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Annual Report 2016




t the end of each year we take time to reflect on our performance and identify ways to improve the quality of our services and the impact we are having in our clients’ lives. We also consider what is going on in the communities around us and how the field is evolving nationally. We ask ourselves, “How are we adapting to the evolving needs of our clients and communities?” and “How can we deliver the most efficient and impactful services to our clients on their road to recovery?” With these questions in mind, we create plans for the year ahead. Caminar is so much more than just a mental health service provider because we understand the brain and body act as one dynamic system that cannot be treated separately. We place emphasis on providing services to the “whole person” through integrated primary and mental health care; and now by merging with Family & Children Services of Silicon Valley (see page 3 for details), we are expanding the number and diversity of clients we serve and the programs we deliver to those in need throughout the greater Bay Area. In addition to our belief in treating the whole person, we also believe everyone deserves affordable, clean housing; without it, how can someone focus on recovery? We assist clients in obtaining competitive employment opportunities and pursuing higher education. Our supported education program provides clients the foundation to finish advanced degrees, such as a former San Mateo County client, whose story is on page 7. We are blessed to have incredibly dedicated and passionate staff members whose work is driven by a belief in our clients’ potential for recovery. Our board and management appreciate their outstanding efforts. I am fortunate to work closely with our Board of Directors to seek prospective members who are passionate advocates and supporters of Caminar and our mission. On the road to recovery and independence, our clients receive the skills and support they need to succeed thanks to our government funders, generous donors, volunteers, community partners, and Board of Directors. Thank you for making our life-saving work possible. With much appreciation,

Steve Porter, President Carol Whitfield, Co-Vice President Michelle Leu Zaccone, Co-Vice President Betsy Pace, Treasurer Suzan Getchell, Secretary Charles “Chip” Huggins, CEO Samyukt Bajaj Pratap Banthia Donna Barulich Clay Campbell

Lisa Conover Belinda Hanson Barbara Jones Olana Khan Carole Middleton Diana Neiman, ED Barbara Patterson Ted Robinson Rod Sockolov Tze Pin Tai Vivienne Virani Grace Yang

A DV I SO RY CO M M I T TE E Dennis Pantano Ted Stinson Margaret Taylor

E X ECU T I V E M A N AG E M E N T TE A M* Charles “Chip” Huggins, JD, Chief Executive Officer Karen Gianuario, Chief Operating Officer Deborah Barrow, LMFT, Director of Case Management, San Mateo Region

Tara Beckman, MSW, Director of Services, Solano Region Jerry Dattilo, Co-Director of Jobs Plus Programs Joan Dohina, Director of Human Resources Calleene Egan, MA, Regional Director of Social Enterprise Ayako Fukudome, CPA, Director of Finance and Accounting Steven Gilbert, BSEE, NSEE, Director of Information Technology

Richard Gordon, Government Relations Officer Lynn Groff, MA, LPCC, Director of Residential Programs, San Mateo Region

Crysta Krames, MPA, Director of Community Partnerships Christopher Kughn, MA, MFT, Executive Director, Solano Region

Maryanne McGlothlin, MS, Director of Grants and


Charles “Chip” Huggins Chief Executive Officer

Diana Neiman, Executive Director, FCS Division Albert Pignataro, LMFT, Executive Director, San Mateo Region Ann K. Rawley, PhD, Director of Quality Improvement Carolyn DeVoto Salcido, MNA, Director of Development

ON THE COVER: Thanks to the support of our Homeless Outreach Program, Jenna* is now reunited with her daughter and living in stable housing. Read Jenna’s full story on page 10. *Names are changed throughout report to protect identity.

Michael Schocket, Co-Director of Jobs Plus Programs

*As of January 2017

Merger Announcement


n October, we announced that Family & Children Services of Silicon Valley (FCS) will be merging with Caminar at the start of 2017. This strategic partnership brings together two Bay Area behavioral health organizations with a shared belief: that by providing a path to recovery, we can strengthen communities and empower individuals to live independently, self-sufficiently, and with pride. The boards of directors of both organizations unanimously approved the merger, under which FCS will operate as a division of Caminar. The merger expands Caminar’s reach in Santa Clara County. Caminar and FCS have similar values and both shared and distinct strengths and skill sets. The services of the combined organization will work together in complementary ways to increase efficiency and impact. With a combined operating budget of approximately $32 million and close to 500 employees, FCS and Caminar look forward to growing our programs for the benefit of more people in the Bay Area.




• The number of clients stepping down to lower levels of care or graduating from our programs more than doubled from last year to 294 • Awarded and began delivering Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT) Full Service Partnership program services (also known as Laura’s Law) • Achieved average client satisfaction ratings of 91% and higher • Hosted 2nd Annual Mental Health Symposium for over 200 local donors and professionals

Provides the following to Transition Age Youth (16-24 year olds) and Adults: • Case Management • Supported Housing • Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment • Supported Education • Vocational Services • Medication Clinic & Bridges to Wellness Integrated Health Care

Provides the following to Children, Teens, and Adults: • Individual & Family Counseling Services • Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing Counseling Services • School Based Services • Foster Youth Services • LGBTQ Programs • Family Violence & Abuse Prevention • Substance Use Disorder Treatment & Prevention • Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment • Parenting Programs

• Supported Employment Program job retention rate for those employed after two years is 74% • 508 clients were served in our Supported Housing Program CARF Certified

Guidestar Gold Approved

Caminar By the Numbers: 2015 – 2016







unduplicated individuals served


individuals gained competitive employment through Jobs Plus

average increase in financial support provided to clients in our supported housing program

case management clients “stepped down” to decreased levels of care

of clients in our supported housing program keep their residence for at least 12 months

is the average hourly wage for individuals employed through Jobs Plus

of case management clients graduated from mental health services

Where Your Contributions Go We believe permanent, safe, and affordable housing is crucial to recovery and one’s overall health and well-being. Donations play an essential part in delivering Caminar’s Supported Housing program services. You help us provide housing assistance for adults living with mental illness and co-occurring substance abuse issues. In partnership with the Housing Authority and local property owners, we place clients in affordable and safe housing options. In 2015-16, your donations provided the following for clients looking for a place to call home:







One month rent for 20 clients at our YAIL subsidized housing

Psychiatry services for clients in crisis housing

Rent or deposit assistance for client moving into independent housing

700 meals for clients in crisis housing

Beds for clients moving into their first apartment

Bus tokens for clients to get to doctor appointment or job

Numbers of Clients Served: 2,433 2014– 2015

Numbers of Clients Served: 2,166 2015– 2016 974





142 646


● San Mateo  ● Solano  ● Butte  ● Jobs Plus

Agency Expense*

● San Mateo  ● Solano  ● Butte  ● Jobs Plus

Agency Revenue*

2016 Revenue vs. Expense $21.0M






● Program Service: 84% ● Management & General: 13% ● Fundraising: 3%

*Audited Financials can be found on

● Govt Contracts - San Mateo Region: 51.0% ● Govt Contracts - Solano Region: 20.8% ● Govt Contracts - Butte Region: 2.6% ● Govt Contracts - Jobs Plus Program: 4.4% ● Program Service Income: 14.8% ● Donations & Grants: 5% ● In Kind Revenues: 1.1% ● Misc. Revenue: 0.3%









● Revenue: $18.7 million ● Expenses: $18.7 million


Caminar: Road to Recovery


or those living with mental illness, paving the road to recovery can seem insurmountable and riddled with uncertainty. Since 1964, Caminar’s mission has been to provide those in crisis with a road map to independence — and accompany them on every step of the journey. We believe that health, home, purpose, and community are the pillars that support an individual’s ability to thrive and live a life of dignity and independence.

CRISIS: Approximately 79% of all clients referred to Caminar are homeless. The majority of clients come to our two crisis residential homes from local hospitals. At the homes, clients benefit from food, shelter, medication support, and intensive case management services, as well as a loving home environment.


MEDICATION CLINICS Psychiatrists, nurses, and licensed psychiatric technicians work with clients to design individual medication plans and provide integrated healthcare.

HOMELESS OUTREACH (HOME)/ ASSISTED OUTPATIENT TREATMENT (AOT) Caminar’s HOME program provides outreach, supportive, and stabilizing services to those experiencing situational homelessness. AOT was developed out of Laura’s Law and reaches out to people with severe mental illness who are not connected to services. For more information on both programs, see articles on pages 9 and 10.

RESIDENTIAL PROGRAMS Each one of Caminar’s residential treatment programs has been thoughtfully created to provide a warm, caring, and inviting environment for its residents – a place to call home – not simply a “residential facility.” • Laurel Creek • Redwood House • Eucalyptus House • Hawthorne House

CASE MANAGEMENT Our Case Management programs assist individuals in meeting their basic needs while fostering empowerment, self-determination, and personal growth. Staff collaborate with each client to create a personalized recovery plan by focusing on life skills. • Full Service Partnership (FSP) • Recovery, Empowerment and Community Housing (REACH) • Comprehensive Case Management • New Ventures • Tahanan • Colma Ridge • Young Adults Independent Living (YAIL)



helly’s* story is about perseverance in the pursuit of a dream. She came to Caminar in her mid-20s and worked with supportive case managers who encouraged her to pursue her educational dreams. She completed her undergraduate degree from Notre Dame de Namur University and in 2016, she completed her Master of Public Administration at Golden Gate University. She was recently was accepted to the University of Southern California’s Master of Social Work and University of Phoenix’s Doctorate of Health Administration programs. As the first person in her family to graduate high school, her higher education accomplishments are remarkable.

SUPPORTED HOUSING We assist clients in accessing federal housing subsidy programs such as Shelter Plus Care and Section 8. When subsidized programs aren’t an option, we work with local property owners to find low-cost, permanent housing. Almost 100% of our Supported Housing clients have kept their residences for at least one year. • Gateway • Laurel Gardens • Serena Village • Avenidas Apartments • San Mateo and Solano Region apartment sites

SOCIAL ENTERPRISES These supportive employment type programs train individuals to get real-life vocational opportunities and also provides low cost services for people on limited incomes. All profits go back into the programs, creating a double bottom line and giving customers a sense of making a social impact. • Olivos Private Care • Sensible Cyclery • Pro Touch • Linden Street Apartments

SUPPORTED EDUCATION Caminar’s Transition to College program collaborates with the College of San Mateo and San Mateo County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services to provide educational support to students with disabilities and help them attain their educational goals.

JOBS PLUS Caminar fully supports people who want to learn new skills and develop career goals, yet are often excluded from the workforce due to disabilities. Jobs Plus works with individuals to find a job match and then provides job coaching support to ensure an individual’s employment success.

WELLNESS & COMMUNITY INTEGRATION Caminar focuses on a “whole body” approach to recovery. We provide an array of services meant to promote wellness and ongoing recovery from mental health disorders. • Wellness and Recovery Drop-In Center • Bridges to Wellness (BTW) • Friendship Circle • Art Therapy Program

*Name has been changed to protect identity.


2nd Annual Mental Health Symposium


Ight for a just cause; LOve your fellow man; LIve a good life,” was the credo that inspired Mr. William Bowers Bourne, to name the historic Filoli Gardens, site of Caminar’s 2nd Annual Mental Health Symposium on May 25, 2016. The evening’s focus was information on cutting edge research. Guests filled the hall to listen to compelling presentations by mental health experts Steven Adelsheim, M.D. (Stanford); Leanne Williams, Ph.D. (Stanford); and Stephan Sanders, BMBS, Ph.D. (UCSF). Each speaker discussed groundbreaking research in early detection testing methodologies that are, establishing more precise

2016 Cammie Awards


n May 20, Caminar Solano Region celebrated Mental Health Awareness Month with the 5th Annual Cammie Awards. “Walk a Mile in Their Shoes” was the theme of the event, which brought together over 100 guests, including Solano County Behavioral Health staff, consumers, community members, and Caminar employees, at Vallejo’s Foley Cultural Center. Guests were welcomed by Chris Kughn, Executive Director of Caminar’s Solano Region, who applauded the hard work of the recipients and explained that the Cammie Awards provide the opportunity for the honorees to be acknowledged by their community. Caminar’s Chief Operating Officer Karen Gianuario followed by talking about Caminar, our history, and services. Honorees were recognized in seven categories representing milestones on the journey to a life of wellness: clean and sober living; maintaining independent housing; wellness and recovery skills; social skills/ abilities; achievements in education; achievements in employment; and achievements in healthy lifestyle. Eight clients and three volunteers were presented with Cammie Awards. Solano County Supervisor Erin Hannigan provided certificates of recognition. Guests were moved by stories of gratitude and overcoming adversity, and the momentous afternoon was capped off with a special lunch.

diagnoses and treatments tailored to each patient, and the role that genetics plays in mental illness. Lastly, Karan Singh, Co-founder of, discussed utilizing technology in behavioral healthcare delivery. A special recognition from San Mateo County was awarded to Caminar CEO Chip Huggins for his generous contributions and dedication to the organization, thereby declaring May 25, 2016, “Chip Huggins Day.” If you missed the event, videos of each presentation are available on our website. Please join us again on Thursday, May 18, 2017, at the beautiful Filoli Gardens as we continue this important series. Visit for the most up to date information on this event highlighting innovations in mental health care.

Assisted Outpatient Treatment


eveloped after San Mateo County’s adoption of Laura’s Law in the summer of 2015, our Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT) program engages and provides services to individuals with mental illness who are not currently receiving any treatment, and who may be unable to live safely and stably in the community. Our AOT program provides 24/7 intensive mental health services, including case management, psychiatry, medication management, benefit and housing support, and life skill development, as well as guidance and support to help people reach their recovery goals. The AOT team is composed of a clinical services manager, psychologist, deputy public guardian, social worker, and peer support workers.

Homeless Outreach Program


tarted in 2015, Caminar’s Homeless Outreach, Motivation and Engagement (HOME) program provides supportive and stabilizing services to homeless individuals in Solano County who are also struggling with mental health challenges. Jenna (pictured on the cover) and her family are among the people helped through the HOME program. Jenna and her daughter, Shawna, were living in a homeless shelter and desperately hoping that housing would come through for them. When their stay at the shelter expired, Child Protective Services explained that they would need to take Shawna away until Jenna could secure safe housing. This broke Jenna’s heart, yet she never lost hope of regaining custody. An outreach worker for the HOME program met Jenna on the street one day and invited her to participate in HOME’s services. With HOME, Jenna had the support she needed as she worked hard to establish a better environment for her daughter. With the assistance of HOME and numerous work programs, she obtained a part-time job and secured Section 8 subsidized housing, both of which allowed her to live with Shawna again. Now she is ready to start engaging in more services to address the many challenges she had to suppress while struggling to live from day-to-day. To date, we have assisted over 150 clients and families like Jenna and Shawna and are increasing the number of individuals we can serve each year. This year we will expand the program by adding a case manager, a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN), and an additional Psychiatrist. We are encouraged by the success of the program and the support of Solano County as we continue to serve vulnerable individuals in our communities.

Olivos Private Care SERVICES PROVIDED • Psychiatric assessment and treatment • Individual and group counseling • Medication management, monitoring, and delivery • 24 hour on call emergency response • Full service care management • Employment and vocational services


livos is Caminar’s private-pay psychiatric and psychosocial program, which utilizes innovative, evidence-based practices to improve clients’ overall health and wellness. We provide a wide range of customizable services to adolescents, adults, and older adults, 24 hours a day. Our program is tailored to fit diverse needs, ranging from psychiatric emergencies to case management to life coaching. The Olivos team is composed of a psychologist, psychiatrist, care manager, registered nurse, outpatient therapist, job developer, educator, and peer specialist. In conjunction with mental health care, our services empower individuals through opportunities in the community such as employment, education, volunteering, and social activities, as well as providing resources to engage and succeed in these activities. Olivos works with individuals and their support systems to help build and sustain the lives they desire with direction and purpose, while managing their overall health.

• Psychological rehabilitation • Substance abuse monitoring, including testing • Coordination of and accompaniment to all appointments • Elder care • Assistance with activities of daily living such as: grocery shopping, housekeeping, laundry

CONTACT Jennifer Prescott,   Assistant Director 2600 S. El Camino Real, Suite 200 San Mateo, CA 94403 Phone: (650) 513-6122 Fax: (650) 393-8922 Or, email us at

Art Therapy


aminar’s Art Therapy program has made an impact on the lives of over 100 persons suffering from severe mental illness this past year. The program is funded by Aroha Philanthropies and led by world-renowned photographer Michael Collopy in collaboration with Caminar clinicians. By creating artwork, clients learn to express themselves when words cannot fully describe their range of emotions, or when they simply don’t want to talk. The program began in earnest three years ago with photography as the main art medium and has evolved to include drawing, painting, coloring books, and other activities. Music is streamed to set the mood, and occasionally, musicians are invited to play for the group. Michael begins each class by checking in with the group, then works with clients individually based on need and ability. The aim of the program is to promote comradery. By improving their social skills, many friendships and bonds have flourished. In the future we plan to dedicate more hours to the program, feature more live music, and incorporate other art mediums, such as working with clay. We are extremely encouraged by the success of the program. Clients tell us that participating in the Art Therapy Program makes them feel less anxious, calm, and hopeful. This makes us committed to building on its success. 11

6th Annual “In Concert with Caminar” By A ngelica Chisolm


n Saturday, October 15, Caminar sponsors, community partners, donors, Board of Directors, Executive Management team, employees, and their families and friends gathered at the SFJAZZ Center in San Francisco to raise money and celebrate the strides that Caminar has made in providing treatment for those who experience mental health difficulties. This yearly affair helps increase community awareness around mental health issues, highlighting Caminar’s client success stories and funding critical mental health programs. Music, food, heartwarming stories, and the generosity of our guests truly made this night unforgettable. 12

Left-Right (Top): Bruce Madding, Margie Madding, Vivienne Virani, Andrew Menkes, Monty Mitra, Mo Virani, Barbara Patterson, and Farrah Mitra; Susan Seiler, Carol Whitfield, and Carol Roberts; Judi Hinkle, Craig Williams, Linda Leo, Richard Leo, and Jane Williams; (Bottom): Patty Porter, David Sanborn, Tze Pin Tai; Patty and Steve Porter Caminar Board President


his year’s event grossed $430,000, with the proceeds supporting all of our mental health programs, including our Supported Housing program, which was the recipient of this year’s Fund-A-Need. Donations from this event will assist clients in finding and obtaining housing in the Bay Area, where rent for a one-bedroom apartment averages $2,300 a month. As most of our clients on Social Security Income (SSI) often receive only $900 per month, it makes paying a security deposit and first month’s rent essentially impossible without support. Almost all of our Supported Housing clients have kept their residences for at least one year. Caminar’s Board President, Steve Porter, made opening remarks and shared what drew him to the organization. Caminar CEO Chip Huggins then took the stage and made the exciting announcement that Family & Children

Left-Right (Top): Carla Carstens, Linda Carstens Hall, Caroline Kochley, David Sanborn, Michelle Leu Zaccone, and Cherri Gurney; Audience at event; Joe Galligan, Leslie Nguyen, Helen Galligan, and Jake Nguyen; (Bottom): Bri Baker, Mark Cieplinski, Olana Khan, Clayton Peters, and Crysta Krames; Charles “Chip” Huggins, Caminar CEO; Tze Tai, Mindi Abair, and Patty Porter

Services of Silicon Valley (FCS) will be joining forces with Caminar in early 2017. This strategic alliance will expand Caminar’s support system to children, teens, and families, including the LGBTQ communities. Master of Ceremony KCBS News co-anchor, Stan Bunger, shared his own personal connection to mental illness and presented the opening act, Mindi Abair and The Boneshakers, with special guest R&B vocalist, Sweet Pea Atkinson. The headliner was six-time Grammy

Award winner David Sanborn, who kept the crowd clapping and dancing throughout the night. Both Mindy and David opened up about family members’ experiences with mental illness and spoke to the importance of dialogue as a means to break the stigma around seeking and receiving services. The highlight of the evening was a video about Sheri Gomes, who suffered from addiction, was homeless, and had attempted suicide by jumping out of a five-story building. With Caminar’s assistance, she turned her life around. She now works as a Job Coach for Caminar, helping who are recovering from mental illness to enter the workforce. Caminar will continue the tradition of music as the cornerstone of our annual event when we return to the SFJAZZ Center on Saturday, November 11, 2017, to celebrate veterans and others dealing with mental health issues. 13

FUNDERS, SPONSORS & DONORS FY 2015-16 Government Funders

Butte County Department of Behavioral Health City of Vacaville San Mateo County Transit District (SamTrans) County of San Mateo Behavioral Health and Recovery Services Peninsula Health Care District Sequoia Healthcare District Solano County Mental Health Services State of California, Department of Developmental Services State of California, Department of Rehabilitation U.S. Department of Agriculture U.S. Department of Education U.S. Department of Health and Human Services U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)


Aroha Philanthropies Genentech Foundation Kaiser Permanente Northern California Community Benefit Programs Ms. Carole Middleton Mr. and Mrs. Ken Stinson


ABD Insurance and Financial Services Bedrosian & Associates Mr. and Mrs. Richard Leao Mr. and Mrs. Ken Merrill Mr. Stephen Ng Mr. and Mrs. Bill Pace Mr. and Mrs. Steve Porter Mr. and Mrs. Moez Virani Mr. and Mrs. Roy Whitfield Joseph and Michelle Zaccone


Carstens Realty Hurlbut-Johnson Fund Mills Peninsula Health Services Mr. and Mrs. Mervin Morris SAMCAR Foundation Taube Family Foundation



Allan Browning Lane Trust Atkinson Foundation Ms. Joan Bayston Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Berthold Celeste P. Birkhofer, PhD, MFT and Wendell W. Birkhofer Burr Pilger Mayer Dodge & Cox Guittard Chocolate Company Mr. and Mrs. Charles “Chip” Huggins Janssen Pharmaceuticals Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kittler Mr. and Mrs. Ken Lawler Mr. and Mrs. Ronald P. Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Soli Nawas Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Pantano Mr. and Mrs. Ted Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Rosenberg Mr. and Mrs. Rusty Rueff Mr. and Mrs. Richard Seiler Stanford Hospital & Clinics Mr. and Mrs. David Tai Thelma Doelger Charitable Trust Wells Fargo Foundation


Mr. Dean Abercrombie Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Aguilar Mr. and Mrs. Tom Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Bill Armstrong AT&T Mr. and Mrs. Jim Badger Mr. and Mrs. Paul Barulich Barulich Dugoni Law Group Basecamp Fitness Bohannon Foundation Caltrain Carl Gellert & Celia Berta Gellert Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Michael Chen Mr. and Mrs. Paul Chrisman Christensen Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Doug Clendenning Mr. and Mrs. Terence DeVoto Mr. Patrick Dwyer Mr. and Mrs. Robert Feldman Mr. Jeff Fenton Mrs. Suzan Getchell Goldman Sachs Mr. and Mrs. Gary Graumann

Ms. Belinda Hanson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hegstrom Mr. and Mrs. Russell Pyne Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hinkle Mr. and Mrs. Ross Jaffe John and Marcia Goldman Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Joy Mr. and Mrs. Bharath Kadaba Mr. William Kibblewhite Ms. Marie Koerper Mr. and Mrs. Sheng-Wei Li Mr. Torey Magloth Mr. Daniel McLoughlin Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mellenthin Dr. Andrew Menkes and Ms. Barbara Patterson Mr. James Milligan Mr. and Mrs. George Montgomery Mr. and Mrs. John Morgridge Ms. Lynn Olson Ms. Lilli Rey Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Rick Runkel Mr. and Mrs. Rod Sockolov Mr. and Mrs. Dan Terry The Safeway Foundation United American Bank Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Way Mr. and Mrs. Jim West


Mr. and Mrs. Dan Alberti Ms. Carolyn Amster Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Basso Mr. and Mrs. Ron Bedrosian Mr. David Burow and Ms. Suzanne Sweeney Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cano Ms. Sandra Stafford Cecil Mr. and Mrs. Bob Ceremsak Mr. and Mrs. Yung-Ho Chuang Mr. Kurt De Grosz Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dixon Mr. Raul Francisco and Ms. Michele Grgich Mr. Trevor Gearin Mr. and Mrs. Charles Green Mr. and Mrs. Eric Hahn Ms. Vida Jalali League for Service Mr. Tom LoSavio Mr. Peter Mazonson and Ms. Mary Ann Zetes

Mrs. Martha Mirabella Mr. and Mrs. Tony Moraros Mr. Allan Morgan and Ms. Patricia McClung Mr. and Mrs. Charles Murphy Mrs. Lori Paulin Ms. Margaret Pringle Ms. Shelley Rintala Mrs. Margaret Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Tim Tight Mr. Joshua E. Turow Mr. and Mrs. Charles Vanasse Mr. and Mrs. Meeks Vaughan Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Wagner Mr. John Walker Mr. Peter Watkins and Ms. Karen Moore Ms. Ruth Wisnom Mr. Floyd Withrow


Anonymous Donors Mrs. Gloribel Allarde Mr. and Mrs. Patricia Anixter Ms. Jane Anton Ms. Connie Archuleta Ms. Tracy Azevedo Ms. Alexandra Banis Mr. Kyle Barriger Ms. Sherry Barto Mr. and Mrs. Paul Barulich Mr. Jeff Baxter and Ms. Diane Kounalakis Mr. and Mrs. James Bell Mr. Ron Bellanti Mr. and Mrs. David Bellumori Mr. and Mrs. Eric Berggren Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Bertolli Ms. Adrienne Binam Ms. Kimberly Birdsall BiRite Mr. and Mrs. Hollister Brewster Ms. Alison Brown Mr. Taylor Buckman Mr. and Mrs. Donald Buckmaster Mr. and Mrs. Gus Buono Burlingame Montessori Schools Ms. Jennifer (Ajen) Busher Ms. Carla Carstens Ms. Joan Cassman Ms. Linda Castagnetto N. Chiaco Castle Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cerf Mr. Jake Cerf Ms. Brittany Chandler Mr. Antonio Chavez Ms. Priscilla Cheng Mr. and Mrs. Tao Chow Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Clark Mr. Clifton Clark

Ms. Elisa Clowes Ms. Lil Cobb Ms. Brianne Crabbe Mr. Ceral Crawford Ms. Lelana Crayne Ms. Michelle Crisafi Mr. and Mrs. Arne Croce Mrs. Missy Danaher Ms. Jane Danbold Mr. Barny Daniels Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Davidson Mr. and Mrs. Bill Delaney Mr. John Delaney Mr. and Mrs. James DeMartini Ms. Lynn Dempsey Mr. and Mrs. Randy DeVoto Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Dohina Ms. E. Jane Dunbar Mr. and Mrs. Ture Elowson Ms. Rebeca Enriques Ms. Diane Ervin Mr. Ray Estrella and Ms. Luiza Watkins Ms. Lois Felice Ms. Ellen Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Edward Flank Ms. Marlene Ford Mr. and Mrs. Robert Franceschini, Jr. Ms. Carol Fregly Mr. and Mrs. Larry Frye Mr. and Mrs. Marc Garibaldi Mr. and Mrs. Bob Gianuario Ms. Kathleen R. Gilbert Mr. and Mrs. David Gildea Ms. Stephanie Gillen Mr. and Mrs. Robert Giorni Ms. Sheri Gomes Ms. Sharon Gonzalez Mr. Rich Gordon Gordon Biersch Mr. Charles Gould Ms. Karen Graham Mrs. Rebecca Ennis Green Ms. Dana Griffin Mr. Bruce Grimes Ms. Carole Groom Mrs. Barbara Luff Gross Ms. Tammy Guidi Ms. Diane Haggerty Ms. Claire Han Ms. Carol Harband Ms. Gayle Hardt Mr. Bernie Hargreaves Ms. Michele Harrah Mr. Michael Harris Mr. Louis Harris Ms. Sheryl Heckmann Ms. Melinda Henning Mr. Joshua Hill Mr. and Mrs. Rob Hoeksema Mr. Tom Huening Ms. Mimi Huggins

Mr. Jurdy Hughes and Ms. Patricia Bordonaro Dr. Gary C. Hunt Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Ianni Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Imparato Ms. Linda Jesmok Mr. Daniel Johndrow Ms. Nancy Kaher Ms. Louise Kehoe Mr. and Mrs. Sean Keighran Ms. Carolyn Kiely Mrs. Sheila Kiernan Mrs. Melissa Kinter Ms. Lia N. Kison Ms. Cora Jean Kleppe Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Knowles Mr. Peter Konstan KRJ Design Group, Inc. Ms. JoAnn Kukulus Mr. and Mrs. Marek Kurowski Mrs. Eunice Kushman Ms. Lila Ladue Mr. Kenneth Langill Ms. Linda Lara Mr. Connor Latoya Mr. Thomas Laursen Mr. and Mrs. Kingston Lee Mr. Mark D. Leow Mr. John Loder and Ms. Serenella Leoni Ms. Nancy Loule Mr. and Mrs. James Mackey Mr. Steven Maggi and Ms. Mary Evans Ms. Derna Maise Ms. Gail Manke Ms. Barbara Margowitz Ms. Stephanie Hernandez Marquez Mr. Jean Marrot Mrs. Jennifer Mathes Ms. Wendy Mayerson Ms. Valerie McBryde Ms. Kim McCormick Ms. Kristin McCormick Mr. and Mrs. Bob McCormick Mr. and Mrs. George McCown Mr. Charles B. McGuigan Ms. Caroline M. McHenry Ms. Tamara McInerney Mrs. Lauren Cohn Michaels Mr. Paul Miller Ms. Katie Miranda Ms. Phyllis Moldaw Mr. Mitchell Montoya Mr. John D. Moore Mr. Fred Naderi and Ms. Nariman Kazeminejad Mr. Peter Namkung and Ms. Bonnie Ayers Namkung Mr. Derek Nazarbegian Mr. Damon Nim

Mr. James Olson Ms. Alice Orme Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Oronsky Mr. Ed Osborn and Ms. Marcia Muggli Mr. and Mrs. Bill Pace Ms. Alison Pace Ms. Marianne Palefsky Ms. Suzanne C. Parsons Ms. Salena Paul Mr. Alan Penn Ms. Marilyn Perham Mr. Clayton Peters and Ms. Crysta Krames Ms. Veronica Philibosian Ms. Marlene Philibosian Ms. Lucy Phillips Mr. Alex Phillips Ms. Kymberlee Pittman Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pollano Mrs. Kim Popovits Ms. Jenn Prescott Mr. and Mrs. James Proft Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pucci Mr. Vijay Rajendran Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rao Ms. Linda Rarden Mr. and Mrs. William Reiflin Ms. Celeste Rendon Mrs. Kathryn Renschler Mrs. Vera Richard Mrs. Kristina Salcido Roach Mr. and Mrs. John Robinson Ms. Louise F. Rogers Mr. and Mrs. John Root Ms. Sharon Roth Mr. Alvin Royse Mr. Scott Russell Mr. Michael Salcido Ms. Jaime Sanford Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Santandrea Ms. Ruby Sarver Mr. Mark Scheible and Ms. Kathryn Newton-Scheible Mr. and Mrs. Craig Schoof Silicon Valley Community Foundation Ms. Eileen Silver Ms. Lori Silverstein Mr. Paul Sirkin Ms. Gloria Snell Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Snyder Staglin Family Winery Mr. and Mrs. Jim Stansberry Ms. Megan Stephens Mr. and Mrs. Steve Stern Ms. Jennifer Stier Mrs. Martha Sullivan Ms. Annette Sulpizio Ms. Cecilia Tam Mr. and Mrs. Ben Tefertiller Mr. Kevin Teng and Ms. Jenny Allison

Ms. Elaine Thompson Ms. Cheri Tichenor Mr. Jim Torosis and Ms. Susan Cummings Mr. and Mrs. Charles Trujillo Ms. Darlene Turturiki Ms. Jeanne Urich Mr. Vincent van Dillen Ms. Jill Vaughn Ms. Linda Vaughn Mrs. Genevieve Veach Mr. Arif Virani Mr. and Mrs. Keith Virnoche Ms. Gwynned Vitello Mr. and Mrs. Jay Wagner Ms. Teresa Walker Ms. Whitney Walker Mr. John Ward Mrs. Diane J. Warner Mr. Kevin Weir Mr. Tommy Whitfield and Ms. Vanessa Zambon Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Whyburn Ms. Kathleen Willis Mr. Mark S. Wolfson Mr. Lawrence Wright and Ms. Merna Richardson Ms. Candace Xanttopoulos Ms. Alie Yansaneh Mr. and Mrs. Gary Yates Ms. Kristen Young Ms. Paula Zimmerman

6 T H A N N UA L I N C ONC E RT W I T H C A M I N A R D ONOR S $25,000+

Ms. Carole Middleton


Mr. and Mrs. Richard Leao Mr. and Mrs. Steve Porter Mr. and Mrs. Roy Whitfield Joseph and Michelle Zaccone


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Caminar is dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with disabilities by providing opportunities to live in the community with dignity and independence.



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14th Annual Circle of Support Luncheon Friday, May 5, 2017 Menlo Park Featuring Sam Quinones Author of Dreamland: The True Tale of America’s Opiate Epidemic Honoring NAMI SANTA CLARA COUNTY

3rd Annual Mental Health Symposium Thursday, May 18, 2017 Filoli Gardens in Woodside Stay tuned for more information

7th Annual “In Concert With Caminar” Saturday, Nov. 11, 2017 SFJAZZ Center Honoring Veterans and others dealing with mental health issues

2016 Caminar Annual Report  

Our progress report on delivering our mission to the community, including stories of people who have moved from crisis to independence thank...

2016 Caminar Annual Report  

Our progress report on delivering our mission to the community, including stories of people who have moved from crisis to independence thank...