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SALONE DEL MOBILE 4 - 9 April 2017, Milan



ow into its 56th edition, the Salone Internazionale del Mobile – the earliest of the 5 exhibitions under the umbrella of the Salone del Mobile.Milano, is gearing up yet again to be the focus of international attention. Work in progress for the upcoming edition of the acknowledged international benchmark event for the furnishing and design sectors. A showcase that has always mixed business with culture, shaping the history of design and furnishing yesterday, today and tomorrow. A global platform for truly top-notch products with the emphasis on innovation. The Salone Internazionale del Mobile is split into three sections: Classic, Design and xLux, the latter dedicated to timeless luxury reworked with a contemporary touch, which was launched successfully last time round. A range of goods that combines quality and technology, shaped by the creativity of the leading sectoral companies, practised at developing their businesses by investing each year in innovative products and home furnishing solutions.


Some 2,000 exhibitors will be showing their wares across a display area exceeding 200,000 m2. These impressive figures, along with the thousands of products being unveiled for the first time, confirm the Salone del Mobile’s enormous value as an international showcase for creativity and a forum for industry professionals, with more than 300,000 visitors expected to attend from over 165 different nations. The International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition and the biennial Euroluce and Workplace3.0 taking place alongside the Salone Internazionale del Mobile offer enormous synergies. The date is now 2018, 17 to 22 April when Milan will be back with a design capital Milan Furniture Fair which will also host the biennial bathroom, kitchen and FTK (Technology For the Kitchen).


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BLOFT By GUMDESIGN In conjunction with the Salone del Mobile in Milan presents the 5th exhibition of the minter BLoft in Fantastic house, located in the historic center of Milan, in the heart of 5Vie district. The projects is realized by GUMDESIGN, an Italian Studio, based in Viareggio in Tuscany, rediscovers the importance of high craftsmanship and defines new ways to follow for new unique and valuable collections.


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“A visual representation of objects and personalities‌â€? It's a new exhibition and entrepreneurial concept that combines the design and manufacturing synergies in a single manifold. Companies, craftsmen, architects, designers, curators together determine the strength of a great evolving group, ready to face the new challenges of the international market with one goal: the quality of the product and storytelling.



A melting pot of experiences, emotions and perceptions that become stronger together thanks to an explosion of methods and creative processes which engage each other as sedimentation of experiences, travels and life tales. Objects created by the sensitivity of designers with different creative paths and placed together in the strategic market of high quality design space.

GUMDESIGN 0584 387555 - 393 4270755 11

halfway around the world... Guangzhou MORE THAN 170.000 PROFESSIONAL ATTENDEES AT THE 39° CIFF, MARCH 2017. China International Furniture Fair is a major event for the furniture & furnnishing industry in China and abroad. Covering 750.000 square meters, CIFF connects the upstream and downstream industry, offering a one-stop solution for home decor, outdoor furniture. Hotel furniture, furniture machinery and raw materials. The 39° edition had a success never seen before: the number of visitors grew by 9% more than the previous March edition. Even foreign exhibitors increased by 50%, occupying a total area of 90.000 square meters. During the edition, the important topic was the customizable furniture: a growing trend to which the fair organizers have given importance by creating dedicated areas for each of the fair industry. The 40° CIFF she will be held in September in Shanghai.


Iconic 20th Century Lighting Design

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CIFF - an opportunity to discover the latest innovations in design of the whole world in one place.


Exclusive Interview

Metamorphosis Series by Boca do Lobo Design Studio Metamorphosis Series has come to symbolize a new line of thought and design inspiration for Boca do Lobo. How did you conceive such a bold design concept? We believe that the highest kind of creativity is Metamorphosis Series is more than just a surely that which shatters the clouds of simple line of design. It has a special meaning custom, and extends the possibilities of that has been part of Boca do Lobo’s purpose thought and perception. and creative’s DNA – breaking creative boundaries and being capable of constantly This way, and inspired by a great novel of the making something better. It’s hard to define 20th Century, written by a phenomenal thinker what creativity is, but we know for sure that is – Franz Kafka – Metamorphosis digs deep during the creative act, that we become able introspection, unknowingly looking for to manipulate objects or symbols to produce meaning or something to hang on to. This was an uncommon definition of art and giving the word which rung in conversation and origin to the most bizarre and unique pieces. thought, and has come to symbolize a new line As I said before “the creative process is of thought, and design inspiration for Boca do something between your past experiences and Lobo. This was how Metamorphosis Series was the things you’ve been through, and your created. future with everything you can still experience Side Table and control”. 16

Metamorphosis Series puts aesthetic standards and the meaning of beauty to test, seeking at the same time to provoke a reaction. What kind of reaction are you trying to instigate? Insects can be repulsive and can make people think of how different and unique life is by itself. That was the main purpose behind this line of design. By putting aesthetic standards and the meaning of beauty to test, the Metamorphosis series seeks to provoke a questioning within the evolutionary context. I am sure of one thing - emotional design and creating experiences is where we have to work on, and that’s where the main purpose of Metamorphosis lives.

Which were the main barriers that you had to get over through? Most of the techniques and finishes we used throughout the entire production process were completely new for us. The first significant barrier was the peculiar kind of foundry that was used for producing the bugs – a fine art practice mostly used in jewelry.

We are talking about a very complex technique which involves more than one single foundry. The bugs on display are the result of the combinations of several foundries, pieces and components, carefully handcrafted by expertise artisans and jewelers.


Dining Table

Presenting such a challenging and controversial design at Salone del Mobile in Milan, took Boca do Lobo to a whole different level. What can we expect for upcoming designs and novelties? Regarding upcoming designs, we are expected to launch another novelty according to the Metamorphosis concept. However, a lot of things have the power to inspire us, and our job is to pay attention to them. As we gain knowledge, the world around us becomes more and more demanding, and it becomes more difficult to surprise and be surprised. That’s the challenge! A kind of addiction that takes control over you, creating a sense of discomfort and a permanent craving for surprise at every step you take.

Designed by: Marco Costa | Alexandre Calvário | Marco Sousa 17



Harbin, China

Harbin opera house Embedded into the landscape, the form of the building evokes a response to the location’s natural elements. appearing as if it was sculpted by the wind and water, the curvilinear and fluid structure – wrapped in smooth white aluminum panels – instills a poetic yet robust character. situated on an area of 850,000 square feet, the undulating architectural mass hosts a grand and small theater which wraps a large public plaza.



The main room – the grand theater – is clad in rich manchurian ash wood, emulating a timber mass that has been gently eroded away. The timber walls climb up the main stage, wrapping the main stage and illuminated by the skylights. A combination of careful detailing and sensitivity to the local identity, art and culture of harbin have inherently cultivated the organic and sculptural form of the opera house which take its visitors on an architectural and theatrical journey.


Sculpted from manchurian ash, the wooden walls gently wrap around the main stage and theater seating that can seat 1.600 people.



“Walk along with the rhythm of your desires, and reinvent your space with our inspiring towels that invite you to exodus and to enjoy life freely and simply.” - Founder: Angélina Sterle, 24 years




Experience from Salone del Mobile Materials, technology and creativity, all of which filled Salone del mobile 2017, it is true that the world of furniture has not renewed so much in the last year, but it was possible to feel the change and the process made by the big companies while maintaining a prestigious design and unique touch and yet the variety with which they can reach To a wider audience. Personally, I felt that all the leather variety of colors dominated the exhibition and was the most prominent material. I also enjoyed seeing quite a few combinations of wood, glass and metal in all kinds of furniture, which attests to new technologies that allow creativity to be expressed in reality. im taking with me from the exhibition the correct use of lighting In the home space, create an atmosphere using different materials and colors. As every year Selone del mobile not a disappointment this time. - Amiran Elfasi Interior & Visual designer



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WELCOME IN HOUSE SHARING G & G promotes a worldwide campaign of intercultural exchange among peoples. Young people and people from around the world share their home with students, workers and holidaymakers with no borders. For any info write here:


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Design for Children 33

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The choice of material for the production process of a design As we know a lot of the materials used in the interior is a material that comes from nature, call it wood. You could say all the design elements of the interior will be made from this material because this material is considered good. But this will not always to be good. Its impact was already being felt for the environment. For example, due to its high demand for wood materials, many illegal logging occurs in many countries, many emerging impact to the surrounding ecosystem as well as to the global climate. New innovations and sustainability become a hot topic on lately. Something just is not a taken - in though - in waste. But that can be processed multiple times into a masterpiece of design that retains the aesthetic value and functionality. It is important for every designer to keep learn, think and make way for his design is not only good for the user, but also good for the environment. It is not difficult to choose a material that is both sustainable and environmentally friendly, we can do with a small step to preserve the environment around.

Indri Batari Interior Design & Visualization Rendering E-mail: Website: @veindstudio

Using anold lamp bulb that can no longer be used as an ornament for interior decoration. 35



The remaining pieces of wood of the better disposed processed into wall panels rustic nuanced but still clean like this .

Hanging lamps do not have to be expensive, it can be used on the rest of the plastic spoon.

Wood windows and potted plants that have been damaged can process into something new that is not less beautiful to be a decoration in the corner of the room.


Giuseppe Donato Founder of Casa Living and the new brand G & G, want to give vent to his creativity with the excellence of Italian style, pure and uncontaminated. Leaders in the field of the eccentric and the sublime, has created works for the Home and Yacht industry with unique projects in the world. His freestyle and uncensored for original and bizzare extravagant ideas but with a touch of art and genius that go beyond time. For contact: africa.australia2



Comeback of old materials Forgotten materials like Venetian terrazzo along with marble and cork are making a comeback. Although terrazzo went out of style for a few decades, it is now spreading into many diverse design areas such as flooring, wall coverings, countertops, decorative textiles, stationary and even furniture. Terrazzo floors date back to the Renaissance. Invented by the Venetians, they used terrazzo floors in villas, mansions and places of meaning. Terrazzo floors are probably the most expensive flooring choice, more expensive than marble. They are made from chips of granite and marble which is placed into resin or concrete. Once the concrete or resin sets, you are left with a durable floor that resembles a mosaic. It does not need shielding from wear, however it needs to be protected from spill absorption and stains. You cannot compare terrazzo floors in durability to carpet, wood or even marble. Terrazzo expresses beauty, opulence and uniqueness as it is customized to your taste and space. If you love the terrazzo look but are not in a position to change flooring or countertops, get the same beautiful look with a wallpaper or fabric. It could work in either a modern or classic setting. by MADes(IntDes) Nina Miklavcic

E. T. +39 3921462405




16 – 19 May 2017 The future starts here. 40

ORIGO Skillfully handcrafted, polished copper lampshade with SwarovskiÂŽ crystals.

Manooi unfolded its new crystal lights during the Euroluce 2017 in Milan. An exciting play of creativity and radically innovating designs. - HUNGARY - 41


A design not only to enjoy but also to live for!




Lucie Vrzalovรก Prague, Czech Republic Young model She is in collaboration with G&G as photo model. @lucievrz

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SPECIAL EDITION / G&G _ Magazine N°2  

The second release of G&G _ Magazine is dedicated to extraordinary event - Salone del Mobile of Milan. In this Special Edition you find the...

SPECIAL EDITION / G&G _ Magazine N°2  

The second release of G&G _ Magazine is dedicated to extraordinary event - Salone del Mobile of Milan. In this Special Edition you find the...