovered. 11.15 CSI: Miami. (M, R) 12.10am RPM. (R)

6pm Friends. (PG, R) Rachel visits her workplace. 9.00 To Be Advised. 10.00 Will & Grace. (PG, R) Grace and Leo spontaneously get married while in Central Park, outraging their family and friends. 11.30 Frasier. (PG, R) Martin’s gun accidentally discharges. 12am The Middle. (PG, R) Brick competes in a spelling bee. 12.30 Home Shopping. (R)


6.10pm Children’s Programs. 7.15 Dino Dana. (R) 7.30 Spicks And Specks. (PG, R) 8.00 Whose Line Is It Anyway? (M) 8.25 Upstart Crow. (PG, R) 8.55 The Office. (PG, R) 9.40 The Games. (R) 10.05 Peep Show. (M, R) 10.35 Bounty Hunters. (M, R) 11.05 30 Rock. (PG, R) 11.45 Whose Line Is It Anyway? (M, R) 12.10am The Office. (PG, R)

6.30pm Seven Local News. 7.00 Seven News. 7.30 Doc Martin. (PG, R) Martin prepares to leave Portwenn. 8.30 The Inspector Lynley Mysteries. (M, R) Lynley needs the help of the newly demoted Havers when two bodies are found in the middle of a stone circle. 10.30 Liar. (M, R) Laura travels to Edinburgh. 11.30 Brit Cops. (M, R) 12.30am Trial & Error. (M, R)

6pm American Pickers. (PG, R) 7.00 Pawn Stars. (PG, R) 7.30 American Pickers. (PG) Robbie makes an offer on an iconic Ford. 8.30 Movie: The Enforcer. (1976) (MA15+, R) Clint Eastwood, Harry Guardino, Tyne Daly. A cop goes undercover to find the mayor of San Francisco who has been kidnapped by a terrorist organisation. 10.35 Summernats.

7pm The Big Bang Theory. (PG, R) 7.30 Movie: The Expendables 3. (2014) (M, R) Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Mel Gibson. 10.00 Movie: Gamer. (2009) (MA15+, R) Gerard Butler, Amber Valletta, Michael C. Hall. 11.55 The Big Bang Theory. (PG, R) 12.20am Making Of Bad Boys 3. (M, R) 12.30 Surfing Australia TV. (R)

6.30pm Antiques Roadshow. (R) The team heads to Polesden Lacey. 7.30 New Tricks. (M, R) Gerry investigates a student’s death. 8.40 Midsomer Murders. (PG, R) After a doctor is killed, Barnaby believes the real target was the senior partner in a local surgery. 10.40 The Commander. (MA15+, R) Clare Blake’s integrity is questioned. 12.10am Destination WA. (R)

6pm Celebrity Name Game. (PG, R) Hosted by Grant Denyer. 6.30 Bondi Rescue. (PG, R) 7.30 NCIS. (M, R) A military officer is kidnapped. 8.30 Law & Order: SVU. (M, R) After a woman dies in Central Park, the evidence leads to a homeless man who was a witness to the crime. 10.20 48 Hours: What Happened To Rachael? 11.15 Super Rugby Wrap. 12.15am Home Shopping. (R)

6pm 6.30 7.00 8.00 9.00

Friends. (PG, R) Neighbours. (PG) Friends. (PG, R) Seinfeld. (PG, R) Two And A Half Men. (PG, R) Charlie entertains his girlfriend’s son. 9.30 Two And A Half Men. (M, R) Jake sneaks out to attend a concert. 10.00 Two And A Half Men. (PG, R) 10.30 Everybody Loves Raymond. (R) 11.30 James Corden. (M) 12.30am Shopping. (R)


6.10pm Children’s Programs. 7.15 Dino Dana. (R) 7.30 Spicks And Specks. (PG, R) 8.00 Whose Line Is It Anyway? (M) 8.25 Adam Hills: The Last Leg. 9.05 The Office. (PG, R) 9.50 Brassic. (M) 10.35 Timewasters. (M, R) 11.00 Peep Show. (M, R) 11.30 30 Rock. (PG, R) 12.10am Whose Line Is It Anyway? (M, R)

6.30pm Seven Local News. 7.00 Seven News. 7.30 Cold Case. (M, R) Rush and Valens reopen the 1987 case of a highschool basketball star. 9.30 Without A Trace. (M, R) The team searches for a seemingly well-adjusted teenager when he vanishes from his home in the middle of the night. 10.30 Criminal Minds. (M, R) The team investigates a quadruple homicide. 12.30am Trial & Error. (M, R)

6pm American Pickers. (PG, R) 7.00 Pawn Stars. (PG, R) 7.30 Highway Patrol. (PG, R) 8.30 Full Custom Garage. (PG) Ian Roussel crafts one-of-a-kind vehicles. 9.30 Counting Cars. (PG) Danny finds a rare Mercury motorcycle. 10.30 Vegas Rat Rods. (PG) 11.30 Graveyard Carz. (PG) 12.30am Bloopers. (PG, R)

7pm The Big Bang Theory. (PG, R) 7.30 Young Sheldon. (PG, R) Sheldon dismantles the refrigerator. 9.00 Movie: The Break-Up. (2006) (M, R) Jennifer Aniston, Vince Vaughn, Joey Lauren Adams. A woman attempts to make her ex jealous. 11.10 The Big Bang Theory. (PG, R) 11.35 Young Sheldon. (PG, R) 12am Survival Of The Fittest. (M, R)

6pm Cricket. ICC Women’s Twenty20 World Cup. Match 20. West Indies v South Africa. From GIANTS Stadium, Sydney. 9.00 Agatha Christie’s Poirot. (PG, R) Poirot investigates a theft. 11.00 Law & Order: Criminal Intent. (M, R) A city auditor and his family are murdered. 12am Giving Life. (PG, R) Chloe Bayliss shares her story of survival. 12.30 My Favorite Martian. (R)

6pm Celebrity Name Game. (PG, R) Hosted by Grant Denyer. 6.30 Bondi Rescue. (PG, R) 7.30 NCIS. (M, R) Two marines’ wives are murdered. 8.30 CSI: Miami. (MA15+, R) The team searches for a link between the death of a delivery truck driver and a businesswoman. 10.20 In The Dark. (M) Jules is forced to make a quick decision. 11.15 The Mentalist. (PG, R) 12.10am Home Shopping. (R)

6pm 6.30 7.00 8.00 9.00

Friends. (PG, R) Neighbours. (PG) Friends. (PG, R) Seinfeld. (PG, R) The Conners. (PG) Jackie is faced with a difficult decision. 9.30 Two And A Half Men. (PG, R) Charlie becomes popular with kids. 10.00 Two And A Half Men. (M, R) 10.30 2 Broke Girls. (M, R) 11.30 The Late Late Show With James Corden. (M) 12.30am Shopping. (R)


6.10pm Children’s Programs. 7.15 Dino Dana. (R) 7.30 Spicks And Specks. (PG, R) 8.00 QI. (PG, R) 8.30 This Time With Alan Partridge. (M, R) 9.05 The Office. (PG, R) 9.25 The Office. (M, R) 9.45 Live At The Apollo. (M, R) 10.35 Dead Pixels. (MA15+) 11.00 The Mighty Boosh. (M, R) 11.30 30 Rock. (PG, R) 12.10am QI. (PG, R)

6.30pm Seven Local News. 7.00 News. 7.30 Border Security: Australia’s Front Line. (PG, R) 8.30 Chris Tarrant’s Extreme Railways: Slow Train To Guantanamo Bay. (PG, R) 9.30 Mighty Trains: White Pass And Yukon. (PG, R) 10.30 Greatest Cities Of The World. (PG, R) 11.30 Mighty Planes. (PG, R) 12.30am Air Crash Investigation. (PG, R)

6pm American Pickers. (PG, R) 7.00 Pawn Stars. (PG, R) 7.30 The Simpsons. (PG, R) 8.30 The Simpsons. (M) Three tales of horror. 9.00 Family Guy. (M) The network decides to reboot Family Guy. 9.30 American Dad! (M) 10.30 Family Guy. (M, R) 11.00 Family Guy. (MA15+, R) 11.30 Futurama. (PG, R) 12am Esports. LPL Pro. Rainbow Six Siege. Round 1.

7pm The Big Bang Theory. (PG, R) 7.30 Top Gear. (PG, R) The boys head to the Northern Territory. 9.00 Movie: The Hurt Locker. (2008) (MA15+, R) Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie, Brian Geraghty. A US bomb squad works together in Baghdad. 11.40 The Big Bang Theory. (PG, R) 12.10am Survival Of The Fittest. (M, R)

6.30pm Antiques Roadshow. (R) Hosted by Fiona Bruce. 7.30 Keeping Up Appearances. (PG, R) 8.40 Agatha Christie’s Marple. (PG, R) Miss Marple arranges for a troubled friend and her son to take shelter at a country house called Greenshaw’s Folly. 10.40 Major Crimes. (M, R) 11.35 Cold Case. (M, R) 12.30am My Favorite Martian. (R)

6pm Celebrity Name Game. (PG, R) Hosted by Grant Denyer. 6.30 Bondi Rescue. (PG, R) 7.30 NCIS. (M, R) The team discovers the severed head of a marine. 8.30 NCIS: Los Angeles. (MA15+, R) The team investigates a missing person’s case. 9.25 NCIS: Los Angeles. (M, R) Eric goes undercover as an IT technician. 10.20 NCIS. (M, R) 12.10am Home Shopping. (R)

6pm 6.30 7.00 8.00

Friends. (PG, R) Neighbours. (PG) Friends. (PG, R) Seinfeld. (PG, R) Kramer starts his own blood bank. George tries to improve his life by combining sex, food and television. 9.00 2 Broke Girls. (M, R) The girls attend an auction. 10.30 The Middle. (PG, R) Frankie and Mike console a broken-hearted Axl. 11.30 The Late Late Show With James Corden. (M) 12.30am Home Shopping. (R)


Classifications: (P) Preschoolers (C) Children (G) General (PG) Parental Guidance (M) Mature Audiences (MA15+) Mature Audiences Only (AV15+) Extreme Adult Violence (R) Repeat. Please note: Listings are subject to change by networks.


Cassowary Coast Independent News, Thursday, February 27, 2020 Page 11

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The Cassowary coast independent News (CCIN) invites you to send us text messages that will be added on our page for letters to the editor. We would love to have our region communicating with us. Please remember: The views and comments made in letters to the editor or in text messages are not necessarily the views and opinions of this paper. The Cassowary Coast Independent News reserves the right to cut content deemed as inappropriate, or not publish letters or texts. We would love to have our region communicating with us.

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Send your letters to: PO Box 1100, Tully, Qld 4854 0473350465

NON-TEACHING POSITION Indigenous Liaison Officer St Clare’s School, Tully Fixed Term, Term Time PosiƟon 6 Hours Per Week Commencing: 20 April 2020 ApplicaƟons Close: 6 March 2020

For further information and an application pack, please visit our website: Intending applicants must be fully committed to creating and maintaining a child safe organisation. Catholic Education is an equal opportunity employer.

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Mission Beach Community Association Meet the candidates meeting Mission Beach Resort 6 till 8pm Tuesday March 3rd All Mayoral and Division 3 candidates have confirmed their attendance. All welcome. For more information email:

Page 12 Cassowary Coast Independent News, Thursday, February 27, 2020

DO YOU KNOW YOUR COUNCIL CANDIDATES? WHO STAYS, WHO GOES? YOU DECIDE !!! TELL THE PUBLIC WHERE YOU WILL BE SO THEY CAN COME AND MEET YOU PERSONALLY!! TELL THEM THE COMMUNITY GROUPS AND ACTIVIES YOU HAVE BEEN INVOLVED IN --TELL THEM WHAT AREAS ARE YOU DOOR KNOCKING--The Cassowary Coast Regional Council Elections are being held this year on Saturday 28th March and is going to be hotly contested with many New candidates throwing their hat into the ring for each division. And some existing Councillors are endeavouring to be elected once again. More than ever the public are interested to see who is going to represent them in the future on the Cassowary Coast Regional Council. The Cassowary Coast Independent Newspaper is going to run Feature pages on the Candidates in the run up to Council Elections on the 28th March where candidates will be able to advertise themselves.

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Italtian Mass at 11am) ACROSS DOWN ACROSS DOWN St Rita’s (South JohnCROSSWORD No 12858 1CROSSWORD Become visible CLUES 2 Mound of LAST things WEEK’S 1 Appear 2 Pile stone) 91 5 Quaintly amusing 3 Suitable forSOLUTIONS the 5 Droll 3 (1st, Expedient • Sun 7am 3rd & 2 3 4 5 10 6 7 dia 8 It’s made by bees purpose 8 Honey 4 Rhone 5th Sun) 8 9 10 11 Christ the (Mour10 Syrian city 4 European river No. 10 Aleppo 5 King Decree le Solution 12857 SOLUTIONS No. 12857 ilyan) 6 Rye 13 Medium-sized cat 5 Edict 13 Ocelot 11 12 13 14 15 12 13 • Sun 7am D Splant P R E A D 15 Demeanour D S 15 Outward behaviour 6 Cereal 7 Lithe 14 15 16 17 18 (second9& fourth 16 Lazy 7 Supple 16 Idle Nought E V I L N U P B E A T 19 17 18 16 Sundays) 17 Kind in temperament 9 Zero 17 Gentle 10 Adze 19 20 200 B N A I R O B I S I R Anglican Church 20 Strange 10 Axe-like tool 20 Eerie 11 Emir 284 21 St Alban’s (Innsifail) 21 20 22 23 24 R A Gruler S O B O L E R O 201 22 Dairy product 11 Muslim 22 Cheese 12 • Sat 5pm Pale I M I L of L I N R V 25 26 22 27 23 Rodent 12 Without intensity 23 ERat 14incl Lots • Sun 8am Sunday S H E A R S N E T T L E 24 One with a lease colour 24 Renter 18 Nefarious School 28 29 u 93026 St John’s 14 Large 27 FalseE 19(Tully) Lees 27 3 28 27 Spurious 24 25 23 I amounts R E .au 31 32 • Every 21 Sun 8am 30 Small pointed beard 18 Extremely wicked 30 Goatee Euro Note to Editor: S P I R I T T R A V E L The Uniting Church 32 31 30 2933 31 Calamitous 19 Dregs 31 Dire 22 Car 5 in354QUARK 1 3 36 237 34 r Created L R U T H L E S S U (MB) 21 Monetary unit 32 Allusions 23 Reeled 2 3VER.4.03 4 39 8 6 32 Passing references • Every Sun 11am 38 33 XPRESS. I S vehicle O B A R M 34 SMenace I N S 34 A dangerous person 22 Motor 25 Earn 8 5 Mena Creek State Items not needed for 36 Sham 23 Staggered 36 Phoney E E N T O P P L E D T 40 41 School26 Teacup 9 35 34 37 Push slightly 25 Deserve 37 Nudge 276:30pm Fish publication can be • 1st Sun S W E D E N L S L U R 42 1 9 5 38 Flowering plant 26 Drinking vessel 38 Tulip 28 Leon Motel Chapel erased as6each is 37 in a 36 T D G R E A S E E 8 1 7 39 Long for 27 Angle 39 Desire 29 Easy (Kurrimine Beach) separate text box. • 3rd Sun 3pm 3 4 28 Man’s name 30 Gamut SUDOKU No 169 38 Solution No. 12858 DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Uniting31 Church 29 Not difficult Duped Mission33 Beach ACROSS DOWN ACROSS DOWN 30 The whole range Near SOLUTIONS No. 168 DOWN • Sun 8am 3 Pants 1 Labours 3ACROSS Trousers (coll) 1 Toils DIFFICULTY LEVEL: 31 Cheated 35 Ani Innisfail 1 Characteristic spirit Undresses 8 Asleep 2 Clap 83 Not awake 2 Applaud 33 Close by No. 12839 2 Teeth straighteners 9 Extreme fear • Sun 10:30am 10 Twirl 3 Solution Persuade 10 Spin quickly round 3 Induce to believe 35 Cuckoo-like bird 3 Theatre employee 10 Travel from place to place Tully 11 Baa 4 Apiece 11 Sheep’s bleat 4 For each one ACROSS DOWN DOWN 4 Celestial bodies 11 King ACROSS of the Huns • Sun 5pm Rifle 5 Stem Gun 5 Slender support 5 1 Move round an axis 12 12Undresses Large group of 3 Disrobes 1 Ethos 312 Characteristic spirit God Bless You! Violates Set oneself against 6 Fails comply with 14 Oppose 9Solution 6 Extinguished instrumentalists Terror67 No. 2 9Braces 914 Extreme fear 2 toTeeth straighteners 12838 Tully Family Church 7 8 1 4 5 2 3 6 16 Cutting implement underpants 16 Emblem Blame Symbol 7 Assign fault to 1016 Theatre Butler Street Tully A P Tour P E A9 R SapD R O L L 3 Dresser 17Travel Smotherfrom place to 8 3 Dreamy (coll) employee 19 Rucks 10 19 Creases 9 Weaken insidiously A I Attila 3Stars 5 4 2 7 6 8 9 1 • Sunday 10am 20place Think favourably of 134 Type of monkeybodies X H O N E Y I 11 4 Celestial 20 Rare 13 Less 20 Uncommon 13 Not so much 21 Written composition 14 Intense dislike A L E P P O O C E L O T Mission Beach 2 6 1 9 8 3 7 4 5 12 Orchestra 5 Rotate 1121 King ofofthe Huns 5 Move 21axis Reggae D E M E A15 OrganicO H Jamaican 15 Derived from round living an 23 Music Measuring tool 15 Before N O U R Steven’s Lane 16 Shears 6 7Out 23 Spite 17 Brioche 12 26Large Extinguished origin organisms Legallygroup bound of 186 Pressure line 3 6 8 5 9 1 2 4 Z I D L E G E N T L E • 6pm Sunday 25 Lad 18 Ere 23 IllIncidental will remarks 17 Sweet bun grief 29instrumentalists 197 Express 17 7 Briefs Close-fitting E E Stifle R I E C H E E S E Seventh - Day 8 9 4 1 2 3 6 7 31 Boy Drills 22 Pathetic 26 Roe 18 Before U Esteem E 22 R AGlobules T F E 20 8 5Spacey 1625 Cutting implement underpants Adventist Church 33 To pierce into 23 Shaving instruments Small deer 22 Small spherical (coll) 28 Toned 21 REssay E N T 24 E RProceeds F A L S E 131Rhesus 4 2 3 6 7 5 8 9 1726 Dreamy 2 Edward St 34Smother Make illegal 248 Small 30 Tocsin G O A T E 27 E Undress D I R E A Having firm muscles bodies 36Think Misplace 25 Meal 23 Ruler 14 Hatred 2028 favourably of 13 Type of monkey Every Saturday 8 2 7 6 9 1 4 5 3 A R A L L U S I O N S 31 Gobi 28 Too 30 24 Goes forward 37 Alarm Concordbell 27 Painting and sculpture Solution to this puzzle should • 9.30am Preliminaries 26 Liable 15 Ere 2131 Written composition 14 Intense dislike M E N A C 29 E Deed P H O N E Y 32 Epoch desert 27 Disrobe 38 Asian Emblems of royal power 28 Act as a link 4 9 5 7 3 8 6 1 2 • 10.30am Bible Study U N U D G E U A 18 Isobar 2332Measuring toolnot appear 15 Before on the same33page Louche 29 Asides 30 Torrid Drainage conduit Significant historical 28 In30 addition • 11.00am Main Sermon T U L I P D E S I R E 32 river 196Lament 1 3 5 2 4 9 7 8 26 Legally 18French Pressure line 35 Reefer 31 Trains31 Glass period bound 29 Exploit All Welcome 35 branches from a tree 38 Adore 33 Penetrate 34 Hang Disreputable 30 Oppressively hot 22 Piteous 2933Incidental remarks 19CutExpress grief DIFFICULTY LEVEL: 39 Ore 36 Foes Marijuana cigarette 31 Transparent solid 34 Outlaw 23 Razors 3135Drills 22 Pathetic 40 Stern (coll) substance Cassowary Coast Independent News, Thursday, February26,20,2019 2020 Page Page19 13 36 Lose 37 Err Cassowary 24 Little 33 To pierce into 23 Shaving instruments Coast Independent News, Thursday, September 41 Idlers Worship as divine 34 Suspend 37 Unison 25 Repast 3438 Make illegal 24 Small 42 Gilds 39 Metal bearing rock 36 Enemies 38 Sceptres 27 Art 3640Misplace Meal Severe 37 Be25 mistaken









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Knuth: Dialysis Machines Sorely Needed in Tully Hospital SEAN DENT A couple of weeks ago, Abe Muriata Chairman of the people of the Jumbun community in Murray Upper, spoke of the need for a dialysis machine in Tully Hospital. Many indigenous people endure years of dialysis as their bodies don’t tolerate alcohol and western foods, and because they are as a race generally deemed unsuitable for kidney transplants. This treatment often involves visits to Innisfail Hospital three days a week. It turns out they aren’t the only ones who rely on dialysis. Shane Knuth has been in touch with many people in the area who would also benefit from a local option. “I have constituents who are travelling

thousands of kilometres a week to Innisfail for dialysis. This needs a discussion at the state and federal level, and I’m happy to take a petition to parliament to push for it.” Meanwhile, Innisfail Hospital, which currently has eight dialysis chairs with capacity to serve more than its current 24 patients, is planning to increase its service to 32 patients by the end of 2020. Christine Boric, Treasurer for the Tully Hospital Foundation, agreed with Knuth regarding the need to provide the service locally in Tully. She believes it’s not the cost of the machine that’s the stumbling block for providing dialysis at Tully Hospital. “You need to have trained staff at the hospital who can ad-

minister it.” Teresa Millwood, upcoming candidate for councillor in Division 2, which includes Tully, said that the hospital has the physical room to provide dialysis treatment, but also stressed that it’s not as simple as just buying a machine and getting staff. She also feels that those in need of dialysis in Tully already feel blessed that they have a lifesaving treatment just 45 minutes away in Innisfail. Our research suggests they’d feel more blessed if they didn’t have to travel the extra 90 minutes three days a week. The problem is not just the travelling time. The procedure itself can take several hours. Gabi Plumm is running for councillor in Division

ber of patients in the area needing dialysis is under-reported and would exceed 10 patients. “I believe the number is higher than 10, and the number will increase rather than drop. What happens is the number is artificially lowered because people needing medical attention get frustrated and leave the rural areas to go live in the big cities. I am more than happy to assist with a support group to find the real number,” he said. Muriata agrees and off the top of his head, he can count several people who need a local dialysis option, including members of his community who moved to Innisfail to be closer to the hospital there. “I wish they could come home and get treatment closer. I’d

1, which means she would be representing a large section of the indigenous community. It also means representing residents in Cardwell. Cardwell dialysis patients go to Ingham for treatment, but the trip to Tully would be shorter. The renal dialysis report that Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Service recently prepared states that it does not plan to establish a satellite renal dialysis centre at Tully Hospital because it does not feel there is a demand for it. To be considered a clinically safe and viable option as well as being able to attract specialist staffing, there would need to be around 10-12 patients needing dialysis three times a week. Knuth feels the num-

like to have them back in the community,” he said. Boric is going to get started on organising a petition, which Knuth is enthusiastic about putting before Parliament as soon as possible. With the Queensland state election coming up in October, he feels he has leverage to get things done now, especially for an issue like this. The most informed voters, the older members of the population, likely have family members or friends in need of dialysis. Home dialysis is an alternative that Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Service proposed, and Muriata said he’d be interested in learning more about that option. Patients are offered the choice of home dialysis

if their condition is stable enough and if they have a carer who is willing to be trained to assist them with the process. Training and support would be provided to all patients and their carers wanting to undergo dialysis at home. The machinery for home dialysis would be provided at no cost to patients. The problem is not just the travelling time. The procedure itself can take several hours. Haemodialysis can also be done at a dialysis clinic or centre. This entails following a regular schedule and going to the clinic for up to six hours, three times every week. Then there are the people who live in Jumbun or Cardwell, who can add on another hour of driving time.

Katter’s Bill to keep Aussie land in Aussie hands

Shane Knuth plans to use every ounce of leverage to help his constituents over the next few months

Clean Up Australia Weekend Saturday 29 February 2020, 9am to 12noon : Dalrymple Park Riverbank Clean Up Sunday 1 March 2020, from 9am: Clean Up Australia Day Picnic Cassowary Coast Clean Up Weekend Johnstone River Community Gardens Inc. encourages all residents of the region to join in cleaning up Australia this weekend with two days of events planned this weekend. Saturday 29 February will be the Dalrymple Park Riverbank Clean Up as a Clean Up Australia Day activity (site # 13424). Participants are asked to register at the Johnstone River Community Gardens from 9am from where the collection will progress downstream along Dalrymple Park until 11.30am to be back at the Gardens for a complimentary sausage sizzle at 12noon. Sunday 1 March will

Clean Up Australia Weekend celebrate our clean community with a free Clean Up Australia Day Picnic whichwill showcase the importance of removing and reducing the amount of waste material entering our environment. Collected material from the Saturday Clean Up will be separated and catalogued with the data passed on to Clean up Australia and Tangaroa Blue for their records. In attendance will be Cassowary Coast Regional Council staff and the MAMS Group to share handy information about the Container Exchange Scheme, fertilizer and banana bag recycling and the buyback shops at the Council refuse stations. FNQ Community Exchange – Tableland LETS (Local Exchange Trading System) will be sharing information about their cashless community exchange through a bartering system for goods and/or services. Further workshops include local fibre artists

Okka Wikka who will share their skills of weweaving shopping bags with coconut fibre, and children’s craft activities and nature play by the Darlingia Forest School. Guests of the event will also be invited to attend the forage, fibre and garden tours with refreshments available throughout the day, culminating with a Garden Harvest Lunch. Entry to the Johnstone River Community Gardens is via the Diverse Learning Centre entrance to the Innisfail State College off Flying Fish Point Road. For further information: Bernard Holden, 0403523244 www. https://www.facebook. com/Johnstone-River-Community-Garden-180264305464090/ Clean Up Australia Day calls for 700,000 volunteers to Step Up in 2020 Volunteer registrations for Clean Up Australia Day 2020 have opened

with an appeal to Australians to step up on Sunday 1 March, to reduce the amount of waste in the environment. Clean Up Australia Chairman Pip Kiernan said Australia creates 2.5 million tonnes of plastic waste each year. Only 12% of this is recycled with the rest ending up in our parks, roadsides, bush, waterways, oceans or in landfill as rubbish. “We are calling on Australians to step up to clean up, and join us on Sunday 1 March to collect as much of this waste as we can before it causes harm,” Ms Kiernan said. Clean Up Australia Day is the nation's largest community-based mobilisation event, and last year more than 680,000 volunteers removed over 15,000 ute loads of rubbish from the 6,901 registered locations across the country. “It’s our 30th anniversary in 2020, to celebrate that milestone we’d love to see 700,000 Australians

cleaning up at 8,000 sites nationally on March 1.” Clean Up Australia is more than just volunteers picking up rubbish. The charity works with community, business, schools and governments all year round to reduce waste and fix waste problems“For 30 years now we’ve been cleaning up Australia. But Australians are creating more waste than ever, so we need more help. If people are unable to join a Clean Up on March 1, they can step up by donating $20 to help us all year round,” Ms Kiernan said. For further information about Clean Up Australia Day: https://www.cleanup.

KENNEDY MP, Bob Katter has taken his fight to protect Australia from foreign corporations to the floor of the Federal Parliament. The Katter’s Australian Party Member introduced a Bill today to protect Australia from the foreign corporate colonisation of rural and regional areas (The Foreign Acquisitions and Takeovers Amendment (Strategic Assets) Bill 2020) - the second time Mr Katter has introduced the Bill in five years. Mr Katter said he didn’t know how other MPs would be able to look at their grandchildren and great grandchildren in the eye and tell them that they sold off their nation. “On behalf of the Australian people we say no more foreign ownership,” Mr Katter said. “Around 30 per cent of the people I meet tell me they are shocked and horrified that the Government is selling Australia off and out.” The Bill states a foreign person cannot acquire a 10 per cent or greater interest in Australian land, water, or other assets that are of strategic economic or defence significance. “A two thirds majority in both houses of parliament must approve foreign acquisitions, and the acquisition will be for no

more than 45 percent of the asset,” Mr Katter said. 13.4 per cent of Australia’s agricultural land is foreign owned according to the ATO’s latest statistics from July 2018. And foreign agricultural ownership is as high as 25 per cent in Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Similarly with Australia’s water assets, the ATO data shows 10.4 per cent is owned by foreign interests. “The Ord stage two and stage three were given completely to China, despite more than 30 Australians applying for the water,” Mr Katter said. “Our most strategic northern deep water Port in Darwin was effectively sold off as well. “It was also the most strategic Port for the Americans in the South Pacific. Is there anything this Government won’t sell?” The Bill also calls for the establishment of a Foreign Ownership Assessment Board (FOAB) to determine whether an asset is of strategic economic or defence importance. Mr Katter said the board would be chosen by a majority of the Senate of Australia and any determination of the FOAB would be reviewable by an appeals tribunal.

Cassowary Coast Independent News, Thursday, February 27, 2020 Page 15


Innisfail State College Leadership Team MARIA GIRGENTI INNISFAIL State College started the school year with over 962 students from Years 7 to 12 and 29 Diverse Learning students who are all working hard for continual improvement in all areas while striving to achieve the College’s ‘Individual Success, Community Pride’ vision. School priorities include boosting each student’s learning by helping to focus on spelling and writing, home study, assignment work and ensuring all work is completed to the highest possible standard and all drafts and

assignments are handed in for assessment on or before the due date. Last week, the student leaders’ and seniors’ investiture ceremony was held where senior students received their badges and made a promise to the school community to act as a positive role model for students, while the Year 8 to 12 student leaders, along with house captains received their badges of office and made their leadership pledge. This year’s College captains are Cooper Beasley and Lori Edgerton while Danae Torrisi and Kylie Vecchio are the Vice captains.

Innisfail State College Peer Mentors

Innisfail State College Senior Indigenous leaders - Cooper Beasley, Nolear Walker, Angela Barley and T J Lawton

The Year 12 student leadstudent leaders will join Lawton, Cooper Beasley ers are Toby Jarvis Macthe student council afand Nolear Walker. Donald, ter they are Gabrielle elected at a Doyle, Rose camp later Butcher and this term. T J Lawton. Year 8 school Sports house leaders: captains are Maddison Jayda Bird McKay, Kai and Darcy Greven and McKay (BeJosie Ravendarra), Monscroft and ica Vecchio Innisfail State College leaders: Kylie Vecchio (vice-cap- Year 9 school and Shanon tain), Lori Edgerton and Cooper Beasley (captains) and leaders: CaitKopp (Fitzlin Hegarty Danae Torrisi (vice-captain) roy), Angela and Hayley The string ensemble and Barley and Madison LyRidolfi. concert band captains will ons (Hinchinbrook) and Year 10 school leaders: be announced at a full Jessica Ducrot and MalTiarna McKay, Ashleigh school parade after Band orie Haworth (Orpheus). Koop and Jake Wieland Camp in the fourth week Senior Indigenous leadand Year 11 school leadof term, while the Year 7 ers are Angela Barley, T J ers are Felicity Caruana,

Innisfail State College leaders Years 8 - 12

Flying Fish Point State School Prep students


Clinton Parrish, Gabrielle Turco and Nolear Walker. Peer mentors who work closely with support staff to assist students in all grades are as follows: Year 11s - Hayden Averkoff, Takirah Fraser, Ronan Haworth, Amita Pershouse, Andrew Taylor, Isabella Xiong and Noah Zanoletti. Year 12 peer mentors are: Connor Borgelt, Kirrily Csukardy, Tayla Forster, Alexia Guglielmi, Ashleigh Koop, Kaitlyn-Rose Marks, Michaela McInerney, Tiarna McKay, Ashleigh Moir, Brenda Moua and Erin O’Shea. Principal Kate MacDonald said Heads of Years

from 7 - 12 and Diverse Learning Associate Principal are the ‘go-to people’ in each grade where students can direct any social, emotional, behavioural, attendance and academic enquiries. “Keeping the lines of communication open is a great way for families to provide support to their children. I encourage families to remain in close contact with teachers either via email, telephone or by appointment, as I believe it is only through close and positive school - family partnerships that students will achieve their greatest possible success,” said MacDonald.

Innisfail State College sports house captains

Year 5/6 teacher Miss Georgia McBain with St Rita’s Catholic School South Johnstone Mini Vinnies members: Ronan Sultana, Dylan Van Haaren, James Kenny, Jack Calleja, Lisa Brincat and Lincoln Wilcox

Tully Tigers Looking Good in Preseason Training SEAN DENT When the smell of footie is in the February Showgrounds air, it means the Tully Tigers are preparing for the season. With a new coach and after a winless season, no effort is being spared. About 40 players turned up on Tuesday night and newly appointed coach, Paul Ketchell, didn’t crack a smile once. It’s all business, and this team has a lot to prove. The theme of the night, Ketchell said in between expletives as he urged them to keep going, was endurance. “Next week, we’ll do teamwork,” he said. Maybe teamwork wasn’t the right word

though because the camaraderie is clearly there. One example was the “no man left behind” drill where they were given a task to complete. Run from here to there, drop onto you’re your belly, do a push-up, run to the next post, drop to your belly. And then, they waited, sometimes 10-15 seconds until the last person completed the task. It meant that everyone completed every task and everyone started the next one as a team. Ketchell wasn’t the only one barking commands. “Body language,” shouted one of the more experienced players at one point. He was telling his teammates to look the

part of the strong, tough footie player. Tired players finishing a drill and slumping or scowling was discoura g e d because of the effect it would have on o t h e r. Vi c t o ry goes to the t e a m t h a t stands tall together in spite of what they may be feeling. This kind of training is not just about getting the

Page 16 Cassowary Coast Independent News, Thursday, February 27 , 2020

Tigers back on track this year. Ketchell seems to have a 10-year plan. Younger players, some

as young as 15 years old, have been attending the training sessions. They won’t be on the A-Grade

team, obviously, but they get to train with players they look up to. It’s a huge part of their development. “ Te n d a y s to go,” Ketche l l shouted repeatedly, reminding t h e m t h a t t h e y want to fit and p r e pared when t h e y start their trial games. For some of them, it’s a warning: if they aren’t ready by then, they

risk being left out of the team. Ketchell said earlier this year that no one’s place is safe. No one! Prove yourself worthy of the A-Grade and you’ll be in the team. That’s the criteria. After 40 minutes of intense endurance training, they players looked exhausted. That’s good because it means they are responding to the new coach. It’s also good because that was when they started the skills workouts. One of the most effective ways of making the jump from bad team to good team is to give yourself maximum chances in the final 5-10 minutes of a game when everyone on both sides are tired. It’s not just

a matter of having the energy to run, you want to have the mental energy to execute, to make those crisp passes that get a winger past his weary defender. I’m not going to presume that one training session is predictive of how well the Tigers will do. And let’s be fair, if a team that went winless last season were to win even half their games this year, that would be a huge jump. But this prediction I’ll make. By the end of this season, no team will talk about Tully as a pleasant place to come and play.


Greg Shannon ¬Vale Ron Tait, Qld 196064 It was sad to hear news of the recent passing of one of the best known and respected Queensland rugby league players from the past, The Cassowary Coast’s Ron Tait. A 14-match Queensland player from 1960 to 1964, Ron played mainly in the

Then & Now

centres or five eight and was part of an era when Qld tasted some success prior to the 1980s. He was also one of the unique group of players who played all of their careers in the Queensland jersey from country rugby league. Born and bred in Innisfail, Ron made his first grade

debut for his home town in 1954 before representing Far North Qld against the 1955 touring French side. He represented North Qld in 1956 before transferring to the Toowoomba rugby league in 1957 and stayed in the garden city for 3 seasons, adding selection in the Toowoomba Bulimba Cup side to his growing

resume. It was in 1960 though, after transferring to the Rockhamtpon rugby league that his representative career really took off with selection in the Queensland squad. He made his Queensland debut in the opening game of the 1960 interstate series, which NSW won narrowly 21-20. In the second match of that’s series Ron scored two tries to help secure a resounding Queensland 17-12 victory. He returned to Innisfail for the 1961 season and was appointed captain coach of the towns Foley shield side

and continued to represent Queensland over the next 4 seasons as an Innisfail based player. It was during this time that he formed a unique centre partnership for both North Queensland and Queensland with Cairns based centre Alan Gil (who had also played in Toowoomba), and the cry of “TaitGil” became well known throughout the state. With Innisfail, Ron tasted great success in the Foley shield competition, winning the coveted shield in 1964 and 1968. He also represented North Qld against many visiting in-

ternational sides including the 1962 English, and 1964 French sides. After retiring as a player he continued to coach locally until the early 1980s and always supported his beloved Innisfail side. In 2010, Ron was one of the many former Queensland players to make the trek to Brisbane for the unveiling of the Wall of honour for Queensland players (1908-87) and he was also part of the 2017 Innisfail 100-year celebrations

Queensland 1964

Tully Playmakers Go Head-To-Head in NRL Preseason Match in Cairns MARIA GIRGENTI FORMER Tully Tigers juniors Thomas Flegler from Brisbane Broncos and Jake Clifford from North Queensland Cowboys were pitted against each other in an epic battle for ‘King of the North’ title in the Queensland derby NRL preseason trial match on Saturday at Barlow Park, Cairns for the first time. Flegler, who played with Clifford in Tully Tigers junior ranks, made his NRL debut for Brisbane against Melbourne Storm in Round 1 of 2019, while Clifford made his debut for Cowboys in Round 19 clash against St George

Illawarra Dragons in July 2018. Despite torrential rain, thousands of fans packed all parts of Barlow Park to witness a mouth-watering clash between two sides which boasted a number of big guns of the game. It was a tight tussle between both sides as they fought for ball control and defence in wet and slippery conditions, but Cowboys had the edge with the ball to notch up a thrilling 18 - 16 victory over their Queensland rivals. Another highlight for diehard footy Cowboys fans was the debut of Valentine Holmes who played in fullback position for just under 30 minutes in the

first half. Cowboys lock and fan favourite Jason Taumalolo was also impressive in the first 20 minutes of the match before being rested on the bench. North Queensland posted first points when recruit Connelly Lemuelu crossed the line in the opening minutes of the game to lead by 4 - 0 after a wayward conversion. Teeming rain proved challenging and there was little separating the two sides as Brisbane Broncos led by 10 - 4 at half time after two tries to centre Jesse Arthars. A try by Cowboys prop Emery Pere evened up the scores before Bris-

bane struck back with a four-pointer to Anthony Milford after a strong run by winger Herbie Farnworth which put them out to a 16 - 10 lead. A double by rookie Reuben Cotter late in the second half saw the Cowboys snatch a two-point victory over Broncos on a raindrenched field. SCORECARD North Queensland Cowboys 18 (Reuben Cotter 2, Connelly Lemeulu, Tom Gilbert tries, Jake Clifford 1 goal) defeated Brisbane Broncos 16 (Jesse Arthars 2, Anthony Milford tries, Kotoni Staggs, Jamayne Isaako goals).

Brisbane Broncos prop Thomas Flegler is wrapped up by Cowboys players in the NRL preseason trial match in Cairns on Saturday. Photo: Maria Girgenti

Jake Clifford in action for North Queensland Cowboys at Barlow Park, Cairns on Saturday. Photo: Maria Girgenti

Strong Numbers at Boogan Stars Junior Football Club Sign- On Day MARIA GIRGENTI A NUMBER of new and familiar faces attended Boogan Stars Junior Football Club Come-and-Try Day held recently at Castor Park, Mourilyan which saw healthy numbers in Mini Roos age groups. Youngsters had the opportunity to meet the coaches and take part in minigames, drills and a friendly kick, followed by a cold drinks and snacks for sale. The Boogan Little Stars

is for boys and girls aged 3 - 5 years, while boys and girls from Under 6 to Under 13 years make up the juniors. Under 13s also have the option of playing for Innisfail United in the Cairns competition. In 2019, Boogan Stars was the largest junior club in the region and had a successful season with two of their 11/12/13 combined teams playing in the finals at Silkwood and finishing as winners and runners up. The club would love to

hear from anyone who is interested in coaching teams in all age groups or volunteers to assist on game days and with sausage sizzles after training sessions. Training has started and Mini Roos only train on Thursdays from 5:15pm to 6:15pm at Castor Park, while six to 13-yearold players train at the same time and then play games at Silkwood soccer grounds on Saturday afternoons.

Preseason games start on March 7 and run until April 4 with the season to kick off on May 9. Registration costs for players aged 6 - 13 years are $190/season while Mini Roos (ages 3 - 5) are $60/ season. Mini Roos and all other age groups can either register and pay online via: https://www.playfootball. and if eligible, Fair Play vouchers can be used. The club’s AGM was held recently at Castor Park where Renee McLeod -

President; Dayle Mauloni - Vice President; Melissa Wright - Secretary; Tony Urquhart - Treasurer and Shikara Clark - Registrar were elected as the new officer bearers. For further information, please contact the club via email: booganstars. or visit Boogan Stars Junior Football Club Facebook page.

Coaches Gavin Devaney and Erik D’Urso with Boogan Stars Under 7, 8 and 9 junior players who took part in drills and games on the day.

Silkwood Members at Atherton Gun Club Monthly Shoot On Sunday, a large number of Silkwood Clay Target Club members travelled to Atherton Gun Club for their monthly shoot. A total of 39 shooters participated in what appeared to be a beautiful day to only be drenched at 10.30am, which continued for the rest of the day.

Results were as follows: Event 1 - 25 Target Double Barrel (Cash Divide) AA - 1st: Phil Whatley 25/25; Equal 2nd: Barry Lansdown, Jim Williams and Andrew Casella - all 24/25 A - 1st: Angelo Russo 25/25; 2nd: Peter Robertson 25/25 - won by shoot

off B - 1st: Alan Birch 25/25; 2nd: Allan Millwood 23/25 C - 1st: Joseph Micallef 24/25; 2nd: Frank Nunan 23/25 Event 2 - 25 Target Point Score AA - 1st: Mark Stella 75/75; 2nd: Duncan Suth-

erland 74/75 A - 1st: John Stella 72/75; 2nd: Harrison Birch 70/75 B - 1st: Allan Millwood 71/75; 2nd: Alan Birch 62/75 C - 1st: Peter Vit 66/75; 2nd: Joseph Micallef 64/75 Event 3 - 30 Target Medley

AA - 1st: Duncan Sutherland 50/50; 2nd: Paul Crapella 49/50 A - 1st: John Stella 49/50; 2nd: Angelo Russo 49/50 won by shoot off B - 1st: Ennio Defend 44/50; 2nd: Len Conn 42/50 C - 1st: Rob Draper 46/50; 2nd: Frank Nunan 39/50

Event 4 - 25 Target Single Barrel AA - 1st: Bryan Sanderson 25/25; 2nd: Barry Lansdown 24/25 - 2nd by shoot off A - 1st: Harrison Birch 24/25; 2nd: Alan Pogiolli 24/25 - won by shoot off B - 1st: Allan Millwood 20/25; 2nd: Ennio Defend 20/25 - won by shoot off

C - 1st: Peter Vit 21/25; 2nd: Joe Collins 21/25 won by shoot off Event 5 - 25 Target Continental AA - 1st: Andrew Casella 25/25; 2nd: Bryan Sanderson 25/25 - won by shoot off A - 1st: Angelo Russo 25/25; 2nd: Dave Ellery

Cassowary Coast Independent News, Thursday, February 27, 2020 Page 17


Tigers News with Shane Muriata As the season draws closer to the blockbuster Round 1 game that is the North Queensland Cowboys and the Brisbane Broncos, it is worth mentioning the epic encounters that usually follow these two teams every time they meet. How can I go past the first live game I saw at the now-homeless Dairy Farmers Stadium (or Stockland Stadium) as it was called back in the day, when Allan Langer and co won every contest between the two Qld cousins from 1995 – 2004. The Cows just did not have the team to beat a pack of jellybeans, let alone the Bronx, but on one fateful night in 2004, the stars aligned like no night before. The Cows had qualified against all odds for their first ever NRL Finals Series, when they knocked off the more fancied and eventual Premiers the Bulldogs in a cracker. With both Qld teams scheduled to play in Sydney in a qualifying final, the powers to be at Castle Hill Headquarters had one request to big brother Brisbane, could

we move the game to Townsville? In the spirit of sibling rivalry, Coach Bennett happily answered yes, and with that, the greatest Australian Sporting rivalry was born. Fans camped out for days waiting for tickets, and with a full house behind them, The sleeping giant of the north finally woke and eliminated Brisbane from the title race, winning 100. What would follow in the next 20 years would leave every other club in the NRL jealous, as the Broncos and Cowboys provided more highlight reel than Hannah Montana could ever give. There was the golden point in Townsville when Morgan sent Bronx packing, the Milford field goal, and who could ever forget the 2015 GF. So many memories have lit up this famous dance between two siblings fighting for the number one spot in the Sunshine state. If all the past games, upsets, field goals and golden points are anything to go by, then the Friday the 13th NRL R1 at the new Stadium in Townsville will be in for something special for

sure. Oh, and if anyone is feeling sorry for this tragic Bronx supporter, hook a brother up with a ticket, because these things are selling like Jonny Cakes. One of the most anticipated games that many are looking forward to this Rugby League season in 2020 will be the Tully Tigers Women’s side that will compete in the Cairns District Rugby League competition, and if the sound of Coach Aaron Tongys voice is anything to go by, then bring it on I say. I caught up with coach Tongy and long-time living rugby league mum and royalty, Alia Ivey, summing up what’s to come for their girls: “It’s going to be an exciting time for women’s Footy. Our girls have been training hard and will hit the ground running come kick off.” With that being said, Tongy was very impressed with how well they have been preparing for the season ahead. “I’ve tried to build a knowledge base of the game, so that when it comes time, we will be playing a brand of football that is easier for them to play. We already have a foundation of players that are affiliated with the North Queensland Cowboys Women’s Rugby League side. Brooke Tongy, Eileen Jack, Layne Bennett, Essay Banu and superstar in waiting Teleai Fredriksson, who all train

with a squad of players that have already been earmarked as future NRL players. They’re such a great bunch of players, but also an exceptional bunch of women.” Good luck girls for the season. Just want to give a big thank you on behalf of the Muriata family to Gary from Tender Cuts Butchers for your act of kindness. I was absolutely blown away by your gift, and as you might already know, my late uncle was very fond of all things Ford motoring. If you haven’t already seen it around town, Gary has one of the most beautiful muscle cars. It makes Dominic Toretto blush. Some days you see a side of people that makes you not sure of human beings, but your gesture restores my faith in people, and will last me a lifetime. I must admit I went home with a bit of a tear in my eye, such was the impact you made. So to you Gary Galleta, I am proud to call you a mate any day of the week, and I wish nothing but the best for you and your family forever and a little more I say. Cheers Gary.

bowls NEWS

Feb 19 Uncomfortable weather conditions did not motivate the majority of bowlers to have a game, but we

had four brave players. Barry Green and Claire Bourke def. Delmo Tarditi and Alan Hudson 24/17. Feb 20 Our Round 2 of the JACK ATTACK started at 6:00pm with a sausage sizzle followed by the teams, Rev Heads and Mario Bros. The coordinators Denise and Dan created a happy atmosphere to bring the best out of the teams. Only a tie breaker could separate the teams and the Mario Bros claimed Victory. Well done. Two more evenings waiting for your teams to determine who is the best. Next Thursday February 27, is Round 3. You are welcome to join us

starting 6:00pm to max 8.30pm. Free sausage sizzle is waiting. Bowls are supplied, no experience required, instructions on the spot how to play the game. Follow us on Facebook with some photos from the Silkwood bowls club. We also have Barefoot Bowls on Friday night, start 6:00pm with a BBQ, followed by a game of traditional Bowls. Social Bowls Sunday: Too wet for most Don’t forget to register for our fun game JACK ATTACK. Advertisements are on Facebook and the Innisfail Advocate. Contact Denise 0400 791 517 or Dan 0406 118 960

TULLY DARTS RESULTS Flight Birds def Marlins 5/4 Wendy Sollitt 3/2, Gary Blair 5/3, Bev Achilles 5/3, Rod Sollitt 2/3, Elfreda Mooka 8/2, Josie Mooka 6/3, Charlotte Wone 11/5, May Mooka 5/2 Bev Achilles 110/3, Charlotte Wone 58/3 Centre Bull Finish Kingfishers def String Rays 6/2 Judy Meibusch 7/3, Richard Wimbis 6/0, Chris 8/1, David Stone 12/4, Charlie Darby 8/5, Margaret Sarabo 7/4

Ghundois def All Stars 5/3 John Jordan 6/3, Dennis McLaughlin 12/4, David Kalkman 6/0, Sharon Casey 6/3, Yvonne Grant 12/4, Cameron Ward 15/4 Sharon Casey 110/3 Spartans drew with Lowey’s Sharks 5-All Dwayne Roberts 8/2, Richard Long 11/2, Mal Muller Jnr 11/2, Mal Muller Snr 6/1, Joseph Nona 13/4, Michael Stoter 11/5, Derek Nona 8/2 Derek Nona 1 x 180

GOLF NEWS CARDWELL GOLF Ingram and Geoff Reading both with 23 points. N.T.P.s were Phil Pentecost and Kev Martin who took two. Saturday’s Stableford was won by Rowly Mott (36) followed by Keith Hoare (35) in second and Angela Dearlove (33) in third. The rundown went to Rod Rackley, Bert Pajonk, Kevin Brown all on 32 points. N.T.P.s were Pe-

ter Topen, Phil Pentecost, Greg Dearlove and Rod Rackley taking Smithy’s hole.

Good Morning Members

Wednesday Allsporters Comp (Tee off times 12:00pm & 3:00pm) Great to see the numbers return for the Allsporters, lots of fun had by all. 1st - V Smith 20pts c/b 2nd - J McGrath 20pts NTP - L Peters Friday Comp (Tee off times 12:00pm & 3:00pm) The Friday crew are getting really busy with more players on the course. Great work to the winners. 1st - A Butorac 18pts c/b 2nd - R Ingram 18pts

NTP - J Cockle Saturday - Vandelleur & Todd Stableford The steamy conditions were present for morning & afternoon groups, there was little breeze to help cool the heads of our golfers. There were some great scores from the players. Trent Mann snuck into some form and shot a one over par for 38 points just to get pipped at the post by Dan Carter who had another impressive round of 39 points!

The weather hasn’t been that kind over the last week or so. Rain washing out play on Saturday, & our Juniors playing in torrential rain at the Peninsula Golf Tryouts at the Cairns Golf Club. During this time of year, an extra hand or two is always welcome on Thursdays to help our 3G team to mow the course. So if you have a spare hour or two, give Des a call and he’ll sort it out for you.

Thursday, Ladies play a Stableford, register at 9.00am followed by Sporters, register by 12.45pm. Saturday is a Stableford. Register by 10.30am.

At least we got to play two out of three comps this week, with TUESDAY’s field playing a Stableford event. The winner was Nigel Piner on 35, with Mattie Smith r/up on 34 – Mattie also went on to win NTP on #4/13, Marie Pavan taking the Ladies on #5/14 and Jan Benn the approach shot

on #7/16. THURSDAY’s Sporters played a Stroke on the Front 9 with results as follows: Winner – John McKenzie on 30, second [on a c/back] Steve Wells and third Lisa Spiegler, both on 31. Least Putts went to Jake Perkins with 11. NTP results: #1 – Luke Borgner, #2 and #3 Rod Rackley, #4 Jake Per-

kins and #7 Luke Borgner. The big trophies on #5, #6 and #9 this week were not taken!! Due to the fact Jim Grulke’s Trophy day on Saturday was a washout, this Saturday hopefully we get to play his sponsorship day. TIMES: 12.00 rego – 12.30 tee off


Page 18 Cassowary Coast Independent News, Thursday, February 27, 2020

Well done guys! 1st - D Carter 39pts 2nd - T Mann 38pts NTP’s 1st & 10th - P Tattam 2nd & 11th – A Butorac 3rd & 12th – 4th & 13th – M Wilkinson 5th & 14th - T Mann 6th & 15th – L Peters 7th & 16th – T Mann 8th & 17th - E Nest 9th & 18th – J Lombardi Junior Golf - 6 Hole comp Our Juniors got back out on the course, but we had to make it a 6-hole challenge as the heat was cra-

zy!! Our Juniors played well in preparation for the Peninsula try outs and we welcomed some new players to our 3-hole comp, Thurston & Sophie Lee! Our winners were A Gattera, M Costello & T Zadelj Well done everyone! Up Coming Events Wednesday Allsporters - 12:00pm & 3:00pm tee times Friday Comp - 12:00pm & 3:00pm tee times Saturday Comp - Custom


Butler St Wednesday 5.30pm register for 6pm start Sunday 12.30pm register for 1 pm start


185 Silkwood/Japoon Rd Wednesday 1pm register for 1.30pm start Friday 6pm Bare Foot Bowls & BBQ Sunday 1pm register for 1.30pm start

SOUTH JOHNSTONE Fleming Branch Rd Every 2nd Friday of the month at 6pm Sunday from 1pm


1 The Corso Wednesday Ladies Social 12pm – 5pm Thursday Men’s Social 12pm – 5pm Friday Bare Foot Bowls 3pm – Late Saturday Mixed Social 12pm – 5pm


Pratt St Thursday 9 Hole Sporters from 12.30pm Saturday 18 Hole comp from 11am


23 Gregory St Thursday Ladies 18 hole A.G Event Handicap required Register 9am Tee off 9.30am 9 Hole Sporters Stableford No Handicap required 10.30am _ 11 am Tee off Saturday 18 Hole Mens A.G handicap Register 10.30am Tee off 11am


Bruce Highway Tuesday 18 Hole 12.30pm for 1pm Tee off Thursday 9 Hole 12.30 to 4pm Tee off Saturday 18 Hole 12.30pm for 1pm Tee off


2 Palmerston Dr Wednesday All Sports 12pm & 3pm tee off Friday Comp 12pm & 3pm Tee off Saturday Comp 7.30am & 12pm Tee off Sunday junior Comp from 8am



Ladies’ Thursday’s competition was won by Christine Taylor with Anne Jodrell in second place. The N.T.P. and approach shot were both taken by Jackie Olditch. Thursday’s 13-hole Sporters’ winner was David Hoare (27), second Rowly Mott (25), third Dave Lee (24) on a countback from Ian Brooks (24) who led the rundown from Ian


Build Constructions 4bbb - Stableford Blue Tee’s (All) - Time sheet Sunday - Junior Golf 9:00am – 11:30am See you on the course and play well. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook https://www.facebook. com/innisfailgolfclub/ Thanks Jake “Let’s Get APP’y” @ Top End Apps

Behind Bowls Club 1 Coronation Dr Monday & Friday at 12.45pm


Bowls Club Tuesday’s 7pm


Japoon Rd Practice every Saturday 9am – 12pm Every 2nd Saturday 9am – 3pm Comp 1st Saturday of every month


Igloo Mondays Under 12’s 4.30pm – 5.30pm MPC/Igloo DIV 3 5.20pm – 6.10pm & 6.10pm – 7pm DIV 1&2 6.10pm – 7pm & 7pm – 7.50pm


Behind Show Grounds B Grade Tuesday Night 7pm A Grade Thursday Night 6.30pm for 6.40pm start Thursday Mornings Ladies 8.15am for a 8.30am start


Show Grounds Training Tuesday & Thursday 6pm


GONE FISHING REPORT Unfortunately, I have had no reports of boats travelling to the main reefs over the weekend. The Hinchinbrook region was very popular, with reports coming in of some very good captures of both Fingermark and Grunter. With the larger tides I would imagine these catches were from shallow water or taken during the smaller run experienced either side of the tide change. Very few boats fished the islands however I did hear reports of one regular that managed to catch some nice

Queen fish and Golden Trevally by jigging soft plastics and micro jigs. The Barra captures in the estuaries have been fairly consistent, not huge numbers but certainly enough fish to make the trip worthwhile. Anglers fishing for Grunter both in the estuaries and along the mangroves that line the length of the Hinchinbrook channel have been catching some nice Barra. Successful anglers have mentioned that fresh slabs of mullet or herring have been the secret on both the Grunter and Barra. I have also heard some fairly solid rumours of

King Salmon being caught along the Cardwell beachfront. Shore based anglers could do a lot worse than booking accommodation in Cardwell and spending their weekend fishing the foreshore. The Cardwell economy would be very grateful. Mud crabs have been around in reasonable numbers and hopefully the recent rain will flush them out of their holes and get them on the move. As expected, the recent rain has resulted in some good Barra being caught at the mouth of the drains and creeks running into our coastal streams. Rivers such as the Liverpool, Maria, Tully and Murray have all started to fish well. We still

need a lot more rain for consistent good fishing, but it seems that a lot of Barra are already up in the freshwater. I have also heard some reports of Barra, Tarpon and Sooty Grunter being caught in some of the local lagoons. While I struggled in the freshwater over the weekend, some of the local young guns posted some great photos of Sooty Grunter and Jungle Perch on the Tackle World Tully face book and Instagram sites. At this early stage of the week, the forecast for this weekend is for 10-to-15 knots on Saturday rising to 15-to-20 knots on Sunday. There is a modest run in the tide on Saturday but very little on Sunday. Hopefully, the heavy rain should have

moved on. Either side of the early morning and late afternoon low tides should be ideal to fish for Barra and Jacks in the estuaries especially on Saturday. Sunday’s tides are very neap. I would look for Barra holding in the deeper holes in the estuaries. Another option would be to fish the deeper holes around the islands or in the Hinchinbrook region for a Fingermark: the trick here is to find sheltered water. Fishing for barra at the mouth of the feeder creeks and drains in the freshwater reaches of the coastal creeks will also be successful. Good Fishing Roly Newton Tackle World Tully

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Fishing Comp Entry

February / March

Thursday 27 0401 1.3m 1053 2.88m 1656 1.53m 2316 2.46m Friday 28 0418 1.54m 1116 2.66m 1725 1.65m Saturday 29 0002 2.32m 0425 1.8m 1137 2.44m 1818 1.75m Sunday 1 0117 2.21m 0426 2.05m 1051 2.23m 2038 1.77m Monday 2 0541 2.33m 1210 2.04m 1428 2.06m 2243 1.62m Tuesday 3 0540 2.6m 1206 1.85m 1716 2.19m 2331 1.39m Wednesday 4 0605 2.9m 1223 1.63m 1758 2.4m

Lockie Moore with a big Jungle Perch caught on the Jackson R.A Pop while on holidays in the area.

bowls NEWS SOUTH JOHNSTOWN BOWLS Congratulations to the Men of South Johnstone who participated throughout the Ivan Granich Shield. After an undefeated round robin, the men travelled to Babinda for the final where they defeated Innisfail 42 - 36. South Johnstone bowls club is hosting a sponsor’s day in thanks to Currajah Hotel and Sportz Look on Saturday the March 7. The day will be self-selected open triples starting at 9:00am, with $600 in

prize money up for grabs. If wishing to be nominated, please contact Roy on 0412 941 417 or Tim on 0457 981 111. The draws are now out for the club championships at the club house. Please check your matches and have them played as soon as possible. Social bowls Sundays. Cards called at 1:00pm, with a 1:30pm start. Cost is $10 with bowls and smoko provided.

INNISFAIL MENS BOWLS Thursday social bowls saw 19 bowlers on the green. Hope to see more bowlers as the weather cools down. Winners were – S. DellaPossa, J. Walker and W. Hoskins. Runners-up were – G. Anderson, K. Clark and

D. Holdsworth. There was no bowls on Saturday due to the wet weather. Only one game of club A grade singles was played during the weekm, with A. Siliato defeating M. Bright. We are looking for

more bowlers for our 2-bowl self-selected triples on Sunday March 1 at 9:00am. Nominations sheet is on the notice board or names in by 8:30am. Visitors are most welcome.

INNISFAIL LADIES BOWLS INNISFAIL lady bowlers are looking forward to the start of 2020 pennants season, with the first game for Innisfail to be held in Yungaburra on March 9, and the return game to be played in Innisfail on May 25. Two Innisfail ladies

accepted an invitation to participate in the Tablelands Fun Day held at Ravenshoe last week and enjoyed the cooler weather and turf green, as well as the Ravenshoe hospitality. With eight bowlers taking to the green last Wednesday, 2 - 4 - 2

games were organised. Eileen Hamann and Ann Rule defeated Daphne Kirkman and Dell Steve 23 – 6, while Lyn Stevenson and Maisie Smith defeated Bev Anderson and Diana O’Brien 17 - 10.

Tully Bridge Results MONDAY FEB 17

Vilma Bonassi/Shiela McCure Sandy Raiti/Margaret Xiberras Korma Byrne/Margaret Pease


Margaret Pease/Vilma Bonassi Sandy Mollenhagen /Korma Byrne Anne McLean/Kath McGowan

Cassowary Coast Independent News, Thursday, February 27, 2020 Page 19

Cassowary Coast


Innisfail Judo Club Hosts Queensland State Training Session MARIA GIRGENTI INNISFAIL Judo Club recently hosted Queensland State team training, where 64 judoka took to the mats at Pavilion 1, Innisfail Showgrounds run by Sebastian Temesi (10 times Australian National Judo champion), special guest coach Shota Inoue and assistant Megumi Hamashima from Japan who passed on their skills, knowledge and favourite grappling techniques. Inoue, a 5th Dan Judoka is a science teacher and judo coach at Wakayama Prefecture Industry High School, where he is also assistant coach at Setsunan University. Head seniors state coach Andreas Schmidt, State team manager Xavier Barker and Head juniors state coach Paul De Brincat also assisted on the day.  Judoka aged nine up to adults who took part have already been selected in State team or are vying for state selection and featured members from Innisfail, Cairns, Townsville, Malanda, Mossman and Northern Beaches clubs.  The season started in late January with a number of new faces and returning judoka with the club looking for more Mon-Stars aged 6 8 years. In October last year,

judoka represented Goondi State School and Innisfail State College at National School Championships on Gold Coast, where Goondi placed second overall out of 79 schools, while Inn-

U45kg and Riley De Brincat silver in U40kg while representing Goondi State School, Cienna Leaver won gold in U50kg division and Lily De Brincat gold in U40kg. On the same weekend nine judoka competed in

Caledonia.   Lily De Brincat followed up with another gold in U36kg Junior Girls, Ryuta Abe won gold in U66kg Senior Men and bronze in Open Weight Senior Men; Coby De

bronze U52kg Junior Girls. Paige De Brincat and Valaibulu competed in Judo Oceania Open and Oceania Cup in Perth where Paige returned home with a gold medal in Cadets division.

part in Judo Futures Camp at AIS in Canberra while Paul De Brincat was one of eight coaches. The camp featured former Olympians, current Italian cadet Olympic coach Sensei Sandro

and Training Camp will be held at Innisfail State College on March 14 15 with a camp on Saturday and competition on Sunday. Training days are held on Tuesdays and Thurs-

Queensland State team coaches and guest coaches from Japan with judoka who took part in intensive Queensland State team training session held recently at Innisfail Dojo isfail State College finished fourth. Representing ISC, Luke Magnanini won gold in the U55kg, Seth Leaver silver in U50kg, Coby De Brincat silver in

Gold Coast International Open at Tallebudgera, where Innisfail finished sixth overall out of 59 clubs which included competitors from Australia, Nauru and New

Brincat silver in U45kg Senior Boys; Luke Magnanini silver - U55kg Senior Boys; A J Surha silver - U66kg Veteran Men; Sairusi Valaibulu silver - U100kg Senior Men and Cienna Leaver -

Last month, Magnanini, Coby and Riley De Brincat and Seth Leaver from Innisfail club were selected and joined 66 judoka aged 14/15 from all over Australia to take

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Page 32 Cassowary Coast Independent News, Thursday, July 13, 2017

Picirrillo and head coach Celeste Knoester who taught the boys about nutrition, strength and conditioning, recovery and injury management. Innisfail Annual Open

days at the Dojo - Pavilion 1 (Innisfail Showgrounds) from 6.00 - 7:00pm for MonStars (aged 6 to 8 years) and 6.00pm to 7.30pm for those aged nine to adult.

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2020 February 27th Newspaper Edition  

2020 February 27th Newspaper Edition