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 RESPECT FOR THE PODIUM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  GRADING . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  BAND OFFICERS & DUTIES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .    

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 CHAPERONE GUIDELINES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  BULLARD BAND BACKERS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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 PARENT/GUARDIAN FINANCIAL GOALS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .    

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BBB VOLUNTEER COMMITTEES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . BHS MARCHING BAND & COLORGUARD CONTRACT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . DEMEANING LANGUAGE AGREEMENT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MARCHING BAND UNIFORM INFORMATION & AGREEMENT . . . . . . . . . BBB EXECUTIVE BOARD & COMMITTEE COORDINATORS . . . . . . . . . .

BHS Band & Colorguard 2016-2017 HANDBOOK (Rev. 07/2016)

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WELCOME… …students and parents/guardians to the award-winning Bullard High School Band & Colorguard! Our primary mission is to deliver the finest musical and performance education with the highest caliber of attitude, musicianship and spirit. To achieve this, Bullard High School and the Bullard Band Backers (BBB)—our parent/guardian association—enlist a large support group of educators, instructors, parent/guardian volunteers and supporters.

Go Knights! COMMUNICATION With over 160 students and multiple performance and rehearsal dates as well as fundraisers, effective communication with both students and parents/guardians is essential to our success. The following tools are used for this purpose.

WEBSITE – Our band and colorguard website offers the most comprehensive information regarding band and colorguard activities. It includes an up-to-date calendar, itineraries, news & updates, fundraising opportunities, and general ensemble and contact information. Information changes frequently, so please check back often.

EMAIL NOTIFICATION Along with our website, email is our preferred method of communication. Parents/guardians and students are asked to provide an email address for our master email list on your Student Contact Information Sheet. Our Bullard Band Backer email account ( ) is used exclusively to communicate current activities to members. Please adjust your email filters to ensure this email address does not default to your spam folder. For your convenience, email notifications will be sent including links directly to updated web pages.

TEXT MESSAGES Periodically text messages are sent out. Everyone is asked to provide a cell phone number and cellular provider on your Student Contact Information Sheet.

HANDBOOK This handbook is your one-stop resource for all your band and colorguard questions! For your convenience and ease of use, the handbook has its own page on


Our newsletter, Tuesday Knight Times, is distributed weekly to students after each Tuesday night rehearsal during marching season. It includes information regarding current week performances and activities.


Instructors will provide handouts of itineraries and other important information to students. The information on these handouts will also be available on our website.


While most communication is managed by email and our website, we still enlist a Phone Tree to contact members by telephone as the situation demands (i.e. freshmen summer transition).

BHS Band & Colorguard 2016-2017 HANDBOOK (Rev. 07/2016)

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FACEBOOK Bullard High School Band & Colorguard maintains a Facebook group for students. It is a CLOSED GROUP (only members can see posts), which allows members an opportunity to discuss “all things band & colorguard” in a private, safe setting. Requests to join this group must be approved by the Facebook administrator, so please submit your request and join us.

 Link to access Facebook group: or while on Facebook, search for “Bullard High Band and Color Guard”.

TWITTER Bullard High School Band & Colorguard maintains a Twitter feed @BHS_Band_Guard.

BAND & SECTIONAL CLASSES Band is a year-long class divided into two semesters with multiple sections and ensembles. Students may participate in more than one ensemble. Auditions may be required for placement.

Marching Band & Colorguard (First Semester) 1. Sectional classes are held throughout the regular school day. Times are indicated on student schedules. Sections are as follows:  Percussion  Brass  Wind Ensemble  Colorguard (Auxiliary Band) 2. ZERO PERIOD CLASS is a FULL marching band and colorguard class; all active students must participate. It is held from 7:00-7:55 a.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays throughout the full school year. No zero period class is held on Wednesdays, unless otherwise notified. Physical Education (PE) Credits: Zero period class is listed as “co-curricular PE” on student report cards/transcripts. Band students receive 5 PE credits for marching season only (Fall semester). No PE credits are awarded to band students in Spring semester. In order to meet the BHS graduation requirement of 20 total PE credits through band, band students must remain in band for 4 years. Colorguard students receive 5 PE credits each semester (Fall and Spring), a total of 10 PE credits per school year. (Colorguard members who participate in both semesters satisfy PE graduation requirements in 2 years). Note: For information on grades, attendance, and assignments, consult your student’s Atlas account. For information on graduation requirements, please contact your student’s guidance counselor. 3. Additional rehearsals for full band and colorguard are held on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings and are required during marching season. Colorguard only also rehearses on Thursday evenings. See Calendar at for times and details.

BHS Band & Colorguard 2016-2017 HANDBOOK (Rev. 07/2016)

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Wind Ensemble/Concert Band (Second Semester) 1. A majority of students in marching band are also in this class, which is held during Zero period in the second semester. Auditions may be required to determine which group each student is assigned. Students are placed in either Wind Ensemble or Concert Band at the discretion of the Band Director and Associate Band Director. Many percussion students will be involved in both Wind Ensemble/Concert Band and Winter Percussion. 2. Zero period attendance is required for all Wind Ensemble/Concert Band students. Sectional classes from the first semester continue in the second semester—with emphasis on concert music and performance. See student schedule for specific sectional class times. 3. Band students do not receive PE credits during concert season.

Winter Percussion and Winter Guard 1. These two groups incorporate many members of drumline, pit, and colorguard. Band members are welcome to audition for these groups. The season for both groups runs from January through March. Rehearsals usually begin in December. 2. Winter Guard members are required to attend zero period class in the second semester. Winter Percussion members attend zero period class for Wind Ensemble/Concert Band, if participating. 3. Additional rehearsals outside regularly scheduled classes during the school day are necessary and required for participation in these groups. Competitions are typically held on Friday evenings.

Jazz Band 1. Jazz Band is a year-long class, during the school day, divided into “A” and “B” sections. Section assignment is determined by the Jazz instructor. Check your student’s schedule for class time. 2. Festivals and competitions typically take place during Spring, with some December/holiday gigs. The BHS Jazz instructor determines all festivals, competitions, and gigs in which the Jazz Bands participate. 3. Important: Jazz Band financial goals are separate from Marching Band/Concert Band goals and are not managed through Bullard Band Backers association.

MARCHING BAND & COLORGUARD Marching season can be extremely fun and rewarding! Students will have an opportunity to travel, bond with other students, excel musically, and perform frequently. As with any organization, there are "rules" that must be followed in order to carry on the traditions that have been set forth by members who marched before you. It is mandatory that the Bullard High School Marching Band & Colorguard maintain the highest caliber of attitude, musicianship, and spirit. We strive to attain excellence in all that we do.

BHS Band & Colorguard 2016-2017 HANDBOOK (Rev. 07/2016)

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GUIDELINES *  To be on time is to be LATE. BEING EARLY is to be ON TIME.  Warm up and class instruction starts promptly.  All students are responsible for having a working, playable instrument in class every day.  Chewing gum, food, and/or sodas are not permitted in rehearsals. Bottled water is acceptable.  Tolerance is required of all band members. Verbal abuse is never allowed.  ALL MEMBERS ARE IMPORTANT – In order to have a quality marching band and guard, all members must be equally important, whatever part/field position assigned. We need EVERYONE!  ATTENTION, PARADE REST, AT EASE, DRESS – These are commands that will be made clear to students and must be carried out by all. Marching Band is VISUAL (how you look) as well as AUDITORY (how you sound).  UNIFORM, UNIFORM, UNIFORM – We must all look the same, act the same, play the same… which is EXCELLENT!  TAKE PRIDE IN YOURSELF & YOUR PEERS – We are only as good as our "weakest" link. Strive to be the best, help others to do so as well and we will succeed.  BE RESPONSIBLE – All members must be responsible for their own needs at all times—on time to rehearsal, working instrument, proper cleanliness of equipment, learning of music part, and drill.  ATTITUDE must be POSITIVE, NO EXCEPTIONS! Remember - Attitude is 99% of LIFE.

GENERAL RULES * 1. You are responsible for all of the information in this handbook. 2. When in public, students must wear full uniform properly and act in a professional manner. Colorguard must always dress in full guard costume or approved warm-up attire. When not in uniform, Bullard High School dress code applies at all times. 3. Cooperate fully with directors, staff members, section leaders, drum majors, and Band Council members. 4. YOU and YOUR PARENTS/GUARDIANS are financially responsible for lost, damaged or stolen school equipment. Be especially careful on road trips. 5. To report your band/guard related after school hours rehearsal absence, email the director at 6. ONLY BAND MEMBERS WILL SIT WITH THE BAND DURING FOOTBALL GAMES. MEMBERS MUST SIT IN THEIR OWN SECTION AND NO HANDHELD VIDEO GAMES ARE ALLOWED. 7. No one is to leave the stands during the game without seeing either the director or a chaperone. 8. Members are not excused from football games until dismissed by the band director. BHS Band & Colorguard 2016-2017 HANDBOOK (Rev. 07/2016)

– PAGE 5 –

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9. NEVER ASSUME a rehearsal or performance is canceled due to inclement weather. Call any staff member for immediate information about rehearsals or performances. 10. Rehearsal Attire: Wear tennis shoes (NO flip-flops or open toed shoes); bring your own water bottle; wear light-colored clothing and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun. Note: Bullard High School dress code policy must be followed during rehearsals. 11. Respect the instruments of others. Do not handle an instrument that is not your own. Please respect ALL belongings of others. 12. NO GUM AT ANY TIME! 13. NO make-up when in uniform. NO nail polish. NO jewelry. Colorguard is the only exception for enhancements that are part of the colorguard costume. 14. Personal Belongings: Take ONLY those items that you NEED to rehearsals, games, and competitions. Please keep all items in a bag labeled with your name for easy identification. a. During competitions, all personal belongings will be stored in the locked, Lil Blue trailer during performance. b. During games, bags will remain in stands with chaperones during field performance. c. Cell phones must be turned off during rehearsals and performances! 15. Personal announcements (i.e. Winter Formal invitations) by students are NOT permitted during games and competitions. As much fun as they can be, this behavior does not represent Bullard High School Band & Colorguard in the manner expected of us. 


BEHAVIOR GUIDE For any organization (particularly a large one) to run smoothly and efficiently, the overall discipline must be consistent and fair. The organization must come first! Students are expected to be ladies and gentlemen at ALL times. Band and colorguard members can be suspended from band and/or school for misconduct on buses, at rehearsals, during performances, or at any time during a band trip or function. Band and its activities—whether at school or on local or out-of-town trips—is an extension of school; therefore, ALL SCHOOL RULES APPLY 24 HOURS A DAY. The Band Director or other school staff may search instrument cases, luggage, or motel rooms if there is a reasonable suspicion to do so. To ensure fair treatment and the Director's respect for the students, the following behavior rules and consequences will apply to all members in band and colorguard.


(Subject to changes/additions as determined by Director).

1. The use of tobacco, drugs, or alcohol will not be tolerated. 2. The use of profanity or vulgar language will not be tolerated. 3. Couples are not allowed to display affection on buses or at activities. This means NO kissing! Students who do not respect this rule will not be allowed to sit together on the bus or in stands. 4. Students who are not participating in a performance due to illness, excessive absences, etc. must still attend "in uniform" unless excused by the director. 5. Students must follow all Uniform Procedures. BHS Band & Colorguard 2016-2017 HANDBOOK (Rev. 07/2016)

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6. Band/guard members must honor the leadership and position of all band officers. The officers have earned their positions through experience, training, and testing. Unfair or unauthorized treatment will be brought to the attention of the Director. 7. Band officers found guilty of misconduct may lose their ranking. 8. All members must follow the directions of directors, staff, officers, and chaperones at all times. 9. Headphones must be used with radios/players on the bus. This rule may be overlooked at the discretion of the bus driver and chaperones. Always respect the rights of others. 10. Students must follow the itinerary at all times. Itinerary changes will be announced or posted by the Director. “Someone said" is not a reason to change the rules or the itinerary. 11. No girls in boys’ rooms and no boys in girls’ rooms after curfew. 12. ALL band and guard members must follow ALL established and communicated rules of behavior at ALL times.


CONSEQUENCES Consistent enforcement of behavior rules and consequences is intended to benefit all students and to ensure their comfort, safety, and enjoyment in band & guard. For every action, there is a reaction! Bullard High School Band & Colorguard has adopted the following consequences to alert students to infractions in expected behavior and/or conduct and to provide consistent discipline. Consequences will be enforced by Directors, school staff, and band officers (as determined by the Band Director). 

Student receives verbal warning.

Student must “sit out” rehearsal, performance, etc. for a period of time determined by Directors or staff. (Generally, “sit out” time will not exceed current activity or day).

Student is released (sent home) from rehearsal, performance, etc. and denied further participation for the week. Band Director will contact student’s parent/guardian.

Student is required to meet with a Bullard High School Vice Principal to discuss behavior/conduct, consequences, and improvement.

BHS Band & Colorguard 2016-2017 HANDBOOK (Rev. 07/2016)

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CONCERT SEASON Band & Colorguard Rules and Behavior Rules and Consequences as outlined in “Marching Band & Colorguard” section will be enforced during Concert Season. "Stage Presence" will be required for all performing groups in public view.

CONCERT ATTIRE Concert attire is mandatory. Fundraising funds do not cover concert wear. Ordering information will be provided. Concert attire will be as follows: 1. Boys: Bullard Concert FORMAL TUXEDO, black dress shoes, long black socks If student does not already have a tuxedo (or if he has outgrown last year’s), one must be purchased by parent/guardian. The Uniform Committee does not handle tuxedo orders. 2. Girls: Bullard Concert FORMAL DRESS (full-length, black dress), black dress shoes The Uniform Committee manages the sizing of concert formal dresses for new students and returning students who need a different size from last year. Students will be sized for concert dresses in January or February. Girls are responsible for alterations and cleaning. (Cost per dress is approximately $65. Dress cost is subject to change.) The Uniform Committee does not handle concert dress orders.

CONCERT ETIQUETTE The following is a list of standard concert etiquette for audiences at all concert performances. The Bullard High School Music Department thanks our audiences for their continued cooperation and support in our endeavor to teach everyone, young and old, proper concert etiquette and to create a concert environment that acknowledges respect for the students’ hard work. 1. Parents/Guardians should try to attend all performances. audience.

You are your student's most important

2. If arriving late to the concert site, enter the performance room between musical selections only. It is distracting to the audience and the performers when someone enters during a performance. 3. Please stay for the entire program. If you must leave, do so between musical selections. Remember: All performers must stay for the duration of the concert. Part of the educational process is for novice players to hear more advanced players perform. 4. Please do not talk, pop chewing gum, or allow watches, cell phones, or beepers to go off during a performance. Please refrain from using cell phones (texting, emailing, browsing, etc.) during performance to avoid distracting to other audience members in darkened theater. 5. Please applaud at the end of each selection performed by concert groups. Hold applause until all movements are completed in a multi-movement selection as indicated in the concert program. 6. Please applaud immediately after a soloist's performance, in a Jazz Band performance only. 7. Please do NOT take flash pictures during a performance. 8. Please wear appropriate concert attire. Remember, adults are the visual role models for young people.

BHS Band & Colorguard 2016-2017 HANDBOOK (Rev. 07/2016)

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RESPECT FOR THE PODIUM This is a courtesy among musicians. Whoever is on the podium—Director, Staff, Band Officer, Band Parent—must be given the undivided attention of everyone in the room. All talking and playing must stop. This applies to all ensembles at all times.

GRADING All performances and rehearsals are MANDATORY for those students participating in each ensemble (Marching Band, Wind Ensemble/Concert Band, Jazz Band); they are a part of each student’s grade similar to a test in other academic classes. Each performance is worth 100 points. Grading is based on a point system. Points are awarded for daily participation, having proper m usic and instrument in class rehearsal, marching band rehearsals, and concert participation. Total amount of possible points awarded for rehearsals, concerts, marching activities, and required home practice will set the goal for the highest possible grade. Students who have unexcused absences will not receive points on the day(s) missed. Points are deducted (or not awarded) to students who do not follow class rules and behavior guide; are tardy; or do not participate in rehearsals, performances, and fundraising events.

IMPORTANT! Students must return the completed and signed Signature Page form distributed with this handbook to the band room by

FRIDAY, AUGUST 26, 2016 in order to participate.

BAND OFFICERS & DUTIES Bullard High School Band & Colorguard officers are assigned by the Directors and staff. Auditions may be required for some positions. It is the RESPONSIBILITY of all band officers to provide positive leadership and guidance to all band members through experience and knowledge and by example. It is the DUTY of all band members to honor the positions attained by the band officers!


Maintains discipline within the band in coordination with the Band Director;

Must be a playing member of the band;

First student assistant to the director;

Performs any other necessary duties as required of a drum major;

Conducts the band in rehearsals and performances;

Supervises uniform inspection before each performance;

BHS Band & Colorguard 2016-2017 HANDBOOK (Rev. 07/2016)

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Oversees instruction of marching fundamentals for new band members;

Assigns service work (with director's approval) for behavior or procedure violations;

Must set a behavioral example for the rest of the band.


Maintain discipline within the colorguard;

First student assistant to the director in charge of the colorguard;

Assures that all equipment is cared for and stored properly;

Supervises uniform inspection of the guard before each performance;

Must set a behavioral example for the rest of the colorguard.


Maintain order within their section;

Assistant to Section Instructor;

Assign and maintain equipment within the section;

Must set a behavioral example for their section.


The Band Council functions as an ASB Council for on-campus fundraising and leadership.

The Band Council must set a behavioral example for the band.

INSTRUMENTS AND ACCESSORIES School-Owned Instruments Certain instruments may be available, free of charge, for student use (depending on inventory). These are generally larger instruments such as tubas, baritones, bass clarinets, French horns, and percussion instruments. Participating students are reminded that they are responsible for school-owned equipment and instruments. Students and parents/guardians may be required to complete and sign a school-owned equipment/instrument use contract. Unnecessary damage to or loss of school-owned equipment and instruments is the responsibility of—and must be paid for by—the student and parents/guardians. Failure to comply will result in forfeiture of the use of the equipment/instrument. The student’s name and amount owed will also be placed on Bullard’s student financial obligation list, which must be satisfied prior to graduation.

BHS Band & Colorguard 2016-2017 HANDBOOK (Rev. 07/2016)

– PAGE 10 –

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Music & Accessories Unless otherwise indicated, students are responsible for purchasing and stocking appropriate accessories for his/her instrument. 

Printed Music - Each band member receives individual copies of all music. Students are required to store their own music in a 1” binder (not provided), along with a pencil, and bring it to each rehearsal and/or concert performance. Students: Please make sure that music is not left on the stand, on the floor, in a chair, on the bus, etc.

Reeds - Clarinet and saxophone players must have at least 4 reeds in good playing order at all times. Reeds are available from many area music stores.

Mutes - Mutes are available for use if necessary.

Sticks and Mallets - Some drumsticks and keyboard mallets will be provided to students. Other mallets and sticks may need to be purchased by students as designated by the instructor.

Brass players should carry a soft cloth in their instrument cases to polish instrument prior to competition performance.

Required Instrumentation In a quality band program, there needs to be an appropriate number of instruments in each section for proper balance and blend. Although students are given a choice to play a certain instrument, there may be times when the Director asks a student to play another, similar instrument in order to balance out the band's instrumentation. Everyone would agree that having a band with no trumpets or baritones would not sound as good as a band with balanced instrumentation. Although parts can be re-written to compensate for the loss of instruments, the sound is not the same. Thank you for your cooperation and support!

MARCHING UNIFORMS & PERSONAL APPEARANCE GROOMING The following grooming guidelines have been established to ensure the uniform and clean-cut appearance of the marching band. Failure to comply with these rules will result in a lower grade. 

Hair – Long hair for both males and females must not touch their collar. If it does, hair must be put up into the shako.

Jewelry must not be worn while in uniform. This includes rings, watches, earrings and other visible piercings. Exception: Colorguard only may wear jewelry that is part of the colorguard costume.

Hats – At football games, members must wear only shakos (assigned uniform hats). All hats must be worn correctly.

Sunglasses are not permitted on the field during band performance unless designated by the Band Director. Exception: Prescription glasses

BHS Band & Colorguard 2016-2017 HANDBOOK (Rev. 07/2016)

– PAGE 11 –

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Personal Hygiene – As members of a group participating in a strenuous activity, it is important to attend to your personal hygiene. It is recommended that a strong deodorant/anti-perspirant be used prior to performances and that personal items are laundered after performing. This includes tshirts, socks, and band polo shirts.

UNIFORMS Band & Colorguard Uniforms must be worn at such times and places as designated by the Director. They must be worn properly and with the respect that they command. Remember, the uniform represents you AND Bullard High School! Be certain to wear your entire uniform to football games and competitions. In the public eye, being in full uniform is expected at all times as a member of the Bullard High School Marching Band and Colorguard. Being in full uniform is a tradition that has been with the marching band since the beginning. 1. Each BAND member WILL BE ISSUED the following uniform parts by the Uniform Committee at the beginning of marching season:           

1 Jacket 1 pair of Pants 1 pair of Black Gloves 1 pair of Gauntlets 1 Mirror (uniform accessory) 1 Band T-shirt (Show Shirt) 1 Band Polo Shirt 1 Shako – Plumes will be issued to each member before each performance. 1 Shako Box 1 Uniform Garment Bag Garment Hanger

2. Band members MUST PROVIDE the following:     

Dinkles (marching shoes) – Ordered through Uniform Coordinator. Long, Plain, Black Socks (mid-calf, no shorties) Black T-shirt (no graphics or text) - To be worn under the uniform for football games. Black Shoe Polish (for Dinkles) 1 Pair of Plain Black W ristbands – Percussion Only!

Note: Band members are REQUIRED to memorize their individual uniform I.D. numbers (including shoes and shako boxes). Band uniform problems must be brought to the attention of the Uniform Coordinator as soon as possible. 3. Each COLORGUARD member WILL BE ISSUED the following pieces by the Uniform Committee at the beginning of marching season:   

1 Uniform/Costume Garment Bag 1 Uniform/Costume Garment Hanger 1 Uniform specific to the current marching season

IMPORTANT: Colorguard members purchase shoes and accessories/undergarments selected by the Colorguard Director at the beginning of Marching Season.

BHS Band & Colorguard 2016-2017 HANDBOOK (Rev. 07/2016)

– PAGE 12 –

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UNIFORM PROCEDURES Any time that a member of the Marching Band is in public, he/she must wear his/her uniform completely. Upon arrival at the event, section leaders or band council members will inspect their section and will report any member who is not properly attired to the Director, staff, or chaperones. Improper uniform care and presentation may lower your grade. REMEMBER – the Bullard High School Marching Band Uniform not only represents you, the individual band member, but Bullard High School, Fresno Unified School District, and—at times—the City of Fresno. It is the responsibility of each band member to take pride in his/her band uniform. 1. To ensure uniformity, only the official show shirt, which will be given to each student early in marching season, must be worn under the uniform. During home football games, a plain black t-shirt (no graphics or text) may be worn under the band uniform to preserve the show shirt for competition days. 2. Uniforms will be fitted and assigned during band camp. Parent/guardian volunteers are needed for the fitting, issuance, and collection of uniforms at the beginning and end of marching season. Volunteers are also needed at each performance (including home football games) to assist with uniform checkout/check-in procedures. Students may not check-out or check-in their uniforms without adult assistance. a. For home football games, uniforms must be worn from call time until the return to the band room, including during transportation to and from the game. b. At competitions, uniforms are checked-out to students in the competition staging area and are checked back in after the performance (if time allows) or after the awards ceremony. c. Students are expected to bag and properly hang their uniforms after every use. They are also expected to bag their shoes and shakos and place them in the proper slots. 3. Students are NOT allowed to eat while wearing their uniform jackets! Jackets MUST be removed and stored in shako BEFORE eating during 3rd quarter break at football games. WATER ONLY may be consumed while wearing uniform jacket. 4. Musicians may NOT wear excessive makeup while in uniform. (This rule does not apply to colorguard if makeup is part of the performing costume). If a uniform must be dry cleaned because the uniform committee is unable to remove food or makeup stains, the assigned student and parents/guardians will incur the cost of dry cleaning. 5. In the event that the uniform or any accessory is damaged or lost, the assigned student and parents/guardians will be required to pay for the replacement of that item. 6. UNIFORM FOR AWAY FOOTBALL GAMES: Band polo, CLEAN jeans, and tennis shoes. NOTE: Bullard High School’s Dress Code Policy will be enforced whenever students are in stands and NOT in uniform.

BHS Band & Colorguard 2016-2017 HANDBOOK (Rev. 07/2016)

– PAGE 13 –

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CHAPERONE GUIDELINES Parent/guardian volunteers are always needed to assist with chaperoning at football games and competitions. All volunteers and chaperones must complete a Fresno Unified School District (FUSD) Volunteer Form on a yearly basis. Overnight chaperones must have a fingerprint on file at FUSD, at the expense of the chaperone. Contact the Head Chaperone for details. The following guidelines are intended to assist chaperones in performing their duties. 1. Chaperones must stay with band and colorguard members AT ALL TIMES—from call time until return to band room and/or dismissal. Chaperones are responsible for the medical information binder and first aid kits. a. It is the student's responsibility to let the chaperone know where they are at all times. No student shall go anywhere alone; students must use the “buddy system”. b. Chaperones must always inform the appropriate section leader, staff member, or Band Director when taking a student out of the ranks. All students must be accounted for at all times. 2. Only adults assigned as chaperones or assisting with uniform committee can approach the band and/or colorguard or individual members. a. No adult (unless chaperoning), non-band/guard student, etc. should be in the area of the band and/or colorguard or approach a member during practices, warm-ups, or en route to or lining up for performances. b. Chaperones must assist in keeping students quiet and focused at all times. Chaperones (all attending parents) must maintain appropriate language at all times. 3. SMOKING & ALCOHOL a. NO SMOKING AROUND THE STUDENTS OR IN THE BUSES AT ANY TIME. 

Smokers need to leave the premises if it is a school site. Please check with the head chaperone or advise another chaperone before excusing yourself.

b. NO ALCOHOL WILL BE USED/CONSUMED BY ANY CHAPERONE AT ANY TIME. 4. BUS RULES a. Chaperones must be seated throughout the bus. (Front, middle, back—not in a group). b. A head count must be taken prior to bus departure (both ways). 

If a student is missing at departure time, check with the appropriate section leader. If they are still not accounted for, inform the head chaperone.

Students who wish to return from an event with parents/guardians are required to submit a written note or form provided on website to the Band Director at call time (in the band room, not at the event). If approved, Director will inform head chaperone, who will notify other chaperones and/or make a notation on the bus rosters. Before leaving the event, check with uniform committee for returning uniform.

c. When checking in students as they board the bus, chaperones must ascertain they have all necessary uniform pieces and equipment. 

Going to or returning from HOME football games: Students should be WEARING uniform— Pants, Jacket, Gauntlets, Gloves, Black Socks, Show Shirt, Dinkles (Marching Shoes), Shako.

Going to or returning from AWAY football games: Students should be WEARING band polo shirt, clean jeans, and tennis shoes.

BHS Band & Colorguard 2016-2017 HANDBOOK (Rev. 07/2016)

– PAGE 14 –

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Going to or returning from competitions: o

TO: Students should not have uniform on the bus, unless approved or instructed by uniform coordinator.


RETURNING: Students must check in all uniform pieces with uniform committee prior to boarding buses. No uniforms should travel on bus.

For all games, competitions, festivals: Students should ALWAYS be asked if they loaded their instrument and have music (if needed)!

d. Bus rides to the performance should be kept at a very low level of noise. Rides home can be a LITTLE more relaxed. Since charter buses have DVD players, chaperones and students may bring movies up to PG-13. Chaperones only may operate the DVD players. 5. MEDICINE a. Staff and chaperones are NOT permitted to dispense medication to students. Only parents/ guardians must make arrangements with their student to give/take medication. There is to be no sharing of medications. Medical consent forms must be completed and on file. Special medical needs must be communicated with the band director before an event. 6. MEDICAL EMERGENCIES a. First aid kits are kept with (1) head chaperone and (2) in uniform area. b. There are paramedics at all competitions. c. Heat exhaustion: Eyes are hard to keep open and move back and forth slowly. Student feels clammy. What to do: Take off as much clothing as possible; apply cool water and/or cold compresses to cool the body off quickly. Advise paramedics or call 911. d. Sprains: Use cold compresses to keep the swelling down. Elevate affected body part. e. Nose bleeds: Seat student leaning forward, not backwards. Apply pressure to nose by squeezing the soft part just above the nostrils. Hold for 15 minutes BY THE CLOCK. Resist the temptation to "check and see if it's stopped"! IF bleeding persists, advise paramedics. f.

Bee Stings: If student has a known allergy to bee stings (check Medical Consent form), advise paramedics immediately. Otherwise, remove stinger with tweezers, if possible. Apply ice to area. If student has trouble breathing and/or has itching, hives or swelling around the face, advise paramedics immediately.

7. COMPETITIONS a. All chaperone duties will be assigned by the head chaperone. Always check with head chaperone before assisting other committees or leaving the area. Chaperones perform a variety of duties during competitions, but ALWAYS STAY with the students. 

Assist Uniform Committee: While students are doing warm-ups and if time allows, chaperones may assist onsite uniform committee with polishing marching shoes; putting plumes in shakos, etc. All uniform supplies are located in the uniform area by Big Blue. Chaperones must be ready to join students as they prepare to march to stadium.

Assist Chuck Wagon Committee: As time allows and if needed, chaperones may assist Chuck Wagon Committee (in Big Blue area) serve food to students and clean up after meal time. Half of the chaperones should serve and the other half should eat, switching duties midway through meal break. Don’t forget to eat! This is a long day for you too! Chaperones must be ready to join students immediately after meal time.

BHS Band & Colorguard 2016-2017 HANDBOOK (Rev. 07/2016)

– PAGE 15 –

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Setup Lil Blue for Colorguard Changing & Storage of Student Belongings: During meal time, a chaperone is responsible for opening Lil Blue and hanging cloth to create a costume changing area for colorguard (front section by truck) and a storage area (back section by door) for students to store personal belongings during performance. NO empty band uniform bags should be stored on Lil Blue! Lil Blue must be locked prior to leaving for stadium.

b. Chaperones must walk alongside the band and guard as they march to stadium, positioned to keep spectators away and offer assistance to students if needed. When band enters stadium, chaperones will sit in stands to watch show. Immediately after performance, chaperones must leave stands and rejoin the band and guard. 

Assist with Pit equipment: Some chaperones may be assigned to assist Pit students move equipment from Big Blue area to stadium for performance. These chaperones will assist with getting equipment to the field only; students will set up. Chaperones will sit in stands to watch performance. Immediately after performance, they will return to Pit area on field to help move equipment back to Big Blue. Note: Chaperones should NOT ride mule trailer to stadium area unless assisting with unloading Pit equipment on field. Most chaperones are needed to assist with band & colorguard students and cover formation as students are marching to the field.

c. After performance and after checking in uniforms (if schedule allows), students must take personal belongings out of Lil Blue and back to stadium with them to watch remaining bands and award ceremony. Chaperones must accompany students back to stands. 

If students do not return to Big Blue area after performing due to time constraints, chaperones may need to carry student belongings to stands for use after performance.

8. FUSD/BHS RULES FOR OUT-OF-TOWN EVENTS/TRIPS a. Prior to the out-of-town event/trip, Director will review with the students items such as: 

Event/trip itinerary and other details;

School and Marching Band Rules and Behavior Guide;

Curfew policy and time (set time)

Necessity of students to stay in designated room after bed/room check. (1) Students are not to leave the event/hotel area without permission. (2) Bed/room checks will be done by Director, school staff, administrator, or chaperones. (3) Searches of students’ belongings are only to be conducted by Director, district-contracted person, or administrator and only if there is a reasonable suspicion to do so.

9. RULES FOR ALL PARENT VOLUNTEERS a. Chaperone rules, if applicable to group, will apply to all volunteers: chaperones, uniform committee, equipment staff, and any other adult volunteer assisting with band and colorguard students at football games and competitions. b. Chaperones MUST conduct themselves in a manner befitting a quality organization such as the Bullard High School Marching Band and Colorguard at all times. c. The use of profanity or vulgar language by either students or chaperones will NOT be tolerated. d. Chaperones are not to allow students to make personal announcements (i.e. Winter Formal invitations) at games or competitions. This behavior does not represent band & colorguard in a professional manner. e. Students (couples) are not to display affection on buses or at activities. NO kissing! Students who do not respect this rule will not be allowed to sit together on the bus or in stands. BHS Band & Colorguard 2016-2017 HANDBOOK (Rev. 07/2016)

– PAGE 16 –

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Chaperones—including uniform committee, equipment staff, and all other adult volunteers assisting with band and colorguard students at games and competitions—must be familiar with Marching Band Rules and Behavior Rules as outlined in Handbook. 

Chaperones must notify head chaperone and/or Directors of infractions ASAP (same day).

Chaperones are the eyes and ears of the Directors and staff! Be sure to report any student concerns as soon as possible.

g. Chaperones will not walk through or break the ranks while the group is moving. h. Chaperones and other adult volunteers may have to pay for certain trips to cover the cost of the bus or admittance fees. i.

Chaperones and other adult volunteers will not always be able to enter competition area free and may not always see the performance.


Chaperoning is a demanding job. Not feeling well could hamper your performance as a chaperone. If you do not feel well, please contact the Head Chaperone to arrange for a substitute.

BULLARD BAND BACKERS (BBB) The Bullard Band Backers (BBB) Association provides funding for the band and colorguard program for such items as uniforms, music, instructors, and instruments. Through a network of committees, BBB also provides support for fundraisers, volunteers for games and competitions, and parent/guardian communication (including our website at

MEMBERSHIP & PARTICIPATION 1. Membership shall be granted to any parent/guardian of a student in the Bullard High School Band & Colorguard program (includes both marching season and concert season students). 2. Membership may also be granted by Executive Board approval to any adult requesting membership in the Bullard Band Backers. A written application is required. 3. All members agree to support the Bullard Band Backers' endeavors and abide by its rules. Parents/Guardians of every band and colorguard member are needed to help with the many fundraising projects that are held throughout the year. There are many committees and projects from which to choose. The Bullard Band Backers welcomes your support in any form! 4. Participation in Bullard Band Backers offers parents/guardians: 

Easy access to current information about the band and colorguard and its activities.

Opportunities to assist the band and colorguard and your student with financial goals.

A great social organization with some very interesting, hardworking, and fun-loving people with whom you share a common interest, that is: YOUR STUDENT AND THE WONDERFUL BULLARD MARCHING KNIGHT EXPERIENCE!

5. Bullard Band Backers General Meetings for parents/guardians are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:15 p.m. in the Performing Arts Center (unless otherwise notified). All parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to attend these meetings on a regular basis to attain firsthand information and provide valuable input. 6. Bullard Band Backers Executive Board Meetings are typically held the first Tuesday of each month starting at 6:15 p.m. in the theater. No meeting in July. Band Camp Dinner is the August meeting.

BHS Band & Colorguard 2016-2017 HANDBOOK (Rev. 07/2016)

– PAGE 17 –

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FUNDRAISERS Once you see the Bullard Marching Band & Colorguard in action, you will quickly realize that it takes a huge budget and an army of volunteers to run our award-winning program. Meeting fall registration and fundraising goals are essential to its continued success. The band receives assistance from Fresno Unified to pay for a limited amount of expenses; however, most of the financial support comes from the amazing Band and Colorguard families through payments, fundraising, and donations.

GETTING INVOLVED Parent/Guardian participation is absolutely necessary for the success of the Bullard Marching Band & Colorguard and for the moral support of our students. Every band and colorguard parent/guardian is expected to participate in fundraising activities throughout the school year and contribute to their students’ fundraising goals that are necessary to fund the staffing and operational costs of this program , which benefits your student. Many opportunities are given to parents/guardians and students to raise their fair share of the fundraising goal. Parents/guardians are expected to volunteer at least 30 hours during the school year for fundraising and other needed tasks to keep our band & colorguard moving!

PARENT/GUARDIAN FINANCIAL GOALS Every member of the band and colorguard and his or her family is encouraged to support the Bullard High School Marching Knights through fundraising efforts and donations. In order for the Bullard Marching Band and Colorguard to continue in existence, the following financial support is necessary from every member of band and colorguard and his or her family:  Fall Registration (payments)


 Fundraising Goal (credits for participation in fundraising opportunities) $700.00/year**  Other Programs - to be determined (Apply only to students who participate in each ensemble): Winter Percussion; Winter Guard; Jazz Band; Concert Season Attire * Fall Registration is payable over 3 months, September - November ** Fundraising credits applied against the $700 goal are based on the net profit of a fundraiser, not the gross receipts. Direct payments for Fundraising Goals are also accepted and appreciated! There is a 10% discount on the fundraising goal for those families with 2 or more siblings participating in marching band and colorguard. IMPORTANT: Fall registration of $300 and the fundraising goal of $700 are two separate financial shares of the operating costs for each student’s participation in the Bullard High School Band and Colorguard during marching season.

DONATIONS & TAXES For all parents/guardians who make direct donations to the Bullard Band Backers towards the fundraising goal, those donations benefit the entire band and colorguard and may be tax deductible. (See your tax accountant for verification).

BHS Band & Colorguard 2016-2017 HANDBOOK (Rev. 07/2016)

– PAGE 18 –

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FALL REGISTRATION Fall registration of $300 is paid during marching season. 1. FALL REGISTRATION payment arrangements should be completed no later than NOVEMBER 1st, so that all required personal items for marching students can be ordered and purchased and includes travel and lodging to the Southern CA competition trip. 

It is recommended that fall registration be made in three (3) payments – $100 by September 1st h, $100 by October 1st, and $100 by November 1st.

2. Fall registration should be paid by cash or check and is non-refundable. (a) Checks should be made payable to Bullard Band Backers (or BBB). (b) Student’s name and “Fall registration” must be written in memo section of check in order to ensure proper credit to student’s account. 3. Payments in checks should be mailed directly to our BBB Treasurer at: Bullard Band Backers, c/o Lisa Megerdichian, 3753 West Sample, Fresno, CA 93711 There is also a safe in the band office where cash or check payments can be dropped off. Make sure that any cash payments are in an envelope, and the student’s name is written on the envelope. Please pay Fall registration in a timely manner as this money is paid up front and directly toward your student’s show shirt, polo shirt, food and supplies for competitions, student transportation, music, and the Riverside Band Competition & Magic Mountain trip in November. ** NOTE: MAGIC MOUNTAIN TRIP IS SUBJECT TO CANCELLATION IF LESS THAN 80% OF THE STUDENTS MEET THEIR FALL REGISTRATION. **

FUNDRAISING GOAL 1. Earning credits against your $700 fundraising goal is so easy! The credits can be generated over the school year by participating in the many fundraisers we do all year round. Following is a sample of some of these opportunities: Save Mart Center ~ Silent Auction & Dinner ~ Beerocks ~ See's Candies Red Carpet Car Wash Tickets ~ SaveAround Coupon Books ~ Discount Cards ~ Dutch & Jamba Cards Bullard Band & Colorguard Fireworks Stand ~ Raffle ~ Sponsorships ~ Fresno Grizzlies

a. This year’s fundraising goal should be met or balance paid by June 30th, 2017. 

For your convenience and budgeting purposes, BBB recommends earning monthly fundraising credits or making payments of $70 per month for 10 months to meet your student’s total fundraising goal.

Parents/Guardians can meet this goal by participating in the many fundraisers offered by Bullard Band Backers. The profit from fundraising generated by you will automatically be credited to your student’s fundraising goal. (Amounts vary per fundraiser.)

The fundraising goal can also be met by making monetary donations directly to Bullard Band Backers.

Fundraising credits and payments for Fall registration can be viewed on your student’s Charms account. Charms is a convenient, online way for parents/guardians to track their monthly fundraising credits and payments against their monthly fundraising/donation goal. Instructions for accessing Charms will be on the band website and in the Tuesday Knight Newsletter.

BHS Band & Colorguard 2016-2017 HANDBOOK (Rev. 07/2016)

– PAGE 19 –

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b. If you have met all of your band and colorguard financial goals for the year and you have excess fundraising credits, you may transfer excess credits to another student in need to help them reach his or her fundraising goal. c. Excess fundraising credits CANNOT be transferred from one school year to the next, and cannot be refunded. 2. Participation in “Extra” Music Groups Using Fundraising/Donation Credits a. If your student participates in an “extra” music group (Winter Percussion, Winter Guard), excess fundraising credits (over and above the $700 fundraising goal) can be transferred to cover the charge for the Winter program. (This does not apply to Jazz Band, which is not managed by Bullard Band Backers.) 3.

Washington, DC 2017 Spring Trip a.

This trip is a great opportunity for students to travel and play in Washington DC. As our limited budget cannot accommodate a trip of this magnitude, only those who fundraise and/or pay for the trip will be able to attend. This is an extra activity outside of the normal marching & concert seasons and not a required trip, nor will the student’s grade be affected by not participating. The 2016-17 Registration Fee and the Fundraising Goal commitment must be met first before any fundraising credits or payments can be used to pay for the Washington DC trip. Any credits earned after meeting these commitments may be reserved for this trip. A $350 deposit is due November 1, 2016, which is payable by check or cash and cannot be fundraised unless all goals for the 2016-17 year have been met. Balance in full is due February 1, 2017. See detailed payment information on the trip schedule information form.

GENERAL FINANCIAL INFORMATION 1. Bullard Band Backer Charms Statements, which show an up-to-date accounting of fundraising and payment activity, will be emailed to parents/guardians each month. If you do not have an email address, please contact the BBB Treasurer to request that the statement be mailed. Please check your statement each month for accuracy and direct questions to our BBB Treasurer. 2. Payments by check for Bullard Band and Colorguard should always be made payable to “Bullard Band Backers” or “BBB”. Please include STUDENT’S NAME and REASON FOR PAYMENT (i.e. marching shoes, Fall registration, fundraising goal, Winter Guard, etc.) on EVERY check to ensure proper credit to your student’s account. Checks can be mailed directly to our BBB Treasurer at: Bullard Band Backers, c/o Lisa Megerdichian, 3753 West Sample, Fresno, CA 93711. They can also be dropped off in the safe located in the band office. 3. Payments by Cash should be enclosed in an envelope with the student’s name and reason for payment. You may drop the cash envelope in the safe located in the band office. Please do not mail cash. 4. Credit Card Payments Are Accepted. A 2.75% transaction fee will be added to the charge. Please contact Lisa Megerdichian, treasurer, at (559) 355-5957, to arrange a credit card transaction. 5. Financial Concerns: Parents/Guardians should notify BBB Treasurer if concerned about any financial goal indicated by programs/activities with the Bullard Band & Colorguard. Every effort BHS Band & Colorguard 2016-2017 HANDBOOK (Rev. 07/2016)

– PAGE 20 –

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will be made to work with the student and parent/guardian to resolve their concerns. Special consideration will be given to band and colorguard students who do not have the ability to m eet the fundraising/donation goal or Fall registration. No student will be denied their chance to shine!

BBB VOLUNTEER COMMITTEES Note: For contact information for committee coordinators, see last page of handbook or browse to our Bullard Band Backer/Committees & Coordinators web page at The following committees could not function without the active involvement and support of our Bullard Band Backer parents/guardians! Participation on these committees does not contribute to your fundraising/donation goal. Your time and energy will be rewarded each time you see your student enjoying the many benefits of marching band and colorguard. Join us today to help make this our best marching season ever! 

AWARDS BANQUET: This committee is responsible for planning our full band and colorguard year-end awards and senior dinner, usually held in May.

CHAPERONES: If you enjoy spending time with teens (generally a lot of time), you’ll love being a chaperone. You are not required to commit to attending ALL football games and/or competitions.

CHUCK WAGON COMMITTEE: This group serves food for all band & colorguard members at competitions (so you don’t need to send food money with your teen). If food is your thing, this is the place for you.

EQUIPMENT (TRUCK & TRAILER): Equipment movement is one our biggest needs at home games and competitions. This committee ensures all valuable musical equipment and accessories are successfully transported from Bullard High School to event locations and back—including loading and unloading at site and upon return and assisting pit members to transport equipment to and from stadium at performance time.

FUNDRAISER COMMITTEES: These committees manage our many fundraiser projects (i.e. Fireworks, Silent Auction, SaveMart Center, Rummage Sale, etc.); and volunteers to serve as coordinators and team members are needed throughout the year.

NEWSLETTER: Got the band/colorguard scoop? Submit articles and/or photos to the publisher/coordinator of our newsletter, Tuesday Knight Times! The newsletter is distributed each Tuesday night of marching season. The deadline is the Friday before desired distribution date.

PHONE TREE: While we strive to manage communication exclusively by email and text, there are times when phone calls are the best way to get the word out. If chatting on the phone is your forte, sign up for this committee by contacting the BBB Student Liaison.

SENIOR DINNER - FALL: This committee organizes and hosts an on-site senior dinner for our marching band & colorguard seniors at the final competition (Championships) in November.

TUESDAY KNIGHT SNACKS: Sign up with our committee coordinator to treat and serve our students snacks after practice each Tuesday night. Typically, four volunteers per Tuesday night practice sign up to bring goodies.

UNIFORMS/CONCERT ATTIRE: Our Uniform Committee is one of the strongest in our organization! We are always recruiting new members for one of the many tasks necessary to fully outfit band members for performances where uniform attire is indicated (generally home games and competitions). Volunteers are needed to help with band uniform check out/in for home football games and competitions. Band room hours are also clocked for fittings, prep, repair, adjustment, etc. This is a great opportunity to get an inside look at life in the band! (Volunteers can sign up to work full or partial events).

BHS Band & Colorguard 2016-2017 HANDBOOK (Rev. 07/2016)

– PAGE 21 –

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BULLARD HIGH SCHOOL MARCHING BAND & COLORGUARD 2016-2017 CONTRACT This contract is between the student, the parents/guardians, and the Band Director as an agreement to adhere to all the rules and regulations of the Bullard High School Marching Band & Colorguard and to participate in all activities to the fullest level possible to create and maintain a quality music program experience for all. The Band Director agrees to provide students with appropriate comprehensive instruction and to challenge and motivate them through activities and opportunities in the band and colorguard program. The Band Director is solely responsible for the quality of music performance, the selection of materials, and the evaluations of the students in the band and colorguard program. The Student – has read and understands the information in the Bullard High School Band & Colorguard Handbook and agrees to adhere to the rules and regulations set forth within. The student also agrees that the level of participation—in rehearsals, performances, and at home practice—will be of the highest caliber; and the attitude, efforts, and responsibilities needed to be successful in the band and colorguard program will be exhibited. The Parents/Guardians – have read and understand the information contained in the Bullard High School Band & Colorguard Handbook, are aware of the performances in which the student is responsible for participating, and are willing to help their student with the responsibilities necessary to be successful in the band and colorguard program. The parents/guardians are also responsible for providing needed support for the student to meet the requirements of participation in the band and colorguard program. I/we give my permission for this student to participate in all scheduled band and colorguard trips. I/we also testify to receiving and reading the Bullard High School Marching Band & Colorguard Handbook and agree to abide by the policies and procedures of the Bullard High School Marching Band & Colorguard. *

*Signature page provided at parent information meeting.

BHS Band & Colorguard 2016-2017 HANDBOOK (Rev. 07/2016)

– PAGE 22 –

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BULLARD HIGH SCHOOL MARCHING BAND & COLORGUARD 2016-2017 DEMEANING LANGUAGE AGREEMENT The Bullard High School Band organization is a team effort, and we will act as a team. Respect for one another is our dictum. Derogatory remarks, name calling, demeaning language, and/or trash talk will not be tolerated inside or outside the Bullard High School Band organization at any time. This edict encompasses everyone associated with the Bullard High School Band & Colorguard organization— students, teachers, staff members, parents/guardians, and Bullard Band Backers. The band & colorguard consequences, as described in the Bullard High School Band & Colorguard Handbook’s Behavior Guide, will be enforced for all instances of demeaning language by band and colorguard students. CONSQUENCES 

Student receives verbal warning.

Student must “sit out” rehearsal, performance, etc. for a period of time determined by Directors or staff. (Generally, “sit out” time will not exceed current activity or day).

Student is released (sent home) from rehearsal, performance, etc. and denied further participation for the week. Band Director will contact student’s parent/guardian.

Student is required to meet with a Bullard High School Vice Principal to discuss behavior/conduct, consequences, and improvement.

There is a zero tolerance status for verbal/non-verbal threats of physical harm and/or violence. The offending parties will be expelled not only from the band and colorguard organization, but from school itself according to Fresno Unified School District policy. A review board consisting of the Band Director, the Bullard Band Backer President, and a Bullard High School administrator will review the offense to determine if and how the offense was delivered and necessary consequences. Both parties involved will present their case. I have read and understand the above information. *

*Signature page provided at parent information meeting.

BHS Band & Colorguard 2016-2017 HANDBOOK (Rev. 07/2016)

– PAGE 23 –

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BULLARD HIGH SCHOOL MARCHING BAND & COLORGUARD BAND UNIFORM INFORMATION & AGREEMENT – Page 1 The Bullard High School Marching Band & Colorguard is pleased that you have chosen to join our musical group. The marching BAND uniform is provided by the school and is to be respected as school property at all times—on loan to you for the marching season. Band uniforms were fitted and assigned to students during band camp. Assignments are tentative until all students are successfully fitted. The Band Uniform consists of one each: jacket, bib pants, gauntlets, Shako (hat) in carrying box, plume, and garment bag. Each uniform piece is numbered and assigned to each student. The student signs out for the complete uniform. The uniform is issued “clean” from the dry cleaner, and it is expected that students return it to the school at the end of marching season "in GOOD repair". Dinkles (marching shoes) are required (exactly these shoes). They are purchased during band camp for $35 by those students who do not already have them or who have outgrown last season’s shoes. Marching shoes are most commonly worn for more than one year. Each student is provided a band polo shirt, a show shirt, and one pair of gloves at the beginning of marching season. Students are required to own/purchase the following to be worn under the Band Uniform: Nylon shorts (any color), a black t-shirt, and 2 pairs of long black socks. For parades and competitions, hair bands and pins are required to keep longer hair hidden under the Shako; this applies to both boys and girls. Whenever uniforms are worn, students must wear their show shirt (competitions) or black t-shirt (football games), nylon shorts, and long black socks at all times. Changing into uniform is done in public, so be prepared!


Bring long black socks every time the uniform is to be worn. (Crew length or longer).


T-shirts must have short sleeves--no tank tops, sleeveless or cap-sleeve shirts are to be worn under the uniform.


Pants straps must always be worn up on the shoulders to show respect to the band and to prevent the hems from being walked through.


Students and parents/guardians are responsible for replacement cost of lost or carelessly damaged uniform pieces. Estimated Uniform Replacement Cost * Jacket - $240; Bib Pants - $80; gauntlets - $35; Hat - $45; Plume - $22; Garment Bag - $25 * Prices and items subject to change according to manufacturer.

BHS Band & Colorguard 2016-2017 HANDBOOK (Rev. 07/2016)

– PAGE 24 –

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BULLARD HIGH SCHOOL MARCHING BAND & COLORGUARD BAND UNIFORM INFORMATION & AGREEMENT – Page 2 I understand that I am being issued a marching band uniform that I am to care for and wear correctly, including always wearing straps up on the shoulders. Upon return of the uniform at the end of marching season, I may be held financially responsible for replacing any lost or carelessly damaged items. Failure to fulfill any financial responsibility may result in the amount being added to my Bullard Senior Bill, which is required to be paid in full prior to graduation.


Straps up on shoulder! Socks must be long (mid-calf)! No shortie socks!


I have read and understand the above information as well as the “Marching Uniforms & Personal Appearance” section of the Bullard High School Band & Colorguard Handbook. *

*Signature page provided at parent information meeting.

BHS Band & Colorguard 2016-2017 HANDBOOK (Rev. 07/2016)

– PAGE 25 –

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Email Address


Band Director Associate Band Director President 1st Vice Presidents

Matthew Carroll Bradly Feyma Lisa Jura Karen Johnson Sam Duran Lisa Megerdichian Elvia Pacheco-Reyna Lisa Edwards Misti Triggs Mike Jura Tina Wyneken

696-7921 246-9020 647-2026 352-7637 349-2003 355-5957 285-6379 285-1031 917-3968 647-2027 270-7859

Treasurer Secretary Parliamentarian Student Liaison Operations Coordinator Auditor

BAND ROOM OFFICE: 451-4354 WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: Bullard High Band And Colorguard TWITTER: @BHS_Band_Guard and @bullardbandcg

BHS Band & Colorguard 2016-2017 HANDBOOK (Rev. 07/2016)

– PAGE 26 –

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BULLARD BAND BACKERS 2016-2017 Committees & Coordinators As of August 12, 2016

Committee A Knight Out Applebee’s Breakfast Awards Banquet Band Camp Dinner Band Camp Water Beerocks

Car Wash Coupons Chaperones Chuck Wagon Chuck Wagon Drinks Colorguard Liaisons Coupon Books Dinner Fundraisers Dinner & A Show Discount Card (59 min) Dutch Bros. Equipment Fireworks Fresno State Football Concessions Gold Canyon Candles Graphics Grizzlies Game Jamba Juice Merchandise Parent Link Crew Parent Social Nights Percussion Liaison Photo Copying Photography Pit Liaisons Press Box Take Out Din. Props Raffle Rummage Sale Save Mart Center See’s Candy Senior Dinner-Fall Silent Auction Sponsors Student Volunteers T-Shirts & Polos Tuesday Knight Newsletter Tuesday Knight Snacks Uniforms/Concert Attire Website Editor


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Kim Macpherson Cindy Flores Lisa Jura Karen Johnson Misti Triggs Anna Zamora Sally Villarreal Michelle Galaviz Karen Johnson Michelle Hoshiko Nina Robles Karen Johnson Sara Hudson Karen Johnson Kim Macpherson Harriet Tom Leticia Montes Karen Johnson Karen Johnson Karen Johnson Gail Ramirez Mike Jura Mike Grant Lisa Peacock Helen Bailey Carol Duran Gail Ramirez Lisa Peacock Sam Duran Elvia Pacheco-Reyna

288-1382 790-1154 647-2026 352-7637 917-3968 908-2212 708-2858 412-9902 352-7637 288-5637 286-7728 352-7637 341-6955 352-7637 288-1382 907-8167 496-9265 352-7637 352-7637 352-7637 824-3925 647-2027 970-4778 307-7590 704-8672 349-2002 824-3925 307-7590 349-2003 285-6379

Lisa Jura


Misti Triggs Tina Wyneken Eric Hoshiko Gabe Ramos Harriett Tom Darrell Tom Karen Johnson Mike Jura

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Karen Johnson Melondy Munoz Lisa Jura

352-7637 313-8894 647-2026

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BHS Band & Colorguard 2016-2017 HANDBOOK (Rev. 07/2016)

– PAGE 27 –

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Profile for Bullard Marching Band & Color Guard

2016 2017 Handbook  

2016 2017 Handbook  


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