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April 17, 2013

Volume 4, Issue 16

Private donor writes $52,000 check to Gates Fire for new rig

press release-Gates Fire District recently needs list, and they submitted a copy for his purchased a new 2013 Chevrolet Tahoe to consideration. He then gave us a check for replace its current 12 year old command/ $52,000 to support the project.” Actual acquisition and outfitting costs tosupport vehicle. According to Fire Chief Gary Swanson, taled approximately $45,000. The remain“The new vehicle was needed because the ing dollars will be used to fund other depart2001 Jeep we currently have has reached the ment projects. The new truck is a 2013 Chevy Tahoe, Chief Swanson went on to say, “Our deend of its serviceable life for our agency.” purchased at a cost of $45,000 partment has been most fortunate over the He went on to say, “The great thing for our complete with all the emergency extras. last several years in building connections constituents was that we spent no taxpayer The donor who funded the new truck with funders that have develop into strong dollars on the vehicle. The purchase was wished to remain anonymous, said Gates Fire Chief Gary Swanson. funded by a gift from a pri- collaborative relationships. It has allowed vate donor. He asked to see us to continue to grow and become strona list of department projects/ ger as an emergency service provider in the needs and costs. A commit- Canyon. We are continually grateful for the tee of firefighters had already support we receive.” developed the department Community members are invited to attend the first Community Roundtable at Mill City City Hall on May 3, 8am, said city officials. The goal of the meeting is to create a network of community leaders, to find a common vision for the community and to work together for common goals. Leaders of non-profits, service groups, school district, churches, fire districts and government entities are invited to attend. “We would like each representative to come prepared with a short statement on their mission, who they serve, and what their long or short term goals are,” said organiz- Animal Care in Mill City is now of- mals have an annual exam to be vacers. “This first meeting is just to get to know each other fering a low cost vaccine clinic ev- cinated by a veterinarian and figure out what groups are active in the communities ery Thursday from 10am -2pm on a Then after that all the vaccine and of the Santiam Canyon. We plan to hold a regular monthly walk in first come first serve basis. If services are deeply discounted as meeting to update on what each group is doing and how your pet isn’t current with it’s annual well. For example: rabies will be they can work together.” Info: Elaina Turpin, 541-852- exam you can get one for just $10. $8, Heartworm tests will be $16 and 2893 or Stacie Cook at Mill City Hall, 503-897-2302. (This is Microchips $30. Most other vaccines

First Community Roundtable scheduled

Ark Animal Care now offers discounted vaccine clinic and weekend hours

for well pets only as no illnesses will be looked at at that time.) Oregon law requires that ani-

will be around $12 with a few exceptions. In addition Ark Animal will now be open every second Saturday of the month for a full day with a full staff and able to offer all pet services of all sorts including surgery. “ Hopefully this will help people who work all week and have trouble getting in Mondays through Fridays,” said Veterinarian Keri Sanders.


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Santiam Canyon school board candidates invited to submit their statements The Canyon Weekly is inviting all Santiam Canyon School District Board candidates to submit up to 300 words, to be printed in future issues. Please send your submission to by Friday, April 19. Candidates seeking the first seat will be featured in the April 17 edition, the second seat in the April 24 edition, 3 seat May 1, 4th seat May 8, and seat 2-1 will be printed on May 15.

Santiam Canyon School District election: introducing Position 1-Zone 1 candidates Gale Holfert, candidate

My Name is Gale Holfert. I am a candidate for School Board Position #1 Zone #1. I am a taxpayer and a homeowner and have lived in the Lyons/Mill City area since 2002. I am a retired educator. My wife and I are parents and grandparents who believe in quality school and education. Since retiring from 28 years of public education I have been a facilities volunteer in Corvallis High Schools for four years. I supervised college student-teachers at Oregon State and Western Oregon Universities. During the 2012 school year I was an assistant volunteer coach with the Santiam High School track team. It was a fun return to being with students again for me! Great kids! I realize I have a steep learning curve ahead if I am successful being elected as a School Board member. I believe I am a sincere listener and I am committed to doing my best for supporting our students, teachers, principals and

superintendent. Some of my priorities are: *Trying to foster a positive learning environment in our schools. *Encourage strong support and communication between teachers, students and parents. *Seek creative sources of funding. *Do My best to contribute to a positive rapport with the community. My Personal Work History: *Worked summers during college years as a logger and commercial fisherman. *Earned Bachelors degree in Elementary Education and 16 years as an Elementary and Middle School teacher. *Earned Masters degree in Elementary Education and Administration and 10 years as an elementary school principal in Alaska. *Commercial crab and salmon fisherman summers in Alaska. I will do my best to be a contributing team member if elected. I will appreciate your vote! (cont’d on page 3)

Mountain Edge Cafe Breakfast served all DAY! Open Daily 6am to 2 pm 2


320 Northwest Santiam Boulevard Mill City

Santiam Tigers of the month for March Santiam Elementary Tigers of the Month for March 2013 were awarded to thirteen deserving students at the all school assembly last week. Pictured here in no particular order are Katie Katlong, Bianca Recendiz, Audrey Shaffer, Trenton Rathbun, Kielyn Thurston, Quentin Clark, Kirsten Crofoot, Gaven Lyon, McKenzie Turpin, Jaden Anderson, Quinten Cook, Maddy White, and Miranda Fuentes. Also pictured is January’s Tiger Savanna Fields-Boedigheimer.

Congratulations Tigers on a job well done!

(cont’d from page 2)

Yvonne Hanna, candidate

As candidate for Santiam Canyon School Board Zone 1 Position 1, my goal is to work hard and constructively to improve the image of our local schools. A collaborative effort must be made to improve the state of our schools and the state of our community. The impact we have in our student’s lives today will directly impact the future of the Canyon. These past few years have been difficult for our schools. If elected I plan to collaborate with board members, staff and community on a workable strategic plan. A solid focused vision is needed to leverage the resources we do have. In these tough economic times and the cuts we’ve already endured, we need to seek the most effective use of our tax dollars. I have been actively involved in following the decisions of our local School Board by regularly attending meetings and helping to organize groups to discuss the future of our schools. This valuable experience motivated me to run for school board and help influence the policy decisions of the district. I’m a Santiam graduate. I’ve served in the U.S. Army. I received my B.S. in Business Administration from City University. I am an alumnus of the Ford Institute for Leadership. I’ve worked in administration, accounting and human resources. For the past 10 years I’ve been employed with the state and currently work as an Analyst. Past/Present volunteer activities with: Canyon Catalysts, GMCLAT, MC Budget Committee, MC Fire Dept Budget Committee, Girl Scouts, 4-H, MC Christian Church, Hearts to Arts. Finally, I am honored to be the mother of two children who attend our schools and deserve the best education we can offer. Please consider my experience and passion for our schools and our community as you place your vote for school

board this May.

Roberta Beldon, candidate

My name is Roberta Beldon, I am one of many that will be running for a position that is opening on the Santiam School Board. A little about me; I have lived in Mill City for the past twelve years, I am a member of the Mill City Baptist Church and I am the volunteer coordinator for the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). I have two children, which have attended school here. My son graduated last year from Santiam High and my daughter is in fourth grade. My main purpose is to be the voice for the students. These kids have to live with and deal with the decisions that we as adults make every day. The younger citizens of our community deserve the right to have their education be protected. My goal, if elected, is to work with the other members of this board along with the staff of each school to make sure that all the decisions being made have the children and our schools best interest. My mission is to bring our School District and our community together and move forward. We have so much to offer here we just need to figure out how to make it known. By working together we can make this happen. Our children have the right to an education and the right to know that they will get the education they need to be productive citizens. We need to work toward restoring the programs that have had to be eliminated and gain new ones that will benefit our district and our community. I will be the first to say that I am not a politician, nor will I become a politician, but, I am wholeheartedly promising to uphold the power of our education system for our present and future students.

Search for school Super continues

The Santiam Canyon School Board members and the superintendent hiring committee will be entering into a special executive session this Thursday and Friday evening to interview prospective superintendent candidates. An undisclosed number of applicants have entered into the interview process and are actively seeking the open position that will be left by Brian Gander, the current interim superintendent. According to the district calendar time has been allotted for possible second interviews that would prolong the process through April 25th and 26th. The plans are to choose a new Superintendent of Schools/Principal of Santiam Elementary by May 2, and will be officially announced at the school board meeting that evening. The meeting will be held at Santiam Elementary School commons and starts at 6:30.

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Driven by Volunteers: Mill City Lions Club Highway clean-up, and the “Boener Award” shows hints of humor and dedication from this local group When it comes to giving back, the Mill City communities like ours to help low income family of dedicated members.” Potential members take note: this is not your Lions Club has taken it to a whole new level. people get free vision and hearing tests. Vision health plays a big part in the history average, boring meeting that you’re signing They’re so dedicated to the community that some of the 14 members and their families of the local Lions Club, said Lyness. “The vi- up for - this group values a little humor, and will be spending a few hours next month sion program was inspired by Helen Keller, you’ll likely forget you’re a volunteer at their cleaning up Highway 22 between Gates and and we used to do these ‘eye runs’,” which get-togethers. “Our meetings are fun!” Mill City on May 8. said Lyness. “We often In groups of two, they’ll put on play games, like bidding their safety vests and team up with on wrapped items.... I came the highway department in the home with a miniature name of community beautification. shopping cart that now sits They don’t do it for the money. on my kitchen counter as And there certainly isn’t any glory. a napkin holder. And then They do it because that’s just how it there was the time of a sinworks around here. gle shoe still looking for the “It’s like a family gathering along other.....” the roadside,” said Lions Club They also bring in speakTreasurer Sandy Lyness. “It’s reers at their bi-weekly meetally amazing how our members will ings to discuss topics like bring their families to help.” what the fish hatchery is The clean-up efforts happen rain or working on, or upcoming shine, said Lyness, which may exAbove: Lions Club members Sandy Lyness and Dan Lemke are pictured with FFA and other school fundplain why this decade long tradition members of the Santiam High School FFA, who presented their Food For All raisers, plus broader topics led the group to officially adopt the program to the club on April 10. The Mill City Lions Club welcomes visiting like diabetes awareness. “Boener Award”. No, it’s not a real groups at their meetings on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month. 100% of “It all depends on what bone - it’s a bone replica, attached their fundraising activities goes directly back into the community, said Lyness. people are interested in,” to a wood plaque that’s awarded to the person who tops the year with the goofiest is where members of the group pass a viable said Lyness. “We’re always open to suggeseye transplant - Pony Express-style - between tions.” blunder. Founded in 1947, the group meets twice a The bone plaque was created by member volunteer Lions Club members in Bend, to month on the second and fourth Wednesdays Dan Lemke and was originally awarded to the recipient in Portland. At the time, it was the fastest way for them at 6:30pm at Mountain Edge Cafe on Hwy 22 Harold Boener, who tumbled off the side of the road and through some blackberries dur- to help. Now, the funds they raise in the lo- in Mill City. The next meeting is scheduled ing one of the early highway clean-up efforts. cal club are added to the national groups and for May 8, 2013 and there are no meetings This year, the award went to Marlee Clark these ‘eye runs’ have been updated to a orga- in July and August. A minimal annual dues for a minor ticket slip up. Last year, member nization van with a dedicated goal of moving fee is required and members see that returned via discounted dinner options at the meetings, transplant organs. Kathy Kindred held the title. “Every penny we raise from the public must thanks to Cafe owners Dale and Mary Kirsch. Recipients of the “Boener Award” are recAll community members, 18 and over, are ognized, and earn their notoriety, at the Lions go back to the public, according to rules of Club annual Sweetheart’s Dinner, said Sandy the organization,” said Dan Lemke, the Li- invited to apply to the Mill City Lions Club to Lyness, a tradition that in itself has gained ons Club Program Chair. They maintain zero help support their mission to create and foster widespread respect for raising money for lo- overhead costs, and the group holds three ma- the spirit of understanding among all people jor fundraisers a year: 4th of July Breakfast, for humanitarian needs by providing voluncal causes. In reality, that’s what the Lions Club is all Sweetheart’s Dinner and the community cal- tary services through community involveabout, said Lyness. “We really to want to keep endars, which they sell for an affordable $6 ment and international cooperation. Please call these members of the Mill City each. everything we do in our community.” But more importantly than fundraisers are Lions Club for more information: Sandy LyLast February’s Sweetheart’s Dinner raised over $4,000 for student scholarships, and the the people behind the scenes that keep this ness 503-551-2645, Dan Lemke 503-897group has already committed another $500 group going strong. For 66 years, these vol- 3014 or Joe Uffelman 503-897-2324. Or feel free to stop and ask any of our othto Santiam Elementary School’s new play- unteers have been supporting the community er current members: Kathy Kindred, Sanfor the broader good, and none of that could ground. They also work with the national Lions be done without the help of each individual dra Cooper, Jerry Johnson, Dale and Mary Kirsch, Linda and Banny Bannister, Grady Club groups to bring higher level services to person. “It’s what keeps us alive and strong,” said McMahan, Marlee Clark, Curtis Hansen and the Santiam Canyon. One of those programs is the health screening van, which travels to Lyness. “We’re always looking to add to our Tim Kirsch. 4

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Vaccine Clinic: $10 vaccine exam and discounted vaccines. Every Thursday from 2-4pm! Now Open all day every 2nd Saturday of the month Mixed Animal Practice 24 hour emergency service 833 NW Santiam Blvd

Bill Sanderson’s River Report April 20, 2013 (503)897-3301

Steady river conditions have resulted in some good river trips recently and will allow for more as long as the weather cooperates, and that is a day to day thing this time of year. In the last two weeks, we have had Packsaddle flows of 1,140 up to 1,710 cubic feet per second.

Back by popular demand!

Mehama depth has been between 4.1 feet and 5.3 feet. Both fishing trips and scenic trips can work well with this volume. Water temperature is still somewhat cold and has been staying close to 50 degrees the last few days. Air temperature, snowmelt, and rainfall will all have an effect on daily conditions. Many salmon and steelhead are waiting in the lower Willamette and Columbia Rivers for the temperature to increase before the big runs of Spring fish come upstream into the Willamette and Santiam River systems. Since May, June, and July are the biggest months for fish passage, the best is yet to come. Steelheaders Salem Chapter meets this Tuesday night at Keizer Community Center at 7:00 p.m. and Grant McOmie is the speaker. Grant

will have his brand new book available so this program will be especially timely. North Santiam River Guides Association meets on April 24, Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. at Neufeldt’s Diner in Aumsville. Upcoming Learn the River Trips will be discussed. The club members recently cleaned up trails at North Santiam State Park and had fishing demonstrations afterwards. Four big loads of debris were hauled off, and several downed trees and branches were removed. The park is now clear for hiking on the trails. The next “Learn the River� trip is scheduled for May 4 from Mehama to Stayton and boaters are invited to come along and follow our experienced leaders. If pre-arranged, there may be some open seats in a few of the boats for passengers.

ProWrestling Tournament & Fundraiser at Mari-Linn School Saturday, May 4 6:00pm-8:00pm Mari-Linn School Gym Tickets: $10 front row $7 second row $5 general admission

Sponsored by:

Your Country Kitchen The Canyon Weekly City of Lyons Mehama NAPA Catch 22 Mill City Independent Press Auto Repair Santiam Towing & Recovery

Tickets available at Mari-Linn School or Mehama True Value

Gangrel, Former WWE Star

We had such a great time at our last wrestling event that we’re bringing it back! The Salem based professional wrestling team from West Coast Wrestling Connection is returning to MariLinn School to raise funds for the PTA and school ASB activities like Muffins for Mom and Doghnuts for Dad, class field trips and other celebrations for Mari-Linn students. Get ready for summer with a night of rockin’ good fun on the first Saturday in May! 5

CHRISTMAS Resale Clothing DRAWINGS sizes 0-6x $20 Gift Card Games & CD’s every Monday till Housewares, Christmas.too!

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Ralph Lee Jull

July 3, 1937 - March 30, 2013

Ralph (RJ) Jull was born in Scottsbluff, Nebraska to Hugh E. Jull and Helen D. Whitaker Jull on July 3, 1937. He joined brother, William (deceased) and sister, Wilma. Graduated as salutatorian from Mill City H.S. and attended Northwest Christian (University) College. At 51 he received a BA from MarylhurstCollege and his Nursing Home Administrators license. Ralph loved to take on new challenges. He worked for the Bureau of Public Roads, two different insurance companies, data processing at a private toy manufacturer and business management or planning for OR Public Emp. Union, state agencies and NW Christian. He helped to design a ‘best in the nation’ GPS system for Lane County.

Ralph worked in Nursing Home Administration at Marian Estates, Birch Street Manor, Dallas Retirement Village and E.D. of Wheels of Joy program. He is survived by his wife Ellen, son, Terrance (Bheng), Daughters: Shari Ridings (Mark) and Nancy; and seven grandchildren: Andrew, Zane, Taylor, Dakota, Kyle, Shekinah, and Lemmy; and his sister Wilma (Bill) Shepherd and many beloved extended family members. A Celebration of Life Service was held April 2, 2013 at Salem First Christian Church. Private interment was at Fairview Cemetery in Gates. Arrangements by Virgil T. Golden Funeral Service.

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vaccinations and spaying/neutering. Shari Flanders asks all Detroit residents to keep their house cats inside. Donations for this program can be made to Shari Flanders c/o All Seasons Motel PO Box 565 Detroit OR 97342 or call 503-854-3421. Santiam High School Presents~A Mid Summer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare featuring students from Santiam High School Drama, Guitar and Choir. May 3 and 4 at Santiam Auditorium, 7:30 pm. Mari-Linn Professional Wrestling Fundraiser returns for another fun event on May 4, 6-8pm, with West Coast Wrestling Connection. Proceeds will benefit the Mari-Linn PTA and to ASB for community events such as BBQ, breakfast events and luncheons. Sponsored by Lyons Heating and Cooling. Info: 503-510-4396. Canyon Readers at Trexler Farm in Mehama. Upcoming books include - May 9: Lazy B by Sandra Day O’Connor. June 13: Fool by Christopher Moore. Dinner 6pm, discussion at 7pm; meets every second Thursday of the month. Info: Herb Bastuscheck 503-859-2668. Canyon Gleaners Mother’s Day Plant Sale May 9th, 10th, 11th from Noon-7pm at 158 SW Broadway Mill City. Santiam Hearts to Arts present Peace and Tolerance a Musical Production at Santiam Auditorium. Detroit Lake Fishing Derby May 17-19. Info: 5 CanyonArts Festival with Santiam Hearts 586 to Arts. Mill City on May 25.

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9am-4pm Concealed WeapWednesday, April 24 ons Class with instructors 6-8pm 2013 Santiam Awards Night with Bob & Shane Pedroli at Gates Mon-Thurs 5:30a-4p the North Santiam Chamber of ComChili dog and 16 oz Fri 5:30a-5p Community Church of Christ merce at Santiam High School Auditorium, latte 5.95 Sat-Sun 6:30a-5p Fellowship Hall. Class size lim- 265 SW Evergreen, Mill City. Join us for a Hwy 22 & Gates Hill Rd 503.897.6031 ited; RSVP required. This is a night of community recognition! Refreshtraining class for application for ments will be served from 6pm-6:30pm, Canyon Life Museum in Mill City opens a concealed weapons permit for the states May 27, open Fri- Sat until Labor day (or followed by performances from the of Oregon & Utah. Cost: $45/Oregon, $70/ Santiam Community Chorus and Santiam by appt). Frances Thomas 503-897-2816. Utah or $100/both. Bob is a retired Police High School music students, plus a special Officer who also offers further training. performance by local youth singer Alexis Info: www.oldwestprosconcealandcarry. Wednesday, April 17 Stinnett. Awards will be given for Business com or (503)580-9397 4 pm 7th/8th grade baseball @Santiam of the Year, Youth of the Year, Non-Profit 9am-3pm Santiam Valley Grange Flea vs. Jefferson. of the Year, Citizen of the Year, Student of Market at 1140 E 5th St., Lyons. Lunch 6:30pm Federal Lakes Recreation Comthe Year, the Marion White Volunteerism available. Free admission, free parking. mittee, Detroit Lake meets at the Detroit Award, as well as the scholarship presentaInfo: 503-859-2708. Ranger Station. Agenda items include: tion from the Youth Benefit Golf Tourna10am-2pm Can and Bottle Drive to open Board position, updates/reports from ment proceeds. The event is free to attend benefit the local Girl Scouts on the corner and open to the public. See you there! Marion Forks Hatchery and the new Minto of Evergreen and First in Facility. Plus a briefing on the 2013 water Ongoing Weekly Mill City. level forecast, Big Cliff repairs and water Events 7:30pm Music in Bloom impact, Biological Opinion updates on 6am-8am and 3pm-6pm fundraising concert at upstream passage for adult fish, Detroit Mill City Baptist Church at the Gates Fire Hall. Dam temperature control (current & future before and after school See listing under Friday, plans), downstream juvenile passage (preKids Zone. Transportation April 19. liminary research results), seismic review to and from school provided. Sunday, April 21 at Detroit Dam. Also, project status on: 818 Santiam Blvd. 503-536St. Mary Catholic Piety Channel, increase draft under Kane’s 5414 School Open House & Detroit Marina(s) and Detroit Lake Res6am-6pm Builders: Mill Lakeside 11am-2pm. Pre-kintoration & Enhancement Design. The next City Christian Church an Emeritus Senior Living Community dergarten - 8th grade. meeting is July 17, 6:30pm at the Detroit Before & After School Refreshments provided. We offer a wide range of services Program Ages K-12yrs. Ranger Station. more infor 503-769-2718 from retirement living and assisted 503-897-2716, 251 SW 3rd Thursday, April 18 6:30pm North Santiam living. If you are looking for a St. www.millcitychristian4pm Weightwatchers at Santiam H.S. Snowmobile Club Potnew place to call home without Library. Newcomers welcome! luck at Detroit City Hall the hassles of daily living, we are 4pm H.S. Track at East Linn. Mondays meeting room. www. committed to helping you and 4pm-8pm Youth Center for 4:30pm H.S. Baseball at Salem Academy santiamsnowmobileclub. your family find the right fit. 4:30 SCSD School Board Executive Ses7th-12th grades. Air Hockey, org. sion. Tour today to learn more about Ping Pong, Foos Ball. FREE. Monday, April 22 our current specials! Friday, April 19 Mill City Baptist Church. 7:30pm Music in Bloom fundraising con- 8 -10 am Small Steps 7-8:30pm Santiam Commucert at at the Gates Fire Hall. April 19 and Big Results. A guided nity Chorus rehearses every process to improving 20 . General admission $18, reserve seats Monday evening at Mill City business. Trexler Farm $22. call Tickets on sale now at Mill City Christian Church in Mill Cafe. Free. call Allison Pharmacy, Kelly Lumber Sales and Gates City. All are welcome. Jo at 503-871-5188 or just Post Office. (503) 897-3454 for info. Ann Hebing 503-859-3426 show up. Saturday, April 20 (503) 769-3200 Tuesdays Tuesday, April 23 8am-2pm Rummage Sale at Mari-Linn 10am-2pm Quilting Club 2201 3rd Ave., Stayton School to benefit the 5th-6th grade Outdoor 4:30pm HS Baseball at Canyon Bible Fellowship, Santiam vs. Kennedy. School at 641 5th St, Lyons. Lyons 910-4918

Events This Week

Now is the perfet time to purchase a ductless mini-split system. Many tax rebate incentives available. Call Jason for more information! 503-428-2591 ccb #168985 9

Linn County Sheriff’s Office Police Log: Apr 7 to Apr 13 property at the listed address and caller’s driveway. DISTB-NOISE SANTIAM BV

Date: 04/07/13 Time: 14:44 PHONE-HARASSMENT Mill City caller keeps receiving text messages from person at her phone - has been asked to stop but she continues. contact caller by phone. Date: 04/07/13 Time: 16:40 VEH-RECOVERED EVERGREEN LN Linn County 714 had a voice mail from PR advising that listed veh is crashed at the end of Cedar Mill where there are two gates. Veh is in the brush. Date: 04/07/13 Time: 19:06 VEH-ABANDONED KINGWOOD AV Linn County veh is parked in callers driveway, no plates veh has been there for last several hours Date: 04/08/13 Time: 3:07 THEFT-RPT LYONS MILL CITY DR Linn County copper wire taken from near the electrical shop caller thinks theft happened sometime tonight deputy enter on east entrance, call caller and he will Date: 04/08/13 Time: 10:15 THEFT-RPT LYONS MILL CITY DR Linn County Caller owns the

Date: 04/10/13 Time: 13:19 CRIM MISCHIEF 24TH ST Lyons reporting vandalism to vehs. broke windows. caller there til 1630. Date: 04/10/13 Time: 15:28 WARRANT SERV MAIN ST Lyons Request from MCSO MISDEMEANOR WARRANT (BASED ON DOB,AKA,OLN) Date: 04/10/13 Time: 19:26 DISTB-OTHER LYONS MILL CITY DR Linn County 16 yo male is causing disturbance at location listed as Grandmothers residence. caller is male uncle, and will be enroute, eta 30 mins. Date: 04/11/13 Time: 17:49 JUV-RUNAWAY RPT DOGWOOD ST Lyons caller states her two sons have runaway. caller is at the Swiss Village, states that both boys are under the bridge, when you turn up the North Fork. Date: 04/11/13 Time: 18:58 WELF CHECK COLE SCHOOL RD Linn County female is heavy drinker, and has had legal problems. Date: 04/11/13 Time: 22:26 DISTB-ARMED 1ST AV Mill Calls for the Mill City Fire Department City brothers were standing in 4/3-----23:19----------------SE Hazel--------------------------------Medical callers driveway threatening 4/8-----06:59----------------SE Grove---------------------------------Misc caller. Woman came out of a 4/8-----14:50--------------NE Alder-------------------------------Medical house close by, with a rifle. Date: 04/12/13 Time: 14:41 SUSP-PERSON GATES BRIDGE EAST Caller reporting there are at least 3 transients living under the Gates Bridge. Caller also reports they have been going door to door and checking to see if anyone is home. Date: 04/12/13 Time: 16:43 CRIM MISCHIEF 3RD AV Mill City Caller advi truck tore up his lawn last night. Caller is home for contact. This happened about 11:30 last night, Caller thinks neighbor called it in. Date: 04/12/13 Time: 18:53 would like to report theft of pipe. irrigation pipe. Occured sometime within the last month. Other items taken, 15 gal container. Date: 04/08/13 Time: 13:26 DOG COMPLAINT KINGWOOD AV Mill City Caller is stating that dog is yelping and has been for the last few hours. It is acting as if it is injured. Date: 04/08/13 Time: 20:20 JUV-COMPLAINT HWY 22 Mill City 701:in the area of MP 29 701:UTL to MP 22 Date: 04/09/13 Time: 13:31 TRESPASS KINGWOOD AV Mill City Female has now left, callers step son has a no contact order on her. Female left on foot, poss is next door. Date: 04/09/13 Time: 15:28 BURGLARY REPORT SHORELINE DR Linn County caller advises their garage was broken into the other night and some items were taken possibly a couple of nights ago. Date: 04/10/13 Time: 9:49 SUSP-VEHICLE LYONS MILL CITY DR Linn County veh in

Gates Community Church of Christ “..reaching the canyon for Christ.” Mike Stair, Minister Sunday School 9:45am Worship 11am 40070 Gates School Rd (503)897-3210


503-897-2716 251 SW 3rd St, Mill City

Mill City

Christian Church

Sunday Worship 10 am

Mill City Caller reporting the neighbors have their music on so loud that her windows are vibrating. She has contacted them and the manager, the manager told her to call LE. Date: 04/12/13 Time: 19:30 SUSP-PERSON GATES BRIDGE EAST Female who is living under the bridge flagged down the caller’s husband. She told the husband that she wants help and wants to go somewhere to stay. Date: 04/13/13 Time: 6:45 BURGLARY REPORT ALDER ST Mill City House right next door to the caller and the caller has been watching the house for the owners. Caller went over this morning to let the dogs . Date: 04/13/13 Time: 15:18 VANDALISM VEHICLE KINGWOOD AV Mill City Caller would like to report criminal mischief that took place outside her apartment. A week and a half ago her blazer was vandalized. Caller has a video of tape showing it. Date: 04/13/13 Time: 21:49 FIRE ARMS COMPL 4TH AV Mill City Caller can hear shots in the area He has heard at least a dozen shots. Date: 04/13/13 Time: 23:00 DISTB-DOMESTIC COLE SCHOOL RD Linn County Caller vs her husband physical and verbal. Date: 04/14/13 Time: 0:51 EXTRA PATROL MCCULLY MOUNTAIN Caller reporting she was followed from the area of Lyons fire stn to her residence. Susp was driving a red mustang, about 80’s fastback style.

Public Notices

CITY OF DETROIT, OR Notice of Budget Committee Meeting A public meeting of the Budget Committee of The City of Detroit, Marion County, State of Oregon, to discuss the budget for the fiscal year July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014 will be held at 150 Detroit Ave. N., Detroit, Oregon 97342. The meeting will take place on the 24th day of April, 2013 at 6:30 PM. The purpose of the meeting is to receive the budget message and to receive comment from the public on the budget. A copy of the budget document may be inspected or obtained on or after April 24, 2013 at 160 Detroit, Ave. N., Detroit, Oregon 97342, between the hours of M, T, F 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM and W, Th 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM. This is a public meeting where deliberations of the Budget Committee will take place. Any person may appear at the meeting and discuss the proposed programs with the Budget Committee. NOTICE OF BUDGET COMMITTEE MEETING A public meeting of the Budget Committee of the Mill City Rural Fire Protection District, Linn/Marion County, State of Oregon, to discuss the budget for the fiscal year July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014, will be held at 400 South First Avenue. The meeting will take place on the 13th day of May, 2013 at 7 p.m. The purpose

Classified Ad Rates Text: 25 words for $5/week. Photo: 25 words + photo $10/week.

of the meeting is to receive the budget message and to receive comment from the public on the budget. A copy of the budget document may be inspected or obtained on or after May 6, 2013 at the fire hall, 400 South First Avenue, between the hours of 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. noon. This is a public meeting where deliberation of the budget Committee will take place. Any person may appear at the meeting and discuss the proposed programs with the Budget Committee. The meeting hall is accessible to persons with handicaps. If you need any special accommodations, please contact Justin at 503897-2390 seven days prior to the meeting. Lyons City Council Vacancy The City of Lyons announces a vacancy on the Lyons City Council Effective March 26, 2013. If interested, please contact Lyons City Hall 449 5th Street, Lyons, Oregon or call 859-2167 for additional information. Application packets are available at Lyons City Hall and will be accepted through May 17th, 2013. This is an existing City Council position which expires on December 31, 2014. This vacancy will be filled during the May 28, 2013 City Council Meeting or as soon as practical thereafter. All applicants must be residents of the City of Lyons and currently registered to vote. Applicants must have resided within the City of Lyons for the preceding year.

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Help wanted Tow Truck Driver/ Battery Service. Apply at 611 Main St. Lyons, OR.

Addtl words: .20 each

Help wanted: Marion Forks Restaurant is taking applications for full time cook, and part time waitress. Cook will have a 40 hr/

max 25 words

Soduku Medium

Rideshare ads are FREE! Lost & Found ad are FREE! Deadline: Saturday noon for the following Wednesday publication. Submit your ad to Drop Box Locations: Mehama True Value Kelly Lumber, Mill City Gates Post Office Publishers Notice: All real estate advertising in this newspaper is subject to the Fair Housing Act which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation, or discrimination based on color, race, sex, religion, handicap, familial status or national origin, or an intention to make any such preference, limitation or discrimination. The Canyon Weekly will not knowingly accept any advertising that violates this law. All dwellings advertised are avail on an equal opportunity basis.

week job, with benefits and housing. I am also looking for a part time cook. Life is good at Marion Forks. Call 503-854-3669. Ask for Wayne. Must be able to relocate. A call for Artists and Crafts-People for the 2013 Canyon Arts Festival May 25th at Santiam Elementary School grounds. Art Gallery 503-897-3918. Crafts booth: 503-897-3116

For Sale! For Sale New Price $40,000 single wide older manufactured home on a 50 x 100 foot lot in Mill City. 2 bedrooms with a built on addition. Ready to move in today. Info: Mike or Pam Wright 503-897-3206, 503-871-7141 For Sale: “76 dodge Jamboree 22 foot Class ‘C’ Motorhome. Well maintained with many upgrades. $3,000. Located in Mehama. Call Mike 503-871-1057. For Sale: Lightly used spot free Queen size Mattress, Box Spring & Bed Frame. All for $200. (503)385-6290.

Local Classes! Judy’s Art Class Every Wed. at Eagle’s Hall in Mill City 10am to 3pm. Cost: $10 a day. Judy Holman 503-859-2213. Handgun Safety Class with local experts Bob and Shane Pedroli. Range classes are ongoing. Oregon and Utah/Arizona multistate certifications available. Next class is April 13. Info 503-580-9397 CPR/AED/First Aid Classes: American Heart Association certified classes for Public and Healthcare Providers. Contact instructor Kurt Hueller at 503-859-3575 or kah@wvi. com.

For Rent!

For Rent: Studio $450 + $500 dep.$300 non ref. ,$100 elect. dep. 1 bdrm $450 $500 dep. $300 non-ref. MOVE IN $950 503-897-4941 (Lori) For Rent: Very nice Single-wide 1 bed/1 bath in Gates. $450/month plus $450 deposit. Stove/refigerator/washer/dryer plus water and garbage included. 503-897-3420 House for Rent in Gates: 2 bed/1bath with Garage & Storage Shed. $650/mo. plus deposit. Available May 1. Call 503-859-3575. Need something printed? Give Tim a call at (503) 990-3037. Black and white & full color, fliers, brochures, bi-folds, tri-folds, pamphlets. up to 11X17 posters, you name it! All with veggie based ink. Shop local and save! 11

Special thanks to the Detroit Can Can Girls & Guys, who donated a $1200 automated external defibrillator (AED) machine to the Idanha Detroit Fire Department. An AED device automatically diagnoses potentially life threatening heart problems and allows the heart to reestablish an effective rhythm through electrical therapy. The Can Can group collects cans and bottles around the Detroit area.

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It Takes a Village to Stage a Concert.

Music in Bloom Friday, April 19th Saturday, April 20th 7:30pm at Gates Fire Hall No host bar opens at 6:30pm

140 E. Sorbin Ave

General admission $18.00 Reserve seats $22.00

At Mill City Pharmacy, Kelly Lumber Sales and Gates Post Office

Photo by Carissa Bruce

Music in Bloom

Dress rehearsals are running smoothly for the Gates Fire Department fundraising concert “Music in Bloom”. The musical selections will be performed by the cast of 40. Behind the scenes, volunteers have been working hard on publicity, stage construction, set decorations, and refreshments. “Our efforts are aimed at bringing the community together for an evening of fun,” said Committee member Nancy Swanson. “We hope to raise enough money for a defibrillator for the conven-

ing space in the hall, but we also want our audience to feel at the end of the evening that they have not only helped the community, but have been entertained as well.” A planning committee with Elise Burks, Cara Kelly, Linda Scheidel, Nancy Swanson, Dave White and Alexis Winn have overseen all the behind the scene planning that creates a successful show. A beer and wine no-host bar will be held at 6:30pm prior to each show. In addition, a variety of hor d'oeuvres will

be available. The social hour will give people a chance to relax and socialize before the concert begins. Members of the fire department have volunteered their efforts in many ways, including constructing and painting the temporary stage. Jim Scheidel will be running the light board, and Mike Boniface will operate the sound system. The planning committee would like to thank the Gates Post Office, Kelly Lumber, and the Mill City Pharmacy for their help with ticket sales.

For additional information, call 503-897-3454 or email


TCW 4-17-2013  

The Canyon Weekly, news and life for our side of the canyon!

TCW 4-17-2013  

The Canyon Weekly, news and life for our side of the canyon!