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0121 403 3033

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Hello and welcome to the August 2016 edition of the Bromsgrove and Redditch Pages. Well, after taking a well deserved holiday and being taught the basics of how to sail in sunny Spain it was back to it, although last weekend was spent catching up with the garden and hanging some splendid baskets but it’s been The magazine is looking great and we are making a few changes this month and some more next month and your feedback would be greatly appreciated, as this is what helps us provide what you (the reader) and our

and useful and don’t forget YOU can provide YOUR Wishing you all a great August and happy holidays

Magazine Editor - Lyndon Stokes Telephone: 01527 531382 or 07972 000843 Email: A Selection of Local Stories and Information: An interview with Lewis Hamilton 5 Cake and Bake 6 Finance - travelling abroad this year? 11 Do you struggle to park your car? 12 Local News and What’s On 14 & 34 A busy month at Broad Street DIY 17 Artrix - ‘Summer Nights’ Drive-in Cinema 24 & 25 Coughton Court - dates for your diary 32 Beauty and the Beach 36 Motoring Mini v’s Yeti 40 Cryptic Crossword 43 Whilst every care is taken to ensure accuracy, the publishers cannot accept responsibility for loss, damage or omission caused by error in printing of the advert. Adverts are accepted on the understanding that descriptions of goods and services are fair and accurate. Bromsgrove and Redditch Pages does not endorse any advertising material included within this publication. All rights reserved. No part of this publicaion may be reproduced, stored or transmitted in any form without the prior consent of the publisher.



By James Baggott

An Interview With Lewis Hamilton... Engine settings Hamilton had a tough time in Baku after his team put him in the wrong engine setting, and radio rules didn’t let the team He acknowledged having fast, technical racing that’s also

being so technical does cause a problem, with the engine switch settings allowing 508 possible combinations. He’s a British hero and an F1 champion and, at the launch of the new Mercedes-AMG GT R just after he won the British Grand Prix, here are Lewis Hamilton’s views on road cars, racing outside F1 and gaining an inch…

he drove in a time when people were dying often…I think it is important for us in the sport to always be considering [safety] and always be working on it, but I hope the danger’s always going to be there, because otherwise anyone could do it.”

He wouldn’t drive in any other series than F1 On the subject of racing in something like the Nurburgring 24-hour race, he said: “I like that I can take [the AMG GT R] around the Nurburgring and have a lot of fun, but I don’t really have any desire to race anything else. The problem is, once you come out of F1, everything else is a step down.”

Bikes beat cars His garage might be full of luxury motors, but he rarely drives them, preferring to keep the mileage low and the value appreciating. So, he usually rides his motorbike!

Danger is exciting He does say he’d like to have a go in MotoGP, because even riding his bike on the motorway is scary. On the subject of danger and improving safety, he says: “One of the exciting factors is when we get in that car and we know the danger factor is there. When I see Niki [Lauda], he’s just awesome, he’s a legend,

He thinks he’s matured For someone who has a reputation for speaking his mind, Hamilton portrays a calm aura and claims his years in racing have matured him. He said: “Age, I’m sure, has helped, but as you grow with the team…you realise your place in the team, you know, what I say to the camera is what the guys back at the factory hear me say, and you realise that you’re affecting all of those people with the things you say, so I’m conscious of those things.”

He does what he likes Hamilton has a reputation for enjoying a celebrity lifestyle, and has been seen having fun on jet skis on holiday. Does the team tell him to reign in his extra-curricular activities? “When I was at McLaren I said ‘these are the things I like to do, just so you’re aware’ and when I joined this team I already told them ‘these are the things I do, I’m not gonna stop!’ You know, I’m conscious, I never want to watch someone else drive my car, so I try to be as sensible as I can whilst having fun, which isn’t always the easiest balance.” He wants to be a development driver “I was talking to Tobias [Moers, AMG boss] and I was like ‘you’ve got all this Formula 1 technology and you have the Formula 1 world champion driving your car – utilise that!” He therefore wants to do a “limited edition series, which I can test, which I can set up and be hands-on with the design.”

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Cake and Bake Tropical Fruit Roulade A lovely light and fruity dessert that’s ideal for summer entertaining. You can vary the fruit filling, try fresh chopped peaches and raspberries or strawberries and blueberries if preferred.


1. 2.

3. Serves 8 Ready in 1hour, plus cooling





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MONTREAL PLASTERING Reliable Service No Job too small or large Free Quotations Friendly Advice

Call Dave on: 07464 181320 966275 07961

5 Mallow Drive, Bromsgrove. B61 0UP

The Professional Local Tree Surgeon

Established Family Business All aspects of tree work undertaken Domestic and Commercial Fully insured and licenced NPTC Certified Logs and Woodchip for sale


01527 892828 07970 263779

Email: 184 The Ridgeway, Astwood Bank, Redditch B96 6NP

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Positive Future


Mick Parry

Personal Wellness Coach

Shape up for Summer Free Wellness consultation Ongoing coaching & support Ask about the 3 day Weight Loss or 6 day Healthy Breakfast trials

Text or Call 07860 166427

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Holiday Reads For many of us, the best thing about a holiday is the opportunity to get lost in a book, without feeling guilty about unread emails, dirty dishes or the other 1001 daily chores that rudely interrupt our reading. If you’re looking for a novel to get lost in, we have plenty to recommend. Magruder’s Curiosity Cabinet – H.P. Wood In 1904, the tavern beneath Magruder’s Curiosity Cabinet has become a haven for the many ‘unusuals’ who call Coney Island their home. There’s Rosalind, who’s as likely to wear a suit as a dress, Zeph, who lost both his legs in a childhood accident, eight year old P-Ray, who never speaks other number of characters. solace at Magruder’s, but her peace may well be short-lived. Anarchy is in the air, and the plague is sweeping through the streets. These characters will stay with you long after your holiday is over. The Last of Us – Rob Ewing On a remote Scottish island, a pandemic has killed most of the population. There are no adults survive on the tinned food they There’s Rona, the narrator, along with little Alex and their leader, Elizabeth, who makes sure they brush their teeth and carry on with their school lessons. And then there’s Calum Ian and Duncan, who are starting to resent Elizabeth’s authority. A beautiful, heartwrenching story.

Dear Amy – Helen Callaghan When a newspaper agony aunt receives a letter claiming to be from a kidnapped girl, hoax. After all, Bethany Avery has been missing for years. But then more letters arrive, seemingly with information only the girl could know. Throw into the mix another recent abduction, and you have an enjoyable psychological thriller with plenty of twists and turns, a great storyline and appealing characters. Woman on the Edge of Time – Marge Piercy It’s been four decades since the release of this classic feminist dystopian novel, yet the writing still feels just as original and relevant. Wife and mother Connie Ramos has been branded as mentally unstable and now lives alone, ostracised by most of society. She starts escaping to a future, happier time – where equality is accepted as the norm. But Connie is also shown an alternative future, where women are little more than commodities. Which one becomes reality may be down to Connie herself. If you’ve never read it, or worse, were made to analyse it for an English Literature class, now

is the time to pick up the 40th anniversary edition. Fishbowl – Bradley Somer All of life’s highs and lows are played out in one apartment block by its many inhabitants. There’s ‘the Villain Connor Radley’, ‘the Evil Seductress Faye’, ‘Stoic Jimenez’ and agoraphobic ‘Clare the Shutin’, amongst others. And then who’s about to take a plunge In the four seconds it takes him to fall, he’ll discover more about the apartment’s inhabitants than perhaps they even know about themselves. Insightful, original and entertaining. Hitman Anders and the Meaning of It All – Jonas Jonasson After three stints in prison for murder, Hitman Anders decides to go straight. Well, less crooked anyway. An unlikely alliance between the hitman, a lapsed priest and a hotel receptionist see the trio embark on a trek across Sweden, lying, cheating and swindling as they go. A great novel to escape into for fans of dark humour, it’s possibly best suited to villa holidays, or other locations where holidaymakers won’t get annoyed at your snorts of laughter.

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Open: Monday-Saturday 10.00am - 4.00pm Sunday 10.00am - 1.00pm

20 Summer Street Smallwood Redditch B98 7BD Tel: 01527 456035

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By Ann Haldon

Travelling Abroad This Year? What’s the best way to spend your money?

It used to be a simple choice between traveller’s cheques or cash, but now there’s a variety of cards that offer more convenience and security when spending money abroad. In fact there are so many, it can be a choose the right one. Traveller’s Cheques Good old-fashioned traveller’s cheques can be useful as a backup. Fee levels and exchange rates vary greatly according to the country you’re in, however, and also between individual banks. Pros Handy if you don’t want to carry large amounts of cash. Can be replaced within 24 hours if they’re lost or stolen. Cons widely, and are generally poor when compared with other payment methods. You pay a fee when you buy them, and also commission when they’re exchanged. PrePaid Cards Some of the newer prepaid cards offer very competitive exchange rates, as well as extra features such as a smartphone app. A word of warning though - there have been problems accessing money abroad using some prepaid cards, as it’s not

time you use the card, it has to be at a cash point. Pros They’re pre-loaded, so it’s easier to budget and you can lock in a good exchange rate. Convenient and easy to use, but check the rules carefully. Cons If the card is lost or stolen you may be charged for a replacement. Some providers charge high fees. CrediT Cards Still one of the most popular ways to spend money abroad, credit cards give you interestfree credit as well as valuable consumer protection. You also have the same fraud protection as in the UK, so if the card is lost or stolen you should be covered. Pros Some protection for goods over £100 via Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. They’re safe and secure, but make sure payment is taken in front of you. Cons There’s a risk of fraud or ‘cloning’ if the card is taken out of sight when you pay. If you withdraw cash you’ll be charged daily interest. debiT Cards You can use a debit card to pay for goods or withdraw cash abroad, but you’ll probably have to pay a non-sterling transaction fee. There’s no daily interest on cash withdrawals, but you might be charged a cash machine transaction fee each time you use one. Pros Easily blocked if the card is

lost or stolen. Chip and pin protection. Cons No consumer protection as with credit cards. Charges can quickly add up if you withdraw cash regularly. Cash Although it’s not a good idea to carry lots of cash with you, you’ll need to pay for some smaller items this way, and organising it before you go will save money. Bear in mind though, that insurance policies only cover around £200 to £500 of cash on average. Pros You can shop around for a good exchange rate before you go. Can be used anywhere. Cons May not be fully covered by your insurance policy. Not as safe as carrying a plastic card. It’s a good idea to take some cash as backup for your plastic card(s) and traveller’s cheques, and buying it well before you leave means you can track down the best rates of exchange. https://www.moneyadvice http://www.moneysavingexpert. com/credit-cards/prepaid-travelcards http://blog.moneysavingexpert. com/2013/03/12/using-plasticoverseas-always-pay-in-euroseven-if-it-says-0-commission/

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Do you struggle to park your car? for businesses and short sessions available to everyone.”

A unique opportunity for people who sometimes struggle to park their car easily. Morrisons Redditch has joined forces with Redditch & Bromsgrove Advanced Motorists (RBAM), official provider of iAM RoadSmart. On the 17th August between 3pm- 8pm, there will be an opportunity for the general public to take advantage of a FREE Manoeuvring at Parking activity, under the supervision of one of our professional Observers. This will take place in the car park at Morrisons Redditch. David Smith, Chair of RBAM, said “All areas of the Institute of Advanced Motorists have joined together under one trading name – iAM RoadSmart. We help all road users to be the best they can be and help develop the skills of all licence holders through our advanced courses, programmes

Graham Payne, co-ordinator, of the event thanked Morrisons Redditch for ʻgetting involvedʼ and providing the venue for the Skills Awareness Session. “Finding a venue that was accessible and big enough was the first task and we were delighted when Steffan Hall, HR Manager of Morrisons Redditch, agreed to put their car park at our disposal.” The FREE “Try Your Manoeuvring Skills at Parking” activity is open to anyone with a full driving licence using the personʼs own car. No prior experience is required. There will also be the opportunity of a FREE Driving Assessment of approximately 20 mins which again will be undertaken by one of our qualified Observers.

For further information contact the Secretary: 07707 054757 or email

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Oasis Flowers & Balloons 10 Hewelll Road, Barnt Green B45 8NE

T: 0121 445 5551 Designer Flowers for those Special Moments Follow us on Twitter & Facebook where our up-to-date wedding pics are posted! View our online Wedding Flower gallery

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Mindfulness M editation Yoga & Deep Relaxation Classes & Day Retreats at Blackwell Fi rst School & The Ark, Alv echurch 0790 366 3085

ches Sunday Lunrved at se Now being furbished the newly re or Hotel Grafton Man 79 007 Tel: 01527 5


rish Stoke Pa lub Youth C ay


Blenheim Pala ce 4-7 August 20 Booking in ad 16 vance:

ednesd Every W 6.00pm

0844 249 1000

40719 07702 3

igong Tai Chi / Chs e ss Cla inning

asses beg Weekley cl ishing Well W e at Th B61 8QY Bromsgrovem - 7pm p Fridays 6 3rd June t Classes star 71470 07713 8

cial Badminton So g in en Ev n Ope en Social Club

Barnt Gre each Thursday 8pm - 11pm 0121 445 1978 www.barntgree

- 8.00pm


CROWeekly qui z N INN Withy bed G Alvec reen h urch Every T

hursd Star ay Entry - ting at 9.00 p ÂŁ1 per team m m ember

Catshill FC


Youth Coaching sessions Saturday mornings at Catshill Middle School 07462 118920

Shorthill Car Boot HARTLEBURY Open every Sunday at 6.00am 01562 829695

The Heart of England Way Association Country walks a couple of times a month for more information

Craft Market at

Milward Square, 2nd Saturday every month

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…… business lawyers 100% focussed on your needs Are you:

t"CVTJOFTTPXOFSNPWJOHQSFNJTFT SFĕOBODJOH or renewing your lease t"EFWFMPQFSMPPLJOHBUBOFXTJUFPSTFMMJOHPČB completed project t"OJOWFTUPSBEEJOHUPPSBEKVTUJOHZPVSQPSUGPMJP or pension fund then call or email Madelene Schofield-Whittingham now for initial no-obligation advice on your proposals and the next steps.

Contact Madelene on 0780 122 9754 or Excello Law deals with all aspects of business law. Should you have a legal query on any other aspect of your business, call us on 0845 257 9449 and we will put you through to one of our specialist lawyers to help you.


01527 575141

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B&R Pages August 2016:Broad Street DIY



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£15.99 5 LTR

£5.99 £79.99



£6.99 25% EXTRA






£19.99 12” FAN 3 SPEED


Store: 01527 873555

Opening Times: Mon - Fri: 8am - 8pm Sat: 8am - 6pm | Sun: 10am - 4pm

Yard: 01527 870205

Daily deliveries including bulk loads - Call & pay by phone for quick delivery.

128 Worcester Road, Bromsgrove B61 7AG

* Offers subject to availability. Other T&Cs may apply.

Homes Showrooms Window Cleaning Carpet Cleaning Ironing & Laundry Bar & Restaurants


Cleaning Services

01527 549356 All employees fully referenced, fully trained and insured

*plus lots of other services please check our website for details

One offs, Weekly, Fortnightly & Monthly Cleans Available Unit 6, Canalside Craft Centre, Hanbury Road, Bromsgrove B60 4JZ

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A busy month at Broad Street DIY Broad Street DIY held a special recycle week from 13th - 19th June. Members of the public were encouraged to take old or unwanted DIY tools to the shop to help disadvantaged people in the local community. The response to the campaign was incredible and far exceeded the expectations of staff at the Worcester Road hardware store. Paul Warren with some of the donated tools

Approximately 1500 items were handed in - including hundreds of spanners as well as screw drivers, saws, hammers and garden tools. There were a number of power drills and even two lawn mowers! The tools have been donated to NewStarts, a local not-for-profit organisation which helps local families and individuals on low incomes or in financial crisis. They will run PAT tests to ensure electrical items are safe to use before finding new homes for the equipment.

[L-R] Brian Warren, Huntley Thawe and Lisa Childs

The shop held its third DIY Ladies Night event on 29th June. DIY expert Huntley Thawe delivered an entertaining presentation where he quizzed guests about a number of DIY products and how to use them to resolve common problems around the home. His presentation also carried a serious message about the importance of installing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Guests then viewed a number of live demonstrations which included using a power drill, sawing wood, tiling techniques and putting fixings into plasterboard. Members of staff, Huntley and local tradesmen were on the shop floor to answer any questions people had about specific jobs. A charity raffle raised ÂŁ87.00 for Chadsgrove School.

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Crompton Ward take pride in providing great value expertise, with a friendly team who want your business to bloom. Please email or telephone for more information.

Tel: (01527) 874170 E-Mail:

CATSHILL GARAGE - Established 1953 -

SERVICING SUSPENSION Specialist on all types of Classic & Modern cars CLUTCHES BRAKES Telephone: 01527 872236 ELECTRICS DIAGNOSTICS Stourbridge Road, AIR CONDITIONING


Catshill, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, B61 9LG

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By Alison Runham

Modern Technology: Don’t Let It Damage Your Health The problem: CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome)

Modern technology lets us access information and communicate more swiftly and easily than ever before. However, it’s not always good for our health. The problem: Poor Sleep Although light in general affects melatonin, our sleep-inducing hormone, the blue light emitted by many of our phones, tablets, a particular culprit. Sleep is just as essential to our health as good diet and exercise. Lack of sleep affects memory, mood, concentration, reaction times (increasing accident risk) and our immunity to infection. It can also stimulate our appetite, causing weight-gain. In long-term or severe cases, it may affect language processing, our sense of time and order, and even contribute to serious health problems such as diabetes and heart disease. The Answer: for an hour before bedtime and reduce screen brightness in the

condition caused by asking our eyes to cope with constant glare and focus readjustment as they

can strain our eye muscles and cause eye irritation, blurred or double vision, headaches and neck pain. The Answer: Install a dimmer switch in for your screen, and adjust your monitor’s brightness and contrast. Ensure your monitor is around 20-28 inches away. Follow the 20/20/20 rule: ensure that every 20 minutes or so, you look away from your screen for at least 20 seconds, ideally focussing on an object around 20 feet away. If that’s impossible, just look around the room. The problem: Prolonged Sitting Recent research has proved that sitting for prolonged periods can seriously damage our health, and shorten life exercise regularly. Not great news if we spend much of our time sitting at a computer, playing video games or

The Answer: Avoid prolonged sitting when possible, but if it’s unavoidable, break it up with walks, exercise or short stints of housework or gardening (or maybe lunchtime rounders or football with colleagues?). You could also try: on public transport or using the phone. Walking/ biking to the station or your workplace. If that’s not practical, could you get off the bus earlier or park further away? Investing in a standing desk or a treadmill desk. Convertible desks or equipment to convert your normal desk or treadmill are available too. Investing in a yoga ball; the small but constant muscular effort needed to stay balanced keeps you subtly active.

a substitute for getting up, but will stimulate your muscles your heels up and down several times; contracting your stomach muscles; raising and lowering your lower leg from knee height or your whole leg from hip using just your hips, while keeping your torso stationary; tense, stretch and bend your arms; roll your shoulders. Remember that constant standing isn’t ideal either. Aim for a 50/50 split.

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21. The problem: Aches, Pains and Poor Posture Hunching over laptops, typing computer mouse and working with equipment that’s not positioned correctly can cause a host of problems, including

syndrome (a tingling sensation, numbness or pain in the hand, compression of the median nerve). Don’t forget that if your work involves computer use, your employer has a legal duty to ensure they reduce these risks for you. The Answer: your desk. Keep the area underneath it clear so that you’re not twisting, and can stretch your legs.

Set your computer monitor at eye level. Place laptops on a desk whenever possible and connect them to a raised monitor (and ideally, a keyboard too). Laptops aren’t suitable for prolonged, regular use. Keep your hands and wrists warm, use ergonomic mats, and consider a wrist support. Check your posture regularly. Beware slouching, leaning forward or to one side, craning your neck or hunching. Ergonomic chairs are available, but always adjust your chair so that: o Your back meets the back of the chair. o Your knees are level with or slightly higher than

your hips. o Your lumbar region is supported (you may into the small of your back). o Your feet rest o behind your knees but is deep enough to support most of your upper thigh (three inches between your seat and calf is ideal). o Your elbows are at 90° to your desktop and your arms are just slightly raised at the shoulders. If we’re aware of the risks modern technology poses, we can avoid them while still

switch off occasionally!

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Escape life’s stresses with our Espa Spa and Spa Days:

Spa Days


£35.00 per person

Spa Treatments from

£30.00 per person

Book a treat for you or a loved one and experience sheer bliss.

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Get them into the swing of things... Join us for junior group coaching sessions from £20.00

Discover a course that’s above par

*Minimum age for children is 7 years old

For more information, enquire online or chat to us on our social channels. T | 01527 406 600 E | W |

The Abbey Hotel, Hither Green Lane, Dagnell End Road, Redditch, Worcestershire, B98 9BE

Call us on 01675 470707 for dates and further info

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Lindsey Allen’s Guide to Calories in Alcohol Did you know a glass of wine can have the same calories as four cookies? How about a pint of lager – surprised to hear it’s often the calorific equivalent of a slice of pizza? Alcoholic drinks are made by fermenting and distilling natural starch and sugar. Calories from alcohol are 'empty calories', they have no nutritional value. Most alcoholic drinks contain traces of vitamins and minerals, but not usually in amounts that make any significant contribution to our diet. Drinking alcohol also reduces the amount of fat your body burns for energy. While we can store nutrients, protein, carbohydrates, and fat in our bodies, we can't store alcohol. So our systems want to get rid of it, and doing so takes priority. All of the other processes that should be taking place (including absorbing nutrients and burning fat) are interrupted. How many calories are in an alcoholic drink? With a pint of lager containing the same amount of calories as a slice of pizza, the calories in alcohol soon add up…

Calories in common drinks: 35ml gin and tonic = 128 35ml dark rum and coke = 141 175ml glass 12% white wine = 130 175ml glass 12% red wine =119 Bottle of 13.5% white wine = 555 Bottle of wine 11% (red) = 510 Pint of 5% Lager = 244 Pint of 4.5% Cider = 233 Pint of 4.1% Stout = 210 Pint of 4.5% Bitter/Ale = 222 50ml of 40% Liqueur = 170 50ml of 40% Brandy = 110 25ml of 40% Whiskey = 56 275ml Bottle 5.5% alcopop = 171 Drinking within the government's daily unit guidelines and trying to give yourself a couple of days off alcohol every week, will help you avoid piling on the pounds. Lindsey Allen is an award-winning fitness instructor. For more details:

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Down: 1 Principle, 2 Noted, 3 Culprits, 4 Eyes, 5 Later, 6 Bears, 7 Large, 10 Tear gas, 13 Ego, 14 True, 16 Elegant, 17 Clog, 19 Insincere, 20 Creating, 22 Bye, 23 Table, 24 Scent, 25 Proud, 27 Ghana, 28 Mini. Across: 1 Panache, 5 Liberal, 8 Intellect, 9 Aster, 11 Cedars, 12 Dressage, 15 Puerto Rico, 18 Ugli, 21 Even, 22 Bed of roses, 23 Transept, 26 Margin, 29 Bathe, 30 Originate, 31 Erupted, 32 Ingrate.

Award winning Personal Trainer and Studio Instructor. Lindsey offers a variety of classes at the Ryland Centre, Bromsgrove, including high energy, fat-burning and body conditioning - as well as Personal Training. HOUR OF POWER | BOXERCISE PUMP FX | SPIN | SPIN & ABS

Passionate about your fitness For more information call:

07899 686263

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For all your carpeting need contact: KSH Carpet & Flooring 01527 880778

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carpet fibres

carpet pile

Wool: compression, wool is warm, soft, durable and does not soil easily. 100% wool is a sumptuous choice. The best wools come from Britain and New Zealand.

loop: Pile tufts are left uncut and can either feel smooth or are like natural

nylon: Extremely hard-wearing, nylon has the and stain-resistance treatments well. polypropylene: Inherently resistant to stains and abrasions, polypropylene wears well and is valuefor-money. It is used mainly in plain twists, loop patterns and saxonies. polyester: Stain-resistant, light and bulky, polyester has a lustrous appearance and is mainly used in plain, thick saxonies. mixes: In order to enhance performance, give a be blended together. Pure wool, for example, is very with wool. The most common blends are 80% wool with 20% nylon (often recommended as the ideal combination of softness and strength); 80% wool with 10% nylon and 10% polyester; and 50% wool with 50% polypropylene.

tufts are left uncut and can either feel smooth or may replicate the appearance Not a good idea if you have pets, as animal claws and loop piles do not mix. Cord: The loops are pulled tight against the backing, giving a very low pile. Saxony: A deeper pile with a soft, sensuous feel and appearance. Very popular in bedrooms. Shag: Extra-long pile – watch out for high heels. Twist: A loop pile that uses yarn with a higher twist than usual to give a coarse, rugged surface. The best types twist two yarn ends tightly together for a very hardwearing carpet. Velvet: A sheared, short pile with a

Boiler Repairs and Servicing Free Quotations - Fixed Prices 12 Months Warranty on all work carried out

Telephone: 07885 403609 550020

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Do you love music?


In your own home. All ages and abilities are welcome.

Contact Jenny

07842 910879 LicMus (degree France) LmusTCL ARCM ABSM

01527 577862

Mobile: 07715 777203 Email:


Start your holiday or trip from your front door save the costs and frustration of airport parking total peace of mind - let me take the strain.

Rolls Royce Wedding Car Available

- Very competitive and completely reliable - References available on request - Established and respected over 10 years -

a little bit of class available to everyone Email:

Telephone: 01527 404110 To promote your business here contact Lyndon on: Tel: 07972 000843 Email:


Salmon and Broccoli Quiche Serves 6

Ready in 1 hour 30 minutes, plus chilling and cooling

A rich and creamy quiche packed full of succulent salmon flakes and broccoli. Serve warm or cold with a crisp green leaf salad.




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Established in 1947, Singletons is a specialist, award-winning horticultural nursery, open to the public. With a strong local reputation, Singletons offers quality, home grown plants and professional advice on all aspects of growing and plant maintenance. Nursery Opening Hours: Monday - Saturday: 8.00am - 5.00pm Sunday: 10.00am - 4.00pm

Enjoy rustic charm and delicious food at The Potting Shed CafĂŠ and Restaurant, NOW OPEN at Singletons Nurseries.

For opening times & reservations call 0121 453 1562

The Potting Shed CafĂŠ and Restaurant

600 Birmingham Road, Lydiate Ash, Bromsgrove, B61 0HT

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‘A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.’ The Throckmorton family rose garden at Coughton Court is recognised as one of the finest in the world and received the Award of Garden Excellence from The World Federation of Rose Societies in 2006 – the first British garden to have done so.

Sat 22 – Sun 30 Oct on open days, 11am – 3.30pm Join us for fiendish fun and frights on our spooky outdoor trail with take-home activities and crafts. £2.50

The garden was designed by Christina Williams as a gift to her mother, Clare McLaren-Throckmorton, in 1996. It contains a breath taking number of rose varieties and the smells and sights of this beautiful garden during the summer months are not to be missed.

The gardens boast over 200 different varieties of roses - shrub, climbing and Sat 5 November, 6pm – rambling. These are found not just in the 11pm labyrinth but in many other areas as Exclusive black tie event with a champagne reception well. One feature of the labyrinth is that followed by a private tour of the roses are all under planted with herbaceous perennials unlike a traditional the house. A seven course evening meal served in the rose garden where there is a lot of bare Throckmorton family dining earth. One of the most spectacular, in season at the moment, is the foxgloves. room with an after dinner speaker. £150 per person 01789 400777 option 2

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EDWARDS Car Repairs Your Local Car Repair & Servicing Specialist We are a Family run Business which has been established since 1988 Repairs & Servicing MOT Work Welding to MOT standard All makes of Vehicles ALL WORK GUARANTEED

Tel: 0121 445 5414

Email: Website: www. Rear of, 8 Hewell Road, Barnt Green, B45 8NE

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Got 2 Sing

Bromsgrove Contemporary Choirs Aston Fields M iddle School Every Thursday 7.15pm EVERYBODY W ELCOME

Dodford g Club rd Ga enin 2nd Monday

e Meets on th st) (except Augu th n o each m pm e Hall at 7.45 Dodford Villag


01527 914664

Art in the Village learn how to draw and paint

in Barnt Green Villa ge daytime and evening classes 07967 041446

old Em’ A ‘Texas uHrn ament Poker To in each month

First Saturday orts & Social Sp Alvechurch an 8pm start r fo m 7p from 16 0121 445 46 tlo ou @ bluenostrils

uiz A Weekly Q n, The Crown In reen, Withybed G Alvechurch ay Every Thursd t 9pm star

b. gardeningclu www.dodford

ht Jazz Nig all

illage H Beoley V esday of

n 4th Wed onth every m 2584 01527 6


Class Avonc and Ch roft Arts Soc es iety addesle Village y Corbett H Contac t Nic all 01527 ole Harris 87 www.fre nchwith 8493 nicoleh .uk

Bromsgrove & Redditch Badminton Club Sunday Evenings 17.40 - 19.40 More details contact: Steve Whittaker 07805 051456

Wassell Grove Car Boot Sale

On A456 Hagley Every Saturday and Bank Holiday Mondays 07505 722914 or 0771 869 4099

Baby & Toddler Swimming Classes

with Turtle Tots Thursdays 9.30 - 11.30 in Barnt Green Contact Emma on: 07803909960

The Friday Bridge Club Burcot Village Hall Every Friday Night 7pm for a prompt 7.15 start 01527 401019

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Curtains & Blinds

by Wendy

The Complete Curtain and Soft Furnishing Service for the Ultimate Finish. We Measure your Windows Provide Fabric Samples in your own Home, and Fit the Completed Curtains

We are very Competitively Priced.. To arrange a Consultation call..

01527 65156

! ! ! ! ! ! !

TV & Home Cinema Installations Wireless Music Systems Satellites & Aerials CCTV HDMI over CAT 5/6 Smart TV set up Free Quotations

For more information on our services please call 0800 0778 733 / 07875 004 275 or email ALL AREA’S COVERED

24 Jersey Close, Redditch B98 9LS

4G/LTE Cert CSCS Cert CRB Checked


Tel: 01527 306154

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Beauty Beauty and the Beach by Kate Duggan

Beauty buys to see you through those hazy summer days. When it comes to packing for holidays, I tend last millimetre of my case. So I do like products that save space and weight. Lush’s shampoo bars do both. Plus, as they’re solid bars, they can go in your hand luggage. There are a fair few to choose from, but my current favourite is Montalbano, £5.95, because of its fresh lemon scent.

nearly as evangelical as I should be about applying suntan lotion, but I am trying to do better. The fact that every year more than 14,000 people in the UK develop a malignant melanoma is a pretty good motivator. As an extra incentive, UVA rays also lead to premature wrinkles and age spots, and they can penetrate skin even when it’s cloudy. So this summer, I’m slapping on the suntan lotion. I tend

to use factor 25, but on days when I can get away with an SPF of 15, I usually reach for Green People’s Sun Lotion with Natural Tan Accelerator, £20. It’s a great choice if you have sensitive skin (which I do), as it’s very gentle, so unlikely to irritate. It’s also rich in seed oils, so leaves my skin feeling moisturised. The natural tan accelerator has been shown to increase tanning by up to 25% and can make a tan last much longer. I admit it can be a bit of a faff rubbing in suntan lotion, so I’m rather tempted by Colorescience Sunforgettable. With an SPF of 50 it gives great protection, but as it’s a loose mineral powder, you just brush it on. You can wear it on top of makeup and it’s available in three shades – fair, medium and tan. For me, the price is the downside. At £41.50, it’s certainly not wallet-friendly. But it is

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37. supposed to last for ages, and avoiding the scratchy, sticky sand/lotion mix might just make it worth the price, see www. beauty-product-online. A day in the sun can leave skin feeling dry and dehydrated. I tend to use cocoa butter for putting the moisture back, but I am looking forward to trying Vichy’s new Ideal Soleil After Sun, £13. Key ingredients include shea oil and blackcurrant seed oil, so it’s rich in omega fatty acids, which can

really help to boost hydration. What’s more, you can use it on dry skin or in the shower. I love treating my toenails to a professional gel polish, but if I don’t have time, I always have a few nail polishes at home to choose from. Crabtree and Eveyln’s Nail Lacquer in Wisteria, £6, is at the top of my shopping list. It’s just the right shade of blue to gives a good pop of colour, while being neutral enough to work with

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Taylor Made Services Midlands Ltd Gas / Central Heating Services 92 Edgewood Road Rednal Birmingham B45 8SG

Showers Shower screens Baths Basins Toilets Tiles Manufacturers supplied:

Tel : 0121 453 8514

Roca bathrooms Grohe brassware Vitra bathrooms Grespania ceramics Mira showers Ideal standard

Discounts and delivery available

· Boiler Service / Maintenance · Boiler upgrades changes

0121 794 9740 92 Edgewood Road, Rednal, Birmingham, B45 8SG

· · · ·

Radiators Breakdowns 10 Years Warrantee available Free Quotes


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For more information contact: Singleton Nurseries 0121 457 9977 600 Birmingham Road Lydiate Ash Bromsgrove Worcestershire B61 0HT Willowbrook Garden Centre 01527 835084 Stourbridge Road Catshill Bromsgrove B61 0BW

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By James Baggott

MINI Countryman vs Skoda Yeti model range, whilst almost all are compatible with every Countryman model. To compete with the Yeti’s off-road capabilities in the Yeti Outdoor and more expensive models, MINI offers the ‘All-4’ all-wheel drive system throughout the class. With a higher ride height and great grip on offer, the Countryman All-4 system will give you All MINIs have a distinctive and instantly recognisable look to them, and with the Countryman range, it carries a stockier frame to give you more space and practicality. The stylish bodywork helps to make the Countryman a tantalising option in the CUV sector and with great additions and features to match, it’s wouldn’t choose it. However, it has competition from Skoda’s Yeti, a CUV similar in size and price and both cars have their good elements. For starters, both models have had recent redesigns to create more space and alter their looks to be more modern and up-to-date. It has to be said that the Countryman certainly looks better than the Yeti, with the distinguishing features of the MINI range, such as the shape, the headlights and front grille, to make it truly stand out

on the road. The size of both models also make them very practical, with the smaller Countryman offering 350 litres of space in the boot with the seats up, whilst the Yeti has only 66 litres more in a car 20cm longer and 10cm taller. This means you can get more for your money space-wise in the Countryman, especially as the range starts off cheaper than the Skoda. Customisability has also been a recent appeal of the MINI market, and with the Countryman this is no exception. With MINI’s design to the whole range, you can personalise your Countryman as much as you wish. Also stereo system, leather trim and ‘Run-Flat’ tyres to your model; great options that can be added to any of the range. Good options aren’t as easy to come by on the Yeti, as the available further up the Yeti

off road, with only a small premium on top of the twowheel drive versions. with a 1.2-litre TSI petrol engine producing 110hp, whilst the 1.6-litre in the One produces just 98hp. This doesn’t compromise much in speed with only a marginal difference in acceleration. Overall, with a wider variety of vehicle and equipment options, value for money and great 4x4 system, the MINI Countryman is the better option of the two, and with the great looking bodywork to encase you, why wouldn’t you want to drive it? The MINI Countryman is available from £17,105 for the One Countryman, with the top of the range 218hp John Cooper Works All-4 starting at £28,985. For more information on the Countryman or any other models in the MINI range, contact your nearest Inchcape MINI dealership.

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Inspire people and change lives by volunteering in your local community.

Weather Guard Roofing Professionals

Train as an Onside volunteer advocate, mentor, befriender. Or volunteer in our NEW Cafe/Bakery?

Please get in touch to find out more & get your application pack today.

Onside Independent Advocacy

T: 01905 27525

Williamson House

F: 01905 28554

14 Charles Street


Worcester WR1 2AQ


/OnsideIndependentAdvocacy /company/onside-advocacy

in and

@OnsideAdvocacy Charity No. 1102022

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big spla≈h communications ltd

Big Splash Communications helps local businesses make a bigger splash in the marketplace. We offer over 25 years’ professional experience with a fresh and exci"ng award-winning approach to the marke"ng needs of all types of local organisa"ons and businesses. With a proven record for coming up with great ideas let us develop results-driven promo"onal campaigns for your business. Budgets work super hard with Big Splash. Just ask the frog for details.

0791 214 6449

... make a bigger splash

Design | Artwork | Logos & Branding | Print | PR Photography | Websites ... and so much more! To promote your business here contact Lyndon on: Tel: 07972 000843 Email:

43. Cryptic Crossword



Cryptic Crossword

AcrossAcross Down Down 1 Stylish elegance of each nap(7) (7) 1 1Maxim that’sthat’s most important, we hear (9) 1 Stylish elegance of each nap Maxim most important, we hear (9) 5 Braille altered for free 2 2Famed as a as piece of music 5 Braille altered for free (7)(7) Famed a piece of(5) music (5) 8 Power of thought a 3 Rips cult apart, exposing wrongdoers (8) 8 Power client of thought a 3 Rips cult apart, exposing wrongdoers (8) let slip (9) 4 client9 let slip (9) Flower in a monastery garden (5) 5 4Alert to change? Not now! (5) 9 Flower in a monastery (5) 11 Sacred mutant treesgarden (6) 6 5Carries (5) Alertanimals to change? Not now! (5) 12 Equestrian sport to 7 6BigCarries lager brew (5) 11 Sacred mutant trees (6)clothe animals (5) and mature (8) 10 Riot disperser rages at reform (4,3) 12 Equestrian sport to clothe 7 Big lager brew (5) 15 Top courier touring an island (6,4) 13 Nothing following short example of self-esteem (3) and18mature (8) sounding fruit (4) 10 Riot disperser rages at reform (4,3) Unattractive 14 15 Top21courier touring aninisland (6,4) Balanced equally 13 Nothing following 16 Stylish in a gentle fashionshort (7) example of self-esteem the venture (4) 18 Unattractive sounding fruit (4) 1714Obstruct a Dutch shoe (4) 22 Rob of seeds to reach a position 19 Bedouins in ceremony, somewhat disingenuous (9) 21 Balanced equally in 16 Stylish in a gentle fashion (7) of ease and luxury (3,2,5) 20 Establishing of grain, etc (8) the 23 venture (4) Patterns around a church area (8) Obstruct a Dutch 2217Farewell side issue (3) shoe (4) 22 Rob26of Poorly seedsarming to reach a position a border (6) Bedouins ceremony, disingenuous 2319Bleat about an in article of furnituresomewhat (5) 29 One to come clean (5) of ease andway luxury (3,2,5) 2420Smell a coin, it’s said (5) Establishing of grain, etc (8) 30 Nigeria to reorganise start (9) (8) 23 Patterns around a church area 2522Rod turns up and immodest (5) Farewell sidebecomes issue (3) 31 Burst forth from a deep rut (7) 27 Hang around a country (5) 26 Poorly arming a border (6) 23 Bleat about an article of furniture (5) 32 28 Car crash I’m in (4) 29 One way to come clean (5) on page 23 24 Smell a coin, it’s said Answers (5) 30 Nigeria to reorganise start (9) Rod turns up and becomes To feature your local stories25/ events / information here immodest (5) 31 Burst forth from a deep rut (7) Contact Lyndon on: Tel: 07972 000843 Email: Hang around a country (5) 32 Solution 28 Car crash I’m in (4) Across: 1 Panache, 5 Liberal, 8 Intellect, 9 Aster, 11 Cedars, 12 Dressage, 15 Puerto Rico, 18 Ugli,

Disability Sailing editorial page:August 2016



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Launching more disability sailing in the district

More people with disabilities can learn to sail after a special adapted boat was launched at a Bromsgrove District sailing and outdoor education centre. Bromsgrove District Council arranged the new accessible dinghy for Aztec Upton Warren in response to high demand for disability sailing. Improved disability sailing sessions will now be run there on Friday evenings in the summertime by a partnership of the centre, Upton Warren Sailing Club and the district council. District Council Sports Development officers secured Sport England funding for the boat to create more accessible sports opportunities.

The new boat, which is weighted to be more stable than an ordinary boat, was launched by Cllr Whittaker, council officers and staff and members of the sailing club on Friday July 15.

Cllr Peter Whittaker, portfolio holder for Leisure, said: “When we did an initial session last year, lots of people took part and so the officers started to look at how we could provide more opportunities. Weʼre delighted to be able to help make that happen, and help cater for the high local demand for sailing thatʼs more accessible for people with disabilities.” To enquire about the new sessions contact the district councilʼs Sports Development team: 01527 881356

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Constantly in pursuit of excellence

We do our best to source the best quality produce from farmers and suppliers who care! Join us....

Tel: 01527 874526 149 Golden Cross Lane, Catshill, Bromsgrove, Worcs. B61 0JZ

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Bromsgrove & Redditch Pages August 2016  

Your local community magazine bringing you interesting stories, news and events from around the area and featuring local business advertisin...

Bromsgrove & Redditch Pages August 2016  

Your local community magazine bringing you interesting stories, news and events from around the area and featuring local business advertisin...