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Editor’s Note As you start to experience cooler weather this fall and winter, enjoy the transition! Changing seasons let you try out so many combinations of your closet. This issue of the Buffalo Exchange ‘zine has given you the green light to mix it up and, most of all, have FUN with your clothes. There are lots of inspired customers and influencers in this edition. We love them all for their eclectic ways of making outfits – in pinks, mustards, black, or good old denim blue. They are a delight to behold. The message was loud and clear – be YOU, and have FUN. We also provide you some vintage inspired photo shoots and a few ‘looks we love’ for a preview into the fall season. Don’t forget to read a little bit about what you support when you shop with us. It’s important to know where your money is going these days, and we appreciate that you choose to shop with us. Have a most splendiferous fall and winter!!

Zine Team: Rebecca Block, Jessica Pruitt, Joe Carrel, Inara Edrington, Stephanie Lew, Emma Robinson & Amelia Gotobed Publisher: Buffalo Exchange Ltd. Illustrators: Christine Riebock & Emma Robinson Printed by: Alphagraphics, Tucson, Az. Contributors: Amy Roiland, Kai Morgan, Kristin Pawelczyk, Liz Colley, Oscar Armenta, Robin Blakely & Sofia Conte Photographers: Breeana Walker, Bri Dezel, Brittany Burkhardt, Georgia Harter, Martha Rincon, McKenzie Grant-Gordon, Monique Woolley, Nathan Bennett, Sean Flynn, Stephanie Lew, Sydney Tripoli, Wesley Livingston & Ximena Armenta Special thanks to all of the stores that contributed

Please Recycle

Sofia Conte @sofiagconte

Sofia uses her Instagram and Youtube Channel to inspire us to be ourselves everyday

What’s your best piece of style advice? There is so much beauty in being unique. You don’t have to dress like other people just because that’s the “right” way to dress. There is no right or wrong when it comes to style and that’s what makes it so amazing. Be who you are and express that through your style.

almost any store right now and they have such an eye-catching look to them.

How would you describe your personal style? I would say that my personal style is more on the weird side. I love to be unique and different with the clothes I wear. I’m very drawn to more of a tomboy style as well. I love to take clothing that’s meant to be more masculine and style it to have a feminine feel.

What do you love about shopping at Buffalo Exchange? How unique all of their clothes are. Every single item I pick out I fall in love with because of how different it is. What’s your favorite Buffalo find? I bought my first fanny pack at Buffalo Exchange and I am so obsessed with it. Literally from the moment I saw it I knew I needed it!!

Sofia’s 5 Must-Have Items for Fall Two-Piece Sets Fanny Packs Overalls Camo Pants Weird Glasses


What is your favorite trend for Fall 2018? Definitely two-piece sets. They’re found in

What’s your everyday go-to outfit? Whenever I’m in a rush, I always put on an XXL men’s t-shirt and wear it as a dress. I pair it with some Vans and jewelry and I’m good to go!!


Fashion looks from Buffalo Exchange Dallas, inspired by iconic musicians. Photography by: Martha Rincon


Models: Nadia Andu Christopher Chavez Janine Czajka Story Harrell Stylist: Urma Redmond


You ’re A Shoe-In

Art To My Ears

Trends We Love

Keep it or sell it It’s never easy to decide to let a once-loved item of clothing go. Maybe you spent a lot of money on it or maybe it just has sentimental value. When to keep and when to sell? That is the question! Use this handy chart to figure it out.

Tip #1:

Clean out seasonally and store out-of-season items.

Tip #2:

If you have a piece you LOVE but can never figure out how to style, try wearing it to Buffalo Exchange and shopping for new pieces to pair it with! If you’re still having trouble making it work, it may be time to sell.

Tip #3:

Create a section of your closet for unique/special occasion items that you only wear a couple of times a year. These will create a beautiful section in your closet to draw from when you have an event or just want to switch up your style, but they won’t be in your way when you’re trying to put together an outfit on the daily.

Oscar Armenta of

@oscardelarmenta How would you describe your style? Fashion forward. I’m always following the new trends but putting my own personal twist on them. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with the 70s, so I just can’t get enough of flares, platforms anything hippie-chic.

What is your favorite trend for fall? Tiny sunglasses. I feel like they make any outfit so much cooler and add that finishing touch that makes everything come together just perfectly. What are your top 5 fall and winter must-haves? 1. White corduroy flares 2. Black square toe Chelsea boots 3. Cheetah print button-up 4. Cherry red platform boots 5. Cropped leather jacket What do you love about shopping at Buffalo? I love to go with an open mind and see what cool pieces I will find for my closet – knowing that the racks are full of unique pieces makes me ecstatic. The music is always on point and the vibe is just everything. What’s your best piece of style advice? Wear anything that makes you feel confident and unstoppable. And always have fun!

enta imena Arm re X y b s to Pho eadhe @theredh

Flashback Friday Clothing provided by Buffalo Exchange Long Beach

Photography and Styling By Sydney Tripoli

Models: Elise Durets, Rachel Rodriguez, Katelin Bracco.

Style TWins Meet Edgar and Aiza, style BFFs who hail from Buffalo Exchange Tucson. They first met when they started at Buffalo almost two years ago. Since then, their friendship, knowledge of fashion, and personal style have grown immensely.

Where do you draw fashion inspiration from? Edgar: I follow a lot of European fashion through social media and the internet, specifically Spain and France. I like a lot of their street styles. My aesthetic is definitely alternative, chic, contemporary, with an underground club flare, which I live for. Aiza: Runway shows and Instagram. I love being able to see what people are wearing all over the world! What’s your favorite trend this fall? Edgar: My favorite runway looks for this fall were from Faith Connexions. I just about screamed at their sporty street style, mixed with a little Western fringe, sprinkled with some snake prints and topped with lacey ruffles. I love it all! Aiza: Neon! I’m currently obsessed with neon lime green. I also love the 80’s revival and futuristic style combo, giving us all the structured shoulders and sleeves. What’s your fashion mantra? Edgar: Confidence is something you should always be wearing. Treat everyday like it’s the runway. Aiza: Have fun with it! Try piecing things together that you never thought would work. You just might be surprised! Dabble in trends or styles that you wouldn’t have before. Oh, and don’t be afraid to push the envelope!

How would you describe your closet? Edgar: My closet is composed of everlasting, structured, androgynous, quality pieces. I keep it minimal and functional so that each outfit is an unforgettable statement of its own. I trade often enough to keep my closet thriving without having clutter. Aiza: My closet is color coordinated and filled with lots of pieces that represent different types of styles. I need to have options in my wardrobe to help express myself on a daily basis. That being said, my closet is on the larger side... How has your style evolved since starting at Buffalo Exchange? Edgar: My style is constantly evolving and elevating. There’s just simply no room to settle. I’ve definitely pushed to a more sleek look. Aiza: I was mainly a boho and retro gal. I wanted to try new styles but I was scared and didn’t know how. I was curious, though. I now describe my style as eclectic. My ideas and style come from a diverse range of things. I change it up often. My favorite part of my style is my versatility and ability to dress however I feel. That’s what makes me feel confident. What do you love about working at Buffalo Exchange? Edgar: Buffalo Exchange has granted me the freedom to express myself creatively. Whether it be an outfit, an idea or my work on a daily basis. There is so much growth and support available. I’m lucky to be a part of such an inspiring culture. Aiza: I love working in an environment that encourages you to be YOU. It has helped me tap back into my creative mind. Opportunities are endless working for a company that really cares about your development both as a fashion buyer and as an individual.

Amy Roiland of


Amy Roiland, aka @AFashionNerd, describes her style as quirky, eclectic and colorful. Scroll through her feed and it will quickly become obvious that she pulls outfit inspiration from 1960s cinema and (of course!) Wes Anderson films. She even had a Wes Anderson-themed wedding, where the wedding party wore slacks, bow ties and frilly skirts in a delightful pink and green color combo (check her blog for a wealth of wedding inspo).

Photos by Amy Roiland

Photo by Sean Flynn Amy particularly loves shopping at Buffalo Exchange because it allows her to express her bold style with unique finds. “I love all the amazing vintage items Buffalo buys,” she says. “I always find a kick-ass vintage piece that goes perfectly with my current wardrobe.” She recently found a pink tutu that she’s obsessed with (she kind of has a thing for tutus, if you hadn’t noticed). Her best find ever, though, was a pair of Florentini + Baker boots. She was so excited that she couldn’t stop dancing around! This fall Amy is excited about mixing lots of patterns and layers. The number one item she’s on the hunt for? The perfect long blazer. Ultimately, though, she’ll be looking for anything expressive and fun. “I dress up to make people smile and laugh,” she says. “I love wearing a lot of bright colors and it truly makes people smile.”

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By the Sea Photography by Monique Woolley

Clothing from Buffalo Exchange San Diego (Hillcrest)

Stylist: Teha Wallace Make Up: Lauren Harris Models: Cristina Dawson, Enoch Bayrd, Alana Serrano

@theconnoisseurofcute ^


e avorit Our f ce, RI en Provid mmer ra Instag ol l ey C Lizzy the (a.ka. @ eur iss conno e) ofcut

>How would you describe your personal style? A colorful mix of everything that inspires me ̶ psychedelic prints, embroidery, pink, novelty, TEXAS. >What is your favorite trend for Fall 2018? Suits! I have a collection of 80s and 90s power suits I can’t wait to break out! >What are the must-have items you’re looking to add to your wardrobe this fall? Blazers, plaid, leopard print, vintage brooches, cat eye glasses and colored faux fur! >What do you love about shopping at Buffalo Exchange? I ALWAYS find something I’ve never seen before! >What’s your favorite Buffalo find? A pair of pink and orange leopard print Doc Marten lace ups! >What’s your best piece of style advice? Wear what makes you happy, do your own thing and forget the rest of ‘em!


Georgia Harter

Eugene, Oregon employee kai morgan

I have always loved decorating and creating spaces that are appealing to the eye. I am one of those weird people that enjoys moving from house to house every year. It’s a new challenge for me to create a space where I can be content and wake up every day proud of my space. I am constantly moving things around and coming up with new visions. I strongly believe that you can make any space feel like home through styling and personal touches. Once I started college and began living in my own spaces, I became really interested in thrifting and decorating on a budget. If asked about my decorating style I suppose I would say “mid-century bohemian”, though I am also a huge sucker for anything Aztec. My mom’s side of the family is Native American and I would say that’s where my love for Aztec prints was born. I love bright colors, prints and honestly just throwing things together to create something that makes me happy. Decorating has really become an outlet for me and a place to show my creativity. After I got hired at Buffalo, I became more interested in vintage and that has definitely influenced my decorating style. Clothing and decor are all connected for me now, and I see them both as a way to express myself. I look forward to turning interior design into a full time hobby after I graduate college. I hope to one day open a décor boutique/thrift store to share my love for creating spaces with others.

Photography by Breeana Walker Clothing from Buffalo Exchange N Y C Chelsea

Models: Danielle Leguillo & Victor Rios



Looks We Love

Buffalo Exchange San Diego Hillcrest

C oa stot C oa st

Highlighting Style East Coast to West Coast

Buffalo Exchange Houston

Left Page: Photography By Monique Woolley Stylist: Teha Wallace MUA: Lauren Harris PA: Louie Carillo Models: Connie Turner, Christian Singer, Laura Dunham Right Page: Photography by Bri Dezel Stylist: Ariann Burley MUA: Ariell Ash Models: Morgahn Miller, Cam Davis, Matthew Young, Brihana Wilson

Buffalo Exchange Houston

Buffalo Exchange Washington D.C.

Buffalo Exchange Bellingham

Above: Photography by Brittany Burkhardt Models: Derek Groves and Flora Kovacs Styling: Brittany Burkhardt, Derek Groves, and Flora Kovacs Top Right: Photography by McKenzie Grant-Gordon Model: Helen Pewther Stylist: Tatiana Marbury Bottom Right: Photography by Wesley Livingston Styling & Models: Calle Lintz & Lindsey Nix Left Page: Photography by Bri Dezel Stylist: Ariann Burley MUA: Ariell Ash Model: Brit Isheim

Buffalo Exchange Ventura

When you support us you You support our causes Earth day $1 Day Sale

Since 1997 over $665,274 has been raised through our annual Earth Day $1 Day Sale. Through this sale we have supported numerous charities and environmental causes, including protecting Galapagos Island tortoises, funding pollination programs and research, increasing awareness about cruelty-free makeup, and most recently raising $51,471 for The 5 Gyres Institute and their efforts in using science, education, and adventure to transform the way we think about and address plastic pollution.

Coats for Cubs

Recommended by the Humane Society of the United States, our annual Coats for Cubs fur drive collects real furs to provide bedding and comfort to orphaned and injured wildlife. Since 2006, Buffalo Exchange, with the help of our customers, has collected and distributed over 15,108 furs to wildlife rehabilitators nationwide. For fur donation information you can visit CoatsForCubs.org

Arts Award

In 1994, Buffalo Exchange founders Kerstin and Spencer Block created an arts fund through the Community Foundation of Southern Arizona. This fund, the Buffalo Exchange Arts Award, annually honors emerging artists in the performing arts, visual arts, and those who have made outstanding contributions to the arts through education, organization, or advocacy. Since its inception, over $199,000 has been awarded to the inspirational artists of southern Arizona.

Feel Good Shopping

We are committed to offering customers a way to recycle their clothing and accessories, thus reducing clothing pollution. At Buffalo Exchange, no clothing goes to waste. We donate items we can’t buy to local charities daily. Additionally, any items that don’t sell in our stores get a second chance at our Buffalo Outlets (Nogales & San Antonio) before we donate them to charity. Feel good about shopping by opting to recycle clothing at Buffalo Exchange. With every purchase you support the environment, local and national charities, your local community, and a family-owned business

Tokens for Bags

At Buffalo Exchange every time you make a purchase we give you a token, instead of a bag, which you can donate to one of three local charities. For each token we donate five cents to the charity that you choose. With your help Buffalo Exchange has donated over $728,595 to thousands of local nonprofit organizations since the program began in 1994,with almost $47k donated in 2017 alone. That’s over 14.5 million plastic bags kept out of circulation and from polluting the environment. Here are some examples of charities;

Washington D.C. Nourish Now

Nourish Now collects surplus food from dedicated food donor partners including restaurants, grocers, caterers, and more throughout the D.C. metro area. After packaging donations, Nourish Now redistributes food directly to families in need. Nourish Now also provides meals and other needed items to youth groups, elderly care, shelters, food pantries, and other like-minded organizations.

Berkeley Hack the Hood

Hack the Hood is an award-winning non-profit that introduces youth of color to careers in tech by hiring and training them to build websites for real small businesses in their own communities. During 6-week “Bootcamps,” young people gain valuable hands-on experience, build a portfolio, and learn about opportunities in the tech industry. They build critical technical, leadership, entrepreneurship, and life skills with mentorship from staff and tech professionals working in the field.

San Diego The Mutt Scouts

The Mutt Scouts is a dog rescue dedicated to helping the homeless, abused, and abandoned dogs of all ages and breeds that have been rejected everywhere else. The dogs they care for are surrendered by owners, rescued from the streets or pulled from high-kill shelters. They provide proper socialization, training, and medical care no matter the cost. The Mutt Scouts work to ensure once a dog is in their care they know only love and safety for the rest of their lives.

Atlanta Trees Atlanta

Since 1985, Trees Atlanta has planted 125,000 trees as part of their efforts to protect and improve Atlanta’s urban forest. Through planting, conserving and educating, their volunteers and staff work tirelessly to address Atlanta’s tree loss, protect its forests, remove invasive plants and create new green space.

Thank you

for shopping at Buffalo exchange Find out more at BuffaloExchange.com/Giving-Back

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furs donated to wildlife rehabbers through our Coats for Cubs program


given to environmental causes through our Earth Day dollar sales

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