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Issue 1 | Fall-Winter

Contents | 2011-2012 4

Calendar of Events


Local Sips

Events happening nationally in all Buffalo Exchange stores Stores share their top picks for local coffee shops

10 If Walls Could Talk

History in downtown Tucson

12 Fashion Movies We Love

Six favorite fashion movies and why we love them

14 Employee Spotlight

A Q & A with Buffalo Exchange employee & photographer Stephanie Lew

22 Trends We Love!

What’s hot for the fall and winter

24 Ins & Outs of Buy Sell Trade From a long time store manager

26 Customer Profile

The scoop on two long time Buffalo Exchange customers!

28 Buffalo Exchange Ink

Two pages of stunning tattoos on Buffalo Exchange employees

30 From Day to Date Night One Dress, One Blazer–two looks!

32 Fashion Horoscopes Your fall/winter fashion forecast

34 Best of Press Credits Photographer — Michael Hallsenius Model — Amy Hjorth







Welcome to the First Ever Buffalo Exchange Magazine! As an organization obsessed with fashion, we are amazed it took us this long to produce a magazine about all that we love. In this introductory issue we have included some great fall and winter fashions we are loving right now, fashionable movies you can watch during a long winter’s night, and where to find a great cup of coffee or hot chocolate to keep you warm if you’re out in the cold (near your favorite Buffalo Exchange of course).

Layout Editor Nadia Garcia Ashley Baca

Contributing Writers Dana Whitney Christy Lorio Haylee Nighbert Lareina Redwoman Ashley Pike Pam Cathey Dianca London Jessica Murphy Priscilla White Amanda Garrett Brianna Turnier Kelly Garrard

Contributing Photographers

We invite you to keep this copy and peruse it at your leisure. If you have an idea for a future issue (say, spring and summer?), please let us know. We are always available online at We hope your love of finding a treasure, recycling, and staying fashionable carries you through fall and winter in style and into a Buffalo Exchange soon.

Stephanie Lew Michael Hallsenius Tashina Hill

Buffalo Exchange Ads Joe Carrel

Publishing Arizona Lithographers

Buffalo Exchange PO Box 40488 Tucson, AZ 85717 Tel: (520) 622-2711 On the Cover Photographer — Stephanie Lew Model — Tori Armour Hair & Makeup — Elle Sciarrone Movie Credits on page 12

Sixteen Candles (1984) — Universal Pictures Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) — Paramount Pictures The Royal Tenenbaums (2001) — Touchstone Pictures page 13

Beetlejuice (1988) — Warner Bros The Thomas Crown Affair (1968) — The Mirisch Corporation Bill Cunningham New York (2010) — First Thought Films Back Cover Credits Top Photo

Model — Jessaca Hagg Photographer — Stephanie Lew Hair & Makeup — Jen Mink Photo Assistant — Kevin Lectura Bottom Photo

Model — The Original Saku Photographer — Stephanie Lew

2011 calendar &





Buffalo Exchange staff are always willing to help you create a fun and exciting outfit for all your costuming needs!

Give your furs back to the animals! Your used furs provide bedding to injured wildlife!

From November 25th through December 24th, receive a $5 off coupon towards a future purchase with the purchase of a Gift Card $50 or higher in value!

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2012 calendar February

Buffalo Exchange celebrates its anniversary! We opened our doors in January, 1974 in Tucson, Arizona. Our original location was a 400 square foot store next to the University of Arizona.



m find more events www.buffalo s in et at your local buffalo > click on bull exchange and stores & around the nation!

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Looking for a great cup of coffee or a quick sip shop? Look no further. Listed are the top picks of local sip shops from Buffalo Exchange employees in various cities.

Oregon’s favorite vote is Dutch Bros Coffee! Dutch Bros started in Grants Pass, Oregon. It now has franchise locations in several states on the west coast including Oregon, Washington, California, Arizona, Idaho, and Colorado. One reason why this is Oregon’s top pick is its drive through — it’s always very quick. Employees are known to be outgoing, friendly, and enthusiastic. They go above and beyond by remembering names and preferred drinks. On occasion, Dutch Bros even have drinks preprepared if they see you waiting at the stop light!

Our Brooklyn store has two fave shop picks! Café Royal and El Beit. Café Royal is located in Greenpoint Brooklyn. El Beit is a small café that carries great vegetarian and vegan options and of course serves up great coffee! El Beit coffee shop is located on Bedford Avenue, and has a peaceful seating patio that takes you away from the busy streets of Williamsburg!

Manhattan’s top pick is Taralucci E Vino! A Buffalo Exchange employee’s thoughts: “Oh THIS is what coffee tastes like!” It makes deli coffee taste like dishwater. Buffalo employees refer people to Taralucci E Vino everyday, and you’ll almost always see at least one Taralucci cup on the store’s break room table! This is truly one of the best gems of the East Village. This is basically the fuel that keeps the Manhattan store going!

Bellingham employees’ favorite place for drinks is Koi Café! They are right next door to Buffalo Exchange so you can shop and get your caffeine fix at the same time! Koi Café is super cute and decorated in local art and pictures of their aquatic namesake. All the baristas are incredibly friendly and they always remember your favorite drinks before you have a chance to order!

In the laid back pocket of San Diego called Ocean Beach, where flip flops and pajama bottoms are the uniform of a Sunday morning, you can find an oasis called Jungle Java. Located on Newport Ave near the beach, this coffee shop hosts a sanctuary for plants, birds, and espresso drinkers alike. The ambiance is that of an eternal garden where you can get lost in a book for hours, internet chat with a faraway friend, or meet an array of eclectic locals. With bottomless coffee cups, fresh homemade pastries and exotic plants for sale, Jungle Java is the place to relax and escape the mundane over an espresso and a smile.

South Philly’s Grindcore Coffeehouse is strictly vegan café with a delightfully anarcho twist. Up and running since 2010, this Pennsport hot spot easily has become a fave for local coffee connoisseurs and vegans alike. From dairy-free sweets to fruity teas, the menu is as affordable as it is delicious. No matter the time of day, Grindcore’s pastry case is always packed full with gorgeously embellished non-dairy delights by Danielle Konya’s Vegan Treats along with locally based bakers. Add in refreshing Chai teas, kitschy couches, reliable Wi-Fi, benefit shows, sweet jams, and you’ve got the perfect idea of what Grindcore has to offer!

If Walls Could Talk

by dana whitney


If walls could talk, the ones at the new Buffalo Exchange in downtown Tucson, AZ would have some amazing tales to tell. The two retail spaces that are now united into the company’s forty-first store were originally built around 1900 (when Arizona was still a territory and not yet a state!) The building has housed an eclectic variety of businesses since, and has witnessed the city’s downtown history, including the 1934 capture of John Dillinger just one block away

at the Hotel Congress. One space, after housing a tailor (1918) and later a key shop, shifted towards food establishments, including McDonald’s San Xavier Kitchen in the mid ‘20s (Tucson’s first McDonald’s?), Double Dip Ice Cream in the late ‘30s, Morningstar Café in the ‘40s, Jimmy’s Café in the late ‘50s – ‘61. Also in 1961, for what was not surprisingly a short amount of time, it was Bruce’s Original Pampered Pet Burger. Later in the ‘60s it was Howard’s Bar-B-Que Pig and in 1969, Mrs. Wagner’s Soul Food Diner.

In 1977, the landlord renovated the space into apartments and the restaurants didn’t resurface again until the ‘80s when Café Magritte began a long and successful run that included expanding into the neighboring space in 1990. They received many rave food reviews, and the award for the Best Public Restrooms by the Tucson Weekly in 1996, 1997 & 1998. Several other restaurants occupied the conjoined spaces after Café Magritte went out of business, including a Peruvian eatery and a sports bar. The other space, before it was joined together by Café Magritte, housed through the years Eiler’s Bakery, Nu Art photo Service , The Fix It Shop, a curios shop, Artcraft

The downtown Buffalo Exchange is located at 250 E Congress and is open 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM Monday through Saturday and closed Sundays.

Stationary Company, and a lawyer’s office.

Inn and the ever elusive Jackalope.

The current landlord, Shirley Cooney, whose grandfather originally bought the building in 1912, has lovingly renovated the building, successfully restoring the feel of the time in which it was built. The modern store fronts echo the style of the of the 1900s. Much of the original brick in the interior is exposed with all of its weathered character, and pressed tin ceilings grace the ceiling in one side. Sometime over the years the wood from the basketball court at Tucson’s oldest high school, Tucson High, was recycled into the flooring in one of the spaces. The high ceilings make the store feel spacious as natural light streams in through two large skylights.

This store operates just like all the other Buffalo Exchange stores, buying, selling, and, of course, trading men’s and women’s clothing and accessories. There is one added section: small gift and novelty items such as Day of the Dead knick knacks and other fun, funky items. They have proven popular with gift buyers and tourists alike.

Loving the feel of the store, the downtown neighborhood, and wanting to pay homage to the history of Tucson, Kerstin Block commissioned local mural artist Joe Pagac to paint custom art for the store commemorating community landmarks and legends such as San Xavier del Bac Mission, the Tucson

Over the past couple of years, the downtown neighborhood has seen a renewed inflow of independent restaurants, businesses and galleries. On the second Saturday of each month the downtown area really comes to life with a “Tucson Urban Street Fest” called 2nd Saturdays. During the nighttime event the street is closed to cars, local businesses stay open late, live bands play, and vendor

booths are set up. Live music has long been a staple in this neighborhood at venues such as Club Congress, The Rialto Theater, and the Fox Theatre. Store Manager Claire Gorenflo says that the store often gets band members that are in town to play and need a last minute wardrobe change. Special thanks to Inara Edrington for help with research, and Shirley Cooney for sharing her knowledge and memories!

MORE STORE OPENINGS & HAPPENINGS 2011 OPENING!! 1521 Central Avenue Charlotte, NC 28205 (704) 372-2300 2011 STORE MOVE!! 2449 Main Street Santa Monica, CA 90405 (310) 314-7300

Fashion Movies Buffalo Exchange employees share some of their favorite fashion movie moments that have inspired their obssessions for that alluring thing we all call fashion. Enjoy the fun and unique takes on style in these movie picks!

We love them & here’s why . . . Pretty in Pink An 80s-riffic John Hughes film that is a must see for highlighting fashion, music, and hair styles popular during the decade. The themes of the movie are timeless and as relevant today as ever. Besides Molly Ringwald talentedly reworking that vintage prom dress, the flair in this movie is unstoppable pads, pins, fringe, broaches, plastic earrings, funky sunglasses, hair clips, skinny ties, bangles, swatches, scarves… all worn AT THE SAME TIME!

Breakfast At Tiffany’s This movie is a great example of how some styles are always effortlessly chic and never go out of style. It’s hard not to notice Audrey Hepburn’s fashion choices. Like the little black dress, considered a timeless classic, that pretty much goes with everything. Her style has also inspired countless designers and fashion trends.

. . . some styles are always effortlessly chic and never go out of style . . .

The Royal Tenenbaums Style is amazing in this movie. They’re all rich and preppy, and yet so careless about it that it seems to come so naturally. The Royal Tenenbaums styling includes tennis dresses, polos, vintage fur coats, stripes, retro headbands, and 60s style loafers!


T a c t w i o t I h a s


I o s a f g w w b a a f c b

Beetlejuice This movie was chosen as a favorite because of the crazy avant-garde outfits that the mom, Delia Deetz, wears. One of her stylings is a hat that’s made out of two leather gloves, tied together around her head. In another scene, she wears her husband’s sweater as pants with a pair of suspenders!

In the original 1968 version of this film, Faye Dunaway shows off her sophisticated appearance. In a famous fashion scene, Dunaway goes out for the evening wearing a demure lilac coat with wide bell sleeves that button up the side and across the collar. You can also catch a glimpse of the famous white pants and camel turtleneck outfit worn by Faye.

Bill Cunningham, now in his 80s, got his start by photographing New Yorkers where the real fashion shows take place - the streets of New York. In this documentary about his craft and character, we get a peek into his secluded personal life. Watch how Bill gets up close and personal with venerable fashion icons! One of our favorite scenes is of Bill getting turned down at Paris Fashion Week by a doorman who doesn’t recognize the plainly dressed older gentleman as a well known photographer. “He is the most important person in the world” corrects an ‘inthe-know’ Parisian. Here is a man who simply wants to take pictures of clothes and is so dedicated to his work that he has eschewed romantic relationships. His penchant for photos of the

dramatically dressed is a startling contrast to his drab dress and modest means. If you’d like to watch the movie go to billcunninghamnewyork/ If you get to catch the flick, make sure you are dressed to impress! Bill wouldnt want it any other way!

Fashion Movies

The Thomas Crown Affair

Bill Cunningham New York

Fashion Stylist-Photographer

Stephanie Lew by Nadia Garcia

EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT Credits Photographer - Cailin Holmes


tephanie Lew is one of many unique and talented staff members of Buffalo Exchange. She loves to incorporate everything into her job: buying, photography, friends and creativity! Stephanie has held many positions at Buffalo Exchange during the past four and half years. She also takes photos for advertisements, the website, and the blog. Stephanie currently works as the Purchasing Assistant for Buffalo Exchange’s New Merchandise Department. She enjoys the styles of indie fashion icons Alex Chung and Sienna Miller. Her favorite trends for this season are tie fronts, long sleeve blouses, long tunics with leggings, hi-low hem, and is super excited to see more maxi skirts! Q: How did you get into photography? Originally I was interested in cinematography. So my senior year of high school I decided to take a photo class to expand my knowledge and I ended up loving it more than film. Q: Can you recall the first photo you took that made you go WOW!? I was at the park at night with my friends playing around and taking photos with a point and shoot. I took a photo of my friend splashing water around in a fountain when somehow the camera caught the water mid air. The water was outlined with just black in the background. I kept making my friends repeat it over and over again all night so I could try to get another photo of it! Q: How would you define your photographic style? I like to think I have a “crisp-ness” to my photos along with a romantic undertone in most of the images. Q: Tell us your funniest, scariest, most bizarre, most touching story from a photo shoot! I did a photo shoot out in Reddington Pass with a model not too long ago. When we pulled up to the area (an abandoned stable) we watched hunters park and walk off behind us to hunt. Then, for the next few hours, we constantly heard gun fire, and I was so scared someone was going to accidentally get hit. Everyone was very much okay, just a few close calls with being run over by crazy 4X4’s for middle of the road photos.

I like to think I have a “crisp-ness” to my photos along with a romantic undertone in most of the images.

Q: Do you think music influences fashion or fashion influences music more? I believe there’s trend setters in both realms. Musicians will often wear whatever they feel like, but the truth is it usually is “trending” at the time which is heavily influenced by designers and designers will often take inspiration or follow the direction of the music industry. Q: Do you have a website that you would like to share with us so we can see some of your work? My Flickr: photos/photoboothparty/. I’ll probably have a website up soon, so check the profile on flickr for a link! Q: What motivates you to do what you do here at Buffalo Exchange? I get to incorporate everything I love into my job. Buying, Photography, Friends, Creativity. The atmosphere is less like a job and more like a community, everyone does their part and they care about how you do and how far you go. Buffalo Exchange utilizes and promotes the skills and creativity of their employees. And let’s face it; we’ve got a very unique and creative staff. Q: If you could give a little piece of advice for aspiring photographers what would it be? Network, Trade for Portfolio, and always be friendly. You never know what connections someone has and you never know if the model you shoot today will get signed tomorrow. Oh yeah, and get model releases on the spot!

The following six pages are images that Stephanie has taken, and more are spread throughout the magazine.


Q: What makes a good photographer in your opinion? . . . Good photographers will capture beauty they want to share, but great photographers will capture moments that will inspire.


Credits Model - Tori Armour Hair & Makeup - Elle Sciarrone Photographer - Stephanie Lew

Credits Model - Tori Armour & Lyly Mai Hair & Makeup - Elle Sciarrone Photographer - Stephanie Lew

Credits Makeup Artist - Khara Williams Stylist - Monica Negri Hair Stylist - Mayra Loreto Model - Antonia Kastilahn Photographer - Stephanie Lew


Originally I was interested in cinematography. So my senior year of high school I decided to take a photo class to expand my knowledge and I ended up loving it more than film.


Credits Model - Sarah Means Hair & Makeup - Robyn Ledesma Dress - Maya Palace Location - Argentina Polo and Leather Photographer - Stephanie Lew



Credits Model - Katie Reed Makup Artist - Khara Williams Stylist - Monica Negri Hair Stylist - Mayra Loreto Photographer - Stephanie Lew


Q: What motivates you to do what you do here at Buffalo Exchange? I get to incorporate everything I love into my job. Buying, Photography, Friends, Creativity.


Credits Model - Rachel Yampolsky Hair & Makeup - Robyn Lvedesma Photographer - Stephanie Lew


by Christy Lorio

No matter if you are a first timer or a seasoned veteran, I’m sure you’ve wondered at some point how the buyers at Buffalo Exchange know which items to buy for the store. Our needs are constantly changing with the trends, seasons, and a shift in our customer’s tastes which makes buying more of an art than a science. So how do we keep up with it all and know what to select for the store? We try our best to only hire people with an innate love of fashion; clothing is not only our hobby but our passion as well! We spend time pouring over magazines, fashion blogs, and people watching, in addition to keeping an eye on what we’ve got on the racks and what we need at the time. Going on shopping trips is not only fun for us but informational as well! Buyers pay close attention to what is trending at retail stores

in order to help us become better at spotting styles our customers are looking for at each Buffalo Exchange. To make the selling process a lot quicker for you once you’re here pre-select items by going through them at home first. Inspect each piece for stains, holes, and too much wear and tear. Remember that trendy items have a shelf life so don’t wait too late after you are done wearing it to sell it! Of course we also carry good quality basic pieces, vintage, one of a kind items and every brand that you can possibly think of. So, when in doubt, just bring it in! We love having a little something to suit everyone, from the outrageous to the everyday. It’s always a good idea to flip through a recent fashion magazine to see what styles we might be looking for, or visit our blog,,

to see what we’re currently craving. Call or stop by your local Buffalo Exchange store, you can also check out our website to get the specifics on what we need. You never know what gems you have stuffed in the back of your closet until you come by and see us!

Christy Lorio is an associate manager at the New Orleans Buffalo Exchange. She is also a freelance writer and runs her own fashion blog

Remember that trendy items have a shelf life so don’t wait too late after you are done wearing them to sell!


Customer P Name: Marc Nava Age: 25 Occupation: Tattoo Artist Staring Without Caring How long have you been shopping at Buffalo Exchange? 6 years How would you describe your personal style? A little British-Mod influence. What is one of your favorite finds from Buffalo Exchange? A Troy Smith black peacoat for $60 and Cheap Monday Jeans . What are you most looking forward to wearing this fall/winter? Leather jackets, denim jackets, and beanies. What music is on your iPod at the moment? Sleep album – Holy Mountain. What are the biggest fashion mistakes people make? Not dressing for the weather. Where do you look for fashion inspiration? Magazines GQ

r Profile

By Gneiss Hobbs & Stephanie Lew

Name: Monica Negri Age: 47 Occupation: Wardrobe and Style Consultant How long have you been shopping at Buffalo Exchange? 14 years How would you describe your personal style? Classic with a twist! What is your favorite thing about Buffalo Exchange? Finding the diamond in the rough and not having to spend too much on that “diamond.” What are the biggest fashion mistakes people make? Following trends that aren’t suited for their body types. Who are your personal style icons? The leading Hitchcock Ladies, Ingrid Bergman, Rene Russo of Thomas Crown Affair, and the women of Mad Men . What is one of your favorite finds from Buffalo Exchange? Currently, I would say my Nine West velvet heels. What are you going to wear on New Year’s Eve? Hopefully nothing if I play my cards right!




One Dress, One Blazer

from Day

For a n try an extra lay er unde open butt r you o r blaz n up er!

y tee louch s a Throw dress for a ! over l look a u s a ac



to Date Night

r ld colo o b a Let ith out w d n a t s ts accen black

Credits both pages Photographer – Stephanie Lew Hair & Makeup – Robyn Ledesma Photo Assistant – Ariann Foley Photo Editor – Kevin Lectura Models – Aleksa Brown, Jesse Upshaw

Add susp en for a clas ders sic effect


Fashion Forecast! Horoscopes for the 2011/2012 Fall & Winter

Aries (March 21 - April 18):

Cancer (June 21 – July 22):

As an Aries you are born under the element of fire. For your best outfit try a stunning, form fitting, fiery red dress. Pair it with a pair of black stiletto heels. Stay warm during the fall and winter nights and add a warm trench coat. This is a drop dead look that is always sure to turn heads. Don’t forget to add some diamond stud earrings and maybe even a bracelet.

Cancers love to play it safe in their everyday life and this carries over to their wardrobe. I strongly recommend hitting the nearest Buffalo Exchange store ASAP and buying something funky for a change. It’s time to step away from the plain tee’s and into a nice animal print tunic paired with some leggings. Try adding some black gladiator heels as well.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20): The Taurus element is earth and its color is green. For your best dressed outfit, try something simple and down to earth. Hit up your local Buffalo Exchange store to find your hidden treasures. Get a pair of body hugging dark wash jeans and a hippie style off the shoulder top. Stick with the themes of greens and browns for a kick back, mother earth look.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20): Sticking with the Gemini’s element of Air, your best bet is something light and flowing. Try a dress with frothy and airy colors to match your skin tone. Don’t forget those boots you love with some long pendant necklaces in various layers. As the weather cools, add an oversized sweater, and a pair of tights.

Leo (July 23 – August 22): Leos are trendsetters who strive to be the star of the night. What better way to achieve this than to wear tons of glitter and glam? Go on a splurge and buy that eye popping, gold glittery dress you have been longing to wear. This dress will be so eye catching you won’t need to accessorize. As winter arrives, be sure to add a trench coat to keep you warm until you hit the dance floor.

e . .

e o



Virgo (August 23 – September 22):

Capricorn (December 23 – January 19):

Virgos pay a lot of attention to detail. This trait can come in handy when accessorizing. Start with a simple dress, solid in color, no prints. Be sure to add some antique looking jewelry. Items such as long necklaces, over sized rings, and pearl earrings will give you an updated, yet classic, appearance.

Capricorn is the sign of the high roller. Since most of us aren’t high rollers, head over to your local Buffalo Exchange to find the perfect outfit. Try a silky champagne top with a body hugging black pencil skirt. Add a pair of black tights, some peep-toe black or tan heels, and a kiss-lock Mad Men vintage purse. You will fake it till you make it!

Libra (September 23 – October 22): Libras are a simple kind of gal. They like to live their lives as unadorned as possible, so they definitely fall into the jeans and t-shirt category. Spice it up a little with an off the shoulder, over sized, long sleeve t-shirt with an Aztec style print. Remember to include some great vintage boots and a few leather cuff bracelets.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21): Scorpios are usually very passionate in nature, but sometimes like to hide their emotions. Recommended: some skinny jeans, a bold red top paired with a cropped black jacket, and a pair of shiny black flats to add a little pizzazz. And on those days you wish to hide your emotions add a pair of dark, bold sunglasses. Accessorize with some black dangle earrings and a matching necklace. You will surely be able to rock this bold look during the fall and winter.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21): You have an adventurous side to you. You love the outdoors! Go sweet cowgirl/cowboy with a pair of boot cut jeans, a long sleeved white button up rolled up above your elbows, and a straw cowboy hat. Of course don’t forget the signature cowboy boots. For accessories make sure to put on a classic tooled belt with a honkin’ belt buckle.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18): Given your water influence as an Aquarius, you have the ability to adapt. You have your own personalized style, and don’t follow today’s trends without adding your own touch. Your best bet this winter is to mix vintage with new; get a pair of skinny jeans and an over sized, bright, 80’s sweater. Add some Madonna style bright color jewelry and finish the look off with a pair of slouchy suede boots.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20): Pisces have a good and bad side. Let’s play out the bad side in you by creating the ultimate biker outfit. Dark wash jeggings, black leather boots, red v-neck shirt, and don’t forget to add a black leather cropped jacket. This is the kind of outfit you need to complete your biker look. Anyone have a Harley?

Best of Press All About Katy Perry,

a special collector’s issue by Us Weekly released on July 1, 2011 recommends Buffalo Exchange in “Katy’s California: West Side Story! Perry’s Fave Cali Places,” “Buffalo Exchange: ‘I was a big fan of selling my clothes here back when I was trying to get by!’ she tells Us.”


The Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Style: How to Find Your Perfect Look

by the editors of Seventeen Magazine hit stores during the week of July 4, 2011 recommending Buffalo Exchange in the Indie section. As Seventeen editor Marissa Grumer tells us, “Buffalo Exchange has a prominent in-book mention as must-go-to destination for our readers to shop,” “Shop Indie. Hit these go-to spots for all your fun staples! . . . Buffalo Exchange. You’ll find plenty of hidden treasures at amazing prices at this hip thrift-store chain. Not only will you look good, you’ll feel good knowing that the store recycle its clothing.”



“Style A to Zee: Second Life," July 2011

Buffalo Exchange in

issue, in “Slip Up”: "Who says your new look has to be, well, new? With a little ingenuity (and the help of an ace tailor), Creative Director Joe Zee pillages vintage stores, boys’ departments—even his assistant’s closet—to reinvent already-loved treasures... Maybe you’ve got slips left over from the Courtney Love era; or maybe you collect them because you can’t resist the beauty of vintage lingerie. If the darting is too high or too low, or the shape too roomy, don’t hesitate to have underpinnings tailored too. How I Styled It: Antonio integrated the ruffles and bodices to create one easy, flirty dress. Pair it with a classic, slightly more downtown denim jacket, and you’re good to go."

Buffalo Exchange Zine  

Issue 1, Fall/Winter 2011-2012. In this introductory issue you'll find some great fall and winter fashions we are loving right now, fashiona...

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