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Interior Design Excellence

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The Land Cabin of Arctic bath Page 98


Food. Music. Culture. Creativity. And that’s just to start 20 October 2020 - 10 April 2021 Expo 2020 Dubai will be a once-in-a-lifetime global celebration, opening up a world of wonder, excitement and hope for millions of visitors from around the world. Taking place for six months, it will offer something for everyone, irrespective of age, nationality or interest. Through the theme, ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’, Expo 2020 Dubai provides a platform to encourage creativity, innovation and collaboration across our three subthemes: Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability.




























14 - 16 September 2020 Dubai World Trade Centre


Connect with powerful decision makers at the region’s premier exhibition for the hospitality industry

Part of

To get involved please contact: dubai@thehotelshow.com or call +971 56 522 1620 www.thehotelshow.com


ith the lengthening of the days and the arrival of hot temperatures, we’re finally ready to welcome Spring 2020. As we need sunny days and see nature fill with bright colors, in this way also our interiors need to be revitalised with the addition of new pieces. So this edition opens with a new selection of Design Trends that will inspire you to decorate your homes. The opaque Sage Green to the lively Orange to the elegant Rose Brown. The choice of these trends was inspired by the colours and materials that we find in nature with

the aim of bringing us closer and closer to the environment in which we live. We also invite you to take inspiration from our new selection of newly opened restaurants & bars: each has its own story that tells it through the design chosen for the location. Also the hotels, that we have choosen, will give you some new ideas for your dĂŠcor: from the wellness experience at the Arctic Bath to the secret garden of Can Bordoy to the luxury Villa Verte. Make this Spring edition your ideal inspiration for this new season!


www.zaditaly.com info@zaditaly.com

GANDGMAGAZINE.EU ARCHITECTURE GR House In the little Portuguese city Sever do Vouga, Paulo Martins projected the house inserted in a plot of land of irregular geometry and surrounded by constructions of little architectural value.

INTERIORS Manhattan One57 apartment The award-winning interior design and architecture studio based in New York and Miami, Jasmine Lam Interior Design & Architecture presents Manhattan One57 apartment with clean and eclectic design.

RESTAURANTS Cortina - a modern Italian restaurant Heliotrope Architects, in collaboration with dePelecyn Studio and Valery Vargas, designed a restaurant for James Beardrecognized chef Ethan Stowell in Seattle.


ENQUIRIES info@gandgmagazine.eu

Design trends Discovering nature Inspired by the nature and materials that it reserves for us, we have selected a new list of trends that opens the doors to this Spring: from leaves of the aromatic herbs to flowers to natural elements.

Thunder Modern Pillow by BRABBU

Frances in Leaf Wallpaper by SARAH VON DREELE

Rond Festons Serving plate by BOURG JOLY MALICORNE

Sage Green


Nook Sofa by DOMKAPA


Enjoy the journey in our sustainable world of delicacy from the Italian regions.

#SPRING2020 Beth in Sunset Wallpaper by SARAH VON DREELE

New Mexico Ceiling lamps by NIR MEIRI

Noveau Chair by DOMKAPA

Giro Kids Kids table set by ALESSI Bord Uni Plate by BOURG JOLY MALICORNE

Stranger Armchair by DOMKAPA

Floral Orange


Harmony Armchair by DOMKAPA

#SPRING2020 Melting Flowers Lamp by PIETER ADAM

Savoye Table lamp by CASTRO LIGHTING

Metallic shine


Home accessory by BLOOMINGVILLE

1-3 Side table by BESSA

Stella Table lamp by MEZZO COLLECTION

Imaginarium Mirror by BESSA

Majus Center table by PRIVATE LABEL

18 | G&G _ Magazine

Carter Floor lamp by DELIGHTFULL

Namibia Console by HOMMES STUDIO

In the sun Table lamp by DCW ÉDITIONS Chiavarina Dining chair by BESSA

Helios Mirror by BRABBU

Anderson Armchair by MEZZO COLLECTION

Clark Suspension by DELIGHTFULL

Iman Coffee table by JETCLASS

#SPRING2020 Vanilla Black Wallpaper by HOME’ SOCIETY

Gaya Stool by PRIVATE LABEL Stilla Clock box by AYTM

Charcoal color



Clip Bench by MULA PRETA

Kogeta Coffee table by TUSHANT BANSA

Victoria Coffee table by JETCLASS



Miss Lola Chair by LALABONBON

Toulousse Rug by RUG‘ SOCIETY

Cushion by BLOOMINGVILLE Nubila Storage box by AYTM

Nui Stool by BRABBU Kristen Sofa by DOMKAPA

E-SHOP Hurry up and buy stylish products for your home with just a click! Beach bat by AVORA €79,90

Sputnik - white

Table lamp by ABIGAIL AHERN €180,00



Feuille Nervurée in green Dish by BOURG-JOLY MALICORNE €125,00



Light candle holder by EDEN OUTCAST 499 DKK


2 Shelf

Wall lamp by ASAF WEINBROOM €725,00

#ESHOP Quimby

Suspension by ABIGAIL AHERN €105,00



Table Lamp by EDEN OUTCAST 1199 DKK


Cushion by LE MONDE SAUVAGE €70,50


Allyn in Marsh

Wallpaper by SARAH VON DREELE $30,00



10 Monte #57

Cushion by PAMPA $195,00 AUD

Fusing Double Vase by EDEN OUTCAST €119,00 26 | G&G _ Magazine


The burned bowl antique – L

Bowl by BAZAR BIZAR €29.95




Exclusively, G&G _ Magazine in collaboration with Tintswalo Atlantic presents a special tour of the award-winning boutique lodge nestled at the base of the ocean-facing Table Mountain National Park in Cape Town!

Address: Chapmans Peak Dr, Hout Bay, 7806, Cape Town, South Africa


#ESHOP Lava – Rose S





Fruit bowl by ST. JAMES R$ 1.819,00


Earthenware Galleron à têtes planter with Rouen Panier hand painted decoration by BOURG-JOLY MALICORNE €194,00


The raffia Shaggy – round Stool by BAZAR BIZAR €224,95

28 | G&G _ Magazine


Brockton velvet leopard print Armchair by ABIGAIL AHERN €1600,00



LATEST NEWS Soft curves The Ossimoro washbasin project, designed by the architects Calvi Brambilla, has been addressed with the utmost respect and sense of responsibility towards marble, a material that has always been used in architecture and art. The designers Calvi Brambilla and antoniolupi have tried to approach this project using technological and contemporary means, but with the utmost respect for the past and for a natural resource that is available in a limited quantity. This led to enhance the qualities of the material by creating a unique object. www.antoniolupi.it

With the Ossimoro project a new technique has been developed for the realization of the 'Sculpture', starting from the idea of a marble sink with the effect of a “soft marble block�, compressed; an almost surreal object.

The washbasin is made of Oriental White marble. It is a graceful monolith, a freestanding totem which can be combined with a wall or floor mixer.



Luxury hotspot for family

SUPERFUTUREDESIGN* created the Supercar Capsule, a unique concept that gives your expensive toys a center stage to captivate the audience. It's a palette of unique ports that keep the automobile in a closed space, allowing owners’ supercars to emerge as if from a dedicated showroom. www.supercarcapsule.com

Extremely elegant

Essential design embellished with original details: the small armchair V221 by Aston Martin plays with metal, which is cold and elegant at the same time, which is worked, bended and stretched until it reaches the warm frame of wood which holds soft leather upholstered cushions, like a hug. www.formitalia.it

Comfort zone

With the finest nuances, noa* brings the Südtirol-Home’ guests in Antholz on an exciting olfactory and visual journey of discovery through South Tyrol. The leaf, the acorn, the bell and the heart are four elements that represent the conceptual guidelines for all areas of the interior. www.noa.network 32 | G&G _ Magazine

Pierced by a long streamlined, tapered brass tubular support, hanging from the ceiling, SUPERB-ALL Light levitates in midair, affirming its incisive, strong formal presence. The light inside the sphere softens the roundness of the diffuser, conferring the translucency of lunar pallor, exalting the exquisite skillful craftsmanship. www.henge07.com


Vintage charm

Terrazzo is Casalgrande Padana’s porcelain stoneware tile collection that brings Italian tradition into the future. What was once a skillful mix of materials has now become a contemporary décor that evokes the original effect while ensuring excellent technical features, reliability, and durability. www.casalgrandepadana.it

Glamorous table lamp

With a soft casting light, Carter has all the glamour of the mid-century design iconic lines. This iconic take on a stilnovo design has taken form of this glamorous table lamp. www.delightfull.eu

In the heart of the Swiss Alps

Swisshouse XXXV is a new house in the village of Rossa in Canton Grisons. It's an example of how a small volume can be central to the built landscape. The intervention emphasises the meanings of the existing structures, interprets a condition of past cultures and links them to a natural and instinctive vision of the place. www.macullo.com Photography by Fabrice Fouillet


Laguna’s sensually organic and meandering form is a direct representation of a body of water or lagoon, its smooth black metal tabletop represents the still surface of water, its unknown depths and mysteries. www.okha.com 34 | G&G _ Magazine

Harmony & balance

From new Domkapa's collection, with its upholstered velvet bed frame Echo is the ideal for sophisticated yet modern bedrooms. Handmade in Portugal, this bed sets the tone for the entire master bedroom and makes the space more comfortable. Echo is reinterpretations of classic, designed to stand the test of time and fusing heritage elements with modern influences. www.domkapa.pt

SPECIAL STORIES Haute Couture Interiors

The Portuguese studio of design, Hommés Studio presents its concept of Craftmanship through a skilled merge of visionary identities, with distinctive perspectives of design, art, fashion, and cultures. Just as clothes express the personality of the person who dresses them, so too a house must express the soul of its owner, inviting those who live in it, to live a high design experience. To this end, Hommés Studio precisely creates the identity of each product by mixing top quality materials and bold textures to develop exclusive pieces.

“An excited design path, a journey of love.”

#SPECIAL STORIES The design line is fully-inspired in design’s ancient classics. Hommés Studio wants to re-interpret and offer a tribute to all the great design eras and artists. So it reserves a unique design-experience that is always followed by a huge focus on a premium customer-service. Flakt wall mirror has a tricky design, a round mirror that unlatches and folds to reveal pleated concertina folds. Flakt means hand fan in Swedish and it is a reinterpretation of the ancient object in the form of a mirror, the Flakt wall mirror.

Luminous floor lamp is a reflection of a classic reinterpretation turned into a modern and outrageous floor lamp. Reviving the timeless shapes from the ’30s and giving them an aesthetic look between the balance of bold and elegant forms, Luminous is ideal for any indoor area and guarantees a smooth atmospheric space for living. Annali console is the perfect drawer console to fit in an Art Deco hallway, due to its geometry and colours' selection. It presents a graphic silhouette reminding the New York Art Deco skyscrapers. A modern console suitable for Residential and Hospitality projects.


#SPECIAL STORIES Cher chandelier features us an irreverent design shape, inspired by the mid-century style. It combines the best of luxury with the most exquisite handmade materials. The structure is made of brass with rounded colored glass discs, which creates a beautiful light play in your living area.

MĂŠtis Pedestal Table materializes a revival of classics sculptures in a modern pedestal table. Its materials were carefully selected to express its refined silhouette. The attention to detail can be seen in each corner of the piece. A mismatch of unpredictable shapes for a luxury living space. Cluedo sofa invokes a Memphis style that offers a modern-chic vibe to your living room project. An excellent design piece softened by its fluffy rounded shapes.



Japanese eco-sustainability

The Japanese people leant that the restroom is an inevitable place for our life. But during the disaster of eastern Japan earthquake, it’s not enough as an education. Although it’s a space which everybody needs for daily life, the Japanese toilet moral that is believed to be most advanced in the world, collapsed and could not stop a sense of anger and grief up until the disaster being settled down. In 2019 Koji Akama founded Artoletta & Spatial Design with the aim to overcome messing up of toilet by all new technology and even be able to create joy and happiness. Regardless of race nor gender, a chain of smiles yielded by Artoletta changed the future of the world. Using originality and craftmanship, Artoletta brings a new value in the restroom. Inspiration was translated into an algorithm by state-of-theart technology which was finally collaborated with craftsman - here an impossible has become a possible. These two technical processes need several months to complete, if it’s complicated, and the final manual process is given a single chance to complete which never allow a failure. Human mind and hands developed Artoletta of which growth will last for the future.


"We have 32 years of corporate history and just started to challenge 'Manufacturing a Global Product' based on our technology and experience. We understand Artoletta being a project which realize the way of human communication and human wishes using a power of DESIGN. We know that a communication between human and society will be tied tightly and carried on in the future by yielding sympathy and mutual prosperity. Human can be linked each other by SMILE.� - Koji Akama

According to an English statistic, human life span is 78 years while sleep for 26 years and toilet for more than 3 years. People normally pursue peace of mind for bedroom and living room i.e. we spare no effort in preparation of spending daily life comfortable and ECO oriented. Japanese has been doing a big effort to be comfortable in toilet for these several years. The concept of Artoletta is to offer a beautiful and comfortable space of the restroom. Indeed, its hospitable spaces are a key to bring wellness, impression, joy and environmental friendliness to people all over the world. Artoletta's spaces are characterised by art and stylish design where everyone spends pleasant moments full of emotions and serenity. Besides, the challenge of Artoletta is being implemented toward international market through qualification and support by Japan brand project of METI and JETRO consortium project. www.artoletta.com 44 | G&G _ Magazine

+44 (0) 1487 831 034 info@mineheart.com


Timeless future “There’s nothing like the real thing.” Hence the project of a new environmental idea for Maxalto 2020 comes to life in the demonstration rooms installed by Antonio Citterio, starting in Paris. For Citterio, to formulate a new collection that treasures classic interior atmospheres while inventing new ones means rethinking the very nature of our models of living, every single time. Therefore the Maxalto furniture has reached the point of embodying a catalogue of modern neo-classics. Modern because it is ideally linked to the visions of the most libertarian masters like Jean-Michel Frank, with respect to the excessive rigor of Le Corbusier or Mies van der Rohe. Neo-classics, because their forms and finishes are filtered by the contemporary perspective of an Italian architect. The home and its traditional spaces – living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms – return to their status as a nucleus of social interaction, with some big difference. In those same spaces, also thanks to an exceptional acceleration of technology, it is now possible to have both personal and electronic communication: to have a dialogue over great distances, to interact with sophisticated devices, or simply to rediscover the dimension of play, enjoyment, conversation. In

this domestic scenario that is undoubtedly more complex than in the past, Maxalto’s idea of a classic modernism (or a modern classicism) conserves its value in the existing models; but the new products for 2020 designed by Citterio, like the entire corporate system that lies behind and around them, organically evolve to the point of revealing a project of interior culture updated to adapt to the changes in our lifestyles. A multiplication of materials, coverings, fabrics, forming a coherent whole in a collection incorporated in previous collections; yet in terms of breadth and variety, it almost seems to constitute a new identity for all the production, for the entire company and not just its catalogue.

Apollo is a new range of upholstered furniture composed of three sofa types, united by pleasantly curved but rigorous lines, which distinguishes each element and creates a harmony between curves and linear forms. In its fluid shape, where the corners seem designed to accommodate the body, geometry becomes comfort with Apollo.

Alcor dining table is marked by rigorous aesthetic paired with precious wood surfaces, expression of the excellence of Maxalto’s artisan processes. This piece is decorated with the checker board motif on the top and has a visually light structure with aluminium supports painted in graphite and amber finishes. The Caratos range has grown and is ever expanding - providing a rich collection of ideas for the most diverse environments. The common thread of each piece is their recognisable die-cast aluminium base. In addition to the old pieces, Caratos presents a small armchair with armrest and a bench. The graphite and amber metal frames are accompanied by blue, amaranth, and cream painting, which complement the fabric covers. Noteworthy is the introduction of a soft, deep pile wool velvet that creates a "teddy bear" effect.

«After 25 years of presenting products that use artisanal materials and processes, I felt the need to offer a “moulded” piece, a chair with a fusion structure, thanks to a significant industrial investment by the company. At the same time, I wanted it be part of the Maxalto collection. Caratos is absolutely contemporary, but recalls some twentieth century objects, echoing the idea of bronze, through a “full” opaque finishing that absorbs light, and the great quality of the leather upholstery, giving it a “saddlery” look.» 48 | G&G _ Magazine


Geometric volumes raised off the floor and soft clean rigorous lines are the distinctive characteristics of Aurae sofas. This collection offers a high level of formal elegance, with linear seating in five dimensions with a generous depth, completed by soft backrest cushions to guarantee maximum comfort. Carefully crafted tailored details on exclusive fabric upholstery are embellished with a faux leather trim that defines the shape. Lithos low table is destined to safeguard and exhibit the most precious objects with great elegance. Ideal for both homes and commercial spaces, to be placed also in the centre of the room, these pieces allow their contents to be viewed, extracted and repositioned easily with perfect order.

An ample area (about 400 m2) has been set aside for these items in the Paris showroom, approached as a series of communicating rooms for the various functions of decor: a large home where the objects imply domestic rituals of social interaction, food and rest, in an atmosphere marked by the use of “charred� wood paneling, treated with a technique derived from the Japanese Shou Sugi Ban. The result is a unique mixture of European and oriental taste, a Zen touch for what on the whole is the sensation of a comfortable, reassuring universe. www.bebitalia.com


China Design Centre regularly published exciting design stories on the website, with latest interviews with famous furniture designers Jerry J.I Chen and Jeff Dayu Shi. READ MORE: www.chinadesigncentre.com

China Design Centre


PIRATION from tagram


JWS Interiors Jennifer Wagner Schmidt. DC/NYC Decorator • Social Media Influencer


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ScandiNordic Interior Hello# I’m Carla $ Interior photos of my home | Wood & Natural Colors |





Cait Pappas DIY design that makes an impact! ! #momtrepreneur #theNOWlook ": Denver

JENNA | cozy happy home + I love home styling (and coffee) + thrifting & not too scary DIYs. + lots of plants + budget friendly inspo. ... did we just become best friends?!

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CASS SMITH | Interiors & DIY %&' homemaker mom/wife impulsive decorator & DIYer "VA

It’s not about good design. It’s not about what JUST looks pretty. It’s about the feeling that it gives you ! I am feeling so thankful for the things that I am constantly learning on this journey of making my home !




Krissy Peterson style + story for the modern home / seattle area + beyond / la croix pure fueled / dog + toddler mom #kpetersondesign


Kim & Christian Designers • DIYers • Determined Dreamers Sharing our designs, DIY & an accidental plant collection.(

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Chelci • Modern Desert Living Wanderlust soul trying to make my way in the design world... | Eclectic style | Thrifter | DIY | Wannabe Farmer + Gardener |


8 9

GarrowKedigian Interior Designer, New York City



Lex (& Stu) Brooks Just a ) girl (& a * boy). Standing in front of an old Tudor stone house. Asking it to love them, and not fall down. Sketch | Design | Restore

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Samara / Seattle, USA The restaurant takes its name, Samara, from the winged fruit of maple trees that twirls like a helicopter. That attention to nature find its counterpart in the design of the restaurant curated by Mutuus Studio. Inside, rich earth tones dominate, bringing to mind a tranquil wooded understory. Darkstained oak paneling and wainscoting wrap a portion of the space and the bar front, while the balance of the space features a section of the building’s original firewall that was revealed during construction. Address: 6414 32nd Ave NW, 98107 - Seattle, WA (USA) Photography by Kevin Scott 56 | G&G _ Magazine

“I liken the atmosphere to a Dutch still life painting. It’s rich and moody with an elemental simplicity...The simple, ubiquitous copper pot was an inspiration to us. It’s something utilitarian that only gets better with age. We carried this theme throughout the restaurant with custom patinaed copper panels and pendants, handmade Danish bricks, a soapstone chef’s counter and bar, and richly stained wood...”

Third Avenue Boutique / Dubai, UAE H2R DESIGN, was commissioned to design Third Avenue Boutique, a quintessentially stylish fine dining restaurant situated in The Dubai Mall’s luxurious Fashion Avenue extension. The awardwinning design studio creating renowned commercial and hospitality spaces, was tasked to design a contemporary hotspot offering fashionable gourmet and showcasing exquisite handmade chocolates and the brand’s own range of perfumes. Third Avenue Boutique’s interiors were developed to create a luxurious fine dining experience catering to distinguished shoppers and bespoke diners. While the design brief called for opulence, H2R Design understood that the core concept begins with the ideology of “food is fashion”, where fashion is more than style or clothes. Rather it’s the way people do things differently and the root of change. To satisfy the expectations of the client and diners, H2R Design wanted to deliver a moodaware experience that is intimate but with a heightened sense of glamour and where the “food is fashion” concept has not only lent itself to the unique, inspirational and visionary menu but also to the lighting, angles, materials, and perspectives of the dining experience. Address: Financial Center Road The Dubai Mall, Fashion Avenue Downtown – Dubai (UAE) 58 | G&G _ Magazine

Otto’s Burger / Cologne, Germany Commissioned to design the latest edition to Otto’s Burger in the historic heart of Cologne, Studio Modijefsky has taken the history of the building as an inspiration for the new interior. Formerly a bakery, the shop was characterized by two distinctive features that influenced the new design: the clear functional division of the space, and the traces of time visible within the tiled interior. New materials are introduced into the space, giving quality and warmth, while the inspiration from the former bakery and Otto’s identity forms furniture pieces and special elements such as light fixtures and signage. Address: Severinstraße 59, 50678 – Cologne (Germany) 60 | G&G _ Magazine

The Auld Fella / Culver City, USA The LADG has completed the transformative renovation and design of a prominent storefront in West Los Angeles’s Downtown Culver City for The Auld Fella, a new 1,500 square-foot restaurant and bar. The overarching design sensibility foregrounds the Auld Fella’s cultural underpinnings; inspired by the pubs of Dublin and Belfast, The LADG revived and refined age-old design precedents found in neighborhood watering holes across Ireland. In keeping with Irish pub vernacular and period furniture, the bar itself uses spindles to support the cantilevered countertop, acting like a miniature building with columns set in front of a wall surface and providing footrests for customers. A material palette of brass fittings, dark wood surfaces, and tartan wallcoverings reference warm, glowing Irish pubs, while accents of glossy blue-green paint and gleaming black quartz with white veins brighten and modernize ancient antecedents. Address: 9375 Culver Blvd, 90232 - Culver City, CA (USA) Photography by Injinash Unshin

62 | G&G _ Magazine

Eberly / Austin, USA Eberly, inspired by sources both humble and lofty, marries a former 1970s print shop building with a salvaged bar from the storied Cedar Tavern in New York’s Greenwich Village to create a stylish bar, cafe and restaurant in Austin. Following the owner’s purchase of the legendary bar, hand-carved mahogany sections were carefully transported and restored by Clayton & Little, with the goal to again surround the bar top with a creative atmosphere worthy of the original. Working within the raw concrete and glass context of the print shop, the design team divided the building into 3 distinct environments: a “restored” Cedar Tavern, a mod Café and a book-filled Study. Address: 615 S Lamar Blvd, 78704 – Austin, TX (USA)

Photography by Merrick Ales & Chloe Hope Gilstrap

64 | G&G _ Magazine

St. Trop / Dubai, UAE LW Design’s latest endeavor, St. Trop, is an amalgamation of transformative motifs that double as daytime R and R ambiance and a nighttime clubbing scene. St. Trop is a unique pool bar on the rooftop of the Waldorf Astoria Dubai International Financial Center. The inspiration behind the design is the luxury yacht scene of the Cote d’Azur, and the aim was to develop a space that could serve different needs at varying times of the day. The pool’s blue hues, along with the sunshine, would highlight feature birdcage hanging chairs on the upper deck. Similarly, bright lime and turquoise cushions calm the senses under a bright blue sky and lofty clouds. These features make for a soothing and refreshing space that alleviates stress and strikes negativity. Address: Waldorf Astoria DIFC, Al Mustaqbal St - Dubai (UAE)

66 | G&G _ Magazine

“Our approach was deceptively simple. Let nature dominate and use architecture to frame the experience. Ultimately, it’s about the experience of this place.” - Brooks Walker, principal at Walker Warner Architects

Flowers Vineyard & Winery / Healdsburg, USA Located minutes from downtown Healdsburg, in the heart of Russian River Valley, and originally built as a winery in the mid-70s, Flowers Vineyard & Winery is a resort-style estate dedicated to the celebration of wine, food, and the natural landscape. Walker Warner Architects has dealt with the renovation of this site by maintaining its rustic charm and authentic connection to nature in the newly opened House of Flowers, for which Maca Huneeus Design provided the stylish interiors and Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects designed the landscape architecture. The approach, which enabled most of the original structure to be ‘recycled,’ gave focus to the design efforts, elevating what was already present. Passive energy strategies—low-cost, high-impact— were maximized and included taking advantage of daylight (skylight and large windows) and shade (exterior wood slats serve as a veil while the surrounding redwood grove offers additional shade). Sustainability is reinforced through several large, monumental functional wood installations made of salvaged logs by artist Evan Shively. Address: 4035 Westside Rd, 95448 Healdsburg, CA (USA) Photography by Douglas Friedman

68 | G&G _ Magazine


70 | G&G _ Magazine

giving it visibility from the entrance courtyard and from the street. Thanks to the new use of the building you can now visit most of the garden through the open terrace of the restaurant, BotĂ nic. The proposed program is intended to evoke the experience of visiting a house more than a hotel. Therefore, rather than being at a hotel reception, the clients meet at the entrance hall of the house, instead of a restaurant we find a residential dining room, the rooms and living rooms are like those you would find in an old house, and so on.


an Bordoy is in the heart of La Lonja, Palma de Mallorca’s Old Quarter and one of its most emblematic areas, perfect for a relaxed stroll through its narrow streets. It is a complete renovation of a 2,500 m2 abandoned building that had been heavily modified throughout its more than 500 years of history. The architecture and interior design have been carried out by OHLAB, an office directed by the architects Paloma Hernaiz and Jaime Oliver. The final result is a small 24 room hotel with a magnificent garden, swimming pool, spa and panoramic terrace. One of the project’s most important interventions has been opening the doors of the garden, until now unknown by the vast majority, to the city and One of the most distinctive elements of the property is its garden, not only because of its size in such a dense area of the city, nor for being La Lonja's largest private garden, but because of the richness and antiquity of the existing vegetation which includes spectacular hackberries, jacarandas and citrus trees among others- as well as for the sound of the birds that inhabit it.

The roof terrace with panoramic views over the city, along with the garden and the inner courtyard of the house, adds up to a total of almost 1,000 m2 of outdoor space. So, in the main staircase, the skylight is flooded with water becoming a small pool with a transparent bottom that creates a play of light through the water, flooding the staircase with caustic reflections. The new section of stairs that was needed to connect the las floor has been designed with a modern steel structure covered in mirror finished steel cladding making its exterior disappear but also duplicating the caustic reflections through the stairwell while the interior 72 | G&G _ Magazine

of the staircase is finished with a warm and robust walnut. On the floor of the staircase, a circular glass embedded in the slab connects with the spa located in the basement and allows the Spa user in the basement to see the sky through the water plane on the roof. In particular, the Spa consists of a bathroom area that includes different water experiences, massage cabins and, in the garden, an outdoor cabin. This project carefully preserves the romantic and decadent atmosphere found in the building and is deliberately contrasted with interventions and elements from different epochs. Can Bordoy is a house that has suffered many renovations

throughout its history. It is not a noble building that has faithfully followed the historical traditions of its time but quite the opposite. This is a house that has passed through many hands, and has had many interventions, sometimes aggressive and often breaking the cultural and historical conventions of its time in an (arguably) fortunate way. The project carried out by OHLAB is a respectful intervention with that architectural crossbreeding, maintaining the traces of the past and avoiding a false recovery of a glorious past that the house has never had. On the building foundations, surrounded by original stone walls from the XII century, brutalist structural reinforcements of exposed concrete, and delicate natural stone finishes, Spa offers a journey of water sensations begins at different temperatures following the millenary Mediterranean bathing culture.

In the entrance hall, a mirror ceiling hides the new installations and doubles the height of the bar and the velvet curtain that surrounds it.

The eclecticism of the architecture is reflected in the selection of furniture with pieces from very different eras and origins. Here, people can find old pieces that OHLAB together with the owner Mikael Hall have been compiling for this project during more than two years. European antiques from Istanbul, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Paris are 74 | G&G _ Magazine

combined with pieces from different antique shops in Mallorca, as well as some pieces of the new owner’s private collection. These antiques coexist with contemporary furniture from the likes of GTV Thonet, Baxter, Moroso, Artemide and Flos, carefully selected and with bespoke furniture designed by OHLAB for Can Bordoy.

Can Bordoy has 24 suites with private service butler that wrap the guests in a welcoming setting that is replete with picturesque charm. With their velvety details and luxurious features they make guests feel as if they are in the middle of a work of art. A series of large velvet curtains disguise the new bathrooms in the rooms creating a scenography where the bathroom happens to be the new set; instead of hiding this new element, its use is celebrated. Furthermore, mirror walls sometimes hide sanitary elements such as toilets and showers, reflecting the space these elements have stolen and, at the same time, emphasizing the contemporaneity of these new uses. These are some of the strategies that make possible the new use of the house and the dialogue with the building’s history, but it is necessary to visit the building to discover them and the connections established between them. Address: Forn de la Glória 14, 07012 - Palma de Mallorca, Baleares (Spain) 76 | G&G _ Magazine

Among the bespoke furniture designed by OHLAB, a collection of beds and bars for all rooms stand out. The bed, with its bedside tables and headboards finished in walnut and velvet and equipped with bespoke aged brass lamps and brass pushbuttons, form a delicate and intimate space that contrasts with the rough and unfinished texture of the existing walls and ceilings. The bar, present in all rooms in different models, is another delicate element of comfort that integrates a minibar, fridge, storage for snacks, extendable desk, lighting and a built-in Audio Pro sound system with a very easy to use custom-designed aged brass button station.

Tucked away in the hills of Cape Town's Hout Bay are two serene properties that offer the ultimate escape from it all - Villa Maison Noir and its brandnew neighbour, Villa Verte - the luxury destination not to be missed.

GREEN LIGHT 78 | G&G _ Magazine

“We loved the people we met, the culture, the food and we were awestruck by the beauty of the landscape.” - Brett


he luxurious contemporary villa, built on the mountainside, is like a home away from home for guests and offers slightly different propositions for getaways, events and extended holidays. The overarching theme, however, is recharging in one of Cape Town’s most picturesque settings. The property is owned by design-and-entrepreneur power duo Jim Brett (of Anthropologie and West Elm fame) and Ed Gray (who previously owned a luxury home furnishings store in Philadelphia). The American couple first began coming to South Africa to export South African craft to the US and fell in love with the country. They put down roots and found the perfect spot in Hout Bay, where a blue gum forest on the back side of Table Mountain had been cleared and where the 80 | G&G _ Magazine

expansive property cluster that makes up Villa Maison Noir sits. Now expanding the brand further, they’ve created a new private residence on an adjacent property, which is connected to Villa Maison Noir by expansive gardens and is also a secluded mountain retreat. Villa Verte will extend the combination of luxury amenities and exquisite location. Enveloped by trees, Villa Verte offers the same level of style and soul that Villa Maison Noir does, in a slightly different package. Following the same concept of a ‘village’ of structures as opposed to a single dwelling, Villa Verte has five peaked roofs, reiterating the five elements which are ever present throughout the entire homestead. The circular backbone of the house echoes the circular motif found throughout Villa Maison Noir.

Large sliding doors open out onto the terrace, where a heated swimming pool backs onto the forested hillside. The light streams in from outside, joining Villa Verte’s interior spaces together, as it travels through the high windows and glass doors, across its voluminous ceilings, drawing in plenty of warmth that toasts the abundance of natural timber.

A bright curved gallery with two floating fireplaces connects the generous main suite and guest rooms to the Maison’s social spaces, pool, koi ponds, chef’s kitchen and outdoor dining rooms. Here, Villa Verte demonstrates the same passion for design that Brett and Gray have added to Villa Maison Noir since they took ownership the eclectic mix of art and design gives it global appeal as well as local relevance.

82 | G&G _ Magazine

“We use curves and circles throughout the entire property as nothing in nature is square or rectangular, even at its most cellular form. Even the furnishings have many round shapes and curved edges. We love everything that the circle represents: equality, inclusivity, unity, sustainability and of course the circle of life.� - Gray

84 | G&G _ Magazine

Cavernous bathrooms with freestanding, stateof-the-art bathtubs and walk-in showers, are as enticing to escape thanks to the surrounding landscape visible from the large windows.

Set on two expansive living-levels, the supremely spacious home includes two king-sized master suites as well as three luxurious guest suites, each with its own loft bedroom, cloistered open-air shower and direct access to garden areas. Cosy corners are tucked between built-in bookshelves and sturdy wood-burning stoves. With its profoundly tranquil and private atmosphere, Villa Verte is a magical hideaway. Address: 10 Hunters Way, Hout Bay, 7806 - Cape Town (South Africa)

“Your home is your story - and yes - it’s told through the architecture and the interior design; but, most importantly it’s about your soul shining through. There is a shortage of truly authentic luxury experiences at affordable prices. We believe that both our properties - the existing and the new – combined with our amazing people create an experience that is unparalleled in Cape Town.”

86 | G&G _ Magazine

CASUALLY LUXURIOUS Maison Albar Hotels, the worldwide known luxury hotels chain, has chosen Epoca - Home, Palace & Hotel Concept to create spaces of Le Monumental Palace in Porto that are not only eye-catching, but also speak to the heart, for the production of its interiors.


very step of each project has its personal touch, unique. Each creation is in its essence singular, where patterns and colors may be the same, but the feeling they exude is just one. And creating feelings and unique experiences is most likely to be paramount for each project. From the first sparkle in the imagination to the will of creating a space to its final moments of realization, creating a play with textures, colors, and fabrics, until the last second where the thin line of dust is blown away from the cold marble top. All this process requires a level of commitment and dedication, but mostly experience. The recent Le Monumental Palace Porto from Maison Albar Hotels is historically luxurious and is

88 | G&G _ Magazine

in one of the best areas of the city. This hotel in the heart of Porto, the eldest and most famous cafÊ of the city since 1930, the Monumental CafÊ, has currently become the predilect hotel for a luxury stay in Porto. Between the 63 bedrooms and 13 suites of a spacious intimacy, it’s refined and opponent location, offering excellency services like the Nuxe Spa or an incredible sensorial journey with a Michelin star chef cuisine. This hotel has chosen the company that best represents the reconstruction and refurbishing of such a historically rich and complex. Epoca, besides sharing some similar characteristics to the building, it also has the perfect characteristics to raise the bar and transform the facade and historical buildings into a new one that will surely make history.

Le Monumental Nuxe Spa is composed by a sauna, a hammam area and a indoor pool with the innovative reclining shower that offers a completely new wellness and relaxation experience with perfectly coordinated water and massage choreographies.

90 | G&G _ Magazine

At Le Monument, local products are in the spotlight, while keeping the spirit of French cuisine. A unique gourmet restaurant in Porto that invites each guest to discover the richness of the Portuguese culinary heritage, enhanced by the excellence of the French savoir-faire of a starred chef. As for desserts, Pastry Chef Joana ThĂśny-Montbabut plays the opulent card with gourmet and festive creations!

The hotel presents an exceptional cuisine thanks to Michelin-starred chef Julien Montbabut that provides modern and exciting cuisine served in three exceptional restaurants. From the brasserie to creative cuisine and dishes to share on the go, each person will find the style that suits their tastes. Parisian-style brasserie is historical cafĂŠ, ideal for breakfast, lunch, snack time and dinner. It offers traditional cuisine, foie gras, poultry and, of course, the famous dessert trolley. Located on the ground floor and only accessible through the hotel, Le Monument is a marble and

column setting with 40 seats. The dĂŠcor is both modern and elegant, in harmony with the cuisine, and faithful to the spirit of the place, where it exudes a subdued and intimate atmosphere. A confidential and gastronomic place offered to Portuguese and travelers from all over the world. Here, Julien Montbabut sublimates the essentials of brunch and lets his inspiration flow with new flavors such as Mini Burgers and Monumental Eggs. With its subdued atmosphere the cocktail bar offers to guests classic cocktails, special creations and a selection of the best port wines.

92 | G&G _ Magazine

The paramount of elegance and splendor has as a name: Monumental Suite. Has its name says, the magnificent suite is the ultimate old bourgeois mansion experience: conceived has an apartment with different divisions. Bringing out its grandiose and majestic decor.

In each one of the rooms and suites, an elegant 30’s inspired decoration which guarantees a cozy and refined stay and still paying homage and respect to the history of the building. With clear and defined lines in both the design of the upholstery and illumination, but also in the

design and architecture of the bedrooms. Although, the use of pastel colors are the elements truly reminiscent of this Epoque, both in the furniture pieces and accessories, their geometric patterns and the play with symmetry. Address: Av. dos Aliados 151, 4000-067 – Porto (Portugal)


AN OASIS OF WELLNESS Arctic Bath is an extraordinary new floating spa hotel located on the Lule River near the small village of Harads in Swedish Lapland, and welcomes guests to immerse themselves in a unique wellness experience while leaving a minimal environmental footprint behind.

94 | G&G _ Magazine

96 | G&G _ Magazine

With the late sunrises and early sunsets during the winter months contrasting with the summer midnight sun, Swedish Lapland is truly one of a kind. And ideally placed, the micro-destination Harads provides a large portion of everything the region has to offer.


rctic Bath has a holistic approach to well-being. Inspired by the timber era, the spa and wellness facilities are built in a circular shape on the water. It floats during the summer and freezes into ice during the winter, offering visitors a relaxing experience, with a giant ice bath in the middle, ringed with three saunas, a spa treatment room and hot baths. The hotel offers tailor-made

products from Kerstin Florian in all its treatments. With a combination of high levels of antioxidants, minerals and essential fatty acids, all natural and organic, you will feel beautiful from the inside out. The structure includes also a restaurant with Arctic cuisine made with local, pure and sustainable produce set the tone for the evening in the Scandinavian designed restaurant.

The hotel has two types of different rooms: the Water cabins and the Land cabins, among these also the suites. Both types offer a unique stay experience where the aim is to relax and be in 98 | G&G _ Magazine

contact with nature. Here, each room has been thoughtfully designed with a high level of comfort and luxury in mind, while keeping with the overall wellness focus.

Designed by Bertil Harstrรถm and Johan Kauppi, the floating cabins are connected to the shore by a floating walkway and, each of them has a double room with all the amenities for a pleasant stay.

Designed by AnnKathrin Lundqvist, Land cabins are elevated on poles and situated on the shore among vegetation connected by walkways. With a spiral staircase leading to a loft, each cabin has 5 beds, bathroom with bathtub & shower and a deck offering a place for meditation, morning coffee or just relax. While a suite hosts 2 persons and offers also a living room with all comforts. 100 | G&G _ Magazine

The rooms incorporate the surrounding nature inside with a refined design, and always with the attention paid to safeguarding the surrounding environment. Natural, sustainable materials with a rich history such as wood, stone, leather and luxurious textiles harmonize together with Scandinavian style. It's a perfect hide-away under the northern skies. Address: Ramdalsvägen 10, 960 24 - Harads (Sweden)

102 | G&G _ Magazine

Ammar Basheir was appointed as the interior designer for the project, which he restored from a traditional Bahrain house to a boutique hotel in the city of Muharraq, Nuzul Al Salam. Photography by Guillaume de Laubier


104 | G&G _ Magazine

uzul Al Salam is a government renovation project, which is part of The Year Of Zayed initiative between the UAE’s Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development, and Bahrain’s Shaikh Ebrahim Center for Culture and Research. The hotel is situated in the old streets of Muharraq and it includes a majlis (reception area), dining room, a central courtyard, and 6 suites inspired largely by the mythical epic of Gilgamesh’s the flower of eternity. The house opens out into a central courtyard that has been completely transformed with furniture from Wiener GTV Design and Bellavista Collection nestled amongst an orangery of lemon and orange trees in the surroundings.

“Nuzul al Salam is almost like a gem nestled in the heart of old muharraq, what makes is special that is very nostalgic to people and it didn’t feel like an alien to the environment, it's the right blend, very sober yet uber chic, and it is a celebration of craftsmanship.” - Ammar Basheir

Ammar Basheir also designed a complex parametric staircase in the courtyard, made out of a combination of natural oak. 700 pieces of wood were used to make the staircase. Each piece of wood was hand carved and individually fixed. Every section was made of 3 pieces of wood connected and supported by a steel structure.

The tiles in the courtyard are custom made with a blue and green bird motif reminiscent of old colonial tiles, as well custom terrazzo in the bedrooms and bathrooms. 106 | G&G _ Magazine

The majlis has been transformed into a chic reception sitting area with furniture from Bellavista Collection and Munna Design, and sheer curtains from Dedar Milano contrasted with vintage accessories like old radios and music instruments, as well as bespoke tapestry from Bokja Design with the Gilgamesh motif. The dining room is painted in rich teal, and the

108 | G&G _ Magazine

dining set is from Bellavista Collection along with Wiener GTV Design chairs and tapestry from Bokja Design with the Gilgamesh motif. The main feature in this room is the custom kinetic wall Kinetura Design that has a light feature with moon eclipse lights with motion sensors, and it’s been dedicated as the wall of Shaikh Zayed or The Pulse Of Zayed.

Flower of Eternity room, painted in coral walls and gorgeous gold toned drapery with custom wood furniture.

Each suite is named after a theme from the poem, Light, Vision, Flower of Eternity, Sea, Hope, and Sun. All the beds and benches are Wiener GTV Design and the fringe chairs are Munna Design. Address: House 502, Road 1611, Block 0216 - Muharraq (Bahrain) 110 | G&G _ Magazine

Sun room, which is the largest suite in the hotel, painted in Tuscan sun yellow walls and a pop of lime yellow velvet fringe chair, which opens to a beautiful garden terrace with artfully arranged greenery.

112 | G&G _ Magazine

SPANISH Elegance, sobriety and brightness - the elements that form the design of a Barcelona house renovated by The Room Studio where one of the main objectives was to preserve the original structure. Photography by Mauricio Fuertes


In terms of materials, The Room Studio opted for the main use of natural woods, different types of marble, brass and stone, as well as comfortable textiles. The designers sought to give the house the nobility and sobriety for which it is characterized, combining it with timelessness in different environments and creating lighting scenes in each corner.

114 | G&G _ Magazine

In this house of 300 m2 located in the most central area of the Diagonal of Barcelona, a comprehensive reform of Interior Design, Decoration and Styling was executed. The main premise of its owners was to maintain the structure of the house, adapting it to current needs. That is why all the spaces were redistributed, restoring all the areas. So open, functional and updated areas were obtained in this house that lacked personality and character, where natural light is the protagonist. It was completed with a global domotic project and an audiovisual system, in addition to providing each space with an independent music control. In the main zone, three connected and differentiated areas were created. On the one hand, we find the area of the room where the original fireplace was kept, giving it an updated image. The sofas were arranged so that they were useful both to see the projector and to be with friends. Next to this room there the reading and music area, since the owners love to read and play the piano. A corner was created with two comfortable armchairs and an auxiliary table obtaining an enveloping and comfortable environment. While the dining area was created including a visual communication with the kitchen. In turn, a partition was made with sliding doors in transparent glass to make the most of natural light and achieve amplitude.

116 | G&G _ Magazine

A range of neutral and simple tones is used throughout the entire house. These colors are prolonged in the materials used, choosing microcement for the design of the kitchen. The timelessness and the continuity over time of the introduced elements are sought. The general lines used are clean and continuous, avoiding irregularities and seeking purity.

A large custom-made kitchen was obtained where the whole family could be together. An area designed for breakfast was designed on the large island accompanied by stools of Kuskoa and Gubi's suspended lamps. While, at the corner, another place more collected in the form of a

bench with Treku's table where you can sit down to eat. This point of the room is characterised by elegant accessories like suspended lamps of Normann Copenhagen, paintings in Victor Lope's Gallery, jars of En LĂ­nea Barcelona and complements designed by The Room Studio.

118 | G&G _ Magazine

The nucleus of division of night and day zone is the hall, where it is bet by a very dark color with strong contrasts obtained by combining furniture and accessories such as Gubi’s central table withthe white vases. In this space, the only one to stand out is the rug of BSB Alfombras thanks to its colours. This room can be defined as the most differentiating axis of the house.

In the night area, the suite room was designed with a contemporary and sober style. Works of art were included and straight lines and structures with more solid appearance were used. It sought to give an elegant air that breaks with more informal fabrics and colors. The small terrace connects with the suite harmoniously.

120 | G&G _ Magazine

Decorative papers with a very soft air are used in the rooms. These are combined with very balanced colors and always being part of the same tone palette. The Room Studio chosen the custom-made furniture and designed the completions specifically for the two rooms. The designers included the rugs with a geometric pattern of BSB Alfombra that perfectly match with the rest of the furniture and giving a touch of extra comfort.

122 | G&G _ Magazine

For the rooms of the children it was decided to separate them by genres, each one with its independent bathroom. The rooms have a study area, another dressing room and a large area to play. The children's favorite colors were used, distinguishing their personalities and expressing their characters.


The architecture and design practice based in Brooklyn, Frederick Tang Architecture, recently completed the design for a New York apartment combining sophistication with bold color accents. Photography by Gieves Anderson

124 | G&G _ Magazine


rederick Tang Architecture took care of renovating and combination of 2 residential condominium units on the Upper West Side, near Columbia University, for the Berger family: Brian Berger, CEO of the men's apparel company, MackWeldon ; Erin Berger, a former director at Good Foundation; and their three young sons. A primary goal of the redesign was to unite the two apartments, affording a separate wing for the children, which includes a media room, study area, bathroom, and laundry. Other key additions which framed the design include entertaining areas for the couple’s friends and a home office for Erin. Highlights include the main entry foyer, where two curving wall and ceiling planes finished in a warm grey Venetian plaster create an archway connecting the boys’ wing to the apartment’s other half. This expressive opening conceals the building structural and mechanical ductwork requirements.

126 | G&G _ Magazine

“Brian and Erin have lived in a threebedroom for some time, and with their sons getting older, they were itching for a little more space.� - Frederick Tang, the founder

A blue sectional sofa by Moroso and subtly patterned rug by Aelfie x Studio Proba add color and texture to the room. While the connecting dining area features Beetle Chairs by Gubi covered in deep maroon velvet and vintage table by Willy Rizzo shipped from Belgium.

Overarchingly, the design laces sophistication with bold color accents and a sense of playfulness, reflecting a hybrid of Brian’s and Erin’s individual sensibilities: he prefers tasteful simplicity, while she favors more bold and colorful vision. In the living room, a large-scale Alex Prager photograph from the client's collection is the focal point, influencing the room’s palette, materials, and furniture. Facing this, a custom multi-purpose shelving cabinet allows for different types of entertaining: two ecru and soft gray millwork sliding panels and brass hardware reveals and conceals various items like the TV, family photos, and book collection. 128 | G&G _ Magazine

In the kitchen the custom rose goldcolored handles and shelf add shine as well as a hint of color to the neutral kitchen millwork and stone.

In the office/den room Frederick Tang Architecture inserted a fabric sofa by Kelly Wearstler, a coffee table by Gubi, a drapery fabric by Knoll, Julian Chichester's shelving unit, while for the lighting it been used a floor light by Lambert et Fils.

“Their home became the balance of both worlds.�

- Barbara Reyes, the director of design

132 | G&G _ Magazine

The master bedroom is defined by a custom fabric headboard by Knoll and nested in custom millwork in varying shades of cream, gold, and blush, and is accented with sconces by Apparatus, vanity lights by Sciolari, and a faceted brass mirror by Egg Collective.

The design laces sophistication with bold color accents and a sense of playfulness, reflecting a hybrid of Brian’s and Erin’s individual sensibilities: he prefers tasteful simplicity, while she favors more bold and colorful vision.

In the master bath, soft gray marble volumes characterize the space, and in the guest bathroom, which is also shared by the boys, details balance elegance and whimsy. The room’s 134 | G&G _ Magazine

defining element—a rain of tiles from Clé Tile featuring graphic shapes which sprinkle down the walls and then concentrate onto the floor— appeal to all ages.

THE MALDIVES 136 | G&G _ Magazine

London, Berlin, New York: Creative minds have always tended to gravitate towards big cities. With the new headquarters of Roman Klis Design projected by Ippolito Fleitz Group, however, this could be set to change, because the new office is in Herrenberg, a provincial town in southwest Germany. Photography by Philip Kottlorz


ppolito Fleitz Group cooperated with Porsche Consulting in transforming the globally operative brand design agency into a ‘New Work’ office, successfully remodeling the workplace into a locus of desire. The transformation brought together the agency’s brand identity, insights from behavioral science and our ambition to provide a smart solution to every challenge. The new office is not only a pleasure to behold – it makes a substantial contribution to boosting the productivity of the agency’s workforce. Smart solutions require a fundamental understanding of the organisational structure in question: Work worlds only fulfil their objective if they succeed in infusing the space with the spirit of the company. Roman Klis is a highly successful designer and an exceedingly approachable individual. His mission is to breathe soul into his brands: A pursuit that doesn’t stop at his own front door. A man like Klis understands the importance of thinking space and an appreciative leadership style, particularly when it comes to creative endeavour. Not for nothing has he been singled out as ‘Top Employer’.

138 | G&G _ Magazine

“Our claim is Creating Success. Though we live for impeccable, beautiful design, it must be based on a strategy that is on a straight path to success.” - Roman Klis

One fascinating challenge in this project was to completely transform a building without interfering in the existing structure in any way. A fundamentally different atmosphere was achieved by changing the ceiling landscape. The existing panels were allowed to stay, but these were supplemented by coloured strips. In place of grey metal ceilings, colour gradients create a new spatial depth and a considerably improved mental balance. Blue is a calming colour – and also promotes creativity. A gradual progression into white brings additional openness and lightness to the space. Workways have been kept neutral to promote concentration. The pale pink walkways are genuine mood boosters and, incidentally, increase empathy amongst employees. Thoughtfully placed water sources and tasteful lighting help bring about an even better mood. Tropical wallpaper meets soft shapes and round tables. And the nudge insight that central Europeans only feel part of a group of up to 24 people was taken into account in every zone.

Ippolito Fleitz Group added a new workforce of 2,100 super-performers in the form of gre mood, lower stress levels, boost creativity and enhance performance. Moreover, they imp well as diminishing noise levels. They even assist in employee acquisitions – and are extre require is regular watering. The nudger knows: Houseplants are motivational power plants not only increased humidity from 18% to 44%, but decreased the number of employee sic 140 | G&G _ Magazine

een houseplants. They engender a good prove air quality and overall well-being, as emely easy to handle. The only input they s. And in fact, the newly greened interior ck days by 50%.

142 | G&G _ Magazine

Despite this, much more space for communication has been created overall – which was an explicit wish of the employees, but also a requirement of a changing work culture in which information exchange and a sense of cohesion and belonging play an increasingly important role. The only exception is an impressive vestibule that puts many a hotel lobby firmly in the shade. And the new cafÊ on the upper floor provides an atmosphere in which to refuel and hatch out fresh ideas.

The positive mood that carries Roman Klis through life has been transported into the furthest corner of the agency. The end result is not only a workspace that triggers an immediate buzz amongst clients and employees alike, but above all a dynamic basis for effective agile working. Because ultimately, performance is considerably enhanced when employees enjoy what they do.

146 | G&G _ Magazine

The new life of


CaSA, an office of architecture by two Italian architects, Matteo Colombo and Andrea Serboli, completed the restoration of an apartment in Barcelona for a young family residents abroad. Photography by Roberto Ruiz


he apartment is located in a nicely featured art nouveau building in hip Born neighborhood, on the top floor. Clients came to CaSA after a terrible experience: after purchasing and restoration the property, disgracefully only one day before inauguration a big explosion burned the flat down, along with a great part of the works completed, leaving the clients’ budget to a low and damaging severely some of the property’s ancient features. So, the initial brief was to provide a budget-friendly project, due to the loss of the investment in the first burned-down rehabilitation. A clever use of materials was mandatory, as well as making the most of the existing distribution and installations. In spite of that, the apartment had to look dramatically different by the end of the works. Once setup the project’s essentials, other special elements could be evaluated separately

148 | G&G _ Magazine

and added to it. The challenge was to take the given spaces and make new sense of them, change the meaning and uses without moving walls, a new interpretation of spaces. The original layout already included an open kitchen, living, two bedrooms (for parents and kids) and a small bathroom. Architects decided to treat the central area as a colour-block. This brick-like core orders the space around itself, embodying several functions (kitchen, dining, studio). To create this distinct area, the architects decided to dip the whole space in a rich terracotta colour, including the recessed area that will be use as a quiet studio corner. The studio area is nested in a recessed space opposite to the kitchen, with bespoke desk and shelves cut with a circular shape to allow a small globe pendant lamp to hang on them, all in the same colour. A porthole window punctures a wall, bringing a dash of natural light into the space.

Micro-cement floor of the same hue unifies the central area and, the same earthy tone is used for the micro cement backsplash wall, the ceiling, the kitchen cabinets including the long, round edged central island, as well as for the studio area, desk and shelves. The result is a colour-block area that makes a distinctive statement at the core of the apartment.

The living room has a Kettal Landscape sofa with mustard coloured frame and mink cushions, a planter by FermLiving and a Handvärk lamp by Studio Floor. While lights throughout the apartment are done with hanging and sconces globes.

150 | G&G _ Magazine

A holiday apartment allows for more daring colour choices. Architects picked a soft palette for the property. Outside of the brick-coloured core, walls are white to maximize light. Even so, a valance runs around walls, doors and windows, giving an artificial horizon, visually widening spaces, in an otherwise vertically proportioned property. This fringe has been chosen based on the spaces and in relation to the colourful, original hidrรกulico floors: a more neutral sand brings warmth through entrance and living (unifying the spaces on both sides around the the kitchen block), making the burgundy and greys shades of the living floor stand out; a cooler light green colour was chosen for the bedrooms.

Both clients and architects wanted the historical features to be preserved or rescued and highlighted, making the most of high ceilings, decorative features, floors, windows, doors. Most walls had to be scrapped to bricks and newly finished and some of the original art nouveau ceiling features restored or even reproduced and replaced. Ceilings have also been painted in colours: an off burgundy for the living, a dark teal for the bedrooms.

The bedroom also features the porthole window that brings light into the studio. Furthermore, there is access to a small walk-in wardrobe that is part of the brick coloured block.

Bedrooms are simple and clean. In the master bedroom the colour fringe becomes a volume, forming the bedhead that embodies globe lights, light switches and sockets and a niche on the side where a bedside table cannot be placed. 152 | G&G _ Magazine

154 | G&G _ Magazine

The children’s room has a built-in wardrobe that follows the wall colours. Like cabinets in kitchen, bathroom and corridor, also here the architects inserted custom-made door handles, lacquered in colours that match their surfaces.

The bathroom is also treated with the brick-red micro-cement, again the valance and invading the shower space.

S U B S C R I B E Subscribe or extend your subscription to G&G _ Magazine for 3 editions and receive a picture of the Canvas collection* For more details write us: advertising@gandgmagazine.eu *Canvas collection includes 60 different wall arts draw on both renaissance inspiration and highly contemporary design ideas, realized by British company, Mineheart. The products are subject to availability.


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