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G&G _ Magazine N°31 – March 2022


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102 G&G _ Magazine N°31 – March 2022


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The flag of Ukraine + Comfort Town project by Archimatika photographed by Andrey Avdeenko. Page 32




t isn’t easy. It isn’t easy to find the right words to write this letter. This edition goes beyond the ordinary G&G _ Magazine’s issues. It’s probably more than just pages where you will find design updates and trendy projects. With this edition, we want to inspire people to create and not be silent, and above all to show our closeness to the Ukrainian people. Since the first days of the war, the entire G&G _ Magazine team has decided to launch a series of initiatives to support Ukraine, including an exclusive release. Indeed, from the cover, it’s clear it isn’t an edition like all others. There, the two colors of the Ukrainian flag are the background: an intense blue and a bright yellow (they were also chosen as the Design Trends colors on page 17). And then above it was placed a black and white photo of a neighborhood in Kyiv (page 32) that, unfortunately, today is no longer intact due to the invader attacks. Even if it’s a series of buildings by playful colors, the choice of omitting them prevailed with the intent to make people think and remember that many cities in the country are destroyed. Also, I want to focus on the point that, flipping through the pages, you won’t find the photographs referred to the war nor the articles that talk about it. This edition was conceived not to tell the facts of the invasion but to honor the Ukrainian people and their resistance. From this comes the title of the issue - People from Ukraine. That said I invite you to discover our selection of the industry professionals on page 149. You may wonder why the inspirational theme was placed at the end. It's simple: behind an artwork there is the soul of its creator like that at the end of this extraordinary publication there are the faces who inspired it. Слава Україні!

I’m always interested in your opinion, send me any feedback or suggestions at

GANDGMAGAZINE.EU PEOPLE Worrell Yeung expands unique loft in Manhattan's Historic Gilsey House

HOTELS L’Esquisse Hôtel & Spa Mgallery The soul of the sculptor Bartholdi in the heart of a 5-star hotel designed by Giros & Coutellier in Colmar.

INTERIORS Metamorphoses The studio of design and architecture - Let’s design presents its office in Lviv.



Discover #ionianislands In a Unique Way at

L I V H O S P I TA L I T Y D E S I G N AWA R D S 2 0 2 1 LIV Hospitality Design Awards recognize excellence in Hospitality Architecture, Interior Design and Guest Experiences. Join before the program closure on March 18th, 2022.

Winner in interior Design – EUROPE La Clef Champs-Élysées Paris by Studio Jean-Philippe Nuel

Winner in interior Design restaurant – CASUAL Boqueria Chicago by studio razavi architecture

Winner in arChiteCturaL Design - PRIVATE HOUSE rognervegen, Minimalist and many-sided by Agraff Arkitektur AS

Winner in interior Design – LUXURY RESORT

Zadun, a ritz-Carlton reserve by UribeKrayer

DESIGN TRENDS THE COLORS OF FREEDOM AND ENERGY To honour Ukraine, its people and its culture, we have decided to support the two colors of the flag: Freedom Blue and Energizing Yellow, as defined by the Pantone Color Institute. Without a doubt they are the trending colors of the last month since we find in everything: from clothes to make-up ideas to cake decoration to everyday objects to the lighting of the most famous works in the world etc. And with our selection, you will can easily include them in your projects. A small gesture but one that reminds us a lot! Freedom Blue

Energizing Yellow


Award-winning estate agency Fine & Country Costa Blanca North specialises in the marketing and sale of luxury and lifestyle properties from their regional office in Denia, the mid-way point between Alicante and Valencia, Spain.

At Fine & Country Costa Blanca North we help buyers find the dream property to suit their lifestyle and sellers to find the right buyer wherever they are in the world.

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Embrace Armchair by ROYAL STRANGER

Strøm Ceramic vase by RAAWII – THE COOL REPUBLIC

Blue Deep Wallpaper by SPAGHETTI WALL

Colours Collection Laminate by ABET LAMINATI


Verso Vase by FermLiving – THE COOL REPUBLIC

Grace Chair by JETCLASS


Ocean Vibes - Equinoxe Collector’s Edition Plate by REVOL

Excelsior Tablecloth by VALLESUSACASA Seashell Candle by BROSTE COPENHAGEN

Feel blue Table lamp by BOCA DO LOBO

Syo Teapot by SALIU


Heritage Sideboard by BOCA DO LOBO

Wam Sofa by Marco Zito for BROSS


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Impression Wall panel by MYDRIAZ

Liquide Wall lamp by MYDRIAZ

Strøm Ceramic carafe by RAAWII – THE COOL REPUBLIC


Rainbow Pillar candle by BROSTE COPENHAGEN

Charla Dining chairs by LUXXU Tota Cylinder jar by AYTM

Coral Bench by MURANTI

22 | G&G _ Magazine

Carpets CC by Cecilia Setterdahl



P. O. Box 10484, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain Tel: +973 17 210225 E-mail:


All Seasons Side table by THONET

Ultra suede blazing yellow Fabric by KOKET

Blossom Stool by CASTRO LIGHTING

Grace Armchair by ROYAL STRANGER

Skyscraper Floor lamp by BOCA DO LOBO

Chromo 100% cotton bed sheet by GABEL 1957

Admiral Bathtub by DEVON&DEVON

Besame Sofa by KOKET

Draper Pouf by JETCLASS


Frame Kitchen 2 units by FANTIN

26 | G&G _ Magazine


Frame Bookcase system by FANTIN

T Tower Radiator by Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez for ANTRAX

Margot Vase by MAISON DADA

Oxford Dressing table by JETCLASS

Berry Bar chair by MEZZO COLLECTION

PoLet Armchair by TWILS

Wam Armchair by Marco Zito for BROSS - @acetaiadelcristo1849 Via Badia, 41/A - 41030 San Prospero (MO) - Italy - Tel +39.059.907425

The FABULOUS Extra-Old Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena P.D.O. Real BALSAMIC ECSTASY: the mysterious alchemy of centenary woods; limited and unique editions. Beyond reality the myth begins. This is the first impression given from the tasting of a Fabulous Balsamic Vinegar, obtained in absolutely limited editions out of very ancient barrels; their balsamic intensity has the power to suspend the consciousness during a while, opening unknown horizons of ecstasy.


G&G _ Magazine shows Ukraine through the eyes of one of the most famous Ukrainian architecture and interior photographers, Andrey Avdeenko. Photographing thousands of interior and architectural projects, and with the right angle of perspective, he manages to convey the soul of the project and intrigue the viewer. We reserve you a series of photos of the various projects carried out in Ukraine, which are in significant danger; however, they became the heritage of Ukrainian and world architecture.

Comfort Town by Archimatika // Kyiv It is a 40-hectare residential complex with its 180 rainbow-colored low-rise apartment buildings. Inspired by Lego, it's a playful response to the sprawling 1950s and 60s communist-era housing that encircles them.

Boulevard Yuzhny by Filimonov & Kashirina architects // Dnipro City Located in the central district of the city, the implemented boulevard is a continuation of the previously formed pedestrian boulevard Ekaterinoslavsky. Yuzhny Boulevard is longitudinally divided into three zones: transit areas along the line of the building, functionally various zone in the middle (recreation, quiet rest areas, children’s playground). The main landscape dominant of the new pedestrian space is the stream, which stretches across the entire boulevard. It’s also the longest artificial creek in Ukraine. It symbolizes the underground river Zhabokryach, which flows right under the street.

34 | G&G _ Magazine

Reconstruction of Yavornitsky Street by VK Architects // Dnipro The project of transformation one of the oldest streets in the city from caroriented to pedestrian. Thanks to urban development funds the project connects two existing torn pedestrian spaces - a square and a park into a single pedestrian system setting the vector of environmental development for the entire city.

36 | G&G _ Magazine

Cottage Town Skogur by Insight Design // Carpathian Mountains In the village of Skogur, Ivano-Frankivsk region, the development concept of this unique project does not involve fences, all houses have a small backyard area, and the general landscape is zoned by the terrain. This creates the effect of a single space and architecture, harmoniously inscribed in the surrounding nature. With its benefits of eco-building, Cottage Town Skogur shows that it is possible to create modern architecture and fit it in an environmentally friendly way into the unique nature of the Ukrainian Carpathians.

Central Park by Archimatika // Kyiv Located in Kyiv’s most prestigious central district - Pechersk, it remains hidden from noisy motor thoroughfares and pedestrian flows. A business-class residential complex in Kyiv’s most prestigious central district, Pechersk. This project is the trendsetter in its category: the complex’s three high-rise sections and a huge lobby space. The architects came up with the idea of making outreaching glass facades to make sure that nothing obstructs glass plates, thus creating a visual impression of lightness and dynamicity.

38 | G&G _ Magazine

40 | G&G _ Magazine

Super Patio by Drozdov&Partners // Odesa region The edge of the Super Patio house overlooking the sea goes up, forming a two-layered structure. All major rooms maintain a relationship with the sea: both the bedrooms upstairs and all the common spaces for the family use on the ground floor. To create a holistic form, the facade is covered with lock-seamed zinc-titan plates; its open parts are glazed. The internal elements are made of steel, wood, and glass.

Carat by Drozdov&Partners // Kharkiv A multi-family house is located on the slope of the central historical hill of the city. One of the assignments for the project was to integrate the building into the existing scale and parcelling of the surrounding development making maximum use of the challenging terrain. The terraced building gradually follows the hill, which facilitates the access and guarantees maximum exposure of the living quarters to the southern area of the city.

42 | G&G _ Magazine

LATEST NEWS The Made in Italy of Italian design launches a message: Peace is more important than the economy Italian entrepreneurship is facing an unexpected international crisis with certain repercussions on the business world. A war that goes beyond the borders of Ukraine and affects the whole West. Faced with this umpteenth challenge, some companies in the Italian furniture sector wanted to launch a message of solidarity and hope by expressing their closeness to the populations affected by the conflict and above all by reiterating that for them peace is more important than the economy and that they are ready to address the consequences that sanctions on Russia will have both from the point of view of exports and from the point of view of the supply of raw materials and access to energy. For Michele Gasperini, CEO of Tonelli Design, the iconic glass brand, "War and Design are two words that cannot find a place within the same sentence. The design that designs and creates for the future and for life is the concept that is farthest from war which is physical, psychological and moral destruction. When all this ends, the Ukrainian population will come together again, there will be houses, buildings and cities to be rebuilt. We'll have to restore beauty to reign over the rubble to try, as far as possible, to alleviate the wounds that war inflicts on the whole world today.”

44 | G&G _ Magazine

#StandWithUkraine On the same wavelength Antonio Zerilli, Managing Director of Zerica, the historic Sicilian brand specializing in machinery for sustainable water management: "The cost we will pay as entrepreneurs, as citizens will be very high but it is a sacrifice that we feel we have to face. to fight any form of war and aggression". There are those who had already distanced themselves from the Russian market as the company specialized in staircases and windows Fontanot and today they are even more convinced of their choice: "For some time we have limited our presence in Russia to a minimum by reducing exports to a very difficult and conflicting - confirms Laura Fontanot, Group Vice-President. The sanctions will have an important weight, but the important thing is to understand that they are nothing compared to the violence we see every day on TV and the courage that the Ukrainian people and their president are showing. But thanks to this courage, this sense of cohesion, there will perhaps be a wide-ranging change of course, if we are able to draw a huge opportunity from a tragic and unthinkable crisis.” There are those who bring peace and respect into their corporate statute. Terratinta Group, a Romagna-based reality of Italian ceramics, has no doubts: “As a Benefit Company we believe in peace, in respect for dialogue and personal dignity. In a strongly interconnected world like ours, the pain even of distant peoples affects us all in the same way - recalls Luca Migliorini.

“We strongly want to build a better, sustainable and peaceful future for the new generations. We commit ourselves daily, concretely for a sustainable future and for this reason we can only condemn the war."


“The Ukrainian people are in our thoughts at this particular moment in history and we believe that cohesion and support are the best weapons to be able to fight this dramatic war."

The Gabel Group with the Italian Red Cross to support the Ukrainian people Through the separate deliveries, organized thanks to the support of the Italian Red Cross, the Gabel Group has donated a pile of quilts to support the Ukrainian population at this time of serious humanitarian crisis. The historic Como-based household linen company, 100% Made in Italy, has chosen to show its closeness to a country hard hit by an ongoing conflict, which is creating hundreds of thousands of refugees. Michele Moltrasio, President and CEO of the Group says: "I hope that all Italian companies will mobilize to help the Ukrainian population, the goal must be to create a real humanitarian bridge: our gesture wants to express our participation and proximity to the populations affected by the conflict. The human drama is obviously our first concern, beyond the important economic interests that our country has in Ukraine… I would like to thank all the Gabel staff who today more than ever have actively acted in support of others, confirming the inherent values of the company's DNA, which has always been animated by solid ethical integrity and a corporate philosophy aimed at respecting the laws in force and 'love for the environment, well-being for its collaborators and all human beings."

48 | G&G _ Magazine

WE CALL ON THE WORLDWIDE INTERIOR DESIGN INDUSTRY TO SUPPORT UKRAINE! How can you help as a foreigner? ! Donate ⛑ Send Humanitarian Supplies ✊ Join a protest in your city $ Host Ukrainians % Hire Ukrainians & Volunteer or help professionally ' Read info from the source ( Post in social media ) Influence Authori?es Directly ✍ Sign the pe??on + Entry into the foreign legion #StandWithUkraine


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Kelly has seductively designed the living room with her love of hosting in mind. Great wooden panels were added to the impressive pre-existing columns framing the room. These add monumentality to the space,

60 | G&G _ Magazine

EACH STORY IS IMPORTANT. Dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the Chornobyl nuclear power plant disaster, the multimedia exhibition entitled "Chornobyl. Journey" designed by balbek studio tells the tragedy and people's stories from a new point of view. The organizers aspired to tell the story of Chornobyl in a contemporary way and to transport the audience to the epicentre of the events using an immersive technology such as virtual reality. Photography by Maryan Beresh


he exhibition was located inside the main pavilion of the Expocenter of Ukraine National Complex. It is a monumental building erected in the 1950s, crowned by a dome with a 25- meter spire. The pomp of the building emphasized the weight of the Chornobyl tragedy. Once balbek bureau received the project and evaluated its challenges, the studio's team visited the Exclusion Zone to absorb the local atmosphere. To achieve the effect of gradual immersion, the structure of the exhibition was designed around the principle of a literary narrative: with the progression of the storyline, a climax and a conclusion. It was decided to place the entrance off-center: this allowed to direct visitors to the beginning of the exhibition straight away and convey the logic of the content. The central entrance to the pavilion, on the contrary, was used as the exit. Balbek bureau aspired to integrate its design with the shape and volume of the pavilion as much as possible. The management of the Expocentre aided in this, giving the green light to repaint the walls and dismantle the temporary metal constructions left from a previous exhibition. Just behind the reception stood a standard doorway that led into the exhibition space. It was dismantled completely and instead a plasterboard wall was installed, which cuts through the doorway. This solution helped guide the visitors in the right direction, leading them straight into the main hall, where the exhibition begins. The first block – ‘1986’ – is an excursion into the events of that time in Ukraine and the world.

62 | G&G _ Magazine

«Seeing the places affected by radiation with our own eyes allowed us to approach the project thoughtfully and kept us from trivial decisions moving forward.»

Next, we see the ‘Catastrophe’ block, dedicated to the city of Pripyat and the Chornobyl disaster. The designers deliberately complicated the visitors’ movement, creating a labyrinth that doesn’t make it easy to bypass this block. This element is a metaphor for the arduous journey that the Chornobyl tragedy had to become for many people. At the end of the block stands a six-metre model of the sculpture ‘Prometheus’ – the symbol of Pripyat. Its stylized silhouette, created by designer Sergii Holtvyansky, is made of polyfoam with the image printed on PVC.

64 | G&G _ Magazine

As we pass by ‘Prometheus’ and through a screen, we find ourselves in a space with large windows. The transition between blackout zones and zones with natural light conveys the feeling that life goes on even after tragedy. The educational blocks such as ‘Atom’ and ‘Nature’ were placed in areas flooded with natural light. At the center of the hall there is a wooden ‘house’. It’s a momentous exhibit, which tells the story of the people whose lives were changed by the catastrophe: it records the stories of the liquidators and their relatives, station workers, those who were forced to leave their homes, and those born in 1986.

Balbek bureau settled on a design with a non-standard configuration and a cut roof, which symbolizes the rift in the lives of families affected by the disaster. The "house" has two private rooms where visitors can share their own stories about the Chornobyl tragedy. Behind another screen stands a hall with wooden benches, where lectures and film screenings are held. The domed ceiling, reminiscent of the reactor lid, holds a projection of the Chornobyl Zone logo, which is designed to gradually disappear. For maximum darkness in this area, we used blackout curtains.

The ‘Today, tomorrow’ block prompts a discussion about the future of Chornobyl. The exhibit is summed up by a projection of Pink Floyd’s ‘Marooned’ music video. The exhibition concludes with ‘Forest’ – a symbol of nature reborn even after the catastrophe. The team’s task was to design the green zone so that it would become a place one would want to engrave in their memory. Planters containing the trees were hidden under a metal framework, and a false floor was constructed for the moss. In the middle of the forest stands a bridge, crossing which you can fully immerse yourself into the atmosphere of the nature reserve. Round benches were placed under the trees, allowing visitors to rest and contemplate the journey taken.

68 | G&G _ Magazine

WEANDDON’T FORGET WE WILL NEVER FORGET Russian missiles and bullets during the assault on Kyiv hit the Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center site where tens of thousands of Jews were massacred at the time of the Holocaust. G&G _ Magazine has decided to show the grandeur and beauty of the center that was there before.

70 | G&G _ Magazine


he Crystal Crying Wall of Crying is the work of world-renowned conceptual artist Marina Abramovic. The Crystal Wall of Crying is a symbolic continuation of the Wailing Wall of the Jerusalem Temple. It is constructed of anthracite and rock-crystals, and it is a monument to the Babyn Yar tragedy and the Holocaust. The wall creates a special space where everyone can think, remember, reflect on the tragic events of the past and draw personal conclusions.

Visitors interact with crystals located at the level of the head, chest, and abdomen. Interaction with natural quartz crystals seeks to heal the wounds of the past by reconnecting with individual body experiences. The Crystal Wall of Crying is forty meters long and three meters high and consists of anthracite from Ukrainian mines and 75 rock quartz crystals from Brazil. Visitors are invited to interact with the crystals and meditate.

The ceiling is painted with the star constellation that would have been visible over Kyiv, on the date of the massacre in 1941 along with symbols and iconography referencing interiors of the historic synagogues of Ukraine from the 17th and 18th century.

The Symbolic Synagogue. Place for Reflection Located at Babyn Yar, the pop-up synagogue comprises a pair of 11-metrehigh walls that unfold using a manual winch to reveal its decorative and detailed interiors. As the building opens out, a roof pops up to shelter a wooden balcony and seating area inside that drop down from within its walls. Babyn Yar Synagogue was designed by Manuel Herz Architects to mark the 80th anniversary of a massacre that took place at the site during the Holocaust. One of the walls is set on a track so that it can be moved using a manual winch. When 72 | G&G _ Magazine

folded the two walls are positioned together, but when unfolded a threedimensional synagogue is created with a roof that pops up and a balcony and seating that folds down. The synagogue stands on a wooden platform and has walls decorated with prayers and blessings. The wood is sourced from old oak wood, coming from all parts of Ukraine. This ensures that the building has a unifying quality, down to the very material used in its construction. The wood is more than a hundred years old. It will therefore connect the time of before the massacre, to the contemporary era.

An electroacoustic pipe organ of 24 pipes is built into the podium. An algorithm for translating the names of the victims into sound was developed especially for this pipe organ. Each letter in the Hebrew alphabet has its own number. According to the gematria principle, the names of the victims have been translated into numbers, which, in turn, set the pitch of the sound. The combination of audio waves of the name numbers creates a common sound composition.

Mirror Field Installation The center of the ‘Mirror Field’ audio-visual installation is the symbol of the Tree of Life, which is found in most religions and mythologies of the world. The Babyn Yar tragedy shows how easily this tree can be destroyed, and its branches broken. The structure is made of stainless steel, the podium is in the form of a mirror disk with a diameter of about 40 meters, with 10 columns of 6 meters high installed on it. The columns and the disk were shot through by bullets of the same caliber that the Nazis used during execution in Babyn Yar. The installation is available around the

clock. During the day, the sky is reflected in it. At night, the light and the sound of memory pass through the bullet holes, and rays fall from the tops of the columns into the sky. The main background is overlaid with archival recordings of pre-war Kyiv, unique Yiddish songs of the 1920s and 1930s from the collections of the National Library named after V. Vernadsky restored by the Institute for Information Recording of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Choral and Memorial Christian music, Ukrainian and Roma Memorial songs, works by contemporary Ukrainian composers are performed.

74 | G&G _ Magazine

"A Glance Into the Past" is a series of installations in Kyiv. Looking through the peephole of the monocular, the viewer sees photos taken during the Nazi occupation of the city in 1941-1943. The project focuses on the tragedy of Babyn Yar, and the events associated with it. In early October 1941, immediately after the executions, the propagandist photographer Johannes Hähle took the most famous photos of Babyn Yar. They were the most important evidence of the crimes committed by the Nazis. He also took a series of photos in Kyiv, Lubny and Kharkiv. The Hamburg Institute for Social Research first showed footage of his film at an exhibition in the 1990s. The Tree. A Glance Into the Past The installation consists of two stone boulders of natural processing, with a tree between the stones. Monoculars with photographs taken in late September/early

October 1941 in occupied Kyiv by the German military photographer and propagandist Johannes Hähle are embedded in the stone steles. Two male bodies are photographed in Peremohy Avenue as the crowd walks past them. Researchers at the Memorial Center have pinpointed the locations where these pictures were taken. It was where the photographer was standing at the time the photos were taken that the stone boulders with the photos were placed. The tree that is included in the installation has been heat-treated, making the wood fireproof and vandal-resistant. Previously, Ukraine had not used heat-treatment technology in furnaces for trees of such a big size. The boulders were transported from the Lezniki quarry and were not amenable to any further processing after extraction. This symbolizes the intention not to interpret the events of the past, but to allow the viewer to see them as they were.

76 | G&G _ Magazine

Kurenivska Tragedy. A Glance Into the Past The glass-and-brick monument commemorates the Kurenivka Tragedy, a mudslide caused by a dam burst on March 13, 1961, that killed at least 145 people. The installation sits on the very spot of the dam's rupture and is made from a variety of locally produced bricks, some dating back to 1843. The glass tank at top is filled

with 600 liters of slurry: the equivalent waste that would have come from the production of the bricks beneath it. Other elements of the installation include the archival films of the tragedy, seen through monocles embedded in the bricks. Brick, glass, slurry, and videos combine to make what looks and acts like a periscope peering into the past.


DETAILS MATERIALS In addition to creating functional spaces with an attractive design, the Ukrainian designers focus a lot on every single detail and the materials used in their works. A selection of catering projects from small bars to modern restaurants to progressive clubs realised in Ukraine.

Children's cafe [ Clever ] by JK Lab // Odesa 78 | G&G _ Magazine

The symbolism of India is exposed in many details: the Indian hamsa is a symbol of the five senses of human; "eye" - protecfon against destrucfve energy; the symbolism of the hands of Mudrakhyam in the sense of movement, sacred communicafon and the symbol of heaven.

Delhi Delhi Curry bar by Mdesign Architecture Interior // Kyiv

There is a lot of greenery with a tall living tree in the center that helps to zone the space. The project used the largest number of chair types in the entire design experience of Yova Yager. Each chair is unique, like each citizen is. A lot of mirrors on the walls play as an allusion to reflection of city life.

Koktelka bar by Yoga Yager // Kharkiv 80 | G&G _ Magazine

The unique feature of the restaurant is that it is full of the living trees inside. Along with the wooden furniture, it seems to be tastefully decorated together with the concrete walls.

OM NOM NOM vegan cafe by replus design bureau // Lviv

One of the focal points of the room is a light fixture suspended over the communal table. It is lifted to the ceiling during big parties, while the table is wheeled away to the glass wall. The shape of the light fixture is quite complex by no accident: it contains a special Protagonist phrase - 'this city needs a leading character', represented by a sound wave that was superimposed onto the oval shape by the project team.

Protagonist by balbek bureau // Kharkiv 82 | G&G _ Magazine

Interior of NĂM restaurant is decorated in French colonial style with characteristic ethnic blotches. In order to achieve maximum authenticity the designers tried to apply as much as possible natural materials in decoration, which were specially aged according to conditions of tropical Vietnamese climate. All wooden products including parquet on the ground floor were made from massive 100year old barrels from under white and red wine. Almost every element in design with the exception of chairs and technical lighting was created exclusively for this restaurant.

NĂM • Modern Vietnamese Cuisine by YOD Group // Kyiv

Exposed authentic ceiling with open ventilation, reinforced concrete slabs of the counter, and large amounts of metal support this mood. In contrast to cold metal and concrete, beech tabletops and chairs, and birch panels are meant to add comfort and warmth to the interior. Brass lamps create and diffuse warm light which is emphasized by brass plinths.

Vertical gypsum plaster moldings were applied to the empty white wall behind the couches. It created the required fullness and a play of light and shadow without taking the emphasis away from the service counter. Fabryka Kavy by N+K Architectvra // Ivano-Frankivsk 84 | G&G _ Magazine

Bookeria by Mdesign Architecture Interior // Kyiv

Great attention was paid to ergonomics: the designers rounded the corners of the tables and instead of the standard four legs, there is one in the center of the table. It is to make it more convenient for guests to sit and get up from the tables.

Tyger by SHOVK // Kyiv 86 | G&G _ Magazine

A peculiar architectural feature of the place is a set of columns along the perimeter of the building. The designers placed guests seating area within the perimeter between the columns with the open kitchen in the middle, somewhat resembling trading spots of the famous Night market.

The designers bought vintage and ethnic items of the interior décor in Thailand. They were sought in places like Chatuchak market in Bangkok, Thai villages, woodworking workshops and vintage dealers.

Thailand Hi by balbek bureau // Kyiv

The main materials in the space are natural brick, concrete and stainless steel. But since the concept of the project is tied to the restaurant’s kitchen (natural meat), the designers designed the interior in such a way that it harmonized with the general idea, using natural wood, leather (as curtains, partitions and furniture upholstery) and rock salt.

Gremio Grill by HD-m2 // Kyiv 88 | G&G _ Magazine

Club Split by replus design bureau // Lviv

Mama Manana St1 by Mdesign Architecture Interior // Kyiv 90 | G&G _ Magazine

The designers mainly used natural finishing materials such as wood, ceramic, metal, glass and stone. A lot of furniture and decorative stuff were made by our authors' sketches.

Restaurant NOA by Karashetskyy Architects // Lviv


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To date, millions of people in Ukraine have been forced to flee their homes. The places where they left their memories taking away the hope of returning one day. Some, on the other hand, had to escape seeing their family nests being destroyed. The G&G _Magazine team releases a careful selection of the sophisticated residential projects realised in the country by Ukrainian studios, both to celebrate their majesty in design and to show works that some will no longer be able to be admired live.


by Vorobyov Design Studio In the heart of the historic district of Podol, a spacious apartment has an amazingly impressive city view of the historic part of Kyiv. The design was made with minimal changes to the layout since the designers and the clients wanted to keep the authentic vibes of the house, indeed, the apartment is located in an ancient historic building. Antique furniture and boudoir style create a rather sophisticated but at the same time cozy atmosphere. The elements of luxury style give an opportunity to throw themed parties, or just to have a great time with friends. This is an ideal place to relax and forget about troubles and fuss. 96 | G&G _ Magazine


PRIVATE RESIDENCE “The client wanted to incorporate and emphasize their individual style in the house. We have spent a lot of time together during the design and development process. They were fully engaged in this project..”

98 | G&G _ Magazine


by Bolshakova Interiors This is a country house located not far from Kyiv. The homeowners were involved in every aspect of project, creating a first home for a growing family. Incorporating distinct style elements important to the client, Bolshakova Interiors designed a home that feels classic, yet functional, and

undoubtedly sleek. Taking inspiration from French and American interiors, such as the personal homes of Christian Dior and Ralph Lauren, in addition to influences from the Four Seasons Hotel designed by Pierre-Yves Rochon, the interiors were radically overhauled, from staircases to windows, flooring to façades. The living room celebrates a stunning reconstructed staircase, while décor details nod to the most bespoke of luxury interiors. The crystal chandelier celebrates the remarkably high ceilings, which warranted a full reinforcement to support the 150kg chandelier piece, and the light-flooded space boasts ample room for lounging or entertaining. Musing on a predominately white interior, the home seamlessly blends wooden elements with individual colour palettes for each distinct area. Deep blue’s sweep the living room while touches of green encompass the kitchen, and a soft vanilla plays with light in the charming child’s bedroom. The kitchen exhibits exquisite marble with refined furnishings and windows are elegantly outfitted by textiles from the Hermes Jungle Life Collection.


by 33bY Archi!cture It's a one-bedroom apartment in a modern style with industrial details for a young businessman. The designers separated the living area from the bedroom space using the glass partition, to line up the boundaries between premises , but at the same time to achieve open and floating space. Glass structure is made by using technology of “smart glass” system, it can become matte to achieve more intimacy of the room. The living room is combined with a kitchen, a dining area and a working space. In order to balance the dark tones, a large bright "spot" was added, a panel of white onyx with backlights framed by copper edging . The panel works at night and creates a cozy atmosphere - it is the focal point of this interior; it is viewed from all the main premises of the apartment. Unusual solutions for bedroom was the organization of freestanding bathtub. Its located there due to the desire of the customer , the main point is to have the opportunity, while taking a bath to enjoy the city views from the panoramic windows. 100 | G&G _ Magazine



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by JK Lab Architects This apartment is located in the city of Odesa, in a building that is 200 years old. It is worth noting that JK Lab Architects is also the author of the project for the reconstruction and restoration of this 50 apartments building. Apartment [M] is one of them. The height of the ceilings in the building made it possible to make two-level apartments. On the ground floor there is a kitchen-living

room, on the second floor there is a bedroom. This layout is ideal for a young family. Such a target audience also caused the choice of modern design, but with the preservation of authentic elements moldings, skirting boards, moldings. The monochrome interior creates a feeling of safety, security and care and does not distract attention from the colorful people living in the apartment.


by balbek bureau This private apartment suite for a young family located right on Odesa's first shoreline, with the focal element of the 230m² space and 75m² terrace – a grand panorama of the Black Sea. The space's geometry is reminiscent of a seashell: narrow entrance gradually expanding to panoramic windows. The only load-bearing structures are concrete columns and external walls. The architects planned out the apartment to the following concept: areas not needing direct sunlight concentrated by the entrance. The kitchen and living room were as open and spacious 104 | G&G _ Magazine

as possible. As a result, the sea view opens up immediately upon entry. A unique solution was uniting the bedroom with the main space and separating the areas with a podium. In addition to providing spatial separation, the platform also performs a technical function: sending communication lines to the free-standing bath, shower and washbasin. The color scheme that prevails in the interior is neutral (white/gray/black) and natural shades that resonate and interplay with the sea's colors. In conjunction with the open planning, the seascape seems to continue indoors.

GRAND “Half of success in interior design depends on how the lighting is spread out. In this particular project, in addition to a large number of windows, we increased artificial light sources to make the apartment warm and cozy."

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by YODEZEEN The apartment is located in the center of Kyiv on Hrushevsky Street, which is popularly called the government one. The overall concept of the space was developed taking into account the principles of combining elements and textures, which together would create an optical harmony and perfection. Stone, wood, and metal are connected, smoothly bending, or even look as if they were a single whole organism. This interior has many straight lines that smoothly flow into wave-like shapes, and the absence of sharp corners is additionally emphasized by the rounded shape of the furniture. The color palette of the apartments, it is made in calm nude tones. As conceived by the designers, the place should not be oversaturated with anything other than daylight, which fills the apartment through the panoramic windows on the fifth floor.


by Zemna This 78m² apartment is located in the historical center of Ivano-Frankivsk. The designers made a minimalist interior with quotes from the classic style. For example, the ceramic tile on the kitchen apron looks like the tile that laid the stove in this apartment 100 years ago. 108 | G&G _ Magazine

Functionally, the apartment is divided into two zones: a public one with a living room and a kitchen, and a master area with large bedroom, a wardrobe and a bathroom. In the bedroom, a huge ceiling lamp is similar to the classical vault while behind the bed a wall looks like a pilaster.


by Aranchii Architects This one-bedroom studio apartment in the centre of Kyiv is embodied in minimalism, the method of smooth transits, decentralized computational accents and a reminder of the precarious balance of the Earth’s natural world at the same time. The zoning of the joint space is made with multi-accents – a decentralized wooden structure on the ceiling/walls, which at the same time emphasizes the main functional areas of the apartment and integrates their lighting – lighting is not diffused, but zonally accentuated. The kitchen with a built-in

niche configuration includes a Nochvy sink made of artificial stone by Aranchii Architects. The decentralized structure on the ceiling is made of renewable Ukrainian wood, and fabrication and installation have become much more technological with the use of a parametric model, which not only allowed automated marking of elements and layout but also variability and adjustment of structure at the design stage while choosing optimal parameters regarding location and number of elements on the ceiling.


by a!r archi!cts This project was realized for a young couple with a child who are keen on fashion, music, and contemporary art in Kyiv. The apartment takes a two-level space of 100m². The lower floor combines the living area with the kitchen and a guest bathroom. Upstairs, the family will enjoy their master bedroom with the wardrobe, a kid`s room, and a bathroom. Such planning solution provides a comfortable division into isolated ‘day’ and ‘night’ zones. The studio decided to introduce a combined interior color scheme, so we diluted the neutral colors of the walls, ceiling, and floor with intense colorful accents. Also the concrete elements in the apartment in its original state have been maintained using the special dustproof solutions for safety and hygiene.

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by Nelly Prodan Design The interior design of this small apartment in Kyiv is inspired by the client's favorite restaurant Dishroom (Shoreditch) located in London. Indian motives with a focus on the adequate materials and colors. Wiped, old, cozy, luxurious, and vintage. A brass of warm tones from natural wood and deep colors. The task was to make a comfortable, large and open space for a family with a child, while zoning it, placing a living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom at 62 meters. The kitchen, living room and children's playing area are all shared. The bedroom is separated from the main area by a brass wardrobe and glass partition. There are additional curtains to further 112 | G&G _ Magazine


close the room from the rest of the apartment. The cabinet faced with brass is the centerpiece of the apartment. This is a functional wardrobe with brass sheet fronts which will age beautifully and change the appearance. Over time, scratches, stains may appear on it, it may change color. But this gives it a special charm. Such a thing will have a special history. Since brass is an extremely delicate material but it had to look perfect, contractors polished and varnished it to protect it from further damage. A lot of local Ukrainian materials and custom details are used to furnish the apartment: lighting “Noom” as well as glass partition, brass wardrobe, wooden floor, furniture and many more.

IQ-77-SL “During this project, we were guided by the idea of finding a visual balance between unexpected, unusual, and classical in terms of forms, materials, and textures.” by IQOSA This three-level penthouse in Kyiv required a balance fit the clients’ lifestyle and requirements for the contemporary home, which in the current situation happens to be everything at once: a temple, an office, a party space, and a guest hall. With each level functioning as a private, social, and working zone, we designed the apartment to support our client’s active lifestyle fully. Not only did the designers combine the atmosphere of a private house with the look of the modern apartment, but also found a balanced solution of unique, classical, and contemporary. Modern furniture against walls with classical moldings and mixed marble with trendy brass harmoniously united different styles. The classical-contemporary duo is most visible in the bedroom, where classical wall decor elements and modern furniture have been used. The designers also came up with different layering textures of wall decor and adding color accents to reimagine the standards. 114 | G&G _ Magazine


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by ater architects This apartment in Kyiv has been designed for a young couple whose main desire was to get the most light and minimalistic space possible. For this reason, the designers transformed the initial fractional layout with many separate rooms and corridors into a common space, with only the bedroom area separated. As zoning elements, curtains of intense cobalt colour were used, which are the unifying motive of the entire apartment. The main colour range of the apartment is restrained, almost monochrome. Such a decision is motivated by the ambition to balance the vigorous coloured accents and make the space brighter and airier while maintaining some rigour. For this reason, a ceiling was brought down only in the kitchen and bathroom areas for ventilation distribution, and in the remaining residential space, the concrete slabs were painted white without loss of its texture.


by Koshulynskyy & Mayer Design Exquisite Art Deco project in Lviv, built on contrasts, where the client’s main requirement was special attention to detail. Having an active life position and sincere temperament, our client wanted to get an emotional interior with strong festive accents. Given the large number of details, the designer wanted to interconnect spaces with a common motif. Glossy surfaces, marble texture, brass, and diamond geometric shape were used in this purpose. The decoration is distinguished by a large number of handmade elements and is also an example of high skill of contractors: from craftsmen to decorators. 118 | G&G _ Magazine



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by Sivak+Partners Simplicity and functionalism were the two main wishes of the client for this Genuezska apartment in Odesa. The task was to use a minimum of decor and different types of finishing materials, making the apartment the most convenient for the client’s lifestyle. For example, the walls are simply white painted, and because of panoramic windows and the location of the house, walls get new color every day with sunset. No bright textures or elements, only basic colors – the interior was not supposed to distract the client from his life. Even the accent cabinet in the living room is made of stainless steel, reflects the shades of the interior and merges with the whole apartment.


by ZIKZAK The owner of the apartment in the Kyiv club house Garden travels a lot and has collected a wonderful collection of books. The priority was personal comfort with a taste of a respectable jazz club - elegant, muted, inspiring. Brand new club house with a great facade solution. The architects took into account the unique location of the residential complex: they opened the views of the botanical garden and picturesque surroundings as much as possible. Part of the supporting structures and heating radiators were demolished. The architects added partitions, communications, created a new logic of movement, lighting and purpose. The main idea was the contrast of the picturesque textures of concrete, ceramic block and vintage wood with a solid color coloring. Creating a theatrical-concert effect with warm directional light with a narrow scattering angle. Formation of clearly defined light spots on the floor and walls, which stand out against the general dark background (analogy with theatrical spotlights). 122 | G&G _ Magazine






by Valentirov&Partners This 2-level penthouse on Obolon in Kyiv presents the minimalistic interiors with a fantastic panoramic view of the city from all the rooms. Before, being in the living room area, it was impossible to see Dnipro River due to the difference in marks - the sight was blocked by the concrete parapet of the roof. It was decided to arrange a raised floor in the premises of the 1st floor and hide all engineering communications (ventilation, air conditioning, electrical and low-voltage networks) in this space. The floor turned out to be realized at the same level as the terrace, which made it possible to enjoy a beautiful view of Kyiv and its surroundings. On the 2nd floor of the apartment there is a sleeping area for the owners and a children's area. The interior is dominated by white color, bright details are almost absent. The interior space serves as a background for contemplating the main picture through the window openings. 124 | G&G _ Magazine


JP “We would like to have a quiet and cosy feeling in our new home, fusing an international design sense with Japan’s unique aesthetic.” by men bureau Located in Kyiv, JP Residence is the first detached house for a family of two who has long been living in a rental apartment. The homeowner adores a simple, natural, and unsophisticated atmosphere. Accordingly, we used a substantial amount of warm-colored wood and plaster, satisfying the homeowner’s needs in a space consisting of 1 bedroom, living room, home office, kitchen, and two bathrooms. The designers used a big number of circles and arcs to evoke a sense of smoothness; and added rounded corners to various areas of the internal space for visual comfort. The materials selected reflect the client’s natural and minimalist preferences and need for longevity, durability, and practical use. This residence was made to last, with a very straightforward, authentic, and casual look.

126 | G&G _ Magazine





by Let’s design It's a 1916 townhouse in Lviv where the task was to preserve interior items, which are a source of unusual, filled with the past atmosphere. The designers maintained the original parquet; it was just sanded, plastered and varnished on site as well as door panels. In the living room we find a stove with a crown made with Ukrainian tiles of 1916th times. Also, the kitchen hearth has been preserved - the designers supplemented the picture with new elements that will only emphasize a basis. Some of existing objects speak of the Secession era in Lviv as a painting on the wall by artist Vlodko Grai. Others about the 70's - a restored armchairs and coffee table, chest of drawers, bedside tables. 128 | G&G _ Magazine


MUSICIAN’S “Something special can be created even using simple materials as a play of colors, texture and rhythm of tiles, rare musical instruments, ceramics and decor.”

130 | G&G _ Magazine


by Alta Idea Design Studio The designers tried to avoid stagnation using unusual shades and trying to leverage them, giving the dynamics to the interiors. So, rich blue and noble maroon colors have become the leitmotifs of the Musician’s apartment in Kyiv. The color of the kitchen is called "Silk stone" – a very beautiful calm color that plays interesting shades at different times of the day. Bright green Svartisen chairs add emotion to the calm graphite

background and complement the overall picture with the mood of Northern Scandinavian design, turning out stylish and functional. The bedroom turned out to be very theatrical, with a large sitting area and a cube clothes room that resembles a dressing room. The designers built it on purpose to hide all things here and free space up from unnecessary details as much as possible.


132 | G&G _ Magazine

by 33bY Architecture NORSE apartment located in Kiev in the residential complex «Tetris Hall». The space of 166m² was created by combining two apartments with an excellent view of the city center. The main task was to create a Scandinavian style interior for a young couple with a dog, using natural materials, comfortable lighting, and the major icons of Scandinavian design. The complex itself, a spacious apartment, large windows and

balconies fit perfectly into the picture of the chosen style with a harmonious combination of warmth, coziness, minimalism, and functionality peculiar to the Scandinavian interiors. The color scheme chosen light with bright accents. Painted in a warm olive color, it became the accent of the entrance area and living room. The living room itself is combined with the kitchen and dining area into one flowing space.


by Olha Wood Interiors The penthouse makes part of a new 30th level building in the condominium «Novopecherskie Lipki» in Kyiv. The client is a young man who used to live in Spain and lives partly in Latvia now.The idea was to create a perfect space for himself and for party time with his few friends. The client asked me to organize an open space area with natural materials and a “Smart House” system, which can control the temperature, security system, lighting and television. Natural materials with oak/elm-tree structure were used on the walls and kitchen island. Minacciolo / Natural Skin Kitchen was agreed with the first steps of the project. For the island top sheet metal matching the colour to the 134 | G&G _ Magazine

concrete ceiling and framework columns has been used. The interior was developed with huge windows, which provided amazing views of the city, Dnipro River and sky. The enormous sheet slide glass and wooden doors in the bedroom were maneuvered through an opening to connect bedroom the to the guest-room. While a monolithic white rectangle in the middle of the guestroom separating the living room and the wardrobe area contains the open wooden Fireplace “Waco and Co” and a hidden television, while part of the wardrobe utilities are concealed inside this long shape on the opposite site of the television area.




by +kouple The goal of this project in the city of Kyiv was to create spacious, uncluttered interior reflecting the owner’s spirit in a unique, timeless appearance. The well-combined materials, patterns, and textures create an attractive, mature perception of the dwelling. The general mood of the apartment reflects a modern, sophisticated, tranquil in color, quality space. The main area consists of a casual lounge zone, a dining area, an open kitchen, and two separate terrace entrances. The double-sided framework provides you with a joyful and practical ability to enter the kitchen without ever leaving your sofa. Partially glazed solid tile bathroom is a centerpiece of the project. It’s displayed as a standalone cube levitating above the

general floor level and separating the main area and the master bedroom. Ceppo di Gre texture tile covering the entire bathroom space, including floor, walls and ceiling offers a perfect setting for bathroom accessories in a completely monolithic unit. Cleverly inserted glass breaks up the solid walls and allows a visually open connection while keeping noise to a minimum. Water repellent fabric drapes can be adjusted with a remote control. The color palette is composed predominantly of monochromatic tones. Grey tints in combination with genial dimmed brown oak shades deliver a subtle perception of restful mood. As mentioned earlier, the black kitchen takes all responsibility for a major input in the color scheme.


by ODYNDOODNOHO The design of this apartment in Kyiv is focused on ceramic blocks «Porotherm» 44 with size is 440x248x238mm. This building material is used in the construction of external walls of buildings. In this project, the blocks are laid the other way around with the edges outward to give the walls a dynamic appearance similar to an accordion. When you walk along them, your fingers slide along the edges of the blocks. The second experiment and the second most important material was the foam blocks already present in the apartment. The designers decided to use them as wall tiles. Thanks to these two materials, almost all walls in the rooms create integrity of the artistic perception of the residential apartment. The main background is created by chipboard color. Sample colors for painting tiles, radiators, concrete and lamps were created to fit it. The curtains and sofa textiles have been selected in the same range to match it. A huge dining table with a bench is the same color. 138 | G&G _ Magazine


by Begas Architectural Bureau The apartment is located on the 26th floor with an amazing views of Kyiv. Begas Architectural Bureau followed the characteristics of the customer's style using traditional materials like wood, clay, glass

and porcelain. Furniture, doors, decor, etc. are made to order according to individual design by the Ukrainian manufacturers. A harmonious addition is a handmade stencil, decorated in the bedroom.

VASILKIV “Despite the big verity of materials, colors and textures, we strived for the integrity of the perception of whole interior.”

140 | G&G _ Magazine

by ZA-ZA interior design The house is located in a picturesque place near the lake in the suburb of Kyiv. Building has 2 floors and a functional basement with a sauna and technical rooms. All rooms are spacious and bright with large windows. One of the wishes of the customer was to get the feeling of cosines of a country house with the use of natural materials. The compositional center of the living room, of course, is the fireplace. Also, the accent of this area is the staircase behind the sofa group, which is visible, but visually fenced with forged balusters. The kitchen and dining area are separate from the living room behind glass doors. The designers used wood and natural stone for designing of all rooms except the bathrooms where we find the large tile decorated with stone or wood. This surfaces today has beautiful and varied prints that perfect imitates natural materials. For the bedrooms, the designers opted for wallpaper with different prints and other interesting textures.


by Zooi Design Studi0 This 300m² apartment in Kyiv for a young family has a modern and minimalist design. The redesign logically and intuitively connects all rooms and spaces together. The apartment has all the necessary premises for customers: the open space consisting of living room, kitchen and dining area; master and guest bedrooms; a room for the child; the nanny room; a laundry and three bathrooms (main, guest and child). The open space, which includes kitchen, living room and dining room is conventionally divided by pylons, technical track lights, colors and textures. In the kitchen the clear shapes and contrasts prevail white, black and wood. 142 | G&G _ Magazine


In the living room the mood of the open space is changing: a huge modular sofa from the Italian factory Lema, the color of coffee and milk. It's impossible not to pay attention to the stylish floor lamp by Vibia, bent over a coffee table. The cabinet furniture in the bedroom has an open structure which creates a sense of spaciousness while, above the bed, you can see the designer lamps similar to solar discs. The room of the child is divided into two zones: for recreation and for study. The perimeter of the room and the work desk are decorated in the form of lovely houses, designed by ZOOI interior designers.




by AKZ Architectura The balance between simplicity and complexity reflects the rational logic and philosophy of the studio in this project in Kyiv. Preferring an empty space, designers do not overload it with a large number of accents. Separate inserts of the subject design of furniture and lighting create a memorable image, while having the corresponding function. The first level was left as a single open space, which contains a kitchen, dining room and living room, as well as a guest 144 | G&G _ Magazine

bathroom. The second floor is private, there are three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a dressing room. Light and shadows interact with the soft texture of the carpet and a comfortable sofa, creating the comfort of home space. Wood veneers and light gray textiles create a natural and warm spatial tint. The main subjects of illumination are Soviet and Dutch vintage. Un addition, pictures of local Kуiv artists fully interact with the interior, giving it a cultural and aesthetic weight.




Kateryna Vakhrameyeva Dan Vakhrameyev

Executive director & Creative director at +kouple

Our main focus at +kouple is to be a lighting brand. On rare occasions, we develop and execute interior design projects provided we share a common vision, taste and overall aesthetic with a client, who will later most certainly become our friend.

Andrey Avdeenko

Architectural & Interior photographer

Dmytro Vasiliev

Ar0em Kur2anchuk Architect designer at Vorobyov Design Buro

150 | G&G _ Magazine

Principal Architect at Archimatika

For more than 7 years I have been creating designs with passion and creativity. When I travel somewhere new I go for long walks to take pictures of buildings that correspond with my aesthetic. This is where I find inspiration for life and for work.

Janna Kiseleva Founder at JKLab Architects

Slava Balbek Architect & Founder CEO at balbek bureau

“ Oleg Drozdov

Yana Machukayte

Lead architect & Founder at Drozdov & Partners

Lead designer & Founder at Amici büro

Ruslan Lytvynenko

Alina Prokopenko

Lead Architect & Partner at SHOVK

Lead designer at Nelly Prodan Design

Our main goal is to prove that design is easy. The main thing is to find the right designer who breathes the same air with you. That is why all the projects of our bureau are like books, the characters of which are irreplaceable and create their own history.

Dmytro Aranchii

Architect & Founder at Dmytro Aranchii Architects

Our goal is to combine creative design strategies with a clear understanding of their implementatio.

Mariia Nevedomska & Oleh Hubanishchev Designers & Founders at ZA-ZA interior design

Anton Verhun

Lead Architect & Partner at SHOVK

152 | G&G _ Magazine

Nataly Bolshakova Founder at Bolshakova Interiors

Nelly Prodan

Studio director & Founder at Nelly Prodan Design

Karina Mayer

Lead designer at Koshulynskyy & Mayer Design

Anna Stanislavskaya Designer & CGI Artist

Yuliia Podolets

Designer & CEO Co-founder at Let’s Design

Yova Yager

Designer & Founder at Yova Yager Studio

Mardanova Kateryna

Designer at MDesign Architecture Interior

Yurii & Tetiana Begas

Architect & Designer at Begas Architectural Bureau

We look in the world…

“ ”

There are no bad ideas, in the process of discussion we take the best from each. Anna Papusha & Yurij Nos Owners at Pinik architectural studio

Gaidamaka Kristina Artist & Designer

154 | G&G _ Magazine

Julia Baydyk

Founder at Alta Idea Design Studio

Borys Pylypenko & Andrii Rudenko Co-founders at Panoptikum Collections

Kateryna Sokolova

Industrial designer & Co-founder at NOOM and SOKOLOVA design studio

Anastasiia Stryzhevska

Lead Architect & Co-founder at AER Bureau

Artur Sharf & Artem Zverev Co-founders at YODEZEEN

Yevhenii Avramenko Interior photographer

Katya Zuieva

Co-founder & Chief Architect at AKZ Architecture


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