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the ROTOGRAPH January 2009

Our 88th year

Carlisle Rotary Club District 7390 P.O. Box 301, Carlisle, PA 17013 Organized May 1, 1921

“Service Above Self” Rotary International Officers 2008-2009 OFFICERS AND BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2008-2009 (Board meets at 11:00 a.m. on second Thursday) President of Rotary International Dong Kurn (D.K.) Lee President JUAN L. GARCIA-TUNON 701-2485 District Governor District 7390 Benjamin A. Hoover II, M.D.

Group “A” Clubs Carlisle Carlisle Sunrise Dillsburg Mechanicsburg Mech. North Shippensburg West Shore

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Dates to Remember

January 2009

Jan. 8th

Youth Exchange Committee Meeting 1:00pm

Jan. 15th

Membership Committee Meeting 1:00pm

Feb. 12th

Valentine’s Day Luncheon - Allenberry 12:00pm

Feb. 19th

**Board Meeting**

June 21-24

2009 RI Convention - Birmingham, England

Dec. 17th

Christmas Dinner 6:00pm Page 1



ROTOGRAPH COMMITTEE Ryan Heishman Bonnie Berk

Bonnie Berk Chair Programs Committee January 8th SPEAKER & PROGRAM: Wendy Sledd Pennsylvania’s Program to Rescue Abused Children INVOCATION: Kevin Benton GREETERS: Bill Spruill, Nick Stamos

January 22nd SPEAKER & PROGRAM: Classification Speech

January 15th SPEAKER & PROGRAM: Mindy Lofuts Classification Speech INVOCATION: Bonnie Berk GREETERS: Hope Stephan, Ann-Marie Stouffer

January 29th SPEAKER & PROGRAM: Tom Beisecker Classification Speech INVOCATION: Mark Bitting GREETERS: Bill Von Iderstein, Dottie Warner

Rotary International News Dear fellow Rotarians, As a father of four and grandfather of five, I have been fortunate to have spent many years in the company of children. When raising our own children, my wife, Young, and I worked hard to give them what all children need most: a loving, safe, and stable home. Our children were our first priority, and we made sure that they always had nutritious food, appropriate clothing, quality medical care, and a good education. We knew very well how fortunate we were to be able to do this. We were grateful that we never had to say to our children, “I’m sorry, but there’s nothing to eat tonight,” or “I’m sorry, but we can’t pay your school fees.” When I was a child, Korea was a poor country, and there were many children who went to bed hungry at night and had no school to go to in the morning. As a Rotarian, I know only too well that there are still far too many children in the world without the absolute essentials: food, clothing, shelter, medical care, and education. And as a Rotarian who is also January 2009

INVOCATION: Tom Biesecker GREETERS: Dave Twining, Adis Vila

a father, I consider all of the world’s children to be my responsibility. When I see my own grandchildren – happy, healthy, and enrolled in good schools – I cannot help but think of the millions of children who do not have so many advantages. I think of the children who have too little to eat and only dirty water to drink. I think of the children who are sick with diseases that could have been prevented and those who will have nowhere safe to sleep tonight. And I think of the children, millions of them every year, who won’t live to see their fifth birthday. December is Family Month. It is a time to focus on our families, to involve them in our Rotary service, and to challenge ourselves to do even more for those in need. Because there are so many families and so many children waiting for our help, we, as Rotarians, cannot look away. We cannot and will not rest until all children, everywhere, have the chance for a long and healthy life. We will not rest until we Make Dreams Real for every child in every home where there is hunger, sickness, and want. As Rotarians, we can do no less. Dong Kurn (D.K.) Lee President, Rotary International

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Rotary announces new class of World Peace Fellows Amid daily headlines of war, suicide bombings, ethnic and religious violence and social unrest, signs of peace are especially welcome -- and not just during the holiday season. The Rotary Foundation has named a new class of World Peace Fellows to study peacemaking and conflict resolution at the six Rotary Centers for International Studies located at leading universities in England, Japan, Australia, Argentina, and the United States. The Rotary World Peace Fellows are selected every year in a globally competitive process that begins when they apply through their local Rotary clubs. Applicants must demonstrate a commitment to peace and international understanding through their personal, academic and professional achievements. Like the members of the classes preceding them, the 60 students in the 2009-11 class are a diverse group, representing 34 countries and an array of professional and cultural backgrounds. Their January 2009

interests and areas of expertise include public health, education, international law, economic development, journalism, and social justice. Here are some of the students: Nisreen Abdallah, West Bank, Palestine, age 26, is program director for youth leadership development for OneVoice Movement, which promotes a two-state solution for the Israeli and Palestinian conflict and trains Palestinian youth in conflict resolution. Abdallah will attend the Rotary Center at the University of Bradford, England. Glenn Ian Raynor, Victoria, Canada, age 40, is the executive director for the Pacific People’s Partnership in British Columbia, where he has worked on sustainable development initiatives in the developing states of Polynesia, Melanesia and Micornesia. He will attend the Rotary Center at International Christian University, Tokyo. Rosa Maria Martinez Bolivar, Bogota, Colombia, age 22, works in the Human Rights Observatory of the Vice Presidency of Colombia where she monitors human rights violations and Colombian armed conflict. She will attend the Rotary Center at the University of California, Berkeley, USA. This article can be found at: StudentsAndYouth/EducationalPrograms/Announcements/ Pages/081223_announce_newclasspeacefellow.aspx

Club News President Juan’s Corner Please put down on your 2009 calendar Thursday, Dec. 17, 6:00PM (1800 hrs)! We have already reserved Dickinson College for our next Christmas Dinner / Kenya Dental Clinic FundRaising Auction. The one we just had on Dec. 18, ’08, turned out great; ask any member or guest who attended. We had over 130 attendees, raised $6,500, a very nice improvement over prior ones. Dottie Warner and Dickinson College staff did a great job coordinating and catering the event. Dave Twining did a great job getting auction Page 3

items. Dan Monken should be a professional auctioneer. And Charlie and Kathleen Stoup left on Jan. 1 for our Kenya Dental Mission! Many thanks to all who attended, who donated auction gifts, and who purchased auction gifts. Spread the word for next year’ event. And many thanks to District Governor Dr. Ben Hoover and his wife Anne, and to “District Captain” Melissa Bruck and her husband Scott, for having joined us for the event and coming all the way from York, PA, our “District Headquarters”! Also, Carlisle Sunrise President Terri Smiley and her husband Doc; Past President Eve Weaver (our first lady Club President and her husband Graham who came from Gettysburg, and Jennifer and Mick Marhevka, 2nd Youth Exchange Host Parents with YE Student Veera Laine, who attended as well. Many thanks to all! A special word of thanks to Jim DeGaetano, Sr., who is responsible for having suggested that we turn this event into a nightly one, so more spouses, friends, guests could attend, than during a luncheon rush event! I received a letter from Hubert Gilroy thanking our Club and Sunrise for again participating in The Salvation Armey Bell Ringing Fundraiser for our local community. A great local project; thanks again to all who participated. The Club Board changed the procedure for Club Invocations at the last Board Meeting. We will have a monthly designee, with alternates, in case of need, and all will be Board Members. This is to assure we say these in the spirit of the Rotary established procedures, without reference to specific religious beliefs or faiths. If any further explanations are needed, please contact any of our Board members, or refer to my Dec. 2008 Rotograph Newsletter (last month’s). Club Service Chairperson Bonnie Berk is working with Sunrise’s Dale Cross to arrange a mixer between the two Clubs in the latter part of February, where possible new members can also be invited to attend. News will be on the February ’09 Rotograph. Save Noon, February 12th for our traditional Valentine’s Day luncheon at Allenberry Inn! Many of the members bring spouses and friends to this event as well. There will be Carlisle Chamber of Commerce discount cards at the entrance to our Club Meetings January 2009

on 1/8/09. Please take one. They’re good for discounts at many local restaurants, hotels and businesses. Benefit of Club membership in our Carlisle Chamber of Commerce. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! Yours in Rotary, Juan

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A CARLISLE ROTARY CLUB VISION STATEMENT FOR THE 21ST CENTURY The Carlisle Rotary Club: A world class Rotary Club that recruits and retains quality members and leaders that meets in the most congenial setting possible and is active across the four lanes of Rotary with emphasis on support of community, international and vocational programs and projects and whose every member contributes to the Rotary Foundation, meets attendance criteria and is actively involved in Rotary service and fellowship events. Page 4

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