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Tesla NanoCoatings The World’s Leading Technology to Combat Corrosion

Preview 1.  Corrosion and Midstream 2.  Northeast Ohio Corrosion Mitigation Cluster 3.  Tesla NanoCoatings involvement in Midstream operations

Aging Infrastructure

Pipeline Failure Mechanisms

NIST IR 7415, Analysis of Pipeline Corrosion Data From NBS (NIST) Studies

Recent Incidents   September 9, 2010 - Pacific Gas & Electric Pipeline Rupture in San Bruno, CA   February 10, 2011 - UGI Utilities Pipeline Leak in Allentown, PA   July 26, 2010 - Enbridge Spill near Marshall, MI   December 11, 2012 - NiSource/Columbia Gas Pipeline Rt. 77 / Sissonville, WV

Corrosion Mitigation Technology Cluster o 

Cleveland to Louisville Corridor


The University of Akron –  College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering –  National Center for Education and Research on Corrosion and Materials Performance


The Ohio State University –  Fontana Corrosion Center


Ohio University –  Institute for Corrosion and Multiphase Technology


Industry Leaders –  ASM International –  Cathodic Protection

Tesla NanoCoatings Inc Product Use • Applied like paint acts like plating –  No special training required –  Compatible with all conventional paint application equipment

• 2-coat system –  replacing a 3-coat system –  unequaled corrosion control, extended lifecycles, cost savings

Tesla NanoCoatings Inc Current Military Status • Approved for use by US Army Corps of Engineers for : –  Army Installations, Steel infrastructure –  Army Corp Civil Works, Steel Infrastructure

• US Army Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management funding new specification development for these coatings • US Army identified Teslan Carbon Nanocoating as “Technical Solution” • Department of Defense Technical Corrosion Collaboration researching carbon nanotube corrosion solutions for weapon systems and infrastructure • Several Successful projects completed and pending

Tesla NanoCoatings Inc


Tesla NanoCoatings Inc Strong Intellectual Property • 11-patents exclusively licensed • 3-patents pending –  Self-healing polymer compositions –  Biological Biocide Additives for Polymer –  Composition for corrosion prevention

“Not a technology looking for a problem”

Solutions and Variants • Initial product platform for Steel Infrastructure –  Several variations •  Sacrificial pigments •  Topcoat • External Pipeline Coatings • Extensive list of Derivative products –  Pipeline internal diameter corrosion –  Drag reduction –  Erosion resistant –  microbiologically influenced corrosion –  Marine anti-fouling / drag reducing –  High temperature and pressure downhole coatings

Tesla NanoCoatings Inc Greener alternative • Reduce or eliminate –  Spills/leaks –  Heavy metals in coatings –  Volatile Organic Compounds –  Need for corrosion inhibitors and anti-friction additives –  Landfill waste

Carbon Nanotubes •  Strongest and stiffest material known •  Chemical bonds stronger than bonds found in diamonds •  Current-carrying capacity - 1,000x greater than copper •  Tensile strength - 50x greater than steel

Function of Nanotubes •  Carbon Nanotubes selfassemble into ropes •  Quantum Nanowires form electron path •  Reinforce / Stiffen / Toughen the coating

® Teslan

Basic Science •  Cathodic potential is established thru electrochemical reaction •  Acts like galvanizing or sacrificial plating •  Coating is always the anode donating electrons

Pigment reduction = superior barrier

Pigment reduction = superior barrier

Pigment reduction = superior barrier

Best in all categories

Source: Army Corp 2011 R & D 100 Entry Form

ASTM B-117 Salt Fog (3,000 hours) Best Military System to-date

TESLAN速 Urethane Topcoat (with TESLAN速 ZN Primer)

TESLAN速 Urethane Topcoat (no primer)

ASTM B-117 Salt Fog (5,000 hours)

TESLAN速 2-Coat System (TESLAN速 ZN Primer Urethane Topcoat), 8.5 total mils

Std. 3-Coat System (Company A), 12.9 total mils



Value Proposition •  30% reduction in labor / variable costs •  Similar material costs •  200% improved life •  900% ROI •  Increased safety, greener than alternative

Typical Project Costs

Teslan速 Reduces Variable Costs 30%

Tesla NanoCoatings Inc Next Steps • Demonstration Projects –  Production / well site –  Transmission –  Midstream –  Downstream • Collaboration on New Products for Oil & Gas –  Pipeline coatings –  Marine anti-fouling / drag reducing –  Pipeline internal diameter corrosion & drag reduction –  High temperature and pressure downhole coatings

Contact Information Todd Hawkins – CEO 6200 Frank Ave NW Advanced Technology Center T-101 North Canton, Ohio 44720

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8 Tesla Todd Hawkins