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The Canyon Weekly June 6, 2012

Volume 3, Issue 23

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School district reverses middle school closure, will close Gates Elementary

Store Copy Check us out online for free! Please leave this copy in the location you found.. Thanks for helping us grow the North Santiam Canyon! Historic Gates Elementary, now scheduled to close for the 2012-13 school year, once housed the area high school.

In a vote of 4:1, the Santiam Canyon School District Board of Directors, in a special budget meeting Tuesday evening, reversed their decision to close Mill City Middle School (MCMS), and voted to close Gates Elementary School instead. The middle school will now house grades K-6, and Santiam High School will house grades 7-12 for the 201213 school year. On May 22, the school board voted 3:2 to close the middle school. After multiple letters of concern and the opportunity to study the matters more closely, the board agreed to revisit their decision. Last Thursday, the board was presented a letter signed by the majority of the staff from the middle school and the high school, contending that not enough time was given for such a monumental decision. This week, school board members Keri Sanders, Greg Grenbemer and Rick Posekany toured the middle school grounds with

staff to better see how the K-6 students might possibly fit. At Tuesday’s meeting, in an atmosphere openly rift with emotions, proponents of the middle school choice pointed out the positive aspects of the newer building and giving the older children the opportunity to mentor the younger - while opponents noted the lack of private toilets for the kindergarteners, and projected “death” of Gates Elementary. “If the Gates school closes it will never, ever, ever open again,” said kindergarten teacher Judy Hugenberger in an impassioned plea. “No one in this room wants to see Gates Elementary close, we all love it. But Gates will always be a 90 year old school, with a 50 year old addition, failing electricity and lack of ADA compliance. Closing a school is hard,” said Rosanna Juhola of Gates.

“It’s not a one sided story. This is a very difficult decision, and when its a 49:51, it’s not hard to change your mind,” said board member Keri Sanders, whose vote changed from favoring Gates to MCMS. The plan is to move the playground equipment from Gates to Mill City. Donations are being accepted at US Bank to help with the playground move from the Gates to the Mill City campus, Needs include concrete, new poles and fencing. To volunteer call Alicia at 503-877-0395 or

The resignation of Santiam Canyon School District Superintendent Brad Yates, effective June 1, was accepted by the school board unanimously in a special open board meeting May 30. Yates had been accused of on-the-job sexual harassment of two women who worked with him at Gates Elementary where he held the position of both superintendent of schools and principal Both women agreed to come forward and let their names be known. JJ Aerni, a single mother of four from Mill

City (who works at Gates Elementary as an aid for special needs kids) states, “I want people to know who I am, in hopes that others will not be afraid to stand up for themselves if wronged.” Aerni said that she silently endured unwanted attention that was physical in nature since 2008. “I was afraid no one would believe me,” she said. “I’m really thankful to Shelly Baughman for filing a complaint. Her actions helped me find the strength to come forward.” Shelly Baughman, a secretary at who

worked in an adjoining office to Yates at Gates Elementary, was the first woman to file a complaint of sexual harassment. “I’m glad to know that no other employees of the school district ever have to be victims of him again,” Baughman said, upon hearing the school board’s decision to accept Yates resignation. A letter from the school district to Aerni dated May 16 read, in part, “The District has substantiated your complaint and has found that Superintendent Yates has violated the District’s sexual harass- (cont’d on page 20)

Santiam Canyon School District superintendent resigns under allegations of sexual harassment

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Hosting international exchange students: how bringing youth to our local schools can help with Santiam schools budget crisis

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Did you know that hosting an exchange student actually helps bring revenue for you local schools? According to Dave Plotts, principal of Santiam High School it does, as each participating student actually brings in the same amount to the district as a local kid. And, contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to have children of similar age to be qualified as a host, as a matter of fact you don’t even have to have children living in your home.

Todd and Nicole Miller of Gates have two girls ages 3 and 7, and they will be hosting a teenage girl from Brazil this fall. After having an international student in their home for three months last year they are excited to host again. “After last years experience we feel committed as a family to increase our global awareness,” said Nicole Miller. Several agencies serve the local communities to match foreign students with hosts. The Millers contacted Cultural Home Stay ( and local contact Becky Kruesi at 503 507-5844. Linda Rau, an International Exchange Coordinator for the Education First (EF) Foundation( is also looking for host families for the Santiam High area, she also places students in Stayton and Silverton. The EF Foundation is the same organization that the Santiam International Club uses when they travel abroad. By hosting a student through EF, families earn credit towards their International Club travels. 503-7673656; Paul Freeman, a 1972 graduate of Santiam High School, is the area representative for yet another student exchange program. Paul sends us this press release:

World Heritage Student Exchange Program is seeking local host families for high school boys and girls from Europe, Asia, and North and South America coming to this area for the upcoming school year – 2012-2013. These personable and academically select exchange students speak English, are bright, curious, and eager to learn about this country through living as part of a family and attending high school. The exchange students arrive shortly before the 2012/13 school year begins. Students are fully insured, with personal spending money and expects to bear his/ her share of household responsibilities, as well as being included in normal family activities and lifestyles. The students are well screened and qualified by World Heritage. Qualified families may select the youngster of their choice from student applications, photo collages, and biographical essays. World Heritage is also seeking local high school students to become exchange students abroad. Students should be between 15 and 18 years old and interested in living with a host family, attending school and learning about the lands and people of Europe, Asia, the Americas, Canada, New Zealand or South Africa. Students should be in good academic standing and have a desire to learn of another culture and language through living with a warm and giving volunteer family. Academic year, 3-month reciprocal exchange, and shorter term summer programs are available. World Heritage’s local Area Representative is Paul R. Freeman at 971-209-2368 or 800-888-9040; org

C hiropractic P hysicians C linic &

Wellness Center

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Chiropractic Care ~ Massage Herbal Supplements ~ Wellness Consultations 2

Caroll Hueller LMT Lic 7441


Your overall intensive, issue-specific approach to body wellness.

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Giovanni’s Mountain Pizza 503-897-2614

Have you tried our Calzone? Stop in today!

2012 Santiam High Senior Awards Night

On May 31, Santiam High School awarded students with honors at the SHS Auditorium. The award winners were: (clockwise from top left) Girl of the Year Christine Morreira, Boy of the Year Jacob Zeyenhall, Girl Athlete of the Year JJ Halemeier, Boy Athlete of the Year Robert Young, tteacher Nicole Scholz hands out awards to many of her FFA participants, Caroline Gillaspy honors her leadership “Dream Team,” The leadership Class, via Natazha Howard, thanked Karen Widmer for her help in promoting the schools though the Canyon Weekly.

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Free fishing clinic at Hoover Campground

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From 10am-2pm on Saturday, June 9, kids 18 or under are invited to fish from the pier or by boat (while kids under 6 can fish from a small pond) at the Detroit Free Fishing Clinic at Hoover Campground, Detroit Lake. Lunch is provided by the Oregon Paralyzed Veterans of America. The day includes educational value, fun and prizes. Directions: Hoover Campground is located on Blowout Rd, 2 miles east of the town of Detroit. Contact: Darren Cross 503-854-4212;

Take a Hike Exploring the canyon and beyond with Teri Ottosen to Pamelia Lake

Strap on your boots, I’ve got another great hike for you! This beautiful spot is located east of Detroit nestled in the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness. It’s a relatively easy 2.3 mile hike, which follows Pamelia Creek for a short distance and gradually increases in elevation until you reach the lake. Look to the east as you arrive and you will be rewarded with a beautiful view of Cathedral Rocks, Goat Peak and the Hunts Cove area near the PCT. If you’ve still got some energy after enjoying the view, look for a trail on the north side of the lake which winds around toward the east. This time of year, you can hike another mile or so before Photograph of Pamelia Lake by Teri Ottosen you run into snow pack. After repellent unless you want to be a buffet the snow melts this trail continues high up onto the ridge and con- for hungry mosquitoes! Getting There: Take Hwy 22 east apnects with the PCT at Hunts Cove. Pamelia is such a popular spot that it has proximately 11 miles past the town of been designated for limited use, so stop at Detroit. Just after you pass mile post 62 the Detroit Ranger Station on Hwy 22 to turn left onto Pamelia Lake Rd. Follow pick up your free trail pass. There are 20 the paved road until it turns to gravel and passes given out each day with limits on then proceed another half mile or so to the number of people in a group so plan the trailhead. Got a suggestion for a great hike? ahead and check with the Forest Service Email Teri Ottosen at before you go. Also, this time of year be sure to pack

Marion Forks Fish Hatchery: Keeping local waterways in fishes Each month, The Canyon Weekly visits Marion Forks Fish Hatchery to find out how the team up there helps keep our waterways full of fish.

We met with Tyler Labard as he tossed fish food into the large circular tanks brimming with juvenile chinook salmon. Tyler is a full-time fish and wildlife technician that lives at Marion Forks Fish Hatchery with his wife a two young daughters. “We try to feed them (the fish) pretty much constantly. They eat every ½ hour or so,” said Labard, “We always have several stages of fish we are dealing with at once. Right now, we are growing approximately 600,000 Clackamas stock and 940,000 N. Santiam Spring Chinook in the holding ponds that will be released next spring.” This week they also collected brood stock of adult chinook - that after 3-5 years of growing in the ocean, have found their way back home to the North Santiam to com-

plete their life cycle. The collection process, usually done at the Minto facility east of Gates, is currently taking place at the Upper Bennet Dam fish trap near Stayton, due to the new construction at Minto. The fish ladders have video cameras to keep track of fish count. When a steady flow of Chinook start passing, the team diverts the fish through a large funnel into an underwater holding tank. Here, they’ll find a mix of hatchery bred chinook, wild chinook and summer steelhead. They only want the hatchery chinook for broodstock, so fish technicians jump into the tank in their waders, using nets to capture the hatchery fish and place them in a 400 gallon hopper. The hoppers are then lifted by a giant crane and emptied into what is

known as “liberation trucks.” Normally this entire process would take place at the Minto facility, the funneling the separating and the holding. Currently, the fish are next transported to the Mckenzie facility near Vida where they will be held until September, when they’re ready to spawn. The hatchery fish are distinguished by their lack of adipose tissue, a little fleshy fin which had been clipped off prior to their release into the wild. Join us next time to as we answer: How do they cut all those little fins off anyway?

US Forest Service trail fees waived on National Get Outdoors Day

The U.S. Forest Service is celebrating the outdoors in June by waiving fees at all National Forest-operated recreation day-use fee sites on this coming Saturday, June 9 in honor of National Get Outdoors Day. These sites normally require a $5 fee per vehicle or recreation pass, such as the Northwest Forest Pass, Interagency Annual Pass, Interagency Senior Pass, Interagency Access Pass, Golden Age, or Golden Access Passport. National Get Outdoors Day activities can be found at

Bill Sanderson’s River Report June 6, 2012 503-897-3301 Lower river levels last week made for some outstanding trips with both scenic and fishing groups. The lower and middle river sections have the most fish (in selective locations) and the upper sections have the most whitewater. Tranquility can be found in every section. Melting snow from Mount Jefferson is slowly reducing because most of the snow below 4,000 feet elevation has already melted. Little Meadows has no snow at all, but some North slopes on the Breitenbush still have snow melting. Detroit Lake is virtually full, so any extra glacier melt will be released from the dam into the North Santiam. The Packsaddle run certainly has the biggest whitewater and the most dramatic rock formations of all the regular river sections.

At the water levels this week, it is easy to row around most of the rocks that are navigational hazards at lower levels. However, boats must navigate around, or through, big whirlpools. That is a big challenge now and will remain so for weeks. The gorge section starts half a mile below the Gates Bridge and includes Spencer’s Hole and three other big rapids. The power of the heavy water there is noteworthy. It is critically important to have boats in the correct current line in order to safely pass the obstructions. Below the Gorge section, it is only half a mile down to Rock Creek, and then it is an easy three miles down to Hammond Rapids and Mill City Falls. Salmon anglers have started to accumulate at Mill City Falls, which is a substan-

tial holding pool for hundreds of salmon in season. There are a few boulders to dodge in Mill City Bar, and it is an easy two miles down to Fishermen’s Bend. The five miles down to North Santiam State Park have many great medium rapids that are thrilling and cause whitewater thrills along with good fishing areas. So far, as of May 29, 19,000 salmon, 11,261 summer steelhead, and 7,555 winter steelhead have crossed Willamette Falls at Oregon City, headed for upstream tributaries like the North Santiam. That provides us with lots of possible fishing action. Now’s the time to arrange for summer trips! 5

Mari-Linn School Country Kids Relay

Guitar Lessons

Private Lessons Taught in Mill City by Professional Musician

Tom Cole

of Stoddard and Cole Music/Comedy duo


Story courtesy of the MariLinn Hornet Buzz newsletter Photography courtesy of Shanna Hall Photography. On Saturday, June 2, fortyone Mari-Linn students, 1st5th grades, participated in the Country Kids Relay in Salem at Bush Park. Luke Wright, Carley Petersen, Owen Carbaugh and Jessica Rule took first in the 1st Grade COED Relay Team. This was the second year for Mari-Linn to participate. The students were cheered on by parents, grandparents, teachers and volunteers. Over 3,300 kids participated in this year’s event. Mari-Linn students did a great job of representing our community in a very positive manner. Special thanks to volunteer coaches: Shannon Stinnett, Love & Darrin Cross, Brian Barker, Mandi Atiyeh, Jennifer Longfellow, and staff members: Jeff Comstock, Andy Rasmussen, Katey and Quinn Burke, Chad Johnson and Katy McManus and a special thanks to Foothills Firewood for their donation toward this year’s T-shirts.

Mari-Linn School Band Concert

R ust B ucket

Loca ll Own y ed


Our name is a bit different as you can plainly see... why you ask? It’s simply easy to explain... every layer... every texture... every piece of YOUR history has beauty... even if that beauty were to lie in a rusty ol’ bucket and it’s our job to find those layers... textures, those pieces of YOUR history. FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL, EMAIL OR VISIT

503-910-9103 (kathy) • 503-302-8853 (sara) email:

Turner Retirement Homes Retirement Living Christ Centered Family Oriented We have Independent & Assisted Living

503-743-2490 • 6

5405 Boise Street SE • Turner, OR

Mari-Linn School beginning and advanced band performed last Thursday to a crowd of proud parents. Pictured here, just a few band members including (above left) Cole Dunn on the saxaphone, Trinity Saunders and Sheree Donahue on the clarinet, both led by music teacher Steve Dalrymple. (Above right) performers AJ Rodriguez and Caelan Ritchie on the trumpets.

Nicole Miller, along with daughters Julia and Noelle, hosted the first annual Girls Scout MomDaughter Tea Party at the Miller’s home in Gates on Sunday. The young ladies were served up a lovely spread of tea cakes and finger sandwiches along with afternoon tea. On hand for the day were Kathy and Sarah of Rustbucket Photography. These local photographers offer their services for private events and parties.


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Santiam High School Auditorium (265 SW Evergreen Street, Mill City). Tickets are $10 in advance / $12 at the door and will likely sell out early. It’s a GREAT Show for a GREAT Cause! The emcee for the evening is comedian/ radio DJ, Terry Sol from KBZY Radio in Salem, OR. In addition to Stoddard and Cole performing, that evening all winning Con-

testants from the recently held “Stayton Events on Line Talent Contest” will be awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd place cash prizes. Contestants will also perform their winning numbers during the Concert! And, if that’s not enough . . .Performing WITH Stoddard and Cole is a world class Fiddle Player by the name of Eddie Parente. He will be joining the dynamic Duo (Stoddard and Cole) on stage for some major pickin’ and grinin’, knee slappin’ rip roarin’ fiddle playing! Tickets are available at: online at -, Mill City US Bank 503897-2361, SHS (International Club), Mill City Fire 503-897-2390 and Gates Fire 503-897-2929.

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By Nancy Hendricks, Fresh to You Produce and Garden Center

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Event submissions are printed FREE! The Canyon Weekly cannot guarantee placement; however, priority is given to typed and emailed submissions, and events occurring in the North Santiam Canyon (Lyons/Mehama to Marion Forks). Please submit your event to: See any need for corrections?

Events Coming Soon The folks at Gates Community Church would love to have you visit this summer. Knowing how inviting the lovely summer weather is in our area, a few small changes have been made in the times of service. Beginning on June 3, Sunday School hour will begin at 9am and Worship Service at 10am. Hope to see you there! In honor of those who selflessly serve our communities, Joe Stoddard and Tom Cole present: A Benefit Concert for our Volunteer Firefighters for Father’s Day weekend. Saturday, June 16, 7pm at Santiam Auditorium. Tickets on sale now! Proceeds to benefit both the Mill City and Gates Fire Departments. $10 in advance at US Bank in Mill City, Santiam High School International Club 503-897-2311, Mill City Fire Department 503-897-2390 or the Gates Fire Department 503-8972929. Tickets will be $12 at the door. All Dressed Up Prom Dress Drive Bring gently used and new special occasion dresses, shoes, jewelry and accessories on Saturday, June 23 to the Sublimity Fire Hall, 11am-4pm. Donations will be given away to local teens at next years All Dressed Up Second Annual Prom Dress Giveaway “Because Every Girls Deserves to be a Princess” Board of Directors - Gates Rural Fire Protection District meeting on June 21, 7pm at the Gates Fire Hall. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2012 as approved by the Gates Rural Fire Protections District’s Budget Committee.

Canyon Readers at Trexler Farm in Mehama. Upcoming books include - July 12: So Big by Edna Ferber, Aug 9: The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood, Sep 14: Out Stealing Horses by Per Petterson, Oct 11: Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro, Nov 8: The Big Burn by Timothy Egan. Dinner 6:30pm, discussion at 7pm. Meets every second Thursday of the month. Info: Herb Bastuscheck 503-859-2668. For You and Your Dog... Social Graces Dog Training is now taking registrations for these 6-week Classes: --Obedience & Social Skills (dogs 6 mo. and older, or by instructor approval) on Wednesdays starting June 13 in Mill City, or Mondays starting July 23 in Stayton. --Rally Obedience (varied, fun & challenging skills on courses with signs) on Tuesdays starting July17 in Stayton. All classes start at 6:30pm on their respective days. Enrollment fee is $75 for each 6 week class. Pre-registration required. Private lessons are also available. Contact Linda at 503-859-3647 or email Mill City City Hall Grand Opening June 29, 1pm. Tentative plans include dedication, flag raising ceremony and ribbon cutting, in conjunction with the Mill City 4th of July Opening Ceremonies, followed by The Rockhounds 7-10pm. Info: 503-897-2302.

Events This Week Wednesday, June 6

7pm Fourth of July Committee meets at Mill City City Hall. Community members interested in the celebration or volunteers wanting to contribute to the planning process are all welcome to attend.

Thursday, June 7

North Santiam Historical Society meets. Info: Frances Thomas at 503897-2816. 7-8pm Mill City Middle School 8th grade graduation Santiam High

School Gym. 8-9pm Santiam High School Baccalaureate at SHS Auditorium

Friday, June 8

9am Mill City Planning Commission meets at Mill City Fire Hall 6-9pm Parent’s Time Out - Kids Movie Night at Canyon Bible Fellowship 446 Cedar St, Lyons. Movie, games and bible story. Free. Info: 503-859-2627. 8-10pm Santiam High School graduation ceremony

Saturday, June 9

10am-2pm Detroit Free Fishing Clinic at Hoover Campground, Detroit Lake. Kids 18 or under are invited to fish from the pier or by boat while kids under 6 can fish from a small pond. Lunch provided by the Oregon Paralyzed Veterans of America. Includes educational value, fun and prizes. Directions: located on Blowout Rd, 2 miles east of the town of Detroit. Contact: Darren Cross 503-8544212;

Monday, June 11

7-9pm Lyons RFPD Board meets at the Lyons Fire Hall

Tuesday, June 12

9am Mill City Municipal Court at Mill City Fire Hall 6pm Mill City City Council meets at Mill City Middle School library 6-7pm Lyons Planning Commission meets at Lyons City Hall 6:30pm Mari-Linn School PTA meets at the school library. 6:30pm Detroit City Council meets at Detroit meeting room 7pm Gates City Council meets at Gates City Hall

Wednesday, June 13

10am-2pm Canyon Senior Center Art Show with Janis E. Motsenbocker 844

ine Rd, Mill City. Non-profit youth sports organization with scholarships for low income participants. 6:30 pm Santiam Canyon School District budget committee meeting at Mill City Middle School. 6:30pm Canyon Readers Book Club at Trexler Farm in Mehama. Dog On It by Spencer Quinn. Dinner 6:30pm, discussion at 7pm. Meets every 2nd Thursday. Herb Bastuscheck 503-8592668.

Canyon Espresso

Mon-Thurs 5:30a-4p Fri 5:30a-5p Sat-Sun 6:30a-5p

Ongoing Weekly Events Mondays

4pm-8pm Youth Center for 7th-12th grades. Air Hockey, etc FREE. Mill City Baptist Church. 6:30-8pm Zumba in the Canyon SHS commons 265 SW Evergreen St. Mill City 503-949-7621

North 1st, Mill City. Ms. 503-897-2716 Motsenbocker came to Mill 251 SW 3rd St, Mill City City from Oklahoma and has been pencil drawing Mill City for many years. Her pencil Tuesdays drawings as well as her oil 10am-2pm Quilting Club Canyon paintings will be on display Bible Fellowship, Lyons 910-4918 for view and purchase. www.millcitychristianchurch 12pm Meals on Wheels, Senior 1pm Lyons Garden Club Meals Fellowship Hall, MC meets in the Lyons Fire DeSunday Worship Presbyterian. Meals on Wheels. partment Conference room. 11am Ruth:503-897-2204. $3.50 donaInfo: Jean 503-859-2563; Dition reccomended. ane Stockmar 503-394-2197. 7:30pm Santiam Al-Anon, Mt. View 6:30 pm Save The Canyon School Group Church, Aumsville meets to discuss how to best support the schools while transitioning from a three Wednesdays building district to two. Meets at the Mill 10am-3pm Judy’s Art Class at Mill City City Middle School . Call Alicia at 503 Eagles Hall. Oil painting, all levels wel877-0395, or email at alicia4350@gmail. come. Weekly on Wednesdays. Drop in, com. All are welcome! Volunteer sign ups open to all. 503-859-2213 to help move the playground equipment from the Gates campus to Mill City will be 7pm AA Mtg Santiam Chapel, Lyons. available. 6:30pm Mill City Lions Club meets at Mt. Thursdays Edge Cafe, 320 NW Santiam Blvd, Mill 10am-3pm North Santiam Quilters, City. Info: Sandy Lyness 503-551-2645 Gates Church, all levels! 897-2102 7-8pm Lyons-Mehama Water District 12pm Meals on Wheels, Senior Board meets at Mehama Fire Hall Meals. Fellowship Hall, MC Presbyterian Church. Ruth:503 897-2204 3:30-5 Good News Club at Mill City Thursday June 14 Baptist Church. Kids K-4 grade. Bi10am-2pm Canyon Senior Center Art ble stories, singing, games, and snack. Show with Janis E. Motsenbocker 844 Free. 140 N. 1st St. Mill City. North 1st, MC 6:30pm Mill City Gates Recreation Asso- 4pm-8pm Youth Center for 7th-12 ciation meets at Scout Cabin - 49003 Rem- grades. Air Hockey, Ping Pong, Foos

Christian Church

Tue-16oz Flvrd Latte$2 Thur-Double Punch

Hwy 22 & Gates Hill Rd


Ball. FREE. Mill City Baptist Church. 4-5pm Weight Watchers at Work meets at the SHS library. New members, transfers welcome! Info: Roseanna Juhola 503-8972368 #25. 5:30-9:30pm Youth Movie Night Ages 10-18 Mill City Christian Church. All kids MUST be picked up by 9pm. Free. 6pm Bible Study at Living Water Church of God, Sorbin St. Gates. 6:30-8pm Zumba in the Canyon Santiam High School commons 265 SW Evergreen St. Mill City 503-949-7621


Free Knife Sharpening Friday at Gene’s Meat Market in Mehama (limit 5 please). At the flashing yellow light on Hwy 22. 10am-12pm Kid Zone Fun, crafts and a FREE sack lunch. Mill City Baptist Church. 140 N. 1st. St (503) 536-5414 1pm Canyon Senior Center Open Pinochle 844 South First St, Mill City 503897-4176 7:30-8:30pm Idanha AA at City Hall.

“Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars. You have to let go at some point in order to move forward.” -C.S. Lewis


Classified Ads Farm fresh eggs - Locker Beef & Pork - Certified Boer Goats - Goats for rent. Elkhorn Valley Livestock. Ranch: 503897-3224 / Cell: 503-269-6823 / Email: 32325 N. Fork Rd., Lyons, Oregon For Rent: 2 Bed, 1 bath. Newly reburbished. $600/month. 503 897-9911. For Rent: 2 bedroom Apartment in Gates. $500/month, $500 deposit. Water and sewer included. No Friday night or Saturday calls please. Jim 503-871-3344. Give the Gift of Life: First Aid/CPR classes will be held monthly at Trexler Farms in Mehama Group and corporate classes also available at your location. American Heart Association Healthcare Provider CPR; meets professional requirements. Info: Kurt Hueller 503-859-3575 or email Do you need childcare? I have openings for ages 3-12. I am CPR and First Aid trained. Call Carrie at 503-897-2678.

Classified Ad Rates Text: 25 words for $5.00/week. Photo: 25 words + photo $10/week. Addtl words: .20 each

March 10, 1928 – May 18, 2012

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Deadline: Saturday noon for the following Wednesday publication. Submit your ad to or Drop Box Locations: Mehama True Value Kelly Lumber, Mill City Gates Post Office Publishers Notice: All real estate advertising in this newspaper is subject to the Fair Housing Act which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation, or discrimination based on color, race, sex, religion, handicap, familial status or national origin, or an intention to make any such preference, limitation or discrimination. The Canyon Weekly will not knowingly accept any advertising that violates this law. All dwellings advertised are available on an equal opportunity basis.

Girl Scouts hold raffle to replace stolen money

All tickets will be placed into a bowl and a Girl Scout will draw the winning ticket on June 16 at the Girl Scout Award ceremony. Participants do not need to be present to win. The winner will be announced on Facebook, by phone and in the Canyon Weekly. The winner can set up an appointment at a later date with Stephanie. Stephanie has been doing hair for 10 years and works at the Allure Salon and Day Spa. All proceeds from the raffle will be donated to Girl Scout Troop #10118. Please contact troop leader Jessica Stewart 503-897-6160 to purchase a ticket for your name to go into the drawing. Cash or checks will be accepted for this event. Receipts given on request. Thank you in advance for your support! Mill City Baptist Church held a car wash fund raiser last week to raise money for their upcoming free Christian Rock Concert this summer.


Ollie Runions

Rideshare ads are FREE! Lost & Found ad are FREE!

Space for rent. Suitable for an office or Salon in Gates. (503) 897-2966 or (503) 897-2161.

This past March, Stephanie Budlong, a dedicated girl scout mom, left an envelope of cookie sales money in her car while she ran over to the RedBox kiosk by Circle K in Mill City to rent a movie. Upon returning to her car, she found her belongings askew, and the envelope of money missing. Her daughter, Reesey, is in her 2nd year of scouting and worked for weeks to help earn her troop money for camp and activities. Unfortunately, the crime has gone unsolved, and the missing money is difficult to replace. Stephanie Budlong has offered to utilize her skills as a stylist to help recoup the loss with the chance to win a cut, color, deep conditioning and scalp massage (valued at $120) for the cost of a $20 raffle ticket.


Mehama, OR – Ollie Runions, 84, passed away Friday, May 18 at home in Mehama, surrounded by his family. He was born in Uniontown, Arkansas to John and Minnie Runions. He married Annabell Schwartz in 1946, they settled in Turner, OR in 1948. They later divorced in 1972. Ollie married Leona Davenport in 1977 and they made their home in Mehama, OR. Ollie worked for Simpsons Lumber in Lyons until they closed in 1965 and then worked for North Santiam Plywood Lumber in Mill City, retiring in 1990. He enjoyed fishing, hunting, gardening and spending time with his family. Ollie is survived by three children: Dale (Ginger) Runions of Bend, Joanne (Bob) Martinez of Turner, and Annabell Linn (Todd) Rickman of Monmouth. Stepchildren: Ed (Iva) Davenport of Detroit, Otto Davenport of Mehama and Lynda (Harley) Hershfelt of Mehama. Sister: Ruth Campbell of Turner. 15 grandchildren, 29 great-grandchildren and 1 great-great-grandchild. He is preceded in death by his parents, his first wife Annabell and second wife Leona, brothers: Lindsey, Floyd, Paul and Sidney Gene and sisters: Lucille, Crystal, Marylou, Alice and Annie Lee. A celebration of life will be held Saturday, June 9, 2012 at 11 a.m. at Mehama Community Church, Mehama. Private graveside service to be held at Twin Oaks Cemetery in Turner. Memorial contributions may be made to: Odyssey Hospice, 707 13th St. SE, Suite 280, Salem, OR 97301 or to Mehama Community Church 11336 Morris St., Mehama, OR 97384. Serving the family, North Santiam Funeral Service, Stayton.



A public meeting of the Board of Directors will be held on June 11, 2012 at 7pm at 1114 Main St, Lyons, Oregon. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2012 as approved by the Lyons Rural Fire Protection District Budget ,Committee. A summary of the budget is presented below. A copy of the budget may be inspected or obtained at 1114 Main St, Lyons between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. This budget is for an annual budget period. This budget was prepared on a basis of :accounting that is the same as used in the preceding year. If different, the major changes and their effect on the budget are Contact: Micki Valentine

(503) 859-2410

FINANCIAL SUMMARY - RESOURCES Actual Amount TOTAL OF ALL FUNDS 2010-11 Beginning Fund Balance/Net Working Capital 435,600 Fees, Licenses, Permits, Fines, Assessments & Other Service Charges 305,830 3,898 Federal, State and All Other Grants, Gifts, Allocations and Donations Revenue from Bonds and Other Debt 0 Interfund Transfers / Internal Service Reimbursements 143,000 All Other Resources Except Property Taxes 19,561 399,233 Property Taxes Estimated to be Received Total Resources 1,307,122

Adopted Budget

Approved Budget

This Year 2011-12 576,307 250,000 71,645 0 203,000 10,500 246,909 1,358,361

Next Year 2012-13 531,434 272,000 200 0 190,000 11,000 261,402 1,266,036

FINANCIAL SUMMARY - REQUIREMENTS BY OBJECT CLASSIFICATION Personnel Services 277,128 376,300 173,489 216,254 Materials and Services 19,238 371,307 Capital Outlay 216,996 138,000 Debt Service 143,000 203,000 Interfund Transfers 0 18,500 Contingencies 0 0 Special Payments 477,270 35,000 Unappropriated Ending Balance and Reserved for Future Expenditure 1,307,121 1,358,361 Total Requirements

326,000 221,102 440,434 35,000 190,000 18,500 0 35,000 1,266,036

FINANCIAL SUMMARY - REQUIREMENTS BY ORGANIZATIONAL UNIT OR PROGRAM 1,307,121 1,358,361 Emergency Fire & Medical Services Total Requirements Total FTE 9 9

1,266,036 9

STATEMENT OF CHANGES IN ACTIVITIES and SOURCES OF FINANCING We have paid off our General Obligation Bond resulting in a decrease of debt service. PROPERTY TAX LEVIES Rate or Amount Imposed Permanent Rate Levy (rate limit 1.6469 per $1,000) 1.6469 Local Option Levy 0 Levy For General Obligation Bonds 103,000

LONG TERM DEBT General Obligation Bonds Other Bonds Other Borrowings Total

STATEMENT OF INDEBTEDNESS Estimated Debt Outstanding on July 1. 0 0 0 0

Rate or Amount Imposed 1.6469 0 0

Rate or Amount Approved 1.6469 0 0

Estimated Debt Authorized, But Not Incurred on July 1 0 0 0 0

Vacation Bible School July 16-19 9am-12pm

Mill City Baptist Church 503.536.5414

140 N. 1st Ave Mill City, OR

You’re clear for takeoff at Amazing Wonders Aviation™! Come join us as we fly to some of the world’s greatest natural wonders and encounter God’s awesome power! As we fly around the world, kids will takeoff from Worship at The Worship Rally Hangar and make their first stop at the stunning Victoria Falls for Bible Study. While flying around the world, kids will also visit: Snacks at the Paricutin Volcano, Missions Under the Northern Lights, Music at the Matterhorn, Recreation at the Grand Canyon and Crafts at the Great Barrier Reef. Amazing Wonders Aviation™ will be an event to remember!



Gates Community Church of Christ “..reaching the canyon for Christ.� Mike Stair, Minister Sunday School 9am Worship 10am

40070 Gates School Rd (503)897-3210


GENE’S MEAT MARKET By the flashing light Hwy 22, Mehama Mon-Fri 8-6 Sat 9-5

(503) 859-2252 Try our tasty local meats! Oregon Grown Locker Beef & Pork Packs, German Sausages, Summer Sausages, Beef & Turkey Jerky, Spiral Sliced Hams, Bone-in Hams and More!

Processing Services Mobile Slaughtering, Cutting & Double Shrinkwrap, Custom Smoking - Ham, Bacon, Sausages


Linn County Sheriff’s Office Police Log for May714’s 27sontoforJune 2 verbal only at this time inch saw on a stand was taken more info, witness-

Date: 05/27/12 Time: 16:05 MVC-NON INJURY LYONS MILL CITY DR Linn County Caller states that she was side-swiped by a whi suv. the vehicle is stopped and talking to someone on a tractor Date: 05/27/12 Time: 18:08 DOG COMPLAINT DOGWOOD ST Lyons Caller reporting dogs at location are not taken care of. 2 dogs, corgi and st bernard. They can see the ribs on the st bernard. Dogs are scared. Date: 05/28/12 Time: 1:55 ASST-OUTSIDE AGENCY FAIRVIEW ST Mill City Medics out with a combative pt info to 758 at LCH Date: 05/28/12 Time: 2:39 MVC-HIT & RUN SANTIAM BV Mill City Caller reporting vehicle at location getting ready to leave, when he pulled in he hit the neighbors fence. Vehicle WB on Hwy 22. Date: 05/28/12 Time: 12:09 THEFT-RPT KINGWOOD AV Mill City firearm was stolen about 3 weeks ago caller thinks he knows who took it caller did not report it sooner because he had to take care Date: 05/28/12 Time: 12:24 DISTB-DOMESTIC FAIRVIEW ST Mill City caller said her husband got in her face and threatened to hit her


Date: 05/28/12 Time: 12:25 MARINE INCIDENT WHITTEN ST Mill City inflated bright orange kayak, may not be an inflated one may be fiberglass or plastic. caller does not see anyone around. they looked along the Date: 05/29/12 Time: 15:53 SUICIDAL-SUBJECT SANTIAM BV Mill City female with suicidal thoughts 32 yo female caller has hx Date: 05/29/12 Time: 16:38 DISPUTE-NEIGHBOR HUNTLEY RD Linn County caller says neighbor has bulldozed on her property. she found it this weekend. caller is at work. make phone conact. Date: 05/29/12 Time: 16:42 DISPUTE-NEIGHBOR 2ND AV Mill City this has been an ongoing issue with a neighbor. now the neighbor is spitting loogies in caller’s yard. caller has a witness. Date: 05/29/12 Time: 17:46 PARKING COMPL NEAL PARK RD Lyons caller reports a whi pu is parked in the barkdust area at the park, where the kids play. operator is across the street fishing at the lake Date: 05/30/12 Time: 10:19 THEFT-RPT LYONS MILL CITY DR Linn County 10

Caller is leaving soon and would like contact right away. Date: 05/30/12 Time: 11:35 BURGLARY REPORT GATES BRIDGE EAST Linn County Caller advising that someone took a box of fishing reels out of his garage. Unk when it occ’d. Date: 05/30/12 Time: 15:11 THEFT-RPT MAIN ST Lyons Caller reporting theft of Evinrude 4hp outboard motor. Value ~ $400.00 Caller is unsure of when this occ’d, it was in storage. Date: 05/30/12 Time: 16:58 ASSAULT REPORT MAIN ST Lyons Caller advising that he was hit by a vehicle but is not requesting medics. Caller will be in front of the market, wearing a blue Date: 05/30/12 Time: 22:54 JUV-RUNAWAY RPT DOGWOOD ST Lyons Caller reporting her grandson has not come home and she advises no one has seen him since 1930hrs. She does not believe he has runaway. Date: 05/31/12 Time: 8:25 BURGLARY REPORT LYONS MILL CITY DR Linn County Caller says that he has found a lock broken and taken numerous power tools Date: 05/31/12 Time: 11:11 TRAFF-OTHER VIO LYONS MILL CITY DR Linn County Blue logging truck blew through his red flashing lights on his school bus this morning Date: 05/31/12 Time: 16:57 THREATS LYONS MILL CITY DR Linn County Caller put an eviction notice on one of his tenants door, and they threatened the caller Date: 06/01/12 Time: 10:09 ASST-OUTSIDE AGENCY DOGWOOD ST Lyons request we contact subject aty location and advise them to call osp regarding teleph harassment Date: 06/01/12 Time: 11:02 SUSP-CIRCUMSTANCES KINGWOOD AV Mill City per 714, report that susp was at location, hostile and tried to pick a fight with

es at Kingwood Date: 06/01/12 Time: 15:05 DISORD CONDUCT 1ST AV Mill City caller reporting a wma approx 30 yo sandy blonde hair, moustache - grey underwear, shirt off, exposing his genitalia Date: 06/01/12 Time: 17:16 DISTB-OTHER FAIRVIEW ST Mill City screaming female said her son is being abused - male susp has a gun and then she hung up no answer upon callback (rdh) Date: 06/01/12 Time: 17:39 TRESPASS LYONS MILL CITY DR Woman there and wont leave. drives a gray car now she is leaving Date: 06/02/12 Time: 2:01 SEX OFFENSE LYONS MILL CITY DR Linn County REF TO DR 12-7575 Date: 06/02/12 Time: 6:01 DISTB-OTHER SANTIAM BV Mill City Man is still causing problems and irritating another man. said the deputy who was there earlier said to call if there were any more problems Date: 06/02/12 Time: 20:11 DISTB-OTHER ASH ST Lyons caller received a ph call from his friend at listed location who stated there were other male subject there who are moving out the room-mate. Friend was scared and Date: 06/02/12 Time: 21:49 FIRE ARMS COMPL KINGWOOD AV Linn County PR can hear someone shooting in the area.



Go ahead, try me!

Soduku The objective of the game is to fill all the blank squares in a game with the correct numbers. There are three very simple constraints to follow. In a 9 by 9 square Sudoku game: • Every row of 9 numbers must include all digits 1 through 9 in any order • Every column of 9 numbers must include all digits 1 through 9 in any order • Every 3 by 3 subsection of the 9 by 9 square must include all digits 1


More Free Relationship advice from Brian Zauber of Gates: “ Always apologize. Even if you didn’t do anything wrong... yet.” 19

Superintendent Brad Yates resigns (cont’d from page 1) ment policy. Measures

have been taken to ensure this conduct will no longer occur, including Mr. Yates’ immediate placement on paid administrative leave. All District students and employees are entitled to work in an environment that is free of discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and bullying and such conduct will not be tolerated...” John Bradford Yates held the position of superintendent of schools in the Santiam Canyon since 1998. In that time, he maneuvered the district through several controversial changes, including a four day school week and the ending of several popular programs, such as the alternative education classes that served teen moms. His departure is in the midst of a another district budget crisis leaving many to already question his leadership abilities as noted in past letters to The Canyon Weekly. In a letter to the school board, Scott Baughman, husband of Shelly Baughman writes, “Do you feel responsible for the incidents that have occurred with my wife and the budget? I feel that any of the board members that received the inappropriate emails (that Yates allegedly sent) condoned the behavior that occurred with my wife and the other victim....The board seems to be really concerned with the superintendent’s feelings and treatment, and less concerned with

The Canyon Weekly P.O Box 721 the victim’s fami- Lyons, OR 97358 lies that have had to endure nights of crying, children not understanding why Periodical this is happening and Postage Paid a husband and wife now having conflict because of what the superintendent tried to do.” Baughman also writes that the superintendent had continued to contact employees while they were at work when specifically told by the board that he was to have no contact with any school district employee during school hours. As for Brad Yates current role in helping alleviate the current $700,000 projected school budget deficit, in addition to free housing on school district property he received a yearly salary, including taxes, PERS and insurance, of $145,000. In the resignation agreement Yates would be eligible to get medical benefits through June 30, housing on district property through September 1, and cash value for 75 accumulated unused vacation days. The current proposed budget does not replace the superintendent position Yates held, however, according to district Business Manager Steve Nielsen, “There have been no final decisions made at this point

Subscribe Today! regarding the principal position at Gates Elementary for the 2012-13 school year. Different options are being explored.” In a letter to the school board, Mr. Yates cited “recent events and more importantly the steady decline in my health over the years” as his reasons for resignation, adding, “I thank you for the opportunity to serve your community and will hang onto the good memories as I plan to retire.” JJ Aerni received a reduction-in-force notice this year that her job likely was ending at the close of this school year because of budget cuts, but she says she hopes that will turn around before the fall. In regards to the incidents with Brad Yates, “I just don’t want him to do this to anyone again, and I don’t want it swept under the rug.” In her advice to others, who may be facing similar situations in their lives Aerni says, “Believe in yourself, trust yourself, don’t ignore it and get help.” Shelly Baughman said she has not decided whether to file a civil lawsuit.

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