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KYAC Radio soon to be a reality in Mill City Jan and Ken Cartwright have partnered with Santiam Hearts to Arts to put a FM community radio station on the air in Mill City. Their application with the FCC has been accepted. and they expect approval by the end of this week. The call letters of KYAC were selected by the team to to reflect who they are: K(no choice) Y (your) A (arts) C(connection). The studio,antenna and transmitter site are located at the Canyon Arts Center 475 NE. Santiam Blvd. (highway 22) Mill City.I will include and online streaming signal for folks who live out of the area and want to keep in touch with the canyon

and the programming. Currently they are fundraising and writing grants to get on the air, with a goal of raising $25,000. The coverage area for the new station will primarily be Gates, Mill City, Lyons and Mehama. “We could get lucky and cover Stayton to Detroit, but we know those two other areas where a long shot,” said Ken Cartwright. We asked Ken Cartwright, about his background in radio, how long he’d you been eying the canyon for a station, and why? Here’s Ken’s response: “I’ve been involved in radio since I was just a young man of 7 or 8. Always listening. I’d take a radio to bed with me, hide it un-

der covers and lis- worked and how radio waves ten ‘till I fell asleep worked and how to receive them. every night. It was There was a local station 18 my window to the miles away that we used to listen world. I was al- to a lot. I heard live music on it, ways fas(cont. on back page) cinated as to how radio waves broadcast in West Virginia or where ever I was listening in on could get to me. I loved the chatter that went with playing the music and the knowledge the DJ’s had about the music and the artists. I built little crystal radio sets all the time and used to hang out with an uncle in my hometown that had a radio and TV repair business. He Never resist the desire to make a would school me on what snow angel! Three year old Bailey resistors, chokes and Smittle of Mill City has no problem coils were and how they jumping into the fluff on Thursday.

Snow Day!

Santiam Girls remain ranked #2 in State The Santiam Wolverine Varsity girls basketball team remains rated #2 in the state in 2A/3A schools according to the Oregon School Activities Association. They follow #1 rated, closest rival and neighbor, Regis Rams. Santiam lost last Friday to Regis with a score of 33-50. They came around again on Tuesday this week, beating East Linn Christian 51-27.“These girls have been playing well and very hard,” said volunteer assistant coach Richard

Moore. It’s a small team in numbers. There are 6 full time varsity players who are augmented with 4 JV players each game. It’s a young team as well. The varsity team consists of 3 Seniors, 1 Junior, 2 sophomores and 4 Freshmen. Regulations limit each player to playing no more than five quarters per night. That makes for some very tired girls by the end of a game day. And,due to adverse weather condition, the Santiam girls will be playing a total of five games next week alone. Monday they will travel to Waldport, Tuesday and Wednesday are home games against Culver and Toledo, respectively. Friday is another away game at Western Mennonite, and Saturday the are back home playing Central Linn. The times for each game have not yet been set, so If you’d like to see the girls in action please call Santiam High (503-897-2311) to find out the specifics. (left: number 12, Hannah Thomson drives towards the goal.)

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Lyons Council member resigns

To the Citizens of Lyons:

I will open by saying that it has been an honor to serve you as councilman for these past couple of years. When I ran for the position, I truly believe that I could help better our community and represent the citizens who believed in me and elected me into office. However, due to the constant bickering , finger pointing, and struggle for power amongst council members and staff, it is with great regret that I feel I must resign my elected position as councilman. I feel as if my contributions to the City of Lyons, which is and always has been serving the best interests of our residents, has become too much of a personal and ethical struggle. The dissension and division among those of us who have been faithfully elected to serve our community has, in my opinion, placed the best interests of our city in second place behind the opinions and demands of a few. Serving as councilman for the City of Lyons, I had hoped to help bring about some crucial changes for the greater good; working together with the other elected council members to help improve our com-

munity. as councilman, it has always been important to me to research all issues, following our City Charter, and basing decisions on what is legal and right. I went into this position with no prior experience in any form of government, but took my position very seriously with extensive research of proper procedure and thorough examination of our city Charter. I have learned so much while in office, and I wish to thank the citizens who believed in me and supported me, trusting me to represent them NOT my own personal visions and ideas. However, due to the division of council, constant distrust, accusations, and the refusal of others to dismiss personal feelings while attending to City Business, I feel as if my time and efforts have been wasted. It was my sincere hope that with the election of new council members over the past few years, positive changes would take place in the administration of our city government. I have worked very hard to do my part to represent our citizens, listening to their concerns, answering their questions to the best of my ability, and being a responsible steward of their public funds.

However, it is not possible to fight the “good fight” when there is no cohesion of council members. It is my sincere hope that City Council will work on these issues and always keep in mind why they were elected; to represent the voice of our citizens. Put aside your personal feelings for each other and the constant anger and distrust. Work together as a unit to do the best that you can for ALL. Remember that you have been entrusted ot represent our citizens and listen to them and be their voice for their concerns. Put aside your differences and be professional and courteous to each other. Finally, I would ask that each and every citizen of Lyons take an active interest in your community’s’ future. Attend council meetings if possible or read the minutes of the meetings that are posted on the city website. Contact your council members and question them or express your concerns. Hold them accountable for their decisions, and behavior as they are representing YOU! Sincerely and With Regret, Troy Alan Donohue

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Come learn about recent Mission to Haiti

New Weight Watchers group forming in Mill City

Anyone who is interested in joining a Weight Watchers group in the Canyon is invited to attend the initial meeting on Tuesday, February 11, and get all of your questions answered. All meetings will be at Santiam HS Library. Weigh-in will be 4-4:30, and meetings will be 4:30 to 5pm. This is officially a WW at Work group, with the Santiam Canyon School District as the “work” partner, but Scott Munger of Gates, gets to know all community members are invited and ensome of the youngest people of Haiti. couraged to join. We need a minimum of 15 Gates Community Church of Christ invites members to have the group. Contact Roseyou to come have a complimentary dinner anna @ 503-897-2620 to get your name on and see and learn how God is working in the list, or just show up for the informational meeting. Haiti. On January 19th, 2014 Gates Church sent off a team of twelve people on a Mission Trip to Grand Goave, Haiti for ten days. They have helped construct homes, distribute clothing, serve in the clinic and many more things. Come help us celebrate their return and hear their stories. Dinner and slide by Curtis and Elaine Hansen show of the Haiti Mission Trip starts at 5pm, Neighborhood Watch can help prevent February 9 at Gates Community Church of crimes in Gates and Gates rural areas. Everyone is reminded to be aware of suspiChrist, 40070 Gates School Rd., Gates. cious vehicles or people to report to Marion or Linn County Sheriff’s office. BE ALERT!

Gates Neighborhood Watch

The Neighborhood Watch Manual gives suggestions to gather and convey information about possible criminal activity without attempting to apprehend the person. Some of these suggestions are to report open or broken doors or windows at an unoccupied residence or business, unusual noise, sound of breaking glass, and/or a person exhibiting unusual mental or physical behavior. Vehicle descriptions, license plate numbers and human descriptions are important. Life threatening incidents and crime emergency calls go to 911 and non-emergency calls go to 1 800 606-4460 for Marion County Sheriff’s office and 541 967-3911 or 1 800 884-3911 for Linn County Sheriff’s office. Gates Neighborhood Watch was organized in 1999. A few dedicated individuals in recent years have been responsible for organizing some of the popular Gates community activities. Coming next on Tuesday, August 5th will be Gates Neighborhood Watch National Night Out open to everyone in Gates city and rural areas. If you would like to donate time or money towards this popular activity, please do so to Sandra Rupert, Gates Neighborhood Watch Coordinator, at Gates Post Office (phone: 503 897-2966). Highway 22. ~“The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.”~ Please remember to check in on your neighbors, especially the elderly, during our winter weather, and especially if the power goes out.

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Electric Car Charging station coming to Mill City soon “Oregon is leading in green energy stations” By Daryl Atwood Mountain Edge Cafe in Mill City will soon be the home of an electric charging station, thanks to a statewide program through ODOT and the Oregon Department of Energy. Electric vehicle drivers may be able to charge their cars as early as March, said Ashley N. Horvat, Chief EV Officer for the Oregon Department of Transportation. The new station will be part of the growing network that has already been developed in Detroit, where 7 chargers were installed in the last two years. Mill City will now be part of that infrastructure that has already stretched beyond the state’s borders. Mountain Edge Cafe, located at 320 NW Santiam Blvd, was one of two locations considered by ODOT; the other location was the US Bank on Highway 22. They were looking for a place to host a fast-charging station and a slower Level II charging station, each capable of providing electricity to one car at a time. The cafe will have two parking spaces reserved for this purpose. Owners Dale and Mary Kirsch said that they were hoping the station would bring more traffic, but there will be no changes to the restaurant services. Back in early 2013, ODOT conducted a survey to find out which site people pre-

ferred and why. The decision to build the station at Mountain Edge Cafe was partly based on this information. Another reason the location was chosen is the ability to get the 3 phase power to the site, which requires its own transformer on the electric grid. It is estimated that it will cost drivers $2 to $4 and up to 4 hours to fully charge an allelectric car. The cost of electricity in Mill City will affect that price. Aerovironment, the charging station manufacturer, will be working with the cafe to help them get ready for the installation. The project is funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds from the Oregon Department of Energy. The state is working to install 33 more fast-

Mountain Edge Cafe Breakfast served all DAY! Open Daily 6am to 2 pm


320 Northwest Santiam Boulevard Mill City


charge stations through the Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery, or TIGER project. Upon completion, there will be fast-chargers along the Gorge, at the coast, in central Oregon and in the Willamette Valley. There are 55 stations total and 47 that are currently operational on the west coast. Oregon is leading in green energy stations and currently the only state that an electric vehicle can drive the entire coastline. This state is promoting more tourism by expanding the distance an electric vehicle can travel. The cost of traveling in these vehicles is far less than that of traditional cars making it less expensive to drive long distances. “While all drivers of gas-powered cars today rely on franchise gas stations in the city and on the highway. Electric car drivers will look for opportunistic charging prospects while driving, as opposed to making a special trip to a refueling station. These pit stops may be a shopping trip, a meal at a restaurant, a coffee break,” according to Aerovironment’s website.

White-out at Santiam High!

Students at Santiam really know how to get into the school spirit. In anticipation of the games against Regis last week school held a “Whiteout” day, with everyone wearing white in solidarity. An afternoon assembly provided for lots of laughs. Here, “Flyin’ Joel Hills” gets some amazing air time in the obstacle course. (above) And Wally the Wolverine helps pump the spirit UP! Now we want to know....was it those spirited kids who called on all the snow???

The Scoreboard Santiam Wolverines Basketball Girls Varsity: 1/31 Santiam vs. Regis L 33-50 2/4 Santiam vs East Linn Christian W 51-27 2/6 Santiam @ Central Linn ---Cancelled------

Boys Varsity 1/31 Santiam vs. Regis L 25-66 2/4 Santiam vs East Linn Christian L 35-43 2/6 Santiam @ Central Linn ----Cancelled-----

Robo-Wolverines compete in First Tech Challenge qualifying tournament

From left to right: Colton Simmons, Nathan Thummel, Paige Hanna, Wally the Wolver Bot and Grace Goodell. By Dennis Chamberlin The Santiam High School Robotics team, the Robo-Wolverines, took their robot over to Bend, Oregon Saturday, Jan. 25 to compete in the First Tech Challenge qualifying tournament. Eighteen other robotics teams from other Oregon schools joined in as well. They made the pre-dawn trip across the Santiam Pass to compete on a defined course where the robots had to maneuver to collect plastic blocks and score points by placing them in elevated boxes or within a scoring area outlined on the rubber tiled surface. Four robots were on the field at the same time, and the blocks were difficult to handle and control, so scoring demanded a lot from the robot and its driver. The team has been working on the robot in the school’s shop since September. They were pleased that after making a few last-minute improvements, they

got through the hardware and software inspections, and did well in the team judging phase. Their robot scored some points and ran well through all five events, despite repeated shocks encountered while navigating the game field. After the event was over team member Colton Simmons said he enjoyed talking with members of other teams to find out what problems they had and how they solved them. The First Tech Challenge is a nationwide program where teams of students from grades 7-12 are responsible for designing, building, and programming their robot to compete in an alliance format against other teams. The parts kit is reusable from year to year, and the teams are required to develop strategy and develop robots based on sound engineering principles, and maintain an engineering notebook that documents their progress

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Mandatory Boater Safety Class next Saturday The Marion County Sheriff’s Office, The Keizer Fire District and the Oregon State Marine Board are sponsoring an Oregon Boaters Safety Class on Saturday, February 15, 2014 at the Keizer Fire Station at 661 Chemawa Rd. NE in Keizer. The class begins at 8:00 am and will conclude at 5:00 pm. Pre-registration for the class is required as class size is limited. Cost of the class is $5.00 per student and is payable at the beginning of the class. Class textbooks do need to be picked up prior to the class at the Keizer Fire District Business Of-

fice or the Oregon State Marine Board located at 435 Commercial Street in Salem. The required textbooks are free. For class registration or for more information contact Doug White at 503-463-4956. Oregon law requires that anyone 12 and older must have an Oregon Boaters Card in their possession when driving a powerboat with a motor that is bigger than 10 horsepower. Participants who successfully complete the class receive a certificate of graduation that qualifies the student to receive their card from the Oregon State Marine Board.

Mountain Coffee House ESPRESSO Homemade

FOOD & PASTRIES 7-5 m-sat 8-5 sun Hwy 22 Mill City (503)897-2378

The Robots are coming! The Robots are coming! Cookies Crumbs (formerly Reality Check) by G. R. Vince Johnson It all started years ago when robotic contraptions replaced pin boys at bowling allies. Today, robotic technology is being used to assemble autos, replace bank tellers, disarm bombs, open doors, explore Mars and operate a space telescope travelling in orbit around the earth. A robot known as “ASIMO” made by

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Honda, rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange on February 14, 2002. This was twelve years ago when Honda marked the 25th anniversary of their listing on the exchange. The fact that so few of us are surprised to learn that a robot rang the opening bell at the NYSE that long ago indicates how readily

vices for granted. How about the bilingual robotic voice in our telephones telling us which button to push? Then of course there is this outrageous rumor about some strange hieroglyphics found on an ancient sign that was shipped to a noted linguist for deciphering. After several months of study she claimed the translation could be ne of the most important finds in they are being accepted as an established history! It would not be nice to mention her part of our culture. Oh hum! name because her translation is so unbelievWhere is all of this leading? Robot golf able that her reputation might be ruined if carts that track golf balls having a GPS chip her identity became public. inside? Robot caddies? After that, we might Here’s the text she deciphered: see robots playing 18 holes while their own- “WARNING! DUE TO THE ROBOT ers cheer them on from the clubhouse. Next, SHORTAGE SOME OF OUR EMPLOYwe might see robots sent to school to get EES ARE HUMAN AND MAY REACT educated while the kids stay home and play UNPREDICTABLY WHEN INSULTED! with robotic toys. This sign made in Atlantis At the end of the day, the teachers would by certified Robots” simply pull the plugs and the robots would Atlantis was supposedly a highly advanced just sit there waiting for morning to come. civilization that disappeared under mysteriThis would be a great way to save money. ous circumstances long time ago. No expense for school buses, cafeterias, air Did their robots get tired of doing everyconditioning etc. thing and decide to rebel? Did the people get First thing you know, employers will re- so bored doing nothing they decided to end place employees with robots and before long it all? everybody will be sitting around the house This makes we wonder how long it will be with nothing to do. Our dependence upon ro- before we see a sign like this: botic things is sneaking up on us faster that WARNING! MOST OF OUR EMPLOYwe realize. EES ARE ROBOTS AND WILL REACT Just think about how we take robotic de- UNPREDICTABLY IF THEY THINK YOU ARE GOING TO PULL T H E I R Our Family serving yours. P L U G ! Locally family owned and This sign is owner operated in compliance with email: OSHA regwebsite: ulations

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CLASSIFIED ADS HELP WANTED Notice of Vacancy 2013 - 2014 school year POSITION: 7th/8th Grade Girls Softball Coach QUALIFICATIONS: Type 20 van trained and approved or has the ability to be approved. Having prior coaching experience is desirable. Good working relationship with students and staff. EMPLOYMENT TO BEGIN: Spring 2014 APPLICATION PROCEDURES: 1.District Application 2. Resume 3. Personal letter of intent, which addresses specific qualifications. Fingerprinting will be scheduled upon acceptance of position. Fees associated with the criminal check and fingerprinting process will be paid by the employee. SEND TO: Santiam Canyon School District, PO Box 197, Mill City, OR 97360 Santiam Canyon School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, sex or age. Send to Santiam Canyon School District, 150 SW Evergreen St./PO Box 197, Mill City, OR 97360, Phone (503) 897-2321 Fax (503) 897-4004

LOST AND FOUND Found: in the Santiam Jr/Sr High school gym : a size large silver band. Please call the school at 503-897-2311 to identify.

Talla. Last seen Hwy 46 milepost 12 on August 10th. REWARD! please call (541)351-1335 or (503) 510-5370.


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Event submissions are printed FREE! The Canyon Weekly cannot guarantee placement; however, priority is given to emailed submissions, and events occurring in the North Santiam Canyon (Lyons/Mehama to Marion Forks). Please submit your event to: Evett at 503-859-2563. . 6:30 Santiam School District School Monday, February 10 Note Change of Date due to weather! Board meeting at Santiam Elementary. 8-10am “2014: Big Vision, Inspired ReMehama Fire Station and the Stayton sults!” Create a vision for your business, 6:30-7:30 Lions Club meets at Mt. Edge Volunteer Protection Co. #1 Annual Bingo and Sweetheart Breakfast. nonprofit or special project in this lively Cafe in Mill City. 320 NW Santiam Blvd (Hwy 22) Come see what it is we do! BINGO: February 15, 2014 - 6:00 pm to 2-hour workshop. 9:00 pm .25 cents per game Fun, practical and FREE! Trexler Farm, BREAKFAST: February16, 2014 - 7:00 am Ferry Road in Mehama. For more info call 7 pm Friends of the Stayton Pool, Meets at Stayton Community Center. 400 W Virginto 12:00 pm. Adults $6.00, Seniors & Chil- Allison at 503.871.5188 ia St. Stayton. Discussing March Spaghetti dren 7-12 $5.00, 6 & Under Free Tuesday, February 11 Proudly serving the communities of Stay- 6 pm Relay For Life of the Santiam Can- Dinner Benefit. All are welcome. ton, Mehama, Marion and Elkhorn yon meets at Sublimity City Hall, 245 NW Santiam Hospital Auxiliary invites you to “Volunteer Service With Pride” Johnson. Team Captains meeting at 6 p.m.; their annual sale of See’s Candy and ValRelay committee meeting to follow. The The Oregon Parks and Recreation Depart- goal for the 2014 Relay is to have 25 For entine floral arrangements on February ment will hold public meetings in Estacada more information, call Julie at 503-428- 12-14 from 9 am to 3 pm each day in the and Detroit for a proposed Cascading Sce- 4195 or Kim at 541-285-8405. Join us! Help Santiam Hospital Foyer, while supply lasts. For more information or to pre-order connic Rivers Bikeways. The meetings will be Finish the Fight against cancer. tact Wilma Shelton 503-769-5290 or Char held at: Bartosz 503-749-2910. ~Estacada: March 18, 5:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m., 6:30 pm Mill City City Council meets at Thursday, February 13 at the Estacada City Hall, 475 SE Main St. City Hall 5-7 pm The City of Mill City will be hosting ~Detroit: March 19, 5 p.m. - 6 p.m., at the Wednesday, February 12 an Open House to allow citizens the opporDetroit City Hall, 160 N Detroit Ave. 1 pm The Lyons Garden Club meets tunity to view the proposed Mill City Master at the Lyons Fire Department conference Parks Plan document and maps. room. The program for the day will be a demonstration of the Art of Ikebana (Japa- The Open House will be held at City Hall; nese) floral arranging 444 S 1st Avenue, Mill City. For more inby Diane Stockmar. formation or for questions concerning this If you would like to please contact City Recorder Stacie Cook at make your own ar- (503) 897-2302 or rangement bring the Friday, February 14 February 14: Slipshod featuring Matt Snook on Resonater following items: vase 7pm (doors open at 6:30) Live Music: or low dish, floral frog guitar, banjo and vocals and Steve Blanchard on Guitar and or foam, plant clippers Slipshod featuring Matt Snook on Resonater guitar, banjo and vocals and Steve vocals, $12 per person ..... or scissors, live or ar- Blanchard on Guitar and vocals, $12 per tificial flowers, other February 15: Coffee Klatch for Santiam Canyon artists. An art plant materials such as person. Canyon Performing Arts Center. show and chance to get together to talk the formation of a new willow twigs, branch- 475 NE Santiam Blvd.. Mill City. call 503art gallery and a coop. Free, noon to 4 PM es, berry branches, 507-2941 for more information. Advanced pine cones, rocks, etc. tickets highly recommended. Guests and new Saturday, February 15 March 9th: Storey Road, a celtic group Celebrating St. Patmembers are always 12 noon-4pm Coffee Klatch for Santiam ricks day on a Sunday afternoon. $15 per person.. welcome. The garden Canyon artists. An art show and chance March 15: Jacob Jolliff and Wes Corbett. These two guys are club has members to get together to talk the formation of a part of the National group JOY KILLS SORROW. They will from all over the San- new art gallery and a coop. For more intiam Canyon area. For blow you away with their mandolin and banjo skills plus the more information con- formation call 503-507-2941. vocals. $15 per person. tact Diane Stockmar at 503-394-2197 or Jean 6 pm Mill City Lions Sweetheart April 6: The Misty Mamas.. 4 highly skilled players and singDinner and Pie AucCalls for the Mill City ers who perform bluegrass and American. $15 per person..

Coming Soon!

Events this Week

Coming up at the Canyon Performing Arts Center 475 NE Santiam Blvd.. Mill City

Fire Department: Jan 28 Feb 3 tion at the Santiam

April 13: Jim Faddis & Farmstrong. Americana is the word to 1/28 at 13:04: SW Linn Place/Medical describe this group with STRONG vocals and solos. Sunday 1/28 at 17:44: SE 4th/ Medical Afternoon $15 per person. 1/29 at 07:12: SW Ivy/ Medical .. If you’d like to purchase tickets or be on our special concert 1/29 at 15:03: SW Linn Place/Medical news NewsLetter, send an email to or call 503- 1/31 at 13:59: S. 1st/ Medical 1/31 at 19:34:SE Hazel/Medical 507-2941. Advanced tickets highly recommended. 1/31 at 20:52:SE Hazel/Medical

Jr./Sr. High School Commons. $25.00 per couple and $13.00 for single. If you haven’t bought your tickets please give a call to either

Gates Community Church of Christ “..reaching the canyon for Christ.� Mike Stair, Minister Sunday School 9:45am & Worship Service will be at 11 AM 40070 Gates School Rd (503)897-3210

503-897-2716 251 SW 3rd St, Mill City

Mill City

Christian Church

Sunday Worship 10 am

12pm Meals on Wheels, Senior Meals Fellowship Hall, MC Presbyterian. Meals on Wheels. Ruth:503-897-2204. $3.50 donation recommended. 7:30pm Santiam Al-Anon, Mt. View Lyons Library is located at 279 8th St., Church, Aumsville. Newcomers welcome. Wednesdays Lyons. Hours:Tue-Thu: 1pm-6:30pm Sat: 6:30 pm Downward Dog Yoga at 10am-3:30pm 503-859-2366 Gates Fire Hall, Sorbin St. in Gates Sun-Mon-Fri: Closed 7 pm AA meeting at Gates Community Mill City Library is located at 250 SW Church of Christ 2nd Ave Hours are 10-12 and 1:30-3:30 on 7:30pm AA Meeting Idanha City Hall. Tuesday through Friday. Saturday 10-12. Thursdays The library is closed on Sunday & Monday. 9am Downward Dog Yoga at Gates Fire Hall, Sorbin St. in Gates (503) 897-4143 10am-3pm North Santiam Quilters, North Santiam Watershed Council meet- Gates Church, all levels! 897-2102 12pm Meals on Wheels, Senior ings are held at the Stayton Community Meals. Fellowship Hall, MC PresbyCenter at 400 West Virginia Street, Stayterian Church. Ruth:503 897-2204 ton, OR on the second Thursday of every 12-4:30pm Food Distribution Day month except July and August. Meetings begin at 7:00pm and everyone is welcome. at the Canyon Gleaners in Mill City. For more information call (503) 930-8202 3:30-5pm Good News Club at Mill City Baptist Church. Kids K-4 or go to grade. Bible stories, singing, games, Santiam Hearts to Arts meets quarterly snack. Free. 815 Santiam Blvd. at Mill City City Hall, from 9:30-10:30am. 5:30-8pm Youth Night Ages 10-18 New board members and volunteers are al- Mill City Christian Church. Kids ways welcome!! Info: http://www.heartsto- MUST be picked up by 8:15. Free. Not held on weeks with Friday school. 6pm Bible Study at Living Water Mondays Church of God, Sorbin St. Gates. 7pm Santiam Canyon Community 6pm Canyon Readers Book Club Chorus rehearsals at the Mill City Chrismeets on the second Thursday evetian Church. For more information contact ning of the month at Trexler Farm Joanne Hebing at 503-859-3426. Restaurant. if interested in dinner and Tuesdays 7pm if interested in book discussion. 9am Downward Dog Yoga at Gates Fire Jan.9-Life in a Jar by Jack Meyer, Hall, Sorbin St. in Gates Feb.13-The Book Thief by Markus 10am-2pm Quilting Club Canyon Bible Zusak, Mar.13-Red Heart by James Fellowship, Lyons 910-4918 Thom, Apr.10-Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett. New members always welcome. Contact Herb Bastuscheck, 503-859-2668. 7-9pm Bingo with the Idanha Detroit Fire Dept, every other Thursday at the Detroit City Hall meeting room.

Sandy Lyness 503-551-2645 or Dan Lemke 503-897-3014. Child care will be provided.

Weekly Events

1pm Canyon Senior Center Pinochle 844 South First St. Mill City 503 8974176


4-6 pm Youth Group at MehamaCommunity Church 11336 Morris St. Grades 6-12; games, music and bible studies. Info:503859-2849 or facebook 6:30 pm Youth Group Mill City Baptist Church. ages 6-12. 815 NW Santiam Blvd.


6:30pm Youth Group at Mill City Baptist Church 7th grade to 24 years. 815 NW Santiam Blvd. Sunday. 9

Marion County Sheriff’s K9 program gets big boost with citizen donation News Release from Marion Co. Sheriff’s Office Long time Salem resident, Donald Mortensen, came to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office last week to donate $10,000 in honor of his late wife, Bonnie, who passed away in January of 2005. Mr. Mortensen said, “If Bonnie was alive today she would be very happy in making this donation.” Ms. Mortensen was an animal lover

and her husband has asked that the Sheriff’s Office use the money to either purchase another K9 or replace a retired K9. The Marion County Sheriff’s Office is truly grateful for the generosity of the Mortensen family. With the recent retirement of a K9, the Mortensen’s donation will help replenish the team. Sheriff Jason Myers added, “Our K9 program is possible because of giving citizens like the Mortensens. The K9 program adds to the safety of our community, and I appreciate all donors for contributing to its success.”

Linn County Police Report 1-26-14 to 2-2-14 01/26/14 14:57 SUSP-PERSON KINGWOOD AV DAVIS AIRSTRIP male subj laying out in the grass, orange shirt out on the airstrip property no veh seen, no other subjects seen 01/26/14 16:01 TRESPASS SANTIAM BV Mill City male susp has been trespassed from callers property, and just pulled up and dropped off callers Mom male susp is also been drinking 01/26/14 22:40 SUSP-VEHICLE ROCK CREEK RD Linn County ROCK CREEK BRIDGE campsite 1 01/27/14 23:23 MVC-INJURY LYONS MILL CITY DR Linn County nSingle vehicle in a ditch.Truck is on fire, caller was connected to METCOM for medics and fire. 01/28/14 10:24CHILD ABUSE REPORT EVERGREEN ST Mill City SANTIAM JR/SR HIGH SCHOOL Caller is a teacher at location and he has an 8th grade student with what appears to be cigarette burns. 01/28/14 19:14 DEATH INV DOGWOOD ST Lyons METCOM medics called a code. 53 yo male ~Called in as

an uncon male, passed out and hit head. 01/29/14 6:57 MVC-NON INJURY COLE SCHOOL RD Linn County two veh one veh is blocking Chev malibu rearended caller, in his Chev truck, caller 01/29/14 13:44 VEH-STOLEN DOGWOOD ST Lyons caller advises that his friend Milton Seaman died last night caller advises that someone has taken Miltons truck 01/29/14 13:46 BURGLARY REPORT SANTIAM BV Mill City SANTIAM COTTAGES sometime in the last 24 hours the shed was broken into. Caller is on scene. Call relayed from Salem PD. 01/29/14 13:57: ANIMAL COW GATES BRIDGE EAST Linn County Caller complaining of 5 cows skin and bone. 01/29/14 14:38 HARASSMENT RPT EVERGREEN ST Mill City SANTIAM ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Caller would like to report bullying that included pushing down to the ground and grabbing of the throat. Caller has stated that this is not the first time this happened. 01/30/14 12:12 CHILD ABUSE REPORT ALDER ST Mill City caller would like a welfare check on person 12, report of poss injuries

juvenile reportedly got into a fist fight with his mother Dept/Incident#: 07-14001610 1ST AV Mill City MILL CITY MARKETPLACE caller states that male susp confronted caller earlier today, at the market caller gave male susp info that susp was demanding, 01/30/14 21:43 THEFT-RPT EVERGREEN ST Mill City SANTIAM JR/SR HIGH SCHOOL caller advises that while she was at the high school, someone tried to steal gas from her car caller found a can overflowing with gas and a tube coming 01/31/14 3:33 DISTB-FIGHT KINGWOOD AV Mill City KINGWOOD COURT APTS PR says that there are people outside fighting PR says that hear them yelling but can not see them. no mention of weapons 01/31/14 10:01 BURGLARY REPORT MONUMENT PEAK RD Linn County Caller said that the house at this address has been empty for a while and he is out walking his dog and there is an open window and and screen is out. Caller said 01/31/14 19:25 SUSP-VEHICLE CEDAR ST Lyons CANYON BIBLE FELLOWSHIP Caller advising that the neighbors are having a party and that their people are parking in the church parking lot and have been tearing things up. They speed up and down 02/01/14 1:35 MVC-HIT & RUN MAIN ST Lyons someone hit a house and gas line and

took off. Vehicle is gone and caller can smell gas. They were able to get 2 elderly people out of the house. 02/01/14 13:33 DOG COMPLAINT 4TH AV Mill City Caller’s neighbor’s dog tried to attack the caller’s dog after escaping from it’s yard. Dog is now tied to a tree because it won’t stay in it’s own fence. Dog is brindle. 02/01/14 15:52 THEFT-RPT KINGWOOD AV Linn County Gas possibly stolen from vehicles. 02/01/14 19:29 DEATH INV 5TH ST Lyons Caller advising that her mother is dead. She advised that the female is cold and stiff to the touch. Medics on scene. 02/01/14 21:22 1ST AV Mill Caller has information on stolen items in a shed at her Aunts house. And about 2 people who are felons that have tons of guns. Who are now staying at 850 SW Ivy. 02/02/14 0:29 DISTB-DOMESTIC 7TH ST Lyons Screaming in the background, caller gives address and then there is more fighting and line goes dead. On callback, caller answers phone without saying anything. 01/24/14 Time: 9:10 SANTIAM BV Mill City SANTIAM COTTAGES Suspect heading towards Kingwood apartments walking. A man and woman are fighting. She says he broke things. He is not there. She says he is walking to his mom's place.

Services Directory Autobody & Paint Canyon Auto Rebody 21916 Ferry Rd. SE, Mehama (503) 859-3247

Auto Repair

Classic Auto and Tire Center 48347 Lyons-Mill City Drive, Mill City(503)897-2256 Mike’s Auto Repair and Diesel small engines& motorcycles at 27860 N. Hwy 22, Mill City 503 897-6061


Odds and Ends Antiques and Collectables 11227 Grove St., S.E.Mehama 503-859-2688 Lyons Timbertown Resale Home accessories, gifts, more. 1313 Main St. Lyons. 503-859-4054; 503-507-1326. Facebook.

Business Development

GROW EDC: Free & confidential business & non-profit 503-871-5188

Coffee Stands

Canyon Espresso at the corner of Hwy 22 and Gates Hill Rd., (503) 897-6031

Computer Services

WidmerWeb Design (503) 569-1229


Hueller Construction Inc. CCB #114169 503-859-3575.

Firearm Instruction

Old West Enforcement Professionals NRA#1787-91947 BCI# 1102466 503580-9397

Health and Wellness

Chiropractic Physicians Clinic and Wellness Center 11247 Grove St., Mehama (503)859-2181 Santiam Healing Arts Reconnective, energetic healing for all. Special Canyon pricing. Colleen Samuel (503) 897-3357 Mill City Dental (503)897-2353 Mill City Pharmacy 218 S.W. Broadway, Mill City (503) 897-2331 Santiam Medical Clinic 280 S. 1st Ave. Mill City (503) 897-4100

Heating and Cooling

Lyons Heating & Cooling Inc. CCB#96400 (503)859-2325


Mountain High Grocery and Gifts 220 D St. Detroit, (503)854-3696 Detroit Market and Supplies 100 Detroit Ave. N. (503) 854-3767 Facebook Mill City Market 829 1st Ave. Mill City


to get your business seen in the directory call Karen at (503)990-3037

Siegmund Landscape, Excavation and Supply (503)769-6291


Gabriel Smith licensed locksmith: lock repair, keys, parts. OCLS #5373 (541)519-2410


Curt’s Place Rental Suite in Gates. (503)897-6126 Adventure Vacation Homes 528N.E. Santiam Blvd. (Hwy 22) Mill City (503) 897-6500 Elkhorn Valley Inn B&B 33016 North Fork Road S.E, Lyons (503) 897-3033 facebook Lodge at Detroit Lake 175 Detroit Ave, Detroit (503) 854-3344 All Seasons Motel 130 Breitenbush Road, Detroit (503) 854-3421


Detroit Lake Marina 115 Breitenbush Road, Detroit www.detroitlakemarina. com 503 854-3423. Kane’s Marina 530 Clester Rd., Detroit (503) 854-3362

Mole and Gopher Removal LandCare learn more at 503-897-5200

Outdoor Excursions

Into the Wild Equine Adventures mountain forest horseback rides (503)586-8072 Kayak the Santiam (503)569-1229 North Santiam River Trips with Bill Sanderson (503) 897-3301 The Oregon Experience fishing, rafting drift-boating. (503) 897-3291.


Leading Edge Painting -Ben Szympruch interior,exterior painting, staining, woodworking (503)539-3744

Pets and Animal Care

Lyness, Broker 280 NE Santiam Blvd, Mill City (503)551-2645

Restaurants & Dining

Mill City/Gates Rosie’s Mt Coffee House 647 N.E. Santiam Blvd. (Hwy 22) Mill City (503)8972378 Facebook Giovanni’s Mt.Pizza 146 N.W. Santiam Blvd. (Hwy 22) Mill City (503)897-2614 Mountain Edge Cafe 320 N.W. Santiam Blvd. (Hwy 22) Mill City (503)897-2741 Sierra Restaurant and Market 302 N. Santiam Hwy (Hwy 22) in Gates (503) 897-2210 Lyons/Mehama Trexler Farms 20146 Ferry Rd. SE, Mehama (503)859-4488 Facebook Detroit/Idanha Korner Post Resturant 100 Detroit Avenue Detroit (503) 854-3735 The Cedars Restaurant and Lounge 200 N. Detroit Ave, Detroit (503)854-3636 K.C.’s Espresso, Sandwiches and Stuff 210 Forest Ave., Detroit (503)854-3145 Idanha Grill and Store 183 Hwy 22, Idanha (503)854-3354 facebook Marion Forks Restaurant and Lounge 34970 Hwy 22, Idanha (503)854-3669

RV Repair

Santiam RV Service (503)394-2348

Signs & Graphics

White Water Signs and Graphics (503)804-3613


Mehama True Value 11267 Grove St. Mehama (503) 859-2257 ww3.truevalue. com/mehamatruevalue/


Red Barn Bar and Grill 916 Main St., Lyons (503)859-2826 facebook Trio Tavern and Food 815 SW Linn Blvd. Mill City (503) 897-3380 facebook

Ark Animal Care Veterinary Services (503) 897-6004 Santiam Healing Arts Reconnective Healing for your horses and pets.. Colleen Samuel. (503) 897-3357


Gregory J. Johanson, M .Div, Ph.D., NCC Director, Grace Counselling Center. (503)897-4830


Psychotherapy Real Estate

STR Santiam Towing and Recovery 1-877-859-5757

Wood Products-retail

Camp firewood at Hardwood Components, 20573 Hwy 22 in Mehama (503)859-2144 Weddings Your Way All seasons, indoors or out, all denominations. Colleen Samuel (503) 897-3357.

Green Mountain Real Estate Sandy 11

still only



Canyon16 ozEspresso Flavored Latte

Mon-Thurs 5:30a-4p Fri 5:30a-5p Sat-Sun 6:30a-5p

Radio in the Canyon: getting to know the man behind the mic me about a month to build a transmitter Uncle Gayle in trouble, I said, “ yes.” and antenna. By that time we had moved He asked again, “are you sure?” I said, “ yes.” He then explained off our farm and into the issue with the FCC, the law, town. The building we He asked if I had built the consequences, etc. He warned lived in was downtown this all alone? me to never do this again or he’d (population 1200) and the upstairs apartment Not wanting to get my be back. He then said with a smile, “Say we were in had a false Uncle Gayle in trouble, hi to your Uncle Gayle for me!” front on it that allowed I said, “ yes.” He asked again.. I later went into the Navy, beto place an antenna and “are you sure?” came a Radioman, went to Cohide it from view. lumbia School of Broadcasting I finally got to fire that station up after school one night and had in LA, worked for radio stations in Pennsylprewarned all my hip friends what I was go- vania, Coos Bay, Dallas Oregon, Salem and ing to do, so they were listening. For a few started a community radio station in Stayton, days I had a tremendous audience and I got which was legal but the FCC tried to shut me down and couldn’t. lots of “ ooo’s” and “awww’s” from them. One afternoon when I was on the air, there My interest in putting a legal station on the was a knock on my bed- air for the Santiam Canyon has been in the room door. Mom stuck back of mind for over 17 years. It doesn’t her head in and said there have one and needs one. Folks in the Canyon was someone there to used to listen to KCKX, Cowboy Country talk to me. In stepped and loved it. I plan to cover that format and Mr. FCC from Buffalo, more with community radio in Mill City. Partnering with Santiam Hearts to Arts NY. He wanted to know if I was on the air? I said was an excellent choice. They have been yes, and he asked me to working very hard to promote the arts in the stop broadcasting and to Canyon for the last 6 years. Having a radio turn the transmitter off. station here that appeals to the majority will I did, and then he asked allow the arts to flourish as they will have a me where the antenna vehicle to teach and promote. All the arts in was, I told him, “WAY the canyon will have access to this station Dave Valencia Ins Agcy Inc Get discounts up to 40% *. UP ON THE ROOF,” but and all arts translate well to radio. Dave Valencia, Agent Besides my brand of music, there will be it would probably be too 1203 North First Avenue Saving money is important. Stayton, OR 97383 local, regional and state news, other individhigh for him to climb. That’s why you can count on Bus: 503-769-1800 me to get you all the discounts He said, “Show me the uals programming music and talk shows. It’s you deserve. open the community. way”, which I did. GET TO A BETTER STATE™. When we got up there, If you have an idea for a show and would CALL ME TODAY. he cut the wires hold- like to be taught how to get it on the air, ing my homemade an- please contact me at 503-507-2941, or send tenna and threw it to the me an email to ... It’s your ground. We then went window to the world. We will be looking for high school youth back down to my bedroom and he took my who would like to do shows as well as othtransmitter and tucked it ers. What is your interest: classical, jazz, in a cardbox box to take adult contemporary, classic rock, electronic, with him. He asked if I talk? There will be a place for everyone, plus *Discounts vary by state. live broadcasts of football, soccer, baseball, had built this all alone? State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company 1101216 Bloomington, IL Not wanting to get my basketball, and concerts.” 12 (cont. from front page )and I always wanted to be there to “help”. I later went to work for that station, WFRM Coundersport PA. At thirteen I asked my uncle why we didn’t have a radio station in my hometown? He said no one has built one yet. So I asked if he could show me how to build one? He said he could and explained that one needed to be careful about that because you needed a license, but with care taken for when and what you broadcast, it could happen. I was excited to begin! He pointed me to a pile of dead radio and televisions and said, “there’s most of your parts, and here’s a schematic diagram of how to build one.” I already had a make shift studio in my bedroom, plus a small repair shop, so just needed the transmitter and antenna. It took

State of Cha-Ching.

TCW 2-6-14  

February 6, 2014

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