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The Canyon Weekly May 9, 2012

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Volume 3, Issue 19

News and Life - For Our Side of the Mountain! Serving the communities of Lyons, Mehama, Elkhorn, Mill City, Gates, Niagra, Detroit, Breitenbush, Idanha and Marion Forks

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Resale store burglarized of $1600 in games and jewelry

The owners of Deb’s Attic came to work last Monday morning to find empty shelves and a broken window after a burglar broke in and stole an estimated $1600 in jewelry and video games sometime that night. Debbie Turner and Linda Bradley, the store owners, said that someone broke into the store, located at 611 N. 1st Ave, Stayton, through the back window, appearing to choose items that are easily resold, like Xbox 360, Nintendo DS and Playstation games. The theft is believed to have occurred sometime between 11am Sunday & 11am Monday, said Linda Bradley - less than 2 days after the store owners had re-stocked all of the game displays. While there, the thief piled up clothing in the middle of the store, but left them behind. They were men’s clothes, in small and medium sizes. A footprint was also found near the broken back win-

dow, left on shattered glass, which was collected by Officer Meeker of the Stayton Police Department. The theft is covered by insurance, but Deb’s Attic owner Debbie Turner feels violated. “They didn’t steal things that you have to have to live, like a pair of shoes. I try to be honest, so I don’t understand why someone would do this? It really did hurt my feelings.” Linda Bradley said she thinks the burglar threw a T-shirt over the security cameras, then used the store’s bags and backpacks to haul everything away. The investigation is ongoing. Thefts of this nature have been within typical levels in the area, said a representative from the Stayton Polic Department. “I’d look for someone who has an unusual amount of XBox 360 or Playstation games for sale,” said Linda Bradley. Contact the Stayton PD, ref. case #12/1365 with any information.

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Community rallies to seek answers to school budget crisis

The all-purpose room at Mill City Middle School was full to capacity a half hour before the meeting was to begin May 2, and the crowd continued to grow. The standing room only gathering at the Santiam Canyon School District board meeting was in repsonse to the meeting held April 23, where few citizens were aware it was taking place, and where desperate news was delivered. That lack of communication with the public prompted a parents advocacy group to quickly form via facebook and phone calls, which helped to bring together an unprecedented number of patrons flooding the May 2 meeting, demanding transparency and presenting impassioned pleas to the board to preserve the schools. Dozens of citizens lined up to approach the podium with concerns of cuts in staff, and the possibility of closing a school. More questions than answers were presented. “Our family moved up here because of the school and staff here. The teachers that you have are very well known all over. When you start taking away programs, you are going to lose parents.” said Kim Davidson, pictured above. Alicia Clark: a sophomore at SHS approached, “I speak for the students when I say that I am really concerned for our future. What is going to happen to my four younger siblings? To have the young age group with the

older age group - it can’t happen, it’s not appropriate.” “How did we get to $750K without any forewarning? asked Ken Allison. The meeting ended with plans to meet again May 8, to allow the public to engage in facilitated brainstorming sessions. Statewide schools are in trouble. Salem will be losing its 6th school in two years soon and Beaverton is facing a $37 million deficit. Last year at this time we reported on the then $600,000 local deficit which led to staff reduction. The state legislature adopted a budget last year that dropped the total allotment for education from what was 44% in the early 2000’s to 37% for the 2011-13 biennium. The statebudget had been set, and has not changed since last July 1. “I voted on that, and it wasn’t easy,” said state Representative Sherrie Sprenger, who also co-chaired the ways and means committee, “but you can’t give out more money than you have in your purse. The education budget is a chunk of the (state) pie, but the pie is small. Anyone who looks at a budget number and says ‘I’m spending it all now’ is foolish. My advice to anyone right now is, don’t buy a pencil if you already have one.” “None of us could have foreseen the the decline (cont’d on page 2)


Letters to the Editor...

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Letters to the Editor are the opinion of the writer and not necessarily those of The Canyon Weekly. Letters to the Editor may be edited for space or profanity. Send your letter to with your name and town. Dear Editor, My family and I are new to the area and were drawn here by its magnificent landscapes, beautiful surroundings and that “small town” ambiance. I was really delighted to see an article about places to go and explore the Canyon. We are always looking for inexpensive places to hike and camp, especially, close to home. Thanks to Teri Ottosen for the terrific article “Take a Hike to Shellburg Falls.” Please!!! Give me more!!! Donyea Saari, Mill City From the Editors: Thanks, Donyea! Check out page 4 for another great hike from Teri Ottosen, this one goes from Elkhorn to Shady Cove. School budget, con’t from page 1 in students this past year,” said Steve Nielsen, the school district business manager. Who reports that a decrease of 55 students this year equals a minimum of, $330,000 direct revenue loss from the state to the schools. The May 8th school board meeting was met with a slightly smaller crowd, and much more creative energy. Small breakout groups were formed with the goals to identify what is of utmost importance when considering school functioning, what the school structure might look like considering budget cuts. Led by Anita Leach, the groups were able to identify and explain their findings and present them to the school board. The board, met with such an outpouring of involvement and viable ideas to sift through, agreed to postpone the date of the Budget Committee meeting and look into the possibility of filing for an extension with the Oregon Department of Education to delay the June 30th budget deadline. Concern was stated by board member Keri Sanders that delaying budget decisions may jeopardize the job search for those who may be laid off. Most groups presented consolidation of the schools to Mill City Middle School and Santiam High, essentially closing Gates Elementary. There were several different considerations on on what ages

would be housed together. One group suggested to keep all three buildings open, have each school individually look at cutting $125,000 from budget, consider a levy, and agressively recruit drop-out students to return. An overwhelming majority agreed that maintaining staff that has direct involvement with the student’s lives ie: the teachers and aides, was of highest priority, while minimizing and/or eliminating administrative positions. Everything from lawn mowing and decreasing busing to selling timber and property was considered. One subject in particular to receive much discussion was how could we possible feed all the children from one cafeteria, should the schools be consolidated to Mill City. “Just for the record, I went to school here 1-8 and High School, and we all ate lunch here - and it worked,” said Carol Cree, teacher at SHS. A follow up meeting date was not immediately agreed upon, but will be announced soon. At this point the school board has less than two months to present a viable plan. Said school board member Rick Posekany, in closing, “this is your school, you elected us, and we are thankful for that and your presence. We’re all in this together, let’s not be divided.”

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Canyon Parent Advocacy Group forms

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In response to school district budget crisis, local parents and community members gather to strategize for the future

Two weeks ago, a group of parents, grandparents and community members gathered to discuss the Santiam Canyon School District’s budget crisis as presented to the public at a recent special school board meeting. The group, now known as the Parent Advocacy Group, gathered to speak freely, openly and honestly about their concerns - and to share any constructive information that may help in the unexpected budget crisis. The first meeting drew about 30 attendees, and a confidential online Facebook group was created to share updates and facilitate the discussion. Now, the group has grown to over 130 members in just one weeks’ time. “We need anyone and everyone’s voice to be heard at this point,” said Parent Advocacy Group spokesperson Angie Fencl. “The school budget has to be finalized by June 30, although it’s my understanding the board can file for an extension if they wish. The public was just made aware of this budget crisis on April 23. I feel confident in saying that collectively the public is outraged that we learned of a $750,000 shortfall and the possibility of closing a school at the end of a school year. Communication is

just not there and our goal is to fix that issue—we are working with the board and the superintendent at this point.” The Parent Advocacy Group is working to gather practical, alternative options to share with the school board as to how the $750,000 could be cut. “In the end, the purpose of school is to provide a safe environment. We need to keep teachers,” said Fencl. “We need everyone to keep in mind that this discussion is about practical ways to get our children the best education possible. We are doing our best to rally for the teachers and therefore we feel that it’s in their best interest not to participate in this parent group. The last thing we want is for their job or their spouse’s job to be on the line. We want positive outcomes.” The Parents of the Canyon strive to support Santiam Canyon School District board, staff and students by researching and proposing options for the school district’s future. Contact Fencl at 503-302-6722 to contribute ideas or to learn how to get involved. The group meets on a weekly basis and the next Parent Advocacy Group meeting is on Thursday, May 10 at 6:30 p.m. at Canyon Critters Preschool in Mill City.

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Trail 3388 to Shady Cove

Featured Hike: You can pick one up at The Sportsman’s Elkhorn to Shady Cove trail no. 3338 Center in Mill City, or you can pay a $5 This jewel of a hike is a well kept secret day fee when you park. in the heart of the Little North Fork. You The trail cuts through a small grove of can begin hiking at Elkhorn or Shady trees then descends toward the creek. Cove campground, but the road to Shady About half way into the hike you’ll start Cove washed out this winter so Elkhorn up a small gorge. From here you can is the only access at this time. The trail see the confluence where Henline Creek meanders along the Little North Fork meets the Little North Fork River. You through huge stands of timber and is get a glimpse of the falls through the approximately 4.2 trees and there are places here miles one way. The to rest. This is a good spot to footbridges over the turn around if you don’t increeks on the Shady tend to hike the entire trail. Cove end of the trail The trail continues to climb washed out last year with a few switchbacks to the so if you hike the top of the gorge, then quickly entire trail go predescends back to creek level. pared to get your The trail down can be slick so feet wet. be sure to watch your footing Getting There: and use a hiking stick if you From Hwy 22, go have one. Follow the creek north onto Gates Hill the rest of the way to Shady Road in the City of Cove with minimal elevation Gates. Turn right gains. The campground has when you reach the no facilities for drinking waLittle North Fork river. Little North Fork Rd. ter, so be sure you pack enough Photo by Teri Ottosen When you get to to get through the entire trip. the small community of Elkhorn, (don’t This is a nice summer hike, it’s cool unblink or you’ll miss it) take another right der the trees and there are plenty of great onto Elkhorn Rd. and continue across the swimming holes along the way so don’t bridge. It’s about ¼ mile to the trailhead forget your swim suit! from the bridge. You’ll need a $30 annual Got a suggestion for a great hike? Email NW Forest Pass to park at this trailhead. Teri Ottosen at

Free Dynamic Life Choices class May 22

Sharon Davis(formerly Sharon Peterson of Mill City) is a Certified Life Coach and retired FNP, presents a fun interactive course in Dynamic Life Coaching. This free event will help attendees in achieving joyful relationships, overcoming fears and inadequacies, and discovering one’s true “essence” and genius.

Sharon Davis presents a Course in Dynamic Life Coaching will be held at the Freres Auditorium at Santiam Memorial Hospital. The event will be held on Tuesday, May 22 from 7-9pm. Beverages and light snacks will be served. Admission is free. Register (required) 503-769-9274.

ACT to perform GROW offers final series of free classes Nunsense this week

GROW North Santiam (Economic Development Corp) presents a brand new class called “Small Steps, Big Results.” Using a fun, intuitive process, entrepreneurs will work on a big business goal to create tangible, measurable results by the end of the six-week period. This class is for anyone who likes a little structure, likes working in the company of others, or rarely gets time to just sit, think and plan for the business. It will be held at Trexler Farm 8am-10am on six consecutive Tuesday mornings starting May 22. Also offered is one final Marketing Boot Camp for entrepreneurs who want more in depth “how to” marketing help, including how to write an effective ad, what to write on a website, using online marketing strategies effectively, and being more effective with packaging, visual merchandising, trade shows and other marketing avenues. All marketing questions will be answered and all marketing secrets will be revealed! Four Thursday mornings 8am-10:30am at Canyon’s Edge Cafe in Sublimity (marketing tips & conversation 8 to 8:30am; “how

to” class 8:30 - 10:30am). These classes are open to anyone who is thinking about starting a business or has one already with five or fewer employees. Residents of GROW’s Aumsville to Idanha territory are invited to attend as are people living in Silverton, Sweet Home and Lebanon, plus the rural areas in between. This is a federal grant administered by the state, so you must register to take a class:503.871.5188. Priority seating goes to low-to-moderate income entrepreneurs. Oregon has opted out of using community development block grant money for programs like this for the foreseeable future, so this is it! “These classes have been a big help to our GROW clients and others in the area, and we’d like to have as many entrepreneurs as possible join us before this opportunity disappears,” said Executive Director Allison McKenzie. “If you’ve been thinking about joining us for a free class, now is the time. We promise you will learn something of value and have fun doing it!”

Treat mom this weekend to a belly full of laughs as Aumsville Community Theater(ACT) - in conjunction with Santiam Hearts to Arts - presents: Nunsense, a “hilarious spoof about five nuns putting on a talent show as a fundraiser to help them bury their dearly departed.” Nunsense won four Outer Critics’ Circle Awards in 1986, including, Best Off-Broadway Musical. It’s the second longest-running show in Off-Broadway history behind The Fantasticks. ACT’s three city tour of Nunsense kicks off this week, May 11 and 12 at 7pm and May 13 at 2pm at Santiam Auditorium in Mill City, where the SHS International Club will also be selling their famous desserts. Can’t make it that weekend? You can catch it May 18-20 at St. Mary’s Parish Hall, and May 25-27 at Macleay Grange. Buy tickets at the door, locally from your favorite Santiam International Club member (and help canyon kids visit the world by calling 503-897-2311x240) or call 503-3020936, or go online to

St. Mary Catholic School

in Stayton invites you to explore our pre-kindergarten through 8th grade setting • All faiths welcome • Safe, caring environment and community • Highly qualified, licensed teachers • Small class sizes

• Music, drama, PE, library, and technology classes • Before and after school care • Busing available from Lyons • Homemade cafeteria food • Tuition assistance

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Boy Scouts compete at Camporee

Local kids earns 1st blue ribbon in troop history, at Fishermen’s Bend The Willamette Chapter of the Boy Scout Camporee was held at Fishermen’s Bend last weekend, hosting over 475 campers from the mid-Willamette Valley area. This once a year camp draws around 45 different patrols in the district compete to against each other in a weekend long event. The boys participate in many events including teepee building, archery, primitive fire starting, tomahawk throwing, overall patrol spirit and orienteering. Marcus Burks, a local scout master, ran the path finding station where campers use orienteering skills with a compass and a map to navigate their way through a course. The local Boy Scout Troop #449 placed in the top third in events overall, earning them a first place blue ribbon. “I’m very proud that these boys. They earned the first Blue Ribbon at Camporee in the history of the troop,” said Marcus Burks.

R ust B ucket

Each boy also participated in a designated service project. There were 4 designated sites overseen by one of the Fish-Bend rangers: Steve, Josh, Dan and Mark. They were assisted by volunteers: Floyd and Opal, Bill and Shirley, Mike and Sheila and Bill and Rose. The projects included pulling noxious invasive weeds (Scotch Broom), spreading gravel at campsites and trails and laying ground cover. In all, they were able to get 80 yards of gravel spread and 5-6 pickup loads of weeds pulled. Gates area scout, Aaron Burks, is currently a Life Scout working towards attaining his Eagle Scout. He also is a member of the Order of the Arrow, a society of the Boy Scouts who run the entire Camporee event, an honor bestowed to just 10 scouts. Next weekend, Troop 449 are heading to Silver Falls Park for their annual 2 day camp out and 7 mile hike, and then will be holding Color-guard at Fairview Cemetery on Monday. Call 503-545-5526 for more information about scouting.

Loca ll Own y ed


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SHS Senior Project of the Week This week’s Santiam Star: Daniel Thompson did his senior project on law enforcement with his mentor Sgt. Mike Johnson. Photo courtesy of Debbie Fawcett.

Volleyball clinic raises $400 for Lady Wolverines

Bump, spike score! Keep the ball off the floor! Forty-eight girls, grades 1-8, packed the Santiam High School gym last weekend for the first annual Lady Wolverine Volleyball Clinic. Initiated by coaches Alicia Corey (Varsity) and Charla Howard (JV) and assisted by the high school team members, the event raised $400 in funds that will go towards new uniforms and volleyballs

this year. Last year the volleyball team earned $1,800 by completing work at the US Forest Service in Detroit, which they used to purchase a new game net and updated aluminum net stands. “I am extremely happy with the interest and turn out of the volleyball clinic - and I am very proud of the high school girls that helped instruct and coach the participants.” “It just goes to show how important sports and activities are to the kids in our schools and that (the kids) are more than willing to go out and work for the additional funding of these programs,” said Coach Alicia Corey.

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The Odd Couple, Santiam High Drama style Santiam High School honor thespians Christine Morreira, Natazha Howard, and Guillermo Salinas showcased their talents as stage actors last week in their final appearance as SHS students. Their laugh-provoking performance of the female version of Neil Simon’s The Odd Couple proved the perfect format to experience an in-depth look at their skills. Howard played the character Olive Madison, a redheaded-sportswriter-divorcee with a distaste for homemaking skills, while Morreira was a more than believable Florence Unger - an uptight perfectionist recently dumped by her husband. Salinas shows up as a handsome Spanish neighbor, Manolo, who is seeking female companionship with his roommate, Jesus. Directed by Bill Brown, the remaining cast included Rebecca Marr, Lauren Hebing, Saman-

tha McClintock, Serena Pond and Chase Howard. Stage crew and assistance: Braydon Mizell, Brittney Thompson, McKenzie Reeser, Thomas Sextom, Alisha Clarck, Harli Davidson, Brice Mizell, Olivia Santos, and Alexis Strong.

Pictured top, l to r: Christine Morreira, and Natazha Howard. Pictured bottom, l to r: Christine Morreira, Guillermo Salinas, Natazha Howard and Chase Howard.

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Evelyn D. Hanson

May 2, 1951 – April 28, 2012 Mill City – Evelyn, 60, died Saturday, April 28, 2012. She was born in Osmond, NE. Evelyn moved to Salem in 1976 from Colorado and settled in Mill City in 1981. She worked as a data entry operator for the State of Oregon for over 31 years, working for the Employment Division and later DHS. Evelyn was an avid reader, and enjoyed crocheting, sewing, flowers (roses being her passion), and her pets being a big part of her life. She was the caretaker of the whole family. Evelyn married James A. Hanson on December 26, 1968 in Reno, NV. She is survived by her husband James of Mill City; sons: James O. Hanson of Sault Ste Marie, MI., and Clinton Hanson of Frankfort, KY.; sister: Cheryl Anderson of Lebanon; 8 – grandchildren and numerous nieces and nephews. Evelyn was preceded in death by her parents, brother: Butch Wessel, and sister: Shirley DeRoos-Kneeland. A Celebration of her Life will be held at 978 SW Hall Avenue, Mill City on Saturday, May 5, 2012 at 1:00 pm. Contributions may be made to one’s own choice. Serving the family, North Santiam Funeral Service, Stayton.

Linda D. Teeters

July 30, 1948 – April 22, 2012 Lyons – Linda, 63, died April 22 in Stayton. She was born in Idaho and grew up there. Linda moved to the Mill City and Lyons area in 1986 from Idaho. She enjoyed animals, especially her cats, and flowers. Linda is survived by her husband Dennis Teeters from Lyons whom she married in Mountain Home, ID., children: Donald Teeters and Theresa Conner both of Lyons and 2 – granddaughters. No services will be held. Serving the family, North Santiam Funeral Service, Stayton.

Clinton E. Lucia Jr.

Dec 22, 1924 - April 22, 2012 Gates – Clinton, 87, died April 22 in Sublimity. He retired from the US Navy, serving in WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam. Clinton was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, AARP, and honorary member of the Oregon State Sheriff’s office and the Harley Davidson 25,000 mile club of Fresno, CA. Clinton enjoyed camp8

ing, fishing, and riding his Harley. He is survived by his friend and neighbor; Harry Olson of Gates. No services will be held. North Santiam Funeral Service, Stayton.

Darlene L. Walker

Dec 31, 1939 – April 8, 2012 Lyons – Darlene, 72, died April 8 in Gates. She was born in Baker, and grew up there. Darlene lived most of her adult life in Montana, moving to Lyons in 1984. She married Chuck Walker on November 2, 1958 in Vancouver, WA. Darlene was a member of Mehama Community Church and the Eagles Lodge. She enjoyed going to garage sales, traveling and bowling. Darlene is survived by her husband, Chuck of Lyons: son, Chuck Walker Jr. of Big Arm, MT., one grandson and one sister. She was preceded in death by son, Darrel in 1979, two brothers and one sister. Memorial service was held May 5 at Mehama Community Church. Serving the family, North Santiam Funeral Service, Stayton.

Obituaries dation and the USS Saginaw Bay Alumni. Having a beautiful tenor voice he also sang in the choir at the St. Boniface Church in Sublimity for 15 years. Curly is survived by his spouse of almost 10 years, MaryAnn Behrens, Two of his 3 children, Michelle Behrens-Webb and Terry R Behrens. Four Step Children, Lenard Gulstrom, Daryl Gulstrom, Troy Gulstrom, and Molly Gulstrom, 4 grand children, 18 step-grand children, 6 great grand children, 6 step-great grand children and two sisters, Alberta Barrows and Edith Waring. He was preceded in death by his first wife Wahneta and daughter Katherine Behrens. Vigil/Rosary will be May 10, 7pm at Immaculate Conception Church in Stayton. Mass of Christian Burial will be May11, 11am at Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Jordan. Interment will follow service at St Mary’s Cemetery in Stayton. Donations to Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation or the Joseph’s Storehouse of Hope or flowers.

LaVerne H (Curly) Behrens Lorraine Marie Walker September 3, 1924 - May 6, 2012 Lulay Curly, the middle of 8 children, was born in Kennewick WA, to Albert and E Jeannette Behrens. Leaving home at age 14 to ride the rails, Curly learned how to work at many different trades. Eventually he was old enough to enter the Merchant Marines at 16 where he traveled the world doing what he loved, sailing the oceans. In 1944 he joined the US Navy and went off to serve during WWII in the South Pacific Theatre. After the war Curly joined his brother at Freres Logging Camp where he met Wahneta Wagner, his first wife. They were married and lived for 52 years in Lyons, raising 3 children, working a full time job while ranching. After logging and mill work, Curly went to work for the US Forest Service and eventually became the Timber Sales Officer for the Detroit Ranger Station where he worked until he retired in 1986. After losing Wahneta to a stroke in 2002 he met and married MaryAnn Nydigger in 2003. Curly and MaryAnn traveled the US, crossing the country twice with a side trip to Alaska. They also took a cruise around the Cape of Good Hope, the one point of land that Curly had not sailed around. Curly loved fishing and being the captain of his boat which he piloted out of Astoria. He was a member of the St Patrick’s Church in Lyons, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foun-

December 20, 1930 – April 23, 2012 Scio – Lorraine, 81, died Monday in Stayton. She was born in Silverton. Lorraine was a member of Christian Mothers and Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in Jordan. She married William Lulay on January 22, 1949 in Mt. Angel, and has resided in Jordan since. Lorraine was a wonderful mother devoted to her family, an excellent cook, and she enjoyed gardening. She is survived by her husband: William of Scio; children: Annette (Dr. Joseph) Dziados of Salem, Bill (Nancy – deceased) Lulay, Chuck (Cindy) Lulay, Jerry (Kelli) Lulay and Rick (Trish) Lulay all of Lyons, Roger Lulay (Tammy Riesterer) of Salem, Barbara (Dr. James) Bryan of Portland and Mark (Heidi) Lulay of Stayton; sister: Shirley Equall of Portland; 15 – grandchildren and 16 – great-grandchildren. Recitation of Rosary was held April 26; Mass of Christian Burial was held April 27 at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in Jordan. Contributions may be made to Regis High School. Serving the family, North Santiam Funeral Service, Stayton.

Detroit gets ready for 30th Annual Fishing Derby Lakeside an Emeritus Senior Living Community

We offer a wide range of services from retirement living and assisted living. If you are looking for a new place to call home without the hassles of daily living, we are committed to helping you and your family find the right fit. Tour today to learn more about our current specials!

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The Detroit Lake Fishing Derby returns again this year, just in time to kick-off the summer fishing season on the cool waters of the reservoir. “They’ve been stocking the heck out of the lake, so the fishing has been great,” said organizer Dean O’Donnell. This is the 30th annual event for Detroit, a summer highlight put on by the Detroit Lake Recreation Area Business Association. This year’s weekend event will be on May 18-19, 6am4pm and May 20, 6am-2pm. Part of the fun comes from the chance to be a part of the winner’s circle, by catching one of ten tagged fish - or by catching any fish and entering the raffle. Tagged fish bring some cash, and raffle winners get a chance at a 14-foot Smoker Craft fishing boat, or new bikes for both girls and boys grand prize ticket holders. The winner’s ceremony starts on Sunday at 3pm. Entry fees are $15 for adults, $8 for children 13 and under. All proceeds go to fund the annual Fireworks Over the Lake show on Saturday, June 30. Special thanks to event sponsors: Riverview Community Bank. EZ Loader Boat Trailer Co., Steven’s Marine, Smoker Craft, All Seasons RV & Marine and Pautzae Fire Bait. Info: or 503-931-1885.

Canyon Fireworks BBQ Competition seeks sponsors

The First Annual Canyon Fireworks BBQ Competition will be held on Sunday, July 1, 2012. This is the newest event for The City of Mill City’s Old Fashioned Fourth of July Celebration. To make it a success, we need your help and sponsorship! Funds raised will go toward the required prize money for the winning teams; in order to hold the event, we must raise at least $2500 in prize money; to attract enough teams to compete, and we need to raise approximately $5000. So far, we’re more than half way there! This event will be sanctioned by the Pacific Northwest Barbeque Association (PNWBA) and will be open to its member teams as well as individuals and groups from the local area. Cooks will compete in several categories including Chicken, Ribs, Sausage and Tri-Tip. A “People’s Choice” award is also being considered if do-

nated funds allow. All sponsors will be mentioned in publicity and print materials, listed on the City’s website and acknowledged on the Fourth of July Committee’s Facebook page. Those contributing at the Roman Candle level or above will receive acknowledgement at the event itself. Canyon Fireworks BBQ Competition Sponsorship Levels: $ 10 - $100 Firecracker $101 - $250 Cherry Bomb $251 - $500 Roman candle $501 - $1000 M-80 $1001 or more Skyrocket *Funds must be dropped off or sent to City Hall NO LATER THAN June 15th. The City of Mill City is a non-profit organization. Info: Sheila Hoover 503-586-8071 or sheila@itwtrailrides. com; or contact the staff at Mill City City Hall.

Retreat and Conference Center

Come for the Day! $14 to $26 (Sliding Scale)

Reservations required. Call 503.854.3320

GENE’S MEAT MARKET By the flashing light Hwy 22, Mehama Mon-Fri 8-6 Sat 9-5

(503) 859-2252 Try our tasty local meats! Oregon Grown Locker Beef & Pork Packs, German Sausages, Summer Sausages, Beef & Turkey Jerky, Spiral Sliced Hams, Bone-in Hams and More!

Processing Services Mobile Slaughtering, Cutting & Double Shrinkwrap, Custom Smoking - Ham, Bacon, Sausages

Guitar Lessons

Private Lessons Taught in Mill City by Professional Musician

Tom Cole

of Stoddard and Cole Music/Comedy duo

503.798.3142 9

FREE Estimates to Replace your aging Furnace or Heat Pump! Donate 2 cans of non-perishable food items & receive a discount of $20.00* off your next Service Call or System Maintenance! (Donations forwarded to the local community food bank.)

Financing available O.A.C. CCB# 96400

Events Coming Soon Detroit Lake Annual Fishing Derby May 18-19. See page 9. 3rd Annual Canyon Arts Festival May 19 Dare to Imagine reflects that all great achievements came into being because someone dared to imagine them first. Vendor space available; call Joyce Trout 503-897-3116 or Festival info: Lyons city wide clean up day May 19 9am-3pm on N. 13th St (Freres’ City Park). We haul off most types of your unwanted debris FREE. City of Lyons residents only (ID required). Info: City Manager Mary Mitchell 503-859-2167 Girl Scout troop # 10102 Can and bottle drive coming up May 26 10 am-2pm accross from the new city hall in Mill City. call 503 897-5112 for pick-up. Mill City Baptist Church FREE Clothing Exchange Drop Off. Clean out your family closets and bring us your good condition clothes, then come back on June 2 to get some free clothes. All sizes needed. Mill City Baptist Church 140 N. 1st St, Mill City. Drop off times: May 19 1-3pm, May 21 3-6pm, May 25 4-6pm. Info: Jessica Bradley at 503-602-5874.

Events This Week Wednesday, May 9

Lyons Garden Club road trip to Wavra Farms and lunch at the Oregon Gardens Restaurant May 9 Info: Jean Evett 503-8592563 or Diane Stockmar 503-394-2197.

Thursday, May 10

9am Mill City Planning Commission meets at Mill City Fire Hall 6pm Financial Solutions Seminar for Seniors with the Canyon Bible Fellowship 446 Cedar St, Lyons. With attorney Monica D. Pacheco and Doug Jackson from New York Life. Discussion: VA benefits, elder law, long term care insurance, loan options and more. Info: 503-859-2627 6:30pm Canyon Readers at Trexler Farm in Mehama. The Invention of Air by Steven Johnson. Dinner 6:30pm, discussion at 7pm. Meets every 2nd Thurs of the month. Info: Herb Bastuscheck 503-859-2668. 6:30pm Mill City Gates Recreation Association meets at Scout Cabin - 49003 Remine Rd, Mill City. Non-profit youth sports organization with scholarships for low income participants.

Friday, May 11

8:30-10am Health & Wellness Industry Gathering at Trexler Farm. Open to anyone in the health & wellness industry (or anyone thinking about opening a health & wellness business). Network with others, promote your business, and explore collaborations. Free GROW event. 20146 Ferry Road SE in Mehama. 10am-3pm NS Watershed Council & USFS: Breitenbush stagnated stand harvest info session identifying solutions for improving forest health. Tour, discussion; lunch provided. RSVP Liz

Redon 503-930-8202, 9am-5pm Rebekah’s Annual Mother’s Day Plant Sale Get the best blooms for the best price, and raise money for local causes too. 250 NW Santiam Blvd right next to Circle K in Mill City. All Day? High School Distict track meet at West Linn. 6-9pm Parent’s Time Out - Kids Movie Night at Canyon Bible Fellowship 446 Cedar St, Lyons. Movie, games and bible story. Free. Info: 503-859-2627. 7pm Aumsville Community Theater presents Nunsense a musical comedy. Santiam Auditorium in Mill City. $10 adults, $8 seniors, $5 students, 5 and under are free. Desserts available from the International Club.Tickets 897-2311 or at the door.

Saturday, May 12

9am-4pm Rebekah’s Annual Mother’s Day Plant Sale Get the best blooms for the best price, and raise money for local causes too. 250 NW Santiam Blvd right next to Circle K in Mill City. 2-4pm Third Annual Mom & Me Tea Party at Lyons Grange Hall. Tea, snacks, door prizes, best hat prizes and Grand Prize - genuine COACH purse. Info: 503-8592161 or All Day? SHS District track meet at West Linn 7pm Aumsville Community Theater presents Nunsense a musical comedy. Santiam Auditorium in Mill City. $10 adults, $8 seniors, $5 students, 5 and under are free. Desserts available from the International Club. Tickets 897-2311 or at the door.

Sunday, May 13 Happy Mother’s Day!

Thank you Mom for giving me Life! 2pm Aumsville Community Theater

presents Nunsense a musical comedy Mother’s Day matinee performance. Treat mom to an afternoon of laughter! Santiam Auditorium in Mill City. $10 adults, $8 seniors, $5 students, 5 and under are free. tickets: 897-2311 or at the door.

Monday, May 14

3-6pm Mill City Baptist Church FREE Clothing Exchange Drop Off. Clean out your family closets and bring us your good condition clothes, then come back on June 2 to get some free clothes. All sizes needed. Mill City Baptist Church 140 N. 1st St, Mill City. More drop off times: May 19 1-3pm, May 21 3-6pm, May 25 4-6pm. Info: Jessica Bradley at 503-602-5874. 7-9pm Lyons RFPD Board meets at the Lyons Fire Hall

students will be performing. 7pm Budget Hearing for the City of Gates at Gates City Hall. 503-897-2669. 7-8pm North Santiam School District board meeting, location varies. Santiam Canyon School District Board Meeting TBA.

Ongoing Weekly Events Mondays

4pm-8pm Youth Center for 7th-12th grades. Air Hockey, Ping Pong, ect. FREE. Mill City Baptist Church. 6:30-8pm Zumba in the Canyon SHS commons 265 SW Evergreen St. Mill City 503-949-7621 7-8:30pm Santiam Community ChoTuesday, May 15 rus rehearses at Mill City Christian Remember to Vote! Church. Please join us as we prepare Today is special elections day! music for upcoming performances. All 1-2:30pm Family Building Blocks - Lyons levels welcome. Info: Jo Ann at 503Playgroup at the Lyons Fire Dept. (3rd 859-3426. Tuesday of every month.) Open to ages Tuesdays 0-5. FREE. Info: Hanna at Family Building 10am-2pm Quilting Club Canyon Blocks at 503-507-5582. Bible Fellowship, Lyons 910-4918

Thursday, May 17

2:30pm Santiam High School Chorus and Guitar Students Performance, joined by the Mill City Middle School Guitar students at the SHS auditorium. Public invited. Admission free. Approximately 40


Canyon Espresso

Mon-Thurs 5:30a-4p Fri 5:30a-5p Sat-Sun 6:30a-5p

12pm Meals on Wheels, Senior Meals Fellowship Hall, MC Presbyterian. Meals on Wheels. Ruth:503-897-2204. $3.50 donation reccomended. 7:30pm Santiam Al-Anon, Mt. View Church, Aumsville

Tue-16oz Flvrd Latte$2 Thur-Double Punch

Hwy 22 & Gates Hill Rd


singing, games, and snack. Free. 140 N. 1st St. Mill City. 4pm-8pm Youth Center for 7th-12 grades. Air Hockey, Ping Pong, Foos Ball. FREE. Mill City Baptist Church. 4-5pm Weight Watchers at Work meets Wednesdays at the SHS library. New members, transfers 10am-3pm Judy’s welcome! Info: Roseanna Juhola 503-897Art Class at Mill City 2368 #25. Eagles Hall. Oil paint- 5:30-9:30pm Youth Movie Night Ages ing, all levels welcome. 10-18 Mill City Christian Church. All kids Weekly on WednesMUST be picked up by 9pm. Free. days. Drop in, open to 6pm Bible Study at Living Water Church all. 503 859-2213 of God, Sorbin St. Gates. 7pm AA Mtg Santiam 6-8pm EPIC Youth Group at Santiam Chapel, Lyons. Chapel in Lyons. Free. 6:30-8pm Zumba in the Canyon Santiam Thursdays High School commons 265 SW Evergreen 10am-3pm North SanSt. Mill City 503-949-7621 tiam Quilters, Gates Fridays Church, all levels! Free Knife Sharpening Friday at Gene’s 897-2102 Meat Market in Mehama (limit 5 please). 12pm Meals on Wheels, Senior Meals. At the flashing yellow light on Hwy 22. 10am-12pm Kid Zone Fun, crafts and a Fellowship Hall, MC FREE sack lunch. Mill City Baptist Church. Presbyterian Church. 140 N. 1st. St (503) 536-5414 Ruth:503 897-2204 1pm Canyon Senior Center Open Pi3:30-5 Good News Club at Mill City Bap- nochle 844 South First St, Mill City 503tist Church. Kids K-4 897-4176 7:30-8:30pm Idanha AA at City Hall. grade. Bible stories, 11

Classified Ads Lost: Our friend Fred, the cat. Orange with white markings. Last seen in the south side of Mill City near Kingwood. $100 reward. Please call 503 991-9826. We miss him. Vendors booth space available at Canyon Art Festival May 19 in Mill City. Call Joyce at: 503 897-3116, or email Rental in Gates: 3 Bedroom, 3 Bath, 2 car garage. All electric, with river view in quiet neighborhood. $1,050 per month. Water, garb. incld.Call Dave 503 804-3613 Space for rent. Suitable for an office or Salon in Gates. (503) 897-2966 or (503) 897-2161. Farm fresh eggs - Locker Beef & Pork - Certified Boer Goats - Goats for rent. Elkhorn Valley Livestock. Ranch: 503897-3224 / Cell: 503-269-6823 / Email: 32325 N. Fork Rd., Lyons, Oregon For Rent: 2 Bed, 1 bath. Newly reburbished. $600/month. 503 897-9911. Babysitter available in Lyons area. 12 years old, available from 3 to 8 weekdays and some weekends.541-619- 7416. Are you in need of clothing, bedding, household goods, furniture, medical equipment? These items and more available at no charge for the people of the North Santiam Canyon. Local resource center has plenty to share. 503991-4230. For Rent: 2 bedroom Apartment in Gates. $500/month, $500 deposit. Water and sewer included. No Friday night or Saturday calls please. Jim 503-871-3344. Give the Gift of Life: First Aid/CPR classes will be held monthly at Trexler Farms in Mehama Group and corporate classes also available at your location. American Heart Association Healthcare Provider CPR; meets professional requirements. Info: Kurt Hueller 503-8593575 or email 12

Classified Ad Rates Text: 25 words for $5.00/week. Photo: 25 words + photo $10/week. Addtl words: .20 each

Rideshare ads are FREE! Lost & Found ad are FREE! max 25 words

Deadline: Saturday noon for the following Wednesday publication. Submit your ad to or Drop Box Locations: Mehama True Value Kelly Lumber, Mill City Gates Post Office Publishers Notice: All real estate advertising in this newspaper is subject to the Fair Housing Act which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation, or discrimination based on color, race, sex, religion, handicap, familial status or national origin, or an intention to make any such preference, limitation or discrimination. The Canyon Weekly will not knowingly accept any advertising that violates this law. All dwellings advertised are available on an equal opportunity basis.

Looking for ride share to Stayton. I work Monday through Friday 8am to 5 pm. Gas prices are going up. call Carolle Anne 503-897-3582. Please leave a message if no answer. 1982 Red C-30 Chevrolet Dually Dump Steel bed 87” wide by 142” long, with 42” racks. Runs OK, rebuilt dump cylinder. Needs brake job. $2800 OBO. David 503-854-3320 ext 383 voice mail or Breitenbush Hot Springs, Detroit Ore Public Notices PUBLIC NOTIFICATION City of Idanha Ordinance No. 91 Section III, C No owner or person in charge of property shall allow hazardous vegetations to be on the property or right of way of a public thoroughfare abutting on the property. An owner or person in charge of the property shall cut down or destroy grass, brush, bushes, weeds or other hazardous vegetation from maturing or going to seed. Violations of this section of the City ordinance may result in imposition of a fine and court costs against the owner or person in charge of real property.

Notice of Public Hearing Dangerous Building The City council of the City of Idanha will hold a Public Hearing on May 14, 2012 to hear and receive testimony addressing the allegations that one dangerous building exist in the Idanha City limits. The hearing will be held at the Idanha City Hall, 111 Hwy 22, at 7:00 PM. The Idanha City Hall is accessible to all persons with handicaps. If you need special accommodations, please contact the city office at 503-854-3313 no later than May 11, 2012. Written testimony may be submitted or mailed to, the City of Idanha, P.O. Box 430, Idanha, OR 97350. One (1) building will be discussed: 136 Riverside Drive- Garage, attached 5/9/12 PUBLIC NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS IN MILL CITY Control of Noxious Vegetation Required Mill City Municipal Code Section 8.04.080 requires property owners to control and eliminate noxious vegetation on property within the city limits from May 15 to September 30 each year. No owner or person in charge of property shall allow noxious vegetation to be on the property or in the right of way of a public thoroughfare abutting on the property. An owner or person in charge of property shall cut down or destroy grass, shrubbery, brush, bushes, weeds or other noxious vegetation as often as needed to prevent them from becoming unsightly, from becoming a fire hazard, or, in the case of weeds or other noxious vegetation, from maturing or from going to seed. The term “noxious vegetation” includes, (a) Weeds or grass more than 10 inches high. (b) Poison oak or poison ivy. (c) Blackberry bushes that extend into a public thoroughfare or across a property line. (d) Vegetation that is either a health hazard, fire hazard, or a traffic hazard because it impairs the view of a public thor oughfare or otherwise makes use of the thoroughfare hazardous. The control of noxious vegetation is the property owner’s responsibility. However, the city is willing to abate the nuisance on

Bill Sanderson’s River Report May 9, 2012 503-897-3301

The weather god was friendly to our group of boaters on Saturday, May 5. Participants from North Santiam River Guides Association, Steelheaders Salem Chapter, and North Santiam Watershed Council took driftboats, rafts, and kayaks down the North Santiam from Mehama to Stayton on a Learn the River trip. The clubs provided experienced leaders so others could refresh their memories about the variables on this twelve mile section of river. The river level was somewhat high but less than flood stage. Packsaddle flow was 4,000 cfs and Mehama flow was 7,680 cfs and 6.4 feet on the gauge at Mehama. Basically, all of the boats drifted down the center

of the river and rowed around the sides of the three or four big rapids. There Flowers & gifts for were no shallow gravel bars to drag the Mother’s Day! boats through, like there will be in AuBalloons, jewelry gust. and lots more With the high water, the group made Fri, May 11 the twelve mile trip in three hours, and Sat, May 12 10am-4pm that included the long break at the portage. If other groups are interested in doing this trip, North Santiam River Trips is willing to help organize their 343 5th St, Lyons event. Please call the contact info listed Normal fishing gear works well here— below for details. Snowpack is still heavy upstream from De- spoons, spinners, drift gear, flies, baits, and troit (today there is 63 inches at Little Mead- jigs. Plugs and divers have been popular ows) and the warm dry weather will melt here for years because they work well. Willamette River and Santiam River temenough snow to cause Detroit Lake to have a comparatively high outflow, and the North peratures have been cold so the huge numSantiam River at and below Packsaddle will bers of migrating steelhead and salmon be high enough (over 3,100 cubic feet per have not yet arrived. The temperatures are second flow) to cause navigational safety warmer than last month, so there have been fair numbers of fish that are available in seupstream from and including Mill City. Lower river sections are manageable by lect locations. The big numbers will start experienced boaters, and fishing has a really this month as snowmelt reduces and Detroit good chance of success (multiple steelhead Lake arrives at a normal level. Want more information? Check out North and/or salmon hook-ups) in the lower sections. Green’s Bridge is a key location this Santiam River Trips on Facebook for more complete and updated information. month.

503.859.4566 Country At Heart Gift Shop

Hair EZ

Now open for Lunch!

Family We’ve Moved! Hair 210 SE Salon Hazel

Tues - Fri 5am-1pm Saturday 7am-1pm

Family Hair Salon See you at

Mill City

mani . pedi . waxing . color . cuts . perms . tanning

517 Main St503-779-5065 Lyons 503.859.3472

a particular parcel of property at the request of the owner or person in charge of the property for a fee sufficient to cover the city’s abatement costs. Even in the absence of such requests, the city may abate all such nuisances 10 or more days after publication of this notice and charge the cost to the property owner or to the person in charge of the property or to the property itself. The purposes of the city’s ordinance are to encourage property owners to eliminate fire hazards which can be caused when high grass and noxious vegetation is close to combustible structures buildings and to improve the appearance of the city’s residential neighborhoods. Mayor Kirsch and

Try our homemade soup and bread 711 Main St Lyons, OR

the City Council thank you in advance for complying with the city ordinance. 1x5cr/9,16,23 IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE STATE OF OREGON FOR THE COUNTY OF MARION In the Matter of the Estate of RUTH AYDELOTT Deceased No. 12C14500 NOTICE IS GIVEN TO INTERESTED PERSONS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the undersigned has been appointed personal representative. All persons having claims against the estate are required to present

503-859-4414 Custom bakery: Please order 48 hours in advance.

them, with vouchers attached, to the undersigned personal representative at Janae Aydelott, PO Box 816, Mill City, OR 97360 within four months after the date of first publication of this notice, or the claims may be barred. All persons whose rights may be affected by the proceedings may obtain additional information from the records of the court, or the personal representative. Dated and first published: May 2, 2012 Personal Representative Janae Aydelott To be published May 2, May 9, & May 16, 2012. 13

Lyons Market robbed of $700

Press release - Linn County Sheriff reports that deputies are investigating a robbery Monday night at the Lyons Market, 1011 Main Street in Lyons. The 911 dispatch center received the call at 9:40pm on May 7. Witnesses reported an adult female entered the store wearing a

hooded jacket with a gray t-shirt pulled over her face and gave the clerk a note demanding money. No weapon was displayed. The suspect was described as a white female, wearing a brown Carhartt type hooded coat. The suspect took approx. $700 cash and was last

seen by witnesses fleeing west on Main St in a gray colored Isuzu Rodeo. Four Linn County Deputies responded to the area and searched for the suspect. A person of interest has been identified and Linn County Sheriff’s Detectives are continuing to investigate the robbery. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Linn County Sheriff’s Office at 541-967-3950.

Linn County Sheriff’s Office Police Log for April 29 to May 6 Date: 04/29/12 Time: 0:17 ANIMAL - HORSE 46100 Block LYONS MILL CITY DR 6 horses out 1 mile out of lyons headed east, horses are headed west into lyons Date: 04/29/12 Time: 6:17 ANIMAL - HORSE 46700 Block LYONS MILL CITY DR Half a mile west of Cedar Mill rd on Lyons-Mill City dr. 5 horses loose on the roadway, 4 brown and 1 white Date: 04/29/12 Time: 15:58 WATER RESCUE 900 Block SPRING ST Mill City female saying her friend didn’t get out of the river they were rafting inflatable raft, green in color, has 2 tubes on the side Date: 04/29/12 Time: 19:24 OVERDOSE 700 Block SANTIAM BV Mill City Victim took 15-20 trazadone. Took 15 mins ago. 100 mg Date: 04/30/12 Time: 11:19 SUSP-CIRCUMSTANCES caller reporting her house rec’d 2 bulletholes on Saturday night contact husband Date: 05/01/12 Time: 19:34 TRAFF-OTHER VIOL 400 Block 7TH AV Mill City ehicles racing up and down

red car and white car, oper going into house on 6th Date: 05/01/12 Time: 23:45 DISTB-DOMESTIC 49700 Block KINGWOOD AV PR says that her son who is over 18 will not leave her house. PR has asked him to leave and she says that he gets in her Date: 05/02/12 Time: 10:04 CRIM MISCHIEF 500 Block MAIN ST Lyons Caller states that his PU was apparently damaged while parked. He says he had just been at a friend’s showing it off to a friend, went to Date: 05/03/12 Time: 11:00 DISTB-DOMESTIC 200 Block KINGWOOD AV Mill City Code 5 B Date: 05/03/12 Time: 14:48 SUSP-CIRCUMSTANCES 45800 Block LYONS MILL CITY DR Green shop that they parked logging Date: 05/03/12 Time: 20:02 CIV DISP RPT 400 Block ASH LN Lyons Caller would like to talk to a deputy re: getting her property from male who has a no contact with her. Caller is available for phone contact. Date: 05/03/12 Time: 20:08 DISTB-DOMESTIC 46100 Block LYONS MILL CITY DR Caller advises male was throwing things around, 503-897-2716 251 SW 3rd St, Mill City

Mill City

Christian Church


Sunday Worship 10am 14

she locked him outside and he has made it back into the house. Caller advises she has not been physically injured Date: 05/03/12 Time: 22:37 INTOX SUBJ 200 Block 6TH AV Mill City male who is intoxicated keeps ringing the bell and trying to get in. He is not a member and caller won’t let him in. Caller says they had the same problem with him last week. Date: 05/03/12 Time: 22:54 DISTB-OTHER 700 Block ALDER ST Mill City caller states that the neighbor just called and asked her to call 911 to have police respond to the location. Unkn what the problem Date: 05/04/12 Time: 11:23 ASST-OUTSIDE AGENCY 800 Block ALDER ST Mill City stayton pd detective wants lcso to go to location and detain susp on their pc for assault2/menacing she is a parolee and they have the machete she was brandishing. Date: 05/04/12 Time: 14:32 DEATH INV 50100 Block KINGWOOD AV Linn County 94 yo female. Date: 05/05/12 Time: 15:01 DISTB-OTHER 300 Block SANTIAM BV Mill City caller reporting that a male is drunk and disorderly and will not leave no weapons Date: 05/05/12 Time: 18:01 WARRANT SERV 200

Gates Community Church of Christ “..reaching the canyon for Christ.”

Mike Stair, Minister

Sunday School 9:45am Worship 11am 40070 Gates School Rd (503)897-3210

Block KINGWOOD AV Caller called 911 to report that her husband was “being ridiculous” and wanted him removed from the apt. They were not in a physical altercation and when she was told he Date: 05/05/12 Time: 22:20 SUSP-PERSON 200 Block SANTIAM BV Mill City OSP had a call of a female in listed veh Caller thinks female is the missing mental PT from state hospital. Date: 05/05/12 Time: 23:59 WELF CHECK 900 Block MAIN ST Lyons PR would like a deputy to go and check location to make sure that her 15 yo daughter is not at location with her husband. PR says that someone called her and advised that Date: 05/06/12 Time: 0:08 NARCOTICS OFF 45800 Block LYONS MILL CITY DR Caller reporting man is selling patients methadone to support his pot habit. Patient allegedly gives him the medications voluntarily at times. She did not want Date: 05/06/12 Time: 0:42 PHONE-HARASSMENT 34900 Block HWY 22 Linn County PR says that his girlfriends ex husband will not stop calling them and they have told him to stop.



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ate of -Ching. State of Soduku

The objective of the game is to fill all the blank squares in a game with the correct numbers. There are three very simple constraints to follow. In a 9 by 9 square Sudoku game: • Every row of 9 numbers must include all digits 1 through 9 in any order • Every column of 9 numbers must include all digits 1 through 9 in any order • Every 3 by 3 subsection of the 9 by 9 square must include all digits 1 through 9 FATHER OF EIGHT seeks

State of Cha-Ching.

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State of State of Cha-Ching. Cha-Ching.


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Canyon Arts Festival returns to Mill City on Saturday, May 19

The North Santiam Canyon’s third annu- and one paints. Families can make their al CanyonArts Festival is an all-day affair that brings together art, poetry, music and way around the festival a whole lot of fun on Saturday, May 19, grounds while following the 10am-5pm at the Mill City Middle School ArtSmart Passport Trail and grounds in Mill City. This year’s festivities meet this year’s featured lowill include a whole day of entertainment cal artist Denise Sanders and six other (portrayed by acfor children and adults alike. At the Middle School (MCMS) under the tors) historical artists such covered area, there will be a “Food Court as Rembrandt, Mary CasStage”: a performance space with tables and satt, and Michelangelo. At chairs surrounded by food vendors. Visitors the end of the trail, kids will will enjoy Jazz, Gospel, Folk, and Blue- collect a brand new book of grass from entertainers such as Old-Time choice from our Local First Fiddlers, Trexler Farms Ramblers, Starla Book Advisory Board. New this year: Mock Chalk Becker and John Olivera. In the Kid Zone on Stage, Performers in- Walk, soggy Oregon’s anclude Cwerks interactive children’s theatre, swer to pavement drawing. back with a whole new round of shenani- Teams of up to four will gans and Aumsville Community Theatre compete indoors with chalk pastels on 4X4 with a fun series of skits and poems for mul- ft. chalkboards on the floor for prizes of $50, $75, and $100. $20 per tiple voices. Also in team entry fee includes one the Kid Zone, arts Rumor Mill box of chalk pastels. Winners and crafts, carniThere’s a rumor around town that will be chosen by board of val games, bounce house, and the infa- Stoddard and Cole, the comedy/ creatives including featured mous CanyonArts musical duo that recently helped artist Denise Sanders. Register raise $2000 for Santiam Hearts online at www.canyonartsfesFestival Spin Art to Arts, just may be putting on Bikes. Bring your another show in Mill City Places to Visit: Art Gallery/ home movie cameras for this hysteri- in June. The details haven’t been Mock Chalk Walk in Mill City finalized quite yet, but the Middle School (MCMS) comcal collaboration of staff here at the Canyon Weekly mons; a Craft Bazaar in the creation at its best, are liking that idea! MCMS gym; Literary Corner when one peddles


in the MCMS library, and Arts and Crafts in the MCMS Art Room. Outside, visitors will enjoy a street fair featuring look, learn, and do activities from organizations such as Marion County Recycling and Home Depot Kid’s Workshop. Folks won’t want to miss the numerous art demonstrations such as Herb Bastuscheck and his Bonseki sand painting, and John Beck on his pottery wheel. For more information on the CanyonArts Festival, which is presented by Santiam Hearts to Arts, visit or call 503.897.2949. The Canyon Arts Festival crew is currently accepting volunteer recruits to help set up and tear down booths, and event space, greet the public, help in the children’s area and help keep the event tidy. All volunteers get a custom tie dye t-shirt made exclusively for the volunteer staff by the local artists of Why Not Wear Art. Each volunteer is asked to put in just a few hours throughout the day. Info: Onna at 503-897-3283, several positions are still open.

TCW 5-9-2012  

Canyon Weekly

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