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THE KARCHER GROUP + Social Media Strategy for Business

SOCIAL MEDIA: What is Social Media? +Social media allows for the creation and exchange of user-

generated content – it’s about interacting with and sharing information with others online. Examples: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn YouTube Blog Google+ Pinterest

+ Social Media Strategy for Business

1. Educate Yourself -Where is your audience(s) -Evaluate your online competitors and others in a similar field -Understand technology and how to leverage it

2. Setup Account & Start Publishing -Just dip your toe in -Consistent branding and message -Link back to your site -Position self as authority -Increase online footprint


Participate! -Join/start conversations -Don’t be self serving -Divide your time -General topics -Talk to people about THEM -Offers & sales -Actively engage your community and nurture friendships & followers -Build relationships


Rules of Engagement -Be authentic -Be vulnerable -Be transparent -Be honest -Be conversational -Be focused on relationships

5. Make it Fun! -Show personality through humor, video’s, pic’s etc.

5 Benefits to Consider -New way to interact with customers -Develop individual connections & partnerships -Increased exposure -Enhancing SEO -Foster leads

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