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A Look Back...

1983, Tucson

1991, Albuquerque

Editor’s Note Thank you for picking up a copy of our ‘zine! You can even take it home with you if you like. Hopefully you’ll find something that resonates – a fashion trend, some ideas for your closet, or another view of Buffalo Exchange that intrigues you. This issue is a return to print after we skipped our fall/winter issue and soon realized that customers actually like these little mags more than we thought. So, just in time for your trek to a music festival, a spring break you’ve needed after a winter of snow and rain, or just a fashion refresh, we bring you some fun and a little bit of info about Buffalo Exchange. We’ve been around since 1974, when my parents opened the first store here in Tucson, Arizona. We are still based in Tucson, but share the goodness of recycling your closet around the country. We value our customers more than you know (yes, even when we have to say ‘no thanks’ to your clothing) and we hope you enjoy this issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together. Have a beautiful spring and summer! Rebecca Block Zine Team: Rebecca Block, Jessica Pruitt, Joe Carrel, Inara Edrington, Gneiss Hobbs, Stephanie Lew, Emma Robinson & Kristin Pawelczyk Publisher: Buffalo Exchange Ltd. Illustrators: Emma Robinson Printed by: Arizona Lithographers & Western Web Graphics Contributors: Amelia Gotobed, Darian Younce, DCXV, Dionna Bell, Erin Kallish, Jazmyn Griffin, Jennifer Williams & Syndi Adams Photographers: Bridget McGee, Deandra Binder, Jessica Amerson, Jessie Collier, Julia Mejia, Kareem Porter, Michaela Alessandra, Monica Eckhoff, Stephanie Lew, Stephanie Lim & Teha Bessell Special thanks to all of the stores that contributed

Please Recycle

Thank you for shopping at Buffalo Exchange Tokens for Bags With each purchase, you’ll receive a token in place of a bag which you can donate to one of three local charities. For each token, we donate five cents to that charity. Since 1994, with your help, we’ve raised over $682k for thousands of local nonprofit organizations. That’s 13.6 million plastic bags kept out of circulation and from polluting the environment.

Support these charities by shopping at Buffalo Exchange.

Orca Conservancy

Buffalo Exchange Seattle (Ballard) Orca Conservancy is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization that collaborates with some of the world’s top research institutions and environmental groups to protect Orcinus orca, the killer whale and the wild places on which they depend.

The Hermitage Cat Shelter Buffalo Exchange Tucson

The Hermitage No-Kill Cat Shelter is a nonprofit organization that is both an adoption facility as well as a long-term sanctuary for felines considered “adoptionchallenged,” including felines who are FIV+ or FeLV+, or have other types of chronic health issues.

Atlanta Food Bank

Buffalo Exchange Atlanta The Atlanta Food Bank is a food distribution center that is dedicated to fighting hunger by engaging, educating, and empowering the community. It is supported every day by both people in need and those who want to help.

When you support us you support our causes. Coats for Cubs

Recommended by The Humane Society of the United States, our annual Coats for Cubs fur drive collects real furs to provide bedding and comfort to orphaned and injured wildlife. Since 2006, with your help, we’ve collected and distributed over 12,190 furs to wildlife rehabilitators nationwide.

Earth Day $1 Sale

Since 1997, we’ve raised $561,236 through our annual Earth Day $1 Sale. We’ve supported numerous charities and environmental causes, including protecting the last Galapagos Island tortoise (George), funding pollination programs and research, and increasing awareness about cruelty-free makeup. Most recently we raised over $47,718 for the Center for Biological Diversity in support of their efforts to protect fresh water for people and wildlife. Psssst, This year’s sale is on 4/22/17!

Our Community

On top of the many community events we sponsor and participate in, our stores team up with numerous local charities, community organizations and schools to give back in various ways. Sometimes, that means providing gift card donations, clothing donations and clothing for fashion shows. Other times, it means promoting causes and taking part in panel talks about the benefits of resale and recycling. We contribute to the local community any way we can.

Feel Good SHopping We are committed to offering customers a way to recycle their clothing and accessories, thus reducing clothing pollution. At Buffalo Exchange, no clothing goes to waste. We donate items we can’t buy to local charities daily. Additionally, any items that don’t sell in our stores get a second chance at our Buffalo Outlets (Nogales & San Antonio) before we donate them to charity. Feel good about shopping by opting to recycle clothing at Buffalo Exchange. With every purchase, you support the environment, local and national charities, your local community, and a family-owned business.

Rustic Wrang ler

Locals Only


with Buffalo San Diego Associate Manager Dionna Bell

Vintage tees are the pinnacle

of awesome, and staples in my wardrobe. I was an avid secondhand shopper long before I started working for Buffalo Exchange, so my collection started to amass in my early teenage years. I love collecting vintage tees of all kinds. Old concert/tour shirts are my most prized because they came from a time when some of my favorite bands were at the height of their popularity.

Photos: Bridget McGee

Another thing I love about vintage tees is imagining who the original owners were and what kind of crazy stories these shirts have seen unfold. All the years of wear and every rip and tear tells a unique story that I will never really know, but it’s fun to make up your own!

Springtime Kingdom Photography & Styling

Michaela Alessandra A Wes Anderson-inspired editorial Clothing provided by Buffalo Exchange


Collier, Sydni Adams, Ben Busdicker, Models: Jessie Jessica Joy, Hannah Grassmuck, Rebecca Wright

Mindful Dressing: The Capsule Wardrobe

Written by Jessica Pruitt, Illustrated by Emma Robinson Imagine opening your closet in the morning and selecting the perfect outfit in moments… every single day. Sound impossible? Capsule wardrobes streamline your morning routine, saving you time and leaving your mind free to make more important decisions. They also cut down on waste. Ultimately, that means more money in your pocket and fewer fast fashion items in the landfill. How to Capsule: The Clean-out Capsule wardrobes consist of 30-40 in-season staples in coordinating colors. Mixing and matching has never been so easy! To make your own, start by taking everything out of your closet and sorting it into four piles:

1) LOVE IT: These ones are no-brainers. You always feel comfortable and confident when you wear them. 2) Maybe: If you like it but just don’t wear it, throw it in this pile to pack up and store. After a few months, you can reevaluate. 3) Sell or Donate: If it doesn’t fit or it’s a style you never feel totally comfortable wearing, pack it up to sell. 4) Seasonal: To reduce closet clutter, store any items you won’t wear right now.

Building a New Wardrobe Once you’ve cleaned out, it’s time to assess what you have and make a list. Aim for a few of each clothing type – three pairs of boots, three pairs of jeans, etc. Keep in mind that you’ll want one to be casual, one dressed-up and one in between for maximum versatility. When you go shopping, envision several different ways you could wear each item and keep in mind the old maxim, “When in doubt, throw it out.” Don’t be afraid to add color – just make sure it coordinates with the rest of your wardrobe.

Tank Tops (3)

Dresses (3)

Sweaters (3)

Dressy flats (1)

T-shirts (3)

Blouses (3)

Skirts (3)

Pants (4)

Jackets (3)

Sandals (3)

Casual shoes (1)

Ankle boots (3)

If 40 pieces seems impossible, don’t worry. In the end, capsule wardrobing isn’t about the number – it’s about rethinking your approach to dressing and learning to listen to your instincts. Give yourself the freedom to make mistakes and to make the concept work for you. Here’s to a closet full of fewer clothes and more possibilities!

Photos: Jessica Amerson Stylists: Jennifer Williams, Jessica Amerson

Vintage Party Dresses with Nashville Store Manager Jennifer Williams

I started collecting vintage party dresses when I was 16 years old due to an intense fear that I’d show up to prom in the same dress as someone else! The red dress, with its pom-poms and feathers, was the first of my collection, followed by the purple and gold-threaded 50s stunner. Working for Buffalo Exchange turned my collection into an obsession and I now own well over ten pieces dating from the 40s-60s. One of my favorite Buffalo finds is a pink, floor-length tulle gown; it was brought into the store by a woman whose mother was a US Diplomat’s wife. She wore it to a Diplomat’s Ball in the 40s.

We buy men’s and women’s clothing and accessories-the best of all seasons, all year long.

Remember a valid governmentissued I.D. If you’re under 18 bring a parent or guardian, too.

Visit for more information.

You can take of our selling price in cash or in store credit on the spot.

30% 50%

Far from a store? –Find

out more online

Secrets of a Buffalo Stylist By Jessica Pruitt

1) Shop often

Some of the most sought-after items sell the same day they come in, so make it a routine to stop in once a week, even if it’s just for a quick fiveminute check of your favorite areas. We add fresh inventory to our racks all day, every day, so any time you come in, you have a good shot at brand new merchandise.

2) Keep a list

To keep your wardrobe goals on track, keep a running list of must-have items on your phone. Then, review it before every shopping trip so you don’t forget to check for them.

3) Shop outside your size

Every brand has slightly different sizing and fit, so don’t be afraid to shop one size up and one size down, especially when it comes to jeans.

4) Shop both sides of the store

Don’t be afraid to cross the aisle to shop the opposite gender. Lots of guys find fun leggings in the women’s pants section and gals are famous for repurposing flannels from the guys’ side.

5) Shop the mannequins

Ever see an adorable outfit on a Buffalo mannequin and wish you could wear the whole thing? Ask an employee to get it down for you!

6) Enlist a personal stylist

Buffalo Exchange employees are pros at navigating their store’s inventory, so enlist one as your personal shopper. They’ll be delighted to point you in the right direction or help you style an entire outfit, head to toe.

7) Use trade

Using trade gives you the best value, often allowing you to do a full closet update at almost no cost to you. If you don’t find anything to buy the same day you sell, you can always take a trade card for later.

Desert Darlin’


Meet Buffalo Exchange Associate Manager:

Jessica Leising What brought you to Buffalo Exchange? I had recently graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor’s in Apparel Merchandising and an Associate Degree in Costume Construction. I moved to Albuquerque with my best friend because we wanted to go somewhere new and completely different than Indiana. When I realized there was a Buffalo Exchange in Albuquerque I knew I wanted to work there instantly. It seemed like a perfect fit for me and encompassed everything I already loved. Getting to use my knowledge of clothing and fashion. What is your favorite part of the job? I love getting to see all the amazing clothes that come through, but I also love getting to talk with the customers. Working at the buy counter you get to interact with people on a deeper level than in any other customer service experience. I really enjoy learning the history behind garments, getting a glimpse into the life a piece of clothing had before it gets to our store. What do you like about Buffalo Exchange as a company? I had shopped at the stores in Chicago and Austin and already knew I loved the company. I respected the philosophy and history behind Buffalo Exchange. I had worked here for a while before I realized that a lot of why the company is run so differently than others I had worked for was that it is run by women. They really love their employees and treat them with respect and dignity in a way I had never seen at any other retailer. Tell us an interesting fact about yourself. I am one of ten children. This probably has a lot to do with my appreciation for secondhand clothing. I was the seventh child and mostly got hand-me-downs. My mother introduced me to thrifting and making someone’s old clothes new again. I have always been obsessed with fashion and clothes, and spent a lot of time trying to cut up and sew together items to make them my own. I started sewing my own clothes when I was ten.

What are your hobbies? I often re-work old stuffed animals. I like to find oneof-a-kind old stuffed toys at antique malls, cut them apart, and sew them back together again in different combinations. I always make one for the Buffalo Exchange Christmas party to put in the gift exchange. Everyone calls them my monsters and they often get fought over. How would you describe your personal style? Currently, its very rock-n-roll mixed with a sophisticated preppy look. I like to wear a grungy old rock tee with a tailored skirt or pants, maybe a blazer with old Levis. How has your style changed over the years? Did Buffalo play a role in that? I have gone through several phases of styles while working here. When I started, I wore tons of 90’s babydoll dresses and retro pieces. Then I went through a time of wearing a lot of Boho hippie styles and trying to be Stevie Nicks. I always come back to my staples of vintage tees and jeans. Where do you draw style inspiration from? I love to pull inspiration from the past, looking through old albums and seeing how musicians dressed. Recently, I have been looking at a bunch of old photos of Patti Smith and stealing her style. I also tend to look at what is going on around me; my fellow co-workers and the amazing jewelry of the Southwest tend to inspire me. In New Mexico, we have a type of women we call the “Santa Fe Lady”. Her look tends to be sophisticated with a lot of linen and natural fibers topped off with amazing silver and turquoise. This style has been popular for generations, but has recently started to become part of mainstream fashion. It’s a great style. What is your favorite Buffalo Exchange find? I have a bunch of rings that I can’t live without. I wear a ring every day that is silver and has two skeletons on it. What are your can’t-live-without closet staples? Black jeans and black boots. What is your favorite movie for fashion/style? Mystery Train is a Jim Jarmusch movie that came out in 1989 and I love it. What style or life advice do you have after working for Buffalo all these years? You can pretty much wear whatever you want and look good, if your clothes fit you well and you wear it with confidence. Don’t listen to fashion rules, wear what makes you happy and comfortable.

Photo by Deandra Binder Model: Aiza Pedregon

Photo by Jessie Collier Stylist: Darian Younce Models: Sydni Adams, Jazmyn Griffin

Photo by Teha Bessell Model: Shayne Holborow

Photo by Kareem Porter | Styling: Alaia Harrison Models: Cherrelle Moore, Alaia Harrison

Photo & Styling: Julia Mejia | Styling: Sara Villegas Model: Zoe Juarez

Photo by Stephanie Lim Model: Spencer Davis

Tackling a Tiny Closet:

The Anti-Minimalists Guide to Maximizing Your Space By Juliet Swango If you live in a tiny apartment or a dorm room, you probably find yourself wrestling with your closet daily. Fortunately, with a little creativity and a few budget-friendly tools, you can take control of your space! 1) Keep everything visible: Instead of stuffing everything into dresser drawers, put it on display. When you can see it, you’re more likely to wear it and less likely to let things get out of control. 2) Use modular storage: Use storage cubes with easy-pull bins to store shoes and accessories. 3) Put up a garment rack: Hang your most eye-catching items on a garment rack. This is a great way to create extra closet space and showcase your favorite pieces. Switch out the items seasonally and use your rack as a style inspiration board. 4) Splurge on hangers: Purchase high-quality velvet hangers. They cut down on useless closet bulk, plus they’re more attractive and gentler on clothing.

5) Update seasonally: Store off-season clothes in a bin out of sight to reduce clutter. Getting dressed in the morning is so much easier when you don’t have to dig through piles of clothes you can’t even wear right now. 6) Use stackable jewelry trays: You can find these at online retail supply stores in various sizes and insert types. Try storing necklaces in compartmentalized inserts as opposed to necklace hooks or stands, where they often tangle. 7) Get on the grid: Use mini 14x14 grid panels (find online at retail supply stores) to display broaches and other miscellaneous accessories. You can make these into storage cube shelves or assemble them into flat panels. To hook pins onto the gridwall, purchase small swivel-clips. These days, everyone talks about minimizing your closet. But what if you have a fantastic collection of unique items and vintage? No problem! Use these storage tips to make the most of your wardrobe and simplify your morning routine without giving up your unique style.

These days, everyone talks about minimizing your closet. But what if you have a fantastic collection of unique items and vintage finds? No problem! Use these storage tips to make the most of your wardrobe and simplify your morning routine without giving up your favorite pieces.



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Buffalo Exchange Zine  

Issue 11, Spring/Summer 2017. Featuring the causes we support, vintage collections, tips for shopping & selling to Buffalo Exchange, tips fo...

Buffalo Exchange Zine  

Issue 11, Spring/Summer 2017. Featuring the causes we support, vintage collections, tips for shopping & selling to Buffalo Exchange, tips fo...