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Securing one more interview. Fact-checking claims. Listening to unheard voices. Triple-vetting sources. Braving intimidation. Reporting from multiple angles. Ensuring the numbers add up. Asking the right questions. Going an extra 1,000 miles. Following the full story. Understanding the world. The truth is worth it.

Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS presents

Hosted by Seth Rudetsky with presenters Erika Henningsen, Ashley Park, Kate Rockwell and Kyle Selig Noma Dumezweni, Poppy Miller and Paul Thornley Mike Birbiglia, Norbert Leo Butz and Harry Hadden-Paton and Kevin Chamberlin with special guests Cherry Jones, Christopher Sieber, Jennifer Simard and Michael Urie Opening Number Directed and Choreographed by Conceived by Alex Sanchez Telly Leung and Lainie Sakakura Sound by Marie Renee Foucher Kurt Fischer

Lighting Design by Joel Shier Production Manager Nathan Hurlin

Trisha Doss

Music Coordinator Charles Gordon

Produced by Valerie Lau-Kee Lai

Music Supervisor Ben Cohn Directed by Jason Trubitt

Production Stage Manager Matthew Kurtis Lutz

Tom Viola

Music Director Ted Arthur

MISSION STATEMENT In a manner at all times consistent with the exclusive charitable and educational purposes of BC/EFA within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code:

• To mobilize the unique abilities within the entertainment industry to mitigate the suffering of individuals affected by HIV/AIDS; • To ensure direct support specifically through the social services and programs of The Actors Fund to all individuals in the entertainment industry affected by critical health issues, including but not limited to HIV/AIDS; • To support organizations across the country which provide treatment or services for people specifically affected by HIV/AIDS and their families; • To promote and encourage public support for national and international programs and services which benefit people with HIV/AIDS; • To increase public awareness and understanding of HIV/AIDS through the creation and dissemination of educational materials; • To support efforts by the entertainment industry to address other critical health issues or respond to an emergency, in each case as approved by the board of trustees; • To support efforts by the entertainment industry in other charitable or educational endeavors, in each case as approved by the board of trustees. Approved by the BC/EFA Board of Trustees on May 27, 2010

THE SHOW Opening Number Chicago Wicked Dancers Responding to AIDS Frozen NEWSical The Musical Fiddler on the Roof - in Yiddish National Tours Kinky Boots Red Bucket Tribute The Lion King Avenue Q Hamilton

JUDGES Mary-Mitchell Campbell

Isabelle McCalla

Ali Ewoldt

Nathan Noh

Rosemary Harris


Jay Armstrong Johnson


Andy Karl

Nicolette Robinson

Caitlin Kinnunen

Peg Wendlandt

A History of Giving Equity Fights AIDS was founded in October 1987 by the Council of Actors’ Equity Association. Money raised through the efforts of Equity theatre companies across the country was specifically earmarked for The Actors Fund’s AIDS Initiative. Broadway Cares was founded in February 1988 by members of The Producers’ Group. Money raised was earmarked to be awarded to AIDS service organizations nationwide, including Equity Fights AIDS. In May 1992, Equity Fights AIDS and Broadway Cares merged to become Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. The Board of Trustees of this newly established not-forprofit fundraising organization assumed the missions of the previously separate organizations and continues to fund the social service work of The Actors Fund and award grants to HIV/AIDS service organizations nationwide. Unlike most other nonprofit, grant-making organizations, Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS must raise every single dollar of our philanthropic budget every year in order to fulfill our mission. In turn, Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS works hard to ensure that the money we raise is spent carefully and wisely on programs where these hard-earned funds can have the maximum possible impact.

The Actors Fund National & Int’l Total

1987-1992 Equity Fights AIDS 1988-1992 Broadway Cares

$ 2,775,250

$ 1,067,000

$ 2,775,250 $ 1,067,000

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS Contributions

5/92-12/92 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 * unaudited Grant-making Total 1987-2018

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

634,000 1,654,000 1,758,000 1,791,000 2,010,000 2,247,500 2,471,000 2,700,000 2,955,336 2,829,500 2,732,000 3,022,500 3,360,500 3,516,500 3,517,500 3,671,500 4,302,000 3,400,000 4,160,000 4,014,500 4,625,000 4,300,000 4,603,000 5,175,500 5,602,550 5,537,000 5,896,575

771,780 1,184,119 676,404 707,916 1,400,549 1,342,200 1,711,819 3,039,841 3,033,566 3,238,765 2,689,679 3,115,969 4,437,338 4,469,798 4,518,364 5,152,546 5,737,298 4,492,489 5,824,988 5,305,700 6,218,796 6,190,056 6,091,777 6,780,596 6,452,808 7,836,709 7,794,741

1,405,780 2,838,119 2,434,404 2,498,916 3,410,549 3,589,700 4,182,819 5,739,841 5,988,902 6,068,265 5,421,679 6,138,469 7,797,838 7,986,298 8,035,864 8,824,046 10,039,298 7,892,489 9,984,988 9,320,200 10,843,796 10,490,056 10,694,777 11,956,096 12,055,358 13,373,709 13,691,316

$ 95,262,211 $ 111,283,608 $ 206,545,819

December 2018

Dear Friends, Today, we build on the 29-year legacy of the Gypsy of the Year competition with the newly minted Red Bucket Follies. The red bucket has come to represent Broadway Cares to theatregoers in the same vibrant way as the now-iconic red ribbon, featured prominently in the Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS logo for more than 25 years. Seen in the lobby of theatres in New York City and across the country, the red bucket illustrates our commitment to fundraising and grant-making. The renaming of Gypsy of the Year to Red Bucket Follies embraces the buckets as symbols of care, action and resilence. Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS’ legacy is one of inclusion and bringing people together. Our commitment to those defining motivations is bigger and more important than a single word or the name of an event. Even with all the diverse opinions that go into any endeavor in this wildly creative, deeply caring and, yes, at times, contentious neighborhood, there are bigger battles we must take on together. Your support of Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS this year allowed us to fight those battles across the country. Together we’ve awarded an astounding $13.7 million dollars, donated in ways large and small, from the $1.8 million raised at Broadway Bares to the single dollars placed in red buckets after audience appeals. Every one of these gifts has contributed to the impact of our philanthropic spirit. Our work together fueled $5.9 million in support this year to The Actors Fund. Our unique partnership grew from the singular support of the HIV/AIDS Initiative 30 years ago into today’s indispensable safety net of social services, helping thousands in our community who are in crisis, need or transition. Your support also provided $7.3 million to 471 AIDS and family service organizations in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C., reaching out to hundreds of thousands dealing with debilitating illnesses and crises. Only a few weeks ago, Broadway Cares awarded $225,000 in emergency grants to immediately help those battling and affected by the devastatingly historic wildfires spreading in California. These donations to Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation, Los Angeles County Animal Care Foundation and The Actors Fund help augment the emergency assistance being provided to first responders and entertainment industry and performing arts professionals across California. As we have over the last 30 years, we will celebrate fundraising and grant-making today by showcasing ensemble members and special guests performing original skits, songs and dances. Whether you are one of those actors, a red bucket volunteer, or a loving member of our community, your commitment and generosity of spirit radiates well beyond the fun we have this afternoon. Thank you. Sincerely,

Tom Viola Executive Director

Gypsy of the Year Becomes Red Bucket Follies Each fall, now for the 30th time, our community has been coming together to celebrate a collective, steadfast commitment to helping those facing the challenges of HIV/AIDS and other life-threatening illnesses. It all started at the St. James Theatre on November 28, 1989, with the first Gypsy of the Year competition. Hosted by Jonathan Hadary, Tyne Daly and the company of Gypsy, this fledgling event - produced by Maria Di Dia and Tom Viola and directed by Michael Lichtefeld - raised more than $64,000 and featured the companies of A Chorus Line, Black & Blue, Cats, Grand Hotel, Gypsy, Jerome Robbins’ Broadway, Les Miserables, The Phantom of the Opera, Sweeney Todd, The Heidi Chronicles, The Threepenny Opera and Vampire Lesbians of Sodom/The Lady in Question. Today, we stage the 30th edition of this beloved classic, honoring the legacy of Gypsy of the Year and celebrating its new name and renewed spirit, Red Bucket Follies. We are deeply grateful to all who have made this event so wildly successful. You are the heart, soul and muscle of Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. Your efforts enable Broadway Cares to continue to offer essential assistance to those in the entertainment industry and to more than 350 social service organizations in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C.

1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998

$ 64,000 $ 92,000 $ 205,000 $ 445,000 $ 707,000 $ 802,000 $ 1,213,000 $ 1,262,000 $ 1,325,000 $ 1,751,000

1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008

$ 2,074,000 $ 2,056,000 $ 2,037,000 $ 2,625,000 $ 3,359,000 $ 2,754,000 $ 2,973,000 $ 3,000,000 $ 3,925,000 $ 3,061,000

2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017

$ 4,630,000 $ 3,776,000 $ 4,895,253 $ 3,902,608 $ 4,343,234 $ 5,229,611 $ 4,786,239 $ 4,492,636 $ 5,609,211

Ć‹Ć‹Ć‹  Ć‹Ć‹ÄŽ Ć‹  Ć‹ 






29 fall fundraising competitions = $76,070,311 That legacy will continue thanks to your generosity, spirit and heart. Thank you, and here’s to another 30 years of helping those in need.

PERFORMANCE CREDITS Opening Number Directed and Choreographed by Alex Sanchez Written by Lainie Sakakura Assistant Choreographer: Sally Hong Music Direction by Ted Arthur Music by Richard Rodgers Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II Additional Lyrics by Vanessa Brown, Lainie Sakakura Revivial Choreography by Robert Longbottom Orchestrations by Adam Kaufman Additional Orchestrations by Nicholas Connor Stage Manager: Colyn Fiendel Assistant Stage Manager: Julie Hurley Costume Design by Jeremy Bailey-Smith Wardrobe Supervisor: Barbara Berman Dressers: Emily Czudak, Trevor Gabel, Regina Gamboa, Andrea Savoca, Barb Simpson, Jaime Torres Performers: Aaron J. Albano, Sandra Allen, Susan Ancheta, Alan Ariano, Rich Ceraulo, Paula Chin, Marcus Choi, Adrienne Chu, Ma-Anne Dionisio, Ali Ewoldt, Takayo Fischer, Lydia Gaston, Sally Hong, Ericka Hunter, Joomin Hwang, Jason Garcia Ignacio, Sabrina Imamura, Miho Imoto, Alvin Y. F. Ing, Nina Zoie Lam, Baayork Lee, Telly Leung, Jose Llana, Jodi Long, J. Elaine Marcos, Paul HeeSang Miller, Carol Gordon Morra, Kumiko Nakagawa, Ashley Park, Vicki Racimo, Catherine Ricafort, Lainie Sakakura, Rommy Sandhu, Herman Sebek, Shawnee Smith, Riza Takahashi, Yuka Takara, Robert Tatad, Virginia Wing, Mae Wong, Warren Yang, Kelli Youngman, Lisa Yuen, Minami Yusui Special thanks to David Henry Hwang, Robert Longbottom and David Chase for our revival Dedicated to the memory of Darlene Wilson

Chicago Fundraising coordinators: David Hyslop, Mahlon Kruse, Steven Gruse, Rebecca Azenburg Ladies & Gentlemen, a Tap Dance Conceived, Directed and Choreographed by Beth Nicely Music: “Survivor” by Beyoncé Knowles, Anthony Dent and Matthew Knowles; “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran, Steve Mac, Johnny McDaid, Kandi Burruss, Tameka Cottle and Kevin Briggs; and “Bang Bang” by Max Martin, Savan Kotecha, Rickard Göransson and Onika Maraj Performers: Donna Marie Asbury, Nili Bassman, Thia Calloway, Kathy Dacey, Jessica Ernest, Lauren Gemelli, Dan Gutierrez, Naomi Kakuk, Sharon Moore, Drew Nellessen, Beth Nicely, Brian O’Brien, Lara Seibert Special thanks to Ryan Lowe and Barrett Martin for collecting donations after every show; the entire Chicago cast, stage managers, stagehands, musicians, wardrobe department, hair department and front-of-house staff for donating those extra moments each show for the benefit of so many in need; and lastly Fran and Barry for 22 years and counting In memory of Jeff Loeffelholz

Wicked Fundraising coordinator: Jennifer Marik Beautiful Boy Directed and Choreographed by Charlie Sutton Associate Choreographer: Gina Daugherty Music and Lyrics by Steven Skeels Arrangements by Simon Veck Performers: Josh Green, Chris Jarosz, Steven Skeels In memory of all the beautiful artists we have lost to AIDS

PERFORMANCE CREDITS Dancers Responding to AIDS Is That All There Is? Choreographed by Billy Griffin Costumes by David Withrow Music: “Is That All There Is?” by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, sung by Peggy Lee Performed by Ryan Steele Is That All There Is? premiered at this year’s Hudson Valley Dance Festival

Frozen Fundraising coordinators: Lisa Dawn Cave, Charlie Underhill, Matthew Kurtis Lutz, Kelly Stillwell and the entire company of Frozen Everybody: What We All Need Now More than Anything is to See People Enjoying Each Other Written by V V Brown Directed and Choreographed by Donald Jones Jr. Stage Manager: Matthew Kurtis Lutz Performers: Alicia Albright, Joe Beauregard, Tracee Beazer, Kali Grinder, Donald Jones Jr., Nina Lafarga, Robin Masella, Adam Perry, Andrew Pirozzi Special thanks to the entire cast, crew, musicians and front-of-house staff at Frozen; Thomas Schumacher, Anne Quart and everyone at Disney Theatrical Group

NEWSical The Musical Fundraising coordinator: Tom D’Angora Divas in Just No Time at All Music and Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz Directed by Christine Pedi Performers: Christine Pedi, Seth Rudetsky Special thanks to Michael Lavine, as well as Elaine, Bernadette, Bette, Katharine, Liza, Julie, Joan, Maggie, Cher, Ethel, Angela and Carol

Fiddler on the Roof - in Yiddish Fundraising coordinators: Bruce Sabbath, Kat West, Rachel Calter, Lindsay Jones, Autumn McDonald Tree of Life Prayer Written by the Fiddler on the Roof - in Yiddish company Directed by Ben Liebert Music Direction by Zalmen Mlotek Music and Lyrics: ”Tree of Life Prayer” by Tanchum Portnoy from Proverbs 3:17-18 and “Sabbath Prayer” by Joseph Stein, Jerry Bock, Sheldon Harnick Yiddish Translation by Shraga Fridman Arrangements by Ben Liebert, Zalmen Mlotek, Joanne Borts Stage Managers: Kat West, Rachel Calter Props by Kat West Performers: Jennifer Babiak, Joanne Borts, Doug Chitel, Michael Einav, Jessica Rose Futran, Kirk Gertiano, John Giesige, Lydia Gladstone, Joel Grey, Abby Goldfarb, Maya Jacobson, Cameron Johnson, Josh Kohane, Ben Liebert, Stephanie Lynn Mason, Rosie Jo Neddy, Raquel Nobile, Jonathan Quigley, Nick Raynor, Bruce Sabbath, Dew Seigla, Adam Shapiro, Steven Skybell, Jodi Snyder, James Monroe Števko, Lauren Jeanne Thomas, Bobby Underwood, Rachel Zatcoff Special thanks to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS for supporting and facilitating our fundraising week for the Tree of Life Synagogue In memory of all whom we’ve lost, especially the victims of anti-semitism from the Pittsburgh Tree of Life Synagogue shooting: Joyce Fienberg, Richard Gottfried, Rose Mallinger, Jerry Rabinowitz, Cecil Rosenthal, David Rosenthal, Bernice Simon, Sylvan Simon, Daniel Stein, Melvin Wax and Irving Younger

PERFORMANCE CREDITS National Tours Directed and Choreographed by Karla Puno Garcia Music: “Stand By Me” by Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller and Ben E. King; sung by Otis Redding Associate Choreographer: David Guzman Stage Manager: Gina Solebello Assistant Stage Manager: Genevieve Kersh Performers: Alex Aquilino, Marie Rose Baramo, Hannah Campanelli, Kevin Cosculluela, Gina dePool, Kellie Drobnick, Zachary Downer, Logan Epstein, Lexi Garcia, Daniel Gold, David Guzman, Morgan Harrison, Joel Houwen, Jules Joseph, Evan Lacombe, Arianne Meneses, Meghan Sanett, Amelia Sanzo, Aspen Waddell, Matt Wiercinski, Elizabeth Yanick Special thanks to the incredible company members across our nation who participate, coordinate and inspire; and to the locals across the country who donate their personal time. Together, we make a difference.

Kinky Boots Fundraising coordinators: Kristen Harris, Johnny Milani, Dawn Fenton A Kinky Farewell Written and Directed by Adinah Alexander Creative Consultant: Jennifer Perry Choreography based on the original 2013 choreography by Nathan Peck Music Direction by Jason Loffredo Music: “True Colors” Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly; “My Way” by Claude François and Jacques Revaux Lyrics by Adinah Alexander; additional lyrics by Jason Loffredo Arrangements by Jason Loffredo Stage Manager: Johnny Milani Performers: Adinah Alexander, James “Delisco” Beeks, Stephane Duret, Mia Gentile, Kevin Smith Kirkwood, Ellyn Marie Marsh, Jennifer Perry, Danny Sherman Special thanks to Tory Roman, her original concept for the 2013 “Our Truest Colors” presentation set the tone for six fabulous years of Kinky Boots’ Broadway Cares/ Equity Fights AIDS participation; and to our amazing crew at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre

Red Bucket Tribute Directed and Choreographed by Chaz Wolcott Music: “Put a Little Love in Your Heart” by Jackie De Shannon, Jimmy Holiday and Randy Myers; sung by Darren Criss, Jeremy Jordan, Carlos Valdes and John Barrowman Stage Manager: Casey Cook Assistant Stage Manager: Alison R. Simone Costumes by David Withrow Performers: Pasqualino Beltempo, Taylor Broadard, Mariela Dorado, Niani Feelings, Omar Garibay, Abigail Gatlin, Morgan Harrison, Peter Hughes, Sarah Lewandowski, Nick Silverio, JP Viernes Special thanks to Jelani Remy and Brad Oscar

The Lion King Fundraising coordinators: Kimberly Marable, Kyle Lamar Mitchell, Arabella Powell Do You Swear To Tell The Truth...? Written, Directed and Choreographed by Ray Mercer Music and Arrangements by Bongi Duma Props by Scott Scheidt Performers: India Bolds, Rosie Fiedelman, Pia Hamilton Special thanks to Jamal Lee Harris, Rose James and Brenda O’Brien

PERFORMANCE CREDITS Avenue Q Fundraising coordinators: Katie Boren, John Bantay, Christine Daly Q Better Work Written, Directed and Choreographed by John Bantay Music Direction and Arrangements by Mark Erenstoft Music by Dan Gillespie Sells Lyrics by Tom Macrae with new lyrics by John Bantay Stage Manager: Michael Liscio Jr. Costumes and Wigs by Joshua Holden Props by John Bantay Performers: John Bantay, Katie Boren, Matt Dengler, Jamie Glickman, Imari Hardon, Joshua Holden, Jason Jacoby, Gizel Jimenez, Nick Kohn, Lacretta, Michael Liscio Jr., Rob Morrison, Stephen Perrot Special thanks to Brian Hertz

Hamilton Fundraising coordinator: Deanna Weiner Cheering For Me Now Written by Lin-Manuel Miranda and John Kander Directed and Choreographed by Karla Puno Garcia Associate Choreographer: David Guzman Music by John Kander Lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda Arrangements by Alex Lacamoire Stage Manager: Deanna Weiner Performers: Kevin Cosculluela, Karla Puno Garcia, Lexi Garcia, Christina Glur, David Guzman, Sasha Hollinger, Sabrina Imamura, Roddy Kennedy, Evan Lacombe, Arianne Meneses, Kim Taylor Special thanks to Josh Blye, Amber White, Cameron Holsinger, Brig Berney and Holli Campbell

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President James J. Claffey, Jr. ®

NEW YORK CITY STAGEHANDS Affiliated 1893 - Organized 1886




1-212-333-2500 • 1-800-745-0045 • w w w. i a t s e l o c a l o n e . o r g


Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS

@BCEFA Photo of L. Steven Taylor by Evan Zimmerman

THE ACTORS FUND A TIMELINE OF LIFELINES: 30 YEARS OF LIFESAVING SUPPORT For 30 years, your support of Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS has helped The Actors Fund’ provide a helping hand and supportive shoulder to those in the entertainment industry and performing arts when they’re in a time of need, crisis or transition. “We are proud stewards of this support,” The Actors Fund Chief Executive Office Joe Benincasa said. “How Broadway Cares inspires our community is absolutely miraculous and it makes The Fund’s good work possible.”

1988 - HIV/AIDS INITIATIVE 2018 grant: $2,000,000 Total since 1988: $52,750,000

When the theatre community was desperate for help during the height of the AIDS crisis, the HIV/AIDS Initiative was there to offer lifesaving support and services to people in need. Today, as people are living longer with the disease, the HIV/AIDS Initiative has adapted to offer confidential, comprehensive services that address emotional, medical and financial needs for the long term.

1996 - PHYLLIS NEWMAN WOMEN’S HEALTH INITIATIVE 2018 grant: $850,000 Total since 1996: $11,100,000

In 1996, Broadway Cares expanded its support of The Actors Fund beyond the HIV/AIDS Initiative for the first time with a $10,000 grant to help launch the Phyllis Newman Women’s Health Initiative. With services addressing the unique and specific health concerns of women, the initiative offers a place they can turn to for help and advice without the fear and stigma presented in other health care environments.

1998 - THE CAREER CENTER 2018 grant: $300,000 Total since 1998: $4,885,000

In 1998, Broadway Cares began financially supporting The Career Center, then known as the Actors Fund Work Program. The center helps industry professionals identify and find fulfilling secondary work that complements their performing arts career.

2004 - THE SAMUEL J. FRIEDMAN HEALTH CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS 2018 grant: $900,000 Total since 2004: $10,811,000

Fourteen years ago, Broadway Cares’ support helped The Actors Fund start addressing the medical needs of the industry through the Al Hirschfeld Free Health Clinic. The health clinic evolved into The Samuel J. Friedman Health Center for the Performing Arts, a medical care center designed with entertainment industry folks’ unique schedules and lifestyle in mind. The Friedman Health Center opened in March 2017 in Times Square.

2005 - THE STAGE MANAGERS’ PROJECT 2018 grant: $100,000 Total since 2005: $846,000

The Stage Managers’ Project is a reliable directory of doctors, specialists and other health care providers in 28 states for Broadway, Off-Broadway and national touring productions. This allows stage managers and their companies to have access to extensive, thoroughly vetted health care resources.

2007 - THE DANCERS’ RESOURCE 2018 grant: $300,000 Total since 2007: $2,685,000

It’s no secret that dancers have physically demanding jobs, and their rigorous careers lead to a unique set of health challenges and setbacks specific to their work. The Dancers’ Resource, which launched with a $150,000 grant from Broadway Cares, is geared toward dancing professionals recovering from injuries, needing emotional support or facing other issues.

2014 - ARTISTS HEALTH INSURANCE RESOURCE CENTER 2018 grant: $450,000 Total since 2014: $2,150,000

Entertainment professionals who are uninsured or underinsured and looking for assistance with health care can turn to the Artists Health Insurance Resource Center. Today, these concerns are even more urgent, as the tense political climate continues to attack the Affordable Care Act. The Actors Fund is ready to help individuals navigate these troublesome waters.

2015 - ADDICTION AND RECOVERY SERVICES 2018 grant: $450,000 Since 2015: $1,700,000

When striving to achieve and maintain sobriety, finding a confidential support system is key to attaining one’s goals. Broadway Cares began funding The Actors Fund’s Addiction and Recovery Services in 2015. The services support entertainment professionals as they learn to manage their lives without the abuse of mood-altering substances, as well as help the families, partners and friends of those in recovery cope with the effects of a loved one’s substance abuse.


Total 2018 grants: $5,896,575 Total grants since 1988: $94,761,575 In 2018, Broadway Cares expanded its support to include three additional programs. The Safe Workplace Initiative offers resources, counseling and training sessions to fight harassment, bullying and bias within the industry. Senior Services assists entertainment professionals in addressing the myriad of issues they may face as they age. Looking Ahead, a program that helps young performers make a healthy, successful transition to adulthood, opened the Paul Libin Center, its New York City home. The center was funded by Broadway Cares and named in honor of Libin, Broadway Cares/ Equity Fights AIDS’ president emeritus. PHYSICIAN VOLUNTEERS FOR THE ARTS In addition to support for The Actors Fund, Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS provided a $85,000 grant this year to Physician Volunteers for the Arts. Thanks to this grant, some 5,000 flu shots were given at more than 50 Broadway and Off-Broadway shows, theatre-related organizations and management offices.

would like to thank the members of the following unions for their continued participation and support of the audience appeals made once again in the Broadway theatres. With the added support of our friends Off-Broadway and in national touring shows across the country, these appeals are the backbone and muscle of Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS’ annual fundraising efforts. These appeals could not be done without the generous collective efforts of:

Actor’s Equity Association - actors and stage managers American Federation of Musicians Local 802 ATPAM - company managers, house managers and press agents The Dramatists Guild of America IATSE Local 1 - stagehands, carpenters, electricians and props IATSE Local 306 - ushers, ticket takers and doormen IATSE Local 751 - treasurers and ticket sellers Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists Local 798 Stage Directors and Choreographers Society Theatrical Wardrobe Union Local 764 and, of course, all of our friends at

The Broadway League for making these efforts welcome in their theatres as a part of their productions. For 30 years we have said, “What we do together makes a difference.” This proves it. Our sincere thanks to all.


President Thomas Schumacher

Disney’s Aladdin Co-Producer Anne Quart General Manager

Company Manager

Associate Company Manager

Myriah Bash

Andrew Hollenbeck

Amy Gahm

Production Stage Manager

Production Supervisor

Stage Manager

Kim Vernace

Jason Trubitt

Jimmie Lee Smith

and the entire team at

Disney Theatrical Productions and Aladdin

SPECIAL THANKS All fundraising coordinators

Greg Kayne

B&J Fabrics

Randall Kellogg

Bat Out of Hell, Eric Mayer and Ryan J. Bell

Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Miranda Book

Cecily Reverman

Francois Conradie

Gary Sitomer

Judith Drasner

Allan Stein

Ernest Winzer Cleaners

TDF Costume Collection

Barry Gelda

RED BUCKET FOLLIES BAND Music Supervisor.......................................................................................... Ben Cohn Music Director............................................................................................. Ted Arthur Associate Music Director................................................................... Christopher Gurr Music Assistant..................................................................... Noah Teplin, Steven Tran Keyboards...............................................Christopher Gurr, Justin Ramos, Steven Tran Bass......................................................................................................... Leo Huppert Guitar............................................................................................ Jake Ezra Schwartz Percussion......................................................................................................Ed Shea Drums.............................................................................................. Joe Choroszewski Reeds.............................................................. Steve Lyon, Jeff Schiller, Greg Thymius Trumpets........................................ Colin Brigstocke, Kathleen Doran, John Replogle Trombones............................................................ Charles Gordon, Brandon Moodie Rehearsal Pianists................................................................ Justin Brown, Noah Teplin Synthesizer Programmer for Aladdin..........................................................Jeff Marder

RED BUCKET FOLLIES SINGERS Alexandra DeSuze Becca Gottlieb Katherine Guantez Kurt Hellerich Jessica Kelly Angelo McDonough

Sarah Parnicky Natalie Ross Marissa Rosen Katherine E. Sulenski Blake Zolfo

BENEFACTORS Melinda Atwood

Stewart Mann

Larry Cosand

James Martin

Mary Davis

John Schumacher

Andrew Giannelli

Joseph Ortenzio

Mark Hostetter & Alex Habib

NATIONAL GRANTS ORGANIZATIONS OFFER SUPPORT IN UNDERSERVED REGIONS Even with today’s medication and treatment options, the burden of living with HIV/AIDS can weigh heavy on those living with the disease. This stress is intensified when the individual lives in regions plagued by stigma and a lack of open conversation about the disease. In rural Alabama, an area where shame toward HIV/AIDS runs rampant, a lack of acceptance and tolerance creates a toxic environment for HIV-positive residents. “Stigma is a big issue in a rural area because you have close-knit communities where everyone knows everybody’s business,” said Robbie Hines, a medical case manager at Health Services Center in Anniston, Alabama. Health Services Center currently serves more than 551 people living with HIV and AIDS within a 9,000 square mile area. Eighty-two percent of the clientele served have a household income equal to or below the federal poverty level. Health Services Center, which received a $10,000 grant from Broadway Cares this year, strives to be a one-stop shop for HIV care in the region. More than 900 miles away in the city of San Antonio, HIV-positive residents like Damien, a client of the San Antonio AIDS Foundation, struggle with similar effects of stigma. “There are just so many strikes against me,” Damien said. “In the black community, being gay is an abomination. Then, living as an HIV-positive, black gay man in the heart of Texas, it’s hard.” For clients like Damien, San Antonio AIDS Foundation gives him the support system he needs to get help and thrive. “The case managers give me a positive outlook on life,” Damien said. San Antonio AIDS Foundation’s 2018 grant of $10,000 from Broadway Cares was part of this summer’s largest grant round, which awarded more than $2.2 million to 307 organizations. This round’s funding covers direct services and case management, supportive housing programs, emergency financial assistance, harm reduction programs and quality of life services. Earlier this year, Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS awarded $2 million to 121 organizations in 38 states for food service and meal delivery programs because healthy meals are an essential part of a lifesaving regimen. In April, $1.2 million was awarded to 48 nationally recognized AIDS service and advocacy agencies. In 2018, Broadway Cares awarded a total of $7.3 million to 471 organizations. “The services you’re providing by supporting Broadway Cares are changing so many lives for the better,” Hines said.

PRODUCTION CREDITS Stage Management Team Sarah Azizo, Robert J. Ford, Sandra M. Franck, Samuel-Moses Jones, Nikki Lint, Josephine Ronga, Ryan A. Ross, Peter Royston, David Sugarman, Terrence J. Witter, Michael Wilhoite Assistant Director................................................................................Jeff Brancato Assistant Lighting Designer....................................................................Aaron Porter Lighting Programmer.............................................................................. Alex Fogel Voice of God..........................................................................David Masenheimer Ticketing..................................................................... Cat Domiano, Ashley Melón Fundraising Coordinator......................................................................... Trisha Doss Volunteer Coordinator..................................................................... R. Keith Bullock Hospitality Manager..................................................................................Mark Irish Event Graphics, Poster and Playbill Design................................... Angelica Franklin Press Representatives................................... Heath Schwartz, Boneau/Bryan-Brown Merchandise Coordinator................................................................. Peter Borzotta Production Assistants................................................... Burkett Horrigan, Kat Meister Script................................................................................. David Beach, Dan Perry Script Supervisor............................................................................... James Darrah The Staff of the New Amsterdam Theatre and Disney’s Aladdin Carpenters.................................... Drew Siccardi, Brett Daley, John Fullum, Tony Goncalves, David Helck, Gary Matarazzo, Mike Muery, Joe Petrosino, Cody Siccardi, Steve Stackle, Josh Tocco Sound Engineers..............................................................Marie Renee Foucher, Kurt Fischer, Matthew Maloney, Bill Romanello, Larry White, Kat Curtis Electricians............................................ James Maloney Jr., Andy Catron, Brendan Maloney Joseph P. Garvey, Christopher Passalacqua, Brad Robertson, Kevin Strohmeyer Props................................................................. Victor Amerling, Megan Abel, Alan Cabrera, James Maloney III, John Saye, Marshall Servilio

Theatre Authority Acknowledgement We wish to express our gratitude to the performers’ unions – Actors’ Equity Association, American Guild of Musical Artists, American Guild of Variety Artists and SAG-AFTRA – through Theatre Authority Inc. for their cooperation in permitting the artists to appear in this program.

BUCKET BRIGADE VOLUNTEERS An army of 145 tireless volunteers and Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS staffers enhanced the Red Bucket Follies fundraising efforts this season. They held buckets and sold autographed memorabilia in the lobbies of Broadway and Off-Broadway theatres alongside company members of participating shows. Over the course of six weeks of audience appeals, volunteers filled 3,958 shifts at 1,107 appeals. Our sincere thanks to these unsung heroes: Broadway Cares’ famous bucket brigade. Denise Atkinson Cathy Atria James Babcock David Baez Lauren Balaban Bernadette Banner Natoli Barbera Ashley Benson Andrea Berkey Glen Briggs Chris Brown Lou Bullock Natalie Cardillo Emily Chen Maisa Chiang Barbara Chin Dani Collison Francois Conradie Kat DeChavez Dalilah Degen-Portnoy Keith Degi Rachel Donner Matt D’Silva Carmen Dusenberry Phoebe Ellman Kristin Ewing Caryl Field Colyn Fiendel Charlene Flocke Maureen Fox Sierra Gamble Renee Garrahan Kathy Gerhardt Beth Gilchrist Ethan Girtz

Orange Girtz Sam Gonzalez Sarina Gonzalez Stefanie Gorman Nancy Gray Jonathan Green Jeremiah Hernandez Brandy Hill DeAnna Hill Chuck Huffman Ericka Iachello Dee Dee Katchen Bonnie Kavett Randall Kellogg Samantha Kennedy Louise Kim Jason Kindt Lauren Kinney Adam Lagosz Jen Lai Scott Laubner Mary Ann Lopinto Ari Machida Shira Margulies Tom Marino Carly McCloskey Iris McCloskey Bill Megevick DeAngelo Miller Haviland Morris Karen Nothmann John Nowak Maggie Oberrender Owen Panettieri Fabio Perla

Ellen Raspitha Cecily Reverman Francesca Romeo Josephine Ronga John Salvatore Lizzy Santiago Natalie Savits Keith Schmittou Robert Score Kelley Selnick Kelley Sener Esi Sogah Austin Sora Zach Stevenson Katherine Sulenski Vi Tagala Zuri Terrell Katie Thrasher Michelle Tidmore Ashley Timm Thuy Tran Davinia Troughton Anthony Valle Grace Valverde Elles van Gruijthuijsen Jenny Waletzky Mark Walter Michelle White Amy Whitman Bartley Whitman Sidney Erik Wright Leanna Yip Jovan Zivkovic

SHOWS THAT RAISED FUNDS BUT ARE NOT PERFORMING BROADWAY Aladdin Fundraising coordinators: Alexis Shorter, Terry Witter, Monica Cuoco, Kim Vernace, Jimmie Lee Smith Special thanks to Telly Leung, Jonathan Freeman, Don Darryl Rivera, Brian Gonzales, Brad Weinstock and Steel Burkhardt for your amazing curtain speeches; the cast of Aladdin, with a special shout-out to Paige Williams, Amber Owens and Jacob Dickey for collecting a gazillion times; the phenomenal crew and house staff at the New Amsterdam Theatre and, of course, Thomas Schumacher, Anne Quart and everyone at Disney Theatrical Group for making the New Am such a wonderful place to work American Son Fundraising coordinators: Jane Grey, Kamra A. Jacobs Special thanks to Tree Lonon, Jeremy Jordan, Eugene Lee, Steven Pasquale, Kerry Washington, Brian Avers, Jerome Preston Bates and Amelia Workman Anastasia Fundraising coordinators: Bonnie Panson, Trey Johnson, Sarah Helgesen Special thanks to John Bolton, Kristen Smith Davis, Janet Dickinson, Anika Lore Hatch, Brian Munn, Delilah Rose Pellow, James A. Pierce III, Molly Rushing, Tally Sessions, Jennifer Smith, Max von Essen, Kelli Youngman, Lee Micklin, Amy Castro, Kevin Thomas Garcia, Edmund Harrison, Lauren Nielsen, Amelia Haywood, Jana L. Hoglund, Charlie Grieco, Jim Romano, Jason Strangfeld, Tom Kirdahy, David Richards, Kim Kelley, Joel Glassman, Joe Tantalo and the Broadhurst Theatre house staff The Band’s Visit Fundraising coordinators: Richard Hodge, Charlene Speyerer, Ashley-Rose Galligan Special thanks to our audience appeal speech makers Andy Polk, Brandon Uranowitz, Sharone Sayegh, Rachel Prather, Layan Elwazani, Katrina Lenk and Youssif Kamal Beautiful - The Carole King Musical Fundraising coordinator: Stacey Zaloga Special thanks to Paul Anthony Stewart, Evan Todd, Abby Mueller, Samantha Newby, the cast collectors, the Stephen Sondheim Theatre house and security staffs and the wonderful Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS volunteers The Book of Mormon Fundraising coordinators: the company of The Book of Mormon Come From Away Fundraising coordinators: the company of Come From Away Dear Evan Hansen Fundraising coordinators: Danielle Buccino, Brendan Fay, Judy Schoenfeld Special thanks to Jonathan Shulman, staff and crew at the Music Box Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fundraising coordinators: Rolt Smith, Rachel Sterner, Andrew Carnero, Derek Michael DiGregorio, Andrea O. Saraffian, Madison DeCoske, Ryan B. Gibbs Special thanks to Kate Egan, Michael Rudd and the cast, crew and front-of-house staff at the Lyric Theatre Head Over Heels Fundraising coordinators: Lisa Iacucci, Christopher R. Munnell Special thanks to Andrea Cibelli, Rick Steiger and Peppermint

The Lifespan of a Fact Fundraising coordinators: Brian Rardin, Martha Donaldson-Wheatley Special thanks to Jeffrey Richards, Will Trice, Larry Jennino, Elizabeth Lemos, Paul Ludick, Chelsea Usherwood, Kimberley Prentice and Megan Sprowls Mean Girls Fundraising coordinators: Holly Coombs, McKenzie Murphy and Lauren Juengel Special thanks to company managers Adam Jackson and Brittany Weber; wardrobe supervisors Terri Purcell and Joby Horrigan and their team of dressers; hair supervisors Josh First and Jimmy Goode and their team of hairstylists; sound team Brian Shoemaker, Jessica Weeks and David Shepard; and the entire company of Mean Girls Mike Birbiglia’s The New One Fundraising coordinators: Ira Mont, Lauren Cavanaugh Special thanks to Mike Birbiglia, Jennifer Hope Stein and the red bucket volunteers My Fair Lady Fundraising coordinators: Jennifer Rae Moore, Lisa Ann Chernoff, Heather Botts Once on This Island Fundraising coordinators: Mary Kathryn Flynt, Anne McPherson, Justin Scribner Special thanks to Ilana Bolotsky, Alex Newell, Quentin Earl Darrington, David Jennings and Isaac Powell, as well as the entire cast and crew of Once on This Island, the staff of the Circle in the Square Theatre and our apron-rolling gang The Phantom of the Opera Fundraising coordinators: Gregory T. Livoti, Jim Athens, Jillian Oliver, Andrew Glant-Linden Special thanks to Cameron Mackintosh, Gregory T. Livoti, Jim Athens, Jillian Oliver, Steve Greer, Katherine McNamee, Andrew Glant-Linden, Maree Johnson, Kelly Jeanne Grant, Chris Georgetti, Bill Kazden, Giselle O. Alvarez, Erica Wong, The Phantom of the Opera wardrobe and hair departments and Lawrence Darden, Hugh Barnett and the Majestic Theatre front-of-house staff The Play That Goes Wrong Fundraising coordinators: the company of The Play That Goes Wrong Pretty Woman Fundraising coordinators: Shannon Hammons, Andrew Morton, Haley Wilson The Prom Fundraising coordinators: the company of The Prom Summer: The Donna Summer Musical Fundraising coordinators: Ayisha Hunt, Lucy Kennedy, Samantha Preiss, Beverly Jenkins Special thanks to Matthew Neff for the hats, Kaye Tuckerman for being a collector extraordinaire and the entire Summer company Torch Song Fundraising coordinators: Frank Lombardi, Ben Freedman Special thanks to the cast and crew of Torch Song Waitress Fundraising coordinators: Anita Shastri, Becky Fleming Special thanks to the folks at the NAMCO office, Paul Perez and the front-of-house staff at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre, the wardrobe, hair and sound staffs of Waitress and Stacy Donnelly

SHOWS THAT RAISED FUNDS BUT ARE NOT PERFORMING OFF-BROADWAY Apologia Fundraising coordinators: Bess Glorioso, Katherine Shea Special thanks to Hugh Dancy for making all the speeches with Stockard Channing chiming in, Michael Sheehan, Nick Caccavo, the house staff, ushers and security at the Steinberg Center, the Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS volunteers and Benny Blue Man Group Fundraising coordinators: the company of Blue Man Group Daniel’s Husband Fundraising coordinators: Lou Liberatore, Michael Palmer Special thanks to all who donated and Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS volunteers India Pale Ale Fundraising coordinators: the company of India Pale Ale Jersey Boys Fundraising coordinators: Anna Belle Gilbert, E Sara Barnes Special thanks to Sheryl Polancos and Amanda Stuart Mother of the Maid Fundraising coordinators: James Latus, Jason Pacella, Alison R. Simone, Eliza Anastasio Special thanks to Manny Vega and the front-of-house staff, Liza Witmer and Rosie Kolbo, Tom McCann and the entire cast Popcorn Falls Fundraising coordinators: the company of Popcorn Falls The Marvelous Wonderettes Fundraising coordinators: the company of The Marvelous Wonderettes Naked Boys Singing Fundraising coordinators: the company of Naked Boys Singing

NATIONAL TOURS Aladdin Fundraising coordinators: Michael McGoff, Kate McDoniel, Vanessa Coakley, Brae Singleton Special thanks to our super standbys and swings; Kenway Kua; speechmakers Jonathan Weir, Jerald Vincent, Clinton Greenspan, Lissa deGuzman, Philippe Arroyo, Zach Bencal and Jed Feder; our touring and local sound, wardrobe and hair crews; the front-of-house staffs at the Saenger Theatre in New Orleans, The Kentucky Center in Louisville, The Ohio Theatre in Columbus, The Fabulous Fox Theatre in St. Louis and the Des Moines Civic Center; our producers for their support Beautiful - The Carole King Musical - Carole Company Fundraising coordinators: Annelise Castleberry, Shana Ferguson Blue Man Group Fundraising coordinators: the companies of Blue Man Group in Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas and Orlando

The Book of Mormon - Jumamosi Fundraising coordinators: Paige Grant, Jason Carroll, Derric Nolte, Jenn Jacobs Special thanks to Spencer Smith, Alexa Bishop, Gerbie Connolly, Joe Reid, Sonya Reynolds, Lynn Grassy, Jason DeJardin, Alicia Martin, Emery Roth III, Kevin Clay, Michael Mahoney Jr., Andreja Posedel, our wonderful swings and standbys and the incredible Jumamosi cast, crew and band A Bronx Tale The Musical Fundraising coordinators: Richard H. Blake, Zachary Tucker, Theron Alexander, Kelsey Tippins Special thanks to Sean Bell, Joshua Michael Burrage, Peter Gregus, David Haines, John “Seth” Leach, Jeff Mensch, Jason Williams, and the entire cast, crew and band of the A Bronx Tale The Musical national tour; and to the local crew and front-of-house staffs of the Hollywood Pantages in Los Angeles and the Golden Gate Theatre in San Francisco. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Fundraising coordinators: Elijah Dillehay, Tanisha Moore Special thanks to Andrew Bacigalupo, Cate Agis, Paige Zaloudek, Sean Hamilton, Erick Sundquist, Rae Phillips, Marcus Lopez, Jessica Morrow, Madeleine Doherty and Sabrina Harper, as well as the audiences in Cincinnati and Philadelphia for their contributions Chicago Fundraising coordinators: Seth Danner, Brian Westmoreland Special thanks to Marian DeWitt, Gay Merwin, Stephen Spadaro and Bill Schaeffer Come From Away Fundraising coordinators: Shawn Pennington, Geoff Maus, Margot Whitney, Julie Garnyé Special thanks to Danielle K. Thomas, Kevin Carolan, Megan McGinnis, Julie Johnson, Becky Gulsvig and Andrew Samonsky for delivering powerful and moving audience appeals; our incredibly patient and helpful crew; our tireless bucket brigade Julie Garyné, James Earl Jones II, Harter Clingman, Andrew Samonsky, Chamblee Ferguson, Nick Duckart, Emily Walton and Megan McGinnis; and the kind staffs at the 5th Avenue Theatre in Seattle and The Denver Center for their assistance, patience and poster donations Dear Evan Hansen Fundraising coordinators: Sarah Testerman, Michael Krug Special thanks to the entire Dear Evan Hansen family and the staff of the Ahmanson Theater Hamilton - Angelica Fundraising coordinators: the company of Hamilton - Angelica Hamilton - Chicago Fundraising coordinators: Sara Gammage, Katherine Wallace Special thanks to Scott Ammarell, Kate Fenner-Lux, Janessa D. Butler and everyone at Chicago House and Social Services Agency Hamilton - Philip Fundraising coordinators: the company of Hamilton - Philip Hello, Dolly! Fundraising coordinator: Karyn Meek Special thanks to Elizabeth Broadhurst, Dan Horn, Ben Lanham, Daniel Beeman and the entire cast and crew of Hello, Dolly! Jersey Boys Fundraising coordinator: Kaitlyn Fouts Special thanks to our cast and crew, especially Corey Greenan and Jeremy Sartin for donating their time

SHOWS THAT RAISED FUNDS BUT ARE NOT PERFORMING Les Misérables Fundraising coordinators: Jack McLeod, Jess Gouker, Joseph Heaton, Kyle Timson Special thanks to the parents of our child actors, especially Caryn Elefante, and our amazing touring props crew who helped transport so many supplies The Lion King - Rafiki Fundraising coordinators: Ben Lipitz, Chris McKenzie Special thanks to Mpume Sikakane, S’bu Ngema, Thabani Buthelezi, Erynn Dickerson, Chante Carmel, Deidrea Halley, Kaylin Seckel and Andrew Arrington Love Never Dies Fundraising coordinators: the company of Love Never Dies Miss Saigon Fundraising coordinators: the cast, crew, orchestra and management of Miss Saigon On Your Feet! Fundraising coordinators: Sam Cahn, Devon Goffman, CEL Special thanks to the cast, crew, locals and management team of On Your Feet! tour The Phantom of the Opera Fundraising coordinator: Lizz Bender Special thanks to Adam Bashian, David Benoit, McKenna Birmingham, Stephen Mitchell Brown, Mitch Chvala, Tido Claeys, Jordan Craig, Patrick Dunn, Mark Emerson, Adam Farber, Daniella Filippone, David Foley, Emma Grimsley, Edward Juvier, Rob Lindley, Trista Moldovan, Constantine Pappas, Herb Porter, Nicholas Ranauro, Danielle Reinstein, Ally Taylor Sacks, Kristie Dale Sanders, Stephen Tewksbury, Carmen Vass, Jessica Wagner, Micki Weiner and Marguerite Willbanks The Play That Goes Wrong Fundraising coordinators: Matt Schreiber, Jeff Norman, Jose Solivan, Jessica Troy Special thanks to Sid Solomon, Michael Thatcher, Angela Grovey, Evan Alexander Smith, Scott Cote, Ned Noyes, Peyton Crim, Brandon Ellis, Emily Magnuson, Christopher Mark Walters, Jacqueline Jarrold and Jamie Ann Romero School of Rock - the Musical Fundraising coordinators: the company of School of Rock - the Musical Waitress Fundraising coordinators: Matt DeAngelis, Jeremy Morse Special thanks to Ryan Dunkin and Steven Good Wicked - Munchkinland Fundraising coordinators: Justin Wirick, Steve Quinn, Emily Powell, David O’Brien, Colleen Danaher, Aaron Elgart Special thanks to speech givers Ginna Claire Mason, Mary Kate Morrissey, Kara Lindsay, Jackie Burns; table volunteers Kelly LaFarga, Micaela Martinez, Deanna Aguinaga-Whyte, Chelsea Emma Franko, Cecelia Ticktin, Phillip Dean Lightstone, Ben Susak, Nick Gaswirth; collectors Autumn Cooper, Sara Gonzales, Beka Burnham, Allison Bailey, Lauren Cannon, Tiffany Rae Mallari, Kerry Blanchard, Olivia Valli, Tregoney Shepherd, Ryan Patrick Farrell, Andy Richardson, Matt Densky, Wayne Schroder, Sam Gravitte, Jeff Sears, Chase Madigan, Brandon Stonestreet, Justin Wirick; backstage tour guides Cole Doman, Michael Wartella, Mili Diaz, Jon Robert Hall, Chad Jennings, Jason Graae, Jody Gelb; producers David Stone and Marc Platt; and an extra thank you to our wardrobe, hair and makeup departments, musicians and the best traveling crew in the biz. Our success would not be possible without their love, support and encouragement. Wicked - Munchkinland tour has raised more than $5.2 million since the company’s opening in March 2009.

INTERNATIONAL GRANTS Since 1996, Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS has awarded more than $6.5 million in special grants to HIV/AIDS service organizations outside the United States. The grants are in appreciation of fundraising done by those Broadway companies with a distinct international affiliation. The first of these donations was a $5,000 grant given to West End Cares in London in honor of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream after the company participated in the 1996 Easter Bonnet Competition. Since then, grants have been made in honor of dozens of actors and productions from around the world who have generously given of their time and talent. Recipients have included TheatreMAD in London, The AFC (formerly The Actors’ Fund of Canada) and The Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research. In 2018, $42,500 has been awarded to 5 organizations, including the SPCA in Gander, Newfoundland, on behalf of Come From Away. A important piece of Broadway Cares’ international grants is South Africa. The incidence of HIV/AIDS in South Africa remains among the highest in the world. It’s a reality that continues to hit close to the heart for many in the cast of Disney’s acclaimed production of The Lion King. As natives of South Africa, they’ve seen the epidemic’s toll first-hand in their hometowns and villages. Inspired by The Lion King’s enthusiastic fundraising, more than $4.8 million has been awarded in grants to South Africa HIV/AIDS organizations since The Lion King opened on Broadway. The grants have been sent to 67 AIDS service providers in honor of and identified by the South African actors in the Broadway and national touring companies of The Lion King.

Congratulations to

Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS! The Fred Ebb Foundation is proud to continue its support of your important work.


The following are members of the Angels Circle as of November 11, 2018. Names in bold indicate Broadway Cares Archangels, donors who increased their gift by 25 percent or more over the previous year. Members of the Angels Circle include individuals, ecoming a Broadway Caresare “Angel” helps and not related to event or merchandise organizations, family foundations and corporations. Contributions unrestricted purchases. On behalf of our volunteers, staff, Board of Trustees and the many men, women and children with HIV/AIDS and other life-threatening illnesses who count on Broadway Cares for assistance, we salute these donors.


In appreciation of an annual contribution of $1,000 or more, Angels receive VIP status at some of Broadway Cares’ most highprofile events, including Red Bucket Follies and the Easter Bonnet Competition, as well as a host of other exciting benefits. There are many ways to become a member of the Angels Circle. You can join as an individual, a couple, a family or even as part of a group of friends, co-workers, fan club or sports league. You can charge your membership on a monthly or quarterly basis. In addition, if your employer matches charitable contributions, a gift of $500 or more can qualify you for membership at the $1,000 level. For more information about the benefits of the Angels Circle, please contact Sarah Cardillo, senior development officer, at or 212.840.0770, ext. 275.

Executive Producer gifts of $100,000 and above

The Fred Ebb Foundation Harriett D. Kittner Foundation


gifts from $50,000 to $99,999

Dwight H. Curry, “Dream Alliance” Mary D. Fisher Thomas Schumacher & Matthew White Secret Villas of Key West The Shubert Organization Brian S. Snyder Lizzie & Jonathan M. Tisch

Director gifts from $25,000 to $49,999

Ingrid Arneberg and Will Marin Laura M. Boedeker Jules Fisher & Graciela Daniele Myrna & Freddie Gershon Fund in memory of Tom Eyen, Paul Jabara Arthur Laurents, Allan Carr, Marvin Hamlisch and Richard Salfas H. van Ameringen Foundation William J. Levy Jane Morison The Palette Fund The Richmond/Ermet Aid Foundation, San Francisco Mickey Rolfe & Bruce Tracy Amy Sherman-Palladino Happy Shipley in honor of Tom Viola Hollis Stern The Ted Snowdon Foundation

House Seat gifts from $10,000 to $24,999

Sam Altman in memory of Murray Schapiro and Shirley Herz and Jerry Tischman Roy Brayton & Mickey Sullivan City National Bank The Column Awards Deborah Dakin Scott Dainton William W. Donnell Frank Duff & John Okuloski

Tobi & Eugene Faut Vincent Gaeta George & Irina Schaeffer Foundation Philip Hodges & Scott Nevins James C. Hormel & Michael P. Nguyen The Joe & Hellen Darion Foundation, Inc. Larry L. Luing Family Foundation Deirdre & Mark LeMire Paul & Florence Rowe Libin Richard Lin & Evan Zazula Stephanie & Carter McClelland Marty Richards & the Mary Lea Johnson Richard Foundation William Megevick in memory of Larz Anderson Abigail Merrill Stacey Mindich Lin-Manuel Miranda Calvin Mitchell Stanley Newman & Dr. Brian Rosenthal Newman’s Own Foundation NJ Center for Pain & Rehabilitation LLC, Jose Rojas Jr. Lee Perlman & Linda Riefberg Reel Time Video Production: Jonathan Frank and Alex Pearlman Ann Reinking Jeffrey Seller Sweet Hospitality Group Theatrical Stage Employees Local One/IATSE Bob Tuschman John Voege & Geoffrey Paul The Waldman Foundation Barbara Whitman Diane M. & Kevin Wilshere Anonymous

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Liz Armstrong ATPAM - Association of Theatrical Press Agents & Managers Joe Baker in loving memory of Stuart Thompson The Barrington Foundation Inc. Ben & Jerry’s Times Square Robert Billig & Richard Vida Cabaret For Life Inc. The Carl Jacobs Foundation Cathy Chernoff Gloria & Charles I. Clough Jr. David J. Cohen Samantha & Drew Cohen in memory of Richard Salfas

Dr. Mitchell A. Combs & Frank C. Druse III Todd Davis The Dorothy Strelsin Foundation Doug Eichman & Michael C. Yount James & Anna Fantaci Maggie Flanigan & Richard Dow The Fosdick Fund Kenneth R. Fulton Dan Goggin Sherri Goldberg I. Steven Goldstein & William Popeleski Jr. Jill & Marty Handelsman Robert Hickman Indianapolis Motor Speedway in memory of Florence Henderson George E. Jordan in memory of Michel G. Delhaise Benita & Joe Kaminkow Karma Foundation Michael A. Leppen Tom Lombardi Fran Macferran Clif Mathews & Brian Lurie Mary McColl David R. McShane & The Samantha Fund Keith Miller Marianne McGrath Mills Miriam Schaeffer Family Foundation Jerry Mitchell Ira Mont & Jill Cordle Mont in memory of Annette Mont James L. Nederlander Phyllis Newman in honor of Adolph Green Joseph Obermayer Tony Origlio Stephen Paine The PATH Fund/Rockers on Broadway Bonnie & Alan Petsche Anthony Pisano in memory of Jim Casey Playbill Inc. Michael C. Ray Michael Raymond & Andrew Moyer Merle Reskin Bob Rhodehamel & Dana Snyder Rose Brand The Ross Foundation Lauren Class Schneider, Broadway Fantasy Camp Frank Selvaggi & Bill Shea James L. Simon Steve Sweet Andrew Thaman Theatrical Wardrobe Union Local 764 IATSE Woodford Van Meter David Wackman & Jason Rardin Michel Wallerstein Weinberg Family Foundation Peg & Gary Wendlandt Nina & Gary Wexler Russ Woolley Wyncote Foundation Anonymous

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Actors’ Equity Foundation Actors Federal Credit Union Ken Adler in memory of Ellen Adler and in honor of Jon Adler John R. Alchin & Hal Marryatt Sara M. Allan Richard Ambrose James J. Andrews* Gerald M. Appelstein* David Glenn Armstrong & Jeffrey Miller in memory of Todd Coroliuc

Sarah Ashman and Ron Gillespie in honor of Howard Ashman Bob Avian & Peter Pileski Jennifer Balbier Paris Baldacci & Andrew S. Dolkart Anne Banfield Jordan Barbakoff & Philip Jeffery in loving memory of Rob Sinacore John Barnes & Charles Champagne Brian Bates in memory of Larz Anderson Douglas Bella & David Hunt David Benaym* Nan & Joe Benincasa Nancy Duggan Benson Elaine D. Berger James & Melanie Berichon George L. Bielitz & John Derco Terry & William Biggins Blaine Walter Bobbie & David Frye Tina & Jeffrey Bolton John Bowab Briggs, Inc. Cristina Carlson David Cartee Frank Carucci & David Diamond celebrating our marriage after 35 years of unwedded bliss Raul Castro-Cerrato* Deborah & Steven Cavalier CESD Talent Agency Stockard Channing Paul & Kelly Cole John Contratti Kenneth E. Cooke Corey Brunish & Jessica Rose Brunish Larry Cosand Thomas Cott* in memory of Philip Carlson Gavin Creel Michael David & Lauren Mitchell Ken Davies Paula Kaminsky Davis Merle Debuskey & Pearl Somner Jamie deRoy in memory of Bradshaw Smith Drew Desky & Dane Levens Maria Di Dia in loving memory of Doug Salmon Toni Downey Anthony, Kristina & David Ellenbogen Joe Evall & Richard Lynn Bill Evans & Chuck Fischer in memory of Mike Nichols Robert Evers Peter Farrell* James Fedigan Feinstein’s/54 Below Doug Fiebelkorn & Andrew Hall Kevin Foley-Littell & Stephen Littell Keith L. Fox Sean Free Marianne Ganzer in memory of John Ganzer Richard Gerrig & Timothy Peterson John Paul Geurts & Robert W. Stolt Alma Guimarin Roger Gindi & Gregory Victor Dale Glasser in memory of Steven Glasser Robert D. Gonzales Emily Grishman & Susan Sampliner James F. Haag Richard Hester & Michael Mastro

The Hilaria & Alec Baldwin Foundation Susan & Neal Hirsch Geoffrey Hoefer & Thomas Wei** William S. Hoover, M.D. The Horchow Family Jerome S. Glazer Foundation John L. McHugh Foundation Ilana Kameros Kelly Karavites in memory of my spouse Francis P. King Amy Kaufmann & Ruth Ro Howard Kellman Karen Kellman Kelpie Arts Karen E. Kennedy in memory of Muriel & Bob Kennedy Mark Koblenz Dr. Ram Koppaka Lillian Kraemer Dawn Landino William Lauch Dr. Johnnie Lee and Mr. Darryl Branch Stephanie Lee/Group Sales Box Office Dr. Rick & Yaffa Lukash William Ludel & Tracy Cohen Kevin R. Lyle & Renee Chatelain John J. Mackerey Marangi Disposal Tom Marshall & Kathy Keneally James Martin Matt McClanahan & Ed McCarthy Richard McCune & Brian Carroll - City National Bank** Peter McKown & Kenneth Heng Svend Mejdal Michael Halebian & Co. Inc. Jonathan Mintzer Brian Stokes Mitchell & Allyson Tucker in honor of Tom Viola Ruth Neale Judith A. Nelson** in memory of Wayne McCarthy Nora Roberts Foundation Rob O’Neill & Shawn Anderson David Oviedo in memory of Warren Anthony Perkins Michael Paleos Theresa & Pete Piliero Randall Pinder & Paul Pearson Brad Plunkett Dr. Amit Rakhit & Mr. Brad Senatore Richard E. Rauh Jonathan Rebell & Noah Levine Monica & Greg Reid Stephen Kroll Reidy* Richard F. Walsh/Alfred W. Di Tolla/ Harold P. Spivak Foundation Warren D. Riffle & Kurt A. Fleagle David Romero & David Greiss Amy Rosenthal Meryl Rosofsky & Stuart H. Coleman* Phil & Dawn Rudolph Bill and Deb Ryan Steven Schnepp & Mark Basile in memory of Paul Penfield & John Heppenstall Adam Schwab Will Schwalbe & David Cheng Elliott R. Sernel Joseph Short In memory of Michael Smith Stainmaster in memory of Will Macadam Timothy Stevens & David Czekaj* Katherine Sulenski Matthew D. Tumminello & Dominick J. Marangi Robert Tyrer

Michael Valenti, Corey Zucker and Pip Joyce Van Patten Tom Viola Carol Waaser Cory Scott Whittier in memory of David Rupert Hewes Jayne A. Williams Terrence J. Witter & Artie de la Cruz Jeff Woodman in memory of Melvin Bernhardt Anonymous (3)

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Mama, I’m a big ornament now!


LEGENDS Bedazzled in colorful stripes and glitter, Harvey Fierstein’s Tony Award-winning Edna Turnblad from Hairspray becomes the 11th ornament in our Broadway Legends series. She’s glamorously transformed and welcomed to the ‘60s by designer Glen Hanson with the Christopher Radko Company.


Now in its 20th glittering year SG723






Red Bucket Follies 2018 program  

Equality, inclusion and joy permeated the performances at this year’s poignant and record-breaking Red Bucket Follies. The show celebrated s...

Red Bucket Follies 2018 program  

Equality, inclusion and joy permeated the performances at this year’s poignant and record-breaking Red Bucket Follies. The show celebrated s...