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to say. 1. Laptop sleeve waterfall, 13 inch laptop sleeve with foam to protect your device, 40.00€ 2. 2022 Urban jungle calendar, Natural white textured 250gsm paper, 12 months, 19.00€ 3. Tropical cream monthly agenda, Gold foil cover, 18 months, 22,90€ 4. Medium tray monstera, 34 x 28 cm, Medium Eco-friendly wooden tray, Diswasher safe, 29.90€



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EDITOR’S LETTER G&G _ Magazine N°29 – January 2022
























The bedroom from the residential project in San Francisco realised by Walker Warner Architects. Page 74




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Eden Drops Collection «We create the piece by captured droplet in nature and invented the innovation for jewelry production where the glass was used as its body.»

Eden drops ring $76.67 USD



FASHION @verdidesign



he new year has officially arrived and with it the new Pantone Color of the Year. For the first time, Pantone Color Institute has decided to create a new color, a color that gives us the strength to face new challenges and reinvent ourselves. Pantone 17-3938 Very Peri. It's a dynamic periwinkle blue hue whose courageous presence encourages personal inventiveness and creativity. Thanks to its versatility, it lends itself very easily to be experimented in any area of our life, including that of interior design. To celebrate, we have selected some delightful ideas that could be inspiring you all year round. So, turn to pages 42 and 65 to feast your eyes on our selection. Here, at G&G _ Magazine we like to satisfy everyone's tastes, so if Very Peri isn't for you, return on page 19 for the seasonal palette with bright shades. The reality of the pandemic is no longer new and has led us to choose home improvements, including that of being able to stay outdoors while staying at home. On page 92 the house in Hod Hasharon renovated by Israeli designer Maya Sheinberger presents a courtyard that integrates perfectly with the interior, while the apartment in Mumbai by Purple Backyard uses the huge French windows to ensure the connection with the outside, page 118. Finally, I invite you to scroll down to the end of the edition to discover the Australian beach house projected by Architects EAT with different facades and an unusual structure to say the least, page 128. Wish you Happy and Prosperous 2022 from all of us at G&G _ Magazine!

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NORDIC HOME DECOR xeraliving xeraliving showroom: Valimotie 17-19, 00380 Helsinki, Finland

GANDGMAGAZINE.EU STORES Honeyz Concept store Puntofilipino chose to avoid glitz and glamor in favor of industrial materials and an "apocalyptic atmosphere" for the Berlin home of honey and skincare retailer Honeyz.


An authentic celebration of Oriental Art Deco brought to the Modern Day Pirajean Lees is delighted to unveil its latest interior project, Mimi Kakushi, a new Japanese restaurant in Dubai.

INTERIORS Venera The Ukrainian designer Julia Baydyk, owner of the ALTA IDEA design studio, designed an apartment in Kyiv for a charismatic couple, venturing into a variation of Art Deco conceived as a modern interpretation of luxury.



L I V H O S P I TA L I T Y D E S I G N AWA R D S 2 0 2 1 LIV Hospitality Design Awards recognize excellence in Hospitality Architecture, Interior Design and Guest Experiences. Join before November 30th to enjoy a 5% discount on the submission fees.

Winner in ArchitecturAl Design - EVENT SPACE skylight room, commercial Development at Murray rd by Zaha Hadid Architects

Winner in interior Design - NORTH AMERICA Amal toronto by Studio Munge

Winner in ArchitecturAl Design hotel – LUXURY rosewood Bangkok by Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates

Winner in interior Design - CITY DESTINATION

Moxy hamburg by JOI-Design IAD joehnk+partner

DESIGN TRENDS BRILLIANTS AREN'T JUST FOR SUMMER ANYMORE! The key colors for a season are no longer tied to traditional approaches, as Pantone Color Institute suggests. We have entered an era where color signals our mood, helps express our feelings and encourages us. So, for this Winter there are only bright colors: full of energy and daring! Kyro Bench by JETCLASS

Cozy Velvet - Vanilla Fabric by KOKET

Zelda Single sofa by ESSENTIAL HOME

Monk Folding screen by HOMMÉS STUDIO

Glamour Bench by JETCLASS

Hudson Rug by MURANTI

Citrus Sours


PANTONE 13-0651 / Evening Primrose

PANTONE 11-0623 / Yellow Pear


Marlon Floor lamp by MEZZO COLLECTION

Tangerine Pizzazz



Cooke Ceiling lamp by MEZZO COLLECTION

Tresor Stool by KOKET

Manu Room divider by HOMMÉS STUDIO

Gyvaté Round Sofa by HOMMÉS STUDIO

PANTONE 15-1264 / Turmeric 20 | G&G _ Magazine

PANTONE 15-1247/ Tangerine

Bergman Dining chair by MEZZO COLLECTION

PANTONE 14-1064 / Saffron

AURA Comunications, a boutique lifestyle digital PR agency with a global reach based in New York City.


Rosalia Cabinet by HOMMÉS STUDIO

Luoghi Carpet by G.T.DESIGN

Mimi Bar stool by KOKET

Charlotte Armchair by ESSENTIAL HOME

Quartz I Velvet cushion by MY FRIEND PACO

Super Blue


PANTONE 17-4433 / Dresden Blue

Caprichosa Sofa by KOKET

PANTONE 17-4540 / Hawaiian Ocean

PANTONE 16-4728 / Peacock Blue


Bromo Rug by MURANTI

Dixie Chair by JETCLASS Duke Floor lamp by MEZZO COLLECTION Loren Counter chair by DOMKAPA

Primal Clays


Grant Floor lamp by MEZZO COLLECTION

Sweater Rug by Edi_on 1.6.9

Queens Cabinet by BOCA DO LOBO

PANTONE 18-1422 / Myris[ca 24 | G&G _ Magazine

PANTONE 16-1439 / Caramel

PANTONE 16-1144 / Oak Buff

Dilara Champagne



Playful Pinks



Dalila Silk scarf by MY FRIEND PACO

Cala Serena Bouquet by ROSA CADAQUÉS


Apollo Single sofa by ESSENTIAL HOME

PANTONE 16-1640 / Surgar Coral 26 | G&G _ Magazine

Blush Velvet cushion by MY FRIEND PACO

PANTONE 16-1731 / Strawberry Pink

PANTONE 15-1435 / Desert Flower

Food. Music. Culture. Creativity. And that’s just to start 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022 Expo 2020 Dubai will be a once-in-a-lifetime global celebration, opening up a world of wonder, excitement and hope for millions of visitors from around the world. Taking place for six months, it will offer something for everyone, irrespective of age, nationality or interest. Through the theme, ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’, Expo 2020 Dubai provides a platform to encourage creativity, innovation and collaboration across our three subthemes: Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability.

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Tray by ACH COLLECTION €319,00


Magical Bunny Beige

Millefleurs - Spring

Pattern by BIEN FAIT €3,00 TTC




Stool by ESSENTIAL HOME €1.270,00

28 | G&G _ Magazine


Vase & bouquet by MARGAUX KELLER COLLECTIONS €205,00



Lounge table by AYTM DESIGN €399,00

Velvet bag by MY FRIEND PACO €59,00



Diamond Small

Mirror by ESSENTIAL HOME €2.570,00

Cottage - Lavender PaWern by BIEN FAIT €3,60 TTC



9 Gable

Single sofa by ESSENTIAL HOME €2.370,00




Wall lamp by DELIGHTFULL €630,00

Armchair by ESSENTIAL HOME €2.170,00



Dessert plate by ACH COLLECTION €420,00 set of 6




30 | G&G _ Magazine






Cushion by MY FRIEND PACO €59,00


Floor lamp by DOUNIA HOME $1.750,00

Ginko 2

16 Wallpaper by DEVON&DEVON €108,68m²



Table lamp by ACH COLLECTION €608,00


Tote bag by AYTM DESIGN €20,00


19 Bold

Fireplace support by COBERMASTER CONCEPT €498,15


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LATEST NEWS Support for marine conservation Designed by NJF Design, Kisawa Sanctuary opened fully with its 300hectares of beachfront calm and coastal forest on Benguerra Island, Mozambique. Integrated into the surrounding nature the new 22 bungalows represent the first property globally to open in tandem with its own marine research centre - Africa’s first permanent ocean observatory. Kisawa’s approach to craftsmanship and commissions are designed to involve and create work for as many people from Benguerra and the neighbouring islands as possible. The skilled work of local weavers, carpenters and textile makers is showcased with pride. Celebrating the rich cultural history of the continent, unique art and antiques are sourced from across Africa, ensuring the preservation of heritage artefacts and their remaining provenance within the continent. These valuable works sit alongside locally made bespoke furniture, all coming together to provide a thoughtful and authentic sense of place, and a connection with the natural environment. Address: Benguerra Island, Mozambique


Recommended! Royal Stranger unveils its Glazy Chair that offers a groovy feeling to the rounded lines defining its round seat, backrest, and legs. It's an irresistible furniture piece where velvety upholstery playfully meets a glazed back finishing. Glazy Chair is the icing on the cake of your interior designs!

A shimmering veil

Discover Reflection! The Reflection collection represents the importance of reflecting through reflections. This collection allows you to choose products that invite the soothing feeling of natural materials inside your home. With its products you will truly feel connected to nature and can indulge your reflections. 36 | G&G _ Magazine

The new Graff store in Tokyo, located in the prestigious area of Ginza, offers a new vision of the Graff world. The space reveals an atmosphere that emanates a sense of clarity and serenity. The soft light and pure white palette of delicate shade enable the customer to focus on the Graff jewels. The rooms are composed like paintings with different layers, light, transparent surfaces, framed displays to perfectly focus on the creations. The complex apparent simplicity echoes the sophistication of the jewelry. The different collections are carefully placed in unique displays: the center bridal stage in a cone shape like the claws of a diamond ring, holding the elegant display of glowing lights, highlighting the collections. Address: 3 Chome-3-1 Ginza, Chuo City – Tokyo, Japan


A Parisian slow luxury retreat AXer a two-year renovaYon phase – alongside architect Jordane Arrivetz and his agency Notoire – NUAGE was born. Conceived as an ideal desYnaYon spot, NUAGE represents a return to true hotel values complete with the pleasure of luxury in all its simplicity, serenity and soXness. Located between the Saint-Honoré and ChampsElysées neighborhoods, the hotel offers 27 quiet rooms span 5 floors, including 5 suites. Address: 30 Rue Jean Mermoz, 75008 - Paris, France

38 | G&G _ Magazine

At NUAGE, the lounge and bar come alive during confidential meetings and encounters, nights that move to the tune of jazz music, and tastings of spirits produced exclusively in France. In the library room across the hall, the selection of books has been designed to give the mind a rest. The books celebrate slowness, mindfulness, inner journeys, plus tales for adults and children.


Offices for modern life Zooco presents its latest project: Goodman Offices. Ubicated in the Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid, the offices try to respond to the new demands of the workspaces in these days and age. The space is divided into two work areas: one for exclusively private use and a work area (meeting rooms) where visitors are received. These two spaces are joined by the open space which is a large open, and flexible space where all kinds of activities are combined.

Spatial narratives X+Living collaborates with China Resources Land Ltd once again in Nanning to illuminate the innovative concept of diversified business forms in the shopping center called The Mixc Nanning. Spatial narratives and children’s education are integrated in the space, leading to the success of a typical commercial space with a unique style in children-themed business.

40 | G&G _ Magazine

Pixels and Dutch houses KAMPUS is a new neighbourhood located at the former Manchester Metropolitan University campus in the heart of the city. Utilising the qualities of the existing built structures – Victorian brick canal-side warehouses and the 1964 concrete tower – presents the opportunity to develop at the city block scale, creating new connections and a new destination. A melting pot of buildings and spaces, KAMPUS will celebrate the vibrancy and diversity of the city with respect to the historic quality of Canal Street.

Very Peri MOOD

42 | G&G _ Magazine

Pantone, the global color authority and provider of professional standards for color language and digital solutions for the design community, created for the first time a new color: Very Peri - a dynamic shade of periwinkle blue with an invigorating purplish-red undertone. We are facing a moment of transition by making changes to our lifestyle where the digital world has now merged with the physical one, creating a new and only one reality. Very Peri will accompany us throughout 2022 and will stimulate us as best we can to adapt to this new way of living. Blending the fidelity and texture of blue with the energy and excitement of red, this cheerful and warm shade of blue introduces a mix of novelty and power while encouraging personal inventiveness and creativity.

Pantone Color of the Year


Living in a world dominated more and more by technology, the blue screens of our phones and computers have globalized us: our knowledge, culture, trends and habits depend significantly on them, thus creating a new reality to live in.

“Encompassing the qualities of the blues, yet at the same time possessing a violet-red undertone, PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri displays a spritely, joyous attitude and dynamic presence that encourages courageous creativity and imaginative expression,” says Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director, Pantone Color Institute. Digital design helps us to stretch the limits of reality, opening the door to a dynamic virtual world where we can explore and create new color possibilities. With trends in gaming, the expanding popularity of the metaverse and rising artistic community in the digital space PANTONE® 17-3938 Very Peri illustrates the fusion of modern life and how color trends in the digital world are being manifested in the physical world and vice versa.

Diana wall lamp by DELIGHTFULL

44 | G&G _ Magazine

PoLet armchair by TWILS

Cleo 84 tap by FIR ITALIA

Opera sofa by JETCLASS

Admiral bathtub & Botanica Makeup wallpaper by DEVON&DEVON

Sherman sofa by ESSENTIAL HOME

Valencia rug by RUG’ SOCIETY

Wink chair by MASQUESPACIO

Little Mermaid bed by CIRCU

Edith sideboard by ESSENTIAL HOME

Pantone Color of the Year


Very Peri in Home Décor Evocative of new modernity, PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri injects a sense of playful freshness into home interiors, enlivening a space through unusual color combinations. A versatile shade that animates our creative spirit, PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri is suited to an array of different materials, textures and finishes, providing a pop of color, whether introduced through a painted wall, accent furniture or home décor, or acting as an intriguing and eye-catching accent in a pattern.

Diva staircase by FONTANOT 46 | G&G _ Magazine

Pierre armchair by JETCLASS

Nahéma chair by KOKET Henry dining chair by ESSENTIAL HOME

Naj dining chair by BRABBU

Faith sofa by JETCLASS

Teara bed by JETCLASS Nox pouf by JETCLASS

Chandra dining chair by KOKET

Windy pouf by JETCLASS

La Font Essential Fulmine staircase by FONTANOT

48 | G&G _ Magazine

As society continues to recognize color as a critical form of communication and as a way to express and affect ideas and emotions and engage and connect, the complexity of this new red-violet-infused blue hue highlights the expansive possibilities that lie before us.

MeatPacking Patchwork rug by G.T.DESIGN

Olivier sofa by JETCLASS


Colbert sofa by MEZZO COLLECTION

Pantone Color of the Year


Very Peri in Interior Design & Architecture After a long and careful research, we found some stunning projects where architects and designers have already used Very Peri for their works. Some have reinterpreted it in an original way, some instead preferred to experiment with this versatile hue, creating shades around them.

Bun Bligny by Masquespacio

It's the first Masquespacio's interior design project in Milan for the Italian hamburger chain Bun, located at Viale Bligny, next to the Bocconi University. The aim for the project was to create an identity with a clear focus on the younger generations and at the same time rep-resent a more sophisticated approach for a high-quality ham-burger restaurant. This way Masquespacio has used gold touches and terrazzo tiles mixed with a splash of color that creates a sophisticated, but at the same time fresh design. Address: Viale Bligny 19/A, 20136 – Milan, Italy

52 | G&G _ Magazine

Mathematics: The Winton Gallery at the Science Museum by Zaha Hadid Architects Zaha Hadid Architects’ design of the Mathematics: Winton Gallery for the London Science Museum responds to the request to present mathematics not as an academic concept, but as a practice that influences technology and enables the environment around us to be transformed. Using the principles of a mathematical approach known as computational fluid dynamics which acts as an organisational guide, the layout of the Gallery allows for the virtual lines of airflow to be manifested physically. The positioning of the more than 100 historical objects, and the production of robust arch-like benches using robotic manufacture, all embody the mathematical spirit of the brief. The resulting spatial experience created by these components within the Winton Gallery enables visitors to see some of the many actual and perceivable ways in which mathematics touches our lives.

Bosfor by AD Project Dorohov Architect Bosfor Turkish restaurant is a fusion of Asia

and Europe. Every detail is important for the atmosphere and the correct perception of the space. Each floor is a separate story with its own flavor and sophistication of the interior. The spirit of oriental culture on the 1st floor is expressed in detail - arched structures, natural stone and smooth lines in a modern interpretation. The open rooftop bar is the highlight of the interior, reflecting Turkish character in a modern twist. Velvet, glass, arches - helped create a modern vision of oriental culture. Address: Ulitsa Maksima Gor'kogo 213, 344000 - Rostov-on-Don, Russia

Breathe by Masquespacio The project

consists in a design of the shop for the sun-glasses & frames brand Breathe, in the studio’s creative director Ana Hernández’s native city Bogotá. The design's inspiration was taken from the study of Breathe’s brand values with a clear focus on selling human products. As always in Masquespacio’s designs, Breathe’s store can count with a touch of color, in this case lavender and earth green. Although the chosen colors are less usual, and color has been limited to floors and walls mainly. This way, they can combine easily with the different colors from the products for sale. On the other hand, as always, all elements of the project have been designed by Masquespacio, including the furniture and the decorative lighting. Address: Estudio 101, Ac. 82 ### 12A-04 - Bogotá, Colombia 56 | G&G _ Magazine

Modern Constructivism by O&A London In its project in the family house, O&A London opted for the choice of two Very Peri colored sofas with structure in wood and details in metal in a formal sitting room. The upholstery are made of velveteen, so their color changes according to the light: it goes from light lavender to indigo violet.

Hotel Boutique Violet Bliss by In out studio

In no other color unlike qualities combine as in the violet, since it represents the mixture of masculine with the feminine (red and blue), and sensuality with spirituality. The union of these opposite meanings is what the designers wanted to reflect in this unusual hotel concept. Each suite has its own personality based on violet. The vibrant and sensual space invites the guest to experience. Its walls covered with three-dimensional materials and careful lighting combine to enhance the senses. Address: Marbella, Spain

“We wanted to transcend the more traditional solutions and deepen the use of unconventional color but with wonderful properties.”

The 30m2 suite is divided into two spaces connected to each other, the space dedicated to the bathroom and the bedroom made by Veganox and Secrisa. Separated by the delicate glass and metal labces made in metal and glass these spaces communicate with each other through a suggescve treatment of pairs, floors, and ceilings. A two-tone concnuous pavement runs through both spaces, delimicng the area of greatest traffic, materialized with a carpet of violet deluxe hair, with the most exclusive area with a delicate degraded mosaic flooring of the Urban Chic series of Hisbalit. Each suite has a custom design of personal care space, exiscng two types. 58 | G&G _ Magazine

Kento by Masquespacio The Japanese take away chain, specialized in sushi, has hired the Spain design studio to design another its third shop in Valencia. The design seeks to reflect the avantgarde style of Kento’s shop, taking as a starting point the design realized by Masquespacio for the first shop in 2017. The aim is to represent the brand identity in each project, but with a new character adapted to the requirements of each location. Thereby the brand colors are maintained, but always applied on a different material according to each project.

Krujok Cafe by Eduard Eremchuk & Katy Pititskaya Located at the heart of the

Russian city Voronezh, Krujok (a round form of a donut in Russian) Cafe has been designed to take the guests into an imaginary space. When creating a concept, architect Eduard Eremchuk and designer Katy Pititskaya were inspired by airy shapes of the donuts, melting glaze, and cream - the essence of a donut, and take it to another level - a form of hyperreal pastry. The goal was to create an ambiance so each guest could dream his own dream in the world

“We wanted to create an unusual, slightly crazy, and "unreal" place, but at the same time, understandable to the guests. As a result, Kruzhok has become a prominent and desired place to be - a key spot on the map.”

60 | G&G _ Magazine

of pastry. Once you are inside, a new reality absorbs you. The pastry is everywhere, it looks and even feels like the cafe is made of dough. Katy and Eduard played with tactility by mixing mystic purple shades with soft velvet fabric, on the walls and accessories. The overall combination of cream shades in the cafe, bright purple lightboxes, together with the crumpled strange shapes brings out a distinctive contrast with the grey concrete surroundings. Address: Teatral'naya Ulitsa 26, 394036 - Voronezh, Russia

Glossy colorful popcorn sculptures on the walls created by Russian artist Elena Minaev, are there not by accident. Pastry cook decorates donuts with caramelized popcorn - this is an important element of the dessert.

Kactus by 4SPACE This

contemporary café in the heart of Saudi Arabia’s energetic capital, has a modern, chic, tasteful, and contemporary design inspired by the fascinating xerophytes. The studio designed this eatery in highly Instagrammable colours of vintage pinks and greens. The textures and fabrics used to create interest are oak, steel, leather, terrazzo, bold curved mirrors, a wall full of letters, and plenty of cacti. The café is an expression of international and contemporary lifestyles that celebrate youthfulness and culinary abundance. Address: 3227 Northern Ring Rd, Almasiaf, 12468 - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Bright, fun, lively, quirky, inviting, comfy and minimalist.

4SPACE has highlighted an open ceiling concept with beams, hanging plants, and linear lighcng at the mezzanine level. The walls and ceiling are kept clean and white and provide an unadorned backdrop for strong accent colours. A seemingly haphazardly placed lens mirror installacon provides a central focus. 62 | G&G _ Magazine




Transsensorial Gateway by noa* The architects from noa* designed an installation for the "Interni Creative Connections" in the Università degli Studi di Milano (IT) showcased during the days of FuoriSalone 2021. The concept, developed together with ewo and ebner Music + Film, proposes a kind of light and sound landscape, which welcomes visitors as they enter the exhibition. On either side of the doorway, a crown of structural light-beams open up, each one at different heights, visually amplifying the sequence of the 17th-century portico that serves as the setting for the installation. The result is a sculptural work that combines various elements, including light, sound and movement, in direct dialogue with people and with the space. The light beams create relationships, building ‘bridges’ between people. The light reacts to the presence of visitors and at the same time interprets the way they relate to each other. 64 | G&G _ Magazine

Ultima Thule by Stiliyana Minkovska The architect but also, a mother, Stiliyana Minkovska presented an alternative to the hospital birthing environment: Ultima Thule, a sanctuary-like environment for both mother and child. In this space, the mother has greater control over of their delivery and reproductive health. A purple color was chosen for the room to ensure a peaceful environment that gives a sense of relaxation and well-being. The triptych was donated to St Thomas’ hospital in London on 6th of July 2020, where it is currently used by midwives, obstetricians and mothers for training and educational purposes.





China Import Export Fair Complex / PWTC Expo / NICEC

18-21 March 2022 HOME FURNITURE

28-31 March 2022

OFFICE SHOW | CIFM / interzum guangzhou

68 | G&G _ Magazine


urban renewal

riginally built in the 1920s, this Edwardian-style house had been untouched over the years and was due for a complete overhaul which included modest additions that now open the house more directly to the adjoining gardens. A delicate balance between preserving its historical character while leaning forward to respond to a more contemporary way of living was applied by the architects and designers. With San Francisco having strict historic preservation regulations, it was essential to preserve the look and feel of the public facades of the building. And, since two and a half facades to the building that couldn’t be touched (the primary street facade, the side one and a portion of the backyard), the architects designed a modern two-story geometric volume that floods the new spaces with natural light. Upon entering, you find yourself in front of 70 | G&G _ Magazine

a majestic spiral staircase leading to the upper floors, and from here you can already understand the design applied to the whole house: a calm atmosphere, characterized by muted tones like beige, gray, white and cream chosen by the interior designer Chloe Warner from Redmond Aldrich Design. A gray and warm brown colored rug leads directly to the center of the house where the living room was placed that showcases an artful execution of elegant, minimalist comfort. Contemporary statement pieces, such the cast plaster Rose Uniacke table, add depth among the layered neutrals. Casement windows and long wool curtains create a warm, cozy atmosphere while maintaining the room’s expansive feel.

“We used natural neutral colors; the joke was the house was done in ‘shades of a mouse.’ The owners wanted it to be textured and layered but not have the furnishings be loud in any way.” - Chloe Warner

72 | G&G _ Magazine

“The beech tree was key in this project. The clients wanted to be near it, preserve it, and feature it. We did everything possible to get the family literally close to the tree and under its canopy during their daily life.“ - Scott R. Lewis, Principal at Scott Lewis Landscape Architecture

The living room leads to the dining area where a commanding Ilse Crawford brass console nods to the grandeur of the home’s original Edwardian style. Its presence is amplified by the home’s nuanced color palette and balanced with a bold, black and white contemporary art piece featuring striking geometric forms. The harmony between classic and contemporary continues in the backyard addition. The steel-cased glass box addition adds contrast to the original exterior architecture, creating an airy, modern back facade. It also floods the new spaces with natural light and connects to the vibrant garden with the century old Copper Beach tree as a focal point. In this part of the house, we find a white kitchen that contrasts with an adjacent black dining area. Next to it, right in front of the beech tree, an informal living area has been placed to ensure maximum interaction between the outside and the inside of the house.

74 | G&G _ Magazine

Chloe Warner played a major role in finding the right balance between the owners’ aesthetics and creating the transition between the different spaces. She relied on blonde hardwood floors in the whole house that create the ideal backdrop for the home’s surrounding natural beauty. The second floor houses the sleeping area and follows the neutral color palette that imbues it with easygoing elegance. A flood

of natural light creates a bright and open atmosphere that feels quintessentially Californian in every room. The master bedroom has been positioned in the new structure and guarantees both a well-lit environment and a view of the beech tree that was much appreciated by customers. A white en-suite bathroom with light wood cabinets completes the clean design of the room.

Going up the stairs, you can admire a series of small-sized paintings. Arriving at the top, there is a warm toned living room with a spectacular view that can be seen through the windows along the walls. Here, we find some color accents with the use of home accessories. An outdoor area was also guaranteed with lounge chairs and a path that certainly completes the welcoming atmosphere in a welcoming way.

76 | G&G _ Magazine

"We ended up drawing inspiration from the historic London townhomes where you see the modernist interventions in contrast to the historic architecture, and it’s clear what's what.” - Brooks Walker, Principal at Walker Warner Architects

WHEN THE EXTERIOR CONTINUES INTO THE INTERIOR YODEZEEN studio projected the apartment in Kyiv with the focus on architecture and its role in interiors for a young a cultural expert who appreciates architectural ensembles and an impeccable space that would fully reflect his tastes. Photography by Andrii Shurpenkov

he apartment is located in the center of Kyiv on Hrushevsky Street, which is popularly called the government one. In addition to the main administrative buildings, the Verkhovna Rada and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, it also houses several operating ministries and committees. The building, where the apartment is located, is an example of one of the first high-rise buildings developed in the area of the Mariinsky ensemble. It was designed by the former chief architect of Kyiv and honored architect of Ukraine, Sergey Babushkin, who can be confidently called the person responsible for the appearance of the modern metropolis. Behind a heavy brass front door, opens a perfectly designed hallway, not overloaded


80 | G&G _ Magazine

with any superfluous elements. At the entrance, there is a custom console made of wood and glass, as if it is floating in the air, and a small ottoman by the Minotti brand as the completion of the concept of a guest wardrobe on the opposite. All technical rooms, the entrance to the guest bathroom, as well as additional storage space, are cleverly hidden in veneer wall panels. The designers had to re-plan the accommodation and dismantle several walls to visually expand the space of 343 square meters and let more natural light in. In addition to the basic materials in the implementation of the project that are already traditional for the studio, such as stone and veneer, they also used noble brass. The entire area of the apartment can be conditionally divided into two separate spaces: common areas and a master zone. Crossing the corridor leads to a combined kitchen and living room, which also consists of two sub-zones: a lounge area opposite the fireplace and an area for receiving guests.

"All the usual modification s of forms and objects, characteristi c of interior design, open up in a new manifestatio n and find their purity.”

In this project, the architects and designers of the YODEZEEN studio were inspired by the flexible brass material used in the implementation of decorative elements of the living space. The first and most striking solution was the creation of the so-called brass wave in the living room. This is a custom design made from the studio's drawings, almost one piece: the team assembled it from several parts and complemented the lounge by the fireplace by it. Quite a practical solution in the lathing of the existing structural column gave the living room interior a visual architecture. Illuminated brass has also been used to make a bookcase in the living room that contains some sophisticated 82 | G&G _ Magazine

sculptural home accessories. The space is equipped with furniture of Italian brands, but the Minotti dining table deserves special mention. It is made in the Japanese izakaya-style which assumes the sharing of dishes between all guests at the table. The composition of the dining area is completed by a custom lamp from the English brand Cameron Design House, designed in a single copy especially for this project. As for the color palette of the apartments, it is made in calm nude tones. As conceived by the designers, the place should not be oversaturated with anything other than daylight, which fills the apartment through the panoramic windows on the fifth floor.

"Half of success in interior design depends on how the lighting is spread out. In this particular project, in addition to a large number of windows, we increased artificial light sources to make the apartment warm and cozy.” - Artem Zverev, co-founder and leading architect of the YODEZEEN studio

Elements of the kitchen area are traditionally made of natural stone according to YODEZEEN's schemes. The marble island is framed with brass walls and is equipped to be accompanied by high 84 | G&G _ Magazine

B&B bar stools to create a more informal image of the kitchen. Henge's Tubular Horizontal light composition illuminates the stone island and can be adjusted to the specific mood and atmosphere.

86 | G&G _ Magazine

To complete the living area, the designers handpicked the Connery sofa by Minotti brand, which can be recognized by its clean lines, the versatility of the seating system, as well as a hint of the American spirit of the middle of the last century. In addition, they chose Gianfranco Ferre's Kalamaja chairs in retro style, which reflect the unbridled spirit of the metropolis and sets off the rather conservative concept of the living room. Behind them, the door leading to the master bedroom has been placed in the hidden way. It is so aesthetically inscribed in the space that, if there were no handle on the plane surface, it would be difficult to understand that there is a fullfledged room behind it. At the end of the creation of the concept of the architectural interior, the designers of the studio picked out art objects that complement the very idea of the space. The apartment houses the works of Ukrainian sculptors Yegor Zigura and Nazar Bilyk, who are widely known far beyond the borders of their homeland. Their works decorate not only residences but also park public spaces.

" And the most striking accent, deliberately “disturbing” the calm pastel palette of the living room, the painting “Horse. Evening” of one of the most expensive Ukrainian artists of our time, Anatoly Kryvolap. We placed it opposite the main entrance from the hallway to the living room, implying that even perfection needs bright and bold accents."

The master zone consists of a dressing room and a master bedroom with a private bathroom, and it is adjoined by another room — a guest bedroom, which is designed so that later it could be converted into a nursery. The latter follows the neutral tones of the house: the bed of the Italian brand Ivano Redaelli is accompanied by the Minotti armchair and the brass Henge suspensions. A large wardrobe, also by Minotti, has been positioned along one wall. The overall concept of the space was developed taking into account the principles of combining elements and textures, which together would create an optical harmony and perfection. Anyone can notice, or rather not notice, not a single visible seam or negligent matching of materials in this architectural interior. Stone, wood, and metal are connected, smoothly bending, or even look as if they were a single whole organism. This interior has many straight lines that smoothly flow into wave-like shapes, and the absence of sharp corners is additionally emphasized by the rounded shape of the furniture.

88 | G&G _ Magazine

The recreation areas have a zoning technique, where walls or floors merge into each other and support the overall concept of the space. For example, a common stone wall has been designed in the master bedroom and the bathroom, hinting at the unified concept of the two spaces. Dark brown veneer turning into bronzeburgundy brass, stone wall combined with a metal, dark palette of the chamber bathroom, which is extended in the master bedroom — if you walk through these apartments, the connection is obvious. Each new element is a visual continuation of the previous one, and it creates a subtle but perceptible bond between the premises.

90 | G&G _ Magazine

“We wanted to pay tribute to the architecture of the interior in all its magnificent details and at the same time preserve the integrity of the entire living space. All those principles that we love in the exterior, we have embodied inside, without neglecting the comfort.” - Artem Zverev

92 | G&G _ Magazine

SUBLIME DESIGN Maya Sheinberger Interior Design studio renovated a family house with the addition of a second-floor attic in Hod Hasharon, Israel. Photography by Itay Benit


, -


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, : , :, 94 | G&G _ Magazine

. , ,

:, , ,

., : ,: . , - , , . :: , ,: . , , , : , , -,:: : , : , , , , ,:


efore the renovation, the house was country-style, dark and oldfashioned. The clients, a couple in their 40s, parents of three, wanted a house that on the one hand would give them a feeling of a vacation in a hotel and on the other hand, that would be comfortable, functional and with lots of storage space for a busy life of a young and busy family. The entrance to the house is made through the front yard, a large surface paved with smoothed concrete with openings for trees and vegetation. The ascent to the entrance level is done by means of a concrete staircase of two shades combined with concrete planters and vegetation. The ground floor was re-designed along with the outdoor developing of the plot, while opening a new windows and creating full inside-outside connection. The large entrance door opens in front of the existing staircase, which is covered with oak sidewalks and a new glass railing. The floor is covered with large porcelain granite tiles in a concrete-like gray color that continues the smoothed concrete outside. To the right, we find the living room with a graphite gray sofa, a denim one and the small coffee tables that allow for versatility and practicality in hospitality. A large vintage rug in shades of blue-purple borders the seating area. Linen curtains in a light gray shade were chosen which continue the "effortless" look. Above the sofa are two paintings by the artist Tali Minzer hung asymmetrically. The Belgian iron windows are black, framing the green view of the courtyard from all the windows. A seating area with a sofa and armchairs is located under the pergola and next to it an outdoor dining area, a grill area and a swing bench.

In front of the living room is an open family corner with a floating oak bench with a dark blue upholstery and in front of it are leather rocking chairs that are also in blue, white marble tables and light leather carpet.


, , :, , : , , , ,

, ,

, . :

:, ,:

, ,

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, , :


96 | G&G _ Magazine





. , , , . - , ,: , : , : ,: . , : , , : :

To the left of the entrance, there is the kitchen is H-shaped, functionally designed with a high wall of bamboo cabinets, and inside is the refrigerator, oven, microwave, air conditioning system and additional storage. And low cabinets with a white marble countertop with sink and hob. A significant element in the look of the kitchen is the impressive wall cladding from thin panels in a shade of gray reminiscent of natural stone and covering the entire wall to the ceiling. The dining area was placed next to the kitchen to not create an overly formal space. A light glass dining table in front of the window is combined with black chairs. Recessed lighting fixtures produce a clean and continuous line in the space. For the guest bathroom, the same cladding for the kitchen was chosen again, combining oak woodwork and a black sink. 98 | G&G _ Magazine

B -

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, , ,

Going up the stairs, on the right we find the boys' new work area. It's an open space in which Maya Sheinberger designed a library of random cubes in three finishes (black, white and oak veneer) that look like they are floating on the wall, combined with a desk.

100 | G&G _ Magazine

The entire first floor is covered with natural oak parquet that creates a warm and pleasant feeling since here we find the sleeping area. The master suite is divided by a large closet with TV, air conditioning and storage system, the closet combined with doors of white Belgian profile form a division into three areas. The en-suite bathroom is minimalist with a spacious shower and a sink cabinet in an oak veneer finish combined with Corian. In both children's rooms there are white wall cupboards in front of the bed and a gray desk. The paintings and prints created by the son were framed and hung around the house. The bathroom is also in shades of gray and blue with a laundry and storage closet, a pampering shower and a large bamboo sink cabinet combined with a Corian countertop and a light blue painted metal leg. The top mirror cabinet incorporates lighting inside and reflects off the shower.

The attic is destinated for the eldest daughter. Her bedroom utilizes the ceiling slope in favor of additional storage combined with a work area. A light gray bed combined with a light blue wall create


:, : , , : . ,: . : : , : , : , . ,., , , ,: , : , :, , , , ,: : , : ,

102 | G&G _ Magazine


a young and clean look. The daughter's bathroom is also in blue and gray, combined with a bamboo cabinet in a special design that utilizes the sloping space in the optimal way.

Best Residential

Projects of


G&G _ Magazine has completed a careful selection of all Interior & Architecture projects published the previous year on its platform, identifying the Best 30.

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Founded by the designers Oleg Klodt and Anna Agapova, the design studio O&A London designed a house in Moscow for a large family who wanted to create it their main place of residence The most important request was to create comfortable spaces suitable for the whole family to spend time together. Photography by Mikhail Loskutov 106 | G&G _ Magazine

he project was started basically from scratch as only the shape and the surface area were left from the house the clients bought. The initial building was rather unremarkable and looked like an ordinary summer house outside Moscow. O&A London's team spent a long time working on it as any reconstruction is always more difficult than building from new. The designers demolished everything apart from the bearing walls and were left with just the cubic metres of space entirely at our disposal. Based on the features of the space and landscape the designers chose constructivism as the main style but as panoramic windows on the ground floor are not a feature of it, we can call it modern 108 | G&G _ Magazine

constructivism. The entire outer design of the house is built based on combining light and dark surfaces of dark wood and shutters and white painted walls. It is impossible to assign to the house to any one specific style as it contains everything from art deco to urban style. At the entrance, a very unusual staircase leading to the upper floor with an amazing chandelier and designer banisters was created. It can be classed as the centrepiece of this house. On the ground floor, the designers experimented with colours playing with the dark floor in combination with some colourful accents like in the hall with a yellow sofa and a bright painting.

“The clients trusted our judgement entirely and there were no problems or disagreements about the aesthetics during the work in progress. They were open to all our suggestions and creative bursts, and this allowed us to be quite bold in terms of decoration techniques that have later become a feature of this project.” From the hall you enter the living room characterized by calm colors and modern design furniture. Here the attention is immediately captured by the fireplace and the artwork by Louise Frydman positioned above. The environment is completed by two sofas with soft curves and a beige rug that create a relaxing and cozy atmosphere. An immense bookcase has 110 | G&G _ Magazine

been placed on one wall and, like the whole design of the house, this too follows the contrast: the light wood of the doors and shelves is highlighted with the dark color of the interior and of the finishes. Next to the French window, we find a corner for board games: two chairs and a table marked by geometric shapes give a more formal touch.

The dining area also guarantees a more accommodating aspect than usual. There are no usual dining chairs, but the designers have opted for both single-seat and multi-seat armchairs, with light upholstery underlined by the dark wooden frame. A highlight of the room is definitely the dining table: a powerful block of wood placed on a curved black structure.

The kitchen is made mostly in dark tones with different finishes. What stands out most is the shade of dark blue that we find on the work panel of the island positioned in the center of the room and the wall that acts as a background. The clients commissioned the studio to create a wine cellar for their collection, but they didn’t want to build a basement in the house. For this reason, the designers organised a space next to the kitchen. O&A London studio developed a modern 112 | G&G _ Magazine

interior concept for the wine cellar. The interiors are divided with a transparent floor made of tempered glass while the textured blued metal on the stairs highlights the graphic black floor and walls. A contemporary wine rack design with large glass panels provides transparency. Lack of direct light in the space creates a magical atmosphere of an ancient wine cellar. The storage of wine is a delicate science, balancing temperature and humidity requirements with space and

accessibility. The designers were very attentive to the temperature and humidity controls as one of the most critical considerations in every wine-cellar design and created a beautiful combination of functionality and high-end interior design. The other requirements of the clients were

the sports area and the spa that we find on the second floor. The gym features a large sports equipment area as well as table tennis and yoga spaces. While the wellness includes a custom-made hydro massage bath, recreational area, spa zone and hammam.

On the first floor a formal sitting room has also been reserved, accentuated by two Very Peri colored sofas with details in wood and metal. A carpet in blue tones stands out on the burgundy / cherry colored flooring, that covers the whole floor. This floor includes also the sleeping area where every space is thoughtfully designed

114 | G&G _ Magazine

to every detail and reflects the idea at the heart of the project that the bedrooms are not just different rooms but also reflect the personality, interests and tastes of each family member. This can be identified as the main design technique – all the spaces are created with different moods, colours and styles but they all seamlessly join

together. At first glance they have nothing in common, but all the spaces are united by the surfaces, shapes and materials which create the whole picture. As the styles and colours flow from one to the other new accents and moods emerge. Dark metal is the main decorative element (indeed it is used throughout the whole project). The granddaughter’s room is designed in green colours. Next to it is the youngest son’s room which looks like a separate loft style apartment with concrete panels on the walls, an amazing photo of New Yok city and industrial wall lights made to exclusive designer drawings.

The master bedroom resembles the style small houses along the seaside. Here, the designers created two bathrooms and two wardrobes. Her dressing room and bathroom are silver and white with elements of blue while his spaces are brown and beige.

118 | G&G _ Magazine


Nestled on the fifteenth floor of a skyscraper amid a bustling suburb in Mumbai, Purple Backyard designed a three-bedroom apartment in which the studio has woven layers of Indian history into a Japanese aesthetic to form an organic, eccentric but cohesive design. Photography by Ishita Sitwala


he apartment was fondly nicknamedthe "Shibui House" that in Japanese refers to a particular aesthetic of simple, subtle, and unobtrusive beauty. The concept of Shibui has been juxtaposed with the idea of blurring the line between the outdoors and indoors and has been rooted in the Indian context through

120 | G&G _ Magazine

the use of locally available materials. This does not translate into one specific aesthetic but rather presents itself as a product of technique and imagination creating a zen-like space that appears lived in rather than staged. The clients are a young couple that enjoys yoga, exercise, art, and the great outdoors. They are both extremely detail-oriented right down to having a dedicated closet just for their candles and the designers worked closely with them to design an ‘activity paradise’ with plenty of open space throughout the house. The interaction of the couple within the space was key, consequently an open floor plan along with sliding doors inspired by Japanese shoji have been used throughout the house so that the couple can feel connected no matter which part of the home they’re in. The idea was to design a home that will grow and adapt to the clients' ever-changing needs rather than provide them with a static space. The designers used organic fabrics, textures, and finishes with a wide range of greens in a way that the outdoors ebb and flow into the interior space. Concrete and its textures have been used throughout the house and their brute visage offset using greens and natural materials like teak wood. Indian stones like olive green and brown

river-washed kota sourced from the store Sri kota have been used as a flooring material throughout the house to provide a sense of grounding and being one with nature. At the entryway one is greeted by a bespoke overhead cane chandelier woven by local craftsmen, along with arched cabinets inset with rattan shutters in earthy tones. Rows of indoor plants placed on shelves with specialized lighting create a partition through which glimpses of mint kitchen cabinetry can be seen. An archway opens up to the living room area which has been intentionally raised above the surrounding areas to create an illusion of an outdoor deck. The tv built in unit has been made in brick & concrete and coated in whitewash texture. As the clients are avid readers and own a vast library of books, a ladder has been provided that can hook onto rails that have been placed on the TV unit as well as on all tall storage throughout the house to allow for easy access to every inch of the space. Natural olive toned river-washed kota stone flooring and an envelope of greens further contributes to the outdoorsy feel of this space. An uninterrupted flow of fresh air and natural light has been maintained through the use of simple, semisheer, floor-to-ceiling linen curtains in front of the large windows.

The dining space lies a step below the living area and houses a minimal dining table surrounded by four sets of mismatched chairs -all tied together using natural teak wood frames and crisp linen upholstery. The soft light from the organic fabric chandelier overhead demarcates the extents of the dining area. This space is offset by a bar counter that houses a wine chiller besides which a tea coffee station with a cabinetry used to store crockery and liquor has been placed. The liquor cabinet houses a quirky secret, it contains doodles

done by every single person who worked on the Shibui house, an idea by the client to celebrate the hands that built this space that the couple calls- home. The kitchen is separated from the main living and dining space by the bar counter and sliding teak wood profile windows. The mint-hued cabinetry with brass shell handles provides a subtle pop of colour to an otherwise neutral colour palette and the amber stained-glass feature along with egg white and brass accented hanging lamps add an element of whimsy to this space. Purple Backyard incorporated nontraditional elements here that were picked up by the clients during their numerous travels abroad such as providing a stainless-steel countertop in a noncommercial setting and allotting separate space for a full pantry within the kitchen. A connected balcony was designed to be used as a herb garden by the couple.

Designed to cater to the ‘new normal’, Purple Backyard paid special attention to providing a multitude of alternative spaces to work from home. A sliding profile door with fabric sandwiched between two panes of glass, inspired by shoji doors in Japan, leads to the guest bedroom. Designed to be used as a multi-functional space the room has a variety of seating and lounging areas. A low bed with an extension that can be used for lounging has been linked to a seating nook in the balcony through sliding floor to ceiling windows. The balcony has been enveloped with greens running

124 | G&G _ Magazine

through a trellis and has been demarcated to be used as a fruit and vegetable garden for the couple. The orange-red terracotta full bodied tiles, sourced from the store Beautiful homes, used for the bathroom flooring and a custom basin counter made in collaboration with Rawsteen ties in with terracotta lamps in the bedroom and brick red flooring used in the balcony. The powder bathroom is placed directly opposite the guest bedroom and in typical New York style, inspired by the travels of the client, has been designed to be stylistically different from the rest of the

house. Planned in a half and half format with a bold matte black sliding door separating the guest washroom space from the servant and utility area; the space is a product of pure functionality overlayed in an abundance of whimsy. Pink mosaic tiles sourced from the store Beautiful homes play off the eggplant hued custom-made basin counter, made always in collaboration with Rawsteen. A half and half pattern of black matte tiles with molding underneath and a teal jungle print wallpaper wrap around the rest of the room. A custom fabricated copper tap and floor lamp add to the fancifulness of the space. With a ceiling clad in jute, a black and white checked flooring executed using black limestone (kadappa) instead of tiles lending an additional tactile quality to the space, the studio has woven a multitude of contrasting elements into an unmistakable conversational point for guests creating a space that stands true to its playful moniker ‘the Oscar bathroom’.

The master bedroom was envisioned to be an exercise in simplicity. A play of light and shadows achieved through the layering of a sliding wood framed partition, inspired by the clients’ travels to Japan, over solid and sheer curtains create an atmosphere of tranquility. Simple white plaster walls are complimented by a wardrobe with cane inset in an exposed wood frame, a low bed with twin fabric clad side tables and minimal styling with a tall green plant, delicate hand painted floor lamp and refurbished antique frames to create a space for the couple to relax and unwind. The enclosed bathroom is an extension of the bedrooms’ aesthetic and features natural gray river-washed kota stone walls and flooring along with a concrete basin countertop custom made in collaboration with Rawsteen resting upon a minimal teak wood vanity accented with brass fixtures. The last bedroom, planned to be used as an activity room, has been designed using hues of ochre and mint over simple white plastered walls and a natural olive-green stone floor. A usually mature looking concrete texture has been juxtaposed with a playful mint to give the wardrobe a more youthful appearance.

126 | G&G _ Magazine

Layered Form Architects EAT projected a beach house for a family in the Australian seaside resort of Flinders in which the owners can invite and accommodate friends and families over. Photography by Derek Swalwell

128 | G&G _ Magazine


single row of mature popular trees, along the side unsealed road, forms a soft foreground to what the architects have considered as the “main” façade of the house. Shadow of the trees cast on to the white concrete masonry blocks in the morning, animate the longarticulated façade. The articulations, through the masonry and concrete detailing, together with the frustum roofs

130 | G&G _ Magazine

and layering of spaces, evoke street engagements and curiosities. These pose a polemic to the long façade which is essentially a defense mechanism to provide and suggest domestic privacy. The formal entry sequence starts from entering the pedestrian gate on the main street: the dusty pink brick pavers provide the conduit between the native garden and the build structure. Through the gap

“I’ve set myself an ‘urban’ design task to design something that speak of its location, to create a dialogue to the streets. However, the real challenge is to balance domestic privacy and how this dialogue is created.”

between the long façade and the garage, an outdoor shower is provided for washing down the wet gears from the sea, before the space opens up to the inner outdoor sanctum. Instead, walking on the walkway, from a huge French window on the left you can glimpse a living room with two blue sofas. There are also a couple of artworks, some white coffee tables - all assembled with a round rug in different colours.

Once inside the house, the 2 largest of the frustum roofs reveal their internal structure: reverse step concrete pyramids. The skylight in the centre of them provide all day illumination to the spaces. The heaviness of the structure makes the external masonry feel like eggshells, with complex engineering and detailing make the exteriors all the more minimal. On the right the first pyramid surrounds the living area composed of a bright blue corner sofa that form a geometric contrast with the rest of the room marked by sharp edges and straight lines. On one wall, the architects hung two paintings with pink and yellow shades to give the room a warm touch. There are also artworks on the opposite side, but with a different style: the various shapes in black on a white background. Two black armchairs have been positioned below. Finally, a brass suspension in the center of the room brings a touch of shiny. Instead, continuing straight, the second pyramid is reserved for the dining area. The round dining table and chairs, all in black, define the space. The kitchen is placed between two pyramids: the cabinets are made of wood, the same used for the beams, thus creating a fluid environment; there is an immense island which is bordered from the living room by a step and a black fireplace.

132 | G&G _ Magazine

“We want a house that offers to the client a different experience than their city abode, a house that provides a sense of escape, a world away from their city existence; a house that their kids can reminisce their summer holidays when they grow up, a house that is memorable, under the concrete pyramids, their giant tents.” The dining area has its own courtyard where the architects have put the barbecue deck that fits perfectly into the environment. While both internal living spaces look into the main north facing courtyard garden where the family gathers 134 | G&G _ Magazine

and entertains. Many of the spaces that are conceived in this house are to facilitate these collective experiences. For the kids' bedroom, the architects applied the same concept too. To save space but also ensure a playful environment, bespoke wooden

bunk beds with the black metal stairs have been designed. In this part of the house, a room has also been positioned which contains only a white round bathtub with hand shower tap

in steel. There are no particular finishes or furniture, just a wooden stool. This minimalist choice is due to the request to have a space to completely relax so a simple and clean design was essential.

The master bedroom, like the living rooms, has a few shades of bright blue. This time we find it not in furniture but in home accessories. A bedspread in this color matches the rug on which the bed is placed. As in the whole house, the

136 | G&G _ Magazine

paintings could not be missing in this room; they too have blue tones. In the master bathroom, both the floor and the structure of the sink have been covered with the pavers, the same ones that we find in the rest of the house.

“We were attracted by the warmth of the pavers, and the possibility of them being used other than on the ground. We’ve chosen to expose the frogs in the bricks and use them as a feature, from bathroom vanity, to external bench, to internal walls, to kitchen kickers, almost every opportunity that we can think of!”

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140 | G&G _ Magazine Oceania

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