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Q4 22 London Property & Lifestyle Magazine Powerful forces are at work pulling the... T. 01935 700 306 E. Style meets substance in our breathtaking range of colours and finishes, our durable design and our commitment to sustainability. Lazenby’s polished concrete is more than just a floor, it’s a foundation for life. It’s with you. Every step of the way. MORE THAN JUST A PRETTY BASE

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Sell smart – pick your time and price carefully. Pricing your property is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in the selling process.

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Should you buy now or wait? As any prospective buyer would know, this is not an easy answer... Brikolage Pretty Little Things Interior Design


29 Home Tech

The end of the summer signals that it’s time to invest in back-to-school and university tech.

at work acting upon the property market, where do we see it headed and is it possible to predict the outcome on the market as we head towards 2023 and beyond?

going through a period of flux. A combination of the rising cost of living, the conflict in Ukraine and subsequent energy crisis, and the pandemic have put a huge amount of pressure on the rental market.

Whether you're a cat lover or budding photographer, view the best 2022 coffee table books that rival our own!


What's your curb personality? Tracey Andrews Interiors discusses what the exterior of your home tells outside world.

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JAMES MUNCASTER Chagnon Financial

Josh Woodfin is a writer and editor with nearly 10 years' experience including credits with the Guardian, House, Esquire, and numerous other high-profile magazines and websites. His interests include antique maps, cooking with fish, and post-apocalyptic thrillers. He once beat Usain Bolt in a race... with an 80-metre head start.

WILL DODD Brik Graphic Designer

JAMES SIMS Brik Director

As one of Brik’s co-founders, today Ben is largely responsible for Brik’s clean, designer look and spends most of his time thinking up new ways to improve our service and make the property we advertise, along with Brik itself, stand out from the crowd.

Will is an illustrative and editorial based Graphic Designer, recently graduating from the University of the West of England. With over 5 years' experience, Will is an invaluable member of the Brik team when it comes to making your property look its best.

James is a well-known and experienced Fulham agent, having worked in the area for over a decade. Always preferring the phone to email, he is an excellent communicator and natural salesman. His thorough knowledge of the area and friendly approach ensure he receives great feedback from both clients and buyers alike.

Tracey is an accomplished interior designer whose signature style is eclectic and colourful. Not influenced by passing trends, she loves working closely with clients to find their individual styles, producing unique bespoke designs. During her downtime, Tracey enjoys photography and seeking the best restaurants in London!

James is the Senior Director for Chagnon Financial. Having been in the industry for 20 years, with 12 of those with Capricorn, James has met a wide range of client types and come up with solutions for a vast array of circumstances.

TRACEY ANDREWS Tracey Andrews Interiors

JOSH WOODFIN Property Journalist




AACR PANY 40 Tonnes of CO Offset Each Year!


3JE 020 7323 1248



Ligne Roset Westend Mortimer Street, London W1T

Prado. Christian Werner Made in France

August began with news from the Bank of England raising interest rates by 0.5 percentage points to 1.75%, with the possibility of a further point rise to 2.25% in September floated by some economists. This is to tackle runaway inflation which is the result of unforeseen factors like the pandemic, the war in Ukraine

affected. UK Finance says about 21% of households are on a variable rate – either a tracker, or a standard variable rate. Those on fixed rate mortgages due to end this year or in 2023 will also be concerned about the potential increases.

Annual UK house price increasedgrowthslightly in July to 11.0%, from 10.7% in June.

The continued increase in interest rates will affect the housing market, and will most likely appear in the form of a slowdown in growth. Mortgages will be heavily

and the ongoing energy crisis. This is the biggest increase in 27 years and will increase pressure on households already struggling with the cost of living. The Bank of England also announced in August that the UK is expected to fall into recession in the final three months of this year.

Market Comment

What’s going to happen with house prices?

hether you’re looking to upgrade, ready to sell, or just daydreaming, it’s important to keep an eye on the market so you’re in a strong position when you make your next move. With so many factors influencing the market at the moment, we thought it would be useful to break things down, and try to predict what the future holds for house prices in London and the surrounding area.

An analysis by L&C Mortgages, reported in The Guardian in August, found the average lowest two and five-year fixed rates were 3.46% and 3.5% respectively. This is up from 1.34% and 1.55% in January. In August, buyer demand in the housing market remained strong at 50% above the five-year average, and annual UK house price growth increased slightly in July to 11.0%, from 10.7% in June. Whether the state of the economy will put the brakes on the housing market remains to be seen, but it will undoubtedly have an effect.


WORDS JOSH WOODFIN Property Journalist


August began with news from the Bank of England raising interest rates by 0.5 percentage points to 1.75%, with the possibility of a further point rise to 2.25% in September floated by some economists. LEADERSHIPNEW


Rising interest rates are playing havoc with the mortgage market. The full force of the problem is yet to be realised when people start moving off fixed rates and enter the new and more expensive mortgage landscape. Buyers securing new lending will have less appetite for high prices and the repayments it requires.



Increasing inflation and energy prices means many buyers (coupled with rising borrowing rates) will have little interest in paying top prices. On the flip side, older sellers who are capital rich and cash poor living in large properties may look to downsize sooner to reduce home running costs as well as help out struggling children further down the ladder.

With Liz Truss now installed in Downing Street time will tell how her low tax policies will effect the economy in the medium term.

The war in Ukraine is responsible for driving up energy prices and also has had a destabilising effect on the world economy by driving up food prices.

While many experts predict a slowdown in the housing market, it could be more akin to a stabilisation, with the soaring increases of the last few years reaching something of an equilibrium. Richard Donnell, executive director of research at Zoopla, said in the company's latest index: “The ongoing impact of the pandemic continues to support a desire to move among home buyers. This is a big reason why the market is not slowing as fast as some might expect and demand remains for sensibly-priced homes, especially in more affordable areas.”

of the Financial Markets Standards Board, told the BBC that although the change would make it “slightly easier” for some borrowers to get

The widespread effects of the cost of living crisis have yet to be realised to their fullest extent, but is already being felt by many across the UK. In stark contrast, however, in August Nationwide reported an increase in house prices in its July Index. Robert Gardner, Nationwide's Chief Economist, said: “July saw a modest increase in the rate of annual house price growth. Prices rose by 0.1% monthon-month, after taking account of seasonal effects – the twelfth successive monthly increase. The housing market has retained a surprising degree of momentum given the mounting pressures on household budgets from high inflation, which has already driven consumer confidence to all-time lows. While there are tentative signs of a slowdown in activity, with a dip in the number of mortgage approvals for house purchases in June, this has yet to feed through to price growth.”

with inflation set to reach double digits towards the end of the year. Moreover, the Bank of England is widely expected to raise interest rates further, which will also exert a cooling impact on the market if this feeds through to mortgage


a mortgage, he did not think it would have a significant impact. He states that “the biggest constraint on new mortgages is the ability of borrowers to afford a deposit.”

some months

With inflation set to hit double digits by the end of the year, priorities will shift as people scrutinise their budgets. Donnell continues -“the housing market is not immune from higher mortgage rates which we are starting to see increase quickly. Buyer interest is expected to slow over the coming months as people tighten their belts and spend with more caution which will see price growth weaken further.”

We continue to expect the market to slow as pressure on household budgets intensifies in the coming quarters, with inflation set to reach double digits towards the end of the year.

The Bank of England is widely expected to raise interest rates further, which will also exert a cooling impact on the market if this feeds through to mortgage rates.

July saw a modest increase in the rate of annual house price growth. Prices rose by 0.1% month-onmonth, after taking account of seasonal effects - the twelfth successive monthly increase.

The limited stock in the market will also be putting pressure on prices. Gardner continues in the Nationwide Index: “we continue to expect the market to slow as pressure on household budgets intensifies in the coming quarters,


ago, on August 1st the Bank of England scrapped the mortgage affordability tests that were first introduced in 2014 as one way to avoid the errors which contributed to the 2008 financial crisis. The Guardian reported in August that the financial policy committee of the central bank said it was scrapping the rule. They report the reasoning for this was that forcing borrowers to stay within a limit of 4.5 times earnings when they apply for a loan was enough of a safeguard. Removing the test may help some potential borrowers get loans, such as the self-employed or freelance workers. But other rules, such as strict loan-to-income limits, will not help most people to get a Markmortgage.Yallop,chairman

On the cover

Gradient Sustainable Architecture

15th September - 25th June 2023

Dive into the colourful world of London-based artist/designer Yinka Ilori through installations, patterns and graphics at Kensington's Design Museum. This display will bring to the museum his distinctive aesthetic, inspired by the African fabrics of his childhood and capturing the colourful geometric patterns that feature in Nigerian design, with a nod to British postmodernism.


Yinka Ilori E Brikolaxhibitiong


Not a year seems to go by these days without some sort of major turbulence. The past 9 months in particular have been a rollercoaster. From a new Prime Minister, to the cost of living crisis, war in Ukraine, record-breaking heatwaves, inflation and the everlooming threat of a recession as well as the sad news of the death of the Queen. The cover of this issue serves to showcase some of these issues that effect the property market. Illustration by Will Dodd. @willdodd_art

New York City

Local Studio Gradient Architecture has used a planning rule from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy to help revitalise an unused lot in New York City's Red Hook neighbourhood, which was severely affected by the 2012 storm. This white brick house in Brooklyn is located on a compact lot that could not accommodate a single-family home according to the standard zoning rules applied in the area. After discovering they could develop a property to match the previous building's footprint, this charming three bedroom family home came to life. What Gradient have rebuilt, is a template for sustainable living in any city.

Photography by David Heald

Comic Artwork

Nope Film

Image attribute: Universal Pictures Image attribute:

CAKE Makka


Formally this is perhaps Peele’s most accomplished work to date,

Makka Range is a lightweight yet robust electric moped, designed to hit both city streets and outback adventures, while doubling as a smart configuration platform for your everyday mobile needs. The Makka Range is the long-range option of the series, delivering top speeds of 25 km/h. Perfect for easy and convenient commuting. The combination of a strong battery and feather light weight earns the Makka a unique power-to-weight ratio.

synthesises Peele’s love for genre filmmaking. Cinematographer Hoyte Van Hoytema (who works regularly with Christopher Nolan) is instrumental in building tension and creating the slick visuals that awe and unsettle simultaneously.

walking the tightrope between high production and innovative storytelling where in recent years it often feels like one has to be sacrificed for the other. Nope is currently available to watch on the silver screen at the Fulham Road Picturehouse, and Vue Cinema.

In Jordan Peele’s latest masterpiece, we meet OJ and Emerald Haywood, a brother and sister duo played respectively by Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer, as they take on the family business. What follows is a formally tight and visually expansive sci-fi epic that interrogates Hollywood’s ills and


Photography by Ståle Eriksen




he aspiration for this mid-19th century Victorian terraced house within a conservation area was to develop a strategy and a programme of restoration, unifying its lower ground floor by incorporating an existing glass conservatory and confined low ceiling kitchen space into open liveable spaces connected to the once forgotten courtyard space at the rear. The family, that have lived there since the 1970s, now with grown children, decided to carry out the works in order to

accommodate their changing needs. The new rear wall has one large opening to allow the utmost light into the space and to enhance the conversation with the intimate garden. Its materiality, red porphyry stone and custom-made iroko sliding timber frames, was considered with attention and careful evaluation to its context, envisioned to be sympathetic with the historic fabric yet durable. A hinged ventilation panel adjacent to the kitchen, allows for quick intake of fresh air during cooking.


reduced, while the demand has risen. The Evening Standard reported in July that in March, the number of available rental properties was 25% below prepandemic levels, and the number of available rental properties in areas including Lambeth, Hackney and Camden had more than halved since last year.

This has meant that many of the remaining landlords have put up rental prices. Data has shown private rents across the UK rose in the 12 months to June 2022, at the fastest rate since January 2016. While some may benefit, it

WORDS JOSH WOODFIN Property Journalist


Why is there less rental property on the market?

In March, the number of available rental properties was 25% below pre-pandemic levels, and the number of available rental properties in areas sincemoreandLambeth,includingHackneyCamdenhadthanhalvedlastyear.


London is the epicentre of the problem. As people returned to the city after leaving during the height of the lockdown, they came back to a hugely competitive market. Many landlords sold up – some through necessity, others because they considered the business no longer viable. Others made a move to capitalise on the ‘race for space’ by selling their rental properties, or they moved to the now lucrative holiday let market. This all means the stock has been drastically

The pattern is the same across the

Landlord's Guide

UK, with The Telegraph reporting that between 2016/17 and 2020/21, the number of privately renting households in England fell by more than 250,000.

The latest report from LonRes describes the market as the exact opposite of deep lockdown - “a complete reversal in the state of the prime London rental market from last year. In 2021 landlords struggled to let their properties which led to rents falling, the average time to let rising, and growing discounts on asking prices. This year, the opposite is true. The lack of properties available to let means tenants are struggling to find a home and rents are rising rapidly as a result – 28% higher in June than last year and 14% higher than the 2017-19 average.”

ike all aspects of the property market, the private rental sector is going through a period of flux. A combination of the rising cost of living, the conflict in Ukraine and subsequent energy crisis, and the pandemic have put a huge amount of pressure on the rental market.

The increased restrictions on buyto-let properties and mortgages,

%RateBank *All Bank Rate data has been sourced from +14% +25% +28% In March, the number of available rental properties was 25% below pre-pandemic levels Rents are 28% higher in June 2022 than 2021 Rents are 14% higher than the 2017-19 average


Rising interest rates have made traditional rental yields of around 3-4% in London look much less appealing. With new regulations private Landlords are having a tough time. Instead they are looking for easier and much less time intensive returns elsewhere.

LANDLORD'S GUIDE Rents are 28% higher in June than last year and 14% higher than the 2017-19 average. 2013 0.5% 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 0.25% 0.5% 0.75% 0.1% 1.75% Bank

will have a knock-on effect for the whole housing market.

rising interest rates, and inflation, have all contributed to a drop in applications for buy-to-let mortgages. This will have a myriad of effects on the market. A healthy rental market with fair prices for tenants and responsible landlords means that aspiring homeowners have more of an opportunity to save up for a deposit. Policies such as scaling back mortgage interest relief and the removal of the stamp

Demand is outstripping supply as Landlords sell off their properties to realise capital gain and better yields elsewhere. This is leading to unprecedented rental increases which is only likley to get worse as more first time buyers are forced to rent for longer as mortgage rates become less affordable.

duty levy measures have also put pressure on the market. Combined with large numbers of people coming back to the city, landlords who are concerned about future tax implications and costs choosing to sell, while other landlords increasing rent - this has made a perfect storm. Rate 2013 - Present Rents

o many, Summer 2022 has felt like a dream. Swelteringly hot days followed by balmy nights - a climate one could revel in forever. Personally, long and hot days have offered me an opportunity to address home renovations outside of the property, rather than the

inside. This made me think about how important it is to have a beautiful exterior to your home, as well as interior.

Psychology of Your Home

Windows are an excellent place to start. Eyes are the windows of the soul, and windows are the eyes into the soul of your house. Homeowners who keep well-maintained woodwork or aluminium frames, and pay attention to window dressings, show conscientiousness,fastidiousness,andpride.

and lifestyle. Take a look at the psychology behind the face of your home and discover what it reveals about you.

What's your curb personality?

We all love to decorate our homes in a particular style, or aspire to the latest trend or movement. Popular ideas include dividing our spaces with Crittal steel frames, bi-folds for an infinity view, or maybe the provision of something more dramatic, like an outside kitchen station. Whatever we choose, every design decision reveals a lot about our personality



WORDS TRACEY ANDREWS Tracey InteriorsAndrews


The interpretation of green depends on the intensity of the shade. Take 'Ral 6002', or 'Engineers Green', is thought to be active, alert, and sincere. 'Vert de Terre', or 'Lichen', is a popular choice from Farrow & Ball. It is thought to convey nature, and be calming and restful. Green always has connotations of health and wellbeing. Whether in the country or the town, the personalities behind this colour are presumed to be orderly, peaceful, and biophilic.

Purple doors allude to creative, charismatic, playful and openminded residents. Purple holds mixed values of warmth and coolness, energy and calm. It is bold and unexpected.



Pink doors suggest the owners are outgoing and mischievous, carefree and young at heart. It alludes to boundless creativity and warm hosting.

Brown doors are seen as stable, reliable and traditional. People who paint their doors brown are often seen as down-to-earth and private, and helpful.




Yellow is fun-loving, breezy and bright. Homeowners with yellow doors are seen to be sociable, welcoming and happy hosts. Yellow doors are quite often found in coastal areas and promenades.

Black and grey doors evoke a sense of sincerity and formality. Though they may sound austere, they can communicate that the homeowner is constitutional and diplomatic. Black doors in particular look striking in both gloss and matte paint.

Cream doors are associated with purity, simplicity and peace. Owners are seen to be contented and unpretentious (though this may be the most highmaintenance hue!).

Orange is a truly unique door colour. It suggests the person who chose it is quirky, daring, and sociable. If you want to open a conversation, then paint your door orange.


Red is fiery, bloody, raises pulse rates and is associated with passion. People with red doors are thought to be driven, confident, extroverted and energetic.

56% of experts surveyed that black will be the most popular front door color choice in 2022, with blue and green also favoured, according to the 2022 colour trends report.




For example, who would have thought that the colour of your front door could reveal your personality? With some lighthearted analysis, research by Dulux Weathershield has shown that an assumption is made in less than 10 seconds after seeing the colour of their front door.

If windows start to express an owner's personality, doors are the portals of the house through which guests are invited inside. Just as your hallway is the introduction to the feel of the rest of the house, the doors that guests walk through speaks volumes too.

Navy blue denotes formality and

intelligence. It is thought to be restful but not too comfortable. It is classic, particularly paired with a shining door knocker.



Baby blue, on the other hand, is associated with the youth and innocence. It denotes tenderness, sensitivity and kindness. It may be perfect for a young first-time buyer.

Make sure you check how your dressings look from the outside!


So, what would you like the exterior of your home to say about you? The summer may be over, and your focus might be turning inwards during the winter months. But hopefully this article will give you something to mull over, and plan for when the days get longer again. After all, home is where the heart is, and the outside of your home invites people into your heart!

also worth looking at your roof. Is it watertight and pristine, with secure slate and tiles? Maintaining your roof shows to guests that you aim to look after your abode for a long time, and are invested in keeping it in good Next,condition.consider

flamboyant exterior better than those in cold climates. Overall, tidy and masonrywell-maintainedsaystoanyvisitors that you care about your home, and that the interior will be gorgeous


While the exterior of your home may speak volumes about your personality, it also serves a very important function: it helps you sell! Does your house have curb Lookappeal?at the colour of your masonry. Is it bright and clean? Would it look inviting in a different colour, if your local authority permits it? It is noted that homes in sunnier climates withstand a more colourful,

Image attribute: Tracey Andrews Interiors

Windows are an excellent place to start. Eyes are the windows of the soul, and windows are the eyes into the soul of your house.

any pathways you have. Are they clear and clean, with the weeds uprooted? Have you thought about removing other's litter, too? Taking action to this extent shows you take exceptional care of your home. Any guest, or prospective buyer, will be thoroughly impressed by the care you take.

- Ms E.E.

Brik has been doing a great job in managing our property for us. They always respond very quickly and efficiently to emails and work on our property.

Responsive & Reliable ManagementProperty

4.8 (229)

One point of contact throughout | Direct contact with your property manager until 9pm Monday-Friday | Deal directly with your tenants Arrange all relevant safety certificates | Excellent relationships with contractors | Regular property visits | Vacant management and secure key holding | 24 hour emergency out of hours maintenance company

What our 5-star service can do for you:


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Double Bed £1,459 | 1289 11 1011 Menu Dining Sofa Bench £2,626 | Harisha Table Lamp £360 | Haze Sideboard - Cashmere £1,695 | HAY Parade Table Lamp £175 | Howdy Paw-tner Puzzle £42 | Fellow Stagg Electric Kettle £145 | 12 9 7 10 7 8

through the usual summer lull.

With interest rates set to increase again, and further energy price rises expected in October, many buyers will be reassessing their situations, and may choose to bide their time. House prices continue to increase due to residual effects from the pandemic, like the stamp duty holiday and the continued

Buyer's Guide

But that doesn’t answer the

from Nationwide in July stated that the housing market continued to grow, as house prices rose by 0.1% over the month. This marked the twelfth successive monthly increase in house prices this year. That puts the rate of annual house price growth at 11%, up from 10.7% in June, which has kept annual price growth in double digits for a ninth straight month. Zoopla said in its July housing index that it had readjusted its outlook, and the UK is on track for 1.3 million sales in 2022, with a house price growth of 5%. This highlights the continued interest from committed buyers, even


But that’s not the end of the story. Zoopla expects the rate of growth to slow over the second half of the year, but not as fast as some may expect. Richard Donnell, executive director of research at Zoopla, reports that “the ongoing impact of the pandemic continues to support a desire to move among home

Josh Woodfin Property Journalist

Should you buy now or wait?

The only sure fire piece of advice, regardless of your spot on the ladder, is to do your own research, and arm yourself with the facts, however fast they might change. Understand your market: where do you want to buy; What do you want to buy? Do you have a deposit ready? Do you have a mortgage in principal? Only when you’ve explored all avenues, and made yourself as ready as you can ever be, should you even consider pulling the trigger and making an offer, or putting your existing house on the market.

question posed at the start of this article. So, let's zoom out and see if we can offer some information about the current state of the

s any prospective buyer will know, this is not an easy question to answer. Personal factors are as important as market factors when it comes to making a decision as big as this. First-time buyers are in a different spot to those looking to downsize from a large family home and perhaps make a move to the coast or countryside.



Zoopla said in its July housing index that it had readjusted its outlook, and the UK is on track for 1.3 million sales in 2022, with a house price growth of 5%


big reason why the market is not slowing as fast as some might expect and demand remains for sensibly-priced homes, especially in more affordable areas. Donnell also states that “the housing market is not immune from higher mortgage rates which we are starting to see increase quickly. Buyer interest is expected to slow over the coming months as people tighten their belts and spend with more caution which will see price growth weaken further."

race for space. There have also been changes to mortgages in August, with the scrapping of the affordability test, which could open the door for some first time buyers and freelancers. The pandemic, specifically the stamp duty holiday and race to buy before the deadline, also led to housing stock reaching massive lows. But that too looks to be correcting,

us full circle back to the initial question - should you buy now or wait? In short, if you have everything in place, or

you need to move for a specific reason, you should consider going for it. House prices may fall, but it’s unlikely there will be a crash that would lead to a hypothetical bargain. Conversely, if you’re in no rush, then waiting is a good option too. You can hold out for either for price you’re comfortable with, or that perfect home you’ve dreaming of. VS Outside of London


albeit slowly. In June, Rightmove said the number of enquiries from potential sellers has reached its highest level since January, potentially indicating an increase in Whichstock.takes

Harwood Road £750,000 | £1,138 / sq ft 2 Beds | 2 Bathrooms 659 sq ft | 61 sq m Ground floor garden flat £700,000 | £361 / sq ft 4 Beds | 2 Bathrooms 1,939 sq ft | 180 sq m Detached house £995,000 | £1,203 / sq ft 2 Beds | 2 Bathrooms 827 sq ft | 77 sq m Mews house £900,000 | £334 / sq ft 4 Beds | 3 Bathrooms 2,694 sq ft | 250 sq m Detached house £1,450,000 | £771 / sq ft 4 Beds | 3 Bathrooms 1,880 sq ft | 175 sq m Terraced house £1,500,000 | £622 / sq ft 4 Beds | 3 Bathrooms 2,413 sq ft | 224 sq m Detached house £3,400,000 | £1,088 / sq ft 6 Beds | 5 Bathrooms 3,124 sq ft | 291 sq m Terraced house £3,400,000 | £630 / sq ft 8 Beds | 7 Bathrooms 5,401 sq ft | 501 sq m Terraced house *All properties outside of London were sourced from What does the same Fulham budget get you outside of London? Swan ClonmelFabianMewsRoadRoad Bournemouth, BH8 York, Oxford,Devon,YO30TQ7OX1

Template and fit of bespoke stone solutions

Featured Bathroom: Calcatta Oro slab 20mm Tel: 020 8871 1191 | www.marble-city

Since last year the SWAP rate for 2-year fixed rates have risen dramatically – from 0.27% to 2.80% (11th Aug 2022). The same is true for longer term rates, with 5-year rates moving from 0.46% to 2.50%.

As the summer comes to an end, the mortgage market has continued at a busy pace, despite the increase of Fixed Rate Mortgages across all levels and periods.

For those clients that have been looking to buy, this change of cost can come as a surprise. It could mean a re-assessment of their buying power. Clients hoping to re-mortgage will also be finding the price change startling. It is advised that you look at any mortgage agreements closely, and give yourself enough time to do so

on their monthly payments, with a strategy to pay down the mortgage in stages (using the 10% allowance).

If you’re thinking about moving, or paying down your mortgage before 5 years, there are some things to keep in mind. You normally have a 10% overpayment allowance, but if this is not enough, some lenders will allow you to split the loan and have part on one lending rate and part on another. You can also “port” the mortgage to a new property (i.e. take it with you), but the bank will assess your ability to take the loan over based on income/ expenditure rules at the time.

ince last year the SWAP rate for 2-year fixed rates have risen dramatically – from 0.27% to 2.80% (11th Aug 2022). The same is true for longer term rates, with 5-year rates moving from 0.46% to 2.50%. Alongside wider increases in the cost of living and Base Rate rises by the Bank of England, this fast increase has meant that borrowing is now more expensive.

If you are self-employed, you may be worried that the state of the market will mean you won’t be able to secure a loan. It is possible. The issue that banks encountered during the pandemic was the sustainability of income had decreased. As we move forward from the initial shock of lockdown, and as clients’ accounts are showing a “post pandemic” picture, some lenders are starting to look at that year in isolation. This is good news for self-employed borrowers who had to ride out the uncertainty during the pandemic.


WORDS JAMES MUNCASTER Chagnon Financial’rehoping to get a mortgage, there are lots of factors to think about, particularly while the market is unpredictable. For example, you may be weighing up a long term versus short term fixed rate. Whether you go for a 2-year or 5-year fixed rate, it always been based on both price and circumstance. But it may be worth bearing in mind that, unusually, at the moment the 5-year fixed rate costs less.


You may be considering whether an interest-only mortgage is option. This will be based on your income and deposit/equity level. You will need a strategy to pay back an interest-only mortgage but, but it can be useful for clients who get some income through bonuses or commissions, or have other investments and savings. For some, interest-only can make for a good cash flow and allows them room

Ultimately, the best advice is that no buyer is the same as another, so make use of a Mortgage Broker and get the right advice.

It may feel harder to get a mortgage now, but the fundamentals of borrowing have not changed. However, banks do have to take into account the increase in interest rates and the overall cost of living. This means that “like for like”, you may find it harder to borrow. In light of this, some banks have increased their Income Multiples, and others have looked to increase how much variable income they can take into account (e.g. going from taking 50% of a bonus to 60%). The key, as always, is to make sure you have your paperwork ready to go, and you can provide the right evidence to secure your loan.


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The Lobster Screenplay

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For this new edition of the 2022 Contemporary Living Yearbook, the focus, as last year, is on top quality interiors, traditional craftsmanship and understated class.

Chanel Collections

Eat, Drink, Nap

£30 |

Cabin Fever

FARE #11: Lisbon

Collections and Creations explores five central themes – the suit, the camellia, jewelry, fragrances and make-up, and the little black dress – and follows the threads from past to CATSpresent. £40 |

Featuring 30 inspiring gardens, people and places around the globe, The Kinfolk Garden offers an easy approach to bringing nature into your life.

Coffee Table Curation


£30 |

An epic visual history of Architectural Digest, published for the magazine's 100th anniversary. The editors have culled years of rich material covering a range of subjects.

Packed with interior design tips, recipes and more, the highly illustrated Eat, Drink, Nap shares the Soho House blueprint for stylish, modern living, the Soho House way.

AD: A Century of Style

£60 |

£14 |

Inspired by the unique vision of director Wes Anderson’s films, this book travels to every continent to tell the extraordinary stories behind more than two hundred stunning locations.



WORDS JOSH WOODFIN Property Journalist

Another brilliant space saver, this little e-reader might spell the end for bulging bookshelves. And it fits neatly into just about anything, so it’s perfect for commutes and school runs. The 300dpi display reduces glare and keeps reading comfortable, as does the ‘warm light’ setting. It’s waterproof, works with Audible and Bluetooth, and it's got up to 32g of storage.


The end of the summer signals that it’s time to invest in back-to-school and university tech. And there might even be a few things that find a spot in your home office too.

Home Tech

iPad Air

Kindle Oasis

Apple’s latest update to the iPad doesn’t disappoint. It’s a powerful, fast machine: supercharged by the Apple M1 chip, with a 12mp camera, 5G and compatibility with the Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard. The 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display features advanced technologies like True Tone, P3 wide colour and an anti reflective coating.



This Samsung monitor is perfect for students of all ages, with an immersive screen that’s easy to connect to. It is even compatible with Apple AirPlay. If you’ve got limited space on the desk or in your dorm room, it doubles as a TV, with app compatibility with Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime and Disney+.

A good option for younger learners, this smart speaker is beautifully designed and comes in a range of fun finishes . Kids can ask Alexa questions, set alarms, play music, call people from an approved call list and get help with their homework. For parents’ peace of mind, it’s got plenty of security features, like setting daily time limits, filtering explicit songs and the option to review activity in the Amazon Parent Dashboard. It also comes with one year’s subscription to Amazon Kids+.

Jall Wake-up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock

Samsung 27-Inch Class Monitor M5 Series

Echo Dot (4th Gen) Kids

A smart and stylish way to ease yourself into the school, university or working day. Instead of harsh buzzers or phone ring tones, this alarm clock gradually illuminates the bedroom from 10 to 100% brightness over 10, 20 or 30 minutes. If you prefer rising to music, you can wake up to have the radio, or ambient sounds like crashing ocean waves or jungle wildlife. It serves as a stylish bedside lamp, too.

Beautifully Crafted Interiors 01992 Hey Tracey... I just read your Interior Design article on page 9...

Sell smart – pick your time and price carefully

be smart in how you price your property. The initial temptation might be to overvalue your property. Instead, look at similar properties on the market at the same time as yours, speak to multiple agents and get an average. This is especially true if the market takes a downturn. If it’s still growing, you can think about edging your price up as the market would theoretically follow. But that’s a long game, and won’t work if you’re looking for a quicker sale. As always, the key is to gather as much information as possible so you can make an informed decision.



Spring, for example, is traditionally a good time of year to sell a property. Winter is over, Summer is still to come, so it's often a time when a lot of movement happens in the market, with more stock, but also more buyers. Data from Rightmove (February 2022) revealed that March is the strongest month of the year for prospective sellers to come to market. March has had the highest number of buyer enquiries per property for sale on average over the last five years (excluding early 2020 when the pandemic shut the market). April is the next strongest month to sell, based on competition between buyers for each available property, followed by May. Summer, particularly August, is traditionally a quiet time of the year. School and family holidays typically take precedence over major life decisions. Autumn is the next busiest time following Spring. Summer is behind us, and the festive season is still a time away. With the attractive possibility of completing before then, many sales tend to move quickly throughout September,

WORDS JOSH WOODFIN Property Journalist

Despite the tumultuous economic climate, the housing market still

maintains some of its traditional rhythms and cycles, albeit at a slightly different frequency to more settled years.

ricing your property is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in the selling process. Your instinct may be to ask for the highest price for your property, but you're also likely to know that you have to price your property to sell. It’s a lot easier to judge this balance when the housing market is chugging along at a steady pace, with clear signposting and examples for how much you should put your home on the market for. But, the guidelines around this are less clear while the property market is turbulent – as it is now. Property prices are still going up (albeit at a slower pace) but so is inflation, interest rates and the cost of living. There are extraordinary factors putting pressure on the market, and it looks like they will continue to do so for some time. This means that thinking about when you sell your property is as important as how much you would like to sell it for.

October and even early November, before slowing right down for the festive period. Typically, enquiries start up again in January, so if you have outside space, get yourself some winter flowering plants so the garden has a bit of life for prospective buyers. It’s unlikely a recession or the cost of living crisis would transform this cycle, but it will change it. First time buyers may struggle to get mortgages, and those looking to upgrade might be hunkering down for an extra 12 months. But there will be movement. It’s important to pay attention to the market and act

Seller's Guide

Anatomy of a sale

The seller chooses to market the property at £1.575m after instructing the agent who valued it at £1.6m.

The seller believes the property to be worth above the actual value. Somewhere between £1.55m and £1.7m. This is because estate agents are over-valuing the property in order to win the instruction.


A sale is agreed with the 4th offer that comes in from a new set of buyers at £1.475m. £25k below the earlier highest offer from buyers who have now moved on. £ £


Agent 3 Value £1,500,000


4 Offers come in below the asking price and are rejected. Meanwhile the true market value of the property is actually falling as the market is softening.

Actual Market Value


Actual Market Value £1,500,000

The sellers are keen to sell so reduce the price of the property, following the market down.

6 Months After £1,450,000 Offer 1 £1,450,000

Agent 2 Value £1,600,000

Selling Price £1,475,000


Pricing Strategy

Launch Asking Price £1,575,000

Offer 4 £1,475,000

Offer 3 £1,500,000

Agent 1 Value £1,750,000

How having the wrong expectations on value and setting the wrong asking price can cost you on your sale. This example on selling a £1.5 million home. £1,500,000£1,800,000£1,400,000£1,475,000

Offer 2 £1,475,000 1


Sellers Price Expectations £1,550,000 to £1,700,000

Three estate agents are asked to value a property. Let's assume the actual market value of the property at the time is £1.5m.



Asking Price Reduced £1,500,000



Professionals Plumbing expertise when you need it most. From boiler servicing to leaking pipes, blocked drains, plumbing installation and repairs, we’ve got it covered. 07518 681 SHOWCASE

RG BUILD LTD Full house refurbishment, including loft and ground floor extensions. Parquet flooring and brass fittings throughout with clever use of internal window and door partitions and ceiling height combinations to create an amazing living space and beautiful family home in the heart of South West London. Refurbishment | Loft & Ground Floor Extensions | Bespoke Fittings Milton Road, SW14

An outstanding, Victorian six bedroom family home, finished to the highest specification and located in a prime spot. Arranged over four floors and extending to 3,124 sq ft (290 sq m), this house offers plenty of well-balanced reception and bedroom space.

Clonmel Road, SW6

Clonmel Road is one of the best located streets in Fulham, close to the highly desirable Parsons Green with its relaxed residential feel and the many outstanding local restaurants, bars and shops on Fulham Road just to the south making it an ideal spot.

The ground floor has a large double reception room, separate WC and an extended bespoke Roundhouse kitchen and breakfast room with integrated Gaggenau appliances. Bi-folding doors lead out from the kitchen onto an 18 ft south-west-facing rear garden, which also benefits from having a remote awning.

Clonmel Road, SW6

FOR£3,400,000SALE6 HOUSEBed SQ3,124FT


Burnfoot Avenue, SW6

A unique and wider than average five bedroom Victorian family home located in the heart of Parsons Green. This outstanding fully extended Victorian family home is just over 2,600 sq ft, arranged over four floors and offering excellent reception and entertaining space. The ground floor comprises a large double reception room, separate WC and an extended kitchen and breakfast room with bifolding doors, leading out onto a south-facing rear garden.

Under Offer SEPTEMBER 2022 3 MAISONETTEBed SQ1,933FT

A truly outstanding newly built three bedroom maisonette located in a quiet mews in Parsons Green. On the raised ground floor this unique property offers a superb open-plan kitchen and living room with bespoke spray-finished joinery, a large island with Corian top, a feature wall hand-finished in Venetian plaster, Havwoods oak flooring. Located between Rostrevor Road and Chesilton Road in one of Fulham's most desirable areas.

Lightyard House, SW6

An extended, four bedroom Victorian family home, in an excellent location, and only a short walk from Parsons Green. This well proportioned freehold house, extends to just under 1,800 sq ft and is arranged over three floors. This superb family home comprises a large double reception room and an extended kitchen and breakfast room on the ground floor, with doors from the kitchen leading out onto a pretty patio garden.*

4 SQ1,778HOUSEBedFT *Images incorporate virtual staging for furnishings FOR£1,795,000SALE

Bishops Road, SW6

Experience from a team that you can trust. DEVELOPMENT | REFURBISHMENT | DESIGN RG Build Construction | 07737 104 151

5 SQ1,635HOUSEBedFTRosaville Road, SW6 FOR£1,750,000SALE

A superb five bedroom Victorian terraced house on Rosaville Road, a short walk from Parsons Green. The house is set over three floors and offer 1,635 Sq ft (152 sq m) of living space. On the ground floor is a double reception room with hardwood floors and gas fireplace, a modern kitchen with an island and space for dining and sliding doors onto the private south-facing patio garden. On the first floor is the bright master bedroom with fitted cupboards, two bedrooms with fitted cupboards, and a family bathroom.

5 SQ2,160HOUSEBedFTMunster Road, SW6 FOR£1,750,000SALE

A substantial five bedroom Victorian family house, located in a popular location, close to Fulham Road and Parsons Green. The ground floor comprises a double reception room, a kitchen and breakfast room and a conservatory with access out onto a private rear garden. In addition, there is a separate cloakroom and a cellar which is a useful storage area. There is also further potential to add a significant extension, which would include building into the side return, and potentially a basement, subject to the usual planning permissions.

Clonmel Road, SW6

FOR£3,150,000SALE5 HOUSEBed SQ2,924FT

A stunning, fully-extended Victorian family home, finished to the highest specification and located just off Fulham Road in a prime spot close to Parsons Green. The property is arranged over four floors and extends to 2,924 sq ft (272 sq m). The ground floor has been completely remodelled with enough sq ft available to provide the separation needed in this large open-plan space. SQ1,481HOUSE4FOR£1,450,000SALEBedFT

A stylish and substantial four bedroom, Victorian family home arranged over four floors of an attractive terraced house. The house offers generous entertaining space, with a large kitchen and open-plan dining area on the lower ground floor, with doors out on to a secluded garden, as well as separate utility room and a separate WC. On the raised ground floor is a spacious open-plan double reception room, as well as a study which could be used as an additional bedroom, which also has stairs leading down to the

Reportongarden. Road, SW6 SQ1,442HOUSE4FOR£1,250,000SALEBedFT

A well-presented modern four bedroom house on Elbe Street, benefiting from two secure parking spaces and concierge service. The house offers over 1,440 sq ft (134 sq m) of living space set over three floors. On the ground floor is a wide entrance hall, leading to the kitchen and dining room, a reception room with access out to the private garden, and a WC. On the first floor is a double bedroom with built-in storage, a spacious family bathroom and a balcony. The house is presented in very good condition throughout.

Elbe Street, SW6

Swan Mews, SW6 Under Offer AUGUST 2022 2 HOUSEBed SQ827FT

A unique mews house in the heart of Parsons Green with off street parking. This stunning two bedroom, two bathroom mews house is finished to a high specification throughout, and located in central Parsons Green. Swan Mews is a quiet and private cobbled road, minutes from Parsons Green Station and Fulham Road. The house has excellent entertaining space, with an openplan living space and a dining area, fitted with a designer Hacker kitchen and integrated Siemens appliances. Also on the ground floor is the second bedroom and a modern family bathroom.

Harwood Road, SW6 SQ659FLAT2FOR£750,000SALEBedFT

A raised ground floor garden flat with two double bedrooms and a summer house. This spacious flat offers 659 sq ft (61 sq m) of living space, set on the raised ground floor of a period converted house with accommodation comprising, a generous and light reception room to the front with a bay window, a well-appointed separate kitchen behind, family bathroom and two double bedrooms located to rear of the flat, where you can access the pretty, south-west-facing patio garden and summer house. Located just a short walk from Fulham Broadway Station. SQ800FLAT2FOR£740,000SALEBedFT

Mirabel Road, SW6

A beautifully presented two bedroom, two bathroom maisonette only a short walk from Parsons Green and Fulham Broadway. The property offers 800 sq ft (74 sq m) of living space smartly arranged over the lower ground floor with its own front door. There is a spacious reception room, separate kitchen and dining room, private garden, master bedroom with en-suite shower room, second double bedroom and family bathroom as well as storage to the front. The property is in great condition, with hardwood flooring throughout.

An outstanding five bedroom, four bathroom terraced house finished to the highest specification and located in a prime location between Parsons Green and Eel Brook Common. The ground floor has an open-plan layout with a reception room which leads through to a modern fitted kitchen. There are bi-folding doors which open out on to a secluded low-maintenance garden. The house is situated in an extremely convenient location on Novello Street, only moments from Parsons Green Station.

Novello Street, SW6

£1,592/wkAvailable|£6,899 PCM 5 HOUSEBed SQ2,093FT

Felden Street, SW6 £1,650/wkAvailable|£7,150 PCM 4 SQ2,016HOUSEBedFT

A modern and spacious four bedroom terraced house, decorated in a neutral and modern style throughout. Spread over three floors, the property opens to a spacious double reception room, followed by an amazing fully-fitted kitchen leading out to the private patio garden. There is also a guest WC on the same floor. The lower ground floor consists of a functional utility space with a separate washer and dryer and extra storage space. The first floor offers three rooms which include two double bedrooms, a dressing room, and a family bathroom.

Britanniagarden.Road, SW6 AUGUSTLET 2022 5 SQ2,463HOUSEBedFT

An outstanding extended Victorian house, finished to an excellent specification and located in the popular Moore Park Estate, on the Fulham and Chelsea borders. This stylish family home is arranged over four floors and extends to just under 2,500 sq ft (229 sq m) of well-implemented and balanced living space. The raised ground floor offers a wonderfully bright, dual aspect reception room with hardwood flooring, a Chesney fireplace and French doors which lead out onto a private roof terrace with a view over the

A fantastic 3 bedroom house, completely redeveloped into an extremely high standard. Located on Novello street, one of the most desirable streets in Parsons Green. The entrance leads to an amazing open-plan living room area. Keen chefs will enjoy this well thought out bespoke handmade kitchen with Gaggenau appliances. Built into the island is an integrated vacuum cleaner and a pet feeding station. The private patio garden has a built-in gas line ideal for a barbecue. The house comprises 3 spacious double bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

Novello Street, SW6 AUGUSTLET 2022 3 HOUSEBed SQ1,441FT

Musgrave Crescent, SW6 AUGUSTLET 2022 4 SQ1,891HOUSEBedFT

This Victorian family house is finished to the highest specification and lies in a firstrate location at the very heart of Fulham. Accommodation is spread across four floors and extends to just under 1,900 sq ft (176 Sq m). The property has impressive entertaining space across the raised ground floor with a very bright double reception room overlooking Eel Brook Common. Located only a short walk from Fulham Broadway in the coveted Moore Park Estate, the property is in a prime spot within close proximity to Chelsea and the iconic King's Road.

A light and spacious split-level three bedroom flat in the heart of Bishops Park. The accommodation comprises a ground floor entrance with stairs to the first floor landing with a double bedroom located at the back, with an en-suite shower room with fitted wardrobes, two further double bedrooms both fitted wardrobes and a family bathroom. The top floor is a large open-plan kitchen and reception room with modern units and wooden flooring. Bishops Park is a popular area for people who are attracted by the quiet residential streets. AUGUSTLET 2022 3 SQ1,208FLATBedFT

Greswell Street, SW6

A recently refurbished one double bedroom flat on the second floor of a period building in the heart of Fulham, just a couple of minutes away from Fulham Broadway. This contemporary flat comprises an open-plan kitchen with a spacious reception room, a large double bedroom with fitted wardrobes and a modern bathroom. The property is decorated to a high specification and is offered furnished. With this property, there is access to a communal storage room on the ground floor. The living room offers an incredible view of St John's church. AUGUSTLET 2022 1 SQ712FLATBedFT

North End Road, SW6

Cawthorn Apartments, SW6 AUGUSTLET 2022 2 SQ825FLATBedFT

A modern two bedroom flat in a gated development with concierge service and an underground parking space. This apartment comprises a large open-plan living space, with a kitchen featuring a Siemens multi-function oven, microwave combination oven and induction hob. Off the hallway there are two double bedrooms, one with an en-suite and a further bathroom. There is plenty of builtin storage. The flat is in a great location, with both Bishops Park and the Thames riverside walk very close to hand.


RGBuild 07737rgbuild.uk104151

49 Milton Road London SW14 8JP

David (DavidTaggTagg) 020morrlaw.com77360999 119 Harwood Road London SW6 4QL

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1 Putney Bridge Approach London SW6 3JD

Element Fix


64 SW1XLondonKnightsbridge7JF

Mortgage Brokers

11 Lettice Street London SW6 4EH

Design 2 Finish

27 Parsons Green Lane London SW6 4HH

Interior Design Magenta Pink

Argyll House All Saints Passage London SW18 1EP

(JaneHealysSolicitorsSolicitorsBaker) 020healys.com78224000


10 Fulham High Street London SW6 4LZ

965 Fulham Road London SW6 5JJ

Judge Sykes Frixou (Belinda Frixou) 23 LondonKingswayWC2B 6YF

59-60 Russell Square London WC1B 4HP

Riverbank House

126 Harbord St London SW6 6PH


The Glass House


Simon Gill

NU Builds 0207nubuilds.com7316841

Paterson Wood

Mactaggart Speir & Watson Surveyors’sClubRoadKensingtonW149EQ

Emergent Design Studios



Leasehold Advice

111 Drayton Gardens London SW10 9QU

Icon 020icon-architects.com77310400

Tracey InteriorsAndrews

Capital Leasehold

Atrium Court 15-17 Jockey’s Fields London WC1R 4QR

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RJV Designs

Flat 2

James Muncaster Chagnon Financial Ltd. 07782 208585

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