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Welcome to our 2016 Spring Summer zine! We hope you find this issue inspiring and informative as you welcome the warmth of summer into your lives. There are so many delights to explore this time around including a favorite from NYC (Boris is back!), some young YouTube personalities, truly wonderful tips for your vintage glamour, a handbag collector, and many, many other features. We continue to enjoy sharing our love for fashion and all things visual with you, our passionate customers. Without your continued love for clothing and color in your lives, we would be lost.

Rebecca Block, Vice President, Buffalo Exchange

Please enjoy our 10th edition!

Zine Team: Rebecca Block, Joe Carrel, Inara Edrington, Gneiss Hobbs, Stephanie Lew, Emma Robinson & Kristin Welk Publisher: Buffalo Exchange Ltd. Illustrators: Stevie Carlson & Emma Robinson Printers: Arizona Lithographers & Western Web Graphics Contributors: Amanda and Kate, Justin Goellner, Jenny Martin, Sean Cleveland, Virginia McInnis, & Jesi Morin Photographers: Candice Caballero, Monica Gauthier, Micke Hallsenius, Stephanie Lew & Kelly Marquez Special thanks to all of the stores that contributed

Pittsburgh, PA



Meet Our Newest Buffalo

Pittsburgh. Home to 446 bridges, 3 rivers, the most bars per capita of any US city, the largest furry convention in the world (Anthrocon – look it up), and now Buffalo Exchange! As full of fun things to do as any city you can find, Pittsburgh has three professional sports teams (Steelers, Pirates, and Penguins), a great art and museum scene (Andy Warhol Museum? Yes, please), and lots of festivals including blues and jazz festivals, film festivals, a fringe festival, and even Pyrofest at nearby Cooper’s Lake (“America’s largest fireworks festival”). Our Southside Flats store is in an area that was originally built as inexpensive housing for mill workers and is now a walking neighborhood with a diverse, urban feel. We are located Carson and 13th Street in 15 blocks of Victorian architecture inhabited by an eclectic mix of live music venues, restaurants, independent businesses, and of course, bars. In the mood for a tropical drink in a Polynesian paradise? Try Tiki Lounge (2003 East Carson Street). How about a true Pittsburgh sandwich that not only has coleslaw in the sandwich, but French fries also? Primanti Brothers (1832 East Carson Street)! A funky, artsy coffee house and dessertery with killer coffee? Beehive (1327 East Carson Street). The list of interesting and original places goes on and on.

The building Buffalo Exchange is in was built in 1893, but the classic brick so common on East Carson Street was covered with a black art deco Carrara glass in the 1930s to create a completely unique look found nowhere else on the street. We decorated the store with an earthy rugged feel to reflect Pittsburgh’s steel history, with a bit of an homage to the rust so prevalent to the area. The front sign was designed to look like an old sign found in the back of someone’s dusty garage and cleaned up. Thrift store and flea market finds (like an old drip pan converted into a sign, vintage suitcases, and colorful old oil cans) round out the store’s décor. Buffalo Exchange’s eclectic inventory selection is going to be a perfect fit for Pittsburgh’s diverse customers.

Up Your Vintage Game Tips from the queens of contemporary retro, Modern June Cleaver and Amelia Jetson of

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Tip #1

Even when we’re at work where our style is a bit subdued, we make sure to add accessories to help our personal style shine through. Some of our favorites are square toe ballerina flats, a pair of cateye glasses or our favorite: a brooch, whether it be an authentic vintage or a vintage-inspired reproduction (from brands like Erstwilder, Luxulite and MerriWeather).

Tip #2

The days of glasses being nerdy are long gone (take that 5th grade!). If your vision is awful like ours, you’re actually lucky when it comes to vintage fashion! We love wearing fun glasses (especially cateyes) to help us channel a vintage look. We gravitate towards styles that make a bold statement, which adds to the overall appearance of your outfit. So, even if the rest of your ensemble isn’t vintageinspired, your glasses will be sure to capture the essence. Even if your vision is 20/20, you can buy them with clear lenses – just for fun!

Tip #3

Even if you’re feeling like having a lazy day, you can up your vintage game with high-waisted denim, a high ponytail with a hair scarf, and t-shirts from retro reproduction companies like Mischief Made and Atomic Swag.

Tip #4

Vintage hairstyles can be a pain to perfect, so a way around that is by adding hair accessories like a flower or hat! During the Spring + Summer sun hats are the perfect touch for any day dress.

Tip #5

If hats aren’t your style, try tying a hair scarf different ways in your hair, or if you’re up to it, around your neck!

Follow them on Instagram: @ameliajetson and @modernjunecleaver

Tip #6

Purses are inexpensive statement pieces to add a retro flare to an outfit. We love shopping in the children’s section of various department stores for fun bags, thrifting them, or buying them used.

Tip #7

The holy grail of adding a vintage flare to any outfit, whether it be a t-shirt and jeans or an extravagant dress -- red lipstick. Our favorite is Red Velvet by Besame Cosmetics (which is also Agent Peggy Carter’s signature shade).

Tip #8

Bakelite jewelry hit the fashion scene in the 1920s and the variety of colors and patterns grew immensely in the 1950s. The most popular of these pieces, bracelets & bangles, have been re-popularized in recent years and are a great way to add some color to an otherwise plain outfit or to bring out a color that is more subdued.

Check out more of their vintage looks at

Erica Canchola

Youtube star Erica Canchola tells us about her personal style and warm weather must-haves.

Hello! My name is Erica Canchola and I am a 19 year old fashion and lifestyle vlogger on YouTube. I create videos that express the things I love and am passionate about. Short films are also some of my absolute favorite videos to make. I believe in spreading positivity and always staying true to who you are.



I absolutely love shopping at Buffalo Exchange because the items are such great quality for an affordable price. Not only that, but it’s my go-to place to find unique– sometimes very vintage–pieces that I know I won’t see many other people wearing.


I would describe my style as boho, yet comfortable and free-spirited. I always like to feel as if I could run freely through an open field in whatever I choose to wear. Haha.


Some of my must haves for spring and summer would have to be hats and headbands! I love different types of head accessories, they can really spice up an outfit and save you on a bad hair day! I will also definitely be hunting for some bellbottoms and I’m pretty intrigued by the overall trend as well.


Photographer: Candice Caballero


The first Pride events were held in 1970 in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Pride is a positive stance against discrimination toward LGBT people. Pride events are held to celebrate achievements that have been accomplished, build community, and continue to work towards complete equality for all. Buffalo Exchange has been involved with many Pride events over the years - here is a list of some of our favorites:

Philly Pride Parade & Festival June 12

San Francisco Pride June 25-26

Twin Cities Pride Festival June 25-26

Seattle Pride Parade June 26

San Diego LGBT Pride July 16-17

Charlotte Pride August 20-21

Austin Pride Festival August 27

An interview with one of NYC’s most stylish residents. By Justin Goellner Many say that “style is timeless,” but Boris Kimmel embodies it. He was born in the seaport city of Odessa, Ukraine, where the clothing available in stores was drab, utilitarian, and of poor quality. Boris’ wife developed his sense of style by shopping at the street markets, where vendors would bring back items from Europe. She would awake at 5am to get first pick at the higher-quality garments made with interesting fabrics and fibers like mohair, cashmere and Egyptian cotton.

Boris and his family moved to New York at the height of the disco era, and even while hitting up the hot clubs like Studio 54, he remained relatively immune to the clothing trends of the time. His preference for a more enduring style steered him past the streetinfluenced fashions of the 80s and the grunge-infused apparel of the 90s. Throughout the decades, Boris retained his love for quality materials, favoring brands like Burberry, Hermes and Prada for this very reason. A longtime customer of Buffalo Exchange in Manhattan’s East Village, not only can he recall how much he paid for every item he’s acquired there, but which employee helped him find it. Boris flashes a smile as he lifts his pant leg to reveal his Alexander McQueen Pumas, and expresses how he likes that high-end designers are creating their own versions of the sportswear staple. Donning his favorite sunglasses and a white linen hat, Boris continues to show us all that while fashions may come and go, style is indeed timeless.

Wish You Were Here

Photography by Stephanie Lew

Hair and Makeup by: Ely Sa単udo Arevalo, Anne Skubis, Bethany Geraghty Models: Sean Li Wong and Rysen Barnett.

Join Our Herd When I tell people what I do for work, the smart ones usually figure out quickly that a lot of time is spent investing in employees in order to create good buyers. They get it! We do spend a lot of time developing new hires into good and then stellar buyers. This is what makes our business so rewarding and so much fun. You may wonder what makes people want to devote their time and energy to us in an effort to master the art of buying. Here are some highlights that make our workplace unique. • We embrace diversity, especially diversity in fashion. • We let employees become entrepreneurs the minute they start to work at the buy counter; our employees purchase the vast majority of what we sell inside each store. • We challenge our employees to develop themselves, and we provide coaching the whole way. • We are creative at heart. Our employees are allowed the space and trust to be creative at work in their personal fashion, buy counter choices, mannequin dressing and more! • We provide opportunity for those who prove themselves through performance, and we always prefer to build from within the ranks. • We believe that work can be fun, even on the craziest of days. • We believe that our work is meaningful and we love to see great fashion find a new home. • We love making someone’s day – be it a customer or an employee. If this sounds like a workplace you might find challenging and rewarding, then fill out an application and have a talk with us! We’d like to meet you. Apply online or in store.

Home and Lifestyle With Jesi and Sean




Jesi and Sean were kind enough to let us take a peek inside their warm and inspiring abode. It is an eclectic and modern space incorporating Danish furniture, layers of textiles, ceramics, and woods from artists on the west coast and Scandinavia. In the beginning Sean was the minimalist and Jesi was the self-described maximalist; but they quickly figured out they shared similar tastes while purchasing their first piece of furniture together; an orange 8 foot crushed velvet sofa.

Sean is a design dealer and often finds pieces to add to their dĂŠcor during his travels for work. Jesi and Sean spend much of their free time outdoors which has influenced their design choices; such as using earth tones as a base and accenting with pops of color. They also enjoy purchasing items while traveling together to remind them of their adventures. Anytime Jesi & Sean move into a new place they buy a candle they both like and burn it while they are unpacking; it makes the space feel more like their own.


Handbag Wrangler V


Photos: Monica Gauthier

eet Tucson customer Jenny Martin and her adorable daughter Olivia. Jenny let us take a look at her 60 vintage handbags that she has been collecting over the past eight years. She finds most of her handbags at thrift stores and yard sales. Jenny looks for special details such as mirrors, clasps, and she especially enjoys Lucite accents and handles. Most days you will see her carrying a handbag from her collection. When her pieces are not in use they’re on display all over her house; there isn’t a room that doesn’t have a handbag in it. Jenny continues to look for unique and different styles to add to her assortment; hopefully by the time she runs out of space, Olivia will be old enough to take a few off her hands so that the collecting can continue!

California Casual

Johnny Martinez IG:@jigsaw_johnny

Leo Robinson III IG:@memyselfandflyy

Kenny Gagni IG:@kenny_brian

Matt Oltman IG:@matt.oltman

Photography: Kelly Marquez

Broke but Bougie Bridget, the youtuber and blogger behind Broke but Bougie lets us know about her spring and summer fashion favorites I’m Bridget! I just moved to Washington DC from San Diego with my husband Matt and little dog Bartlet. I work in communications by day and blog by night. I like to tell people my blog and YouTube channel are all about “living the cashmere life on a cotton budget”. It’s really a lifestyle channel where I talk about everything from fashion and food to home decor and travel. I’ve been shopping at Buffalo Exchange since I was a freshman in college. My roommate discovered the location in Hillcrest and it quickly became the go to shopping destination the rest of my time in SoCal. I found a pair of Hudson jeans for $30 that have been my wardrobe staple ever since!

How would you describe your style? I feel like my style is constantly changing but I tend to always gravitate to pieces with classic lines that have just a dash of quirkiness. Like if Audrey Hepburn was dressed by Ellen Page. In your opinion, what are some key must have spring and summer fashion pieces for this coming season? Finding items that I can use from one season to the next is key for me staying on budget. For spring and summer I love finding bold sunglasses and patterned shirts, and bright shoes to jazz up my basic items for the warmer months. What is the top item you'll be hunting for in the spring and summer season? The perfect floral mini dress.


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Buffalo Exchange Zine  

Issue 10, Spring/Summer 2016. Featuring tips on how to sell at Buffalo Exchange, the new Buffalo Exchange store that just opened in Pittsbur...

Buffalo Exchange Zine  

Issue 10, Spring/Summer 2016. Featuring tips on how to sell at Buffalo Exchange, the new Buffalo Exchange store that just opened in Pittsbur...