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The Canyon Weekly December 27, 2013

Volume 4, Issue 51

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Wishing us all a bright and beautiful 2014! Santiam Canyon Community Chorus graces the rotunda at State Capital

Santiam Hearts to Arts continues on it’s mission to bring the Arts to the people of the North Santiam Canyon, and they are succeeding.

Seems like everywhere you look these days there they are! Singing here, singing there! The Santiam Canyon Community Chorus is letting their light shine. Last week not only did they perform at the Community Holiday Program at the Santiam Gymnasium and at Marion Estates in Sublimity, they were also seen on the steps inside the state capitol in Salem signing their hearts out. And for this they were featured in articles in the Statesman Journal and the Stayton mail. The chorus is part of Santiam Hearts to Arts (H2A), the community driven nonprofit focused on bringing arts to life for peoples of all ages in the North Santiam Canyon. Just recently this group funded a program for the Santiam Schools featuring Ethos, a non-profit from Portland dedicated to bringing music instruction to under served school districts. This effort was featured in last weeks Community Holiday Program with music performed by children of all grades kindergarten to 12, much of it led by a Ukulele playing young lady from Ethos Continued on age 5

A Happy New Year brings some new laws to Oregon

There have been some busy lawmakers in the state of Oregon, with several new laws going into effect starting January 1st. Here are just a few. We thought you might want to be informed. Minimum wage increased: Oregon’s minimum wage will increase by 15 cents to $9.10 per hour.

Cigarette tax increased: The state’s cigarette tax will rise 13 cents to $1.31 a pack. Hmmm. Coincidence...or not? Texting or talking on a cell phone while Driving: will earn you a ticket for at least $142 and up to $500. Just don’t do it, nope not a good idea...never. Smoking in a car while a child is present:

That’ll cost you a hefty fine for this unhealthy practice, a maximum fine of $250 for the first offense and $500 for repeat offenses. Teen tanning: Minors won’t be able to use tanning beds, not without a doctor’s note. Be kind to your Animals: Oregonians will be cited for unlawful tethering if they use a leash that is “not a (continued on page 5) reason-

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Woman takes chance on unconditional love, and thrives By Debbie Guerin-Brandon I took a chance...last night I was at the laundromat washing blankets and a homeless man came in and asked for change. I had just put my laundry in the dryers and had a half hour before the blankets would be dry. So, I asked the man if he wanted to go next door to Subway for dinner. He said that he would appreciate that. It was obvious by his clothes he lacked many possessions to keep him warm and dry for the weather he lived with. There were people in Subway that moved away from anywhere he stood. Perhaps they didn’t realize he had stepped away to the bathroom to wash up for dinner and I could see from the wet stains on his jacket he had tried to clean the dirt from it. I suggested we take our meal back to the warm, clean laundromat and watch Mary Poppins on the TV there while we ate. He looked relieved. I had a nice time with Vincent...yes, his name is Vincent-he is 54. He lost the love of his life in his mid-thirties to a car accident. He never recovered. He showed me a picture of her, Louise. They were going to have three children. that is what he had planned for, and he said when Louise died he felt he lost them too. His story moved me.

Mountain Edge Cafe Breakfast served all DAY! Open Daily 6am to 2 pm 2


320 Northwest Santiam Boulevard Mill City

I was silently counting my blessings while in his company. We laughed at Mary Poppins, talked about movies and cartoons they had in our day and, before I left, I gave him one of the clean sleeping bags that I pulled out of the dryer. The thick red and black checkered one. We took rope from my car and tied it so he could carry it on his back. He kept saying, “God Bless, God Bless.” I told him now if I saw this sleeping bag then I would know it was him and maybe we could eat sub sandwiches at the laundromat again...he agreed and walked away. I often give change to the homeless while waiting at stoplights. A lot of people do. My family cautions me to be careful and I agree-I won’t let myself be isolated with strangers in questionable situations. But, sometimes a person needs to trust their instincts and my gut feeling about Vincent was good. I took a chance and I hope that I do see him again. Share a meal. I would like another opportunity to tell Vincent, “God Bless... keep your chin up. God believes in you.” Debbie Guerin-Brandon is a 1981 graduate of Santiam High and now lives in the Salem area.

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Rosie is retiring!

Rosie Aerni is retiring after almost 25 years working with US Bank in Mill City. Come and wish Rosie well at an open house in her honor, December 31st, 10am - 3m at the US Bank, 400 NW Santiam Blvd., Mill City. Refreshments will be served.

Now is the perfect time to purchase a ductless mini-split system. Many tax rebate incentives available. Call Jason for more information! 503-428-2591 ccb #168985

Terrain and length of trail: Hill and descending stairs, 1 mile Contact information: (503) 854-3406 Additional details: Ranger-led nature hike through the forest and along the Santiam River. Hotdog lunch after the hike. Participants should dress in layers, wear sturdy shoes, and bring water as well as a camera or binoculars for wildlife viewing. In case of inclement weather, the park should be contacted directly to find out about cancellation. A list of helpful cold-weather hiking tips is available from the American Hiking Society online at For the latest on road conditions, consult the Oregon Department of Transportation’s TripCheck website at This year, OPRD is asking participants to share photos of their First Day Hike via social media by using the Twitter hashtag #ORfirstdayhikes or tagging “Oregon State Parks” on Facebook. Images can also be emailed to

American Legion meeting rescheduled There will be no meeting on January 1st for

Small Steps, Big Results on Monday, January 6 from 8-10am at Trexler Farm. Offered by GROW EDC, it’s a great way for entrepreneurs, non-profits and others working on special projects to celebrate their successes, make plans and set a strategy for starting the new year. All are welcome. And it’s free!

table, which is next to the window. The man’s name is Rudolph, and since he is Russian, people call him “Rudolph the Red.” Rudolph looked out the window and said to his wife, “Oh look honey, it’s raining outside.” She looks out as well and says, “No, I think that is snow.” He looks at her and says, “Rudolph the Red knows rain, dear.”

the American Legion Post 159 or the Auxiliary, for Post 159. (Mill City/Gates), The next regularly scheduled meeting will be held February 5th, 2014.

Resolve to take a hike in the Free Networking Ken’s good, New Year For the third year in a row, the Oregon Parks event for Business but clean, and Recreation Department (OPRD) is partand non-profits Joke of the Week nering with America’s State Parks to offer Get the new year off to an energetic start with A man and his wife are sitting at the kitchen free guided First Day Hikes in state parks across Oregon on New Year’s Day. Information about the special hike to take place at North Santiam State Recreation Area is below. Hike time: 11:00 a.m.-noon Starting location: North Santiam picnic shelter


Dinner/Auction fundraiser to turn girls into princesses

“Every girl deserves to feel like a princess for her prom.” That is the catchphrase for the non-profit “All Dressed Up”, an organization created by Anna Benefiel of Lyons that strives to ensure that all girls, regardless of ability to pay, have the opportunity to be absolutely stunning for thier prom. And now, thanks to Benefiel’s efforts, any girl who can provide a current high school ID can participate in one of the many dress giveaways and have a dress of their own at no cost.. Started in 2011, All Dressed Up has grown rapidly in both donations and giveaways. This year the group collected more than 700 dresses donated by individuals and businesses. In addition they gathered quite the display of shoes,

jewelry and accessories. On January 25, All Dressed up will be holding their first ever Dinner and Auction Benefit at the Stayton Community Center where there will be both a silent and a live auction, a fashion show and a lot of fun! Of special note is the auctioning off of 10 beautiful brand new designer wedding gowns, and each can be seen at the facebook site “All Dressed Up 2014 Dinner/Auction Fundraiser” Dinner and drinks will be catered by the Wooden Nickel. Tickets are $25 a person and must be purchased in advance. Proceeds will go towards the purchases of additional dresses, in sizes that are not commonly donated. For more information or to purchase tickets call Anna Benefiel at 503 881-0711.

Radon – Is Your Home Raising Your Lung Cancer Risk?

A message from the American Lung Association

Mention radon to most people, and you’ll get a blank stare. But mention lung cancer, and you’ve got their attention! Most people don’t know that exposure to radon, an invisible odorless gas, is the leading cause of lung cancer among nonsmokers. Oregon is recognized as having a very high risk of radon, so we at the American Lung Association want you to know how to protect your family. A simple test in your home can tell you if you need to take steps to reduce the risk to yourself and your family. November, Lung Cancer Awareness Month, is a perfect time to learn more and test your home. Radon, a radioactive gas from the soil and rock beneath many homes, keeps itself well hidden. You can’t see it, smell it or taste it, but according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) about 21,000 lung cancer deaths each year in the U.S. are radon-related. November is National Lung Cancer Awareness Month, but anytime is the right time to find out if radon is a health threat in your home. Radon can build up in any house – old or new – and performing a radon test is the only way to find out if your home has unsafe levels. Homeowners can use do-it-yourself radon testing kits. To

find out where to buy a kit, call 1-800-SOS RADON (1-800-767-7236), or visit the EPA website: If you have high levels of radon, mitigation systems can be installed that effectively pull radon out of your home. If you’re building a new home, consider installing a simple, inexpensive ventilation system that can protect your family from radon gas. The Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) recently announced that they will require testing for radon in any multi-family housing that receives HUD financing or refinancing. If high levels of radon are found, HUD will require that the building be repaired to reduce indoor radon levels. This is great news that will protect thousands from deadly radon exposure. But more needs to be done. The Lung Association is working to make sure that all homes get tested, and those that have high levels get fixed. We are working to make sure that new homes are built with these low-cost radon protection systems in place. Because we know all too well the cancer radon causes.

Guitar Lessons Acoustic Guitar • • • •

! Call Now 4

Private Lessons Taught in Mill City

Chords by Professional Musician Strumming Tom Cole Flat & Finger Picking of Stoddard and Cole Singing and Playing Music/Comedy Duo


Speaking of Lung Cancer, cigarette tax increases January 1st The Oregon Department of Revenue is reminding smokers that the tax on cigarettes will increase on January 1, 2014. Legislation enacted in the special legislative session this fall increases the state tax on a standard, 20-count pack of cigarettes by 13 cents: from $1.18 to $1.31. “Ordinarily, the consumer pays the tax as a part of the price when purchasing cigarettes from an Oregon retailer. Consumers must remember that they are responsible for filing and paying the tax on cigarettes purchased on-line or otherwise brought in from outside the state,” said Chris Wytoski, manager of Oregon’s tobacco tax program. Oregon’s total tobacco tax revenue, from cigarettes and other tobacco products, is about $250 million per year. The revenue supports the Oregon Health Plan, the state General Fund, and the Tobacco Use Reduction Account. Portions of cigarette tax revenue are also specifically dedicated to cities, counties, and public transit and, with recent legislation, mental health programs. “We’ve been working with retailers and distributors to ensure the appropriate tax is paid on their inventory on January 1,” Wytoski said. “Retailers who haven’t seen our information about the special one-time tax return they need to file should contact us right away.” Additional information for consumers, retailers, and distributors is available at *Consumers can obtain the form they need from the “consumer reporting” link at or by calling 503-378-4988 or 1-800356-4222.

A peek at the past Here is a look at our front page from one year ago, today. Dec. 27, 2012.

From the archives A glimpse into the past...December 26, 2001 An estimated 500 people attended the Holiday Festival Show in Detroit. A Gates family of 5, Shannon Doughterly and Richard Smith and their 3 children,lost most of their home to a fire. Members of the Gates fire department meticulously cleaned and rewrapped the gifts found in the watered down mobile home. Gates Neighborhood Watch announced their holiday contest winners with 5 year old Mike Schaer winning first place in coloring. Mari-Linn students participated in Read Along with the Nation. A double wedding was held in Detroit joining Toni and Wayne Briley and Julie and Kelly Mohn.

Backyard Burn Season is officially over on December 15. If you plan on burning before then please call the burn information line daily at 1-877- 982-0011

Arts in the Canyon, continued (continued from front page) And at each turn the volunteers at Hearts to Arts are looking for ways to expand our children’s exposure to the arts. Colleen Samuel of Gates is championing a project near and dear to her heart. It’s called the Irene Sendler Project. Sendler was a Catholic social worker in Warsaw who saved the lives of more than 2,500 children during the Holocaust by smuggling them out of death camps herself. Her heroic efforts were mostly unknown until 1999 when three high school students in Uniontown, Kansas, discovered her while working on a history project. The play, Life in a Jar, was written about this amazing woman, and is now performed by a troupe out of Kansas. They travel to communities sharing the message of her selfishness And now, thanks to the efforts of Samuel and Santiam Hearts to Arts, the students at Santiam will be able to witness this play live, onstage. The cost bring the troupe to Oregon runs about $4,000 for travel and housing. They don’t charge tickets for the actual production, that is free. So rather than try to bring the show to Mill City, Hearts to Arts is helping to bring the show to Willamette University and Temple Beth Shalom in Salem, to share with students from Cascade, West Salem High School and possibly Stayton as well. Santiam H2A will be promoting their own program about Irene Sendler at the end of March at Santiam Jr/Sr High “ It will be a fundraiser for the International Club for their upcoming trip to Germany which includes a visit to Dachau concentration camp. This performance is a bridge for the students to have a better context and to raise money for their trip. It will include a documentary about Irena Sendler, some dramatic readings by students and some Jewish choral music, including Sabbath Prayer from Fiddler on the Roof,” said Colleen Samuel. Editors note: “Colleen, you are a Rock Star!”

New laws... continued from front page

able length” for more than 10 hours in a 24hour period. Animals tethered to a “run” can use that for up to 15 hours/day. Can’t afford a fence? Try contacting Fences for Fido, a nonprofit whose goal s to get animals in a safe place and off the tether. Medical marijuana: Oregonians with posttraumatic stress disorder will be able to participate in the state’s medical marijuana program. (News flash, marijuana reduces stress!) Social media: (My facebook is none of your business!): Universities, colleges and employers will be prohibited from requiring access to personal social media accounts. Renters : Landlords will be able to require tenants to maintain renter’s liability insurance. And landlords may not refuse rental applicants solely on the basis of whether they receive federal Section 8 housing vouchers. Help for Heros: Health clubs, cable, Internet


and other companies will need to allow customers to suspend and reinstate their accounts if they are service members called into active duty. Outdated Mugshots: Operators of mug shot websites must remove mugshots for free if the pictured individual can show their charges were dropped or expunged. Mental health access for minors : If you are 14 or older you will be able to obtain outpatient diagnosis or treatment of mental or emotional disorders or chemical dependency from professional counselors and therapists, and you can do all this without parental knowledge or consent. Placentas: New mothers will be allowed to take their placentas home. (previously they were treated as medical waste, and mothers had no rights to them! Mothers from many cultures cook and eat their placenta for their rich health benefits. I kid you not)

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Teresa J Cross

December 8, 1967 December 16, 2013

224 N. 3rd Avenue ~ Stayton Mill City- Teresa was born in Oakland, California to Glenn and Karin. She attended Sweet Home High school and Incline High School in Incline Village, Nevada. She also studied at Pierce College in Puyallup, Washington. She married Shuan Cross in Washington, and they later divorced. Teresa worked for Safeway, Fred Meyer, and Holland America, all in Washington. She enjoyed machine embroidery and coin collecting. Teresa was preceded in death by her stepmother Kathy Mix and her step-father Dennis Brown. She will be greatly missed by her children; Ashley Cross, Kyle (Veronica) Cross, Austin Brandt, Leroy Brandt Jr, her grandson

Logan Cross, her parents; Glenn Mix and Karin Brown, grandmother Garnelle Brayfield, brother John (Beth) Mix, step-sisters; Michelle and Kahele Dunn, step-son Kula Dunn, uncle Mike (Joan) Brayfield, cousins; Brian (Julie), Brad, and Matt (Emily) Brayfield. Memorial service is pending. Donations can be made to the American Lung Association. Tremendous gratitude and thanks to the thoughtful, caring staff on the fourth floor ICU at Salem Hospital. Their professional attitude along with their compassion made all the difference in this very difficult process for our family. Arrangements entrusted to Weddle Funeral Service, online condolences at

A brand new Big Chief, a brand New Year

By Georgia Aker When I was a kid I loved going to school. On this day, I was especially happy to skip down the road on my way, for I had 15 cents. I’d stop in at Snapps Drugstore. With 10 cents, I could buy a Big Chief Tablet


and use the other nickel for a pencil. with my name on the outside right corner. The 10-cent tablet was the big, thick one. I loved seeing those papers handed back Sometimes I had to settle for the 5-cent one, when there were few or no incorrect markbut this morning I was blessed. I may even ings put there by the teacher. have had an extra nickel with which I could That didn’t always happen, though; somebuy a candy bar. times I didn’t do so well. That big thick tablet Each year of my life has been a little like that looked as though it would Big Chief Tablet—clean, unmarked pages last forever, but I knew for me to use wisely, guarding against goofnot to waste the ing up in some way. paper. How I enjoyed Only God knows how many pages I have those first few pages! I wasted. How many times have I said or done tried to write my assign- things that grieved the One who gave me ments very neatly and those unsoiled years? certainly not to use any of Today I am handed a brand new spotless those precious sheets for tablet. Father, it will be only with Your care, just scribbling. Occasion- Your help. ally, when it was nearly recess time, I would rip out a whole clean page to make myself GET “IN THE KNOW” a cup for a drink of Updated and complete drafts of water. both the I knew exactly how Mill City City Council and the my teacher wanted the paper when we turned Detroit City Council Meetings in an assignment or are available to read at a test—folded down the center lengthwise

Happy Holidays!

Mountain Coffee House ESPRESSO Homeade

FOOD & PASTRIES 7-5 m-sat 8-5 sun Hwy 22 Mill City (503)897-2378


Lost Dog: Female wolf malamute mix, white with silver on back about 75 pounds. Single black claw on front paw. Name is Talla. Last seen Hwy 46 milepost 12 on August 10th. REWARD! please call (541)351-1335 or (503) 510-5370.

$200 Reward for return of my Husqvarna 372 X PW chain saw, initialed SG#2. Found on the U.S.P. Mainline 10/15 at 7.5 mile marker. No questions asked. Steve G. (503) 854-3901.

Classified Ad Rates Text: 25 words for $5/week. Photo: 25 words + photo $10/week. Addtl words: .20 each

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Deadline: Saturday noon for the following Wednesday publication. Submit your ad to Drop Box Locations: Mehama True Value Kelly Lumber, Mill City Gates Post Office Publishers Notice: All real estate advertising in this newspaper is subject to the Fair Housing Act which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation, or discrimination based on color, race, sex, religion, handicap, familial status or national origin, or an intention to make any such preference, limitation or discrimination. The Canyon Weekly will not knowingly accept any advertising that violates this law. All dwellings advertised are avail on an equal opportunity basis.

FOR SALE For Sale: 7,000 Watt Generator 120-240 electric start $450.00Pressure Washer 6 H.P 2350 P.S.I 50 foot hose $150.00503-897-2590 For Sale in Mill City Local breeder has Cockatiels, White Doves, Lovebirds and Parakeets ready for homes. Call Brian @ (503)897-6103 for more info. 1999 grey Ford Taurus wagon, 198k miles, runs good just needs a tune up. Seats 7, newer tires, tags good until 9/2014. Has minor body damage but a great commuter or student car. $950 obo. Lyons. Video available on Facebook or 503-5104396.


Handgun Safety Class with local experts Bob and Shane Pedroli. Range classes are ongoing. Oregon and Utah/Arizona multistate certifications available. Info 503-5809397 www.oldwestprosconcealandcarry. com CPR/AED/First Aid Classes: American Heart Association certified classes for Public and Healthcare Providers. Contact instructor Kurt Hueller at 503-859-3575 or

For Sale New Price $40,000 single wide older manufactured home on a 50 x 100 foot lot in Mill City. 2 bedrooms with a built on addition. Ready to move in today. Info: Mike or Pam Wright 503-8973206, 503-8717141 7

Event submissions are printed FREE! The Canyon Weekly cannot guarantee placement; however, priority is given to emailed submissions, and events occurring in the North Santiam Canyon (Lyons/Mehama to Marion Forks). Please submit your event to:

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Events this Week It’s Vacation week, take it! Friday, December 27 Nap, play games with family read a book Saturday, December 28 Sleep in late, drink tea, write a letter Sunday, December 29 Worship in any way you see fit, take a walk in the woods Tuesday, December 31 more of the same, stretch breathe deep and touch the ground Wednesday, January 1

Happy New Year!! Ongoing Weekly Events Mill City Library hours are 10-12 and

1:30-3:30 on Tuesday through Friday. Saturday 10-12. The library is closed on Sunday & Monday. North Santiam Watershed Council meetings are held at the Stayton Community Center at 400 West Virginia Street, Stayton, OR on the second Thursday of every month except July and August. Meetings begin at 7:00pm and everyone is welcome. For more information call (503) 930-8202 or go to

Gates Community Church of Christ

503-897-2716 251 SW 3rd St, Mill City

“..reaching the canyon for Christ.” Mike Stair, Minister

Mill City

Sunday School 9:45am & Worship Service will be at 11 AM 40070 Gates School Rd (503)897-3210

Christian Church

Sunday Worship 10 am

Santiam Hearts to Arts meets the first Saturday of the month at Mill City City Hall, from 9:30-10:30am. New board members and volunteers are always welcome!! Info:


7pm Santiam Canyon Community Chorus rehearsals at the Mill City Christian Church. For more information contact Joanne Hebing at 503-859-3426.


9am Downward Dog Yoga at Gates Fire Hall, Sorbin St. in Gates 10am-2pm Quilting Club Canyon Bible Fellowship, Lyons 910-4918 12pm Meals on Wheels, Senior Meals

Concerned about your property value?

No Obligation Price Analysis

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Suzette Boudreaux, Broker Call 503-949-4643 for details Fellowship Hall, MC Presbyterian. Meals on Wheels. Ruth:503-897-2204. $3.50 donation recommended. 7:30pm Santiam Al-Anon, Mt. View Church, Aumsville. Newcomers welcome.


6:30 pm Downward Dog Yoga at Gates Fire Hall, Sorbin St. in Gates 7 pm AA meeting at Gates Community Church of Christ 7:30pm AA Meeting Idanha City Hall.


9am Downward Dog Yoga at Gates Fire Hall, Sorbin St. in Gates 10am-3pm North Santiam Quilters, Gates Church, all levels! 897-2102 12pm Meals on Wheels, Senior Meals. Fellowship Hall, MC Presbyterian Church. Ruth:503 897-2204 12-4:30pm Food Distribution Day at the Canyon Gleaners in Mill City. 3:30-5pm Good News Club at Mill City Baptist Church. Kids K-4 grade. Bible stories, singing, games, snack. Free. 815 Santiam Blvd. 5:30-8pm Youth Night Ages 10-18 Mill City Christian Church. Kids MUST be picked up by 8:15. Free. Not held on weeks with Friday school. 6pm Bible Study at Living Water Church of God, Sorbin St. Gates. 7-9pm Bingo with the Idanha Detroit Fire Dept, every other Thursday at the Detroit City Hall meeting room.


6:30pm Youth Group at Mill City Baptist Church 7th grade to 24 years. 815 NW Santiam Blvd. Sunday.

1pm Canyon Senior Center Pinochle 844 South First St. Mill City 503 897-4176


4-6 pm Youth Group at MehamaCommunity Church 11336 Morris St. Grades 6-12; games, music and bible studies. Info:503-859-2849 or facebook 6:30 pm Youth Group Mill City Baptist Church. ages 6-12. 815 NW Santiam Blvd.

Suduko ~Very Hard

Suduko- relatively easy

Thanks for all the lessons, 2013. We are ready for you now, 2014!


Christmas Spirit Is Never Lost, Even After Theft “Steadily contribute to the quality of life in our community,” words Deputies with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office don’t just say when they commit to becoming a law enforcement professional with the Sheriff’s Office. This was made very apparent today at 1:30 p.m. after Deputy Matt Hagan arrested Kevin Nobles, age 29, for assaulting his girlfriend in front of their five year old child last Sunday. During the investigation of the assault, Deputy Hagan learned that Nobles stole the forty dollars the victim intended to use to purchase a Christmas gift for the child. After taking Noble to jail, Deputy Hagan communicated with the Deputies working on shift and began raising money to pur-

chase Christmas gifts for the family. Depu- our community a better place to live. This is ties opened their wallets and drove to Toys R a great example of compassion and I count Us where they went on a shopping it a blessing to work spree. with a team of such Deputy Hagan stated that an caring individuals.” anonymous citizen donated a fifty On Christmas Eve, dollar gift card to their cause and at five o’clock, Depustore employees went out of their ty Hagan and several way to help find sale items and gifts other Deputies delivthat fit the family’s needs. Deputy ered the gifts to a very Hagan was able to purchase nearly surprised and grateful $250.00 in gifts for $146.00 thanks family. Mr. Nobles is to the Toys R Us staff. currently lodged in the Marion County Sheriff Jason MyMarion County Jail ers was quoted as saying, “I’m very for Felony Assault IV, proud of our Deputies for their comMenacing and Harassmitment and dedication to making ment.

Calls for the Mill City Fire Department Dec 16th Dec-23 12/16 at 00:40----SW Broadway---------Medical 12/17 at 21:16----NW River Road--------Medical 12/20 at 18:56----SE Juniper--------------Misc 12/22 at 15:49----NE Santiam Blvd-------Misc 12/23 at 11:40----NW River Road---------Misc 12/23 at 17:30----SW 3rd Ave-------------Medical

Firemen to recycle Christmas Trees The Mill City Volunteer Firemen want to recycle your X-mas tree again this year. On January 11th firemen will be going around to pick up your tree in the Mill City Fire District. They will be asking for 4 cans of canned goods that they will be donating to our local food bank. The fire men ask that you call by January the 10th to get on the list. Call the fire hall at 503 897 2390, if there is no answer, leave a message with your name, address

and phone number so we can make sure to get you scheduled. Until then make sure that you are taking care of your Christmas tree by watering it everyday. If your tree starts to dry out remove it from your house immediately. Dry trees can catch on fire very easily, and make the fire spread to other areas of your home. Hope you had a Merry Christmas and here’s to a safe and a Happy New Year.

Linn County Sheriff Report ~ 12-15-13 to 12-21-13

12/15/13 17:12 DISTB-OTHER KINGWOOD AV Mill City KINGWOOD COURT APTS 772 responded to location last night female is yelling at another female caller advises that she threatened to throw her things 12/15/13 21:40 DISTB-OTHER TREE FARM RD Linn County Caller reporting the neighbor is threatening to kill him and his brother. Male subject outside threatening to shoot caller. 12/16/13 8:09 BURGLARY *IN PROGRESS 3RD AV Mill City Caller advised she just returned home and heard someone upstairs in her house. 12/16/13 9:57 THEFT-RPT 1ST AV Mill City MILL CITY MARKETPLACE Caller advised they hired someone to set up some security cameras in the store and the male ended up stealing two of the cameras. 12/16/13 14:02 JUV-COM-

PLAINT EVERGREEN ST Mill City SANTIAM JR/SR HIGH SCHOOL Juv saw a naked photo of another student on a phone. The owner of the phone is male and the photo is a female. Contact caller at the office. 12/16/13 23:41 THEFT-RPT 7TH AV Mill City Caller reporting that his 14 year old son had his ipad stolen. Caller has the ‘ap’ to find the ipad and he has tracked it to the corner of 1st and Ivy in Mill City. 12/17/13 17:37 DISTB-OTHER ALDER ST Mill City Caller reports that she is babysitting and the 12yo boy she is watching is out of control and hurting his younger sisters. 12/18/13 16:29 HAZ-TRAFFIC COLE SCHOOL RD Linn Narrative on stayton scio. deer partially in the roadway 12/18/13 16:41 THEFT-RPT 2ND AV Mill City skateboard

ramp that was in the road was taken. neighbor caller confronted the neighbor and he won’t give it 12/19/13 15:52 PROP-FOUND 12/20/13 10:34 ASST-OUTSIDE AGENCY 1ST AV Mill City LAPD requesting that we contact the sister of a missing person out of LA. DOB/19680611 HGT/504 WGT/110 EYE/HAZ HAI/BLN 12/20/13 14:12 THEFT-RPT NEAL PARK RD Linn County JOHN NEAL PARK BOAT RAMP Brass fittings taken off of 18 faucets at the park. 12/20/13 15:38 ASSAULT REPORT 700 Block 5TH ST Lyons MARI LINN SCHOOL A child pushed the bus driver about 3:30-4:00 on Thursday this happened on the bus in the parking lot. There is a video tape of the incident, the bus had a 12/20/13 19:06 SUSP-VEHICLE FAIRVIEW ST Mill City KIM-

MEL PARK 714 was contacted by park host that a veh was doing cookies in the park lot 714 checked area, 12/21/13 4:32 DISTB-DOMESTIC RIVER RD Mill City Caller reporting that her intoxicated boyfriend was slapping her. She is 6 months pregnant Caller states that he took her phone from her . 12/21/13 20:10 HAZ-TRAFFIC HWY 226 Linn County MP21 Requesting LCSO remove a dead deer from the NB lane, about 1/2 - 3/4 mile from KJ 12/21/13 23:22 BOLO - ATL INFORMATION WEST MCCULLY MOUNTAI Linn County Stayton PD took report of suicidal subject. Female advised that she was enroute to the McCully Mountain area to drive her car off a cliff and kill herself. She is having problems

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After prayers the crowds from Lyons and Mehama sat down together to share a meal. Photos by M.G. Photography

2nd Annual Community Christmas dinner in Lyons serves 225

By Daryl Atwood

Lakeside an Emeritus Senior Living Community

We offer a wide range of services from retirement living and assisted living. If you are looking for a new place to call home without the hassles of daily living, we are committed to helping you and your family find the right fit. Tour today to learn more about our current specials!

Among the smiling faces in a nearly packed gymnasium at Mari-Linn school, were somewhere between 45 and 50 volunteers helping serve and entertain the 175 local people at the 2nd annual Community Christmas dinner. Donations of food and supplies came from the local churches and residents. All deserve a big thank you for helping feed those in need and those who just came to spend time with others of their community. Break the Chain and their monster truck showed their Christmas cheer, strutting the Christmas lights, thanks to Tammi and Jim Burns. Santa Claus also made an appearance - courtesy of the Lyons Fire Department, giving out candy and taking pictures with all of the good little boys and

girls. A special thanks to Troy & Colleen Gulstrom for hosting and Joseph Storehouse of Hope for putting this event together. As they said on their Facebook page: “Thanks everyone for a good year. Merry Christmas.” Colleen Gulstrom posted on her page: “Community Dinner... what a wonderful event of celebration, neighborliness, joy and fun! For all who served and cooked and decorated and cleaned up - thank you!” Others commented: “It was a great night, and I was very blessed to be part of it!” and “I was so very blessed to be able to be part of last night. I had a great time with all that did the work. Can’t wait till next year so that we can do this again!”

Ark Animal Care Dr. Keri Sanders

(503) 769-3200 2201 3rd Ave., Stayton




Vaccine Clinic: $10 vaccine exam and discounted vaccines. Every Thursday from 2-4pm! Now Open all day every 2nd Saturday of the month Mixed Animal Practice 24 hour emergency service 833 NW Santiam Blvd

TCW 12-27-13  
TCW 12-27-13  

December 27, 13