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Witness the evolution of the international platform for luxury design. ICFF NYC, North America's platform for global design, will celebrate its 30th edition with G&G _ Magazine in May issue.
























ON THE COVER The oriental bistrot in the section « One day like Italian in Milan» . Page 170

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n last years the approach with the house has been completely reconsider. Today, for people, for all of us, the home is not just a place to live, but it is a nest where we can feel free and inspire ourself to create something unique. People are more and more interested to "dress" own houses more stylish and chic. To have a harmonious and fashionable house it isn't enough to dwell only on the furniture or the color of the walls and floor, it needs focus on the little things: each detail plays an important role. An article about the luxury creations of the Portuguese brand and a careful selection of products marked "Made in Italy" are ideal to highlight the importance of research and attention to detail. Then continuing in a series of projects where the eye falls back on the details: here a simple complement or object becomes significant and gives a touch of elegance to the ambients. The second part of this issue lands in Milan where the whole Design World is ready to disembark at the most anticipated event of the year - iSaloni. The news report opens with the novelties of the fair and continues with an interview with a Brazilian designer that explains his "contact" with the creation and his opinion about the exhibition with a sophisticated and sensitive point of view. To conclude with beauty you find a selection of luxury hotels and restaurants to stay and eat enjoying always the Italian lifestyle, as confirms by the choice of our cover.


Good vision!

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The unique Lucid Luxury Design Grand Piano Collection www.lucidpianos.com

The perfect Relaxtool – Activated by motion sensor: Enjoy a 2min natural bird concert!








info@zwitscherbox.com www.zwitscherbox.com

The Luxury Brand of the Langhe



Design trends #SPRING2018

Find a selection of new products to give a touch of spring and freshness, but also elegance and harmony to your home.

Queen Heart Stool by ROYAL STRANGER This royal and indulgent stool, is a lavish piece that intends to make you travel to another dimension.




Albany & Moray

Texture by CLARKE & CLARKE

Small pendant lamp by Calèche


ND Case Lamp by ND

UndercoverImari Plate by MINEHEART

iota Pouf by iota The iota pouf challenges the classic upholstery technique and offers a new concept. The luscious, soft look and feel conceals a metal construction which gives it stiffness.

18 | G&G _ Magazine

Kokeshi Pendant lamp by MINEHEART

Pot Ă Porter www.potaporter.com Phone: +39.0423.920234 Email: info@potaporter.com

The evil eye was created against the harmful effects of the evil eye sickness and protects all kinds of negative energies and evil spirits, so from that journey we return with more power and wisdom. Its mystical quality works right up to this modern days. Let your eyes view my beautiful collection of evil eye lucky charms to bring happiness and good fortune to its owner. Let my evil eyes fill you with the blessings of joy and peace and I hope to take a piece of me with you‌..

KV LUXURY Athens, GR +306973492324 info@kvluxury.com kvluxury.com


Chains Pendant lamp by SYLVAIN WILLENZ The lamp is inspired by both nature and the magic of a lighting garland. CHAINS is infused with nature, its shape is reminiscent of a ribbed shell.



Wall light by Calèche

Pendant lamp by LINEA LIGHT GROUP The lamp is the Winner of the Red Dot Award 2017 and selected for ADI Compasso D’Oro 2018.

Clouds Night Black Wallpaper by MINEHEART

King Edison Lamp by MINEHEART King Edison brings two contradictory worlds together - oversized and miniature - playing tricks with scale evokes the Alice's Adventures in Wonderland tale.

Cutting vase Vase by Jean-François D’Or



Kintsukuroi Sofa by ALMA DELLA LUCE Kintsukuroi is a Japanese word to the art of repairing pottery with gold and lacquer, and for the understanding that the piece becomes more beautiful because it has broken. In fact, repairing a vase becomes a unique and special object.

Soleil gold Lamp by PIETER ADAM Design encompasses the shape and warm shine of a radiant sun.

Amethyst Coffee table by INSANE Amethyst is a coffee table that pays tribute to the uniqueness of the mineral that gives it its name.

Hero Trolley by DISTRICT EIGHT

Four ... for luck Console by INSIDHERLAND Four... for Luck center table is inspired by quatrefoil. On the top made with exquisite rosewood marquetry work, it is drawn an intentional chaos under which each four leaf clover is only revealed only with a careful look.



Poppy Bloom Stools by DESIGN BY NICO Soft. Elegant. Pure. Inviting. Versatile and functional. Pieced together or perched-on individually, each Poppy Bloom Stool is immediately welcoming.

Sintra Armchair by LUISA PEIXOTO

A Duquesa Sofa by NAUU DESIGN

Rye Sofa Sofa by TRE PRODUCT Rye Sofa is a modern resting place which gathers people around.

Eternity Today Statue by SOPHIA

living room


26 | G&G _ Magazine


1. Marine Porade Apartment Avant-garde in design and inspired by all things Parisian the space exudes sophisticated textures and clean-lines. The hand-drawn layout of the black and white wallpaper lifts the spaces and excites with an unexpected twist. jamesdawsoninteriordesign.com


2. Belgravia Townhouse Contemporary items from Italian brands were chosen for the interiors, also some luxury and timeless pieces from Ralph Lauren Home to give an extra luxurious feel. This combination gives this five-storey townhouse a simultaneously youthful and sophisticated air, where the eclectic mixture of furnishings and art reflects the owners interests. mauriziopellizzoni.co.uk


28 | G&G _ Magazine

3. Suspended on the water It is the lake of Lugano that enters from the windows and with it the succession of lights that emanates and reflects. This living room owes much of its charm to the combination of large windows and natural light that let it filter: the works of art here vibrate in a different way at any time of day allowing the rediscovery of new details for every contemplation. pellizari.com

4. South Yarra Residence The style of furniture and overall room appeal was carefully designed with references to the architectural style of the home, whether linking to the external façade or internal detailing. The inspiration and references to vintage 1940’s Italian designs injected a softer feel into this area. Curved furniture and round shapes brought a more feminine touch contrasting and complementing such stiff and squared space. The layering of multiple textures and finishes add to the Salon’s charm resulting in a bespoke and curated interior. Multiple light sources add to the atmosphere, from glass wall sconces to art-lights, table and floor lamps and a striking chandelier. massimointeriors.com.au



30 | G&G _ Magazine

5. Belgravia Townhouse The room combines period charm and contemporary living by blending art, design and family heirlooms. It's unique because it’s a corner house where light enters on three sides, which eliminates the dark zones typical of these properties. mauriziopellizzoni.co.uk

32 | G&G _ Magazine

Impressive creations For the category Impressive creations, G&G _ Magazine selected the amazing pieces with gold finishes by portuguese luxury brand, Boca do Lobo . The furniture is an exclusive emotional experience, a sense of belonging and a state of mind. Boca do Lobo strives to encourage sensational experiences by creating beautiful pieces which are passionately inspired and handcrafted in Portugal by a staff that loves what they do; experiences which pass on the feeling of exclusivity. The designers possess an undeniable talent for composing pieces which stir emotion in their admirers. The artisan’s wisdom, accumulated from years of experience, is instilled with love and dedication in the art that they perform. No detail or element is overlooked as we offer the best at the frontier between design and art. Each piece will bring you on a journey to sources of pleasure you may have forgotten, and take you to places you have never been before; a journey to Boca do Lobo world-a world of emotions.

The FORTUNA Dining Table is a shimmering statement piece that unites Boca do Lobo's one of a kind design aesthetic and passion for Gold. Representing the essence of empowerment, sophistication, mystics, and enticement, the Fortuna features a one of a kind design, with a unique table surface texture and incredible finish.

PICCADILLY Mirror is a result of new concepts that featured impossible constructions, explorations of the infinity, architecture and tessellations. With a convex mirror, its frame is made in highly handcrafted poplar. The mirror is a perfect reflection of the masters at work here at Boca do Lobo Design Studio.

The EMPORIUM Chair is designed in a classic form, with distinctive design elements and a unique Boca do Lobo touch. Drawing inspiration from the surrealist movement, cast in a unique shape with intricate details, this exclusive chair radiates a sense of fun, yet maintaining its sophisticated character.

34 | G&G _ Magazine

FOCUS ON DETAILS A new take on one of Boca do Lobo's most iconic pieces, the DIAMOND Sideboard undergoes a process of Metamorphosis and enters a new aesthetic realm. The merging of metamorphosis as an evolutionary process, commonly associated with insects, with the philosophical connotation of the word that originates from Kafka's prime work, the Diamond Metamorphosis Sideboard questions the meaning of beauty and seeks to provoke a reaction.

36 | G&G _ Magazine

PIXEL Cabinet is an effort to honor the union between design and craftsmanship. The 1088 triangles that complete this piece carry the dedication and art of those who built it – with a diversity of finishes never seen before. The polished brass base gives Pixel a unique personality, a strong and at the same time sophisticated character.

The FILIGREE Mirror resorts to one of the oldest jewelry making techniques known. Completely hand crafted, with each brass cord fitted with precision, the Filigree Mirror flourishes in a shape traditional to Portuguese culture and art. A true work of art, this luxurious mirror plays tribute to Boca do Lobo's core values heritage and craftsmanship.

IMPERFACTIO Armchair is the expression of imperfect aesthetic, the appeal of that which is authentic art that is truer to life. Imperfectio armchair praises artisanal work as the ultimate form of art that is quite intentionally imperfect. Through its unique existence and shapes Imperfectio armchair determines its own history. The irregularities and flaws over the manual hammered brass exposes the beauty of imperfection. Some parts are roughly asymmetrical at the surface yet comfortable and smooth in a peculiar way to excite a desire for complementing your living room.

With SINUOUS PATINA Console you will successfully create a luxurious environment. Sinuous lines draw the elegant character of this console, gathering the styling of the best sellers of Coolors Collection. Sinuous is made for those who love harmonious lines mixed with exquisite detail. Its design is seductive and lures you into a magical and golden world. To achieve extravagance, Boca do Lobo’s artisans handcrafted the structure in mahogany with a high gloss black lacquer finish and top coated in polished brass plated, bringing up the vivid and bright side of Boca do Lobo. Contains three drawers.

L’CHANDELIR is a dreamy, elegant and luxurious lightning piece, incomparable and impressive as the romantic ChampsÉlysées avenue, frequently described "la plus belle avenue du monde" ("the world's most beautiful avenue"). This luxurious symbol of Paris transformed into this beautiful hand crafted, polished brass Chandelier. L’Chandelier’s marvelous dancing shape was realized through the antique technique (Repoussé) used widely with gold and silver for fine detailed work, during 3rd century BC. Infinitely beautiful. Classical. Exquisite.

100% Made in Italy

GET INSPIRED RIMINI | Baxter Reclining beach lounger is a comfortable peace with unique design to enrich every outdoor space.

BLEND | Meridiani The Blend collection enriches any outdoor space giving rise to new visual and tactile suggestions.

40 | G&G _ Magazine

GEA | Giorgetti From the Greek γαια, meaning “the earth", Gea beach lounger is designed by Chi Wing Lo, which celebrates the beauty and openness of outdoor living.

TAHITI | Roberto Cavalli Home The style longue chair with an unmistakable luxury-chic charm brilliantly combines the role of comfortable and ergonomic seat.

BAY | B&B Italia The seats are the sculptural and monolithic yet visually light outdoor pieces. Their enveloping volumes creates “air pockets”, granting transparency and light to the furniture.

GRAND LIFE | Ethimo Grand Life conjures up images of timelessly beautiful places and landscapes that inspire sensations of peace and serenity.

TWIST | B&B Italia Twist carpet is specifically designed for outdoor use, it’s produced in polyolefin and come in various sizes.


100% Made in Italy

GET INSPIRED SKORPIO KERAMIK | Cattelan With a decisive character the table is perfect to give the precious personality to the most exclusive places.

KATE | Tonino Lamborghini It’s the new proposal of upholstered items marked by color and comfort a play of elegance and dynamism.

WUNJO | Visionnaire Multi-layered and solid wood structured armchair, polyurethane foam padding with various thickness, Memory FoamÂŽ and acrylic fibre, backrest upholstery with quilted diamond pattern. 42 | G&G _ Magazine

TRIANGOLO Annibale Colombo A sophisticated choice that makes each space more luxury and elegant. SHINTO | Jumbo Collection A sculptural piece with an exotic charm, played on contrasts between shapes, colors and materials. A scenographic console with a strong aesthetic value, suitable to create suggestive Oriental inspired corners in the living room.

TAKTO VIVACE | Teckell The airy minimalism of transparency gives way to the elegant, smoked crystal structure. This is the perfect backdrop for the 24K gold-plated mechanism, the clock’s sparkling touch. Literally lively, or Vivace. The finest Italian artisans mill the entire mechanism. A half-inch-thick disc of transparent crystal protects the timepiece’s inner workings while affording a clear view of the movements and the splendid color contrasts.

MORGAN MARBLE | Minotti Extraordinary elegance and undulating shapes take the Morgan Marble table to new heights. ARGO | Porada Designed by David Dolcini, the sofa is one of the novelties of Porada’s “Eighteen Collection”. Argo is a product that matches strength and elegance in a harmonious way.


100% Made in Italy


STARLIGHT | Henge The new Starlight is an example of an antiqued cast bronze lighting architecture composed of “Y” shaped arms arranged on two levels.

INSPIRED BRADMORE | Gianfranco Ferré A bed with a refined allure, with an important headboard recalling the backrest of an armchair.

VIKTOR | Baxter The pale pink bed with a big velvet curtain that gives the space a homely atmosphere. 44 | G&G _ Magazine

ROYAL | Gianfranco Ferré A perfect blend between tradition and modernity, the Royal night table doesn’t play only the role of a simple supporting furniture but turns itself into a decorative piece able to enhance the charme of the bedroom.

CONWAY | Visionnaire A luxury choice to give a touch of sensuality and warmth to the bedroom.

LUI LEI ARTICO | Agresti Jewelry armoire in polished white bird’s eye Maple and 24 karats gold hardware.

SUMO | Misura Emme An elegant and aesthetic bed designed by Mauro Lipparini.


MODE LUX | Glass Design The washbasin entered in the charming “Terra di Siena” collection of which the earth is a source of inspiration for color and tactile sensations.

100% Made in Italy

GET INSPIRED MAYDAY | Antonio Lupi It’s the built-in wall mixer tap that takes the shape of an alarm bottom. That’s the way the interaction with the taps changes. No more lever up to let the water flow, but a bottom to pull and push.

46 | G&G _ Magazine

LESS IS MORE | IDI Studio Less is more is a new solid wood bathroom furniture with practical and versatile design using high quality natural materials.

CIBELE | Cielo Resin of high performing and functional aesthetics, with Basalt finish lining - ideal bathtub for each bathroom.

AZIMUT | Antonio Lupi A perfect cylinder, compact, essential, precise, an image that is the perfect synthesis of technology and design.

GLAM | Scarabeo Ceramiche With its gentle, refined lines, the Glam washbasin proves the knowhow of Scarabeo Ceramiche through the creation of ceramic products with extremely thin, yet very resistant edges.


Photo by Pal Hansen

Kelly Hoppen MBE With 40 years’ experience at the forefront of the design industry, Kelly Hoppen from South Africa is one of the most celebrated and sought after interior designers in the world. Kelly is honored to be the recipient of copious design awards and the proudest point in her career to date came in 2009, when she was made an MBE for her services to interior design. She puts her stamp on the homes, yachts and jets of private clients, as well as select commercial projects the world over, including hotels, restaurants, offices and aircrafts.

48 | G&G _ Magazine

Photo by A. Parkinson | chesneys.com

From the most qualified and luxurious studios worldwide, we present the selection of seven Best International Interior Designers that are distinguished themselves for their excellence in furnishing and creating a unmistakable style.

Karen Howes With over 30 years’ experience of the international interior design industry, Karen Howes is the founder and CEO of Knightsbridge based interior design practice Taylor Howes, and has served as the strong creative driving force behind the company’s ongoing success. Karen is as passionate about business as she is about design, recognizing that the two strands are mutually beneficial. For the past seven years she has collaborated on the development of new software aimed at the interior design industry, which is currently being used at both Talor Howes and th2designs.

James Dawson Australian designer, James Dawson is described as the 'dark horse' of the interior design industry as he continues to create unique, sophisticated and luxurious spaces. Drawing his talent from the Parisian influences and study of art and interior architecture, James' eye for all things natural and beautiful is resembled in each of his projects. Each project is imbued with life and a fairy tale essence that creates a deep emotional chord for his clients, says James. Named one of the Top 100 Iconic Design Names in the World, James' natural ability for design and adaptive eye makes him a true artist –a one of a kind, that connects interiors and people in a seemingly effortless way.

Raquel Garcia

52 | G&G _ Magazine

Photo by Alyssa Rosenheck

Photo by Alyssa Rosenheck

As a child raised by Cuban parents, Raquel Garcia has a visceral connection to the sun, sand and sea. Her visual sensibilities were shaped at an early age by the Latin American art in gilded frames, Fortuny fabrics and the antique objects displayed throughout her childhood home. As a designer she always finds herself connecting these two notions as part of her creative process. The inspiration of an island she has never visited and the elevated design that surrounded she growing up meet beautifully. With their graceful subtleties she always tries to strike a balance. Organic beauty evoking peacefulness and calm is her main goal.

Maurizio Pellizzoni Interior designer Maurizio Pellizzoni has design in his DNA. It’s no surprise, as he grew up near Lake Como and comes from a family who work in the business. Maurizio designs luxurious residential and commercial home interiors, furniture, products and experiences. He has created beautiful interiors for properties internationally and his big black book of contacts ensures unrivalled access to the finest in design. If an item you’re looking to source for a project isn’t manufactured as standard, he will personally design and create a bespoke piece to meet your needs exactly.

Albin Berglund Albin Berglund, one of London’s most influential interior designers, is making waves in London’s high-end luxury design world. A fashion photographer in Paris, a managing director for the most exclusive (and notorious) nightclubs in Barcelona and a Swedish heritage are a powerful mix that have undoubtedly made him the formidable creative influence that he is today. In such an international market, Albin’s diverse career is clearly what gives him an edge when designing a project. His eye for photography means that he can set up the ‘money shots’ of the completed project from the initial concept stage.

54 | G&G _ Magazine

Massimo Speroni Massimo Speroni specializes in bespoke residence design including new build homes, renovations, apartment fit-outs and decorative refurbishment for clients residing in Australia and abroad. He prides himself on his ability to understand the clients’ needs, aesthetic, lifestyle and budget, while filtering their interior design goals through color, form and texture. He creates timeless environments that are true collaborations between his clients and himself.

When Dubai Meets Florence, Architecture Meets Fashion.

Roberto Cavalli Lifestyle in New “I Love Florence� Tower 56 | G&G _ Magazine

A new luxury tower in Dubai named “I Love Florence” will be the first in the world to carry the “Roberto Cavalli” brand, bringing the glitz and glamour of runway to private homes. For the first time, Roberto Cavalli designs the interiors of an iconic residential tower with a range of exquisite home accessories and ornate fittings from Cavalli interiors. Gian Giacomo Ferraris, Chief Executive Officer of Roberto Cavalli, said at the launch in Dubai today: “I see a strong correlation between Florence and Dubai, with both cities projecting elegance, art and design in everything they do, each in its own way. The new tower will embody Roberto Cavalli’s passion for beauty, design and celebration of Italian craftsmanship. It will encapsulate the high-end luxury our fashion house has been famed for. The rich interiors of Roberto Cavalli will project bespoke living spaces adding depth, character and style. They will be an embodiment of all the strength and glamour of the maison ‘Roberto Cavalli’ lifestyle, delivering energy, prestige, emotion, success, and desire to experience.” 58 | G&G _ Magazine

The baroque poetry of nature 60 | G&G _ Magazine

The newly opened DOLCE & GABBANA Flagship store in old bond street is an ode to the city of London, which has the extreme from royalty to punk, a sense of dignity and avant-garde. Those sense is translated in the store through a monochromatic, though ultimately powerful and empowering space by poetic composition written in natural stone. Like an artist that would draw life size paintings, each room is a celebration of the beauty of nature: twisted, curved, exploded…, the stones create unexpected compositions. The fully restored exterior façade preserves the Baroque forms of the building’s heritage. The space is widely open to the street bringing the energy of the street within the space and vice versa.

The ground floor features the Women’s and Men’s Collections and a Millennials section with a more streetwear slant. The most striking is oversized black and white graphical stones sourced from all over the world, runs over the boutique. It looks like a powerful river carrying you form one space to the other. The visitor is lead to discover the upper floors by climbing a curvaceous spiral staircase in black marble, with individually hand-crafted contrasting inlaid marble steps. The first and second floors both feature a cubical space dedicated to the Fine Jewelry creations and entirely faced in book-matched marble. Both areas are set in mirrored walls that create an optical illusion of lack of depth, making them seem as light as a sheet of paper. As an ultimate contrast to the dynamic of the natural stone, the products are displayed into minimal framed displays like paintings, floating in a array of diffused light. Italian walnuts create the strength in the details of the displays The energy and light that always inspired the creators is a key element of this space. The lighting is designed by Barbara Balestreri to give the impression of floating in the boutique; all shadows are diffused or erased from the space creating an osmosis between the environment and the visitor. The ceiling fixtures developed with FLOS, remind of an exploded chandelier where all the pieces still fly in the ceiling. The three upper floors are the most precious part of the building. A delicate oval stairway connects the spaces in an uninterrupted sequence of marble wedges that compose the pattern of stairs: seen from above or below, the stairway conjures the impression of a silk ribbon. 62 | G&G _ Magazine

The fully restored exterior façade preserves the Baroque forms of the building’s heritage. It is characterized by a series of running balconies in dark wrought iron on the different floors embellished with gilded fitting.

64 | G&G _ Magazine


Hyde Mansion residential development is targeted towards large, cross-generational families with the design intent to recreate the deluxe lifestyle of London’s Hyde Park in the entire development. As such, Hyde Mansion clubhouse is suffused with elegance and luxury and, at the same time, fulfils the varying needs of different generations, in particular those who are frequent users of the clubhouse, including the elderly, housewives and children. The location was renewed by Chinese architectural and interior design studio, Ronald Lu & Partners (RLP). It considered various factors – the layout of the functional areas, the interior architecture itself and the overall atmosphere – in the pursuit of the

contemporary British lifestyle for the Hyde Mansion Clubhouse. The overriding design intent was to create an elegant and comfortable space for residents and their guests; this was executed through low-profile luxury interiors, accented by compelling “United Kingdom chic” details and the specially-textured stone with metal detailing. The architecture of the clubhouse presented a major challenge to RLP interior designers, as the clubhouse’s key functions are located below ground with only a small entrance section located on the ground floor. The interior designers cleverly resolve this challenge by extending the entryway into a covered area nearby, dramatically increasing the sense of space for users.

68 | G&G _ Magazine

In addition RLP interior designers turned the central atrium space into a stunning highlight: an outdoor park which extends the clubhouse’s leisure areas to the exterior – thus allowing more sunlight inside the clubhouse located below ground level and encouraging sustainable lifestyle elements at the same time. The central atrium also creates a space where the British afternoon tea culture is introduced to residents and their guests. The VIP room and a cooking room are also located around the atrium, enhancing their accessibility and comfort.

Every details of Hyde Mansion Clubhouse is suffused with elegance and luxury.

70 | G&G _ Magazine

DESIGN SHANGHAI CELEBRATED ITS 5TH ANNIVERSARY SECURING ITS STATUS AS THE BIGGEST AND BEST DESIGN SHOW IN ASIA Having fast established itself as one of the most important design events in the world, Design Shanghai has set a precedent in Asia’s every-growing design community. This year’s show from 14th to 17th March 2018 was the biggest and best yet, with an increase in overall space to 25,000 square meters by building two massive structural tents, and with each hall offering a platform to an entirely new realm of design. Constantly breaking new ground, the fair featured over 400 leading international and Chinese brands, galleries and designers from over 30 different countries across 5 distinctive design halls. A unique platform for networking Asia’s most influential architects, interior designers and property developers, Design Shanghai 2018 saw industry leaders 72 | G&G _ Magazine

present their innovative ideas through over 1,000 product launches, 50 seminars and talks, 4 design trend forecasts, 20 bespoke installations, 3 international design awards and exclusive networking events over the four days. Meanwhile, the Hosted Buyer Programme was organized to enhance the business connections between buyers and exhibitors at the show. The number of exhibitors at Design Shanghai 2018, as well as the quality of their work, were once again very impressive. There were over 1,000 product launches dedicated to the Asian market, reinforcing the strength of the show. Among the 400 participating brands and galleries were renowned exhibitors such as Carl Hansen & Son, Zaha Hadid Design, Kelly Hoppen Interiors, Lasvit and Swarovski.

Contemporary Design Hall Contemporary design hall offers an invaluable opportunity for international brands to engage with Asia's most influential and highly regarded architects, interior designers, property developers, retailers and private buyers.

MAH JONG Composition YORU Kenzo Takada for Roche Bobois One of the most famous designers, Kenzo Takada, has created a unique collection of fabrics and ceramics for Roche Bobois. To ‘dress' the Mah Jong modular sofa, Takada took inspiration from ancient kimonos used in the Noh Theatre, re-interpreting their patterns and colours to create fine harmonies symbolising the third part of the day: Yoru (evening).

Classic & Luxury Design Hall caters for the high demand shown in bringing the timeless and luxury design pieces celebrated all over the world.

SunbrellaÂŽ Elements Collection Elements is a commitment from SunbrellaÂŽ to establish consistency and confidence with its most trusted textiles. As a curation of essential solids, textures,stripes and jacquards, the Elements Collection inspires personalization by allowing you to mix and match SunbrellaÂŽ products and collections.

74 | G&G _ Magazine

Collectible Design Hall offers a platform to explore the realm of limited-edition design and its position at the intersection between the worlds of art and design. With more widespread wealth in China than ever before, businesses and consumers alike, are demonstrating their individuality and love of the incredible designs produced internationally.

SWAROVSKI AND TORD BOONTJE PRESENT NEW LIGHTING COLLECTION FOR SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL PALACE During design Shanghai Swarovski presents Luminous Reflections, a collection of new lighting designs and components created in collaboration with Tord Boontje for Swarovski Crystal Palace.

Kitchen & Bathroom Design Hall demonstrates quality innovation across components, materials, equipment and effective space optimization.

EVO kitchen designed by Ingo Sigler Elegant matt white in harmony with genuine wood, continuous doors and discreet, functional solutions – that is living quality par excellence. Characteristic of Evo is the raised front line showing just a 5-millimetre visible worktop edge. This innovative and multiple-award-winning design concept makes kitchen architecture look very elegant and fine.

76 | G&G _ Magazine

Workplace Design Hall is key for exploring trends and designs that are shaping the new way of work!

Hexagon tea table A tea table was designed by DOMANI for POBO Group,based on geometric elements, it can be combined in different shapes according to different requirements.

Battlo’ www.zaditaly.com info@zaditaly.com


Client’s existing sofas and coffee tables were restored and recovered. 80 | G&G _ Magazine

Block velvet cushions in Pine from Southwood Home Krista McRae Sculpture from Pieces of Eight gallery Breath in aluminum and brass created by Bridie Lunney from Pieces of Eight gallery


he Toorak2 house is an existing 1983 Georgian style home designed by Australian studio, Robson Rak The client entertained the idea of building a new home on the site, but decide to give us the challenge of inserting a new interior into the existing building. The brief was to correct the faux stylizing of the 80’s whilst maintaining the restrained essence of the home, modernize where necessary, and create a functional, dynamic home to see the clients well into the future. The process involved stripping the building to its core with all finishes being removed including windows, doors and unnecessary stylized features. A new wing added modern amenities including garage, laundry, butlers pantry and lift. Durable finishes and fixtures create the ultimate entertainers home that spills from room to room, then outside to garden terrace by 7.5m bank of steel framed pivot doors.

82 | G&G _ Magazine

The landscape is a compatible scale and proportion to connect to, and complement internal spaces.

Camie Lyons Sculpture One Dances [2004] by Judith Wright from Sophie Gannon Gallery Block velvet cushions in Pine from Southwood Home Glass patterned vessel by Peta Kruger from Pieces of Eight Gallery COPPER SCULPTURE by BLAKEBROUGH + KING from Criteria Collection Bend sofa by Patricia Urquiola Red Bottlebrush by Adam Pyett from Sophie Gannon Gallery Delft Blue No. 4 vase from Space Furniture Pipeline candle holder by NUR design from Resident GP Cylinder brass vase by H. Skjalm P. from Resident GP

A minimal palette of materials was used, steel doors and windows, granite bench tops and floors, and timber flooring and joinery. The selected materials were then varied in texture and finish to create depth. For example: granite was used in a ‘flamed’ finish on the floors, then the same granite was used honed for the bench tops in the kitchen and bathrooms. This limited palette creates a harmonious flow from room to room, and lets the new steel windows and doors throughout create the texture and patterning to the interior fabric, similar to a Scottish tartan. The building has been elevated to current sustainability standardswith all doors and windows being double glazed, hydronic floor heating, new insulation to all achievable areas, water collection, and solar paneling. Zen garden 9 by Kevin Lincoln from Niagara Gallery Vanessa Lucas Vase from Potier Pot with pink stripes by Angela Brennan from Niagara Gallery Anna Varendorff Brass Sculpture from Hub Furniture Muuto Cover Chairs from Living Edge The third door by Rick Amor from Niagara Gallery Peter D Cole Sculpture from Franque Tota Vase by AYTM from Resident GP Shift Vase by Apparatus from Criteria Collection

84 | G&G _ Magazine

This building which may have been relegated to the scrap heap has been given a new lease on life. It now presents a pleasant surprise upon entry. The renovation was a financial success compared to re-building a new house. Both ideas were consistently pitted against each other throughout the build, with the outcome being an interior space that rivals all other modern comparisons.

86 | G&G _ Magazine

Michele De Luchi First chair Paulistano Armchair by Objekto from Hub Furniture Moroso Redondo Armchair from Hub Furniture Classic 600 Towel Abode Living

The Toorak2 house is an interior insertion into an existing building. The core of this building was stripped and re-finished with a new wing added incorporating modern amenities including three car garage, laundry, butlers pantry and a lift. A new kitchen space was designed to link with the casual dining area, formal dining area, and butlers pantry / laundry. Durable finishes and fixtures create the ultimate entertainers home that can spill from room to room, and link to an outside garden terrace through steel framed pivot doors.

Located above Tre Torri station on the M5 line of Milan’s Metro network, CityLife Shopping District integrates a new public park with

88 | G&G _ Magazine

Three floor house

in Indonesia


s Jakarta is one of the most populous city in the world, we as the architect should find solutions when our client wants us to design a comfort house in small area with plenty of required room and limited budget. In 6 m x 15 m land area, the architect tries to make the house gets a lot of sunshine and good air circulation so the house can save the energy from lamps or air conditioners, with suitable space and budget. Limited budget with plenty of required room make the architect create Split-Grow House concept that means a split house that can be grown or build more someday depends on client’s budget to build the house. The split concept is used to manipulate the face of the house. The house requires 3 floor height but with split concept it only seen as 2 floor height from facade. It also makes this house adjust other houses height. Split concept makes each floor is counted as half floor, start from first mezzanine to fifth mezzanine. Each floor will be built adjust to client’s budget. For this phase, client decides

« The void that can make people interact each other from different floor. It also become the main source for natural light and air. » to build 3 level mezzanine first, and delay 2 other mezzanine. But the architect makes its floor facade to be fully done so the house seems like completely done from the outside. From the first mezzanine to the last mezzanine are connected by one big void which is becoming the main source for natural light and air. The void also has stairs as main access of the house. With the void, people can interact and communicate directly from different floor. Beside the void for natural light and air source, the architect also makes 1 m width corridor alongside the house from front to back to be light and air alternative source, because the upper void has louvre glass. The corridor also use to placed water pump, bicycle, outdoor equipment, and also become second access for housekeeper. The architect also placed many bio pore as absorption to avoid flood because the ground level lower than the street.

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Folded table that can be opened as needed to get around with limited space.

There is kitchen integrated with dining room in first mezzanine floor. To get around with limited space, the dining table made with folded style so it can be opened wide if needed. The architect also uses bottom glass under second mezzanine facade so people in first mezzanine can see if there any people coming to the house. Kitchen and dining room in first mezzanine can see through bottom glass under second mezzanine facade so people in first mezzanine can see if there any people coming to the house.

Horizontal bouvenlicht as a bottom glass and air circulation for main bathroom. It also become an interesting facade element.

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For lovers of black !

New vision of black: modern, sophisticated and unique.

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The black house was realized by Remy Arquitectos by the request of a young couple, This single house is located in a closed neighborhood, 30km. away from Buenos Aires. The lot, 20 meters wide and 50 meters length with 3 meter of lateral retreats, has amazing views to the lake we could not let aside. The best views to the lake were at the back of the lot, while the best orientation was at the front. The surrounding houses and the wide

lot marked the visuals we should use. The simple program, for a socially active couple without children, made relevant the resolution of the social areas. Design team, composed of AndrĂŠs Remy, HernĂĄn Pardillos, Julieta Rafel, Carlos Arellano, Gisela Colombo, decided to divide the social areas in two. In one side are located the common areas, such as the kitchen and the dinning room. On the other side is located the living room, closer to the lake.

The shallow pool that divides the house in two allows the indirect light to bathe the interiors, as the northern sun reflects it's light on the water surface. This way, light is present in every corner of the house, but never in a direct way. Both programs are connected by a glass bridge, with the water running under your feet. The living room, 10 meters wide and 5 meters length, opens to the exterior using glass walls. It was thought in a lower level than the rest of the house, making it permeable and allowing the ambients a clean view to the lake.

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The resolution of the first floor follows the same criteria of differencing areas. At the front are located the bedrooms for the future children, with views to the lake. As a bridge, joining the two volumes in the lower floor is the main bedroom with a giant overhang that conquers the best views to the lake, seeming to float over the water. The Black House has an almost provocative sobriety, where the pure white in the inside provoques an emotive contrast with the absolute black in the outside, reminding the bite of an apple. A strong characteristic that names the house.

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Photos: Alejandro Peral / Cesar Pinilla

Spring feels Visitors to the Old North of Tel Aviv would be surprised should they stumble upon a small neighborhood of low-lying family homes possessing just one or two storeys each. These are the remaining relics of Israel’s early urbanism when the English garden city motif populated many of her towns. It incorporated a rural aesthetic of red-tiled roofs, low construction and spacious, generous gardens - some buildings were constructed by the Ministry of Housing and others were enthusiastically encouraged by it. Their first inhabitants were often new immigrants and many were soon purchased by elites who saw in them the promise of comfortable lives and peaceful surroundings within an evergrowing city. In the march of time, some were abandoned, neglected, and then rediscovered and renewed. Dense cities developed rapidly and intensively around them causing a sharp desire for these oases of comfortable family homes. Some remained unaltered - modest homes through which waft the romantic scents of their history. Others have been adapted to reflect the modern tastes and desired proportions of their current owners. Unique is the advent of contiguously built homes - built from the start as linked units with a continuous appearance. Siamese twins bound together by visual and constructive obligations. Their development requires consideration and adjustment. Project: Pitsou kedem architects In charge architect: Noa Groman Lighting design: Orly Avron Alkabes Styling for photography: Eti Buskila Photography: Amit Geron 102 | G&G _ Magazine

At first glance the clean, bright facade of this house seems alien against the background of the neighborhood. Emphasizing its difference is the additional height of the home and its long, horizontal windows, hidden behind white iron lattice-work. These are in conversation, as it were, with the early international-style homes built in Tel Aviv, some of which displayed similar lattice-work that emulated freedom of form - rendered by indecipherable spatial division. Viewing the home from the side reveals the preservation of the original slanted roof with its distinct romantic character. Now, however, the roof appears to be resting on the surrounding walls rendering its appearance so subtle it may even be missed. The end result of the side facade is an homage to the image of the “village home�.

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A passage runs from the street straight through the entrance into the inner areas - exterior and interior - past and future - a home of modern proportions. The rear facade reveals a large, vitrine window unifying the home to the yard and pool.

The passage through the storeys of inner rooms is formed by a floating bridge crossed by a staircase leading up to the roof. There the bleached wood eaves stand out against the wall thinly coated with black cement, as if acquainting the architectural motifs of new and old, identity and exactitude that permeate the structure. 106 | G&G _ Magazine

Hence - inside and outside - two worlds two cultural tales are intertwined within the existence of the structure, permitting its existence, breathing into it completely new life.

Built in response to its north facing orientation, Moving House realized by Architects EAT, occupies two-thirds the width of its site while the remaining third hosts a garden big enough for a cricket pitch. The external white aluminum screen forms a singular mass in the outline of a gable roof, subtly referencing the neighboring context. On the street, the house presents itself as a faceless geometric composition; a one and a half storey square response to the client’s need for privacy. The white screen seeks to prolong the visitor’s first experience; as one passes along the façade towards the entry, it slowly deconstructs to reveal concrete bodies - a journey of discovery and surprise.

This entry sequence ends in a recess with raw concrete beams cantilevered to provide partial shade and refuge. Above, plants hang from the gutter beams while grasscrete paving rests gently below framing the tactile concrete walls – an Arcadian prelude to the Corbusian Chandigarh green entry with finely turned timber handle. The internal space is defined by three shotcrete concrete vaults and off-form gutter beams. There is no narrative sequence here, rather a cavernous volume embracing direct daylight altered by time, or nuanced ambient light refracted from the textured vaults. Internally, bi-fold doors and sliding windows transform concrete ledges into perfect reading nooks or extra seating, extending the living space outdoors. Together with the glass louvres at the height of clerestory, this arrangement maximizes cross ventilation. 110 | G&G _ Magazine

Throughout the winter, light introduces softer, radiant tones while the harsh summer sun is diffused to a glow. At dusk light casts a faint silhouette onto the white screen, its geometric form ignites the imagination before the internal glow transforms the faรงade into a lantern.

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WILD Project: JHW IROJE architects Photography: Kim, Yong-kwan


he forest shares the house and the house shares the forest by allowing one to step out from the functional spaces of life. The social relationship transforms the act of occupation to an act of sharing, becoming the starting point for the client's second life.

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MM House mm, projected by Cyril Lancelin, is a small secondary residence built on a square plan, in a wooded environment in Burgundy. The house is completely open, there are no partitions or corridors, only wooden arches, serving as a structure and partition system. They are not all of the same width depending on the degree of privatization required for a space. There are two different visions in the house, facing the arches, open on the surrounding countryside, and perpendicular to the arches offering a wandering between the different spaces in the house. To mark these two differences, the facade arches are reversed on the perpendicular sides.

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It is a work on the partition of interior spaces, and on the distribution of light within the general volume.

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POWER STONES The existing house, which had to be converted by wespi de meuron romeo architetti fas , is situated in an interesting urban context close to the historical core of Ascona. It’s accessible by car and by foot directly from the village and it has a romantic palm tree garden with a spectacular view over the roofs towards the Lake Maggiore and the mountains. Due to its steep slope, this area is strongly influenced by high retaining walls, which are usually made in traditional natural stone.

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The existing house doesn’t have any relation to the architecture of the surroundings; its relation to the garden has a certain quality. The project responds to the location and to the terraced garden with it’s stonewalls. The choice of using natural stone with traditional plaster (combined with completely plastered walls) gives the house a new identity and integrates it naturally into the garden and the neighborhood. The existing natural stonewall along the valley side road is interrupted in order to create a new generous entrance situation with natural stone paved parking lot with an entrance gate. An additional technical- and storage room is integrated under terrain behind the remaining retaining wall. From the entrance gate a gently rising ramp leads to the lower existing garden level, from where it’s possible to get access to each level of the house. The house, which has been reduced to a simple stone cube, integrates itself into the existing garden and creates a unity with the existing stonewalls. 126 | G&G _ Magazine

The house, which has been reduced to a simple stone cube, integrates itself into the existing garden and creates a unity with the existing stonewalls. On the upper floor there is the master bedroom with its bath and wardrobe area, the main living spaces, like the spacious living, dining, and kitchen area, which offers a great view with its large window. To the side and to the back two full glazing enables an unlimited connection with the garden and the existing stonewalls, inside and outside are experienced as one.

Photos by Hannes Henz architecture photographer

On the lover level there are two small and atmospheric bedrooms, the main entrance with wardrobe, a bath with sauna, a storage room and also a covered outdoor loggia.

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Ideal for young family. Autofamily house projected by KWK Promes represents a new way of thinking about the entrance area in a suburban residence. We usually enter the house by a car, using the garage integrated in main solid. The main entrance is rarely used. Nowadays the cars are becoming cleaner and more eco-friendly, hence the idea emerged to include the garage into the representative entrance area.

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As a result, a new type of a family house emerged. In the Autofamily House the entrance area and the driveway get transformed into an unique multifunctional space and the moment of driving in the house become a pleasant experience. The terrain is leveled in order to obtain two zones: the driveway space and the private garden. The driveway is left on the ground level and the house with intimate garden is lifted 3 meters above and separated by a retaining wall.

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As to comfort access to the building, in meaning of parking the car on the level of living room, a route connecting the two levels were designed. However, to avoid dividing the garden, the driveway is covered with a green roof and finished with walls serving as borderlines. The result is a tunnel emerging in the garden, becoming a house. The owner is an art collector so the tunnel is also used as a gallery of his paintings collection.

NOVELTIES FROM iSaloni FullMoon by DRIADE For the FullMoon project designed by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba, the upholstered shell in fabric rests on a metallic frame of light construction that comfortably accommodates the body, therefore seduction and iconicity for a subtle ambiguous game between amazement and wanting to go unnoticed.

Quadrat Pool Relax by ZUCCHETTI.KOS

Zucchetti. Kos unveil an infinity pool that, in addition to offering a personalized spa experience, combines a solarium area with a padded bed, ideal to guarantee a total wellness experience, both inside and outside the water. A perfect alchemy between the massaging properties of the water and the regenerating action of a break in absolute tranquility, all available in a single object. 134 | G&G _ Magazine

MUN by VG Just the charm of a great tradition reinterpreted in a contemporary way. Artisans’ experience, purity of forms, light. This is MUN, the new VG collection where matter seduces and charms. MUN is a collection of ceiling lamps, individually or chandeliers, entirely handmade in Italy by Master craftsmen committed to excellence. Every single object is the result of a creative procedure, an harmonious alchemy between form and substance.

Italy by CRISTINA RUBINETTERIE New classicity, precious cuts. It is inspired by the sumptuous baths of the Twenties and Thirties, resuming the aesthetic values of elegance and classicism, but redesigned in a contemporary way: designed in collaboration with the designers Busetti Garuti Redaelli, Italy series is synonymous with a luxurious faucet with a great visual impact, perfect even in contemporary taste.

Must Have from iSaloni 2 1








#iSaloni Hall 5 / Stand L03 – M04 Planika invites all the customers to the amazing world of intelligent fire, where neither chimney nor hard connections are required. Our products generate the warmth of natural fire with the advanced technology creating wonderful and highly functional bioethanol fireplaces. Multiple sensors and advanced microprocessors guarantee the correct operation of the fireplaces. By customizing the length and color, our fire inserts can be modified to fit any project. By placing several units together, it is possible to create an endless line of real fire. Planika also offers a wide variety of outdoor fireplaces, giving the evenings at your comfy outdoor area a unique character. It’s soothing and inspiring. It also enhances the beauty and adds a perfect finishing touch to every luxurious commercial areas, such as restaurants and hotels, as well as gardens and patios.

Clarke XL by MILANO BEDDING Clarke is a sofa and sofa bed that features a “skirt” and a particular edging, which makes it sophisticated yet informal, for relaxed and cosmopolitan environment. Sitting or sleeping has never been more comfortable with the Clarke: beautiful design and extreme seating comfort.

Plumbird by RUG’S SOCIETY Nature is an infinite source of inspiration, the design of this rug reflects this very fact: The concept is the blend between nature, the richness of oriental and minimalist culture, where I mix geometric elements and vintage nuances. Reflects a spirit of change and contrast, where the tranquility and the compositions reflect harmony and balance, without losing the elegance and or modernist side.

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Monochromatic bathroom


from iSaloni 3


5 7 4







Modern warm seating at iSaloni 1. GRACE CHAIR Jetclass 2. ORION LOUNGE CHAIR Scarlet Splendour 3. MORGANA ARMCHAIR Mascheroni 4. FOX CHAIR Pedrali 5. CIRCO DINING CHAIR ames 6. CHEMISE SOFA My Home Collection 7. OVERSEAS SOFA Formitalia 8. SCOTT ARMCHAIR Jetclass







8 7

Hostess Interpreters Models Promoters Stewards Photographers For Fairs, Conventions, Business meetings and Shows

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Project by Architect Anna Maya and Anderson Schussler – Photo by Sidney Kair.



Born in 1977, Pedro Franco is one of the biggest names in Brazilian design; he was contemplated with 23 w years old with the prize “Brasil Faz Design” (Brazil Does Design); Which granted the winner a spot at the Manifestazione Fuori Saloni” in 2000. Since then he has participated 10 times at the world’s largest design event. Versatile, he has been invited to give speeches at international events such as: Torino Design Week 2009 (Self Made Meeting); Salone del Mobile 2012 (It needs a brick to build a house); he’s been the curator of the show “Brasil é Cosi” (Manifestazione Fuori Saloni 2009); he was also as jury of contests like the BRIT Design Award 2012, “Brasilidade Industrial” award (2013), Salone Satellite. Among his creations the highlights were the Orbital Armchair (2000), Supernova Armchair (2002) Dreadlock Seating (2010) Primavera Sofa (Spring Sofa) (2010), Underconstruction Armchair (2010) Carnevale Armchair (2011) Esqueleto Chair (Skeleton Chair) (2012). Important adjectives have been directed to Franco by the media, like: “The new star of Brazilian design” (Istoé 2014) “La New Wave del design brasiliano” (Corriere Della Sera 2013).

Project by KTA Architeture – Photo by Maria Ines

Underconstruction Armchair The piece is designed with refined aesthetic; it follows the designer's line of research of introducing the handmade in the industrial process.


What is your design approach? I always try to translate the values of the place I'm inserted. In my opinion this is a fundamental point as a creative approach. But I am flee from labels, I do not try to specialize in a single subject. I love diversity (of materials, of thoughts); I love to respect the 1000 Pedros, the Pedro of every moment. There is a Brazilian musician (Raul Seixas) who says "I prefer to be this walking metamorphosis". Today, with the amount of

144 | G&G _ Magazine

information that we are inserted, we can change direction, opinion, every day, every hour. Respecting and understanding each moment is fundamental for me. Where do you get the inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from my "Terroir". I'm not looking for the new one on Google. Google, in the sense of research, is the old, the ordinary. The new is in the streets, in its surroundings, in the cities, in the nature.

With that being said, I always try to discover the essence of where I am. It may be the old center of the city that I live in (SĂŁo Paulo), it may be the cities that I visit in Brazil, it may be in the factories I work for. The sum of these factors generate inspiration for the new. Describe your creative process. What are the major steps? My creative process is very manual. I do not like to think the new one on a blank sheet. In my opinion nothing is more terrifying than a blank sheet, it blocks me. I like to see, touch, feel; as a starting point. Obviously later I make the trivial path, sketches, renderings, etc., but all this comes later. I also sympathize with my creative process. Nothing could be possible without the help of small "Craft Masters" (craftsmen), who have been following me for decades. For a brainstorming on issues such as how to improve the production process? My creations are sometimes done in four, eight or even 16 hands. It takes humility to work alongside artifacts that live from your craft: locksmiths, carpenters, upholstery, etc. Products only arrive in our industry after this initial process.

What is your biggest design challenge? My challenge is to make the world (at least my world) more beautiful through design. To do so, it is essential to work within the scope of accessible and inclusive design. After all, the design will not be transformative while in the house of a few privileged ... I have many serial, limited parts. But it is part of my purpose to make design accessible, and consequently the most beautiful world. In recent years I have focused on this mission. The creation of the Esqueleto Chair (Skeleton chair), for example, was very special to me for being a piece full of story to tell. A

piece with researches, of sustainable values, produced with technology and at the same time super accessible. Indirectly we are talking about the generation of jobs through design. My challenge today are these: make the world more beautiful with an accessible design.


Salsa Armchair Revisiting the traditional chair from the "medalhĂŁo" line, the Salsa Armchair brings a much more playful and interactive version, following the same traditional processes, with handcarved pieces and variants on the versions bent to the left and bent to the right. In a reference to dancing chairs.

What is your product? Why?


From my creation it is difficult to quote the favorite son, just as it is difficult to quote a product. However, the Esqueleto Chair (Skeleton Chair) is my favorite creation. In it are all the values I believe; creative start of the recontextualization of a daily object, allied to technological research (new materials), industrial injection and, lastly, a part that fulfills its function of use, given its ergonomics and affordable price.

Kaos Armchair Conceptually the piece follows the perspective of the deconstruction; given that starting from a basic cube, the piece is “disassembled” in order to reach the desired comfort and ergonomics.

You will attend iSaloni this year. What do you expect? Last year we presented a collection that follows the brand identity values of A Lot of Brasil, Glocalidade (local values for a global world). We had already expressed these values through the production of pieces, with new Brazilian eco materials (açaí injection, acerola injection etc.). All raw materials developed and patented by us. However, in the last hall, we approached A Lot of Brasil of its purpose. The glocality was expressed in the translation of a Brazilian microregion called Cariri. Technological products, but flanked by the work of small artisans of this region, gave legitimacy to the collection. This year we will continue with this same course. We will bring a Brazilian state, called Tocantins. A region full of interesting stories to the world, ranging from the architecture of Niemeyer to baroque residences, scenery that varies from desert to tropical. The whole collection was created looking to translate this region. Our mission is to take this plural Brazil to the world. Our objective is to generate financial sustainability through the marketing of products that translate such values. 146 | G&G _ Magazine

la Casa di GiĂš House sharing / Bed & Breakfast

lacasadigiu.webnode.it donato.giuseppe3@gmail.com

Living Nature. La Natura dell’Abitare

The Salone del Mobile.Milano ponders the possible reconciliation of man and nature with an emotive installation that enters into the debate on the value of sustainable living. The 57th edition of the Salone del Mobile.Milano will explore the relationship between nature and living with an exhibition-installation designed to trigger ideas about sustainable design in the internal and external parts of the home. The Salone’s city-based technological project Living Nature. La Natura dell’Abitare developed with the Carlo Ratti Associati (CRA) international design and innovation studio, will be in Piazza del Duomo, in front of Palazzo Reale, from 17th to 25th April.

148 | G&G _ Magazine

A single 500m2 space, conceived with energy saving criteria in mind, will contain four natural, climactic microcosms that will enable all four seasons of the year to unfold at precisely the same time, one next to the other. Visitors will be immersed in nature and experience its changes as they make their way through the four different areas – Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn – embellished with familiar and domestic concepts.

The project, conceived by CRA with Barbara Römer, does not fail to deliver in terms of ironic, evocative and experiential value. Quite the reverse. While the obvious aim is the reconciliation between urban and domestic spaces on one hand and nature on the other, the end goal is to come up with sustainable, genuinely applicable solutions that replicate the processes inherent in our own ecosystem, harnessing existing technological advances in an intelligent manner. While air conditioning is often associated with excessive consumption, this project offers a radical change of perspective, demonstrating the feasibility of air conditioning technology that is also sustainable, with huge potential for future applications. The 5-metre-high pavilion will consist of a responsive Crystal membrane fitted with light reactive sensors that enable the internal climatic conditions to be carefully regulated. A series of organic photovoltaic panels, equipped with latest generation solar cells inspired by chlorophyll photosynthesis, will be integrated into the roof, providing the energy required to keep the winter area cold. A heat exchange system draws on this energy to heat the summer area. With this event, the Salone del Mobile.Milano is keen to make its contribution to the regreening of the city, albeit temporary. Living Nature. La Natura dell’Abitare is designed to explore whether or not a space, urban or domestic, can become more human-friendly through the sustainable use of natural resources. Ultimately, the project provides a new standpoint and a different perspective on tackling the issues of environmental sustainability and climate change with a view to improving our living conditions at home and in cities and satisfy the human tendency towards “biophilia” – a term coined by Harvard biologist Edward O. Wilson – according to which we are all instinctively attracted by nature and “programmed” to feel better when we are immersed in it.

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FEAT. WITH ZAHA HADID ARCHITECTS Located above Tre Torri station on the M5 line of Milan’s Metro network, CityLife Shopping District integrates a new public park with indoor and outdoor piazzas, food hall, restaurants, cafes, shops and cinema as well as facilities for health and wellbeing. The 32,000m² shopping district will welcome seven million visitors each year when the CityLife redevelopment fully completes in 2020. CityLife is one of Europe’s largest redevelopment projects and will include 1,000 new homes, offices for almost 10,000 staff, the new 42-acre park, piazzas and kindergarten.

152 | G&G _ Magazine

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Defined by the three axes of the city that converge within CityLife, the shopping district’s composition continues the geometries of the connecting 44-storey Generali Tower that will be occupied in 2018 by the insurer’s 3,000 staff based in Milan. These formal geometries are aligned with the city’s axes at street level, but twist incrementally as the tower rises, orientating its higher floors to face the Duomo, Milan’s renowned cathedral at the center of the city. Bamboo flooring, ceiling and columns welcome visitors to the shopping district’s interior. Selected for its warmth and tactility, engineered bamboo is extremely durable and can be procured in a large quantity from sustainable sources.

The solidity of the bamboo floor and columns meets the louvered bamboo ceiling at the capitals of each column, expressing a unity between the solid and porous surfaces. Two sculptural bamboo cafÊ counters follow this fluid design language. Assembled with resins under high pressure, engineered bamboo blocks were carved by 5-axis CNC milling and hand-finished to create the shopping district’s interior columns, capitals and counters.

156 | G&G _ Magazine

The 90-acre CityLife redevelopment opens Milan’s old trade fair grounds to year-round civic use and integrates the new public park with Milan’s most extensive pedestrian zone, creating the largest new public space in the city in more than 120 years. Designed and constructed to reduce energy consumption and emissions, the projects within CityLife have received LEED Gold certification from the US Green Building Council (USGBC).



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in Milan

Armani Hotel Milano Armani Hotel Milano, located at Quadrilatero della Moda, is a place that embodies Giorgio Armani’s design and lifestyle philosophy, and promises a “home-awayfrom-home” staying; delivering luxurious comfort and a unique experience. While Armani Hotel Milano means many things to many people; gorgeous gateway, gourmet heaven or health and wellness oasis; the only constant is the hospitality whose every facet is designed around the guest to ensure get the most out of client’s stay . Via A. Manzoni, 31 – 20121, Milano Book at www.armanihotelmilano.com

Senato Hotel The central court in the lobby is dominated by a stunningly placid expanse of water, a peaceful oasis to behold, as if the Naviglio Grande once again flowed in the open air in front of the building. The reception area is a triumph of light thanks to the meticulously handcrafted wall lamps of Ginkgo Biloba. The combination of marble, wood and brass in the furnishings, created by Italian craftsmen, instantly conveys a striking duality between tradition and innovation. Via Senato,22 – 20121, Milano Book at www.senatohotelmilano.it

160 | G&G _ Magazine

Grand Hotel et de Milan Inside, the Grand Hotel et de Milan is subtly refined, with the captivating atmosphere of interiors that have been elegantly furnished over the years with exclusive furniture and furnishings that have now become part of its history. The rooms have perfectly preserved period furniture and details, such as parquet flooring and spacious bathrooms in Italian marble. Seventy-two rooms and twenty-three suites offer a variety of accommodation. Via Manzoni, 29 – 20121, Milan Book at www.grandhoteletdemilan.it

Rosa Grand The only hotel on Piazza Fontana, the Rosa Grand is just a short stroll from some of Milan’s most impressive artistic and architectural treasures. Ideally located in the historic centre, it’s just minutes from the gothic spires of Milan’s famous Duomo cathedral and many of the city’s modern attractions. Thanks to an exclusive collaboration with renowned food emporium Eataly, the Rosa Grand provides a gastronomic experience to satisfy every desire. Piazza Fontana, 3 - 20122 Milan Book at www. starhotelscollezione.com

Room Mate Giulia Room Mate Hotels is more than an international hotel chain; it is a philosophy based on the idea that the best way of traveling is visiting friends, that is why each of its 23 hotels around the world has a unique personality and a person’s name. Room Mate Giulia, its hotel in Milano, is designed by the internationally renowned architect Patricia Urquiola. Room Mate Giulia has a lively personality and promises guests a unique experience in Milan.

Via Silvio Pellico, 4 – 20121 Milan, Italy Book at www.room-matehotels.com

One day like Italian in Milan

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Breakfast at Mama’s Café In the San Cristoforo area in Milan, on the request of the two young owners Nomade Architettura has created a fresh and bright space with family atmosphere – Mama’s Café. The project is focused on the elements that make up the space, such as the double height, the staircase and the important balustrade, revolutionizing the language. The choice of light colors in shades of white, gray and natural wood successfully dialogues with the contrasting black chalkboard of the background scenic wall that represents support for the fun personalized graphics, created by Asterisco Design, where the clients find the philosophy, the mood and the offer of the place. The transformed barrels remain perfectly integrated into the concept of the space with predominantly rustic elements. The selection of lamps with stylized domestic lines with the slender white structure that stands out on the blackboard backdrop like a piece of chalk, further strengthens the atmosphere of genuine familiarity, from which the owners wanted the customer to feel welcomed. Via Francesco Gonin, 56 - 20147, Milan

Il Ristorante Trussardi Alla Scala. The best choice for lunch. In central Milan, just steps from the Teatro Alla Scala, in the spaces of Palazzo Trussardi the pursuit of Palazzo Trussardi the pursuit of excellence, discreet elegance, the attention to detail that characterize the style of the house in all its forms, find their highest expression gourmet. In Ristorante Trussardi Alla Scala the style philosophy based on effortless elegance of Greyhound, has its natural sublimation. Instant intelligibility of flavors, careful selection of raw materials, often combined in surprising, and customization are the guidelines of the varied taste journey. Each room was designed to bring to life the visitor values and lifestyle Trussardi throught the culinary offer quality, design environments, informal sophistication of service and international atmosphere. 166 | G&G _ Magazine

A full immersion in the universe of the Group, whose innate inclination for fashion, also lives in the Trussardi Boutique, adjacent to the CafÊ. And here, including the charming terrace and the Square Bar, the gourmet excellence is the treasure chest with the ability to taste and buy products in the fruit of the collaboration with Trussardi brand featured partner of Italian food & drink scene. Piazza della Scala 5 – 20121, Milan

The best oriental bistrot of the city! To enjoy Chinese cuisine in Milan – it’s only one place: HUAN. It’s a “mirage” of encounters between East and West in the historic heart of Milan, the Navigli.

168 | G&G _ Magazine

HUAN is an unprecedented oriental bistrot where avors and techniques of oriental cuisine converge with Italian materials and creativity, and viceversa‌ In a suggestive ambiance boasting vintage furnishings and creative decor, the colors, combinations and materials reinvent the atmosphere of a colonial social club in contemporary light.

From drinks to dinner in a refined space where flavors and techniques of oriental cuisine converge with Italian materials and creativity.

The precious space of the HUAN experience presents itself as a provocative game, using a language that recalls the Orient without an exaggerated use of folklore. The project was curated by the architectural ďŹ rm Brizzi + Riefenstahl who considered the volume of the ancient, profound space strongly characterized by exposed bricks, arches, and columns while transporting it to a different, contemporary dimension. Via Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 69 – 20147, Milan

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The time of Aperitivo

If you are in Milan, before dinner you shouldn't miss the rich buffet and a wide selection of drinks, among the finest wines and various drinks, offered by Just Cavalli. It's a luxury constant destination for a very broad target - fashionistas, design and night life lovers, world travelers, professionals and businessmen. There are lounge and chill-out areas inside and outside the venue to enjoy the food experience at the best. During the evening hours the environment acquires a magical atmosphere thanks to the sofas, cushions, torches and candles.

Via Luigi Camoens c/o Torre Branca - 20137, Milan

A delicious dinner at Carlo e Camilla in segheria It always starts from a blank sheet of paper, from a silence, by an empty box. This time the empty box of Tanja Solci, art director, curator of exhibitions, designer of installations, is the historic sawmill grandparents, a factory in 1929 with the aesthetic and creative culture, that box is now the unexpected and magical container that hosts the gastro-bistro Charles and Camilla in Sawmill, born from the encounter between Tanja Solci and Carlo Cracco. The set includes two long wooden tables, noble crystal chandeliers, sessions AG Fronzoni and produced by Jasper Morrison Cappellini. Solci dress the table with an unusual mise en place: an expanse of 100 and white porcelain dishes with different designs, selected out of production of Richard Ginori.

Carlo e Camilla kitchen is entrusted to the Chef Luca Pedata and a team of young chefs under the direction of Chef Carlo Cracco. The culinary offer is a concert of clear and unexpected details flavors. The origin of everything is very high quality raw materials, selected in full compliance with the seasons and favoring the production of the territory. The dishes are made with simplicity and rigor, reinterpreting the tradition in a contemporary version. Great looking in cooking techniques, often unusual, sometimes to maintain the high quality of ingredients. Il menu changes every 3 months or so, but there are some constants proposals. The proposal of the offmenu changes daily. Via G.Meda, 24 - 20147, Milan

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