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THANK YOU TO OUR INVESTORS Mission Accomplished Transition Services offers a variety of programs and initiatives that help students transition from school to career. These programs would not be possible without our investors. Companies, organizations, and individuals support Mission Accomplished by investing their time, talent and treasure.

Time: Individuals investing countless volunteer hours to execute quality programs, events, advisement, and governance.

Talent: Sharing their professional network, skills, reputation, and other

resources to help us help students prepare for careers, higher education, and philanthropy.

Treasure: Individuals, for-profits, and non-profits investing money or in-kind goods to help our students thrive, and help Mission Accomplished survive.

These investors come from a wide variety of indus­tries and they bring various talents, experience and specialties that enable Mission Accomplished to continue supporting millennials in the Capital Region and beyond.

Mission Accomplished would like to thank all of our investors. You are making a difference! Sponsor Shout Out: Thank you to Repeat Business Systems for your support! Interested in having your company become a sponsor? Turn to page 34 for details Mission Accomplished | 2018


FROM THE CHIEF COACH & FOUNDER Dear Influencer: One year ago we launched the first Mission Accomplished magazine and here we are one year later presenting you with Issue 2. Will Smith said to his son in The Pursuit of Happiness movie, “Don’t ever let someone tell you that you can’t do something. Not even me. You got a dream, you gotta protect it. When people can’t do something themselves, they’re gonna tell you that you can’t do it. You want something, go get it. Period.” – Will Smith. Great life experiences are driven by great self customer service. There are lots of excuses one can make to oneself for not being great. Fear. Lack of opportunity. Lack of skill. Lack of resources. Young age. And any other excuse that may come to mind. Mission Accomplished is about creating a culture of innovation, zeal, purpose, and identifying unsolicited ideas, skills and talent. Our students are aspiring young professionals who are setting their own stage while establishing the context so professionals will listen and see their ability to bring value to their companies. Life is about finding your purpose and doing your best to live within it; it’s about establishing and following positive principles that will drive you toward your goals and aspirations; it’s about being philanthropic by investing your time, talent and treasure into others and the community; connecting with people, places and opportunities that will ensure you protect and pursue your dreams no matter what. Throughout this issue you will be inspired by articles, quotes and stories written by people who had a dream, protected it, pursued it and now are on a path to help others by sharing their talents and knowledge. Happy reading! Protect your dreams! #PassionWins, Every Time!

With a Hug,

Carmen Duncan

Coach Carmen

Chief Coach and Founder

Mission Accomplished Transition Services Mission Accomplished | 2018


MENU OF POSSIBILITIES 7 Partner Story Learn how Mission Accomplished’s partnership with RPI’s Lally School of Management has benefited students.

8 Benefits of Paid Internships Why paying interns is beneficial to the employee and the student.

12 The Coaching Pathway »»p.15

Mission Accomplished uses this tool for all of our coaching programs. The Coaching Pathway starts with trust and ends with transformation.

15 Own Your Career Institute Group coaching is designed around specific industries, including fashion and social entrepreneurship.

20 Transition Coaching One-on-one coaching and guidance to help millennials dream BIG and achieve goals. »»p.8


22 C.A.R.E. Initiative The Colleges and Room Essentials (C.A.R.E.) Initiative decreases the financial burden of transitioning into college or vocational training by providing eligible students with supplies.

27 #PassionWins, Every Time Read success stories from current Mission Accomplished students, as well as Alumni from our programs.

34 Sponsorship Opportunities »»p.22

Mission Accomplished | 2018

Strategic partnerships are our saving grace. Flip to this page to learn about mutually beneficial sponsorship opportunities.


ABOUT OUR STORY Mission Accomplished Transition Services, Inc. was founded by Carmen Duncan, a millennial who dodged the potential negative outcomes of teenage homelessness and poverty. She beat the adverse childhood experiences with the help of family, coaches, mentors and sponsors who believed in her ability to control her future and pursue her vision. Carmen’s life experiences motivated her to “pay it forward� by establishing an organization that provides professional development coaching, mentorship and sponsorship from leaders who recognize the power of young people, the skills they already have and are committed to helping them improve their business skills while preparing for the transition into their adult lives. Mission Accomplished is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 nonprofit organization located in Albany, NY. Mission Accomplished was incorporated December 2012.

OUR MISSION We envision that millennials will become mature, active, compassionate citizens who are empowered to take responsibility for themselves and promote a future of purpose. We live our vision everyday by helping millennials develop their self-identity and recognize themselves as powerful members of society who influence societal change and the business market.

Where Passion meets Purpose!

Mission Accomplished | 2018


I am going places. I am doing things. I am making a difference. Carmen Duncan

Chief Coach and Founder Mission Accomplished Transition Services




By Tammy Fritze and Dr. Shan Yu

How has the partnership with Mission Accomplished benefited students and your classroom experience? Our students were excited to work on real-world business problems, which allow them to apply the marketing concepts and principles learned in class to real-world business scenarios. This experiential learning process not only solidifies their classroom learning, but also inspires their interest in business and encourage them to explore the new-emerging business fields that are not updated in the textbook. Throughout the semester our students showed higher motivation to learn new knowledge and manage their teamwork. What type of projects have the students completed? Students were required to develop a systematic marketing plan for Mission Accomplished, starting from the market/company analysis, to marketing strategy and specific marketing tools, i.e., 4Ps. In addition to the marketing plan, students also implement some important part of the plan. For example, students created videos, online posts, and newsletters for social media marketing, designed company/program logos and marketing specialty like event T-shirts, and help modify company’s websites. How has the partnership helped students gain real-world consulting experience? By working closely with Carmen and her team, our students practiced the team management and time management skills. More importantly, they learned how to prioritize consulting tasks, to listen to and incorporate client’s requirements, and to coordinate different opinions from different parties while delivering a satisfactory plan. All of these are valuable consulting experiences that will benefit students in the long term especially for their career development. Our partnership adds dynamic experiential learning through course project consulting work. In small collaborative groups, students consult and present a variety of key marketing ideas to Mission Accomplished. Students improve organizational skills, research techniques and develop improved communication. This partnership allows our students to add real-world company project work to their resumes while still in college.

Mission Accomplished | 2018


THE BENEFITS OF PAID INTERNSHIPS Formal internship programs at both Fortune 500 and local businesses, have boomed with the millennial generation. Internships have become a staple of higher education, and mandatory in many degree programs. An internship, as defined by the Department of Labor is “formal program providing a practical learning experience for beginners in an occupation or profession that lasts a limited amount of time.” Legally, internships can be paid or unpaid. While there are benefits to the experience of unpaid internships or similar programs, the benefits for both the students and the company increase when interns are compensated.

students cannot afford to work for free. Summers, breaks, and time after classes is often used to make extra money to pay bills, tuition, books, and food. As of 2013, four out of five US students (including high school and higher education) worked while in school1. In fact, African Americans and Hispanic students are much more likely to be holding college debt after graduation than While and Asian students2.

For the students, participating in a paid internship often involves having a more beneficial experience and workload. Paid interns are less likely to act as a secretary, make copies, and run errands. Paid internship programs While unpaid internships and have a higher tendency to provide apprenticeships provide valuable interns a stronger workload that can learning experience, as well as college add to a portfolio or project list. credits, paid positions provide more for the students and their employers. Students who held a paid internship are also more likely to receive a job Companies that advertise paid offer prior to graduation. In fact, 65.4 internships have a more diverse % of the class of 2014 who completed application pool. The fact is, many a paid internship at a for-profit

Mission Accomplished | 2018

company received a job offer, compared to 39.5 % of unpaid interns, and 38.6 % of students who did not intern at all3. For the benefit of the employer, students that are paid are likely to put in a greater amount of effort, and become more invested in the company and the position. Having an intern interested and passionate about their role at a company can be a huge benefit. 1: Fottrell, Quentin. “80% of students work at least part-Time.” MarketWatch, 8 Aug. 2013, www. marketwatch.com/story/nearly-4-out-of-5-studentswork-2013-08-07. 2: Lucas, Suzanne. “A Strong Case for Why You Should Pay Your Interns.” Inc.com, Inc., 22 Apr. 2014, www.inc.com/suzanne-lucas/a-strong-case-for-whyyou-should-pay-your-interns.html. 3: Soergel, Andrew. “Paid Interns More Likely to Get Hired.” USNews, 5 May 2015, www.usnews.com/ news/articles/2015/05/05/study-suggests-college-graduates-benefit-more-from-paid-internships.



of the global workforce *by 2025


worry about the state of the world and feel personally responsible to make a difference




believe making a positive difference in the world is more important than professional recognition.

After witnessing workforce instability and high unemployment rates, downsizing, and negative market conditions, millennials have decided to take matters into their own hands by means of entrepreneurship.

In 2013, 35% of millennials started a side business as a way to supplement their income, and 55% want to start a business or already have. However, for millennials, entrepreneurship isn’t necessarily fulfilling the role of business owner, and 90% of millennials say that being an entrepreneur is a frame of mind. Young men, African Americans, and Latinos are most inclined toward starting their own businesses while young women are more likely to be interested in starting nonprofit organizations. In 2011, 29% of all entrepreneurs were between 20 and 34 years old, and they launched 160,000 startups each month. Overall, over a quarters of all millennials are self employed. Business ownership has become a common path for young adults.

Millennials are the most diverse generation in US history, with just over 50% of the generation being Caucasian. Roughly 20% of those born between 1980 and 1997 are Hispanic, and 14% are Black or African-American. In additrion, 11% of millennials were born to at least one immigrant parent. This has lead to a more open, tolerant, and accepting generation compared to previous generations. More millennials agree with preferential treatment to improve the social and economic positions of minority groups, in comparison to older generations.


81% of millennials have donated money, goods or services, more than other generations. In addition, they are smarter about giving and research organizations they give to, and where their money goes. Rather than donate large amounts to only a few organizations, they tend to give smaller donations to a number of organizations. Millennials also donate their time, with more than half of participating in volunteer opportunities. Mission Accomplished | 2018


PROFESSIONAL TIPS Names and titles matter. Double check the correct spelling and title of your recipients prior to communicating via email, a letter, or social media message about a career, volunteer, or higher education opportunity.

Thoughtful questions matter. Prepare questions that are thoughtful and industry-alinged to show you have been paying attention to that sector. Example Q: What motivated you to stay with the company through the current transition in leadership

Skills, accomplishments, and knowledge matter. Evaluate whether your skills, knowledge, and accomplishments are relevant to the professional position you are seeking.

Mission Accomplished | 2018


THE COACHING PATHWAY WHAT IS IT? The Coaching Pathway is the formula of all Mission Accomplished coaching programs. Transition coaching and group coaching all follow The Coaching Pathway. The five basic steps of the pathway show how students will succeed with our help and guidance. Each program begins with trust and ends with a transformation. Mission Accomplished Coaches empower students to transform into who they want to become and accomplish what they aim to achieve.

HOW DOES IT WORK? The Coaching Pathway begins with the formation of a positive relationship between the student and coach. The students’ vision is defined and goals are laid out. Through exploring opportunities, creating a strategic plan and putting that plan to action, students accomplish their goals and achieve their personal success.

Mission Accomplished | 2018


Create a trusting relationship with your coach, define your personal life purpose and establish academic and career goals in order to foster the relationship

Explore Explore careers, college, vocational training and leadership development opportunities

Strategize Create a game plan to gain access to the people places and opportunities that will help you accomplish your goals

Transform Transition from the coaching process, fully launch your career, philanthropic, and education path then begin to teach others


Put your goals into action, stay motivated and stand out from the competition


Working with a coach through the Mission Accomplished Transition Coaching program helped me learn what I want to do professionally and the goals held me responsible.



12th Grade Student Aspiring Art Therapist and Acrylic Artist


OWN YOUR CAREER INSTITUTE The transition from school to career is exciting but can get a little overwhelming. There are several professional industries that need your talent and energy. One of the tracks of the Own Your Career Institute will help you learn the business behind the industry while sharpening your skills with industry professionals and help you build your confidence to own your future career path. Seeking We will show you the ropes when it comes to finding the right fit. Our coaches are experienced professionals that will show you why company culture is important, how to know if a company is a good fit, and much more. Getting We will prepare you to launch your career, everything from building out your resume to how you should ask for an informational interview. Keeping It’s not just about getting the job, you also have to think about how to grow your career within the company. Our coaches will walk you through important action steps that will help you be indispensable at your new job and make you a valued employee and put you on a fast-track to success .

Mission Accomplished | 2018


OWN YOUR CAREER INSTITUTE Industry Highlight: Fashion

The Fashion Edition is a competitive eleven-week career education and coaching program to help aspiring and rising fashion professionals streamline their focus on one or two career paths in the industry, improve transferable professional skills, network with industry professionals, strengthen the understanding of the business behind the industry and compete for paid apprenticeships. Since the launch of the Fashion Edition in 2015, seven emerging fashion professionals have successfully graduated, four companies have developed positions specifically for graduates and four students have successfully launched or re-launched creative businesses. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until February 12, 2018. Space is limited to eight students. Apply online at: www.matransitionservices.org/ fashionedition/ Questions? Call 518-207-0209

Mission Accomplished | 2018

fashion edition MARCH 12, 2018 - MAY 22, 2018


Includes: Dinner at all sessions NYC business trip All supplies Interview toolkit Program handbook

Sponsor a student today!


OWN YOUR CAREER INSTITUTE Industry Highlight: Social Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurs, flashback to the start of your career and the long hours spent each week scrambling to meet deadlines or working out ideas before they slipped away. Remember the daunting time before the start of your career when it seemed like you were alone, unprepared, and nervous about your future. That one professional introduction was all you needed to take those first steps into the professional world with confidence and determination for success.

In a survey of young millennials (young adults ages 18-35), a high percentage of young people of color – 64 percent of Latinos and 63 percent of African-Americans – expressed a desire to start their own companies. However, despite their strong entrepreneurial drive, just 8 percent of millennials own businesses now (Young Invincibles Policy Brief, 2011). Our partnership with Green Tech High Charter School prepares young aspiring entrepreneurs for success. Through a combined weekly classroom and after school business accelerator format, the Social Entrepreneurship Institute integrates classroom–based learning with hands on practical experience to deliver a realistic professional entrepreneurial environment. During this course, aspiring entrepreneurs (in grades 10-12) are developing business strategies, plans and will launch a social enterprise.

Mission Accomplished | 2018




Get one-on-one help to feed your life purpose and achieve your specific personal, professional, and academic goals.

Our coaches will: ȘȘ Work with you to design an organized course of action to push you

toward your goals and help you follow your purpose. ȘȘ Help you explore college, vocational, employment, and leadership development opprotunties. ȘȘ Improve your communication skills and business etiquette. ȘȘ Help you learn how to hustle and leverage connections with people, places, and opportunities to access what you are looking for. Mission Accomplished | 2018


WHAT OUR PARTICIPANTS SAY ABOUT COACHING “I really appreciate you taking time out of our schedule and for giving me such valuable information about the reality of the field. I definitely have a better understanding of what I need to do to get my voice out there.” ~ Carly, Aspiring Creative Freelance Writer Previous page photo: Carly and Jennifer Gish, Senior Editor at the Times Union

“In the summer of 2015, I was petrified of making professional phone calls. Now it’s summer of 2016 and I am confident when making calls to inquire about professional opportunities.” ~ Unique, Emerging Fashion Designer

Mission Accomplished | 2016 8


The College and Room Essentials (C.A.R.E.) Initiative was designed to help students who struggle to pay for college necessities. From tuition and fees to books, transportation and housing, higher education has a high price tag. The C.A.R.E. initiative helps lower that price tag by providing students with a C.A.R.E. bin, complete with a variety of school supplies, bedding and toiletries. Since 2015, 44 students have received a C.A.R.E. bin. The C.A.R.E. initiative is made possible by sponsors, including Cap Com Federal Credit Union, NYSUT and Dormco as well as private donations. 2017 Recipiant


ȘȘ Students who have been accepted into college or a vocational program for the fall term. The acceptance letter must be submitted to Mission Accomplished for confirmation. ȘȘ Students must have some level of economic need.


ȘȘ Accepted students will need to participate in a twoday, six-hour Higher Education Prep series that focuses on time and financial management. ȘȘ Students must complete the full application, which includes an essay. ȘȘ Students will be accepted based on the quality of their essays ȘȘ Anyone who has an economic need is encouraged to apply! ȘȘ The online applications go live in January of each year.

2017 Recipiant


WHAT IS IN A C.A.R.E. BIN? 1. Bedding Essentials: pillow, comforter and sheets, bedside organizer, storage bin, mattress pad, topper, bed risers and more

2. Toiletries: disposable razors, shaving cream, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner 3. Bath Essentials: shower caddy, towel and wash cloths 4. School Supplies: personalized planner, notebooks, pens, mechanical pencils, binders, highlighters and pocket folders

5. Miscellaneous: cutlery set, blanket storage bag and laundry bag Sponsorship opprotunities on page 34

Mission Accomplished | 2018




Rewards programs! Many stores, resturants, and businesses offer rewards programs that are free to join. You can earn discounts, coupons, and even free items.



Ask for sponsorship! Many established professionals, or your employeer, will sponsor student or professional expenses (ie networking events, etc).

Watch your spending on coffee and food. Take advantage of coffee shops that offer free refills, bring snacks from home rather than buying food on campus or out somewhere.



Budget! Put aside certain amount each month for expenses such as food, bills, loans, gas, as well as clothing and entertainment

Save 7! Put aside $7 a week, in order to save $365 towards student or professional development expenses that will prepare you for your industry.

6. 7.

Save on textbooks and required reading by sharing with classmates, borrow from the library, rent books, buy used, or even scan a library copy. Thrift and second hand shopping on Craigslist, Facebook groups, and consignment shops.


Flash your student ID! Many places offer discounts with a student ID, always ask!



Keep your eyes open for events with free food, good deals, sales, and coupons

Ask yourself: Do I really need it? Before you spend any money


WE ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE From the Board of Directors to the Group Coaches we are making a difference in the lives of students who are aspiring young professionals preparing for the global workforce. We see students through one of the most exciting and overwhelming times of their lives - the transition from school to career, higher education and philanthropic activities (investing their time, talent and treasure into the global community).

#PassionWins every time!

1/4 page ad

Mission Accomplished | 2018



By Becca Kennedy, Kennason, LLC

How many times have you totally given up on a website, app, or appliance because it was just too hard to figure out? Maybe it had too many buttons, no clear purpose, or difficult-to-read instructions. Or maybe, like my printer, you can’t give it up but you wish you could kick it out a window. Graveyards of abandoned and frustrating products tell us that creators do not always consider the user’s wants and needs. The field of User Experience (UX) centers on remedying exactly that: making products and services more “human.” UX practitioners come from a variety of backgrounds, like Psychology, Anthropology, or Interface Design. We recognize that good design requires user research and product testing, not only hunches and guesses.

What Entrepreneurs Need to Know

No matter what kind of final product you deliver as an entrepreneur, it’s important to truly understand your customers. This means understanding how they think and feel, and using that power to help them. And by helping them, you create a stronger product. Without research, you are taking a shot in the dark. Designing a product without user research is like cooking a multicourse dinner for people you don’t know. Do they eat meat? Do they like spicy food? Do they drink alcohol? Do they have food allergies? Are they trying to lose weight? You can make some assumptions, but you might be wrong, and then you will have wasted a lot of time and money cooking the wrong meal. Now think about some companies that deliver overall good experiences. Some of my favorites are Apple, Slack, and Chipotle. These companies fit my personal wants and needs, and bring value to my life. You want your products to create positive experiences for your audience.

How Can You Bring UX Design to Your Business?

• Talk to users. Go beyond market research to understand not only what people are willing to buy, but how your product or services can truly make a difference in their happiness or productivity. • Create prototypes (lower-cost versions of your product) to test before sinking too much money into a final product. • Continually improve. Show your prototypes or product to target users, and listen to what they really say. Observe whether or not it is easy to use and understand. Continue making positive changes. Remember that it’s easy to feel defensive about your “baby,” so you bring a natural bias to the table. Sometimes companies hire experts like me to carry out research and testing for them. But some research is better than no research, so start talking to users! Soon you will think a bit like a UXer, and you will notice good and bad experiences everywhere. Make sure your product or service is one of the good ones!

Mission Accomplished | 2018

Imani Elad

Transition Coaching Student

Ian Gutierrez

Bridge 2 Your Dream Program Student

Tafsela Hashimi

Bridge 2 Your Dream Program Student

#PassionWins, Every Time Meet our students and alumni, who share their stories of how Mission Accomplished has helped them achieve their goals.

Malaika Iyok

Own Your Career Institue: Fashion Edition Alumni

Kat Carter

Own Your Career Institue: Fashion Edition Alumni

Naylon Postell

CARE package recpiant, and volunteer


MEET IMANI Assistant District Attorney Renee Merges and got to see different sides of the law and how it works. She also introduced me to the leadership camp at Albany Academy and a theatre summer program at Proctors. The leadership camp helped me learn that being a leader isn’t just about the title but about responsibility, compassion, and caring for others.

Imani is an eleventh grade student at The Doane Stuart School, who has been working with a Mission Accomplished coach for almost two year. What encouraged you to engage coaching services with a Mission Accomplished transition coach? I have a lot of ambitions, dreams and aspirations to become an attorney, singer and/or actress one day. I knew I wouldn’t be able to meet my career dreams on my own. I needed someone to help me. That’s when my mom introduced me to Carmen Duncan. How have the Transition Coaches at Mission Accomplished helped you with school, exploring career and philanthropic opportunities? Last summer Coach Chelsea helped me develop and achieve goals related to my career aspirations. Our sessions focused on the careers I am interested in and the colleges and programs that would prepare me for my future career. Chelsea introduced me to the opportunity of becoming an intern at the Albany County District Attorney’s (DA)office and a leadership development camp at Albany Academy. Chelsea helped me develop a professional resume and facilitated mock interviews to help me prepare for the interview at the DA’s office and thankfully her coaching helped me feel less nervous while in the interview; and I landed the internship with Mission Accomplished | 2018

What has been most valuable about the Transition Coaching program? It’s helped me grow up some in ways. I have more responsibilities and more people to answer to. It’s kinda like being in a second school. Now that Chelsea is no longer with Mission Accomplished, Coach Carmen works me. She gives me homework that I have to complete by a certain date, and it’s not homework you can skimp on, you have to actually DO it or you’re cheating yourself out of a valuable opportunity. When you sign up, it’s not them working for you, it’s a partnership, you give some to get some from them. They’re not going to put in the effort to help you if you don’t want to help yourself. What charity projects are you working on and why were you inspired to be philanthropic? I currently have a charity I’ve been working on since I was seven years old. My parents are from Cameroon, West Africa. There’s an orphanage there called HOTPEC, located in Buea. Everytime we went we would visit the orphanage and bring them goods we had collected. I remember leaving crying because I felt bad that they weren’t as fortunate as I was, so as I grew up I begain brining them a memorable Christmas. I collected money and toys from people in my school, church and family and packed them into about three suitcases. I spend about an hour and a half at baggage claim, but it’s worth it to see the looks on their faces. In December 2016 Coach Carmen helped me establish a Gofundme to raise $100; I raised more than $600. My goal is to grow my charity to a point where I am able to donate year-round. I plan on giving HOPTEC money to help with renovations, supplies and food. Back home, I work on a lot of home repair projects with my local church youth group. And anything else you would like to share? I’ve always wanted to be an actress/ singer. It sounds a little cliche, but ever since I was little, it’s been my dream. I’m not there yet, obviously, but Mission Accomplished is helping me get there. I’m currently looking into a talent agency and open casting calls, and I wouldn’t have gotten the courage to do it without Mission Accomplished.


MEET IAN Ian is a seventeen year old senior at Albany High School, who is pursuing careers in music, agriculture, and education.

How has the Bridge 2 Your Dreams program helped you? The Bridge 2 Your Dreams program has helped me connect with opprotunities to gain experience and skills related to my interests. What professional skills have you developed as a result of the coaching? Through the program and the job found through the program my ability to manage my time has progessed. What outcomes are you most proud of? I am most proud of playing with my band at the Washington Park Playhouse. I’d never played my original music in front of a large crowd and it was an awesome experience to be able to share my work with others. What industry-specfic opprotunities were you connected with? The program connected me with a job opportunity where I’m able to gain experience and learn by doing with a job I’m passionate about, working with sheep and chickens. Also, this summer I had the opportunity to act as peer counselor for a group of about 15 teenagers at Soul Fire Farm’s first Black and Latinx Youth Immersion program. Which professional skills have you improved as a result of the program? Over the summer we had Passion Academies. During the Passion Academies we presented speeches for each other. I was forced to leave my comfort zone which lead to an improvement in my public speaking skills and I became more confident in my ability to speak in front of others.

Mission Accomplished | 2018


MEET TAFSELA Tafsela is a 22 year old who dreams of working in the medical field. While she is not currently attending school, she is taking English as a second Language classes. Which professional industry would you like to work in? I want to work in medicine. I want to be able to help other people the same way many people have helped me. Someday, I would like to go back to my home country, Afghanistan, and help people with their medical needs. Which position(s) are you pursuing? I would like to be a cardiac surgeon but as long as I can help others with their health problems I will be satis足fied. I have learned a Physician Assistants, for ex足ample, can often do as much as doctors to help people address their medical needs. How has the Bridge 2 Your Dreams program helped you? This program has helped me develop life and career skills I can use to attain my personal and professional goals. In particular, it has helped me with my English, especially with technical vocabulary that will be useful in the medical world. What professional skills have you developed as a result of the coaching? The coaching of this program has helped me learn about the processes of college enrollment, employment seeking, and budgeting. What outcomes are you most proud of? I feel like my ability to study has improved a lot, enough I hope to be able to prepare for the GED test and perhaps attend college. What industry-specific opportunities were you connected with? The help I received with English oriented toward medical terminology was the most effec足tive connection. But the Bridge 2 Your Dreams coaches also helped me get a food service job at a local hospital. This job puts me in daily contact with people and places I hope to some足day be working as a medical professional of some kind. Mission Accomplished | 2018


MEET MALAIKA AND KAT Malaika is a 21 years old graduate of Hudson Valley Community College, and a current student at the University at Albany. Kat is a 20 year old student at Hudson Valley Community College studying marketing. The two began their own company, #Untitled, a social networking company for creatives. Malaika serves as COO, and Kat serves as Creative Director and Co-Founder. Malaika also works in retail and social media marketing at Bella V Boutique, and with Alibooking Agency. Kat works in event production with the Upstate Alliance for Creative Economy (ACE). Malaika also launched her own styling company, Iyok Styles.

How did the Own Your Career Institute: Fashion Edition help you? Malaika: Fashion Edition not only gave us a view of how the industry works, but opened up new networks for me to expand my work. Meeting people like Marvali, the owner of Events on the Loft, encouraged me to broaden my wardrobe styling to creating fashion events. Kat: The Fashion Edition helped develop: 1) Positive Thinking. Every session, we wrote affirmations and placed them in a jar. It’s the most positive self reflective exercise; 2) Being Proactive. I’ve learned to take initiative to get closer and closer to my career/long term goal by setting and accomplishing short term goals.3) Time Management & Preparation: Our coaches have us set times for things we need to do so that we’re not overwhelmed by our duties. It helps us prioritize our needs vs wants but still manage ourselves and our time accordingly. What outcomes are you most proud of? Malaika: I am extremely proud of the development and launch of #Untitled and the start of my style career.

#UNTITLED Twitter: @UntitledInfo Instagram: @Untitled.518

Kat: I’m most proud of our movement, #Untitled. It’s in our events. In our team. It’s in our vision. Everything we do started as a vision and we brought each vision to life. Ours soft launch at Troy Kitchen only developed into our Hard Launch at Albany Barn, with over 100 people in attendance. It only grows with the love and support from everyone who truly takes part in our #Untitled movement.

What professional skills have you developed as a result of the coaching? Malaika: Time management, being more proactive - I am not as much of a procrastinator, improved my professional and entrepreneurial self-confidence - I am more comfortable sharing my role as a stylist and young professional and planning for the future. Kat: I’ve established more structure in my personal and professional lives. Since the program, I’ve really been practicing how to be more consistent.

Mission Accomplished | 2018


A MESSAGE FROM NAYLON To college-bound students

“Hi. My name is Naylon Postell. I am a recent graduate from Green Tech High Charter School, class of 2016. I was also, like you, was nominated to receive my care package. The care package helped more than I actually expected at college. Everything that was inside the care package was well needed. It helped me save a lot of money and time from going out and looking for everything on my own. Without this care package I probably would’ve never had half of the things inside of it. I really noticed a lot of things that my roommates needed, I already had. The best thing I could have received would be the mattress pad. I still use a few things even at home so it really came in handy.”

Naylon Postell 2016 CARE package recipient 2017 CARE volunteer

Mission Accomplished | 2018



We invite companies, student groups and professional associations to run a school supply drive to collect school supplies, toiletries and bedding; invest financial resources to sponsor a student; or volunteer to pick up items from groups or assemble the CARE packages.

Fill a CARE Package: $400 Purchase giftcards to surpirse students througout the year: $50


Business executives have coaches and so should students who are aspiring young professionals and trying to figure out “what’s next” after high school, college or trade school. This Transition Coaching process is designed to support students with creating and employing a customized career transition plan that fits their unique career, educational and philanthropic goals. Overall the program will assist students with becoming skilled, qualified candidates who have the ability and confidence to market themselves to the professional world.

Sponsor a Student: $10,700 - Sponsor an Interview Outfit: $175 Create Your Own Sponsorship: Invest what you can


We are eager to partner with for-profit and nonprofit businesses to design industry-specific career coaching programs to help companies hire and develop skilled aspiring young professionals, specifically women and candidates from ethic backgrounds, who are ready to work! In collaboration with your team we will design a Own Your Career Institute that meets the needs of your company and industry and will allow you to screen and recruit candidates.


This institute is designed to address social justice issues while helping millennials improve their community development and organizing skills. The transferrable skills honed in this series fit perfectly in team-based work environments. By the end of each institue we look to companies to hire our students as paid interns. Of course, “hiring” is contingent on behavior, skill level, initiative, follow-through on assignments while in the above programs and ability to work within the company culture.

Interested in becoming a sponsor? Contact Coach Carmen at (518) 207-0209, or email cduncan@matransitionservices.org

Mission Accomplished | 2018


Working as an advisor to the RPI student consulting teams with Carmen on a social media, marketing, and analytics program allowed me to truly experience the drive behind the mission. This is an organization I would recommend to any aspiring young professional looking to sharpen their business acumen.


Betty Wall Founder and President TechEdge Consulting

518-207-0209 www.matransitionservices.org 706 Madison Ave, Albany NY 12208

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