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FACES of LEADERSHIP A Leadership Conversation Key Program Dates THURS. FEB. 26 Leadership Annual Dinner At La Pizzaria Cash Bar 5:45 Dinner 6:30 Cost: $26.50 per person THURS. MARCH 5 Breakfast Book Series At Exploration Gateway/ Perry Branch Library Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking when Stakes are High, by Kerry Patterson 7:30 a.m., $5 at the door FRI. APRIL 3 23rd Class Recruitment Breakfast At Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce 7:30 - 8:30 a.m. Prospective applicants and guests welcome Contact the LSC office about any of these events at 330.458.2095 or

Newly elected state representative Todd Snitchler (20th class) speaks on his campaign with Jeffrey Lechak (20th), construction engineer for Quality Control Inspection, Inc. What was the driving force behind your decision to run for State House District 50? I have had an interest in politics for as long as I can remember and I have also had a long history of involvement in my local community. When the 50th District seat opened up due to term limits, it seemed like the right time to join my political interest and community involvement and try and make a difference in a way that joined those two activities, and hopefully, will result in positive changes that are needed in Ohio. In what ways did Leadership Stark County influence your campaign platform “Bring Ohio Back?” Having had the opportunity to see so many things about Stark County as a result of participating in the many program days which are a part of the program, it became clear that there is much to be proud of in Stark County, but there are also opportunities to improve conditions for individuals, families, and business here as well. The first hand knowledge demonstrated some of the less visible issues effecting residents of Stark County. Your campaign was supported by numerous Leadership Stark County alumni. Describe the impact that LSC alumni had on your campaign.

Todd Snitchler

Jeffrey Lechak

It is safe to say that without the help of my LSC classmates, my victory on Election Day would not have happened. Since Leadership Stark County is “the support group for Type ‘A’ personalities”, my LSC classmates did what comes naturally when faced with a challenge; they jumped in (many into completely unfamiliar territory), learned what needed to be done, and executed a plan with dedication and commitment that can only be described as consuming. Though you had a campaign plan, things didn’t always go as scripted. Please share one of your campaign surprises. Of all our surprises, the one that immediately comes to mind was parade planning. You never knew just how many people might attend a parade and how much candy would be needed to get through the entire parade route. After ending one of our first parades with no candy and nothing but smiles and handshakes for the last stretch of the parade route (where many of the people were!), we quickly learned the importance of having more supplies than you think you need so you never have to explain to people on the route why they’ve met you but have nothing to show for it! You were the only one from your political party to win a contested race in Stark (continued on next page ...)

Faces ... County in the November 2008 election (inclusive of local, state and federal elections). How did you do it? Our campaign was effective because: (1) we had a message that resonated with voters, (2) we had a plan to reach out and introduce a political unknown to the voters of the district, and (3) we worked hard and implemented a grassroots campaign that personally touched over 16,000 households with door-to-door conversations. Now that you are elected what are your goals for the next two years? My objectives are to get acclimated to the State Legislature and to advance the issues we campaigned on: making Ohio’s government run more efficiently while providing services to the citizens of Ohio; work to reduce the tax and regulatory burden

on families and businesses to make Ohio an attractive place to be; and work to address the school funding problem and improving academic standards for Ohio’s students so they are equipped to compete in the global marketplace after graduation.

Alumni AMPLIFY Salvation Army Assistance

Would you recommend Leadership Stark County to other current elected officials or aspiring politicians? Without hesitation. The LSC Signature Program provides participants with a wide-reaching and in depth view of the community, its citizens and the circumstances (both positive and negative) facing them. This education helps to focus your goals and issues with the real-life situations that will be affected by the decisions made in the state legislature.

Alumni Attend Advance Sites If it’s been awhile since you graduated from Leadership Stark County you may have wondered “How can I make my Leadership Stark County experience more relevant today?” One way is to join the current class on an advance site visit to an area corporation or non-profit. Announced via the emailed newsletter, advance site visits are opened to Leadership Stark County alumni, space permitting. These in-depth tours and conversations with leaders will give you a feel for current issues and exciting changes happening in our area. Mike Haidet (14th class), manager of international trade policy at The Timken Company, had this to say about his recent visit to Hendrickson company, “I find these tremendous opportunities to learn more about Stark County, the issues we face, and the fabric of the community. Not only that, it provides interesting interchange with the current class as they grow through

their program.” JoAnn Schlue (Advantage member), manager of corporate & foundation gifts at the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank reflected, “I am still amazed at how many corporate headquarters are in our community! It was a very interesting tour and I really appreciate the opportunity to tour this facility!” Current class member Fred Farmer, controller of Marathon Petroleum Company, LLC’s Ohio refining division visited the Massillon homeless shelter a few days before Christmas: “I was surprised to hear there was a family of ten at the shelter. It really made me think as to how people can get into such a situation and how they will ever make it on their own without assistance.” Plan to join the current class on the next experience, be sure we have your current email address so you can be in the know on all LSC opportunities.

Gloria (13th class) and Nate Pope get into the holiday spirit while ringing the Salvation Army bell.

The Leadership Stark County alumni Salvation Army kettle project was kicked up a notch this year thanks to the 21st class. In support of class member Captain Tawney CowenZanders of the Massillon Salvation Army, the 21st class wanted to add the Massillon Fisher Foods stores as a location for manning the kettles. Bells were rung at the Fulton Road Fisher Foods as well, to provide help at the holidays for those served by the Salvation Army. Thanks to all who volunteered! Volunteer Coordinator: John Juergensen (18th) Volunteers: Ron Balyint (21st) Tom Haswell (18th) Cindy Hickey (21st) Jeff Lechak (20th) Joni Locke (21st) Deb Nicodemo (21st) Janie Pavlek (10th) Gretchen Plewak (21st) Gloria Pope (13th) Nate Pope Larry Ray (21st) Carol Risaliti (21st) Denise Robb (13th) Kelly Sinclair-McClintock (18th)

Test Your Knowledge:

Leadership Trivia Test Go to the LSC On-line Community Forum to Win! What year was Leadership Stark County (then known as Leadership Canton) founded? Who was the first paid Executive Director of Leadership Canton? How many classes have graduated from the Signature Leadership Stark County program? What is the national leadership organization that Leadership Stark County belongs to?

Make your 23rd Class Recommendations Now! Stark County has faced many challenges and opportunities in the past year and a talented pool of committed community leaders is needed as much as ever. Please identify individuals that you believe can and will make an impact in our community and relate to them the value that you continue to receive from Leadership Stark County. You may make your recommendations to the Leadership Stark County office or simply direct prospective applicants to the online application at Keep in mind the diversity of Stark County and help us recruit that diversity for this class.

Who is the current Chair of the Leadership Stark County board of trustees?

How many alumni have graduated from Leadership Stark County? How many boxes of cereal were donated to the Stark County Hunger Task Force by the 2008 Spotlight young professionals class? Which northeast Ohio mayor spoke to the 2008 Government Leadership Academy class? What farm employing seasonal labor is visited by the Encounter Bus Tour? BONUS QUESTION: What is Fran Wells’ favorite leadership quote? The answers to all the questions are found at Log-in and click on ‘Announcements’ and choose ‘Leadership Trivia’. Then email the answer to the bonus question to Joy Walko (you many use the ‘private email’ link at the top of the page). One winner of a $20 Quizno’s gift certificate will be chosen from all the correct answers received by March 2, 2009. If you don’t know your log-in information, call or email Joy.

Gretchen Plewak

I was extremely impressed with the program design which featured exposure to all facets of Stark County, insight from leaders in the community, team activities and networking opportunities. I realize that the time I spent with the LSC program was a commitment for Marathon, but I feel my involvement will benefit Marathon as a more effective leader and member in the community.

Gretchen Plewak, human resource manager, Marathon Petroleum Company, LLC

Tom Diez

While you’re at the on-line community, be sure to check out the ‘Leadership Dialogue’, ‘Job Openings’ and ‘Volunteer Opportunities’ forums. Check the ‘Community Calendar’ link at the top of the page.

I am certainly more engaged with the community than I have ever been before in other communities where I have lived. LSC has allowed me to expand my contacts beyond the traditional (church, school) and given me the opportunity to network and get to know other people from different backgrounds. It has also allowed me to be exposed to community problems, be more sensitive to the real issues of the many people you are not normally exposed to, how I can contribute, and the impact of my contribution on a personal level.

Tom Diez, director distribution Americas, The Timken Company


MANY THANKS! Thanks again to Black McCuskey Souers & Arbaugh for their generous support of this issue of the Alumni Link.

To develop a core of motivated leaders with a lifelong commitment to community trusteeship through training in leadership skills and education about the community.

Fran Wells, Director Stephanie Werren, Development Director Joy Walko, Managing Editor Sarah Bhatia, Graphic Designer a publication of Leadership Stark County

Leadership Stark County Alums Advance at Stark State 22nd Class Human Services Day

22nd Class Asset Building Day Dorey Diab

22nd Class Education Day

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Lada Gibson-Shreve

Special Thanks to our In-kind Donors: 91 Wood Fired Grill and Canton Professional Educators Association LIKE TO SEE YOUR LOGO HERE? Call Stephanie Snow Werren at 330.458.2093.

Glenda Zink

Leadership Stark County is proud to note that three Signature program graduates have recently been promoted at Stark State College of Technology. Dorey Diab (16th class), returns to Stark County as provost and chief academic officer at Stark State after serving for a time at Rhodes State College in Lima, Ohio. Lada Gibson-Shreve (18th Class), was recently named dean of General Studies and Glenda Zink (19th Class), is the new dean of Business Technologies.

Leadership Link-1st Qtr 2009  
Leadership Link-1st Qtr 2009  

Contact the LSCoffice about any of these events at 330.458.2095 or joyw@lead- In what ways did Leadership Stark County...