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Interior Design Excellence

Planika invites all the customers to the amazing world of intelligent fire, where neither chimney nor hard connections are required. Our products generate the warmth of natural fire with the advanced technology creating wonderful and highly functional bioethanol fireplaces. Multiple sensors and advanced microprocessors guarantee the correct operation of the fireplaces. By customizing the length and color, our fire inserts can be modified to fit any project. By placing several units together, it is possible to create an endless line of real fire. Planika also offers a wide variety of outdoor fireplaces, giving the evenings at your comfy outdoor area a unique character. It’s soothing and inspiring. It also enhances the beauty and adds a perfect finishing touch to every luxurious commercial areas, such as restaurants and hotels, as well as gardens and patios.

Planika Hall 5B — Stand R43 #MO18

la Casa di GiĂš House sharing / Bed & Breakfast 8687

Melrose Ave-PDC-Suite B116 West Hollywood, CA

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ANOQ decoration &home fragrances Small indonesian fishing port next to Surabaya was the root to the deep thoughts that sparked Caroline’s idea and desire to share her strory and journeys through graceful decoration objects and scents. Anoq, like a mini palace has a range of different styles : candles, perfumes and room diffusers varying from sweet to musky scented. Craftmanship of acacia wood and ceramic in some of their trendy products is magnificent and unique. Anoq Collections are diamonds to behold through the prism of vintage and modernity. Natural and classy materials will enhance your space !














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decor your home

to the fullest from our new

Selfish Lounge Table by EGLI DESIGN A woman with a mind of a snake. A mysterious figure wandering in the dark. Destined to survive by feeding on human emotions and feelings. Sucking the energy from its possessors using it for its own good. Born sinner, stuck in this circle of selfisheness.



Piano Bar NEW



Abbracciotto DolceCocò Pouf by COCO & DESIGN It’s the pillow entirely handmade, removable and multifunctional, perfect for pregnancy, breastfeeding, child restraint, infant massage.

Edison’s Tail Chandelier by BRAND VAN EGMOND Unadorned yet full of energy, contemporary and elegant: Edison’s Tail moves freely through space and reveals that bringing light and vitality can go hand in hand. Introduced successfully by the inventor Thomas Edison, the light bulb is more than in any other collection - an integral part of the overall design.

Wood Acapulco Rocking Chair by BOQA

Fusca Vases by BOSA Fusca is a voluptuous vase collection, with organic lines and glorious finishings. The evocative shape and the movement of the collar give free rein to the imagination, from the stage outfit of a diva to a lion's mane or a calla lily flower.

Seagram Table lamp by INSIDHERLAND The table lamp is a block of Extremoz marble involved by vertical brass blades carefully inserted as an allusion to modern metal structures and follows Mies beliefs that a building’s structure should be visible as an external expression with no decorative elements.


Magia Bianca Armoured jewelry armoire by AGRESTI

Link Suspension Lamp by UTU

Mira Graphic rug by RUG’S SOCIETY In a cubist language, Mira is the representation of Cleop- atra, where life emerges in the form of color, taking us on a journey through the comunion of cultures and style.

Dora&Gaspar Stool by NAUU DESIGN Inspired by a “couple” of twins, this 2-in-1 stool embodies all they are: funny, humorous, explorers, energetic. As William Shakespeare wrote in times gone by, the twins come to this world to walk “hand in hand” with all the differences that exist between them.

Minipistrello cordless Lamp by MARTINELLI LUCE


Ellen Armchair by ESSENTIAL HOME Ellen is a sophisticated armchair, featuring a modern tub design. Built on top of a polished brass base, this accent chair is upholstered with a green lustruous velvet and its curvilinear open back contrasts with a rectangular shape on the front.

Mademoiselle Bright sculpture By Papier à êtres

Coral Tipsy Writer by BOWER STUDIOS The Tipsy Writer is a pen holder weighted by a half brass, half wooden ball. A spinoff to it’s Tipsy predecessor, the Writer is equally as fun to play with at your desk.

Exeter Side Table by DISTRICT EIGHT The Exeter low side table has a perfectly crafted concrete base with a finished steel column including brass collar and black steel top.

22 | G&G _ Magazine

Kahala Pendant lamp by HQ DESIGNS The lamp Kahala was designed from the fascination of a wind chime. The leaves at the lampshade appear to dance around the light when a slight breeze hits it.

Blond Deer Stool by TORTIE HOARE A contemporary style with unique qualities.

The Luxury Brand of the Langhe



Han Bel Carpet by RUG’S & SONS This carpet is a little bit tricky since it’s a hybrid of several techniques ideal for any floor.


Chameleon Blue Wall Mirror by CIRCU This exquisite wall mirror is the perfect piece of decoration to create a charming environment in the children’s bedroom. "Magic Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all?" is one of the most remarkable quotes of the Disney universe and an inspiration for this mirror design. The varnish applied to the mirror has a Chameleon effect, that gives the illusion of color changing, bringing a magical feeling to this unique item.

24 | G&G _ Magazine

Rug by ESSENTIAL HOME Audrey is a contemporary low pile rug that features a mesmerising pattern of colored triangles The bright vivid colors mix with the abstract geometric pattern to produce an amazingly rich indoor rug.

E: W:

Parisiannew style 26 | G&G _ Magazine


t is, therefore, neither a question of ignoring the past, nor looking to errors previously committed, but reconsidering the original heritage in order to question today’s image. We must look to the past in order to move forward and seize the future with ambition. Paris remains a place of invention and embodies the values of modernity. The city’s history is proof of its perpetual reinvention throughout the ages. Here, we are reinventing Paris.

This building reveals an adventure, the unexpected, and combines surprise with emotions in a willingness to reveal the potential of an exceptional site. By taking into account the specifics of this context, the project attempts to link two territories: the centre of Paris and ‘Grand Paris.’ It’s also a building that transforms, and speaks of the transition from a horizontal city with imposed height restrictions, to a vertical one with a dynamic and rich skyline. Its unique urban form and architectural style are emblematic of this change. This is above all a residential building. Housing constitutes 80% of the city. It’s a bit like water for the human body. We must therefore make this 80% exceptional. The life and richness of a city are its inhabitants. Many people aspire to live in suburban style, individual housing. There are many reasons for this, but in particular being able to create a true identity for one’s own home. Secondly there’s appeal of eating outside, having direct contact with the outdoors from the comfort of your own house, all whilst owning ones own land. These desires must be integrated in to the scale of the apartments in a collective building. We have responded to this search for individual identity, ownership and differentiation by creating apartments with various, differing typologies within the collective, alongside multiple exterior spaces.

28 | G&G _ Magazine

96 apartments 92 social housing units retail car park

• • • •

ÂŤFinally, this building is an observation tower.Âť

50 metres is an intermediate height that carries a pedagogical virtue. Living here allows people to understand and appreciate the vast richness of the urban tissue that makes up this fantastic city. Here we are also at the boundary between Paris and the Grand Paris. Overlooking Ivry, Vincennes zoo, the railway landscape, Paris’ historical monuments and the different types of residential buildings dating from different eras that form this large territory, Lead architect: Hamonic+Masson & AssociÊs Associate architect: Comte & Vollenweider 30 | G&G _ Magazine

“We hope

that the residents will not only

be aware of the city’s heritage which unfolds before their eyes, but also of

the fantastic opportunities that await.”


Impressive creations For the category Impressive creations, G&G _ Magazine chose the collection formed by unique blak&white pieces of Zaha Hadid . Zaha Hadid Design creates a wide variety of pieces for living and for the home, from architecturally inspired homeware, and sculptural jewellery, to limited edition furniture, and innovative installations and interiors. As an architect and designer, Zaha Hadid’s work explored spatial concepts at all scales. When speaking of her work as a designer Hadid explained “My product designs and architecture have always been connected; some of our earliest projects were designs for products and interiors. These design pieces are very important to me and my team. They inspire our creativity by providing an opportunity to express our ideas through different scales and through different media; an essential part of our ongoing design investigation.”

32 | G&G _ Magazine

Iconic black & white


“I've always thought that design can have equal importance to the idea of internal architecture. Professionally, things can be very dogmatic - you do the architecture, someone else does the interiors, someone else does the furniture, the fabric, etc. But I think design is allencompassing.�

Each modular Z-PLAY unit consists of a pair of versatile, interconnecting stools with a variety of possible configurations. Drawing on the formal language of the Z-Scapeseries for Sawaya & Moroni, the pieces are similarly derived from a single, rectilinear block, intersected along diagonal seams at its core.

34 | G&G _ Magazine

LE - A Leblon Delienne is pleased to present Le-a; a coffee-table inspired by Star Wars realized in collaboration with Zaha Hadid Design. Informed by the iconic hairstyle and braids of Princess Leia, the piece combines the complexity of ZHD’s distinctive design language with careful, pristine, craftsmanship.

The SERENITY vase is a series of centrepieces formed of highly reflective stainless steel. The undulating surface imparts a sense of movement and dynamism while playing a vital role in the objects’ stability.

36 | G&G _ Magazine

COVE Kitchen, founded by Piero Boffi in 1934 as a small kitchen furniture workshop, Boffi has since become synonymous with the best of Italian innovation and craftsmanship; collaborating with renowned international designers to create exceptional collections for the home. The quality and invention within Boffi’s work has been exhibited around the world including the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Boffi_code offers customisation to the highest standards, tailoring individual solutions with selected materials, finishes and cabinetry. Cove marries exceptional detailing and design with functionality, carefully chosen materials and traditional craftsmanship.

Inhabited observatory The repurposing of a space in the historic center of Paris into two apartments gave architect Vincent Parreira’s office an opportunity to work on a small scale in an exceptional context. Despite determinist formal and constructive features, this remarkably adaptable Haussmannian building has withstood repeated repurposing, though at the cost, it is true, of sometimes heavy interventions. The central framework of Haussmann’s Paris, the Opéra Madeleine district has been transformed without changing its appearance: thus, number 17 Boulevard des Capucines is occupied with a vast program of the most up-to-date offices. Three addresses further down the boulevard, Vincent Parreira’s office just converted a 19thcentury photography studio into apartments. If these premises have a far more modest surface area than the giant neighboring office building, the intervention is nevertheless significant. The clients, two siblings, own these two contiguous apartments, which share the same architecture and program, i.e., short-term rental properties. Access to these two prestigious apartments is via the former service staircase and the corridor leading to rooms formerly allocated to domestic

personnel – yet another sign of the total transformation of uses and distributing architectural hierarchies so dear to the Second Empire bourgeoisie. Each apartment is a duplex, whose bedrooms and bathrooms are located on the lower level, while the reception area with its drawing room and kitchen are situated on the upper level, under the glass roof of what used to be a photographer’s studio. The upper level enjoys double exposure in both apartments. The views from these two vantage points reveal two quite different faces of the Parisian panorama. On the drawing room side, the view includes the gold and prestige of the Opéra Garnier, and the layout of the façades of the Grand Hôtel. From the kitchen side, the view opens to the chaotic landscape of Paris behind the scenes, its rooftops cluttered with all the required service elements – air conditioning systems, fire escapes, smoke dampers, etc. – of this functioning urban décor.

40 | G&G _ Magazine

An important part of this project involved the replacement of the glass roof, requiring an important effort in terms of design, follow-up and budget, comparable to one for a singlefamily detached house, according to Vincent Parreira. The new roof has the exact same dimensions of the one built in 1899, and respects the placement of the glazed parts on the façade and roof. In spite of this continuity in dimensions, the architect of the “Bâtiments de France” (official architectural review board) had to be convinced of the justification for such a project, as the project’s architect sought to develop a very contemporary style, rather than reproduce a more traditional structure. Double glazed, anti-intrusion, low-e, slightly reflective glass has been inserted into the molded metal frames. Vagaries emerged as the work progressed, of the sort specific to any rehabilitation project. The studio had suffered a fire and water damage, which resulted in a deterioration of structure of the floor, rebuilt along with the glass roof, whose structure

also serves as the structural framework and façade. In this context, the cost of the works was evaluated according to different parameters, the scope of which goes well beyond the mere supplying of construction materials and their assembly. This accounting includes the accessibility of the construction site, project scaffolding, the protection of existing structures, the time frame required for obtaining the building permit in the context of a landmarked district and an intervention in an occupied environment of offices and shops. All the above are part of a greater than average construction budget to be sure, but hardly an unbridled one, Parreira insists. Two main companies oversaw construction, a general contractor, able to select its sub-contractors, and an ironworks, in charge of building the glass roof. This combination ensured the quality of the structural work and of the very refined details of the finishing work as well, the point in the project where the positions concerning today’s dwelling are most clearly expressed.

The architect’s lifestyle proposals are most fully realized in the apartments, which, intended for a single occupant or a couple, are unencumbered by issues of privacy or access to services raised by the presence of several autonomous and independent occupants. Thus, Parreira was able to take liberties in the partitioning of the spaces through his use of transparent glass and oneway mirrors. Glazing offered the possibility of partitioning a small area, or enlarging the space by hiding the disorder of a bathroom. “The bedroom is placed behind a transparent glass wall. Privacy is achieved not by means of a wall but rather with a curtain, through which shadows can be perceived. As for the large mirrored section, a distant wink at wink from afar to the Galerie des Glaces in Versailles, he generates an ambiguous situation. Is it a glass wall, or a closet? The idea it might conceal a shower never even crosses one’s mind. There is of course a bit of a theatrical game of appearance,and the will to always be able to engage with the entire space.” The existing staircase was preserved and treated as a quirky object whose material and structural presence is somewhat out of place. It provides a link with an upper floor as open as the lower floor is private.

42 | G&G _ Magazine

In the drawing room, the occupant is seemingly in a display case, thrust into the urban space, and could also create the feeling of being the focus of a show, or of playing a part in one of these action crime movies which often end on the ocean of zinc and slate of Parisian rooftops, as seen in Frantic, Fantomas and Peur sur la ville. The deliberate decision not to install a curtain or shutters, justified by the particularity of building opposite: the façade of a grand luxury hotel whose clientele is merely passing through and rarely in their rooms. The built-in elements of furniture – storage cabinets and built-in banquette running along glazed façade which can serve as seating or a shelf – leave the space free of superfluous elements, which highlight the exceptional elements: leather curtain separating the kitchen and the drawing room, or inserts, also in leather, forming seating in front of the parts that can be opened in the glass façade, and the context overall. “Sitting on the bench, you are completely carried away by the sky” Parreira concludes, describing his project, a distant descendent of the Bisteigui apartment, which Le Corbusier endowed with a room that had the sky as its ceiling.

44 | G&G _ Magazine

Photos by © Luc Boegly


Built in the 17th century, National Library of France is renovated by Bruno Gaudin Architects and, today, represents the cultural and institutional pole to French people.

The Quadrilatère Richelieu, "mother house" of the National Library of France welcomes in its bosom the specialized departments of Manuscripts, Maps & Plans, Prints & Photographs, Coins Medals and Antiques and finally the Arts of the Spectacles etc. Also, its archive stores contain some of the finest treasures of the Nation. Unfortunately, the antiquity of the building, the obsolescence of the technical and security installations, the conditions of reception of the public, the conditions of work and conservation of the collections made of it a building become unfit for its destination. A complete renovation was urgently needed. No longer in small "pieces" as it has been since the late 1950s (date of completion of the extensions of Michel Roux Spitz) but through a campaign of major renovation work on a scale of whole site. The Richelieu Quadrilateral is a building of rare historical density whose beginning of construction dates back to the 17th century. Following the numerous enlargement and densification works that have followed one another over the centuries, the building (s) is (are) of exceptional spatial and technical complexity. To intervene and build the project, it was therefore necessary to understand, interpret and classify the issues specific to the building; literally "put it in pieces" to better rebuild it, to bring out its potentialities. The historical and structural studies, both inseparable, have revealed an extraordinary tangle of shops, stairways, heritage spaces, some of which are classified a multitude of places to which we must now restore coherence, be it distribution, structure, preservation of collections, security and technology.

48 | G&G _ Magazine

50 | G&G _ Magazine

Photos by Takuji Shimmura


Curves New’R PROJECT is a unique building in a strategic location. Composed of

curved angles and surrounded by undulating balconies, New’R pays homage to Oscar Niemeyer as well as to the architecture of the 1970s French Riviera, (André Minangoy and Michel Marot’s “Marina Baie des Anges”, for example) and finally the hedonistic fantasy of Miami Beach! Sensual and multi-directional, the building is located at a pivotal point between the ‘Mail Picasso’ and the new neighbourhood currently being developed alongside the rail infrastructure. Framing and capturing the existing location, New’R embraces the site and forms a new landscape. The building’s volume compliments the surrounding scales through its sculpted effect. The construction of intermediate landings creates a sequence within the volume and the piston-like morphology facilitates a graduated system of high-rise living. Its strategic position and impact on the site offer a range of interpretations depending on one’s proximity to the building, evoking multiple responses and sensations.

A range of detail on the skyline creates variation in form and invites a number of uses of the various roof terraces. This enables neighbouring local residents to appreciate the building’s different scales from a distance whilst also providing diversity and variety for the inhabitants. The design plays on the idea of movement, backgrounds and multiplicity.

A building connected to the ground. The question of public space

and its extension through the project was a prerequisite and is a condition that will not only invite different activities and interactions, but also establish a strong link between the shared, public space of the road and the building. The city’s flow of pedestrians, cars and bicycles and the mixed programme (parking, retail, office space and housing) interweave and embellish the ground floor, creating a “pedestrian level volume.” The building’s transparency, depth and various perspectives engender a dynamism and liveliness around the perimeter of the project, consequently enriching the surrounding environment.

Above all, this is a residential project. Housing constitutes 80% of

the city. It’s a bit like water for the human body. We must therefore make this 80% exceptional, as the life and richness of a city are its inhabitants. We have provided diversity within the collective by creating multiple exterior spaces and apartments with a range of typologies. There are forty differing typologies for 156 apartments, meaning the repetition inherently found in housing projects is offset by the tower’s uniqueness, which seeks to provide a sense of belonging and identity. Plant containers are built into the balcony railings of the apartments situated on the lower floors. These flowering baskets allow dwellers to tend aromatic plants and flowers of their choice, whilst the higher floors, above any obstructed views, have balconies that become large panoramic screens.

Conviviality must be present in order to ensure optimum living conditions. Two shared terraces have been designed to allow neighbours the possibility to come together and create a shared future.

For example a vegetable garden and a greenhouse are integrated into the 10th floor terrace. The organisation ‘Bio-Tfull’ provide around thirty workshops offering residents the opportunity to participate in group activities, such as the planting and growing of crops.

This building is a manifesto. Architecture is

not a question of systems or profitability, but rather beauty and pleasure. We must rediscover the freedom to experiment with style, materials and typology. Aesthetic values, meaning those which relate to art and beauty, must be reconsidered in order to create ethical, modern and democratic projects.

56 | G&G _ Magazine

The intermediate height of the building carries a pedagogical virtue. Living here enables people to understand and appreciate the city that surrounds them: architecture in cinemascope.

156 Flats Retail Offices Shops PROJECT by Hamonic+Masson & AssociĂŠs architects

The evil eye was created against the harmful effects of the evil eye sickness and protects all kinds of negative energies and evil spirits, so from that journey we return with more power and wisdom. Its mystical quality works right up to this modern days. Let your eyes view my beautiful collection of evil eye lucky charms to bring happiness and good fortune to its owner. Let my evil eyes fill you with the blessings of joy and peace and I hope to take a piece of me with you‌..

KV LUXURY Athens, GR +306973492324

MAISON & OBJET 19 - 23 January 2018, Paris



begins with the opening of the doors of Maison&Objet, an international showcase that has always stood out for its creativity and ideas. The exact date is 19 to 23 January when Paris will affirm itself for the umpteenth time the capital of design and source of inspiration to million ofe people. More than 3000 unique exhibitors will be offer everything from re-purposed much-loved items to lust-inducing modern innovations sprawled over eight diffrent exhibition halls.



60 | G&G _ Magazine

Maison&Objet has become an integral feature on the dĂŠcor and design calendar for many years with leaders in this vast arena converging to discuss and exchange ideas, products and skills. Every year, Maison&Objet has grown remaining consistent in quality and innovation, retaining, always welcoming new additions that are certain to add an enticing element for the audience. In a few weeks we could take inspiration for our projects from the lates decor novelties that the fair will offer us!


FOCUS ON THE OBJECT Because objects have the power, in the blink of an eye, to cast us into the future or back into second childhood, they become cult. Through four original themes – Trendy, My Decor, Kids, Paper touch – let us rediscover the object as an indication and privileged witness of our time and personalities. Objects are never unnecessary when they become mythical, appropriate our gestures and reflect our attitudes. Sometimes completely naive, full of humour and freshness, they occupy a place in our hearts, express our personal feelings and share our values. Like treasured stationery or fashion accessories, objects are considered as mirrors of our personalities. We’re waiting for you from 19th till 23rd January to discover objects that are today’s legends. Order your badge

62 | G&G _ Magazine

A LUST FOR OBJECTS Because objects have the power, in the blink of an eye, to cast us into the future or back into second childhood, they become cult. Through four original themes – Trendy, My Decor, Kids, Paper touch – let us rediscover the object as an indication and privileged witness of our time and personalities. Objects are never unnecessary when they become mythical, appropriate our gestures and reflect our attitudes. Sometimes completely naive, full of humour and freshness, they occupy a place in our hearts, express our personal feelings and share our values. Like treasured stationery or fashion accessories, objects are considered as mirrors of our personalities. We’re waiting for you from 19th till 23rd January to discover objects that are today’s legends. Order your badge

For more information visit:

Indispensable in the bathroom from Maison&Objet


3 6

5 7 8




10 11

1. O1300 MIRROR Mascagni 2. ERIN BEIGE Aquanova 3. FRUSTUM MARBLE CANDLES Aytm 4. PATINA Aquanova 5. FIGURA TEATOWLE Aytm 6. PETRA WASHBASIN Maison Valentina 7. CORIA CUSHION Aytm 8. MEDITATION CUSHION The Organic Company 9. SCOOP Aquanova 10. CORDOBA ARMCHAIR Casa Magna 11. GRES Paola Paronetto

10 best pieces


from Maison&Objet

2 6








1. ARM CHAIR TIBET LAMB Katrin Leuze Collection 2. BLAKE CHAIR Jetclass 3. ANGUI BENCH AYTM 4. NAMIB ARMCHAIR Brabbu 5. CORDOBA CHAIR Casa Magna 6. ILLUSION LEOPARD CHAIR Circu 7. ELLEN CHAIR Essential Home 8. ELLA PUFF Maison Valentina 9. ACOMA ARMCHAIR Alma della Luce 10. IOTA POUF iota

Gold shine from Maison&Objet










1. ALICE MIRROR Slow Design 2. ELPIS OWL Sophia 3. SCUBA LAMP Bosa 4. MATRIOSKA Knindustrie 5. ST. GERMAIN DESK LAMP Calèche 6. MIRANDA TABLE LAMP Essential Home 7. KOI TOWEL RING Maison Valentina 8. EMPIRE MIRROR Luxxu Home 9. KOI SOAP DISH Maison Valentina

Into the blue with Maison&Objet 1



5 3



8 9

1. BLUE SUNDAY POOL Anna Badur 2. DENIM DutchDeluxes 3. ETERNITY TODAY Sophia 4. FORMA THROW Aytm 5. PLATTER NIKE MAZER Sophia 6. ROMANA SOFA Casa Magna 7. LEAF SEAT Design by Nico 8. SHOPPING BAG Marlette 9. HONEYCOMB BALL – BABY BLUE My Little Day 10. AGORA RIVIERA WALLPAPER Tenue de Ville 11. AURE DINING CHAIR Casa Magna 10

70 | G&G _ Magazine



Style. Quality. Innovation. Pot Ă Porter Phone: +39.0423.920234 Email:

72 | G&G _ Magazine

COVET PARIS SHOWROOM The most expected showroom has finally open its doors in the City of Lights. COVET PARIS features beautiful design sets specially created to inspire the best interior design projects. The long-awaited parisian Showroom represents the world's best brands, who wish to be one step closer to all design lovers in the magical capital. With two floors, it features pieces from BRABBU, DelightFull and Koket, allowing you to see how their pieces looked paired together in one room. Covet Paris showcases some of BRABBU’s most iconic design pieces such as NAZCA Sideboard, MECCA Side Table, MAYA Armchair and CYRUS Table Light Perfect whether you are around the city of love and just need a little push to visit it, so if you are going to Maison & Objet 2018 try to visit Covet House Paris too and surely you will have full days with the best decorating ideas to build the home decor that you want and/or need.’ Open hours Monday / Tuesday / Thursday / Friday - 09h30 – 18h00 Saturday / Sunday - 09h30 – 19h00

154 Rue des Rosiers, 93400 Saaint-Ouen FRANCE


Produced by Nikko Jirushi since 1905





in Paris

The Peninsula The Peninsula Hotels makes its grand entrance into Europe with The Peninsula Paris, setting spectacular new standards in design, luxury and comfort. The century old classic building has been meticulously restored and modernised to create the latest example of Peninsula excellence. Exquisitely restored spaces are complemented by contemporary art installations, furnishings and technology. Dazzling rooftop spaces and private terrace gardens offer 360° views and glamorous extras that make The Peninsula Paris a decidedly 21st century palace. 19 Avenue KlÊber 75116, Paris Book at

76 | G&G _ Magazine

Maison Souquet At the turn of the 20th century, Paris’ Maisons Closes, or pleasure houses, played second home to the city’s socialites and aesthetes. The Maison Souquet has reproduced the sumptuous decor of such a place, just a stone’s throw from Pigalle and its famous Moulin Rouge. Only those in the know will discover the luxury that awaits behind an understated façade, signaled by two red lanterns and matching canopy; those who dare to slip through its doors and into its lounge and hidden bar; or those more fortunate still who will spend the night in its exclusive selection of 5* suites and rooms. 10, rue de Bruxelles 75009, Paris Book at

W Paris - Opèra When the electricity of NYC meets the City of Light, a spark is triggered, and it is both urban and romantic. Just a few steps away from the Opera Garnier, major shops and the prestigious rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, the W Paris – Opéra shines on, faithful to the district’s magic. In 91 bedrooms and suites melting Haussmann elegance with modernity, the Parisian chic has been reinvented into an avant-garde creation. Creative in approach and innovative in design, W Paris - Opéra presents multiple event spaces and original solutions. 5 rue de la Chaussée-d'Antin 75009, Paris Book at

78 | G&G _ Magazine

Relais Christine Newly redone, this delightful and discreetly luxurious boutique hotel has managed to preserve the intimacy of the private residence it once was. Its comfortable and welcoming 48 rooms and suites, the quiet atmosphere of its lounges, the charm of the vaulted spa, its private flowered garden and its personalised service make it a restful and friendly place to stay, worthy of the best Parisian addresses. Since 1979 the Relais Christine continues to pride itself on its friendly teams available at all times. Every client is an honoured guest who receives attentive and personalised service. 3 rue Christine 75006,Paris Book at

Castille Italian elegance and Parisian haute couture come together in the iconic Castille. The Castille is located in the heart of Paris, close to the "Maison Chanel" flagship store, where Mademoiselle Coco opened her first atelier. Standing next to the legendary Maison Chanel in the heart of the 1st arrondissement, this luxury 5-star hotel has been restored to its 18th-century splendour. Sheer quality shines through in every detail, from the period artworks and antiques to the elegant Florentine patio and Roman fountain, from the spacious suites to the bar, with its effortless chic. 33-37 Rue Cambon 75001, Paris Book at

Nolinski Moments away from the Louvre and the Palais Royal gardens, enclosed between layers of history and Haussmann elegance, lies a temple to art and life à la française: the NOLINSKI. This breathtaking, characterful haven bears the hallmark eclectic refinement of decorator Jean Louis Deniot. Excellence in respecting our guests. Excellence in hospitality. In the quiet discretion of its private apartments, this private home safeguards the secrets of the art of living, in a space where contemporary aesthetics and classical prestige meet enchantment and flair. 16 avenue de l’Opéra 75001, Paris Book at

GREEN LIFE SK Yee Healthy Life Centre, located on an existing rooftop at the Tuen Mun Hospital Complex, aspires to be more than a healing environment – it is at once a home, a garden and a playground for patients.

in Hong Kong

“lean and green� DESIGN

The Centre instills an ambience of calmness and serenity to the counselling environment, immersing patients in nature and daylight while transforming counselling into a stress-free experience.

“white spaces� The spaces give a sense of freedom and purity to people. These empty areas help free your mind and get rid of any kind of stress. The tranquility of these places allows to move away from the outside world to concentrate on the person himself.

84 | G&G _ Magazine

Project by Ronald Lu & Partners

“warm atmosphere”



of the house

Creations by Cyril Lancelin



88 | G&G _ Magazine

The House "Hill" is a project for an open house with divided open spaces intended for a photographer in Los Angeles, California. The house is composed of multiple rectangular spaces juxtaposed. The client did not want large open spaces, but different semi-open areas. The house is open mainly on the city side, and on the pool side hills. The partitions and the openings in the facades are simple sliding glass windows in wood. On the other hand, a set of white cube and spheres randomly distributed with parametric software form partitions, a structure and a facade. This volume set allows multiple transparency sets. The superpositions of different volumes created a great richness of diffusion of the light on all the walls, inside as well as outside. The walls seem not to stop, and continue in the garden by creating screens. The numerous plants throw their shadows on the house. They are even planted in small inner patios.

It's a work on opening and protecting against very strong light in Los Angeles, resonating with the different openings of the camera.


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The cylinder house is designed to fit between the trees of a wooded lot near Lyon, France. For this house, the plan is based on a juxtaposition of a simple element, a cylinder. This cylinder can be opened, semi-open, closed, whatever its disposition it participates in the delimitation of space. It is an open plan, with the cylinder pieces as posts. There is a play of height offset on the cylinders to also provide a delimitation by the height of the ceilings. There are no corridors in this house nor windows marked, everything is traffic and

everything is open to the outside. The furniture marks space, but its movement can reinvent the house. The plan is not fixed, to follow the evolution of the lives of these occupants. From the outside, the facades undulate, and receive the shades never frank, there are no faces. This system of cylinder juxtaposition allows to enlarge the house but also to have a blurred outer delimitation of the house with its context.



This house is designed to be enlarged and never to be completed, it is located on a large lot in the middle of the pines near Lyon, France. The short house is a juxtaposition of spaces delimited by walls of circular openings. In plan, it is a grid, with external spaces and juxtaposed interior spaces. To pass from one space to another, there is no limit either one must step over the circular opening to pass from one room to the other. The eye also passes from one room to another through the circles. The trees do the same, their reflections as their visions through the different layers of circles. Some walls are of brick, with the outline of the circles delimited, while other walls are made of concrete bricks. Their arrangement is parametric. The brick comes out of the wall. The material is not smooth, it participates in the architecture, the bricks becoming supports, shelves, limits ... Plan of this house is build to never end. As the bricks, never ending, the plan can be continued.

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sphere The cylinder house is designed to fit on a cliff in Normandy. For this house, the plan is based on a juxtaposition of a simple element, a sphere. They are are 3 levels of spheres, the ones on the floor that are private space cabins, spherical spheres that function as an open roof and in the base, the structural spheres shelter the technical spaces.. A metal structure draws a grid that envelops the space and cuts the house. It is an open plan with cabins, the spheres that shelter the private rooms, bedroom, bathroom ... From a distance, the house is a juxtaposition and superposition of spheres behind large glazed walls. Some spheres are wooden, and are on a rotating base, they can swing and offer a different privatization and multiple views of the panorama. The house is geometrically simple, cubes and spheres, but it offers a wealth of games of lights, views and almost infinite spaces.

Rip’s Liquid Surrealism 1, Seaforth Middle Harbour, Sydney Australia 16 October 2017 8.38am

The more I look at the images nature creates for me in my practice as a photographic artist the more I see the influence of the 20th Century Surrealists and in particular their idea of automatic drawing as a means of expressing the subconscious. The Belgian born André Masson considered the founder of the practice of automatic drawing, proposed that by allowing the hand of the artist to flow “randomly”: across the paper applying chance and accident to the construction of an image this would to a large extent free the artist of a rational control over the image-making. More interestingly, he believed this process could 96 | G&G _ Magazine

be attributed to the work of the subconscious which would otherwise be repressed. During the 1920s when automatic drawing was at its peak, artists who were influenced by and practised automatic drawing included Joan Miró, Salvador Dalí, Jean Arp and André Breton. It has been suggested that Pablo Picasso used the automatic drawing techniques in his 1960’ series of lithographs and etchings. Masson’s method was to throw sand and glue onto a canvas, making oil paintings around the shapes that formed. This method of image making strongly reflects my own. The difference being my canvas is the still surface of the morning waters of Middle Harbour, Sydney Australia, my tools - my camera and my kayak. It is the angle the sun beams the light on the water surface that forms the shapes – reflections created by

nature. Just like Masson’s tossing of the sand into the canvas, these shapes form serendipitously. Similar to the “automatic” method of the Surrealists, I shape the images by cropping or straightening them seeking to create an abstraction my subconscious can connect with aesthetically. When this connection occurs, I am able to attribute some meaning to the shape enabling me to give the work a name. Importantly though, I do not photoshop the images in any way. My images have existed in reality and I am nothing more than a facilitator of the aesthetics of nature. As my work developed around these moments in nature, the more I was reminded of the Surrealists. If the process of automatic drawing had its roots in the subconscious as Masson posited, could it be possible the genesis for the work of the subconscious lies in nature’s reflection? This thought seems to be the basis of the thinking behind questions I often receive from viewers. Regularly I am asked if these images are paintings. What are they? What am I seeing? Like the Surrealists, I want the viewers to form their own opinions of the work. Let their subconscious speak! Ralph Kerle’s Art

The Nature of Dali 5, Middle Harbour, Sydney Australia August 11 2017 9.06am

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The extension to the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), now named the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal, is situated at one of the most prominent intersections in downtown central Toronto. It is the largest Museum in Canada and attracts more than a million visitors a year. Its new name is derived from the building’s five intersecting metal-clad volumes, which are reminiscent of crystals—inspired by the crystalline forms in the ROM’s mineralogy galleries. Libeskind created a structure of organically interlocking prismatic forms turning this important corner of Toronto, and the entire museum complex, into a luminous beacon. With the expansion, a new group entrance on Queen’s Park was created where visitors enter a spectacular atrium in which the two themes of the Museum, Nature and Culture, are distinctly showcased through intertwining staircases leading to the exhibitions above. The entire ground level is unified into a seamless space with clarity of circulation and transparency. The Crystal transforms the ROM’s fortress-like character, turning it into an inspired atmosphere dedicated to the resurgence of the Museum as the dynamic centre of Toronto.

The design succeeds in inviting glimpses up, down, into galleries and even from the street. The large entrance atrium, the Gloria Hyacinth Chen Court, separates the old historic building from the new, providing a nearly complete view of the restored faรงades of the historic buildings. The Chen Court also serves as a venue space for all kinds of public events.

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Opened in June 2007, the extension provides 100,000 square feet of new exhibition space, a new entrance and lobby, a street level retail shop and three new restaurants. Studio Daniel Libeskind also renovated ten galleries in the existing historical building as part of the project.

Project realized by STUDIO LIBESKIND

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USUAL WOOD SCULPTURES German brand, GERSTENBERGER, manages to create unique sculptural products with an innovative design using only one resource wood. Objects from GERSTENBERGER are inspired by natural forms and the inherent power of the human mind to create. The studio, founded in 1995, manufactures unique furniture, sculptural furniture, objects and create design furniture. Apart from wood GERSTENBERGER also uses metal, clay and textiles in the design process. The requirements for good design are substantial experience, keen perception and sense of forms. Clemens Gerstenberger, the protagonist of GERSTENBERGER, gained his wealth of experience during his study trips in

Europe and Japan. GERSTENBERGER embodies the combination of distant cultures with Clemens Gerstenberger's own sense for aesthetics. For GERSTENBERGER the recognizability of decorative arts is as important as the preservation, care and advancement of traditional joinery and finishing techniques. Principles of Far Eastern craftsmanship are employed in the manufacturing process. Objects of the highest standards are created by the interplay between elaborate construction methods and careful material selection. Sustainability is held in equally high regard as longevity and functionality. Even with an artistic touch, aesthetic proportions always stays the main principle.

1 TIBELANDS BENCHES Where the elements earth and water meet, sometimes lovingly, sometimes fighting, the close observer will find structures and surfaces that are the result of this eternal competition. Those who have paused at the border between water and sand, felt the caressing of the waves, know of the comforting embrace of the elements. The emotionally exaggerated design language urges to compare the visual and haptic elements, exhibiting the power of the tides.

Once upon a long time ago there were the islands‌ There was a great distance, unknown history, enigmas and fantasies, and – no airplanes or immense ocean liners; there was no even such a colorful map of this world‌ 106 | G&G _ Magazine


2 URUSHI ART BOWLS Light & Shadow / Objects These exquisite bowls are inspired by the light and shadow casting folds of fine art. They were created bearing in mind the creative exchange in random forms. By utilizing an artistic interference, the curious impressions left by the laws of nature are preserved. The process used to achieve these effects is the Japanese Urushi technique. This technique is very time consuming and obtains its fixating effect only when certain atmospheric conditions are met. The resulting unique works are witnesses to the respective debate between the things that surround us and their inherent values.

3 GEOMETRIC SCULPTURES Modern geometric sculptures and bowls arise from slender paper folding. Gerstenberger follows his inspiration that he gets from nature and connects it with his passion for modern architecture with its geometric basic orientation. What has been made of paper and then folded with lightness, finds now its expression in heavy, permanent material. His way of designing, impresses with an artful simplicity. Due to its few lines and cuts, the emotional and expressive form becomes convincing.

The infinite geometric possibilities of folding, open new universes full of harmony and beauty. The creative process is characterised by an urban physical confrontation with the material and dimensions that are taken by the sculptures and then reflected.

Bijou M

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Marylebone Apartment BY MAURIZIO PELLIZZONI Inspired by Coachella, the refurbishment reflects the trend for micro apartments and homeowners becoming commercially savvy as part of the brief, one of the bedrooms in the apartment is specifically designed for the Air BnB market. The flat has been refurbished by a professional couple for their daughter, who is in her twenties. The daughter used to live in the flat before the refurbishment, they originally chose the location as Marylebone as it is currently one of the most up and coming areas in London, so for the client it was the perfect place to invest. When Maurizio first met the client (the mother), her brief was to create a vibrant, luxurious and modern apartment for the rental market. The original plan was to let the apartment out to a young professional couple. Space planning was always one of the key points for the client as the original layout made every room seem very dark and impractical to use. The original entrance hall was a very small with a dark corridor, as was the second bathroom, which was mainly constructed under the original staircase. The position meant that it took over half of the open plan space upstairs. This staircase was also a ‘U’ shape, which made it incredibly difficult to transfer furniture upstairs.

Small kitchen appliances By Kitchen Aid Ligthing by FLOS

TV by Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A9 with speaker cover designed by Maurizio Pellizzoni

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The client always wanted to have 2 bedrooms and two bathrooms as this would help to maintain the value of the property. Following Maurizio’s initial meeting, he slowly received information that the property would possibly be used by their daughter instead, but he had to also keep in mind that there was every possibility it would be marketed to let. Eventually the decision was made that the daughter would reside in the property and one room has been specifically allocated for Air BnB lettings in a prime spot in Marylebone. It was also therefore became even more important to have locks for privacy and two bathrooms so that one could be allocated to the guest(s). The colour scheme evolved to what became a more feminine apartment using soft pastel colours and a mixture of polished brass and chrome finishes. This mirrors the generation that skips the bachelorette stage (Carrie Bradshaw city apartment style) as a result of the market trends, but the lifestyle can still be reflected in the style of the interior.

This is something not often now seen but Maurizio has successfully achieved - an apartment design that’s modern, elegant and feminine but that has been specifically designed to be commercially viable for the Air BnB generation. Maurizio drew inspiration around this project from Coachlea, which is very on trend at the moment and much inspired by a mixture of colours and texture. The artwork in particular reflects this style.

The owners say: "We were attracted to the area because it was close to Regents Park and the location is very convenient for public transport connections. When we first saw the place it was very basic but charming. The fittings were all poor quality and the general aesthetic of the flat was simple, but we loved the fact it was split level and very bright with lots of windows. Our vision was to make it look like a Parisienne boutique hotel. It's a very small space but we knew that with the right designer we could use that to our advantage and use beautiful and high quality materials to turn it into a little jewel. Maurizio had experience with being creative with very small spaces and we knew we could trust him to make every square-inch of the flat beautiful and useful.

Accessories, bed linen and throws by The Linen Works

The biggest structural change we made was to move the staircase in the flat, which at first was a spiral that blocked both light from the hallway and make the upstairs living room a really awkward shape. Maurizio had the amazing idea to turn it and lay it flat against the back wall, creating an incredible open feel to the whole flat that made the open plan top floor feel endlessly bigger. The staircase is definitely my favourite feature. What makes the flat special is the flooring we chose, in my opinion. These beautiful pale wooden floors turned it from feeling ordinary into a home that has a real luxury feel and is much more spacious and bright. Before when you walked in the whole place felt small, especially with the minuscule hallway we had. With only a few tweaks and smoke & mirrors, Maurizio made it look twice the square footage. The flat is so useful we have no foreseeable plans to sell. If we were ever to buy another place we would use Maurizio again because he is extremely talented. Not only does he have good taste but he's got an amazing ability to maximise small spaces. My favourite piece of furniture is definitely the beautiful light-bulb chandelier we have hanging over the staircase. It has an industrial feel which accents perfectly with the elegance of the pale floors and creates such a beautiful glow in the evenings. The flat makes you feel like you finally have space in the very cramped lifestyle that is London. In the winter it offers the ultimate cosiness and "hygge" feelings, and in the summer it offers airiness and light to make the most of the good weather. Every bit of space has been used which is most obvious in the kitchen where, despite its horseshoe shape, there is absolutely no dead space between cupboards. We even squeezed in a narrow but tall cupboard for brooms and cleaning supplies. By doing built in closets the small bedrooms actually have a decent

Furniture by Minotti London All artwork was supplied by LUMAS

amount of storage space, and the bathrooms are technically tiny but have everything you could need. Plus with bathrooms being barely 2 square meters in floor size, we could afford the most beautiful pink flecked marble tiles which would have been way too decadent with a larger floor plan!"

Hostess Intepreters Models Promoters Stewards Photographers For Fairs, Conventions, Business meetings and Shows




Built-in custom wine storage/cabinet off kitchen/dining

SFA Design was hired by Ron Barnes, who is the developer/owner of Above the Penthouses, to transform what was previously 25,000 SF of raw space above the W Hollywood’s residential tower, into 5 unique, ultraluxury penthouse units. Each unit has its own unique design elements and aesthetic, and pays homage to the iconic and historic landscape of Los Angeles. “The Griffith”, which is inspired by its views of the Griffith Observatory, is the largest residence at 5,078 sq. ft.

Open concept at kitchen and dining room

Private media room off of kitchen with custom upholstered ceiling details Library

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It was designed for a customer who is seeking the epitome of the LA lifestyle. The property showcases the casual, cool, airy and luxurious livability that the city is most known for with standout views.

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Master bathroom features the largest shower on the property with 1 large wall of glass running the length of the shower for full visual access to Hollywood

The restaurant show BUILD | DESIGN


The Middle East’s only dedicated event for Restaurants and F&B Outlets The Restaurant Show is the region's only dedicated event for restaurants, cafÊs and F&B outlets on 14-15 April, 2018 at the Address Dubai Marina, United Arab Emirates. Restaurant Show 2018 will again play host to the most important gathering of professionals and decision makers in the restaurant build, design, furnishing, and equipment technology sectors from around the Middle East and North Africa regions to meet, connect, exchange knowledge and conduct business in 2 days. Alongside the exhibition, Restaurant Show will present outstanding conferences on Restaurant Build & Design, Branding & Marketing, Food Safety and many more. Be part of the Restaurant Show 2018, inquiring about exhibiting today.

“We managed to sell onsite and met a lot potential buyers, we anticipate more business to come this coming year thanks to the Restaurant Show.� Khaled Issa, Project Sales Manager, Marino Kitchen Equipment Inc.

14-15 April 2018 The Address Dubai Marina United Arab Emirates | | +971 4 424 9988




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Wooden swing 100% made handmade


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