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The Canyon Weekly February 27, 2013

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Volume 4, Issue 9

News and Life - For Our Side of the Mountain! Serving the communities of Lyons, Mehama, Elkhorn, Mill City, Gates, Niagra, Detroit, Breitenbush, Idanha and Marion Forks

Trial begins for accused City Hall arsonist

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Historical Society brings Canyon history to life Group of locals strive to maintain museum depicting how we lived over a century ago; remembers forgotten area communities like Berry, Halstead and Gooch

By Karen Widmer

The trial of Joy Marie Cronin, the former city finance officer of Mill City, is underway this week at the Linn County Courthouse in Albany. Cronin is accused of setting fire to City Hall in September 2010 in an effort to cover up evidence of theft. In her opening statements the Linn County prosecuting attorney, Ani Yardumian, contended that City Hall at that time had a less than adequate check and balance system within the finance department with unsecured access to large amounts of cash and no offsite back up to the computer system. A preliminary audit had already been done earlier in the year with an undisclosed amount of funds unaccounted for, and Cronin was under pressure to find missing receipts as the audit was to resume in 3 weeks. Yardumian said she would produce evidence that Cronin’s personal bank account for that year reflected a net gain of over $20,000 from the previous years, all unaccounted for and deposited as cash. Also that Cronin had been spending large amounts of money helping out her son, paying off thousands of dollars of debt and buying high priced ticket items despite her husband being out of work

Above: Camp 6 at Mill City. These tiny buildings were the original mobile homes. When the logging finished in the area, the workers would simply pick them up, put them on the train and move on to the next spot.

The Historical Society will begin to hold their regular meetings again on the first Thursday of each month starting on March 7. At the next meeting, Sheala Alfensen, the Vice President of the Geological Society, and an instructor at Chemeketa Community College, will be presenting “Geology and Landscapes of Western Oregon” - specifically targeting the

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North Santiam Canyon. Meanwhile, the busy team from Benjamin Construction continues clean up work on the new section of the Canyon Life museum on Wall St. in Mill City. Currently, the museum depicts life in the Canyon area from 1886 through 1935, and binders of photos such as these shown here are available to peruse through. The new (cont’d on page 3)

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The destruction of City Hall, Yardumian explained, was the act of Joy Cronin’s attempts to cover up her theft. Some of the most damning evidence against Cronin was the discovery of two green tags from six gallon gasoline containers found on the seat of her otherwise immaculately clean mini-van parked near the scene. The remains of two plastic gas cans were found imbedded in the floor of the ruined City Hall. The prosecution also said they will produce a witness dropping of a payment places Cronin at the scene 30 minutes prior to the blaze, and several witness who said Cronin reeked of fuel immediately after. Of question was the condition of the side door of the building. It was found blown off it’s hinges several feet from the building. The deadbolt was locked into place. Joy Cronin sat calmly in court Monday morning in front of a jury.of 4 middle aged women and 8 men of varying age. Cronin 2

Retiring Mill City school board member: tenure was rewarding, but it’s time for new people and fresh ideas To the editor. A recent article about the last school board meeting attributed an accurate quote by me regarding my years of service on the board. The quote, “It used to be fun. It’s not fun anymore”, seems rather flippant and terse and doesn’t adequately reflect the totality of my experience serving this district. It was said in the emotional context of a singular situation. I consider my tenure on the board to have been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. Having the opportunity to work with some of the greatest dedicated educators anywhere to be a part of the education of the wonderful children in this district has been a bless-

ing I realize with considerable gratitude. This past year has been a tough one. However, I believe the perseverance, character and dedication of the people in this community will see us through to better times. It will be a bittersweet departure for me but I don’t leave with the sense of defeat or remorse that’s reflected in the quote. I simply believe it’s time for new people with fresh ideas and passion to step in. I am proud of and grateful for the many board members, staff, parents, community members and students I have had the honor and privilege to work with over the years. Thank You, Arnie White, Mill City

Former finance clerk allegedly set fire to Mill City City Hall in an attempt to cover up theft, said prosecutors at trial was dressed in a bright cobalt satin shirt and was accompanied by a service dog. Her defense attorney, Paul Kuebrich said in his opening statements that Cronin had nothing do with either theft or the fire. He painted the scene of an average work day with Cronin leaving the building at about 4pm. After a bit of driving around that evening contemplating visiting friends and family she drove past City Hall and noticed a light was on. She had a short conversation with a woman dropping off a payment, but contends the timing was later.. Cronin, Kuebrich said, opened the side door to City Hall to turn off the light and immediately saw something wrong. Papers were scattered about and there was a strong smell of gasoline. Cronin heard a noise that she couldn’t pinpoint, then a blast occurred. The explosion engulfed her, throwing her out the door and onto the ground outside. It was Cronin’s habit to always lock doors behind her, Kuebrich said. Cronin suffered burns to her hands, legs and feet. She got into her van parked nearby and moved it across the street to the Linn

County Sheriff sub-station to seek help. It was there that bystanders found her screaming in pain. “Evidence will show (the fire) was caused by an ignition source,” said Kuebrich, and that two new six gallon gas containers with their labels off were found by detectives in Cronin’s garage at her home. She purchased them for use at home for her yard equipment, he said. The prosecution began to call in witnesses. The first was Ann Holaday of Mill City. She heard the 991 call on her scanner. She rushed to the scene to find Cronin in her van and attempted to comfort her in her pain. “She reeked of gasoline,”Holaday said. The prosecution had Holaday identify where the light switch was in city hall, should someone need to hurry in and turn off a light. “It was right in the door on the wall, you could reach in and flip it,” said Holaday. Futher witnesses both noticed a gas smell while others didn’t. The trial is expected to last through this Friday. We will report in next week’s Canyon Weekly on the details.

Museum volunteer: “If you don’t know where you’re from, you won’t know where you’re going.”

Pictured clockwise from above: Inside the Canyon Life Museum; An early mechanized gas powered Draw Saw helped to modernized logging; Photo taken in 1900 of unknown loggers for Hammond Lumbering Company; and early bus travel packed the passengers in and gave little protection from the elements. (cont’d from page 1) addition will reach from

1935-1985. The current section features displays and dioramas of interesting local historical facts and items. The long forgotten canyon communities of Berry, Halstead and Gooch are remembered and a large, raised, topographical map highlights the deep recesses, gorges

and high jagged peaks that make up the rugged country we call home. The museum currently doesn’t hold regular hours, but volunteer curator Francis Thomas can be contacted by phone, and she’ll make arrangements to meet for a tour. Her sincere love for the area is apparent as she willingly shares her knowledge and passion for all

things local and historical. “If you don’t know where you’re from, you won’t know where you’re going,” she says. All are welcome to join the Historical Society for their next meeting March 7, 7pm at the Gates Fire Hall. Basic membership dues are $10/year, or $100/year to be part of the Nuts and Bolts Society.

Santiam Canyon School District PTO holds meeting to discuss upcoming board vacancies; several people announce candidacy

The Santiam Canyon Parent Teacher Organization held an informational meeting for the community last Wednesday at Gates Fire Hall. They welcomed guest speakers from the North Santiam School Board Mike Wagner and Tass Morrison who presented a basic primer as to what life on a school board is all about. Officially there are a total of four out of five school board positions opening up. Arnie White of Gates announced he will not be seeking reelection. Chairman Dan Lemke’s term is up this spring. Rick Posekany was elected to represent the Mill City area, but moved this year to Detroit, and Greg Grenbemer was elected to represent the Detroit/Idanha area, but moved to the Mill City/Gates area so officially those two positions are now open, however each of them may elect to run for each other’s position. That leaves Keri Sanders of Mill City with the only official seat left secured on the board.

The evening was moderated by PTO President Angela Moreno and Vice President Nancy Ford in a casual and friendly question and answer format. Mike Wagner spoke about the necessity of a diversity on the board, including a mix of parents, business owners, retirees and others. Tass Morrison stressed the need to stay abreast of current Oregon State School Board Association educational offerings to give the school district the best chance to succeed. They spoke of maintaining a goal oriented framework, and the importance of strategic planning. Their board members make a point of attending community functions such as city council meetings to network at and they each “adopt” a school to attend functions such as special educational programs and sporting events. “For me, Mike and Tass represented a healthy school board that was excited about their responsibility to the children in their

community and it inspired me that WE too could come together with a common vision to make a difference,” said Yvonne Hanna, a parent of two Santiam Elementary students. “They emphasized the importance of building trust.” Angela Moreno invited those interested, and under no pressure, to announce their candidacy. Angie Fencl of Mill City declared she would be running, as did Alicia Corey of Marion Forks. Jeremy Tinney and Glenn Wright both announced they were considering candidacy. The deadline to apply to officially get your name on the ballot is March 21st, and those interested should contact the district office at 503-897-2321 for more information. The PTO will be hosting another forum after March 2st to give each of the candidates a chance to present their platform. All aspiring school board members may want to visit this important link www.osba. org for more information. 3

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Youth swimmer from Gates places on top, earns coach’s award Eight year old Hope Schenck of Gates finished her first year on the Catholic Youth Organization Shark Swim Team in Salem with an excellent season! She earned one 3rd place, two 2nd places, and one first place, plus three heat wins and received the coach’s award as well! Congratulations to this amazing swimmer! “She enjoys the water, likes competing,and loves being on a team, plus she has met a lot of great kids,” said her mom, Mary Schenk. Hope says she looks forward to swim team again next year. Best of luck to you Hope!

Stoddard and Cole’s comedy show returns to Mill City, benefits Goodfellas Rescue The music and comedy due that wowed us last year is returning on March 23 for another night of family friendly laughter, while raising funds for the Mill City based Goodfellas Dog Rescue. The event will be held at Santiam High School Aditorium, Title Sponsor: Willamette Valley Animal Hospital and the proceeds will go toward rescue efforts focused on re-homeing and re-training bully breeds like pit bulls and rotweillers. “Though we are not a breed specific rescue, we do focus more on bully breeds in general and the unique challenges and stereotypes that surround them,” said Goodfellas CEO Danielle Black. Stoddard & Cole brings a universal classic comedy show that reaches all age groups and backgrounds. “We’re not talking about a slight chuckle here and there. This is truly sidesplitting, laugh-till-you-cry humor!” Tickets are $10 pre-sale, $12 at the door. Special thanks to Title Sponsor Willamette Valley Animal Hospital, supporting sponsor Frank Lumber Co., Inc., and Terri Ellen of Nature’s Pet Market in Salem (pictured right), who donated nearly $700 in holistic dog food and Nature’s Pet Market other canine accessories.

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Applications open for Linn County Sheriff’s youth training program

The Linn County Sheriff's Office is recruiting young men and women, ages 14 to 18, to join the Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue Team and participate in an 11-day summer training program. This will be the 20th Search and Rescue Training Academy in Linn County and will be held June 21 through July 1, 2013. Those who are interested in becoming an integral part of the Sheriff's Office search and rescue team should have an interest in community service and a desire to be a part of a highly trained and professional life saving organization. There is an application process that includes oral interviews, a background check and physical aptitude test. Successful applicants will be eligible to attend the 11 day Search and Rescue Training Academy in June. The training will include classes in wilderness survival, shelter building, search tactics, first aid/CPR, map and compass reading, rappelling, and many more topics. There will also be a three day field exercise in the Cascades that includes a 20 mile hike. For more information about the program contact Staff Sergeant Joe Larsen at the Linn County Sheriff's Office (541-8122272) or visit the Linn County Sheriff's

Office website at Applications are available on the website and at the Sheriff's Office in Albany.

Free outdoor preparedness class offered March 9

The Sweet Home Ranger District is offering a free outdoor preparedness course on Saturday, March 9, 2013. Participants will have an opportunity to learn the basics of outdoor preparedness for Western Oregon and learn outdoor emergency survival skills. Topics covered by US Forest Service volunteers Lisa and Tim Chase, will include shelter-building, signaling, and how to start a fire, even in the rain. Participants will also receive instructions about how to pack for various lengths of trips. Participants should meet at 9 am at the Sweet Home Ranger District located at 4431 Hwy 20, Sweet Home, OR 97386; the class ends at 4:30 pm. Recommended supplies include lunch, snacks, water, day pack, walking or hiking shoes. Be prepared for some outside instruction, so dress for the weather and bring layers of warm clothing as needed. Pre-registration is required due to limited space. For more information and to register please call the Sweet Home Ranger District front desk at 541-3675168 during the hours of 8am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday.

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Clowning Around brings juggling fun to local kids

Come Enter Near in theand Stayton Library to Win!

The Clowning Around with Chris Corrado Show did not disappoint. From the moment he took to the stage to the finale with a standing ovation, the small crowd gathered for this arts in the community fundraising event was having a blast. “That was just awesome! Well worth the money! The kids had such a great time!” said Caroline Gillaspy. Chris Corrado held sold out workshops throughout the day in Balloon Tying, Clowning Skills and Juggling. Then his students helped entertain the crowd with their newfound skills before and during the show. They then left with a few fun tricks up their sleeve, some stage experience and a touch of

611 N. 1st Ave Stayton 503.767.3234 10:30am-5pm Mon-Sat

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confidence. Clowning Around with Chris Corrado was hosted by Santiam Hearts to Arts, the premiere arts organization in the North Santiam Canyon. Pictured below: The student clowns fall to the stage as they realized someone moved their invisible bench the day before. Top: Corrado came into the audience to have Payton Hanson of Gates confirm that indeed that bowling ball was heavy! Corrado then went on to juggle it on stage.

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Santiam High’s Distinguished Scholars Back row, left to right: Joey Walczak, Timmy Hagen, Thomas Sexton, Trevor Luckey, Jordan Saari, Bailey Tank, Matt Schroeder, Brittany Thompson Front row, left to right: Sirafima Frolov, Kristin Mouser, Rose Kiel, Lauren Hebing, Kelsey Arndt, Harli Davidson, McKenzie Reeser, Gabby Almendarez, Olivia Santos, Hannah Thompson Congratulations to the Santiam High Distinguished Scholars for 2012-13! These students have at least a 3.50 GPA and have passed all their classes with a C or above. They were honored at a dessert on Tuesday, Feb. 12th in the commons. Photo by Jill Saari.

Mill City schools to hold special board meeting to discuss new superintendent qualifications

A special school board meeting for the Santiam Canyon School District (SCSD) will be held this Thursday, February 28th at 6:30pm at Santiam Elementary Commons. Items on the agenda include a discussion of the changes in the remaining school calendar, a result of furlough that is to be imple-

mented to help lower overall costs. There are also plans to review the results of a staff meeting query regarding the search for a new superintendent and specifically what qualifications the staff are looking for. At their last meeting the SCSD board voted to open the search for a permanent Superintendent for the school district. The public was invited via facebook this week to par-

ticipate in that process by filling out an online survey/questionnaire. They were also asked for information about the district and what their defining expectations were for the next superintendent. The survey was open through Wednesday afternoon, February 27 and was also available via the district web page at http://www.

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Event submissions are printed FREE! The Canyon Weekly cannot guarantee placement; however, priority is given to typed and emailed submissions, and events occurring in the North Santiam Canyon (Lyons/Mehama to Marion Forks). Please submit your event to: See any need for corrections? Please give us a call at 503-990-3037. tickets receive a signed CD). Sponsored by Willamette Valley Animal Hospital, Frank Lyons Garden Club Meeting March 13, Thursday, February 28 Lumber Co., Inc., and Nature’s Pet Salem. 1pm at the Lyons Fire Department. Host4-7pm Springfest at Fresh to You ProGates Fire Hall Spring Fundraising esses: Barbara Rice, Nina Leffler and Fran duce and Garden Center Get excited for Ward. The program will feature Ellen Egan Concert “Music in Bloom” April 19-20 at Spring with new plants for Spring color, the Gates Fire Hall, featuring music from from Egan Gardens in Salem with news on specialty food and wine tasting, edible the newest plants and planting ideas, plants popular Broadway shows like Fiddler on landscape and garden plants. Fun Door the Roof, West Side Story, Camelot and may be available for purchase. Info: Betty Prizes! 41639 Stayton-Scio Rd, Stayton. Chorus Line. General admission tickets Garrison 503-859-4604; Jean Evett 503503-769-9682 or are $18, reserve seats $22. Tickets on sale 859-2563, Diane Stockmar 503-394-2197. prior to the concert. Info: 503-897-3454. 6:30 SCSD Special School Board MeetVeterans Job Fair in Salem, Oregon Mari-Linn Professional Wrestling ing. Santiam Elementary School ComMarch 14, 9am-1pm at Salem Conference Fundraiser returns for another fun event mons. Center, Santiam River Room, 200 Comon May 4, 6-8pm, with West Coast Wresmercial St. SE with the U.S. Chamber of Friday, March 1 Commerce Foundation. Free. Info/business tling Connection. Proceeds will benefit the 10:30am Adult Computer Class - ManMari-Linn PTA and to ASB for community sign up: Your Digital Photos Stayton Public events such as BBQ, breakfast events and gourheroes/salem-or Library. Learn what you can do and how luncheons. Sponsors welcome! Info: 503you can to do it with digital photos. RSVP Canyon Readers at Trexler Farm in Me859-2154 or 503-510-4396. to 503-769-3313. hama. Upcoming books include - Mar. 14: The Kitchen House by Kathleen Saturday, March 2 Grissom. April 11: The Ape House 10am-12pm The 3rd annual Seed ExConcerned about your property value? by Sara Gruen. change at Marion-Polk Food Share 1660 May 9: Lazy B by Sandra Day Salem Industrial Dr. NE Salem. Seeds O’Connor. Price Analysis available for all. Bring seeds to share, meet June 13: Fool by Christopher No Hassle Quick Turnaround local gardeners & seed savers. No seeds? for New Listings Moore. Dinner 6pm, discusNo sion at 7pm; meets every second Suzette Boudreaux, Broker Thursday of the month. Info: Herb Call 503-949-4643 for details Bastuscheck 503-859-2668.

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Discover Local Business Expo March 15, 1-7pm at Stayton Middle School. The Expo features 100 vendors: business, products and services from Aumsville to Detroit. Free admission with one can of food (for Stayton Area Food Bank). Door prize drawings throughout the day totaling more than $2000, plus a flat screen TV give away! Info: Stayton/Sublimity Chamber of Commerce www. or 503-769-3464. Stoddard and Cole Benefit Concert for GoodFellas Pet Rescue March 23, 7pm at Santiam High School Auditorium in Mill City. Music and Comedy, a great show for a great cause! Tickets $10 or get VIP tickets for $25 each, includes: concert badge, reserved premium seating section, meet and greet with performers after the show (orders of 4 or more VIP


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Tuesday, March 5 8:30am-10am North Santiam Chamber of Commerce Greeters Business Networking hosted by North Santiam River Trips, located at Green Mountain Real Estate on Hwy 22 in Mill City. Info:503897-5000 or

provided. 818 Santiam Blvd. 503-536-5414 6am-6pm Builders: Mill City Christian Church Before & After School Program Ages K-12yrs. 503-897-2716, 251 SW 3rd St.


4pm-8pm Youth Center for 7th-12th grades. Air Hockey, Ping Pong, Foos Ball. FREE. Mill City Baptist Church. 6-7pm Santiam Canyon AA support group meets at Mill City Christian Church, 233 SW Third Ave. Info: Chaplain John Olivera Friday, March 8 503-910-8164. 7-8:30pm Santiam Community Chorus 10am-6pm Marion County Soil and Water Conservation District Native Plant rehearses every Monday evening at Mill City Christian Church in Mill City. All are Sale at Bauman’s Farms 12989 Howell welcome, sopranos needed. Info: Jo Ann Prairie Road, Gervais. Join us each March! Hebing 503-859-3426 We hold this sale to encourage more people Tuesdays to use native plants in their yards, on their 10am-2pm Quilting Club Canyon Bible farms, or at their businesses. Native plants Fellowship, Lyons 910-4918 help to enhance your yard or garden by pro- 12pm Meals on Wheels, Senior Meals Fellowship Hall, MC Presbyterian. Meals viding food and shelter for birds and other wildlife. Profits from the Native Plant Sale on Wheels. Ruth:503-897-2204. $3.50 donation recommended. fund 2 scholarhsips for students studying 4pm “Weight Watchers at Work” at natural resources. Info: Santiam High School Library. Santiam Al-Anon, Mt. View Ongoing Weekly Events 7:30pm Church, Aumsville 6am-8am and 3pm-6pm Mill City Baptist Wednesdays Church before and after school Kids 9am & 6pm Downward Dog Yoga Old Zone. Transportation to and from school FireHall on Grove St., Mehama 10am-3pm Judy’s Art Class at Mill City Eagles Hall. Oil painting, all levels welCome check out our come. Weekly on Wednesdays. Drop in, open to all. 503-859-2213 Full Line of Poultry Feed 4pm-8pm Youth Center for 7th-12 grades. Air Hockey, Ping Pong, Foos and Care Products Ball. FREE. Mill City Baptist Church. 7pm AA Meeting Santiam Chapel, Lyons.

3:30-5pm Good News Club at Mill City Baptist Church. Kids K-4 grade. Bible stories, singing, games, snack. Free. 815 Santiam Blvd. change ad 5:30-8pm Youth Movie Night Ages 10-18 Mill City Christian Church. Kids MUST be picked up by 8:15. Free. Not held on weeks with Friday school. 6pm Bible Study at Living Water Church of God, Sorbin St. Gates.


Free Knife Sharpening Friday at Gene’s Meat Market in Mehama (limit 5 please). At the flashing yellow lightHwy 22. 6am-6pm Friday Day Camp at Mill City Christian Church Come all day or part; learning-based; snacks, tutoring & homework help, games, friends and God. Registration forms at the church or call 503-8972714. 503-897-2716 251 SW 3rd St, Mill City. 6am-6pm All Day KidsZone Fun, crafts, games, food. Mill City Baptist Church. 815 NW Santiam Info: 503-536-5414 Brenda 1pm Canyon Senior Center Open Pinochle 844 South First St, Mill City 503897-4176 7:30-8:30pm Idanha AA at City Hall.

Saturday & Sunday 6:30pm Youth Group Sunday at Mill City Baptist Church 7th grade to 24 years. 815 NW Santiam Blvd. Sunday.


10am-3pm North Santiam Quilters, Gates Church, all levels! 897-2102 12pm Meals on Wheels, Senior Meals. Fellowship Hall, MC Presbyterian Church. Ruth:503 897-2204



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Linn County Sheriff’s Office Police Log: Feb 17 to Feb 23 Date: 02/17/13 Time: 9:23 CRIM MISCHIEF Linn County Caller reporting that a male subj returned to the listed property and was looking at the abandonded veh on site. Caller believes this may be one of the susp that chopped Date: 02/17/13 Time: 14:43 DISPUTE-NEIGHBOR Mill City Caller advising that her boyfriend kicked her out and she needs to go

get her stuff. The boyfriend won’t let her back in. Date: 02/17/13 Time: 19:38 BURGLARY *IN PROGRESS* Mill City Caller reporting there is a female at the church that has broken into the building threatening to set fire to it. Date: 02/18/13 Time: 10:59 ASST-OUTSIDE AGENCY Mill City Veh on fire in front of

Canyon Espresso

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listed location. Santiam Canyon has been advised. 787 advised listed veh was the one on fire. Fire was out Date: 02/18/13 Time: 11:37 HARASSMENT RPT Linn County PR says that someone she use to be in a relationship with is harassing her. This person lives in another state. PR says that this person and their friends are contacting her Date: 02/18/13 Time: 23:55 DEATH INV Lyons 66 yo male Date: 02/19/13 Time: 17:51 CRIM MISCHIEF Linn County Pr reporting his storage trailer was broken into. Date: 02/20/13 Time: 7:14 CRIM MISCHIEF Lyons Rock hit her vehicle 1/31/13 She saw another vehicle was hit in the same time frame and thought she should report it. Date: 02/20/13 Time: 7:16 RECKLESS BURNING Mill City Principal had found a paper in the girls bathroom 2/19/13 that someone had set fir to. Date: 02/20/13 Time: 14:41 SUSP-PERSON Linn County Caller states that there is a male is Kingston-Lyons, near hwy 226, he is walking west bound. Caller states that the male is acting strangely. She is Date: 02/20/13 Time: 16:47 IDENTITY THEFT Lyons Caller states that she and her husband went into H&R block on Monday to file their taxes. They received a call from their tax preparer saying that he received a notice that Date: 02/20/13 Time: 18:01 TRESPASS *IN PROGRESS* Mill City SANTIAM SPORTS CENTER Male sitting on the wood box and refusing to leave. male has his shoes off, green clothes, large backpack

Gates Community Church of Christ “..reaching the canyon for Christ.” Mike Stair, Minister Sunday School 9:45am Worship 11am 40070 Gates School Rd (503)897-3210


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with him. Date: 02/21/13 Time: 11:54 NARCOTICS OFF Mill City Caller believes there is a meth house at the location. Caller would like to speak to deputy via phone. Date: 02/21/13 Time: 12:17 BURGLARY REPORT Linn County Caller found that someone has broken the lock and a door on a storage shed at the park and stole a lawn mower. Caller states that this occurred sometime between Mon, Date: 02/21/13 Time: 14:54 JUV-RUNAWAY RPT Linn County Caller says that his 13 yo daughter has left the residence with out his permission, on foot. She left about 15-20 mins ago. Date: 02/21/13 Time: 20:21 TRESPASS Linn County Not there at this time. Subj are two girls now at the larwood bridge where thomas cr meets. Unknown if there are any weapons. Date: 02/23/13 Time: 8:21 MVC-NON INJURY Linn County On Kingston Lyons approx 1/4 mile from Manitau Veh crashed through a fence and damaged a green junction box. No one around. Date: 02/23/13 Time: 9:37 MVC-HIT & RUN Linn County caller reports his mailbox “wiped out” sometime overnight. caller is at work today caller is available for ph contact, if needed. Date: 02/23/13 Time: 18:12 DOG COMPLAINT Mill City PR says that there is two dogs outside that are barking and whinning. PR says that the dogs are always out side

Classified Ads Small Business for sale or lease, currently flower and gift shop with dog grooming. Great walk in opportunity. Please call Judy at 503-897-3051. For Sale New Price $40,000 single wide older manufactured home on a 50 x 100 foot lot in Mill City. 2 bedrooms with a built on addition. Ready to move in today. Info: Mike or Pam Wright 503-897-3206, 503-871-7141 Judy’s Art Class Every Wed. at Eagle’s Hall in Mill City 10am to 3pm. Cost: $10 a day. Judy Holman 503-859-2213. For Rent: Single-wide 1 bed/1 bath in Gates. $500/month plus $500 deposit. Water and Garbage included. 503-897-3420 Handgun Safety Class with local experts Bob and Shane Pedroli. Range classes are ongoing. Oregon and Utah/Arizona multistate certifications available. Info 503-5809397, A call for Artists and Crafts-People for the 2013 Canyon Arts Festival to be held Saturday, May 25th at the Santiam Elementary School grounds. Art Gallery participants will have three 4’X4’ display panels provided per $10 entrance fee. For more information call Paul Mosby at 503-8973918. Crafts booth are a 10’ x 10’ space, with a $10 entrance fee for more information call Joyce at 503-897-3116

For Rent Cozy, 1 Publishers Notice: All real bedrm unit above estate advertising in this garage w/river view newspaper is subject to the Fair Housing Act which makes it in Gates Small illegal to advertise any preference, limitation, or discriminakitchen, bathw/ tion based on color, race, sex, shower, shared religion, handicap, familial laundry. Includes status or national origin, or an cable,water,garbage. intention to make any such preference, limitation or discrimi550 sq ft. NO PETS, nation. The Canyon Weekly will not knowingly accept any non-smoking in advertising that violates this unit. $500/month. law. All dwellings advertised 503-804-3613. are avail on an equal opportunity basis.

Found Dog: Black and white with some brown markings, long hair appears to be border collie mix female. Well mannered. Found on Kingwood near post office in Mill City. No microchip. Please call 503991-9387. House for rent in Mill City: 3 bedroom, 2 bath, garage, fenced yard. $900/month, garbage included. $600 deposit. Pets negotiable. Call 503-877-0395. PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Code Amendments Regarding Wetlands

Notice is hereby given that the Mill City Planning Commission and City Council will hold a joint public hearing as part of the regularly scheduled City Council meeting which begins at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 26, 2013 at the l City Hall, 444 S. 1st Avenue in Mill City to review the following Give the Gift of Life: First Aid/CPR land use proposals: classes at Trexler Farms in Mehama availA. Comprehensive Plan Policy Amendable monthly with minimum enrollment. ment (UGB): The Planning Commission Pre-registration required. Group and corpo- recommends the City add natural resource rate classes also available at your location. policies relating to wetlands. The new plan American Heart Association Healthcare policies will refer to the Mill City Local Provider CPR; meets professional require- Wetlands Inventory approved by the Oregon ments. Info: Kurt Hueller 503-859-3575 or Division of State Lands and recommend email the city adopt zoning code amendments to Ibanez Electric Guitar RG220 - Silver comply with Oregon Administrative rules with hard case. Fast neck for speed playing. regarding wetlands. Excellent condition. $200. 503-569-1229 B. Mill City Municipal Code Amendments

North Santiam Funeral Service Our Family serving yours. Locally family owned and owner operated email: website:


224 N. 3rd Avenue ~ Stayton

Classified Ad Rates Text: 25 words for $5/week. Photo: 25 words + photo $10/week. Addtl words: .20 each

Rideshare ads are FREE! Lost & Found ad are FREE! max 25 words

Deadline: Saturday noon for the following Wednesday publication. Submit your ad to Drop Box Locations: Mehama True Value Kelly Lumber, Mill City Gates Post Office

(Zoning): The Planning Commission has recommended the City adopt wetland regulations as part of the Chapter 17 – Zoning. The proposed wetlands regulations will only apply to wetlands located inside the city limits. After the close of the public hearing the City Council will make a decision to approve, deny or modify the proposals. A copy of the proposed code amendments, the decision criteria and staff report will be available at City Hall seven (7) days prior to the public hearings. The proposal, decision criteria and staff report for each proposal will be available at City Hall seven (7) days prior to the public hearing. Any person wishing to provide testimony must address the decision criteria. Failure to raise an issue precludes appeal and failure to specify to which criterion the comment is directed precludes appeal based on that criterion. The Mill City Municipal Code including Title 17 – Zoning can be viewed at the City of Mill City website: If you have questions related to these proposals, call City Hall at 897-2302.

A Peaceful Poetry Moment.... Untitled I sit for a bit Thinking, to fill my mind With day dreams to find. eyes closed and quiet pose good thoughts float by thru the minds eye Bring to the forefront Dreams to carry with me All day and the next. By Brynne Beverly

Office Manager/ HR at Hoodoo Ski Area


Bill Sanderson’s River Report

Periodical Postage Paid

February 27, 2013

503-897-3301 Recent good winter weather has caused quite a few boaters and anglers to run the North Santiam, with Mehama to Stayton being a popular run. There have been some boaters on the lower river and a very few upstream from North Santiam State Park. There are numerous fish available on the middle and lower river sections. All runs on the North Santiam below Packsaddle Park are good this week, and river levels are forecast to be the same for the next week or two. River clarity is good, and the water is cold. Detroit Lake is about 30 feet lower than desired. Snowpack above Detroit is way above average, so there will be plenty of run-off when the temperature rises or we get a warm rain. Flooding might be possible with certain storm conditions. The Engineers are balancing flood protection with spawning bed enhancement. River volume below Detroit (measured at Niagara, just above Packsaddle) has been around 1,360 cubic

feet per second, and around 4.2 feet deep at Mehama. That level is predicted to continue for another week or two. North Santiam River Guides Association will meet on Feb 27, 6pm at Neufeldt’s Diner in Aumsville. The “Learn the River” trips will be discussed, with an emphasis on the first trip from Green’s Bridge to Santiam Rest Stop under the I-5 bridge on March 2. Boats shove off in the river at 10am. Car shuttles are done earlier, and most boats unload at 9am or earlier. Boats should arrive at the Santiam Rest Stop around 1:30 or 2pm. Experienced leaders will show other boaters which channels to take. The next trip in the

Services Directory Auto Repair

Classic Auto and Tire Center (503)897-2256


Lyons Timbertown Resale. Home accessories, gifts, more. 1313 Main St. Lyons. 503-8594054; 503-507-1326. Facebook.


Hueller Construction Inc. CCB #114169 (503)859-3575.

Firearm Instruction Old West Enforcement Professionals. RA#178791947~ BCI# 1102466 (503)580-9397

Health and Wellness

Santiam Healing Arts Reconnective, energetic healing for all. Special Canyon pricing. 12

75 centsg Subscribe Today! series is on April 6 from Stayton to Green’s Bridge. Both members and visitors are welcome at this meeting, and river questions will be gladly answered by members with recent experience. Steelheaders Salem Chapter Board meets on March 5 at 6:30 at Wholesale Sports. Plans for upcoming events and meetings will be made. The Willamette Sportsman’s Show sponsored by the Jefferson Baptist Church will be held on March 16, 12pm5pm at 150002 Jefferson Hwy 99E. The North Santiam River has a great combination of steelhead and moderate whitewater. Although fresh steelhead have been caught every day of the year, some weeks are prime time for finding big numbers of new fish swimming through. Good planners will make plans now to fish this terrific river in prime time.

Get your business out there! In print and online. Services Directory listings are $80 per year. $20 one time set up fee for online. Call Karen: 503-990-3037

Colleen Samuel (503) 897-3357 Chiropractic Physicians Clinic (503)859-2181 Mill City Dental (503)897-2353

OCLS #5373 541-519-2410

Heating and Cooling

Pets/Vet & Training

Focus Heating and Construction, Inc. CCB#168985. (503)428-2591 Lyons Heating and Cooling Inc. CCB#96400 (503)859-2325


Curt’s Place in Gates. (503)897-6126

Siegmund Landscape, Excavation and Supply (503)769-6291

Social Graces Dog Training socialgracesdogtraining@ (503)859-3647 Ark Animal Care (503)897-6004 Santiam Healing Arts Reconnective healing for your horses and pets. Special Canyon pricing. Colleen Samuel. (503) 897-3357




Gabriel Smith licensed locksmith: lock repair, keys, parts.

Gregory J. Johanson, M .Div, Ph.D., NCC Director, Grace

Counselling Center. (503)8974830.

RV Repair

Santiam RV Service (503)394-2348

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White Water Signs and Graphics. (503)804-3613

Wood Products-retail Hardwood Components, Inc. (503)859-2144 Kelly Lumber Sales (503)897-2363


Weddings Your Way All seasons, indoors or out, all denominations. Colleen Samuel (503) 897-3357.

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