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G&G _ Magazine N°4 – October 2017

New Design trends FOR AUTUMN

Impressive creations from the Baltic





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Shiro collection

design by William Brand Brand van Egmond


Interior Design Excellence

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Wooden swing 100% handmade













Design trends #AUTUMN2017

Enjoying a superb selection of Autumn Trends, just unique and stylish pieces for each space

Ersa Chandelier by BRAND VAN EGMOND Ersa, named after the Greek goddess of dew, hints as much to the fresh-faced start of a new day as the thirst for free-spirited renewal.


Victoria Tea Set by BETHAN GRAY The collection features a relief pattern, hand-carved from Arrabescato marble by Italian master craftsmen. This fine edging and the use of elegant shape adds a delicacy to the marble pieces.

Lei Lui Noce Armoured jewelry armoire by AGRESTI The piece is in matte canaletto walnut and 24 karats gold hardware. Inside, safe with biometric opening device. Drawers and pull out trays lined for jewelry.

Charla Dining chair by LUXXU It’s a splendid object of boundless elegance. This marvelous design is the perfect example of timeless lines with a modern twist, by using a complexity of luxurious materials.

18 | G&G _ Magazine

Copper Toy Box by CIRCU Copper Box is a luxurious kids’ toy box inspired by the adventures of Scrooge McDuck, the richest duck in the world; this toy box is a useful storage solution for kids’ precious toys and secret treats.

“The BARON chaise lounge series was developed by Blakk design group from Singapore, presented and launched, primarily, at NHOW Hotel Milan 2017. Developed meticulously from the finest cane and waterresistant material, the Baron is designed to be the centerpiece and flagship attraction for outdoor or indoor settings, patios or poolside locales. Simple geometrical silhouette with indivisible depth and an extremely monolithic structure, the chaise design embodies both luxury and magnitude.�


SINGAPORE | 47 HILL STREET #06-06 +65 848 111 28 info@rairexterior.com



Basie Suspension by DELIGHTFULL Basie is a vintage midcentury pendant lamp that brings you a timeless design. Featuring a gold plated body and a matte white shade this white chandelier creates a vintage style that is perfect for any design project.

Flintstone Floor lamp by BRAND VAN EGMOND Flintstone is a new and beautiful piece burnished finish that capturing the emotion of eternity.

Ardara Pala Armchair by ARTIFORT Pala is a fully upholstered armchair on a pedestal designed by Italian designer Luca Nichetto. The design follows the shape of a human body and combines Artifort’s heritage with a contemporary approach.

20 | G&G _ Magazine

Console Table by BRABBU Dolmens are ancient stone monuments from the neolithic period. These unique structures were the inspiration behind ARDARA Console Table. With a finish in gold leaf with a gloss varnish, this modern console table will give a unique twist to any interior design.

Marik KORUS Sculpture Céramique Contemporaine

« The hours spent on modeling the clay lead to the creation of amazing membranes, tubes, weaves, crumples, almost breaths, a poetic wandering in the white purity of porcelain. »

Céramiste près de Royan 52, rue de la Bessure 17570 SAINT AUGUSTIN, France 33(0)6 60 28 09 37 | contact@marik-korus.com WWW.MARIK-KORUS.COM




Floor mirror by MAISON VALENTINA The Colosseum or Coliseum also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre is an oval amphitheater in the center of the city of Rome, Italy. With an elongated shape, the Colosseum mirror has a fusion of modernistic and classical elements epicted in the golden arches which turns this into an exquisite design piece and a perfect accessory for each space.

Chair by BOWER

Kelp Fortuna Chandelier by BRAND VAN EGMOND The grand icicles of the chandelier, blown and pulled at the same time by glassblowers, add a striking monumental facet to the frivolously shaped Kelp.

22 | G&G _ Magazine

Cumulus Daybed by DISTRICT EIGHT

The unique Lucid Luxury Design Grand Piano Collection




Lavalier Pendant Lights by SATELIGHT DESIGN Drawing inspiration from jewellery, the Lavalier pendant light designs mirror an ornamental necklace. A hand-thrown ceramic or hand-blown glass lamp shade adorns the hand brushed brass U shaped rod.

Uranio Screen by DASH CASA ITALIA

Butterfly Chair by TORTIE HOARE The Butterfly chair is an elegant piece, upholstered with a luxurious dark brown leather back. It is available in a variety of fabrics, carefully selected to compliment the curves of the chair as well as being a durable material that will age well over time.

24 | G&G _ Magazine

Style. Quality. Innovation. Pot Ă Porter www.potaporter.com Phone: +39.0423.920234 Email: info@potaporter.com



in Dubai

Reflecting the pure elegance, simplicity and sophisticated comfort that define Armani’s signature style, the hotel is the realisation of the designer’s long-held dream to bring his sophisticated style to life in the most complete way and offer his customers the exceptional Stay with Armani experience defined by highest standards of service excellence.

26 | G&G _ Magazine

ÂŤ To create something exceptional, your mindest must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail. Âť - G. Armani

Every detail in the hotel bears the Armani signature, beginning with the warm Italian-style hospitality and moving to each element of the design from Eramosa stone floors to zebrawood panels, bespoke furnishings and personally designed hotel amenities.

Armani Hotel Dubai features 160 luxurious guest rooms and suites, five innovative restaurants, exclusive retail outlets and a serene spa. The first Armani/SPA in the world to embody the Armani lifestyle and design philosophies where each unique space provides the context for personalised individual treatments, personal fitness, sequential thermal bathing as well as private and social relaxation.

Impressive creations from the Baltic

For the category Impressive creations, G&G _ Magazine chose the pieces of the lithuanian brand, Egli Design. Founded by Egle Mieliauskiene, the brand pays tribute to the persistent fashion and brings modern art culture with the heritage of classical tradition in handmade artistic contemporary furniture manufacturing. The brand’s goal is to create and manufacture pieces which would trigger emotion, excitement and a feeling of nostalgia. Thank to a strong energy between creative people, professionals and excellent craftsmen who all love their work, Egli Design produces beautiful sculptural pieces that are unique in the world. Strong traditions of working with raw materials like wood, marble and brass, are engraved in the minds of the best artisans of the country. The creation of the pieces, composed with the longevous experience, wisdom and passion, exposes the powerful dedication and the feeling for the Art in the world of modern furniture. Their work is being evaluated on the global scale and continuous to surprise even the experienced professionals of the field.

“My mind often leaves to walk along strange, unknown labyrinths, and I dive in with my entire being to express myself in this way. If I couldn’t create and live with creativity, I’d go mad.”

ETERNITY - word perfectly describes the feeling when you lounge into this handmade lounge armchair. Even when you want to stay for your own or just relax with your fellas, drinking cognac and smoking cigar. Isn’t it what we all are dreaming about?

Our dreams reflected in woodcarvings and a sensation of grandeur embody this impressive, more than two-metre-high wine bar - SWING that will mesmerize you and your guests. Inspired by the Mediterranean character and warmth, you’ll always find a cool glass of wine at the bar to refresh you as if it were a hand fan swinging in an elega nt lady’s hand. Pearl inlay, hard wood carvings and impeccable, surprising functionality symbolize Eglidesign, a luxurious, durable choice.

Important moments in your life are recorded or saved in the photographs when some of them is always locked just in our MEMORIES. Prestige items should be dedicated to special places for keeping them. Handmade showcase from Eglidesign is coming to production within limited edition pieces to lock your luxury items in the way, that they all can be visible for you and your guests without touching them.

36 | G&G _ Magazine

Coganc and cigars bar – MAN’S WING. Elegance, power and motion flight meets together in one handmade, exclusive, artistic wooden masterpiece for HIM. Only raw and high quality materials as exotical veneer – golden madrone, natural massive wood, handmade aged mirrors and polished brass are used to create this work of art for your home spaces.

SELFISH. A woman with a mind of a snake. A mysterious figure wandering in the dark. Destined to survive by feeding on human emotions and feelings. Sucking the energy from its possessors and using it for its own good. Born sinner, stuck in this circle of selfishness.

VITALITY is main, fundamental human feature,process, occuring arond us and making the whole world spin. It is not only in the nature, daily life, but also it can be domesticated in your home interior. Made from solid wood with piano finish and carved smallest details this unique mirror spreads the feel of vitality all over your home.



structural beauty that gives warmth both to the mind and soul, embraces your inner desires of comfortability is a life puzzle Arabian architecture has cracked through. They have been able to marry traditional souk and civilization with their spectacular interior architecture. Fascinating deep breathtaking sights to marvel at. Their ability to maximize on the use of natural resources ie lighting is spectacular to desirable levels.


The overflowing elegance and beauty of the structures showcases nothing less than purity of wisdom and epitomes of creativity. Apple store Dubai mall is a sight to behold. Be it geometric or interlaced patterned ornaments; that’s the taste you sample once deep into this architecture Mosaic Syrian Persian or Roman influences – indiscriminate of what you need to savor.

Located in Dubai Mall – one of the most visited urban centres in the world, attracting over 80 million visitors every year since 2014 – the new Apple Dubai Mall occupies the most pivotal position in the city, alongside the iconic Burj Khalifa and overlooking the famous Dubai Fountains. Spanning over two floors, it embraces the theatre of the fountains with a sweeping 186-foot (56.6 metre) wide and 18-foot (5.5 metre) deep terrace – a first for any Apple Store – with unparalleled views of the spectacular setting and the incredible choreographed display.

Absolute royal luxury at its best The Gold in old Abu Dhabi central market simply a perfect interpretation of the regional vernacular.

The design of Apple Dubai Mall is a celebration of the sun, using the abundant daylight to create a special ambience within. Reinterpreting the traditional Arabic Mashrabiya, innovative, ‘Solar Wings’ gently shade the outside terrace during the day and open majestically during the evening to reveal the ‘best seat in the house’ with a breath-taking view of the waterside promenade and fountains. With their movement path inspired by a falcon spreading its wings, the ‘Solar Wings’ are in itself a theatrical experience – an integrated vision of kinetic art and engineering. The wings have been carefully crafted to inspire delight, a delicate combination of form and function.

42 | G&G _ Magazine

Abu Dhabi’s Central Market is one of the oldest sites in the city. Inspired by the traditional architecture of the Gulf this scheme aims to reinvent the market place, giving the city a new civic heart. By offering an alternative to the globalised onesize-fits-all shopping mall it offers a distinctive modern interpretation of the regional vernacular. As a shopping experience it combines luxury goods boutiques with food markets and craft-based trades. Like the traditional souk, these different experiences are brought together in an interior architecture of dappled sunlight, bright colours and fountains, with a changing rhythm of squares, courtyards and alley ways.

Open at night as well as during the day, these new spaces provide an important central venue in the city during festivals and celebrations and are cooled naturally when conditions allow. For the remainder of the year, the spaces can be enclosed by roof panels that slide into place to enable the internal environment to be controlled more closely. The perforations in the roof and interior panels – a pattern developed with a scholar of Islamic arts – continue outside, wrapping the podium building in a textured facade.

Jabal Omar development is a new luxury hotel and serviced apartments complex in the heart of Makkah. Inspired by traditional Arab architecture, its design reinterprets the traditional dense building clusters, creating a new contemporary vernacular that respects its sacred location. Following the mountainous terrain, its cascading vertical elements form a new topography. The new mixed-use development will create a new gateway along the route to the Grand Mosque for pilgrims from the world over.

The scheme addresses the shortage of accommodation in Makkah in response to the rapid growth in visitor numbers. Occupying a large portion of the site, the orientation of all rooms and apartments maximise and optimise views towards the Holy Kaaba – the main focal point for every visitor. Generated from the inside-out, its interiors design is an antidote to the lack of identity that typical generic hotel rooms suffer from. Every room has a dedicated space for private prayer and contemplation that provides direct views to the Grand Mosque and Holy Kaaba. Located on the axis between the new Haramain High-speed Rail Station and the Grand Mosque, the site also forms a key part of the pilgrims’ journey towards the Holy Kaaba. A dramatic pedestrian ramp integrated with the new topography will take the pilgrims through naturally lit spaces, adding to the special experience of visiting the Grand Mosque.

Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs at the American University of

Beirut By Zaha Hadid Architects

“ I don't think that architecture is only about shelter... It should be able to excite you, to calm you, to make you think. “ The Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs (IFI) building by Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) at the American University of Beirut (AUB) continues the ongoing implementation of the 2002 AUB Campus Master Plan by Sasaki Associates (in collaboration with Machado and Silvetti, MGT of America, and Dar Al-Handasa, Shair and Partners) to advance the university’s academic mission in the 21st Century with facilities of the highest international standards. The IFI was established as a neutral, dynamic, civil, and open space where people representing all viewpoints in society can gather and discuss significant issues, anchored in a long-standing commitment to

mutual understanding and high quality research. The institute aims to harness, develop and initiate research of the Arab world to enhance and broaden debate on public policy and international relations. It currently works on several programs addressing the region’s issues including the refugee crisis, climate change, food security, and water scarcity, youth, social justice and development, urbanism, and the UN in the Arab world. Relocating the infirmary closer to the new university hospital presented AUB with the opportunity to build the institute on the constrained site with a 7 metre drop in elevation between its south and north boundaries.

“This building asserts confidently that we are not a university that stays rooted in time and place; rather we challenge conventional thinking and actively promote change and new ideas.” - AUB President Peter Dorman.

48 | G&G _ Magazine

The existing AUB campus combines buildings constructed in concrete throughout the 20th Century in a variety of revivalist and modernist styles with different cladding and rendering treatments. In 2006, the competition jury selected ZHA’s proposal to build the new institute. The design significantly reduces the building’s footprint by ‘floating’ much of the IFI’s facilities above the entrance courtyard to preserve the existing landscape integral to the 2002 master-plan, create a new public space for the campus, and establish links from the university’s Central Oval to the Middle Campus and Mediterranean Sea to the north. The 3,000 sq. m. Issam Fares Institute building is defined by the many routes and connections within AUB; interweaving the pathways and views within the campus to create a forum for the exchange of ideas - a centre of interaction and dialogue - at the heart of the university.

The IFI design introduces new links between the Central Oval with the forested area of the Middle Campus and sea beyond. Existing Ficus and Cypress trees on the IFI site (aged between 120 and 180 years old) are integral to the design. The building emerges from the geometries of intersecting routes as a series of interlocking platforms and spaces for research, engagement and discourse.

The institute invites the community inside via the many connections and paths that converge at its double-height entrance courtyard. This new civic space for the university is a covered outdoor terrace and extension of the shaded area beneath the existing trees - a place for chance meetings and informal discussion - located at the nexus of pathways that traverse the site. A ramp leads between the trees to connect the research lounges on the second floor directly with the campus, while the first floor seminar room and offices are accessed at grade from the east and public courtyard to the west. These routes meet within the IFI to describe the atrium hall; establishing the institute as a crossroads - a central hub for students, faculty, researchers and visitors.

The building takes full advantage of the region’s tradition and expertise of working with insitu concrete. Passive design measures, high efficiency active systems and recycled water technologies minimise the building’s impact on the local and wider environment.

Ralph Kerle's Art Nature. Reflection. Imagination. Well Being

Stays Afloat

"Peaceful meditations on the environment in which we live and how it effects the way we think, see and communicate our sense of being in it" Ralph Kerle's Art Europe Unique Original Limited Edition Prints c/- CREA Gallery, Brivibas Street 103, Riga 1001, Latvia + 37167607534 vineta@crea.lv www.ralphkerlesart.com

Saadiyat Private Residence by Neat Interior Design

56 | G&G _ Magazine

Neat Interior Design is a design studio specialized in interior design solutions. With a team of highly skilled artisans and designers, their portfolio includes luxury projects according to the highest standards of quality and prestige. Saadiyat Private Residences is a residential beachside community on Saadiyat consisting of top of the range apartments, all thoughtfully enveloped in a secure and private gated community.

Fortuna Dining Table by Boca do Lobo was the statement piece chosen for this luxury dining room.

Step out of the community and you have immediate access to the pristine white sands of Saadiyat Beach and the world-class Saadiyat Beach Golf Club. To add to its appeal, these prestigious apartments are located close to the luxurious Saadiyat Beach Villas and international five-star resorts.

The Noble Qur’an Oasis Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah The project for The Noble Qur’an Oasis - AlMadinah Al-Munawarah is a sign of excellence rep-resenting a cultural and civic Islamic centre for the research, study and transmission of the Nobel Qur’an: The significance of The Noble Qur’an, The Qur’anic Revelation, The Actual Revelation of the Qur’an, The collection of the Qur’an, The Different Readings of the Qur’an, The use of diacritical marks in the Qur’an, The Preservation of the Qur’an, The Surahs and Ayats in the Qur’an, Rules & Regulations, inimitability (I’jaz) and stories (mentioned in the Qur’an), The Linguistic Eloquence of the Qur’an, The Science of the Noble Qur’an. Although the Islamic civilization and the Western culture are different in many ways, they both promote the preservation of tradition, yet encourage technology innovation. Islamic civilization invented geometry, the figure of the circle, the square and the square root of 2. Avoiding figurative expression, Islamic architecture and the design of the ideal city are defined by a

By Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura

strong geometry, which is seen as foundational. The first Islamic city had a circular plan, with all spaces being enclosed in the circle representing the elemental symbol of unity and the ultimate source of diversity in creation. This traditional city, or rather the idea of this city, serves as the base and the essence for the creation of the Islamic modern city. Such a background has led us to choose a circular concept as the main representational shape of the project for The Noble Qur’an Oasis. This unique civic and cultural landmark, with its sleek, minimalist design, is a symbolic container where the Islamic science and culture will be displayed. The Analysis, Research, Education and Dissemination of the Islamic culture are the central functions of the scheme. Like in the ideal city, the project combines all spaces in a creative manner to meet the requirements of the functional program, including up-to-date technology adapted to the project’s contents. Occupying the entire site like a total oasis, the project provides diverse bright open spaces. The layout’s geometry offers the visitors the possibility of choosing alternative itineraries and different scenarios within the flexible structure.

The scheme includes the following functional areas: main entrance, The Chronological Route, the specialized exhibitions, educational section, conference and exhibition center, The Noble Qur’an Library, The Qur’an Research Center, administration, restaurants, visitor’s facilities and open parks, shopping and services areas, car parking and a warehouse. This iconic project represents the Islamic city and its potential future extensions embodied in a series of covered circular forms, a palm oasis in the forefront, and fruit trees and native plants irrigated by a system of water canals creating a micro-climate. A traditional pattern of courtyards and narrow streets meshed within the structure encloses generously sized inner spaces, which define this center for the research, study and transmission of the Nobel Qur’an, as a unique place strongly related to Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah and its environment.

64 | G&G _ Magazine

The simplicity and clarity of the scheme ensures the incorporation of the latest displaying technologies and education interactive tools. Designed with simple, pure lines, the inner spaces provide a calm environment for the study and research on the Nobel Qur’an. Playing a symbolic role at the heart of the complex, the design of the Noble Qur’an Library will guarantee the ideal conditions to preserve the books, scrolls and manuscripts.

Three Gardens House

in Kuwait It all started with a question: Are you able to design an outside space that can be used 365 days a year? For moderate climates such as the Spanish it seems quite simple, but in the case of an extreme weather like that of Kuwait it was necessary to think about new strategies. So we asked the client: Could you live in an outer space located at different levels? Could you classify your outdoor activities in evening and daytime actions, summer and winter events? These enquiries may be very difficult to answer for a Mediterranean family, but definitely not for those who are used to living in adverse weather conditions and who easily know what can -and cannotbe done during the summer outdoors. We decided to stratify the external uses according to the period of the year and the hours of the day in which these activities could be developed, and accordingly we designed three gardens.

The first one is a Wet Garden on ground floor, which allows us to activate related spaces during the hottest periods. The pool and some fountains are located in this garden, which is surrounded by the main social spaces of the house.

The Summer Garden stands in the coldest layer, 4 meters below street level. Protected by the soil’s thermal mass and the projected shadows of the housing volume, a large sheet of water is placed to catalyze the evapotranspiration that -through convection- rises and refreshes the air towards upper spaces.

The third one lies on the roof, an ideal place for winter days and hot summer nights. A perforated skin covers the Winter Garden, avoiding direct solar radiation and raising the privacy of its inhabitants.

These three gardens become unified as a single outer space and are connected -visually and physically- through exterior stairs; we begin to develop the rest of the home from the generation of the aforementioned voids, articulating the program of required uses around them.

Another important aspect to understand is the internal circulation of the dwelling, strongly linked to the concept of "family" assumed by the clients. From the main entrance, the separation of spaces and levels acts as a filter with guests; therefore, those who circulate through it are only the ones closest to the family.The circulation inside the building -both vertical and horizontal- is conceived in a fluid way, creating multiple routes and possibilities for the inhabitants to reach the rooms in a more or less direct way.

Three Gardens House is shortlisted for a WAF Award 2017 in the House-Completed Buildings category.

The project is created by AGI Architects Images by Fernando Guerra | FG+SG

Interior Design Excellence



Contemporary elegance in Saudi Arabia JEDDAH HILTON

Located just 20 minutes from the bustling downtown area, Jeddah Hilton offers contemporary accommodations with stunning views. Whether you’re here for business or leisure, enjoy excellent dining and premium meetings and conferences facilities as well as easy access to Jeddah's many nearby attractions.

Experience impeccable service and amenities at Jeddah Hilton whether you’re here for business or leisure.

Enjoy stunning panoramic views of the Red Sea and the ancient city of Jeddah

In November Jeddah Hilton hosts DECOFAIR

Delectable dining Sample regional Persian delicacies

DECOFAIR 6 - 9 November 2017, Jeddah


ecofair is Saudi Arabia's Exclusive International Design Trade Exhibition that offers a great business platform to exhibitors from the international and local design industry. Suppliers and manufacturers will have the opportunities to network and do business with buyers, interior designers, architects, and investors. Year after year, Decofair creates incredible environments based on creative spirit and hunger for design, new trends and inspiration. Next edition of Decofair will take place from the 6th to the 9th November 2017 at Jeddah Hilton Hotel - in an ideal period for the business cycle in the Region – and will surely be another success. In this edition Decofair will present the world's leading design brands and international interiors suppliers who will showcase their products and services to Saudi Arabia's top industry design professionals, key buyers and VIP's. Decofair Exhibitor Profile includes companies from the following sectors: Furniture, Lighting, Design Materials, Home Decoration, Textiles, Home Automation Systems, Kitchen and Bathroom Products, Flooring, and Design & Architectural Services.

Event Features: Decofair Design Awards is a platform for dynamic professional architects and interior designers where they can find their niche and stand out in the crowd. The aim of Decofair Design Awards is to bring more exposure to exceptionally talented and creative designers and to provide them with the opportunity to meet and network with decision makers and project directors from the architecture and design industry. The Awards will be judged by industry experts including leading international architects, interior designers, and real estate developers.

For more information visit: www.decofair.com

Hostess Intepreters Models Promoters Stewards Photographers For Fairs, Conventions, Business meetings and Shows

VISIT OUR WEBSITE & CHOOSE YOUR STAFF! sevenhostess@gmail.com



Massive www.zaditaly.com info@zaditaly.com



innovative dining experience

The restaurant has a semi-circular structure made of steel, with glass walls and ceiling and teak floors. Inside, the main color is black, with animal and flower print cushions and tablecloths that are a distinctive sign of the Cavalli style. Highly sophisticated and stylish furniture and mise en place. The restaurant is popular among elite tourists and celebrities who attend the place for cocktails, dinner and after dinner drinks and dancing. The restaurant is open all year round and can accommodate 240 people in the Winter and 320 in Summer for a seated dinner. It is popular for private events, buffet dinners and lunches, for which the menus can be customized.

The main attraction of Just Cavalli is the fact that it provides a sophisticated solution for the entire evening, from cocktails, to dinner to dancing and partying. The music volume increases after 11.30 pm, when people head to the dance floor or to the lounge areas. The Chef and his staff have given way to an innovative dining experience. The menu includes several original dishes such as the New Style Catalana with lobster and purple shrimps. The first courses include classics such as spaghetti with fresh tomato and basil and lobster paccheri according to Roberto Cavalli’s recipe. The main courses include meat, fish and vegetarian options and among our specials you can find the Alaskan King Crab Plateau Royale. The service is discreet and attentive, and the wine list offers a wide selection of quality labels. It is also possible to taste and appreciate the ‘Tenuta Degli Dei’ red wine produced in the Tuscan winery owned by the Cavalli family.

Warm up your Soul with Planika

Planika is the leader in developing and designing the long line of real fire, even there where you wouldn’t imagine. With the application of the most modern technologies and no hard connections, Planika realizes the projects more and more innovative and creative.



SAFETY AND QUALITY Awarded with several international certifications, Planika lives up to the highest standarts od safety. Multiple safety sensors and advanced microprocessors guarantee the correct operation of the fireplaces. Thanks to patented BEV technology (Burning Ethanol Vapors), there is no direct contact between the fuel and the flame resulting in clean combustion.

INNOVATIVE FIRE The automatic fireplaces can be controlled remotely either with any smart device through WIFI or with the attached remote. The fireplaces are also compatible with any type of Smart Home System.

92 | G&G _ Magazine

fresh-new approach to fire design


the area of technology

FIREPLACE MADE TO MEASURE By customizing the length and color, the fire inserts can be modify to fit any project. By placing several units together, it’s possible to create an endless line of real fire.


LIVING-GARDEN HOUSE A new dimension of home to integrate architecture with nature.

Nomination to European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture Mies van de Rohe Award 2015

The classic household division into the living area, located in the ground floor and the sleeping area above was transformed into new typology. During the day, we should be able to interact with the environment, with the light (cognitive functions), whereas in the night, we appreciate separation from the environment (safety function). Dichotomy is thus born: the ground floor opens up to the garden under the floor ledge, whereas the first floor is more introvert. Living space merges with nature, glass partitions are the sole protection against the weather. The floor extends the lawn by utilizing grass mimicking materials. The living room has become the living-garden. We live in the garden during the day and enclose in the cocoon at night – an idea derived from the past. Our ancestors would harvest food in daylight while sheltering in the trees at night. LivingGarden restores the original order.

The form and materials of the house in Katowice represent local traditions – of Silesian worker settlements featuring red masonry walls and asphalt-lined gable roofs. Moreover, local plans enforced traditional development, which was, however, ultimately transformed – to ensure maximum privacy, the ground floor was set parallel to the road for the building to isolate the backyard garden from the road, whereas the first floor was shifted at 90 degrees to overhang and penetrate the garden. The building has thus acquired two faces. Street-side, it is enclosed, inaccessible, raising the comfort of its residents, guaranteeing maximum intimacy. In turn, garden-side, it is full of glazed surfaces overlooking the environment. A livinggarden is created under the ledge. On warm days, after removing the glass partitions, indoor space merges with the garden, the flooring transforms into glass.

The magnificent ledge rests on two reinforced concrete walls covered with stainless steel to produce a dematerializing effect. Indoor space penetrates the garden both physically and deceptively. Wall fragments in the living section meet the expectations of investors to form a piece of intimate space (a home cinema is created after closing the curtains). The first floor is the night section overlooking terraces located on the flat roof of the ground floor. sustainable development and LivingGarden House Living-Garden is a green, Aenergy class building. Perfectly insulated (thick walls, multilayer thermal glass), the house does not require high energy for heating and remains cool in the summer. The ledge protects the ground floor against overheating.

Local materials were mainly used: brick from the brickyard nearby and wood (terrace and ledge lining) from the sawmill nearby. With its structure, Living-Garden House enforces an environmentally friendly lifestyle – opening up to the garden enforces coexistence with nature, subjecting to its rhythm. Soon, the blend of architecture and the environment will be fuller: applying specific grass or moss types in the living section will improve the internal microclimate, improve the quality of air, and, in result, create a healthier space for living. More ethereal membranes will ultimately cease to separate us from the world. Houses will cease to interfere with the landscape. Living-Garden House is a step towards this ideal. It makes the residents aware that they are a part of a bigger ecosystem.

DecoFair hosts + 120 exhibitors 8 billion riyals imports attract 10 countries Portugal and Italy expand their participation

Jeddah: Decofair 2017, Saudi Arabia’s exclusive international design trade exhibition, ‘9th edition hosts more 120 exhibitors from all furniture and design sectors. Participation of 10 Arab and international countries in Decofair 2017 is backed by Saudi furniture and decoration imports exceeding 8 billion riyals in 2017. Haya Al Sunaidi chairwoman of organizing committee unveiled that the booming construction market in Saudi Arabia led to an increase in demand for furniture to raise volume of imports to 2.2 billion US dollars (8.25 billion riyals) this year. Hence world's leading companies in design were esteemed for participation in DecoFair new edition as the largest regional platform to showcase the latest new products and services in the industry. Al Sunaidi expected participation of international companies representing United States, Britain, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Greece, Egypt, UAE and Kuwait, in addition to Saudi companies and factories operating in the sector.

She pointed out that preparations are under way to launch the first "Decofair" Riyadh from 6-8 March 2018 at Al Faisaliah Hotel. Rony Al-Haddad director of exhibitions said:

“Decofair 9th edition covers all sectors of furniture, lighting, design materials and services and home decorations.” Decofair facilitates gathering of major local and global furniture and design companies and is an opportunity for cooperation and trade communication and exchange of experiences among businesses and industry professionals; architects, designers, contractors, investors, hospitality and projects’ managers.

Al-Haddad added that Saudi Arabia is the most attractive market in the Middle East in the field of furniture, providing great opportunities for growth and expansion in line with Vision 2030, which includes a mega program of investments amounting to 624 billion dollars over the next three years until 2020. With growth of the furniture market and interior design by 14% this year in line with the

continued growth in the real estate market, over 120 projects will be launched during the next three years and more than 40,000 hotel rooms will be launched in Jeddah and Riyadh by 2018. Al-Haddad pointed out that "Decofair" will host the second edition of the “Decofair Design Award 2017”, with participation of the Organization of Islamic Capitals and Cities.

“ Decofair Design Awards is a professional platform to support creative designers from all countries and to highlight their designs and projects so that business professionals and decision makers can communicate and collaborate with them, where participants will be assessed by a specialized jury of leading architects, international designers and real estate developers.”



Creative iron is brand of Igor Kanop from Slovenia, Europe. Igor considers his work first and foremost art and not a trade, each piece of furniture being made as an artwork.

www.creative-iron.com info@creative-iron.com


CAPE TOWN OVD525 By Three 14 Architects OVD525 is a private home located in Bantry Bay, Cape Town. The steep mountainside site boasts un-disturbed views over Cape Town’s Atlantic Seaboard and Robben Island to the north and north-east. The city is seen in the distance towards the east and the iconic Lion’s Head Mountain towers over the house from the south. Western views take advantage of spectacular ocean-sunsets.

The owner had been living on the site in a home he built 10 years prior to our meeting. After bravely taking our advice to demolish the existing structure, the brief could be reconstructed and the design that followed tailored to the needs of the client and to unlocking the full potential of this privileged site while creating complete privacy from nearby neighbours.

The house was conceived as a series of horizontal slabs containing gardens, decks and pools which slide between two massy, shielding vertical elements at the flanking ends. These are constructed in planked, textured shuttered concrete and expressed internally in different ways; as a tactile and visual backdrop to bathrooms, bedrooms and living spaces, for display and storage, and as elements from which to carve out fireplaces and other features.

Living spaces are formed in the voids between these slabs. The master suite dramatically cantilevers over the external entertainment and pool area in order to capitalize on the views. It creates the planked concrete soffit of the main living level as it stretches out towards the horizon. A more delicate, double-skin screen - with integrated garage panels – is suspended over the entry forecourt and provides a dynamic street façade offering privacy whilst allowing light penetration and glimpses out towards the mountain.

The architecture of this home has a restrained, natural material palette, and is respectful of the importance of the everchanging city and ocean vistas. The house is conceived, detailed and finished in an understated and unadorned manner, creating calm, flowing spaces that are easy to live in.

American Dream

114 | G&G _ Magazine


aurizio Pellizzoni was given carte blanche to turn a five-bedroom aurizio Pellizzoni was given carte blanche to turn a five-bedroom house in Greater London into a cool party pad for a young professional. Maurizio’s starting point was the glamour of old Hollywood movies. He opted for a smoky colour palette and chunky, masculine furniture and oversaw everything from the joinery to the wallpaper to the fixtures and fittings. As a nod to boutique hotel design, he themed each bedroom, but the piece de resistance is the attic which he transformed into a ‘giant playroom’ -complete with a retractable cinema screen, a pool table and a bar.

The brief for this modern Greater London property was to create a comfortable space for entertaining friends and taking time out from the city. Maurizio Pellizzoni drew on the style of a classic Hollywood lifestyle that suited the modern architecture of the house and met the client’s desire to create a fun bachelor escape. Maurizio Pellizzoni started with an empty but pristine shell and transformed it with new furniture, soft furnishings artwork and accessories. Some existing fixtures were kept and updated in respect of the client’s budget, for example the main staircase was given a makeover with new paintwork and wallpaper to give it a more masculine edge, but otherwise Maurizio Pellizzoni was given carte blanche to ring in new changes. The open plan living room has double doors into the garden was large enough for a generous corner sofa from Flexiform to frame the space and create a cosy corner in front of the fire.

a comfortable and modern space

for living

Custom made units provide ample storage for electronics, gadgets and a large DVD collection. The client was persuaded to keep the expensive existing kitchen but it was restyled with design accessories, modern artworks and feature lighting from Tom Dixon to give it a more up-to-date identity. The bedrooms were each designed with a different theme, a fun element borrowed from the style of boutique hotels for the client’s guests.

Upstairs the large attic space was given over to a cinema room, which has a pool table, 20-seat Poliform sofa and retractable cinema screen. Two life-sized figures of Batman and Joker belonging to the client flank the entrance and add a touch of humour. References to Hollywood continue throughout and the moody colour palette provides a suitable backdrop for after hours entertaining.

Interior design by Maurizio Pellizzoni Photograhy by Jake Fitzjones Photography www.mauriziopellizzoni.co.uk

G&G _ Magazine N°3 – July 2017 power by Casa Living

TreeSense / Yedan Qian Xin Liu Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

The Middle East’s largest design event and a global meeting point for the international design industry, Dubai Design Week, is set to host biggest season yet in November (13th-18th), furthering its status as a cutting-edge, vibrant global design hub. Staged in partnership with Dubai Design District (d3), the sixday programme of more than 200 events aims to attract more than 50,000 visitors including architects, designers, thought-leaders, influencers and public audiences from the region and around the world. At the centre of Dubai Design Week is its commercial anchor event, Downtown Design (14-17 November), which looks forward to its largest and most significant edition to date, celebrating five successful years as the leading design trade fair for high quality design

The Middle East’s largest design event, Dubai Design Week, with design trade fair Downtown Design, is an essential fixture in the global design calendar.

in the Middle East. Downtown Design will present over 140 carefully selected best-in-class established and emerging brands from all over the world to the design professionals drawn to Dubai from across the Middle East and further afield. The show will feature worldfamous brand names and showcase eight emerging regional design brands for the first time, across 26 product categories – including furniture and lighting, textiles and accessories, and the latest in kitchen and bathroom technology. Abwab temporary pavilion structure designed by Fahed + Architects

Visitor interactiong with Hexalite by Zeinab Alhashemi commissioned by Swarovski

Spun chairs by Magis

Christie by Nahoor, at Downtown Design

HERIOT WATT UNI Generative Shelter

Rue Kothari, Show Director of Downtown Design says “We’re delighted to be marking five years of Downtown Design with a show double the size of previous editions. Not only does this reflect the strength of the exhibition and its reputation but also the growth in high-demand sectors of lighting, furniture and textiles. The show continues its rise, while focusing on connecting exhibitors to the region’s leading architects and interior designers. Helping brands and buyers to unlock the potential of the Middle East design market is at the heart of Downtown Design.” The 2017 edition sees an increase in the number of brands across all categories, with an outstanding 90% retention of key brands; each of which is returning with fresh concepts for the market. This includes sought-after furniture brands Kettal, Minotti, Moroso and Sancal, who between them collaborate with world renowned designers Patricia Urquiola, Sebastian Herkner, Jasper Morrison and the Bouroullec Brothers. Newcomers to the exhibitor line-up include iconic furniture, textile and lighting brands including B&B Italia, Designer’s Guild, MDF Italia, Meridiani, Marset, Sans Souci, Santa Cole and Vondom. Dubai Design Week is a vivid expression of the varied and talented design community established in and drawn to Dubai, the region’s design capital, we get to know a handful of home-grown

architecture and interior design talents who are shaping the future of design in their city.

Pallavi Dean Interiors Pallavi Dean Interiors is a UAE success story. Half the eight-strong team at the studio in based d3 – including Pallavi herself – studied in the UAE. Since launching in 2013 with a very clear mission “to create unforgettable experiences through design”, the boutique interior design agency has built an awardwinning international portfolio spanning three continents and four sectors: hospitality, commercial, residential and education. Flagship projects include the Edelman head office in Abu Dhabi, the Sheraa entrepreneurship centre at the American University of Sharjah, and the forthcoming Delano Dubai hotel and Yotel hotels on Palm Jumeirah. For Downtown Design 2017, Design Director Pallavi Dean has designed a biophilic installation-led booth for leading carpet tile brand, Interface. Pallavi was irresistibly drawn to the concept of ‘metamorphosis’ as a way of conveying the true DNA of the company to

Downtown Design’s audience of architects, interior designer and specifiers. “In a very literal sense, Interface’s recycling is the epitome of metamorphosis. “They take old rugs and discarded fishing nets and turn them into beautiful carpet tiles,” explains Pallavi. “More profoundly, their mission is to fundamentally transform the way people feel when they step inside a building. Using principles like biomimicry and biophilia to bring the natural world indoors, they help create what they call +Positive spaces.’ The result: people are more creative, more productive and happier. True metamorphosis.”

Edelman offices Abu Dhabi, UAE

Pallavi Dean, founder, and Christina Morgan, partner of Pallavi Dean Interiors

Al Mass Penthouse, Dubai

Viktor Udzenija Architecture + Design

Viktor Udzenija

Viktor Udzenija Architecture + Design works nationally and internationally on high-end residential and commercial projects providing full architectural and interior design, product and furniture design services for both public and private sectors, from conceptual studies up to project execution. Over the last few years the Studio has secured several design awards, amongst others ‘Sustainable Initiative of the Year Middle East’ for its HQ ofs ice in d3, ‘Best Residential Project Middle East’ for its recently completed Jumeirah Residence project. The office is currently working on several luxury residential projects in the UAE as well as developing a5 star hotel in Prague as well as multiple projects in Croatia expanding their reach past the borders of the Middle East.

T-Zed Architects

Tarik Zaharna

Founded by Tarik Zaharna, T.ZED Architects is a progressive, international Architecture and Design practice based in the UAE and operating internationally. Based in Dubai, the architectural practice focuses on delivering niche projects for clients across the Middle East and around the world that have a key, culturally relevant component to the development of the contemporary architecture. Deeply rooted in the process of design and making, T.ZED Architects consider materiality, programme and details to be at the very core of each project’s identity and purpose. The skilled and professional approach is not limited by scale or function, since pure architectural thinking is applied to each building, interior, urban intervention, design piece and research-led project. KOA Canvas, interior, Dubai

Fadi Sarieddine Design Studio

Fadi Sarieddine Design Studio Founded in 2013 by the Dubai-based Lebanese architect Fadi Sarieddine, the multidisciplinary atelier is dedicated to innovation in design across a wide spectrum of scale, media and context. Continually challenging traditional design and examining them through new materials, applications and technologies, Sarieddine’s experimental approach to design is the springboard from which the studio explores the intersections of art, architecture, interiors and product design. Be it a singular object that investigates the evolution of Middle Eastern design ideologies to large-scale residential, retail, Fadi Sarieddine hospitality and corporate projects that champion creative excellence in region, the atelier treats each project an opportunity for creative discovery and cultural storytelling.

bordeaux 1

matt black 3





peacock blue

for your decor



red foxy

cobalt blue 7


1. 3D PIXEL Baux 2. STONE TABLE Claste 3. SHELL SOFA Estudiobola 4. SHAMSIAN NIZWA ARMOIRE Bethan Gray 5. STANDBLY TABLE Brand Van Egmond 6. MANSFIELD ARMCHAIR Essential Home 7. DELUXE SETTEE Jetclass 8. BOHEME SOFA Jetclass


each of this colors make any space feel a whole lot warmer and stylish



NAUU DESIGN o discover the worl


We sculpt stories, traditions, emotions, ambitions and love! We sculpt pleasures!

Once upon a long time ago there were the islands… There was a great distance, unknown history, enigmas and fantasies, and – no airplanes or immense ocean liners; there was no even such a colorful map of this world… But in several historical documents has been mentioned the denomination “nave” (Latin Navis) used between 1211 and 1428 as the opposite to the term “boat” applied to the ships, marked with smaller proportions and used in small routes. That was much used in the middle of the XV and XVI century. During the times of the Discoveries there was an evolution of the types of ships which were used for long routes: in XV century there were large vessels, or “Nau” used in long journeys with a capacity of 200 people. There was an evolution of the types of ships in a remarkable way in Portugal. It is about a unique opportunity to cross the horizons. Centuries after on our days – NAUU continues to discover this world: in a way of art, through the stories and traditions – “we are telling our history”, and – “adventure” is still the best word to describe the Portuguese Design. The history of this brand takes its origin in

2013 from an experience of more than two decades related to interior design in Portugal. Unique furniture by NAUU DESIGN is marked with a true elegance and exceptional compositional decisions which combine perfectly the artisan traditions with creativity and the most innovative joinery techniques. Created in Sétubal beside the Sabo river, NAUU DESIGN is a brand that wants to take cross-border the strength and the distinction of one of the richest regions of Portugal. So, today we can see exclusive objects marked with a strong personality and bespoke character, attention to a special “nature” of materials and a true aesthetics of each detail – “from the time it’s imagined to the time it’s completed”. Quality, innovation, elegance, excellence and, above all, passion – mean the values of NAUU DESIGN. It is about the objects which are quite often so similar to the sculptures or architecture; associated with the nature, inspired by ancient artisan values or cosmopolitan spirit of the big cities. It is about different ways of seeing the world – through the design, revealing new emotions, discovering the past and modernity – in the exclusive and exquisite pieces of furniture which beauty

Arrábida Dining Table

means a new experience of perception. Authentic traditions of Portuguese design, a true beauty of materials, an amazing synthesis of the architecture and art – history, tradition, emotion and passion – it is about NAUU DESIGN: through the hands of the finest craftsmen – “to be able to share with the world the great pleasure”, to create a space for unforgettable details and new impressions. “Arrábida” dining table by NAUU DESIGN is associated with majestic images of the nature – the imposing Arrábida Mountain, one of the most known in Portugal. The composition of this object is marked with elegant contrasts, massive view and a special dynamics. The base of this table is asymmetrical and differs by numerous stepped elements which visually change our perception and reveal an exceptional synthesis of the architecture and design. A massive rectangular table top was made with the use of myrtle root veneer – so, we can see unique patterns revealed in the textures of this material. Contrast framings and gold plated brass inserts – mark the contours and emphasize a monumental image of this object. The design of Arrábida dining table differs by a special artistic value, because it is completely handmade by best Portuguese craftsmen. An exceptional alliance between history, design and fashion has a special significance

for “Queen” armchair. It is about a splendor atmosphere of the grand halls of the royal palaces from the whole world, timeless style and a unique character of each detail. The composition of this object is marked with a distinctive sense of rhythm, because we can see a contrast combination of deep black gloss varnish surfaces and the applications in polished brass. Exclusively for the world presentation at Decofair Jeddah in 2017 – the upholstery of “Queen” armchair was made with the use of Hermés fabric “Fil d’argent” in terracotta shade. So, we can see the interlaying of various rhythmical accents (vertical contrast elements of the main structure and patterns in the upholstery) – this creates an effect of a visual depth. Aesthetics of this object reveals a unique synthesis between the most traditional techniques of joinery and modern design, fabulous character of déco and a true quintessence of style.

Arrábida Dining Table QUEEN Armchair (exclusive design for the world presentation at Decofair Jeddah 2017)

BACCHUS Sideboard (The International Product Design Awards 2016 Shortlisted)

“Bacchus” sideboard is a limited edition of 20 numbered pieces. Its design differs by a unique composition based on the wooden barrels placed horizontally. We can see an extraordinary effect of a visual play with the balance, because there is no a traditional feet or other base elements. Shape of the compositional elements, the name of this object – are associated with wine: with its very special storage manner and distinctive atmosphere of ancient myth. So, from an aesthetical pleasure – to the mental pleasure. The design of “Bacchus” sideboard combines a special charm of old traditions with avant-garde spirit. We can see the framings made of polished stainless steel which contrasts with an elegant texture of palisander wood in high gloss varnish. It is about an exceptional design which best expresses a significant style and passion.

“Fuzeta” stool differs by a unique aesthetics which was inspired by the blue sea of Ria Formosa and by the wooden houses of fishermen. It is about a special combination of an elegant beauty and authentic style of the artisan furniture pieces. We can see a laconic composition marked with an unusual dynamics revealed in a fluid line of the seat. Wooden structure elements made of American walnut with a high gloss varnish differ by unique textures. From the other side, we notice traditional handmade tiles from Azeitão region marked with relief patterns and blue colour shades which are in a perfect harmony with deep blue color of the upholstery. “Fuzeta” stool is a very exclusive object which fits great in any exquisite and luxury space, revealing a special charm of authentic art and old traditions.

MANUELA Armchair


“Manuela” armchair is a limited edition of 20 numbered pieces. It is marked with a strong personality and symbolizes the infinite horizon and all differences which unite the facets of this world. Fabulous cities,

amazing buildings that seem to touch the sky with its thousands windows… The skyscrapers became so special symbols of our imagination, ambitions and pleasures. The composition of “Manuela” armchair is very similar to these significant images because reveals a shape of this building which is always directed upwards. We can see a fluid silhouette, or single-piece structure which has neither beginning nor end: the back of this armchair is marked with the sectors made in 7 various colours and height. An exquisite natural ebony leaf with high gloss varnish and seductive velvet textures reveal a true elegance which also has no boundaries. The design of “The Embrace” cabinet was inspired by an alliance between luxury, nature and architecture. Its extraordinary composition differs by a visual dynamics, elegant contrasts and eclectical character. Its unique geometry is based on the combination of right angles crossed in the base revealing “open” lines of the embrace. At the same time we can see an exquisite combination of the details in golden leaf, stainless steel with black lacquer and high gloss varnish, palisander wood textures and bronze mirror surfaces. It is about an exceptional juxtaposition of noble materials and unique image of the whole composition which seems to be strange and complicated at first, but finally – we can see the image of “open embrace” revealed in the stylized geometrical forms and in luxury language which is perfect for any place.

THE EMBRACE Cabinet (A’Design Award & Competition 2013-2014)

Mysteries have no some exact origin – it is about something non-existing but so closed to our imagination. Mysteries are the silhouettes of our fantasies described in the myths and legends, and hidden in a timeless art. Pandora’s box was filled with dangerous mysteries, “Pandora” by NAUU DESIGN – reveals a very special nature of enigmas: it is elegant, luxury and beautiful. We can see a coffee table which design is similar to a rare jewelry. It was covered with 96 pieces of polished glass painted with gold powder and hand-stitched by the best craftsmen, exudes exclusivity and refinement, enchanting any space where it is present and becoming the focus of all attentions and desires. This precious piece of beautiful mysteries reveals a timeless art of design – to create stories and traditions, to highlight emotions, to discover this world. Marina Schultz ecletti.com

INDEX Design Series Dubai is comprised of 8 marketleading interiors, design and surface materials sectors that allow architects, creatives, designers, hoteliers, retailers and wholesalers to come together, network, learn and source products that create world-class interiors for some of the biggest residential, commercial, hospitality, educational, medical projects. In 2017, over 25,400 people attended INDEX from more than 96 countries, they networked with over 600 of the world's best interiors and design suppliers, including 19 country pavilions. Among these, the Italian Pavilion held the stage with over 100 companies exhibiting inside one of the largest group represented at Index. another success.

Dubai World Trade Center 26 - 29 March, 2018


THE CITY OF FASHION & DESIGN Paris, the city of fashion and design, full of style and unrivaled atmosphere. A year has passed since my last exhibition in Paris, the truth is that not much has been renewed at this time, Maison&object is certainly the place to find a wide selection of accessories, special furniture and cool product designers. I saw everywhere the power of Belgian, Dutch and French companies that know exactly how to touch the annual trend, to design for the client's needs and meet high standards. The elements that were repeated in the exhibition are the use of velvet, modular furniture, warm colors as a supporting element in space and solutions to small houses that the world needs these days. In order to select the accessories collection And as I am a


designer, the selection was great which made it easier on me to find what I was looking for. Business owners, designers, buyers and lovers of design, visit the next exhibition, it's worth that.

Goodbye till next time! Amiran Elfasi Visual & Interior Designer


the best lighting for your home EDISON’S TAIL by Brand Van Egmond is an unadorned yet full of energy, contemporary and elegant piece. Edison’s Tail moves freely through space and reveals that bringing light and vitality can go hand in hand.

the best sofa for your living NOVAK by Essential Home is the best choice for your living space that combines some details from mid-century style with a contemporary design vision. The base is rectangular, but it has a contrasting low back with rounded shapes, upholstered with a sophisticated leather and finished with piping detail.

the best bed for your kids room BUN VAN by Circu is a unique kids bed inspired by the iconic 60’s camper van Fillmore from the Disney movie “Cars”. Is perfect to bring a total experience of fun and play to the children’s rooms. With the Bun Van, bedtime will be like an adventurous road trip. The exterior is produced in fiberglass with chrome-plated finishes and the inside is made of palisander wood veneer, containing several storage compartments, a bed, a TV, desk, mini bar and a sofa. It is a complete bedroom set for a children’s space.

the best covering for your floor BOLEDECK by Bole is natural curved hardwood decking that follows a tree’s natural growth. The Thermo Ash decking meets the true definition of unique - each floorboard is as individual as the tree it came from. No two are alike. Boledeck allows you to extend your interior, onto the deck or any outdoor surface.

Life is not a straight line ÂŽ

the best prints for your walls MODERNA by Astek Inc. Inspired by the splendor of the Art Deco era, the Moderna collection embraces the luxury, sophistication, and modernity of the 1920’s and 1930’s. The classic deco motifs are reimagined in a contemporary style while maintaining the opulent character and materials that defined the roaring twenties.


Africa nihmluxury.com three14.co.za America astekwallcovering.com bowernyc.com claste.ca estudiobola.com Asia armanihoteldubai.com asatiles.com cocolatex.in distrettodesign.com decofair.com dubaidesignweek.ae Duroflexworld.com elanexpo.net fadisarieddine.com hilton.com indexdesignseries.com lumina.com.sa pallavidean.com rairexterior.com reedsunaidiexpo.com tzed-architects.com viktorudzenija.com Europe a-g-design3d.it agi-architects.com agresti.com artifort.com baux.se bethangray.com bocadolobo.com

bolefloor.com brabbu.com brandvanegmond.com circu.net corexpo.it creative-iron.com dashcasa.it delightfull.eu ecletti.com eglidesign.eu essentialhome.eu fordecor.cz fosterandpartners.com googawood.com jetclassgroup.com justcavallimilano.com kwkpromes.pl lacasadigiu.webnode.it luxxu.net lucidpianos.com maisonvalentina.net marik-korus.com marmomac.com mauriziopellizzoni.co.uk nauudesign.com planikafires.com potaporter.com ricardobofill.com segurtec.pt star-inox.it theseventhsin.jimdo.com tortiehoare.com zaditaly.com zaha-hadid.com woka.com Oceania ralphkerlesart.com satelight.com.au

la Casa di GiĂš House sharing / Bed & Breakfast

lacasadigiu.webnode.it donato.giuseppe3@gmail.com

The next edition will be published in January 2018. Stay tuned with us to find out the next edition!


Profile for G&G _ Magazine

Arabic Edition / G&G _ Magazine N°4  

For the fourth edition of the G&G _ Magazine, we've decided, moving towards the Middle East, to dedicate this release to the international f...

Arabic Edition / G&G _ Magazine N°4  

For the fourth edition of the G&G _ Magazine, we've decided, moving towards the Middle East, to dedicate this release to the international f...


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