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CARDIAC RISK in the YOUNG CRY Patrons: Rob Andrew MBE, Jeremy Bates, Ian Botham OBE, Mark Cox MBE, Nick Gillingham MBE, Rob Jones MBE, Professor WJ McKenna, Sir Steve Redgrave CBE.

Spring 2002 - Issue 32


CRY Representatives 1 Meet Kay Linnington our County Representative for Oxfordshire Newsletters and Reports 2 Newsletter - Alison Cox the Chief Executive 4 Jan`s Report 5 Steve`s Report 6 Parliamentary Reception to launch the CRY Centre for Sports Cardiology at the BOMC 8 Job Jones MBE - CRY Patron 9 Cricket World Advertisment 10 2002 London Marathon Memories Kids for CRY 14 Kids for CRY Fundraising Crossword/ Jokes 15 Julie’s Interview with Ivan Henderson MP 16 My Daddy by Emma 17 Kids for CRY Fundraising CRY Fundraising 18 My London Marathon by Les Holeran 19 Fastest Serve Competition - Kidzone - Wimbledon Championships 20 Our fundraisers In memory of 26 Paul Hindmarsh - Whickham School 28 Howard Jennings - Little Hay Golf Tournament 29 Kevin Sayer 30 Levon Moreland 31 James ‘Slim’ Markham 32 Ian Willoughby 33 Leon Manners Screenings 34 Mobile Screening in memory of Ian Bowen 35 Mobile Screening in memory of Andrew Blow Raising Awareness 36 Struck down without warning 37 Bradley secures 100K for CRY / Spotting heart defects early / £2,000 raised....... 38 Our gentle giant who simply died in hise sleep 39 Jamies parents vwo to help others 40 Budget good for trust 41 In loving memory of a beloved son 42 Genetic Killer / Gavin, 23, died in his sleep 43 Tragic Heart death of our soccer son 44 Golfers club together for rainswept charity event 45 Parent’s act on son’s death 46 Daily Post story saved my daughter / Thank you for saving my girl 47 Why did he have to die 48 Family Burden 49 father’s campaign after sudden death of son (18) 50 Les Limbers up for Big Marathon / Fit fireman runs with young athletes in mind ....... 51 Marathon for mum helps charity CRY / Firefighters in goo heart 52 Soap stars rally fo CRY / TV stars muck in for charity / Teachers role to end heartbreak 53 Raising cardiac risk awareness Bulletin Board Back Cover ‘God’s Lent Child’ No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without prior permission of the Editor. The Editor and Committee welcome letters but reserve the right to edit when necessary and to withhold publication. Any opinion or statement by the author of any article or letter published does not necessarily represent the opinion of the Editor, or its Officers. Articles pertaining to health related topics are FOR INFORMATION ONLY. Readers should obtain advice from their own practitioner before attempting to diagnose or administer any medication. Mention of any products or procedure should not be considered as an endorsement for said product or procedure.

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Meet our Representatives

County Representative for Oxfordshire - Kay Linnington On the 15th January 2000 my partner Ian Willoughby aged just 28 collapsed and died when playing football, our daughter Hannah was just 14 months old when her Daddy died. Ian was a very fit and healthy person and played football all his life. Ian had fainted two months previous to his death and when he went to see the doctor he was given an asthma inhaler and that was it. We just accepted he had got asthma because that is what the doctor said. We later found out that Ian had died from an undetected heart defect called ARVC. Because his Death Certificate stated death from natural causes nothing more was done and I just tried to get on with my life the best I could for Hannah’s sake. I wanted things to be normal so not to upset her, she was already confused and could not understand why her Daddy was there one minute and not the next. She was always a Daddy's girl right from the day she was born. When she cried in the night Ian would jump out of bed and go in to her room and cuddle her. He never moaned about it. Whenever I tried to take her from Ian so Kay with daughter Hannah that he could get some sleep she would bury her head in his shoulder and not move. It upset me at the time because she wouldn't settle with me but now when I think about it it reminds me what a good Dad he was to her and how much he loved his little girl. I found out about CRY when my Mum phoned me one morning and told me that she had just seen a feature on SADS (sudden adult death syndrome) on GMTV. She had taped it for me so later that day I watched the feature and as the family featured began to explain how their son had died I began to realise that Ian had died from a heart defect just like his. I was so upset and shocked that what Ian had died was not as rare as I first thought. I straight away got on to my computer and looked on the CRY website and things started from then on. I got together a committee of my family and Ian's close friends. Everyone was so keen to start fundraising with me for CRY it was overwhelming. In our first year we have raised over £4000 and we will be raising alot more in the future It is so important to myself and Hannah to keep Ian's memory alive and to help others. We must raise awareness so that we can try to put an end to so many young lives lost when having a simple ECG test could show up an abnormality which can be in most cases treated with drugs. It has been nearly 2 and a half years since Ian was taken away from us and to this day it still makes me angry when I think that further tests were not carried out when Ian fainted. It was obviously a warning that was missed. It would make us so happy if something could be done, for example, children being given an ECG test before leaving secondary school?. Hannah will be given tests when she is ten years old to establish whether she has inherited the abnormal gene from Ian. There is a 50% chance that she has. This is another reason why fundraising for CRY is so important to me. I hope it will help the future generations to fight for this cause!!.


Spring 2002 Newsletter by the Chief Executive On a soft spring evening in mid-April CRY embarked on its most high profile event to date when we invited all MP's to a Parliamentary Reception in the Palace of Westminster to launch our CRY Centre for Sports Cardiology. We had cross-party support for the reception which was hosted by MP's Dr Julian Lewis, Dr Ashok Kumar and David Chidgey. The support was astonishing. A packed room heard Yvette Cooper, Public Minister of Health pay tribute to CRY and the work we do and make the exciting announcement that we had been selected as one of the charities to support, for the development of our Counselling Programme, with a Section 64 Grant award of ÂŁ105,000 over 3 years. These grants are highly coveted and have over the years become increasingly stringent in their requirements so we are hugely proud that our application was successful. Dr Liam Fox, Shadow Secretary of State for Health also spoke and told of how, when I first talked to him about CRY he was pleased to get involved because he had personal experience of tragedies such as we were highlighting, through the sudden death of an ex girlfriends young brother. He said how as a student at university, he would never for-

cations - a Parliamentary Reception leaflet ( an update of which is included with this mailing) and a 100 page booklet on CRY's Contribution to Research. This collated most (though not all!) of the research that Professor McKenna, Dr Sanjay Sharma, Dr Greg Whyte and Dr Sam Firoozi have had published as a result of our screening programme and also included Dr Hugh Sharp's prize winning essay on the first CRY ECG Testing in Millfield School.

AT Kearney’s provided a powerpoint display on the night.

We were very proud to have on display for the first time our new Power Point presentation, donated by Steve Parker, Vice President of A. T. Kearney's, which included an animation of conditions that effect the heart. What tremendous support Steve and consultant Pierluigi Bongiorno gave us for this important event.

Dr Fox with Chris Francis, Chief Executive of Cardionetics and the CNett 2000

get the shock he felt, this being the first young person he had ever known to die. Dr Fox congratulated us on our work and accepted the donation of a CNett 2000 Ambulatory ECG machine from Cardionetics on behalf of the CRY Centre for Sports Cardiology.


The purpose of the evening was to draw people together from the world of politics, medicine and sport - an unusual mix - who had an interest in CRY's work and could help us move forward. One of the most significant comments I received after the evening was from a top cardiologist who told me he came as a cynic and left converted to our aims. Part of the success of the evening was undoubtedly due to the introduction of 2 new publi-

The response of Parliamentarians to our invitation was remarkable and I would like to take the opportunity of particularly thanking Jeff Morland, Chair of Labour Party North, for doing so much to raise awareness of CRY with MP's in the face of his own terrible tragedy. Jeff and Sandra contacted CRY after their 22 year old son Levon died unexpectedly in January from Wolfe Parkinson White. It was fantastic to welcome so many VIP's, including the Chief and Deputy Chief Executives of the British Olympic Association, leading cardiologists, prominent medics, representatives from the major sports industries and organisations, and sports celebrities. Also our team of technicians without whom our screening programme could not take place - and have the opportunity of rolling back the years and meeting up again with Annette Jones who I reminded, - between her tears! - of how she sacrificed her precious commission on the Acuson echocardiogram machine that we donated to Professor McKenna's clinic in 1995, and how her contribution enabled CRY to purchase this, our first piece of medical equipment. Annette is one of the top echocardiographers in

the country and donated her time free to CRY for the first 4 years when we initially piloted our screening programme in 1993. Launching our CRY Centre for Sports Cardiology and raising awareness of CRY's achievements was the goal on the night. Victoria Lambert, Health Editor of Victoria Lambert the Daily Telegraph was amongst the guests and this newspaper did a superb article highlighting CRY's work that was published the opening day of the British Cardiac Society annual conference gaving us tremendous publicity for our programme. My prime disappointment was that numbers were so tight that only a few CRY personnel could attend. I do hope that by including our leaflet for you, and as many photos of the evening as we dare, you will all feel part of this important event which your loyalty and support over the years has made possible. It was with a great sigh of relief that I learned we were finally successful with our application for a Section 64 grant. Our second group of students

2002 Counselling Course

for the skills course had successfully completed their training in March and the next stage of our Theory course, combining the first 2 Skills groups was due to start in May. We had been unable to get funding for this training and so the government grant which will now cover all students for the Theory and 2 year Diploma Course, + next years new group of Skills students was timely indeed! Our Parliamentary Reception, on Monday April 15th, immediately followed a frenetic Marathon weekend. CRY's Marathon Reception was held again in the Brittannia Hotel and vigourously supported by many of our CRY runners and some CRY families who came especially to meet us. It was terrific that CRY Trustee and Consultant Cardiologist Dr Sanjay Sharma and his family also came to wish everyone well for The Big Dr Sanjay Sharma Run. Robi and Kate Fox offered to be our "official photographers" for the event and did an amazing job identifying and taking some superb photos of most CRY runners at

various spots on the 26 ½ mile track. The innovative highlight of the day (and much envied by other competitors) was in offering free leg massages to our intrepid athletes. Our 2 professional reflexologists were much in demand as they soothed and broke down knots in gnarled and aching leg muscles which some experienced participants told us enabled them to leave for home

Caroline Gard ‘enjoying’ a relaxing massage??

with a smile instead of the usual anticipated grinding agony. This years marathon was our biggest ever with over 100 runners including 14 CRY hearts and we hope to achieve our goal of raising £100,000 (Gross) to enable us to continue the development of our very ambitious programme. It is particularly important to thank our robust team of CRY heart runners who do so much to get CRY noticed on the day. These super costumes again attracted the attention of live TV when Neil Ditche was interviewed with the famous Sally Gunnell and able to raise awareness of CRY. Finally we are very proud to have the opportunity to introduce our new Patron Rob Jones MBE from Trebanos, near Swansea in Wales. Rob - capped 54 times for Wales; Captain of the Barbarians; 3 Lions Tours; 3 World Cups is widely believed to rank amongst the finest and most popular scrum-halves the game has known. Rob responded to a request to support CRY, Robert Jones MBE - New CRY from his neighbour Paulette Smith, whose 24 year old son Christiaan died suddenly in 1999. Rob said how devastated the whole community was by the tragedy and how delighted and honoured he was to be given the opportunity of becoming a Patron. Thank you Rob for becoming a part of the CRY team.


Jan Smith CRY’s Administrator Reports from Cardiological Sciences St George’s Hospital Medical School A warm welcome to the News section from St George's. Several significant developments have happened in the last few months. The workload generated by the Launch of the Sports Unit and recent media events, means a brief report this time.

ECG Testing Millfield CRY returned to Millfield School on 8th and 9th of May. ECG Technicians Monica Harries and Brenda Barham accompanied Steve Cox and David Gregory. 114 students were reviewed over two days at the School and once again, Dr Sanjay Sharma will provide follow-up appointments. We hope to develop our programme within private schools, particularly those where sporting achievement is encouraged. This group benefits from testing because no one expects someone who is fit, active and sporty to have an underlying heart problem.

Western Isles Testing Programme It has begun in earnest…. the first batch of ECG's has been returned for review. Mr George Moody, our incredible Volunteer Administrator in Scotland has done an amazing job of distributing materials and setting up a base from which to launch the testing. This pilot study has highlighted how much is involved and we are very grateful to Mr Moody and his family for the time and effort put into this project. His co-ordination efforts and communication skills have made light of many problems. Special thanks go to Jane Adams, Director of Nursing at the Western Isles Hospital who employed a team of three approved, part time ECG nurses to take the readings. The Nicolson Institute on Stornoway agreed that the testing could take place in one of their community suites, which has all the appropriate amenities. With three machines in place, the nursing team can organise

shift work for the project around their other commitments; indeed, one of them is even working in the evening to ensure that the centre is open for anyone who wants to take part in the session. Everyone involved in this project has been extraordinarily helpful and supportive. Alex Fotheringham took a break to visit the testing centre on Stornoway during the second week of testing, and could see the results of her dedication at raising awareness in the Western Isles of Scotland. A sincere thank-you goes to Alex and Fraser for keeping with this project during some trying times. We will keep readers informed as to the final figures tested and the next phase of the project, which will involve our cardiologists visiting the Western Isles.

Donation of CRY ECG Machines The Dominic O'Loughlin Memorial Fund purchased an ECG machine in April 2002. Mr O'Loughlin very generously offered this machine to be used initially in the Western Isles ECG Testing Programme, prior to it being placed with Dr O'Carroll and Partners at The Surgery in Brighouse, Yorkshire. The ECG machine is doing sterling work up in the

Western Isles, and will be returned when the project is completed towards the end of June. This is a wonderful gift to the surgery, and one which is eagerly awaited, particularly to support the work of nurses who visit patients who are house bound.

Family Mobile Cardiac Screenings Maralyn and Kenny Bowen held their second Screening in Redcar on 16th and 17th March 2002. (write up on p34) Granville Staff and Irene Wickers recently held another screnning on Saturday 8th June in Darwen. To reiterate, CRY will be looking to operate mobile screenings in one day, wherever possible, with the use of Two Echocardiograms and Two Echo Technicians. As you

know, the number of supportive technicians linking in with CRY is growing, but we are very much aware that those who support our screenings usually work full time, often in very demanding environments. It's essential that people working in this field have time to recoup at the end of a week, hence our desire to operate screenings during a day rather than a weekend. When booking for a screening, we will confirm whether your event will now be a one-day or two-day event.

New Fundraising Projects for CRY Families - BP Monitors Maureen Ward, Divisional Representative for Wales has funded three Blood Pressure Monitors for the Tenby Ambulance Service. The BP Monitor was developed to help medics take consistent readings of blood pressure. It became clear that BP results for the same patient differed significantly depending on the hearing of the technician/ medic taking the reading. For very sick patients, an accurate way to check blood pressure is by using invasive methods, where readings are taken from within the artery. Risks can include possible infections and blood clots. With the BP monitor, the cuff is placed around the patient's arm and the readings are shown on a monitor. In a travelling ambulance when accuracy is essential, the reading is only given when the monitor receives replica measurements, or matched pulses, so there are no rhythm disturbances caused by road surfaces. They can take lots of readings

within a set period of time if a patient is very unwell, which can help medics make the right choices with stabilising drugs and procedures. They can also take readings automatically every few minutes of a period of up to two hours. They store information for up to 24 hours, so a patient's history can be checked and printed out. It also takes temperature quickly and safely. For use in an ambulance setting, they will be very important pieces of equipment. New Ring Fenced Fund Raising Projects - BP Monitors This equipment may be something that could be placed in a GP surgery, or local ambulance group. They can be used on a wide range of patients and will be on offer in the region of £2400 per unit including a range of BP cuffs and carry bag and training. For further details please contact me at St George's.

Other Medical Information


For information on screening children please contact me. Not so brief after all, I shall be in touch for the next update.

For information I will be away from 17th - 21st June. Kindest regards from Jan.

Report from Steve Cox

Once again I must apologise for this update just squeaking in for Spring!!! Well the Summer has not really started yet. So much has been happening over the past months, I hope is has been persented clearly. If you have any suggestions for the future, please contact me. CRY’s New Publications We have recently printed another 10,000 copies of the general leaflets after the success of the last batch. The new one has an ammended achievements section, acknowledging the Governement Support, as well as Robert Jones included in the Patrons section. We have also added each of the specific medical conditons into the section on ‘Sudden Death Syndrome’. We have also printed 3000 leaflets from the Parliamentary launch, a similar leaflet to the one originally passed out on the evening. We have included one of each of each of these leaflets in this update if you would like further copies to distibute in your local communities please contact Fran and we will be pleased to send them out. Included in our publication’s is a 100 page research booklet coving the research we have contributed to over the past 5 years. Please contact the office if you would like a copy.

CRY Christmas Cards We are looking for help in distributing Christmas Cards this year and looking for people to help distribute our Christmas Card Leaflet in their local community. We are also looking for volunteers to give up a half day a week from September - December to work in their local ‘Cards 4 good Causes’ shop in 2003. We can only use ‘Cards 4 good causes’ if we can provide a vol-

unteer in a local shop. If you have a local shop and would be happy to give up 1/2 a day a week next year please either contact the office or Caroline Gard directly. This year we are going for the cards in a big way with a professional card company, and approximately a £5000 outlay with 25,000 cards to sell. If you are able to help in some way that would be fantastic


CRY Website CRY Brochures and Update online We are now in a position to be able to publish the Update online. Unfortunately it will take a while to download off of the website (unless you have broadband), and you may need to download the adobe acrobat reader software (no charge) if it is not already installed. I have been working on the best way to publish on the web for about a year and am very pleased with this result. The only problem to date is that the brochure is in the region of 5MB in size which will mean it is not possible to email it directly. This will enable you to print out specific pages (or the whole brochure) in colour, as well as emailing specifing

pages to you email contacts. If you would like to download a copy of the brochure the address is This page is not accesible via a hyperlink from the main site, and we will only be giving out this detail to those who are on our update list, or those who conatact us with a mailing address. I would be pleased with any feedback, as it is a little experimental at the moment!

Search Engines David Gregory is doing a fantastic job with all his dedicated efforts to improve the status of the CRY website. We are now recieveing a huge amount of traffic, with the highest hits a few weeks ago having over 2000 in one day.

London Marathon 2002 To date this years London Marathon has raised over £90,000, and there is still a lot of sponsorship coming in. We hope you like the Marathon photos taken on the day. Thank you to everyone who sent in pictures of the day

with special thanks to Robi and Kate Fox formanaging to not only spot but also photo at least half of our runners, many of which we have never met or seen, and truely capturing the highs (and lows) each were feeling at the time.

Raising Awareness Please send in any article you manage to have published either locally or nationally. The only way we are able to keep track with CRY’s developments in local communities is through having copies of these articles. If you would prefer for us to not use them in the brochure or on the website, we completely understand. If you only have one copy of the artilce and you would like it returned to you (as with any photos) just make this clear and we will return it to you recorded delivery. The level at which CRY’s supporters have been able to publicise CRY through the Press is incredible. If you have sent in an article or written piece which we have not republished in this brochure I would like to apologise, but we do not always have room to include all articles sent in!


If you would like an A4 or A3 copy of any of the pages or articles in this update (laminated) please contact the office


Parliamentary Reception to launch the CRY Centre for Sports Cardiology at the BOMC Our Parliamentary Recpeiton at The House of Commons to launch our Centre for Sports Cardiology based at the British Olympic Medical Centre is an important new development for the UK - being the first dedicated Centre for Sports Cardiology in the world. We aim to establish the centre as an international leader in its field with the ongoing development of our cardiac screening programme, training of expertise in this specialist area and contribution to research. CRy’s Chairman Dr Greg Whyte opened the evening, “CRY’s vision is to promote and protect cardiac health in young people. We aim to raise awareness, promote cardiac screening, research and counselling and the donation of machinery. We have done this for a numDr Liam Fox, Yvette Cooper, Chris Francis, Alison ber of years now, Cox and Dr Richard Budgett and are gathering momentum. What we hope is that the launch of the CRY centre for Sports Cardiology will fullfull all these aims in conjunction with St. George’s Hospital Medical School and Lewisham University Hospital.“ Public Health Minister Yvette Cooper endorsed CRY’s counselling programme with the announcement of a developement grant. CRY is developing a network of counsellors who have Greg Whyte opening the speeches suffered the tragedy of a sudden cardiac death of a fit and healthy young person and want to support others and help them cope. "We are keen to support the CRY programme and I am delighted to report that Section 64 funding has been granted to CRY of over £100,000 for the next 3 years to develop the network of bereavement counsellors. This is a very important initiative for CRY. The support which families give each other is crucial at this difficult time. I am pleased to see so many interested people here who want to know about this work." Yvette Cooper

Shadow Secretary of State for Health, Dr Liam Fox, said "I believe this (Centre) is the first of its kind, and needed. I'm delighted to be associated with such a worthy initiative - the area of sudden cardiac death resonates personally with me. I'm very pleased to see so many people here, and it should be viewed as a testament to Alison and all those who work and are part of CRY that the vision of such a Centre has been fulfilled." Dr Richard Budgett Director of Medical Services for the Dr Liam Fox British Olympic Association said "It is a pleasure for us to host the CRY Centre for Sports Cardiology, a wonderful initiative which we are really pleased to be part of. Not only do we detect serious illness at the CRY Centre but there is the important reassurance element. To have authoritative and definitive advice available in one Centre is hugely important when you are an athlete. Sport is actually for health and all of us here today are playing a part in reducing the risk to the health of our athletes by having these facilities available." Bradley (15) and Anthony (22) are both alive through diagnosis and medical intervention. Both feel they have been very lucky for their conditions to be diagnosed (although it took 8 years for Anthony to be given an ECG!) both fellows appeared with me to show what can be done if young people are found and treated in time. This is CRY’s message. This is CRY’s campaign. To find young people, in time, and save lives. Dr Richard Budgett


Bradley Farrow and Anthony Eames

Parliamentary Reception to launch the CRY Centre for Sports Cardiology at the BOMC

CRY’s Representatives - included Granville and Caroline who had been amongst our team of over 100 runners completing the London Marathon of CRY the day before - travelled from all over the UK to attend.

Divisional Rep North

Granville Staff

Divisional Rep N Wales

Divisional Representative East

Doreen Harley

Caroline Gard (with Peter and Cathy)

Voluntary Trust Fundraiser

Divisional Rep E Scotland

Divisional Rep South

Divisional Rep W Scotland

Maralyn and Kenny Bowen

Andy Tait

Sally Reid

Alex Fotheringham

We were delighted with the significant number of high profile guests that attended including Patrons Professor William McKenna and Mark Cox and BHF Professor of Psychology Andrew Steptoe who is supervising our research into the psychological impact of cardiac testing.

CRY Patron

BHF Professor of Psycholgy

CRY Patron

Professor W McKenna

Professor A Steptoe

Mark Cox

Alison and Dr Julian Lewis

The evening was marked by the presentation to Julian Lewis of a painting done by artist John Bennett whose daughter Laura died age 13 from Sudden Cardiac Death.


We are very proud to accounce CRY’s new Patron



“It goes without saying that I am both delighted and honoured to be given this opportunity to become a Patron of the charity CRY. When Christiaan Smith, a seemingly healthy young boy from my ownvillage of Trebanos died of Sudden Death Syndrome, the whole community were devastated. I sincerely hope that my close involvement with the charity will help raise awareness and, of course, help to save the lives of many young people.”

Cricket World Magazine Support CRY

The Editor of Cricket World contacted us after hearing that Ian Botham was President of our CRY Centre for Sports Cardiology. This poster was published in this months Cricket World Magazine.

CARDIAC RISK IN THE YOUNG Every week 4 to 8 apparently ‘fit and healthy’ young people die of undiagnosed heart conditions in the UK

CRY’s campaign is to: Fund the CRY Centre for Sports Cardiology at the British Olympic Medical Centre Support CRY’s national screening programme Support medical research into Sudden Cardiac Death Donate medical equipment to doctor’s surgeries and hospital units Counsel and support families affected by sudden cardiac death Raise awareness of Cardiac Risk in the Young

For more information on Cardiac Risk in the Young visit our website at or call us at 01737 363222

Ian Botham OBE Honorary President of the CRY Centre of Sports Cardiology 'I am delighted to accept the position of Honorary President of CRY’s Centre of Sports Cardiology – the first dedicated Sports Cardiology Unit in the world. We want all kids to have heart tests just as they do annually in Italy. Development of the Sports Cardiology Unit is crucial to underpin CRY’s very ambitious screening programme and save young lives. We must stop these terrible tragedies. Youngsters are dying needlessly – we can and must change things.'

CRY Patrons: Rob Andrew MBE, Jeremy Bates, Ian Botham OBE, Mark Cox MBE, Robert Jones MBE, Nick Gillingham MBE, Professor WJ McKenna, Sir Steve Redgrave CBE


2002 London Marathon Memories




2002 London Marathon Memories


2002 London Marathon Memories


2002 London Marathon Memories


What profession did the parrot get into when it swallowed the clock?


What kind of ribbon do politicians use?


Who looks after sick gnomes? 14

The National Elf Service.

Julie’s Interview with her MP Ivan Henderson How long have you been an MP? Since May 1997. I am in my second parliament. Did you find your way around easily when you first started working in the Houses of Parliament? No, I didn't. I got several blisters as there are lots of staircases and sometimes we're in a hurry and I couldn't find the quickest way. You only have 8 minutes to vote after the bell rings. I'm still finding my way around. Whereabouts do you sit in the Houses of Parliament? I sit in on the Government side - to the right of Tony Blair. It must be very hard to be an MP. Do you like the work? I love the work; both here in my constituency, Harwich and in London. I feel I'm very lucky to do a job I like. What do your duties involve? All sorts of things. My first duty is to my constituents - looking after their needs as best I can. My other duties are working with the Home Office and the Home Secretary - David Blunkett. Do you ever get to speak in the Houses of Parliament? Yes and I usually speak on things that affect my constituents e.g. on health and on employment issues. I know that a statue of Sir Winston Churchill is by the door of the House, do you believe touching his shoe brings you luck? It's a tradition - which most people still do. The foot is really shiny. Have you ever been on the Prime Minister's question time? Yes - about local employment and shipping problems. How did you first hear about CRY? Through Caroline when I played football with Clacton Police to raise some funds for CRY. A lot of CRY's patrons are involved in sports. Do you like sport? If so, what is your favourite sport? Yes I do like sport and my favourite sport is football. I think sport is very important to everyone. I play in the House of Commons football team.

‘I thought it was one of the most hard-hitting events organised in the House of Commons that I have ever seen. Real stories by real people.’

What did you think of the recent ParliamentaryReception for CRY? I thought it was one of the most hard-hitting events organised in the House of Commons that I have ever seen. Real stories by real people. It was very touching, and it was good to have the announcements of the grant and to see some campaigns were coming to fruition. By taking CRY to the House of Commons more MP.s are now aware of its existence and the campaign.


It was 4.4.95.when he died. We all got up and had was about a man and his family when he was in breakfast and he went 2 work as usual and while in work he got electricuted from a light and died which work he colapsed and died. was similar to my dad but he had heart problems. It was really sad that story because of what hapMy mum and nan could not understand why he died pened and to think it was like my dad colapsing like because he seemed so fit and healthy and he was only that its dreadful ..... 29 yrs. old. the docter told my mum and nan that he had a very serious undetected problem in the heart, I,m 11 now and i still miss him very much and i have which no one in the family knew about not even him. loads of dreams of me and when i am this age on We now know it was hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and MegaFobia or Bounce or Pirate Ship. I do wish he we all had to be tested to see if we also had it. could walk me down the ale on my wedding day or be a Grandad to my kids. it would be great if he My cousin, my grandad and 2 aunties were all found were to watch me grow up. But unfortuneatly he with the same jeanes. my brother and i have to be test- can not be with us anymore. Thank God my mum ed every 2 yrs which hurts but we know we have to found the best man before anyone else could and have it done. when he died me and dean were not she was really upset until this handsome young allowed to see my mum man came into our lives and like i said he made the for about an 1hr or 2 because we had to leave them world a differance he is just the best StepDad in the alone for a while to let them calm down we did not know world remember i said step not dad. until my mum took us home and took me into the bedroom and told me i burst out cring which started my I just wanna say for the people who haven,t got a mum and dean off who dad that i know how you feel i feel tingly when i see had heared us cring so he came in and joined in. i still my best friend kelly runs to her DAD it makes me had to go to school each day but i do not think i said wanna scream...I don,t mind people hugging their much those last couple of weeks. If i understood more dad it just makes me feel a bit quir now and again or i was older i would not of gone to school then. i was and when people say they hate their dads it makes really helpful when he died because my mum was so up me even worse because i haven,t got one and they set everyone told me to look after her very well, which i don,t know how lucky they really are when there r enjoyed and i did it until i was 7 yrs. old. people like you and me who haven,t even got one. My mum went on for some yrs cring about him, until a I always talk about him with my friends and i could man came along called Shane Beynon who made go on for hrs and not cry but my friends the world a differance and understood would be .................... Of course i,m everything and tried his best to keep her sad but you don,t have to cry to going. One day my nan was reading in show your upset unless you want the paper about Cry and thought she to cry ..... I always talk to him might ring and ask about it. while i,m upset, I look up into his eyes on the wall in my bedroom So we decided to raise money for Cry. of the photo of him with my mum in a church garden. He was My mum was getting better at not cring buried in St. Marys church Tenby 24, 7 but she still cried not and again. by a brick wall. His birthday is 30.65 Shane is a great help to me and my mum like i said 29 yrs hey what a young age to because it was quite hart to look after her on my own die it was terrible .... but now i have Shane to help me look after her, she is fine now. His name was Caradoc and his nickname was Jamo. He left his glorious mother,Maureen, his She taught us to say a pray which my dad enjoyed, we beautiful sister Lis, his wonderful children say it every night before we sleep. Here is the pray she Emma(me) and Dean and his wife Angela and his taught us ..... good old Dad. let us pray .... God blees Daddy and take care of him now i lay me down to sleep I pray the lord my sole to keep. If i die before i wake i pray the lord my sole to keep. AMEN God Bless Everyone That is our pray we say it would be nice if someone else did the same pray our wrote a prayer they would like to say each night. I miss him a lot but for some strange reason i would never cry now. It is very hard to live without him as you all know. I wish he was here but everyone knows that you can not bring the dead back to life, i still think of him 24,7.


I now have 1 sister who is 2 yrs old. She is the bestest sister anyone could ever have she is so funny. My brother misses him 2, he did not know him very well but he knows things that we all tell him and somethings he does remember but not all......I remember when my mum used to read me a book called WHEN MY DADDY DIED, and no one could read it from cring, because it

As you can see he left a lot of people but there is loads more like .... Iggy, Wacko, Winston, Snowy My mums parents and my Grandad H. And loads more but i can,t list everything or everyone. Did I tell you me and some of the family were on the radio telling them about how hard it was to live without him we said that he was the brightest star in the sky and the first to appear. We say many imaginary things we forget whats true and whats not its confusing. He used to tell my mum that we were going shopping so she always gave him about ÂŁ30.00 so instead we went to the pub for a drink and some salted nuts or crisps. We came home and he got told off for wasting her glorious money on rubbish so he went to his mums and borrowed money and bought some shopping for tea. This short story was written by .....Emma James ..... Center Picture is of Emma (5) and Dean (3) with their daddy This is a picture of Emma age 11

Louise Jamie’s cousin, raised an incredible £100 for Jamie Bucknell’s memorial fund through a charity concert held by the ‘For Kids 4’ Kids Theatre Company. The Flying Ducks Youth Theatre’s recent collection at the end of our production of West Side Story raised £200 in memory of Jamie.

The Ist XI Football Team at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School in Blackburn (David Staff’s old school) raised £117 through a raffle and other events for his Memorial Fund

Rhona Betts ran The Portland 10 mile Race on July 1st 2001 in memory of Laura Moss and raised £280. Laura

The Creigiau Girl Guides held a sponsored skip and riased £218 in memory of Christian Thomas



Inspired by his mothers tremendous efforts at running in the London Marathon in a Heart Costume, Chris Lines followed in his mother’s footsteps, although slightly smaller and not quite as far, and ran in the 5 mile Frinton Fun Run raising £45 for the Andy gard memorial Fund

In memory of Julian Wort

A sum of £151.89 was donated to CRY by St Osyth C. of E. Primary School having been raised as the result of a retiring offering taken at their recent KS1 (Infant) production. A school friend of Andy Gard who is now a member of the teaching staff suggested CRY as a charity to fund riase for. 17

My London Marathon By Les Holeran Five years ago I crossed the finish line of the 1997 London Marathon with the often-used words "Never Again!!" Later Sir Steve Redgrave was to say something similar i.e. "Boats, gun, shoot!" Well like Sir Steve I found that time is a wonderful healer and some four years after my last Les with Doreen marathon the pain and vows made on finishing had faded and I was filling in THAT entry form again. Of course, as every London marathon entrant will tell you, it's great to be able to say "I've applied for the London Marathon" but an entirely different thing to get the OK and realise that you actually have to do it! The Charity Clearing House did me proud, and within a couple of hours of identifying CRY as a suitable charity to support who also had a Divisional Representative close to where I live in North Wales, plus being a Lecturer in Higher Education I work with young people, I was told that I was in! Doreen Harley my local Representative arranged Press coverage, my wife Sue was elected fund raising manager and I emailed every one in the North East Wales Institute of Higher Education where I work to gather sponsorship. All that meant that 5 months later I am arriving in Bromley on Friday evening to set up "base camp" and discuss tactics with my son Ross and his partner Kathrine who had, once again, bravely agreed to be my support team. Sue was staying at home in North Wales to take care of the dogs and keep the home fires burning. Saturday was spent picking up my number and "timing chip" - very high tech- and doing a recce. of the journey from Bromley to Greenwich. 8.00am and we are standing in Greenwich Park thinking that maybe, just may be, we over estimated the time it would take us to get from Bromley to Greenwich!! It all went wrong when the taxi arrived early! Who ever heard of a taxi arriving early

for heaven's sake! Apparently the driver had heard he was picking up a London marathon runner and accordingly saw it as his civic duty to make sure that the poor deluded soul was not late. Anyway the trickle of people who arrived with us at 8.00am soon grew to a steady stream and the full scale of the event begins to dawn on you as you see all the various countries teams plus the runners representing all the different causes. Before long it is 9.30am, my bag is stowed in the baggage wagon and I am saying goodbye to Kathrine and Ross, see them about 2.00pm in Horseguards!! That's when it really hits you as to the magnitude as to what you about to attempt, I am nearly 55 and should know better. What was that I said five years ago? "Never again" and guess what ! The fireworks go off, we shuffle forward down towards the famous park gates and 10 minutes later you are officially starting the 26+ miles! I suppose the highlights of the run were passing the Cutty Sark at 6 miles, crossing Tower Bridge at nearly 13 miles, hearing Paula Radcliffe had "done the business" in the ladies race and seeing Kathrine and Ross at 18 and 21miles in the "wasteland" of Dockland when I was seriously in need of a boost. Low spots ? not too many, probably the cobbles at 22 miles by the Tower, they really do hit the legs, and the last 4 miles which were really just hanging in to finish. Like many people I summoned a "sprint" to finish in 4hrs 24mins, a little longer that I had hoped, but not too bad. The first thing after getting the medal and eating the free cheese and tomato sandwich [ why cheese and tomato ? it really gets stuck to the roof of your mouth after 26miles of dehydration] was to ring the "ranch" and reassure Sue that the old man had finished safely and was feeling OK. Monday saw me back home in North Wales really overwhelmed by the support and interest of family, friends and people in the village who had so generously sponsored me and Tuesday saw me back at college similarly overwhelmed by students and colleagues. Together we raised ÂŁ1560.20, far in excess of what I had originally expected. Would I do it again ? probably but not for another five years ! Les Holleron

CRY Presentatation at NEWI University In January 2002 I received an email from a 54 year old Senior Lecturer who works at NEWI (North East Wales Institute of Higher Education) informing me that he was going to run the London Marathon 2002 for CRY. I contacted Les Holleron, who informed me that he had found out about CRY from the Internet, and as he worked with young people, he wanted to support a charity that was also connected with young people. He was also drawn to CRY because there was a Divisional Representative for North Wales.


As a result of meeting Les, I contacted NEWI to see if they could help promote CRY within the North Wales area, and a "Healthy Heart" day was arranged for 25 April 2002. CRY were invited along, together with four other cardiac related organisations, to put on a display for the benefit of 5000 students and 500 lecturers. The response CRY received was overwhelming. At the start of the day, many people had only heard of CRY by Les asking for sponsor-

ship for his Marathon run, but by the end of the day, only a small minority had not visited our display. I was asked by numerous people to make contact in various places, all of whom wanted to try and promote CRY and its wonderful work. The catering staff and dieticians became involved by offering a healthy diet and a free piece of fruit to everyone who used the refractory on the day! The nursing staff had made posters and displayed them all around the building, and even put a notice on every table in the eating areas for both staff and students. All of the lecturers had received internal emails promoting the day. The NEWI photographer came along to capture the event on camera. I sincerely wish to thank everyone at NEWI who helped to make the day a huge success for CRY. Doreen Harley (Divisional Representative for North Wales with duties for Chester.)

KidZone Fastest Serve Competition ran during the Championships at Wimbledon and raised £5,072.89

All proceeds from the KidZone ‘fastest serve’ competition, which was run in a special marquee during The Championships at Wimbledon in 2001, were donated to CRY. This was through the initiative of Frances Presley wife of our first Chairman Ron, who is now Chairman of the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum and is a Past President of the Lawn Tennis Association.


Our Fundraisers

In memory of John Marshall Janet Marshall recently send in a cheque of £1,140 for John’s Memorial Fund donated by The Midland Hotel staff and guests in Bournemouth. The Midland have nominated CRY as one of their chosen charities for next year as well. Charlie Marshall accepting the cheque

In memory of David Staff and Neil Wickers Andy Nightingale raised £400 by completing the David Staff Memorial Fell Race in December. Terri Lord also ran in the race raising £150 which was then matched by a further £150 by Terri’s company ‘Rentokil’. Further Proceeds from the Race totaled £350 (see raising awareness) Brian Taylor, Irene’s Wickers brother, (Neil’s Uncle), ran in the the BeaverBrooks 10K Fun Run in Blackpool Road Race and raised £312 On Saturday 1st June a Grand Jubilee Rafle held at the Crown Public House rasied £212. Prizes included 2 cases of Bitter, 6 bottles of wine, A comlpimentary sunday Lunch for 2 donated by Astley bank, a signed Rovers Football doanted by Janet Westwell, and a bottle of Whiskey donated by the Crown.


On Sunday 2nd June a Bowling Match and rafle were held at the Two Gates Bowling Club raising a further £140 Irene, Brian, and Bill

Our Fundraisers

Diane and Chris Tomlinson sent in a further donation in memory of Nadia their granddaughter who died earlier this year of SADS. This is the second loss they have sufSteve Plumb recieved a fered in their family within three years

number of donations

Each year at Christmas/new Year time after his wife Claire died Cameronaire Environmental Ltd. tries to raise monies from suppli- at the age of 35 from a ers and staff for charity. cardiac arrest which he Each year they support a donated to CRY. different charity and it is usually chosen because there is some conMrs Ellen Blanche Andrews nection with a member of staff. This year, foldied on February 9th 2002. lowing the death at a very young age of a It was the wish of her hussister of an employee, Shiela Clarke sent band that in lieu of flowers they asked the emply- cheques totally a fan- donations of £200 be given ee to choose a related tastic £338, This to CRY as many years ago charity and CRY was included £100 raised they lost a daughter due to nominated for a dona- by Harry and Elizabeth heart problems. tion of £750.

through collecting 1 and Dr Tavenor donted £580.31 in memory of the 2 penny late Sasha Kate Danielle pieces. Other monies were Tavenor raised at the Colin and Mary R.E.T.A Karioke Wilkinson recently made a donation of £185 Helen Stanbra to CRY. Colins Marathon and Hairdressing business raised with raised this money for North East Screening her running and the Richard Allan partner £500 Memorial Fund

Dr and Mrs Slima Makhdum gave a generous Gift Aid donation of £200 to CRY core funding

ran the Robin Hood

On the last day of each month the staff at the Hart Group operate a Dress Down Day, whereby they contribute £1 each. Twice a year they draw a name out of for CRY the hat and that member of staff Linda Smith and other staff at Wunderman, then chooses a charity where Insight Imagination Impact, sent in a they would like the money from cheque for £110 following the tragic death the draw to go. Kath Scholes of the daughter of one of the colleagues was drawn this year and asked from Long QT for the money to go to CRY


Our Fundraisers

ÂŁ750 was donated to the Lewis Marsh Fund by Tesco Stores in Sandhurst. They relaunched the store after a massive re-fit and held a number of events to publisise this. They asked the local council to nominate local charities preferably with a sporting connection so our name was put forward and the local boys

football club. CRY had a stand at the opening with merchandise and spread awareness. The World Soccer Skills Champion Rob Walters supported the event by having an ECG on the day. picture: Store manager, CRY Southern Rep Sally Reid, Jill Marsh, and CRY Patron Mark Cox.

ECG Machines in the local communities


Practice Nurse Penny McLean (right) at work with the ECG machine which was donated to the Surgery at Reepham. The Nurses Lesley Anderson and Maggie Harris are seen on the left in one of the treatment rooms at the Mattishall surgery. These are two of 4 machines anonymously donated to the Norfolk region.

Our Fundraisers

Quiz night in memory of Ian Strange Mark Attwaters and two colleagues, Lisa Hackling and Joanne Hawtin organised a Quiz Evening. The event was held in an Indian Restaurant which made a change from the usual smokey hall or pub room!! On the night they riased £196. HSBC Bank Plc kindly agreed to double the donation bringing this to a total of £392. The Federation of Independent driving Instructors held an annual “bash” in memory of Ian and raised £524. Ian’s father, David, is on the committee for FIDI and all the members know of CRY. This is the second occassion that CRY has been their chosen charity for the event.

In memory of Sarah Louise Williamson

The South Somerseet District Council recently sent in a cheque for £1028 for Sarah’s memorial fund. In memory of Stewart Howard

A Car Boot sale held on Sunday 31st March raised the incredible sum of £1134.05 In memory of Dominic O’Loughlin

The Clifton Rangers Youth Football Club raised £1000 for Dominic O’Loughlin’s Memorial Fund In memory of Andy Gard

The Frinton Free Church Quiz night for Andy’s memorial fund raised £383 23

Our Fundraisers

On the 24 May Gill, Sheila Clarke from London who came to Birmingham for the weekend and myself were invited to a Charity Night at the Royal British Legion, Northfield, Birmingham, arranged by Pam Jay and friends in memory of her son's death through Myocarditis of Mathew Cobb aged 21 in 1995. During 92 and 93 I arranged two Charity fun-days for another heart charity before the days of Cry in memory of our son Andrew aged 16 who died through Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy in 1980 whilst playing football. On both days we arranged for St. Johns ambulance service to be available. Pam and Mathew attended in their capacity through their voluntary work with St. Johns. Talking with Pam and Mathew about the SAD Syndrome little did we realize that Mathew himself would die to this deadly heart condition? The night itself was a great success Pam and her team did us proud and £572 was raised through Disco requests, raffles, bingo and something called Irish bingo.

Roy Ball with Pam Jay

Robin Hood Half Marathon “Last summer one of my wife’s friends, Ruth Pattern, persuaded me to join her and one of her friends, Helen, running the Robin Hood Half Marathon in Nottingham on Sunday 30th Sepetember. I agreed to but did not get round to doing anything about sponsorship other than offering to sponsor them to the tune of £25 each. They were running for CRY as Helen’s eldest son, a keen and able sportsmand, had nearly died of a heart problem a year or so before. One of my colleagues, on hearing that I had not done anthing about sponsroship, said he would sponser me £ for £. The first £100tha I raised from other sources. this was on the Thursdya before the run. So, at short nottice, I sent an e-mail to a selection of colleagues and firends and got a great response. Here with cheques to the value of £552.50.” 24

Miles J Parker

Our Fundraisers

In memory of Timothy Read “Timothy our son (June and Ken Read) died suddenly 5 years ago on 3 April 1997. He was aged 27 at the time and was our only child still living at home. He was an HGV driver and was working for P&O at the time. He had gone to work as usual that morning, had loaded his lorry and gone back into the building stating that he felt unwell. The ambulance was called and he was taken immediately to hospital. My husband and I were contacted immediately and by the time we reached the hospital he had already died. He was a very fit person being involved for several years with the TA in his late teens and early 20’s” June Read Ken Read used to be involved in Southampton School Caretakers Social Association which has now closed down. £317.39 representing half of the amount remaining in the account at closure, was donated to CRY. June also forwarded a cheque to CRY for £483.50 for a number of events. This included monies raised in running last year‘s Womens Flora Run in Hyde Park as well as a balance received from a function run by Ken (June’s husband) just before Christmas. The Steward of the Club at which the funciton was held, a young man of about 35, had cardiomyopathy, and has now received an implant. Barbara Dowell has once again raised £100 for Darren Chase’s memorial fund. Barbara was Darren’s cousin.

Kath Scholes found her Fiancee Pull Bullman dead in bed at the age of 24 on October 28th 1998. he had no history of illness and a postmortem revealed that he had died due to a thickening of the tissue of his heart. Last year her colleagues took part in a dress down day just before Christmas in memory of Paul and decided to donate the proceeds of £178.10 to CRY.


Whickham School Fund Raising week for CRY In memory of Paul Hindmarsh I am writing this letter to tell you about the wonderful week of fund raising that Whickham School held in aid of your charity. We choose CRY in memory of a member of our year Paul Hindmarsh who died three years ago. We managed to raise an amazing £l0,500, and this money was gained through a different array of activities and events. We began on Friday 31st January doing an all day Asda bag pack, which raised £1500. This event went on for the entire day; I must say we had plenty of volunteers during the 9:10 to 3.25 slot! Monday 4th February was the official beginning of the week and it was set off with a bang or should I say boogie? The year seven and eight Cocktail Disco. The main attraction being the dancing sixth form boys, dressed in their grass skirts and Hawaiian shirts, and of course not forgetting the tantalizing tropical cocktails served by the Hawaiian beauties. Monday lunchtime gave us kids to opportunity to revisit the 70s with the extremely competitive Space Hopper Race. (Its true there’s something more fun that a Sony Play Station!) Also Monday was the starting day of the sweet-toothed Chocolate Tombola, where everyone won a prize and the shocking Splat the Rat, both of which ran throughout the week so no one missed out. Tuesday 5th February was the day when Matthew Kelly walked through the smoky door of Whickham School and we held are own Stars in your Eyes. Who knew that Ronan Keating went to Whickham School? Tuesday lunchtime kicked off the Five-a-side football competition, where all the budding David Beckhams were out in force showing off their skills on the pitched. Finally Tuesday Night was the greatly anticipated opening night of the Show Stoppers Varity Shows that ran on both Tuesday and Wednesday evening. This gave the sixth form boys another opportunity to dress up and dance, but this time they donned their bell bottoms and groovy shirts and gave us all a bit of Night Fever. However there was a guest appearance from the teachers giving us their special adaptation of the pop group Hearsay, it was amazing how they managed to live that one down in the staff room. Wednesday 6th February was a day for those who were active and fit Aerobics was held at lunchtime giving people the opportunity to lose those extra pound that they had put on over the Christmas and New Year. There were a lot of red faces leaving that hall after that event. Thursday 7th February was the day that all young boys dream about, the legend Peter Beardsley graced us with his presence and skills and held a Penalty Shoot Out competition. The future goalkeep-


Fraser with Whickham Head Teacher and Head of Year

Whickham School Fund Raising week for CRY In memory of Paul Hindmarsh ers of Newcastle United also helped this along by providing their services. The sports hall had never been so jam packed with people. Even the teachers lost their cool when Peter entered the school. Not to be over shadowed was the Ceilidh. This provided both music and dance along with the Irish spirit. Finally there was Friday 8th February this was the end of our week and we made it one to remember. It was non-uniform day everyone came in wearing what they wanted, even if that was an Ali G ensemble or a Darth Veda number. Also is gave the local primary schools the opportunity to join in

Fraser with Mr and Mrs Hindmarsh

and go in to school not wearing their uniforms. The final event of the day was the wild uncensored House Party with special guests from the Newcastle Falcons Ruby Team. There was loud and live music. Staff Blind Date, which uncovered some interesting past times and hobbies. (Again a sixth form boy decided to remove his trousers and fashion a rather attractive pink number, those boys will do anything to wear a dress!!) We also managed to take time out and thank Mr. Turnbull who put in so much time and hard work by throwing a cream pie in his face. We really did appreciate all of his help. (Honestly!!)

Paul’s Mum, Dad and grandparents with the tree planted in his memory at Whickham School

After the week of fun and games we had the task of counting all that wonderful money. We were then pleased to announce that we had raised over ÂŁ10,000 and it was all going to CRY. We felt that we had been able to give something back and it was all done in memory of Paul.


Little Hay Howard Jennings Golf Tournament

Sam Ashlety very wet! Grand dad have you won yet?

Ready to Tee off, just before the Heavens opened Kieran and Jazmine ‘sharing’ an umbrella Jazmine helping with the coffee

Howard died suddenly early one Sunday evening whilst helping his wife, Tina bath their two baby sons, Ryan and Kieren. It was a tremendous shock to all of us as Howard had been in very good health. He worked very hard as a Sales Engineer but liked to relax by playing golf at his local club, Little Hay. When the boys first came along he also worked behind the bar on occasion.

Harry Hughes (second left) nearest the pin winner

After his death many of his friends expressed a wish to do something in his memory. After 13 months I decided that I needed to get the ball rolling. We had discovered CRY during a visit to St Georges Hospital in November 1996. We contacted Alison and found that we could start a fund in his memory and after establishing what CRY was all about decided to fundraise on their behalf. Alison and the rest of the team were extremely helpful to us during a very difficult time. I decided that a golf tournament would be a good start as Howard played and had many golfing friends. I approached Little Hay and the then owners, David and Sally Johnson, who having known Howard were more than happy to assist us in our organising. They were also extremely generous, donating raffle and auction items.

6 Ashletys! Keeping it in the Family

I also approached a good friend of Howard’s, knowing nothing about golf myself, to help with the tournament details and numbers. Ray and his wife Carole Haylock have been invaluable to the tournament over the years. Carole also works for the Lloyds TSB, so has looked after the money side of things. The bank also donates £500 per tournament, which goes a long way.

Dad’s team, the sun did shine then! The Atlas Copco team

The first year we had just 32 players, concentrating on people who knew Howard. Friends, family and work colleagues all took part. The following year there were 64, then 88 until in 2001 we broke the 100. The tournament continues to grow.

Kevin Masters left (2nd) and Pat Mumford (ladies trophey winner Who’s holding the umbrella for me!

It is hard work to get those numbers but keeping a record of all who have played and contacting them a few months before the next tournament normally results in a good turnout. Unfortunately memories are short so it is very important to extend the field of golfers and not rely on only the people who knew Howard. Many of the people who played as individuals the first year, now enter a whole team. There are a core of volunteers who help year after year. They provide the players with refreshments at the 9th hole and keep my friend Angela Masters supplied with the necessary information to speedily update the scores on the computer!!! The whole thing would not work without all the help from friends and family Keely Ashley

Pat Mumford Ladies trophey winner


Peter Birch Longest drive winner

3rd Mike Lancaster

Colin jackman Mens Trophey Winner

Jazmine sorting out the chocolate biscuits

Peter Ashley and the booby tropheyMumford Ladies trophy winner

In memory of Kevin and Tony Sayer Over the past years Tony and Evy Sayer have been incredible supporters of CRY after their son Kevin died on Mothering Sunday March 27th 1995. They were key fundraisers in CRY’s first major project of funding the ECHO machine at St George’s which has screened over 14,000 people and raised over £28,000 for Kevin’s Memorial Fund. Sadly Tony passed away earlier this year and will be sadly missed by us all. Always a strong advocate of CRY’s programme Tony was always helped many families through ‘Talking Point’. There was a wonderful turnout, even more people than usual, at Kevin’s Memorial Match this year between the Loddon over 40’s and the Loddon over 25’s. Over £650 was raised for Kevin’s Memorial Fund. Foulger and Son forwarded £511.66 to CRY for donations recieved in lieu of floral tributes in memory of Tony. Further donations of over £300 were given on the day of the funeral.

Tony and Evy sayer with one of their many CRY certificates


In memory of Levon Morland

Levon Morland died suddenly in his sleep on the 3rd January 2002 at the age of 22. He had the condition Wolfe Parkinson White Syndrome which has diagnosed when he was 12 years old. He received no treatment for the condition but was offered the opportunity of an operation to eradicate the problem when he had his last consultation in March 2001 at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle. The Consultant explained what the operation entailed and that it was unpleasant. Levon decided that he could put up with the nuisance of a few episodes of rapid heartbeat a year, which is what the Wolfe Parkinson White Syndrome caused. No one explained to any of us that the condition could cause sudden death. Had this been explained he would have had the operation which we understand is unpleasant but has a 97% success rate. He was told to get on with his life and he did! Levon has left an awful lot of sadness behind for his many friends and family. He left a lot of happy memories too, as he energetically set about making life fun and enjoyable for practically everyone he came into contact with. His life revolved around enjoying himself, and, more importantly, helping others to have a good time too, either through his work or in leisure time it made no difference, he was always fun to be with. Sadly missed. The night before the Parliamentary launch Jeff gave us a cheque for £1321.75 for Levon’s Memorial Fund. AMICUS/ AEEU Darlington Central Branch membership have made donations to Levon’s memorial fund.


In memory of James ‘Slim’ Markham James died on the night of 19 November 2001. He was twenty-one years of age, full of life, and had not had any major illnesses. James was a music student, lived at home, and was a family man whose main interest was his music. He was known by his music friends as "Slim Jim". On the day of his death he had been to college as usual, had had dinner at home, and had spent the evening working in the study. At 11.00 p.m. he went out to drop his car off so it would be serviced in the morning. The service garage was just two hundred yards from the house and as he left he shouted, "be back in five minutes Dad". That was the last time we saw or heard him alive. At 12 p.m. I was getting ready to go to bed. I looked around the house thinking James had come back in without me hearing him, but I could not find him. It was out of character for him to not come back when he said he was only going to be five minutes. I thought he may have a problem with the car and decided to go and look for him. I found James twenty yards from the house laying face down in between a parked car and the pavement. Initially I thought the car might have hit him. I cried out for help and we soon had an ambulance and doctor at the scene. We tried to revive him but were unsuccessful. James was pronounced dead at our local hospital. On reflection I believe James had probably been dead for over half an hour before I found him. He felt very cold. He had dropped his car off, and we believe he was running home when he collapsed. Our doctor thought the running could have triggered the attack. The subsequent post-mortem could not find anything physically wrong with James. Although we Abby wrote this poem about James. A shortened verare still awaiting the inquest, the coroner sion was used in the Book of Rememberance at has told us James probably died of a "carBreakspear Crematorium — her poem: diac arrhythmia".

My Brother: A gentle soul walking in the garden of life Full of hopes and dreams of his future His music the voice, as words do not always come easy. I shall always remember his smile and the ways he made me laugh. May he rest in the clear light of the nature of his mind, open, empty and naked like a cloudless blue sky. May our happy memories of him shine through the darkness of our sorrow And teach us all how precious life is.

We have an appointment to see Doctor Sharma at Lewisham Hospital in April to see if there are ramifications for our twenty-five-year-old daughter, Abigail. My wife and I are still deeply shocked and wonder how a seemingly fit and healthy young man could just drop dead without warning. SANDRA AND JEFF MARKHAM To date Sandra and Jeff have sent in cheques for £624 and £500 for James’ Memorial Fund


In memory of Ian Willoughby

Racenight and England Football Shirt Raffle 19th January 2002 This night was held in memory of Ian because it was two years ago on the 15th of January that he died. An an amazing £2000 was raised on the night including the raffle of an England Football Shirt, it was donated by the England and Arsenal player Martin Keown. This was arranged through Ian's father, and the shirt had been signed by all the players in the Mexico 2001 game including David Beckham and Michael Owen. The second prize was a pint of beer or glass of wine for a year or £100 cash kindly donated by a local landlord. The third prize was two tickets for a day at the races in Cheltenham donated by Alistair Down. The night was a huge success and enjoyed by all, alot of money was lost but also won on the horses!! and a lovely buffett was laid on by the Fox Hotel where the racenight was held. Alistair Down, a presenter on the Channel Four racing program drew the raffle. In another event, Ian’s sister Charmaine Weller did a Sponsored Slim and lost a stone in weight raising over £200 for Ian’s memorial fund

England Football Shirt

Pete and Sue Grantham Racenight organisers

Getting Ready to start the bidding!!


Mark -, never far from the microphone

Committee Members: Mark Grantham,Lisa Tanner, Mark Corbett, Michelle Thornton, Alistair Down, Kay Linnington, Jason Guy, Peter Linnington

In memory of Leon Manners

It just wouldn’t be Boxing Day in Redcar without a Boxing Day Dip! This year Julie Hatton organised a courageous crew together. ‘It was a very very cold day and we all tried to imagine that we were on a boiling hot desert island but as soon as we reached the water it hit you. We knew we were in freezing cold Redcar! But we all thoroughly enjoyed it.’ ‘We braved the cold water’s for my darling son Leon Ashley Manners who was probably laughing his little head off at us, up there in Heaven.’ Julie Hatton

A special thankyou to Becky and friends, Clair, Dougie, Steve, Karen, Lisa, Sharron and

Tony’s daughter who all took part on the day. The Beacon Pub raised a further £154 with all the generous proceeds from a collection box. 33

Mobile Screening in memory of Ian Bowen Maralyn and Kenny Bowen held their second Mobile Screening in Redcar on 16th and 17th March 2002 in memory of their son Ian. Ian died of Wolfe Parkinson White Syndrome at the age of 19 during a night out with friends in October 1996. A wide-ranging group was screened, some coming from as far as Liverpool to be seen by the CRY team. We were very grateful to Maralyn and Kenny for fitting in some emergency ‘out of area’ appointments after people had contacted us desperate to be screened. Once again, the screening programme has helped a number of families to receive support and appropriate treatment. Our thanks go to Maralyn and Kenny for their hard work and sleepless nights in putting this event together. Steve Cox and Tony Hill attended together with our medical team Dr Sam Firoozi, David Oxborough and Adele Doherty. Emma Cousins made a fantastic scribe on the day helping David move efficiently through the ECHO’s, as well as having incredible support from her Mum Christine.


Mobile Screening in memory of Andrew Blow On 27th and 28th October the Blow family held their first Mobile Screening in memory of Andrew who died of Dilated Cardiomyopathy on 10th May 1998. He died playing football for his Hall of Residence team. The screening generated a huge interest from the local community in Ormskirk. There was a fantastic group of volunteers over the weekend with family and friends and a never ending tea pot and supply of biscuits and cakes to keep everyone going.


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CRY is currently looking for teams of eight people to take part in this nation wide Team Challenge which is taking place at We now raise money by recypurpose-built Outward Bound centres set in idyllic locations across the UK. cling old mobile phones. If you

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Before you embark on any commitment Give as You Earn to project funding please call JAN SMITH for details of forms required to regulate If you make regular donations to this. This should be a great timesaver, CRY you may be interested in as you need to check your information is donating through your payroll. This enables you to make a pre tax correct before proceeding. The definitive donation with a 10% bonus added guide to CRY projects for ring fenced by the government if made through ‘Give as you Earn’ funding is now available from Jan.


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We are looking for help in distributing our Christmas Cards and Christmas Card leaflet. If volunteers could approach local bussiness to see if they can adopt CRY. We are also looking for a few volunteers to give up half day a week from September - December to work in their local ‘Cards 4 good Causes’ shop in 2003. Please give me a call or email me if you have any suggestions on how you would like the conIf you would like CRY to tent of your future consider any item for Bulletin Board please fax details (including your item) fundraising pages to be laid out in the through to Steve on 01737 363444 future.

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